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Hey! I have a juicy barf story to share with you! I am into modelling and I am with a company. Last week we were being bussed to a small farm 3 hours away (I live in Saskatchewan) to do a makeup ad for *Girl magazine. I love bus rides! They are awesome! By the way I am 22. I was sitting beside this beautiful Hawaiian barbie-like girl. She had long black hair and tanned skin and she was wearing some awesome Jeans and a Birdhouse hoodie. I noticed she had a few paper bags with designs on them. About 45 minutes into the ride, I noticed that Lo-mau (that's her name) was looking a little pale. Her mouth was bulgy and she kept swallowing. I noticed that whenever her stomach contracted, her mouth bulged, so I figured she was not feeling too good. I didn't say anything, though, but I kept watching her out of the corner of my eye. Within 30 minutes her face was sweaty and white and her mouth was bulging bigger. She reached for a bag, but they had fallen on the floor. She quickly spre ad her legs and leaned in between them.There was about a foot from her mouth to her legs and I could see her perfectly, unfortunately :P. Her tight stomach contracted sharply and a fountain of white milky vomit poured out. This happened 12 more times before I moved!

But I'm still puking 24/7 from the chemo, and I have a story. One was in school... it was the first day since I was diagnosed with cancer that I wasn't feeling nauseous,and I was really glad. But about halfway through the day, I threw up all over the place, without any morning. I puked uncontrollably for almost ten minutes, and still didn't feel nauseous at all. It was so weird.

Long time no post but i dont haver any really
Yesterday some girl in my gym class sat out because she had apparently barfed at lunch but thats basically it.
Nothing to tell but am invited to a party tomorrow at Harleys so i might have a story but my friend Jessika is here and wants to add

Hi Bryanni told me about this site and it sounds cool but i dont have the net.Last week I had the stomac bug and it wasnt very soothing. I was puking all days and nights and my sister got it from me.
Well Bryanni says she'll post tomorrow but and that Dakota is in bed she can hardley move(more details later)

OMG -oh my god

I am so embarassed. Today we had a assembely for excellence. I was expecting an award so i borrowed one of my friends church dresses.(Jenni) told me to be very careful snce it came from adn expensive boutique but i had so many butterfles in my stomach i ahnded it back to her this morning but she insisted wore it (great thnkin) noe her pretty dress is ruined. My full name got called up which was embarssing enough. when my teacher handed the award to me i gulped and started to cough my brown eyes bulged and i started to vomit IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL i was crying and Jenni was crying to. I ran to the bathroom and kep throwing up (never eat pancakes and bacon the morning before a big event) I relaxed a little when Rachel,Karla,and Dailey (good friends came in) but facing Jenni was the hardest.She rinsed it out in the sink and sprayed it with peach spray but the nasty smell woulndt leave.I gave her 12$ (all my money) and told her i would help her pay for the 187$ dress

anybody have any thanksgiving puke stories?
if so, please share them

Hey all. I have a story. Pretty good and detailed, too. The stomach flu is going around lately plus I had way too much sugar last night, so I woke up at around 5:30 this morning and puked up this brown mushy stuff with little chunks of red candy cane in the bathroom sink. I nearly barfed on my cat 'cuz she was in the way. Anyways, I thought maybe I was just sick from the candy cane, so I went back to bed and slept for another hour when I woke up and decided to get dressed. I had to throw up...again. So I did so in the bathroom sink again and swore if it happened again I would not go to school. It happened. Again 30 minutes later. I threw up on and off throughout the day. I'm still a bit nauseous right now. And my brother's coming down with it now. Wonderful. But, I'm fine now. Just a bit shaky.

Hi! I have been reading these posts for a month now and I thought I should add some stories. I am 14 years old and I am in Grade 9.

Last Wednesday, our class was in Phys Ed doing fitness testing. We had a twelve minute run and then we went into the change rooms to change into our ordinary clothes. This girl named Tanasi was looking a little pale. So was I, from the running, so I figured she was just tired. She is one of my friends and she came up to me and tapped me on the back. I turned around and she started to talk to me. In the middle of the first word, she clamped a hand over her mouth and ran into the empty shower room. I quickly followed her and she kneeled in the corner of the room, under a broken faucet. She held her stomach and slipped some of her sweat drenched brown hair behind her ears.
I asked her if she was OK and she shook her head. Then she leaned over. Her stomach convulsed and she retched heavily. A torrent of brown vomit erupted from her mouth, all over the floor and onto herself. She quickly got up and went home. I don't know what happened after that.

This story is from late grade eight. I woke up one morning and had a twinge in my stomach. I ate some Froot Loops and left to school. During second period, Math class, my stomach started to cramp up. My throat was a little watery and I swallowed the saliva down. I made it until fourth period, Art. Then I knew I was gonna hurl and I quickly vanished into the washroom. When I got there, there was this twelfth grader (I go to a 7-12 school) leaning over one of the sinks. She was really pretty, with like fourteen earrings in her ears and long blonde hair. She had a lot of make up on, and I assumed she was applying more. My stomach had quieted down a little bit and I sat on the toilet, secretly peeking out at the twelfth grader. After about three minutes another gorgeous twelfth-grader appeared and approached the other twelfth grader. She had long black hair with purple ends and she was Asian. She looked sympathetically at the blonde.
"Are you OK, Lia?" she asked quietly.
"It won't come.." Lia answered.
"Listen, I really don't think that throwing up will help, I mean, the hurt is coming from the breakup."
They continued their conversation. Lia explained that she could feel chunks coming into her mouth, and it wasn't just because of her breakup with "Alden". It was a day before the prom and I felt really bad for her. I stepped out of the stall. As soon as I did, my stomach swerved and my throat tightened. The two twelfth graders looked annoyed that I had been there but the Asian girl asked if I was OK. I didn't answer and ran to the trash can and hastily removed the lid. Orange chunks burst out of my mouth in huge tides. After I was done, I walked to the sink and washed up. The smell was really bad and the blonde girl started to puke some gray vomit with huge chunks into the sink. Only a little bit came out. She shoved her fingers down her throat and a huge tide of barf filled up the sink. Then she puked all over the floor and left. I went back to my classroom and slipped in a puddle of fresh gray chunky puke, which had pbviously been made by the blonde. I didn't fall, thank! God.

That's all for now,

Hiya folks...haven't posted in awhile, but here's one that occured today on the way to see the gyno for my wife. Anyway, Eden and I decided to eat breakfast at Mcdonalds, since we also had some errands to do before her appointment. I was simply STARVING, so I ate alot of pancakes and some good eggs. What followed is so typical of me. We had to stop at JC Penny's, so I drove the ten minutes it took to get there, and soon I felt the oncoming nausea of carsickness. I turned up the radio as a distraction, but then my head started to pound, and my vision got wavy, so I shut it back off. I twisted uncomfortably in my seat, and tried to think of something remotely pleasent. But all I could feel was the sickening waves of the aggravated juices in my belly. It was then I started to think of (against my will) what my breakfast might be looking like, halfway digested and soaking in putrid acid. Its terrible to visualize this when you are feeling so bad to begin with. I put my h! and over my mouth and swallowed hard, trying to be nonchalant, and then Eden sort of looked of me and asked irritably, "Why'd you turn the radio off?", and switched it back on again. When we finally pulled into the parking lot of the retail store, I could feel the puke bubbling urgently at the back of my throat. I kept swallowing it back down, forcing it into my bulging stomach, and weakly put the car in park. We entered the store, and while Eden was picking up the maternity clothes she had specially ordered, I edged my way closer to the nearest trash bin. Finally, I could stand it no longer, and with a frantic dash I pushed my face into the can, and went, "ughBeeLLLAGGGHHHH...ULK...ullukk...BULAGGGHHHH!" A steaming rush of chunky yellow and brown vomit flowed from my mouth, splattering warmly against my face. The stench was so dreadful I kept gagging, and was vaguely aware of people staring at me with acute distaste. Eden rushed over to me from the sales counter, and h! eld a handkerchief (mine)against my mouth as I tried in vain to get myself under control. Then after my retching FINALLY stopped, she dumped some of her bottled water on the other side of the cloth, and wiped my face with it. "You okay?", she asked, and when I nodded, she turned to the astonished sales lady and said, "I think that will be it for today". I nudged her and told her that I would be waiting in the car. When she came out, we went through the rest of our day without further incident.

bryanni - its ok, i understand.
thanks also to tj and ali.

Well, the neurologist has started me on chemo, and it's horrible. I'm throwing up even more than before, and I didn't even think that could be possible! If I drink just a tiny glass of water, I get unbelievable nauseous and puke for like five minutes. I'm thirsty all the time but whenever I drink anything I throw it up immediately. But if the chemo is going to help... well, it's worth it. i'm feeling really sick again, i better go before i puke all over my computer. i'll try to post again tomorrow

Ok, so I wake up yesterday with the worstest stomach cramp I have EVER had. I crawl outta bed, and felt incredibly dizzy so I grabbed a bin bag and sat down again. A few minutes later I start puking into this bin bag. It wouldn't have been so bad if I had actually EATEN something beforehand, but oh no, I spent 10 minutes dry heaving after puking a small amount of brown stuff. A lot of effort for nothing... story of my life!

Hey im Hannah im 12. i found this site by accident and it's cool. right now my older sister, jessica's, sick. yesterday she came home from work, said she felt sick, and then puked all over the floor. ew i almost threw up to. she still sick and puked about an hour ago. and when i came home from school amanda was lying on the coach and said she was sick i dont think she puked yet though
Well I will probably be posting a lot because i have 4 sisters and my whole family gets sick a lot.
anyway i dont feel good now im going to lie down.

Hey everybody! Gemma, I am not going to say I feel sorry for you because I know you probably don't want to hear it. But I hope you pull through. The site finally got updated! I was waiting for a week or so! Well, I am doing fine, but the babies spit up about 3 times a day. My motion sickness is going away, thank god! Yesterday I threw up a large puddle of chunky yellow vomit on the floor in the kitchen after drinking some sour milk :P If anyone wants to contact me my email addy is

hi...i've been reading this forum for a while now so i decided it was time to send in my own story!!

i was at my boyfriends house(his name is Brent)one night and i was feeling really really sick. i told brent that i felt nasty and he sat beside me and rubbed my back. Five min. later i knew that i was going to puke, i ran into the bathroom and started to gag and retch,i couldn't puke though and my stomach was killing me! suddenly my stomach lurched and this fountain of blueish/brown puke rushed out of my mouth. Brent ran over to me and held back my hair as puked my guts out. i started to cry because i felt so grosse and i kinda collapsed in brent's arms, without warning i barfed all over his shirt and all over the bathroom was so grosse! brent was really sweet and got me dressed and cleaned up the floor. he put a bucket by the couch that i was laying on and stated to rub my back again. seconds later i puked my guts out all over the couch...missing the bucket by about 2 feet! i felt the worst i had ever felt. i puked 7 more times that night...all over brent,the cou! ch,the bathroom floor,and myself. it turned out that i had heatsroke from spending yesterday at the beach. i'm kinda okay now but i'm still feeling pukey!....ahwell..watcha gonna do!!


Mon, 5 Nov 2001

I'm still puking every day, but less than before... maybe two times per day. It's always this horrible bile that comes out both my nose and mouth and stings my nose to the point where I'm screaming in pain. my neurologist said he's going to try giving me chemotherapy. oh, fun, just what I need, another thing that's gonna make me puke!!!!! Does anyone know what are the statistics for how successful chemotherapy is? If the chemo doesn't work, I only have like 3 weeks left.

Dakota, bryanni, welcome back!
Thanks again, keegan, sickkid, bonnie, and oceanbabe

Yesterday i went to a shopping mall with my aunt and my two cousins. My youngest cousin was crying and complaining thatshe wanted some sorta fast food. So After we went i had a small milkshake because it was a 3 hour drive home and i didnt wana get carsick. About 1 hour into the drive i fdelt nauseua so i dcided to put a baggie in front of my mouth which was a good choice because within 10 mintues i was puking literally everywhere. It got on my pants the seat my shoes. My aunt was understanding but i think shewas upset about her 2002 car getting stained by barf.

Hey, my friend Destiny might actually be pregnant(you'd think with so many pregnancy scares she's having, she'd start being a little more careful!), so I may start to have some interesting stories soon.

Michael left school today for some weird reason. I dunno. I think the stomach flu's going around, so I might be able to get a story out of him.

My friend Corrie has had the flu lately and she said that she kept throwing up all last week. She said she was in church and she felt sick and left the sanctuary and immediately threw up and continued to do so from one end of the church to the other where the bathrooms where. I thought you might want to hear about that even though I have no details.

That's it for today. I'm sorry I didn't have better details for those of you that like the details. Oh, and I've discontinued writing the Nick story. I got writer's block and I'm way too busy with schoolwork. If I ever do get around to finishing it, though, I promise, if the moderators will let me(which I'm not so sure they will) I will post it for you guys.


Hey hey. I've been reading these stories for a while and they are all very good. I'm facisnated with vomit and reading about it, hearing it. Seeing it. So now I have a story to share. Well two. The first one is from today.
It was lunchtime and I had to go to the bathroom. So I go do my thing and come out and I'm washing my hands when one of my classmates comes in the bathroom. I'm about to say 'hi' but I stop because she looks really sick. Pale, holding her stomach, totally like she's about to puke. I think 'well, maybe I should stick around or something.' I finish washing my hands and I can see her feet under the stall. They are facing inward and I can tell she leaning over the toilet. I figure I'm in for some action. I sit in the stall next to her and close the door. Except for me, the bathroom is empty. I can hear her softly gagging. It sort of sounds like someone clearing their throat. "Uhhh... uhhh..." She gags but nothing is happening. Her stall door opens, she comes out. I hear her take a deep breath. Then she goes back in the stall. She gags again. Then I hear her moan. I feel bad for her. I want to ask if she's okay when she burps and then her breath catches and ! I can hear the splatter of her puke into the toilet bowl. When she's done with the heave, she breaks off choking and coughing, breathing hard. Then another juicy burp, and she pukes again. Afterwards she's breathing hard, I can hear her spit. For awhile, nothing happens, then I just hear the water and the vomit meeting each other so she just heaved without any fanfare that time. Then she really retches, probably gurguling on previous puke and she had been so quiet but now it's like a "BlUAAAAAAAHHH!" that actually sounds painful, ending in choking and coughing. A few minutes later she flushes the toilet and walks out. I come out too and look at her. She is sweaty and white as a seat.
"Are you okay?" I ask her.
She shakes her head and rinses her mouth out in the sink. She doesn't throw up in front of me so I don't know what it looked like, but it sounded bad. She left before I could say anything else.

My second one is from where I was a conselor at a outdoor education thing with sixth graders. There was this girl, Hannah, who was actually being quiet. She hadn't felt well all day. She had a stomach ache. For dinner we had an interesting version of burgers and fries. The teacher that was sitting at our table made her eat a little bit. I was kinda glad she wasn't feeling well because she wasn't being annoying. Finally we were all let out of dinner for some down time in the cabin. I walked in the middle of my kids. Some where ahead of me, some where behind me. The air was kinda cool and I was happy to be getting back to the cabin where it was warm. I walked in the door, spacing out, not really paying attention when one of the girls already in the cabin excailmed, "Hannah's throwing up!" I looked over at her, and indeed she was. The poor girl had been laying down when she started to puke. She wasn't making any noises, it was just pouring out of her mouth like a! mini-geyser. It was a thick creamy brown with white chunks. Oh man, it was getting all over the place. All over her pillow, her face, her hair. I told one of the girls to get a teacher (I was a high school conselor) and went over to her. The smell was thick and over powering. It really really smelled like vomit. Hannah was crying now, the puking apparently over. I helped her sit up. She was all panicky.
"It's on me, It's on me!" She wailed. "It's all over my hair!" I tried to sooth her. I went and got some paper towels and scooped up some of the junk from her hair.
"I'm gonna throw up again!" She told me pitifully. Then she leaned over and barfed noiselessly on the floor. Thanks for telling me, I thought. I was barely out of range. Then I made her stand up and took her to the bathroom. She leaned over the toilet, but nothing happened. Then the teacher came. She opened the doors to air out the cabin. The mess was just... a mess. She had to get a janitor to clean it. She asked Hannah if she felt better and told her to take a shower. Hannah went back to sleep in the teacher's cabin that night, where she threw up twice more. Also, a boy that night, got up in the middle of the night and threw up. He told his conselor about it, but the boy was okay. I guess it was those hamburgers.
That's all I have for now. If you liked my stories, tell me, and I'll post some more!

So Bryanni has a swim meet on Saturday and she pukes my the blocks. The flu has hit her hard she hasnt gone to school yet and is sleeeping. But yes my bab shower is on Satuday and i am inviting tons of people.

On Saturday at this swim meet Bryanni managed to swim her backstorke and come in 5th out of seven places. But when se got up to do her dive for sprint she collasped on the ground and puked so i took her home.The barf was creamy brown.

Now for the story of the year.......

I was at school and i know Bryanni would love to see this. Her little enemy Lara vomited all over the cafeteria floor. I was laughing so hard because it gets in her silky black hair. Brianna whom is her friendsays why dont we get Gabby to lick it up. Gabby went up and smaked Brianna so hard down the Brianna's hand was in te vomit. Bree came and held Gabby back. Lara who seems to thinks to seem that everyone loves her. Harley and Britney (two of Bryannis friends were laughing hysterically and Lara was crying) but my cousin (or just found out was my cousin its a long story) Maiko actually helps Lara.

When i tell Bryanni this she can hardly smlile and drifs off to sleep so i played checkers with Elizabeth and went foood shopping with my dad.

I was supposed to go away this weekend but no....

Oh yeah After Gabby smaked Brianna another snot Jessi told her to take the other halve of her stomach out and Gabby went in hysterics. It took me Bree and my friend Amber 2 hours to calm her down. I feel bad for Gabby because shs so sweet and all i wish they get puked on or in front off and have a chain reaction

oookay, wtf, my last post with advice to Gemma didnt get posted. Gemma, I feel really bad for you, it must be the worst thing in the world to find out something like that, (personally, If that were me, I would have much rather not have found out what was wrong with me!) hold on a sec, Ali wants to post what she wrote again.
Gemma, don't give up hope just yet, its VERY possible that you will live through this, I had ( well actually, still have) a cousin, her name is Libby, she is about 3 years younger than me, and was one of those kind of straight A students and stuff, well anyway had the same thing you got, brain cancer, in the stem. except in her case it was a little bit worse, the docter said she had a little less than two weeks left to live. I cried myself sick(literally) when I found that out, she was one of my favorite cousins! so I did my best to make those two weeks the best weeks of her life, I took her to amusement parks, carnivals, skydiving *shudders violently*, and all sorts of things she never would have dreamed of doing. This was about a year and 3 months ago, and she is still alive, she hasnt gotten a grade in school above a D since and is like 20% of how smart she used to be, but hey, shes alive :) ok TJ wants to post a story now,I cannot believe he likes this kind of stu! ff, i think its disgusting but hey, i love him.

Ok this is TJ now, im going to tell you about the time my whole school got food poisoning back in 4th grade. It was a thanksgiving lunch special with turkey and all that stuff. Well anyway, I had brought my lunch that day, since my school had the worst food ever, so I was one of the lucky few who didnt get it *insert evil grin here ;)*. anyway, by the next period, there were a few kids complaining about stomach aches, but nothing out of the ordinary just yet, by 6th period, there were a LOT of people complaining, and this one kid, Jacob, threw up a large amount of thick, greenish puke with chunks of turkey in it all over his desk and the floor. this started a chain reaction, next, Katie, who had been moaning about the nausea in the earlier class, gave a huge retch kinda like "HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHLLUUUUH!!!" and projectile vomited a flood of thick, orangy brown liquid and chunks of turkey and stuffing out of her mouth and nose and all over the floor and onto the shoes ! of Jennifer who puked the same kind of puke onto the floor as she jumped up and ran toward the trashcan, but didnt make it there as she slipped in her own puddle and fell onto her knees, then she must have lost control of her bowels because brown juice started running down her leg. when the recess bell for recess the rest of my class just scattered.out on the playground it was TOTAL chaos, people throwing up all over the place, I was playing basketball with some of the few people who werent victims of the turkey while trying to ignore the pukefest around us. While I was playing, a certain girl nearby caught my eye, she was really pretty, but she was doubled over heaving but nothing was coming up. she looked like she was in a lot of pain and was crying, so ran over to try and help her, she said she had been feeling like crap ever since lunch, and she was saying how she had been trying to vomit for the past 5 minutes to try and feel better, but nothing would come up, so I told h! er that the best way to relieve the pressure, would be to simply stick her finger down her throat."I can hardly even move my arms!" she moaned out, apparently, the sickness was making her too weak to do anything but retch. " can u do it?" she pleaded, it took me a minute but i decided to help her, "promise u wont bite?" i asked jokingly, she nodded her head a little. well anyway, I held her up and began to put my finger in her mouth when she coughed which startled me, so i pulled out, as she gave a powerful retch, "HEUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULCK!" but still nothing came out, so I decided to give it another try. I stuck my index and middle fingers down her throat and she retched again, but still nothing, I pushed further until I almost had my hand in there, she retched again and I felt her throat close around my fingers , so i pushed just a little bit further and she gave a massive retch like "BLLLUUUUEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" and sprayed a thick, yellowish orangy brown torre! nt of chunks and liquid barf all down my forearm! I pulled my fingers out and jumped to the side as fast as i could, but i was too slow to get out of the line of fire, as the puke blasted against my jacket. i took off my coat and watched as she threw up violently onto the pavement, each batch of puke hitting the ground with a loud splat, I held my arm around her chest to keep her from falling over and rubbed her back as she continued to upchuck what seemed like seemed like 3 weeks worth of food, I never would have guessed a person that skinny could have so much in her. I noticed a small amount of brown stuff running down her leg and there was no way she could get to a bathroom in her state, so i took her as far from everybody else as i could, into a ditch and i told her to just pull down her pants and just simply let it out. "I Cant--- move--- my ar--ms" she managed to choke out between heaves. I felt embarrassed doing it, but i loosened her skirt and pulled her pants down ju! st as she totally lost bowel control, i continued to rub her back and hold her shoulder lenght blonde hair, as she was pretty much exploding at both ends, after about a minute, the liquid ran out, and she was just heaving up chunks, by now i had noticed that recess had ended because nobody else was on the playground, they had all gone inside as the janitors were doing their best to clean up the mess in the parking lot. then finally the chunks ran out and she passed out. poor her, was all i was thinking, as i pulled her pants back up and picked her up and started walking back to the building to take her to the office. on the way there she started having the runs again and some of it went onto my pants leg. I didnt care, when i got to the nurses office and told them what happened, they had me put her on the cot, I stayed with her until she woke up. I felt soooooo sorry for her. when she woke up she asked me where she was, so knelt by the cot and told her, then she hugged me and ! said thank you. We have been dating ever since,
and that is the way me and Ali met!

Well i hope you guys like my story, and Gemma, dont lose hope, there is still a chance, just never give up, because its not over till its over, you could still survive, Ali's cousin Libby did, that means you can too. good luck!

O my gosh i am so sorry gemma bcuzz i call your story cool but it wasnt even cool you were talking about how you had cancer (to be honest i ddnt read that far i was just scanning) so i hope you accept my apoogy because cancer isnt cool.

I have been so severly sick all week my mom cut my long blonde hair to my shoulders because the arfy smell wouldnt go away. I have never beenn so sick ever. I puked at the swim meet on my bed the floor the toliet it was hard to come up this morning because i had nothin got eat. But i went out for hallowwen last ngith barfing a total of 6 times while i was out.

I was last sick a few hours ago and my mom s gonna keep me home tomorrow from school which meens i mised all week and didnt go to any swim practices.

Well Dakota is having a party tomorrow night insttead and stuff so i probablly wont post till monday or tuesday. That is because i am going with kirsten and chanel to theircottege

Gemma - Hey. I just wanted to tell you that I hope that you feel better soon. Girl, my heart just goes out to you! I wish you the best of luck with everything that you're going through right now --- I know it probably doesn't seem like much, but I hope that our (meaning the people here) words give you some comfort. Take care and know that even though we don't "know" you, we love you.
All the best, J.

p.s. - No new stories yet...hopefully some will "come up" soon! :)

Fri, 2 Nov 2001

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