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Wow, there has been no vomit experiences in my life lately. One of my best friends Holly was sick last week and the week before that and she told me she was throwing up all night. She also complained every day in PE that she was going to throw up again. I kept telling her to go throw up outside or on Mr. Todd(our principal) and she laughed and said, "He might not like that." I smiled and said, "Sure he would, go on, puke on him." She laughed again and not one time did she even gag, let alone throw up. I was kinda dissapointed. My other friend Merenda(I think that's how you spell her name), hyperventilated and started to gag during PE. She went to the bathroom, but never got sick, and she was okay by the end of the day. Well, that's the only things I know of that relate to vomit that have happened lately. Oh, I almost forgot. We have these two girls living next door and they party and drink almost every night. In between our houses is a pair of vomit covered shoes, ! so I figure either one of them or one of their boyfriends had too much to drink one night!

Whenin High School I always wanted to see my 16 year old neighbor Mark throw up. My chance came on a warm summer day when my dad was driving a bunch of us over the mountains to Stinson Beach. Three of us in Speedos were in the back seat with Mark in the middle. i knew Mark got motion sick but only heard stories from his brother..Mark was quite after a while and his brother and I were talking when suddenly Mark pressed his knee against my leg and brownish-gray vomit poured out of his mouth. Dad pulled over right away. marks thigh brushed my face as he stubbled out of the car and vomited on the road. Never got the smell out of the car.

Doesn't anybody remember seeing a chick puke from a bad cough in school or some other place like a store, etc.

Does anyone out there reading this forum have any stories about being sick with a really bad cough and puking your guts out? Let's have some of these because the name of this site is "Coughed up spit out forum". It's very interesting to actually see somebody vomit from a coughing fit so come on and let's spill our guts with some great bad cough stories!!!.

This happened when I took a friend out to see whales near San Francisco.
My gym is around the corner from the ballet. Dancers frequently work out there and I invited one of themn to go whale watching with me..He eagerly accepted and I picked him up at his apt. at 5:00am. we went down to the fishing docks to boar. proud of his body he wore spandex and a jacket.
By 9;00am we were well out to sea eating tuna sandwiches..the sea began to pick up. Couldn't help but notivce that Jim was getting kind of nervous. I asked him if he was OK when he leaned far out over the rail and retched.
I gripped him by his right shoulder and put my other hand under his stomach just as he vomited in huge quantity..his vomit splashing in the water below.
I could feel every contraction and heave of his stomach..every time he lifted his chest off the rail to say something, he quickly leaned over again to vomit.
Whjen he felt a little better I took him below decks to lay down.
Believe it or not, he wants to go out again.

University Chick USA
How in the hell did I get so lucky to have a challenge? No one else on this site gets challenged. Give me a break!
I do have another throw up story. I was out with some friends for Halloween last night, and we were trick or treating (yes college students still do that). And this one guy kept eating all his candy, and had already gone thru two sackfuls of candy, and was starting on his thrid. So, we were driving to the next town on our list, when he yells from the backseat, "Stop this car!" Knowing what he needed to do the driver (my neighbor)started making all kinds of hairpin turns. All of a sudden Mr. Backseat leans into his candy bag and goes *cough cough bluuuuuurrrrgggggghhhh*
He bitched the rest of the night because he had ruined all his candy... We laughed because he was just a jerk anyway.

Very good Manda and Bonnie!!. your recollections are great!. There is a need for more of this reality based vomit discussion and i think it's perfectly normal. I don't know who created this forum, but if they believe that there is nothing sexual here, they are fools. Actually, the people reviewing this site already know there are some who see sexuality mingled with vomit(ing) and therefore put the disclaimer above that "This is not a sexual/fetish,picture trading, or adult movie forum. The disclaimer does NOT tell the opinion of either the moderator or the owner of the website, nor does it tell you what opinion about vomit is held by any agent of the aforementioned.

Age 20-working as a retail chain store management trainee I was in a hurry to grab some food as I worked downstairs in the stockroom. Grabbed a wedge of blue cheese in a nearby market. An hour later, I could taste the cheese and feel an uneasy stomach.
Nausea was getting worse as I walked home. At home I stripped down to my briefs and watched a little TV from the sofa. Listened to the two guys upstairs who wrestled each other every night.
Made myself some spaghetti hoping that it might absorb the cheese...9:00 went to bed. Now writhing in nausea I prayed that I wouldn't be sick.
The moment of truth arrived, and I ran to the bathroom, raised the toilet seat and leaned over waiting...the apprehension was terrible...
The water looked so cool and clear..broke out in a cold sweat..My belly heaved. I projectile vomited 3 times in rapid succesasion, breathing in short bursts in between. My spagetti filled vomit splashed over the side of the toilet.
Exhausted, I went back to bed and prayed that it was over.
2o minutes later, I rushed to the toilet again..more gut wrenching vomits, I looked down at the results of my carelessly grabbed lunch in the toilet,bed then a third rush..Now the friendly toilet saw me groaning over it with the dry heaves, retching violently countless times. . ...Looked at my pale shakey image in the mirror..showered and slept. The next morning the bathroom smelled very stongly of a desperate sick night. The two guys upsdtairs were waiting when I stepped out of my apt. to see who had entertained them last night. My stomach muscles were sore for days.

Hi everyone,

I really enjoy reading peoples stories about them puking and I thought this would be a good time for me to post my own puking stories.

This happened to me in the first grade. My class was having milk break and the teacher was out of the room.
I was sitting at a table in front of the room, because I was in charge of keeping an eye on the other kids in the class and if anyone got in trouble I was suppose to report it to the teacher.
Well I was sitting there I started feeling sick to my stomache and I felt like I was going to puke, so I went into the bathroom that we had in our classroom and I ended up having the shits, I really didn't feel good and I wanted to go home.
When the teacher came back I told her I wasn't feeling good and she sent me down to the nurses office, the nurse took my temp but I can't remember if I was running a fever or not. I was lieing there on the cot and I started feeling like I was going to puke at any minute, so I told the nurse that I had to throw up, she told me to go into the bathroom so I did and I started blowing chunks as I sat on the bathroom floor throwing up I had to take another shit, but being I couldn't stop throwing up I just shited in my pants, when I finished up I did the best I could to get the shit out of my undeis and I went and lied back down until my mom came and picked me up.
When my mom arrived I ended up having another attack of the shits and vomting, my mom felt sorry for me.
Finally we were able to leave and my mom got me home and into my pajamas and helped me into bed.
I'm not sure how many more times I puked or shitted that day, but I know that it sucked being sick in the nurses office. I'm 17 now, but I still remeber that embarrassing moment.

This happened to me in June of 2000 like a week or two after school got out, I had to have all four of my wisdom teeth removed. The day of the surgery I woke up with a little headache, but I went anyways.
My mom and I arrived at the place where I was to have my teeth removed, I felt a little nervous because I didn't really know what they were going to do to me. I decided that I would have them put me to sleep during the surgery so I wouldn't feel anything and I didn't it, they put an I.V. into my wist and then they gave me laughing gas to put me to sleep. I woke just when they were finishing up and they took me into the recovery area to lie down, because I was still tired from the stuff the used to knock me out with, as I lied there the nurse tried to get me to sit up so that she could put guaze pads in my mouth to stop the bleeding, but I just feel over and went back to sleep, then I threw up blood the color of it was disgusting it was red,brown and sort of a blackish color, well after that little spell I was finally able to leave. My mom and the nurse helped me out to the car, lucky my mom put a sheet, a pillow and a bucket in the backseat, because we had a 20 mile dri! ve back home as soon as we got home my mom got out of the car to go and unlock the house and then she was going to come back outside and help me into the house, while I was waiting for her I puked again and it was the same color as it was the first time, when my mom came out she saw that I had puke and asked me if I was ok and helped me into the house, when we got inside she helped me into my pajamas then I crawled into bed and puked again, then I feel asleep woke up about 15 minutes later puked again feel back asleep woke up about 15 or 20 minutes later and puked one more time and then the rest of the day I just basically sleeped, due to the fact that I was so tired from the stuff they gave me to put me to sleep and I still had a headache, plus I was on pain killers. What a nightmare, I'm glad I don't have to go through something like that again.

Sorry this is so long, but it was my first time posting.

I'll keep you posted on more of my puke fest stories.

Hey University chick. I read this site also and would like to challenge your opinion that the content of this site is sick or perverted. The reason for my challenge is not to offend you nor intimidate you, but rather to bring the focus of opinion to some qualitative/quantitative reality. It is my educated opinion that many people are accustomed to BELIEVE that discussing vomiting is somehow wrong, strange, or disfunctional. I'm sure that most of us have been told that anything having to do with excrement or bodily fluids is bad, but we are never given any good reason to BELIEVE this. We are a society so stereotyped by media ideas of normality that we take them at face value with no intellectual challenge untill well later in our lives. We fear the unknown, we suppress our feelings and a false world is thus created to stifle any thing which MAY seem unusual. We are all so worried about being liked and what others think about us that we conform to a set of rediculus rules of ! behavior instead of exploring the r
eality or what we feel, and know is our GUT instinct. It's scary to admit a fascination with vomiting, isn't it University girl?, who would ever support you or agree with you. Is it normal to discuss this on a forum like this. That is simply objective and the answer is yes. Really all human behavior is "normal" but the distinction is whether the behavior in question is harmfull to another either physically or psychologically.
Why not face life using critical, unbiased problem solving techniques and rational thinking instead of popular politically correct statements. Sure there will be some ostracism to deal with and yes people will say that hey that University chick is f... ed up. I will end this with the challenge to produce evidence and sources which back up such evidence that discussing vomiting or anything related to vomiting is wrong or abnormal.

Bonnie UK
Hey, this is one cool site! I got one for you... I was in the first year at school, and I had a real sarcastic son of a b???h Geography teacher. Well, one day I went into school and I didn't feel so good. About half way though my geography lesson, I put my hand up and asked to go to the bathroom. The teacher told me to wait until the lesson ended. Ten minutes later, I put my hand up again and he asked me what my problem was so I told him I thought I was going to be sick. He told me in a really sarky voice that if I was THAT ill, maybe I should go see the nurse and not bother with his lesson. So I got up, started getting my stuff together to go... and puked all over the desk and floor! I have never puked so hard in all my goddamn life! Afterwards, everyone in my class congratulated me on giving my teacher what he deserved.

Hi everybody,
Well, I have read this site out of boredom a few times. It is really sick, but cool anyway. I have never posted because I have never had anything to post (I never get sick), but today I have two things to post. They didn't appen to me, but I thought I would share them anyway.
Ok, the first is my b/f got sick last Tuesday, and I told him to call in and stay home, but would he listen to me??? Nooo. Well, first he had me to make him breakfast thinking that if he ate something it would settle his stomach. So he sat down to eat, took one bite of scrambled egg, and retched into the kitchen sink. I tried again to convince him to stay home, but he went to work anyway. He had only been to work for thirty minutes when (according to his boss who brought him home) barfed all over his desk, but because he hadn't eaten anything, it was all kind of stinky bile. So, my b/f stayed home and the rest of the day and slept when he wasn't having dry heaves. Come to find out, he had food poisoning, but thank heavens he is feeling better now.
The second story is actually really appropriate to the name of this forum. A guy that I work with has had a really bad case of bronchitis lately, but has been braving work anyway. He came in last Friday, and was coughing a lot. So, he told me he was going outside for a minute, and could I cover for him. I said sure, and went back to my work. Well, in the place I work, there is a huge window right in front of where I work, and he was standing out there coughing a lot. I was going to go out and ask if he was ok, when I noticed he bent over against the wall and I saw him start puking this creamy looking stuff into the grass. I think he saw me looking, because he sort of looked up embarrassed.
Anyway those are my stories. What do y'all think?

Hey Manda,

Would you concider posting a few of you "vomit scenes" from your writtings here. I am sure that there are a lot of people who would really like to read them!!! Please give it some thought!!! :O)

Well, last night was a night to remember. I was in my bedroom, working on a story(I love to write fan fiction), and coincedentally I was working on a vomit scene(yes, all of my stories must have at least one vomit scene in them), when I heard my brother, you all should know of him by now, cough, then I heard him bolt to the bathroom. I heard the toilet seat thrown up so hard it clanged when it hit the back of the toilet and then I heard BLUUGHHHH, GURGLEGURGLE...and splashing water. I knew it, Jordan was puking his spaghetti up. I put on my headphones and blasted Aaron Carter into my ears so I wouldn't have to hear the awful retching noises. Then, of all things, I remembered that I left an important report for English class on the couch and I sure didn't want Jordan to mess those papers up, so I had to run past the bathroom where he had left the door open, and to the living room. I grabbed my books and bolted back to my bedroom at the other end of the house and locked th! e door, then put the headphones back on and at 10:30, I tried to sleep, but I could here my brother in the bathroom, so I pulled my pillow over my head and finally went to sleep-only to have puke nightmares about Jordan. That was the night from hell!

To Sam-England

I can certainly relate to your story. I am an assistant to a lawyer. One day about a yearI went out for lunch with my sister in law who lives in the same office. I must have had some bad food or something as an hour after lunch I was sick to my stomach. I spent about fifteen minutes in the washroom vomiting. I thought I was okay but about 20 minutes later I ran to the bathroom to vomit somemore. Unfortunately, this time it came out from both ends and to make matters worse I was wearing white pants. When all was said and done my pants were a mess, the bathroom was a mess and I was a mess. I cleaned up as best as I could, tied a sweater around my waist and went home by cab.

Hey Sam, your experience sounded very similar to mine. It really stinks too (in more ways than one) I'm feeling better now, a little. Just tired and stuff, but now I have to deal with makeup work. Now i am afraid i will get sick again. It is so nasty, I hate to throw up, but I like to read other peoples experiences so I guess everyone has to have one before they can start sharing stories, so I am sharing my bad luck with you guys so I can have more entertainment. Did that make any sense? Write later.

Matt, if you want multi-colored vomit, take the advice of some animal-rights protesters in Australia. I read an account of the infamous Canberra Vomit-In at a chain hamburger restaurant.

A small group of protesters would drink entire bottles of food coloring before entering the crowded restaurant. They might drink castor oil or syrup of ipecac; I've forgotten if they take that additional preparation. Then, they get in line and order meals like everyone else. They sit down and eat quickly, taking huge bites. The nausea sets in.

They get up, march to the counter area, lean over, and vomit in unison, covering the floor with brilliant red, green, blue, and yellow retch. The other patrons leave this disgusting scene, as do the protesters.

I don't see how this protest would be effective. The grossed-out patrons will return, and some lowly serf will be assigned the task of cleaning up the glow-in-the-dark retch. Still, if you're interested in changing the color of your vomit, food coloring will be useful.

Hey Erin I loved the story and I am looking forward to an up date to what happened after word

Sam - England
I love reading all the stories on this site,it's fantastic!Well here's one of my own,I hope you like it?I had been suffering really bad stomache ache since I had woken up that morning I put it down to the meal the night before,after having a bout of diarrhea I thought I would feel better so I set off for school!Half way there I started feeling sick and was really having bad stomache pains!I carried on to school thinking I would have some more diarrhea and feel better!I got to school went to the loo and had really bad diarrhea!I felt slightly beeter so went to class,,,,During class my stomache started groaning I knew I had more diarrhea,I was also feeling really sick!I put up my hand to asked to be excused and suddenly started vomiting everywhere,I tried to get up but my bowels exploded diarrhea everywhere I just sat there with poo running out my rear end and vomit spewing from my mouth!I couldn't stop.eventully it did and I was sent home......When I got home I went straight to! bed only to have several more bouts of severe sickness and diarrhea!Two days of this went on before I felt able to sleep without rushing to the loo every few minutes!Anyone else had a simular experiance?It was very unpleasant and I NEVER want to get that sick again!!!!

Hi,New Grrrrl!

I'm not Kilian, but I have a story which I think you and the others may like.
A while back, I learned why people are advised to avoid taking vitamins on an empty stomach. I bought a new kind at the grocery store, and popped one, the next morning, along with my usual others, before I left the house. I never eat breakfast, and have always taken my usual set of vit's this way for years, without much of a problem.

These new ones must be significantly different, though, because, on the way in to my shop, I started feeling queasy. I wasn't concerned, at first. In fact, the idea of throwing up didn't even cross my mind as a possibility.

After a while, I decided that the vitamins were what was making me feel sick, so I started to drink a from a quart water bottle, which I had with me, reasoning that it would either dilute the vitamins, or, though I still didn't expect this, would make it easier for my stomach to flush itself, if the need arose. I drank about half of the water before I realized that I'd better stop, at least until I got through the drive.

I live about twenty miles from my shop, and the last few minutes of the trip were a bit of a struggle. I put the cap back on the water bottle, and just drove, trying not to think about how I felt. The thought of getting sick didn't bother me all that much, but, if it happened, I wanted to do it in private, not on the side of the road.

I made it. I parked my truck out front, went inside, and locked the door. I headed straight for the bathroom. I brought along the water bottle. I've got a cot in back, for nights when I work late, so I got a blanket from it, and spread it out in front of the bathroom floor. I sat down and waited.

I'm really not sure if I could have beaten my nausea, but I didn't try. When I didn't get sick right away, I poured out the rest of the water that was in the bottle, and refilled it with warm water from the tap. Warm water will make one sicker than cold, plus, the city water here has kind of a nasty flavor. I drank as much as I could, as fast as possible, and waited. It didn't take long. I kept feeling those classic, rolling "waves" of sickness, the kind which wash over you, and don't completely recede, each of them leaving you feeling slightly closer than the one before.

I'll tell you, it was really classic. Before long, I felt my mouth fill with saliva which had that unmistakable, pre-vomit taste. I leaned over the bowl and opened my mouth. I thought about some of the stories and pictures that I've collected, from the net, concentrating on how the people must have felt. That did it. I gagged. As usual, the first heave was nearly dry, just some saliva dripping into the bowl. I made myself cough, and managed to retch. Still not very much; just some water, warm, as it had been going down, and thickened, from being in my stomach.

After that, I didn't have to make any more effort. All of the water came up, in about four long heaves, along the pills. I noticed that the sugar coatings were gone from them. I still felt a little sick, so I tried to make myself retch again, but nothing more would come up. Besides, my throat was starting to hurt, so I stopped. I picked up the blanket, flushed the toilet, and lay down on my bed. I slept for about half an hour, then got up and opened the shop. I ate a regular lunch and dinner, without any further problems.

Hope you enjoyed my story,


I was sick the other day and it looked like stew,my pals have now nicknamed me stew spew!I wasn't well and puked everywhere but in the toilet!

Hello Everyone, Ive Had a Few Puke Experiences In My Life But Nothing Quite Embarrasing Than This One. I Was 14 At The Time, and I Was At My Frendz B-Day. Anyways So When I Was There I Was Just Sittin Around Talk To Frendz,When The Chips and Stuff Came In To The Room, So I Started Piggin Out On The Stuff,So After That I Was Dancin With My Frends and I Started To Feel Kinda Woozy, From Eating All Those Chips and Stuff, So I Sat Down For a Bit, My Frend Comes Over and Asks Me If Im All Rite and I Told Her That Im Feeling Kinda Dizzy and Felt Like I Was Gonna Throw Up, So Then The Cake Came In and Everyone Started To Sing Happy Birthday and Of Course I Had To Sing To, So I Sang and Immediatly I Knew I Was Gonna Hurl, But I Kept It Down, So When My Frend Went To Go Blow Out The Candles,Instead Of Her Blowing Out The Candles, I Just BLLLLLAAAAAAAAA All Across The Table and Blow Out The Candles For Her and So Of Course She Started Crying and After I Was Done Puking, I Went After Her! and I Eventually Caught Up Too Her and I Started To Apologize To Her For What Had Happened Just Then, and Said I Would Make It Up To Her Some How.Well Thats It For Now. By The Way Is There Anyway Of Making Yur Puke Go In Different Colors?

New Grrrl
Hey, I'm back....Kilian, do u have any more stories like that? If so, please share

Hi, I have been reading here for awhile, but I haven't really gotten sick for awhile so I had nothing to share, but now I do. I had a really bad cold last week, but I was going to school anyway, because I hate having to do make up work. Well any way, I had been swallowing mucus all day long and by fourth hour it was catching up with me. I started to get really nauseous, but I just sort of sat there, I felt my face get really warm and my stomach was starting to pulsate. I knew I was gonna puke for sure, so I slowly walked to my teacher so I didn't disturb anything and told her I was going to be sick, she let me go. I ran down the hall way and made it to the rest room. Before I totally let it all go, I threw up the pizza and french fries I had for lunch and everything I had eaten for the past year. I hate being sick, I was so embarrased that I had to leave, but I couldn't stop throwing up, I stayed in the bathroom for a good 20 minutes and my teacher came to see if I was ! ok. By that time I was just sort of retching and I had some diarrhea. Another ten minutes later I was able to make it to the nurse where I had another explosion. I got sent home and I had terrible runs all day and I was really nauseous but I only puked twice more. I still don't feel good, which is why I am up late posting this because I am having diarrhea again, and I'm not even bothering to go to bed. Oohh I haven't been sick for so long. Does anyone else have any stories like this, I have to go i think I am going to vomit. I will update later.

Wilma C.
Good morning. I have to share with you one of my worst shopping experiences. I threw up in the store! You see, I caught a stomach thing that had been going around, my kids had just gotten over it earlier this week, and I was the last to get infected. I was in a department store yesterday evening, not feeling very hunky dory, when suddenly I started to feel really bad and with a nauseous feeling. Spit flooding my mouth, shaky hands, rubbery legs, the works. I couldn't stop the retching and then it happened, right in the middle of an aisle of plastic household containers and I made a grab for one just in time. It was one of those long ones that stand upright and are designed to hold a loaf of bread to keep it fresh. No one else was around so I popped off the lid and silently filled it two thirds full with all of the meatloaf, peas, potatoes, and salad I'd eaten only a couple of hours beforehand, then as nonchalantly as I was able, I replaced the lid, concealed it amidst so! me clothes and stuff in my shopping cart, and placed the whole thing into the trash can in the restroom. I felt guilty about this so I got another of the same type of container and paid for it at the checkout, then, and this is really embarassing, I whispered to the cashier what had happened and that I should like to leave the new container I'd just purchased at the store, thus in effect "buying" the one I had ruined and thrown into the trash in the restroom. I blushed and hurried out to my car. I threw up again at home but I feel better this morning, although I don't think I'll be shopping there for at least a month after what happened!

Kilian (Germany)
Sometimes (twice a month) I work as a First-Aid-helper in a disco at Neustadt (Germany). Many guests use soft drugs as hashish or mushrooms, some of them have to puke. For those cases we have a special toilet with two bowls and a washing sink which are seperated only by curtains (The room is for male and female guests, but most of the girls prefer to vomit in the lady's bathroom). At some days it's my job to take care of that room. Some people dont'need or want help. There are very cool pukers which enter the toilet, puke three or four times, flush the toilet and leave. But many others are very nauseated. Often they suffer from diarrhea too and they get even more sick because they don't manage to hit the bowl. Some shit in their pants , but most poop into the bowl and vomit on the floor. Although there's a room cleaning service, we have to clean the toilets during opening time because they're too dirty.

Three months ago happened the following scene : A boy, about 20 years old, entered and asked me if I could help him. Unable to speak more he pointed at the reason for that wish : His long dreadlocks which he didn't want to get dirty. Before I could do anything he fell down and his head vanished in the bowl. He twice heaved very loudly but nothing came out. When he noticed that his hair was 'secure' he leaned deeper into the bowl waiting for the next heave. That was a mistake : I could see an 'explosion' of his body and in the next moment came - without any heave - projectile vomit. It splashed heavily and everything - his face,too - was covered in totally green puke. He was very weak; so I held his head a little bit higher. He had to heave some more times, but ten minutes later he stood up and washed his face and clothes; I cleaned the bowl. Then he came in again, I got a liitle shock, but he said that he only had to shit. So I left and heard how diarrhea came out of him.!

It's me again!
Anyway, here's another look at one of my fantastic motel ralph stories....

About a year ago, I worked in the laundry room as well as cleaned rooms in a local D*** Inn, and I have had the pleasure of handling sheets stained with blood,urine, diarrhea, (an unknown green substance..) and of course, ralph. Some of my co-workers (namely the houseman) would handle this stuff with their bare hands...(and one would eat after pulling the dirty linen from off the carts without washing their hands...enough to make one ralph!! Yuck!)
but I always wore gloves because of a situation I encountered once.
The houseman had brought down a buggy full of dirty linen from the 5th floor, and there was a wadded up bundle of sheets on top of the cart, along with the brown blanket that went on the bed. It's the houseman's job to separate the towels from the sheets so I can wash each group individually, and when he started to put the sheets in a stack with the others, he grimaced and said,
"somebody threw up all over the bed in room looked like rice or Chinese food" I froze...I'm the emetophobic, remember-and this man was going to put these pukey sheets in with the rest of the wash!
Let me say that, when there is a biohazard situation-you know what I mean-the rule is to throw away the affected items, and NOT to reuse them. Would you pay to sleep on sheets a person has thrown up on?
Anyway, I told the houseman NOT to put the sheets in the washing machine, and to put them in a plastic bag and throw them away. Unfortuneately, by this time, some of the puke had dripped unnoticed onto the other linens and had been put unbeknownst to me into the washer. I saw some of the upchuck on the sheets-brown flecks like hashbrowns or brown rice in a clearish fluid-and I started to get faint...

Anyway, I ran the other linen through the wash and dried them, and I removed the sheets from the dryer to fold them, when I noticed that one of them had something brown and crispy tucked inside it, almost like hash browns....
....flame cooked PUKE!!!!!!!
It fell out of the sheet into the bottom of the plastic linen buggy-and I swear, you've never seen a woman jump so fast!
I hurled (pun intended) the sheet into the trash, and put on gloves to remove the crispy puke from the linen buggy.
The really bad part about this is, the comforter in this room was not pulled and washed, so who knows what's on it!!!

Some more notable puke the sink-imagine going to a room that the guest checked out of the night before and finding ripe ralph waiting for you!In the bathtub...
on both beds, the floor in the bedroom, and all the way to the bathroom! Next time you stay in a motel, remember what things a maid has to deal with every day, and leave her a nice tip!!!!

I am curious, does anyone have a story about getting ill on a mass transit bus? I have a short story I'll post next look for it!

Jessica A.
Manda-I didn't know about Nick getting sick backstage! That's cool! Thanks for sharing.

Here's another story. My little brother was about two. I was at school, but when I came home my mom told me this. My little brother had been eating spaghetti. He had figured out that sticking your fingers down your throat feels weird. So he decided to try it when he was eating. Mom said "Don't", but it was too late. BLLUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGH and he was laughing! He was puking spaghetti noodles all over the table, and he was laughing while he puked! It was soooooooooooooooo gross!

strange page, but I couldn't resist it......

when I was in high school I arrived late at a party where I found my girlfriend had drank too much and sort of passed out. It was some kind of theme party and she had gone in a halter top and gym shorts. I sat with her head on my shoulder talking to people when I heard a few gurgles then she projectile vomited out onto the floor in front of us just grazing my shoulder. People were not impressed so I took her home to change. On the way home she was saying how great she felt now. When we got to her place her dad met us at the door and she just started talking a mile a minute about the party, who was there, the gossip ect. It was so funny because she was so full of energy now, laughing and at the same time completely covered in puke and stank so bad. Her father just stood there obviously grossed out and eventually she just sort of said in passing that a friend at the party had puked on her!

when I was in university my housemates and I were sitting around watching tv and drinking some beers. One guy, Ian said he didn't feel well and headed for the bathroom. This was not normal for Ian so a few of us followed him. He threw up and in the toilet bowl were five cigarette butts! some of the guys smoke and put their butts in empty beer bottles and Ian drank them! I just couldn't believe that he wouldn't have noticed it!

one other disgusting thing. One of the other guys in our house used chewing tobacco. He'd spit it a beer bottle. One of my other housemates was drinking a beer and didn't notice that he had picked up Iggy's spit bottle and took a drink. Yuck!! He went crazy! He was gagging and swearing but I don't think he puked. This was so gross that whenever I think about it now I feel like I'm going to loose my cookies.

one more,

when I was in elemetry school I didn't like school very much so would try to come up with any excuse to stay home.
One morning my bother was sick. The threw up on the dining room floor. I came along and saw this and immediately threw up. My mom came along and we both were crying saying we were too sick to go to school. My brother started arguing saying I wasn't sick and I only got sick because he did. My brother stayed home, I had to go to school.

Shane (Croatia)
To Scott UK, Try this as cure for car sick. It worked for me. If you are not driving, try lay flat on the back with your head rised a little. Sorry on my bad english.

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