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Hi. I don't have any more stories about Greg, but I have one about me (unfortunately). It is kind of strange because neither Greg nor I has thrown up in years, and then we both got sick within two weeks. Anyway, yesterday at work I started feeling a little nauseous around 4:00. I figured I was just tired, so after work I went to Greg's apartment. He was not home yet so I took a nap on the catch. Around 7:00 he came home and I woke up. By then I was feeling really awful, but I didn't want to admit that I was sick. Greg had brought us sandwiches for dinner, so I tried to eat. I ate like half of mine but I couldn't take any more. Greg asked if I was ok and I lied and said yes. I felt horrible, but not at the point where I needed to vomit yet. We were sitting in the living room watching tv when a wave of nausea washed over me and I felt like I was going to barf. I told Greg I didn't feel well and headed for the bathroom. I leaned over the toilet, gagging, but nothing! came up except salive. I spit a few times and I still felt awful, but nothing was happening. I moaned, "I feel so sick," and started to cry. Greg put my hair up and rubbed my back while I bent over, retching. Finally another wave of nausea came over me, and I knew I was going to vomit. I belched really loudly and barfed up everything I had eaten yesterday. Once I started I couldn't control it and fountains of chunky slop poured out of my mouth. My stomach hurt like crazy while I was vomiting. When I was done I was crying really hard and I couldn't talk. Greg helped me wash up and then he led me back to the couch and rubbed my shoulders. He is the nicest boyfriend in the world. A few minutes later I got that familiar sick feeling again. I went back into the bathroom. This time I knelt down in front of the toilet. A few seconds later I vomited again. It kind of sprayed everywhere, so I leaned really far over to avoid making a mess. My face was practially in the toilet and that just made me feel worse. Greg held me while I belched and barfed. After that I decided to go to sleep because I thought i might feel better when I woke up. I woke up an hour later feeling incredibly nauseous. I didn't even have time to move- I leaned over the side of the bed and barfed copiously into the trash can Greg had left there. That happened twice more during the night. I have never thrown up five times in one night before; definitely an experience I do not want to repeat!

Hey guys i have not posted in a long time but i have not had anything to post. Well this happened to me this past weekend. I am at my friends house in the GA and it's really hot. We were watching a baseball game in the blazing hot sun and i was already suffering from killer cramps so the heat did not help. As we were watching it i began to feel a little sick but i thought it would pass. It did but then all of a sudden a huge wave of nausea come over me and i could barely stand. The next thing i knew my vision went blury and i could not hear anything. When i came to i was on the ground and people were handing me water. I guess i passed out. My nausea had subsided but i was weak. I had a headache all day but other than that i was fine. It was quite the scary experience. Well i thought i would share this with you.

To Foxy: when i was younger i had a friend who was crying and screaming and trying to get attention in class one day in grade 3. Eventually she stopped sat up and started to run so me and tis gurl Kate ran after her and followed her to the bathroom to find her in a stall barfing her guts out. She wwas crying and screaming and barf was pouring outta her mouth. She had ADD and always screamed and cried so people would pay attention but now she goes to a special school.

hope thast was gooda nouf for u foxy.

DAVIE: Yeah... that spaghetti cheese does smell nasty... and no wonder, did you know that cheese is actually a form of MOLD????? Really. It's curdled milk, which is mold. Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FOXY: Yeah, I know it's crazy but don't feel bad, I did it too, the summer between 1st and 2nd grade. I was at the mall with my friend (shopping for barbies - yuck, but what can I say, I was only 6 years old!) and this other little girl, who was also looking at barbies (but we didnt know her) started to gag. A little bit of barf escaped from her mouth, and she ran towards the bathrooms. My friend said, "lets follow her and spy on her puking!" and I agreed. Seems pretty silly now, doesn't it? *lol* so anyway we followed her to the bathroom and she ran into a stall,not even bothering to close the door. She dropped to her knees at the toilet and barfed this orangey, watery stuff for about five minutes. Then, she stopped for a moment. Then she let out the loudest burp I have ever heard in my entire life, and out poured a fountain of creamy, orange stuff. It was sooooooo gross. Finally she finished, and she got up. She noticed me and my friend, and her face was, like, beet red.! She said, "what right did you have to spy on me when I was sick?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" she was soooooooo angry. Me and my friend just got the hell outta there! It was funny

Friday, June 08, 2001

well i gots u another story about teaching and since evryone is talking about barfing on test i'll tell u a story.last year i had this gurl in my class Natalie whom was scared shitless from test she would end up throwing up because she was worried about not getting A's or A+'s so we used to put a gabbage m besides her and she used to throw up and finsih the test and sometimes she went home. i didnt teach her older brother Carlos but a teacher friend told me he used to be petrified with test too.sooo/.... ya never no!!

Dakota and Bryanni
okay we r here at the same time t talk.

Bryanni:i got Dakota a sister picture frame for her birthday with a picture of us in it.

Dakota: i aint got any good stories and weellll..thats all

Bryanni" but i do. jessika (the one whom isnt my bestest bud) threw up in class today and it was all orangy yellow with pinkish specks in it. Gabby looked freaked and turned her head away but everyone expected her to throw up but she didnt she just got a little jumpy.

what i need to telll u is important . my computer is going to shop and i am at skool now so ignore spelling errors. i hav e to moe qickly. okies my compute at home is broken an dafter it is returned i am goignto 8 week sleepaway camp.

i get to use the computer in summer once every 2 weeks for 30 minutes so i may check in.


Molly/Sickkid...MATH and PUKE, A-G-A-I-N!!!!!!
Yeah, a bbbbbbbboooooooorrrrriiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg VOMITIVE :-(*)
A question...When you were small, did you ever run after anyone *lol*... who went to the toilet to yack their guts *lol*(for example at school)??????? I know it's completely CRAZY, but I once did (only ONCE), in 1st grade!!!;-)))

Tuesday, June 05, 2001

foxy/the unsinkable foxy brown/ me what you want:-)'re right! The kind of cheese some people put on spaghetti DOES smell gross, like puke. According to me, most kinds of cheese smell like puke...ugh! Yuck! Disgusting! How can anyone eat something that stinks like CHUNDER???????
Dakota...math and puke, AGAIN!!! There definitely IS a link between those two things, isn't it???
Got no yuck tales today, sorry...

Chrissa: that stinks. my parents dont know i go on this site (they dont even know it exists!) and if they did... oh i dont even want to think about it. i never go on this site at school for fear that the same thing will happen to me! I wait till i get home every day.

Dakota: omigosh, something like that happened to me once. i was in math class (bbbbbbooooooooorrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnngggggg - translation, boring), and i puked this brownish, chunky stuff all over this test. my teacher sent me to the nurse. i went home, an came back a few days later... i got my test back... and consider yourself lucky, you know what I got??? A big, fat F! "I am very disappointed in you, Molly, you never get F's!" (said the teacher). I was soooo mad. That was in 4th grade.

No other puke stories today, sorry. Keep posting everyone!!!

i am going to summer school now

Monday, June 04, 2001

O my god manda u r outta school now!!! lucky i am in grade 8 and dont graduate to friggin june 21 and my cousin who is in grade 8 he doesnt graduate to june 28 but my sister amy graduates june 3rd and then goes to colloge. yay

no puke stories unfortanitly buti am invited to a party at this boys house next week and his older brothers friends are bringing bouze.

so maybe i'll have a story for u

Hi. You wanna hear a neat puke story? Last night my mom went out with Harry her boyfriend. He's a cool guy most of the time and takes me to practice and we watch baseball and football alot and he takes us out to eat and stuff. He used to be in the army and has a lot of funny stories to tell. He used to play baseball too and taught me how to pitch and he's going to show Don too when he's older. Sometimes like last night he takes mom out on dates and we can't go so my brother Don and me stay home and watch cool videos and stuff late and play nintendo. Last night mom was sick after she got home and after Harry went home she started puking. First she puked a whole lot in the living room and it smelled gross like the kind of cheese some people put on spaghetti, then she puked in the garbage can in the kitchen, then she went to the bathroom and did it some more and fell asleep with her head down on the toilet like a desk. I had to wake her up because Don needed to use the bathroom. ! She said she got sick because she ate too much and drank a little bit too much wine and it was really hot in the club. She had puke in her hair where it fell in so she took a shower and went to bed. This isn't the first time she got sick after going out with Harry. She's been sleeping all day and she said she has a big headache. She got up for a little while and cleaned up the puke she did in the living room then took out the trash and went to sleep again. She said she puked in her room in the trash can too. I think she took some tylenol too. Me and Don didn't get anything to eat today because I tried to fix us some eggs but they didn't turn out so good but that's ok we talked to Harry on the phone and he's going to bring us a pizza from Domino's later and throw the football around. He has this big dog who's a doverman pincher with a short tail and short ears named Pete Rose and he's really smart and knows how to play frisbee and he's a cool dog that likes you to rub his belly! . But the living room still smells like puke where mom threw up so me and Don didn't get to watch baseball but we found a lot of baseball sites on the web. After mom puked on the carpet we looked at it and it was a spot about as big around as a car tire and it looked like oatmeal only it stank really bad. I had to put some newspapers over it but it didn't help so we didn't want to go to the living room again until not long ago after mom cleaned it up.

O my lord i have quite a few storiues to tell but if u already heard them from bryanni listen to my versions.

When i was like 8 i used to get really bad headaches ans sometimes throw up. Well one day i was taking a math test and felt really nauseated and threw up all over my test and desk. When I returned to school a few days later my teacher had given me my test back with the puke stains in it and it said C- "Not your best work Dakota" i started to cry.
My teacher was sooo dense.

My sister Bryanni is a liar!! She throws up every once in a while too. Elizabeth does to. But Gabby gets sick really easily but not anymore.

I luv hearing sickkids stories and mandas and elisa is good a akeilas brandys and foxys. :)

Keep up the good work..

I went to a party last year and everyone ws getting drunk outta there minds . I saw three people barf Jamie Kyle and Alyssa. Then I had to help a friend. I had a sprite and this gurl whom i realy dont call a friend anymore but friend last gurl named Elizabeth (not my sister) was so drunk and since i was supposed to get a ride home with her (she lives down my street) but she was soo drunk that i had to pry her for 20 minutes to le me drive. On the way home she rolled down the window and started shouting and screaming that she was flyingthen all i heard was blashh ussrr splay. I knew she had thrown up and when i pulled in her house and helped her up the stair she begged me to say that i get carsick and thrown up for her. We told her parents i got carsick and her mom walked me home and told my mom i was sick (Bryanni screamed and ran upstairs) ( i guess she thoguht i was really sick) I told my mom it was my usual car sickness and she goes u dont get carsick dakota. Let me sme! ll your breath. I opened wide and let out . She goes "Dakota Linah get your @$$ upstairs" she told Elizabeths mom that we were probaly drunk and go smell her daughters breath. I started to cry and Bryanni told me to calm down or i was gonna get sick. It took my mom two weeks to forgive me even though i told he i didnt get drunk.

Sunday, June 03, 2001

I am back once agian to reply in terms of Nadias deperty for questions.

The question 'Have you ever barfed on a computer' makes me laugh because of coarse i never have but I have see it before. Well it was my first year of teaching and back then I was a librarian getting my teachers degree. These two little gurls came in and asked to use the computer one looked really pale but I hardly noticed after I heard my secretary (otheriwse known as a libararys assistance) go "O my lord what you do that for u could have leaned over godness" folowed my crying followed by "It wasssnnnnntt my fauulllllt" I came in to see the librarian ashaming the little gurl who had vomit all over her and a small portion of it on the computer. The other little gurl looked closes to tears also "She didnt mean to do it " she kept saying so
nearvously i took the gurl to the bathroom and helped her clean up but that computer needed to be taken for repair.

Wheres the weirdest place you've thrown up?

I dont have one but Lyndsey threw up on a bus (see last post)

Whats the most disgusting barf u ever seen?

Last year there was a trail of light brownish creamy yellowish barf in the allway i never to this day found out who did it.

See you soon ...REply PleeZ

they hardly ever post new stories anymore and i is getting annoying but i have a couple tales for u:

well the stomach flu has gone but anyways:

last night was one of those nights in my house where elizabeth threw up!!we were all watching a move and al of the suddden blah urr bessh elizabth had a throw up experience once agian she went to the bathroom and washed her face.the barf was a liquid yellowish.

maybe thats all for now but it is getting real boring everyday seeing that no knew stories have posted

This is Bryanni's sista just wanning to check in as i finished posting a story for u which was bryanis like a week ago or so.

Bryanni u should get me a million dollars for my birthday.. lol jokes.

I have a lot of stories but i got 1 funny recent one

#1:a few weeks ago me and my buds bree (gabby's sista) victoria and Rylee. Well anyways Rylee mentioned she didnt feel well. So we went and bought juices and doungnuts and sat down. After eating for a bit Rylee's face kept on getting greener and disgustinger. She gasped and jumped outta her seat but the movment was to fast and she hurled right the on the mall floor. It was all yellowish with whitish chunks of spew all over the yellow.

i got banned from this site from my dad bcuz i was reading them at school and my disgusted teacher phoned my dad and he read all of them.. if i post a story ever agian it will be as Danielle (bucz its my sis middle name)

BYE :(

Okay, I know ya'll wanna know where I've been. Well, I still visit daily, but I haven't had ANY stories to post. Well, last week, on Thursday, we had eighth grade promotion and there was a huge party afterwards in the junior high cafeteria and gym. Me and my friend Heath went to the gym to rest after dancing and watch a few people play volleyball when my friends Marshall and Kris decided to play a prank on the parents that had put the party together. They went up to some parents and said, "Somebody just threw up in there," and pointed towards the back of the gym. Well, Heath and I were unaware of the prank and we high-tailed it outta there. Later on, we found out it was a prank. We are still planning revenge, lol.

No more stories today, sorry! But, we are going to see Aaron Carter in concert in July, so I expect to have at least one story afterwards, considering the concert is outdoors in the humid heat of Oklahoma City in July! Well, I gotta go now, but I'll try to think up some more stories. If you guys want me to, I'll post one of my fanfictions up based entirely around Nick Carter getting ill on tour, lol. I have too much free time, obviously and now that school's out, I have much more time to write.

I posted a story yesterday too but i didnt post so i will post another one which is about the school bus.

Last year my class went on a trip and there is this particular gurl named Renee who gets motion sickness but was sick from a cold. On the way there she told me she felt really sick worse then ever motion sickness combined and looked like crying and cluthcing her stomach so i ran and got a bag ans switched seats with Tess(the gurl sitting next to her) and held the bag out for her while she threw up this nasty brownish liquid stuff and soon the bag was filling up and was growssly dripping from her bag and i did the most unthinkable thing i threw the bag out the bus wndow. Renne actually laughed a little. On the way back to school she had a puke spell agian and threw it out the window.

Most of my stories will be about my schoo students or kids the last time i threw up was when i was 11 asnd i'm 31 now soo you can see i hardly ever get sick but i try posting stories everyonce in a while.

c ya later

Saturday, June 02, 2001

Thanks Squall...but WHO is Link from the Zelda Games????? What does he/she look like?????

The unsinkable FOXY Brown:-))
Okay here comes one...I know it's only a "bitesize chunk" but at least it IS a chunder story -so here it goes. Last year in school, once during the break in the chicks'room (=ladies'room -I think I had just finished peeing etc. and was washing my hands), two girls came in and one of them pointed at a stall and asked me: "Has she thrown up?" "I don't know", I replied. Then a short, thin girl with curly dark hair came out of that one stall. She looked yery young, must have been 12 or so. Her hair was a bit tumbled and her face was kinda pale. The other two chicks asked her of she was okay; one of them told her to rinse her mouth, which she did. The tiny girl even tried to smile, but you could see that she wasn't well. When she was asked "Are you going to be sick again?" she nodded, put both of her hands in front of her mouth and returned into the toilet stall, followed by her two friends.when I was about to leave the room I heard the little chick coughing and retching...I c! ould have entered one of the stalls next to THE stall, climbed on the toilet, hung myself over the wall which separated the stalls and watched the beautiful scene;-)))) but I didn't wrench, er, HAVE the guts, hehe. And, I didn't wanna be rude, nor did I want to make the impression that I had emetophilia or something...

Thursday, May 31, 2001

I have three kids Jerimiah is 9 and Lyndsey is 6 and Mackenzie is 4.

This is a story about Lyndsey... when she was about 4 so two years agoa we were on the bus to somewhere alotugh now i dont rememeber where but she said mommy i dont feel good i feel barf in my ???? coming up.. so this really nice lady gave me a bag while i heald it for her and my niece Renata who was 12 at the time held back Lyndseys light brownish hair and rubbed her back. Almost five minutes of comforting her she said she felt fine then well she was telling us she felt better she turned a sickly grey colour and threw up all over her pink jumper and it was a brownish colour and orange

nadia u r disgustingly crazy aying i'm lucky to see elizabeth and gabby barffor that i'm not answering ur questins

dont worry about it foxy i undertsnad ur questiosn perfecyl

sickkid and manda ...where r u all at

Gabby came back to school today and one kid threw up in the bathroom and gabby made a face but didnt throw up everyone clapped....

Dakotas (my sister birthday is in June 4th ..what should i get her its her 17th bday)

Hi everyone I have been reading all of your stories but I never have posted one of my own. So here goes. I will post the most recent incident about my brother. Ok About 2 weeks ago my brother (Nate) came down with this stomach virus(he is 15 I am 18) right when my parents were flying to Washington for 2 weeks. The morning after they left, I woke up a little before Nate and I went to use the bathroom. When I opened the door I saw Nate coming down the hall looking pretty sick. I asked him if he was ok and he told me he thought he had to puke so naturally I stepped out of his way. He went into the bathroom leaned over the toilet and gagged a little but nothing came up. He just stood there for a few minutes then he told me that he felt like he was gonna pass out too so I went in and helped him sit down on the floor. He said he was getting dizzy and then all of a sudden he gagged and this huge stream of chunky brown stuff flew from his mouth except it didn't go in the toil! et. Another stream followed and some really loud retching noises. Then he wanted to go to his bed so I had to help him there with a bucket. Usually I am no good in these situations but my mother was not home so I had to help him. He was so sick I felt bad for him. So there I was stuck with my little brother puking his guts out in a bucket beside his bed while I was scrubbing the bathroom floor. When I got done scrubbing the bathroom I had to empty the bucket for him. It seemed as though he couldn't stop throwing up and he told me that it was starting to hurt in his throat and stomach. I was getting worried about him not only because he was puking so much but because it was like one time right after another. He started to cry and tell me that it hurt. My brother doesn't hardly ever cry so when he does something is wrong. I felt helpless there was nothing I could do for him so I just sat on his bed and held the bucket while he puked huge brown streams into it. Finall! y after about 5 times plus the 2 in the bathroom he said he felt like he was done and he wanted to try to sleep. He slept the rest of that day and the next morning when we got up he said that his stomach was feeling a little better but his throat hurt. It was obvious too because he could hardly speak. He is all better now and our parents got back last night. But he still had to tell them just so he could get treated special since he was sick.

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Apparently Lee from STEPPS gets motion sickness and has to sit in the front of the car with the window open,sucking Barley Sugars!Anyone else heard this!?I would love to hear about him spewing!!!!!!!!!!!?

Please read the policies concerning giving out personal information.

As a matter of fact foxy I have. I had a dream that i was in my apparment bilding and i went downstairs the my friend
Kyles house and after i was going up back to my house and I started to vomit a watery brown stuff with orange specks the kyle siad who its a swimming pool and he was wearing a bathinh suit and dived in my barf.

I am not sure who asked but they say "have you ever started to cry and that made u throwing up" well I am pretty young only 11 i go to a middle school. But anways i was at a outdoor pool last summer and i was talking to my older cuzzin whom is a lifeguard and after she started to shake.. because she has eplipsy(i no i didnt spell that right) and they called 911 one lifeguard had to keep me from running to her because i was screaming and crying then itr all just came out ... a big puddled of orangish vomit.

well anyways got to go i'm very buzzy

to leslie k okay i think they were a brwnsih natvie looking clour but they all had dark hair there was a mum boy about 7 girl about 10 dad and the littl boy that barfed

anyways my sister threw up all night long on friday it was soooo disgusting everywhere...i think she was drunk

okies okies maybe i have a fasination with barf but oh well thats me because i used to get sick a lot like bryannis friend gabby and now i can enjoy it sometimes i throw up..i am not the kinda person who eats throw up lol...but has anyone ever tried it or tasted it.

but still no one answers my questions

wheres the weridest place you've ever thrown up
whats the most disgusting barf you ever seen
have u ever thrown up on the computer

i'll tell u my most embarassing puke story ever!!

Last year...i was in grade 7 and i felt really sick ..i had stomach surgery when i was 9 but anyways i felt really shakey and began to stand up only it felt like my legs frooze so i just bended over and spittted and my teacher told me to go and get to the batyhrrom i was tryin to move but i one real snobby grul screamed and ran out before i could even throw up but i was still petrfied with all therude comments i was getting and then it came with my teacher rubbing my back after dry heaves it all came up urrrrrrrrlllaa brownish orangy vomit splattered everywhre.

I didnt throw up again. As a matter of true fact i felt so good.

I hate it.. i am the only child who never gets to see barf..
bryanni ur lucky to see it a lot and so is brandy

Foxy: I actually dream about somebody tossing their cookies quite often. I don't know why, but in the dreams I'm usually the one doing it and I like it. Normally, I hate throwing up, so this is pretty weird. No I've never thrown up on a lamp in reality or in a dream.

This is my first post, but I've been coming here for awhile. Even though I haven't thrown up in years, and I don't really like watching other people throw up, I like hearing about it. Weird huh? Anyway, this weekend I went down to the state track meet with about twelve other guys from my school. We stayed at a dorm at the college where the meet was. The first day was prelims and nobody made the finals, so we decided to get drunk. Everybody except me and two other guys were totally wasted - I only had a little bit since we are way underge and I didn't want to get in trouble. At like 2:00 in the morning I went back upstairs and one guy was passed out on his bed with a puddle of vomit on the floor. It was yellow and very liquidy. It was gross but I couldn't stop looking at it. His brother came and woke him up and got him cleaned up. I heard that he threw up three more times. Also another guy threw up in the hallway next to the water fountain, but the next morning you ! couldn't really tell.

Jen, if you have any more stories about your boyfriend (Greg), then please post them! It was a really good tale :) Also, if anyone has any stoires about guys getting sick, please post them as well! I like to read the ones about the guys.

Bryanni -a gymnast? I'm not sure if I really understand you, sorry. (Please don't mind my mistakes -it's not that I'm stupid, but English isn't exactly my mothertongue, you know. I read a lot and I've always been rather good at languages, but at school I only have two English lessons a week for the moment and they are EASY, so unfortunately I don't learn that much there. But this language is very important to me, cuz I'd like to study in Dublin later.) Anyways, in case you're asking me if I do gymnastics: um, no. I'd never been that sporty until I started riding horses some time ago (the first kind of sports that I really enjoy). In case your question is school-related: I'm at a special art section now -drawing and painting have always been some of the most important things in my life. (Here in Luxembourg we have a quite complicated school system, with many differemt levels and "sections".) Actually I don't go to school for the moment, due to certain reasons that I don't wanna! mention here (nothing yuck-related, sorry!!!), but luckily I DID NOT get kicked off school:-))) I'm returning in September and starting my non-finished schoolyear again.
I don't know if fat and skinny people have different cookie-toss techniques (sorry Bryanni). I'm about average chick-height, and I'm neither FAT nor skinny: I'm a little chubby (not too much), and I've got CURVES:-)))) I don't know if everyone of my size does it exactly like THIS, but here goes: When I was 11 and tossed my cookies (again my fav expression *lol*) on the carpet (for details see my 1st post), I was on all four:-) Both times I stuck my fingers down my throat (1st time was in 99 or 00, 2nd time was this year) I was kneeling in front of the loo, but not really "hugging" it like some people obviously do. Ithink last time I had one arm on the toilet seat. And, my head was ABOVE the toilet -I didn't stick it into the thing *lol*! I wanted to yuck, not to drink the toilet water *LOL*...Want details? Alright! Well, the first time there was only little coming up, it was liquid and yellow/orange with some brownish chunks. I felt quite relieved after it, but still miser! able. Both times I heaved and retched a couple of times before it really worked. I tell you, it was a lot of hard work! It was so hard and strenuous (both times) that I had tears in my eyes! Guess I didn't know how to toss my cookies anymore! The 2nd time I yucked more, and it was very chunky and naaaasty. I felt better after it, but some things were, uh, strange. I drank a glass of Coke which tasted strange, then I smoked a cigarette which tasted kinda strange as well...
Hey people, I've asked you several times if you had ever puked onto a lamp, or dreamt about someone wrenching their guts. So come on, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez tell me!!!!!!!!!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, I've regurgitated a couple of sweet little "tasteless tales" in this forum, so I'd like some feedback...weren't they too "soft" or too boring? Which one did you like best...?? Whooooooooops, I think I ran out of stories!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, THAT must be the reason why I'm bombing you with questions now (sorry)! but: I've still got my Imagination! Oh, yes! I know it's hard to be an artist, but I also know what I want: I wanna be a painter and/or film director. In Case I should manage to make both of my dreams come true: I promise you there'll be some GREAT chunder scenes in my paintings and movies!!!!!
And here comes another question: How do you react when you see someone really gorgeous, someone you find very attractive or perhaps someone you're IN LOVE with tossing their cookies???
Jen&Elisa - I LUUUUUV yer stories!!!!! Two thumbs up!!!!! Dunno why, but those are exactly the yack stories that I like!!!!! Perhaps because Elisa also DESCRIBED THE PERSON who yucked, and Jen described the situation quite well...

gabby didnt go back to school bcuz she is afriad of getting the stomach flu

well two kids threw up today at school

email me


Once I dreamed that Link from the Zelda games was lying on the ground, hurling all over himself while strange little midget guys were dancing around him. That dream made no sense at all. I've had some other puke dreams, but that's all I can remember.

Monday, May 28, 2001

Have you ever dreamt about somebody tossing their cookies??????????????????? Ever tossed YOUR OWN cookies on a lamp/lantern???????????????????????????????????????????
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think i posted a story alreadyu but i dont no what i said but anywho:

foxy r u a gymnast ..i used to be ...

nadia..u r crazy gurl trying to get in other peoples lifestyle

I have no puke stories fr u but ill tell u about the vomitruosis day we had in our houshold. On Thursday colby threw up this redish vomit that was watery liquid stuff.

then dakota threw up this brownish pile of liquid vomit with orangy piles of chunks squishiness on r bedroom floor then elizabetth threw up at the barf table ..also known as the dinner table it was greyish

if u look above thats my email and i have a

i feel a lot better and i will return to school on monday but the flu is still going around at my skool. I heard from my friends the 18 students barfed in one day or at least thats what they said.

um i have a question..i dont wanna be rude but if ur fat or slim do people throw up a different way. me??? I'm really small and skinny and so r my sisters and my brother still has a little baby fat but anyways i canrt bend over when i'm sick sometimes r i will spew everywhere.

omg .....omg...omg still post gets better and better everyday
luv the stories except i have none


As a school teacher i have seen some pretty disgusty barf stories but not as bad as this one. Since i teach a grade seven class i hardly ever get barf in my classroom but this particular year...

Jenna was a preety blonde popular cheerlaeading sweet type of gurl who was talented in many ways she was a amuter gymnast practice flips and all she had some dance experience and was alethletic person.

Since everyoneloved her no one ever even thoguth about her getting sick. I cant remember exactly what day it was but i remember Jenna walking in grey and pale looking ready to spew. About 20 mintes into the class Jenna told meshe felt sick and instantly put her hand over her mouth and bended
over barf trickled down through her hands and she heaved and blew this orangy chunks stuff all over the place and coulnt stop it wass so disgusting that like 7 kids ran out while a few shouted rude comments as Jenna kept throwing up and i sent for a teacher to take the kids outta the room and a carataker but even thought Jenna couldnt stop throwing up she couldnt breath balrey and went in to convulsions and had a sesure it was sooo bad.

Soory bout the selling ,mistKE S I TYPED REAL FAST

Saturday, May 26, 2001

My story didnt post and i am mad becaause i did get sick. On wensday i was typing about how seven kids i no from school went home and i almost did because i could feel saliva burning my throat and after i went home to find my sister Elizabet barfing and colby barfing so i came online even though I felt like throwing up i came to my fav site ever and of course alomost as soon as i got on the computer i heaved and blew chunks of brownush vomit everywhere the fllor carpet and bathroom. (Sorry Nadia not the computer) after i got my sisterto rap up my story and Dakota went to a friends house and threw up there the whole night. On thursayd i threw up six times and felt sick and i threqw up at 2:58 this morning so today friday i'm staying home and so is my sister Dakota and my other sister and brother.

thanks molly my real name is nadia

Friday, May 25, 2001

Bryanni:According to me it's completely understandable that some people might PUKE in MATH class!!!;-))) Poor little things! I pity them! And, I hope YOU will soon get better too! Stomach flu????? Hmmmm, I don't think so -I mean in those two kids' case!!!!!!! Hell no, they probably have the same problem as I do: they must be simply ALLERGIC to that horrible crap they were taught in that period! I mean, really! MATHEMATICS should be called EMETOMATICS!!!!!!!! UGH!!! PAH!!! YUCK!!! NASTY!!! I better stop talking bout that highly vomitive stuff now, or I'll get siiiiiick and woof my f-ing cookies all over the f-ing place...okay??????
Brandy...ah, there's another German word I'd forgotten: speien -pronounced "shpyen", means to spit/spew/yack...
Alright, so you surely all know those emoticons like ":-)", ":-(" etc. Well, I've just discovered a new one. Here it is: ":-(*)" -GUESS WHAT IT MEANS!!!!!! According to me it could as well look like this: ":-(*) *****" !!!!!!!!!
Pleeeeeez tell me about lamps&dreams!!!!!!! But who the hell did you dream about, Foxybaby???????? Well, that's still Foxybaby's secret, okay? The concerned person is male, and quite famous all over Europe -that's enough for the moment. He spewed a lot, the yuck was light brown and chunky and all or most of it landed in the loo...and, unfortunately I don't remember any noises or so.
I've got one serious problem with puking: once I started telling stories about it I just can't stop them coming!!!!!
In one of those stupid teen magazines I used to read (I only read them cuzthere used to be a lot of stuff bout one of my favourite groups in them), there were always one or two pages on which readers told their own funny, embarassing stories. There was a lot of boring stuff like "One afternoon I went to town with my girlfriends. We met some cute boys, but then I suddenly bumped into a lamp post and everyone was laughing at me." but there were some really nice stories as well. For example, a chick called Steph wrote that while getting off a ride on some fair, she once had gotten sick and kinda spray-spewed all over da place. Has that ever happened to you?? Have you ever SPRAYED your cookies???????
And here comes the yuckiest thunda-chunda story ever, hehe! The guy in the flat above us (he's Moroccan or something, and his wife is Belgian) yucks his guts EACH MORNING!!! I wonder what's wrong with him. Actually we never saw him puke, but we always hear the noises -a series of VERY LOUD, NASTY barf noises followed by a toilet flush. Imagine yourself having breakfast, and then suddenly UUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very appetizing, isn't it???? I think now I understand: Although our home wasn't that cheap, it would normally have been a lot more expensive...!!!

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