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Hey, everyone! I've been reading these stories for about 3 or 4 months now, and I think that it's about time that I post something. On Thursday night, the county that I live in kicked off its annual fair, and I invited a few buds to go with me. As it turned out, only one person could go--my friend Steve. I figured, hey, what the hell? We'll have fun, even if it's only the two of us. Boy, was I wrong. The start of our little outing was fun. We got there at about 8, and spent the first 20 minutes just kind of walking around, checking everything out. We saw tons of people that we know (by the way, we're seniors in H.S.) , and everyone was in a great mood. Then the trouble started. Steve was like, "Hey, do you want to go on the Round-up?" That's this ride that twirls around in the air really quickly and bounces up and down while doing so. I was like, sure! After all, I love carnival rides. So we got in line, and in no time we were seated in one of the little "plane" things. I look! ed over at Steve, and to my surprise, he looked a little nervous. I just smiled and prepared for takeoff--hehe. Well, the ride began and it got faster and faster until it felt like we were weightless. I put my arms in the air and screamed. I loved it!!! Then, by instinct, I turned to Steve to see if he was having fun, too. His eyes were closed and his head was bowed low, and he kept swallowing loudly. Oh, no, I remember thinking. As if on cue, the ride director announced that the ride was ending and that people should stay in their seats until it came to a complete stop. As the ride slowed, I put one hands on Steve's shoulder and rubbed it gently. "Hey, are you ok?" I asked. He looked up and shook his head (very slightly, with his eyes still closed), and then bowed back down. When the ride did come to a stop, I climbed out quickly and then offered an arm to Steve. He took it and stepped out slowly, wobbling a little. I helped him completely off the ride and over to a nearby be! nch. He sat down with a thud and put his head in his hands. I sat down next to him and rubbed his arm, which, by the way, was clammy with sweat. I asked him if he was going to be sick, and he looked up at me. He was so pale and he kept making a nasty choking sound in the back of his throat. He shook his head and said he didn't know, and then reconsidered and said that he felt really queasy and he probably would puke soon. I was like, that's fine, sweetie--do what you have to do. He put his head back in his hands for an instant, but suddenly leaped up and ran for a nearby trashcan. I ran after him and found him gagging loudly, and then soon after he began retching this gross looking brown crap into the trash can. I massaged his back while he threw up his guts into the can. People kept staring, and I just thought, go away! When he stopped retching, I asked him if he wanted to leave, and he just nodded slightly. He still looked soooo sick! I said ok and led him back to the car, m! e holding onto him so that he wouldn't keel over, and him holding his stomach and moaning softly. There was another incident on the way home, but I'll post later if you guys want me to--this one's long enough already! Let me know if you want to hear more. By the way, I love your stories, Keegan! You rock, man!
p.s.- My love and prayers to all during these tragic times. God Bless us all.

Hey my name is Artie and I am new to this site. Keegan seems to be the only boy posting here so I'll post with a question. How many people throw up puke out of their nose? I seem to catch all the virus's that come around, and vomit always seems to surge out of both my nose and mouth. Just wondering. I'll post when I have a story

Awwwwww...Dakotas going crazy..she is sooo scared shes gonna have premature babies that she booked 4 doctors appointments with 4 different doctors today. Caras sister went into labour last night with twins but she is 22. Now Dakotas is scared for her life and the ababies life.....damn she's like only 4 months pregnant...somebody gotta talk sense into her.

Elizabeth has recovered from the stomach flu and i got it from her,luckily i didnt puke that much except I'm staying home from school today. Yesterday morning i woke up to find myself puking big amounts of chunky brown barf on the floor and my younger sister staring at me with surprise....she got my mom and my mom cleaned me up. I was to sick to move...i puked about every 10 minutes 4 the next few hours..i puked at 2pm and by 4 there wuz nothing to puke up and i doing a lot of heaves so my mom makes me drink a glass of water and witthin minutes a clearish subtance wuz on the kitchen floor. After when my famiy came home from school/work my mom went to work bcuz she took the afternoon off. My dad makes me toast for dinner and around 8pm i coughed it all back up on the couch. By then my youngest brother looks sick so Dakota took him to the bathroom. I could hear him coughing and screaming and Dakota told him it wuz okay to barf...i hear barf falling in the toleit and Dakota m! oaning and puking in the sink....with all that comotion i barfed agian on the couch and went upstairs and went to bed....i woke up 3 times to puke and that wuz the last time........

But my brother is sick this morning so me and him are staying home and my parents are both working...Dakota is getting my school work..hopefully i will be okay to go to swim practice tonight i have a meet on Friday and this new gurl on my swim team got so nervous last time she barfed on the blocks and they cancelled the hopefully i have a story which wont ruin my swim meet!!!!!



Aww...that is so sweet what you said about naming your babies! Good luck with your twins, and I'm so happy that Derek loves you so much and is sticking by you the way that he is. I have started an areobics class for pregnant people, and Keegan is doing it with me. My morning/all day sickness only strikes when I think of something disgusting. I have thrown up so much in these past few months. Whenever I think of pickled pigs feet I feel vomit start to work its way up into my throat. Its doing it right now so I am going to change the subject! But I am starting to gain more weight luckily. Oh, guess what? My doctors appointment was on Friday, and he thinks that I am going to have a girl! That makes me rather pleased, but also very nervous. I'm glad that I have at least five more months to go. I haven't thrown up today yet, but today on the way to the class, Keegan had to pull over numerous times to be sick. I think some of it was anxiety too.

So, today I was driving and going really fast over some pot-holes, and pretty soon I could tell that I had been too careless driving because Keeg was looking very greyish and was holding his head in his hands. So, when I pulled over for him, he got out and then stumbled a little away from the car and threw up a spout of reddish puke. We had spagetti, so the noodles were evident. Then he just came back and sat down without a word and we continued driving. But the class went well. Destiny, I'm sure that Derek will eventually heal, especially if you take care of him like I know you will.

Hi, everyone! Sorry I'm not posting often but I am getting so much homework in school it's not even funny. But anyway... a few days ago I had the food poisoning. I was throwing up like crazy, almost nonstop for a whole day. It was HORRIBLE. After several sessions of puking up thick, pink, vile smelling vomit, I had the dry heaves, and then, since there was nothing left to puke, I was burping up yellow bile. It was just like yellow water. It was completely liquid, and sooooooo gross. My brother is calling me Lemon Water because of it. Ugh.

Everybody, keep the posts coming, especially Keegan, Dakota, Eden, Destiny, Derek, and Bryanni.

hEY CoOl...Looks like you guys got some sort of family thing going on here. I am one of Eden's brothers...actually I think I am her favorite one! She told me 'bout the site so hear I am! My birthday was yesterday so now I'm finally 21, oh and I have to say that a chick at my party puked all over the place! It wasn't a drinking party, so I think that she just ate a bunch of the appetizors! Oh, Eden likes me best because we both are the so called black sheep of the family,,,you know we don't do well with alot of control hanging over our heads inflicted by our parents. Well, am I supposed to describe the puke? Ok, it was brown with little curds or chunks of white. I have a bunch of stories about my brother in law barfing, and one time I got seasick on my boat too...but anyweay see yas later


Destiny you are lucky to have so many sisters and Kendra is the luckiest to have older sisters.....i hope you guys get along. I dont any sisters but Rachels older sister Tessa si like my older sister and a lifegaurd Arie calls me her 'adopted sister' today i am not sick but i went to the mall with Rachel and her sister and the new gurl Tysiane. Rachel saw a friend sitting drinking a water so we sat with them Tessa's friend said she was sick sooo Tessa took her to the bathroom and when Tessa came out with her arm around her she said her friend wuz sick and was gonna drive her home and pick us up didnt give details.

I cant beleive my story did not post oh i am soooo i guess there wasnt a rea, big puket theme...actually the was.......the ???? flu is going around....i am NOT gonna get sick this time but over the past three days some already have.Like Sasha my sisters friend and Harley and a few others but now my youngest sister Elizabeth has the flu.We went to the park to rollerblade yesterday and I brought Jessika C. with me and Elizabeth brought two friends from skool. After we were blading home and Elizabeth said she thinks she has the flu. Jessika C. put her arm around her shoulder and said "Are you gonna puke" Elizabeths respond was a quick gag and a pil of yelloish brownish green chunky barf. It must have been the steak corn and clerery we had for dinner. Jessika's rollerblades were covered in vomit but she simply took her kleenex outand wiped it offf. We took her home.


Destiny you are lucky to have so many sisters and Kendra is the luckiest to have older sisters.....i hope you guys get along. I dont any sisters but Rachels older sister Tessa si like my older sister and a lifegaurd Arie calls me her 'adopted sister' today i am not sick but i went to the mall with Rachel and her sister and the new gurl Tysiane. Rachel saw a friend sitting drinking a water so we sat with them Tessa's friend said she was sick sooo Tessa took her to the bathroom and when Tessa came out with her arm around her she said her friend wuz sick and was gonna drive her home and pick us up didnt give details. scared
Oh my god remember i told you that my friend Cara is pregnant....I found out she lied to me about being six months pregnant she is 7 months and had her baby......gurl not boy yesterday and the baby is only 4 pounds but the baby will survive....luckily for Cara shedidnt buy pacific boy stuff and and has a crib and stuff. She named her baby
Destiny Paitents..because she is a true Destiny for Cara and her boyfriend and this baby had no paitents to get out. After the baby was born supposofly Cara threw up a chunky brown green chunky portion of puke. She said shes real sick and stuff so maybe it wuz bad for the baby to be born so early...she wuz looking forward to have a boy but she said oh well.

I am scared that my baby might be premature and now i am constanly crying. Only Bryanni knows why i am sad. When we went to see Cara's baby (me and Bryanni) the baby looks so weak that i started to cry...and went to the bathroom and started to puke...Bryanni held my blonde hair back and told me it was okay.... Cara and her brothers and sister were in the room. Cara's sister is 8 months pregnant..she is 22 and still hasnt had her baby yet..or should i say babies she is having twins...her brothers are twins and are 24.

When i got home today i relaxed on our couch with Bryanni and Elizabeth who is sick and felt real nausea so i went to the bathroom and Bryanni follows me....i sat my the toliet and started to cry she pulled my hair back and i started to puke the barf was greyish red and thick. Aftr Elizabeth ran to the bathroom and pukes on the floor. My mum isnt home so Bryanni cleaned up the barf while I puke in the sink and Elizabeth pukes in the tub......Elizabeths barf is mostly water and toast bits from breakfest because she is very sick. Elizabeth went back to sleep and I fell asleep to. Now I am up and Bryanni is sleeping on the floor i guess shes tired. Elizbeth sa on my lap and we watched cartoons.

Destiny S.
Hey Dakota! I get along very well with my younger sisters, Ariana and Kendra, but am not that close to Reala or Jenna. I also have a brother named Keegan (wow) who is 13, but I am not close to him. Well, my official due-date is December 4th. I will help Dakota and Eden by posting here. Wow, My family posted a whole throng of messages down there, the newest ones come last, like Derek's posts, so I hope you don't get confused. My 'contractions' turned out to be the twins turning over. I must have thrown up like 10 times the other day! Every time it was yellow and really thick. I have a story about my mom! When I was 7, she was pregnant with Keegan and every morning she would go into the bathroom and throw up. Hmm.

My cuzzin Desia is here and she's gonna post:

Hi! My name is Desia and I am 14 years old. I am Destiny's cuzzin. I throw up about 3 times a year but I am gonna post about my friend, Hotarai. She is from Japan and she is 15. Yesterday I was rollerblading with her down the street and all these guys started whistling and howling at her, possibly because she has a perfect body (it looks like christina agulieras body!) But she wasn't paying attention and she was really pale. She had eated some pea soup for lunch and it looked like she was gonna lose it anytime now. (in case your wondering why my family has such wierd names, we are from Mexico and Dessy will probably kill me for telling this butshe dyes her hair :D) By the way, I think Derek is really hot!!!! Anyways, after we had gone about a block, Hotarai told me she was sick and we had to stop. We sat down on the bus stop bench and she laid back withher hands on her stomach. All of a sudden she sat up and put her head down between her legs. Then she retched and a ton o! f green soup came pouring out of hermouth, eew!

This is Destiny again, and no, I am not going to killher for telling my secret! Derek is a lot better now and he's coming home tomorrow! Ariana has a stomach bug so she'll be posting soon

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Glad to hear that someone likes my stories. um...I will probably get in trouble for revealing this, but Eden's real name is Clairese, but don't call her that. She started going by her present alias in high school when this girl she took horsebackriding lessons with called her that. Her middle name is Aileen, and my middle name is Alexander. I will not reveal last names for obvious 'afraid of freaks on the internet' reasons.

I have a story about when Eden and I flew to Dallas one year. Eden was nervously clenching my arm as we walked into our plane through the terminal, because she has this fear of flying. She HAS to sit in the aisle seat, because if she doesn't she freaks out. When I travel alone, I usually request the aisle seat because of my stomach, but I was willing to take the middle, if it would stop my (then) girlfriend from going bizzerk. The plane was packed, and a woman in a business suit got stuck next to the window. I had taken dramamine as usual, and could already feel the effects of sleepiness take over me. Soon we were taking off, and this is usually the most tramatic time of the flight for Eden, so she almost started to cry as she buried her head into my shoulder. About two hours into the flight, Eden now had her head in my lap fast asleep, and I was feeling increasingly airsick. It just sort of flowed over me, and I could feel myself getting sweaty, and dizzy. I laye! d my head back against the seat, and tried not to move. I kept swallowing to try and slow the continuing flow of saliva, but all it did was fill my upset stomach to the brim, and I began to feel the vomit creep up my throat. The lady to my left kept looking at me suspiciously. I tried to talk to wake up Eden, but the puke jumped straight into my mouth. I put a hand over my mouth, and maybe Eden could've heard my stomach churning, but then she sat up, saw that I was about to blow, so she rummaged through all the magazines in front of the seat, and produced a barfbag. At this time, vomit was beginning to dribble through the cracks in my fingers, so she opened the bag for me and put it to my mouth. And you know, I'm sorry but those puny bags ARE NOT big enough to contain a man's puke when he is really sick. Anyway, I simply opened my mouth, and a tannish liquid with chunks of dark brown surged between my lips. My stomach was jumping and flexing all around, and the bag was! quickly looking like it was about to overflow. The lady next to me jumped up out of her seat and panic-like called for an attendent. Eden briskly told the woman to give up the barfbag in HER seat and open it for us. She complied and looked a bit calmer when my vomit started to erupt into a new empty bag. When the series of heaves finally stopped, I was out of breath and there were tears running down my face from all the heaving. Eden gave me a tissue, and I wiped my eyes with it, then loudly blew my nose because it felt like some vomit had gotten up there. Just for the record, that doesn't usually happen to me unless I am VERY sick. The lady told me and Eden to come with her, and she led us to a row of empty seats, and a large plastic lined metal can. I was sick throughout the rest of the flight, so I was so weak that I could barely sit up. I slumped on Eden when I had to throw up again (which was many times), and she supported my frame with her arms. Once I was so ! dizzy that I missed the bucket entirely and threw up all over her leg and the floor. When we finally landed, I was down to just having dry heaves, but those are really noisy so it was embarressing. We got off of the plane, and she walked me straight into the mens restroom. A couple of dudes in there were giving us weird looks, but we had to get cleaned up for her parents. Eden always carries a spare change of clothes for each of us when we travel together, so soon we were somewhat presentable. However, I was still feeling really nauseous. When we were walking to meet her parents outside, I felt my throat expand with liquid, and knew that I was about to retch. Since I didn't have anything in my stomach, I threw up yellow bile into a trashcan, and spat a few times. Eden gives me a funny look and then says, "Are you ok baby?" I know she was afraid that I would puke in front of her parents, so I lied and said yes. Then we met her parents, and got into their van to drive ! us all the way to their farm. But I will tell the rest of that one later since this is really long already. Hoped you liked it


Destiny,Do you and your sisters get along becaus eit sure sounds like it. Me and Bryanni are best friends. I dont get along as much with my youngest sister and brother because of age differnce but i tell Bryanni everything. Do you have the same kinda sister releshinship as me and Bryanni do with one of your sisters? Do you have anymore sista's or brothers?

Oh my god. I felt so sick this morning but got up and went to school. During second period i started to gag so i went to the garbage can and kneeled by it. My teacher and my friend Rylee came and helped me throw up. When i did i coulndt stop. Chunky piles of brownish vomit poured outta my mouth. I went to sleep for a bit and came back to school after to get my work.

Today i had to work at the daycare as a part of my volenteer housr with community service and a lot of us work there. Me and Bryanni and Gabby and Rylee and Cara and Bree went there to work. Me and Gabby were assinged to a room with kids about 7 years old. There was a boy sleeping at the corner. When he woke up he called for me and told me he just threw up. I went to get Rosa(the supervisor) bcua now me and Gabby have weak stomachs. She took me and Gabby to a the room with 5 year olds and Bryanni and Bree (bree is gabbys sister and my best friend if people just came to this site recently)to the room with the seven year olds. After Bryanni hapily mentioned that the little boys vomit wuz greyish and chunky. Gabby asked us why we were so happy about vomit and we laughed. We still havent told them about the site.

Saturday, September 15, 2001

I have noticed that random smells set me off now. Like the smell of somebody elses vomit. Today Keegan was complaining of a stomach ache the entire afternoon that we went shopping. I wasn't feeling very good myself, so I uncaringly told him to knock it off. But when we were driving home from the mall, his motion sickness kicked in BAD and before he could even pull off of the road, he spasmatically retched and chunky pale yellow vomit flowed out of his mouth and down his shirt and the side of the seat. He says something like, "Aw, f**k!!" And then manages to stop the car on the side of the road and stumble out, where he begins to spew massive amounts of the same yellowish puke in a steaming pile next to the car. I was trying not to watch because I could feel my own stomach beginning to get queasy. But the rancid smell of the vomit kept wafting into the car, and the choking sound of Keegans violent gagging and then the continuing sound of liquid hitting the pavement was ! really upsetting my stomach. I opened my own car door, and for a minute just sat there with my head between my knee's. I didn't even fight it when I could feel the vomit surging up my throat, so I simply opened my mouth and liquidy burps brought up a flood of pink colored vomit. Luckily, I was neater then Keegan had been, so it just went splattering onto the weeds that were growing there. When I was done puking, I felt it was reasonably safe to see how Keegan was fairing. He had finally sat down away from his pile of vomit, and was holding his head in his hands. I carefully stepped around my puke, and walked over to him and began to rub his shoulders, which were really tense because of all the heaving. Then I sat down with him. He looked at me and asked me if I had been sick too, and I nodded. The vomit he had gotten on his shirt was disgusting, so he just took his shirt off. I asked him if he wanted me to drive and he told me, no, so we got in and made it home. But! then he threw up twice in the bathroom while I was making a salad, and it disgusted me so much that I retched into the sink.

I was sort of a slut in high school, and needless to say I did alot of stupid things during that time. I met Keegan during my jr. year of high school, and he helped me through alot of different crazy stuff that happened. Then we separated for college, I dropped out, but then did a work study thing at Penn State where Keegan was at, and we got engaged when he was 22 and I was 21. Then after a LONG boring two years of night school for me, we got married. (agh! Commitment!!)

Ok, this is Keegan I just kicked Eden off to tell a puke story, but she already posted the most recent one. Once when we were in high school together and best friends, I threw up on the bus that we were taking for a school field trip. My vomit somehow got on one of the supervisors, and she totally freaked out, and started actually yelling at me, but I was too sick to care. Eden got out of her seat and pushed the lady down on the bus, and then a nasty verbal confrontation between Eden and the woman ensued, and then Eden was sent home early from the field trip and landed 3 weeks of off school suspension, and I spent the rest of the entire day with my head buried in a plastic bag ejecting my stomach contents. Ahh...memories...

Congratulations Derek and Destiny on your twins! Eden has twin brothers, Brian and Justin. Good luck!

I dont have any stories but im just here to say i havnt puked in 3 years.

Destiny S.
Hey guys! Derek has a twisted stomach and has to have surgery:(. Him and I stayed up half the night crying. But I'm glad he finally figured out what was wrong, he couldn't keep anything down. Derek and I have decided on two names(girls) Harmoni and Le-Andra. If they are boys there names will be Erik and Parker(or Carter).

Derek's surgery is on Friday and I will bring my laptop the day after so he can tell you about it.

Today I felt really sick and stayed home from work. Two babies flailing around in there is really nauseating! Derek was lying on the couch with his arms crossed on his stomach because his stomach hurt so bad. Then I started to cry because he would be away from me and he hugged me. I started to gag and cry at the same time and a little bit of clearish vomit came surging onto me. I continued to choke and I threw up all over myself and the couch. Then I put my hand on my stomach and I felt 4 simaltaneous kicks! It was the first time I'd felt this and I was really sick, so I heaved and a ton of this gross brown chunky stuff splattered all over the floor and the couch and me. ugh!

I am really sad right now and I hope that Derek's surgery goes well. I just finished another crying episode over my Kraft Dinner(I dropped Derek at the hospital around 4) and stood up at the sink and coughed up everything. I am currently writing a novel and it will be for Derek and me only (wink) This site makes me feel a lot happier because you guys (Eden and Dakota) have so much faith in me and if I ever have kids again I will definitely name her after you guys! (Dakota Eden or Eden Dakota). The doctor said this operation has only been performed once in Florida and I am really worried :(.

Ariana has the stomach flu so she will be posting later on (I am at my mom's house to deal with my anxiety about Derek) I'll post later. I am so sad right now I don't want to do anything but sleep.

Ariana S

This is Destiny's sister. This post will more than likely be on the same portion because we are both using her laptop. It is 8 o'clock and Destiny and Kendra are in the washroom. Kendra is helping Destiny puke because whenever she cries she pukes, and since Derek is getting a rare operation she is crying non-stop. I feel so much better since this morning!

I have the stomach flu. Yesterday I woke up and went to school. I was sitting in Health (Pre-Med School stuff) and we were talking about weak stomachs and twisted stomachs because of Derek's problem. They started to show a movie about a guy with a weak stomach and I started to gag. I ran out of the room and puked in the hallway. I told the teacher I hadn't been feeling too good and I went home. The nurse gave me a bag and I rode home in Mom's car. I puked once in the car and spent the rest of the night in the bathroom with my head in the toilet.

This morning I got up and felt really weak. I got out of bed and collapsed onto the floor and barfed. BIGTIME! Like little green chunks everywhere... Then I went to the washroom and turns out I had my period, so my pants were red and my shirt was green and chunky! YUCK!

I feel a lot better now and Destiny just finished puking. No, wait, sick! She just barfed in the hallway. She went to the hospital and they changed the due date. They figured outthat the babies had been alive for six months instead of four and now the babies are due December 7th. Destiny said the babies will probably come earlier because her stomach is now 9 inches out and she wears maternity clothes. She told me to tell you, Eden, that because she is due much earlier than you, she'll tell you what happens. Her and Derek started Lamaze class and she keeps rubbing her stomach. Dessy's coming now and. . .

OK, that was really gross. Destiny came into the living room (where I am). She sat beside me on the couch and closed her eyes for a minute, then she starts to rub her stomach and her eyes pop open, and then she spews allover me and the couch! I am gonna quit typing now!!

Hah i felt that thiz wuz coming but i never knew it wuz gonna happen today. I wuz on my way to school and i wuz gonna pick up Jessika L. because she is on my street....a few houses before Jessika's is Dakotas friend Sasha's...(like Railyns firend Rachel,Sasha is very loud and mouthy) so it surprised me to see her look so pale and kneeled down by the curbof her sidewalk..she said she felt sick but her strict parents made her go to school and now she couldnt get up. I said she felt like she did 100 cartwheels after eating a big meal. So i knew she must have been i sat with her and i hear Jessika call my name from down the street ushering me to hurry i sat up and Sasha grabbed my wrist and asked me to tell her teacher she felt sick and went to her bushes and starts to gag and puke begans to spray from her mouth. Jessika ran up and said Hi to Sasha but as soon as she saw Sasha puke she gags and a pile of vomit which looks like mushy waffles falls to the sidelwalk.! Jessika went home and Sasha stays home....turns out they both have the stomach flu.

At school we had gym and my gym class is gurls only and Harley dissappears into the bathroom for the last ten minutes when we got in there was Harley crunched to a ball puking her macoroni lunch up on the floor. There starts a reaction. Colleen began to puke and so did Gabby...there barf looked like pizzza. Six other gurls puked to..the smell wuz killing me and i couldnt control it...i started to puke too. I didnt go home bcuz i didnt have the stomach flu but most gurls in my gym class did...oh yeah my puke also looks like pizza...

But thatz all 4 today..


Hi , this is Derek, can't post for very long because I feel dizzy from the anesthesia. My operation went fairly well, they cut out half of my stomach so now I have to eat every few hours, but I am not nauseated at all. Dessy and I are so excited that the twins are due in December! She is really expanding and has a 50 waist now, and it will get bigger, but she is still beautiful. Did I tell you? A few months ago right after Dessy found out she pregnant, she went to sing at a competition, she is a wonderful singer! Well right in the middle of her song she ran to the side of the stage and threw up into a pail. Dessy is throwing up, because of her premature contractions, but she's fine. See ya and I'll postwhen I am better

Destiny S
Hey! I am so much happier now because they did Derek's surgery this morning instead of on Friday. So did I tell you I am 6 months along? The doctors just found out so I will help Dakota and Eden along. That is why my morning sickness is gone now. My mom is away in NYC studying the damage because she is on the news channel. My older sister Reala is in her 2nd month of pregnancy and she is in the washroom right now barfing. Eew! My stomach gets really tight sometimes and the doctors are worried the babies will be premature because these are mild contractions :S . . .

This morning Reala came to my Mom's and broke the news to her. Right after, she ran to the sink to barf. I went to help her. She spasmatically retched and a bucketful of brown chunks filled the sink.

My oldest sister (I have 4 sisters) Jenna was here last night and she is pregnant too. I have 2 pregnant sisters! She went into labor yesterday!!! Whenever a contraction hit she threw up. She has a really strong stomach, so it was weird.

I have a friend named Kiara who is 18 and she has only barfed once in her whole life, on Thursday! I was at the mall with her and she was complaining of indigestion so she took some pepcid AC and sat down. Then she got really scared and was crying because she didn't know whyshe felt so sick. I told her to run to the washroom but she didn't want to get up, so I told her to lean over and she did. She started to gag and cried really hard because she was so scared! She retched, much to her surprise but nothing came out so I told her to stick her fingers down her throat and she did. She retched again and her stomach actually pushed up very hard. Nothing came so I pushed into her stomach with myfist and she retched again. Nothing was coming so I just sat with her and rubbed her back. A girl about 14 was with her friend and was holding her stomach as she neared. We were on the top floor and she leaned over the rail and threw up some pizza.
By this time Kiara was gagging uncontrollably and decided it was time. Tons ofthis white and brown chunky barf spilled out and splattered onto the floor. She covered a lot of the floor and barfed everywhere as we hurried to the bathroom and didn't stop for about half an hour! I guess all thoseyears of no barf caught up on her!

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