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Hi everyone, well, here is the story that my stomach could tell about our time sailing. I'll start from when we got to the boat slips, not mentioning the queasy plane ride that almost did me in early on the way over here. I was loaded up on all sorts of anti-nausea devices...pills, wrist bands and even a patch or two. But even still, the sight of that 108 ft. charter sailboat bobbing peacefully in the sunny harbor was enough to envoke butterflies in my stomach.

After settling our things on board and speaking with our skipper, he explained that we would set out early tomorrow morning for our adventure through the tropics. Eden just glowed throughout the entire evening. She has an adorable little belly where it was previously flat, from the baby. We had a wonderful romantic evening while we were still in the harbor if I do say so. We ended up going to bed very late.

When I felt sunlight streaming in through the portholes, I felt as though red-hot spikes were working their way through my skull. Dizzily, I could tell we were moving. Eden was already up as she herself struggled to get her sea legs, bumping hard into things as she rummaged through our bathroom. I didn't dare to move. I felt more then queasy as the boat leaned one way, then the other, and then rolled in an entirely different direction altogether. I shifted weakly on my side, feeling disoriented and dizzy, while my stomach felt icky and bloated. Not to mention I was having cold sweats and an increasingly awful taste in my mouth. As I lay there, I gave a loud moan, a testiment to my growing seasickness. Eden poked her head out of the bathroom, and asked if I was ok. I told her that I felt like I was about to be sick, putting a note of urgency into my tone. She came over to me and put one arm around my back as she helped me find the bathroom. "I know honey", she sai! d sympathetically. "I'm not feeling too good either right now". I was led to the toilet, and peered inside, positioning myself for gastral eruption. As I knelt before the bowl, the water inside was swaying with the motion of the boat, from side to side. Watching it was more then I could bare, and vomit burst out of my mouth in a chunky yellow tide. "GlgggBLAAAGHHHHHH!!!! ugh...HHhBLUHHHHHHAAA!!! BLUAAAHHHHHHAAA!!!!!!" The spurts of puke came with every round of nausea that I felt throughout the entire day. I felt so SO miserable, more then I've ever felt before. However towards evening I felt a little bit better, so Eden and I tried to become romantic again. I was fine during the entire "romantic" process, but after we were done and she was sound alseep next to me, I felt that familier nasty nauseous feeling reenter my belly. I laid there for as long as I could, but then finally knew that I was about to throw up. I got out of bed silently, and made my way into the! bathroom, and shut the door. I bashed my head on the toilet as the boats motion took me down when I tried to kneel, and as groans began to utter their way out, puke began to start splattering all over me as I lost control of myself and was violently ill on the floor. When I stopped the relentless heaving, I pulled myself back up on my knees and started throwing up again, but this time in the toilet as first intended. I must have been making some pretty loud noises, because I don't even remember when Eden came into the bathroom and found me covered in stinky barf and hugging the toilet for dear life. I have discovered that I am as helpless as a child when I am *this* sick. I floated in and out of consciousness, and I preferred slumber to being awake, since opening my eyes called for yet another excruciating, body bending series of retches and liquidly explosions out of my mouth. God, if I EVER wanted to simply die, this was the time. All I could do was drift into a rest! less sleep, get jarred awake by another ocean-oriented movement, and spastically spew some more. Eden had redressed me and wiped my mouth after every time I threw up. When I became solidly aware of my surroundings, she informed me that we were now into day 3 of our voyage. I realized that she had put towels all around my head to catch any vomit spills that didn't make it into the bowl that she had provided. I was surprised that it was only three days, since it felt like I had been on that cursed vessal for an eternity. I was feeling smelly and dirty, and she asked me if I would like to take a shower before we reached port. I was surprised at this also, but then she said that she had requested that the boat dock ASAP. I mumbled a quiet, "thanks Edie", before my belly turned over again and bile gurgled up my raw and sore throat into the bowl.

In a matter of hours, I was on land again, but it took me an entire whole day to recover from my seasickness. I've never felt so weak before. BUT...the rest of the time we had in the tropics was lovely. :)) And we thought of some names for our baby. Since the doctor thinks its a girl, we wanted to come up with unique, but attractive names to think about for her. I liked Keilee and Carrington, and Eden was fond of Kaleena and Arielle. Who knows? Too many weird names.

Destiny...Congrats on getting married! And Eden wanted me to tell you that her due date is late January/early February. The doctor actually said February 2nd, but Eden doesn't want to go by dates because she said it will only make her over anxious. Oh, and I was thinking about what you said about Derek's niece Sahara's inner ear. My doctor told me the same thing when I was 19. My brain doesn't receive signals from my inner ear normally, which easily explains my motion sickness.

Hey Scott,

Sorry to hear that your motion sickness seems to be getting worse lately. Mine has been consistantly inconsistant, which means that I never know if a little car trip will set my stomach over the edge or not. Some days I have noticed, are better then others. When Eden and I drive to our aerobic's class, (which is about 20 minutes away) sometimes I don't feel a twinge, but then there are other instances where I get puking sick within minutes. Well good luck on any further trips to the supermarket!!


Thursday, October 11, 2001

the hasnt been anthning to post since yesterday um first of all sorry bry and dakota that your computer isnt workin that sx you'll proably hae lots to tell in ayour next post

I am sick right now with a bucket beside me um it all starts yesterday when i was in science. I had felt sick ater eating the beautiful makings of fries with 'poo gravy' in the caf so after my stomach was rumbling and i felt very sick. My friend Dailey asked me whats wrong and i said i felt sick. s
So we asked my teacher to the bathroom and she said yes but only dailey reutrned as soon as i got to the bathom i gagged and barfed yelloish bronish chunks all over the floor i kept puking until some girl in grade 8 helped me to the office me pking all the qway there. I still have food poisning and been throwing up since. Rachel has got food poisning from the fries to. Heres a message 'dont eat cfeteria food'

Hey everyone, we just got back yesterday. It seems like there haven't been that many updates since we left though. We had a GREAT TIME. Keegan would like to thank everyone for their suggestions, and he'll post later about his experience. It was an incredibly exciting trip, although we did cut the sailboat part short for his sake. But in response to Jenni, heres the story about the tilt o whirl:

Ok, Keegan and I were both living in PA by this time, and during the summer months, there is a carnival that visits on several occasions during that time. I LOVE the festivity of a carnival, so I dragged him to it. I didn't expect him to go on many rides with me because I was aware that he got sick easily, but surprisingly enough we rode quite a few intense rides. He told me that if he just didn't think about it, the motion of the rides didn't bother him. After the first part of the morning, we decided to eat lunch, and both of us had frito chili pie's, along with ALOT of cotton candy. After lunch I still hadn't rode my most favorite of rides...the tilt o whirl. Keegan seemed reluctant to go on anything else, but then agreed that we could go on one more ride. As we stood in line, Keegan was very quiet since I think he was a little bit nervous. But I figured since he had gone on rides much more scary then this one today, then what would one more matter? When we got! seated in our cart, the bar went down, and slowly the rides began to move. I looked at Keegan and thought, 'is it my imagination, or does he look a little pale?' During the first couple of seconds on the ride, both of us were screaming and hollaring, as our bodies got ripped back and forth and around in our cart. When the ride was over, I turned to look at Keeg, and he had become an alarming shade of pasty greenish-gray ash. He had his eyes closed and was not moving, even though people were already exiting the ride. I asked him hesitantly, "are you ok?" And in response he slowly shook his head no, and said, "Help me get this bar off". As soon as we lift up our bar, Keegan stumbles forward out of the cart, and "ggghhurrrBLAAAAGHHHHHHHH!!", projectile vomits a sloppy pinkish tide of chunky putrid liquid, followed by alot of disgusting burpy retching sounds. I went instantly over to him, and helped support his body through all of his relentless heaving, and rubbed his bac! k with one hand. When he was done, his eyes were tearing up from all the pressure, and I could feel the stares of our 'audience' as they watched. We walked off of the ride, and he grabs a trash can and procedes to throw up in there as well. He was also sick for the drive back home but that another story. Keegan is going to post later


I have barely been posting at all lately. i'm going to try to post more often. Anyway, I have a really bad case of the flu. I've had it for a couple of days now. It started in school on friday. i wasnt feeling all that good, but since it was just a headache and not nausea I figured I could make it through the two hours left of school. But after like 5 minutes I started feeling nauseous, and I could feel the chunks coming up into my throat. I raised my hand, asked to go to the nurse, and then started walking towards the nurse's office, putting every ounce of strength I had into not vomiting. Once I reached the nurse's office, I sat down on the cot while the nurse took my temperature, which was 102. I was feeling more and more nauseous, and finally I couldn't take it anymore, and just let go. Orange, chunky puke immediately started spewing out of my mouth. I puked uncontrollably for like fifteen minutes, as the puke steadily got more creamy than chunky, and then more and more li! quidy until I was just throwing up clear, pure liquid vomit. It tasted and smelled so horrible, and that was making me throw up even more. I was sent home, where I puked almost every hour for the rest of the day. Yesterday was almost as bad, and today, I've barfed twice... well, at least it's an improvement. wait i think i have to puke again... well, i just barfed all over the floor next to the computer, i couldn't make it to the bathroom. I gotta go, I'll update you tomorrow

Bryanni, Destiny, what town do you live in where there is so much public puking, especially at mcdonalds, Just curious

I just came to this forum. I think the topic is very interesting, but as no one has posted for three days, it is getting a little boring. I mean, of all the people who post at this forum, you'd think one could post every day. Well, anyway, I have a question, and then a story.
MANDA: Geez, girl! Just how long has it been since you started working on that Nick Carter story? What is it - a story, or a novel??????? Are you almost finished with it yet???
Now for the story:
I almost never get sick, but my friend alison does. She's sort of like bryanni's friend gabby, ANYTHING can make her sick. On Friday, this girl who sits next to her in class raised her hand and said she wasn't feeling well, and she thought she might puke. Her face was a little green, and a tiny little trickle of vomit escaped from her mouth. The teacher told her to go to the bathroom, which she did, but in the hallway right near our classroom, I guess she lost control, because we could hear her retching and burping, etc, and vomit hitting the floor. In a minute, the horrible smell started seeping into our classroom, and alison immediately clamped her hand over her mouth and and asked, panic-like, to go to the bathroom. But before she'd even left her seat, she spewed this chunky pink vomit all over the place. It was sooooooooo gross and smelled awful but nobody else puked.

Destiny S.
DEREK AND I WERE PRONOUNCED "MR. AND MRS. YESTERDAY!!!! We moved into an apartment a month ago and we are going on our honeymoon (to Ireland) next week!!!

Hey! It's been a while since I last posted!! I have approximately 6 weeks left to go! I am so excited! Thankfully my sicknesses ended about a month ago. Derek is recuperating VERY well and went back to work yesterday. Fiona is now 3 and a half months pregnant and Nikkole might be pregnant again.

The reason I think Nikkole might be pregnant is she was at a church fundraiser thing. The youth group was fasting to raise money for the NYC tragedy. We had successfully fasted for 3 hours when Nikkole ran to the washroom and threw up all over the floor. (Brown and liquidy . . .). She got up early the next morning and threw up, too. She is having tests done next week.

The other day I was at Please Mum to buy some baby clothes. I was with Fiona, who was concentrating on sitting down and gulping in some of the heavily perfumed air. Then she put her head between her knees and heaved a puddle of orange chunks onto the floor.

DAKOTA: My cousin Jaqueline is an obstetrician and I told her about you. She said for you not to worry, because only 14% of the babies in North America are born premature. I wish you all the best and I tell you to stop worrying and enjoy life!

EDEN: Hey! How are you doing, girl? When is your baby due? My twins are due Dec. 3 and the doctor predicts they will come around then.

KEEGAN: My uncle Fisher has really bad seasickness when he goes on cruises, and he tells you this. Wear a motion band and a neck patch. He also said that walking stairs really helps.

MANDA: You are allergic to corn chips? So am I! They give me indigestion, even if I only eat one.

SCOTT, CARI, MR.SICK: Keep posting!

I have one more story about my cousin Desia. She gets really bad motion sickness bouts sometimes. I was driving her to an N*Sync concert about a year ago. It was in Miami so we had to drive for a while. About 45 minutes into the trip she yells for me to stop the car. She got out and started to gag. Then her stomach lurched and about a gallon of red chunky vomit oozed down her shirt and pants and onto the ground. She changed her clothes and she barfed a few times into a bag.

OH YEAH! I forgot to tell you! Derek's niece, Sahara, who is 14, was coming to stay at me and Derek's apartment (that's right! no more dorm for me!). Derek wasn't home, he was at work when Sahara walked in. Her inner ear is out of whack so she always gets sick, no matter what she does, she has to lead. Well, she looked really white. Her black and green-streaked hair was mousy and stuck to her forehead where she had been sweating. She walked slowly to the couch and put an airsickness bag (she had been flying in from Puerto Vallarta) to her mouth. I quickly went over to her and held her hair. She was barfing for a long time!

Last night I got up for a drink of water. On my way to the kitchen I saw the light was on and my mom was sitting on the couch in nothing but her underwear watching the news and drinking a can of coke. It was weird to see her without her robe and slippers on so I knew something was wrong. She had her hand over her stomach and had a bunch of napkins. She said she had been puking and not to go in the bathroom yet because of the mess in there. I told her but I really have to use the bathroom so she said okay and went to take care of it. I followed her. She was right. There was a lot of it on the floor and it was brown and nasty looking with white lumps in it because we ate chili mac and salad for supper. It made me scared at first because I never saw a grownup's puke before. It was nasty in there just like she said it was and it smelled like cheese. I told her so and she chuckled but it still looked like she wasn't feeling so good. She cleaned it all up with a sponge and rinsed it! out in the bathtub faucet. She said she caught the stomach flu. She felt my fore head and asked me if I felt sick too and I said no. She had a fever. She said just to be safe I better stay home from school in case I have it too so I had a day off today but I feel healthy and I hope I don't puke too.

Monday, October 08, 2001

Well, yesterday I think I had a bad allergic reaction to corn chips(which I tend to have. I'm allergic to corn chips). I had a bunch of corn chips for breakfast yesterday morning(BIG MISTAKE) and I got these really bad stomach pains and cramps all day. The feeling got really intense yesterday evening and finally, I couldn't take it anymore, so I went to the bathroom, closed the door, then gagged and threw up in my mouth. I had to lean my head back to keep from spewing everywhere before I got to the sink where I threw up this brown stuff that resembled Cream of Wheat with macaroni chunks from lunch in it. It was nasty and it smelled awful, which made me even sicker. I was okay afterwards, my stomach's just been kinda sore today.

Mr. Sick
Hey there. It has been a few months since I last posted. Sorry it took me so long but I haven't really and anything worth posting until now. Actually, I must admit to beeing somewhat lazy. This story happened to me personally on September 5th 2001. Its still an intresting story. I work as a custodian at a local college 3rd shift. When I went to work I felt fine and was in apretty good mood. I start work at 10:00 pm and clock out at 6:30 am. Everything was fine until after my last break. I fell asleep sitting in a couch-like seat. When I woke up after break I felt increadibably nauseated! I knew imeadiatly that I was gonna throw up so I went directly into the bathroom. I sat infront of that toliet for 10 minuets just waiting for it to come up. I figured that it wasn't gonna happen to soon so I stood up to leave and as soon as I got to my feet ... BAM! I dropped back to my knees and just in time! My stomach exploded!!! Puke gushed out of my mouth with a viloence that I had never! experanced ever before! My stomach kept heaving and the puke just kept pouring out. I couldn't stop. I think that I spent 15 minuets puking! When I finally got out I felt sooooooo weak! I called my boss and told him that I had just gotten very sick to my stomach and felt like I migh throw up again and that I couldn't finish my job. I only had 2 bathrooms to clean (one of with I had just puked in) and the hall ways to dust mop. My supervisor came up and he and the other 2 people on my floor finished my area. I just layed back down on the couch and tried not you spew everywhere. Everyone went down stair to turn in their keys but I was far too sick to move. about 10 minuets after they got done cleaning the bathroom I felt sick enough to vomit again. I barily made it to the toliet. Puke once again came gushing out, and ended in a bad case of dry heaves. No sooner had I finished puking than I got a very sudden and viloent diarreah attack. I finally got out of the bathroon around 6! :25 am. I was to sick to even think of moving off that couch until 7:00 am. Now, here is what realy bothers me. Everyone left the area at 6:00 am. They went home at 6:30 am and NO ONE check on me to see if I was alright! They knew I was very sick, and no one asked if I would be alright or check up on me. They all just left! I could never do that to anyone! Never! I called in sick the next night and my boss asked me if anyone had checked up on me before they left, and I said, No, no one did. Let me tell you, he was MAD! I guarentee that my supervisior got chewed out big time for that (as well he should!!!)

I know that this post was long. Thanks for taking the time to read it all.

Mr. Sick

Hey, Eden! Thanks for the comments--I love all of your stories! What's that about Keegan and the Tilt-O-Whirl? I don't think I've seen that one posted yet--could you post it sometime soon? Thanks! ~*~J~*~

p.s.--Keegan--there's a new type of anti-motion sickness stuff out now. It's called the relief band--my friend uses it for his car sickness and he said it works incredibly well. You might want to give it a try before your cruise!

Friday, October 05, 2001

I was wondering does anyone have any interesting stories about male celebrities or singers getting sick in embarrasing or public places? If so would you feel free to post them.

Sorry I don't have any puke stories to post, but I haven't puked for so long. As a matter of fact I don't even remember when last I puked.

When I have an interesting story to post, I'll be sure to post it.

Keep the stories coming.

Whoa, I've never been as sick as I am right now. I just threw up, it was horrible! I was sleeping and dreamt that I had the stomach flu and was throwing up and had diarrhea. When I woke up I found I was indeed feeling VERY sick and thought I'd better go to the bathroom, but didn't dare to move; then I felt it all come up and jumped out of my bed, but I fell down and began to retch violently. I threw up a gallon of brown/orange stuff all over the floor and while I sat there heaving I suddenly lost control over my bowels and felt diarrhea fill my pants! Soon it also poured out and onto the floor. I just couldn't stop it, with every heave came a fresh wave! after about 15 minutes I was done and did my best to clean up everything. Now I'm hanging around, gagging every now and then and I'd better go to the bathroom before it all starts again.

This site is so downright strange that I love it... unfortunately I don't have any good stories as I haven't done a technocolour yawn since 5th grade... I'm a 10th grader now. If anything comes up I'll post it.


Here's some advice on how not to get sea sick. Have you ever tried sea sick pills or patches or motion sickness pills like Dramine? I think thats how you spell it. Well if not I suggest that you try taking that and see if it works. Thats the only suggestion I have for you.

I remember my first time flying, I was nervous and I thought I would get sick, but I took a Dramine 1 hour before getting on the plane and it worked for me. I didn't get sick and I had a nice flight.

Basically what I'm trying to say is if you haven't taking anything like sea sick pills or used sea sick patches before, maybe now is the time to try them and see if they work for you, because who knows you may get lucky.

I hope to hear from you soon and I would like to know how your trip went when you get back from it. Let me know if you got sea sick or if you were healthy.

The laying down trick works fairly well for me sometimes, Croatia, thanks for the tip. Actually, Eden and I sat down together and had a long talk, we made a bargain. I will endure 3 days of our voyage, and if I am still very sick, we will put in to port in the Bahamas, and then go sightseeing on the islands. We chose three days because as I understand, the body needs time to adjust to new motion, and that NORMAL people get over their seasickness in about 2-3 days. So either way, I believe we will have a good time. Keep the stories coming while we're gone.

Hey Destiny...haven't had a long report from you in quite a while. How're you doing? Dakota, are you doing ok?

Sorry I havent posted in a while but my computer isnt wrking and i am at a internet sore withDakota who is also gonna post...I have a few more stories

Yesterday I went to Gabby's house for dinner and we ate Noodles and beans...after we went to her oom and she laid on her bed and told me she felt sick so i went to get a bucket for her...we sat and talked for a while but suddenly she grabbed the bucket and witout hesitation barf exploded from her mouth and her nose..the barf was greenish with the noodles and went she let go of the bucket it seemd that 10 gallons of vomit was on her caret..when her sister walked in she gagged and the same green vomit npoured on the floor
So went home and slept

I actually dont have any stories but Dakota is gonna attach her post

Ojay...this is Dakota posting now because Bryanni make my fears worse i am 5 months pregnant not3 and a halve the baby is due in early Febuary...the doctor says it may be a gurl so i am happy..Cara is still in the hospital with her baby and her sister had twin boys but i am not sure of there names..

i am taking a college cousr on Friday nights and last Friday was the worse class of my life i couldnt believe considering it was my first...I felt nauseas but i decided to go anyways..halve way throguh i got up to leave becase i was absolutly dieig..wen i got up i started to feel dizzy and must have fainted bcuz when i got up people were surronding me and beside me was a puddle of vomit...i went home but first i stopped at McDonalds. Some little gurl there threw up when i was looking at her and without controling myself i gagged and barfed to...

I got to go because my internet time is up and well i will post later..till then

More stories pleez

Keegan - Good luck mate!I wish I could offer some help,but boats are a no go for me either!The only times I have been on 1 I have spent the entire trips spewing over the rails on the boat or heaving in the gents toilets!My brother also get sea-sickness so at least I wasn't alone,unlike when I'm car sick,which seems to have got worse lately!I find even on short local trips I am retching and puking1We went to the supermarket only 20 minutes from our house and on arriving I opened my door and vomited everywhere!!Anyway like I said at the beginning Good Luck hope you find something that helps!?

Scott UK

Hey Jenni!

loved your story about Steve! Brought back memories of Keegan and the 'Tilt 'o Wheel'!!

i was at Lifehouse concert last night and after the concert some of my friends went over to the tour bus to get autographs. The fans were told that Jason would not be able to sign because after the concert he had gone back to the tour bus and threw up. I feel bad for musicians like him because performing when sick must be hell. Poor Jason.
I was sick last week but this time it was not my stomach. I had a nasty cold. I felt like puking a couple of times from coughing and i think some of the medicine i was taking. I am feeling much better now.
Derek- how you doing now that you had that surgery? Dessy,Eden, and Dakota-how are the pregnancies coming along? I wish you the best of luck and hope that you are well and healthy

Monday, October 01, 2001

Destiny S.
Yesterday I went to a party w/ my friend Rachel and there was this slut there who ate everything in sight, then she wenton the dancefloor and blew chunks all over! Yuk!

Ariana isn't pregnant (phew!)

Monday, September 24, 2001

Hey, I actually have a story today so that means I can post. I live in way way south Texas, and even this time of year the weather is still really warm, but anyway my sinuses were hurting me the entire day, so I tried to stay home from school but my mom wouldn't let me. So I was on the bus and nobody likes me at all at this school, so I was going to sit alone, but the only seat left was by this girl. Well, everytime we have such nice weather down here my allergies flare up really bad. I get all this digusting fluid and this particular day it drained all into my stomach. I kept trying not to be too gross for the girl sitting next to me, but I didn't take my Clariton and so i was sneezing and sniffling and getting a littll bussick all at once. my stomach was full of mucus, and before I could stop myself I threw up all over the pants of this girl. it was the most embbarressing thing to ever happen to me. Now everyone on that bus hates me. I am going to ask my mom to home! school me for the rest of high school, and oh yeah I am 15 years of age.

Shane (Croatia)
To Keegan: I allready write this to Scot, but that was for car and dont know this would work with your stomach on a boat or ship.
Try this, you have to lie down on your back, you have to stay like that for the entire time. When you feel first sine
of motion sicknes, go and lie down. That is allways help on the boat or the car.

So i am at a summer camp and it was the last day. I was spinning on one of thise things and decidesd then to go to the bathroom. When i got there I felt dizzy and my friend was on the toilet and the others were busy too. I felt i was gona barf and so i swept uderthe doo and the second i got up i guts ripped and my stomake fliped i belched and BLLLUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH all over my friend Lauran. My ass farted and i let out a galloon of Diahria in 2 seconds. I had some dry heaves and then again i puked and i waas there crying,puking,covered in poo,in a gient puddle of both puke and poo.My friwend saired at me and then BLEEEEEEEEEH puked on me.WE both calloped on eachother cr ing and huging. Our friends rushed in and heled us up and helped us get clean in our showers.They washed us and huged and kissed us on the cheek.

Hey, well Keeg already posted about our vacation plans. I can't wait because I've wanted to do this for so long! We are going to do some serious thinking about appropriate names for the baby, and just generally being romantic...:)) I know Keegan is being sacrificial towards his health, but HOPEFULLy everything will be ok and he won't be throwing up the entire time!!

But here is a story about my husband when we went to go see "The Perfect Storm". That movie made him nauseous even though we were firmly stationed in our seats.

We were just watching the freaking thing and those of you who've seen it, know that YES there is alot of visual motion in it. Keegan sort of slouches down and nudges me and says, "God this is making me sick to my stomach", and I just patted his leg and he put his head on my shoulder. Right at the most intense scene when that one guy is trying to fix the antenna or whatever, Keegan sits up, and I ask, "Are you ok?" He grabs up our empty popcorn bucket and moans lowly saying, "I don't feel so good", and then procedes to upchuck his half-way digested popcorn into the container. He catches his breath, pauses, and then vomits again, almost overfilling the bucket. I rubbed his back and shoulders while he was throwing up, and when he was done I helped him out of the theater. We went outside for him to get some fresh air, and just wandered around until he threw up twice into a freshly mown mound of grass.

Thursday, September 20, 2001

agh...Looks like I've finally caved into allowing Eden to drag me into doing something that she's always wanted! We are taking off on a cruise September 28th because we didn't do anything for our anniversery yet this year! People who know me (and my stomach) say that I'm crazy, and I probably am but I thought it would be a nice thing for us to do together.

Ok, but nonetheless, already I am feeling a bit apprehensive about this, because the last thing I want to do is spend our vacation puking my guts out! And yes, most large vacation boats have huge stablizers, but the ship we are traveling on is a charter yacht with SAILS, so I expect that will make a difference in how miserable I may be. So, if anybody can offer any information on any new suggestions that I may try, so that this vacation will be as romantic as possible for Eden. The last time I was on a real sailboat was at the lake with my brother in law, and he had a rich girlfriend who invited up aboard her boat.

I was nauseous within a few seconds of leaving the harbor, and as soon as they put the main sail up, I was a helpless retching mess. The roll of the waves was merciless to me, and even though I was wearing one of those stupid wrist thingies, AND had taken Bonine, I managed to disgrace myself by vomiting spasmatically the entire time.

Since that time I have avoided all forms of transportation by water. I didn't even go on the touring ferry that they have for the river in Chicago, because I know if I did I would be throwing up within minutes. This is the type of situation which makes me dispise my weak stomach. So suggestions please on how prevent almost surefire seasickness!


Destiny S.
This might be attached to my last post, but remember what I said about Ariana not being sick? Well, I was soooo wrong! Ariana is really a pretty girl and she has a nice figure and deep brown hair. She got home from school, and she looked fine and her makeup was still perfect. Then she dropped her backpack and ran to the washroom. I could hear her throwing up and I went to help her. She was kneeling in front of the toilet, with a constant stream of brown chunks falling out of her mouth. She wasn't gagging or anything and it was just pouring out. When the stream stopped, she let out a giant retch and tons of this clearish brown stuff splashed into her other barf, pouring out in a constant stream. I thought this was totally wierd. Then she got up and wiped her mouth/brushed her teeth and went downstairs to the kitchen and had some orange juice. After she drank the juice she let up a stream into the sink.

Hey girl, I'm not a doctor, but you just have to trust that everything will go ok! Even though we are just talking on a forum over the internet, we are all with you here!

Wednesday, September 19, 2001

Hey, I haven't posted in awhile, so I thought I'd post today. On Friday afternoon, during algebra, this girl I know named Shay was looking kinda green and in the middle of our lesson, the girl that sits behind her, Sabrina, raised her hand and said, "Coach Garrison, please let Shay go to the bathroom before she turns around and pukes on me!" Coach Garrison got this evil look on his face and told Shay to use the trashcan. Shay looked up and goes "Really????" Then Coach realizes they're serious, so since he has a weak stomach, says "Shay, go on to the bathroom." When Sabrina sighed with relief, Coach made her go with Shay, lol. Poor Sabrina! Then, like 10 minutes later, Shay and Sabrina returned and Shay spent the rest of the class coughing her head off and making herself gag and belch...that was way nasty, lol.

Well, for those of you wanting an update on me and Michael...there is no me and Michael now. He broke up with me. I'm really glad he and I never fooled around because I'd honestly think I was pregnant because I've been really sick every morning when I wake up. I can't even handle looking at food, let alone eating. I almost puked, but forced it back down on Thursday morning. I'm so glad Michael and I never did anything...I'd hate to be pregnant with my ex-boyfriend's child at only 14, especially since his biological mom had him when she was only 15.(He's 16 if ya'll were wondering).

Well, that's it for now. I'll try to get my friends to come up with some good stories.


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