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Gemma: I'm so sorry about your cancer! I feel so bad for you... I don't really know what to say, other than, just do your best! I guess the only thing to really do in a situation like this is TRY to stay optimistic. I know it's really hard... but try! If you start to think about the cancer, try to stop, and instead think about how you're going to make this month the BEST it can be. just do your best, and know we are all here for you.

now I finally have a story... the flu's been going around my school and yours truly caught it. I've been so sick ever since I woke up this morning. I've practically been LIVING in the bathroom! Seriously, I might as well drag my bed into the bathroom, take a couple books and stay there until I'm better, I've been puking so much. The first time was when I woke up this morning. I opened my eyes and before I could even think "Oh god I am so nauseous" I was throwing up this pink, creamy vomit. In my life I have never encountered vomit that smelled as bad as this. I stopped just long enough to catch my breath, then burped, gave an enormous heave, and spewed EVERYWHERE. My brother heard me and came into my room. He was standing in the doorway, laughing his head off at me. Sometimes I just hate him!!! He kept laughing and snickering at me, and finally I just said to myself, "He's gonna be nasty, he'll GET nasty." I dragged myself out of bed, swallowing down the puke surging up in! to my throat, staggered to the door, put my face like 5 inches from my brother's face, and spewed a torrent of pink vomit straight into his face. OmiGOD, I wish you all had been there to hear him scream. I laughed, started choking on my puke, retched, and out of my mouth came more of that disgusting pink stuff, getting more watery by the minute. My brother (whose name is Josh) ran down the hall screaming for my parents, like, "MOM!!!!!!!! DAD!!!!!!! MOLLY'S PUKING HER GUTS UP!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE BARFED ALL OVER ME, MOM, DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!" My parents came running, and by that time I'd managed to make it to the bathroom and was kneeling over the toilet, gagging, burping, retching, and all those other noises I make when I'm barfing. My long blond hair was hanging in the toilet, getting soaked in pink vomit. I heard my dad say, "Oh, poor thing!" and my mom held my hair and rubbed my back, saying, "It's ok, Molly, its ok to keep throwing up, you'll feel better." Naturally, Josh had chan! ged into other clothes and tried his best to clean himself up, and now he was laughing at me again. He just loves seeing me sick. I threw up for a few more minutes, and then I was just dry heaving because there was nothing left in me to come up. My throat was sooooo dry, so I drank a little water, which I immediately threw up again. It brought with it some yellow bile. I went back to bed and dozed off, only to wake up an hour later with a surge of vomit rushing into my throat and immediately pouring out of my mouth in a pink waterfall. It was so watery, you could just describe it as pink water. I went back to sleep, and an hour later I woke up ravenously hungry. I had a full lunch, and felt great, but still tired, so I went to sleep again. Only half an hour later I woke up and before I could do anything, my entire lunch came exploding out of my mouth, in an enormous torrent of chunks that were now a kind of cross between pink and tan. Creamy stuff trickled out of my mouth too,! and I could feel huge chunks trying to force their way out of my nose! The chunks were SO way too big to get out that way, and I was thinking, "what the heck is gonna happen now." well it turns out that the chunks, after like fifteen minutes, crumbled into this mushy stuff that came cascading out of my nose. It was soo gross!!!!!!! I puked again at
oh man, gtg, hav to puke

Gemma, I am soooo sorry! please feel free to write to me if you want to talk.

Eden, My mom says that she threw up during labour with both me and my sister. But she said that throwing up was the least of her worries! Hope it goes well anyway :)

I threw up the other day for no apparent reason. I woke up and felt fine until I sat up and then Arrrrrrrk! so I now have a vomit stain on my carpet which I can't get rid of. Anyone got any suggestions what I can do about this?

I'd just like to say I am extremly saddned by hearing this. Its terrible that anyone should have to go through this, I really don't know what to say or how to express how sorry I am. perhaps a doctor can prescribe something?. If not the only tricks I know are ginger and soda. Ginger works very well especially if you have tea. It may not not work for you but soda almost always calms my stomach. I think one of the first steps (I know this will sound like asking you to jump over the moon) is to try and calm yourself down. Try and do the things you enjoy most. After that I'm sure it will be easier to make your stomach cooperate with you. Thankyou so much for your entry, I wish you the best of luck and love,

Mr. Sick
Hello once again everyone,

Its been a week or two since I last posted but I have a couple of more stories to share. First of all, this hapened to me yesterday. I woke up with a horrorendious headach. Every once in a while I have the great pleasure of getting a migrane. Yesterday was just such a day! *sigh* My head was pounding away. I felt nauseated on and off all day. I debated wether or not to call in sick at work. I decided that since it was Friday (which is by far the easest day of the week) I would come in. Things fortunatly went pretty well and I was able to get done cleaning my area by 3:00 am. (If you read my last post you'll remember that I work as a custodian at a local college on 3rd shift --- 10:00 pm - 6:30 am) I left work earily (using sick time). I was all ready to go straight to bed as soon as I got home, but as soon as I laid down I found that it increased the pounding in my head as well as the nausea. I got back up and surffed the net for a while. I was sitting here by my comp! uter fighting nausea, and every once in a while swollowing my stomach contents back down. Finally, aroung 7:00 a.m. (!) my mouth started to water really bad and no amount of swollowing could head it off any longer so I got up and went to the toliet. No sooner did I get down on my knees then my stomach retched and BBBBBUUUUULLLLHHHHHAAAAAAA! Puke exploded from my mouth as my head exploded in sheer pain! I was bairly able to catch my breath as the second heave overtook me. RRRRRAAAAHHHHHH! By now my head was pounding so hard I was geting slighly dizzy and was afraid that I might pass out and possibaly die from choking on my own vomit! I heaved 3 more times and it was all over. The toliet was full of 2nd hand oat meal and coffee. It smelled terrorable. I didn't puke anymore after that and was finally able to get some sleep.

Ok, the next story I have happened about a week ago. I had just gotten to work and pulled my cleaning cart out of the closet when a woman approached me and said with an embarrassed look on her face, "Uh sir? My friend just got sick in the women's restroom. I'm afraid she made a little bit of a mess on the floor. I'm really sorry." I told her not to appoligize and that I hoped her friend would be alright. I walked toward the restroom mentally perpairing myself for the task I knew lay ahead. I opened the door and as soon a I turned the corner there is was. There was a large puddle of puke infront on the trash can and a thin trail leading to the frist stall. I opened the stall door to discover that she had vomited all over the toliet seat, and the floor and even managed to get some splattered on the wall. But the thing I noticed most about it was the it was a lite clear brownish liquid with little bits and peices of what looked like lettus from a salad and the overwhelming, o! verpowering unmistakable smell of alcohol. It didn't smell like wine or beer, it smelled like a hard liquor like whisky. This girl must have really been heavily drunk! (No wonder she couldn't aim her puke into the toliet). Even after cleaning it up and spraying sented disinfect, you could still smell the alcohol really heavy in the air. Heres hopeing that her friend was sober and they both got home alright.

That reminds me of the very first time I ever got plastered. Man, did I EVER get sick! But that is another story for another time.

Heres hopeing your enjoyed this one,


Tuesday, October 30, 2001

ooohhh God. I'm so nauseous this morning. I started to burp up parts of my breakfest again, to the point where I just would LOVE to completely barf. I had to drive Keegan to the airport this morning, since he left for Chicago today. No doubt he will have a story or two to share with everyone when he returns. I think I get sick when my baby flutters in my belly. It makes me nauseous every time I feel it. My friend Krissi is telling me that I will probably throw up during labor, like she did. (she has two kids). That will be awful if I do.

Destiny, did you throw up while being in labor? I guess the doctors are used to new mothers puking their guts up, but I don't want to.

Does any burp and than throwup whilst sick?Does any one pee there pants then because afaid to move because you might throw up again?It may sound weird but does it happen?

I have never posted here before, and I hate for my first post to be about such horrible news, but here goes:
I've been getting these horrible headaches for over a month. They kept getting worse and worse, until a week ago when I had to go home from school because it hurt so much. Everything hurt it: any noise whatsoever, any light whatsoever, any smell whatsoever. When I got home, the pain was so bad, I mean, I just wanted to lay down and die. I started throwing up nonstop. At first, it was chunky and brown, but it kept getting more and more watery, until I was just puking up this absolutely clear bile. I was throwing up almost every five minutes. My mom took me to this neurologist because of my headaches, and I had to get an MRI. It was sooooooo frustrating - I kept throwing up in the middle of the MRI and then they'd have to start all over again. Yesterday, the doctor called back with the results of the MRI, and it's such bad news, and even that's an understatement. It turns out I have brain cancer - and the neurologist says I probably have a month at most left to live, becaus! e the cancer is spreading very rapidly. It's in my brain stem, which is impossible to reach in surgery. Ever since I got that phone call, I have been crying nonstop, and the crying makes me throw up. Does anyone have any advice??? I kind of don't want to spend my last month of life puking every two seconds. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase reply, somebody.

Hey! In response to your question, sickkid, my twins are boys and their names are Erik and Lukas. This morning the vacation home became our home! All of our furniture is being given to charity.

My beautiful body has fully restored itself now. But since I've had the twins, I've had HORRIBLE motion sickness. This morning I was in the car, driving to the store to pick up some groceries when I started to feel dizzy. I pulled over and stepped out of the car. My forehead was getting clammy and I felt completely pukish. My mouth filled with warm saliva, which I quickly spit out. I could feel red-hot chunks building up in the back of my throat. I let loose and chunks started pouring thickly out of my mouth. I sat down and the chunks continued to twist onto the ground, splattering on my legs and sqeezing between my breasts. I feel sick now, too, so I am gonna go.

See ya

I was at level 8 State gymnastics meet last year and I had been feeling sick all day but I didn't actually think I was gonna throw up. I was at vault which was the last rotation so I was the only person performing and everyone was watching me. As I was running down the runway I could feel puke starting to come into my throat. I attemped to do my vault but my legs were so rubbery I jumped off the springboard and fell flat on my stomach. I got up and saluted hte judges and just as I began to walk away I started to throw up. It just came pouring out of my mouth. Everyone in the audience went EEEWWW. Then my coach comes running up to me and puts a wastebasket in front of me. I was sssooo embarressed!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2001

Just a reminder, if it is off subject it doesn't get posted...

CONGRATULATIONS DESTINY!!! Are they boys or girls and what are their names?
Well yesterday in school, we played soccer in gym. I was playing goalie and the ball came straight at me, slamming *really* hard into my stomach. I had the wind knocked out of me, and I gagged and threw up. It was really bad because while I was vomiting, I couldn't breathe because the wind was knocked out of me. I ended up choking on my vomit, coughing uncontrollably, and vomiting again. It was orange and chunky.

I am at Gabbys with a few more stories so I will tell two of them.

I quit cheerleading because people made dumb blonde jokes at me. Colleen is still onit because she is on a gymnastics team and need more practice. Speaking of which Colleen is very ill. Theother day in Gym she puked after swimming class. In the changroom she was sick and my the pool edge. Needless to say i am the star swimmer of my class. Did i mention that Dakota has dropped lifegaurding.

Second of all I was sick last night. I dont know why. Elizabeth threw up. and my eyes bulged and i had a chain reaction. The barf was yellow. Okay Gabby almost puked tooo after reading the stories.

Sunday, October 21, 2001

gotta make this quick tons of storiescoming um i live intoronto and people do puke a lot in my skool whats that about mcdonalds thoguh

Dakota is gonna have a girl

Tons of stories for now internet stll not working Dajkoa is not getting sick anymore but i have tons of stories okay the first is that last week i saw a girl throwing up on the stairs her boygfriend was rubbing her shoulders and saying it was oaky the barf was chunky brown

Last one for today my sister Elizabeth ad a earache the other day she was crying and compaing so Dakota took her to the bathrom the give her eardrops. Elizabeth fell asleep and woke up and began vomtingwith out warnignit was clearish and chunky.

Dakota is having a babyshwower soon. I got her a baby carrying sack which is pink. She might name iher daughter Kendra or Nicole. Till then talk later i only have a 10 minute slot

hey Destiny! Glad you and Derek are having a good time in Ireland. Keegan and I are making plans to visit France this summer.

I threw up today at a restaurant called Chili's. I was with my best friend Krissi, and in the middle of devouring chips and hot sauce, I began to get incredibly queasy. I shifted uncomfortably in my chair, and got a really sick look on my face. Krissi asks me, "Whats wrong?" And I swallow hard as I put one hand lightly before my mouth and say, "Oh...I don't know. I just started to feel sick. I think I may throw up". So Krissi escorts me to the restroom, and I started to feel hot and sweaty and even more sick to my stomach. I paced back in forth in front of my chosen stall, until I felt my belly gurgle, and I rushed to the toilet and vomited tan and chunky puke into the bowl. I hiccupped loudly, then gagged and threw up again helplessly, as Krissi kept me upright, held my hair back and made little soothing sounds. I spat a few times, then I popped a peppermint into my mouth and we left soon after. Keegan is going to post now

Hello...I went to the doctor on Monday, and he said that he may do a CAT scan to try and determine the cause of my almost constant nausea whilst moving. He's almost certain it is because I have an inner ear problem, but the scan is just a precaution.

When I was a little kid, I had just eaten a bunch of chocolate cake at a birthday party. Then I went to go play 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey' and the mother of the birthday boy spun every kid around in a circle to make them disoriented. When it was my turn, she spun me around three times, a definate no no because that was all it took before I became VERY disoriented.

"BLUGGAGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" All over her flowery, blue dress.

A similar incident happened when I was just 16, at ANOTHER birthday party. All the teenagers were blindfolded at the party, to be driven to a secret, unknown location where we would continue our celebration. It was about 10 pm at night when I was blindfolded and straped in the back of my friends station wagon. I don't think I said anything about my motion sickness because I didn't want to appear like a weenie. Not only couldn't I see the road, but the seats we were in at the time pointed towards the trunk, so I was riding BACKWARDS on a twisty road in the middle of nowhere. I think it was about 10:07 when I threw up, putting both hands over my mouth to try to stifle the vomit surging out. It sprayed everywhere, all over me, my friends and the inside of the vehicle. Kids began to scream. The party got ended early, and for years the stench of my vomit remained in that station wagon.


Happy Mommy Destiny
Hey everyone! Derek's post about me having my babies isn't here yet, but I have a barf story to tell you. Derek and I returned to the vacation home yesterday with beautiful twins! We are planning to maybe buy the vacation house and raise our kids here.

This morning, after feeding the twins and putting them in for their nap, Derek wanted to "cuddle" in the bedroom ;). But I was feeling kind of woozy and I said I was going to go to lay down for a while. So I picked up a Seventeen Magazine and laid on the couch. As I read, I started to feel some hot chunks coming up from my stomach. I quickly ran to the washroom and knelt in front of the toilet.

I hugged the toilet and the chunks were lingering at the back of my mouth. I gagged. The chunks came closer to spilling out. A tickle beneath the hot chunks caused me to retch loudly. The chunks were slowly coming into my mouth. My stomach clenched in pain and diarrhea spilled into my pants. The smell caused the burning curds in the back of my mouth to expand. I retched again, like eeeeaaaablllaaauuuuugghhhhhalgh! The chunks rose again to touch the back of my tongue, which slithered upwards as I was forced to retch again. This time the volcanic curds pushed into my mouth and exploded into the toilet. My stomach cringed with nausea and more reddish brown chunks splattered into the toilet. I barely had a second to breath before more chunky vomit climbed it's way out of my stomach and into the now-full toilet bowl. I hastily flushed the toilet as the now-yellow chunks continued to pour into the toilet. After I was finished, I wiped off the toilet and the floor and changed int! o some clean clothes. I was still kind of nauseous, so I sat on the sofa and watched an Irish soap opera. As I watched, my stomach started to churn and I tried to run to the washroom. I didn't make it. About a quarter of the way to the washroom (which was up stairs!)I collapsed on the foot of the staircase and a queasy tremor shook my stomach. My stomach was so shaken up I felt like I would faint. Derek appeared out of the washroom and ran to me. He quickly noticed the state I was in and held my hair. My stomach exploded and some steaming chunks surged up my throat and out my nose and mouth all over the stairs and down my shirt. The chunks were completely white and more vomit sprayed onto the floor.

I feel a little better now but I will barf again soon, I can feel it! More news later...

Friday, October 19, 2001

not a tri-delt
Lecture had just started when I began feeling kind of sick to my stomach. I tried to ignore it and pay attention to what the professor was saying, but the nausea kept getting worse and worse. I was swallowing down acidic burps and my belly felt like it was about to burst.
About half an hour into the lecture, my mouth filled with spit and my hands and forehead broke out in a clammy sweat. I gathered my stuff, and left the room as quietly as I could, heading quickly for the nearest bathroom.
There were five girls already in line, and three of them were from the sorority I was trying to get into. “OhmiGOD, Liz, you look awful! Are you feeling OK?” One of the girls, Tracy, asked me.
“I must have eaten something that didn’t agree with me.” I tried to answer nonchalantly. “I feel like I am going to be sick.”
“Do you want to go ahead of me?” Tracy suggested.
Then Jill jumped in. “No way. She has to wait her turn. A Tri-Delt never loses control in public.”
I stood at the end of the line, but after about 5 minutes, I knew there was no way I was going to make it. My stomach churned and I let out a horrible burp. AAAUUUURRRGHHPPP. I was feeling so awful, I didn’t even care that everyone heard me. I urped again and my throat filled with chunks. I lurched toward the trash can, pulled off the lid and leaned over. AAAUUURRPPP. I retched desperately, trying to empty my stomach, but nothing came up. My eyes started watering, and I was shaking as I strained to throw up. Tracy came over and started rubbing my back. “It’s OK, just go ahead and throw up, you’ll feel a lot better.” My stomach, which wouldn’t listen to me, obeyed Tracy. I heaved violently and spewed about 2 gallons of brownish liquid. I had about a 10 second time out to gasp for breath before I doubled over, vomiting the remains of my breakfast and last night’s dinner. When I was done, I straightened up, but a cramp seized my abdomen and I involuntarily let out a soft gr! oan. I had the feeling hot lava was pouring through my intestines, and suddenly, my bowels spasmed. I squeezed my anal sphincter shut, and pleaded with the girls in line to let me go in next. I made it into a stall and got my underwear down just as I totally lost control and my bowels exploded. For the next 45 minutes, I sat on the toilet, clutching my stomach as my bowels cramped and spasmed uncontrollably and I had totally liquid diarrhea. I don’t know how I made it back to the dorms after that, but I know that I felt fine the next day.

Sorry I haven't been around for a while, but I really haven't had anything to post (I don't get sick very often and I almost never have to puke, but when I do it's real nasty).

Last week, my mom got a migraine (she gets them about every two or three months). She told me she felt sick and she was going to bed. A couple of hours later I saw her in the bathroom, kneeling over the toilet, sticking her finger down her throat and making herself throw up. I asked her about it the next day. She said that she really hates feeling nauseous, and when she needs to vomit she feels better if she just makes herself do it and get it over with.

A couple of days later we did sprints in gym class. I got overheated and felt sick, and I still felt sick when I got home (I've got gym last period). I went to the bathroom, sat down on the tub with my head over the toilet and tried to vomit. Nothing was happening, but my mom must have heard me; she came in and asked me what was wrong. I told her, and she said that it was OK to make myself throw up if I needed to. She even offerred to stick her finger down my throat and help me (she's done that for me once before) but I said I could do it myself, so she held my head with one of her hands and my hair with the other. I stuck my finger down my throat and kinda rubbed my tonsils. I gagged a couple of times, then just went UURRRGGH and said goodby to my lunch. I really don't like making myself throw up, but I've gotta admit that after I puked I felt a lot better.

Hey! It is about 7 am and we are here in beautiful Londonderry Ireland! I am starting to have cramps in my stomach and I hope it's just the twins turning over! Derek and I rented a cottage in the hills! I am sitting on the windowseat in the living room watching the rain. It is so beautiful! I kind of wish you guys could see it, too. Derek is upstairs, he says he has a surprise for me. I better go see it.

Oh my gosh! Derek is such a sweetie! I went upstairs and he had all this baby stuff, and a bunch of stuff for me! I'm not feeling too good all of a sudden, I hope I don't throw up. Oh no, I think I'm going to!! I'll let Derek post and he can tell you some stuff!
Hey, this is Derek. Destiny is sitting on the bed with a bucket between her knees. Oh, here it comes. Ok, first of all, her nose twitched and then she hiccuped and he stomach contracted and she retched. Like: Bleeeaaaaauuuuuoooogggghhh! And a bunch of this white stuff cane out.

Destiny says her stomach hurts so I'm going to go lay with her for a while, peace out and good health to all!

Hey everyone! Derek and I are into our second day of a fantastic honeymoon! I feel much better now and I came up with some names for the twins: girls: Kaheena, Harmoni, Hope, Desiree. Boys: Erik, Brandon, Leif, Kyle

I can't think of anymore... help me!!! Well, Derek is off doing something or other, he had food poisoning yesterday and this morning but he's better now. He didn't throw up, but he had a form of poisoning...

I remember a story from when I was 13. I was trying out for the junior cheerleading squad, and I was the main attraction to the basket tossers :P. After a few times hurdling into the air, I threw up all over.

Bye for now,

Hey I have a story that just occured about 30 minutes ago about my poor husband.

We went out to eat Mexican food and see a movie with another couple (Jessica and Ruben) and since Ruben just purchased a new vehicle (a 2001 Lincoln Navigator...I'm envious) he wanted to take us out in it. Keegan decided to wear a wrist band since he had some left over from our trip. I never usually say anything to him about using some sort of device or taking a pill, he just does it peacefully on his own. So we drove to the restaurant which was a great, smooth ride, and ate all sorts of enchilada's, chips and salsa, fajitas, and tacos. Then we drove to the movie theater. I didn't even think twice about Keeg's motion sickness, until he excused himself to the restroom as soon as we walked into the theater. When he emerged, he looked really pale and shaky, with a hint of annoyance on his face. I figured he had gotten sick, but decided not to mention it. The movie was stupidly funny (Zoolander) and soon it was time to drive the thirty minutes it takes back to our hous! e. I could tell right away that Keegan wasn't feeling that good still when we were in the Navigator. He was fidgety and anxious. Soon though the anxiety went away and all he was left with was crippling nausea. He bent over slightly, holding his stomach, and I could see this was not a good sign. Jessica and Ruben were occupying the front seats of course, so they couldn't see what was going on. I could tell that Keegan did't want to risk bruising his pride by asking Ruben to pull over, and at the same time didn't want to throw up in a brand new car. So...I took matters into my own hands, and said, "Hey Ruben pull over! My stomach isn't feeling too good and I think I'm about to be sick." Ruben hastedly jerks the car over onto the shoulder of the road, with a curse word, and I tumble out, calling, "Keegan help me please..." And he unsteadily walks with me away from the car. It is very dark out, so they couldn't see who was really about to become sick. Keegan bends over! , and with one massive heave he vomits a huge amount of liquid, spraying it everywhere. I say something like, "Careful honey, you don't want to get it on your clothes", and then he began to gag horribly but with nothing coming up. Just gurgling retches until I could practically hear the surge of vomit stream up his throat, and burst out of his mouth in a colorful tide of dark orange. He spits a few times, and says, "ok, I think I can make it all the way home now", and we walk back into the car. Ruben asks me, "you ok now Eden?" And I smile weakly at him, and make a joke about how I get my morning sickness in the evening. Then he says, "ok, just make sure you tell me if you need me to pull over again".

So, anyway Keegan has been a grouch ever since this happened tonight. He is probably going to read this and think I'm overreacting, but he really has been. He made an appointment yesterday to see his doctor on Monday morning, to try and find a solution for his constant vomiting because I think it is really starting to get on his nerves. More later


Monday, October 15, 2001

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