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Here is the article about the woman who will go great lengths to prevent racial injustice:

St. Louis Lawmaker Won't Give Up Floor to Go to Bathroom During Filibuster

ST. LOUIS (AP) City Hall is in a furor after a member of the Board of Aldermen apparently urinated in a waste basket rather than yield the floor during a filibuster.

During meeting Tuesday, Alderman Irene Smith and three other members were trying to hold up debate over a redistricting plan they said would hurt blacks.

Acting Adermanic President James Shrewsbury ruled Smith must yield if she left for a restroom break. So about 40 minutes later, her aides surrounded her with a sheet, tablecloth and quilt while she appeared to use a trash can to relieve herself.

"What I did behind that tablecloth is my business," Smith said after the board quit without voting on the issue.

Some aldermen were critical of Smith.

"No one was stopping her. She chose not to go to hold control of the floor," said Alderman Kenneth Ortmann. And Alderman Kenneth Jones said Shrewsbury's ruling was proper because filibusters are "a test to see which side can last the longest."

Smith's allies argued that Shrewsbury disregarded common courtesy.

"This is about sensitivity to people's needs," Alderman Gregory Carter said. "We're talking about a basic bodily function."

Supporters of Smith also complained that female aldermen are at a disadvantage because the closest women's restroom is down the hall, while a men's room is adjacent to the chamber. Shrewsbury, who is white, also was accused of racism by Smith's supporters, most of whom were black.

He said he would have ruled the same way regardless of sex or race.

Mayor Francis Slay said Smith's conduct was unacceptable and could hurt the city's image. His chief of staff, Jeff Rainford, put it this way: "The people in Butler, Missouri, must think we're a bunch of morons."

Sick boy
This post goes out to MIchelle as to your question about sitting in an awkward or un comfortable public toilet. I once used a porta pottie to take a dump wich in itself is not awkward or un comfortable it is what my friends did to me that made it awkward and uncomfortable! after announcing I was gonna take a shit I entered and sat down, my home town was having it's annual celebration and there fore brought them porta potties in. anyway sitting there for a minute I suddenly noticed the shadows of four people, they were snickering two of them were my brothers and two were just friends suddenly they started rocking the whole small plastic shitter and tipped it over laughing the whole time they tipped it so the door was on the ground, water was running out on top of my feet. I had no way out! after a lot of laughter they finnally tipped it up right again I have not used a portapottie since. I let it go as a good burn but I was pissed one of my brothers just laughed and said He alw! ays wanted to do that I wonder how any one of those four would have felt if it would have been them getting the thing tipped over while they were sitting in there?

I am really turned on by all the pee stories. Keep it up. Thanks to Vince for answering my questions.
This morning I went to the dentist. I knew it was going to be a long procedure so I was careful not to drink much for breakfast. I took a leak just before I went out.The dentist really had to work at getting out a tooth. I had an infection. If you want it, he gives you a walkman to listen to music (I like country. I am from Texas originally.)He said at one point I'll give you a chance to rest while I finish up another patient. I listened to more music. I had been in the chair an hour. So it was about an hour and a half since I had taken a piss. I was surprised to feel my bladder filling up. But I knew I could hold it for 3 or 4 hours more. (I usually go all day at school without going.)I was puzzled about what was happening to my bladder. Finally the dentist came back, got the tooth out, and prepared me for the crown. That took another half hour. By that time I had been there for two hours and I had to drive a half hour to get home. My bladder was ready to burst. When I we! nt out to pay my bill, they asked me if I would wait a few minutes. The computers were down. Finally after another half hour I stood at the counter and was paying the bill and figuring out a good time for the next appointment. My bladder was killing me. Finally, a few drops came out, then a few more. The woman behind the desk couldn't see my pants. The counter was above my midsection. Then the dam burst. I pissed and pissed soaking my pants all the way down to my shoes. She handed me my appointment card and looked back at the computer. Fortunately there was no one else in the waiting room. No one was in the hall either. I ran to the car and jumped in. No one had seen me. I turned on the heat in the car full force and drove for about an hour home. By that time my pants had dryed. When I got home I said hi to my mom and went to my room, took off my pants and socks, washed my legs in the shower, and went to the laundry room and put my pants and socks in with the rest of the laun! dry.I guess this morning my kidneys were working overtime because of being anxious at the dentist. My bladder paid for the overtime.

Vince: Thanks for your reports. I'll try to relate the longest pees I've ever heard.

I used to work in a building that had very thin walls between the men's and women's restrooms. There were two women in my office, both older than me, who could piss like crazy. One was about 50, the other in her 60's. It was common to hear either of them peeing for over a minute. The older one would pee in a hissing stream that sounded like it was hitting the front of the porcelain, and would stop and start a few times before finishing. I think the longest I heard her pee was 1 minute and 24 seconds. The other lady, who I found attractive despite being quite a bit older than me, would pee noisily straight into the water. I heard her go for 1 minute and 10 seconds once. She didn't pee that often, though, as if she tried to hold it all day and only pee at home.

In college, there was one part of the library where I could hear women peeing in a nearby restroom. Twice I heard pretty blonde girls peeing for about a minute there. But the main place where I have heard younger women peeing for a really long time is in portable toilets at outdoor festivals where beer is served. I have heard maybe a dozen women break the one-minute barrier under these circumstances, and maybe three hit 90 seconds. Women seem proud of themselves when they pee for that long. I heard one girl come out and tell her boyfriend, "I peed for a minute and a half!" There was another one who I heard moaning and whispering to herself, "I could piss forever." I have also heard guys peeing for what seems like two minutes or more, but haven't bothered to time them because I'm not interested in hearing them.

Personally, I find that my longest pees are often when I'm on the road somewhere and put off stopping until my gas tank is empty. Then I go into the restroom at the gas station and, even though it doesn't seem like I have to pee all that badly, I will easily pee for a minute or so.

Tim -- I am surprised that you found my post about using castor oil. It is almost three years old and I had forgotten about it until I did a search and found it. I have only had castor oil twice -- once in high school to clean out my system before x-rays, and another time for a really bad case of constipation right after I graduated from college. I took the same dosage both times, but can't remember what it was. I didn't find anything about the castor oil or its effects sensual. The cramps were brutal and I was pooping my guts out for a number of hours after it began to work. It is effective, though.

To answer your other question, I have resorted to enemas on three or four occasions over the past three years, partly on the advice of posters like Thom, ModJoe and Carlos. I have struggled with chronic constipation all of my life caused by megacolon and colon inertia which seems to be getting worse. I am on some prescription medication to increase the muscle activity of my colon, but still have to use dulcolax suppositories pretty often. Even with the suppositories I have to strain and groan and push my pecs into my knees to take a dump. My poops are the cannonball type. I eject one at a time while my colon cramps and contracts from the drug in the suppository. Sometimes I have to resort to an enema, because nothing else works.

My last enema was an event I will long remember. I was really plugged up. I have a good friend who helps me with the enemas. He had me kneel on the bed with my butt up in the air and administered two quarts of warm water. After it was all in, I had a slight urge to poop, so I went and sat on the toilet. But try as I might, I could only expel a few dribbles of the liquid, and couldn't strain any of the impacted stool out of me. My friend came into the bathroom and chatted while I tried to poop. Eventually, I started to get concerned because the enema obviuosly wasn't working. I was afraid my colon was just going to burst. My friend decided that I needed more water, so he refilled the enema bag and put me back on the bed in the same position. I was able to take about half of that baag before the urge hit me. My bloated gut started cramping hard and I needed to go right then. He stopped the enema and I made a dash for the toilet. The results were not as explosive as I might h! ave imagined, given how much water was in me. Instead, I would push out a small jet of water followed by a single hard cannonball. This happened every couple of minutes for about 30 minutes. Finally I was empty. I felt so much better, but that enema had been an ordeal.

I miss all the cool posts that all of the constipated guys like Carlos, Fernando, Thom and others used to put up here. I saw one from Thom the other day. How about some more of you guys sharing some constipation stories with us?

Ive been a reader for some time now and had nothing much to talk about until the last few days of classes. We were having finals for the year that added to the grade for the quarter. We all were told to hit the boys and girls room before the test and eveyone went and came back and sat down. I got a good drink of water. We had a series of tests and they took a couple of hours. No bathroom breaks were allowed at that time because the teachers and principals were concerned about pickin up answers in the rest room from another student, smoking, and notes left behind and so on.
Near the end of the last test I started to feel the need to pee rather badly. I was sitting at the desk and I could feel my member growing hard from the need to pee and it almost seemed like I had pee at the very tip of it wanting to come out. I was holding my crotch with one hand tying not to be noticed and squeezing my penis. I also felt a lot of gas build up in my stomach and I tired to avoid leaving a fart as the room was rather quiet. I eased a little gas out and with it come a little bit of crap too. So now Im holding both off not wanting to mess my pants in front of the whole class.

Finally the bell rang and it was all done for the day, for the year! I headed out the door quickly to the boys room holding my penis and tying not to fart again. I got to the boys room, opened the door and suddenly got a real strong urge I couldnt control. Like almost my penis or bladder knew the urinals were in sight and it wanted to let go before I got all the way into the toilets. I hurried and stepped to a stall and went to shut the door, and as I did, my bladder wouldnt hold anymore and my pee just gushed down my pantlegs thru my shorts and all over the floor. It was so horrible! To make matters worse, my rectum opened up and out slid a long mushy log into my pants. I doubled over trying to stop it but couldn't, the pee rushed into my shorts and I felt a second and third log drop into my shorts as well. I dropped my pants and shorts all together on down to my shoes and I had a mess alright. I sat on the toilet and finsished my poopin and peeing. I took some toi! let paper and and cleaned out my underpants the best I could, wasnt too bad then.My BVD shorts though were stained a yellow from the pee that drenched it all over in the front and back. I left them off and wrapped them in toilet paper. Pulled up my wet jeans, dabbed them the best I could and waited until the boys room was empty. I went and wrapped my shorts then in papertowels and stuck them in my bag. I lived about a mile and half from the school, so I waited until almost everyone left and started home walking by myself. There was a path thru a park that was a walking shortcut to the street where I lived. I went thru the park and ran into this boy from the school about 4 grades below me. He marched up beside me and we walked thru the park together. He noticed my wet pants and asked if I had an accident. I thought a second and didnt answer real quick. He then said, repeated his question, did you pee in your pants like I did last week? I finally said no, I had gotten into ! the boys room and got splashed when flushing a urinal. The boy said, oh, I had an accident at the blackboard trying to do a math problem. Said he couldnt think because he had to go so bad and the math problem was like a blurr and then he felt the warmth spread down his legs. He said the teacher sent him to the nurse station then home.
Well finally I made it home, went to my room and ripped off my clothes and hid them in a clothes hamper. By now I hadda go pee again and strange enough had to make another poop.
I guess I got away with it this time, but if I had to do it all over again I would never had drank a lot of water before the tests like I did. I know other students were in need of the toilet too at the end of the tests, but I was the only one caught short
Ok thats my story, bye till next time.

This morining I had a terrible accident. All of last night I had cramps in my stomach. I thought it was just after effects of me being sick on saturday and I went to sleep. This morning when I woke up I had gurgling
and pains in my lower stomach. I then thought I whould have to go to the bathroom so I woke up and started to the bathroom when I was hit by a big pain all of a sudden my underwear was filling up with tons(ltons of liquid poop. I then waddled to the bathroom with my underwear still filling up when the poop started leaking out onto the floor and more still coming out of me. I was stunned because I didn't even eat that much. So here I was in underwear filled to the top(and were now stained brown) and with poop covering 1/4 of the bathroom floor. I then took of my underwear with poop still spilling out from them onto the floor. I then put them in the sink and ran water on them. I then cleaned myself,the floor and then I cleaned out my underwear. Luckily my mom wasn't here. I don't know what I could have eaten or taken to cause this to happen. I having pooped this bad since I was 6.

Interesting pic of the girl squtting next to a pile she must have dumped,but let's see her doing it! Had a real nice dump this a.m.-but 1st some responces
TO SUSANNE-Interesting post-I enjoyed it,but frankly,i'm surprised that got by the moderators,esp right after they put up their notice about new stuff that's taboo-Hey,let's face it a lot of us here react the same way listening to others poop weather male or female and that's all I have to say about that!-Cool post
TO RJOGGER-I'm glad to hear about your cleasning program "moving " things along!I really enjoyed your party dump in the woods with Larry and Noreen and your wife-good stuff-boy you guys were really unloading!I too have been taking bran supplement and brown rice and potatoes and this a.m was the starting results-i guess it had to take awhile to get built up in my system and for a few days i felt slightly bloated,but let me tell you of my morning-
Got up at 7a.m.and felt real full but no urge to poop yet,so I got on my bike and rode out to the woods taking along my OJ and drinking it as I rode and after about 25 mins i started to feel my rectum fill up and as I was walking into the deeper part of the woods I see about 50 feet away from me a woman running slowly away from me and I thought it may be my lady friend so I yelled "excuse me" and she turned around and it WAS"Donna" and she smiled and made a bee line toward me and came up and said" hey,didn't think i'd see you today-You here to do-do?"I said"yup,and I gotta got pretty bad,want to poo along with me?"She gave a puppy dog face and said"I went yesterday and i've been really having a preblem with constipation lately,but c'mon lets go to a spot,i really want to see you go do-do" and we went over to a secluded spot and by now I really had to go and it felt like the fiber was staring to do it's stuff!Then I got undressed and she was really looking at me with inter! est and she said"C'mon over here and let me watch you go,honey" and I went over after getting undressed and started to squat in front of her as she squatted behind me I let out a long tight fart as I was squatting and she said" boy,you really gotta go huh?"I just gtunted"yup" and the 1st turd started coming out slowly and after about 6 inches were out I had to start to push this baby out and I looked back and saw her intensly looking at my domed anus as I continued to push and it grew and grew and it was starting to curl on the ground as i was still pushing this smooth turd out and she said" wow what did you eat last nite,this is a big one"I just laughed a bit as the turd finally fell out and it was a big one-I'd say about 15 inches or so and I turned around to look at it and it was smooth and I 'd venture to say a bit "grainy" and she said"that was great,as your asshole sore cause it was really stretched out" and it was a clean one.i almost didn't have to wipe!Then she said" ! hey I gotta pee" and took down her jogging shorts and squatted by me and let out a torrent of urine as I watched her I could see her anus pushing out as she pushed out her pee and then she let out a long dry fart and she said" sorry that's all I can do today" and by now i felt more stuff filling up my rectum and I said" hey I gotta go more" and she said"Oh goody" as she streddled begind me as I let out another long fart which felt great and another turd started to push out my anus and this one felt a bit softer and it too grew and grew and curled on the ground much like the 1st turd did,but this one was even longer!she said" Oh my god you are really doing some do-do here-you must eat like a horse cause you are going like one!I grunted out"I'm on a high fiber diet and I guess it's working"She said " I have to take this stuff,you have to tell me what to eat"as she was stiil transfixed to my anus which was by now spewing soft stuff that I didn't have to push at all and i was thro! ughly enjoying the feeling of letting this stuff fall out of me and so was "donna"as she said ' Atta boy,buzzy get all that stuff out" That'a all i have to say about that!(Lets'say it was similar to SUSANNE"S post) By now the pile was touching my ass,so i moved over a bit and pushed out another long one.i was also passing alt of gas anlong with the turds as they came out-BOY<RJOGGER,this realy does work,i'll tell you-Then I felt done and tured around to see what i did and saw 2 piles-the 1st pile was 2 really long turds that looked like chicken sausage rolls that you would see in the butcher shop-they weren't thick,maybe 1 1/2 inches or so( again probably cause I had a pretty good erection and that makes my anus contract a bit-sometimes i'm surprised I can poop at all in that state!) but boy were they long-well over a foot i'd say Then she said"Let me clean you up" as she wiped me really clean.Then she asked me what kind of fiber I was taking as we were getting dressed and ! I told her all the stuff I was taking and she said she was going to try it and I said" Now then it would be really cool if we both had to do a good fiber BM at the same time"she said"I'm definetly going to do it-just looking at you go was super-i want to do that for you and return the favor" and we both laughed and I said"well i'm off as i got on my bike and then she said"next time I see you we'll really have some fun" and I yelled back"Oh don't tease me-now I can't wait to see you again" and rode off-That was a really good dump and the funny thing is,I still feel like I may have to go again-maybe i'll head out to the beach-thank's RJOGGER,i really did some big ones thanks to you-i'll let you know how it's going,neighbor!Boy did it feel great coming out too!had a lot of gas though,maybe that's why i feel a bit bloated-Later BYW CARLMELITA,I really enjoyed your poop session with Patsy-You guys should have been there seeing me poop like this!BYE

Hi, everyone! Nice batch of weekend posts!

Carmalita: Welcome back and thaks for the sweet kiss! I'm glad you remembered me as part of your vast fan club. Nice story of you and Patsy banging out monsters... I don't know what would have been better, the sight or the smell!

Kim: All this and brains too, eh? I agree, nice shirt! And nice performance for those men. I remember your other post about the men's
room of a baseball game; wasn't that one a minor league game? New people
at this forum should go back and check out that post, it was a good one
(like usual for you!). It was one of your first posts as I recall, maybe about a year ago? Thanks for the continuing adventures, Kim!

Suzanne: Excellent post, although I'm surprised it got printed! Hope to see lots more from you!

WHIZZER - Hi! You are welcome. You got me on a bad day, I am sorry.
Your wife and daughter do not know what they are missing. It is a
real shame because I bet they are like PV said, you know, they just do
not know any other way to wee than to sit. You are right as well, maybe
they would think it was odd if you just told them they could try weeing
standing up. I bet they would learn it could be done if they saw me
and PV and Carmalita doing it.

CARMALITA - Wow girl! You are all getting really good at the standing
pee and it is really good to read it! It is not too hard is it when
you have practiced a little bit? So you love Jake eh? That is
wonderful. Is he the same with you and are you going to tell him?
I will tell Steve you have written to him.

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi! Well that was an exciting letter about when you
raided the men's room! You are a lot more gutsy than me to just strip
off like that in the stall. No I know I could not do that, I would
need Steve outside the door before I got started if there a lot of
guys about. Does Scott get worried and nervy when you do stuff like
that? When I was in a nightclub ladies room and a girl sneaked her
boyfriend in for naughties, Steve got worried but he was all right
when I came out. He was worried because of attacks and stuff.

PV - Hi girl!
Well yeah it would be nice to have Kendal in the grrl gang.
Steve had me lifted up in his arms over the bath and I put my arms
around his neck. It was nice fun really for me just to let rip and wee
like that, and Steve really liked what he saw but it was hard for his
arms. It was harder for him on Saturday when I had a shit. He held
me over the toilet and he got me lined up so it landed in the bowl.
I had a 6 inch log and he got it to land right in the middle. It
was funny after that when I needed a wee too and he rushed me over to
the bath because he did not want me to miss the toilet. LOL



I saw the movie "Kiss of the Dragon" last week staring Jet Li and Bridget Fonda. There is a part in the movie where Jet Li is staying with an old man, and the old man tells him not to let any prostitutes outside come in to use the toilet, because they will go in and shoot up drugs. After the old man leaves Bridget Fonda comes to the door and asks to use the toilet, Li tells her no, and she threatens to go on the sidewalk. After she pulls her skirt up and squats down, Li gets flustered and lets her use the bathroom. You can hear her stream and she says "God thats good." You don't get to see anything but it was certainly exciting to see a part like that in a martial arts movie. The movie is AWESOME by the way, so I recommend everyone to see it if not just for the bathroom scene.

Vince. As a "one off" I'm sure it can't have done you any harm. However, holding your water for 27 hours is NOT something I would recommend. It's much better to go, even if privacy is limited.

Gaby. I've often wondered about how many opportunities nurses have to go to the loo. My guess is that some of them are so busy that they often don't go when they really should. When you were desperate the other day you shouldn't have tried to hold on for as long as you did though. Being medically trained you should know that it isn't particularly advisable. You should have excused yourself much sooner, regardless of what the surgeon said or thought. Perhaps it might be wise to limit your coffee intake in the mornings. I know it certainly makes me want to go.

Alexandra. Interesting story. It would have been better to let go and have an accident though rather than try to restrain yourself the way you did. Similarly it might be wise to limit your fluid intake before going out on a cold day.

On Dutch regional television, there was a special on the four days of
Nijmegen, that is four marching days (30/40/50 km a day) around the city of Nijmegen, in which thousands of people take part. Two women was interviewed whose house was next to the route. They complained about people using her garden to pee and poop. The camera even showed some human turds as well as toilet paper.

Later on, they told that for women they had an instument which made it
easier for them to use an urinal. It was some folded cardboard, which one had to put under her vagina and then one could aim quite easily. It was even demonstrated on tv.

Though this was interesting for this forum.

Good day,

Hearing Kim and Scott's story from the Yankees baseball game reminded me of a story from an Astros baseball game. The Astros have a new ballpark that opened last year, Enron Field, which beats the heck out of the old Astrodome, especially with the bathrooms. Enron Field has of course the women's restrooms and the men's restrooms, but they also have unisex restrooms. The unisex restrooms have only one toilet, and I noticed mainly women using them, probably for more privacy. Well this woman who may have been in her younger thirties and fairly attractive came out, and then I went in for a piss. As I looked down into the toilet there was an enormous knobbed ordure, rich brown in color! Obviously it was too large, due to the incredible thickness( I wasn't sure as to the length since it was partially caught in the cave) to flush because I could tell the toilet had been flushed since it was still barely running, and all the paper( and possibly pee)had gone through, but the ! epic-sized ordure was lodged well. Amazing, I thought to my self as I proceeded to pee. I could see from it sitting in the water a bit, the thing was beginning to wear down. When I flushed the toilet, this time her monument proceeded on its way to oblivion. Ah yes, the wonders of a unisex restroom. What an evening, to see such a production from her, and such a production from the Astros as they beat the Dodgers in the tenth. I knew where I would take another piss after the tenth.



Michelle in Louisiana
Janitor Bill: Your question (Do any of you ladies leave the your jobs un-flushed at the mall or at a dept stores?) is this: No, of course not. And I think it is awkward when people do, although I don't think people intend to. What puzzles me is this: how can people forget to flush their shit down the toilet? To me, it's a habit after you go to flush.

aboy: I've been reading up on your posts about your poop reactions. How long has this been going on? Are you doing anything to make this happen?

Your name: Perhaps eat a diet which is rich in fiber, like eat more fruits, vegetables, and grains. Not necessarily fruits and vegetables...but eat rice a lot. I eat rice quite often and am rarely ever constipated. Exercise more...that helps too.

Samantha: Well, it seems you want to be Olivia's friend. So, no matter what your cousin may say about her, if she has a good personality and is worth your time, be her friend. That's my opinion on that.

Susanne: I don't like to go in my pants at all, but I am very turned on at people peeing and pooping...especially pooping. I've wanted to masturbate at people peeing and pooping, glad I'm not alone.

RJOGGER: A 3 person budddy dump?! That must have been's cool how people get the liberties of doing things like that, I never got the chance.

Phil: Nice story!! But McDonalds sucks. Whenever I go to McDonalds, the food doesnt agree with me, unless its the ice cream. That's the only good thing I can say about the place, they have great ice cream.

ALANA: McDonalds sure does make you shit, huh? I think so, anyway. I don't trust their food, though.

Faith's Fecal Fan: I bet Tim McGraw doesn't even care to see Faith Hill take a shit. Of course, he MUST have SEEN her shit before, but I don't think he thinks either here nor there about it.

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone,

CALIBAN, It's depressing isn't it, these laws imposed on us about what type of toilets we are allowed to buy.
Fortunately, there's no such legislation here in Britain, but I'd hope the gradual introduction of water meters would be the incentive for people to use water responsibly, without having inadequately flushing, and inadequately deep water traps in our toilets.
I'm surprised that it's not the cisterns which are subject to maximum water capacity, but the toilets where you live.
I hope people continue to buy them from canada!
My own old fashioned cistern is wall-mounted and that gives it a good flush, and only uses only 8 litres, or 1.75 imperial gallons.
It should be more but I put a sealed bottle of water in it to save water! I also piss in the wash basin when no-one else is staying here, and probably use about a pint of water to flush it clean, so there are lots of ways to save on water without these laws being foisted on us.
(BTW, I have a water meter, that's how I know exactly how much it uses.)
I really hope that people find a way round this problem, and can continue using, and enjoyable, toilets with good water traps!
5.3 gallons sounds a LOT! Are you sure they use so much, when my old cistern is comparable with the lesser capacity cisterns you quote?

LINDA & CARL, Thanks for the info on the stainless steel toilets, and the clue as to where to find them. I appreciate we can't advertise, though we've mentioned our favourite TP on here!
The price you paid seems very high so I hope you both get a lot of enjoyment from it!
It proves how much you value having a good toilet, and glad the acoustics are good!
Ones I use can sound great, and give some great splashes, but that's probably due to the large surface area of the water trap, rather than its depth. Anyway, I'll have a look at the website.

DAZZ, Yes, I'm drinking more water than I want, but over the last few days, my turds have been better defined, and longer. I could certainly refer to them as logs, but not in the sense of having a good thickness to them. I'm still itchy afterwards somedays, but at least my productions are better than they were. Thanks for the tip!
Have you been to that toilet yet, and was it worthwhile?
I doubt it could beat your own one at home, but the chance of having some shitting companions and a good view would be a big incentive for me!

SAN D, Again, I read of a brilliant TV programme! I refer to the one you described with the guys on the toilets being filmed in the drugs feature. I just can't imagine seeing that on British TV! I wonder if it's possible that all TV programmes in the USA are recorded, and that it's possible to get hold of videos of non-feature films?

DORK, I suppose some of us never know which way we're pointing when we stand there to have a piss!
I've sometimes found that due to...other reasons, my pubic hairs are sometimes stuck round the end of it, or it's plastered to my underpants as I'm desperately trying to get it out to have a piss, and I have to be very careful! Basic hygiene is not always possible when bodily fluids can dribble.
Regarding difficulty in going when standing at a urinal, I too have really needed to go, and stood there as I feel it's on its way, then if someone comes in, I can't. If I've already started when someone else comes in-no problem, I just continue to piss quite happily.
If I'm really needing to go like on a cold day, I don't care who's in there or standing near me, I just let it go!
I once saw an Alan Bennett play where the author himself regrets being unable to go when standing next to someone who has no problem. As he said "The mighty Zambesi on one side, and the Aswan Dam on the other"

MYRA, Or was it MYNA? As others have said, get it checked out by your doctor. Haemorrhoids are by no means always painful, I have several times had discomfort rather than pain with the sensation of something sticking out. Let's know what he/she tells you.

LARS, That's another example of cruel indifference to someone wanting to go to the toilet but I suppose it did seem to them that you might be trying it on. However being painfully beaten on your buttocks with all that shit on your skin is not only disgusting and barbaric, but hazardous if you should have any wounds as a result, and the fecal matter get into your bloodstream.
I heard of something even worse recently on TV where a lady recalled being seperated from her sister in an orphanage, and being beaten for the most trivial offence, and pooing herself while she was being beaten even though she told her abuser she needed to go the toilet.
To add insult to injury to humiliation; she had her face rubbed in her excrement, and taken to see her sister with the intention of turning her sister against her for appearing in such a disgusting state.
That was the most horrible treatment I've ever heard of happening to anyone by alleged "Carers" in an institution.

ALTHEA, I have travelled on express coaches in England where there was a notice in the toilet telling people to sit on the toilet even if men only wanted to urinate.
I suppose this is not so much for hygiene, but safety in case the coach stops quickly.
At least I wasn't required to sit on the toilet and wear a safety belt!

It looks from what people have said, that straining on the toilet can be more hazardous than I thought.
I didn't realise blood pressure could go so high as to be dangerous, but any exertion could be equally as dangerous if the person is susceptible to hypertension.
I have sometimes experienced headaches when straining, as I said, so if that happens again, I'll certainly pause and avoid pushing too hard.
I used to read posts here from someone called CARLOS who had what he described as "constipated ordeals" quite frequently.
I would think he'd certainly be risking haemorrhoids, but would he be risking something much more serious whilst straining? After all, a lot of people do strain much of the time.
I hope you're still reading us , Carlos, and that you're in otherwise good health, but your descriptions of the effort you put into trying to shit never struck me as being anything other than dramatic, assertive, and I envied the way you could strain without getting piles.
It would be good to know you've come to no harm with all that efort.

Well, That's my lot for today, Good plopping, and may all men's aim be straight when weeing! P P G

Sorry I havent posted for a while but I have been very busy. I am now Manager of a Gym owned by a client of my husband. What happened was that the Manager of the Sports and Leisure Centre I used to work at had left and I was temporarily in charge. I applied for the post but was turned down and another man got it. Now he was a nice type, no difficulty working with and for him but obviously I was disappointed . Now as it happened my Accountant husband has a client company who are in the Leisure and Hospitality Industry and who had recently oppened a Gym, Swimming Poll and Sauna attached to one of their hotels and wanted someone qualified to run it. Offer of well paid job doing what I like, no problem with time off for (Field Hockey), Netball etc. Happy Nicky, Happy Client, Happy Husband a win-win situation all round.

Janitor Bill, yes women and girls do some whoppers, just read back through Old Posts. I have done turds as fat but much longer than the one you describe. The essential difference , apart from having no kids, is that I am never rude to toilet attendants and others who do such vital and often dirty work. Yes I have often since childhood left a big fat jobbie behind, in many cases I have not had a choice as the turd has been too big to flush away, not that this bothers me.

I did two such big jobbies today. This morning I drove into the Gym, dealt with the managerial side. Now one of the trainers went home ill (wrong time of the month for her, quite genuine, I can sympathise) so I took her sessions. I enjoyed doing so as I dont want to become desk bound. After customers suitably exercised I went for swim to cool off then when getting dressed I felt a big one come down. I hadnt had a motion yesterday and I knew this was going to be lovely big poo. All the exercise had help my bowels move. I went into one of the toilets in the Ladies Changing (Locker) Room and slipped down the bottom, (briefs) of my costume (lime green if you want to know). My wee wee gushed out then I felt my sphincter stretch and a very fat turd slowly emerge. I was in no hurry, the afternoon sessions were covered (although I helped out later for the fun of it, the admin being done) so I just sat there and let the big fat jobbie do itself. It slowly slid out of my back passag! e the smell of a solid healthy stool wafting up between my legs. It was actually quite easy to pass, coming out under its own momentum with only the occasional UH! NN! from me to help it on its way. Finally it tapered to an end and finished with a quiet "flimp!" as it was too big to make a "Kur-sploosh!" I looked down the pan and as I expected I saw that it was a beacher, about 5 inches of it stuck up out of the water. I estimate it was a good 16 inches long and as is usual for my turds 2.5 inches thick. It was curved like a cucumber and a toffee brown colour knobbly for much of its length then smoother. Of course it wouldn't flush away, so I left it for the appreciation of others (there were 4 other cubicles) and the final attention of the cleaners. I can tell you that there are often big jobbies stuck in the pans in the Ladies Toilets and NOT all done by myself I can assure you! About an hour ago I came home. Had a quick snack . After the meal I felt I needed another poo an! d did a smaller but still as fat jobbie , this one was only 9 inches long but did it make a depth charge "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP! when it plunged into the pan . This second jobbie was the same colour as the larger one I had passed at lunchtime but smooth, a real log shape blunt at both ends and a floater. Its only about 10 minutes ago that I did it and its still floating in the pan.

Donny, I too have seen some really big jobbies in the Girls Toilets when I was at school and have done many myself. I think however the fat one that was 7 inches long and 4 inches thick was more than likely as Ben explained, the result of the girl having an accident in her knickers (panties). This has happened to me and if the motion is solid it will compress into a big ball or egg shaped mass. I once did one in my knicks which I estimate would have been about 12 inches long if I had done it into the toilet pan and when I stepped out of my knickers at home I saw that it had been moulded into a big egg of about those dimensions in the seat of my panties.

I have recently come across this forum, and after my initial amazement that such a moderated forum exists, must acknowledge my own inclination to be sexually affected by elimination- both my own and that of other persons- something I never wanted to accept or face- until, perhaps, now. Maybe. It's really most emba

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