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Actually I'm posting here because I have a question for you people. Right before I throw up I always have lots of saliva coming into my mouth. I used to think that only I had it and didn't think much about it. I just thought it comes pretty handy: I don't have to run to the bathroom to no avail, and I never puke really unexpectedly because the mouth watering thing is a sure sign that it is going to happen in less than a minute, but it still gives me enough time to find something to throw up into without producing a mess. Actually I have often felt really sick without vomiting, and when I thought that I felt a little better my mouth watered and I had to throw up. It wasn't until a couple of months ago that I heard that this is a normal reflex before vomiting. So what I'd like to know now: does this really happen to all of you, and how soon do you throw up after your mouth waters? I don't seem to be able to find any information on this, but it has somehow caught my interes! t.
In return I'll try to answer some of your questions, although I'm not a big expert on this topic (I have a very strong stomach, and I only vomit once in 2 or 3 years):
1) As for positions: I used to throw up standing when I was a kid, but I don't do that anymore because I get really shaky legs when I puke, so at some age I started to kneel in front of the toilet. I don't find that very comfortable either, and I actually prefer to sit or lie while puking.
2) I prefer to throw up into a bucket or bowl rather than into the toilet. Since I usually start to feel nauseous many hours before I actually need to puke, I always have enough time to go home and lie down in my bed with a bucket or a bowl next to my bed.
3) The sounds I make when I throw up are like very loud short coughs that accompany each heave (the cough-sound actually follows after I have taken a short quick breath, and after the cough the vomit comes out). If I remember correctly I usually have at least two heaves and the maximum is about 6 heaves. In-between the heaves I usually gasp for breath and spit.
Other symptoms that accompany my vomiting include cold sweat, tears coming from my eyes and absolute shakiness, weakness and exhaustion afterwards. What I find really awful is when the vomit also comes through my nose (does anyone know how I can avoid that). The best thing about vomiting for me is the knowledge that the awful feeling of nausea will finally be done away with afterwards.

I have a story. Yesterday I was at a picnic with my best friend Ash and three other friends. We had some seafood salad and these big honkin sub sandwiches. Also a neat little jello salad for dessert. I ate some of each and Ash and I (Ash is a guy) decided to take a walk by the beach. We found this bench swing at the shoreline and sat in it for a while. I started to feel a little queasy from the rocking and got off of the swing. I thought walking would cure me so Ash and I continued our walk. My stomach was starting to turn and I kept tripping over myself on the sand, so Ash told me to sit down. Then he started massaging my shoulders. I was starting to feel really nauseous, but the massage felt good so I didn't bother telling him. My stomach was whirring like a propellor and I could feel my dinner starting to boil it's way into my throat. At this point I was starting to sweat big time. My stomach was making these disgusting, wet, gurgly noises as it's contents crept highe! r and higher up my throat. When I am going to barf, my knees start to shake. Well, right now, my knees looked like they were going to explode, they were trembling so violently. I suddenly felt a gush of food fly up my throat and I broke away from Ash's grip. I ambled my way halfway down the beach and collapsed into the sand. I started to gag and Ash ran up to me and held my hair with one hand and rubbed my back with the other. My stomach was contracting so hard I thought I would pass out. I gagged (like "huuuueugh!") I gagged again, and within 3 seconds I heaved. At first just saliva was coming up, then the big one came. My stomach had this HUGE twist and a violent fountain of brown and orange, chunky vomit exploded out of my mouth. (Like, "Huuuegh! Huuuegh! Blaaaauuuuugggghhhh!") The liquid part of the vomit was soaking into the sand. Ash was rubbing my back really gently. I felt another volley of heaves approaching, so I readied myself. After another dry heave, about a gal! lon of the same browny-orange chunks soaked into the sand, fresh out of my mouth and nose. Right after that heave, a bigger one came, and then a few small ones, and finally I was finishing up, spitting up a few stray chunks and thick saliva. My stomach felt better (a little bit). I cleaned myself up and covered the various barf spots with clean sand and went home and slept. That'a sll for now, I have dancing, I will finish the story another time.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Yes I was sick the other night but only once. Dakota has a bifg mouth spillin my story but i'll tell you i never knew it would happen. I had fries and hotdogs for dinner at my friends and after i came home and finished my homework showered and went to bed.At about 3 I woke up feeling really stange and went to the bathroom.Had a major case of
the runs so after.I went to bed.Around 5 i woke up gagging.And with a second i started to feel barf coome up my throat so i ran to the bathroom and puked. It was really chunky and yellowish orange.I wentback to bed and woke up at 7. I felt better so i went to school.

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been around for a while. I've been really busy with school. But I did throw up today so to make it up to you I'll go into real detail.

I've been feeling kind of urpy on and off since yesterday anyway, but today was my dad's birthday so we had a huge surf and turf dinner (steak and shrimp). Tons of fat in the steak. And I'm usually not the kind of person that worries about calories and things like that, it's just that I'm not used to digesting all that grease. But I couldn't very well refuse to eat it because that would be rude, so I cleaned my plate. Mom brought out the birthday cake (German chocolate!), and again I obliged and ate some. I wasn't really nauseous yet, just a little on the queasy side from eating so much. But then the steak started digesting, and all that fat... things were starting to move down there.

I got in the shower, thinking that would make me feel a little better, and the nausea faded for a while before coming back hard. One minute I was washing the conditioner out of my hair, and the next minute I was kneeling down next to the drain (I didn't think I could make it to the toilet in time) gagging and making these morbid "GRRAAKKKK!" sounds. Pretty soon the cake started coming up in these liquidy brown waves, and here's the gross part -- it still smelled like chocolate.

Monday, January 14, 2002

Mr Sick: I live on the ground floor and we have two bathrooms but they are upstairs. When the hallway lights are out it is literally pitch black and I wouldn't want to try my luck running up there with a mouthful of puke! I had a blue plastic bowl but I left it in the Kitchen and it disappeared (8 people live in the house) so now I make do with a plastic bag. Course I always check it for holes first. I try not to look at my vomit cos whenever I have it just makes me puke more.

Dakota: Adrianna! definitely Adrianna. Hope everything goes well for you!

Thursday, January 10, 2002

Mr. Sick
Ok, I have a few questions to ask everyone just out of pure couriosity.

1. Does anyone here have a habit of stairing at their vomit after they are done puking? If so, for how long? (I reluctently admit to doing this. Usually from 15 -30 seconds after I puke before I flush it. I don't know why I do it. Maybe out of shock that I had actually puked. Am I the only one who does this???)

2. Does anyone here have a container at home reserved specifiy to be used as an alturnitive to using the toilet to vomit in? (a trash can? a buckett? ect.? I just posted that here at my home we have a large, green plastic bassin that we use when we are sick and don't want to keep geting up and running to the toilet when we have to puke.)

Thanks in advance for anwering.

Mr. Sick

Mr. Sick
Hi Lisa,

When I am nauseated and think that I am going to throw up, the first time I usually go into the bathroom, knel infront of the toilet, grip the toilet seat with both hands, lean forward and just wait. Sometimes I spit to encourage it it come. I usually gag (without using fingers) once or twice before puke starts comeing out of my mouth. The first heave usually produces a small amout of puke (Just enough to fill your checks if you'd keep your mouth closed .... which I don't) but the second heave is usually an explosion of vomit and usually hits the water in the toilet hard (someimes hard enough to make it splash in my face ----YUCK! ----- fortunatly THAT doesn't happen very often). If I am at home and feel a second vomiting episode comeing on I might go back into the bathroom and puke in the toilet again, but more often (if I am at home) I was grap this large green plastic bassin (saved here at home for this very pourpose) and go to bed. If I need to vomit again, I will si! t up in bed, lean far forward, hold the bassin just under my chin, then try to relax and let the vomit come. I may use the bassin 3 times (if I am sick enough) before I get out of bed and empty it into the toilet.

I have gotten sick to my stomach at work a few times. (You can actually read about the last time this happened to me here. I posted it a few months ago.0 I work as a custodian at a local college (3rd shift) . I have gottn sick at work more than once. I remember one night (seprate from the time I have already posted) where I was cleaning offices. It was about half an hour after lunch break. I think that I had broutht a sub sandwich to work from home (and no, I do not believe this was a result of food poisoning). Anyway, I was cleaning offices and started feelng nauseated. It was getting worse and worse. However, I remember thinking that if I just kept working, it would go away and I would be fine. It wouldn't and I wasn't! Finally it got to the point where I realized the like it or not, I WAS going to vomit, and at any minuet. There was nothing I could do to hold it off or delay it. It was on its way, ... now! I was in the middle part of the hallway and knew I had no chan! ce getting to either the men's or women's restrooms to use the toilet (it is 3rd shift, .... about 3:00 am. so it wouldn't have mattered wich restroom I used. Believe me if I was near the women's restroom abd could have made it in time, I wouldn't have hesitated in using it.) If I had tried to make it I knew I would only puke all over the hallway floor, and guess who would have to clean THAT up??? (LOL). So, I walked into the nearest office, turned on the light, closed the door, quickly grabed the trash can, stuck my head in and no sooner did I grab it than "UUUUUULLLLLAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Puke exploded from my mouth (I had involenteerly gaged while walking toward the trash can) and into the trash bag! Oh Man, it was gross! Peices of salimi, turky, chicken, tomatos, onions, and mayo began quickily filling the trash bag. I braced myself for the seconf volly of vomit to come and it is a good thing that I did because unlike usual, I was not kneling (I didn't have the time to do that)! I was standing up, holding the trash can under my mouth. Remember when I said that the second heave is usually like an explosion? My stomach heaved HARD, my head pitched forward, and puke BURSTED form my mouth in its usuall volcano-type second - heave fasion and hit the side of the trash can splashing me in the face and stinging you eyes! At the same time the puke was also comeing out of my nose and I had to fight to breath! It was horrorable! I heaved 2 more times (both times a little less then the ones before) and was finally finished puking. I grabed a huge fist-full of kleanex from the lady's desk infrom of my (who's trash can was now hloding the discusting contents of my stomach) and wiped my face off. I blew my nose only to have a huge chunck of meat (unidentifiable) fly out of my nose and into the kleanex that I head in my shaking hand. That almost starded a second episode! I fught off a gag, swollowed 2 or 3 times and fought off a pang of nausea. Fortunatly I was ab! le to get control of it before vomiting again. I staired at it for like 30 seconds and then just tied up the bad, sprayed the trash can with disinfect, replace the pukey bag with a fresh clean one, shut the door, threw out the pukey bag away and finished my job for the night. I stll don't know why I had puked. Oh well.

Take care Lisa,

Mr. Sick

P.S. Please forgive all of the mispellings. I tried to correct them, but for whatever reason, it would only erase the letter infont to the typeo and I would have to retype the whole word (or paragraph! *sigh*)

Bryanni was sick last night. all i know is the she barfed in the toliet and said shewasfeeling betterthis mornign when i asked her.

My baby isdue soon. About a month whcih name do you like best Adrianna Emily Carmel Olivia or Kendra?

Lisa -- It depends on whether or not there are people around. I don't want to gross anyone out and puke in front of them. Usually I kneel in front of the toilet, lift up the seat and steady myself with one hand against the lifted-up seat, but if I'm with people I go outside and vomit while standing up and bending over double. Then I can brace myself on a picnic table or the side of the house or something. Wildlife takes care of the resulting mess since I throw up behind the house and no one goes out there until it's time to mow the lawn.

As for your other questions, I usually throw up in either the toilet (alone) or outside in the bushes (when people are around). I can be quiet if I have to, like when I'm outside, and that usually just sounds like a little "urrrp" and the splashing sound the vomit makes when it hits the ground. When I'm by myself I can vocalize a little more. Like Arie, I often have to gag myself before I can expel anything, and I sometimes bring up air before any stomach contents come up (sounds like "EHHT!") and then I'll dry heave a few times because for some odd reason sometimes nothing wants to come up ("Huhhh!"). Then the dry heaves start sounding more and more "wet," which is a sign something's going to come up soon. That sounds about the same, only more abbreviated because there's stuff moving up ("Hurgh!") and then usually I start throwing up ("GRAAAACKkkkkk!").

The texture depends on what I've eaten. I'm pretty big on diet pop so there's a lot of liquid there. It's pretty liquidy and I usually end up expelling a few tiny chunks of things I ate long ago, unless I vomit after I JUST ate and then it's mostly chunky and comes out in gobs.

Hope that helped!

Monday, January 07, 2002

Hi, Lisa. My bathroom's real small and my bathtub's right next to the toilet, so when I have to throw up, I usually sit on the tub with my knees around the bowl and lean over. I usually can't vomit on my own and have to stick my finger down my throat (I hold my hair with my other hand); when I do, I cough a couple of times -- it kinda sounds like "haccck"--, then I gag a time or two--like "ucck". I usually have to do this three or four times 'till I gag real hard -- "UGGKKGHH"-- and then, finally, I puke -- it sounds kinda like OOUAAAGGGGKHHH".

Saturday, January 05, 2002

Hey guys! Yesterday was not a good day; I had a stomach bug and I was puking all day! I hate it, cause before, i usually didn't puke even when I was sick, but after the cancer, I do. But anyway, I was in the bathroom most of the day, throwing up this liquidy orange stuff that smelled so bad, the smell would make me start puking again. By the end of the day, I felt so dehydrated, and I had some water and immediately puked it back up. It was practically midnight by the time I could keep anything down. By then, I was practically collapsing, literally, because I was so thirsty. I drank like 5 glasses of water! I'm much better today, although I threw up once early this morning.

Hello All!! My name is Cameryn.(Cammie for short!) This is the funniest website!! I have a story for you guys. I was at cheerleading nationals a few weekends ago and a few girls on our team got food poisining from eating sausage at the hotel a couple mornings before. One of the girls was in my hotel room. Before we went to bed the girl(her name is Gina) said that she wasn't feeling well and she felt like throwing up. One of our coaches had a conjoining room and she said for us to give Gina some water and put a wastebasket next to her bed and then go to sleep. A few hours later Gina wakes up and pukes all over the bed. Then I reminded her about the wastebasket next to her. She leans over the side of the bed to barf into the garbage can but since it is the middle of the night,it is dark she cannot see it and she pukes all over the floor like four times. Then the next day(the day of our final competition) we find out that 3 other girls were either feeling sick or had gotten sic! k the night before. So before we perform, our coaches got a janitor and 4 buckets and put them backstage and told the janitor we might have a few girls get sick after performing. Sure enough as soon as we step offstage, 2 of the girls go running towards the buckets and 1 doesn't even make it she puked on the floor. It was really really gross! The whole backstage reeked! Gina was okay she wasn't one of the girls who got sick after performing. Oh yeah and we got 2nd Place!!

C-ya later

Hi Lisa. When I puke I usually bend over the toilet. It sounds like I'm burping and coughing at the same time. Its usually watery because I don't usually eat when I feel sick. Sometimes I get the dry heaves before it happens and when it first starts pouring out of me I'm almost silent. When stationed in Florida I became pregnant and spent much time on the verge of being sick and puked in my trash can on a couple of occasions. I think I may be coming down with something too.

I really like your idea for this forum! I have have only one almost-forgotten story. It does not have many details because I was then in third grade and now I'm in 6th. Well I had not felt well all night, so I got up to get a drink of water. Well right when I got to the bathroom--bbbbblllllllllllllllaaaaaahhh!!!! right in the sink. I mean, I didn't even know I was going to be sick. It was brown with red and green chuncks in it I think. That was around 6 in the morning and I puked twice more (no details). That was the only time I was absent from school becasue of being sick from 3rd to now! So I probably won't have any good stories often.

Gemma- I'm sorry but I have no advice.

Keegan- I like your detailed stories.

Bryanna, Destiny, Eden, Sickkid, Mr. Sick, Oceanbabe, Manda, and all others- Keep writing!!

Monday, December 31, 2001

I recently ran across this site while surfing the web. I know you have probably been asked this many times, but, what positions do you use when you throw up, and what do you usually throw up into? What noises do you make and is it usually chunky or liquid? I usually kneel over the toilet, drape my arms over the seat and support my head in my hands (My hair is fairly short and won't get in the way.)
I usually gag 3 or 4 times before I do it. It usually takes 3 or 4 heaves to bring it all up, rarely 1 or 2. It most often sounds like "Uhhlaat!" and is almost always chunky.

I feel like I'm cominf down with the flu and am nauseated so i will probably have someting to post later.

hi...i've been reading this forum 4 a really long time so i decided it was time to post my own puke story.
i was @ skool this one day(i'm in gr.11)neway...i was walking down the hall to my math class when my crush comes around the corner and bumps into me.(his name is brandon and he's the captain of the football team)neway....he said sorry for bumping into me and asked what my name was...i was in total shock that he talked to me and i could feel my stomach starting to churn, warm liquid was rising up my throat and without warning i barfed all over my crush. this brownish/yellow liqued was spewing out of my mouth and i was gagging and retching really loudly. brandon was really nice about it and asked if i needed any help but i couldn't answer him because chunky puke was still erupting from my mouth. it was sooooo embarassing....when i got home i was so upset that i spent the reast of the night in front of the toilet barfing my guts out!
.....well thatz it....i'll post when i have more stories!!
p.s. good luck Gemma!!

Hey guys!
To answer your question, Bryanni, my kids are just fine. Fiona is six months pregnant now and she has pretty bad morning sickness. She came down to visit Derek and I. Her stomach had shot out about eight inches and she looked pretty dishevelled. She found out she is having a girl and has decided to name her Luna, which I think is a beautiful name! My sister had her baby three days ago. His name is Ramone and he was 6 lbs. 4 oz. I haven't seen him but I hope to soon :). I made a few friends since coming to Ireland. One is a 19 year old female named Staria and the other is another 19 year old female named Lakira. Lakira has a son named Hannsen, who is 3. She loves him a lot and he is really spoiled! Well, the other day I went to the mall with Staria and we ate at a fast food place named Burger Island. It was pretty good and then we went Christmas shopping. Staria said she felt like she was going to throw up and nonchalantly shuffled into the washroom. She came out with a s! mile on her face, but she told me she still felt really nauseous. She had indeed thrown up but she still wanted to shop. During our excursion through a store called Women and More, she told me she was going to throw up again, but we were nowhere near a bathroom. She politely asked the clerk for a bin or a bag. She gave her a bag and Staria left the store. I followed her. She had retreated to a deserted part of the upper level and was throwing up into the big white shopping bag. She threw up one loud heave and then she threw the bag away. Some of the vomit had dripped out onto the floor. I asked her if she wanted to leave and she asked me if I could keep a secret. She hadn't told anyone yet, but she was a month and a half pregnant. I hugged her and told her everything was OK and she started crying. Somehow I couldn't see her as a pregnant woman, you know, with the big stomach or swollen feet. She was wearing baggy black and sparkly jeans and a tight t-shirt that had the super! man sign on it. She is really pretty, she has flippy blonde hair and tanned skin and blue eyes. After she stopped crying she leaned over the trash can and vomited. The vomit was brown and chunky. I rubbed her back and then we left.

I will post soon
Luvvv Dessy!

Hi everyone!
I've just got a stupid question, but as many of you seem quite experienced in puking (if you can say so) I maybe can ask it here.
I puke very seldom and when I do I don't want anyone to to gather around me, not even my boyfriend; I prefer him to comfort me afterwards. But he and obviously many people want someone else around to support them and rub their back. My boyfriend Dougie always wants me to do so, and I do when it makes him feel any better. But I really can't see why rubbing one's back should help when you feel sick.
Maybe anyone of you knows...?


Sunday, December 23, 2001

Hey everyone! I found this site when I was studying carsickness for school. I am 17 years old. I have a coughing/barfing story for you!

About 6 months ago I was at this party (mixer) there was no booze but lots of pop and juice. This slim girl, very pretty, with long blonde hair and blue eyes was drinking her root beer when she started coughing really loud and hard. A few girls and guys rushed up to her and patted her back. Her body was convulsing as she coughed. She coughed very hard and started to retch. A few of the people helping her backed off as her stomach gave a heave and her lunch and supper exploded out of her mouth, all over the floor and the couch she was standing by. The vomit was thick and brown with huge chunks in it. Some girls escorted her to the washroom and for about 2 hours we could hear watery retches and vomit spilling into the toilet. One of the girls who had been helping her stumbled into the hallway. Obviously the smells in the washroom had nauseated her. She was also really pretty and thin. Her boobs (not meaning to be gross) were huge! She stood facing the wall and placed her t! wo hands on the wall. She took a step back and tilted her head forward. Someone pushed a bowl in front of her mouth. She gave a heave and some watery brown and white puke flowed into the bowl. After that I went home, too disgusted to stay. I was nauseous and sat in front of the TV for a while. I didn't throw up, though.

I also have a Thanksgiving story to tell. I went to a banquet for Thanksgiving. My whole family was there. One of my cousins named Maiko ate a lot of food and then went outside. I thought nothing of it. I decided to go outside to the park with my boyfriend Daniel. On the way there we saw several puddles of fresh vomit and found Maiko leaning against a tree, throwing up. The vomit was white with chunks of turkey in it. There was vomit all over the swings but they were from a girl that we could hear puking in the outhouse in the park. We also heard word that my cousin Franco and my other cousin's girlfriend Julia blew chunks too, but I didn't see them.

I also have another story. I had a slumber party on my 14th birthday. There were chips and pop and candy and cake and we ate everything. Well, most of us did. My friend Kaila was looking a little tired and only ate some chips and drank about 3 cups of pop. We watched this movie called.. well I don't remember what it was called. About halfway through the movie Kaila moaned and went to the washroom. She came back and sat on the couch with her hands on her stomach. She had vomit on her chin and I asked her if she was okay. She nodded, but then she twisted her neck sharply and some really thick, really chunky, and really greasy vomit erupted from her mouth onto the couch. She retched really loudly and another fountain of vomit spilled onto the couch. After that she went to pack up her stuff and threw up greasily and loudly all over her sleeping bag and backpack. To make things worse, my brother came in to make a birthday video and caught everything from Kaila retching to the! soaked backpack and sleeping bag. My mom drove Kaila home and me and my friend Nicole came too. My other friends stayed. Kaila's stomach started to churn loudly and we shoved a baggie into her hands. More greasy vomit flooded into the bag and dribbled down her chin onto her clothes. This happened many more times. We finally reached her house and walked her halfway up the driveway when she threw up again. This time a clump of chunky, hamburger-like bile shot onto the ground.
She went into her house and it turned out she had food poisoning.
I hope you enjoyed my story, ~*HaIlEy*~

PS: Go Gemma! Good luck Dakota!
Keep posting, Destiny, Railyn, Bryanni, Dakota, Keegan+Eden, Regina, Manda.

BIANCA: Great story, but I didn't think it was detailed enough.

BRYANNI: Sorry that your friend is moving away. Don't worry, good times are ahead :)

C ya, I will post if I get good response.

Hi everybody i am back to post a few stories. My sister Amanda is 22 and rents the appartment in our basement which where she lives with her son alxander and her fiance Alexander Sr. She comes up for dinner quite a lot and stuff. She is having a baby in month or so January 16th is the due date and she doesnt want to know if its a boy or girl. But anyways she has gotten sick only once as far as i know when she was pregnant. She and I went to the store for my mom and when we were in there she coughs and runs to the bathroom and throws up flushes the toliet and then leaves.

I have a story about my younger brother Taylor. He is 8 now and is my sister Kaitlyn's twin. Once he threw up in the theatre when watching the a movie. He got it all over this lady in front of us who wasnt very happy about it. It was pretty funny though.

Since our family rarley gets sick and my friends dont either theres a chance i will probably post only once or twice a month.

I have one more story. My friend Iesha was sick last week in phys.ed We were doing lay-up drills and Ieasha was coughing and started to lean over making all these horrible noises. I tried to help her but i felt a little nauseus to. Iesha heaved and started to cock and ran in the changroom and started to barf it was pretty nasty.The barf was mixed with yellowy hork and brwnish chunks.

Well thats all for now but i will post around whenever but read the stories everyday!

Hi i've got a good story for you but havnt' founs the time to post it to now.

Oh my god last weekend was tough!!

My friend Harley had a sleepover. i know we are 15 but ts still fun. Well anyways she also invited Gabby,Colleen and two other girls i know a little Brittney and Felicia. Well were lying getting ready for bed and Brittney asked us to keep it down because her stomach hurt. We said oh no brit dnt throw up..then we were like are you gonna puke. Brittney sat up and said "i dunno...maybe.i think so. She gets up in lightning speed and darts to the bathroom and starts puking ths mixture of popcorn pizza pepsi brownies into the toliet. Then she starts to fart and a had a sh*t attack in her pants. She called and her mom came and got her. This was last weekend and Brittne didnt come to school all this week.

I have a real bad cough and yesterday night i almost but didnt puke. Just thought you'd like to know.

bianca,i think you and i will get along to but sincer theres no email we can only stay on topic for the most part

Daota says hi but she's sleepin. Christmas is coming soon and so is the baby. (oh tell you sis good luck Bianca) she says the baby is gona be named Adrianna Nikkole but i dunno she thought it was kendra before.

Bye BRyaNNi

Hey! It has been too long since my last post. I just don't have any stories! My twins, Erik and Lukas are now 2 months old and we have settled into the beautiful Irish hill-top home we now inhabit.. lol. Derek has been an awesome Dad and I hope I am being an awesome mom!
Bryanni: Sorry to hear about Jessika.
Keegan: Sorry I haven't emailed you lately, I have been really busy!

OK, now for my story. I was in this cute little restaurant called O'Nash's. Derek and I were dining on lobster tails while the twins were eating applesauce. I had a sudden urge to go to the washroom and I told Derek I'd be right back. When I got there I heard a woman coughing wetly. I really had to pee so I rushed into the washroom, only to find that one of the stall doors was open and a woman in early pregnancy was down on all fours, blowing chunks. About a whole 4 foot radius around her was covered in this tannish-orange chunky vomit. I started to feel nauseous. The woman was too busy retching and heaving out this foul-smelling chunky puke to notice me. The smell was really gross. I stepped into the far stall and did my business. Soon I could feel my lobster oozing up my throat from the nauseating smell. I decided I should leave but for some reason I couldn't. I just stood at the sinks, washing my hands in the jet of icy water. The pregnant woman seemed to be done, so ! I sucked in a relieving breath, Just as I did, the woman shook with a bone-rattling retch and an eruption of chunky vomit poured down her dress and into her long hair. With another huge heave she was almost completely soaked in the thinning stuff. That set me off. My lobster pushed it's way into my mouth and I hurled into the sink. The red and white chunks were caught in the drain. I quickly left and returned to the table. I noticed a young man dabbing at a large tannish-orange puddle of chunks on his table and I figured he must have been the woman's husband or boyfriend. We left quickly.

I have another story. This one is from 3 years ago. My family was on a trip to Six Flags Darien Lake, which is by Rochester. We went on every ride there, pretty much. The last ride we went on was this twisted roller coaster with 4 loops. After the first two loops, I noticed Ariana's cheeks bulging. She twisted around to face me and blew chunks ALL OVER my new shirt and pants. It was soooo gross! After the ride she disappeared into the washroom and came out with a huge stain on her shirt.

'ts'all for me folks..

I was at the neurologist again today (I have to go there at least every other day), and he said that I am definitely going to pull through! The cancer isn't any better than last time I posted (when it was gone 70%) - chemo doesn't work THAT fast - but the neurologist said he's never seen anyone who improved so much in so little time who didn't recover. I'm so relieved I can't even describe it. Unfortunately, I was also told that I will always throw up a lot more often than before, from now on - but that's a small price to pay for being alive when I could be dead by now from the cancer. :-) :-) :-)

to DAKOTA: That's really too bad that you're not going to school anymore... I completely understand why you made that decision (and I probably would make the same one if I were in your situation), but still, it's too bad. :-(

to BRYANNI: If that girl Michelle is bulimic, you need to tell an adult. It doesn't matter if she told you not to tell anyone. She needs help! She might be mad at you at first, but trust me, she'll be grateful for it later!

Monday, December 10, 2001

Wow i am so amzed i can't believe i found this site by total accident. I was doing i project on coughs and it gives me this site.I have so many stories but i dont get sick often (tweo years ago being the last time) bt i actually have a few stories.

Last weekend i iwas shoppign with soem friends when we saw a puddle of prangy mushy vomit.My friends were disgusted and one almost gagged but nothing else. When we walked by it again. A janotor was cleaning it up.

About a month ago I was at my best friedns birthday party and i almost puked.I could feel it coming up and slowly waled to the bathroom. Ifelt the urge to stick me finger down my throat but decided againest it.I had a glass of water and felt better.

I love Bryanni's stories and i can relate to her. I am in grade 9. A cheerleader and have long blondish hair(okay its not that long) and i have a pregnant older sister(good luck by the way Dakota) my sister alotough is 22 and has a 18 month year old boy Alex. I have a younger sister and brother two but they are twins. They are 8 years old. I also have tons of cuzzins so i hope me and you will be cool friends.

I read your stories Gema and i am glad your getting better
Congrat destiny
Well keep posting eden regina railyn bryanni dakota sickkid keegan destiny and gemma i would like to read more stories.

I have two stories. One happend to me the other didnt.On sunday i went to Sasha's and she had a bowl of chips set out. i had a huge craving so i dug into them. i ate the whole bag but it had its side effect.Twenty minutes later i was barfing on Sasha's floor. Sasha being very anti puke laughed and helpe me clean up.

The second was at my doctors appointment. It was a checkup. (not for the baby which i now name Adrianna Nikkole) And at little girl was throwing up in the playset(since my doctors a peadiriction)or whatever.The barf was mostly pink and chunky with greyish thrown here and there,

Bryanni is sad because Jessika is moving (one of her good friends) But she is gonna add to this post

Okay I am pretty depressed right now my good bud is leavign town right around christmas. I gave her a necklace with my name to remember me and she got me this cool diary i had been eyeing) All in all i have been pretty pissed.

That new girl Michelle got in a huge fight (physically and verabally) with some grade 11 girl Patty) after michele ran to the bathroom and me and Gabby followed her. She kneels by the toliet and pushes in her stomach and starts to vomit. Gabby started to cry and we left.Michelle came out and told us not to tell anyone. Poor girl i never knew she was making herself puke what should i do.

Dakota isnt going to school anymore and dropped her college prep class thingi. She is in bed alot because she can barley walk. The doctors say her baby is officaly due Febuary 21 why??? Becase shes having a C section. So we know when the babies due unless more complications.

This is Dakota again i forgot to tell you i visited Cara and Destiny(her new baby) and she is soooo cute
Thats all for today have a good weekend if this story post tomorrow ..its friday

Do any of you girls have any stories of chicks coughing so hard that they puked?. that is always interesting.

Sunday, December 02, 2001

My friend Arie told me about this site...she's posted here a few times. She's even letting me use her computer.

I went on a real long car trip with my mom and dad yesterday. It was on really curvy roads in the mountains and I got nauseous; I guess I was carsick. I didn't barf, but I felt awful. I called Arie when I got home and told her about it. She said I'd probably feel better if I vomit, and told me I should stick my finger down my throat and make myself throw up. I kinda tried to but I chickened out and I stopped before I puked. I felt miserable all night. Does it really help if you make yourself vomit when you're sick, or is it better just to let yourself feel nauseous 'till you throw up on your own or it just goes away?

sum 1
once, i was at school when we had to go to this place to support the c'div gymnast.i was also a gymnast but was not competing that day. we had to leave school early. i drank 1 iced lemon tea for lunch.when the teacher in charge came,i felt sick.i puked out some saliva then i walked back to our table.then , i ran to the thrash can and puked there so i could not go and support.

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

anybody have any thanksgiving puke stories?
if so, please share them

Hey! I have a juicy barf story to share with you! I am into modelling and I am with a company. Last week we were being bussed to a small farm 3 hours away (I live in Saskatchewan) to do a makeup ad for *Girl magazine. I love bus rides! They are awesome! By the way I am 22. I was sitting beside this beautiful Hawaiian barbie-like girl. She had long black hair and tanned skin and she was wearing some awesome Jeans and a Birdhouse hoodie. I noticed she had a few paper bags with designs on them. About 45 minutes into the ride, I noticed that Lo-mau (that's her name) was looking a little pale. Her mouth was bulgy and she kept swallowing. I noticed that whenever her stomach contracted, her mouth bulged, so I figured she was not feeling too good. I didn't say anything, though, but I kept watching her out of the corner of my eye. Within 30 minutes her face was sweaty and white and her mouth was bulging bigger. She reached for a bag, but they had fallen on the floor. She quickly spre! ad her legs and leaned in between them.There was about a foot from her mouth to her legs and I could see her perfectly, unfortunately :P. Her tight stomach contracted sharply and a fountain of white milky vomit poured out. This happened 12 more times before I moved!

Long time no post but i dont haver any really
Yesterday some girl in my gym class sat out because she had apparently barfed at lunch but thats basically it.
Nothing to tell but am invited to a party tomorrow at Harleys so i might have a story but my friend Jessika is here and wants to add

Hi Bryanni told me about this site and it sounds cool but i dont have the net.Last week I had the stomac bug and it wasnt very soothing. I was puking all days and nights and my sister got it from me.
Well Bryanni says she'll post tomorrow but and that Dakota is in bed she can hardley move(more details later)

OMG -oh my god

I am so embarassed. Today we had a assembely for excellence. I was expecting an award so i borrowed one of my friends church dresses.(Jenni) told me to be very careful snce it came from adn expensive boutique but i had so many butterfles in my stomach i ahnded it back to her this morning but she insisted wore it (great thnkin) noe her pretty dress is ruined. My full name got called up which was embarssing enough. when my teacher handed the award to me i gulped and started to cough my brown eyes bulged and i started to vomit IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL i was crying and Jenni was crying to. I ran to the bathroom and kep throwing up (never eat pancakes and bacon the morning before a big event) I relaxed a little when Rachel,Karla,and Dailey (good friends came in) but facing Jenni was the hardest.She rinsed it out in the sink and sprayed it with peach spray but the nasty smell woulndt leave.I gave her 12$ (all my money) and told her i would help her pay for the 187$ dress

But I'm still puking 24/7 from the chemo, and I have a story. One was in school... it was the first day since I was diagnosed with cancer that I wasn't feeling nauseous,and I was really glad. But about halfway through the day, I threw up all over the place, without any morning. I puked uncontrollably for almost ten minutes, and still didn't feel nauseous at all. It was so weird.

Saturday, November 24, 2001

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