Hi guys. I was witness today to what I thought was a very disturbing incident. One of my classes ended and I had to pee, so I went down to the bathroom and entered at the same time as two other girls. The two girls took adjacent stalls and I went into the other. The girls were talking as all three of us peed almost simultaneously. After I stopped peeing, but while I was still seated on the toilet, I heard one of the girls start to move her bowels- it sounded like a fairly soft one. "Jessica, you're not doing what I think you're doing!," exclaimed the other girl. "Sorry, I have to go.," said the girl who was pooping, in a very meek, apologetic voice. I finished and flushed and came out of the stall at the same time as the other girl who only had to pee. We washed our hands a couple of sinks apart from each other when a slight pooping smell began to fill the air. The "tormentor," and there's no other name I can think of to describe this jerk, said "that's really gross! , Jessica." and then, after drying her hands, began to walk out of the bathroom. I felt like decking her, or at least saying something to her and/or consoling Jessica, but I remained silent. The poor girl (Jessica) was doing nothing but a natural bodily function, and to be teased about it, especially by a supposed "friend," and with another person in the room (me) on top of it, was awful. I can honestly say that, although I've read about people being teased for pooping, I've never been a first-hand witness to it, and in a college setting above that :( I've read with interest the several stories involving "open toilets," in which people have pooped in adjacent toilets with no walls between them, never mind doors. I've never seen them, but they sound interesting. Steph (my best friend and die-hard "buddy dumper") and I have exchanged e-mails about this; we'd love to have the opportunity to do this. We either have to go at the same time, in adjacent stalls with barriers, or, when watching each other when I'm over her house, go one at a time. Joanne, I can see how watching Pam go and then wipe herself (and having her seeing you do the same) was a bonding experience. This talk about mothers-daughters seeing each other go brings a vague flashback. I live in a house where our bodily functions are very private. My mother hasn't seen me on the toilet, or even undressed beyond wearing panties, since I was a little girl, except for one time, and this was unplanned. I was about 14 or 15 (now 21) when I was sitting on the toilet at home. I forget whether I was just peeing or doing "both," but that really doesn't matter- what matters is that I was sitting on the toilet. The bathroom door was unlocked (I usually don't lock the door at home, figuring a closed door is enough) when my mother knocked and asked if she could come in to get something out of the bathroom closet. I said "sure, come in;" she came in, and, seeing me on the toilet, quickly took what she needed out of the closet and excused herself. After I was finished and came out, Mom said something to the effect of "Alex, I'm so sorry, honey. I didn't think you were going to the bathroom. Thought you were just doing your hair or something." I told her no problem and left it at that. This was well before I "discovered" my interest in these things, so the connection didn't click until I've read the last few postings. Thanks to the moderators for posting the results. It will make for great "bathroom reading," hee hee. Luv, Alex :)

Poop Loggy Logg
Hugh G: I can attest to the truth of your story about the bathrooms in the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium. I attended many Browns and Indians games back in the 70s and 80s and if the crowd was at all large (worst was Monday Night Football) the bathrooms would be in complete chaos. I specifically remember one time, probably about 1980, where I went to the john right before halftime (bad idea). The line was way out the door. You could smell the piss before even entering the door. When I finally got inside, there was piss EVERYWHERE!! The toilets were all clogged and full to the brim with pale yellow water, clots of toilet paper, and turds in various states of solidity. The sinks were being used as urinals, and they were mostly full. Since there were long lines even to pee in the sinks, I just did what everyone else was doing: I pissed on the floor, in a corner. You actually had to wait in line to get to an open spot along the wall. There was probably a half inch or so of urine on the floor anyway, slowly draining through the storm drain in the center of the room. Then came the piece de resistance: when I finally got enough room to jettison my excess fuel, some old drunk dude, about 60, in a trench coat and a black porkpie hat, whips it out and starts peeing randomly, all over the place, not aware of what he was doing. It got on me a little, but I hardly cared because the whole scene was so filthy and revolting. I can still remember the smell as if it were yesterday. I don't even want to think about how many guys must have crapped their pants because of the screwed up toilets in that place. On a similar note, the new college basketball arena that was just built in our town (not Cleveland) was advertised as having robust enough plumbing that every single toilet could be flushed simultaneously without an appreciable drop in water pressure. I think they actually did flush every toilet before the arena was opened and a minor flood ensued.

All the talk of awkard bathrooms reminds me of the tourist center where I had a potty visit once. There were no sections between the stalls and there was only a barier between you and the eyes of the general public in the area where they were waiting for the tours to start. This arangement would have been fine with me if the barier would have been suitable, but there was a gaping void between the floor and the bottom of the wall! I had to have a poop pretty badly before the tour was underway so I went to the pot, which was mounted parell to the wall. There was a gentleman who was standing close to the outside of the wall, and he could see all of the side of my bare buns as I took a seat. I struck the bowl with a loud fart and exhaled, I heard the man giggle and I said from across the partition, "If my stomach didn't hurt so bad right now from poop pains I would come over there and give you somthing to laugh about!" He then moved away from the wall and went over to the croud. Another woman came behind the wall and had a seat beside me. She could tell I had to do a poop and said excuse me. I told her that I didn't mind. She sat and peed, and we talked for a little bit until I finished and wipped my butt. I also had a male custodian look on me once while I was pooping one time in a bank, I guess he assumed that there were no more women in the bathroom and that I was not in there because it was so quiet, when in reality I was just holding my breath trying to press out a big one, the big birtha cut loss and splash-landed just as the janator opened the door and then he looked on me. He looked so embarassed! I think I scared him more than he scared me. I loved the posts, keep 'em comming everybody, I love you!

Coolguy 3:16
Shitter and all the other teens out there: "Just Lucky I guess" I dont think Its really my looks that attracts the gurlz, I look EXACTLY like the U.S. rapper "Eminem" complete with left earring and hair dye and all, but I think one of the main reasons is, this is kinda a small town, I mean the biggest store we have is "Stage" and "Wal-Mart", but normally im just a plain Macdad, The biggest tip I can give all the guyz and gurlz(Especially guyz) is dont be Lame, Dont be Selfish, Dont be stuck-up, and be afraid of NOTHING(Especially this one) the ladies dont like a guy who is easily embarrassed, I have a few more GREAT stories, and I'll post a few sometime this week, from here on out you can call me a regular, but I have to go get Ready, Cya, -JCA3:16- (sounds kinda like a bible verse huh???) the 3rd book and 16th chapter of JCA!!!!!(But come on, im noth THAT old, about 1,999 years short in fact, After all im only 16!!!!!cya

Someone asked about smoking for the first time causing diarrhoea. I remember when we were young 13-14 year olds a group of us girls used to meet at the back of the church after choir practice to do things like talk about boys and to smoke cigarettes. One day Janet got hold of some Camel cigs. I think they are American. Anyway nearly all of us had one and Janet was trying to teach us to inhale the smoke properly. Her cousin had just taught her that you had to do this to be a proper smoker. By the time it was to go home Janet had smoked more than five cigarettes, I had smoked only one but the inhaling had made me feel a bit wissey. I shall never be able to forget that day as we prepared to leave. Janet was a skinny type of girl, short skirt, white socks drooped below the knee at the ankles, almost like a street urchin but not unattractive. As young school girls we all wore white panties under our skirts. I am sure it was the excessive smoking that did it but as Janet put her leg over the crossbar of her bicycle, (we rode boys type cycles as is was the fashion for little girls those days and sometimes we were perfectly aware we showed our knickers as put our leg over), as Janet put her leg over there was a sort sqelshy plopping sound and as she mucked herself in her panties and it came sliding down first the back of one of her legs, the one which was on the ground and then the other one as she put her leg over the saddle and crossbar to the ground on the other side. It wasnít very runny but mushy and seemed to stick to her legs all the way to the top of her socks just above her shoes. She had messed the back of her skirt as well. She seemed quite surprised and we were all gob-smacked it seemed to have happened without warning. She must have filled them right up. Janet could not ride her bike after that, she did not say much but we walked with her as she waddled home. Her mother was in absolute shock when she saw what her daughter had done in her kn! ickers. Janet just said I have had an accident and her mum said "that was a very silly thing to do". I shall never forget seeing all that shit coming out of Janetís pants and down the back of her legs just like that.

Here's something that happened to me a few years back. On occassion, I have let out a surprise fart, usualy while bending over or kneeling. There is no warning or, if there is, only a second or two, which give no opportunity to apply sphincter control countermeasures. Anyway, while at work, a collegue and I were looking for some files in the lower drawers of a cabinet. She was kneeling over just behind me and I was looking in another lower drawer. I was bent over facing away from her and sure enough, along came a surprise fart. Our relative positions were such that I let out a fairly loud blast directly into her face from a range of about a foot and a half. I mumbled an apology and she giggled and looked embarrassed ( though not as much as I would have expected) We never raised the matter after that. Has anyone else had a similar experience with a surprise trouser trumpet?

To: Mark You say your poo was moist and green, and ask why. Judging by what you eat, I would have thought that was obvious. Get a bit of good old-fashioned red meat down you and you'll soon be back to the normal brown. How can you expect to have brown turds if there's nothing brown in your diet?

On occassions, I like to go without panties, and go pee or poo (wearing a short dress)while standing in a semi-public place. I had went to a party that was hosted by a guy that I kinda liked and I decided to leave a bit of myself at his place. I was outside the house with a girlfriend (she knows I do this and although she wouldn't do it, she thinks its cool) and with some other guys about 20 feet away by a tree smoking some weed, I first peed onto the sidewalk, it trickled down my bare leg. It was really nice and warm and it felt great, I always carry extra toilet paper around for this purpose to clean up afterwords. Then feeling a desire to be a bit more naughty, I went to a small statue that was also a fountain and a bird bath. I stradled it and started going poo. The first jobie was about 4 or 5 inches long, but it missed the target of the bird bath. While straining a bit to get the rest out John's (the host) dog strolled over and smelled my first jobbie. Then it just sat there and stared at me as my second log slid out. This one hit the bird bath and it was about 8 inches long making a loud splash. I was afraid I had been heard and often dogs draw more attention then needed, so I said "Bad doggy!" just in case someone nearby heard and was curious. Then I left quickly. The dog followed me for a bit after that, kinda wierded me out so I shoed him away. I went out with john (he asked me out at the party a bit later) a couple of days later and I couldn't resist. I told him that while at the party the other day walking for a bit outside, I noticed some nasty stuff in and around the bird bath. He got a little embarrassed and apoligized. He told me yes, that he found out about it after the party, and noticed it was to big for his dog, so that someperson had left it there. He went on to tell me that some people had complained that only one bathroom was available (about 25 people were at the party) and that someone had did this in either desperation or in retaliation for him not being a better host. He said that he wasn't really all that mad about it and even told me (grinning) that he's a bit of a voyeur and if it was a lady he wished he was there to see it. I was tempted to tell him it was me, but I think I will save that for later. Instead I just laughed and told him he was funny. I hope it works out between us, he's such a great guy.

In reply to lori i have had very similar experiences.I am the older sister by 2 years and from when we were very small shared a bedroom and bathroom,we never were shy about being naked infront of each other and i also helped kathy with her first period problems,As far as farts she was allways alot more gassy then me but i made up for it in the stench(rotten eggs)and we try to give each other some privacy when doing #2,the only time we are in the bathroom together is when one of us is in the shower or maybe an emergency dump.I agree with the girl who stated that those bare ass farts really smell,i'm on the swim team and we allways shower after practice and have heard and smelled some real killers....I hate when some girl rips an sbd and you walk into it i think id rather hear it first sort of a warning.Last year we had p.e. the period after lunch and when they would serve something like franks and beans that locker room was not the place to be! OH and one more thing alot of gi! rls are really afraid to fart in front of guys,i have been in the bathroom at school when a girl would come in and like stand by the sinks looking at the hair in the mirror and start to fart a few good ones i know the only reason she came in at all was to fart where she knew no boy would hear her...bye guys.

mr. brown
OH yes, Moira and Ella, I forgot to mention last nite that when I have a bowel movement in my pants, I prefer boxer briefs or jockey briefs, as the mass is well- contained. Although recently I let one out in Boxer shorts and amazingly enough the massive load never leaked, even while climbing stairs!!!!! I also forgot to say that it's nice to talk to the woman while SHE's on the toilet letting it out.

Here's something I was thnking about the other day. Ever notice that some women don't use the whole toilet seat, but will sit on only the front half of the seat? I'm guessing this is a strategy used to eliminate having to move when wiping. The women I've seen sitting on half the seat just reach back and wipe without moving. This is an advantage that women have over men because men will squish their hardware if sitting to close the front of the seat.

hi everyone. last week a guy by the name" the lover"had posted here. i know he wants to see his wife on the toilet. maybe ,I can suggest that he lets her go in alone first then knock after a couple to see if she will let him come in.if she does love to hear about it. also,scott hope you get a chance soon with donna.

your name (optional)Buzzy
Hi to all. Had another antibiotic poop this a.m.This one is for ELLA. Sat down on the bowl and I took a mirror along to check it out. Waited till I had to really poop and then opened my legs and put the mirror where i could see and I could see my hairless asshole start to pucker out.So i relaxed my sphinter and it opened up and this soft poop came out and out and out! I could see the endless stream of poop coming out of my puckered anus.Sometimes I put myself in another place and think I'm watching a woman poop as I see the poop fall out my butt( since i have a hairless anus, this is easy to do!) Then I waited for some more poop as I looked at my swollen anus and then I start to pee.As I'm peeing,this loose poop shoots out my asshole followed by this l-o-n-g- bunch of whiteish-brown mucus.That came out very slowly.I watched as this stuff kept on coming out. Then it just stopped and hung there.I kept pushin and pushing to get ti out. I could see my anus was really swollen as i finally got this stuff out of me!Boy did that feel nice.Then I just sit there and enjoy watching my anus go in and out as I push some more and I then get off. Then I wipe and look at the poop in the bowl.It was mushy and had this almost greasy sheen to it.Must be the medication I'm taking.The weather in the northeast is going to be nice this week and I'm going to do some biking.I'm looking foward to pooping outside,so I'll fill you all in when I go.Should be good with the antibiotics I'm taking,they really make me go!I hope that ELLA is not the only one who enjoys this!!! SEE YA!

re: cigarettes -- I've seen cigarette ads from Life Magazines in the 40's, showing a fancy dinner table with men and women eating, with the ad noting how the particular cigarette "aids digestion:" the clear implication was that these folks would eat a fine dinner, smoke a weed, and then be stimulated to go take a dump.

Carmen/Moira - Even if both are wearing pants or jeans, a pee accident is still worse for a male than for a female. I once saw a female (teenage) deliberately squat down in the middle of a very large crowd, and pee through a pair of blue cord jeans. By squatting she had ensured that none ran down the legs and the front of the jeans stayed pretty dry. She remained squatting for a while before walking off looking a little uncomfortable, and with her anorak tied round her waist so it covered her wet butt. I don't think a male could have coped that well.

Joe B.
I haven't posted in a long but I read every day. Usually I poop every day, once a day. Most of my poops are small, seldom over one inch thick and usually a total of 8 to 12 inches. I'd love to have nice big poops like some of you describe, but the largest I've ever had has been maybe 1.5 inches thick. I eat a lot of fiber foods, but still small poops. If I have a problem going, I take an enema. I take recreational enemas too because I love enemas. Anyhow, I havent been able to poop much for several days and have been feeling pretty full. I was planning a nice enema series tonight to get cleaned out completely. But a little while ago, I got really strong cramps and thought that maybe I could poop. I went to the toilet and sat down. I had a little trouble getting started, but then I got this great feeling and knew I was going to have a big poop. It all came out at one time but curled around and broke when it hit the toilet. Wow! it was over an inch thick and probably a total of 2 feet long. It was a nice medium brown, medium hard and smooth. It felt sooooooo good comming out of me, and I feel great now. I wish I could poop like this every day. Looks like I wont be needing that enema tonight. Where is Preggy????? I miss Preggy. I really enjoyed Preggy's posts. Please come back Preggy.

Tuesday, March 30, 1999

I want to tell y'all about an interesting bathroom I found at work. The company I work for has a large campus on the SW part of Denver and there are some old buildings that were built in the 1950's. The building I work in, you have the main foyer and a few artificial walls. Behind one of the artificial walls are a tiny mens and womens bathrooms. The mens room has one shitter and one urinal. The bathroom gets very little traffic and it is my new place to take a dump at work. I am pretty selective who I take a dump around with. At work, I prefer privacy since there are many old people with little sense of humor. I prefer to crap around HS or college age kids where they still laugh at their bodily functions.
For "I think not....", what is the small town you were visiting in Colorado ? You mentioned Colorado Springs, I had the pleasure taking a dump in one of the park bathrooms. Not much privacy. Usually if I hear foot steps, I make some noise such as tapping on the metal bar or making noise with the TP dispenser.

Anne (the bus driver)
I have been watching this site but havent had anything really interesting to post. I have been driving local service (stage carriage) buses as the excursion and tour side of things closes down in the winter but should be starting up again now that Spring is here. A couple of people wet themselves on Xmas coaches coming back from Office parties, nights out etc, but no pant filling accidents this time.

Katy FL, I gave up smoking 10 years ago but when I did I found that smoking a cigarette did often make me need a motion, though not a watery one, quite normal in consistancy which for me is firm. I suppose the nicotine stimulates the nerves which control such matters, some poeple finfd a cup of coffee or tea has the same effect though I think any hot drink might start off peristalsis. When I was a kid my mum often drank a cup of hot water when she was constipated and usually about 15 minutes or so after that she would go to the toilet and pass a nice big solid jobbie with a resounding "KURSPLOONK!" to her great relief and satisfaction and I have done the same when really bunged up with good results, passing the previously reluctant motion which comes out nice and solid. Some people complain that, on giving up smoking they get constipated, no doubt because the stimulation of smoking a cigarette is removed.

All the stories about helping out friends who were taken short makes me tell you about the case of one of my fellow bus drivers. One day I was driving an additional relief bus behind the regular service in the morning. Our schedule gave us a break of 15 minutes at the terminus were there was a public toilet, very handy for drivers. Now the bloke driving the bus in front of me got out and I saw him walk quite brinskly over to the Gents toilet then push the door, which was shut. Now he should have used the Ladies next to it which was open, I suppose the Gents toilet had been vandalised or was closed for painting or something. I could see he was desparate but suddenly he stopped and as he was in front of me I saw a bulge start to form in the seat of his trousers as he was doing a number two in his pants. I came up behind him and gently said that I knew what had happened, not to be ashamed as this could happen to anyone and I suggested that he went into the Ladies with me and Id help him get clean. Now luckily as it was early in the morning no women were in the toilet so as he went into a cubicle I went into the one next to his, took my spare skirt out of my bag and slipped this on instead of the trousers I had been wearing and passed these and a spare pair of panties (briefs) as I always carry a pair of these too over the wall to him, luckily we were the same size. At first he objected to wearing women's panties but as it was cold and for hygiene reasons I suggested he wear them as nobody would know, besides they were a plain pale blue pair of full briefs so didnt look girly. His own underpants had a big mass of squashed poo in the seat but as it had been quite solid his trousers had escaped with only a small areaof staining. Suitably cleaned and re clothed he got back in his bus and ws able to the rest of his duty. I didnt tell anyone at the garage as they would have teased him dreadfully. Later her returned the trousers to me but I told him to keep the panties which I believe he did. Has anyone else helped a fellow worker or buddy in this way?

This is my first posting to this site, although I have been reading the stories for a few months. I have always admired women and have liked to look at themm poop. My last girlfriend of 4 years ago used to do one better. She would actually let me take her to the bathroom. She would let me pull her panties down for her and let me rub her tommy while passing her stuff, then let me wip her. It was great, the farting, grunting and expression of relief on her face as the logs slid out of her backside. Of course, I had to treat her to the finest pleasures in life, But I had no problem with that being a business owner. Unfortunately, she had to leave the area, so we had to part our ways. I am kicking myself in the head now because I thaught it would be easy to find another girl who will let me take her to the bathroom. Wrong! I still have not fould that lucky lady. The problem is that Washington DC women are too conservative, you know. Hey, we all have to stick to gether here. If any! one knows a lady in my neck of the woods, please let me know, or what strategies one would use for meeting a bathroom companion. Ain't life a bummer sometimes?

Katy FL>> To answer your question about smoking cigaretts and then getting diarhea after doing so for the first time, the answer is "Yes"...I don't remember where I had read it, but the nicotine in tobacco has a stimulant effect, which includes the "head rush" and for a lot of new smokers, causes the large intestine to start contracting which then pushes whatever is in the passage on its way out...I know, when I first started smoking I had the exact same thing happen to me, and needless to say, because of it, at the time, I did do some pretty good sized "panbusters" as some people here call the large movements. I do know a few people who rely on the first smoke of the morning to get their systems to do a bowel movement. Me, I still smoke, but the effect no longer works on me...

Hi again, I had the most fantastic experience this weekend. I was relaxing in the tub, when my wife asked if I would mind if she used the toilet. I said no (of course) she isnt shy about peeing in front of me, but usually I cant see anything. She pulled her panties down and sat on the seat, which was right at eye level from the tub, and only a foot or so away! hed butt didnt completely cover the seat, so there was enough light from the back to allow me to see her stream shooting from her vulva. The drops glittered as they fell. I thought that was going to be it, but then she sat for a minute, and I wondered...Is she?? I strained look came over her face and she began to bear down. I heard a couple of farts, then a crackling sound. Looking directly between her legs, I saw a few more drops of pee falling, then a thick log emerged, curled down about 4" and broke off with a PLUNK, into the bowl. She relaxed and went Ahhh, then she bore down again, this time straining hard, her face got red and her eyes were closed, more crackling then a big log pushed out and fell with a splash. she went AHHHHHHHhhhh after that one, and after sitting a few more minutes she stood up and, bending over she wiped. As she turned around to flush, I saw hwe sphincter was still red and swollen, and I was imagining it stretched to allow that big log to pass. I must confess this got me very aroused, I'm glad she left and shut the door when she was done...

Hi,all,haven't posted for a bit cause I've been sick with bronchitis.Took a real big,but strange dump thisa.m.I've been taking these antibiotics for the bronchitis.I went to the toilet to pee,and as i'm standing there peeing,I felt my rectum fillup rather quickly.I was standing there with just my undershirt on and I almost pooped on the floor!So I quickly sat dowm and started pooping.I felt this hard piece come out and stop there and i felt this soft stuff come out all around it and on to the side of my left buttock.It felt weird,so I spread oped my legs to see what was going on.I saw the poop coming out almost on a 45 degree angle cause of this hard piece stuck partially in the way. So I wathced and pushed as al this light colored poop oozed it's way out my puckered asshole.Then as i'm pushing,I'm also peeing like a race horse.Then the hard piece pops out and it is followed by this stuff that looked like soft ice cream coming out.An endless ,almost seemless mushy bunch of soft and loose poop kept coming outas i'm still peeing. Boy did that feel good. passed NO gas at all.It was a very quiet poop and hardly no smell( i guess cause of the antibiotics) I had to really wipe my butt after that one,and it was a mess! I love to poop and I love to see womem pooping in front of me, and I love to poop outdoors,But I don't want any contact with the poo itself.I hate to get poop on me in ANY way.Too gross for me I had to take a shower after that poop.ELLA,I hope you enjoyed my poop,cause it was a good one!By the way how does one get onto that ICQ thing?That sounds great! Also the camera on your PC What a great Idea!I'd love that with the women on this site!Come on girls,give us some morning poop details and play by plays.Hope all are well! BYE

I've seen a woman fart on TV. It was during the first or second season of Third Rock From the Sun. Mary (Jane Curtain) is sitting on the couch with Dick (John Lithgow). They're watching TV and eating Chinese food. Mary leans over and farts. Dick looks at her in shock. Instead of being disgusted, he is overjoyed by the fact that she is comfortable enough their relationship that they can fart in each others' prescence. Unless they start playing syndicated re-runs soon you won't see it. On an old Fox sketch/comedy show called The Edge, Julie Brown is portraying Carnie Wilson. She is with other acteresses who are supposed to be the members of Wilson Phillips in an Mtv Rockumentary Parody. In one part of the parody, Wilson Phillips are seated together and Carnie announces,"I farted!" They all giggle and hold their noses. Am I the only one who remembers these?

Cool Guy 3:16: All I can say is you are the MacDaddy of buddy dumping! You are definitely a smooth-operating guy--getting to shit with and in front of those girls like that! What is your secret, man?

Jill wrote "Our downstairs loo is next to the front door, and I was using that one because my husband was upstairs in the shower. I had just about finished when there was a ring on the door bell, so I quickly wiped and flushed." How do you know the caller hadn't been watching you through the window? I've seen some of these loos by front doors and, when the light's on, a person outside can see everything!

Hello fellow toiletists, My most recent bowel movement involved a very moist, greenish poop splattering. My diet consists of mainly soups and salads. Any advice as to why the bowel coloring ?

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