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This happened to me and my friend Lisa on New Years day. School of course was closed for winter break (we are both sophmores in high school)and we were sitting around at my house kind of board. It was abot 2:00 in the afternoon and we were getting kind of hungery. We decided to go out to a new pizza place that had opened a few months ago. Everyone was raving about their pizza, so we decided to go and check it out for ourselves. We ordered a medium with everything but achovies and olives, and a couple of soft drinks. We ate and Lisa said that her pizza tasted a little funny. Not bad, just different. I agreed that mine tasted a little weird too. But like I had said, it was a brand new place that we had never eaten at before and it didn't tast BAD. I ate 4 slices and Lisa ate 3. We then decided to go to the rental place and rent a few movies. We had the house to ourselves. My dad is a policeman and had to work and my mom was visiting her mu aunt for most of the day. We popd a movie in the VCR and setteled down. Half way through the movie Lisa starts shifing her position on the couch. She shifts again, and then again. I asked her "Whats wrong, can't you get comfortable?" She said, "No, I don't feel very good. My stomach is a little upset. Don't worry, I'll be alright." She seemed to settle back down but 10 min. later, all of a sudden she sat bolt upright and puts her hand to her mouth. I said, "Whats wrong?" She blurts out, "I'm gonna puke!" She stood up, took 2 or 3 steps out of the room and then lets out the loudest beltch I have ever heard in my life! She doubled over, let out another beltch and pizza and pop flew out of her mouth from behind her clamped hand and hit the flood with a loud splat! She ran faster and as soon as she got into the bathroom I heard another really loud beltch and could hear her pizza hitting the water in the toliet. Now she was retching and gaging and I could her her crying in between deep breaths. I heard her cry, "I'm didn't men to puke on your floor, I am so sorry!" and then "BBBBlllahhhhh!" I went in to try to comfort her. But now I was getting really nauseated too. Still, I had to make sure that Lisa was ok. I went into the bathroom and saw her there hunched over the toliet. She looked up at me. Tears were streaming down her face and somehow she had gotten puke in her long brown hair. My own stomach was about ready to explode. We only have one bathroom, and I knew that I was about to get sick. Lisa qickily turned her head back over the toliet and let out one of what would be many dry heaves. I couldn't tell her to move out of the way and I felt it comming. I said, Don't feel bad Lisa, I thinks its food poisoning, I'm going to throw up too. I got down on my knees and leaned over the bath tub. I heard Lisa dry heave and I couldn't hold it any longer! I opened my mouth and a torrent of Pizza and pop poured out of my mouth and hit the bub with a sickening SPLAT! I have thrown up quite a few times in my life, but I have never before this had vomit that tasted this bad and smelled this putrid ever before.Lisa and I must have made a really beautiful picture at that moment. She is dry heaving over the toilet with everything shes got, and I am kneeling over a big old bath tub with puke gushing out of my mouth. Lisa was finally able to stop her dry heaves and she knelt down behind me, pulled back my hair, wraped her arm around me to support me , kissed my head and kept wispering, "Its ok Jill, your gonna be alright, just let it out. Don't fight it. I'm here." I can't tell you how much that ment to me right then and there. We were both scarred. I ended up with the dry heaves that lasted for another two min. All in all, we had spent a half hour in my bathroom throwing up!!! We both swore that neither of us would ever eat at that pizza place ever again! It took a long time to clean up the bath tub. I had to pull the scren off of the drain and trun the shower on and let it all wash down the drain. It was SOOOOO gross!!!!! I was afraid that it would clog up the drain, but thankfully, it never did. In some weird way, that incident broght Lisa and I closer together and we are better friends than we have ever been. But I hope to NEVER get that sick ever again!!!

Lori B
One night, my husbabd had to work late, so my 9 month old daughter and I had dinner over my parents. My stomach started to do slow rollover flips of the ride home, a passsed some of the worst smelling farts imaginable as I pulled into the driveway. After changing the baby's diaper, (thankfully #1 and not #2), I rocked her to sleep and changed into my nightgown and went to bed, hoping I was just tired and not coming down with the latest stomach virus. The rollover flips became more and more severe and that salty taste crept intomy mouth. I beagan to salivate but swallowed it. Just them my husband came home. and I told him to bring me the basin. I filled him in on the evening's details. I leaned over the basin and retched loudly. A severe cramp grabbed my lower abdomen and I knew that I was going to have the squirts real soon. I walked quickly to the bathroom but was doubled over by an even more severe cramp and passed a small, but liquid fart. I hiked up my nightgown, ripped of! f my soiled panties and let loose five torrents of explosive diarrhea. D***, my quick thinking husband brought the barf basin to the bathroom--a good thing considering that we have a wicker wastecan. I began to salivate uncontrollably and motioned for the basin, which I promptly spit into. As I passed more diarrhea, the pressure in my upper abdomen built
furiously. I held the basin on my knees and D*** leaned overand held my head. I retched and gagged seven times un productively over the basin. I leaned farther and farther forward so than I was eventually kneeling on the cold tile floor with my husband holding my head. I retched again and vomited a mouthful of brown chunks in to the basin with a soft splat. UUHHHLLLAAAAATTTT! I heaved again and let up a continuous bolt of brown chunks for almost ten seconds. I gagged again and threw up another mouthful. Now I knew I was going to have diarrhea again. So I quickly sat back on the toilet, and the squirts resumed. When I finished, I went to the sink to brush my teeth, while D*** emptied the basin in the commode. The minty fresh taste of the toothpaste was too much. Since I didn't want my husband to have to clean the sink, I turned to go to the toilet, and without gagging let up a projective volley all over the floor with a loud splatter. D*** reached me as the volley ended I doubled over and projectile vomited again without gagging (Throwing up without retching is extremely unusual for me.) as he supported my forehead with one hand and stroked my back with the other. I threw up two more projectiles onto the vomit stained floor but retched before them. This time my stomach felt empty, but I was more careful; I rinsed my mouth with water. I went back to bed and threw up in the basin every 45 minutes for the next six hours, before finally drifting exhaustedly to sleep. Miraculously, our daughter slept through this and did not cath my virus. the whole family caught another virus three months later, but i post that in the future

Hi Sorry I haven't posted for ages but I've been so busy!Only a quick post tonight sorry no story all though I have had a few episodes!Bonnie UK Hope you are feeling better?It certainly sounds like you've got a nasty case of food poisioning!?Anyway got to go Steve wants to use the computer!Keep those stories coming up!?

I was sick as a dog all over xmas so missed all the fun and games!Stated a couple of days before xmas and I thought it was just over indulgance from all the beer I had drunk at an xmas party!I was so ill the next morning jumped out of bed abd spent ages knelt in front of the loo puking my guts up!After eventully stopping I went back to bed thinking I would go to sleep and wake up feeling better!How wrong I was!I woke up feeling worse I had to run to the loo with diarrhea spewing up at the same time,What a mess!!Scott was really great cleaned everything up for me.I spent the next three days just as ill really bad sickness and diarrhea!!I WAS WEAK FOR DAYS AFTERWARDS AND AM GLAD TO SAY FEELING 100% AGAIN NOW!NEVER FOUND OUT WHAT CAUSED IT THOUGH AS ALL MY OTHER MATES WERE FINE!OH WELL AT LEAST I'M BETTER BYE FOR NOW!?
Anyone else been this sick over xmas time!?

Mr. Botulisum
dudes last night i had a nice one. I made myself as i often do a nice toasted v????e sandwhich, mayo on one side mustard on the other. I couldn't find my normal mustard (Sierra Nevada Brand) so i decided to use a mustard that comes with those little cheese, pepperoni, cracker holiday gift-packs, there wasn't mush left of the sweet and hot, but enough for my sandwich. Well i made the sandwich it rocked. i gobbled down every last bit. so now i'm kicking it on the computer playing video games till my girlfriend gets home. She comes home all is well, we go to the general store and get a couple of movies. WELL about an hour into the flick, I feel the gurgle, followed shortly by the taste of aluminium, I am a seasoned drinker and know the signs, only problem was i hadn't been drinking.
Run, Stumble, Smack the porcelin Throne, then let it fly. When i was done, i washed the face brushed the teeth and listerined...felt a helluva lot better. so i went in and calmly rejoined the movie...i swear less than an hour later i was sprinting back to the john to puke up nothing, bile perhaps but all the while i have the distinct taste of sweet and hot mustard. well needless to say it was a sleepless might filled with hourly vomiting and bi-hourly abdominal cramping that felt like a mixture between a swift punch and a long pull. it is now 9:30 the next morning and i am still having abdominal cramping every 40 minutes or so. I've done some reasearch on the net and have pretty much narrowed it down to 'Clostridium Botulinum'(charmed I'm sure) which is fatal of not treated within 48-72 hours. So i will now, against my will, go to the hospital with my jar of mustard in hand for some degrading stool tests and possible short term hospitalization. Just thought you guys should! hear it first. Actually how the hell did i find this page.....and why AM i telling you this?
Notice i have not included the brand name of the sweet and hot mustard, you will of course be hearing about this on the news if in fact it is botulisum so look for a good food poisoning story coming from southern california.

Mr. Botulism

I have food poisoning at the moment, and I have been puking almost constantly for the last two days. I never used to mind being sick but this is overkill!! somebody take pity on me!! oops, I gotta go...

A few weeks ago 3 schools of our district had gotten bad turkey for the Christmas Dinner. I had a swim meet that night and was feeling nauseous. At the meet everybody kept getting sick and puking. On the bus ride home my sister burped and it all came up. I didny vomit until the middle of the night. I'm still a little sick and so is everyone else. Today at practice there was someone is the bathroom throwing up.

i was sick in my german exchange partner's bedroom and tryed to clear it up with the clothes i was supposed to be wearing for the rest of the week. i woke his mum up and she was trying to clear up the sick i was creating while telling me off in german, i laughed for a while before being sick again, then i fell asleep and they had to watch me all night. breakfast and basically the rest of the exchange was awkward. (when he made the return visit to here in england i lost him for a day in blackbun, i actually went home with some friends and their exchange partners, but i forhot about him)

my darn cat likes to throw up her food everytime she eats. Try cleaning cat throw up, up all the time. MEOW

sickkid: That Really Sucks About You Barfin n Barfin, Yur n Unlucky One....Do You Think The Vomit n Diarrhea Are Connected With Food Poisoning?

I got a day off from school today because of the snow and it got ruined. I felt okay when I woke up, so I ate breakfast like normal, and I was watching MTV when I started to feel a little nauseous. I thought it would go away by itself, so I laid down on the couch for a while. I drifted off eventually. When I woke up it was AWFUL... like there was a hose sticking down my throat pumping me full of hot water.

I ran to the bathroom, fell to my knees in front of the toilet and braced myself with one arm. I heaved a few times and didn't bring up anything but spit, so I unscrewed the handle from my blush brush and stuck it down my throat instead. A mouthful of unidentified food stuff came up. I still felt sick, so I tickled the back of my throat with the brush handle again. This time it worked. I threw up a gusher of yellow-brown *something* until there was nothing left in my stomach. I felt a lot better after throwing up.

Once in kindergarten,a really popular,cool,teacher`s pet,always gets a sticker at the end of the day for being good,
(oh fun)played Mary in the school Christmas play,blah,blah,blah,looked a little green all day.So when at the end of the day,when she was called up to get her sticker,her concave stomach heaved and she puked ALL OVER THE TEACHER AND HERSELF.Oh,darn.She messed up the pretty angel sticker!Boo,hoo.
Also,another barf story....
In kindergarten,a girl(this one was SO not snooty but I don`t really like her anymore)was sitting at the table,and she,too,had looked a little green all day,just,barfed.Like a hose on mega painful if your brother gets to it squirt with somebody`s finger over it.Blehhh....I`m not allowed to play with her anymore(thank God!)
This one is much more recent....
Just this year in fifth grade,a boy was being chased by a little girl(don`t ask me why)who was like 3 grades below us.When he lost her,he sat down at the bench at the park and started coughing and spitting and occasional yellow spit and then blorp there it is.He knew that he had bronchitis but was at school anyway,but apparently you don`t learn till` sometime after 2nd grade that you don`t chase anybody with a resperatory infection because he blorped all over her shoes.

Gosh,Manda do you give off some kind of bad karma that causes people to barf?How do you get all of those stories?Oh,here`s my celeb barf-list-
Aaron Carter-he is so full of it it would be uncrontrollably funny if he had a barf-attack
Taylor Hanson-he is so over that it would be pitiful,
Dan Rather-right on the set of 60 minutes!
The kid who played Harry on the movie Harry Potter-I HATE Harry Potter!
Billy Gillman-Where did he come from anyway?
and last but not least,Justin Timberlake-He is so adored by his fans all the girls at school would scream about it for weeks.
Now,these are all coughing attack barfs,mind you,that`s about the only kind I like.Watch for these celebs with bad coughs this flu season!

Hi Everyone

This happened to me last week, I had a cold and I hadn't been feeling good all week, but I went to school anyways because I didn't want to get behind in my school work. Well one day at school I had this headache, but I didn't want to go home, so I made it through the day. When I got home from school I did not feel well at all my head hurt, I was tired and all I wanted to do was sleep. When my mom got home from work she found out I wasn't feeling all that good and she asked me if I wanted to eat I told her yes, so she made me whole can of Chicken Noodle Soup I ate it all, after I ate I went to bed about an hour later I was neaous and I knew that I was going to puke any minute so I got the bucket went and sat on my bed and started coughing and gagging then all of a sudden BLUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH! I puked it was a reddish color it wasn't much vomit but it was disgusting, then I lied down and about 15-20 minutes later I felt like I was going to puke again so I grabbed the buck! et started coughing and gagging then BLUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHH! this time it was a brownish color and boy did it smell, then I fell back to sleep and about 15-20 minutes later BLUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH! puked again this time there was chunks of noodles and other stuff in there that I had ate they day for lunch the color of it was brown and it was horrible smelling it almost made me barf again, but I didn't. The next day I woke up with a headache, but the vomiting stopped all I did was sleep all day. I guess you could say I had the flu.

Heres a story that happened to me when I was younger. My family and I had gone out for breakfast at Perkins one morning I think all I had to eat was a bran muffin. On the way home I started feeling pukey and we hit a bump in the road and I threw up in my hands it was a brown color and it smelled, we were driving my uncles jeep at the time I asked my mom what to do and she told me just to hold on to my vomit in my hands yuck, when we got home I just threw my barf on myself it was all over my clothes, my parents didn't want me going inside of the house, so I had to take my clothes off in the garage. That was one embarrassing moment for me.

Thats all for now, but I'll keep posting when I get more fascinating stories.

one time, about 10 years ago (the last time i threw up), i had an ear infection and i got really nauseous. i didn't go to school (i was in 3rd grade) and my dad took me o the doctor. we were sitting in the waiting room when i felt like i was going to barf. i got up and walked slowly towards the bathroom. suddenly i let out this huge burp and my dad pushed me into the bathroom. about 10 seconds later (i had plenty of time to position my head above the toilet), my stomach tightened so hard it made me bend over and i threw up this white liquidy stuff into the toilet. i barfed five or six more times, and my stomach tightened in between a few of them. when i was done, i flushed the toilet, wiped my mouth, and went back into the waiting room. when the doctor saw me, she asked how i felt and i said i was fine, as if none of it ever happened :)

i absolutely hate feeling nauseous, but once i started throwing up it was fine. i didn't even feel so bad anymore after the burp (except somehow i knew when i was still throwing up and when i was done). It's also weird because I NEVER burp except when i'm throwing up or when i feel like i'm going to, and i don't cough or anything.

so anyways, that's my story.

Once, when I was about six, I was in school and I felt really sick, and I got up and told my teacher, and then I threw up all over her. it was really gross and so embarrassing!!!

Once, a couple years ago, I was at a restaurant in NYC. I ordered a plate of spaghetti, which was HUGE!!! I was stunned that I was able to eat it all. I was really full by then, but the smell of chocolate coming from the kitchen was too much, and so I ordered dessert. This was a big mistake. I had finished only a quarter of my dessert when I began to feel really nauseous. I sat still for a few minutes, hoping the feeling would go away, but it didn't. So I went to the bathroom, where there, unfortunately, was a loooooonnnngggg line. There were, like, thirteen people waiting and already I could taste the vomit. I kept swallowing and swallowing, trying desperately to keep it down. I must have looked really sick, because this woman asked me if I was all right. I mumbled, "I think I'm gonna barf," and she went and got me a plastic bag!!! It was really nice of her, but sooooooooo embarrassing. I held the bag to my mouth, and immediately threw up all the spaghetti and ice-cream I'd e! aten. It was soooooo gross. I felt a little better, but not much, and now I felt the need to go to the bathroom. After I had puked into the bag once more, it was finally my turn to use the bathroom. I rushed in, and had an attack of diarrhea the second I sat down. It smelled absolutely awful. The smell made me nauseous, and before I knew what was happening I'd vomited all over the floor. For those of you who like details, the vomit was a yucky brownish-greenish-yellowish color. I don't know exactly how to describe the color, but it was nasty! Just the sight of it made me throw up again. When I was finally done, I flushed and went out of the stall. I felt so embarrassed that the floor was a mess of barf. I got out of there as quickly as I could. Oh, it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo embarrassing.

Once, I was at a New Years Eve party. There was so much food there, it was unbelievable! I don't remember exactly what I ate, but it was a big meal. Then there was this huge gingerbread house, and I couldn't resist. I had some gingerbread and some chocolate and a lot of other candy. It was too much when I saw a can full of candy canes. They looked so good that I took one even though I was very full. I just have this problem with overeating, when I'm at a party or a restaurant I just have to taste all those good things. Anyway, after I'd finished the candy cane I began to feel sick, only a little at first but in a matter of minutes I was so nauseous I can't describe it. Oh, it was awful. I felt like there was a hurricane, tornado, and earthquake going on in my stomach all at once, that's how much my stomach was churning. Then I felt it starting to come up, so I said, "I gotta go to the bathroom" and ran upstairs. I dashed into the bathroom, closed the door, and dropped to my kn! ees in front of the toilet. Then it happened. It was so gross, really light witht traces of pink, maybe from the candy cane. There was so much of it, too! Afterwards I felt so much better, but suddenly had a bad case of diarrhea. I immediately pulled down my pants, but it was too late and I got diarrhea all over the floor. It was a mess, and I never saw anything that smelled as bad as this did. Yuck!

Once, I was at school, and I wasn't feeling very good. I felt really nauseous and I had a terrible stomachache. I went up to my teacher and told her I felt sick. She said I could go to the nurse, but on the way out the classroom door I couldn't take it anymore and I barfed. The teacher made a face that clearly said, "Yuck" but she just said, "You should go on to the nurse now." I did, and as soon as I got there I told the nurse, "I gotta throw up RIGHT NOW!!!" She pointed to the bathroom and I raced in. After puking up more than I could possible remember eating, I had an acute attack of diarrhea. Then I flushed and walked out of the bathroom. The nurse called my mom and she came to pick me up. I barfed again in the car, and several times at home before I went to sleep. When I woke up I felt so sick I couldn't bear it. I threw up right there, all over my bed. It turned out I had food poisoning from a burger I ate the day before. It was horrible.

Once, at school, it was lunchtime and this boy that I hate had a cheese sandwich. He complained loudly about how it tasted bad, and I ignored him. Then he suddenly got up and ran to the garbage. He leaned over the can and boy did he throw up!!! It was sooooooooooooo gross, and it smelled horrible!!! Yuck! It was so gross it made me feel sick, and then I had to barf, which was not pleasant. I hope nothing like that ever happens again!

Tara Klotz
One time I was at my cheerleading banquet and i had to poop really bad so I went to the bathroom. After about a minute in there some little gurl came in and started throwing up all over the floor. I quickly finished and her mother was in there cleaning it up. I started throwing up myself and soon my mother was cleaning up my vomit. Thats pretty bad that i was a junio in high school and my mother was cleaning up my vomit.
Keep the puke stories coming!

Don't any of you who read this forum want to relate times when you have either seen or heard people with bad gagging coughs in either school or some public place like a store on a school bus. Watching people throw up from horrible coughs is great and i like it. I also want to know what the cough was like

witness of vomiting
Once during services one Sunday, a girl sitting a few rows behind me started coughing. I didn't think too much of it, though. Then I heard something that sounded a little bit like a sneeze, and then I heard a BLUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCHHHHHH!!! She threw up all over the place. She put her hand over her mouth but that only made it spray out the sides. It was all chunky, and smelled AWFUL!!! She was taken out of the room and went home. The room was filled with that nauseating smell. And can you believe we were expected to carry on the services in there for another half hour? It was soooooooo gross.

vomit girl
Once, I wasn't feeling very good. I had a splitting headache and a fever of 102. So, I took some Motrin (in case you don't know Motrin is like an equivalent to Tylenol). It was the chewable tablets kind. I hate that kind, it always tastes awful. Anyway, the box said that a person my age should take three tablets. I drank some water after the first one and the second one, and then I popped the third one in my mouth. I started to chew it, and, well, I guess my stomach couldn't take such bad-tasting medicine anymore. I felt nauseous and began to cough and gag. I was standing over the sink in the bathroom, and it happened before I had a chance to get to the toilet... so I leaned over the sink and with a disgusting noise I threw up my lunch, dinner, AND the crackers I'd eaten right before taking the Motrin so I wouldn't be taking the tablets on an empty stomach. Oh, it was so gross. The barf was greenish-brown, and the sight of it made me puke again. That was so guh-ross!

My family has a big mixing bowl that we call the "family puke bucket." Whenever somebody's throwing up, or feels like it, they sit with that bowl, or take it to bed, etc. There are four of us in the family and it has been puked into by everybody. When my mom was pregnant she carried it around wherever she went, even in the car! The funny thing is that normally we use the bowl to mix things like salad in! Mom says that the dishwasher gets it perfectly clean. We have a lot of company, and I wonder what they'd do if they knew the salad they were eating was mixed in the good ol' "puke bucket!" Does anybody else have a receptacle that does "double duty??"

Once on the bus to school last year, this boy named Ben was sitting across the aisle from me. I was staring out the window when I heard "cough cough cough." Ben was coughing so hard, he could barely breathe! He was doubled over in his seat, clutching his stomach. He kept coughing, and started to puke. He was like, "cough cough blaaaah, cough cough couch cough blaaaaah!" Vomit was dripping from his mouth. When he was finished, he called out, "Oh, bus aid! Oh, bus aid! I threw up." I felt bad for him, but the way he said it sounded so funny!

If anyopne wants to see some real vomit scenes on video, get "White Squall"..A group of young guys sailing in the Caribean get violently seasick..The action is real..Lots of vomit.

A girl who once vomited
Once, when I was on the bus, I had this weird feeling. Then after half an hour or so later, I had this stomach ache. I didn't think it was anything, so I ignored it. Then, at the stop before my stop, I started coughing and then I vomited. Everyone was staring at me, and my dad had to wipe it up with my sweater! I never got that sweater clean again....

Once I was in the public bathroom of the YWCA. I was using the toilet when some girl (older than me) came in and started puking in the sink. I heard her coughing and retching and it smelled GROSS!!! I quickly finished up and ran out of the bathroom. I was so disgusted I didn't even stop to wash my hands. I waited till I got home to wash them.

Ok...a story that happened to me recently was in school im in my last year of high school...anyways i had gotten up and went to school as usual when i got to first period i wasn't feeling that good (my stomach and head were killing me) so i put my head on the friend patted me on the back and asked me if i was ok i told her that i didnt feel good and she told me to go to the nurse but the nurse wasn't in school that day so she told the teacher and the teacher said if i have to go to the bathroom just go....but i wasn't quite ready to throw-up yet i kept my head on the desk for 20 mins then i felt like i had to throw-up so i went to the bathrom it was right next door so i didn't mess up n e thing when i got in the stall my stomach made this big noise and i started,to throw up everything i ate the night that had just past.....after that was over i i just waited b~cuz i didnt want to take ne chances my friend came in the bathroom to see about me b~cuz it was time to ch! ange classes she went to the assistant principals office and told them what happeded and they called my mom, my mom came to pick me up an took me home were i threw~up some more she took me to the doctor and it turned out that i had the flu i stayed in bed 4 a week and went back to school after only to find out that my friend had it to and was out of school the same week i was.

Anyone got stories about ending up in the E.R. for overdose or poisoning or getting their stomach pumped?

Good story!! I once heard a very loud, retching puke coming from a chick leaning out of a car door. I stayed in my car and listened intently and it was interesting

Once my friend was so sick she puked every time she stood up.

Hey Dawn, that was a cool story about Bonnie. What did her cough sound like and did she have more coughing fits?
Manda, your story about the backed up sewer kind of made me laugh. Also thanks for the story about your mom puking. I was in the library a few years ago and heard some kid coughing alot and suddenly telling his mom that he thought he was going to puke. Well, i walked over after they left and saw a huge load of vomit on the floor and it was funny watching the person who had to clean it up spraying the carpet with lysol.

Dawn, Please tell some more school-puking incidents-i want to read them. Thanks

Ok...a story that happened to me recently was in school im in my last year of high school...anyways i had gotten up and went to school as usual when i got to first period i wasn't feeling that good (my stomach and head were killing me) so i put my head on the friend patted me on the back and asked me if i was ok i told her that i didnt feel good and she told me to go to the nurse but the nurse wasn't in school that day so she told the teacher and the teacher said if i have to go to the bathroom just go....but i wasn't quite ready to throw-up yet i kept my head on the desk for 20 mins then i felt like i had to throw-up so i went to the bathrom it was right next door so i didn't mess up n e thing when i got in the stall my stomach made this big noise and i started,to throw up everything i ate the night that had just past.....after that was over i i just waited b~cuz i didnt want to take ne chances my friend came in the bathroom to see about me b~cuz it was time to change classes she went to the assistant principals office and told them what happeded and they called my mom, my mom came to pick me up an took me home were i threw~up some more she took me to the doctor and it turned out that i had the flu i stayed in bed 4 a week and went back to school after only to find out that my friend had it to and was out of school the same week i was.

For some reason, when my girlfriend (of 3 weeks) got sick tonight, it fascinated me. I had never seen her throw up before. This is what happened. We were at the mall and had chinese food. We were on the escalator going down and she said, Mark I don't feel too well. I said, "what's wrong?" and she said...I am going to throw up. She put her hand over her mouth and started running down the steps and barely made it to a garbage can off the elevator. She started heaving and retching into the can and I was holding her hair back. I was a little embarrassed for her b/c people were watching. I wanted her to stop. She couldn't stop and threw up at least 5 times. We were finally leaving through a department store and she said "oh no. I think I'm gonna be sick again". I asked a clerk where the bathroom was and it was too far so then my girlfriend bent over the clerk's can and started throwing up violently. It was all over her too. The clerk went to get some brown towels and we both helped! clean her up. But...get the car on the way home I had to pull over 2 times while she threw up. I feel so bad for her but must admit, this makes me think of her differently, like I am a caretaker now. I liked making her feel better while she threw up. She's in bed now and has no idea how I feel. She has been having dry heaves and retching a lot over the toilet. The doctor called in phenergan. love, Mark

Hi, folks.
Okay, here's a story that's appropriate--it fits with the name of the site. Once when I was in the 4th grade, I was getting a bad case of bronchitis. (excuse me if I messpelled that) Anyway, I woke up feeling nasty, so my mom gave me this awful cough syrup we had. It was really strong stuff, called 666. Anything called 666 is awful (lol), but this stuff had codein in it. Well, it helped the cough, so I thought I was doing pretty well after that. I got on the school van and started the ride to school. Everything was fine. And then some of my friends started talking about McDonald's food. Okay, I liked McDonald's. But that morning the very thought of food made my stomach turn. Finally, we got to school, and I made my way up to our classroom for first period. About 30 minutes into the class, I had to excuse myself, and luckily the girls' bathroom was only diagonally across from our room. I ran into the bathroom, into a stall, and threw up. man, did I feel awfu! l! Well, after a while I got myself together and went to the nurse's station. The nurse gave me some medicine and then sent me right back to class! Well, I did feel a little better. But I'm surprised she sent me back so quickly.

I remember when I was 9, my mom was really sick, so it wasn't unusual to walk into her room and see she was throwing up again. I didn't mind it, because I was so used to it. I remember always going outside, finding my dad cleaning our pool or working in the garden or feeding the dog and I'd go over to him, say, "Mama's throwing up again," then going to play on the swing set with my brother. I don't have any gory stories of this time, because I can't recall much, just Mom being sick all the time.

The other day in PE, the sewers backed up into the showers in the girls' locker room. It was so nasty, that even I was gagging. One of the girls was leaning over the showers, puking up her guts. It was funny, I would have stayed longer if the smell hadn't have been making my stomach heave!

A question for everyone: Whats your favorite food to puke?
Me I'd have to say without question it would have to be chocolate icecream.. ????! it tastes good going down and just as good coming back up..
anyway a couple days ago I had a craving for chocolate icecream so I fixed myself a huge bowl with extra chocolate syrup and marshmello cream..mmmm it tasted so good I woofed it down without hardly even taking time to breath..after I had finished my stomac was SUPER full and I felt like I had to you know how sometimes you belch after eating or drinking something real fast and puke up a little into your mouth? well thats exactly what hapened to me only I used a little to much force and "BLAAAARRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHH" A massive amount of sweet, sticky, chocolate icecream puke came gushing out and ran all down my clothes and made a HUGE puddle on the was a major mess but I must say it was great fun too..

I remember 4 years ago in 7th grade.. *that puts me in 11th now for those who don't feel like doing the math* I was on the bus going to basketball practice. This girl, Bonnie, was coughing up a storm in the seat in front of me. The next thing I knew, she was leaning into the isle puking. The bus driver made her sprinkle this stuff on it and wipe it up. Bonnie, the girl that puked, started laughing going eww its all gritty and chunky...
I've got many more school puke stories if you'd like to hear them. Myself, I've never puked at school. I get a wisdom tooth out tomorrow so I'll probably have a story or two for you then...

The first time I donated blood, it was to earn extra credit in the 12th grade, raising my average to the point that I didn't have to take a final exam. I heard one girl didn't heed the warning to eat breakfast before donating blood, and paid the price. I wasn't a witness, so I often wondered if there were anything to that story.

Years later, I find myself donating blood anytime there is a blood drive. I ate breakfast, but had no money for lunch. Fortunately, there was a blood drive that morning, and pizza would be served after donating, so I signed up. There were cots set up in an unused classroom, and the pizza appeared on a table in the adjoining hallway. I feel somewhat dizzy when the blood is flowing, but I get past that sensation. After they removed the needle and clotted the blood flow, I had a bit of Coke, then sat at the table. There was a stack of about 12 pizzas beckoning.

I was exceptionally hungry, so I ate slice after slice. Other blood donors joined me. After I had eaten nearly 10 slices, I found out I was only allotted two slices. Good thing I was about to leave. A fellow donor seated next to me, a young man of short stature but broad shoulders and sizable girth, suddenly dropped his pizza, then dropped his head to the table. A nurse saw what was happening. The fellow revived a bit, and several nurses helped him into a wheelchair. They wheeled him back into the classroom and handed him a 55-gallon garbage bag. I couldn't see what they did to help him, but I heard wave after wave of pizza vomit splatter into the bag against the floor. I assumed he wouldn't be wanting his share of the pizza, so I helped myself to the slices on his plate, and left the revolting scene.

I guess you really should eat breakfast before donating blood.

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