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Hi again! Somebody asked about when we had the stomach flu a while ago: did we make horrible noises when we threw up? I think the answer is YES!! I say "I think" because honestly, when you are that sick, you don't stop to think "am I making noise??" I guess I always first burp before I throw up. It's like the vomit pushes this big ball of air up in front of it, BRRURRP!! Rick told my mom that I sounded like a "sick bullfrog!!!" Although when I got going after the first couple heaves, I don't think I made a lot of noise. It just flowed out. Mouth AND nose, which is the worst feeling on earth, to have actual semi-chunky vomit(horrible smelling and tasting) squirting up inside your nose. I'm sure it was very attractive for Rick to watch! True love!! No wonder he threw up!

Then when there was nothing left in me I dry heaved for half a day!! This involved big HUUAAHHH!!!!! noises, and was torture. I tried to drink water to stay hydrated, and honestly, to have something to puke up, but water tasted ghastly - imagine that, just plain water, but it was sickening and it would make me gag before I could even swallow it. I'd take a drink and just BRRRRRRP!! lean over the side of the bed, and spit it back up into the trashcan along with a mouthful of sour stomach juice. Once I took a drink and threw it up so fast I couldn't get over the trashcan. Barfed it up on the polar-fleece blanket (which mom and dad had just bought us for Christmas) and I was so weak at that point that I just shoved the blanket onto the floor, and it sat there like that the rest of the night and the next day. Stinko!!!! I washed it twice but there is a brownish stain on the beige blanket, to remind us of our "Stomach Flu Jamboree."

As far as the noises Rick made, honestly I, myself, was too busy being sick (or sleeping between times) to notice much!! Next time you get stomach flu, notice how observant YOU are! A good, nasty flu-bug makes you VERY self-centered!!

You also asked about "thick ropey spit" and I guess there was, particularly at first. My flu started with the "Hershey-squirts" and when I sat on the toilet pooping, I wanted to throw up but at first I just spit up these mouthfulls of bile or stomach fluid, into the wastebasket, but it didn't last long because as I looked into the wastebasket it just disgusted me looking at hairballs soaked in evil-smelling(!!) stomach juice and I just absolutely HEAVED up into the wastebasket a bunch of times while I sat on the pot, having diarrea. The next day we put the whole wastebasket into a trashbag (along with a towel and a totally puke-stinky bathroom rug-ha ha!!) and threw it out, didn't even try to clean it. Sorry to gross you out but you asked.

Rick first got sick just looking at his dear, beautiful bride, getting sick all over the bathroom from both ends at once!! Honestly, before that time the only time I'd gotten "throw up sick" in front of him was a couple of times when I drank too much, and I just puked on the way home. No big deal, it's happened to him a few times, too!! And until then, I don't think the kids had never seen either of us throwing up. Before we were married I used to get stomach flu every winter, but I guess you become resistant when you have kids!! But this time we weren't resistant enough, I guess. This time everybody in our family got sick within less than a week, even my mom and dad (just cause my mom came to take the kids when we were sick). Did anybody else get this miserable stomach flu this winter??


Last night my girlfriend, Syl, got sick after we ate dinner at our favorite Chinese rest. It isn't our favorite anymore. She got home and we were watching TV and she was fidgiting around, an I could hear her stomach gurgle. She said she felt queasy and took some Pepto Bismol, but 20 minutes later she excused herself and went to the bathroom and was in there for a real long time and I got worried, so I went in and Syl was sitting on the edge of the bathtub and was looking just awful. She said she was going to be sick and would feel better afterwards. She asked me to leave but as she did, she coughed and spit some slimey stuff into the toilet and then all hell broke loose. She hurled in the toilet and after a bunch of barfs said she was done. That was only good for a few minutes and then she felt sick and then she got sick. She started having the runs, too, so she just camped out in the bathroom. She is shy about having me see her barfing and pooping (I can understand that) so! she made me stay out of the bathroom, but I could hear her gagging and the puke splashing into the toilet. She kept this up until about 3 AM and now she is asleep with a pail next to the bed.

Hey Mr. Sick,

I'm going to get a job as a janitor at a college like you in order to see puke and clean it up(especially women's puke). If it doesn't pan out the fair will do just fine. What do you think. Good stories by the way!!

My gosh, it is hard to realize that Gemma has passed away... my sympathies go out to her family and friends.

E.R. barf story #4:

About 2 weeks ago I was asked to assist with a new patient with a bowel obstruction who needed a variety of things done (IV, etc) and since that's my specialty of sorts I obliged. When I entered I saw an adult sitting on the cot, obvoiusly retarded and wearing a hockey helmet. Now, I want everyone to understand that this is by NO MEANS making fun of this individual for his disability, but the effect of the whole thing on me is the point here, so the details are necessary.

Anyhow, this gentlemen had been vomiting for two days and have not had a bowel movement for longer. He was a likely suspect for a bowel obstruction. If you don't know what that is, read my post below it explains it.

We had to put a tube into the guy's stomach to pump out the contents and test them for blood. That tube goes in your nose and then alllllll the way down to the stomach. As we were preparing for this and I was starting the IV the patient puked up all kinds of liquid feces, some of which splashed in a close proximity to my head/face and arms. Well the smell began to fill the room immediately and it smelled like diarrhea. In the time of about a minute from the poop smell my own body had decided it had to poop. So i excused myself from the room, pooped a healthy turd, and returned to finish my duties. The patient did barf some more poop up but my urge to poop did not return so the story ends here.

Just thought it was interesting that how smelling someone else's barf can make you have to barf, but in this case smelling someone else's barfed up poop made me have to poop.

Until next time

Tueesday, April 23, 2002

Hi everybody! This is my first post. I read in the Vomiting FAQ that women throw up twice as often as men. Did you know that? Interesting.

I have a story. One time I was feeling not too well and I was sitting on the toilet not sure what was going to happen. All of a sudden, I retched a couple of times, but I wasn't sure what it was. It felt just like hiccups. DOES ANYONE ELSE THINK RETCHING FEELS LIKE THAT? Anyway, I didn't know what was happening until the first wave of barf came out of my mouth. It was only about an ounce or so. I quickly put my head down, trying to puke between my legs, but I put it down too far and the barf went on my shirt and ran down all over my privates. Yuck! At least now I know what retching feels like.

Hey Marie,

Liked your stomach -flu post. Reeal Graphic!!!. did you make horrible noises as you puked your guts up? Was there lots of thick, ropey spit in your mouth?

Mr. Sick

I am a mentor in the realm of vomit, huh? Thats a new one. :) I'll take that as a complement. Hahahaha!

I wanted to post and let you all know that I had to clean up puke not just once, but TWICE this week! (Remember, I am a custodian at a college). Tuesday some idot was nice enough to puke in a urinal!!!!! YUCK! I can't be sure, but I think it was tacos. It looked like itty bitty (grainy) peices of hamburger meat and very soggy corn shells. I was inside the urinal and had also ran down the "lip" and onto the floor! Needless to say, I was NOT a happy camper when I sawe that. Then Thursday someone threw up all over a toilet in the women's restroom. It was all over the seat and some of it had run down the side of the bowl. I looked like it had once been a tasty salad. It was mostly lettus and was also covered in some kind of dark brown liquid (no, not poop) and had that unmistakeable "pukie" smell. What was on the toilet bowl had dried and become really hard. I almost had to relocate my shoulder after scrubbing and scrubbing to finally get it off!

Well, thats it for this time around. Spring is here now and that is usually a prime time for all kinds of flu bugs to go around, so I am sure I will have more stories to post sometime in the very near future.



I almost never vomit, so I do so vicariously through others.<BR>
Here goes: Last week, I was driving to work through a residential section, and was following a small red car, either a Chevrolet Cavalier or a Dodge Shadow. The passenger door was open slightly. Perhaps the driver was hauling something long or oddly shaped, like furniture. As the little car bounced along, I could see human hair coming from the door opening. Then a face. It's a person. She's female! Why do you suppose she's riding in such awkward position?<BR>
I followed the little car for a quarter of a mile. I couldn't hear any sounds, nor could I see the woman's face at that moment, but the puddles of white chunks soon appeared on the pavement. I attributed them to oatmeal or cold cereal; they made a sickening splash in the wheel wells of my aging truck as its bald tires plowed through. I honked the horn and waved to get their attantion, but they ignored me. The passenger closed the door and assumed a normal seated postion.<BR>
We approached an intersection in a commercial district. There's a train station there, as well as a crossing guard. The crossing guard makes no sense to me, as there are no schools nearby, but she's a woman of about 60 years, and is the friendly sort who waves to motorists as they pass. At that time, the passenger had a relapse. She quickly opened the door, and spilled even more cottage-cheese-looking retch on the blacktop, this time in front of the crossing guard and dozens of commuters at the train station. The crossing guard didn't wave to them, but I did.<BR>
I have to wonder, do any of you find it embarrassing to vomit publicly like that? And why wouldn't the driver stop? It was a residential district, after all, with plenty of spaces to pull over.

Tuesesday, April 16, 2002

Hello, my name is Maria. I am Gemma's sister. Gemma passed away last night after fighting the cancer for several months. The day before she died, she asked me to tell all of you on this forum thank you for your support. God bless you for being there for my sister when she needed it the most. She is in a better place now.

I'm your mentor? Neato. Don't have much else to post for you, though.

Wednessday, April 03, 2002

Anyways i got this story:
Me and a couple of friends decided to go to the nearest island for a report, we rented a boat, the island is about eight hours away, so we went at three o clock.
We were all wearing our bathing suites, then i noticed that this girl Loreaine didnt look so good, she was touching her stomach, and was sweating, and also this girl Emma didnt look so well, she looked kinda green, then the waves began to get higher and higher, until i noticed that Emma was totally green in the face and Loreaine was too, so they got to the rail and started to puke, Emma said to Loreaine:I dont get seasick and Loreaine answered You are never inmune to it, BLEAAAAAAAAACHH, Loreaines vomit was pink and somewhat chunk, and Emmas was brown and also somewhat chunky, some moments before we arrived the island, a little storm took us on, this time i also got seasick, i turned green and sweated, and since we forgot to bring any warm clothes it was freezing, then a friend of mine who was with us too, offered up a slice of pizza, we turned green clamped the hans to our months, and began barfing on a bucket each other!, when we arrived in the island, Loreaine puked a! bit on the sand.


My name is Marcella and I live in snowy Iqaluit, Nunavut. For those of you who don't know where that is, it's in Northern Canada. Since it is in the Polar zone, viruses and bacteria can't get around too much, so I rarely get sick. However, I have a few stories I can share, I hope they are detailed enough for you. (BTW: Mr. Sick, Destiny, and Dana, you guys are my mentors. Keep detailing as good as you have been! ~_~)

Well... here goes.

1) It was a slushy, melting day in 1994. I had just turned 8 and I was going to the pond with my friend Kulaia. Back then there was no Nunavut, it was the Northwest Territories. (Nunavut was formed April 1, 1999). We were going to see if there were any rabbits or toads down there. I had three glasses of chocolate milk and a ham and ketchup sandwich before we left. We were sitting on a big rock waiting for something to peek out at us. I was beginning to get a stomach ache, but I shook it off as anticipation. After about fifteen minutes, my stomach was starting to hurt really bad and I could feel my food whirling around at the tip of my stomach. I started to cry and Kulaia asked me what was wrong. "I feel sick" I said, and we started walking home. I was crying so hard that I coughed up a small amount of brown and red vomit (choco milk and ketchup, I'd presume). Then I was paralyzed where I was and vomiting heavily. The thick brown, red, and pink vomit was pouring down the ! front of my coat, down my green cordorouy pants and squishing into my boots. I was covered in hot, stinking stomach rejects! I started running home, then I noticed that Kulaia was throwing up some saliva and she said she felt sick after I threw up. She only threw up saliva, though. And that was the end of that little episode.

2) OK, 1999... I was 13 now, and Nunavut was created. It was late November, like minus 30 degrees weather. There was snow piled up to my knees! I was at school, doing a test. The girl next to me, Itrshia (I think that's how it's spelled, she was Inuit and it was an Inuktitut name) was really pale. She was the beautiful one in my class, with silky black hair, smooth brown skin, and outstanding black eyes. Today her hair was a bit messy, in a bun at the back of her head. She raised her hand to beckon our teacher, Mrs. Pieri. She said something to her, and then Mrs. Pieri asked me if I would help Itrshia in the washroom. I agreed, and we went to the washroom. Itrshia hurried into a stall and closed and locked the door. I looked under the door, and she was kneeling on the bathroom floor, her silver pants squashed over her red platforms. I heard a barely audible gag, then a loud, wet retch. Then, the inevitable splash/squish of vomit hitting the water and the sides of the bow! l. There were three more retches, three more gags, and two more splashes, and then Itrshia opened the door. Her pink shirt had spots of vomit on it, and her mouth was dirty. She still looked really pale and then she said, "Marcella, do you have a mint?" I had one, fortunately, and I gave it to her. Later on, in Spanish, Itrshia got up and threw up some thin brown and orange vomit onto the floor. Then this guy who is the classic nerd (Braces, glasses, buck teeth, SUSPENDERS) got up and threw up some thick and chunky green vomit all over himself. It was pretty sick.

3) This happened this year. My boyfriend Gregory and I were in the library, and I was feeling really sick. I sat on the bench next to him and put my head on his shoulder. He rubbed my back and all of a sudden I knew I was going to barf. I leaned over, tucked my long brown hair behind my ears, and let loose. It was the most painful experience of my life! My stomach felt like it was on fire, and it kept pushing up stuff I hadn't eaten for weeks! It smelled REALLY bad!! It was a re

oh my gosh guys i am goin to throw up i think post later

Monday, April 01, 2002

hello everyone! first time poster here although ive been reading the stories for quite some time now. When i was a kid, i used to puke all the school, on the bus, kitchen floor, the bedroom, etc. i never seemed to make it to the bathroom! i felt sorry for all the people who cleaned up after me. But i never get motion sick and ive never puked from drinking too much (knock on wood). up until yesterday its been about 7 years since ive thrown up at all. i figure i must have gotten it all out of my system as a child or something like that.

Anyway, my streak would be going right now, but i am a brave guy and i took my girlfriend's dare to take the Milk Challenge yesterday! I knew that its impossible to drink a gallon of milk in one hour without puking, so i knew i was going to end up puking before i even started. I just wanted to see how far i could get. i didnt eat anything since lunch the day before so i could make sure my stomach was completely empty. my gf and i sat in my back yard so there wouldnt have to be any cleaning up at the end. I opened the gallon jug and chugged away. I didnt even worry about the hour factor in the challenge. about a half-gallon later, my stomach felt like it was going to pop! i felt a little bit of milk trying to work its way back up my throat, but i slowly kept going. i had about 5/6 of the jug to go when i knew thats as far as i was going to go. i sat there for a minute and suddenly SPEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW a huge wave of white puke splattered everywhere. then again SPE! WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW and again. it felt so good and my stomach felt so relieved! my girlfriend backed away so she didnt get hit by any of it. puking all that milk wasnt nearly as bad as i thought it was going to be. and so ended my 7 year streak.

has anyone else tried the Milk Challenge? if so, i'd like to hear about it!

take care

1 day i woke ^ feelin like sh*t...i told my mom but she made me go 2 skool n-e wayz 'cause i had a test i waz doin ok during the 1st 3 peroids but when 4th came i waz feeling REALLY queezy... when i felt it comming ^ my throat i new that it waz comming...i waz about to run 4 the washroom but the teacher called on me 2 anser he next question...i started 2 swallow hard and i got ^ and ran! in the middle ov the hall i colapsesd and let it all out! just then, the bell rang. Students rushed out into the hall. THEY STOPPED DEAD - they were surronding me. And there I was. making embaressing noises like BRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH and RRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH then my other end started flowing... so there i waz lying in the middle ov the hall puking and sh*ting in front ov every 1!!

Saturday, March 30, 2002

Don't any of you have any stories about people hurling from a real bad cough?. that's the name of the forum "coughed up"

yeah that sucks they won't let you post your email address here. Oh well... gotta protect the kids privacy so some weirdos aren't stalking them to see them barf. Anyhow, we use phenergan in the ER all the time for nausea/vomiting and it can work wonders. If your doc is holding out on the anti-emetics, you might want to consider another doc. Chemo, radiation, and other cures are sometimes worse than cancer so combating fatigue and radiation/chemo sickness is extremely important.

Mr. Sick, i am only a paramedic. I know a little about the human body, mostly what to do to stop life-threatening things from killing you. But i do learn quite a bit just talking to all the nurses and docs at work so i will work on some of the answers to your questions.

Speaking of one topic, why some barf is smelly and some is not, i'm not sure. Could be what it is, how your stomach/intestines react to it, length of stay (haha) and other factors. A triple bacon cheeseburger barf is going to smell worse than a gatorade hack (the latter are nice! barf that smells like fruit punch rocks) but some old man barfed up some really raunchy chunks the other morning. What a way to start the dat at 8:30, some guy heaving brown liquid w/white chunks all over his stomach. sucked... the smell doesn't bother me often but this one did and it was very acidic, very rank. Almost made me lose me pb+js that i had for breakfast.

I go to work again on Friday so maybe there will be some good new stories for y'all. Until then, here's an oldie but a goodie...

I was called into the triage nurse's office to help carry a sick patient back to a room. The triage nurse's office is where you go when you first get to the er, where they figure out how sick you are, how soon they need to see you, etc. I get in there to see a larger lady bent over sitting in a chair... starting to heave. She heaves a few times, notices a garbage can to the left of the chair on the floor, and leans over to her left to barf in it. The funny part comes when she leans over to her left, and as she vomits her right leg comes up off the seat and she rips a big huge fart. I just busted out laughing! The nurse meanwhile doesn't think it's quite as funny so i try my hardest to stop laughing and pick the patient up under one arm and escort her to a room. The patient didn't know i was laughing but the nurse sure did and she was salty about the lady barfing and farting in her little office!

see ya soon

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

your name Fred
A long time ago in 7th grade, I got that feeling that I was going to get sick sometime that morning. I decided that i would sit quietly until I had to go the bathroom, and then get up and go. I never got the chance to leave the classroom. As I sat there, I threw up down the front of my shirt, my pants and the floor. I sat in the front row, so everyone watched me barf. That was my most embarassing time getting sick.

Mr. Sick
I just thought of a short puke story that I don't think I have ever posted before. This didn't happen to me, and I don't know the people who were involved, but this was kinda sick and kinda interesting (depending on your view point of vomit).

Anyway, this happened in 1994. I was on my way to work and was behind a van at a red light. I was just sitting there waiting for the light to turn green when all of a sudden the driver's door opens and a little girl (she couldn't have been more then 6 or 7 yrs. old) stuck her head out of the open door. I could tell that she was laying accross her mother's lap. I thought to myself, "what in the heck is going on?" My question was answered just as soon as I asked it. The little girl opened her mouth real wide and white puke poured out of her mouth and splattered onto the asphalt below. I watch in total shock and amazement as three tourents of pure white puke fell from her mouth and formed a puddle on the ground (which btw began to run down hill toward my car and the cars behind me). She went back into the van but just as the light turned green the door opens again and out pops the little girl's head again. She wasted no time,I'll say that for her. No sooner did she stick he! r head out (once again laying across her mom's lap) than her poor little stomach exploded again. This time she let lose one large volly of pure white puke, but then she began dry heaving. Small amouts of a clear type of liquid began pouring out of her mouth in small spurts, and by now she was crying. Just as she was climbing back into the van the light turned red again. Normally, I hate to sit though a light, but in this case I fully understood. My heart went out to this poor kid. There were a few cars behind me that probaby hadn't seen what was happening and honked their horn. When the light turned green again the van moved forward. As I was making my turn I could avoid running over that puddle of white puke that covered the ground. About a half mile up the road I saw the van turn into a 24 hour medical clinic. I spent the rest of that night wondering if that kid had puked anymore that night.

Anyway, thats it. I just though that I would share it with all of you.

Take care of yourselves,

Mr. Sick

Tuesesday, March 19, 2002

I read this site but haven't had anything to post until now. Late last week our kids got stomach flu and threw up and juicy-pooped and the whole works. I took care of them and cleaned up, and was generally up to my elbows in kid-puke for two days. Sunday after supper I started feeling a little sick to my stomach. I hoped I wouldn't catch their flu, but I was getting it. I took some Pepto Bismol and I went to bed early, but at about two in the morning I woke up and felt really sick. Nothing from supper had digested, and I was terribly dizzy. My stomach was so sick. All I wanted to do was throw up. I woke my husband, Rick and asked him to help me to the bathroom to vomit. He helped me to the toilet and my intestines felt real bubbly, and I farted and diarrhea squirted out into my pants. I pulled them down (ick!)and sat down and started going and my stomach flipped and this awful tasting vomit juice started flooding my mouth and I had to spit it onto the floor next to the toile! t, and then I burped and Rick grabbed me the wastebasket and I looked into it and it was full of junk, toilet paper roll, Q-tips, tissue, and this wad of my hair I'd pulled out of my hairbrush. Oh, it was so sick looking and I told Rick to get me a bowl quick and while he went to the kitchen to get it, I just had to spit more stomach bile into the waste basket and look at that hairball and I just belched up a mouthful of puke, into the basket, and then I just exploded diarrhea and puked at almost the same time. I threw up everything in my stomach (so I thought), I just spilled chunks and brown, scummy liquid all over the crap in the wastebasket. I threw up three or four times into that basket and caught my breath and Rick stood there in the doorway with the bowl and he looked like he was in shock. He had only seen me throw up a couple of times before, when I'd had too much to drink, but it was nothing like this. I was throwing up so hard the puke was coming up through my n! ose, it was so awful and so gross, and it stunk just the worst I ever smelled. Rick put the bowl under his mouth and he threw up into it. It is a metal bowl and some of his puke splashed out onto the bathroom counter. I was done pooping and I wanted to wipe so I tried to put the puke filled wastebasket down but that feeling was coming and BUWERRP! I hurled again just getting the wastebasket back under my mouth. When I could wipe and flush, and kneel over the toilet to puke some more, Rick was still puking into the bowl. OK, I could go into detail over and over but you get the point. We both had a horrendous stomach flu that night and the next day. We just stayed in bed and every half hour or so threw up into trash cans next to the bed. I puked on the blanket and I was so sick I just pushed it into a heap on the floor. I called my mom to come get the kids cause they were scared watching us get sick and not be able to get the dressed or get them breakfast. My mom said that whe! n she walked into the house the puke smell was so bad she almost got sick but she took the kids and by that evening we were better and started to clean up. We just put the whole pukey waste basket full of my semi-dried vomit into a garbage bag and threw the whole thing out. Didn't even try to clean it. The next night my mom got sick in the night that she just leaned over and threw up on Dad, right in bed. Lucky they're in love!!! That brings us to this morning, and mom called and said dad is in the bathroom and she can hear him burping and flushing but he won't admit ever getting sick. This was the worst stomach flu my family or me has ever had. Don't get it!


Mike, I'd love the books, but the forum won't allow you to post your email address, or me to post my address. :( And no, I've never tried Phenergan, but I'll ask my doctor about it. Thanks for the advice!

Monday, March 18, 2002

Sorry to post again... i forgot this.

Gemma, i'm sure you've tried several things to combat the vomiting... have you ever tried Phenergan? It seems to work for a lot of people, and they can prescribe it in suppository form if you are vomiting too much to take pills.

Also, i have a few books you might want to read that may be extremely helpful and comforting to you. If you would like me to send them to you (no charge) please email me with your address.

Mr. Sick

KEEP POSTING! It is really cool hearing about puking from a medical point of view. I was wondering is you cold explain what happens to the body before and durring a vomiting episode. For instance, what causes the feeling of nausea? What causes the "emptying of the throat" feeling 2 seconds before puking actually occurs? Just how is the food in the stomach pushed up the throat and out of the mouth? Is it just the stomach muscles that are involved, or are the contraction of other muscles or internal organs other than the stomach involved? What determines wether a person will have a normal vomiting episode or a projectile vomiting episode? Why is that that sometimes a persn can puke and there is absoultly no oder present, and other times, you can smell it for half a mile away? What determines if a person will vomit more than once and is there any way to tell how many times it will occure? Ok, ok, ok, I'll stop now. I'm sorry. I have just been so fasinated with vomiting for! so long now and have had all of these questions running around my mind.But who can I realluy ask without wondering if I wont end up in a nice little white jacket with my arms tied tightly around my back. (LOL)Finally, a place where I can ask all of these questions without beening looked at as a sicko or half insane! I hope to hear from you again soon.

Take care of yourself,

Mr. Sick

P.S. BTW everyone, you can feel free to e-mail me any time at

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Just read ur post and I wanted to tell u I do the same thing with the male celeb thing.

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