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I have ignited many farts with no dangerous effects, except you have to be careful not to burn yourself with the match. You can do it quite effectively without taking your pants off. I think the natural flow of the fart out of your butthole tends to preclude any flames going back up into you. The fart just doesn't burn fast enough for that; it's more of a flaring or flashing effect rather than an explosion. I recall a few years ago waiting until my brother had gone to bed and then surprising him by lighting a big one in the dark. It produced a brilliant, blue-green column of flame, lighting up the whole room! One note of caution; you need to angle yourself so that the fart floats up and away from you. If you light one while standing or squatting, the ball of flame will rise and sort of envelop your crotch, which is not particularly pleasant, although the flame is brief enough that you don't get burned. Long before I tried lighting farts myself, my dad used to tell a story about when he was working on a pipeline in the wintertime (back in the forties) and one guy lit one in front of a crowd. He described the flame as a blue jet about 6 feet long...seems exaggerated, but you never know! This story was the inspiration for my own later fart-burning activities. Also, there was a teenage T-n-A-type movie that came out about 15 years ago where there was always discussed this secret club: the "Blue Flamers" . Finally it was revealed that to become a member you had to participate in a group fart-burning ritual, which was graphically portrayed in the film. The defecogram mentioned by Dave totally rocks!! The PLL

I have Been Pooping ALOT , I am not Sure what is Causing it , My Diet has not Changed. The other Day I was In the Dorm Toilet And I Was Takin a Dump, It Took FOREVER! Just these Little Pebbles Come out, And They are Hard To, But Thet Just Kinda Eject outta My Ass Cheeks. Many Guys Came and Went While I was Pooping. Also During my Dumps I have had alot of farting, Then a Little Turd Will Come out. My Friend Who Usually Poops the Same Time I Do, Was Calling me a rabit, Because of the Sound Hiting the Water That the Pebbles Made. See ya Later

There's a fart-lighting scene in "Nicholas and Alexandra," the epic film from the 1980's about the last Russian czar. A drunken uncle lights one on a staircase in front of his nieces and nephews. Caused a big uproar in the theatres at the time...

okay im here to write some stuff. todays ny cousins birthady and i have to think of something to get him. yeah i know its not smart to wiat till the last minute but hey some of you do that when you have to go potty right. anyway ill answer doorman. me i wipe after a pee from the front between my legs and yes i am still sitting when i do this. i have done this cause it was what i was taught by my cousin when he potty trained me. he said that thats the way he remembered his mom doing it when he was small and allowed to go in with her. heh.okay to sc sorry but i shorten everyones name . you wanted to know about when a lady is in a car and has to go poop badly. well im too young to drive but ill tell you about a time i was in the car with my cousin and had to go sooooooooooooooooo bad i mean it was poking out and it was s,owly moving closer to my pamipes. we were coming back from the beack and i was so close to having an accident. and well we were stuck in traffic and there were too many people around to just get off so. i talk my cousin into letting me poop in my sand bucket. and i did . i pulled down my shorts and pampies and sat on the bucket in the passengers seat. thank god for tinted windows. i sat there a bit nervous but i had to go so bad it didnt matter. it came out fast but it was so big and long it seemed like forever. finally my tushie closed and i felt so much better. sorry no long ah heh i was too sacred of being seen so i didnt. i cleaned myself with wet wipes and got dressed again. man the bucket was heavy when we tried to pick it up. and man did it smell. ack it was so big and long my cousin said no wonder you couldnt hold it, it was probably backed up all the way to my brain. hee hee silly boy. okay there you go. now im off to do some serious thinking...yeah im going to go poop. hee hee maybe i can come up with an idea while i sit there. ack i just hope the seat isnt freezing. the ac vent is always aimed toward it and it makes it hard to sit there as the eat gives my tushie frost bite and the cold air hits you while you trying to sit there and do your thing. oh well when you gotta go heh. linda

Hello again. I wrote a while back about an old lady in the rest home I work at who did a huge jobbie. Well this story may also interest readers here. Another old lady Connie was going towards the toilet when she suddenly stopped and went "Oh NO!" I asked her what was wrong and she said, "Ive just had a big accident in my knickers . I left it too late to get to the toilet" Now I led her to the toilet and lifted her skirt expecting to see a squashed up mess of poo in the seat of her underpants. Instead I DID see a bulge in her knickers but it seemed to me that the turd hadnt squashed, I carefully pulled her knickers down. These were a large pair of white cotton briefs, a bit too big for her as they were originally another fatter residents, so there was a bit of slack in the seat. Her turd had also been a fat solid jobbie of about 7 inches long and 2.5 inches fat, only her taking liquid parafin (mineral oil) had made it slide out easily . These two factors had kept the jobbie intact and unsquashed so I slipped her knickers off and turned them inside out over the tolet pan, the turd dropping into the water with a loud "KUPLOONK!". I sat her on the toilet and asked if she needed any more . Just as well as a few minutes later she passed a long soft but formed sausage shaped turd which would have made a terrible mess if it had also came out in her underpants. Instead it dropped on top of her previous hard turd with a "floomp!" I helped her wipe herself and although there were only a few brown marks in the seat of her knickers I got her a clean pair. What could have been a messy and disasterous accident wasnt such a trauma after all. Have any other readers male or female either done a motion in their underpants but it didnt squash or know of anyone else to whom such a lucky escape happened?

I remember years ago when I was about 10 or 11 and I went on a big long weekend camp with my Boy Scout troop. It was a big affair, with Scout troops from all over the state and it was held at a large army base outside of my home city (in Australia). The latrines there were typical army issue, very little privacy, but they did have low walls made of roofing iron between each toilet but they were low enough that you could look over and see the guy next to you on the pot. For the first day of the camp I just held on to my poo as I just couldn't face going to the toilet out in the open like that. I even considered going out into the bushes but there were guys running around everywhere, so I just suffered for awhile and constantly letting out lots of farts. The next morning I woke up in my tent and I just knew I had to go or my pants would become a toilet!!!!! I got up, went outside the tent and walked over to the latrines, hoping that it would be empty at this early hour of the morning. When I got in there, the place was packed!!! They must have all had the same thoughts as me!!!! There were about 2 dozen toilets in the shed, plus a long urinal up at one end. The urinal had a few guys there but the toilets were almost all occupied. I nervously walked down along the row of toilets, walking past all these guys on the pot and almost every few seconds I could hear plopping and farting sounds as they dropped their shits. I found an empty toilet and pulled my shorts down and sat down, trying not to look at the other guys. No sooner I had sat down, I let out a loud fart quickly followed by a good solid turd. Oh god, that felt good!!!! But then a strange thing happened, all of a sudden I no longer felt uncomfortable about shitting with no privacy and was kind of getting turned on by it!!!! I pushed again and let out another smaller turd and felt empty now. I reached for the toilet paper and wiped myself, but I had to stay seated as I normally stand to wipe my bum. I certainly didn't want to give the guys sitting opposite me a full view of my willy!!!!! I finished wiping, pulled up my shorts and got out of there, feeling quite aroused by the whole experience. For the rest of the weekend, I had no reservations about pooing there and actually chose busy times so I could shit with all the other guys. Since then, I haven't done a shit in front of anyone except for a male friend when he came to visit me at my place one day. But that's another story, so I'll be posting that one real soon for your entertainment :-)

Survey question
I've had a look through some of the archives, though by no means all, but there's one subject I've seeen no mention of. It seems that there are some people who can hold on to their pee while letting go of their poop, and vice versa. There are others (like myself) who can't avoid peeing while pooping. People have suggested Kegel exercises and more practice, but on the contrary I have no trouble holding on, and have never had a public (and only one semi-private) accident. I've tried many times over the years to "learn" to hold one and let go of the other, but it's impossible, the two muscles operate off the same nerve. Every twitch of my front holding muscle is exactly duplicated in the rear. I used to wonder whether they weren't really the same muscle. I've talked to just enough people to find out that there are examples of both types of wiring in both genders, but I wonder how prevelent it is, and whether it varies by gender. Comments? Babydoc (male)

To: Harry, Doorman, & Philippe; Firstly, I find it rather interesting that no other woman has responded to my question about how much it matters if the seat is down or not. Perhaps, as I suspect, it means that this is not a big issue with most other women either. I have to say that my husband will normally put the seat down if he remembers, but if he has come home late after a few beers, or is in a hurry, he frequently forgets - but I don't make a fuss about it because it is so trivial. In turn, he doesn't make a fuss if I ask him to deal with a blocked loo which sometimes happens when my poos get jammed in the pan. I like the idea about etiquette, and I am sure, when on his best behaviour visiting people, that he wouldn't leave the seat up in someone else's house. To Swine Child (strange name?): You have asked an unanswerable question when you say: "How big is a big one?" The best answer I can give is that it is relative. For instance, what is a normal sized poo to me is big to my husband - that's the way we are made, so I guess that the survey results on that particular question are very much open to interpretation. You ask about getting the urge while driving. Now I am perfectly capable of holding on for as long as necessary, but I do recall one occasion when I needed a poo whilst driving, alone in the country. It was summer, and so rather than hold on, I decided to stop and do it outdoors. I found a layby near some trees and did my business in a suitably secluded place. It was about two years ago, so I was 27, and I used some tissues from my handbag to wipe. It was probably quite big because otherwise I wouldn't have bothered to stop, and I wasn't aware of anyone watching, although as I walked back to the car, a man drove up and got out, passing me as I made my way back. I remember giggling to myself as I drove away, picturing him treading in my pile of poo!

Hi! I've been reading some of the posts and I have noticed other teens so I will tell my story and if anyone knows let me know. I have only seen someone poop one time. It was my best friend at camp 2 years ago when we were both 15. we were in this wooded area and he said he really needed to take a dump and I jokingly said go ahead. And he actually did! Just pulled down his pants standing almost straight up stuck his ass back a little and out slid a really long tube of shit about 12 inches. It just landed with a soft thud and didnt even break. Then 3 seconds later he released another about 8 inches. two very perfect cyllindr tubes and he was finished. But the weird thing was his ass cheeks were automaticaly spread way apart all by themselves, he didn't have to put his hands back there to manually spread them apart like I do. So far apart that none of the shit left skid marks on his cheeks like mine does sometimes (which is really hard to get off with TP) I'm straight but I'll admit it was amazing to see a bung hole actually functioning he sure had excellent control. I usually need a firm toilet seat for pressure. Any other teens male or female that can dump standing up with magic cheeks or is this some kind of rare talent?

I went to a track meet that was funny because the school had one of those lame old wooden buildings with ONE stall and a lot of the guys needed to shit before the race and there was a line. This kid gets in there before his friend who was next in line and he is taking his time. So his friend says Hurry Up and Pinch It Off! and the kid laughs and says You Better Squeeze Your Cheeks Together because I'm going to be a while! The guy behind me said Well I guess its time to drop a load in the urinal and someone else said Ive got Dibs on the Sink! Everyone was laughing. But they didn't and the kid finally came out and his friend rushed in and I expected to hear some massive explosion, but there wasn't. There were a couple of splashes so maybe it was some big turds that were ready to come out. If a meet is at a big school with lots of stalls its great to sit in there and take a hearty dump with everyone else blasting their farts and listening to all the crunchy sounds, plops and splashes. But one stallers absolutely SUCK!

Thanks Paula for that information, it is comforting to now that your children had similar sufferings with skid marks and occasionally still do. i will try checking my undies more frequently to see when the stains are appearing. I normally check them when I go to the toilet, just a quick glance down. Sometimes when I go to the toilet I notice my underpants are stained but sometimes they are not, I haven't noticed a pattern here in the past but maybe I will keep a diary to see if there is a pattern. As for being picked on for have dirty underwear, I never really experienced anything. In primary school I can remember a kid be picked on for having dirty pants on, the problem was that p.e was done in underpants and vest and he always had stains visible from the rear. Games was the worst time when you had to be careful, in my late schooling, when getting changed into your kit or sometimes swimming trunks because people could see your underwear, a lot of people just left it were they took it off normally lying on the floor but I always picked my ones up and folded them on the bench, but some of the undies left on the floor were far from clean and I never heard anything being said. There were one group of boys who would compare undies to see who had the biggest skid marks, with the emphesis being on the bigger the better so I think we were safe from being picked on. It also appears that some girls suffered from skid marks as once I overheard some speaking after games, one was saying how embarrising for (blaa) I can't remember the name, being seen by the teacher putting on those pooped knickers-(there terminology) One said that she always puts on dark knickers on games day so any marks didn't show and the rest seem to agree, but as your results show they don't seem to suffer as much a men. On the subject of p.e once we were doing high jump and the girl in front of me, Nicky, was wearing a p.e skirt, which they are advised to wear shorts underneath, anyway when she jumped she exposed her white knickers which looked wet but because they were white it was difficult to tell but then it was my turn to jump and as I landed on the matress I put my hand down on a damp patch, lucky I didn't land on it, i sniffed my hand and he smelt like pee,luckily it was almost end of the lesson so I was able to go and wash my hands, I wonder how that poor girl got on in the changing room. Thanks for your help and keep it comming.

I followed your advice Paula, and have been checking my underpants on odd occasions to see what condition they were in regarding stains. It has been easy today because I had the day off so I stayed mainly at home apart from going and doing a bit of shopping. My undies seemed quite clean at 11o,clock when I had a quick check. After I went shopping I checked them again, about 2o'clock, they didn't look bad, but there was definitely a stain showing, I wonder if it is something to do with my pants working up the crack of my bum. I sometimes find myself having to pull them down. Does anybody else sometimes get this problem, I do occasionally. I have also just checked them and they haven't really got any worse than they were before, but I shall carry on checking and recording any bad staining. Anyway enough about that, I have got a recent accident I witnessed to tell you about. I don't actually know the girl concerned as I was at a party with some mates but it was a big party and a lot of other people were there that I didn't know, most of them were about 16 I guess. Anyway half way into the party when everybody had drunk quite a lot the host of the party started a farting game, apparently the friends had done them before at other parties and James the host was quite an expert. I stayed out of this game as did quite a few people, I was quite surprised by the amount of girls that decided to play. The basic rule was that the loudest farts were the best and one person would leave the game each round, the person with the quietest farts or any that couldn't fart at all. Eventually it got down to six people being left in the game, one of which was a girl, Kate I think she was called, anyway it got to her turn, she was wearing a very short skirt which is relevant, she farted and it was quite loud and just afterwards I heard somebody start laughing and point towards the girl, she was pooing in her knickers and the bulge in her knickers was below her skirt for all to see. This meant she was out of the game because they had introduced a rule that if you poo during the game you are out. This rule was apparently introduced because of similar situations happening in the game before, it was obviously up to the player to own up but this girl had no escaping, it was quite obvious. She was drunk and to start with I don't think she knew it was so obvious as she was acting as if nothing had happened in an innocent manor but one of her friends went up to her whispered something in her ear at which point she turned bright red and walked off with her friend. I had never heard of such a game until last week, do many people play this game at parties?, it seems strange to me, but maybe it is popular at younger teenage parties such as this one, please reply. If you are interested, James won the game. How many people do get dirty underwear or have small accidents and don't admit it, I sure when I was young quite a few people had small accidents because they left it to long before going for a wee or a poo, occasionally you would see tell tale wet patches but as for poo's you couldn't really tell.

Wednesday, February 03, 1999

Hi, I just took your survey and one question that is particualary interesting that my friends and I have talked about quite a bit is whether people stand or sit to wipe themselves. You should add it to your survey. Also the issue of folding/rolling or balling the toilet paper up to wipe is quite interesting as well. Lots of people can't even believe that I would actually stand up (hovering above the toilet may be a more accurate description) to wipe my ass, but it's true. Equally interesting is the technique of folding/rolling versus the balling method and the time requirements of each. Think about adding these to your survey, you'll be glad you did.

Trevor, I cannot see the problem of a man peeing and doing a motion at the same time. The only time I have had any difficulty in this is if I have an erection at the same time, otherwise I hold my penis and direct my pee into the water. Sometimes either if turned on, say of buddy dumping on top a nice big jobbie especially if a woman has done it, or there is the presence of a large firm turd in my own rectum, owing to the erection I will have to pass the motion first then do the pee. I sounds strange hearing the "ker-sploonk!" of the turd dropping into the pan, then the tinkle of the wee wee which is the opposite of the normal order. I suppose if a man is very well endowed and the toilet pan is small then he might be uncomfortable trying to fit things in as he sat down to do a motion if his penis got in the way of the front of the pan. This does bring up an interesting point. When I was a teenager I was in the Scouts which met in the evening at our school. We used the Girls Toilet as this was closer to the gym hall we used and there were no girls clubs or societies meeting on the same evening. Of course I enjoyed this and as these were not cleaned until the morning I often saw really big jobbies lying in the pans and would buddy dump mine on top if I needed to go. The point at issue is that in the Girls Toilet the pans were round at the front while in the Boys Toilets they had a pointed front like the bows of a ship, also the toilet seats in the girls were like those in most home toilets going all the way round but those in the boys toilets had a gap at the front. Were these features to accomodate the penis if the male user had an erection?

I also agree that the angle one sits at affects the sound made when doing a motion, as does the longer drop in traditional UK toilets. Sitting straight up means there is less sound than if you sit forward, as my mum always did, however this posture is more likely to cause the turd to shoot round the hiden bend and disappear from sight, the "phantom turd".

William, I suggest you try moist toilet tissues. These are a bit like baby wipes and there are various brands, Hakle Moists being the most common in the UK. It is posible to get a little pocket sized plastic box to hold some for use amway from home. These certainly remove any residual poo even from a soft sticky motion and should keep the seat of your knickers clean. I cannot help with your psychological problem about using toilets other than at home. Reading these pages it seems a lot of people do have this problem. I can understand this if there are school bullies around, the toilets are filthy with the seats covered in piss and shit or the US situation with no doors on the stalls (cubicles). If however there is a door and the toilet is clean, what is the problem? Perhaps you should try to use toilets in shopping malls, pubs etc as these are usually a lot cleaner than those provided by local authorities. To my thinking it is preferable to use these than shit ones pants. If however your problem is a weak or leaky sphincter and you cant hold in a solid motion or your stools are usually a bit loose or watery then I suggest seeking a doctor's assistance.

Incidentally, the previous matter and the mention of using the Girls Toilets reminded me of an incident when one evening at the Scouts I went to the Girls Toilet and found a pair of some girl's navy blue cotton knickers (panties) discarded in one of the cubicles. I picked them up and saw that there was a skid mark in the seat so perhaps she had "touched cloth" and then discarded her soiled underwear. I put them in my pocket, washed them at home and kept them as a trophy. They had a name tag sewn on so I knew the girl in question. I suppose other readers have found discarded underwear in toilet cubicles.

George>>Several years ago, I was on a weekend outing with several men from the church I was going to at the time. One night, after the evening's events were over, we were in our dorm room, (12 of us in the room), when the person next to the lightswitch suddenly turned out the lights, lit a lighter, and proceeded to fart, with the lighter next to his butt...As you stated, a blue-flame about a foot (30 cm) long shot out!!! After that happened, several of the other guys in the same room throughout the rest of the night did the same whenever they had to fart, but none equalled that first one...

Jill>>Some guy here in the United States also patented a self-lowering toilet seat that used the action of the water filling the tank, via a float system, that lowered the seat as the water rose in the tank...If I remember right, I had seen something on tv a few years ago about it, and it was demonstrated how the thing worked...

Jill: I agree with you. You are one of the few women to not expect the seat issue to be totally the man's responsibility. I have actually "fallen in" because the seat was up. Any guys besides me do this? I once walked in on my cousin just as she was putting the seat down and she had her butt towards the door. It was like she were mooning me. She was realy dark tanned from sunbathing except for her buttcheeks which were pasty white.

I've just got off the toilet after a half hour visit there. I did a long wee first and then a few farts, next was a little hard shit that had to be pushed out with a some effort. After that was lots of hard little pebbles, each one harder to push out than the last and making a little "plop" as they hit the water. Then came the last shit. I could feel it there and it was bigger than all the little pebbles, but just didn't want to come out. I had to push it out a little, then pull it back in and repeat that a few times. I had to rest a minute and then start pushing it out and pulling it back in until finally it came out with a loud "PLOP" and splashed me right up the anus. I let out a big sigh at the same time and finally felt empty and my anus tingling nicely, leaving me feeling quite aroused. When I went to wipe my bum there was absolutely no poo on the toilet paper as the shits would have been too hard to leave any trace behind as they slid out of me. When I got up off the toilet, I turned around and looked at my bum in the bathroom mirror and saw a red ring around my bum from sitting on the toilet for too long. I rarely do shits like this as I do make sure I eat enough fibre, but I do enjoy doing "pebbles" when they come up from time to time. I do enjoy it when I have to put a little efffort into pooing and do love that tingly feeling in my anus afterwards.

Hi Jill, I used to post here frequently in the past, but have slackened a little bit, partly for lack of interesting things to say, partly because of some kind of lazyness...but I still check daily everybody's postings and envoy yours incidentally... Regarding this device that puts the toilet sit back down after a man used the toilet, I believe this is just a question of etiquette to lower the sit after use...I always do it out of respect for my wife and, actually, when we have guests, I can rather well gauge the standards of a male visitor on whether I find the seat up or down after he visited the place....Most of the time, the seat is up...but is it really worth fighting over this ? Since I know you are married, what about your husband? Philippe.

Trevor: It actually wouldn't have been that bad for them to clean up after my friend's girlfriend peed on the floor because it was a totally unfinished basement (concrete floors) and the entire floor was covered in beer, mud, etc. She didn't really want to go there, but had no other choice really. There was another time I experienced a girl in college going on the floor. It was a girl I was seeing, and we were in her dorm room (with tiled floor.) We had gotten back from a few bars and she was pretty drunk. We went to sleep, and I awoke a few hours later to a big gushing/ spilling sound. I saw her squatting on her floor peeing away. I asked her what she was doing, and she said she didn't want to get dressed and go to the bathroom, and she'll wipe it up in the morning. I couldn't believe it! Like Trevor I too would like to hear from other females who have peed on floors. These are the only times I've seen it.

ack. well jw i really didnt want to talk about it cause well it was awful and embarassing. i mean i even sent my cousin away which is something i hardly ever do. well okay. no it didnt come out like diareha it came out big and solid but was a bit smooth i guess from the water. please understand i;m truning very red writing this. i sat there and waited for the worst. and it happened. a spurt of water came out as i grabbed the seat and pushed out camme this huge poop that was smooth so that helped. then a big plop an dmore water came out then another poop. this happened about 6 time before i sat back on the seat and gave a huge linda aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. well that all im saying cause well im very embarrassed about it. i mean i made so mcuh noise and i dont mean pooping noise i mean moaning and groaning and grunting. what embarassed me more was that my cousin heard everything in his room. he said i sounded like my mom when she was in labor with me. i! turned red and he saw that and he quickly said he was sorry. ack, from now on im not going to let not going to poop go for so long. linda

William, it was very interesting to read of your problem. Although I would hesitate to describe it as common, it is certainly not unusual, particularly in teenage boys, for underpants to get skid marks or poo stains caused by messing in them. If you genuinely want to avoid this happening, I would suggest that you initially keep a careful diary of when it is happening, checking your pants and your bottom at every opportunity eg. when you visit the toilet. Alternatively, if you really do not wish to use toilets other than your own (and this may be the reason for the problem), then go into them just to check yourself perhaps once an hour. It will soon become apparent whether your dirty pants are caused by not wiping your bottom properly, leakage, or delay in going when you really need to. My experience is based on having brought up four children, three of them boys, and having worked with children with learning difficulties. One of my sons had dirty pants most days for about 5 years. It varied from marks which most of us would probably ignore, to dark brown 'flaky' stains several inches long, caused by messing himself quite badly and not properly removing it all from his pants. Even now, at the age of 19, he still gets a couple of pairs of what he calls 'brownies' a week. From my work, at least 25% of boys and perhaps 15% of girls regularly had poo stains in their underwear. I understand that this is about 3 times the average for 'normal' children. With regard to getting pants totally clean, I can tell you that I have found this almost impossible. The only real answer is to wash them as soon as possible after making them dirty. Once poo has dried on, particularly after several accidents in the same place, I have found it impossible to totally remove all 'poo shadows'. Two of my sons used to hide their dirty pants in various parts of their bedrooms, so I know what I'm talking about! This is especially the case with white pants. Incidentally, the thing that always used to worry me most, was the thought of my sons dirty pants being seen by their friends, and having fun poked at them. Did any one ever experience this? I would also be interested in comments from others about one other thing: if anyone looks in their white underwear which has seen many months (even years) of use, is there a stain shadow in the back? Just wondered....

I don't agree at all with George's warning about the dangers of fart lighting. I fail to see how the flame could have "shot up his arse and ignited his bowels". Fart gas, like any other fuel, needs oxygen to burn and I understand there is hardly any oxygen (if any at all) in the bowels. In addition to that, the internal pressure pushes the gas and the flame away from the anus.

I didn't realise that cows engaged in this practice and, indeed, I think they would have much difficulty striking the match due to their lack of fingers! Most of the methane generated by cows comes out of their mouths in any case, not their arses.

I had also heard about the incident in the hospital some years ago but I was not aware that anyone other than the patient was injured. In that case, as you can appreciate, the bowel was opened by the surgeon and therefore air was allowed to mix with the flammable gases causing the explosion you mentioned.

The only danger I can see from lighting a fart would be popssible damage to flimsy clothing like panties. I was not a kid when I did this and if I thought there was the slightest risk of serious injury attached to it, I would most certainly not have done it.


Swine Child
I have a question about the survey. I enjoyed the results but what is the definition of large vs. small? HOW BIG is a BIG poop? I must say that the consistency was more clear. Please continue with the results. They are interesting! I have a question FOR ALL YOU LADIES OUT THERE... Have any of you been driving in your car and had a desperate need to take a dump? Please tell me of any such experiences! Include where you went, your age, the size and consistency, what you wiped with and if there were any witnesses. Thank you kindly!

this past weekend me and a friend went for a drive, the weather was better than it had been for a while here in the midwest, i picked her up sunday morning and we decided to drive to a nearby park, she asked me if i could stop and get some breakfast first, so we stopped and got a sausage biscuit and oj, then headed down the road. where we were going was about a twenty minute drive and about half way there during our talking she said she felt a poop coming on, i asked if she wanted to go home and she said she would go when we got there. we got to the park and she said she had to go real bad and asked me to stop at pull off, so i stopped and there was a trail going into the woods she said she would walk up there and go, i wanted to go and watch realy bad but i decided to stay in the truck and wait because i did not know how she would feel. she opened the door and got out and before she shut the door she asked if i was coming, i thought to myself you dont have to ask twice then opened my door and got out. she started up the trail so i followed, we walked into the wood a short distance when she said this looks like a good place to go. she backed up against a tree, unsnaped her pants and dropped them to the ground, she then squatted down, she was talking to me like nothing was going on then she started grunting and let several farts then this great big turd started coming out, after it was out she farted again and then some liquid poop came out, she said that sausage always does that to her, she then pissed a little bit, took some tissue from her purse and wiped her butt. i enjoyed this so much, but i still cant believe how many girls will do the in front of me, it doesnt seem to bother many and most seem to like it, i think they can tell i like it!

Hey everyone! About two years ago we were at cross country practice after school and me and 2 of my friends were running at the same pace when TJ jogs off the course and into the grass which wasnt very high. Brad and I looked at each other like 'Where is he going, when TJ suddenly stops, yanks down his sweats and this big long shit comes falling out of his ass! And I mean long there was a good 12 inches hanging down before it broke off. Brad just looked at me and we both started laughing TJ pulls up his sweats turns gives us a salute and heads off back down the course. We couldnt stop laughig all the way back to school but i did point out to him that when its time to unload its better to do it than have it sticking out in the back of your sweats while your trying to run. I was going to compliment TJ on thelength of it but decided not to.

Hi, I just thought I would post again. I remembered another interesting pooping accident, not by me but one of my friends, he managed to keep his accident a secret for a whole day. It was my birthday and my parents were taking me and peter my friend to Chesington World of Adventure as a birthday treat and peter was staying over the night. Anyway when we got back from the theme park it was late so me and peter decided to go to bed, as peter was getting changed he let out a loud fart which of course made me look across in his direction, as I did so I saw a massive brown stain running down the outside of his underpants which he was wearing, I didn't say anything about it so not to embarris him, but then I think he suddenly remembered about his accident and must have realised I had seen the stains, as he started to explain what had happened. He said when we got to the theme park, which was a two hour drive from my home, he needed the toilet but was to embarrassed to say and just hoped we would pass a toilet on the way to our first ride, the first ride we went on was the vampire ride and he didn't see any toilets on the way, while we were in the que apparently he started going then and by the time we got to the ride he had finished, but this meant he had to sit in it, it was fortunate for him is was solid, or appeared that way. He went round with it all day in his pants and nobody noticed. He said he would change them when he got home the next day when he got home. It is quite amazing what you can get away with, I have never been caught we a load in my pants either. Once when I was younger I was caught with hevily skidmarked pant on by a friend when I was staying at his house, but it was nothing unusual at that age everybody had them.

Lila, I have just read your post about the effects pepto-bismo had on your panties and how when you are sat with your legs under your bum you can't hold your crap. Is there any other positions you find it is difficult to hold your crap in? You sound like you may crap your self quite a lot, is that common for a girl of your age. Please post about other accidents you have had and possibly how you get crap stains out of your panties so I can try the methods on my undies which sometimes get heavily skid marked. Thanks

Hi I have just been out on the town, and have just returned to use my own toilet for my 2nd daily BM. Another successful day of holding my poo until I get to the toilet. I am writing to tell you of another accident I can remember from my childhood that I can remember. This time it was a weeing accident which I must add were few and far between. I had been playing a game of chase and while playing the pressure in my bladder had be building up, anyway eventually I decided it was time to give up trying to hold it in and go home a use the toilet as the crossing of leg tecnique wasn't working any longer at holding it in and I had got to the stage of holding myself to keep it in. I decided to run home otherwise I thought I was never going to make it but unfortunately while running and tripped and fell over relaxing myself for just a second, but that second was enough to start weeing, and once you start you just can't stop, luckily I was wearing dark blue toweling type shorts and you couldn't tell they were wet, while only by touch. Anyway must go, if you want more recent stories just ask and I will supply.

Tuesday, February 02, 1999

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On the toilet design, I have dumped in many toilets in my time and agree that UK pans are likely to give some lovely sound effects compared to the US ones and those with the syphonic action, although the trade off with these is that you can see the whole jobbie before it is sucked away, or not, as can happen with a really thick one, and this has happened both to me and Moira where it has stuck in the small hole.

Ed (UK),I have seen a fart ignited. When I was in the Boy Scouts one of the lads did this and a sheet of flame shot out of his arse. At the time it was amusing but I now know it could have shot up his arse and ignited his bowels. This has happened to cows and there is a case reported when at a hospital during an operation some years back a static discharge caused a spark and the patients bowels exploded killing her and injuring the surgeons and nurses. Nowadays anti- static boots and gowns and better grounding is used on hosptial equipment to prevent this. My advice regarding igniting a fart (flatus) dont try this at home kids!

Both Moira and I have had to give stool samples for doctor's examinations and the likes. The normal procedure was to put a sample of the motion in a small cardboard or plastic tub. We both tend to pass quite firm stools and took one of the smaller lumps that we tend to dump before the big log comes out. I say small but I talking about a firm lump the size and shape (more or less) of a pool (snooker) ball which fitted nicely in the tub. A doctor friend of ours says that such a large sample is not usually necessary but she has had patients bring a whole turd in. Once a woman who was being screened for employment in a food factory brought in a plastic bucket with a lid which had a big fat firm 12 inch jobbie in it which she had passed that lunchtime before her appointment. All that was actually required was a little piece of about a cubic centimetre.

I agree that the rectum when empty does have a sausage type shape but it can distend to accomodate an accumulation of stools. If the stools are soft or easy then they will be extrusion moulded by the sphincter when passed but if well formed firm or hard they will have a lumpy shape of boluses compacted together and the sphincter will have to distend to pass such a turd and it is this that can sometimes make passing a big hard jobbie painful. Perhaps the female's rectum can distend more and her sphincter is more able to stretch thus by and large women's and girl's jobbies being fatter than males. The results of the survey, at long last, does tend to back up this opinion although it is obviously self selecting and anecdotal and not capable of objective and observational confirmation.

Neither Moira nor I have used enemas (enemata to be pedantic about the plural for all the Latin scholars). Some are high volume warm soapy water and have to be retained for as long as the patient can hold it back. These would result in the evacuation of a lot of dissolved feces as the water is being added back which the bowel has removed, and thus the resulting mtion would be watery with some hard bits. The low volume enema prefered these days does not usually have such drastic results containing usually a lubricant, a mild topical aneasthetic to numb the pain and spasm in the rectum and sphincter and a chemical which slightly softens the hard end of the stool making it easier to pass (something like a glycerine and novocaine suppository). This type of enema results in a fairly solid motion being passed, although there are low volume enemas which have an active stimulant content which acts on the bowel causing mass evacuation and in this case diarrhea will follow the passing of the more solid contents. Our doctor friend, Theresa, tells us this type is normally only used prior to abdominal operations or examination such as colonoscopy and would not usually be administered for ordinary constipation unless there is obstinate fecal impaction.

In my high school the boys' toilets used to have doors on the stalls , but they were removed about a few months ago, along with the main door! The urinal trough in the toilet next to the canteen now can be seen quite clearly from outside, so everybody prefers to use the the stalls for peeing, in order not to be seen by some of the girls who like to take a peep inside while passing by. But it gets quite crowded during lunch break and there are only 3 stalls in that toilet so they are occupied most of the time and the poor guys who are desperate have to use the urinal trough in full view of anyone passing by. Just last week I had to use the urinal there and when I finished I saw 5 girls standing quite near outside seeming to be chatting and taking ocassional glances inside the boys' toilet. I wonder if the girls my age are so curious about the opposite sex's toilet habits?

Jill: I wasn't referring to the size of anyone's bum!! But the distance front-to-back, i.e. bum to end of the willy. I still say for me these are too far apart for me to do number 1's and number 2's from the same position, with the seat down. UI: I'm amazed that your friend's girlfriend actually peed on the floor, indoors. Even if it wasn't visible at the party, the people clearing up next day must have seen the results! Has anyone else ever deliberately peed indoors, on the floor?

Adam from Canada
I had this wierd feeling all day while I was at school and sometimes it is normal. I kept having is urge to make a poop, but I couldn't. I am really fussy about the bathrooms, because there aren't clean or the students/teachers make a mess. As soon as I walked into the house, I changed my clothes and pooped. My system must know the surroundings real well. The poop was in between hard/soft and it was a bright brown that came out in long, wide chunks. I was wipping non-stop, because a little got stuck in my ass. While I was going, my stomach made grawling noises and it had that empty feeling when it came out.

Re Basil's recent post, I found an interesting site when surfing, a medical one (the Virtual Hospital) which has a radiological video of someone pooping called a 'defecogram'. This confirm's Basil's theory that the rectum fills up rather like a balloon and empties just like an icing bag. What is unclear is what determines the diameter of the motion, ie the size of the rectum or the tightness of the sphincter or whether there are any gender differences which predispose females to produce 2 1/2" diameter monsters (mine very rarely exceed 1"). Anyone any ideas on this?

There was an article in today's paper (The Guardian for UK readers), about a man who has invested his savings in developing a device that will automatically lower the toilet seat after a man has had a pee. He thinks this will be a big seller and make many women very happy. Why? Is this REALLY a big problem? I don't need to think twice about putting the seat down if it has been left up. Any thoughts?

Hi, I have read this post for quite some time. I am a new poster who urgently needs some information from you all to help me. I am 18, and a student in the Uk. I have a problem which I am not sure what to do about. Every time I change my underwear they are always very heavily stained with poop stains. I must admit that I am a very clean person normally but when it comes to my underwear I Just seem to have any control. I have to hand wash my clothes so when my underpants are stained it is difficult to get them really clean. I would like to know why my underwear gets quite a dirty as it does. I am a regular pooper, normally twice a day, in the morning when I get up and once again in the evening, normally in the evening my poop is a lot firmer and very solid. My underwear is mainly white with a few light blue and grey pairs, these probably show the marks more clearly. I do refuse to use public toilets for pooing as I find them so dirty, I will only go to the toilet when I get home, occasionally this will lead to me doing a small mess in my underpants but nothing major, I can only remeber several times since the age of sixteen since I have filled my pants completly. Once one I way sixteen I stayed over at somebodies house I needed the toilet but I thought that I could hold it until I got home, anyway we decided to go swimming that afternoon when I was planning to go home so I had to try to hold my poo longer because I don't using other peoples toilets either. Anyway, by the afternoon I have managed to hold my poop in quite successfully with only a few small balls of poop breaking off into my pants, really only causing small skidmarks, quite normal, I am sure you would agree. Anyway in the afternoon we went swimming at our local pool and after we got out I really needed the toilet but thought I could make it home, wrong, half way home I completly lost it in my undies, but it was a solid load so was contained until I got home and emtied my undies into the toilet. I also don't like weeing in public toilets, but I find I can hold my wee for a long time so doesn't cause much of a problem, maybe I will get a small wet patch but never bigger than a few inches, and when wearing black this doesn't show at all. Ross a friend in my accomadation manages to wear his underpants for 5 days without changing them, but they are normally pretty dirty and he leaves them lying on the bathroom floor, they look like my undies did when I about 14 when I went through a phase of not using toilet paper and not using the toilet until I had started going in my undies. I will write again soon about more accidents I have had, please share yours.

Monday, February 01, 1999

Okay, we are finally done finding and removing empty and corrupt surveys that were throwing everything off. We will be posting tables graphs and useles facts (mostly tables and useless facts)from the sitting on the toilet survey as we get around to figuring them. Questions with a numerical or yes/no answer are most likely to get done first because they are the fastest to compute. The two percentages add up by sex going across, and represent the number of people in that sex/age group who chose that response. Individual filled out surveys are confidential and will not be made avaliable in any form. More results as we get around figuring on them. Filled out/check box questions are next to impossible and will be done last.

I was at the college doing some reading during my spare in the usual spot and I had to use the Washroom. I went in and peed. While I was in there, this guy was in one of the stalls and he was ripping the toilet paper out of the dispenser. After he did that, I could hear him putting it on the seat. Then he sat down and peed, craped. Lots of people at the college tend to cover the seat with toilet paper so they won't pick any bacteria. I was in the U.S (I live in Toronto) and I noticed most public bathrooms have seat covers made out of paper so you don't pick up any grubs or things like that.

David W.
When I was young I used to flush all kinds of small objects down the toilet. Supposedly I had also flushed down an expensive watch belonging to my dad. Not a Rolex but some- thing close to it. I don't remember flushing the watch but I do remember my dad coming home and removing the toilet for no apparent reason presumably to fish it out of the traps. We had all kinds of problems with the septic tank system so the next time we had to dig it up and have the "honey" truck come out and suck it all out he got down in there to look for it. He never did find it though.

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