Well at last a hello from me. Yes I'm one of those people that's been reading this forum for what seems like a couple of years but NEVER writes anything. Well, first of all I'm sorry.....but that's all over's what happened to me.

I went with my girlfriend the other day to a fabric store. Now for you men out there you know that accompanying your girlfriend to a fabric store can be as exciting as shaving your head with a cheese grater. Well, anyway, there we were looking for yarn (are you still awake?) when i suddenly had to pee like the proverbial race horse...I asked if they had a bathroom and they pointed down a hall. Now i KNEW that i was entering what is for all intents and purposes a "ladies only" bathroom. Well what did I find when i got there? A VERY Full toilet...with a large pile of poop in the bottom...TONS of brown streaked TP and an odor that made even ME blink rapidly. Now you must understand, i love watersports (but will leave that out)! and i've always had fun with girlfriends farting, embarassing them...etc... But I was amazed at how FOUL this bathroom was. There I am, one of the most prosperous cities in the USA, in an upscale neighborhood, in a women's only toilet and it was more disgusting than using the john at a football game. Needless to say i held it till later.

Anyway, it's nice to finally throw my 2cents in with all of you who are like celebrities to me. I'll

Swatty Potty, toilets in jails and prisons vary in the UK from first class to foul. In the newer prisons there are flush toilets and wash basins in the cells and these are usually in vandal proof stainless steel. Having used a stainless steel pan often in public ladies toilets I have experienced the resounding "Balong!" type of sound that a good solid turd makes when to pluges into such a toilet bowl. In the older prisons inmates still have to "slop out" that is do it in a potty or more usually a plastic bucket with a lid. As some cells hold up to 3 prisoners one can imagine the stink in the hot weather. Now this might be a thrill to some readers seeing a cellmate doing a motion if its a nice big solid one but imagine if they have diarrhea, a very common occurance in prisons given the type of food and low hygiene in some older institutions. I personally believe that crime should be punished, by imprisonment when needed, but that this should NOT be degrading or dehumanising. E! very prisoner ought to have as much privacy as security and safety will allow and the means to perform their excretory functions in seclusion and to have a daily wash. I CHOOSE to allow my husband and close friends to watch me defecate, a prisoner in older jails has no such option. In Police Stations, (Precincts) the cells usually have the flush and cistern outside the cell and the prisoner has to push a bell or buzzer to get the officer in charge or "jailer" to flush the pan from the outside after use. This is to avoid a prisioner flooding the cell.

Yesterday I had a near accident experience. I needed a motion during the afternoon but had an important conference so held it in. The feeling went away as often happens in such cases. I did intend to use the toilet at the office but I had to deal with a long and complicated phone call for a colleague. Again the feeling passed off. I was driving home when I felt the big jobbie slide down into my back passage, giving me the! sensation known as "having the turtle's head". I felt this time it would not be denied but was in a traffic jam far away from any public toilets. Feeling that I was going to have a big accident in my knickers I pulled my skirt up at the back away from my bum as I saw no point in soiling it as well. I felt things move down below but only passed a long loud very smelly fart then the turd stopped and slid back up my rectum. I also dribbled some urine into the gusset of my panties, but not enough to wet the seat of my car. This and the big fart had relieved the pressure and I got home safely. When I got out of the car and stood up I felt the big fat jobbie start to slide down again and my sphincter start to open so I shot into the house almost knocking George over and hitching up my skirt went straight into the small cloakroom toilet we have near the front door downstairs and not into the big bathroom and toilet we have upstairs or our en-suite toilet in our bedroom. George follo! wed me in as I pulled down my white cotton briefs and sat on the pan. My wee wee gushed out and a very fat knobbly log slowly but surely exuded from my widely dilated ring between my fat buttocks. It was certainly a whopper over two and a half inches thick to start with and so long that it made a "Floomp!" as it slid into the pan. Relieved at avoiding a very large accident in my knickers and from having passed this big lump I caught site of a round brown mark of nearly 3 inches diameter in the seat of my knickers. I had come so close to an accident that I had "touched cloth", a minute later and I would have done it in my knickers as a huge accident! George got me a clean pair of panties as I slipped the stained pair off. We then had a good look at the jobbie which had an "S" shaped kink in it and had a flattened and spread end at its beginning I assume caused by its being slightly squashed and buckled as it met the resistance of the seat of my knickers as it slid out before I! made it to the toilet pan just in time. Although it was a good solid formed jobbie my bum needed a lot more cleaning with moist tissues than usual. Afterwards George and I found this amusing but I did think that next time I need a motion that strongly I will do it in the office toilet or wherever as this was a very close call indeed!

George and I had a look at some Scat sites too but agree with Nicola and others and the Moderator. The ones simply showing a women doing a motion normally into a toilet pan or other receptacle are reasonable, but as George says, he can and does see this for real with me any time he wants unless I have to do it elsewhere. As for the more extreme activities, YEUCH! :-( Each to their own I suppose but even very liberal people like George and I felt sick. So like others I wholeheartedly endorse the Moderator's Ban both on showing such activities, this is not a visual website, and in censoring mention of such practices. As Nicola said its the! re on the Web if you want it. This site is for textual discussion with no prurience. Certanly we dont want it ever to become a "pay site" or having to use "Adult ID" to gain access. Bear and others sum it up, obviously there are sexual aspects to defecation and urination by the very nature of human anatomy etc , but let us merely allude to these, not spell it out explicitly!

Jeff A, glad you are going to stay with us, love to all. Moira and George.

Anne (the bus driver) England. I think you handled the situation with the convent girls just right by the sound of it. A disciplinary approach (reporting) would have been not just unkind but highly inappropriate.

I expect you've had several experiences involving desperate passengers. As you will know better than I do, British buses aren't usually eqipped with toilets - unless they happen to be luxury coaches.

Similarly I wouldn't be at all surprised if you've been taken short and got a bit desperate yourself sometimes, with long stints of driving between stopovers. I'm a really weak bladdered male and bus driving certainly wouldn't suit me.

I've posted in the past sometimes as 'nephew' and there are a few true stories about an aunt of mine, also called Anne, getting really desperate and putting of pooping to the last minute. She's cleaned up her act in recent years and so the stories (three in total) relate to incidents several years ago.
Look forward to seeing more posts from you!

I'm off on a trip to the East Coast of the US to visit my family for a week. I'll try to check in with all you guys over the weekend. Hopefuly I'll have some good airport toilet stories for you all!



Hi Everyone,
I was selling stuff for this fundraiser for school...I ring the door bell and the people open their door and buy what im selling. There was a little girl there and the girl who has been just potty trained opened the bathroom door. Her father said "Sweetie, Do you have to potty"? She nodds her head(yes) and goes in...the bathroom was near the door. I didn't look(see her in there on the toilet). I thought this was funny, with me there. Gotta run

Well lately I enjoy pooping and eating at the same time. You should also try this while peeing except drink while you pee.

Wednesday, November 17, 1999


I don't know what's going on, but this morning I felt an uncomfortable gurgle in my bowels...

I spent an hour letting out explosive loud farts and small poops. After three hours total, it went away. Am I lactose intolorant? This never happens to me...

I drank a small glass of chocolate milk beforehand, but I have dranken it before without ill effects....

any suggestions?

On Saturday I had a buddy dump with my mother. She had come to visit, hubby was away on business. After lunch mum farted, not unusual and she is very open about such things, that's how she brought me and my brother up, and that's why I am uninhibited about my natural functions. It was a long dry squeaky fart, with the strong smell of a good solid motion. She patted her ???? and said "Oh good, I need a motion at last, Ive been constipated for the last two days". like many women she tends to be a bit irregular and usually has a motion about 3 or 4 times a week. If I didnt take so much exercise in my job and lifestyle I would probably be so as well. As we had often done since I was a kid I accompanied her into the toilet and offered to rub her ???? as she has often done for me. Now my mother is a similar build to me, imagine an older version, in her mid forties with a few grey hairs in the red. Anyway, she hitched up her skirt and pulled down her floral patterned cotton pantie! s. (she also wears size 22 or XOS in an alternative size system- for those interested this goes from the smallest WS, to WMS, OS, XOS, XXOS up to the huge XXXXOS the size I imagine fat women like Vanessa Feltz or the late Mama Cass wore). Mum sat on the pan and did her wee wee and like most women, myself included, she hisses when she pisses. Then she went "NNN! and I rubbed her ???? "PLONK! PLOONK! two hard eggs came out, KUPLOONK!" followed by a slightly longer log. We both looked at these hard knobbly dark brown jobbies. I offered her some toilet paper but she laughed, "there's a lot more to come down Nicky!". She took a deep breath saying, "its comming down, Oh! Ah! its a big one alright!" and I heard it crackling and saw the big fat turd all knobbly to start with slowly sliding out as she gasped and bore down. Now this was what Moira called a "bottle shaped jobbie" as it suddenly tapered and got smooth for the last 4 inches or so before plunging into the pan with a tremed! ous "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" followed by a softer but formed and solid sausage which went "SPLOOSH!". "Oh that's better!" she said wiping her bum then both of us inspected her motion. Now as often happens to many people from what I have read here watching her had made me feel the need to do the motion I had obviously had up there anyway, so I undid my belt, took down my jeans and black Sloggi Briefs and sat on the pan.I wee wee'd then did my motion. It was firm to easy and slid out without the great strain mum had, landing on top of hers with a dull slapping sound. It was a big one, a long curved jobbie about 14 inches long, like a very fat sausage. Mum and I were both giggling like a couple of schoolgirls as we looked at our combined load and it took 5 flushes to get it all to go down. My mum and I have always been very close so this was no big deal. Anyone else buddy dumped with one of their parents like this?

Pete (US) that Fleet Phospho Soda sounds like Picosulf or Picolax , that's Sodium Picosulphate (Sulfate) and is a powerful saline purgative which alters the osmotic tension of the bowel not only blocking the absorbtion of fluid but draining water out of the system into the bowels causing repeated profuse watery diarrhea. It is commonly used to flush out the colon before surgery or internal examinations such as colonoscopy or barium enema, and sometimes is used to clear very severe constipation as a one off. I have thankfully never take this and only would if under medcial orders to do so as I dont use laxatives or purgatives except very occasional use of the mild lubricant Liquid Parafin when I am very bunged up usually at the time of my monthly period. The terms laxative and purgative tend to be interchanged but a purgative is usually the more powerful medicine often having a combined content such as saline purgative such as Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate) to block water abso! btion and make the stools loose and Senna or Cascara to stimulate peristalsis and make the make the bowel contents pass through faster. Liquid Parafin (mineral oil) is a simple lubricant in normal doses it lubricates and very slightly softens the stools which come out as nice and solid jobbies. Other laxatives and purgatives get stronger, such as Castor Oil but of course a larger or repeated dose of a mild laxative will have the same effect as small or single dose of a stronger one. Apart from Liquid Parafin the really only safe ones to use are those natural types such as Fybogel or bran which add bulk to the stools making them larger and softer. Careful adjustment can achieve the passage of a large formed but easy motion with minimum straining but without diarrhea or passing a load of loose mush and the embarrasing urgency and accidents that medicine type purgatives can cause. Taking a lot of exercise and eating a healthy diet means that, periods apart, I usually pass a nic! e big solid formed jobbie or two at each sitting. As far as Im aware the most powerful purgative is Croton Oil which is actually an irritant poison and dangerous in all but small doses. It caused violent diarrhea with painful purging according to an old pre war medical book I once read. It isnt very often prescribed these days, thankfully!

Following all the controversy I looked at a few Scat sites. Some simply show women defecating, and they certainly did jobbies as big as mine! Others however are so gross as to be stomach turning IMHO. I WONT describe what is shown!!! I am a very physical person and not easily put off or at all squeamish about the human body and its functions etc but suffice it to say that Im glad the Moderator bans such things from this website. If you want that sort of thing its out there in Cyberspace, let's NOT have it here!

At the Remembrance Day Parade yesterday in Whitehall, London one of the Royal Princesses , Eugenie, collapsed on the balcony. Having read the posts about soldiers etc having an accident when needing a pee or a number two on parage I wonder if this poor kid needed a wee wee or even a motion and had an accident in her knickers? I read that the late King George V advised his sons, Edward VIII and George VI always to ensure they had relieved themselves both ways before any long public engagement, very wise advice but we dont always need when the opportunity is available.

Finally, PV, I dont fancy female urinals either, Ill stick to WC pans thank you. As for the Millenium, Im not a Christian, so the date 1999 or 2000 isnt that significant. I do however agree with Moira and the majority of the World, especially in Britain that it makes far more sense to begin a series of numbers at zero 0 not one when it comes to a variable matter like time not in discrete items such as bags of sugar etc. Until we get an accurate date for the world that most cultures will accept we are stuck with the current system which being man-made we can adjust as was done when the Gregorian calender replaced the Julian about 200 years ago and the date count jumped 11 days. Also we used to have the new year in March-April not December-January as now. So if we want to make 1st January 2000 the start of the 21st Century and the 3rd Millennium, great, that's fine by me and is lot more sensible and easy to understand. Let the mathematical pedants celebrate in a little huddle in! boring no big deal 31st Dec 2000- 1st Jan 2001 if that makes them happier.

swatty potty
Does anyone know what bathroom facilities in jail are like? The only thing I know is that the toilet seats are made of metal.

heres a quick question for the

whats the most gas youve had whilst
going #2? i honestly can never
recall farting more than 5 times while
pooping, even during bad diahrea

i dont fart much to begin though.
during most motions i average about
1-2, but cant ever recall going
over 5


Thanks for the favorable response, guys. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It's a damn shame the type of setup I described seems to be fast going out of style but will report in loving detail anything else I encounter. To Mike: I'll bet you could come up with some anecdotes re your extended sojourns to Alaska. And yes, Redneck, I flush the john in bars all the time with my foot. At last count I had 8 pairs of cowboy boots and those pointy toes make it easier. As for the ongoing dialogue re the sexual aspect of this topic and the laudable efforts of the moderator I will make what I hope is an intelligent addition. The act of dumping is such n intimate thing that eroticism may be inextricably linked. How much of that pertains to culture and how much to the simple positioning of organs and nerve centers we may never know. All I can relate is my own personal experience. I am a gay man but I will say that I have had female friends who were so close to me that a physical respon! se arose out of the sheer intimacy of our relationship even without the dynamics being discussed here. If I buddy-dump with a man who is my partner or playmate it is the closeness that heightens our physical connection. I've heard hetero partners in this very forum describe that very experience. I dated a guy for a long time who had horses; we still go riding together. In the couse of doing barn work one or the other of us might have to shit and we'd just yank down our coveralls and squat in the wheelbarrow on top of the droppings we'd collected from the stalls. Nothing overtly sexual occurred at this time; there's generally too much to do when you take care of a barn. At the same time it was a reflection of our intimacy as well as our connection to the earth. And yes, it enhanced our physical closeness in ways I will not elucidate here. As a continuing amateur athlete myself I also revel in what is generally described as the "male bonding" of buddy dumping. I still miss my da! ys at UGA's Stegman Hall (which I described in my first post). The casualness and camaraderie of it and the pleasure of a well-exercised body functioning as it should is something I still relish. Bear in mind too that these are situations where any sexual component is entirely sublimated. In short, the boundaries we strive to maintain here may be fuzzy by definition but I appreciate the mutual repect that everyone strives to maintain here...Thanks, will be back, Bear

I flush the toilet in public with my foot.

Mike - You are very fortunate guy. Many of us on this site would love to have a partner that shares our interest in BM's.
Redneck: If you can't work out things with your wife, I hope you can find someone like Mike's wife.

I love to go to public places on weekends like malls hotel
lobbies and airports and sit outside the ladies bathroom
fantazing. I love to watch ladies in their mid 40 or 50s
in tight jeans and sneakers. I picture them on the toilet moaning pissing and farting. I really love this type of thing. I especially like the soccer mom looking ladies
Bye for now

Interesting experience at the university the other day. On the second floor of the main undergraduate library was a single-occupant restroom. The toilet was one of those that flushed automatically once someone steps away from the toilet. I stopped by to pee just before settling down to do my afternoon study session. I peed into the toilet, stepped away and a few seconds later the toilet flushed by itself. After I sat down in my favorite cubicle, I occasionally glanced at the restroom door, especially when someone was coming in. One time I heard the restroom door slam but didn't get a chance to see the person coming in. About a minute later I heard the faint sound of the toilet flushing. I was expecting to see a person coming out, but a minute later I heard another flush. In fact, there were two or three more flushes, then I see a girl come out of the restroom. I figured she flushed the toilet so many times because either she was playing with the automatic mechanis! m or she had a major pooping session. I decided to check it out, being due for another pee anyway. I went in but didn't smell any poop. I looked into the toilet before peeing but didn't see anything. I peed and happen to spot the manual flush button, so I pushed it to flush.

I've seen automatic-flushing toilets, but not all have the manual flush button for those occasions. Have any of you had any interesting experiences with those toilets?

Hello, I used to be a regular poster to this forum but lately I have only resorted to silent lurking. Anyhow, after some time away, I was surprised to visit this forum to find it in an upheaval over the controversy surrounding the content of the postings. I think the moderators have a right to take a stand when it comes to supervising the posts here. They certainly have to draw the line somewhere. After all, this site is open to people of all ages and God forbid it should become a distasteful adult pay-site like so many others out there. To Jeff A, which I remember quite fondly from my regular days on here, I'm sorry that you felt the need to leave the forum. Never think for one minute that your contributions were no longer appreciated. I always found your posts to be extremely insightful and entertaining, through your many drawings, fictional stories and real-life experiences. I'm glad you decided to stay... While this site tries to steer clear of the sexual aspect related to! toilet issues, we still can't deny it. There is an undeniable physical thrill and intimacy associated with watching someone sitting on the toilet, performing their most personal functions, especially since it involves being in various stages of undress and using the most private parts of our anatomy. I hope this forum continues to present these topics as what it is supposed to be, clean, enjoyable fun. On another note, Cindy, I enjoyed your post about the huge difficult poop you passed. While I sympathize with the misery and pain you must have felt, I still enjoy reading about people who experience struggles in passing their turds. Well, now that I had a chance to to give my opinion regarding this forum's situations, I will probably go back to lurking and reading all the wonderful posts. Bridget

Pete (US)
Redneck: I was speaking of youth hostels in both Europe and the US. Itís mainly the very large ones in big cities that have communal type of bathrooms. NYC, London, Seattle, Santa Monica CA, come to mind. I think the only one I have been to in Colorado was in Denver a number of years ago, which I canít recommend on any account. I also have fond memories of a hostel in Europe with a row of completely open toilets, like the one that Bear described at his college. Those were the first ones like that I had ever seen. Then in southern France and also at a train station in Norway, midway between Oslo and Bergen, I discovered the Turkish type squatters, also a first for me. The guys I was traveling with and I used to joke that the best way to prepare for using them successfully was to do a lot of deep knee bends for several days, so you could strengthen the muscles you need to use to squat for an extended period and not fall over!

One of these days, Iíll have to tell y! ou guys about the young guy I hiked with at a Swiss hostel who invited me to visit him, in a small town outside of Zurich, where he lived with his parents. This was a missed opportunity, since looking back, he was probably dying for a buddy dump, but was afraid to say anything. The weekend he invited me, I discovered only after I arrived, that his parents were away. Whenever I was in the bathroom, he was there, too. More later.

Dump Buddy (US): Yep Ė I agree - mornings are best, especially in places like youth hostels. Since the ones in Europe have a set time when everyone is woken up, most of the guys hit the head at about the same time and the action is fast and furious. Another time I especially enjoyed when I was in college was in between classes, either in the morning or just after lunch. The stalls would fill up rapidly as every guy who had gotten that great urge in the last 50 minutes headed straight for the head. Those with a class the next period wou! ld be grunting and pushing so they could push it all out, wipe, and get to their next class on time. Those with no following class had the leisure to linger and read, fart, and have your basic leisurely crap.

I know I am repeating myself, but your descriptions are so vivid, Dump Buddy, that when I read them I feel like I am right there in the stall next to you! I real turn-on! At this rate Iíll be spending more time in front of my computer than in the can! What we need is public mens rooms with computers in each stall.


I have had the weirdest poos lately. I run to the toilet sit on it and let loose. With no effort I shoot 1 small soft green turd int the toilet. It comes out like a torpedo. I have to wipe 4 times and flush twice. I do this 2-3x a day

Monday, November 15, 1999

JacobG, I went and picked up the book, "To the Top of Denali" as you mentioned and I saw the pic on page 290. It was pretty interesting especially how the the butt part was hidden behind the gear. Living in Colorado, I do take great pleasure in our mountains whether hiking, skiing or 4x4'ing.

Pete(US), I am another individual that enjoys using bathrooms at college/universities especially in libraries or anyplace that has a lot of student traffic. You mentioned that you like Youth Hostels like me. Which ones are you speaking of ? Ones in Europe or in the US ? I have been to 2 different ones in Colorado (Breckinridge & WInter Pk which is now closed). Neither of them have communal type of bathrooms. There are others in Colorado but I have yet to visit them. Have you been to any of them in Colorado ? I might visit the other ones next Summer when I go play in the Mountains such as fly fishing.

For Hiker_UK, I enjoyed your post on the hostel in France. It is ki! nd of enlightening that the Europeans are more open minded.

How many of you flush the toilet with your foot? At home or in public places?

Hi everyone,
It has been a long time since I have posted. I mean a long time. I am an engineer on a large factory trawler in the Bering Sea of Alaska and I am gone for many months at a time. I do love this site and have been visiting here for over two years.
Wow, sounds like alot has been going on with the content of the site lately. I don't remember content being such a big issue. Not to say that i don't agree with the way the site is run, I do but I don't recall as many people trying to post sexually explicit material. I like the site the way it is and I would be upset if it became an adult only site. Usualy when that happens, you find that there are more perverts who would find and abuse the site. The moderators are doing a great job and my hat is off to them.
I get sexually aroused by BM's. However I don't think that watching someone poop or having someone else watch me poop is perverted as long as both parties are consenting. I do think tha! t covert voyuerism is chickenshit. For as long as I can remember, the mere thought of pooping is enough to arouse me. I love to poop in public toilets, preferably ones without doors. I know many of the posters here wouldn't agree but to me it is one of lifes great pleasures. I remember going to a comedy club once. I really needed to poop once we got inside and I told my wife i was going to the restroom. To my surprise, I found that the toilets were all doorless. There was a long line in front of each of the stalls. I got in the shortest line and waited my turn. I knew that I was going to have a large BM and it was probably going to be a messy one. this was going to prove to be quite embarassing. No one in the restroom was pooping, only peeing and when it came my turn I entered the stall, put down a seat protector, pulled down my pants and sat. I faced an entire room of men who could see my penis and bare bottom. The restroom was quiet as I began to have my Bowel movement. My l! arge log was about half out of my bottom when I farted and my poop broke off and splashed into the water. My face must have been beet red with embarrassment but I was secretly enjoying it.
It was about that time when the restroom door opened and the place was suddenly transformed into a unisex restroom. In walked a couple of co-eds with an obvious need to urinate, they were crossing their legs and doing a little dance. The smell was quite thick then with the stink i had made and i leanded back to flush. One of the girls was looking at me and trying not to laugh. I decided to finish pooping and wipe. I was right. I had made quite a mess out of my bottom and it took six or eight wipes to clean myself. I flushed and washed my hands and returned to my wife. That experience was overwhelming. It turns me on to think about it all these years later.
Since then, I have been divorced and married again to a wonderful woman. I couldn't figure out a way to break it! to her that she was married to a coprophiliac. My first wife didn't tolerate my fascination with poop at all. I didn't want this marriage to end up the same way so i waited six years before i gathered the nerve to tell her. To my delight, she not only tolerates it but really enjoys my stories. It has definately brought us closer. The last time i went out to sea, I decided to make a video of me having a BM. She said she watched it all the time. She tells me that it turns her on to see me get so turned on. Of course she turns me on too just by being the loving and sensuous woman that she is. The other day I finaly got up the nerve to actually let her watch my poop come out of me. That was the best. My life is finaly complete, I have a great career, nice home, all the material things a man could want, but what makes it truly wonderful is this loving, vivacious, beautiful and understanding woman who God has graced me with. Oh, the kids are pretty good too most of the time when th! eir grades are up and their rooms are clean. My daughter is on restriction right now. I'm not a very popular Dad at this time.
I truly love this site and all of you people who contribute. It's the one safe internet site for me. I know I don't post often, but your stories keep me going on those long and stormy Bering Sea days. Take care all of you.

To add to Crimson's advantages of a urinette over a WC (for peeing) is
that they are more environmentally friendly as they can use less water
to flush. A WC flush needs to be able to cope with flushing away paper
and solid waste, which is a waste if you have only peed.

Alex M.
Hi guys. Sorry I haven't posted; it's been longer than I'd like, but I've been busy with other stuff. For those who are new to this forum, I am a 21 year old female (full name = Alexandra) who has been posting on and off for the last couple of years.
Jeff A., I'm glad to read that you have decided to stay on this forum. There have been some disgusting and "out of line" postings on here; yours have NOT been among them.
As for the benign lump in my breast, thanks for your words of wisdom (I remember reading your post to me from September, but, unfortunately, I didn't have time to respond).
Hiker_UK, I lived and studied in France last Autumn, 1998 (I am an American). I never mustered enough courage to use one of the "WC a la Turque." Most of the public toilets I've used are quite similar to the American ones; actually, many of the French stalls/cubicles have doors which go all the way down to the floor, unlike the American ones where one can see two feet facing f! orward (through the bottom gap) from the outside if somebody is in there. The French toilet paper leaves a lot to be desired, though :( .
Reya, I don't know about those female urinettes. I am used to sitting down to pee and I don't know if I'd want to change my lifetime habit.
My "habits" have been pretty normal and consistent, except for one time about two weeks ago. I hadn't pooped for almost three days (very unusual for me; I go almost every day) and, while I was in one of my classes, got a strong urge to go. After I got out of class, I walked over to the library. I like the bathrooms at the University library, I've posted about them before. They have been recently renovated and are very clean.
I went into one of the stalls and sat down and peed. I started to poop while I was peeing, which meant I had to go badly. I let out a quick succession of soft poop; my shit normally has a slight stink, but nothing offensive. However, this shit had a very stro! ng reek to it, as if something had "died" inside my stomach.
After finishing, I got up to take a look. I let out six logs of various sizes. I decided to flush them before wiping myself, eight times. As I said, it was a soft one.
No more news at my end. I'll try to read and write more often. Love always, Alex :)

About a month ago I was in Singapore. At one point in time my wife urgently needed a restroom.
We went into a building that combined a hotel, some offices and some shops. I one of the hallways that connected the office part to the mall part we found restrooms. While I was waiting outside for my wife four young oriental girls came walking my way in the hallway. There was one in the middle, held by her arm by two other girls, which had a very pretty face but which walked in a funny way. She walked with her knees squeezed together and her feet rather far apart with both feet turned slightly inwards. I thought by myself it was a pitty that such a pretty girl was handicapped. When they came at the restrooms the handicapped girl went in.
When my wife came out I asked whether everything was O.K., she did remain in the restrooms for a rather long while for just having to pee. She said it took a while because she had
slightly wet her panties and she dried them under the hands dryer. I said I felt sorry for her because she had been in trouble and had lost some pee in her panties.
She said she was probably in better shape than the young girl who came in after her. She said that going by the sound and her moaning she must have had a massive diarrhea and that she probably must have been in agony trying to hold it.
I am wondering now whether this pretty oriental was either handicapped, was walking so strange trying to hold it or actually already had pooped in her panties and was trying to prevent it from running down her legs.

My wife thinks it was the latter.

What do you think?

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