Dropping in after Dropping Off

Hi everyone!

I just had an amazing bowel movement. The pressure in my stomach, back, rectum, and on my anus was so intense that it was painful and pleasurable at the same time! I had missed my evening bowel movement last night due to a busy evening with friends and the urge to go never came. So after a morning workout and a hearty breakfast, the urge came on sudden and strong. I relished the feeling for a bit but the intensity grew to the point of no return within a matter of minutes. I made my way to the bathroom and lowered my slacks and sat on the toilet and let nature do her thing. Without any effort on my part, the large stool domed creating an intense feeling and the overdue bowel movement slithered out of me at a less than moderate pace. The smell began envelope me. It definitely was the smell of a healthy bowel movement -strong but not completely overpowering. When the initial anaconda had passed, I sat until I felt finished. I pushed out three aftershocks, each not more than 2-3 inches in length and not even an inch wide. But I knew the main event was huge. So, I stood up and was taken aback at the robust stool that came out of the hole and curled around the bowl. It had to be 2 feet or so in length and 2 inches thick at the base and tapered off to 1 inch thick as it coiled. It felt amazing. Of course I took a few pictures.

"Beth," who is my secret poop friend and minister at my church, and I have a habit of texting a pictures of our "best" bowel movements to each other. We have probably shared ten or so - not many, but when we have a really amazing one we share. This one was definitely worth sharing. So I texted her and then sent the pic! She wrote back "OMG...we're twinning this morning!" She texted back a picture of a bowel movement of similar length and width, except hers was one complete log of about 15 inches and another softer snake floating beside it that must have been 7-8 inches! I replied with an applause and a heart emoji!

I also sent Alan a pic, who responded with an exclamation point! He then said he would not be able to concentrate the rest of the day. I replied that I would help take care of that tonight! He replied that he can't wait!

I hope everyone on the 'stool is doing well and doing well!

Love to all!



Replies to Denise and James.

For Denise on involuntary pushing during an accident: I have only experienced that once as a grown up. It's strange how a point comes when the body just does its own thing and it can't be stopped. My other accidents happened because I put myself in a compromising position first such as trying to carry a heavy box when I needed to poop. And of course I also learned once to never trust a fart. Well, twice, but the second time was almost insignificant.

For James on trunks vs. briefs: First, it's always nice to see a post from a long time contributor. Your many stories are fun to read. I have wondered how other underwear types fare in containing accidents, unintentional or otherwise. Long story short, I have never pooped in anything but underwear styles that have leg elastics right across the bottom of the butt cheeks like briefs. I definitely wouldn't trust loose boxers or a thong. But I honestly don't know how boxer briefs and trunks would do. They have elastics going around the thighs and I always imagined the load would just accumulate there. It sounds unpleasant but would it still hold? Your experience says no. Others seem to say it more or less stays in place. I don't intend to find out, heh.


MD's Survey

Heyyy I'm a small short asian girl and one of Dillon's closest friends since growing up. I love taking poops and I usually spend a long time since I take big dumps
1. I was constipated at Disney and I was worrying about pushing so I got out in 10 minutes
2. If I'm constipated, I grunt and make uuuhhh and grrrr sounds while I'm pushing
3. my biggest poop was actually the one I took at Dillon's place where he walked in on me and I took 40 minutes.
4. yeah! I've seen at least 7 of my girl friends poop in front of me and one of them I've pooped on the same toilet with
5. about 1.5 weeks

Today my mom took me and my sister Sarah to the Golden Corral for lunch. My mom always takes us to go potty as soon as we feel like it, even if there is no bathroom nearby.

When we got to the restaurant, we went straight to the buffet to get some food. After eating, my mom asked us if we needed to go potty. I said yes because I had to pee really bad. So, we all walked towards the restrooms. When we reached the bathroom, my mom opened the door and held it open for us. We entered the room, which had a toilet and sink inside.

My mom closed and locked the door behind her. my mom sat on the toilet seat and began peeing. I walked over to a corner and undid my pants. Then, I started peeing against the wall. At the same time, she also helped my sister Sarah by holding her hands as she squatted and peed on the floor.

After we finished, we pulled up our pants and left the bathroom.
It felt good to pee! That's all from me today, folks! Bye!

Wednesday, June 26, 2024


Pooping with a different coworker, Old Man Karl Pt 3

Later that night, we ate at a barbecue place near the hotel room. Feeling newly empty from the massive successful outside poop I just did, I gorged myself once again. I probably ate four pounds of meat in one sitting, ordering multiple platefuls of pulled pork and complimenting it with lots of high-calorie low-fiber potato salad. We got to the hotel room and I went to bed.

We worked all Thursday long, only breaking for lunch. More barbecue. It was now evening and I hadn't pooped since yesterday by that park. I felt constipated again as I should have pooped after dinner yesterday, and at least twice today so far.

At dinnertime, my coworker decided to opt out of eating dinner, and I returned to the barbecue place yet again. After I finished eating pounds of meat and racking up a $50 bill for my employer to pay, now I needed to poop.

I went to the back of the restaurant, where there was a Mens' room and a Ladies' room, both single-occupant facilities with locking doors. The Mens' room was locked. I waited for about 3 minutes when the pressure got painful. I wasn't able to wait anymore and entered the Ladies room. There I proceeded to take a big, wet, heavy, sloppy poop accompanied with lots of farts, as I felt the door handle wiggle, the lock preventing the door from opening.

I heard a woman's voice, "Someone's in there."

More poop kept on coming.


One of them whispered, "Hrumph. I hate smelling other people's shit."

"Don't worry. I got some spray you can use."

There were what sounded to be two woman standing outside, discussing the locked restroom. It was obvious they heard my barrage of poop splash into the water from outside. All of this restaurant food was producing compacted, sloppy, heavy, wet poops and they made quite a splash.

I wiped up and got clean with about 4 passes, the industrial-grade toilet paper dispenser loudly squeaking away as I rolled the paper and tore it off to wipe. I flushed the toilet and it left some brown streaks all over the toilet bowl.

When I exited the room, there were two ladies that looked like they could be mother and daughter. There was a late-teen girl who saw me and gave an awkward smile, while a 40-something lady that looked a lot alike her but older sized me up, probably wondering why I didn't use the Mens' room. I walked away as the teenager entered the Ladies' room.

In the hotel that Friday morning, as I was taking a pee, my coworker barged in again. He asked me if I'd mind if he'd hop in the shower. I told him to go ahead, and he started to undress as I zipped up, flushed, and washed my hands. I left the bathroom, shut the door, and I heard the toilet seat go down as he proceeded to empty his bowels, accompanied with lots of flatulence.

We ate breakfast at a donut shop. I didn't at all feel the need to poop this morning.

We ate lunch at the taco place again. While I was in the Mens' room taking a pee, my coworker came in and then took the middle urinal right next to me instead of the further one. As I was relieving my bladder, I let out a loud fart. *PRORT* My coworker then commented, "That's cute!" I was embarrassed at the remark and resented that he was almost always around me whenever I needed to use the toilet. As I washed my hands, my coworker stood at the urinal, and this entire time I didn't hear anything come out of him. He was just standing there with his unit out, breathing heavily. I had a guess as to what he was actually doing. I left. I should have pooped at least twice this day already, and should have just now. But my insides weren't ready because the restaurant food threw everything off course, and my bowels were always shy with this coworker around(unless it was an extreme emergency to where they were at maximum capacity, as happened at the park).

It was now evening. We went to the local Walmart to pick up supplies. As we were walking around the store, I felt yesterday's meals rushing toward their exit point. Without saying anything, I headed to the restroom, and it was a four urinal two-stall setup. I walked passed a 20-something man checking himself out in the mirror at the sinks, took the first stall, dropped my pants to my ankles, and proceeded to defecate.

It came rushing out, loudly crackling.


It wasn't a solid log, but a bunch of soft, wet, mostly large but irregularly shaped clumps. As it was pouring out, the door to the Mens' room opened. I saw my coworker walk passed my stall through the gap in the door. He stared through the gap at me as he walked slowly passed, and took the handicapped stall adjacent to me. He lowered his pants and sat on the adjacent toilet. More came rapidly spilling out of me.


I felt like what seemed to be pounds of excrement pouring out of my chocolate starfish for the next 30 seconds. He was already seated in the adjacent stall next to me and waited about 30 seconds to ask me, "<My name omitted>, I hope I'm not embarrassing you, but do you mind me keeping you company again this time?"

With annoyance, I responded, "If you need to poop, that's what the second stall is for. You don't need my permission to use it. Do what you need to do."

He then said, "Good, we're on the same page then. A good lookin' boy comfortable with his body. That's why I like you." I found the exchange awkward and unnecessary. The 20-something man who was at the sink and saw me enter the stall before hearing me violently defecate, may have agreed that the conversation was awkward, as he quickly left.

I pushed and strained a bit, grunting "Ugh..." and more came pouring out of me.


My coworker then remarked, "It takes confidence to take a number 2 in public like that. I hope you're enjoying it!"

I then said, "I go when I have to."

He then reminded me of my outdoors fiasco days prior, "The sight of you squatting outside was something else. Now I get to hear it too. And smell it. I feel blessed."

This is probably the most embarrassed I'd been using a normal stall since some creeper at the library stared at me through a hole in the stall wall(See "The Stalls Have Eyes", page 2876). This coworker was thoughtfully listening to every sound my body made while I pooped out yesterday's meals in that stall, my legs exposed underneath with my pants at my shoes. It was clear that he was getting some sort of gratification out of me pooping next to him, and it made me very uncomfortable. Plus I heard nothing coming from his stall, as if he was just sitting there to listen to me use the toilet.

I pushed and strained some more, my knees involuntarily waving back and forth. My coworker remarked, "Sometimes you got to fight to push it all out. Then you'll feel like a million bucks!"

The last of it dropped in, a hard ball of poop about 3 inches in diameter.


It splashed my anus after landing in the water.

He then commented, "Man, I bet you feel good after that one."

I then responded, "You're making me uncomfortable. Please stop."

He then remarked, "Hey, it's a public restroom. No need to be embarrassed. You said it was okay for me to be here doing the same thing and I can't help but hear what you're doing."

While I wiped up, I still didn't hear a single noise come from the stall my coworker was in. No pee, not a fart, not a plop. Nothing this entire time. He was just there to listen to me poop and maybe stare at my exposed ankles as I did so. I flushed, washed my hands, and waited outside the restroom.

He was in there for only 2 minutes longer and when he came out of the Mens' room, he told me, "All better now. I enjoyed that." My imagination ran wild with regard to what exactly it was that he enjoyed, because I didn't hear him so much as fart the entire time he sat in the adjacent stall next to me. I felt awkward at what took place.

The job assignment ended Saturday morning and we went our separate ways. We met again later on in summer of 2010 for another job assignment, and once again stayed at a hotel room together in Laredo. In Pt 4, I have yet more stories involving pooping with this co-worker present, one of them almost as embarrassing as the one at the park.


A nature call made me late for work.

It was a typical weekday morning and I was getting ready for work. I already had my toaster French toast and coffee. As I was eating, I felt perfectly fine. No sign of the storm brewing inside me. Next I needed to wash up, shave, get dressed, and roll out the door. I felt a bit of activity in my ???? but I ignored it. About ten minutes later while I was getting ready, the pressure went from a 2 to an 8 on a scale of 10. If I was thinking about traveling to the office, settling in, and then heading to the men's room, I had another think coming.

I had to go to the bathroom NOW so that's what I did. A couple of pre-pooping farts I couldn't contain escaped as I pulled my pants and undies down, lifted the toilet lid, and sat. Within seconds a very soft, large log came out and landed in the water. A couple smaller turds followed. I didn't want to clog the toilet so I got up, flushed, and sat back down while the tank refilled. More soft poo eased out of me. Sometimes big bowel movements like these cause me discomfort. Today's wasn't too bad. It was just a matter of getting it out in a timely fashion. Finally finished, I got up and looked at the bowl. Absolutely nasty. I'm glad I flushed the first wave as I doubt the toilet could've handled the full load. My toilet is prone to clogging and my roommate does it on a regular basis. The next issue was wiping. It took about three or four wads of toilet paper to get adequately but not completely clean. Don't want to be too late for work. I am wearing dark colored older briefs so no big deal if there's a skidmark later. In the end, I arrived five minutes late today which is tolerable at my workplace. I'm just grateful that the sudden need to poop didn't occur while I was en route to work.

Princess Toadstool Peach

Some Dookie Going Hard Questions.

Hello everyone I am Princess Toadstool Peach and today I got some questions for you to answer you can tell me if you want or you can just pretend they are not here like my stories I wrote so far.

Have you ever squatted over a potty and watch yourself poo?

If outside would you rather do a wee in the grass or a poo behind a bush?

If clogged up what do you do to get all of your big thick poo brownloads out?

Would you rather use a potty or poopoo in your panties?

Do you often have a best friend with you to keep you company while you're pooing?

Does your wee end in couple of drips and drops like mine?

Have you tried defecating or urinating in a Huggies diaper pull up nappy or in a bucket?

What is your go to food before having a big thick BM pooh poo?

(Last question) Do you ever try filling up the toilet with your BMs?

Well that's all the questions until next time… Bye bye now!!


Survey For The Female Poopers

@ Kenna - love the stories with you and Josh - love how you help him - has he ever helped you?

Just a quick survey for all the female poopers out there

1) Have you ever been constipated in a public place and did you worry about pushing etc?
2) When you are constipated, what sounds do you make when pushing?
3) What's the biggest turd you've ever produced?
4) Have you ever buddy dumped with a friend or seen a friend poop?
5) What's the longest time you've been constipated for?



To the unnamed poster who asked these Questions:

Q: How many times have you used a bathroom of the opposite sex?
A: Several times, too many to count.

Q: What type of place were they?
A: The mall, school, and the park.

Q: Were you the first person in the room or one of the last to take a seat?
A: The first one.

Q: What do you feel would have been different if you were the last in and each of the six toilets was in use?
A: I would have politely waited my turn for the pot of course. It would be impolite to rush someone through their business like that.

Q: What reactions would you expect?
A: Surprise and shock mainly, it's not every day a lady uses the men's room with such bravado.

Q: Do you always wipe the seat before sitting on it?
A: Only when I'm super desperate. I usually take the time to completely line the seat with paper.

Q: Please describe the toilet paper and what was it like. I get so pissed by those dumb squares. It doesn't matter whether I'm standing or sitting for my wipe, they are awkward to use. About 90% of the time my fingers actually do the wiping. Does this happen to you?
A: Yes it happens to me on occasion, the toilet paper was in a roll but it was single ply and very flimsy and hard to wipe with.

Q: Is it easier to talk to those on the toilet next to you?
A: Only when they're the one who starts the conversation.

Q: Does that break the barrier down?
A: A little.



Abandoned Building Poo

Hi everyone, Blakey again. I'm here to tell a story from a bit ago about a poo I had at a music festival that was held at a large semi abandoned factory complex. The first half of the festival was great, until I ate lunch, I think it was a chili dog with cheese, and it upset my stomach badly. At first it just felt like gas, then I got bubble guts and started letting loose wet farts. Finally i couldn't wait, and I made my way through the crowd. I stopped to ask a security guard where the porta potties were, and she said, "Sorry girl, you're just going to have to find a place to squat if you're desperate, porta potties are on the other side of the venue and they're overrun." I thanked her and started walking towards one of the abandoned factories to find a private space to squat. As I approached I noticed that a side door was ajar. So being my mischievous self I squeezed through the gap and into the building. Looking around I was in a big assembly hall, plenty of places to pop a squat. But I had a higher goal, I couldn't see a rusty sign that said "ladies" on the far wall, so I made my way there. By this point I was sharting every time I let out gas but, I carried on. I made it to the sign and found a run down two stall restroom. Checking the stalls, the first one had toilet paper lining the seat and muddy brown water in the bowl, and the second was covered in paper and waste. I chose the first one, pulling down my leggings and very stained white panties, I plopped my butt down on the seat and groaned as I let out two thunderous bassy farts. Just as I was about to let go, I heard someone coming. I tried to be as quiet as possible, soon enough a younger girl (I was 20 she had to be 14) poked her head into the restroom.
"Occupied." I whispered.
She looked at me, sitting on that abandoned pot, first with surprise, and then with desperate want. She quickly rushed into the other stall, gagging at the sight, but I could hear her undoing her jeans and plonking down on the seat. Her strong pee stream triggered my bowels and I exploded into the pot. She did a quick pee and a little poo, and then left me, but not before giving me a pack of tissues to wipe up with. I sat there for about thirty minutes before i finished. I cleaned my butt thoroughly, and lined the seat of my panties with paper. I then pulled them up, pulled up my leggings, left my pot of destruction behind and disappeared back into the crowd.
Questions and Comments appreciated


Replying to Cow

Your post makes me want to start taking my stool softeners again. I literally was straining all last week and it probably could've been avoided if I just been a little more regular with taking my stool softeners. I can't get myself to take metamucil because it's just too thick and I tried everything including trying orange juice but nope!

I couldn't even drink it unless I held my nose to not taste it. Never worked.


involuntary pushing

To the unnamed poster - thank you for sharing your experiences, some of them sound really similar to mine!

I wanted to share another accident story from my early 20s, and another aspect of accidents I have noticed, which is the involuntary pushing. I will explain.

I was in college and living with a roommate, and one day I was working on a project that really kept my attention. I worked on it for several hours without a break and in retrospect, I can remember that I was rocking a bit in my chair and sitting on my foot to hold in the poop I needed, but of course this didn't come into my awareness enough for me to notice 'I need the bathroom'.

It was only hearing the bathroom door click shut and the shower turn on that made me realize, 'oh I REALLY have to go to the bathroom'. I needed to go both ways, very badly. I was immediately annoyed with myself for only realizing it once the bathroom had become inaccessibe. But anyway, what else could I do but wait!

It did occur to me that I could knock on the door and say I had to go, but I had already done that a couple of times in the preceding weeks, and my roommate had made a joke about me needing to be toilet trained. We laughed of course, but it made me really self conscious and I didn't want to do it again. Of course, in retrospect I should have, but the embarrassment about being someone with chaotic toilet habits overwhelmed me. I never did get used to the shame of finding myself in emergency situations which were my own fault, so I just didn't always know what to do, or felt too overcome with embarrassment to think straight. This was one of those times!

So I tried my best to keep holding it, but before long an intense cramp hit and I could feel my poop coming out and settling between my cheeks. It was a 'bit by bit' type accident at first, in which only a small amount came out initially. I cursed and started praying my roommate would hurry up, because there was definitely no way for me to knock on the door now with poop already in my pants! Another cramp came and another small amount came out, I could now feel a very slight bulge in my pants. My face was burning red at this point, I'd never had an accident in this house and was so embarrassed at what was unfolding! I was still holding out hope to mostly poop on the toilet, but at this point I really couldn't deny that I was having an accident.

Unfortunately my roommate was one of those people who took ages in the shower, and she just wouldn't come out. I was bouncing and dancing and crossing my legs for what felt like hours, but was probably only about 10 minutes. The pressure kept building back up and soon it was as bad as ever. I felt another huge cramp building and knew I wouldn't be able to stop at least a small amount of poop coming out. As it peaked, I decided to just relax my butt the tiniest amount, thinking it doesn't matter, I'm just letting a bit out and I can still maybe make it to the bathroom. But my body seized the opportunity, and as soon as I relaxed I felt my stomach push without any effort from me. I was shocked and grunted from the movement and the surprise. My body pushed a large poop into my underwear and I felt it push down into my undies and spread into a large ball, bulging my pants out and weighing them down. It settled at the bottom of my butt, slightly pushing my legs apart. I was shocked at how heavy it felt. Of course I still had to pee really badly too and leaked enough that there was a ring of wetness in my crotch, but I managed to stop that flow before it got too bad.

Now I was fairly upset, and had tears in my eyes. Despite having had a number of accidents before, I never did get used to the embarrassment and shame. I knew my roommate was probably going to work, so I waited it out in my room, which was just awful. I stank, and I couldn't stop worrying about whether she might knock and come in. Of course I still had to pee really badly too, and I hated not being able to clean up right away. Having to stand there in my heavy bulging pants just compounded my shame by the minute! Thankfully, she was gone in about ten minutes, but by then I'd peed a little more and my pee was running down into my socks. I waddled into the bathroom and began the task of cleaning up.

Anyway, the involuntary pushing was something I'd never experienced before and I thought it was quite interested in hindsight, how the body can take over and make something happen. Of course in previous accidents the poop had come out involuntarily, but it was more of a 'the poop is coming out even though I'm trying to hold it back' rather than 'my body isn't holding it back but pushing even though my brain tells it no'. Does that make sense?

PJ (He/Him)

skidmark thesis survey

Welcome back. I don't know if I have introduced myself. I have been lurking here since I was 20, but may not have started posing since your most recent break! I am also 43 and I think you have been posting here a while maybe since Carmalita, Punk Rock Girl are the names that I remember from the early 200o's. Feels like yesterday. The Punk Rock song "1985" should be remastered to "2005" Where does the time go!

As for toilet topics, same sold same old with me. Ultimately what got me to post was when I peed in a soda can when my toddler son was a sleep in the care and I did not want to wake him up. I feel like my toilet stories are so boring so I never posted. But I guess the point of the forum is no matter how boring or exciting, nature calls for everyone!

I will jump in on the skidmark survey. I will say there are plenty of skidmarks in the toilet in our house, but they really are never from me!

In the last week have you left skidmarks in the toilet after poop? No

In the last month have you left skidmarks in the toilet after a poop? Nope

In the last week have you left skidmarks in your underwear after a poop?

In the last month have you left skidmarks in you underwear after a poop?
Not to my knowledge. I have to say, its easier to see skidmarks on women's underwear in my experience unless a guy is wearing those white briefs that come in packs of.

Other factors:
Do clean up with wet wipes or a bidet after poop? Wet ipes at home, dry wipe when I have to go to the office, but I work at home

Dp you wear underwear that rides up your bum (wedgie) often? Rarely. I wear boxers that really don't ride up and my boxer briefs stay in place when I work out

Do you wipe until the paper is clean? yes plus one more wipe for good luck

Are you a skidmarks unicorn never leaving skidmarks in the toilet or underwear. Most of my underwer is dark , I threw away my last light colored pair of underwear a couple years ago, which is the last skidmark I remember. But I never leave skidmarks in the toilet...I still stink up the bathroom as much as anyone though.

Just curious how long everyone here has been reading and posting! Not counting months and years we take breaks.

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