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This happened to me when I was on a training tip with my college swim team. I had been coughing a lot for like 2 days and one afternoon we were doing drylands(situps, pushups, etc.) and I started to get really bad cramping in my stomach. As we were doing crunches my stomach started to get really bad, so I went up to one of my coaches and told him that I needed to go to the bathroom. Of course he was not pleased that I would leave in the middle of drylands and he told me that I should be better prepared for practice. I ran to the bathroom and I had explosive diarrhea. When I finished I went back to practice and tried to do more abs and stuff but my stomach was not liking me. We left the gym and headed over to the pool for the rest of practice. As I was getting ready to swim my stomach did another summersault and I ran to the bathroom where I had explosive diarrhea again. After i was done I was shaking and sweating. I knew I still had to try to practice. I figured I wou! ld be fine but I was wrong. I did about 4 laps and my stomach could not handle it any longer so I jumped out of the pool and ran to the bathroom where I had the runs again. By now I was feeling really sick and I could not stop shaking. Practicing was out of the question so I went over to my coach and told her my stomach was not feeling well. SHe let me go back to our dorms where I continued to have diarrhea. I tried eating something and soon I had to use the bathroom again but this time I puked. I felt much better after I vomited. I went to dinner later that night but only ate toast and drank water. I felt fine that evening. I guess it was something I ate but I still dont know. I woke up the next morning with a sore throat probably from puking and kind of weak but other than that I was fine. There was a kid on my team with a stomach bug or something so I think I might have caught a slight touch of it from him. Thats another story and I will post it later.

A few years back I was at a fair with a girlfriend, a cute girl with a noticable potbelly for her slender frame. She had just eaten a couple of hot dogs on top of a few other things and said she was feeling a bit queasy. We were standing in line for the portopotties when some kids (probably around 14 or 15) in front of us started to horseplay. One of them pushed the other back and he elbowed her in her stomach. She looked at me pleadingly, staggered out of the line and doubled over and knelt down in the grass and gave one mighty heave and puked her lunch onto the grass. The two kids apologized, to me for her. I got down beside her and helped her up. Once she caught her breath she said she didn't have to go to the bathroom anymore and we left the place.


Try the book "End As A Man" by Calder Willingham. It was published around 1957 as I recall. Just read the first two pages. It was later made into a movie titled "The Strange One."

Does anyone here like to see people they hate puke. A lot of people like to see people they like puke, but I think its extremly hilarious to see people i hate puke.

Hello...this is the first post of many that will surely follow. To start out with, not only do I have a real wimpy immune system, but I am plagued constantly by all sorts of allergies, and also am a victim to horrible motion sickness. Anything will make me sick. Its been really embarressing since I will sometimes puke in the most bad situations, even on a date. (p.s. I am 20 years old) Well..I was on a date once with Claire, who is now my fiance. It was only like our second or third date that made it even worse. heres the story:

Claire is the type of girl that is sort of crazy even though I love her so much. On this certain date, she planned it, and decided that we would go to a carnival. She had yet not known about my motion sickness, since on our other date I had been real drugged up with prescription medicine. This time however I was the biggest idiot and didn't take my pills with me for some reason. She picked me up at my house, and flashing me a big grin got behind the wheel. I got into the passengers side, and my mind was spinning because I realized that I had not take my pills and I was going to be a passenger, which is a sure way to make me barf. And also Claire is not the worlds greatest driver. 10 minutes down the road and I was about ready to explode. I was about to ask her to please pull over when we reached the carnival. I got out and chokingly told her that I had to go to the restroom, where I managed to reach the toilet in time to BERAGHHHHHHHHHH. I puked up streams of bro! wn curds into the toilet..then stood straight up and was pleased that I had not gotten any vomit on my clothes. I am a neat vomiter since I do it so often. I wiped my mouth and popped a cert in, then I went back out to Claire who immediantly seized me and toted me to the nearest ride.

Even as I stared dubiously in horror at the one that she wanted me to go on, I could feel my stomach start to contract painfully. It was the one where you spin around so fast in circles, but at the same time your cart is spinning you upsidedown. I opened my mouth to tell her that I didn't think I was going to be able to ride that, but then the crowd was pushing us ahead to the ride. I almost puked from sheer anxiety because I just KNEW that I would not be able to last, and the last thing I wanted to do was to barf all over a pretty girl beside me.

When we got strapped in, Claire turned and looked at me with a serious face and said: "Don't worry, I never puke on these things." Oh great just great I thought. Then it started to move. The first time that we went upsidedown I felt bile move quickly to my throat. I panicked and swallowed harder and harder trying to keep it forced down. I just closed my eyes and prayed while my stomach kept trying to make me vomit. Finally it was over, and when the ride stopped I knew that this was it. I waited until the guy came over to lift our things, and then I stood up and doubled over. UUURALLHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I sent violent waves of my brown chunky vomit onto the now unloading ride. I gagged again and felt puke shooting up my throat and out of my mouth. I was dimly aware of Claire gasping with surprize and then coming to hold my head and keep me from falling over. after that was over, I moaned loudly and let her try to lead me to the restroom. I stumbled by a garbage ca! n that was conveinant and retched loudly into it, sending only a bit of vomit splashing to the bottem. I heard Claire say: "come on now, we're almost there..." and at last I was able to slump against the cool comfort of the lavatory wall. I hung my head in shame, but Claire gently took my chin and raised it till my eyes finally met hers. She gave me a little smile and said: "Its ok Patrick." Those words were music to my heart and to this day make me swell with pride for her. I then returned her smile weakly, but then felt my stomach jump. Something must have shown in my face, because Claire quickly guided my body toward the toilet, where I gave a explosive release of spit, bile and what seemed like gallens of putrid brown liquid. I couldn't stop, or hardly breathe, just let torrents of vomit spurt into the toilet. Claire rubbed my back until I was done, and I lay back against the wall with a gasp. She wiped off my face and handed me some water. My belly was empty now ! so I felt this was safe to swallow. Then she took my hand, and we walked to the nearest drug store to buy some dramamine which would have to suit me until i got home. During that time we talked, and I told her all about my extensive vomit history which got both of us laughing. Then she let ME drive us home, where we ended up sitting comfortably on the couch watching movies and eating popcorn. I love this girl so she is totally used to my weak systems and helping me while sick is something that I suspect is second nature to her now. Sorry this is so long...You will hear more from me later!

I have a story from when I was 9 and my little brother was 6. I was sitting on a the chair in our living room which sits directly under the steps. My brother was sitting on the couch looking all pale and stuff. Then he gets up and starts running up the steps. About half way up he starts to throw up. which splashed through the stair railing and onto my head. I still havent gotten him back.

This is'nt really considered throwing up but I was at school in gym today, and we had to do this stupid running thing. I dont know how to explain it its called an Indian Run. Well anyway we did this stupid thing for five minutes. One girl was crying cause she though she would faint. The teachers didnt care either. When I was finished I started coughing and I could taste blood. I couldnt stop tasting blood till I finally was able to drink something at lunch. For the rest of the day though I coughed up phlem. I'm still doing it. I hate gym I think we should make the teachers run.

Yesterday in school, my friend Samantha looked very tired. In science she asked to go to the bathroom. The teacher said yeah and she went. When she came back sh sat down and put her head on her desk. Five minutes later she abruptly covered her mouth with her hand and then I knew what she was about to do, what she had done in the bathroom before, and why she looked so awful. She gagged a few times and then this yellowish vomit started dribbling out from under her hand... it was gross. The teacher noticed and he was like, "Samantha go to the bathroom now!" She did and when she came back she looked much better. The teacher sent her straight to the nurse anyway and she was sent home. She was in school again today and she says she feels fine now.

Andrea:loved your story!! :-) Does anyone else out there do that--make yourself throw up when you're sick? (I have a couple of times).

Hi Jill,
Judy blume puts a few in her books, especially the ones for teens and adults. Stephen king has a few too.

Hope this helps

engine man
This web site is cool. I was white water rafting one time with some coworkers (one of those bonding things). A young, attractive female intern was with us. At one point during some minor rapids she fell out, but got sucked into some kind of current under the water. When she current spit her back out, we were able to pull her into the boat very easily. We pulled off close to the shore as she choked on the water she'd swallowed and inhaled. She was coughing and vomiting water. I like taking care of people who are sick, so I sat behind her as she leaned over the side of the raft, retching. I took off her helmet and pulled back her wet blond hair with my hands and supported her stomach underneath the life vest. She was coughing hard, her body shaking against mine, and I gently pressed her stomach with the rhythm of her heaves. The cough was racking, but not productive anymore. After a while she felt better and we finished the trip--fortunately, we didn't have much longer in the w! ater.

I haven't been feeling too good the past few days. On Tuesday I was in school and I was so tired... I could barely stay awake. When I got home, I napped for two hours. When I woke up, I felt sooooooooooo nauseous. I ran to the bathroom but didn't make it... I barfed all over the flood and myself. I finally got to the toilet and threw up again there. I felt much better after puking, but still tired. The next morning I felt totally better so I went to school which was a huge mistake. I think it was, like, half an hour into first period when I felt sick again. Before I could do anything, I had barfed all over my desk and this big snob sitting in front of me (well actually I'm glad she got hit... she got vomit all over her beautiful hair... for once she wasn't bragging about how pretty her hair was when I did that!) But anyway I got sent home, where I promptly ran to the bathroom, kneeled in front of the toilet, and boy did I PUKE!!! I'm feeling a whole lot better today. I tell yo! u, I did not have a whole lot of fun these past few days!!!

does anybody know of some books with good puking parts? (I'm a reader) please respond, thanks

What position I use when I have to puke depends on where I am. If I'm at home, no problemo, I kneel down with practically my whole head in the toilet so it'll be easier to clean up, or I just use the trash can in the bathroom so I can just toss out the whole liner afterward. But when I'm at home I usually just get something expendable like a coffee can or a big cup when I feel like I might have to puke, and I just keep it near me while I'm watching t.v. In a public bathroom, I puke standing up but I do bend over, and MOST of it lands where its supposed to. I always just try to hold it until I get home because most public bathrooms don't have good soap and towels to wash up with and some don't even have hot water and I need a shampoo if nobody's around to hold my hair for me. If I'm outside then it's a no brainer, I don't even worry about the mess, but I do try to do it where nobody walks, I bend over, and I've also done it out a car while I was sitting down. Gotta go, al! l this talk about puke is making me nauseated!

I swear manda. I definatly make people wanna puke. The other day the girl who sits next to me in science puked. ughhhhh i didnt have this problem last year.Atleast I don't make my family puke. Its usually people i dont know, but still they always puke when im there.

I just read your old entry about aaron and nick carter. I love them! lol! well they are sooo sweet. anywayz thats beside the point. Yea its true stars to puke too...I have a friend and hes a singer and he says "the show must go on it don't matter if your sick as long as you don't puke on the audience" well gotta go,
love, ???

LeslieK- Join the club! I also seem to give off a karma or something that makes people puke. I'm 14 as well. Just the other night my brother was yacking in the bathroom down the hall. I was on the computer and of course, he had to be loud and gross me out! *LOL* Well, he's better now.

I have a bad cough today and I keep on coughing until I end up gagging myself. I did that a lot during reading class today. I haven't thrown up yet, but if I do, you can be sure I'll post the gory details! ;) Well, gotta go, keep the stories coming up!

P.S. If anyone wants to contact me, you can at

Lee Ann RN
Lori B. I also try to kneel when I throw up unless I can't make the toilet. When I have an emesis basin I would rather sit.

I found this site while surfing the net a while back. I had nothing to post until I got food poisoning last week. Three hours after eating a chicken sandwich from a local fast food chain my abdomen was gripped by severe wrenching pains. I felt like I needed to poop but only passed small quantities of extremely foul smelling gas. The pain was as bad as my labor pains had been. I tried mylanta and milk of magnesia. Nothing would relieve it. I was suddenly filled with nausea. I knelt in front of the toilet and retched. My husband knelt next to me and pulled my hair back. I gagged again and let loose a flood of orange chunks. I heaved again and vomited a second flood. That broke the ice and I effortlessly threw up six more volleys without retching. I didn't think I would ever stop. Like Jill, this was the worst tasting and most vile smelling vomit I had ever produced. Ten minutes later I was again in the bathroom, only this time having explosive diarrhea. Half an hour later I was again kneeling in front of the toilet where I had five cycles of three heaves followed by a volley of chunky orange vomit. I went to bed and slept until AM when I was jolted awake by a tremendous wave of nausea. I dry heaved once as I got out of bed, again as I crossed the bathroom doorway and flipped on the light but it got me five feet from the toilet when I retched and threw up another fountain of chunky liquid all over the bathroom floor as I stopped dead in my tracks. I doubled over and threw up three more times in the same spot gagging twice before each fountain. My husband supported heard me and when he reached me supported me about the waist and held my hair back as I barfed. he led me back to bed where immediately conked out to sleep. When I woke up I was still mildly nauseated, but could tolerate Sprite.

Last week, my girlfriend came down with a bad stomach virus. We had been shopping for work clothes all day, and she had been complaining of not feeling well. When we got back to our apartment, she started shivering even though our bedroom was really warm. I tried to get her to eat because she hadn't eaten much all day, and we're both thin girls. We usually have to eat regularly or else our blood sugar gets low. She wasn't hungry, and was worried that she might throw up. First she tried sitting in the bathroom, but I fixed the trashcan next to the bed so she could get under the covers. I turned on the TV and curled up next to her, watching a show and stroking her hair. She fell into a really restless sleep, where she moaned a lot and clutched her stomach. I took her temperature and discoverd she had a fever of 103--yikes. I went to get her some tylenol, but heard her gagging. I ran back in to find her doubled over the trashcan, dry heaving. I got behind her on the bed and su! pported her stomach, feeling it contract so hard as she began vomiting forcefully into the can. I pulled her long hair back into a ponytail and rubbed her back as she continued to vomit. I was starting to get worried, hoping her fever would drop soon or else maybe I would take her to the hospital. She would stop every few seconds to breathe, then would began vomiting again. Even though she hadn't had much to eat--all that seemed to be coming out was the orange juice she'd been drinking. I just kept saying, "honey," and "baby," trying to support her body and her head over the trashcan. I could feel her getting weaker in my arms. Finally she stopped and I guided back under the covers. I wiped her face and mouth gently with a warm washcloth. When I took her temperature again, it was only 99 degrees, so I felt better. But then she started coughing, sort of quietly and then harder. I pulled her up into a sitting position and leaned her over the can again. She coughed so hard, ! her whole body was shaking, and then her stomach contracted violently and she threw up a mix of juice and bile into the trash can. Then she was finally done, poor thing.

This was one of the most embarrasing moments of my life. I met this gorgeous hunk of a man who invited me to go dinner and a movie with him. I said yes, but was so nervous, I couldn't see straight. We went to a Japanese Resturaunt for dinner, which was different but nice. I had 1 glass of wine with dinner, and a water afterwards.
We had to drive 10 minutes to the theatre, and I was starting to get a headache, but was conviced it would disappear when we started watching the movie. My hunk went and got popcorn and a big coke. I found 2 asprin in my bag, dropped them, and had a drink of coke. About 20 minutes into the movie, I was starting to feel slightly unsettled in the stomache, Hunk asked me was I feeling okay cause I looked a bit pale. I answered I felt a bit funny, but was okay. About 10 minutes later, I felt overwhelmingly nauseous, and tried to get up to get out of the aisle. The moment I took one step forward, I began heaving violently, but managed to swallow once. I pushed my way down the aisle, about half way down the row,I could hold it no longer. Vomit literally poured out my mouth and nose, not once, but twice, before I could get to the door. My hunk, god luv him, was with me the whole time. I made it into the foyer (which was also very packed with people)when the watery feeling hit my mouth and heaved again, right in front of the theatre door.The room was spinning, and I didn't know which way to run. I could feel by stomache gurgling, only this time I needed a toilet. I was dizzy, and then the waves of nausea started again. I began vomiting and to my total amazement. My bowels opened, and shit poured out of me like nothing you have ever seen. I was wearing stockings and high heels to make matters worse. I vomited twice more, before I could move to go to the bathroom to get cleaned up.
This not being the end. I went to the bathroom, with a concerned usher, while my hunk went to my place to get me a change of clothes, and insisted that he drive me home, as I was far to sick to take a cab(which would have suited me fine). I got into his car and he reclyned the seat, to make me more comfortable (a bad idea obviously). I was fine until a block from my house and I began heaving again, and with the heaving came the diarreah. Of course I had very little left to vomit, but the diarreah did not stop. With every heave came a fresh wave, and all over the seat of his car.......He dropped me at home, to my flatmate, who after calling the doctor, confirmed my food poisoning from the Japanese food we ate.
He did however ask me out again, and sent me flowers to apologise for the resturaunt. It took me a long time to get over that......

I like seeing women throw up, esp. when they have coughing-attacks first. One time I was in a K-mart when I heard someone coughing delicately for a while. I didn't think much of it until it started getting worse. Occasionally I heard a woman's voice and a man's. I strolled over to the next aisle, pretending to look at squirt guns, and saw a couple. The guy was patting the woman on the back as she coughed. She was taking sips of Coke. I heard him say, "You don't think your fever's back, do you?" At that point, part of me wanted to get away before I got any of her germs, but I decided to wait and see what happened. She kept coughing, a soft, helpless cough that shook her body. In between fits she gasped for air. All of a sudden the guy grabbed for a plastic bucket (I don't know how he knew) off a shelf and she collapsed onto her knees, vomiting into the bucket. He crouched next to her and held back her hair, rubbing her back. I could see the woman's back moving with each heav e, as her body tried to force out her stomach contents. What looked like water just kept pouring out of her mouth. Every so often she would stop and spit. When she finally seemed done, he tried to lift her up but she clutched her stomach and groaned, releasing another wave of vomit into the bucket. "Does she need a doctor?" I finally asked. The guy looked at me with irritation, probably because I had been staring for so long. "No, she's had a stomach thing for a few days," he said. She then started coughing again. She sounded like cough, cough, cough, blaaaaahhh. She vomited again into the bucket, something brownish. Finally she stood up shakily and told the guy she wanted to get out of there. They abandoned their cart and left.

Lori B
D-- I'm married. I also kneel like I've said before. I just hate it when the vomit splashes on my clothes or hair.

Our family caught this stomach virus last spring. It started with out 1 year old daughter. My husband had but her to bed and when we were going to go to bed and hour or so later the crib sheets, her hair and her sleeper were covered in vomit. Not one noise ever sounded from the baby monitor (which goes with us whenever we are not in the same room with her. It seen incredible that so much vomit could come from someone so small. We woke her up bathed her while she looked at us wondering why she was gatting a second bath, this time at 11PM. We took her to bed where she silently threw up three more times, not totally waking up while she did it. The next day she didn't vomit anymore but didn't want to eat.

Two days after the initial incident, my husband called and and he was coming home from work sick. He arrived home during the baby's mid afternoon nap. He told me that he had thrown up twice at work, and had to pull over once on the way home. Although I had never seen him upchuck before, the vomit stain on his tie gave me a slight twinge of nausea.
After brusing his teeth he turned and joggeg to the toilet and bent over. I guided him to his knees where he effortlesly threw up three fountians of chunky brown liquid.
I put him to bed when he was finished. Five minutes later our daughter had finished her nap.

I still felt mildly nauseated but ignored it. I ate some chips and dip and a sandwich for supper not to further upset the smell of my honey's stomach. At 8:30 our daughter conked out and went to sleep. By this time, a major Atlantic hurricame was brewing in my innards. Each roll brought me closer and closer to the brink. I changed for bed and lay one towel next to me in bed and two on the floor next to the bed in case I had a little "accident" since the "barf basin" was on the floor next to Dave. D*** stirred and I asked him how he was feeling. "Better." he replied, "No more nausea, I'm just weak." Just then I burped and chunks filled my throat. "I've got it.!" I moaned. Standing up I burped again with the chunks rising to the back of my mouth. "I'm going to let up." I said as I started moving to the bathroom. I clamped my hand to my mouth and had to swallow back chunks. D*** reached me as I reached the toilet, retched "UHHHLAAAT!" as I flipped the seat up. I stooped over ! and let up a torrent of yellow chunks into the bowl and onto the floor around it. He guided me to my knees where I gagged two more times and let up even more chunks while he held my head. "Please, D***. Don't do this; you'll make yourself sick again. UHHHLAAAAAATTTTTT!" As another volley of chunks spewed from my mouth and splashed into the bowl. I flushed and leaned back on my knees thinking I was finished. WRONG! I leaned back over to let up three nore volleys. I spat four times and flushed again. Dave brought my another nightgown as I had throw up splatters on the one I was wearing. After sitting on the edge of the bathtub changing, I got up to go to bed when it hit me again, I bent over gagged and threw up twice into the jacuzzi with sickening splats. That did it. I turned and raced back for the toilet and again let up as soon as the seat was raised. I puked seven suck chunky yellow volleys into the toilet bowl as my husband supported me about the waist so i wouldn't fall. ! I washed again and this time made it all the way back to bed before the next wave hit and I let up four volleys of liquid yellow puke into our barf basin. I did't throw up any more but had diarrhea twice and four sets of dry heaves before finaly falling asleep.

Lori B: You live in Queens, NY. I know the subway route. My cousin works in the subway. He hates when people get sick on his train.

I went to see my cousin in the hospital Christmas Eve. When I walked to the subway. I saw a girl, her husband holding their baby, while she barfed in a plastic grocery bag. I felt sorry for them. She was crying. I offered them help. But, they said they would make it home. Apparently, she was at a party and had booze on an empty stomach.

I'm baaaccckkkk!!!!!!!!! Whassup? Remember how I posted much earlier about the person who threw up on the bus on the school trip? Well, I got more dirt on the story. This girl, Hailey(I think that's how you spell it), was really sick on the day of academic contests last year, but she was an important part of the math team (I was on spelling-FYI), so she went to school anyway. She felt sick all morning before we left, and on the bus there, she threw up all over her seat. Well, they should have made her go home, but instead, they let her go on and compete. She sat with a trash can beside her desk and she threw up twice during the test. Now, it's only my opinion, but I do believe someone heaving their guts up beside me would have been very very distracting.

Okay, I was watching the American Music Awards last night (January 8), and (once again, only my opinion) Aaron Carter looked very ill. He looked a bit green and he had light purple circles underneath his eyes(you know, the kind you get when you're sick or tired). My mom and I thought surely he would spew. I was kind of hoping he would, just so I could see it and better yet, have it on tape! (I record every music awards show I can) Well, he didn't spew, but I'm wondering if he did backstage. I would enjoy the knowledge of that. I like to know when stars are vomiting, it kind of, I don't know, refreshes me that even HUGE GIGANTIC stars puke all over themselves. So, next time you're paying homeage to the great porcelain god, remember even Nick and Aaron Carter have had to deal with puke in their hair. *LOL*

Peace Always,


Joe Dimagio was "wimpy" he got sea sick easily and was not able to cary on in his dad's fishing trade. So Joe became a hall-of-fame outfielder for the New York Yankees.

Are any of you familiar with good baseball players? Are they susceptable to motion or sea sickness? To be a good batter one must be able to respond quickly to small changes in baseball motion. I hear the tiny motions from vibrations cause the motion sickness.

Patti-- I did that when i was 7. We were sitting down to dinner and as my mother put a bowl of pasta in fron of me, I gagged and covered my pasta with a flood of brown liquid puke. Then I stood up turned to one side and did it again on the floor. I never felt sick and didn't throw up any moe that night.

To Lori B I like to kneel when I vomit It is more comfortable and you don't miss the toilet. I'm male by the way

I have a story from last year. I never get sick, but I seem to have a knack for walking in on sick friends. This time, I was at a friend's house for a party. It was early evening so no one was drinking yet, we were all just hanging out. My friend has a really big house with a ton of rooms, including bathrooms. I don't know why, but I went downstairs to check out the basement. While I was wandering around, I heard awful gagging noises. I peeked into the bathroom and saw an acquaintance of mine hunched over the toilet, vomiting. I walked in and shut the door behind me so she wouldn't get embarassed, and gently rubbed her back. She was heaving convulsively and pouring quarts of thick orange vomit into the toilet. She was clutching her stomach and moaning in between heaves. She vomited pretty powerfully for about 10 minutes. Each time, she would gag a couple of times and then a blast of vomit gushed out of her mouth. When she was done, she walked shakily over to the bathtub and sat on the rim, waiting for the next round to begin. She said she thought she had a virus because her boyfriend had just gotten over one, and she looked really miserable because he had vomited for two days. She added that she had eaten an entire pizza that day and that I didn't have to stick around, but I stayed because it would be awful to be that sick and alone. She sat there holding her stomach and her head, feeling terrible. She knelt in front of the toilet and gagged like 5 times, but nothing would come up. She said she could feel everything churning in her stomach, but it wasn't ready to come up. I gave her a glass of water, which didn't really do anything. Her eyes got kind of teary and I felt bad because she was so nauseous. Finally she said she couldn't take another minute feeling like that. She rolled up her sleeve, positioned herself in front of the toilet, and stuck her hand down her throat. Her stomach contracted and then ejected a vile stream of chunky vomit into the toilet. Once she had started she couldn't stop. She held on to the toilet for dear life while I tried to make her more comfortable. She gagged, and then vomited. This happened over and over, each vomit getting progressively more disgusting. It poured out of her mouth AND her nose, that is how forcefully she was vomiting. After countless streams of thick orange puke, she was able to stop and catch her breath, but only for a minute. She stood up, but efore I could even ask if she felt better, she was doubled over throwing up thick, creamy white vomit. I have NO IDEA how anyone managed to have that much inside them at once. She didn't have time to kneel down, so she stayed bent at the waste, barfing into the toilet. I supported her forehead and rubbed her back, which she said later made her feel a little better. When she finished, I helped her clean up. She thought it was over, but as we were on our way out she said, oh no, i think i need to be sick again. she dry-heaved, which gave me enough time to drag her in front of the toilet, where she resumed throwing up, this time mostly liquid but still a vast quantity. I guess we had been gone for a really long time, because my friend sheila showed up and when she saw what was going on, she relieved me from vomit detail. I was pretty grossed out at that point, so I went home. I have more stories like this so I will post the rest eventually.

Lee Ann, RN
I have a food poisoning story that happened to me nine years ago. The Christmas before I met my future husband, I set out to fly to Jackson, MS to visit my older sister. It was two days before Xmas and the got off on the wrong foot as my cab got stuck in Boston's infamous traffic causing me to sprint throught the airport and board my plane seconds before that gate was going to close. The flight to Atlanta was so rough no meal was served. By this time, I was ravenous so I sat down to lunch and at a double cheeseburger, onion rings and a shake at the foodcourt. That they got my order wrong and put mayo on the burger when I had asked than not to added to my consternation. not having time to reorder, I ate it anyway. Being a nurse, I have seen over and over again just how dangerous mayonnaise is if it doens't come from my refrigerator. Two hours later my sister and her family were greeting me at the airport, and we headed to the new house in the country that she and Ken had just finished building. An hour and a half after supper (BBQ, fries, hushpuppies, vinegar-slaw and iced tea), my stomach started to churn and faint cramps ensued. I started to think about my cheeseburger for lunch. The churning and cramping slowly but relentlessly increased. I excused myself to go to bed but Julie my youngest niece asked my to sleep with her. There was no way I could refuse. As she filled me in on the latest details of the 6th grade (Boys were cool, ot icky etc.), saliva crept into my mouth and I stated thinking about how difficult about how difficult it was going to be to vomit without anyone else knowing about it. Tricia and Ken had a downstairs master bedroom. Four bedrooms were upstairs each with a "Jack and Jill" bathroom between two. Julie and her older sister Kelly each had their bathrooms. Therefore, the two "guest" bedrooms had to share a bathroom with one of the girls. There was nothing wrong with this except if you needed to spend the night "driving the porcelain bus". There was no way I could make the powder room downstairs without risking a major accident. By now the waves were building as the moment of truth was nearing. I excused myself to use the bathroom, hoping that I could do it without her hearing. I started retching softly on the way and swallowing hard. I knelt in front of the toilet and spat. "Bluh.Bluuh.Bluuuh.Bluuuuhhh!BLLLUUUUUHHHHH!" I dry heaved. "Aunt Lee Ann, are you sick?" Julie asked the closed but unlocked door. "I'm going to be!" I spluttered. I dry heaved again as Julie told me she was going to get Momma. Oh great I thought, just what I didn't want to do--disturb everybody's sleep. I heaved twice more, and kept spitting. "BLLLLUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH!" I dry heaved yet again as I heard the door open and Tricia ask, "Lee Ann, What happened? She knelt next to me starting rubbing my back as I replied, "Something I ate at the airport." A few brown chunks escaped silently from my mouth and splashed into the water. "BLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I heaved, and this time a tremendous volley of brown chunks exploded out of my mouth and spashed into the water. I threw up in this fashion two more times in rapid succession. Julie handed Tricia a wash cloth, who placed it on my forehead. I flushed and spat. I leaned back and could see that I had soiled toiled rim, my wavy blonde hair, and that front of my nightgown. I stood up fumbled off my panties and had
explosive diarrhea with a stench that rivaled any I encountered in my nursing career. I asked for the can as the stomach pressure built. I vomited three more torrents of chunks into the can. Tricia helped my to my feet and led me thankfully to the guest bedroom. Twenty minutes later I knelt in front to the toilet. Ten heaves produced four volleys of chunks. After more diarrhea, I threw up yellow phlegm on four occaions before sleep set in. I woke the next morning "weak as water" and a eventeally able to eat Christmas Eve dinner.

The other day I woke up feeling not so good. But I had a test that day in school so I went to school anyway... as the day went on I felt more and more sick. By the end of the day, when school was ending, I felt more nauseous than I've ever felt before. I got on the bus to go home, and almost as soon as the bus started moving I puked all over the place!!! I still felt really sick. I got off the bus at my stop and started to walk home. About halfway from the bus stop to my house I doubled over and threw up again. I felt much better then and even a little hungry, so when I got home I had a little snack ***BIG MISTAKE! Ten minutes later I was on my knees in front of the toilet barfing, barrfing, barfing. Then I started to feel like I needed to poop, but before I could do anything I'd pooped this icky diarrhea in my pants. They were my favorite pants, too, and now there's a big brown spot on them that refuses to come off. Then I got into bed and went to sleep, only to wake up an ho! ur later because I had to throw up again. I stayed home for two days, and then went back to school. During lunch, I felt nauseous and started to gag... before I knew what had happened there was barf all over... it was sooo gross. In fact I'm still sick today. Gotta go, I think I have to puke again...

Vomit Chick
I just stumbled across this site yesterday. Its really gross but I had a really bad experience with puking last year so I'll post that. Anyway, I woke up that morning feeling perfectly fine. It was a Saturday so I went to an cafe for breakfast. I remember I got pancakes, a sausage, and bacon. The sausage tasted kinda weird, but I didn't think too much about it. When I got home I started feeling sick, but only a tiny bit so I didn't worry about it. An hour later the nausea started getting worse. I lay down on the couch for a while. I started to feel even worse. I groaned and started for the bathroom. I'd barely gotten up when BBLLLUUUUUUUGGGGHHH!!! I threw up all over the place - the couch, coffee table and rug were my prime victims. I still didn't feel better. I continued up the stairs towards the bathroom. Sudden- ly, without ANY WARNING, diarrhea exploded from my rear end. I could feel it dripping down my legs. I sped to the toilet, and dropped to my knees just soon enough s! o that this load of vomit went into the bowl - well, most of it did, anyway. I got up, changed my pants, and lay down in bed. I fell asleep. When I woke up, I found that I had soiled the bed with diarrhea. It was gross. I was so nauseous... my head felt like it was a ball spinning at, like, infinity miles an hour. I was so unbelievably dizzy. I knew I was about to barf again, but felt so weak I didn't even try to make it to the bathroom. I puked all over the floor, then collapsed into bed. I finally gathered up all my energy and called my neighbor (who is a good friend of mine). She came over right away and took me straight to the hospital. I had food poisoning from that sausage - the doctor said several people had come in after eating sausages from that place the same day I had. I was sick for another two days. I swear I will never eat at that cafe again.

This site is funny. I don't have really any stories about myself. I havent puked since I was about 5 (im now 14) But I have a couple of things that I have witnessed this school year. 3 days before we left for xmas vacation. This boy in my class felt like he was gonna puke, but the teacher made him sign out before he went to the bathroom. Big Mistake!!! he puked all over the floor it was really gross. but the day before we left all of a sudden the same teacher ran out of the room all of a sudden and me and my friend were talking when my friend and me relized our teacher was gone then at the end of class she came back carring a bag which she puked in. uggghhh. and finally thursday a 7th grade girl puked on my bus. I kinda felt sorry for her though cause everyone was makeing fun of her. I think I send bad Karma or something.

Patti Did anybody ever throw up when they didn't expect it? I did Thursday. I didn't feel good, but I didn't feel SICK sick, either. Then, all of a sudden BLLLUUUUUHHHHHH!!!!!!! Everywhere. It was awful. I went in the kitchen to get some paper towels, and I did id again, in the sink. It was awful, but once I got all that out of my system, I was all right. I even drank a glass of milk, later(I was hungry.) and it stayed down fine. Weird.

Where are all the story tellers? Scott and Steve UK. manda, tatyana etc?

Lori B
This is my first time posting. I'd like to start with a question and then tell a story. I prefer to kneel down when I throw up, preferably with someone holding my head or rubbing my back. Which of you are sitters, standers and kneelers?

Now, a story. A few years ago, I started to feel queasy at work while eating lunch at a meeting. I went back to my office and put my head on my desk and dozed for five or ten minutes. I woke with my stomach churning and my mouth full of saliva. I realized that I wouldn't make the bathroom, so I put my head between my knees and waited. About twenty or thirty seconds later, "UUllllaaaaattt!" I retched and let up a large volley of tannish chunks into the can. After spitting a couple of times I let up a second volley into the can. After this my stomach setled enough to allow me to make it to the ladies room where I knelt over the toilet and threw up the rest of my pancake breakfast with each of three explosive gags. Some of it splashed on the front of my white silk blouse. Although I felt much better after this, I realized that I was going to have a long subway ride home. I stopped at a convenience store near the station, and bought a coke and had the clerk put it in a bag jus! t in case. i started to feel bad again as the train pulled into the station. The nausea began to build again and in between stations, I could hold it back no longer. I discretely put the coke (about 1/4 drank) on the floor between my feet, and put the plastic bag around my mouth. The first heave came silently and produce a glob of warn chunks which slid down the inner surface of the bag. However, each of the next five heaves, was preceded by a large UUhhlllaaaaat! and produced much larger quantities of chunks. A woman about my age rubbed my back gently as I puked. After I finished, I got off at the next station and deposited the yucky bag in the trash. I caught the next train and hoped I could make it. I didn't think I could posible throw up any more. Just before arriving at the 179th Street Station, More brown chunks splattered on the floor of the subway car three times. Fortunately, my building was only two blocks from the station. I got up to the apartment, where my roomate! said, "You're white as a sheet. Are you ok?" I then proceded to tell her what happened as a changed in to my nightgown to try to go to sleep. I started to salivate and announced that I was going to barf again. I dry-heaved four times as she held my head. Then about a minute later, five more Uuhhllaaats sounded, each of which was followed by a large volley of tan-brown chunks. My roomate helped me to my feet and led me to the sink where I brushed my teeth. I went to bed with a basin nearby. I began to feel bad again and let up four more volleys into the basin before falling asleep. I woke up five the next morning only to hear "Ihhhhiiiiittt!"
emanating from the bathroom as I found my roomate kneeling down and hurling her own guts into the toilet bowl. We took turns holding each other's head for the next 36 hours until we both puked the stomach virus out of our systems.

Let me tell you another story. One Friday night several years ago, my boyfriend (now my husband!) and i went out to dinner at a vegetarian restaurant and then out to a movie--a perfect prelude to a night of romance. during the movie I started to feel chilled and the first twinges of queasiness started. They increased as we walked back to my apartment three blocks away. My roomate was out of town for the weekend. While my honey was in the bathroom, I changed into a nightgown and walked into the living room and sat on the sofa. As he sat next to me I started having shaking chills and salivating. "What's wrong?" he asked. "I'm not feeling well." I replied. he felt my forhead and announcedthat I was burning up. "I'm nauseated; I'd better lie down." I went to bed and crawled under the covers. He placed a pan demurely on the floor by the bedand bought me a coolwash cloth. I lay abouletely motionless because I hate to throw up and will do anything to avoid it. The nausea built rel! entlessly. I leaned over side of the side of the bed and dry-heaved over the pan. I shot out of bed and jogged to the bathroom, flipping up the toilet seat as my knees hit the floor. He followed me to the bathroom and knelt next to me, supporting my head with his right hand and rubbing my back with his left. I gagged nonproductively twice more. "It's not coming." I moaned. Less than twenty seconds later, "Uhhlaaat!" I retched again, but this time let up a tremendous fountain of chuncky brown slop which splashed loudly into the toilet and splattered onto the undersurface of the upraised seat, rim, surrounding floor, and the front of my hunter green satin nightshirt (the color of which matched my face perfectly). I heaved again and let up and even larger volley into the toilet. My next heave brought up more brown mess, although much less violently. I spat twice and leaned back on my knees. He then wiped my face with a fresh washcloth and sponged the vomit satins off my nightshi! rt. I went back to bed, but five minutes later, I was again kneeling down and letting up brown chunks into the toilet. I had three more such puking episoded over the next two hours before my exhausted stomach would let me and my boyfirend rest.

Lee Ann RN
My name is Lee Ann and I am a nurse here in the sunny (or should I say snowy) South. We got snowed-in several nights ago and the hospitsl put us up in empty patient rooms so we would be fresh and able to work in the morning. After finishing my shift, I ate in the hospital cafeteria and then retired to my new quarters with Kim my "dorm mate". Just before 9 PM, my ???? started doing soft flips. Although i'm a nurse and take care of puking people on a daily basis
--which doesn't faze me--I just can not handle vomiting myself. I'll do anything not to throw up. Not only that, I retch extremely loudly. My husband says that you can hear me hurling three miles away. I should have owned up to the inevitable and gotten a prescription for some phenergan from one of the residents; however, I was in total denial. I tried to lay still and fell asleep. Three and a half hours later. I woke with my stomach in my throat. I made a low belching noise and swallowed a mouthful of puke. As I stood up to make the mad dash for the bathroom, I could control my self no longer. I gagged with a loud BLUHHLAAAHHHH! and vomited about two mouthfulls of brown chunks of black eye peas, creamed potatoes, turnip greens, pork chops and apple cobbler in a splatty mess on the floor as I grabbed the side rail of the bed. Kim was up out of the other bed in the semiprivate room like a pistol shot, turned on the light and started to rub my back . I gagged BLLLUUUUUUHHHHH! AAAAHHHH!
and threw up about two quarts of brown chunks which landed on both the floor and my shoes. Some of it splattered on my scrub pants, Kim's scrub pants, and kim's shoes. fter two short breaths, repeated the performance. By this time, other nurses were coming into the room to see that the problem was. My fourth effort produced only four mouthfuls of puke
but had quite an audience. My stomach had settled enough to allow Kim and Allison, a girl I'd gone to nursing school with to lead my to the toilet in the room's bathroom. I knelt in front of the toilet and let go three more streams of partially digested fine Southern fare after BLLUUUHHHAAAHHHS. I was led back to bed and given a shot of zofran by the nursing supervisor. I worked my shift the next day tired and humilated but not vomiting.

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