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Jessica A.- I have one thing to say. You RULE girl! The BSB is my favorite band, too! I think it'd be funny as hell to see Nick puke his guts out. Once, he was really really really sick backstage, spewing his guts into the toilet backstage and their manager made him go and perform anyway. Oh I would have given anything to be there if he had exploded onstage. I also heard he got sick onstage and I wonder if he puked in front of thousands of fans! I'm not so sure about seeing Howie or Brian puke, though.

I haven't got any good spewing stories, except one. I was about 6 years old and my brother was 2 and it was Christmas Eve. We had this tradition where we slept in my bed every CHristmas Eve. Well, I was almost asleep when my brother puked all over me. I didn't bother to get up, either. Vomit is really hard to get out of your hair and I learned that the hard way. My mom gave me a bath the next morning and it took an hour to get the stench of vomit out of my hair.

Scott UK- I'm glad you liked my idea! I personally don't like to watch or hear or smell people throw up, but still, those people I listed I definetely would like to see spew.

I almost threw up in gym last week. We had to run an endless relay and it was like 102 degrees farenheit in that gym and I started hyperventilating. I got terribly nauseated and started to gag. I went over to our coach's assistant and told her I was going to throw up and she told me to sit out, which I did and I started feeling better except my legs really hurt like I had the flu. I went and got a drink and came back and ran two more laps and I was okay the rest of the day except I hurt like hell! Running 15 laps around a large hot gym is not fun and it hurts!

I have noticed the people have been listing people who thay would love to watch puke there guts out. Here is my list. (in no pitcular order).
Amanda Peet
Michelle Pfeiffer
Mia Sara
Helen Hunt
Linda Hamilton
Bridget Fonda
I'll have more later!

The Big Guy
Hey Manda I really like the idea of a puke list. Here are the six people I would love to see vomit(All women of course).
1. Shania Twain
2. Julia Roberts
3. Britney Spears
4. Sarah Michelle Geller
5. Courteney Cox
6. Heather Locklear

I think it would be soooooooo awesome to see these stars getting sick.

Jessica A.
Manda, I like the list idea. AND MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BAND IS THE BACKSTREET BOYS! I think they are soooooooooooooo cool! I want to see Nick puke especially. He's my favorite! I would like to see the other Backstreet Boys puke also!

Allright this is one of my stories. About 4 years ago, it was sometime in November 1996. One night i got up and i started feeling REALLY SICK!! I got out of my bed got to the toilet and started throwing up all my dinner I had last night. I was in the bathroom for about 30 minutes. I kept on throwing up all night long. I slept on the couch with my dad and I threw up all over the couch. I was really mad because i was going on a field trip the day I got sick. So i couldn't go. The next morning i was still sick. I kept on throwing up for about 2 hours. My mom took me too the doctor and I threw up
all over the floor, it was all kinds of chunks. That was the worst times i got sick. I filled about 3 of those weird looking puke trays. It was so gross!


I have had the spontaneous vomit experience you describe with one variant: It has occurred while sleeping. I'll be in the middle of a dream when the dream-me begins to feel sick. The dream-me will begin to throw up and as it happens, I'll wake up and bolt to the jon by our bedroom, hands clasped over my mouth, urping en-route! Once I'm done (usually the experience/view/smell/taste of the first puke brings up a couple more. Then I clean up, brush my teeth and go back to bed, with no sign of sickness. The next day I'll have a little sore throat and that residual taste/smell in the back of my nose, but that's it. I now keep the wastebasket on my side of the bed, just in case, though I haven't had to use it yet! I'll keep you posted.

Scott UK
Manda,what a great idea a spewing list.I am not gay but my list would be:-(sorry but some of these might go back a long time)

1 Jason Donovan
2 Matt Le Blanc
3 Jesse Spencer (Bill in Neighbours)
4 Most of the young males in Neighbours
5 Paul Fox (Mark in Coronation Street)

It's harder than I thought I will add some more next time but Steve wants to use the computer and I've got homework to do!Keep the coming up!Till next time?!

Steve UK
O.K Scott you really want me to tell them about your dodgy stomache,well here goes!You all know what a terribke traveller my brother is?Well this is the sickest I have ever seen him!We were having a day out not going far for odvious reasons!We had stopped for a picnic but Scott said his stomache was feeling a bit funny and he didn't want anything,great all the more for us!He sat by the car drinking coke to settle his ????.....After we finished our picnic we got ready to carry on Scott said his stomache felt worse but since he hadn't eaten he would probably be o.k!We had been driving for ten minutes when Scott starts groaning,Dad pulls over into a layby and Scott opens his door BLLLLUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! he goes without even getting out of the car,the smell was gross I felt my stomache start to turn so I walked away not wanting to throe up too!I came back and Mum said we were going home as Scot wasn't feeling well,I was pissed off as I was looking forward to lying on ! the beach so I started pigging ou
t on chocalate and crisps and burping loudly hoping to make him vomit(I know it sounds cruel but I was looking forward to the day out!)We still had quite away to go and Scott was looking sicker by the minute,all of a suddem he grabs a bucket and BLLLLLUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! vomits into it,he was a good shot most of it went in!Dad pulls over and he jumps out of the car runs behind some bushes pulls down his jeans and has a bad case of the runs........He eventully staggers back to the car covered in vomit.Mum cleans him up and we drive home.As soon as we got in the house Scott dives to the loo with another attack of the runs followed by severe vomiting.Turns out he had food-poisioning from a dodgy burger,but hey this is what this site is all about isn't it!!!!????

I've been reading the stories here for a long long long time now, but this is my second post. I posted once as StoryTeller a long while back, but that was just a little story. I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for this day to come, and it came when I least expected it. I'm all into the whole throwing up long as it isn't me, or "Live". I like seeing pictures, watching it in movies, reading about it, etc. But cannot stand to see it in real life, cuz then I get sick too. For some odd reason though, despite my hate and fear of "Live Puking", I've always wanted to see my boyfriend puke, and he unexpectedly.
We were coming home from the Kid Rock concert, and he had drank earlier, but not for almost 2 hours. He was never even drunk, really. (I'm a sober chick). But anyways...he wanted to stop and pick up some Weed <--im against it!!
So we pick it up, and he's fine, just complaining of the "after drinking lull". So, I'm driving, thinking nothing of anything when I hear a noise next to me. I look over and see him swallow down what seemed like a mouthful of puke. He told me he was fine, but my loving instincts told me otherwise, and with not even a split second to spare, I pulled into the parking lot...actually PEELED into the lot, and he yelled STOP!!, threw open the door and let fly. THANK GOD IT WASN'T IN MY CAR!! (I have a 2000 Neon). At first I was like OH GOD, thinking I was gonna end up getting sick too, so I covered my ears, eyes and nose, and turned my head the other way. If anything, and I MEAN ANYTHING, sight, sound, smell, got to me, it would be over!! But a few seconds later, he, still heaving up dinner and beer (we'd had spaghetti and caesar salad), I took my hands off my ears, and realized that it wasn't so bad! It was only my boyfriend, and he didn't retch or puke that loud. So, I! took my hand off my nose, and carefully sniffed the air....ahhhh, garbage smells worse than this!, I thought, and slowly, poked one eye open....I couldnt even see him puking, so I was fine. Unbelievably enough, I was not even the slightest bit ill feeling! So I jumped over onto his seat, and held his head out the door and rubbed his back as he just kept on puking! He finished and stepped over the mess on the cement. I still wasn't really looking carefully, so I wouldn't see anything, but his shorts were covered in puke, he took them off, and wore only his boxers home, lol. He looked goofy. He kept apologizing, and apologizing, but LIKE HE COULD HELP PUKING!!!! DUH! He had gotten a little bit of puke on the outside and a tiny spot on my carpet cover...which is a cut piece of carpet to fit over the real carpet so I don't mess the real one up...(came in handy!), so we drove my car to the car wash, and he, in his boxers, got out of the car and bought like 5 of those 50 cent a! rmor all and wet towels and cleaned my car up very very very well, so I wasn't toooo mad. I drove back to my house where his car was, and then, said good night to him, and he went home, and i went to bed.

Sorry the post is so long, but this is my first personal story!! YEAH!!!! This is something I've wanted to happen for a long time and it finally has!!

My only question....has anyone else ever experienced what he experienced? Feeling perfectly fine, absolutely perfect, and all of a sudden heaving, swallowing and feeling fine, and then just spewing like mad, still feeling fine, not sick at all, and then, when done, still feel wonderful?!?!?! Please respond!! I'm interested in hearing if he's weird or not, lol....but I love him just the same!!

I went on a cruise to Alaska on the m/s Norwegian Sky. We were out at sea about 70 miles from land and I had a big beef roast dinner called "beef steamship." It was the perfect theme for a food to get seasick on. The ship was rolling quite heavily and I got sick. I threw up the beef steamship and all of the fries in the head because I couldn't make it out to the railing. They don't have any barf bags on the ship.

Jessica A.
Here's another story that happened to me. My whole family had the flu one week. Everyone except me that is. One of my friends was having a sleepover Saturday night and I went. During the sleepover, I wasn't feeling too good but I didn't say anything. My family had pretty much got over the flu by the next day, so my mom picked me up. I was only about 10 at the time and told her I didn't feel good. All the way home I was fighting severe nausea and I didn't know if I was going to make it all the way home. We pulled in the driveway, I jumped out of the car ran inside and BLLURRRRRGHHHHHHHHH!, I didn't quite make it. I puked all the way to the bathroom leaving a yellowish, brownish puke behind me. It was soooooooooooooooo disgusting. My mom was mad at me for not staying in one place while I puked and leaving a trail for her to clean up.

puke obsessive(uk)
okay, personaly i havent puked in over a decade. i have never been car sick, i seem to be immune this sort of thing. i do have one distinct memory of my fiancee (then b/f) meeting my parents for the first time. this always strikes me as really surreal.... as a testament to how sex drugs and rock and roll my parents are we ended up watching one of those multitude of vet/sick animal programmes on tv. there was a cat having an abcess squeezed out. septic pus spraying everywhere. damien, my (b/f), has always been pretty squeamish where surgery/blood/whatever is concerned and he suddenly decided to grab the waste paper bin, obviously unable to even make it out of the room. damien was at this time, anorexic, and he didnt actually have anything in him to puke up, so he just gagged pathetically for a while, like, polite-non puking i kept trying to watch this cat errupting on tv and my parents were just appalled. after he finished trying to puke, he stood up to get out of the room (no ! way was i going to turn the tv off), noticed a paper cut on his hand from some paper in the bin and fainted. He cant deal with blood either. he sort of fell across me on the sofa, and i got him to wake up a few minutes later. the thing is, there is a set pattern to the way damien faints. It's always without warning and followed by vomiting. somehow he managed to vomit some kind of watery bile onto the carpet this time. everytime he managed to stop, the cat's abcess made a sucking, squelching noise and damien started gagging again. it was really odd, nobody paid any attention. my dad didnt know what to do, with this manic, gothic freak puking infront of the tv, he just went out of the room. my mum just watched tv. damien denies any memory of this.

Jessica A.
Here's another story guys. I know these two guys who are identical twins. One day they went on a hike with a bunch of other guys. They got heatstroke or something, but they thought they would be o.k. once they got home. They were driving home in two white vans with their friends. All the sudden at the same time, both vans stopped, both twins got out of the separate vans they had been riding in and puked all over the side of the road at the same time!

P.S. Does anyone know of any other sites like this one?

On Thursday in English class, my crush, Neal, started looking really sick. He got up and grabbed ahold of two desks and started to gag and dry heave. I thought he was gonna puke all over the floor. Meanwhile, my best friend, Heath, was jabbering to me and I was looking grossed out and panicked, I guess, cuz he asked what was wrong. I pointed over at Neal who was behind Heath and he didn't get it, so I kept pointing. By the time Heath turned around, Neal had sat down in his chair and he was laughing! It had been a prank to gross us all out! Too bad he didn't throw up, I would've gotten out of the witchy Coach Phillips' class early, as would the rest of the kids and I would also have good details to post!

Another story, this one happened when I was in sixth grade. About 20 or so Accelerated Reading kids that had passed all the AR tests got to go on this field trip to Amarillo, Texas, (if any of you live in the Panhandle of Texas or Oklahoma, you surely will have heard of Amarillo.) which is 40 miles away from the tiny town we live in. We went to the Discovery Center which is sort of a cool place for kids to have fun with science, then we went to the park and the zoo. At the park, we all ate our sack lunches and played on the equipment. There was this really awesome merry-go-round that spun around extremely fast. It was almost as if we were on the Himilaya at Wonderland, the nearby amusement park. Anyways, people started feeling sick and as we were getting on the bus, our reading teacher, Ms. May told us to wait until we got the zoo to throw up. People sure did take that to heart. As soon as we got off the bus, people scattered everywhere and were puking up their lunc! hes. The one I remember most was one of my friends, Ben. He was easiest to spot and he was bent over and she could hear BLUUUUUHHHH BLUUUGGGGHHH and splashing coming from him. I remember looking back and seeing orange vomit that looked like orange julius coming from his mouth and it just kept coming and coming and coming. There were quite a few others, but I don't recall them very well.

I was wondering, do you guys want me to still keep on posting stories of my little brother? I have many.

One more thing. If anyone has a list of people, mainly stars. they would like to see vomit, put it up. I wanna see! Here's mine:

1. Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys
2. AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys
3. Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys
4. Britney Spears, just because it would be all too funny!

Sometimes when I get too hot I get sick at my stomach, you know like when I'm out in the sun for a long time and exactly that happened to me last Saturday when I gave in to my husband urging me to go fishing with him on the river. The early part of the day went fine, we got there pretty early as the sun was rising. I don't really care much for fishing so I occupied myself by reading a book and eating bologna and cheese sandwiches, cola, cheetos, probably not the best thing for me to be eating if I'm going to be in the sun all day. I was doing just fine up until around noon when the sun was high overhead and I began to feel lazy and lethargic, and nausea began to set in but I kept it to myself. Pretty soon I got a headache and told my husband I wasn't feeling good so we moved to a spot in the shade and he talked me into drinking one of his beers, said it would help cool me, but which tasted gross so I only took a few sips before I handed it back to him and he drank the rest! . My head hurt so I stretched out as best I could in the boat and tried to take a nap but it only gave me a stiff neck and I felt even worse when I got up. I realized I was getting a lot more queasy than before so I scooted over near the edge in case it happened, so I could do it into the water. I'd brought along a pail for when I needed to go to the bathroom but I didn't want to use it for this. He asked me what was wrong so I told him I felt like I might be going to do the throw up thing pretty soon, and sure enough I did about five minutes after he asked me that. I tried not to though for as long as I could hold it until it just started coming up in my mouth just a little at first when I burped, then the taste got to me and made me gag, and then the rest just all came up kinda quick before I knew what hit me. Some of it splashed on the edge of the boat at first until I stretched farther over the side. It splashed in the water like a garden nozzle and looked mostly ! pink and some of it floated. I kept throwing up until I couldn't any more, then we went home, but we had to pull over side the road a time or two because I had to throw up again. After we got home I washed up and layed down on the bed awhile. I felt good enough by six to make supper with the fish he'd caught but I still felt a little bit sick and so I didn't really eat, but the iced tea made me feel a whole lot better. I just have this one problem and that is that my husband thought it was funny how I threw up off the side of the boat, and he's been telling all of his friends about it every chance he gets, and imitating the noises I made while I was being sick and making fun of me around our friends and they all think it's funny, too. I guess it was kinda funny now that I think about it but I get embarrassed when he tells other people about my personal stuff like this and I just wish he'd cut it out and let everybody forget about it. I'm not mad yet but it's starting to g! et old now.

This post is the bomb! I've never had the misfortune to get caught out in public when I've been queasy enough to actually puke and get embarassed like some of the people who've written here, but the funniest time was four years ago when my oldest son was three and I was pregnant with my next oldest boy. I didn't throw up everyday from morning sickness, but when I did, Oh Man look out! One midmorning I was in the bathroom kneeling in front of the toilet sick as a dog, pouring what looked like several quarts of terrible, very USED food into the toilet when my son comes into the bathroom and he just stands there looking at me with a curious expression on his face. I don't think he knew what I was doing at first since he'd never seen anyone vomit before, until the next bout of my pukeing when he walked right up to the toilet and pointed his index finger into the toilet next to my face, his finger nearly touching the puke water, and he was like "What's that yellow stuff?" and ! with hoarsey voice and raw throat I had to laugh but I managed to tell him something to the effect of "This stuff is called vomit and it comes out of your mouth sometimes when you're sick, but don't touch it, it's nasty and it's got a lot of germs, okay.". His next question was "It stinks, how come it smells like that?". I laughed again as I answered "Because it's been in my stomach", then I heaved again and he seemed more interested. "What's vomit made of?" was his next question. My answer "The food I ate for supper last night. You and daddy have stuff just like this inside your ????s right now too, but mine is coming out right now because I'm sick. If you were sick then yours would come out too". The rest of the day was spent answering his many further questions about vomit; I looked it up in the encyclopedia and translated it's college grammar into a form understandable to a toddler, and he asked me the same questions over and over. Several times he mimicked my pos! ition when I was hunched over the toilet as he'd seen me doing. His father got a few laughs after work, too. Several days after that happened, my son was going around the house constantly imitating the sounds I made when I threw up. I'm not the worlds most silent puker by any means!

Scott UK
Well here's another story for all you lot,this happened to my brother Steve so no doubt he'll get his own back on me!It happened before we went on holiday and I think it was a stomache bug going round at his colledge?!!He went off in the morning feeling fine but by lunchtime he came home and went to bed,most unusual for Steve!He told Mum he didn't feel like eating,had a stomavhe ache and felt sick,he didn't have a high temperture so Mum wasn't too woried.....I came home from school and went upstairs to find Steve retching over the toilet,holding his stomache and crying!I went in the toilet was full of his vomit all orangy with regurgetated bits of his breakfast!!!I asked him if he was feeling better but his only response was BLLLLLLUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! as vomit gushed from his stomache with a groan he pulled down his pants sat on the loo and had a constant stream of diarrhea,I passed him a bucket as he continued to heave most of it went in!!!!He was looking pale and real! ly ill so I helped to clean him up and got him to bed with a couple of buckets beside him!As I share a room with him I witnessed him using them quite a bit that night,by the time morning came the diarrhea had stopped and he was just bringing up watery bile....He felt better after sleeping most of the day but by the time evening came I had caught it,but as I am short on time I will save that for another time....Until later keep them coming up!!!????

Jen K.
It all started in the year 1991 on summer vacation.I was in Switzerland with my brother for a holiday.My Uncle Peter wanted to take me,my Brother,and my cousin Ryan for a train trip up to the mountains and I was just around 9 years old when this embarrising inccident happend and now I'm 18 years old. I was fine for the whole morning no problems there until LUNCH TIME. For lunch I think we all ate at an Italian Restaurant and my cousin,Brother,Uncle Peter,and I all ordered the exact same pasta dish,we all ordered pasta with clams and muscle sauce and strawberry icecream on a con for desert. After lunch we all went on a power boat then
went on train. I was just sitting on the train minding my own buisness and drank a glass bottle of citric acid orange juice that the waitress gave us all and felt fine until I started to feel throw up sick and nauseated,I almost started to cry was swallowing hard making WEIRD swallowing noices trying to hold the throw up down and I acted like everything was fine. As the train went throught the tunnle my Brother,Uncle Peter, and cousin Ryan kept asking me if I was o.k. I said finally in a sick gergally sick voice because of the force of the throw up"yeah I'm o.k.,I just have a stomach ach,It's no big deal". After they continued talkin with eachother,abit of throw up came and it started to make me feel even more sick but luckly I managed to swallow it down. HERE'S WHERE THE EMBARRISMENT STARTS! When the train exited out of the tunnle,My Brother and cousin were talking and I was talking we my Uncle Peter and then I said to him "hold on,I kinda wanna strech my legs and stand u! p" and he said "o.k." O.k.,I stood up and steched when all of a sudden I jerked forward felt dizzy in the back of my head and made this huge loud long burp and the throw up witch was orangy brown with chewed up pasta,strawberry ice cream,coke,and acidic orange juice came spraying out like a huge water fountain.As soon as I tried to cover my mouth with my hands,the throw up was so strong and I got to dizzy and stumbled over and threw up again on the seat where I sat and on my Uncle Peter's plad shorts and I threw up again two times then stopped for now. I still felt dizzy and looked around and people were starring right at me and I just started crying because I was so embarrised. My Uncle Peter got MAD and grabbed me by my arm pits dragged me to the bathroom kicking and screaming and asked "Why did you throw up on me Man? "I didn't say any except "I wanna go back home to Canada to my Mommy and I'm Sorry I ever came with you on this trip,I wanna go back home to my Mommy" then I ! threw up two more times in the toilet in the bathroom. Now I was depressed,homesick,and dizzy and still crying too. After I got cleaned up I came out of the bathroom still
sniffling and crying but still a little bit dizzy and my Brother and Cousin asked " Are you o.k. Jenny?" I said in a homesick voice " I just wanna go home back to Canada to see Mommy" and my Brother atleast sat beside me to make sure that I didn't throw up for a nineth time and said" don't worry we're going home in a week I think" and then I said in more of a happy voice with a smile "Thanks God". When we all got off the train and went on the last train back home for the day,My Uncle Peter said in an angery voice "thank YOU so much Jenny, you ruined our trip" I wasn't as Dizzy any more and I lost my temper at my Uncle Peter and said "You know what? I'm sorry but it just happened,o.k. and guess what I'm going home pretty soon and I hope your happy". When we slept that night I was back to normal and no more throwing up witch was great. My Uncle Peter is still mad at me for throwing up on him but he forgave me and since the inciddent,if I'm about to leave to go home back to C! anada he'll say "now don't throw up on anyone,o.k. or if he hasn't seen me in a long time he always asks me "Did you throw up on anyone lately?" Me and my Uncle Peter will NEVER EVER forget that embarrising inciddent and we get along great even Today witch is the YEAR 2000


Jessica A.
Hey Adam Biro. I loved the dentist story. Once I was at the dentist and they were doing the same thing to me! They had another chair right next to me, but when they stuck the retainer in her mouth she gagged and puked all over too! Luckily, they had a bowl for just the occasion, so she finished puking in that. It was soooooooooooooooo gross!

I went on a vacation with my mom when I was in 10th grade. We went to a public astronomical observatory. Some little kid threw up all over the stairs leading up to the telescope platform.

Scott UK
Yes I'm back!I've been on holiday so I have got loads of travel sick stories to tell!!Just a quick one today but I will post more soon....The first day of our holiday we thought we would only go a short distance but my stomache must still have been feeling delicate from the long journey down....I had eaten a fairly big breakfast and as we set off my brothers were munching away on chocalate,knowing full well I wouldn't even tempt fate!We had driven for fifteen minutes when I first began to feel a bit sick,I knew we didn't have much further to go so I tried to take my mind of the feeling!My stomache was doing somersaults and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer,I told Mum I needed to stop so we pulled into a layby I jumped out and went over to the bushes,all of a sudden BLLLLLUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! my stomache erupted spraying the bushes with a thick vile coloured puke.....I went back to the car and told Mum I really wasn't feeling well and wanted to lie down!She sat me in t! he front of the car with a blanket over me and rubbed my head,I went out like a light!!!The next thing I know I wake up feeling better and at a picnic site....My brothers were feeling ill by this time having stuffed themselfs full of junk food,and yes they were very sick but that's another story!!!!

I found out something three nights ago. I went to take a shower and I was playing the Backstreet Boys really loud and singing. I was in there for a good 30 minutes and when I got out, my brother, Jordan, was in bed. I went to my mom's bathroom where she was doing something, I think washing brushes and I told her that I thought it was strange that Jordan was in bed so early. She told me that Jordan had been throwing up in her bathroom while I was showering. I said, "Ewww," and went to try on my new outfit for the first day of school (today). Remarkably, he wasn't sick any longer.

I almost threw up during math today. I started feeling really weird and shaky. I didn't, but I got awfully close.

Hey everyone. This site cracks me up. I don't have a funny or embarrasing story to tell. Just thought I'd let you all know..You're great!

Has anyone ever had heatstroke/heat exhaustion? I had heatstroke a couple of years ago and it was no fun at all! I was at a waterpark with my family and I had waited in line at a waterslide for over an hour, right before I went down, I felt kind of dizzy, and when I got to the bottom, I ran to the bathroom and i threw up the apple danish that I had eaten for breakfast, it was so gross, because the vomit actually tasted like the apple danish, so weird. I felt kind of better and went to go have lunch with my family, BAD IDEA! I felt extrememly nauseous all of a sudden, and started walking quickly to the bathroom, but I didn't make it all the way. While I was walking I kept feeling puke rise in my throat and come out my nose, and i couldn't hold it any more, i puked all over this bridge, it was white, creamy and chunky. The people walking over the bridge grimaced. Then I got home and my mom realized that I wasn't sweating or peeing even in 95+ degree heat. She figured ! out what was wrong. I had a 105.8 degree fever, and when I drank water, i would throw up and it was clear! I have never puked more in my life.

I figured now would be a nice time to bring up yet another one of my little brother's vomit stories. I have so darn many of them it may take awhile for me to get them all posted. Ok, here we go. 4 years ago, my mom was extremely sick, throwing up, everything and she had to go to the hospital (don't worry, I'll tell you those stories later). The hospital is an hour and ten minutes from our house and and hour and 40 minutes from where we were staying at the time. My brother and I had to hang around the hospital all day (not that I mind, hospitals fascinate me, they always have) and when he gets bored, he eats. He ate nearly one of everything in the snack bar and was still hungry by the time my grandpa came to pick us up. My grandpa had brought along his brother Uncle Dutch, so we had to leave in his (my Uncle Dutch's) car. We went to Arby's and pigged out on roast beef and curly fries, then got on the road home. Jordan (my brother) started complaining about not feeling ! good, and he started to gag. I was screaming, he was retching and finally Uncle Dutch handed back a Wal-mart sack and my brother threw up in it, then he screamed. It had started leaking through the bag, there was a hole in it! It looked like gravy, it didn't smell bad. I started crying for my mommy (I was 9) and Dutch said not to worry that he'd clean it up when we got to my grandma's house. I went to sleep and so did Jordan and we didn't wake up until we pulled into my grandma's carport. Of all things, Dutch most certainly did not clean up the mess, but my Grannaw (as we call her, my oldest cousin couldn't say his m's), being the nice person she is, did it instead. And I got to see my mama the next day because she had surgery the night before and she could come home. I have plenty more stories about my brother, and if you guys want to hear more, I'll tell more.

ADAM BIRO- My dentist still uses those freaky foam retainer things. I almost puked last time we went two weeks ago, those things taste so bad! I don't like the new dentist assistant, she isn't friendly and she doesn't talk to me. I hate the dentist now, too, because now he's sending me to an orthodonist because my teeth are growing sideways! Anyway, put up all your stories, I love to read vomit stories!

JESSICA A.-Of course we want you to post more stories, the more the better!

Anyways, until later, happy puking! LOL
Amanda Leeann (AKA Manda)

Adam Biro
Hi there, I love this forum! I'll be here plenty - it's so nice to find fellow people, moms, women , all kinds of folk not ashamed of puking or pooping, it's an enjoyable thing to talk about, even though usually not fun to be actually puking!hehe. I don't like the pain is all - apart from that,'s barfing!vomiting, throwing up,blowing your stomach juice,food, and chunks!:)
I have a story you may all like. Its from when I was about 6 years old. I'm 21 now, by the way - hehe. I was at the dentists office, Dr. Brenner was his name. His nurse was seeing me that day, I think he was elsewhere. I remember I used to hate getting that special flouride stuff, in the styrofoam retainers they'd put in your mouth, full of the flouride goo. (This was before they started using a liquid flouride that you just squish around in your mouth.) Anyway, they had a variety of flavors, and I remember being all gung-ho to try Marshmallow flavored flouride - marshmallow flouride goo - my childish mind actually thought this would taste like marshmallows, and hence, make the whole experience quite pleasant. (I forgot to mention, the styrofoam retainer things they filled with the flouride goo and put in your mouth were really uncomfortable, you wanted to gag as they put the thing in, it went sooo far back almost down your throat. I remember constantly gagging every secon! d those things were in my mouth, every time I went to Dr. Brenner as a kid. They should have called them chokers - hehe.) Anyway, I was all happy for once, thinking this stuff would taste great like marshmallows, so I was willingly obedient to the nurse.
It just occurred to me now as I type that the gagging action these things cause may have contributed to the eventual BARF everywhere from me. But anyway, the TASTE - AAAAAAUUUGH - yuuuuuuucccckkk!!!!!! man did that stuff taste like totally not pleasant. Blaaauugh!!!! I barfed everywhere, and the browny, taffy-colored 'marshmallow' flouride goo went everywhere too. I remember the puke was colored all thru with the flouride the same browny taffy color. I remember I started gagging at first when the nurse put the stuff in my mouth, and she knew me from before (the gagger, not puker yet) so she was pressing the retainers in even harder with her fingers, telling me to "stop gagging~!" (like that will help me stop with you pushing that foul goo in further, and making me gag more by pressing the retainers down my throat!!)
I vomited alll over her hand and the seat, and my chest, it kept coming, it was all over the chair , my pants and legs, and the floor. Sick :) hehe.
I remember her getting upset that I had just puked all over her hand and arm, and her examination room, she said to me "Get out of here - just GET OUT of here!!" I remember asking for my free toothbrush and being upset when she said "you don't get one this time." I wanted my free toothbrush!! :) oh well - hehehehe
Good story? please tell me in here with a post if you think so, I have more!!


okay this site is truely sick and i have never seen anything like it!!!

Good Job to whoever thought about putting it here it's a right laugh!! wel people better be going enjoy your puking and have fun eating at those fatty food bars!!

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