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Last week my stomach was sickened from an unrefrigerated lunch I brought to work. Chicken, coleslaw and potato salad. I was sitting at my workstation a couple hours later when my mouth began to water and I started feeling nauseated like I needed to go to the restroom to puke it out but I thought I should contain myself until I got home since it was nearing the end of the day. I fought wave upon wave of nausea and I must have looked terrible because my coworkers kept asking me if I was allright. I chewed gum frantically in an effort to disguise the excess saliva I was forced to keep swallowing (although I admit I "cheated" a few times in an empty soda can on my desk when nobody was looking!). During the last hour I felt so awful that I stopped working and put my head down on my desk until it was time to go home. I retched and fought back one more wave of nausea before I felt I could make it to my car and so I left. On the way home I was overwhelmed by the sick feeling muc! h worse than before so I pulled the car onto the shoulder of the road as I knew I was to start projectile barfing at any moment and immediately upon stopping, my stomach began to forcibly eject everything I'd eaten before I could even get around to the other side of the car to do it on the grass. Gosh, there was so MUCH of it!! It came in huge gushers and splattered on the inside of my car door and ALL OVER the road. A little of it got on my clothes, too. Still puking uncontrollably I made my way to the rear of the car and stood spreadeagle with both hands against the trunk for support as the bile continued to pour out of my mouth forming another huge puddle. I was throwing up for what seemed like fifteen minutes while I suffered the humiliation of passing cars slowing down to get a look at me in the act. To make matters worse the wind was blowing my skirt up but I was too "preoccupied" to do anything effectual about it. A car full of teenagers honked and shouted words! of sadistic humor at me and made mock puking noises (can you blame them?). When I was done I quickly wiped the car door with tissues as best I could and resumed the trip home. I was hit by another wave of nausea soon afterwards and heaved small amounts of almost nothing several times along the sidewalk as I approached my house. It was no longer projectile vomit by now but nevertheless very unpleasant. The dry heaves are worse than the actual puking part in my opinion. I went straight to bed and was (almost) as good as new in the morning; certainly better than the night before! When I went out to clean the car what a shock it was! I now keep one of those cute little garbage containers in the car for those ...ahem.."Sudden emergencies".

This didn't happen to me personaly, but a friend of mine told me about it and said that it was the most embarrassing day in her life. Appearently, my friend (I will call her Jill) was getting over a bad case of the flu. She had spent the past two days either bending over the toliet puking, or sitting on it with "the runs" while barfing into a trash can. Anyway, she had started to feel a little better and really needed to do some gerocery shopping. After two days of not being able to keep anything down (including water) she was finally getting her appitite back. She had eaten a small bowl of ceral (I believe she said it was oatmeal) and a peice of toast. She was walking through the isals when she began to get really nausious. She told me that her mouth started to water and her stomach began to pulsate and she knew that she was about to throw up. She was just about to head for the bathrooms and get to the toliet when she heard someone behind her say, "hey Jill, long time no s! ee girl"! It was a friend that she hadn't seen in a few years and she didn't want to be rude and just walk away, so she swallowed a couple of times really hard and turned around and started talking to her friend all the time thinking in the back of her mind, 'I need to puke, I need to puke, I need to puke ..." She tried several times to politly end the convorsation and get to the restroom, but her friend was the kind of person who just kept talking and wouldn't shut up. Finally she felt that she couldn't hold her barf back anymore and interupted her friend and said that she had to go to the bathroom real bad and before her friend could say anything else, she started walking really fast to the restrooms. Half way there though she knew that there was no way that she was going to make it, so she grabed a bag of potato chips from the shelf, opened it up, stuck her head inside and just let it go. She said that she puked so viloently the it sprayed out of her nose and hit the floor ! with a splat! By now, coustomers just stood there in total schock and watched her almost fill the bag with her vomit. Neeedless to say, the stores manager, while compassionate toward her ordeal, made her pay for the now yucky, ruined bag of potato chips. She said that she doesn't think that her friend ever foud out about it though. However, she is too embarrassed to shop in that store again.

OK, so I was at this camp this summer. . I don't drink but it appeared everyone else at the camp did. On the last night everyone was getting really drunk, I mean, they didn't even know what they were doing or saying. One of my roommates was getting incredibly drunk. It was really funny at first until she started shaking. Some of us wrapped a blanket around her. Then, she doubled over, and began to throw up. It was pure yellow liquid with chunks from the dinner we ate. When she finished, we got her into the bathroom, where she puked everywhere but the toilet. We put her on the couch downstairs. Each time she started to cough and choke, we raced her to the bathroom. Eventually, she was ok, but we still had to clean up the bathroom. Apparantly, later hta night our other roommate was drunk too So our other roommate was basically passed out next to the puke-filled toilet the next morning. When she woke up, she was puking more. I have never seen so much puke in my life. Anyway, this made my other sober friend so sick that she puked on our floor, more for us to clean up!

Last year, I made the mistake of getting on a turbo-prop airplane for a one hour flight to Orlando, when the weather was terrible. As usual, I took two Dramamine tables. Before we took off, the pilot announced that the trip was going to be rough, that no food and beverage service would be available, and that everyone, including the flight attendant, must remain seated the entire time. The very second the plane left the runway, it started bouncing around - and never once stopped. To make matters worse, the A/C was not working well and I was at a window seat. I have never thrown-up on an airplane before, but I knew this would be a first, although I kept hoping I could make it to Orlando. Then, I started getting sweaty and my mouth started watering. I knew it was just a matter of time. I grabbed the barf bag and filled it up with vomit. Some got on my pants and arm. I was so embarrassed. Everyone was looking at me. The woman sitting next to me gave me an evil look. I really could not help it. When we were disembarking, I made certain not to look anyone in the eye. I was clutching that little barf bag and did not know what to do with it, so I took it into a restroom and threw it in the garbage. I had to sit around in the main terminal for about an hour until I got enough strength to go get my rental car. It was the most horrible trip of my life. Then next day, I read that a terrible tornado touched down near Kissimmee, shortly after my plane landed, and killed a lot of people. No wonder the flight was so awful. Don't ever get on a turbo-prop plane when it is storming.

A High-Schooler
This is a really funny story! One day, the prom queen- head cheerleader - popularity queen type was running down the hallway. Everyone stopped and stared as she desperately sprinted to the bathrooms, one hand over her mouth to keep her bulging cheeks from spraying her belly contents all over, and the other hand on her churning, gurgling, nauseous ????. She stopped dead right in front of the bathrooms, got down on her hands and knees, and her tiny stomach bulged, pulsated, then gave a giant heave. Then, her mouth opened up and a flood of pink barf, complete with huge yellowish chunks, escaped as she heaved and retched. Her entire body shook with each violent stomach tremor that shot up more and more undigested matter. Her puke was all over the floor, in her hair, and on her clothes. She gave one final heave, which produced some more liquid, then ran into the bathroom. Since I was already in there, I moved out of the way as she darted into stall. Neglecting to close the door, I could see her still vomit! ing, and everyone in the hall could hear the awful coughs, gasps, chokes, retches, the occasionally splatter of liquid, and the splash of chunks. She eventually came out, wrinsed her mouth, wiped her shirt, and shakily walked down the stairs to use the pay phone. For the next couple days, everyone kept doing impressions of her, laughing and poking fun, but after awhile everyone forgot... except me! lol

Here's what happened to me about a year ago. It was pretty hot and I'd developed a severe headache due to the heat while mowing the lawn. At about 2 in the afternoon I popped two tylenol and took a nap on the living room sofa. I woke up at about 5 and really felt awful with nausea which usually accompanies my headaches more often than not. I lay there fighting the nausea until the feeling passed then i got up and took more tylenol then sat at the dining room table. Soon another wave of nausea came over me. I tried so hard to hold it back and I performed two really big and loud audible retches (YUUURK! YEEEYURRRRKK!!). I thought I was going to lose it for sure but I managed not to. I made no attempt at getting to the bathroom because I hate to throw up and felt that the visual cue of the toilet would surely "make it happen". I guess my son heard me retching because he came into the dining room soon after--at first he thought I was burping but soon found out otherwise. Then another wave came over me and I clamped my hand over my mouth and retched several more times and he guided me to the bathroom as soon as that wave was under control. O did I mention the fact that he was standing right in the line of fire in the event that I'd not been able to keep it down?!!!. I gave several small retches and one really huge retch just as I was bending over the toilet bowl. A mouthful of slimy water speckled with remnants from my lunch several hours earlier came up which I spit out into the toilet. I then issued forth a second and more sizeable torrent of the same. After that I wiped the toilet and rinsed my mouth and went to take more tylenol. About an hour later the familiar feeling came over me again so I got the wastebasket from the bathroom and placed it beside my chair in the living room. I didn't throw up in it but it still came in handy as a receptacle for all the excess liquid being pumped into my mouth from my overactive salivary glands. I vomited several more times in the bathroom throughout the night and the vomit consisted of large quantities of bitter tasting yellowish watery substance. The waves lasted about ten minutes apiece and I would weakly lean over the toilet, dripping bitter tasting liquid from my mouth. During one of my first trips to the bathroom I lost it all over the hallway carpet and the stain remains to this day.

This one was really embarrassing to my dad. We decided to go to Baskin Robins to get some ice cream. I was getting a little car sick, but I didn't care. My dad was holding my hand in line. I started to feel really bad. I tried to get to the trash, but my dad held onto my hand and wouldn't let me go. I threw up all over the place. He took me too the bathroom so I could finish. When we came out, no one was left.

Well, to start with, everything that my wife (Eden) told about Prom night is true!! And with my motion sickness, I have a whole slew of stories to tell. This one is about an airplane. Dramamine used to take care of my motion sickness, but for some reason it doesn't help much anymore. Well, I was flying on a business trip to Virginia, and since I live in Texas, it is about a 4 hour trip. I *always* vomit at the take off, and so I kind of hide out in the bathroom until the puking is done. So, I went back to my seat and listened to my head phones, to distrate me from the movement of the plane. On my left, there was a fellow collegue of mine, and on my right, a middle aged woman. Most of the time when I get nausous, Eden is right there with me to stroke my forhead and comfort me, but she wasn't there that day. Anyway, I started to feel nauseated and was beginning to regret eating so much of the plane meal. I just knew that there was no point in trying to hold my barf back, so I grabbed a barf bag and held it toward my face. Just in time too, because I threw up everywhere!!! It started to come out nice and slow, and I thought it was finished, so I called the attendent for assistance. Then the next thing I know the whole plane is swirling dizzily before my eyes, my stomach heaves, and I vomited onto my collague. He shriked and lept up, while I continued to throw up big time. I tried to stop, but the whole plane was in a up roar cause of me. I made a run for the restroom, when I ran into the flight attendent and made a mess all over her. When this episode was finally done with, I took a seat in the back of the plane, while receiving well deserved glares from the rest of the plane. I was loaded with all the barf bags I could hold, since I kept getting puking sick until we reached Virginia. When I told Eden what had happened, she sighed and kissed me. I am so lucky to have a wife who loves me, and the vomiting that goes with it. Can anyone relate?

CancerChild (Julian *female*)
I have cancer and after i get chemo i throw up.

Well do I have a story to tell! I was a junior at the time, and had just gotton asked out to prom by a shy, adorable guy whose name is Keegan. He is so cute! About 6 ft, very slender, with close cut hair, and big brown eyes. Anyways, the big day arrived, and Keegan had phoned me earilier to tell me that a limo was going to pick us up. So I got ready (I was wearing a medieval type gown) and when the limo got to my house I jumped into it and plopped onto the seat next to Keegan. I was so excited! I had never ridden in a limo before. Keegan gave me my corsage, complimented me on my dress, and it was then that I got a good look at him. He was wearing a tux (of course) and a blue tie. He looked wonderful. We were with 2 other couples so needless to say there was alot of interesting conversation on the 45 minute drive to the prom. well, about 15 minutes had gone by, and Keegan had gotten very quiet, and looked pale and shaken. I smiled at him and squeezed his hand! and asked in a low voice if he was feeling ok. He gave me a weak grin and said that he was just a little bit nausous. But the next moment, he had put his head on his knees, and then he threw up every where! There was vomit on the seats, all over his tux, and had even gotten on my dress. All the other people screamed, and ordered the limo driver to stop. When he came back to see what was up, he wasn't very happy, and because we couldn't go to prom like this anyways, Keegan and I got out and decided that we would walk to his house which was only 10 minutes away. I felt so bad for him! He said that he was so sorry for ruining my dress and i told him that it didn't matter. He was so weak with nausea that I had to support him on the way to his house. Well, we got there, and after we both had showers, we sat on the bed talking. He said that he was very sorry for messing up my prom, and that he has very bad chronic motion sickness, and that he had taken dramamine before the! limo had gotten here, but that he was so nervous that is must not have helped. I was so shocked and touching that anyone would be nervous with me so I told him so. Then I said that we didn't have to go to prom, and that if he was feeling better, we could just go and see and movie and hang out. Then he rewarded me with one of his most winning and adorable smiles, and said that he'd like that. So then we WALKED to the movies for a truely special and romantic evening. And that is my story how 4 years ago, I met my lovely sweetheart husbend.

A couple of years ago I had this really horrible boss at the company I worked for. No one liked her. Everyone lived in fear of her. Anyway one day this new girl, Amy joined our office and me, being frindly decided to ask to her go to lunch with me. Only to McDonalds. She ordered a Big Mac and Large Fries and an icecream and then more fries. She Was fairly small and I was amazed she could eat this much. I got so carried away with watching her eat I forot the thime and if there is one this the boss hates its lateness. You must never be late. Amy stuffed down the rest of her luch and we literally ran back to the office. Bad idea. In the lift I noticed her looking a bit pale and she kept swallowing. However, she said she felt OK so we carried on. We walked down the corridor past the boss office when the Boss emerged tapping her watch and frowning. Yes, we wer late. She wanted a reason. Amy opened her mouth to speak so I thought but instead she just projectile vomited Big Mac and fries right down the front of the boss's suit. But that was just the beginning. It was like she had no control. she fell on the floor and just kept puking this thick brown lumpy mixture with traces of icecream. It was everywhere. On the floor, the walls, the door, herself, my shoes. Despite having been puked on the boss acted remarkably calmly. She picked up the bin from her office and stuck underneath Amys's mouth who just kept throwing up more and more. I have never seen anyone so sick. The amazing end to this story is the boss took a liking to Amy after this and gave her all these promotions. I guess she must like vomit.

Glenda R.
OK, this one's hot off the press. I'm currently two months pregnant and have morning sickness on and off. It's not really a constant thing for me but when it hits, look out! I was in the supermarket yesterday afternoon about two oclock. I'd felt fine all day but as I entered the checkout lane I began to feel just a little pukey but not too bad. I thought of going to the restroom in the store but felt sure I could make it home if I moved slow with no sudden movements. WRONG! As soon as I'd paid for my items it hit me like a ton of bricks. All of a sudden I felt this strong pressure on my stomach and there it came, ALL OVER THE FLOOR! (Imagine dropping a full hot water bottle, uncapped, onto a hard floor--that's how my stomach felt). I managed to aim the stream of vomit away from people and my groceries. I apologized to the cashier who assured me that it was quite all right and that "it's not the first time it's happened". I don't think I can show my face in that particular supermarket again for at least a year! I really did feel bad for that poor bagboy who got tasked to clean up my mess and hope he didn't get sick, too. It was HUGE and really nasty. If anyone is wondering, for lunch I'd had a big taco salad, a combo burrito, some fries, pie, and two vanilla shakes for lunch a couple hours prior to the incident (I'm eating for two you know). I got sick in the parking lot and once I had to pull over on the way home. I went home, threw up once more in the privacy of my own bathroom and felt o.k. Funny thing was even though I was throwing up, I didn't really feel "sick" sick like I do from a migraine or bad food; actually it was more like feeling airsick without the dizziness, but I didn't feel all that good nevertheless. Next time I'll have to remember to go shopping BEFORE eating! Ciao.

Here's another one that happended to me. This one's really gross so consider yourself warned. My husband is in the military and works during the night hours. Sometimes for lunch I'll burger combos for us which I pick up from downtown and deliver to him and we eat together. Well, as you know, sometimes they do checks before they let you through the gate. A couple months ago when I first started having morning sickness I was making the usual food run for my hubby and I started feeling nauseous on the way to the base. Traffic was so that it wouldn't have been wise to pull over so I pressed forward. Suddenly I knew I couldn't hold it back anymore so quickly I grabbed one of the burger bags and emptied my stomach contents into it while I was driving. Mostly my stomach was empty but I puked enough to make it obvious what had happened. The other burger was safe in its own bag so no problem for hubby. I put my barf bag on the floor of the car which I planned to throw into the dumpster when I arrived at his building. Well, as my luck would have it there was a random inspection going on at the gate and they had a trained dog who's job it is to sniff for drugs, ect. The dog seized my now soaked puke bag that I'd left on the floor, and began ravenously licking it all over! I guess there's something about human vomit that dogs find delicious? "Sorry about that, maam. He didn't get to the food, though. My apologies" said the dog's handler. If only he knew what I'd done in the bag!! Funny thing is that the other bag was untouched; he went straight for the one I got sick into! I tried so hard to keep from laughing and my hubby thought it was hilarious. Now, every time we see a german shepherd dog he says "there's mr. pukemeister's cousin". Has anyone else had such experiences involving dogs? I've always heard that a dog would eat vomit but now I believe it.

I'm a junior in high school. Once we had a very pretty, blonde hair/blue eyed type sub, and naturally all the guys wanted her. She wasn;t very talkative though, and after roll call she just sat at the desk with her eyes closed, rubbing her temples and stifling burps. Every1 started talking, laughing, and throwing papers around. Soon, she shot up and we all thought she was going to yell at us!! However, she froze once she stood, then doubled over, with thick pink liquid pouring out her mouth. A lot of people were yelling things like "EEW!" or "GROSS!", or the less-tactful with "YO, SHE'S BLOWING CHUNKS ALL OVER!" After awhile, the room smelt awful, and she finally stood up. THen, she farted audibly and brown liquid poured out her dress as she tried to run out the door. However, she had locked it before, and she sprayed the glass on it with vomit as she fumbled to open it. As she ran down the hallway, retching and having uncontrollable diarehea, many teachers stepped out of their classrooms to see what the spectacle was. Their was a long trail of vomit and liquidy poop from our class to the bathroom. Once the class was over and we went to lunch, the story spread like wildfire, and one girl even puked up her lunch all over the floor after hearing the gory details. Needless to say, that sub never returned to our school again!

Sarah (in reply to Julie)
Hi Julie, You're not alone. I had a similar experience about eight years ago while in college. I think I ate something spoiled the day before (leftover turkey, ham, and all the trimmings "donated" by the faculty from a t-giving party) which upset my ???? in a big way. Anyways a few of us were in the dayroom studying when all of this food was brought in so we ate our fill. After about two hours I started feeling a little yucky so I decided to sit outside for an hour for fresh air and so I could spit out the saliva as much as I needed to that was persistently filling my mouth again and again, then I went to my room. I thought I merely had too much to eat but in the middle of the night I woke up when my stomach began to ache and I felt nauseated. I realized that it was the "leftover" dinner which was making me sick. I could taste it all over my body so I drank some sprite to settle my stomach and I thought some ramen noodles and a couple of nice big dill pickles would help so I ate a bowl of them. I also drank some sour juice from the jar of pickles (my gramma's anti-puke remedy) and I felt a little better but became more queasy soon after that. I then realized I would probably puke it all out later on, but I tried to hold it back as long as possible since I hate to throw up especially when I have little or no privacy. A couple of hours passed as I could feel my stomach muscles "reversing" direction. Then all of a sudden it came. I ripped off my earphones and made it to the bathroom I shared with two other suitemates at the very last instant and all over the bathroom I projectile vomited everyting I'd eaten that day!; like, there were noodles stuck to the walls and piles and puddles of used thanksgiving feast on the floor beside, in front of, and around, the toiliet, not to mention lunch and breakfast!. Whenever I sick-up I tend to make a lot of noise and I was embarrassed that everyone would know what was going on but nobody ever said anything. The sight and especially the smell of my own vomit which had splashed all over the place made me feel even more nauseous but I managed to get the rest of my upthrowage(TM) into the bowl (I had to actually step in my own hurlage to get close enough to the toilet to avoid making an even bigger mess!). I was weak and trembling. The bathroom was totally trashed and stank to high heaven. The tiled floor looked like kindergarden fingerpainting but only worse. I hung on to the toilet seat for dear life for a long time as I "sold buicks" and "drove the big white porcelain bus to europe while conversing with ralph york" (ha ha!). After the chunks stopped coming up I weakly spat long ropy strings of saliva which kept filling my mouth. I had to get away from that mess to regain my stomach so I went over to the sink, leaned over it weakly, and spat and spat and spat the saliva down the drain. This went on for a long time as I battled the nausea. When I was able I took a shower and I used up four (count 'em--FOUR!) entire rolls of paper towels to clean up the mess I'd made in there. I simply could not believe the amount of stuff that erupted from my skinny belly. At first I thought of leaving the mess there to clean up in the morning when I felt a little better but I had to consider the other people that also have to use this facility. I know that personally, it would really make me literally sick to my stomach to come into a bathroom and find it doused with someone else's vomit. I yakked thrice more while I was cleaning up our facilities--I was so sick that night!. I must have stayed in the bathroom for more than two hours altogether. I put the nasty drenched towels into a garbage bag and took them outside to the dumpster where I threw up watery bile once more onto the grassy area. The security guard saw me vomiting and asked me if I was o.k., "Uhh, just something I ate" I replied hastily. (he must have thought I'd been drinking!) I stayed awake until morning with intermittent bouts of diarrhea but it wasn't too severe. In the morning, some friends dropped in and I told them of my plight when one of them suggested "you'll feel better if you get something into your stomach" (I could kill him!) so I got dressed and staggered off to the dining hall with them. I had a glass of milk (duh!), a piece of toast and a bowl of oatmeal. I thought I actually did feel better after that so we decided to do some shopping. At the mall my stomach began to feel familiarly full/sickish again but I thought I could "will it away". While shopping I felt progressively worse and I messed my panties--just a little. Soon I broke out into a cold sweat. Still I fought the sickness with all my mite. My mouth began to produce all this extra saliva and my knees and hands were all trembly and my stomach began to churn and feel really FULL due to the salivation which I had to swallow!. I told the other girls I was going to be sick very soon and I wanted to go back to my room so we all went to pay for our stuff. I checked out first then sat on one of the benches outside to wait for them. Suddenly, the pressure on my stomach became too much and I knew it was coming. I put my hand over my mouth as tight as I could as I dashed to the nearest ladiesroom but I'd waited too long and I just lost it all over the floor and myself. Awestruck, I stared with disbelief at the large puddle I'd thrown up all over the floor. I only had like fifteen feet to go and I would have made it. Like you, my legs became rubbery and I just lost the abilty to move once I reached the point of no return and I continued to throw up involuntarily all over the floor until my stomach was emptied out. I tried my best to at least keep it all in one spot but what can you do? Having the hand over my mouth didn't help any either --all it did was cause more vomit to spray back onto my clothes, my face, and my hair. I was an absolute mess and people were looking at me as if I'd lost my mind. I was in tears. I was making these terrible noisy puking sounds as I continued to mess up the beautiful polished floor with my s???? contents, attracting still more attention to my disgusting self. A really cute guy that had been eying me as I sat on the bench just turned and walked away in horror once I started my little floor show. When I was able, I went into the bathroom, dry heaved once over the sink, then cleaned up as best I could and regrouped with my friends. I rinsed my mouth and got rid of the bitter taste but I could still feel the acid attacking my tooth enamel. My clothes were so messed up that I had to change into my new outfit and threw my old sweater, top, and jeans into the trash. Back at my room I showered and changed into my pajamas. I spent the rest of the day trying to watch videos with intermittent periods of worship before the porcelain goddess with a bout of diarrhea here and there for good measure. Later that evening my roomate brought me a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey and I got drunk off that while I was sitting on la toilette with the trash can inches from my lips. I drank the alcoholic elixar with coke which she supplied me in glasses at fifteen minute intervals and It made me feel LOTS better, and probably killed whatever was making me sick. I ate some pizza later on with no ill effects. I was one hundred percent recovered next morning not including the hangover but it was worth it. So the moral of the story is never accept leftover food from people in authority! (i.e. if "they" don't want it, there must be something wrong with it)!

Hi! I want to post something that happened to me last week at a meeting. I had a stomach virus but still I had to attend this really important business meeting out of town so I had to take a plane. I took dramamine before I departed but I guess it doesn't work on me. I was sooooo nauseated during the flight. My stomach was going crazy and my mouth was filling with saliva and I thought I was gonna lose it in the airport in front of everyone when I arrived at my destination but I made it into the ladies'. At first I thought I was going to be sick but instead I washed my face and then I felt much better now that my feet were on solid ground. I thought it would be a good idea to eat something to keep up my strength but that was a bad idea! First I drank a little sprite to help settle my stomach then I ate a slice of pizza and some ice cream; shortly afterwards I was in front of the porcelain goddess. I felt a lot better after I'd emptied my stomach out so later that night in my hotel room I ordered out for pasta and salad which I finished most of. I felt a little yucky again after dinner so I decided to sleep it off. Next morning my poor ???? felt really rotten as if the "strength-giving" food had given strength not to me, but to the stomach virus! I felt nauseous and had a couple of bouts of diarrhea. I felt so sick I wanted to get out of going to the meeting, but I really had no choice--I was the only rep from my location attending!. Before the meeting I tried to throw up in the ladies room but had to cut it short after I heard another woman come in so I went to the meeting room. During the meeting I felt the sickness build, and build and build. Just when I was about to excuse myself to go relieve my upset ???? through my uppermost opening, before I knew what had happened I had sprayed a disgusting column of barf all over my notes, the table, and a couple of other attendees! I clamped my hand over my mouth and tried to hold it back but it was simply too powerful. It was on my hands, my clothes and everywhere and it was sooooo disgusting! My notes were ruined! I just kept throwing up and I couldn't stop! My legs felt paralyzed and all I could do was stay in my seat and be sick all over the place. I was so totally embarrassed that I started crying but the people were really nice to me when they knew I was sick. One of the guys brought over a trash can for me to finish throwing up in --I just couldn't control it and I was making a mess all over their expensive carpet. All I could do was hold my head over the trash as I heaved uncontrollably. After I got it under control three of the other women at the meeting took me into the restroom and helped me get cleaned up and I left the meeting early. I went back to the hotel and took a shower and my clothes were absolutely trashed!!! I hate to imagine what people were thinking if they'd caught a whiff of me on my way back to my room!! Thank goodness it was in another towm. Vomit was in my hair, under my nails, my jewelry, and somehow managed to get into my bra! Later that evening, one of the other attendee's brought me a copy of her notes that she'd taken. (If you're reading this, THANKS!) That's the sickest I've ever been in public in my whole life and also the most embarrassed! I'm even too embarrassed to tell this to my husband because he'd only make fun of me. But my fifteen year old son thinks I'm cool "Just like president Bush did in Japan". It's our "secret" in our home between he and I.

I was at my PR office, working on an account when I started to feel a little nauseous. I had eaten a lot that day and figured it was just catching up with me, but in about 15 minutes, the nausea was so severe I could barely move. I attempted to get up and immediately regretted it - I could hear the contents of my stomach sloosh around and a sudden pain hit me as I doubled over and headed for the bathroom. With one hand on my aching stomach I rounded corners and went down halls, attracting disgusted looks from colleagues. My stomach started to heave so I walked a little faster, but then I felt a bubble rise up from my stomach and suddenly my cheeks bulged with vomit. I started running, and passed a room where the heads of the firm where in a meeting. I realized this too late though, and the contents of my mouth escaped and flowed to the floor as I continued running towrds the bathrooms. I was down the hall from them when my stomach could take no more stress, and I exploded with vomit. First, up came the long, undigested noodles from my spaghetti lunch, along with the chunky, smelly sauce that I painted the walls with. Then, my stomach gave an enormous heave and huge, unidentifiable chunks flew out of my mouth and splattered on the floor. After about 20 seconds of that, my stomach still ached and I was as nauseous as ever, but I was dry-heaving now. I took advantage of this time and darted to the bathroom where I immediately resumed throwing up yellow, thick liquid into a toilet. After awhile, the toilet started to overflow and I was so weak from nausea all I could do was stand there and vomit some more. Now, came the fun part. The chunks! Every time I let one drop, it splashed me in the face. I felt like I was finally done, although I was left weak, sore, aching, and still very nasueous. I surveyed my damage - it looked like I threw up gallons, and just the sight of it was enough to make me vomit, but I held it back. I reluctantly reported my damage to my boss, who told me to go home. Then, on the taxi ride home, a wave of nausea hit me and liquid squirted out of my mouth, all over the floor. I was throwing up going out the door, walking into my building, and threw up all the way to my toilet in my apartment, where I finally finished up. What a day!

hi, this is a true puke story that happened to my mom the other day. i'm 14 and my mom is 38. we were in the civic center attending an open house where there was a lot of computer companies that give you lots of cool freebie stuff. mom had an upset stomach the night before from something she ate. next morning she still felt sick but we went to the open house anyways because my dad was working there. anyways my little brother and me were looking at some neat graphics demonstrations at one of the stands but pretty soon we thought we should find mom since it was getting close to lunchtime. we found her sitting on a bench outside with a coke and smoking a cigarette and she didn't look sick anymore. when she saw us she started chuckling really hard and told us to look inside the door so we did. there were guys with mops swabbing a large section of the floor and we were like "so, big deal; what about it?" mom then starts giggling really hard and says all of a sudden she felt like she was going to start throwing up and was running to the ladies bathroom when she just couldn't hold it anymore and she wound up barfing right there in the middle of the floor and there was a bunch of it too! we went home and laughed about it all the way and she had to change clothes because some vomit got all over her pants and shoes! it smelled gross in the car on the way home. pretty grody but funny. i'm glad she felt better after that though. she made us both promise not to tell our dad because he might get in trouble with the people at work.

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