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Mr. Sick
Hi everyone. I know that it has been a while since I last posted anything, but I really haven't had a whole lot to post about. To tell you the truth, what I am going to post now really isn't that big of a deal, but I guess that it is better than not posting anything al all. Right?

About 2 weeks ago my wife and I went out to eat at a chinese restraunt. Now, we have eaten the plenty of times before and the food has always been excelent. In fact, it is with out a doubt one of our absoultly favorite restraunts. Anyway, I had ordered my usual dish, garlic chicken over white rice. After eating we decided to go to a book store at a fairly new mall. My wife and my daughter (Amy) browsed the children's section (Amy is 4 years old), and I browed the fiction section. I was beginning to feel just a little nauseated. It was really more like an unsetteled, or quezy feeling in my stomach as opsed to full blown nausea (at least at this point - grrr). I decided to go to the cafe and get a hot chololate (I know, I know, not the best idea that I have ever had). This of course only made matters worse. I paid for a few books both my daughter was acting up and didn't want to leave. My wife had some books that she wanted to buy and I was standing infront of the cash reg! ester with her. The machine that scanns credit cards was taking forever to work, and my nausea was getting intense. I began to get that "emptying, opening, clearing" type feeling in the middle of my throat, which is a sure sign that I am about to puke. I was about to go into the restroom, but just before I could start moving into that direction i saw a guy walk in. I really didn't want to start puking whlie someone else was in there. I don't get embarassd to easily, but I would have gotten embarrassed about that. So the restroom was out of the question now. I didn't want to puke infront of everyone either! My wife noticed that I was acting kinda anxious and said, "Whats wrong?" I told her I need to go out side, I don't feel very wel and am afraid that I might get sick." I walked out the door and was intending to head towards my car because I knew that we had an empty plastic grocery bag on the floor in the back seat that I could use. However, I never got the chance. As soon ! as I got both of my feet outside the door to the book store I felt it comeing. Fortunatly is was night and dark! I went toward a tree with wood chips spread around it (Hey, its better than puking on cement pavment) and my stomach heaved. My mouth filled up with this aweful acidy tasting vomit. I opend my mouth and just allowed it to spill out at the base of the tree. It was dark brown (due to the hot chololate) and a few tiny peices of what had once been a delisious dish of garlic chicken. Now, here come the weird part. My nausea grew worse and I braced myself for the huge heave that would send the rest of my dinner rushing up my throat and exploding out of my mouth in near projectlie force., but it never happened!!! I was just standing there in the dark, leaning up against a tree waiting and waiting but it wouldn't come! I tryed to force a heave, but that only made the nausea ten times worse without producing the desired effect. I stuck my finger down my throat. That caused! a little vomit to come up, but as soon as it reached my toung (YUCK!) it went back down. By this time my wife and daughter had come out of the book store. I heard my daughter say, "What is daddy doing?" My wife said, "Don't worry about it, daddy will be fine." She then asked if I'd be ok. I said that i was fine and just wanted to go home. I never did end up puking any more, and even ended up going to work without any further problems.

Like I said, it really wasn't the best story in the world, but i thought that I would share it anyway. BTW, feel free to e-mail me anytime.

Mr. Sick

Saturday, February 23, 2002

Well hello to all, Iím a sixteen year old girl that like reading stories about people puking cause I'm a sick wierdo ;) I havenít puked in five years, up until last night.......ugh. I was going out with two friends to see a movie, and we decided to stop at a Thai place to get some food. I ate a ton because I love that restaurant. All that curry wasnít settling too well when we got back to the car, so I asked Lana to drop me off at home cause I wasnít feeling good. She &Em tried to convince me to come to the movie, but I HATE puking in public, so I wasnít going to risk it. I got home, watched a little t.v., and went to bed. I woke up at eleven with my stomach feeling bloated and gross. Knowing that a major spewing session was coming on, I hurried to the bathroom. As soon as I knelt down my stomach contracted and bleeeuuugh! a huge wave of chunky barf splashes into the toilet. The first heave was so violent that some of the pukey water splashed into my face. Ick i! ck ick! It still tasted like coconut too, kinda weird. After a couple more heaves I was done for the time being, so I grabbed a bucket from the closet and went back to bed. I awoke again a bit later, but this time with stabbing pains in my gut in addition to renewed waves of nausea. Another sprint to the bathroom oh joy oh joy. I yanked down my pants and started emptying my digestive tract from the other end. My stomach decided to join in too, so I grabbed the bathroom thrashcan just in time to avoid puking on my bare legs. My stomach has never felt that bad in my entire life. Once that round of misery was over, I stumbled back into bed and slept until six or so, when I sleepily leaned over and puked a little more into the bucket next to my bed. I had today off for Presidentís day or something, so I slept till noon. I fixed myself some ramen noodles about forty minutes ago cause I thought I was hungry. Apparently my poor stomach didn't like this, cuase I just f! inished barfing them back up a little while ago. I can feel that bellyache coming back too. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go die now. Ta.

Monday, February 18, 2002

Well, here is another thing that happened, i went to a boating trip with the class, to a whale watch, three girls who are my friends, were really hungry and began to eat, the food was steak, hamburgers, and tacos,and they ate all they could, and they were going to do the hulahula representation on the boat, they dressed up, they did the act, and after a while, a storm came on, the sky was really dark, and the waves were really high, then the three girls still wearing the hawaiin suits, were in a barrel, they were happy, but after a while they looked pale and sweaty, then, after a while they looked green, and they were putting their hand over their mouths, and gulping constantly, then a friend of mine offer them pizza, then they turned greener, and they grabbed a bucket and bags, and began to throw up on them, they didn't stop for about 10 minutes

Sunday, February 17, 2002

I hardly ever puke but fortunetly i know a lot of people who have real sensetive stomachs. i only have one story. i'm new here by the way.
My best male friend threw up in the park last week, it was very sudden, we were just walking along and he retched, leaned over and went: "BLLLLUUURRRGGGH!!" it was really chunky and it was brown and orange and he puked loads up.
i personally hate throwing up but i am interested in seeing others doing it. anyone else feel the same? i'll post soon coz i'm sure i'll have a new story in a few days.

It's been a while but I finally have a story.

Last night me and Dakota went clothes shopping for the baby. Her new friend Hannah came with us, Hannah is like 3 months pregnant, After we stopped for pizza. Hannah ordered a ornage pop. After drinking she complained of stomac aches. Se was driving us home practically crying. ABout 2 minutes into the drive she pulls over jumps out and starts to vomit onto the road. Dakota held her hair back.

Not much detail but 'm really busy

Only 8 more days!!!!

Back on Arie's computer--she's right here and I have a story about both of us 'cuz we both just finished throwing up. School sucked today--we had running in gym class, which we both hate. Thank God it's last period, or we would've spent the whole day trying not to puke in class. Anyway, we both left school feeling sick. Arie invited me over to her house. I told her I probably should just go home 'cuz I didn't feel good, but she said it was OK, she didn't either and we both could be miserable together. We got to her place and I felt just awful; I told her I thought I was going to puke. She took me to the bathroom. I kneeled over the toilet but nothing happened and she suggested I stick my finger down my throat and make myself throw up and get it over with. I told her I was kinda scared to do that. She said she needed to throw up anyway so she'd make herself do it and maybe I wouldn't be so scared. It was just like she said in her post--she sat down on the bathtub, held her hair back and stuck her finger down her throat about three or four times; she kinda coughed, then gagged, then just went UUUGGGHHH and bid her lunch farewell. By this time I was so nauseous the room was spinning and I really wanted to vomit, so I sat down on the bathtub and leaned over; Arie held my hair. I took my index finger and stuck it down my throat but nothing happened. Arie told me to try two fingers and wiggle them. I did; I coughed and gagged real hard, then just went UUUAAAARRRGGH and threw up probably everything I'd eaten in the last three days. It wasn't any fun at all and I don't know if I'd ever do it again, but I've gotta admit I see Arie's point; it did make me feel better when it was over.

Monday, February 11, 2002

I have a story to tell everyone!

In May of 2001, when I was in grade 8. We were having a school-year wrap up and we went out to the lake. We were sooo excited about it because it was co-ed (i go to an all-girls junior high). We were lucky enough to rent a big boat and we went boating in the choppy lake. It was windy out and just perfect for being at the lake. I sat by this snotty girl named Jessica. She was wearing a one-piece silver shimmery bathing suit and pink flowery flip-flops (she is the ULTIMATE prep). About ten minutes of an awesome bumpy ride later, I noticed she wasn't looking too good. Her face was a little pale and I could hear her stomach from four feet away. Her friend Chenise suggested that she should lean over the side of the boat if she was going to blow chunks. Jessica hesitated a little and then inched towards the side of the boat. I happened to be against an unoccupied area of the side ledge, which was about three feet from the floor. Jessica was now standing about half a foot away ! from me. The upper half of her body was carefully leaning over the side and she was facing the water, hiccuping and grasping onto the ledge for dear life. A few girls looked cautiously at her sea-sick but perfect figure, which was now bent viciously over the edge of the boat. Her hair was sticking to her white, sweaty face. She leaned her head toward me and asked if I had any water. I didn't have any. She asked me (urgently) if I had a bag or anything for seasickness. I apologized and said no. She was about two feet away from the ledge when she hiccupped and said "Oh no" in a muffled, liquidy voice. She clamped her hand over her mouth, but her stomach gave in a little early. A gush of thin brown vomit sprayed from between her fingers and onto the deck and her shoes. She had time in between heaves to run to the ledge and lean over. As soon as she got her head to the railing, her stomach disagreed again and some thicker brown vomit poured and twisted its way onto the deck, the! railing, and some into the water. It also trickled onto her bathing suit. The smell was making me nauseous and I began to think I was going to throw up too. Jessica was now leaning completely over and heaving brownish-red chunky vomit into the lake. I could feel my lunch creeping backwards into my throat and I swallowed hard. Jessica collapsed onto the deck, gasping and sputtering. She said she was done, but a final volley of heaves drenched her suit and hair. It was at this time that vomit exploded from my stomach and out of my throat. I desperately tried to fight to oncoming vomit splatter but it was too hard and I put my head between my knees and threw up onto the deck. The vomit was yellowish tan and creamy, but I felt much better and didn't heave again. Upon returning to the beach, Chenise helped Jessica to the showers. I heard that Jessica barfed again in the shower room, but I don't know. There were 3 girls that got sick when they got off the boat: Patricia, Kenya, a! nd Ardene. I saw Patricia and Kenya puke their guts out on the sand, but I didn't see Ardene. I was in the bathroom at the time and Ardene walked in the stall beside mine and threw up. I have no details. After the BBQ there was a guy named Jayson who threw up in the bushes, but I didn't see or hear that one, and I have been told that Another two girls named Lacey and Francisca threw up after eating poorly-cooked burgers.

I have another story from yesterday. I was with my cousin, who is also 14, at the swimming pool. When we got there, she said "Um, Becky, I have a really bad stomach ache." I told her not to worry and we practiced diving off of the low board. After a few flips and tucks, Dania hoisted herself out of the pool. She was crying and I asked her what was wrong. "Becky," she said, "I'm going to puke!" She sat on the bleachers and held her stomach. I went and got her a popcorn pail.
"Are you sure you're going to puke?"
"Um.. yes.. my stomach feels really sick!"
"It's OK, you'll be fine."
"Becca, hold my hair, it's coming!!"
She brought the bucket to her mouth and retched. I could hear the bucket filling with vomit. She finished, and accidentally dropped the bucket of puke onto the bleachers and onto the poolside. It was white and really chunky.

To answer the questions that have been milling around:
1. I prefer to throw up into the toilet, because there isn't much cleanup. When I can't make it, I use the nearest receptacle, like a trash can or a bowl. Once I was making cookies and I threw up into the batter because I couldn't move!

2. I don't generally salivate before vomiting, but when I feel a twinge in my stomach I try to ready myself.

3. I don't have a special reserved thing to barf into, but when I was six my mom would always give me this bowl with a happyface on it.

These are some other things you may find interesting (NOT!)

I don't like vomiting myself, but I find it amusing to watch others throw up. I like the sound, I don't really like hearing guys barf though,

I throw up a lot, and have gotten sick on several occasions in public. If I must vomit in front of people, I try to hide my face into a receptacle and throw up quietly, but once I was in the middle of the corridor and I threw up very graphically onto myself and the floor as a result of a bad bout with the flu.

I am a runner, but whenever I must run for more than 6 minutes without walking, I start to dry heave. It kind of feels like a dry cough. Very rarely do I actually puke during races, but when I do it's very liquidy and usually projectile.

I have terrible stage fright and have to put a bucket at the side of the stage when I perform (i have the acting bug, not fortunate!). I usually have to use it, but there are occasions when I dont.

I HATE puking in public washrooms. Whenever I come out of the stall, people avoid eye contact with me.

Luv yall

well ive never posted b4 so pardon me if i dont do this very well.
a friend of mine almost never gets sick but we were in the mall and he looks really pale and is shivering as if its cold. now im from south texas and i can promise it very really gets cold and on this day it was 103 degrees outside. he also hates to admit when he feels weak so finally i pull him aside and i was like ok whats wrong. hes like i just dont feel well. well i put my hand on his forehead(even though i had to stand on my tippy toes cause im only 5 foot and hes 6'3) and hes burning up. all of a sudden he runs towards the bathroom and doesnt come out for a while so i call in there and it sounds like theres no guys so i walk in and hes kneeling on the floor in one of the stalls puking horribly. i help him stand up with my arm around his waist when he's done and walk him to my car and take him back to his house. i felt so bad for him because he was crying(he NEVER cries) and he looked so weak and it took him a week to get over the virus he had.

hello i'm a new poster her and have tons of stories about my past no i dont have a really weak stomach or even have friends or family members with weak stomachs but have experince so ol' puike storiesin the past 14 years of my life.

I am really busy so i'll only post one

Last year my parents and I and my two sisters went to a garden party my dads friend Mike was hosting.
Mike has a daughter Renee who is 13.She thought she was so cool eating all of the triple choclate fudge cake and I knew within 10 minutes of watching her eat it all she'd be sicker then a dog.

Of course my guess was right.Within 30 minutes she was crying and holding her stomach. My oldest sister who is totally fearless of puke helped hold Rene's hair back while Renee let oput a sries of dry heaves. Within 20minutes she started breathing hard. Running into the house wihtmy sister and Renees mom after her we heard a loud splat. After her mom cleaned upthe mess she loooed greyish green . My sister told the barf was thick,chunky and light borwn.

I don't have anything really good to say, I just thought I'd let you know I've gotten my best friend Heath and my ex-boyfriend Michael obsessed with vomit. Very very long story, lol. But, I did find out what makes Michael vomit. Guacamole and avocados. Hahahahaha.

I've got a fairly amusing story. Two weeks ago, Heath, Michael, and I went bowling and then shopping. Well, on our way home, we were screaming, having fun, and stuff and Heath yells, "VOMIT!" in this weird voice and starts making puking noises. Michael and I started to laugh and I told Heath to stop it and when he wouldn't, Michael said, "Dude, if she throws up, you're cleaning it up." Heath says it would've been funny if I had said, "Yo, I really don't feel that great" and laid my head on Michael's shoulder and acted like I was about to puke all over him. You know, I should've.

Well, that's all I have for now. I wish I had more to tell you guys, but vomit seems so rare around here anymore.


When I went to bed last night, I felt mildly queasy. I woke up at about 1:15AM with my stomach rolling and husband snoring. I tried to lay absolutely still hoping the feeling wouls pass. I started to salivate, and knew that I was going to let up soon. I got out of bed and hurried to the bathroom. I knelt down, flipped up the lid, supported my head in my hands, and waited. I spit three or four times and dry heaved "Uhhlaaaat!". I heaved again, but this time let up a volley of white and brown chunks into the toilet. After spitting twice, I gagged and let up an even larger volley of chunks into the toilet. I then spat once and dry heaved twice. My husband knelt beside me and held my head. I felt the next wave building, and this time let up a fountain of chunks without gagging. I heaved three times, and let up more chunks with the third heave. By now the nausea was easing. I went back to bed and brought the basin. Twenty minutes later, I could feel the pressure building in my st! omach. I grabbed the basin, sat on the edge of the bed and waited. I started to dry heave again and my husband again got up and held my head. After the fourth heave I let up a small stream of chunks. I gagged again but this time the Mississippi river exploded out of my mouth and into the basin. I gagged twice more and each time let up another flood of chunks. The nausea again eased, but twenty minutes later I let up twice more after about six dry heaves. Today I am sill nauseated but haven't let up amy more.

once i through up popcorn at 3:00 am cuz i odered triple butter

Sunday, February 10, 2002

Well, here is a thing that happened,last summer i went to a field trip to the beaches of Tampico, we builded some rafts, and i was going out to sea to the neareast island with a girl from my class named Lorena, she was wearing a pink bikini like bathing suite, we ate lunch and stuff, but then the swells and waves began to get high,then i noticed she was clutching her stomach, 'I feel stomach cramps", but i checked out the lunch and there was nothing bad there, then i noticed she looked pale, and sweaty and she said to me "Umm, Oscar i don't feel so good", and i told her i don't have anything for seasickness, then she started to sweat more, then she turned green, then she burped, her cheeks distended and she putted a hand over her mouth, then she threw up all over her bathing suite, her mouth gotted really dirty, i gave her water to rinse her mouth...

Hey! I am a 18 year old woman. Three weeks and six days ago, I had my first vomiting episode in 11 years. I was always a bit apprehensive about throwing up, and still am. This is my story:

My friend Sheila and I were in Study hall. I had a nasty stomachache, and I kept farting to see if that would help me. I wasn't nauseous, just in pain. It felt like cement bubbles were exploding in the pit of my stomach. I kept burping too, and Sheila was laughing because she'd never really thought about me burping or farting before. My stomachache wouldn't go away. It never even dawned on me that an hour later I would be puking my guts out in the middle of an assembly! My cramps and farting continued through lunch. I had half a piece of lasagna and I started to feel woozy. I still managed to stumble to homeroom, holding onto the wall. We had a school assembly ten minutes later and I sat beside Sheila and the rest of the cheerleading squad. I was feeling really sick and this disgusting spit kept flooding into my mouth. I had this really sick feeling in the top of my throat, plus I was going to poo my pants if I didn't get to the washroom. I went, and came back. I was hal! fway to my friends when I knew, startled, that I was going to throw up. I tried to sprint back to the washroom, but my legs let out right away. I told everyone near me to move. One loser said "Sweet! A barf attack! my camera, please!" I started to gag and a flash from a camera came. It didn't take much for me to let loose. I retched twice (FLASH! FLASH!) and then my stomach heaved. A spurt of warm, thick, brown vomit shot onto the ground involuntarily. Then I went out of control. I was scared about barfing, but at the same time I had to get it out. Every time I heaved, the loser took pictures. When I'd finished, the whole school was staring at me. The loser had apparently got a whole roll of film taking of my vomiting and he said that he planned to make an animation with them. I feel really gross today, too, so I may have more to post later.


Friday, February 01, 2002

Hi, Katie!

When my wife was pregnant she became very good at vomit tech, and she developed methods that I have since adopted. One thing she taught me is that it is most comfortable puking from a chair in front of the toilet. Try it next time. It is much more dignified than kneeling and not so hard on the knees. You also avoid the disgusting facial splashback you tend to get when you kneel and get intimate with the bowl. When the flu is flowin' from both ends, you can turn around and sit on the toilet, with a trashcan or bowl on the chair. Very versitile!

While my spouse is a toilet puker unless she's too sick to make it to the bathroom, I'm with you...I prefer to puke into a receptacle other than the toilet. It's much cozier vomiting from the comfort of your bed or sofa than heaving in the cold, hard jon! And sleeping on the bathroom floor leaves something to be desired. We use a sickly green plastic mixing bowl. We're a family of impromptu pukers, so when somebody reports feeling sick, sombody else gets that bucket under their chin pronto! Hasten, Jason, fetch the basin!

That innocent looking green bowl has selflessly accepted the Family Vomit over fifteen years of stomach flu, morning sickness, over-indulging, food poisoning, and the occasional puke-just-for-the-hell-of-it. Maybe they should market a puke bucket at Tupperware parties.

Important hint: It helps to have a lid for the bowl to contain the vomity smell if you can't rinse it between performances. MORE important hint: be sure to remove the lid before spewing.

I usually get the telltale spit flood right before throwing up, too. It has a rank taste that I always thought was stomach juice sliding up to prime the pump. Occasionally, all I do is a kinda burp-spit deal, if there's nothing much in me when I get sick.

There's very little that's more unpleasant than vomiting though your doubt about it. Chunky style is the worst. It usually happens to me early in a puke cycle, when my last meal is still burpin' up the chute. I'll always remember when a piece of carrot came up through my nose! And I have that pukey stink in the back of my nose/throat for days after. The gift that keeps on giving!

Your friend, Jammer

Hi Katie,
I'm not very experienced either, but the Vomiting FAQ on the Internet says that hypersalivation occurs about a minute before vomiting.


Monday, January 28, 2002

Keeping vomit out of your nose is not an exact science. What causes vomit to exit your nose is a combination of back pressure (you don't open your mouth enough to release the flow) and the angle of your head. When you throw up, do you bring up large amounts at a time? If this is the case, you may not be able to open you mouth enough. You mentioned that you prefer to lay or kneel. If your head is at a lower level than your stomach, you will be more prone to a nasal ejection. Keep in mind, if you bring up large amounts at a time - or have projectile vomiting - there is probably nothing you can do to keep vomit out of your nose.

Mr. Sick

Hi. I just wanted to respond and let you know that I too have experanced the extra heavy salavating about 30 seconds before I actually vomit, but it doesn't happen to me every single time. Probably 50 percent of the time. However, (with me anyway) the is one sure tell-tale sign that I get that never fails. Usually about 30 seconds to a minuet before I puke I get this strainge feeling in the middle of my throat. I don't really know how to describe it other than to say it kinda feels like my throat muscles are opening up, or widening themselves to make room for the vomit that is about to rush through on its way to my mouth, and out of my body. When I get that feeling I KNOW that vomiting is ineviable and I had better get to the bathroom or grab a bassin. Unlike the watering of my mouth, this "emptying feeling" is always there. It may be somewhat uncomfortable, but I am glad to have it as a warning sign so I don't end up puking on the floor, on a couch or chair, in the car,! ....... whatever. Not that that has never happened to me, (believe me, it has), but I don't like making a mess if I can avoid it. Know what I mean? :0)

Take Care Of Yourself,


Hi, Katie,

Yes, the hypersalivation thing is classic, along with a sudden and sharp intensifying of the feeling of nausea, and that "rising" sensation, which is the esophagous relaxing and expanding to handle the flow of vomit. The saliva usually tastes intolerably bad, although, at this moment, almost anything would.

You're right about the time factor, too. A minute or less, once this point is reached. There's no turning back.

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

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