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hey everyone, another Emergency room barf story. But first, a few comments.

I think the greenish hue comes from some people when they barf because they become pale, and under certain types of artificial light, and the way certain people are pigmented, you will take on a greenish hue. It's weird, for sure.

Dhanishtha, I like your name. I know a Krishna devotee by that name in Vancouver... not barf related but you don't see many people with that name so i thought i would mention it.

Anyhow, on with the barf.

I was walking down the hallway on a mission for another patient when i heard a patient in a room moan "nurse". Since i'm not a nurse i didn't answer them (haha, technicalities) but 2 seconds later i heard the characteristic splatter that we are all familiar with. Since it sounded like quite a large volume, i decided to investigate. When i pulled the curtain there was a huge quantity of brown vomit with lots of little noodles (looked like ramen noodles, but in short 1 inch pieces) and it had mostly gone on the floor but was also on the bed, bedrail, table leg, and had splattered all over the wall which was about a foot from the impact point.

I sturggled really hard not to go "WOW!!" and cleaned up the barf on the patient's arm, chin, blanket, and chest. If you want to talk about a humbling experience, try cleaning barf (or poop or pee) off a grown person someday.

The barf had a very strong smell, acidic and foul. I must say that seeing so much puke has gotten me accustomed to the smell, but every once in a while one really gets to me. This one wasn't too bad, but i'm trying to paint you a picture.

So, after i cleaned up the patient, off i go to get the mop and bucket. As somewhat of a conniseur of puke, i always study it to try and figure out what the meal was before it. This was a soup of somekind, with the noodles i mentioned and also obvious peas, corn, and carrot pieces. Right before i am about to mop up the 2 gallons of puke, i notice the crowning achievement in puke, the ultimate detail: little gleaming gobs of browish-silver fat floating on top of the puke. Boy, she musta just ate this stuff!! It was just like when you get a bowl of soup and you can see the little globs shimmering in there. It was absolutely amazing.

Also, another absolutely disgusting vomit related topic: bowel obstructions. When for some reason your bowels are obstructed (impacted feces, foreign body, diverticulosis, etc) you will know by a few things: 1. lack of the ability to poop. 2. severe abdominal pain 3. vomiting. At first your body will vomit up what you have just eaten. But since the rest of what's in there before the obstruction has to go somewhere, and it can't go out your rectum, if left untreated long enough you will vomit poop. I have seen it happen a few times and let me tell you it is the worst smelling thing i have ever smelled. To see someone vomit what looks and smells like diarrhea is horrible. So think of that next time you eat, and remember to add some fiber!!!

until next time

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Well even though the flu is going aroundno body i really konw has got younger brother was running a fever the other night but no chunks..

Dakota has been sleeping a lot since Adrianna was sleep feed riana (everyone calls her that)
the other night Cara came over with Destiny ( she is almost 4 months) to remind you Cara is a good friend who had her baby in December...

The baby spit up like 6 times. And each time Cara puts her in a new sleeper

Oh yeah that bulimic girl Michelle is moving..she has gotten into to many fights and the teachers are suspecting that she has an eating she is transforing schoos in april.

Dakota says hi even though she is sleeping. She has gotten sick a little from the stress. Once when riana was a week Dakota was up all night barfing it was sad.

Well that baby is only two weeks today She's sleeping two so I have to go the computer is right by her small crib thing and the keyboard might wake her up.

My sister Kiara is 16 she never gets sick I've witnessed her barfing once in my life and once she was sick a night I slept at a friends. The time I witnessed her puking she was 13 I was 11. I'm telling you barfing and crying dont mix. We went to day camp like we do In the summers until were 14. So anyways we were playing basketball and after she looks real sweaty and wants to stop but hte bitching counsler Nina was like "NO" so she kept playing. About 5 minutes later Kiara asked this nicr counsler Gemma and Nina barges in and says Gemma 'no she is palying basketball why do you ned to stop kiara are you a sissy' and kiara goes 'no I'm sick' Gemma asked her if she needed a bag and kiara nods. By this time we all stopped playing and i went and sat on the bench with Kiara. My older sister Julia who was 14 was yelling at Nina to go help Gemma find a plastic bag. This other Counsler Patrick was trying get us back on court while some Counsler Olivia was rubbing Kiara's back. Kiara ! was crying and asking to go home. After a while she kept coughing and making sounds like she was gonna barf but never did. My mom came and picked usup and just before we got in the car kiara heaves and barfs all over the cement. She collased and kept puking anfd crying. She was pretty much passing out and my mom was calling her name. We had to take her to a doctors.

Friday, March 08, 2002

Oscar Antonio Moreno
Well, here is something that happened to me when i was little, i was with my little brothers in the car, driving through some high mountains, but they were a lot of curves and stuff, then all of the sudden my brother Hugo threw up a big blob of brown vomit, that filled the top of the car, and then later i began to feel sick too, then my mom gaved me a diaper and i threw up yellow vomit, then later Hugo threw up again, this time it was like water, and then i threw up coke, that's all that happened

Well, the stomach flu is going around and my English teacher came down with it during the middle of a big test the sophmores were having and she couldn't do anything about it so she had to sit there about to explode, then she went to her husband's office(he teaches at the school, too) and said she "died" in there until lunch, then when she got home she said she thought she was turning herself inside out she was so ill. Poor thing. Then, her two year old daughter threw up the day she came back to school. That must have been bad.

My poor ex-boyfriend, Michael, also caught the flu. I'm not sure if it was stomach(I think it may have been). He called me last Thursday and complained to me while I babied him over the phone. He kept having to put me on hold for long periods of time and so I figure he probably was puking his brains out because he'd sound exhausted and his voice got weird every time he got back on with me. He's better now.

Me and my best friend were talking the other day and I told him that if the guy I like(total Johnny Depp look-alike, lol) puked in front of me and this other girl that seems to like him that I'd probably be the one that held his hair back(he's got beautiful long brown hair) and comforted him.

Well, that's about all I have for today. Sorry I have no details. All the sick people in this town stay home. It sucks. Hopefully I'll have something better to post later.


Hey! To refresh your memory, I am Destiny's sister. Destiny came down the other day with Derek because Fiona had her baby. It was a girl and she named it Hannah Riviera.

Everything was going great until last night. Destiny and Derek were sleeping in the guest room and I heard Derek being sick. Then Destiny burst out of the room crying and said that Derek fainted. We called an ambulance and they said that Derek had a really bad reaction to his stomach medicine from his surgery a couple months ago. He's in a coma and Destiny won't stop crying. She hasn't slept for like 40 hours. And she threw up a lot of saliva yesterday. I'm kind of worried but I am pretty sure that Derek will be OK.

I g2g, post more later.

Ryan, tell Danielle congratulations!! Is the baby a boy or a girl, and what's she going to name it?

I'm on chemo again, and i have been in the bathroom practically the whole day, puking up this liquidy stuff that's been orange, tan, pink, brown, and red at different times, until I nearly collapse from dehydration. i will probably die of dehydration before I die of cancer. not really, but whatever. I am feeling very pessimistic since the cancer came back. it's ruining my life.

Tueesday, March 05, 2002

My name is Prina. I am 19 years old and I absolutely LOVE this site!! Probably because, like Dana, I am a sick weirdo. LOL! Well, I think it is quite amusing to see people puke. But I hate puking myself!

I hadn't puked for 14 years until last Thursday. Being the pig I am I ate an entire pizza myself and my best friend Tonya ate another pizza! We downed about a litre of root beer each and then went to the mall. We weren't feeling to good after about half an hour and I could feel some supreme diarrhea coming on, so I ran to the washroom and let it loose in one of the toilets. It felt sooooo good to get that out and my stomach settled down a bit.

I came back into the mall and Tonya was sitting on a bench with her arms crossed tightly across her stomach. She was bent over and spitting onto the floor. I was like "Aww crap, you're gonna barf?" And I dragged her into the bathroom and into the biggest stall. She immediately leaned over the toilet bowl and heaved. Basically her whole pizza came up, with her root beer that was STILL FIZZING! It smelled soo bad and my stomach started to do flip flops. She heaved once or twice more and announced that she was done. I didn't think I would puke because I never do, so I left with her. I was driving her home when a super huge gurgle hit and I nearly sh!t my pants. I managed to hold it in for about three minutes and then I pulled over and pooped all over the roadside and the grass. I took some kleenex and cleaned myself up and continued my drive. About a second later my head was between my knees and I was throwing up about ten feet away from my poop mess. It was so nasty! Red a! nd brown with bits of crust and peppers. I threw up again when I got home and then felt fine afterwards. Tonya, however, threw up about 100 times over the course of the week.


My fiance and I got food poisoning last week and ended up puking our guts out together. We are planning our wedding and had been running around all day, first to his parents' house, then to mine, then to the florist and the caterer, etc. We both work and don't have much time off so we were trying to take care of everything at once. The problem was, we ran so many errands that we didn't have anything to eat all day. So by the time we got home we were starving. We decided to cook dinner together, stir fry chicken and vegetables over rice. We ran to the supermarket and got what we needed, plus a stick of cookie dough, figuring we would make dessert too. Only we were so hungry that we ended up eating the cookie dough while dinner cooked. Big giant mistake. We ate dinner, and then curled up on the couch to relax and watch tv. Luckily we hadn't planned to go out with friends, because that would have been a disaster. I started to feel sick within about half an hour, but ! I didn't say anything right away, thinking it would pass. I noticed that Doug (my fiance) couldn't seem to get comfortable and that he was kind of squirming around. I asked if he was ok, and he said he wasn't feeling great. I said, "Neither am I." And then he said his stomach felt awful and was getting worse by the minute, and I said, "Mine too." We kind of laughed about how neither of us wanted to tell the other, and then he slid his arm around my waist and we went into the bathroom together. Doug is the sweetest guy in the world. Normally I would be beyond embarrassed if I thought someone was going to see me barf, but having Doug there was comforting (plus it seemed like he was going to barf too). We sat next to each other on the rim of the bathtub in our pristine white bathroom. Doug gently rubbed my back, but I still felt horrible. Doug threw up first. I could feel his arm shaking, and he said, "I think I'm going to be sick now, you don't have to stay." But t! here was no way I was leaving. He knelt in front of the toilet and I slid in next to him. I tried to soothe him while he gagged, and then he started vomiting thick curds. Luckily it all went in the toilet. He threw up four times, bringing up huge chunky fountains of slime each time. When he was done he still felt sick. He laid down on the bathroom floor, too dizzy to sit up. I couldn't help him though, because by that point I was feeling absolutely awful. I braced my hands on the sides of the toilet and let loose several thick streams of chunky brown puke. I thought it would never end. I felt sharp pains in my stomach and the taste was horribly sour. Doug managed to sit up and slung his arm around my waist for comfort. I threw up for a long time, and when I was done I had to lie down. We spent the rest of the night on the bathroom floor, taking turns vomiting into the toilet and then collapsing into a quivering mess on the floor. Finally around 4am we stumbled ! into bed and were able to sleep for a few hours.

Congrats Dakota hope everything goes well for you and your family

Anyways I have a story from yesterday for you..

Um okay so I was in Math right and my friend Adrianna (what are the odds hehe heh) and she looks really pale so i asked her what was wrong and she told her younger sister had the flu so she must have been coming down with it. I asked her if she needed help and she said yeah so i told my teaching I waa having female problems (no one could say I'm not a good friend) and asked if Adrianna could help me in the bathroom. My teaching excused us and we went to the bathroom. Adrianna was crying so I had to hold her hair back and reassure her that it was okay. She stuck her finger down her thoat and gagged retched and puked in the toliet 4 times! I was thick and greenish brown like clery and steak. I tried to help her but I let go of her hair and ran to the sink and barfed a little. Two grade 11 girls came in and helped Adrianna clean up. They never knew i threw up the thought it was her barf in the snk. Adriaanna went home. I went back to class. When the teacher asked me were sh! e was I told him didnt you remember she has a doctors appointment. Right now her Math books are in my locker.

Post later..


To the person asking if they ever saw someone turn green before they ralphed, the answer is yes. I remember this cute Vietnamese fellow in my drafting class turning an odd greenish colour before he ran to the bathroom and was ill. ALso, my ex-boyfriend told me I looked kinda green after I had witnessed the product of someone being ill in a restaraunt bathroom (which is interesting since I have brown skin)

Hey everyone!! Turns out that Danielle was going into labour thelast time she posted. Her water broke an hour later and she was in labour for 19 hours. She had the baby early Thursday afternoon. It was a boy and she named him Myles. She had a really rough day yesterday. She had this post-natal thing and she was really dizzy and throwing up a lot. The vomit started really thick and chunky orange, then got thinner and thinner and finally it was just some bile and saliva.

I have a story that my girlfriend told me just right now to put. This morning my girlfriend (Kiara) woke up and started to cough. She unexpectedly threw up all over herself and her bed. She was puking uncontrollably almost all morning and I am visiting her at her house. LOL!! (Well not for her) She was telling me what to put and she groaned and leaned over and threw up all over her carpet. She's still barfing! It's thick and greyish with big brown chunks!!!

G2G help her, post more updates later..

Hey every1! This is my first post here. Im an 18 year old high school graduate with chin length brown and blonde hair. I am kind of on the chubby side (size 10,not bad!) but it doesn't matter. Well, my name is obviously Monika as mentioned in my name.

Last year after prom this girl named Trisha threw a huge party. Everyone (well, almost everyone) was there. There was booze and I did NOT drink because it isn't cool to drink, people! I stuck to Sprite. But tons of the people there got completely hammered and there were people puking into the pool and plants and trashcans, EVERYWHERE! I was pretty much the only person there who wasn't completely buzzed. Being the good samaritan that I am, I volunteered to drive a couple people home. There was one girl (who is the school queen, always wears tight clothes, has long hair and the perfect body) who was REALLY drunk. She was wearing this white halter and baby blue leather pants. She smelled strongly of rum and Coke and wasn't looking too well. She told me to pull over because she was going to "spit the colorful one". It just so happens we were on the freeway so I gave her a plastic bag. The guy sitting beside her laughed and held her hair. She giggled and pushed herself into h! im. They seemed really attracted to each other, but then the girl, Dana, blew chunks all over the guy. First she puffed up, and her lips pursed. A stream of orange liquid puke sprayed onto the guy's face and shirt. Then he let go of her hair and she threw herself forward and hurled this really chunky orange vomit into her long blonde hair and all down her front ( and into her front ) and a lot got on her pants too. Luckily I'd just reached her house and she stumbled up to the porch, hurled into a plant, and went inside. No one else barfed but my car smelled like puke for almost a month!!!

One more story. The stomach flu has been going around lately and my friend Heather and I were hit with it during a University lecture about Politics or something. We were not feeling too good during the lecture and then when it was over we both bolted for the little bathroom. One toilet, one sink. I stood up and tilted my neck and head over the yellowish sink. I did a few dry heaves, so did Heather. So I got two dixie cups from the little coffee table in the hallway and filled both up with warm water. We drank the warm water and leaned over our receptacles. Heather's stomach gave in first and she heaved loudly. I heard the vomit splash into the toilet a few times. Then Heather announced that she was done. My stomach gave in a few minutes later and I retched. My lunch flew into the sink, consisting of digested hamburger and sprite and pie.

I have the flu still, more updates later.


Sunday, March 03, 2002

Mike, definitely post more!

hi everyone! i,ve got a problem. i've been feeling sick for the last 24 hours but it wont come up. what should i do? i hate being sick but its better than feeling so s**tty! oh and why do i keep fantising about male celebs hurling in front of me?

The cancer's back. I can't believe it.

I've been puking up this orange, watery stuff practically all day. I think I should just drag my bed into the bathroom and live there. I feel sooooo sick.

Dakota is resting but she wants you to know she named the baby Adrianna Deanna......

The flu is sorta going around so far..o one i've know but this girl in gabby's spanish class got it really bad..i think she fainted...

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Here is a question, does anybody turn green before vomting?, Or has anybdody seen a person turn green before throwing up?

Something is definately going around my school because today 13% of the Students were out sick. Today I was in Health class and we were watching the Miracle of Birth Video. The boy who was sitting next to me was coughing the whole time. When it came to the part where the baby was coming out(it was very disgusting)he sneezed and threw up all over his desk. It was very gross it was clear and had chocolate looking chunks in it. We had a substitute teacher and she told the boy to take the garbage can and go to the Nurse. He stood up right next to my desk and threw up again right next to me. It was so gross and I was shaking. The teacher asked me if I was okay and if I needed to go to the bathroom but I said I was fine. I was so groosed out. First I had to watch a baby be born then I was almosed puked on! Everyone thought the boy puked because the video was so nasty but his best friend said he had the flu that was going around!

hi kids, first time posting here... as if anyone cares about that.

I work in an emergency room and on an ambulance so as you may imagine i see more than my share of puke. I always find it hilarious... i mean not that people are getting sick but just the way it happens is funny.

Just wanted to let you in on one tonight at work, an older intoxicated man who barfed up what i call a "classic" puke- watery, pinkish-orange, white chunks, and that piercing acidic odor that is known for setting off barf-o-ramas. I didn't see it happen just cleaned it off the floor, the bed, and changed the garbage can bag.

also, someone i was taking up to the floor to be admitted started feeling sick. An older lady, and she had her daughter with her (who was also old) anyhow, she started to heave and said "i'm gonna vomit" and asked me to get her something to barf in. Well, we were about to get on the elevator and she was on the bed and there was nothing for me to give her, so i just balled up one of the blankets under her mouth and said "sorry, i don't have anything use this" (what did she think, i carry a bucket with me everywhere?) the daughter figured that wasn't good enough, so she gave mom her hair protector (you know, those plastic things old women put on their heads in the rain to protect it) i thought it was hilarious, in a surreal way, this old lady heaving into a plastic bonnet. anyhow, just heaves, no volume... but funny nonetheless.

I have a veritable cornucopia of stories from the last 6 years, if you're interested i can prolly write a few of the best ones out for you.


Wednesday, February 27, 2002

H I wanted to make sure my last sotry posted before posted another

I have a question..Have any of you ever an into someone who was about to throw up are in the middle of doing it.

If you heard this question before please answer agian?

Anyways heres my story relating to the question

Last year my Mom's friend Sue took me shoopng. Sue is a big person on thrifty stuff so after i finished shopping she tok me to a thrift store. I saw a girl from my school there with her parents I could tell it was her because even though she was turned around she has increble silky long black hair.

Now normally I would feel sorry or wouldnt ope my mouth to other people if I see kids from my school in used clothing stores but this girl is a real snot she makes fun of less fortante kids all the time so I ran up behind here and go " Hey I dont mind if you tell your friends but I'm telling mine"

She goes "Maddie just shutup asnd get my mom"
I say "Fine Goodwill girl but tell me why do you like those shoes I prefer shoes from Champs"
"please Madison" she cries she sounded in pain so I ran to find her mother

MWhen her mother and I got back some sales clerk was holding her silky black hair and she was puking her guts out. She was sobbing and whining that why did her mom take her here i must of een the musty smell. She was trying to play it off that she never went used clothes shopping but her mom goes
"Well you never had a problem with it before honey it must have been what you ate"
You should have seen my smile.

Where was the nastiest place you barfed/ or the worst/ or if you know a friend who threw up in a strange place?

When I was 7 I went to the beach with my cousins Becca who was then 17 and Shelly who was 19.
They were tanning in the sand while I swam in the lake. My cousins ignored the fact i was roasting (i had no sun screen on) I barley ate or drank so i was dehydrated (sp) After around 4 I was gulping and crying in the lake and sat on my knees and hollered. My cousin Shelly was telling me to piss off so I kept screaming that i was hungry and gonna puke my cousins ignored me so i started to cough in the lake. Some lady pulled me into the sand just before I barfed. I swear it was so masty. I was gasping for air and crying and puking. The barf was very thin and liquiding and oragne with this brownish thickness to it . My cousins took me home but i was roasted. My mom was yelling at them and screaming. Turns out i had sun stroke and it kept me inside for two weeks that summer.

Hello, my name is Ryan and I am 17 years old. I have a sister who is 21, and she is the center of my story.
When I was fourteen and Danielle was almost nineteen, I woke up at about 3 in the morning to get a drink. My parents were on their second honeymoon and I was left with Danielle. Well anyways, I went downstairs and filled up a glass with some water and sat at the kitchen table. I heard my sister cough but shook it off. She coughs a lot.

OK.. before I get into my story, a lot of you guys said you like seeing "cute" girls puke. Well, my sister is slim, long black and red hair. I dont think she's hot (of course) but a lot of guys at school said she's spicy and they'd love to see her lose it. I think that's sick.

On with the story. After a few minutes, the bathroom light flicked on and I heard Danielle give a watery cough. No big deal, right? Then I heard a gag. And I remembered that she'd been complaining of a stomachache last night when her boyfriend was over. I went to check on her. She was slumped against the wall beside the toilet, breathing heavily and swallowing a lot. I could hear her stomach from the door. She was clutching her stomach. I asked if she was going to be OK and she nodded.
"Dont worry," she said with a weak smile, "I'm just coming down with--"
She couldn't finish her sentence. Her stomach roared loudly and she heaved into the toilet. I went and held her hair. Since it's down to her butt, she would have a hard time washing the chunks out. The unmistakable sound of thick vomit splashing into the toilet echoed in the bathroom. She spit a few times and slumped against the wall again. Then she went back to her bedroom and slept. At eleven the next morning (it was on summer holidays) her boyfriend Jayson came over. She was still in bed. He sat on a chair with a huge bouquet of flowers and chatted it up with me for a while. Then I heard a watery cough. I sped to Danielle's room. She was leaning over the side of the bed, retching. I quickly got a pot and put it beneath her mouth. Her stomach roared again and she heaved. She missed the bowl completely and got chunky orange and red puke all over her bed and herself. She didn't have anyclothes on, but I guess that was for the best because then she didnt have to bear any ! vomit soaked pyjamas. she did have panties on though, but the chunks didnt get that far down. Jayson appeared at the doorway and held her hair and rubbed her back. I dont know what happened after that.

Another one about Danielle. Yesterday she came down from Nova Scotia to see me and mom and dad. Danielle and I went to the mall, her idea. She got a sloppy, greasy hamburger at the food court, and since she hadn't eaten greasy food for a while, it didn't settle too well. She said she felt kind of weird but demanded I take her to my hangout. I have this little place where me and my friends hang out and skateboard and drink pop and stuff. We got in my car and started on the hour long drive to the place. Danielle had cut her hair to her chin and layered it, but it was still black and red. We had to go down this gravel road and the bumps took their toll on Dani's stomach. She rolled down the window and threw up into the wind. She felt better after and sat back into her seat. I forgot to mention. She's almost 9 months pregnant. Her morning sickness stopped a long time ago and her baby is due on the 27th of February. VERY SOON!!
Well, we got the the hangout, and she was fascinated by the graffiti on the skateboard ramp. Little did she know she would add more graffiti to it. But chunkier graffiti! Although she is pregnant, her stomach didn't grow too much, about seven inches at the most. She could still wear a size xl shirt from wearhouse one. Right then she was wearing a kind of tight Supergirl shirt and studded bellbottoms. I took her inside the hangout. It's this spacious old warehouse that we painted blue on the outside and it has black walls on the inside. We even got the land deed and ADT security! It has some funky white lights shaped like swirls and stuff, and we hooked up electricity and everything. Dani decided she had been walking too long and sat down on one of the squashy armchairs. After about ten minutes she said she was ready to go and we started back to the car. She was laughing and joking when some chunky, chunky brown vomit poured out of her mouth and onto the ramp and all over! the driveway. She apologized and I said it was OK.


Hey! I am Ryan's older sister. I am pregnant and my baby is due in four days. I don't exactly get sick that often, only when I eat something bad or my morning sickness, but even that wasnt very heavy. I remember a few stories though:

When I was 13, I was with this group of popular girls. They were my friends for like a month and then I left their group. Well, when I was with this group, this girl named Georgia and I were both feeling nasty. There had been a party the night before and we had eaten waaaay too much. Another girl named Reina was sick too. We were talking about Harla's new "boyfriend" when I started to feel even sicker than before. I could tell by the look on Georgia's face that she was about to blow. She kept swallowing down escaped vomit, and then she threw up. All over Harla's designer jeans and new t-shirt, as well as her platform shoes. The chunky brown and pinkish vomit kept pouring out. This set off a chain reaction. Harla lost control all over the ground, herself, and Reina. That barf was tannish and really thick. Then Reina threw up some bile, because she hadn't eaten anything. The huge puddle of vomit, which happened to be in the middle of the playground because it was recess, g! ot progressively larger as Georgia and Harla emptied their stomachs. The smell was horrible! My stomach was about to explode, so I ran into the school and into the bathroom, where I promptly threw up onto the floor and into the sink. I felt loads better. I think that the food at the party must have been contaminated, because almost everyone who went to the party vomited the next day. Reina hurried into one of the stalls and threw up some more. The end of recess bell rang and Georgia and Harla and another girl in the group named Karie came into the washroom. That was the biggest barf fest I have seen in my whole life! They all ran into the stalls and hurled into the toilets.

Story #2: This one happened 6 months ago. I was on a student exchange program (for University) and I went to Tokyo for a month. I was 3 months pregnant and still had morning sickness once in a while. I went to this school and met a few people and studied Japanese history. This girl name Tsuyiko became one of my best friends, even though she couldn't speak English. She was fascinated by my growing stomach and was sympathetic when I got sick in the morning. We shared the same dorm. One Sunday morning I woke up extremely nauseated. Tsuyiko was also feeling kind of sick because a stomach bug was going around. Tsuyiko was already in the bathroom, leaning over the toilet. Her long black hair was tied back into a knot so no puke would get into it. Her flat stomach was contracting and she hiccuped. She explained to me in broken english that I could use the toilet since I had morning sickness, but I declined and threw up some thin brown vomit into the sink. She had her face burie! d into the toilet and she was heaving and sputtering and spitting. She was done after five minutes and she flushed the toilet, brushed her teeth and had a shower. I felt nauseated still, so I stayed in the bathroom crouching over the toilet, trying to hold in my stomach. After about three minutes, Tsuyiko stumbled out of the shower and violently threw uo into the sink. She was completely naked so I didn't look. She heaved and retched wetly and loudly and heaved and heaved and coughed and sputtered and heaved some more. I could tell she was really sick and after I finished throwing up, I went to the kitchenette and got some flu medication and some ginger ale with the bubbles stirred out. She was still sputtering and heaving, but now into the toilet. She finally finished and brushed her teeth. I motioned for her to lie down on the couch. I gave her the medicine and ginger ale, which she instantly threw back up into a bucket. She was like this until Wednesday, when the vomiting! ceased. She threw up twice into the kitchen sink and once into the trash can in class, but she was fine.

One more story. I was with a group of friends a few weeks ago. There was me, Alana, Patricia, Marlon, Gregory, and my newly pregnant friend Keisha. We all had the stomach flu and were at Marlon's house. None of us were feeling too good, and we decided we should all be miserable together. Keisha wasn't sick, but she came to help us. Greg was getting over it and so was Alana. But Marlon, Patricia and I were super nauseated. Actually, Marlon wasn't that sick, but he had barfed in the morning and still felt sick. I had to go to the washroom first. First I let my stomach loose through my bottom end, and then I hurled nastily into the fresh diarrhea. Yuck. I left after that!! I dont know what happened with the others, but Greg was helping Patricia puke into the bushes when I left.

OK.. I have one more story. I

Um, I'll have to finish it later, I think I am having a contraction!! Update later

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