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Jessica A.
Hi, this is my first time posting here. Here's a story that happened a few years ago. We were on our way to our grandma's house and we were about ten minutes away when my sister complained of a stomachache. Mom said we were almost there so don't worry about it. But about thirty seconds later, BBBBBBBBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! She threw up all over herself. She tried to catch it in her hands, but it juat made a bigger mess. I was sitting next to her in the backseat. I almost threw up too, it was so disgusting! Luckily, none got on me. I've got some other great stories. Want me to post them?

For some odd reason, I've been throwing up in my mouth a lot lately, but then I accidentally swallow it. I ate WAY WAY too much chocolate and french fries for lunch one afternoon last week and regretted it. I ended up throwing up in my mouth, it was nasty. Then about two weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night, threw up in my mouth, and went back to sleep. I almost threw up my cheese pizza when I went to the mall day before yesterday and every time we passed one of those clean-up stations, I was thinking, better get one of those ready. I didn't throw up and I was fine by the time we got on the 40 mile drive back to my house.

Just Me
Some other movies with good puking scenes in them are
Hush, White Squall, Porkey's 2 or 3, Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, and Stand By Me.

Keep the great puking postings coming!


Hi guys .. i have read all 5 pages ... i got a nice story...
it happened today during our sschool assembly... have u seen 5 sick people in a line all waiting to throw up ...
well thats what happened today ... we were having this really boring assembly when i saw a boy being held by a teacher heading to the looo. At the same time a girl came running with her hand over her mouth, followed by two others. afetr1 minute or so i heard a loud splash & i knew someones stomach had exploded. it was soo sick. they waited in line & i really felt sorry for the peon who had to clean up different colours of puke .. pink,yellow, orange etc.. i hope this is good .. write soon.. bye!

Ok, I am not sure that I should be posting this, but I am going to anyway. I just read a post from somene who had said that she had taken syurp of ipecac to make herself throw up because she was nauseated. This really botheres me. I have read a coulpe of other posts in the past were people have done the same thing. This really concerns me. Why? Because I am bulimic and have been useing ipacac syurp since the mid 80's to make myselfpuke. My doctor what told me that it is bad enought thatI make myself throw up at all, but she is REALLY concerned that I have used syurp of ipecac to do it with because ipecac is toxic!!! My heart has been damaged due to this. People, ipecac is nothing to mess around with! Believe me, I can completely understand the agony on being so intensly nausious that you want to do ANYTHING to just throw up and get it over with!!! But ipecac should NEVER be an option! If you find yourself in this sitituation, TRY to tough it out. It you really HAVE to throw! up, you stromach will do it on its own. However, if you must induce it (and I would never encourage it personally because of where it has lead me) use another method. PLEASE!!!

Thanks for listening.

Scott England (as there is already one from the UK
Burgers not good food when you've got the stomache upset from hell as I found out to my disadvantage!I had been feeling grotty all day and woken up with the shits so I had already spent more than half the day sat on the loo being ill!My friends thought a lunch at Macdonalds would help and rather stupidly I went along with the idea!I managed to polish off a quater-pounder before my guts took there revenge!Feeling my bowels start to rumble I headed to tje gents I only just sat down in time as another load of shit rushed out of my backside,I was feeling really sick by now but there was no way I was getting off that toilet,so I puked all over the floor with an embasseded BLLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHH I just couldn't stop it coming up....Wel that's my story and after a few days in bed getting over the stomache bug I felt heaps better.Still can't face eating burgers yet!!!!

I know of a few good movies with great vomiting scenes in them. Something To Talk About has one exactly 52 minutes and 58 seconds into it (the bile on Dennis Quaid's shirt is a perfect touch). Dying Young has a pretty good scene in it, I forgot how far into the movie it was. Drive Me Crazy has one of the best ones ever because the fake vomit makes it seem so real. I'll keep adding more posts with more movies that have good vomiting scenes in the future.


Next time, you might try drinking a large glass of warm water, then sticking your finger down your throat.

One time I woke up feeling sick to my stomach. At first I wasn't sure if I would actually get sick or not.
When I throw up it really stinks, It comes up out my nose
and the stink of vomit is with me all day. Finally, tired
of feeling sick I went to the drug store and got a small
bottle of syrup of ipecac. I took it and waited for a while with nothing happening. Finally, it was time. I was ready to finally empty my sick stomach. I leaned over
the toilet and threw up out my nose and mouth. Flood
after flood of stinking stomach chunks gushed from my
mouth as I retched my guts out. I smelled the stink
of vomit and heaved five more times. The stink in the
bathroom was sickening!

I just happened to stumble across this website and decided to share my embarassing story that just happened to me. The other morning I awoke to severe stomach cramps, I layed in bed hoping it would pass but to no avail the cramps got worse so I hurried to the bathroom where I let loose a river of liquid poop all over the place then I got extremely nauseated and I thought I was done pooping so I kneeled over the toilet and burped and then I threw up all of the dinner I had the evening before. This continued for about a half hour, it started out as chunks then gradually turned into all liquid and bile.. When I finished I cleaned up the mess the best that I could and went back to bed, and to be on the safe side I placed a bucket beside the bed which came in handy since I had repeat performances off and on all day. I have never been so sick in my life.

Scott UK
Sorry I haven't been on for a while guys but I'll let you know what's been coming up.yes I have been barfing loads!The person who asked if I had ever had a car journey without puking the answer would be not for a very long time unless you count very local journeys which I don't..... Anyway more from me soon hopefully/

Hi there, Somebody in USA. I can definitely relate with getting sick on car trips. When I was 18 (I'm now 25) I went on a roadtrip to Panama City FL with three other girls after graduation. We left from Dallas TX in my parents' station wagon, took turns driving, and stopped at a sanwich place for lunch and I got a meatball sub with all the toppers, mayo, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, olives, pickles, cheese, onions, mustard, ect, some chocolate milk, and a piece of cake. After a couple of hours I started feeling sick, not that bad yet but bad enough (I wasn't driving at the time) so my friends suggested that it might be just a little carsickness so they suggested that if I do the driving for a while it might make me feel better so I tried it. It really wasn't helping and I was sure that it was must be something I ate because I really don't get carsick, but I pretended to feel better so as not to ruin everyone's good time. After a couple of hours I turned the wheel over and! tried to get some sleep because I was nauseated and my ???? felt blecch. In Mobile AL everyone wanted to stop at McDonald's and although I really wasn't hungry I got a cheeseburger and some fries and ate about half of it but stopped because I felt close to throwing up and I retched quietly a few times so I just finished my fries and drank two small cokes and ate some ice to try to settle my stomach, still wearing my "happy face" for the sake of the others then we hit the road again. We'd gotten maybe twenty minutes closer to our destination before I started retching and though I wanted to tell the driver to stop and pull over so I could get out of the car, I couldn't get a word in edgewise so I tapped her on the shoulder with one hand and kept my other over my mouth and she got the idea, quickly pulling over onto the shoulder of the interstate. Unfortunately it was too late. I got sick all over my clothes and the floor on the passenger's side of the front seat between my! feet before the car came to a stop. As soon as I could muster the strength I got out and finished beside the road and I felt lots better right away. Because of the mess, you know how when you see vomit or smell it, the way it makes you feel sick too? Well that's what happened to my friends. They became queasy also, one of them leaned out her door and made a puddle beside the car which upset my stomach once again, I started throwing up some more, but I was okay after everyone laughed about it so it was like no big deal then. I threw up a few more times until I was sure there was no more before we drove on. We didn't have any cleaning supplies with us so we drove to the next gas station and I changed clothes while one of my friends bought a couple rolls of paper towels and some carpet shampoo and everyone pitched in to clean up the mess except for the other girl who threw up. If you've never seen the mess after somebody threw up a whole footlong meatball sandwich with all! the sauce and toppings, you definitely don't want to!! It was the most grody thing you can imagine and it'll make you sick at the sight of it!! We cleaned up the mess but it still smelled bad and left a permanent dark stain on the carpet probably from all the coke I drank. We tried spraying it with car freshener among other things but it didn't help much and remember this was in warm weather. We just put newspaper down over the spot and tried not to think about it. All in all it turned out to be an enjoyable vacation and my parents weren't (too) mad about the car incident, because they informed me that I was now the proud new owner of the 'wagon as one of my graduation presents!! While we were gone my dad had bought Mom a new Blazer so now the wagon was mine. I got a job soon after and the first thing I paid for was a whole new replacement carpet for my new car.

Somebody in USA

I read your comments on how you puke all the time during car trips. That's just gotta suck. Has there ever been a time when you didn't puke on a long car trip??

Anyway, for my stories on puking, I really don't have any. The last time I threw-up was when I was 18 years old. (3 years ago). I remember the time, I was eating muscles (they are sort of like steamed clams), and after I finished, I felt really terrible. Stomach cramps, dirraheah (I apoliogize for the spelling), and eventually I puked. That is the only story I can think of. Well, everyone, I'm out. I have no idea how I found this place, but the stories here are so funny. Anyway, take it easy.

The most odd time I've ever seen anyone throw up happened in the mensroom of a disco one saturday night in 1978. I was working there part time as a barback to supplement my other job at McDonlads so that I could afford to live off campus; living off-campus was very cool to do you see. At this particular club, it was customary for the barback to clean up puke messes in the restrooms or elsewhere on the premises. I was in the last stall with the door not latched while I was having a leak. As I was taking care of my business my stall door opened suddenly and as I turned my head to look I caught a glimpse of a chick as she said "Ooops! Sorry" and I couldn't believe my eyes. A woman in the mensroom??? Then she went immediately into the next stall and I heard the sound of a lot of liquid pouring into the toilet with force, but no retching. I couldn't put together the clues at first but as I finished, zipped my pants and flushed and turned to walk out I casually glanced into t! he stall she was in as she had not bothered to latch the stall door. Yes, she was a woman for sure, my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. She was standing in front of the toilet and bending at the waist. I thought I should report this to the manager so I booked from the bathroom as she began to belch and make frighteningly loud hurling noises. The manager and I returned to ask the woman to please go to the women's restroom or we would have to involve the police but when we returned she was gone. Instead what we found was a very trashed stall. Yellow puke everywhere, on the floor behind the toilet and beside, a few dots here and there on the stall door and more on the wall behind the toilet, and last but not least, she somehow managed to turn the previously ivory white toilet's porcelain surfaces into her version of paisley and there were many streaks of it running down to the floor at several points along the bowl. At least she flushed. The manager immediately tasked m! e to take care of the mess. I was new at the job and this was my first puke duty of many to follow. I studied the mess as I tried to decide upon the best strategy to deal with the situation, off with my white shirt and bow tie and on with the rubber gloves. It looked like she tried to somewhat clean up after herself as evidenced by the wad of soaked paper towels amongst the mess on the floor however, all she really did was spread it around, making my job more difficult. The smell was terrible to the point of indescribability. Imagine the smell of a combination of a whiskey distillery, some rotten fruit, spoiled food all mixed together with shit, and dusted off with rotten parmesean cheese and that's basically the best way to describe this. With my gloved hands, I used a paper towel to rake the junk off the top of the toilet onto the floor then I got a dustpan which I used to scoop up as much as I could, and dumped it into the toilet and flushed it down. Next, I mopped ! the floor, changing the water twice during the process, then I cleaned the walls and toilet surfaces with 409 cleaner and paper towels. I had to change the toilet paper roll because she had somehow managed to trash that, too. Lastly I gave the bowl a good scrubbing with ajax and fumigated the stall with Lysol and declared the area now safe for humans. I then sanitized my hands, put away the janitorial equipment, and returned to work. The young woman that had made my job difficult just a short while earlier was sitting with her friends at a table. I recognized her by her loud top and orange flared leg pants and platform shoes, plus she looked a bit under the weather wearing a frown as the others laughed. I also recognized her as a classmate from my Business Law class! small world?? She didn't notice me walk by but however I paid for a coke and had the waitress bring it to her "on the house". She and her group stayed there a couple of hours then left. The following mon! day in class I made it my business to strike up a conversation with her before class. I mentioned about how at work over the weekend some female entered and trashed the mensroom causing me great grief. A blush came over her as she tried to act as if she didn't know. I further asked her if she'd been to the club on saturday night and she finally admitted that it was her. She said she'd had too much to drink which made her sick and thus she didn't worry about "Men" sign on the door. She simply had to puke bad and was compelled to duck into the first restroom she saw. I told her what a mess it was, how bad it smelled, and how I had to clean it up, jokingly of course, and we both roared with laughter. I asked her how she managed to make such a total mess of the stall including the toilet paper while at the same time keeping her clothes free of vomit. She simply said "It's a girl thing". She made it up to me by treating me to dinner at one of the nicer places and a few dri! nks afterwards, and oh, she promised not to puke this time.

Scott UK
Glad you like my stories!Here's another short one for you!We were on a car trip to see some friends who lived about two hours away from us!I made the mistake of having a big breakfast which wasn't a good idea,we were speeding along the motorway when my stomache began to get the usual cramping feeling,I knew it wasn't going to be long before the chunks started flying so I mentioned to Mum that I would need to stop fairly urgent!!She passed the bucket to me and I put it on my lap with my head over it waiting for the erruptiion to occur.It seemed to be taking longer than normal,all of a sudden we went over a bump and with a groan I went BLLLLUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! most of it went in the bucket luckily but my stomache was doing somersaults I felt like I would never stop puking!!!!We stopped at a service station and I went into the gents.I knelt down in front of the bowl and BLLLLLUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!I threw up some more.When I felt able to I went back to the c! ar and fell asleep for the rest of the journey!!!!We arrived and as I stepped out of the car my stomache flipped and for the third time that day BLLLLLUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!I ran to the bushes and after a short stop BLLLLLLUUUUGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!I vomited some more!!!!Eventully I managed to stop and went for a lie down,when I woke up I felt heaps better just starving hungry!!!Bye for now until the next time keep then coming!!!!!

All the posts about elementary (primary) school brought back a memory. At my school, one was not allowed to loiter about the school grounds before the beginning of the day. Instead, everyone was herded into the cafeteria for an assembly. After that, one would go to the designated area in the cafeteria for his class, then exit the cafeteria with his class in a single-file line. Sometimes, I'd wait in the boys' bathroom, wait for the assembly to end, then join the end of the line for my class as they passed by. One morning in the sixth grade, I was in the toilet stall when the bathroom door flew open, slamming into the wall. I looked over the stall, and a younger boy had just run into the bathroom. He looked at me, and his mouth was hanging open. If it helps, the boy was black. He let out a wailing "W-HOWWWWWWW!," reminding me a bit of James Brown, and lurched toward the old-fashioned trough-style urinal. Now I knew why he wanted to be in the tiolet stall. He then bol! ted toward a trash receptacle in the corner of the room, and put on a pretty impressive impersonation of James Brown and the "WHEE-HEEEEEE" screams of Michael Jackson, barfing up his breakfast into the can. He spit out the last bit, then left the room. I laughed a bit at all the unusual sounds he made, then checked out the urinal. It was school-issue Cheerios (Loops) cereal.

Did any U.S. TV viewers see the report by Geraldo Rivera about the people videotaping the drunken college students vomiting outside the bars near their home?

Steve UK
Thanks Scott for revealing all about my nasty food-poisioning incident....Remind me to do the same for you one day,actully........There was this one time when we were on holiday Scott was making a pig of himself he had eaten burgers,chips,chocalate,sweets,ice-cream and many other different things!We were walking back to the caravan when I noticed Scott walking slower and slower I went over to him and asked if he was o.k?He tld me his stomache felt upset and he was desperate for the loo and was feeling sick!He sat down on a seat holding his stomache,he said that if he took one more step he was going to have an accident in his pants!!After sitting for a while he tried to get up.....As he stood up he vomited everywhere and with all the retching diarrhea shot out his rear end completely covering his pants,jeans,socks and trainers!He sttod there for about ten minutes puking his guts out,it was so disgusting with all the chocalate he had eaten eveything was a chunky brown colour!He ! left a great big brown puddle where he had been standing and for several days you could still see the spot.......Somehow we got him back to the caravan where he spent most of the night in the tiny loo with a very upset stomache!!!!Look's like I ot my revenge Scottie boy!!!!?Till next time!!

I have made a vow to myself. I will NEVER eat at Dairy Queen again. I was sick last night and this morning because of it. Sorry people, no vomit stories, but I did have diarrhea, thank God my parents never found out! I hate to get sick because I hate sympathy. They give too much sympathy, so I vowed to never get sick again and let them know. Plus, my mom is so strict when you are sick, no TV, no reading, no BACKSTREET BOYS (God, no!I'm a HUGE fan of them), and only bed rest, now when I'm really sick, really really sick, I have no problem with bed rest, but otherwise, it's like, no thanks, I'll just go to school. The last time I got really sick I only had the dry heaves, so I didn't throw up, but I had a nasty flu. So, I don't have any more good stories.

Jason UK
I once had an acute stomache ache,I don't know what caused it but did I ever barf!!It started in the morning I woke up with a belly ache I didn't think too much of it and went to school.By the time I got there I was in agony and could hardly walk,I went to tell the teacher I wasn't feeling well when I suddenly without warning started throwing up all over the classroom floor!!The teacher came over and helped me to the toilets I was gagging and retching and bringing up loads of chunky vomit,everyone who saw me turned green!!I was sent home where I continued throwing up!I never did find out what made me so ill,but I don't want it again.....

Scott UK keep posting your stories are fab

Another story, this one is short since I am only using my friend's point of view, on account of I didn't witness it. About 60 or so kids from my junior high (6th grade to 8th) were packed into two school buses for a long trip 4 hours or so away to go to academic contests. Thankfully, my 2 best friends and I were placed on bus 2, while another one of my friends was placed on bus 1, the unfortunate bus. After the long drive, we all piled out of the bus and heard a bunch of kids talking about someone barfing on the bus. I ran up to Heath and asked him about it. He said he didn't see it, because he was up front, but when we were going through Hereford, TX, or as I like to call it, Cow Town, some 8th grader had lost his lunch all over the back of bus 1. Heath said it sounded nasty, like URRRRRRKKKKK!!!, and then all the sudden the smell came. He said it was like Spam, Cheetos, and Cornuts mixed together. That was nasty, and I didn't even see it.

Here's another encounter: My friend Taniya (sorry if you're reading this Taniya) and I were in 3rd grade when this happened. I have never seen someone barf so much in my life! Well, she wasn't feeling good, and we were on the playground (ah, yes, the wonderful playground, I think I'll call it the playground of puke) and she started feeling really bad, she went up and told the teacher and was excused to go to the nurse, but on the way up the sidewalk, she hunched over and BOOM! She literally exploded! All over the sidewalk, leaving a trail of vomit up to the doors where she controled her stomach until she got to the nurses office, where she puked in the bathroom twice. I had a great view of all of this until she went indoors, because I was at the top of the monkey bars! It wasn't that nasty, either. It just was a h**** lot of puke!

Well, I happened into this weird place by accident and figured I might as well put up my own horror story. Take in mind I was only 10 years old when this happened. I was out on the playground at my old elementary school when I got this really weird feeling. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good, either. I finally went up and told the teacher I wasn't feeling good. I went to the nurse's office and got a peppermint and was sent to class. Halfway through class, the feeling worsened and I had to go back to the nurse's office. As I waited in line I let out this huge belch and when asked if I was alright, I said yes, unknowing of what was about to happen. Then it happened, UCKLFFF!!!! All over the nurse's tiny office floor. When I got home, I threw up in a pan, in buckets, everywhere. And the ironic thing is that was almost 4 years ago and I haven't puked since.

This is my second entry today alone. I figured to tell a tale of my brother, Jordan's extremely weak stomach. At first, we thought it was car sickness, but now he'll vomit at the littlest things. The most recent one was on vacation this year. We went to Six Flags Over Texas and ordered a funnel cake. My mother, Jordan, and I shared it. Obviously he had way too much sugar. He was fine on the two hour drive to the cabin we had rented, but while my mom and I were getting dressed for bed in her bedroom, I heard him coughing. I thought, he's caught a cold, no big deal, then I heard the door open. I thought it was weird for him to be going out to play at 10:45 at night, but I ignored it. Little did I know that he was heaving his guts up. The night before he had had diarhea, and that night he was puking. Well, on with the story. Jordan puked in the bathroom loudly for about an hour and I ended up sleeping in my mom's bed with her since Jordan and I shared a room, and my! dad slept on the couch, and Jordan, you guessed it, got our bedroom. I was majorly pissed. Oh well, more tales of Jord's weak stomach later.

Scott UK
There was one time when I was really ill,I had been sick and achy for days so I went to the doctors who said I had a severe chest infection and would need to take antibiotics.I got the medicine took the pills and went back to bed,I woke up some time later and began coughing I just couldn't stop I was feeling sick as well so I staggered to the toilet,I was leaning over the toilet when BLLLUUUGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!! up come all the pills I had taken earlier and a load of other stuff as well!!!I was still coughing like mad and retching,eventully I stopped and went back to bed.In the morning mum rang the doctor who said it sounded like an allergic reaction,he put me on some different medication and witin days I was back on my feet again.Great to see more new postings here,keep em comin!!!!

It's good to see alot of new people posting here.I thought of posting another story but people might be getting sick(bad joke!) of the sounds of my posts.So this one is to find out how many people want me to keep posting?More from me very soon I hope!!?

Stepan R.
Thank you for your reply. Your experience sounded really
harrowing! If it had happened to me I think I would have considered it to have been a near death experience!!
I actually have trouble vomiting, if I ever need to, and am always looking for "helpful hints." I guess most contributors to this site don't have that problem!

Will England
I suffer from terrible travel sickness,no pills seem to stop it.I only have to be in a car for half an hour before I'm reaching for the bucket!I was going to see some friends last week when we got stuck in a traffic jam!!My stomache was already in knots and the slow moving traffic wasn't helping at all!!I had to lean out the window and BLLLLLUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH!!!!! up it all came fellow passangers and other drivers in different cars were not impressed at the smell and sight of my vomit dripping off the car!Quite a few other people were turning green and many kids were retching out of their windows....I was glad to arrive clean up and get away from the smell!Our car now has a permanent stain where I spewed all down it.Anyone else had a simular experiance?Please write and let me know,hope to hear from you all soon.This is my first posting here.

Lee (England)
Well I don't know how much detail everyone wants,but from some of the posts quite a bit!I was on holiday in Spain,I don't know if it was the heat or I had eaten something dodgy but I returned to my hotel room for a lie down,I had a headache and wanted to get out of the sun for a while.I layed on my bed and my stomache began churning so I farted BIG MISTAKE! out of my backside came the worst diarrhea I have ever seen I ran dripping to the bathroom knelt in front of the bog and spewed for what felt like ages but was probably only a few minutes,diarrhea was still pouring out my backside!When I eventully finished at both ends I jumped in the shower cleaned up and went to sleep.I woke up te next morning feeling much better.

Shane Uk
Once okay if I am really honest I get drunk quite often,sorry back to the story.I had been out with a mate celabrating his birthday,we ended up going on a pub crawl,being the youngest one there I was doing rather well keeping up with the others,matching them drink for drink shot for shot,towards the end of the evening I was starting to slow down my stomache was full to the limit and no more beer was going down.I stood rather shakily and headed to the gents knowing it wouldn't be long before my body decided to get rid of as much alchol as it could....All of a sudden someone bumped into me and UGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!! my stomache erupted all over him,I ran in the general direction of the exit and once outside continued to vomit in a loud carefre manner.I had puked all over myself and the smell was revolting, I don't remember getting home but the next morning I had the hangover from hell and paid quite a few visits to the loo with various ammounts of vomit being thrown up!I vowed ne! ver to drink again!Well don't we all!!!!!?

Scott UK
Well you wanted the facts and here they are!My Mum got a chinese meal from the local take-away on the same night I was at the BBQ.After eating the meal they were watching telly,Steve(my brother) was the first to feel ill,He went into the toilet and had the runs,he came out with a terrible stomache ache and said he was going to lie down!By this time Dad had disapeared into the toilet also with the runs!He came out and Steve went rushing in with his hand over his mouth spraying bits of regurgetated chinese everywhere,he got into he toilet bent over the bowl heaving his guts up,at the same time diarrhea was running down his leg!!Mum came in holding her stomache and at the sight of Steve's vomit puked over the floor!!By now Jake(my other younger brother)was desperate for the loo(he hadn't eaten as much as everyone else)Steve moved off the toilet and Jake had the runs before puking in the sink!I walked in somewhat worse the ware for drink to find Dad throwing up in the garden,Mum h! urling in the kitchen sink,Jake lying in bed with 2 buckets beside him and Steve sat on the loo with constant Diarrhea and a bucket full of vomit!!!!Had I not been so drunk I would probably gone out again BUT no not me.After puking myself I fell asleep.....In the morning I woke to find 4 very ill people.Steve was the worst.Mum managed to stay in bed.Jake was feling well enough to sit and watch telly and Dad had gone to sleep on the sofa!Steve couldn't keep anything down not even water and I was geting quite worried!He'd have a drink then five minutes later would be in the loo heaving up bile or having very watery diarrhea!!I got some medicine from the chemist which worked eventully but even in the following few days when everyone else was back to normal,poor Steve still had diarrhea and at least once through the day he would be very sick.He seems to be settling down again but says he is feeling very weak and still in a bit of pain!He his going to the doctors later today so we'! ll see what happens then!!?Till next time keep the srories coming up(sorry bad joke!!)!!

Jason UK
I know there is a bug going round the school I go to,my brother has had it and I really don't want it but with most of my friends suffering the bug it doesn't look good!!My brothers started with a sore throat and a stomache ache,he had a bit of a temperature but nothing to worry about.Mum kept him off school,so he layed on the settee watching telly.By lunchtime his temperature was up and he was complaing of feeling sick!Mum kept an eye on him.It was half way through the afternon when he suddenly chose to spew everywhere in the lounge!Mum came running in when she heard the BLLLLLUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHHHH sound to find Tony covered in puke,she picked him up(he is only 6)and put him over te toilet where he continued to vomit,it started off chunky and he was gagging on it but by the time he finished it was near enough liquid!!!!I came in and had to lok after him in the toilet while mum cleaned the lounge....I was rubbing his back as he continued reaching and retching!!We eventully got h! im to bed and placed a bucket beside him which I witnessed him using 3 or 4 times during the night!By morning he was feeling sleepy but not so sick so let's hope it just a 24 hour bug and I don't get it.Yes if I do I will post details here when I an next able to.Laters......

I left my lunch in San Francisco
This forum is so weird. I've been reading for a while and I felt like I had to add my own tail of sickness to this page. My parents and I had flown into SFO the day before this happened from London. There were a lot of sick people on the plane and I must have picked something up. Anyway, we were walking along next to the fish market down by the bay very quickly. (My parents have this thing about powerwalking everywhere) I started to feel nauseated but I figured if I stopped walking it would be okay. We decided to take a break and watch the sea lions of the pier. I felt even worse then and I got really hot. I took off my sweatshirt and I was in a cold sweat. My mouth got really dry and I knew what was going to happen. I thought about telling my parents I needed a bathroom, stat, but I knew I would never make it. I just leaned over the railing and watched the platform the sea lions were on bob up and down in agony until bluuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaggg. Out came all that I'd eaten th! at day in a matter of seconds. The other tourists on the pier didn't even seem to care, I think they were foreign. Afterward I felt much better.

Tried to post to this site about a month ago--it didn't get posted, so I'll try again. About a month ago, I was over at my cousin's and her boyfriend brought some beer. I never drank before, and I guess I got kinda drunk--the room started acting funny. My cuz told me to stick my finger down my throat and make myself throw up--she said she does that when she's drunk or sick and needs to puke to feel better. I didn't 'cuz I was scared to (I never did that before either), and I woke up the next day with hangover from hell. I never found out if making myself barf would have prevented it. Then a couple of days ago my friends and I all went down to Mexico. We didn't drink, but we ate a bunch of really greasy tacos we bought on the street and it was really hot. By the time I got home I was really nauseous. I took some Pepto-Bismol but it made me feel worse and I decided to make myself puke and get it over with. Trouble is, nothing happened--I kneeled over the toilet and stuc! k my finger down my throat, but all I did was cough and gag and get a sore throat. The tacos didn't come up until about midnight (when I woke up really nauseous and threw up on my own--I almost puked in my bed). What went wrong? I've heard that girls with bulimia make themselves vomit all the time. Do they do something different from what I did? I don't get this way very often (and no, I'm not trying to get bulimia) but if I really need to make myself throw up I'd like to know how to do it.

Jason UK
Had a bad stomache ache the other day,felt rough all day came home in the evening went for a lie down and fell asleep!I woke up a couple of hours later hot and sweaty and feeling nausea,I ran to the toilet dived towards the toilet bowl and BLLLLLUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! up came the entire contents of my stomache,great big chunks of bacon,eggs,toast,orange and loads of other weird looking concoctions it landed with a splash in the toilet splashing my face with water!!!The sight was making me gag and retch even more and the spasms in my stomache were really strong!!!!I had the sudden urge to poo.I pulled down my pants as a cascade of diarrhea errupted from my rear end!!I was feling really ill by now and as I was sitting on the loo my stomache heaved again and I vomited into the sink!!I was feeling soooo illlllll!!I eventully staggered back to bed and fell asleep for the next two days!!!!!!I never want to feel that ill ever ever again!!!!!!!!!!

Scott UK, can you tell us some of the stories about what happened to your family when they all got food poisoning
we would really like to know

Jason UK
Well my stomache has been upset for the last couple of days,something I ate probably.Might have been tose dodgy kebabs from Saturday night I haven't felt right since then!!I'd been out to a club didn't drink as I was driving,on the way home stopped tor a kebab (well I had to give myself one treat)I was so hungry I wolfed it down and went back for another(big mistake)).I got home and went straight to bed!I woke up a couple of hours later with a killer stomache ache,I was sweating hot I got up to get a glass of water that's when I felt my bowels go,I rushed to the loo pulled down my pants and sat down as my bottom exploded with the runs,my stomache was in agony and the smell of my poo was making me gag!!I grabed at the bin which was conviently placed beside the loo I retched and retched and all of a subben BLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!The entire contents of my stomache came up in to my mouth and gushed out in to the bin!It was gross my stomache was sooo painful and I was ! simutaniosly puking into the bin and having the runs at the same time!!!I eventully managed to stagger back to bed only to repeat the same process an hour or two later!I love reading all of the stories on this site and am pleased that I can add this one to it.Until the next time,Bye

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