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Hugh G.
I work from 3:00 to 11:00 p.m. Sometimes on Friday night, I stop at the bowling alley after work for a couple of hours. On Friday night, they do Thunder Alley, which is when they play loud music and shine electronic lights all over the place as you bowl. It makes it harder to concentrate on bowling, but I'm a pretty fair bowler, and you are charged for two hours of time instead of for each game youu roll, which is nice. This is popular with the young teenage set, often too young to drive. There is always one lane of boys who try to make spectacles of themselves, and last Friday was no exception. Every song that came on, someone would shout "You played that one already" or "That song sucks!" Then they'd do clever things like have all four of them roll a ball down the lane at the same time, or set the ball by the foul line, get a runnung start, then kick it. This was all happening about six lanes to the right of mine.

At one point, one of the lads tried some sort of acrobatic stunt while trying to roll the ball towards the pins, and somehow hurt himself. He was lying on the floor by the foul line, holding one of his shins and screaming loudly. The other boys in his lane ignored him, and he crawled back to the seating area behind the scoring table. By now, it was 2:00 a.m., which is when Thunder Alley ends, and everyone has to stop bowling and leave. The injured lad pulled himself up to his feet by the ball return. He was obviously in a great deal of pain, and the others were razzing him, calling him a wimp. Without warning, the little bastard doubled over and retched in the ball return! The balls were rolling around through the chunky brown puddle in the ball return like gigantic meatballs rolling around in gravy. One of the other boys got the mop and bucket, but this sight was too much for one of the other boys to bear. Seated on the bench in the seating area, he leaned over and barfed on the floor. The loud music was turned off, so the retching could be heard and seen by all. The fellow behind the shoe rental counter tried to ignore what was happening, but that was impossible. The boy with the mop had a tremendous mess, and I wonder what they did about the balls and the ball return, since I left at this time. There is a ball washer, but I don't think it was designed to wash off vomit. Rection.

Me and my friends were at the mall one day when one of my female friends said in a shaky voice that she felt sick to her stomach, so we sat down for awhile. She felt a little better, so we went to the pretzel shop to sit down and eat. She purchased a small Sprite to help soothe her nauseous stomach. As the other girls comforted her, we teased her about how she was gonna blow... it was soo funny! But soon the joke was on is... and literally... ON! She turned this very sickly green color, so we all scrambled to get out of the line of fire! Unfortunately, it wasn't quick enough. She let out a watery belch and her stomach heaved. Her mouth opened up and a little pink liquid trickled out onto the table.We were kind of relieved, but then she got a terrible look on her face. She put her hand on her churning belly and a little more pink liquid flowed out as she choked and coughed. Then, she erupted. A huge blast of watery vomit gushed out of her mouth, splashing us all! She heav! ed more and more, and up and up it came. After awhile, the liquid ran out and she was just heaving huge chunks. A lot of people stared and then looked away in disgust. As in "Victim of Circumstance"'s story, many little kids stopped and wondered what was going on. Her stomach heaved and heaved and heaved, pushing more and more food up through her mouth. It was a truly disgusting site. Her clothes were covered, as was her hair. She smelled terrible, and so did the vomit! In fact... the whole shop was beginning to reek of her stomach contents! She ran out of the store, her hand over her mouth. Darting towards the bathroom, she leaked a trail of vomit all the way through the mall. What an experience!

When I was a kid, about 11 or 12, we went up to Mt. Evans on a day drive. Mt. Evans is near Denver, where we live, and it's one of the highest paved roads in the country, I think. When we were having breakfast, I said I wan't feeling good. I had a cold, or some kind of sinus thing. I had those a lot when I was younger.

So,anyway, there we were up at Mt. Evans. We were in the visitors' center in the Crest House, which no longer exists, due to a fire some years ago. WE were in this big public open area, with the coffee shop and the gift shop and so on. As I remember it, with absolutely no warning at all, I felt kind of bad for a minute and then threw up on the floor right there in front of everybody. Worse, I was sick on another kid, older than I, who happened to be standing there. Poor guy, I had no chance to move, or warn him, or anything. Everything just came up. I was never so mortified in my life. Nobody told me about altitude sickness, as we were over 14,000 feet; and I bet my cold or sinus thing contributed to it too. I was afraid to go up Mt/ Evans again for YEARS, because I was afraid the sme thing would happen and I'd get sick at my stomach in front of my boyfriend or something. But we went up there a couple years ago, and nothing happened.

However, the good thing was that everyone up there was a total stranger, and I would never see any of them again. I always dreaded the day I might get sick in school, but I never did.

The sickest I have ever been was just a few months ago. Never did find out what it was, though I suspect it was a virus, since a coworker came down with exactly the same thing a day or two later. I was sitting at my kitchen table, grading papers, and my stomach started to feel uncomfortable. I wasn't that surprised; dinner had been delicious, but very rich and much more fat than I was used to. So, Iwent and got the Alka-Seltzer, drank it, kept marking essays. The discomfort got worse, kind of an ache. After about a half hour, I sighed, swore gently, and headed for the bathroom, because I knew what was coming next...or coming up, I should say. I never did feel "nauseated", per se, just cramps in the middle. It didn't take much. The first time, quite a lot came up, pretty easily because I was so full. And more after that. I muttered under my breath in annoyance. I figured that it ahd just been that I couldn't handle that much rich food, and so I probably couldn't eat there again, even though I liked it. Then the cramps continued and I started having diarrhea. OK, it wasn't the rich stuff--either a virus or bacteria. I gave up trying to grade anything--there was no way I was going to be in class the next day. The rest of the night, about seven hours, I threw up 12 times. Every half hour, just about, I'd dump the covers on top of the cat and head for the bathroom. Finally he got tired of this drill and went to find another place to sleep. Never, ever, ever, do I want to go through that again. I have never been that sick in my whole entire life.

One time, while stopped at a rest area, I sat down on the hood of my car enjoying the day. Not 2 minutes later did a car zoom by, parking itself a few spaces down. I noticed a very attractive woman shakily step out of the car. Then, she gave a chunky, watery burp, and there it went. It was almost like her belly exploded. Up and up the chunks of yellow came, creating a small pile on the pavement. Her lean stomach heaved and pulsated, and even more gushed up from within. After about 30 seconds, her vomit covered approximately half of a parking space. Still, the chunky liquid poured from her mouth, and she made disgusting retching sounds. I did not find her so attractive anymore! After I'd say about 3 minutes, she seemed to be finished. She gave me a somewhat embarrassed smile, and I figured she WAS still pretty attractive. I talked to her, and she explained that she had been traveling for awhile when she felt herself become violently nauseous. She pulled into here, hoping to make it to a bathroom where she could relieve her yucky belly. Well, that plan had failed, and she said she felt very ashamed of what had just happened. I assured her it was alright, and she stayed and chatted. But not 15 minutes later, a wash of pale overcame her face, and her body gave a violent tremor as her swollen belly erupted with a SPLASH of vomit on me!

Believe this or not, but this actually happened! Anyway... My friend was at a bar one night when a cutesy blonde chatted him up. After a few beers, she got a little tipsy, so he suggested they go back to his place. On the way there, she complained of severe nausea, but he thought nothing of it. Once they reached his house, she was practically a walking time bomb filled with puke, but he didnt care. They proceeded to "heat things up". After awhile, she pulled back and sat. She put her hand over her ???? and said that she was gonna blow. 2 seconds later, she did, all over the bed! He was surprised her little belly didnt totally explode from the force of all that puke coming up. She kept on heaving and heaving, forming a pool. After she was done, she said that, in fact, she DID feel like she exploded, and now had horrendous belly aches. Upon inspection, her ???? was red and puffy, especially around the navel area for some reason. She said that area felt especially sore and tender. She sat for awhile, then noticed that a littl! e pile of goop had formed in the dark cave of her belly button. She scraped it out ; it smelled like the vomit, looked like the vomit. Could it be that her NAVEL emitted some vomit? Post what u think here!

Victim of Circumstance
My girlfriend threw up all over the floor in the mall this past friday, april 2 99. Here's the details: We ate pizza, a large with all the toppers at 5:00. I only ate one bite because I thought it tasted strange like there was something wrong with it. My girlfriend ate nearly the whole thing; she hadn't had lunch that day and thus was very hungry. We went to the mall at around 7:30 p.m. and she wanted to stop at a gas station to get tums and a coke because her stomach felt "funny". No big deal.YET. While shopping my girlfriend informs me she's feeling a little sick to her stomach. We tried walking it off for about an hour and a half when she admitted she felt like she was going to vomit. She was pale and sweating so we started walking towards the restrooms when suddenly she halts, clamps a hand over her mouth and grabs hold of my arm with the other. She emitted a cough as she bowed forward and then a powerful flood of barf sprayed between her fingers and poured out all over the floor. It smelled terrible. Some dots of her hurlage splashed on my shoes. She turned slightly away so that it wouldn't splash on me, then she went down to a squatting position, and really lets it fly. She was wearing bellbottom jeans and they got peppered with dots of puke as well as her shoes. There was a horrible mess about four square feet on the floor; it was reddish in color, in straw-colored liquid. Then she went further forward on all fours and performed a series of involuntary short powerful heaves, (I lost count after about five) adding to the pile already on the floor. Her hair was on the floor in the mess, like a mop. It smelled awful --I almost joined in with her! She was making loud retching noises and people were beginning to stare at us. Some little kid kept asking "what's that stuff coming out of that lady's mouth, mommy?" The manager came and started unrolling paper towels and put them on top of the puddle (his cheeks bulged quickly a couple of times). Next thing I know I hear a lady with a quivvering voice on the store's pager calling for a mop in the electronics department. I apologized to the kid with the mop, but we didn't waste any time getting out of there! We came home and she had diarrhea and threw up some more in the bathroom trash can all at the same time. She felt o.k. after a few hours; probably mild food poisoning from the weird tasting pizza.

Hugh G.
I used to work in fast food, and mine was the only place open after mindight people fould afford after spending their money on liquor and narcotics. My favorites are the ones that retch while trying to order at the speaker, but they barf all over the parking lot, too. Indeed, I can identify everything on the menu from a quick look at the puddle of retch. When a drunk is particularly obnoxious, I'd load their food with white onions. These son't mix too well with liquor, so they'd be making a "street pizza", assuming they got the car door open in time. Rection.

TJ Johnson
In kindergarten one time this guy named justin who sat right next to me leaned over next to me to tell me he felt like he was gonna puke,when before he could, he all of the sudden threw up all over me!I jump up screaming and cussing,and then I slipped in the puke on the floor,I was lying on my back when he threw up again!this time right into my mouth!I accidently swallowed it and it instantly made me sick,I just started puking and puking and puking all over the other kids!

J. Cos.
I did Power Hour (60 shots of beer in 60 minutes) with my friends in college, and did fine until about minute #48. After already witnessing 3 people puke into trashcans, I grabbed one just in case. I was spitting a lot, a sign of things to come. Little did I know that the girl I spent a weekend getting close to, knowing she adored me, would come into the room with her friends. Not 20 seconds was she in the room when I spewed my brains out into the trashcan. My only words, "I don't remember eating noodles!"

Kyle P.
With my buddies at college, I did Power Hour (60 shots of beer in 60 minutes), and did well until about #26. Well, I felt foam arising in my throat, and puked it out. Not a second later did I wharf up about a gallon of beer in a perfect stream projecting about 2 feet, yet I didn't miss the trashcan at all. I continued to finish my shots, and later hooked up with a chic who knew that I puked. Hey, puking ain't all that bad!

Keith M.
I did Power Hour (60 shots of beer in 60 minutes) with my friends at college, and had a horrible experience. I honestly puked out of not just my mouth, but through my nose and yes, MY EYES! Need I say that I was in pain. I have witnesses to testify that I puked out of my eyes! No, I CAN see!

Here is my vomitstory Ihad been drinking on an empty somach all day then ate pizza. 30 minuteslaater i had to puke real bad.It was all chunks and I really heaved,but I felt altot better afterwords.

I just clicked a link to this page that promised a free glory bear by making a comment in this guestbook. I'm currently at work, but site looks like it has a lot of interesting reading!

was looking for a maple for $10, but I have a good store to tell you. zi was about eight years old and my father for the first time cooked us (my sister and I) breakfast he made us eggs and taylor ham and as he was feeding us my mother was in the shower and had no clue what he was doing. about two hours later after my father went to work my sister and I started to feel sick I told my mother how I felt and she told us to go laid down she called my father on the phone and asked what he feed us just at that time I came in the bedroom holding my mouth and she looked at me and she just knew she cupped her hands out and I puked all in her hands.she was yelling at my father that she told him not to make taylor ham it was bad,less than two minutes later my sister came in the room and did the same thing. Now that I am older I think back at how gross that was for my mother but e kept her cool and just cleaned it up

Once I was in school and I hadn't eaten breakfast, I started feeling queasy, but made it throught the class. After school I had a dentist appt., and when I was in the chair and the dentist had me open my mouth, I vomited all over him. Right on the front of his shirt.

I got real sick and threw up in class on a cheerleader.

I remember once, a long time ago, my friend and I went to the movie theatre in an effort to cheer her up because she wasn't feeling very well. She decided that the extra-buttery popcorn might make her feel slightly better, so she went for it. About halfway through the movie (with an empty popcorn bucket on the empty seat next to us) I noticed she got a sick look on her face. I asked her if she was sick, and she nodded meekly. She started squirming around in her seat, with one hand over sick belly and the other over mouth that was quicky filling with chunks. I grabbed the bucket and had her puke in that. She filled it quickly, adn the sound of puke made many people turn around and stare. After the bucket was filled, she just puked on the floor. Up and up the chunks came, yellowish white, and smelling terrible. My ???? hurt just to look at her, sicking up rihgt there in front of everyone. After I guess she thought shw was done, she sat back down with a miserable look. I asked her how she felt and told me that she felt even worse, that she was way more nauseous than before, and now she had an unbearable bellyache as well. I decided we better leave, but she was too weak to stand up and walk. So we sat there, her puking a bit on the floor every now and then. Once we finally got to the parking lot, she gave out the wettest and loudest burp ever, screamed a certain foul word, and barfed ALL OVER the place! Once we finally got to the car, she said that she felt like crap again and stuck her head out the window to vomit. It was truly disgusting. Then she said she felt a little better, and her stomachache was gone. So we decided to hit a local bar, which was a terrible mistake. After 2 drinks, she was back in the puke-groove. I held her hair while she bowed to the porcelin god. While we were in the bathroom tidying up, her bottom let out a funny noise and she scurried into a stall. The splatter and splash of diarehea could be heard, as well as her farts and squirts. After she flushed, i heard her puke again, and she cried out, HELP! I took her to the ER where we discovered that she had a very serious stomach virus, although it was nothing to really worry about much. She remained sick for the rest of the week, and she had terrible bouts of diareha for quite awhile, along with bad bellyaches and cramps for about 2 weeks. Poor her!

One time in eighth grade, I had this friend who wasn't feeling too good. We were in a boring class when she bounded from her seat and proceeded to vomit huge chunks all over my desk and the floor. Then she went to the garbage can and continued to puke. The smell was so overwhelming that about three kids ran out into the hall and threw up there. Then she was finished and the teacher asked me to take her to the nurse. Just as she said that, my friend farted and liquid poop started running down her legs. We rushed out the door and were in the middle of the hall when she threw up and had diarrhea again. It was so gross. There was puke on my shirt. The next day in school I started to feel kind of sick. During gym, I ran out of the door and vomited heavily by the bathroom. That was the worst week ever.

A mall manager
I was at a really important meeting with my husband (the president of the company) and I told him that my stomach was messed up. I actually FELT the chunks rising but I had to swallow them. I told him that I was going to blow chunks. He said the meeting was only 10 more minutes. Then, I felt it. I KNEW I was gonna puke. I grabbed my coffee cub and filled it with puke (nobody noticed!) and then once it was filled, I felt it again I opened my hands in an effort to stop the milky yellow liquid from coming out but it only created "a shower"! I started getting dry heaves and then it happened. A huge blast of vomit came pouring out and green brown liquid poured out my dress! I couldnt help it! Then, my secretary started puking too! It was the meeting from HELL!

A few years back now, I became suddenly and violently sick to my stomach while teaching as a fourth grade substitute. I hadn't felt that great all day really, quessy, nausea, and diarrhea...but until that moment hit, I had no idea how sick I actually was. Turns out I was suffering from a severe case of Salminilla Poisoning that almost saw the end of me. I remember that day as if it were yesterday, though it was years past. Somehow humiliation tends to do that to you? I was substitute teaching a fourth grade class, and all throughout the morning I had suffered from a rather harsh case of diarrhea. Unfortunately I was deep in debt and needed the money too desperately to turn down work, even when I felt so nauseas....and every ten to twenty minutes~like clockwork~ I found myself almost having to sprint to the bathroom to make it there before I crapped in my pants. By noon there was no substance at all left in my 'bowel movements'. They were 100% dark brown liquid defecation. It was like I was peeing out of my butt. And the nausea! I'll just say it came in waves, and when it finally broke loose, I literally exploded at both ends. I was sitting on the toilet in the ladies staff restroom, already weak and dehydrated from having suffered from this ever worsening diarrhea for the past three days. Up until then I had somehow been able to maintain a somewhat normal schedule, considering I spent much of my time ridding myself of the watery bowel movements that even days before made me heave once my nausea went sky high. But like I said, somehow I had managed to 'maintain' until then. When the first Tidal Wave of nausea struck me, I was completelly unprepaired for what was soon to transpire. I began to sweat profusely, feel the sudden urge to dump my watery load into the toilet once more. Then I knew instantly that I was to start heaving, and oh did I!! Totally unprepaired for it all, I began heaving chunks of vomit mixed with gallons upon gallons of liquid barf. I could not stop the upward movement of what must have been a months worth of groceries, I wasn't going to halt it, control it's outflow, its direction, none of those things. By then I was so sick it was all I could manage to simply lean forward a little and open my mouth for the outpour, all the time pouring an almost black tarry and very liquid substance from my ass. Again and again I heaved, gagged, and barfed everywhere. Oh my god, that poor Janitor! But I could not stop, again and again I gushed my offering to the floor below me. Finally, what actually turned into an hour and a half worth of being deathly sick at my stomach, I heard the door to the restroom open. Then I heard a female gasp, and stifle a scream before the sight and stench forced her to double over, and proceed to heave almost in unison with me. Apparently a few moments later she was able to stop barfing long enough to escape the grotesque offering that I was still producing without any signs of even slowing down. In fact with every gush from my bowels, with every heave from my already sore stomach, I felt worse and worse. I began to believe it entirely possible that I was going to die right there on their toilet, violently heaving a liquid offering to anyone/anything not fast enough to jump out of the way. They told me later that before the paramedics could get to me, I had went into three Grand Mal Seizures which cause me to stop breathing and for my heart to cease working at all. With no other choice, they were forced to stay right there with me, and attempt to revive me. Four and a half minutes later, they did. Most of that day I remained unconscience, though. The moment I awoke (that next afternoon), it started in all again almost immediately. By then I was in ICUn hooked up to tons of I.V.'s, tubes, machines, and the like. I spent a total of fourteen days in that hospital, and the truth be known I almost didn't pull through several times I was told.

Magnetymous Delco
Lets ride the Zipper! I changed schools in the tenth or eleventh grade (I'm 23 now), from public to private schools in Mississippi, and made several new friends, and acquaintances over lunch in the first few weeks. There's a little fair that comes to town twice a year there and they asked me to go, but I could ~detect~ that something was up... I love fair rides, the more violent and terrifying the better, so I said sure. We went by the pizza restaurant with a uniquely shaped red roof (notice I didn't mention any copyrighted trademark) beforehand. This was my idea since the school cafeteria really sucked (really...) and I had skipped lunch. Thursday was armband night (one price=unlimited rides) and everyone else except Jeffrey got an armband. So far so good. We paired up and Jeffery and I rode the Flying Bobs (painfully loud music, but fun), the Cobra several times, and were waiting in line for the Zipper when the rest of the group showed up. We talked about my "record" of full rotations of the Zipper car, which is over 200, BTW. Jeffery asked me how I felt, which was fine. He reassured me he was also fine as we got loaded in the car. I was explaining to him the way I figured out to lean forward/ back just out of phase with the natural rocking of the cart, and it would start to spin end over end. He seemed sort of preoccupied with holding onto the bar! There was some tie-up loading a car, and we were at the top before the ride started for several minutes, during which I _almost_ was able to flip the car over. As the car slowed down rocking, and I tried to see what the ~heck~ was holding up the loading, I heard a strange sound, Kinda reminded me of the sound it makes when I drink a large glass of water and lay down on my back real hard, GBLUPP. Then they got the last of the cars loaded and KLANG-BANG off we went! It was a good ride! They had it loaded just right, so the cart would flip every time! Yess! I managed 15 continuous revolutions, then the problems started No!! My keys fell out and started flying from the floor to the ceiling of the car, I yelled, "Jeffery, get my keys!" He was holding on for dear life, opened his mouth to say something but all he did was belch, "oh, shit," I thought... I was strapped in and couldn't catch the keys, just then, at the top of the travel of the cart, at its brief "zero G force" point, silently, this quart or so of mostly liquid pizza joins my keyring flying all over the cart! I said some right nasty things, when I noticed Jeffery was LAUGHING! He was getting such a kick out of chundering all over me! The Zipper cart was still hauling ass at abut 100 RPM along the horizontal axis; puke, keys and curses flying all over the place! I was wishing for this ride to end NOW! After the pizza, up came lunch. That awful macaroni and cheese I had skipped at school that day! It must have already been way down in his small intestine by now, because a good sized chunk of it went in my mouth, and I could taste his bile and other internal juices; but not a hint of pizza! (This is scary, and I can't believe I'm gonna say it, but:) It didn't taste good, kind of tasteless and sour/ bitter, but it didn't taste all that bad (!), either. (I can't believe I just said that....) About that time I managed to catch my keyring. It was so slippery and interesting feeling (!) that I just had to jingle the keys in front of Jeffery's face! The ride was slowing down now, and as the cart tipped one last time the keys spread slightly, joined by glistening strings of stomach mucus. This sight sent him into another bout of heaves right as the attendant opened the door! I jumped out, stuffing my well naturally-lubricated keys into my pocket, right as the ride attendant yelled "CLEANUP!" The other two friends took one look at me and told me I was now officially a member of The School! I had a hard time convincing them I didn't puke too, there was so much of it everywhere! I made a mad dash for my car, had to fumble with the door keys because the keyless entry transmitter was completely FUBAR now, and changed shirts, plus left my stinking keys hidden on top of my engine under the hood. Not to get lost again! Jeffery puked a couple more times that evening, not on me, thank goodness, and the other 3 of us rode stuff until they closed at 12:00. That was the first and hopefully last time I get to taste something that has been halfway through another guy's digestive tract! But I will certainly never forget the whole experience. I passed their little admittance rite unscathed, not even feeling the slightest bit `green`! Every new student got that treatment, I found out! I'm reminded every time I see the etched spots on the back of my aluminum Chevrolet (copyrighted trademark infringed upon) keychain! Well I hope you all enjoyed this and I hope I managed to convey it in a scientific, though graphic way. I have a couple more stories, not as good as this though, I may post here in the future.... D.

This story isn't about me, but it's about my friend, and it's really disgusting. So, don't say I didn't warn you! We were sitting in study hall one day when my friend passed me a note that said she wasn't feeling good. I mouthed to her "Go to the nurse", but she just nodded no miserably. She looked awful. All of a sudden, she put her hand over her mouth and the other over her stomach (which I knew was soon going to empty) and bolted for the door, but didn't make it. She let out the loudest and most disgusting burp I've ever heard in my entire life, and an incredible amount of barf bursted from her mouth. You could see her stomach heaving, and with every heave came more and more vomit. When it looked like she was done, an entire section of the classroom was covered in puke. The teacher started to tell her to go to the nurse, but she erupted again. The teacher took us all out of the room as she continued to puke in there. After a few minutes, she came out, and asked if she could go to the nurse. The teacher sent me with her. She smelled and looked awful. I asked her if she felt ok now, and she said she felt even worse than ever. She said her stomach had an unbearable ache, she was so nauseous she wished she'd just faint already, and she could feel stuff sloshing around in her stomach. We got to the nurse's office. The nurse took one look at her and nearly fainted. She called her house, but no one was home. She would have to stay in school, but in the nurse's office. Then, my friend got a horrible look on her face, and threw up again. She continued to dry heave for awhile, and finally stopped. She said she didn't feel nauseous anymore, but her stomach still ached and she could still feel stuff sloshing in her stomach. She put her hand over her belly and sighed. That did it-- the fountain blew again--- but this time it was almost entirely chunks-- no liquid. Her stomach heaved and she puked again. Exhausted, she fell into a chair, and didn't puke at all for the remainder of the day. She complained about terrible bellyaches for the rest of the week, though, and experienced dry heaves. No one ever found out what caused her to become so sick, but I'm sure glad it didn't happen to me!!

J Curt
My most unique (and funniest) experience in this department was at our graduation celebration dinner at Great Lakes Naval Training School where I had just completed nearly a year of Electronics Classes. As you know there is one clown in every class. Ours was a BM2 (Boatswain's Mate Second Class) who was converting from the deck rating to Electronics. We were instructed to wear casual blues (called "undress blues"} which were long sleeved blue tops with long blue trousers to this occasion since it was not considered a formal dinner. Cav had taken a can of Dinty Moore beef stew and opened it and put the contents in a zip-lock bag and placed it under his sleeve with a rubber band holding it around his wrist.. With the long loose sleeves on this uniform, you couldn't tell it was there. After everybody had eaten till they were full, Cav acted like he was going to get sick and bent over the table onto his arm and forced the contents of the can out onto the table. It made a nasty looking mess and everybody was starting to feel sick themselves. Then Cav said, "Boy am I hungry now!" He then started picking up the chunks of meat and potatoes and eating them. Then Captain, who was noted for his long-winded speeches at such occasions immediatly dismissed the entire class. Those of us who knew Cav well enough and were sitting close enough had all we could do to keep from rolling over with laughter.

I went on a whale watching trip to Newfoundland with about ten friends. None of us had ever gotten seasick before, so we decided to go on a full day trip by ourselves. The sea was rough and about half an hour into the trip I felt seasick. Fifteen minutes after, I threw up. All my friends were sick within an hour and a half of leaving. It was pure torture. When we docked, most of my friends felt fine, but I still felt sick. Thet night and all the next day was spent n the hotel washroom where I had the runs, threw up a couple more times and had a bad bellyache. That was the worst time I ever got sick!

My story starts at a nightclub a few years ago. I was with a friend of mine at the time (Steve) who was quite a pill-popper. Well, we were trying to chat up ladies with very little luck (naive young-uns that we were) when Steve asks me if I had any of the anti-depressants that I usually take on me. "Your in luck Stevey boy, I got half a pack on me". How stupid could I be? Steve was as drunk as a mongoose and I had given him my Dont Take With Alcohol pills? HALF A PACK? I eventually left the club but Steve wanted to stay on and try his luck with the girls. Later on that night when I was at a friends place who should come knocking at the door but my good ol' bud Steve. Steve was H A M M E R E D baby, almost incoherent, so, being the young 'uns that we were cheered him like he was our greatest hero. After drinking some more he passes out with his head on the table and being the caring people we were we put a pillow under his head. Not 15 minutes later Steve raised his head like he had just had a grand thought, and puke gushed forth from his lips washing all over the table top and the pillow. Not fazed by any of this he pushed the pillow aside and snuggled his head down into his filthy smelly mess. "Steve, wake up man, your not well" was the enlightened cry from the gang. We aroused him out of his sleep only to see him skip to the kitchen covered in vomit, grab a spoon, and pace the house holding it to his nose. This guy was a mess, his long hair was covered with drying puke, his head awash, his clothes damp and smelly. We debated over wether to give him an assisted shower but the no's had the majority. We just gave him a mattress to sleep it off on, threw the pillow away and washed the table. Steve maintains he blacked out at the nightclub and cannot recall what happened.

One time, I was over at a friends house, and I had just had three pieces of the greasiest pizza ever made, I thought I was fine and I felt that way for about 3 hours, so we decided to smoke some pot, BAD IDEA, I got so stoned, that I got dizzy as hell, I barely made it to the bathroom when up came the pizza, partially digested crusts, bunch of cheese, the usual, but while I was puking I coughed, and that was that, It went EVERYWHERE, My friend had to clean it up cause along with being high as hell, I also got a big ass dose of msg poisoning.

About a year ago, I went to school even though I was feeling like crap. In the middle of a very boring calculus class, I got "the feeling", you know, that oh-my-God-get-me-to-a-bathroom-I'm-gonna-blow feeling. I raised my hand to tell the teacher that I wasn't feeling well, but it was too late. I gave out a huuuuuge burp and gushed white chunks ALL OVER the place. After I thought I was done, I felt like I was gonna do it again, so I clamped my hand over my mouth and darted for the bathroom. I didn't make it, though, and I left a trail of puke down the hall. As if this wasn't enough, I had to go back to class, where the teacher immediately gave me a referral to the nurse. I went down and she took my temperature. Since no one could come and pick me up, she had me lie down on a cot. I felt even worse, and I swear, for about 3 minutes before I puked this third time, my stomach was pulsating. I felt so sick all day that day, and I couldn't face the humiliation so I didn't go back the next few days. Here's another story that happened to me: I was at the mall in a dressing room when I started to feel nauseous. I felt totally ill and I knew I was gonna hurl. Knowing I'd never have enough time to get to the bathrooms, I stuffed clothes from one of my shopping bags into another and puked into the empty bag. My stomach was still going crazy, but I knew my friends would probably leave if I was taking too long in the dressing room. So I left my puke-bag in the room and went out to pay for my stuff. The cashier was scanning my stuff when I felt the chunks come into my throat. Paralyzed, I stood right there, and projectile vomited right on the cashier!!!! I felt so horrible that I ran out of the store, still puking.

Once, I fell asleep on my couch and my younger sister stuffed a marble into my belly button while I was asleep. It caused my stomach to swell and trying to reomve it only pushed it in farther. After hours of labor my navel was bleeding and it was unbearably sore, so I went to the ER. I cute young doctor was assigned to work on me, and I so embarrased to tell him what had happened. He started fingering around, trying to remove it. It hurt so much I started to cry. I cried so hard I barfed.... and guess who I barfed on? HIM!!!!

The most embaressing time I ever got sick was at a school dance. At the beginning of the dance I had had no one to dance with so I hang around and ate. After a while I started to feel kind of queasy. I thought I was hungry so I ate some chips. I started to feel like I was going to be sick. I was about to go to the washroom when a cute guy asked me to dance. We had just started dancing when I did this huge burp. Then I started throwng up. I tried to run to the washroom, but I threw up and could not move. When I was done I ran out of the school and never talked to the guy again. Another time I got sick was on a car trip. I was in a friend's car and I started feeling carsick. I get carsick a lot and this time I was too embaressed to tell my friend. At the last minute. I yelled "STOP" and ran out of the car to throw up. My sister gets sick all the time. She always gets carsick, even on short rides. Our car, boat and plane trips are horrible because she throws up, which makes me sick.

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