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Someone Who Got Sick On Valentines Day:

Who The Hell Wouldnt Get Sick From Eating All That Crap, I Mean All That Crap You Ate,Damn You Were Just Askin For It.

The Barf Machine
I have been reading the posts on this site for a year, but have never had a story to post until now. I have food poisoning from a bad hamburger I ate for dinner last night. My whole family went out to a restaurant and got hamburgers, and we are all sick today. Anyway, here's my story. I woke up around 1:00 AM this morning (approximately six hours after eating the burger) feeling a little nauseous. I didn't think very much of it, since it isn't unusual for me to feel nauseous and I really never do puke, but later (I don't know exactly when it was), I woke up again and before I could do a thing had barfed all over my quilt. I still felt nauseous, and I didn't want to take any chances, so I went into the bathroom where I knelt in front of the toilet and dry heaved for a minute or two. Then I let out an enourmous gag and threw up a brownish vomit into the toilet. I took a bowl back to my room, which I threw up in periodically throughout the night. I was home from school today beca! use I couldn't stop barfing.. I am feeling a lot better right now, I think it is over. :)

Don't expect me to post very often, I almost never vomit so I will not often have any good stories. I will continue reading the posts, though!

Amy C.

Your friend who ate all of that pizza and is so skinny, .... I hate to say this, but she MIGHT be bulimic. If she is she could have found a way to throw up all of that pizza without anyone knowing. It may seem like it would be impossable for her to throw up without someone knowing about it, but believe me, bulimics are very good at finding ways to purge what they have eaten without being detected. Unfortunatly, I know this from experance. :0( (I have been bulimic for 7 years). The fact that she ate that much and yet stays so skinny just throws up red flags concerning bulimia. If you are really close to her, you might want to concider softly, gentaly but firmly confronting her on this. If you are not that close to her, you might want to concider annomiously talking to someone in athority who can help (like a guidance counselor or a teacher). Believe me, this is not a small issue. Bulimia can kill you. I only hope I will be able to stop someday before it kills me. But I am r! eally trying.

Best Wishes,

Amy C.

This boy in my school is sooooo bulimic. His name is Jonah, and I totally hate him, not just because he is bulimic! About two months ago, it was lunchtime and everybody was in the cafeteria. Me and my friend Caroline were talking, and two girls (Natalia and Gabriella) were sitting across from us. Then Natalia was like, "ew gross, Jonah, stop that!" I turned and I saw Jonah bent over the garbage can, throwing up. I said, "oh gross" and turned away. At the moment I felt a little sorry for Jonah, even though I hate him, because at that point I thought he really was sick, I didn't know yet that he was making himself barf. Then he went back to his seat, and I didn't really think about it anymore. But ten minutes later, I'd finished eating and was glancing around, and I saw Jonah bend over the garbage can, stick his finger down his throat, and puke this watery vomit that looked like snot. I yelled at Jonah, "Jonah that is gross!" but why should he pay attention to me? By this time ! our guidance counselor had noticed Jonah and was glaring at him. Then we went to our next class. Two days later, it happened again. I was watching Jonah from where I was sitting, and he took a bite of a sandwich, then went to the garbage can and made himself barf. Then a teacher went up to him and said if he did that one more time, he would have lunch detention every day for the rest of the year *lol.* He never did do it again... too bad, I would have liked to see him have lunch detention the rest of the year! *lol.*
See ya!

Hey everybody I just read "Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen and it has a couple of good vomiting scenes. In it, this boy, Brian, gets stranded in the middle of nowhere, and at one point he drinks some bad water and throws up and has diarrhea, and the same thing happens when he eats some rotten cherries. It has pretty good detail :-)

I have never barfed in my life, except for a couple times when I was a baby, but I have been reading this forum for a long time and I want to say I LOVE THE POSTS!!! Manda, I think your posts especially are really good.

I just discovered this site, and I have a story to tell. I was nine years old (I am thirteen now), and I had the flu. I'd been feeling tired and achy the whole day, and sometime soon after I had lunch I started feeling nauseated, but only a little so I didn't really pay attention to it. Then it started getting worse. I went to the bathroom and had terrible diarrhea. Then I started to cough and gag, and suddenly I barfed all over the place. It was really thick and creamy, sort of pinkish, it was nasty! The sight made me gag and puke again... then I felt a lot better. I had a headache and felt nauseous for a couple more days, but I didn't vomit again after that. Actually, I haven't thrown up since then.

Hello all, I am 12 years old and suffer from terrible motion sickness. Seasick, airsick, bussick, carsick, you name it, I get it. My most memorable motion sickness was four years ago, when I was eight... I got seriously airsick. Me and my parents were on a plane headed for Florida (from New Jersey). I knew from past experience that there was no way I would not barf when the plane took off, so I had the barf bag ready. The plane lifted off the ground, and sure enough, I held the barf bag to my mouth and BBBLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGHHHH!!! With the most enourmous retch I threw up. Luckily it all landed in the barf bag. I thought I was probably finished but I kept the barf bag to my mouth since the plane was not yet fully up in the air. It was a good thing, too, for a moment later, BBBBLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUGGGHHH!!! I puked again. Then the announcement came that we could remove our seat belts, so I figured it would be safe to put the barf bag down (it was full, anyway). Then an announcement ! came, "Please put on your seat belts, we are hitting some turbulence." Oh no, I thought. The plane then hit the turbulence, and before I could grab a barf bag from my mom or my dad's seat, BBBBLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Light brown vomit came pouring out of my mouth, spraying EVERYWHERE! I absolutely could not stop. I vomited out of control for God knows how long, and then I collapsed. I woke up only when the plane began to land, because I had to throw up again. This time, I was able to grab the barf bag from my mom's seat and put it to my mouth just in time before I puked. But this time I did not puke so violently. I just went BBLLUUUUUUUHHH. I cannot imagine I will ever have motion sickness worse than that was.

You will probably see me around here often, as I have such terrible motion sickness. I will post some more of my past stories another time :-)

I have been sick with a really bad stomach virus for a week, and I only just started to feel better yesterday. (I am feeling fine today.) It all started last Saturday, when my friend Maura came over. She'd had a stomach virus for four days, and was feeling pretty much better, but I guess she wasn't, because I seem to have caught it from her. Sunday, I woke up feeling like crap. I had a headache, my stomach hurt, and I was incredibly nauseated. I groaned and stumbled into the bathroom, where I promptly kneeled in front of the toilet and retched - UUUHHHHLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTT. UUUHHHHLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTT. Then I gave one HUMONGOUS retch and threw up. The vomit sprayed all over, only about half of it landed in the toilet. I took a breath, and then..... BBBLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHUUUUUUUUCCCCCCHHHH!!! I puked up some more brownish chunks. I dry heaved - UUHHHLLAAAAAAATT!, gave an ENORMOUS heave, and began to barf totally out of control. I could barel! y pause to catch my breath... BBBBBBBLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I finally was able to stop for a moment, long enough to pull down my pants and sit on the toilet, for I felt a huge load of diarrhea coming. SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLASH! Load after load of diarrhea came rushing out. Then urine began coming out my vagina. Then I began to retch and gag again, but I'd already thrown up so much that all I could do was dry heave. The nausea was threatening to kill me, I felt like crying, so I stuck my finger down my throat and threw up a forceful gusher of white creamy vomit. Then I was finally through, so I cleaned up as much as I could and returned to bed. I went through the same procedure every day until Friday evening! Oh, misery! Yesterday, I felt a lot better but still threw up once, but it was only a very small am! ount of vomit. Today, I am feeling pretty much better, but I do not plan to visit a friend - I do not want to give them the same misery that Maura unintentionally gave me.
See ya!!!

I remember once, a couple years ago, when I had a bad case of food poisoning from a hamburger I had eaten in the school cafeteria. An hour after I ate the hamburger, I started to feel the first twinges of nausea. I still had three hours to go until school got out. I asked to go to the bathroom, and in the stall I had the worst diarrhea I have ever had in my life! Wave after wave of liquid poop poured out of my asshole into the toilet. The room was spinning around me... I was soooo dizzy and extremely nauseated. Just as another load of diarrhea came out, I threw up a cascade of orange, chunky vomit. I kept throwing up, each time the barf got less chunky and more creamy. The diarrhea was endless, it still hadn't stopped. Then, no more puke seemed to be coming up, but I felt so nauseous I wanted to die right then and there. I was preparing to stick my finger down my throat when I felt it rising again. Vomit that was so liquid it was like orange water, it came pouring out. The dia! rrhea had finally ended, but I was not yet done puking. I dry heaved, retched, and creamy yellow vomit exploded out of my mouth. I sensed that a load of barf even bigger than any of these previous ones was on its way, and the stall was a disaster scene. I quickly flushed the toilet, and just in time! A gargantuan gusher of puke that was now back to orange came rushing out of my mouth. Then I felt a whole lot better, so I got some paper towels from by the sink and tried to clean up a little bit. But to no avail; without warning, I projectile vomited a stream of orange vomit onto the wall. It sprayed everywhere. Just then, one of my classmates came in, and stared at me. She said in a small voice, "The teacher told me to see what was going on with you, you've been in here twenty minutes." "I'm sick, Julie, I've been throwing up and having diarrhea this whole time." Julie told me she was going to get our teacher. Before I could say, "No, don't," she'd walked back to our classroom.! She returned a moment later with a very concerned-looking Ms.--------. "You've been throwing up this whole time?" she asked. "Yeah, and having diar-" I wasn't able to finish my sentence, because at that moment, I gagged, and barfed some more. Julie started rubbing my back. I absolutely could not stop. I puked up a mixture of water and bile, because there was nothing else left in me to throw up! Or so I thought. A moment later, with a sickening BBBBBBBLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGHHH!!! I threw up what seemed like a gallon of creamy brownish stuff. Finally, I collapsed. The teacher had to carry me to the nurse (embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!!!), where she stayed while the nurse took my temperature. I found I was running a fever of 104.9. My teacher went back to the classroom, and the nurse told me to lie down while she called my mom. My mom came to pick me up right away, and in the car I puked all over the place. I was sick for two more days, and then I went back to school. I sincerely h! ope I am never that sick again!!!

Thursday I was sick as a dog! I woke up feeling awful, I felt really nauseous. But I had a huge math test that day, so I went to school anyway... a VERY bad decision. I threw up on the bus going to school. I got to the bus stop late and the only seat left was in the back... the bus went over a bump and I spewed the little breakfast I'd had all over the place. I don't know how to describe its color... it was sort of a pinkish-brown, very chunky. I could see little crumbs in it, probably from the toast I ate. It was completely nasty. At school I was sent home, and on the drive back I threw up again. When we got home I ran to the bathroom, where I projectile vomited all over the wall. I am feeling much better today, just a little nauseous, and I haven't actually barfed since Friday around noon.

My cough has cleared up now *thank God*. I had solo contests last Saturday, and a cough would have totally screwed up my voice. I'm sad to say I have no puke stories from the trip. I'm kinda surprised I don't, considering we all went to Wal-Mart(one word of advice-never send 18 teenage girls into a Wal-Mart without adult supervision *lol*) and bought tons of candy, then we went and ate pizza. One of the girls, Shawna, a highschooler, got enough pizza to equal about two medium sized pizzas and ate every slice! I was really surprised she didn't throw up, considering she's so skinny. I had no clue someone that thin could eat that much! Sorry I didn't keep you guys informed on my cough, but it's gone now and it's been gone for about three weeks. Oh, and I never puked from it, just so you know.

LESLIEK: Thanks for posting. I don't mind the post being long, it's the longest post I've seen in ages and I am pleased.

Well, everybody, no new barf stories today, sorry... I will post again as soon as I have a story.

sickkid, you wanted to hear my story about my sister. Its really not that interseting and not that new for her to get sick from eating to much candy. Me and my brother can eat as much stuff as we want and not even feel nauseated but now my sister Laura (whos 17). Well anyway she brought home more candy, flowers and stuffed animals to fill a bus. I got two boxes of candy one from my mom and another from my dad. well atleast they like me.As soon as she walks in the front door she sits down on her lazy butt and starts to pig out and she wouldnt even share it with me or my brother. I think in about ten minutes time she ate a whole box, and was starting on the another one. When my parents came home we went out to dinner together where again she ate a lot. When we got home she complained that her stomach hurt and was laying on the couch hogging the remote. My mom even pitted her (they didnt know all the candy she at before dinner) So I was just sitting there wishing she would gain a! hundred pounds from all the stuff she ate when she immediatly sat up really quick with this dear caught in the head lights look and started running I could hear her gaging and heaving as she was running down the hallway and I just started to laugh of corse my mom yells at me and starts running after my sister to see if shes okay. Anyway she puked all over the hallway and all over the bathroom it was sooo gross. The rest of the night she was sick too. My brother told my mom about all the candy she ate and she got introuble. It was a very funny night
Sorry this was so long

Somebody who got sick on Valentines
Hi. I threw up on Valentines Day. Taco Bell taco salad, some Whitman's candy, plus the burger and fries I'd eaten for lunch. My b.f/fiance spent a long day together and I was feeling fine, even after all that candy, then we made a "run for the border" at supper. Later that night around midnight I woke up feeling really sick to my stomach so I went to the bathroom and started throwing up EVERYTHING. I had to clean it off the wall and the back of the toilet. It sort of like sprayed everywhere and it was totally disgusting. My man tried to come in but I locked him out of the bathroom because I was ashamed for him to see and smell the mess I'd made. My stomach kept cramping so I embraced the porcelain for a couple of hours and when I got up my breasts felt almost bruised. I hope it was just the food because I don't wish to be pregnant just yet.

Hey Manda, please let us know about your horrible cough. You have failed to keep us informed. Why is this so?

As for Valentine's day, we always got to nosh on candy in elementary (primary) school on that day. In second grade, there was one obnoxious boy named Jeremy that nobody liked, yet he took a liking to me. Jeremy and I were the least popular when it came time to pass out those stupid Valentine's Day cards.

Anyway, everyone brought candy and passed it around to everyone else. Jeremy ate like a starving pig, slamming down handfuls of candies at a time. He took to swallowing candy hearts without bothering to chew them. Then came that godawful fruit punch. Does any kid really like that stuff? Later, we saw that Jeremy was missing.

He had slipped out unnoticed, and into the boys' bathroom shared by three classrooms. "Psst..." he hissed from the bathroom door. He got my attention, and summoned me into the toilet stall.

"Look what I did!" Jeremy motioned me toward the commode. The water was hot pink, the result of all the dye that Jeremy just puked up. I turned away.

"No, look! You can still read the hearts!" Jeremy was proud. Indeed, you could still read the insipid messages like "BE MINE" on the candy hearts that Jeremy was swallowing. I haven't eaten candy hearts since.

i get sick from every thing
no matter what i have tried it does not work ...
i started out sat 124 pounds in 1998 and to this day i weigh
87 pounds and and have been so sick that i have not been able ro gain any of the weight back....
this problem has destoyed my life and continues to do so as i write you thank you

Hey, nobody wrote back to my last post-I guess I was too far down in the cue for anybody to read me. I'll try again: when you feel really sick and you want to throw up, is there anyone out there who has ever made yourself do it,
like stuck your finger down your throat? (I have a couple of times-once when I was drunk and once when I got sick off of really greasy food).

Hey I was just remembering one time a couple years agowhe I was in fourth grade (I'm in sixth now) when I had an AWFUL, TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE BARFING INCIDENT!!! I never did find out for sure what caused it but I think it might have been food poisoning. Here's the story. I was at school. We had this really awful teacher that year, she treated us like kindergartners. So anyway, I wasn't feeling very well, but I wasn't feeling terrible - not yet, at least, so I didn't think much of it. As the morning went on, I started feeling worse, but still not really bad. I had to go to the bathroom, and when I did, it was my first indication that I really was sick. I had only just pulled down my pants when diarrhea positively EXPLODED out of my rear end. It went all over the place. I cleaned up and went back to class, beginning to feel very sick. When I got back to my desk I rested my head on it. The teacher asked me, in the tone of voice one would use when addressing a five-year-old, if I was! okay. I mumbled, "Yeah I'm fine." Yes, I was being a big fat liar. The teacher went back to the lesson. Ten minutes later she looked straight at me and commanded me to pay attention. Wearily I lifted my head, and suddenly started puking. I couldn't control myself. The vomit was flying in all directions, and almost the whole class was screaming "Yuck!" "Ew!" "Gross!" This one really snooty girl was like, "Ew, nastified! Stop it!" The only people who weren't yelling were my two friends and the teacher. The teacher said, "Oh, poor little thing, don't you feel well?" I felt like saying, "I AM NOT A KINDERGARTNER!!!" But I didn't. I couldn't, since I was still barfing like a maniac. Finally, I was able to stop. I still felt so nauseous, though. I dry heaved several times - UUUUHHHLLLAAAAAAAAAAAATTT! UUUUHHHHLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT! and then some more very watery vomit came pouring out. I would stop barfing for a moment, then dry heave, and then barf some more. This routine went on ! for almost five minutes. I was finally able to get myself to the nurse's office, where I promptly projectile vomited with such force that I had to grab onto the nurse's desk to keep my balance. She took my temperature and it was 104.8. The nurse called my mom, but she wasn't there, and my dad was on a business trip. So I sat there for another half an hour (and I barfed four times in that period of time, I might add), until the nurse was able to reach my mom. She came to pick me up right away. I was sick for a week. Godm, that was awful.

Hey everybody I'm all better now! Just thought you should know.

LESLIEK: Could you please post the story of your sister getting sick on Valentines Day.

Geez, no one ever posts here anymore! Where is everybody? I haven't checked this forum for over a week and when I came back there were only three new posts! Usually there would be over ten! I don't understand it, and I also don't like it. It is very boring to keep coming back to this forum and see that there are hardly any new posts. And the posts these days are, like, three sentences. Will someone PLEASE post something? By the way, Scott UK, WHERE ARE YOU??????? I haven't seen a post from you in ages! Don't leave us, your posts are so good.

yeah my brother got sick yesterday.hes 13 HA HA (no one heard me say that lol) well anywayz pretty much from the time he got home until 11 o clock he was eating candy. then later last night I heard someone get up and there were a lot of gagging sounds. When I got up to get some juice I realized my brother had been in the bathroom for like 15 min. I did ask him if he was okay however, but he told me to leave him alone. I guess he threw up in the hallway later I don't know. well thats my short lil thing.

hey its valentines day anybody got any good stories. I'm sure somebody got sick after eating to much candy(like my sister) haha

My gym class at school is swimming, and I am really bad at swimming. Yesterday, we had to do 9 laps and I can barely do 3 :( After 4 and a half laps I accidentally swallowed some pool water and started to cough. I couldn't stop coughing, and suddenly I barfed. In the pool. My classmates were kinda grossed out. Everyone got out of the water in a hurry, and I climbed out too, and ran for the bathroom, puking the whole way. In the bathroom, I barfed some more and had explosive diarrhea. I still felt unbelievably nauseous as I walked back to the pool. The instructor told me to go change out of my bathing suit and sit on the bench at the side of the pool until the gym period was over. Well anyway there were about 40 minutes left in gym (the whole gym period is 75 minutes), and I did as the instructor said. Then he came over to me and said if I had to go to the bathroom I could just go, I didn't have to ask. I had to do that three times. When the gym period was FINALLY over, we wal! ked back to the school (we take gym at the YMCA right around the corner from the school). I went to the nurse, and found that I was running a fever of 105.3. I was sent home, and on my front lawn I doubled over and threw up. I am still sick today, this morning my fever had gone up to 105.6 :( I will post any more details of my illness that I feel you should know.

I noticed a few posts with vomiting in stories and movies, but how about vomiting from just WATCHING a movie? Hehehe.....I just saw Hannibal this weekend (sequel to Silence of the Lambs), and let me tell you, there were too many graphic scenes in it for at least one person in the theatre I was at!

During one of the more...ahhhm....'unpleasant' scenes, there was this hacking substance-filled coughing sound, it must have been someone puking, and sure enough, at the end of the movie, I definitely smelled vomit while I was walking out of the theatre.

Another funny thing that happened during that movie, during a surprise attack scene, was this: one guy was so startled that he accidentally threw his water bottle into the aisle, probably from a knee-jerk reaction. My buddies all saw this and judged the movie to be excellent because of the response initiated in some of the people that saw it.

Hey. Today I threw up at work. I think that my girlfriend Claires driving made me sick for the entire day, because for the rest of the day I felt like crap. Anyway, I was sitting at my desk looking over some files, feeling only slightly nauseated. Not that bad really. I got up to throw something in the trash can across the room, and suddenly was overwelmed by my sickened stomach. I ran the rest of the way to the trash can, and emptied my stomach into it: BLUAAGHHH!!!!!! My co workers were really nice. This isn't as long as my last post, sorry. I still am not feeling that great. bye! -Pat

Lee Ann RN
After never having vomited at work, I can now relate my second such experience in a month. Last week my four year old daughter was sent home from preschool with vomiting and diarrhea which lasted 24 hours. Two afternoons later while at work, I began to feel very tired. One of my colleagues commented that I looked pale but I attributed this and my fatigue to having been up all night with my daughter two nights ago. I soon started to feel full, my fatigue increased, and the first twinges of nausea began. The nausea slowly built over the afternoon and I tried to deny it because I hate to throw up and will do anything not to. I hoped I could make it through my shift and home before I puked. An hour before shift change, I suddenly developed chills, and my mouth began to water profusely. Knowing that there was now no way I could make it to the ladies room without hurling all over the floor, I bent over in my chair and positioned my head over that trash can, hoping that I could still! hold it back or at least throw up with out anyone noticing. Amanda, another of my colleagues, saw me shivering and leaning over the trash can and asked if I was going to throw up. All I could do was nod weakly and spit saliva into the can. I heard Amanda ask for a cool washcloth and a swallowed back the chunks which has crept into my mouth. I leaned farther over and retched quietly. "Bluh." Amanda pulled a chair over in front of me and supported my head in her hands. I felt someone place the cool washcloth on my neck. I gagged quietly again and let out a mouthful of brown chunks which softly splattered onto the paper in the trash can. I dry-heaved twice but much more loudly. I heard Becky, another of my colleagues say "She's throwing up." as someone else started rubbing my back. I felt my stomach feel like it was expanding to three times its usual size (I'm size 8). I retched again. "BLLLLLUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" and threw up a projectile of brown chunks into the trash can, o nto my teal scrub pants, white shoes, and the tile floor. I gagged again and vomited a second and a third projectile. I tried to catch my breath but dry-heaved twice more. Amanda and Becky led me to the ladies room and closed the door behind us. I knelt over the toilet with Amanda holding my head and Becky stroking my back, as I repeatedly spat saliva. "BLLLLLLLUUUUUUUHHHHHH!"
I retched and threw up a torrent of chunks which splashed violently into the toilet, onto the floor around the toilet onto my print scrub top. I repeated this process four more times, with my vomit becoming less chunky and more liquid with each heave. When this round finished all I could do was spit. I was led to the sink to wash my face and mouth but gagged and threw up brown liquid with very few chunks into the sink. I again washed my mouth and was led back to the station where I collapsed into a chair. In the meantime, someone had called my husband. Fifteen minutes later he and Amanda poured me into the car. I puked twice into wash basin on the way, and three more times into basin at my bedside before finally drifting to sleep.

I was asked about my cough by an anonymous person, and it's worse than ever now in case you were wondering. I've had it for about two weeks now and I went to the doctor. It now only makes me gag after I run, so guess what? No more running for me until the cough clears up and the cold is gone. Now my breathing sounds funny, like a sick dog barking every time I breathe out. Well, just in case you cared, my cold is starting to clear up and I don't think any vomiting will be involved during this illness(sorry!). Anyways, when I get another good story, I'll post it.

Okay, there's been talk of books with vomiting scenes in them. Well, I don't know of any with descriptive detailed scenes, but Lurlene McDaniel(my personal favorite author) writes many books with kids that have cancer(all of which I have read). Most of them mention vomit. The books I can think of off the top of my head are:

Don't Die, My Love
Six Months To Live
I Want To Live
Too Young To Die
(They all sound really depressing, huh? *lol*)
Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever
Mourning Song (ooh, this one's got lots and lots of vomiting scenes. One takes place in a McDonald's)
Angel of Hope (it's got a good one, kind of detailed)

That's all I can think of now, but I'll keep you posted.

Calder Willingham, eh?

Interesting, because another of his books has at least two very vivid vomiting sequences. It's called "Providence Island", from 1969. Also, check out Robert Heinleins' "Friday". It's practically soggy with upchuck scenes.


I think this web page is really cool! I mean i like to read about people vomiting and watching it in movies, but i HATE it when i see it live. But I really don't have any vomit stories about me because I haven't thrown up in like 6 years. I'll post some when one comes around. *Thanks for the book responses

I'm a school bus driver and I've had my fair share of spit-ups happen in my bus during my three years as a driver so we keep some absorbent deodorizer in the bus to sprinkle on it. Last spring the tables were turned one day when *I* threw up. I ate something bad for lunch and got sick upon short notice without time to arrange for a substitute driver and I figured I could handle it. I was at the school sitting in my driver's seat, doubled over with stomach cramps and beginning to feel the first signs of nausea as my passengers were loading so I asked one of the older kids to run to the office and borrow a trash can and bring it back to the bus for me. I don't remember how many times during the route I had to stop and puke in the trash can, but I got mixed reviews from my audience, everything from cheers to jeers. I sprinkled some deodorizer in the can each time I "went". Lots of seat-trading went on that day as the kids who were disgusted sat far to the rear while others wanted a good view of me so they sat up front asking me if I was okay and if I was pregnant, all the standard stuff kids ask. They still make fun of me and I overhear them telling what happened every time there's a new kid, often with exaggeration. I'm an easy going person with a good sense of humor so I just go along with it. I've learned to keep a wastebasket in the bus and told all the kids if they ever feel sick to just ask for it.

Lori B. I kneel when I throw up unless I'm in a public lavatory. In that case I stand up and bend over.


I'm a reader too. One book that comes to mind right off is "Small World" by Tabitha King (Stephen's wife). In it, a woman is shrunk down to a few inches in heighth, and when she is fed regular scrambled eggs, she can't digest it and throws up. Pretty good detail involved. In the book "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" by Stephen King, a little girl gets lost in the woods and drinks some tainted water. She has a severe attack of vomiting and diarrhea. As for the classics, there is a puking passage in Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury," but it's a little difficult to wade through. I'm sure I've read more, but that's all I can think of now. I'll let you know if I think of any more really good ones.

Hey Manda,

How is your cough. You said that you gagged in reading class alot. Do you still have the cough and if so, what was it like, i mean what did the cough sound like and HOW LONG have you had it??, I'd like to get somebody to record their terrible cough and mail the recording to me.

Hey! I love this site. Thanks for all the stories everyone. I'll tell you a few of mine since you all have kept me so entertained!

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