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Amy B.
When I was 17 years old (I'm 22 now) I had a dentist appointment to get my teeth cleaned. The dentist gave me this clear liquid (which turned out to be floride) and told me to "swish it around in your mouth but don't swallow it") Well, the problem with that is that it sort of numbed my mouth so I couldn't tell if I was swallowing any or not. After the dentist appointment was over I decided that since I had a few hours before I had to be at work I would go to the mall. When I walked in I felt fine, but about 20 minuets later I started to get real neausious. I knew that I was going to puke but I couldn't rember where any of the bathrooms were. I put my hand over my mouth and started running toward the nearest exit but I couldn't make it. All of a sudden I got that real weird feeling in my throat that you get just before you vomit, and I felt my stomach heave, and I puked all over the floor and my shoes right infront of a couple hundred people! After I started vomiting I just couldn't move, so I just finished it right there on the spot where it began. I think that I heaved about 4 times before I could completily stop. When I was done there was this huge puddle of puke on the floor and my shoes were absoulitily soaked! Then this lady who was standing near by ran to a trash can, threw the lid open, stuck her head in and offered up her stomach contents to the thash bag inside! I was so embarassed!!! I didn't go back to that mall until around Christmas time (and this happened in October)!!!

Lady T; come and see what's going down in The Toilet. I for one will be flushing a few heavy loads, some of which will gurlge away merrily. Bring your plunger in case they don't! While I'm here, I'll mention a time when my gf Janet and I were both very drunk and very sick. Indescribable messes were coming out of both ends of both of us, but we only had one toilet, a bucket and a bowl (we weren't at home). I was sitting on the toilet, Janet was sitting on the bucket, and we took turns sicking up in the bowl. We got our timing wrong and banged our heads together, causing Janet to upset the bucket. I tried to laugh, choked slightly and ended up kneeling in the bowl, with Janet being sick on me. At least the floor was tiled. Crimson.

Lady T
Hey, is it just me or is there anyone else out there who is fascinated with the sound that the water makes when it goes down the drain in the toilet? The noise is usually more enjoyable when there is a heavy load that is flushed... I appreciate any comments on this event.:-)

I was out on a date with my old girlfriend. We were going to a crab boil at a friend of hers house. I was nervous because I wouldn't know any of them at the party. I bought and drank a twelve pack of beer which I mostly consumed before we got there. After we got there I started voraciously eating crabs. Somewhere along the line, someone gave me a bottle of white wine. Needless to say I got shitfaced! I got up from the table (it was outside) and said I needed to go in and lie down for awhile. While inside, I got hot, started sweating profusely, and bang here comes the vomit. I tried to block it with my hand but only partially so. I ran into a half bath in the basement and filled the f*?!?*! sink. I then suffered the ultimate degradation by having an attack of the shits at the same time. I spent the next hour or so puking and shitting in this tiny bathroom. The host of the party, tried to get me out of there by offering me a cup of coffee. I realized once his hand was inside the door that he was trying to force his way in to get me out. I slammed the door on his hand and he dropped the coffee on the floor. He cursed me and I passed out with the sink full of spew and the toilet stopped up with shit. Needless to say I made a heck of an impression on those people!

BRONCHITIS A friend of the family had a long bout of bronchitis. The doctors could not figure out what was the matter. One day Ted had a coughing spell and coughed a hard piece. he took it to the doctor. The piece was examined. it was found to be a calcified piece of popcorn. A brown covering of a popcorn kernel was inhaled. It lodged in his lungs and bcame calcified. Then eventually was coughed out. After the incident, the bronchitis went away. It was not due to age.

J Mac
Once my stomach disagreed with a box of milk duds that I had eaten and I puked up a dud with such force that it broke one of my mother's flower vases on the coffee table.

Once, I was going to school about 45 miles from my home. I had some milk in the morning when I got to school. Later I started to feel kind of funny. I was not sure if I was feeling sick or hungry. So I decided to have some thai food. Bad idea. As the day went on I realized I was not feeling very well. In fact I was feeling pretty bad. I had one more class at 8:00 p.m. but decided i better go home instead. As I drove home I starter to feel very ill. Very very ill! I started to wonder if I should pull off the freeway, but all I really wanted do was get home. Finally I thought maybe I can just puke out the window while I'm driving. So I rolled down the window while I was driving and tried to puke out it. Once I started to throw up I could not stop. Some went out the window. Some went on the window. Some went on the inside of the car door. Puking uncontrollably, I pulled back and puked on the sterring wheel and my self. When I was done puking I still only thought about getting home. I drove for another 20 minutes covered in vomit. It was a bad night.

While working as a janitor in a punk rock club in Oklahoma City, I came across a pile of puke in the sink. Sitting on top of the pile of puke was a bite of prime rib. Still rare, undigested, tooth marks still visible. I was torn between throwing it away and eating it. I threw it away, and have felt ashamed of my cowardice ever since. At the same club, patrons threw up on their table and the waitress refused to clean it up. The table was near the dance floor, and the image still haunts me of cocktail glasses filled with chunks of puke(the spew of vomit went all over the table & into the glasses)changing color with the flashing lights. Earlier in life, when I was a busboy in a black tie restaurant, a lady threw up under her table after spending the evening giving her date(who was not her husband)a handjob. Cleaning up the puke, I found a strange gold wire ring of a type I'd never seen. I took it back to show to the diesel dykes who were our dishwashers, and they told me it was a ring guard and that I'd better keep looking. Sifting more carefully through the puke, I found a diamond ring. The diamond was a good 1/4 inch in diameter. The man she was with was a regular and a prominent oil attorney, and the woman was going to be in deep shit for loosing the ring her husband bought her. We called the attorney & told him we found the ring, and the lady came in the next day to pick it up. The manager of the club made me come with him to present it to her, since it was a several thousand dollar ring and he thought I'd get a tip out of it. She thanked us for finding it and left. Not a nickel. My advice to all-If you find it in vomit, it's yours!!

Probably the most "important" time I got sick was after my freshman year of high school. Me and a bunch of friends went to the festival by my house and I spun a little too much on the teacups. By the time we made it back to my house, I barely made the bathroom. All my friends were supposed to stay overnight, but they quickly excused themselves when they heard me throwing up. After I threw up, I felt worlds better, so I went back down to the festival and hung out with this guy Mike. Had it not been for throwing up that night, I would have never gone back and met my future husband!

I remember once when I was about fifteen and riding a semi-full schoolbus one of the more attractive girls was sitting at the back of the bus. Suddenly as we were driving along, she got up and ran to the front yelling for the driver to stop. He did, right in the middle of an intersection in a residential area. She managed to just get to the door of the bus and puked. I think she heaved several times then set on the steps and gathered herself together. Meanwhile another friend or two came forward to comfort her. After that she returned to her seat and we drove on. Like J's puke, it took quite a while before it washed away and several kids pointed it out as we passed the spot over the next few days.

One time around when I was 15, I remember I was just feeling generally gross with restlessness and stomach cramps, but I didn't know WHAT was brewing, so I actually decided to go out and go to the mall. Dumb move. I bought an ice cream, thinking it would be soothing, and I WAS a little hungry. VERY dumb move. By the time I was walking back up the street to my house, I had clued in to what was going on. I just kind of leaned over and gave it all up right there in the middle of the sidewalk. We lived out in suburbia, so no-one was around to see me doing it. It was not especially traumatic because I was so naive; I hadn't been dreading it, it just came and then it was over. I was shaky, but OK after that, but it didn't rain for quite a few days, so the puddle just sat there on the concrete, drying up, reminding me every time I walked past.

Matt ED Hair
A friend and I went to the University of Bristol (UK) for an open day whilst we were still at school some years ago. Jeff and i got to Bristol sometime in the morning, we never actually went to the University but proceeded to do a pub crawl, drinking 1/2 pint West country cider (9-15%) in about 25 pubs. We were sufficiently inebriated, as we had been on, if i can recollect, all of our University open day visits. On the way home on the bus, i sparked up a little number, Jeff toked and soon after mentioned that he was feeling a little like uncle Dick. I took little notice. As we got off the bus, I heard a large belch from behind. Jeff proceeded to chunder all over the back of my head as we were getting off. Jeff's puke was everywhere, all down my back, over the back of my head, in my hair, down my neck etc. I had to sit on a crowded commuter train for 2 hours smelling of Jeff's intestines!


Too big to fit

Dave, I suppose I should be honored you were "turned on" by my story :) I'm afraid, though, vomiting does not arouse me the way going to the bathroom does. I was quite upset because I felt great on that morning (before going hiking); it was in the afternoon that I suddenly got a very upset stomach. I was upset that my being sick ruined not only my day, but also Jodi and Steph- they were very supportive. I wrote it before and will write it again; one couldn't ask for better friends. They're the greatest! I haven't been sick since that freak incident last Summer; I rarely get sick enough to vomit. I'm quite a hypochondriac, and always take motion sickness pills before flying or riding on a boat, "just in case." Luv, Alex :)

Hi Dave. Here's a very belated comment about what happened to Alex last summer (it's now February). We were on an all day hiking trip when she complained about not feeling well and then ran into the woods because she "had to puke." I heard her heave several times and it certainly wasn't "arousing." Alex was overwhelmed about everything and felt her sickness "ruined our day." Steph and I tried to calm her down; we love her dearly (as a friend, nothing sexual) and felt awful that she was sick, and even worse that she thought she was somehow "ruining" our hiking trip. She literally crawled to the toilet the next day to take a pee, so she was very sick.
I get sick once or twice a year and just got over the flu. I upchucked into the toilet several times one evening, but I otherwise felt like $#@*$# for five days. The only time I've vomited in public was when I was 12. I was at Playland, an amusement park near my home, when I got queazy after riding on the "mini" roller coaster (stupidly after I just had lunch and a soda!). I started running to the bathroom but couldn't make it- I ended up puking a little bit on the ground. I continued into the bathroom, where I vomited at least 10 times. I haven't been on a roller coaster since (I'm now 19). Jodi

Hey, Dave, I hear you, do you know of any god movies that have graphic female vomiting scenes in them? I saw Creepers and the lead girl pukes up some yellowish-clearish liquid in a sink, fake but quite graphic.

Hey, Dave, I agree, It's too cool to see/hear a female friend vomiting. I saw a movie once called Creepers which features a great female vomiting scene-probably fake but it depicts vomit coming out of the character's mouth...Do you (or anyone else) have any good, graphic movie recommendations? I have a few goosd stories to post also. (Like the time I was sitting around the campfire at a family camping trip, and we were all taking turns telling ghost stories. When my turn came up, I opened my mouth and instead of a story, A huge gush of vomit spattered on the campfire, dousing it, and ruining the evening.) Thanks!

hey all, in response to Dave, yeah,yeah, I also can't help but get turned on when seeing or hearing a female vomit. I don't know what his means, but my girlfriend is also semi-obsessed with vomit. When wwe first met, actually, she offered to let me videotape her puking so she could see what she looked like. I knew that I was in Love. She hasn't really followed thru on that one, but I still pressure her from time to time. I 've seen her barf twice since we've been together, First time after a picnic, on the way home she was feeling worse and worse, finally asked me to pull over. I did, and she opened the door, leaned out, and started puking up this sick, thick pink mess, in smallish quantities, but many, many times. There wasn't just a puddle, but a pile. Anyways, if anyone knows any great scenes in movies (commercial) that feature graphic (you can see it coming out of the mouth) vomit scenes, please report them here. I have seen only a few that really look good, of course I'm more interested in Female scenes, but my GF is into the male or female so just please specify which sex the particular scene involves. a good one , by the way, is in Creepers (horror,198?) featuring Jennifer Connelly.Peace, all

Rhonda P.
(Indiana) Gosh did I ever get sick around New Year's. I went out to my favorite bar in Bloomington and alll at once I threw up. After that I did it acouple more times,then it stopped, I danced around midnight and left. After I got back home and went out to eat I threw up again this time in the car. It was a mess and I felt terrible. It continued for the rest of the week until I got some meds for it. I'm glad that I feel better now.

I was on a plane yesterday and we were still at the gate (really early morning xmas eve) and the plane was packed full. Suddenly a woman two rows in front of me got up, pushed past another woman and ran down the aisle with her hand over her mouth. Only problem was she ran the wrong way - musta not realized where the bathrooms were. She got to the galley, turned both ways then puked hard on the floor. She and the stewardesses took quite a while cleaning things up as we taxied to the runway.

Heh, you aren't alone, Cheesehead. I really enjoy joking and talking about puke and shit too but don't really like watching or hearing someone puke.
One of the more memorable scenes I remember was at a concert, with a guy on his knees dryheaving on the floor for quite a few minutes behind us. I was a bit relieved when I finally heard the splatter of puke on the floor. After a few more heaves he managed to stagger off elsewhere.
It's funny, even though I don't want someone to get sick or watch them be sick, I do find it slightly erotic thinking about taking care of a female friend who is sick.

I'm a senior in high school now, but when I was in 1st grade, a boy threw up chocolate milk all over his desk, and some of it ran off onto the floor. He was remarkably quiet about it, and after he barfed he just sat there like he didn't care. I was the only person nearby, so I ran and told the teacher. In second grade, a boy in our class came back from a potty break and loudly announced to the teacher that he had just thrown up in the garbage can in the bathroom. I had a crush on him, and I felt so sorry for him 'cause he looked really sick. A couple years later, a girl ran out of the lunch room and started puking all over the floor in the hall. The janitor ran after her with a big garbage can. We could hear her retching outside the cafeteria. No one ate much more after that! I prided myself in never having lost my cookies at school until last year, when I got the flu and ended up dry heaving into a garbage can in the hall. Luckily, no one was around to hear me. About five years ago, we went out to eat at a pizza restaurant, and my cousin said he felt sick, but ate a bunch of pizza anyway. When we got out into the parking lot afterwards, he ran off into the grass and heaved up everything he had eaten. Yuk! Until I found these forums, I thought I was the only one out there who got turned on by vomiting and pooping, but I guess I'm not. The funny thing is, I like hearing about it, writing about it, doodling pictures, etc, but when I see, hear, etc the real thing, I get really squeamish. Go figure. Anyway, if and when I hear more good puke stories, I'll share them here. Until then, ciao! (Or is that "blow ciao?)

Hi, Alex!
Glad you're feeling better, but I couldn't help being massively turned on by your vomiting story. Can you relate to this, at all? What was your exact reaction when you first realized that you were going to vomit? From your crying, i can tell that you weren't exactly pleased, but was there any element of arrousal? I was terrified of puking when I was a kid, but was always turned on by the sight, or the thought of a girl doing so. As I grew up, the fear was replaced by excitement at the prospect. I've had a couple of really hot encounters, taking care of girls in this situation. To my knowledge, neither of them realized that I was turned on by what was happening. They both thought that I was just being kind. Apropos of this, let me make it clear that there was no sadistic element in my enjoyment of their situation. I was as sympathetic and concerned about them as I would have been had they been suffering any other kind of distress. The turn-on was, and is, a reflexive, mechanical reaction, which I have experienced for as long as I can remember. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject, (Alex, and anyone else who'd care to comment) and of course, any more hot stories would be great!

Hi, I normally post on "The Toilet," but since this is my story about puke, I'm posting here. Steph is 100% right about everything that happened last Sunday. I felt AWFUL, physically and emotionally, but Jodi and Steph were so cool about it...they're the BEST FRIENDS anyone could ask for!!! OK, on to my story. I got home and went right up to my bedroom-god was I tired. My mom came up and asked me if I was all right; I told her about my malady. She went back downstairs and returned with a pot (in case I had to puke) and a thermometer. My mom was a nurse (not anymore) and likes to keep disposable thermometers in case anyone isn't feeling well. She took my temperature; it was 99.7, a degree warmer than normal, but, according to "Dr. Mom," within the average threshold.

I went to sleep (it was around 9 in the evening). I woke up around 2:30am and was again nauseated. I vomited 3 times into the pot and went back to sleep. Woke up again at 7, still sleeping in the clothes I wore on the previous day's trip. Got up to get a t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts and nearly fainted from dizziness. Mustered barely enough energy to remove my hiking attire and put on the lighter articles. Went back to bed. Mom must have heard me up- she knocked on my door, came in, and asked me if I'd like to go to the doctor. I told her "no, but thanks. I'm too tired to stand up for more than a minute, never mind take a shower." She had business in the city, and offered to stay home. I told her to go ahead, I'd be OK (Dad, who commutes to the city every day, left me a sweet "get-well" note). Eric (my younger brother) than came in, asked me how I was, and told mom and me he'd be around if I needed anything. I will continue on "The Toilet..."

I'm a school janitor and I clean up puke on a regular basis. One time I walked into a boys room stall and some boy had puked up about a gallon of red liquid. I assumed it was kool-aid or something. It was all over the toilet seat, the wall and the floor. A lot of them spit up in the urinals and it sort of floats there on top of the urine. Another time some girl threw up all over a toilet seat and another girl accidentially sat in it. I got her a damp cloth to clean her legs and butt.

Sunday, 9:40 PM- Hi, just thought I'd drop a note about today's hiking trip. We (Alex, Jodi and I) left our town around 8 AM this morning and drove the 2 1/2 hrs to the park. There are no toilet stories to tell, but there was an unfortunate "bodily function" incident. Around 3 PM, Alex said she wasn't feeling very well. Jodi and I asked her if she needed to use the bathroom- she said no. We started walking back toward the parking lot (a good 1 1/2 mi away) anyway. Alex than said she "had to puke." She darted off the trail and I could her her throw up a good 5 times. A couple of minutes later she came back and we again walked slowly toward the entrance. Alex began sobbing, apologizing for "ruining" our day. Jodi and I put our arms around her and told her everything would be OK. Alex threw up a couple of more times before we got to the car. We go hiking at least 6 times every summer (and during long spring and fall weekends) and always make sure to carry TP and tampons. Barf bags never fit into the picture, but Jodi luckily had a couple of extra grocery bags in the trunk of her car. Alex spit up into the bag once within the first half hour after leaving the park, then slept most of the way back home. We finally made it to Jodi's and had to wake Alex up. After saying goodnight to Jodi, I drove Alex home in my car (it's a 5 min drive from Jodi's to Alex's); I asked Alex if she wanted me to stay with her, in case she needed any help. She politely declined, but asked me to post today's events on this site.


What college ever has good food? Only Duke does, but that isn't the point. From my schools deli in our food court I had a pastrami sandwich on a bagel. That was the only thing I had all day to eat, so that's how I knew this is what made me sick! I hadn't thrown up in sooo long and I knew it was about to happen. I was at work and I had a sick stomach but I thought I just had to take a major dump... That was true. After work I went to the library and unloaded. Didn't feel better. I drove home feeling like shit and collapsed on my bed. I got enough energy to undress and put sweats and a tshirt on. The moment had arrived. I made it to the toilet and puked twice... all those little bits of lettuce and tomato!! It was nasty. I fell asleep and about every hour until 3am (it was 6pm when I first puked) I had dry heaves and puked and puked and puked. I couldn't hold down water but I wanted it sooo bad! I then had stomach pains and had major diarhea. My poor rommate had to put up with my pleasant puking noises all night. I WANTED MY MOMMY!! The next day I skipped my morning class and dragged myself to my second class. It happened to be physics but that is another topic: college courses that make you puke! Anyhow... I have some more stories. But i have to take a dump now (I usually post at the TOILET) so I'll be back later.


Last spring, for spring break, my friends and I drove down to Mexico. (I'm 19. we knew not to drink the water, so we brought gallons of purified water. One ofternoon, we went on a boat ride. It was a huge boat, and I don't normally get seasick, but after a while, I started to feel queasy. For lunch that day, I had a large order of nachos, and now I was regretting it. My stomach was starting to churn, so I lay down on a lawn chair. All of a sudden, my stomach started to gurgle, and I felt like I should get to the bathroom, soon. I went downstairs, but there was a line for the bathroom. I felt like I needed to poop and puke. I started to get dizzy and I almost barfed. People saw me and let me through. When I got to the bathroom, I threw up. i felt a little better, but I still had cramps. I quickly sat down on the toilet and my poor ???? let the rest of the nachos out in blasts of diarrhea. I heard someone come into the stall next to me. I could hear them letting out huge farts and diarrhea. My bottom kept running, but I started to get nauseous, so I flushed and quickly turned around to vomit again. I could still hear the person next to me groaning and letting out more liquid poop. I had diarrhea for ten more minutes, and threw up once more before I felt well enough to go back up. When I got back to my friends they told me that my other friend who had eaten the nachos just went down to the bathroom because she was feeling sick. My friend came up a few minutes later, and I told her that I threw up many times and had the runs. She said that she just had the runs. Back at the hotel, she and I spent the rest of the evening taking turns in the bathroom. Luckily, I stopped throwing up, so it wasn't so bad. This was my worst trip ever.

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