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Hi, this site is so funny. I can't believe people write about this stuff- but considering the day I had yesterday, I think it is totally appropriate that I post. In the afternoon my boyfriend, Greg, came over and we decided to go shopping. On the way to the mall I noticed that he looked kind of pale and I asked if he was ok, and he said his stomach kind of hurt but it was no big deal. I brushed that off because everyone gets a little stomachache once in a while and it's usually nothing, right? Wrong. We were shopping for about an hour when Greg slipped his arm around my waist and said, "I feel pretty sick. Can we get going?" His face was gray and his arm that was touching me was shaking. I said, "Of course, let's get out of here" and we walked to the parking lot. I still didn't think it was such a big deal, I figured he just needed to rest, but as we were walking to my car Greg stopped, leaned over, and proceeded to vomit all over the parking lot. Luckily there were! n't too many people around, but Greg was really embarassed and upset. He threw up three times, and then he said he felt ok and we should go home. We got in the car and I rubbed his shoulder gently while I drove, to comfort him. He said he didn't feel great, but he though we could make it home without getting sick. Unfortunately, I was not watching what I was doing while I drove and I ended up speeding and getting pulled over. The police officer asked me for my license, and then he took it back to his car while we sat there. i was mortified and I kept apologizing to Greg for making him sit in the car feeling sick, but he said not to worry about it. It took a really long time for the officer to run my license, and I could tell Greg was feeling sick again because he was squirming around. Just as the officer came back, Greg threw open the passenger door and barfed all over the place. He was sitting in the car, one arm clutching his stomach, throwing up out the door betwee n his legs. He made really loud retching sounds as floods of chunks came up. I didn't know what to do- deal with the police officer staring at us, or help Greg! The officer was just standing there, looking kind of shocked. While Greg continued to spray chunks everywhere, I calmly turned to the officer and said, "My boyfriend is incredibly sick. I think he has food poisoning and I was taking him to the hospital when you pulled us over. I am very sorry that I went over the speed limit. Can you please either write me the ticket or give me a break so we can get to the hospital?" The officer was like, "yeah. don't speed anymore. bye." I think he couldn't deal with watching Greg puke! The cop left and by then Greg had stopped heaving. I drove him back to my place and set him up on the couch with a blanket and a puke bucket, just in case. He seemed to be doing better, so I sat with him and watched him rest. About two hours later, he woke up from his nap. I said, "how are you feeling?" He replied, "Not so goodBLLLLLLLLLLUUUUUUGHHH!!" and vomited into the bucket. I felt SO bad for him. He was sitting on the couch, bent at the waist and holding the bucket between his knees. He gagged a couple of times, and then slimy brown chunks poured into the bowl. After that he fell asleep, and seemed ok for the rest of the night. I was traumatized though, and so was that cop!

Ok that was really long. I hope you all enjoyed. Bye.

Thursday, May 26, 2001

Ok, Ok, enough, my real name is Molly. :)

Is any one here grossed out by pooping or seeing someone else's poop?

Foxy again
Bryanni: I'd love to email you, but unfortunately I can't see your email address anywhere! I also typed in my email in my last post, but now it doesn't feature in this forum, too! Great site, but why doesn't it "accept" email adresses???
Brandy: One Portuguese word for yack is "vomitar". Actually I don't speak that language; I was told about "vomitar" by a portuguese boy. There are A LOT of Portuguese immigrants here. A Netherlands (and Flemish?) word is "kotsen"...

I've got 4 more of those appetizing, sweet little stories for you. They all happened long ago but I hope you'll enjoy them. But there's none featuring a carpet *ggg*...
1. Once in kindergarten (the American and the German-speaking call it "Kindergarten" which literally means "childrens' garden", the Luxembourgish say "Spillschoul" which means "playing school"...), outside during the break, this popular, "cool" and gorgeous dark-haired (Portuguese??) girl threw up all over her shoes (very fine black shoes, which seemed to me like "sunday shoes" although it wasn't sunday cuz we were in school).She must have been wearing a beautiful dress too, but I don't know anymore if anything went on her clothes or not (it's over 10 years ago). Her yuck was watery with big white chunks. This little chick barfed quite a lot, although I don't remember her making any noises. She didn't move, she didn't bend over or something, she just stood there with her friends (I stood in front of her, gawking like everyone) and suddenly started to chunder. I remember someone (a teacher?) saying to her: "Géi an d'Toilette katzen!" (="Go and vomit into the toilet!").
2. This one happened when I was in 1st (or 2nd?) grade. there was a girl, also dark-haired and Portuguese and very popular ( I'm dark-haired and brown-eyed too but I'm Luxembourgish *g*), who puked very often during 1st and 2nd grade. She must have had a problem with her stomach. She used to wear glasses at that time. Once during gymnastics, she yacked onto a mat. I actually didn't see her puking, but I heard someone say she had and I saw what she had produced. It was a bit thick, and white and chunky...
3. The following story also happened in school, I think it was in 5th grade. During one lesson, this boy who used to sit in front of me and my friend, suddenly stood up, burped *characteristically* and puked up this light orange stuff onto the floor, right in front of my desk. I remember someone saying that he must have had drank too much orange juice. We all had those sheets of cardboard or thick paper folded in two and with our names written on them standing on our desks (cuz we had a new teacher who didn't know our names yet). Mine had fallen on the floor so it got wet and stinky *ggg*. After a while the whole classroom stank like hell; the smell grossed me out but I didn't get sick. We left the room and it got cleaned, but even after that it still stank.
4. By the end of 7th grade, we went on a class trip to an amusement park in Wavre/Belgium. I remember going on a ride, and as luck would have it, the little cabin where I sat in had gotten puked in before! The puddle was big, and it was orangish-brown and chunky. And the SMELL...uh, yuck!!!!! Disgusting!!!!!!! It was quite hot so I was wearing shorts; I had to spread my legs for not to get anything on them or on my shoes. But thank God, a guy who worked there noticed the mess and got someone to clean it up before the ride started...

penguin/dolphin luver
I've never posted here before, but I've read a lot of the posts. Now I have something to tell. Ok: My bro was on the school bus on his way home, and he was playing with this girl's dream catcher. (the girl's name is Nadia) So anEways the girl is like closing her eyes, and my bro and his friends are putting the dream catcher around the girl as a joke. Then they forget about her and start talking or whatever. They hear this sound. "What was that" says one kid (I don't know his name). "She caughed.". says Nadia's best friend Janice. "No she burped" says this other boy. Go figure it was bro who figured out what really happened. "She through up." He says. They all look and see she through up on the window of the bus. Then she puked on the floor. The bus driver ignored everyone because she thought they were kidding. Wrong! When she found out Nadia really did puke, she gave her a bag and a kleenix. lol too late!

you know what i heard the word "pasad" (with one "s") spoken in russian but i dont know what it means alos I've heard "passad" spoken in Danish again i dont know what either of them mean i would hafta know how the kid said it. Also i dont mean to stereotype but what ethnicity did he look like?

Thanks foxy..yeah sickid what is your real name?

Umm no stories today

Today Bree (Gabby's sister) retturned to school everyone was happy to see her but now the stomach flu is going around two kids threw up in my math class today one made it to the bathroom and one yo could her the splats down the hall. I am feelinga little nausous so I'll keep you posted and Nadia if I throw up on my compi will definetly tell you.

Hi, it's me AGAIN!!!
Sickkid: Great stories, but next time please describe the yuck. That makes them even better! I also wanted to know yer real name, but I think it's OK if you don't wanna tell us, I understand you! Anywayz, mine is Sonja (pronounced "Sonya").
Nadia: I think the most disgusting yuck I've ever seen was on that ride ( see my last post).
Bryanni: I love that story about you and Dakota yuckin' in bed when you were small! It's ????!*lol* I also like the one about your sister Elizabeth yacking in that park, where the ducks ate the puke! But yuck is usually mostly liquid, so I would rather have written that they had DRANK it. If I'd been there, I'd have said to the ducks: "Slainte mhaith agat!!!" *LOL*
Ah, I forgot:
1.I used to sing in the school choir, and once this gurl named Catia tossed her cookies and fainted on stage. I concentrated on singing, so I didn't notice anything until they had carried Catia out and I saw and smelled the yuck. It was kinda transparent, with white and brown chunks. Someone said that she must have had eaten chicken.
2.Once on that big fair named "Schueberfouer" which takes place each year in early autumn here in Luxembourg-City, Micki and I were standing close to some very wild and "dangerous" ride and Micki said: "Let's get away from here, I don't wanna get some half-digested sausage splashed onto my head!". After certain rides (fair, amusement park etc.) I get headaches and feel quite dizzy, but then once I've eaten or drank something I feel a lot better. But I NEVER yucked after riding a ride (and also not after riding a horse *ggggg*).
3. Yes, it definitely IS difficult to get thunderchunderchunks outta yer hair!!! I remember when I was eight or so (I'm 17 today), I once woke up in the middle of the night and heaved my guts up!!! It was reddish-orange and very chunky, and got all over my bed, into the loo and in my hair, which is quite voluminous and used to be VEEERY long at that time...!!!
4. When I'm in a poorly ventilated or badly smelling car/bus/train for long time, I don't feel very good and my head starts to ache a little, but I never really got motion sick. This summer Micki and I are going on holiday to Ireland (first we are going to spend a few days in Dublin, then we are spending a few more days in the Wicklow mountains and then, for another week, we are staying somewhere in Connemara/County Galway which is one of the most beautiful places on Earth). I hope that neither of us will kübel on the plane, cuz then it wouldn't be "The Rocky Road to Dublin" (that's how a very old, but GREAT song from the Emerald Isle is called), but rather "The Yucky Road to Dublin" *ggggggg*.
5. Once when I was small , I katzed into the sink just after I brushed my teeth. It was dark-coloured, thick and chunky.
6. Has anyone of you ever yucked onto a lantern or any (public or private) lamp?????? I just wanna know cuz I've been collecting lanterns for five years now...
7. Has ever happened to you what happened to me last night?????? I mean, has anyone of you ever dreamt about someone "reiher"ing their guts up???????? I know, we normally dream unconciously or we don't remember anything of our dreams:-(
I used to be depressive and totally ran out of energy, so I have to take some medecine. I've been taking it for two months now and yes, I feel a lot better than I did some time ago! But one strange thing about that medecine (it's called Seroxat) is that it makes me remember almost all of my dreams (but I didn't tell my doctor about that dream thing yet)...
8. what do you think about that kübel scene in the "6th sense" movie?????? I found it good, but a little too short:-)
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys!! I've been reading this site for ages now, probably like 2 years, and I finally decided to post!!

Bryanni~~ How's Gabby doing???

Okay...I have a story! For the last couple of days I've been realllly sick, not like puke sick, but I've had strep throat. This is really disgusting, but on Monday night, I was up all night because I couldn't swallow anything because my throat was almost swollen shut, and there was pus draining down my throat. So, every half hour or so, I would puke up the pus that managed to drain down my throat, because the stomach won't digest it, because its practically poison. It was soooo weird, because I never...ever...ever throw up, unless I've got a stomach flu...which I haven't had in probably, oh 8 years (I'm 18) It was so weird because I didn't feel sick at all, just all of a sudden, I would just throw up for a minute, and be done. It happened every half hour from 3 am till 7 am. At 9 that morning, I called the doctor for an appointment, and he took one look at my throat and decided rather than test me for strep, he was treating me for it, because I have one of the most ! severe cases he's ever seen. I'm feeling tons better now, but have been living on popsicles and ice for the last three days!!!

Keep the stories coming!!

Bryanni told me to tell you that she is really sick she just threw up seven times and it is getting chunkier by the minute ..who knows where it comes from ..well i'm off to a friedns because elizabeth and colby and bryanni are all sick.. I havnt posted a story at all bryanni usually does it all the time.. well the living room stinks and bryanni is sleeping and elizaebth is a little better becase its a 24 hour flu..maybe i have a story for later.

This is the first time I have posted here. I just came across it today.. I have a story.. it actually happened yesterday. Here it goes. I went with my boyfriend to the mall. We have to drive like 2 hours to get to a decent mall and on the way there he slept. which is unusual because he is mostly giving me directions. We got there and he told me he had a headache so I got him some asprin and we continued our shopping.. I thought he was feelning better but was proved wrong on the way home. He said he felt worse and when we got back to the apartment He went right to sleep. I heard him get up and he was coughing really hard, this is the first time I have ever seen him puke so I didn't really know how to handle it.. I went in to the bathroom and rubbed his back when he was done I put him to bed and he was up every hour last night getting sick.. He wasn't really throwing anything up mostly water and bile, it was really gross, and clear... I feel really bad for him.. He is asleep now! and hasn't gotten sick for like 2 hours now so maybe it is over. Everyone here has great stories keep them coming.. I enjoyed them.

Somebody threw up at school today atoguh I dont no who but anyways I was walking down the hall and I saw a puddle of orangy vomit stuff. I didnt smell bad but a kid walked by me and said "Puke your guts eh?" and I said No and her said soemthing about puking pink stuff annd i just walked away.

The stomach flu is still going around but I feel better or maybe not becuse seven people in my rotary classes threw up throughout the day. I feel really sick and I threw up almost because my little sister Elizabeth has been throwing up all night and It was this greyish stuff because we had tuna sald last night and now my brother Colby is sick because he has thrown up once ..the flu has hit the town hard ...I phoned Jessika(the one who always throws up not my bud jess) and she said that her and her
brother all have the flu bad. I phoned Gabby and she saidshe is not gonna get the flu and we talked about vomit stories but ohh hang on..i just threw up all over the place it was all chunky aND BROWN ohhh i got to go i knew this was gonna happen post you in days ...ohhhh..bye

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

To Brandy: Perhaps the people you saw were from Luxembourg (very small, rich country somewhere between France, Germany and Belgium), cuz here we say "katzen"...I know some words in
-Luxembourgish: séch iwwerginn, katzen (pronounced "kutzen"), kübelen, schëdden (litterally "to pour"), séch iwwerschëdden...
-German: erbrechen, sich übergeben, kotzen, kübeln, reihern (a "Reiher" is some kind of bird), bröckchen lachen ( litterally "to laugh chunks"), brechen (means also "to break")...
-French: vomir, gerber, dégueuler, claquer un renard...
Plus, I just started to learn Irish Gaelic (cuz I'm very interested in *Erin's Isle*), and as soon as I know the *gaelige* word for "puke" I'll tell you...or are there any Irish people reading this???:-)
Actually I hardly ever do toss my cookies (I LOVE that expression *lol*), but anywayz I have a nice little story 4 you! It happened some time in autumn (fall) of 1994; I must have been ten or elever years old, and my mom and I still lived with my grandmother (today we live in a flat some two kilometres away from her house, but still in the same *very long* street).So here it GOES!!! One afternoon I had felt quite nauseous and close to "thunder chunder" (mouth filling with saliva etc.) a couple of times. In the evening (around 7 pm), after dinner, I felt sick again. I was alone in the living room, and I think I was crawling around on a carpet cuz when IT actually HAPPENED I was on all four ( or how is that position called?). Suddenly I felt so nauseous I thought I was unable to move my butt and go to the toilet -so I retched once and yacked on the carpet. It was thick and/or chunky (sorry, it was so long ago); unfortunately I don't exactly remember its colours. At the begin! ning it didn't smell that much, but then it was like it smelt more and worse each second. After a while I couldn't stand the stench anymore, plus I desperately tried to keep my incident undiscovered as long as possible(which made no sense, I know. I wasn't that dumb for my age, but still quite childish sometimes). So I ran upstairs, where Micki (that's how I call my mom today) just wanted to clean or tidy. I was in her way, so she wanted me to go downstairs again. She didn't really understand why I absolutely wanted to stay upstairs. I think she said something like, "Why don't you want to go downstairs? There's a lot of space in the living room!" and I must have replied something like "I like it better here". Then suddenly my grandmother called from downstairs: "Oh...hat huet an der Stuff gekatzt!!!" (which means: "Oh...she has barfed in the living room!!!"). I found it sooooooo embarrassing at that time, but today I find it quite funny. Once I told a friend about it and we la! ughed our heads off. Since then I *called the Buicks* two more times, but those don't really count: both times it only worked because I stuck my fingers down my throat(I hat felt bad and/or eaten too much, that's why I did it). The 1st time was in '99 and the second time was this year. It was not easy (a lot of hard work *g*) and there was not much coming up, but I felt better and quite relieved after it.
Pleeeeease reply!!!

at is my email so email me plleeeaz.

Umm I dont have any good stories ...i have to think of some.

wait a second................

Here goes:
Last year I went on a school trip to a amusment park and there was a waterslide park there. Me and my friends Gabby Jessika and these two gurls who now go to a different high school Amanda and Kaleene were going down different slides and Amanda mentioned she felt ill but didnt wanna waste the chance of not throwing up and just sitting down so after the water park we went on thjis topsy turby ride which spins and stuff and i could here Amanda throwing up the ride stopped and we had to get of and Gabby ran behind a bush and threw up after we went and ate sandwiches and Kaleena took Amanda to a shady spot ..on the way home on the bus she threw up again making Gabby alomost throw up but she didnt.

if u just come on this site and never ever post just write ur name so we can no how many people come on

1.Uh-uh, I dont think so. I just have a weak stomach! I get sick a lot, thats all. Ive talked to my doctor about it and he says its nothing serious. My stomach taken out? I dont think so.
2. Why do you want to know my real name?
3. Well... I dont know why I never describe my puke. I'll try to do that more.

Akeila (pronounced A key la)
I have just spet the last 2 hours reading every story in the coughed spit up forum so i would like to say some things before posting since this is my first time ever posting since i came arcross this site today.

Here goes.

Bryanni : I am glad Gabby got better and is on her way to being better so best wishes in the future for u and ur friends.

Sickkid: Luv the storeis

Leslie: Keep posting

Brandy : You too.

Chrissa: I have cried once so hard that I threw up.

Nadia: The most disgusting barf i have ever seen was my sisters she threw up in a Burger King Restaurunt and it was
all brown and chunky with white chunky stuff in it..oooo thinking of it makes me sick because the smell was revolting.
and I have puked in a elevator if thats weird and no i have never even thrown up by a computer!!

Now for some stories:

Number #1 Since I live in Toronto the strike had just ended a few eeeks ago. During the strike this girl Ellisi threw up in the lunch room and it wasnt cleaned up for two weeks after it happend. It didnt smell or anything but after it was really foul smelling.

Number #2 In grade one i threw up this nasty dark brown stuff i dont even no to this day where it came from.

Okies I'm gonna go but if you like to keeep posting then reply as soon as possible

Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Alright today I visited Gabby and she was a little barfy because thats what the surgury does she'll be back the week after next.

Ummm I havnt had any stories happen to me lately or revolve around me so I'll tell u a story. When I was like 7 my mom took me clothes shopping and I felt sick but I really wanted to go. After clothes shopping we went to a fries place and i slowly ate fries and hotdogs and pop but halvway through I told my mom I felt sick and she said "Bryanni your gonna eat it all" i ate some more and we got back in the car. Almost as soon as we got on the freeway I started to gag and my mom handed me a plastic bag but i missed the bag and started puking my guts out. I think it was orangyish red and yellowinsh from the pop and friens and hotdog. I was crying but barf kept pouring outta my mouth If u wanna email me email me @

I only post if I have a good story and yesterday I saw two in the same place...At a supermarket!!

Story#1 (about 5pm) I was walking down the aile with my mum and I saw this little boy in pykey looking pants was all white on Navy trackpants so I figured he threw up his milk but then after he threw up agian. It was yellowishy now.The people didnt speak english but i think a new word for barf in the language is "passad" if anyone knows words in there own language which means barf post them plellez.

Story 2 (about 5:30pm) We went to a phone booth to phone my dad and we couldnt because the phone booth was covered in this nasty brown large amounts of barf.

My mom alomost threw up too. Luckily niether of them smelled bad.

has anyone here made themselves cry so much they throw up. My little sister does that when she doesnt get her way and after she throw up she gets her way.

I have some questions

Whats the most disgusting BARF you've ever seen!!
Wheres the weirdest place yup've ever thrown up

Sickikd maybe your like Bryanni's freind Gabby and need to get your stomacxh taken out.
Sickkid what is your real name?
how come sickkid never describes her barf

and has anybody ever thrown up on a computer

Sunday, May 20, 2001

i used to be exactly like you liv and still kinda am i cant stand to see or smell vomit it doesnt make me feel sick it just makes me feel unconfortable and im definatly afraid of vomiting myself i avoid it at all costs luckily i havent vomited since i was really really really little i have become a little bit better about my fear though after reading these stories it doesnt seem so bad

Um Nadia the most disgusting barf i have ever seen was a couple of days ago when a grop of my friends Deanna Alexis and Wendi went to a food joint for lunch. After wolfing down two burgers and alll the food u can only imagine Alexis said she felt disgusting and with ther matter of seconds after puke was pouring outta her mouth rapidly it was brown and white thick and orangy and looked real bad. Thick and chunky she continued this for five minutes and we helped her back to school I was so disgusted. Wendi threw up on the way back to school to because of Alexis. Deanna gagged and retched but didnt barf but me. I'm laid back about these things.


P.s Bryanni i hope Gabby gets better soon best wishes to u and Jessika and Gabby too

Tomorrrow! Is the day that Gabby gets outta the hospital and on a ...May 20 something she gets back in school. We are gonna have a surprise party for her.

I'm back I posted a little while ago with a story or two but yesterday on the way home on the school bus this little kid threw up chunks of greyish orangy stuff and it started a chain reaction. My sister threw up too! Only hers was this Pinkish brown.

Nadia this story was for u!

Well Bryanni, I think you will be pleasantly surprised, I have a puke story actually more than one. I've had the flu since the day after I last posted, so for almost a week, and I only just started feeling better today. It felt like I threw up ten zillion times. I didnt post because I was feeling too sick. But anyway, most of the times, I made it to the toilet and just puked up this watery stuff, but two of the times stick out because they weren't like that. First one was what let me know I was sick. I was in school feeling horrible. I gagged, and quickly asked to go to the bathroom. As I got up, I burped loudly and threw up all over the place. Everybody was like, "oh what's wrong?" and I felt so embarrassed. i was sent home with a fever of 103. I puked like a million times back at home, then the next night, i woke up at like 2am feeling nauseous like I'd never felt before. I leaped out of bed, but as I did, I knew I wouldn't make it. I gagged, let out a long series of burps, ! and leaned over, but nothing came out. So I staggered towards the bathroom but at my door, I stopped, holding my stomach, and gagged again. I was almost at the bathroom door when one more tremendous wave of nausea hit me. I lost my balance and fell over. Even as I fell, puke was gushing out of my mouth. It was chunky at the beginning, getting wetter until it was very watery. It seemed neverending. I swear I could not stop. Finally, I did stop. I couldn't stand the nausea so I made myself gag and more came out. It was soooooooooooooooooo disgusting.

How did my story get posted twice on Wensday.

Ummm Today in 3rd period I excused myself to use the bathroom and when I got there two people were puking in the toliet one was a gurl from another class Victoria and another I didnt know that well. (Later soon found out her name was Beverly but anywayz I asked Vickie if se was okay and shre told me it was just a chain reaction to Beverly. I asked Beverly if she was okay but she wasnt it took 2 teachers to help her to the nurse.

Yesterday at swim pratice we got outta the pool and went to the changrooms. This little girl Sarah was coughing all way there and she started to bend over. I suirmed but she got up and kept walking. I thought she was gonna throw up and I tyold her this and she thought I was silly and laughed.

Maybe this site is getting to me!

Friday, May 18, 2001

Nadia- I remembered wheni was 9 and my sisters were 4 and 11 that my aunty Linah took us to a campground but we had to take a bus there. Since Elizabeth used to get carsick when she was little it was no surprise when she said "I am gonna be sick" She threw up on the side of are seats and it was tis thick pink stuff with orange specks and white traces in it. It smelled really bad. When the bus went up the hill the vomit when backwords but when we went down hill the vomit was pouring forwards sooooooooo as u can see the puke was all over the bus.

Sickkid keep posting pllllez

ok i have read your stoties and they weren't really pleasent. but my story i don't know if you would think it is really nasty or just nasty. I was getting ready for my Grad, and i was scared, and a little nervous. Before i left to went to the Grad i was feeling a little hungry, so i went in to the kitchen and looked for food. But i couldn't find any so i just ate something that was left over. It smelled good but it didn't look good. i really didn't care so i just ate it. After a while i wasn't feeling so good. but i thought it wasn't nothing and that it would go away.
Everthing was ok that is untill i shaked mt principales hand and i vometed all over her. And now she is always a distance away from me.

p.s. Do you know who i am?

Bryanni i'm really sorry to here what happened. I hope Gabby get's will soon.

Good god this is disgusting! *lol* Just messin' with ya. I just have to say one thing, throwing up is one of things I absolutely CANNOT STAND! Whether it's me, or someone else, or even on tv, I can't watch/hear it at all! Why am I here then? I have no idea! I'm trying to get over it, but it won't be easy. I've read alot of stories, and I don't feel sick, I just keep saying "How embarrassing!" and "Ugh, that's horrible!" And, a few months ago this kid got sick on our bus. It smelled horrible, and it was in the front, but I didn't feel sick. I just thought it smelled bad, but I didn't feel sick at all. I covered my nose and everything, and I was the first to get off the bus. It was like water, and luckily, in the winter. The driver didn't even do anything. And I did see someone get sick at a track meet after running the 800 meter run, and on a boat ride. It was by accident both times, but I didn't feel sick at all. I just wanna know, is anyone else here like this? I mean, I hate! , no, DESPISE the word "puke" ugh! I can't even type it! *lol* I feel incrediable stupid for asking, but, is there anyway to get over this? I just wanted to know if anyone use to be like this. It's strange, I can handle animals (well, dogs and cats) throwing up, but not people. When I get sick, I get to a toilet ASAP, close my eyes, and try not to inhale:) I dunno, but please reply. You don't know how incrediable stupid I feel for asking this, even though I know it's ridiculous. Thanks, lata!

nadia - you say michelle has, what about bryany?!
the orange kind is always the worst!

Flip the Bird
Nadia, the nastiest looking vomit I've ever seen was late on a summer afternoon while working in a restaurant. A guy driving a circa-1980 Bronco, which was a good three feet above the pavement, pulled up to the speaker, and my manager took an order. When the driver got to the window, he asked the manager, "Didn't you hear that?"

"Yes, I got your order." The manager began reading the order back.

"No, not that. That!" The driver pointed to the area near the speaker.

As it turns out, the guy in the passenger seat in the Bronco was vomiting on the pavement while the driver was ordering. It was pink, like cotton candy. The passenger didn't look very healthy.

The manager, a natural clown and repressed comedian, handed out the completed order and asked the driver, "Did he eat lunch here earlier?"

Best of all, other cars began appearing at the speaker, driving through the puddle! Now it was pink, but mixed with carbon and dirt from the tires, as well as oil from the pavement. Yecch!

Nadia, the most disgusting vomit I've ever seen in my life was the time my mom woke me in the middle of the night with loud puking noises echoing throughout the house. She puked a little bit in the hallway and it really stank. I found her in the bathroom in her underwear kneeling in front of the toilet holding onto the edge of the toilet. There was a puddle of puke in the sink and a lot more puke and toilet water splashed all around the commode and on her face and in her hair and legs. It was thin and brown and had pieces of vegetables in it. It sure did stink. She didn't even flush the commode until she got finished and just knelt there in that same position looking at it. She puked constantly for like an hour and then again the next morning early.

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Whats the most digusting puke you've ever seen in your life.
Pleeeez desribe it. Today this gurl threw up this clear (urine looking puke) with french friees in it. Then this choclate looking thng splattered to te floor the way it looked and smelled was soooo bad that 8 kids in my class threw up and I did to ..but in the toliet.

Bryanni I threw up everyday like Gabby too and I got a surgery but sometimes it doesnt work. It can prevent Gabby from thrwoing up everyday but sometimes it may just come up
unexpectically like you sisters.

Michelle-you got ur chance in the spotlight now its my turn

PLEEZ reply

Ohmygod, I can't believe I'm posting something this embarrasing, but here goes: my cuz and my friends and I went to the county fair a couple of weeks ago (it's in spring here in Arizona) and they took me on a ride called the "Zipper". I didn't do too well--I came off of it so nauseous I thought I was gonna die. I went to the ladies room and kinda tried to make myself throw up, but I couldn't do it--I felt like the whole world was watching and listening. So I staggered around the fair feeling like I wanted to puke for about three hours, until the rest decided it was time to leave (I didn't want to ruin their fun by telling them I was feeling like I wanted to throw up). We started home and got on the freeway, where we couldn't stop or pull over, and all that nausea caught up with me all at one. At least I got the window rolled down, but I just stuck my head out and went UUURRRGGGHHH. I puked all over the car and probably about ten cars behind us at about sixty miles an hour! .

I'd like to thank everyone for cheering me up because thats what i needed. Um yesterday Gabby had her surgery and can you beleive it on mothers day of all days. Today I went to visit Gabby in the hospital but she was sleeping the full 2 hours I was there so i just talked to her sister.

Anyways luv ya all peace till I think of a story

I have a story that happened to me at work a few days ago. I am so embarrassed. Just so you all can get a good mental image, I am 5'2'' and a size 4, so I am pretty small. I work at a bank. I woke up feeling kind of headachy, but I figured that was from being tired and it would go away. I ate toast, orange juice and coffee for breakfast like i do every day, and then i went to work. i got there at 9am. around 9:02 i started feeling sick to my stomach. i tried to distract myself with paperwork, but the nausea kept steadily building until i knew that i was going to vomit. luckily there wasn't really anyone around. i slowly walked to the ladies room because i was afraid i would barf all over the floor and that would be the worst. once i got to the ladies room, i heaved and a foul mass of brownish barf came spewing out all over the counter. making it to a stall wasn't an option, so i clutched at my stomach and puked into the sink. chunky floods kept coming up- god know! s where it all came from, cause i don't eat that much. fortunately i didn't get anything on me. all three sinks and the countertop were totally covered with the smelliest vomit you can imagine. i felt fine at that point, so i washed my face and went back to work. i was too mortified to tell anyone, so i just pretended that all was well. nobody used the ladies room until 11:00. i heard one of my colleagues say that she had to use the bathroom, and i thought, "great, now everyone is going to know." then i got a brilliant idea. i followed her into the bathroom, and when i saw the incredible mess, i said "oh my gosh, someone got sick!" nancy (that is the woman i followed) didn't even seem to notice my bad acting skills. she was too busy vomiting in a stall, i guess the smell got to her. i still felt fine, so i rubbed nancy's back. her puke was nastier than mine- she must have eaten oatmeal, because it was thick and white and chunky and she gagged on it while she was pu! king. that was pretty gross. when she got a hold of herself we went outside, and i told a janitor that the bathroom needed to be cleaned because someone had thrown up. he thought it was nancy because she was all red-faced and shaky and looked like she had just puked. my secret is safe!

Monday, May 14, 2001

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