Very soft easy poop

This morning I got up, went pee, brushed my teeth and went upstairs for breakfast. Had a soup with fruit, vegetables and some kind of biscuit with seeds. Took a while to eat and after breakfast I took my medications. Spent the morning on the internet and at lunch had noodles with chili pepper sauce, onions, carrots and meat.

Just a few minutes ago I got the urge to poop so I grabbed the Walmart bag, took my bedroom flip flops off, opened the door, stepped outside my room, put those flip flops on and went to the washroom. Turned on the light, closed the door, walked to the toilet. Pulled my pants and underwear down and sat on the toilet. Peed first for about 30 seconds then pushed out a very soft easy poop that came out no problem and stunk up the washroom lol. PU. When I was done I took some toilet paper and wiped my front first then wiped my butt really well. Tossed the toilet paper into the toilet, stood up, pulled my pants and underwear up and turned to look in the toilet. There was soft flaky looking poop in the toilet, no lumps. Flushed the toilet and it was gone though the washroom reeked. Went to the sink, turned it on, ran the soap under water and between my hands and washed my hands well. After I was done I turned off the tap, grabbed the Walmart bag and left the washroom. Went to my room, took off the flip flops outside my room, went into my room, put those flip flops on and dried my hands on the towel in here.
I hope everyone is staying safe, happy and healthy.

Happy peeing and pooping!


Emma two

Poo while out running

I went out for a run around the park today and I after six laps of the lake I was desperate for a poo. I quickly made my way to the toilets but they were closed for repairs and I was struggling to hold it. I'd heard about people that have soiled themselves during a marathon and I though if they could do that, I could do that. No one was around and I kept running while I relaxed my bottom. I felt the heat of it between my bum cheeks as it started coming up and as it spread out in my running shorts and across my bottom I felt the most amazing relief. I pushed it all out and when I finished it felt so warm and sticky in my knickers and shorts. It was a lot. Much more than I expected but my knickers held it all and I leant on a tree to flatten the load so it wouldn't look so obvious I'd pood myself. I went home and cleaned up in my bathroom and no one knew what I'd done.

Erin B.

Disney World Poop

Hi everyone! Last week I had the opportunity to go to Disney World in Florida with my boyfriend and it honestly was so much fun. It was our two year anniversary trip and we wanted to make it special and we chose Disney world as we both are big Disney nerds.

We got to magic Kingdom around 9am and stayed there all day. We had so much food and rode so many rides! We had lunch at the Star Wars Galaxy's edge around 12 and that was when I first felt the need to poop. I had gone to the bathroom right when we got to the park near Main Street and just peed but now I felt like I could probably use the bathroom. We were going to wait in a super long line for the "smugglers run" ride and I didn't want to hold it for 2 hours. I told my boyfriend I was going to the bathroom and to watch my stuff.

I found the bathroom and was honestly looking forward to seeing what it would be like. All the bathrooms seem to have a theme and it was fun to see how they looked. I walked in and it was a huge bathroom with stalls and on three sides with sinks in the middle. They were all this metallic green color and the bathroom was pretty busy. I found a free stall and made my way in. I noticed I had other people on either side of me and both seemed to be peeing. The stall looked pretty clean so I pulled down my shorts and panties and sat down. I had on a cute outfit with denim jean shorts and a Star Wars shirt my boyfriend got me. As I sat down I could hear the people beside me leave and be replaced by others. I pushed gently as my first log crackled out and landed in the water. It wasn't too big but I still felt some in me. As I was pushing out my second turd I noticed that the woman next to me had a little girl with her and was asking her if she needed to go. The girl loudly said no and the mom told the girl to be quieter. As I pushed out my second turd, I accidentally farted and it was kinda loud. Usually I'm not one to get embarrassed but this was LOUD. The little girl starts laughing and the mom tells the girl to stop. I honestly couldn't help but chuckle too. As I wiped and finished up I exited the stall and washed my hands. One thing I do like about going at theme parks is the sense of anonymity. I'm most likely never going to see any of these people again so I might as well let it all out. I made my way back to my boyfriend and we went on several more rides and had a couple more snacks. My favorite was the "Dole Whip" ice cream!

Later, we went to dinner at the "Be Our Guest" restaurant which is beauty and the beast themed place. After dinner we were in line for the Snow White and the seven dwarves roller coaster and my stomach started to hurt. I told my boyfriend I needed a bathroom but I figured I would wait until after the ride. Once we got strapped in I could feel my stomach hurt and was slightly worried I would poop my pants on the ride but thankfully that didn't happen lol.

After the ride I beelined towards the bathrooms near Main Street again and rushed into a stall. It wasn't super busy but there were a few people in there. I rushed into a stall and sat down and barely made it. All the food I had eaten that day decided to catch up to me. In one push, I completely filled the toilet bowl. It was one of those poops where it all comes out in a giant fart that splatters the bowl. I sighed with relief and felt a little self conscious as everyone in the bathroom probably heard my diarrhea. I heard several other people pooping but no one next to me was. I sat on the toilet for a bit to let my stomach settle a bit and texted my boyfriend. He asked if I was okay and I was, I just had to use the restroom. I pushed out one more wave of loose turds and felt done. My stall was very stinky and i really had to use a lot of toilet paper to get clean. One thing I didn't like about any of the bathrooms at Disney was the toilet paper. It's all half ply and takes so many wipes to feel clean. After I wiped and flushed I washed my hands and made my way back to my boyfriend. We're super open about going to the bathroom and stuff like that so he was understanding about my situation. I didn't have to go any other time during that night but that definitely was a memorable part of the trip! Has only else had similar experiences at Disney or any theme parks? I'd love to read other experiences and hope to post more in the future!


Pooping live

Hello everyone! I'm so so sorry for being away for so long. I took a break from anything computer related for a month. I thought I'd check back in as I literally poop! Currently in a big department store in the ladies room, stall number 2 (kinda appropriate for a #2!). Currently by myself. It's 3:25 on Wednesday. Jeans and panties around my ankles, legs open slightly. Just started what promises to be a very big poop. Haven't gone in a few days and I have that gassy, bloated feeling, with what feels like long logs to push out. So far several farts and a few little turds. Definitely feel the need to push but I'm also enjoying this some. Gasping a bit as my butthole stretches open. Big turd number 1, is on its way. Gritting my teeth now. It's thick. 5 inches long. Whew. Lots more to go. This toilet is really low to the floor. I'm in a squat type position which is good. I keep leaning forward and then back. Feels good as the seat swallows my cheeks and gently spreads them apart. My hole feels dirty. Little turd dropped. That makes 6. Legs wide now……pushing again….feels thicker. Huge turd……I'm farting as it slides out……it keeps coming and coming. It feels so good. Just looked in the toilet…..over 2 feet long coiled back on itself…2 inches thick. Just now joined by another pooper….appears to be a kid. She's done with two grunts and two plops in 30 seconds. I feel done. I let that monster slide out without interruption. Hope this post was ok….it's brief but I promise is descriptive of a huge poop! Until next time…..which I promise will be soon!!!!


Reply to Petro

Hello! I'm back! School's been quite busy, but I wanted to respond to Petro's questions from a few weeks ago!

1. Is it difficult for you to poop?
Nope! At most I just have to really push it out or take a break and try again later.

2. As you're pooping, have you to strain a lot for pushing your poop out?
Unless it's a big poop, I don't have to strain much typically.

3. Do you usually fart before you start pooping?
Yes. When I first get the urge I'll start farting quite often. On the toilet I'll fart some more, then once the gas is out of me the solid stuff will start making its way out. For example, a few days ago I forgot to poop during lunch (my normal time), so during the next class I was passing quite a few farts (that thankfully were quiet and weren't too stinky). When I finally excused myself to the restroom, I took a stall, pulled down my leggings and underwear, passed a 5 second fart to get rid of the rest of the gas, did a 25 second pee, then with a gentle push my butthole opened and a 12 inch long 2 inch wide turd plopped down. I don't remember farting often after that bodily need was taken care of.

4. As you sit down on the toilet for pooping, have you always to push a lot before your first turd comes out?
Typically no. However if I eat a lot or it's just a bigger turd then yes. Also a few days ago, I went to the bathroom during lunchtime for my normal daily poop. However I had a big lunch and dinner 2 days earlier, and the fullness of my bowels confirmed this. I went to the cafeteria girls restroom (which was full of girls either peeing after holding it all morning and/or pooping out some digested food to make some space in their bowels for their now digesting lunches). So I took an empty stall, pulled down my pink-patterned leggings and underwear, peed and farted, then pushed, but the turd was too big to fully come out by itself (I could feel it pressing against my anus). So I pushed harder with some grunts, and after stretching through my butthole, the solid turd dropped out of me with a sigh and very quiet plop. I rubbed my stomach, as a much smaller log cued itself up for release. I pooped it out quickly without pushing, and it landed with a plop. The big turd was 14 inches long and 3 inches wide while the smaller one was 6 inches long and 1 inch wide.

5. Do you always poop by yourself? Do you ever use enema or suppositories?
I always poop by myself.

6. Do you usually poop as you feel you have to do it? Do you ever sit down on the toilet and trying to poop without having an urge for it? Would you be able to poop in that case?
I poop everyday at lunchtime, and typically feel an urge then. If I've had a super big meal, then yes I'll feel another urge later on just to get some more waste out and give the new stuff more space.
I'll sometimes sit on the toilet without feeling an urge if:
1. I don't want to hav to go later
2. I ate a lot and feel really full (or my stomach is uncomfortable for some reason).
For example, over the holidays we went on vacation and had to fly. So before the flight boarded, I excused myself from my family and went to the bathroom to make sure I was empty for the flight (and I had to pee quite badly anyway). So I went into the girls restroom, took a stall, pulled down my gray sweatpants, peed for 45 seconds, then started trying to poop. I had no urge, but didn't want to have to take a fat dump on the plane (and my daily poop time was in the middle of the flight. So after pushing for a bit and rubbing/messaging my stomach, my rectum opened and placed a solid log into my anus, ready to be pooped out. So I began pooping out the freshly made turd. I could tell it was fresh from the poop factory in my Stomach as it smelled quit bad and crackled a lot. It was 11 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. Sure enough, I didn't have to poop on the plane, and instead just passed a 2 second fart!

7. Have you ever a situation as you sit down on the toilet for pooping and start pushing, but you can't push your poop out? And have you often situations as you have to push for a long time during pooping? If you had such situations, did you perceive them as a positive or a negative thing?
Nope, that's never happened (unless I've tried to poop without feeling the urge). If I feel an urge to poop, and I go into the bathroom to take care of that urge, then no matter what size or type of poop it is I will always leave the bathroom lighter than when I entered if you know what I mean.

8. Do you like pooping? If you have to push a big turd out, is it pleasant for you? Do you take it for a positive thing?
Yes, I love pooping. It's all the tasty food and wonderful meals we eat. And after digesting it all into an unrecognizable stinky brown mass, we squeeze it through a private part of our bodies. I think it's cool that food goes in and poop comes out. Where's that cooked salmon from dinner? Or that salad from lunch? I turned it into poop, pushed it out my butt, and now it's flushed down the toilet.

9. If you've pushed a big turd out, are you proud of it?
Yes. I'm a small girl, so I love placing my small butt on the toilet and passing a humongous load of poop. I try to flush at school when I can, but sometimes those giant turds won't flush. In those cases, people are amazed and guess who left the "huge shit" in the toilet. I'm never guessed!

10. Do you like peeing? If you pee a lot of urine out, is it pleasant for you?
Yes. I love the feeling of a full bladder, and that tingling feeling inside that says I need to pee. Then sitting on a toilet and feeling my pee flow out my bladder, hiss out of my urethra, and splash into the toilet. Then the relief of feeling my bladder get emptier as its contents are drained.

11. Do you often try to poop after peeing? As you sit down on the toilet for your morning pee, do you usually also try to poop after it?
Typically no. If I go to pee and feel an urge to poop though, I'll finish peeing then dump whatever poop needs to come out. I'm already sitting on the toilet, I now have both urges, it's stupid to leave one waste stored in me when I could just get it all out now.

12. Do you ever poop outdoors? If you do, do you do it only alone or also with somebody else?
Nope. Only on an indoor toilet (porta-potties and other toilets like that count as indoor to me).

13. May I also ask you some questions about pooping in your childhood next time?

14. And I'd also like to ask you: in what state of USA do you live?
Prefer not to say for now!

I'd also like to ask you some additional questions:

About your post "Museum trip poop" (page 2987):
Is pooping not very easy for you? As you went to the bathroom with Jackie (after lunch), didn't she feel the urge for pooping, but she tried to poop in spite of it?
Nope, pooping is quite simple for me. It just wasn't a real urge the first time I went to the bathroom. Jackie is different from me, and can sometimes poop before she gets the strong urge.

Some questions about your post "First school poop" (page 2979):
As Jackie was pooping, was it very difficult for her poop out on that day? Have I comprehended it right?
In soite of poop being already in your butthole, had you to push a lot for expelling it? You were grunting, so was it ratherdifficult for you too, pushing that poop out? As you pushed that nice big turd out, were you proud of having done it?
Nope. We were tiny 6 year old kids, our butt holes were very small but our poops were kind of big. Not to big, but just big enough to where we had to push a bit to get them out. Plus our small abdomen muscles couldn't just passively push out a solid turd. At the time I was quite timid so not really, but looking back yes I am proud of it.

About your post "My final elementary school poop, part 1 (page 2989):
As you were pooping with Jackie during the swim-party, was it very difficult for you to poop those turds out, especially the first one? Had you to push very hard for doing it? And was it very difficult for Jackie too?
They were big, so yeah it took some pushing from both of us to get them out. Not overly difficult, but we both definitely put some effort into expelling those poops.

About your post "An incredible bathroom trip (page 3011):
As you were pooping on that day, was it also rather difficult for you to push that big turd out? Do I comprehend right you had to strain much for doing it?
Yeah I had to strain a bit. Again it was a really big turd, so I had to fight my butthole and sphincter trying to naturally close themselves and not get stretched wide open by my gargantuan load of poop.

About your post "Mall mega dump, part 1 and 2 (page 3011 and 3016):
Was it very difficult both for you and for Olivia to push your so big and thick turds out? Had you to strain a lot by that pooping?
As you pushed that nice big turd out, were you proud of having done it?
Yes they were big turds so straining was needed to help them get out and then keep them coming out. Yes, I was proud of it,

About your post "First poop of the school year" (page 3021):
Do I comprehend right that it was particularly difficult both for you and for Olivia and for Jackie to push such huge turds out?
There was some minor difficulty for me since my poop was big (there was a lot of digested waste in it). Olivia had some difficulty and really needed to push because she was very full of a bunch of fat solid giant turds, so there was a lot of stuff for her to push out. Jackie had no difficulty though and just passed the poop straight out her butt since it was a regular poop for her.

About your post "Constipated school poop" (page 3025):
Does it often succeed with you that you try to poop, but you can't push your poop out at all?
This was a rare example where something happened (I'm guessing not enough fiber) that made me unable to poop for a few days. Normally I can get the poop out of me.

As you push big turds out, is it painful for you? Does your butthole hurt after it?
At the moment, do you remember well some concrete pooping you described in your past posts, for example, a few months ago? Do you remember now in details as you were pushing your turds out on some of these days?
Sometimes it's a bit sore since those giant turds stretch my butthole. But it gets better quickly.
I can remember some details, but not all of them. Especially recently, as I've only been doing normal poops everyday during lunch time recently, so they are a bit hard to keep track of. There have been a few special instances of giant, butt breaking poops that I may post about later (mainly my absolutely giant post-Thanksgiving and Christmas feast poops).

Hope that answers your questions. I may post again later, but we'll see since I am busy.
Bye for now!


To Thander

To answer this question about dizziness after a poop, I have never experienced that. However, one time I made it to the toilet in just the nick of time after needing to go desperately and absolutely straining to hold it in for a good 20 minutes, and the minute I sat down and released my nose started bleeding.


Re: Jessica; Tales as a college custodian

Please share more. I can relate to these stories because it has happened to me many times.

At an office I used to work at, all the cleaning staff(mostly female) knew me because they kept catching me in the Mens' room while I was mid-poop. See my story "Poop at the Office" on page 2880. On a few occasions, there was a cleaning lady who didn't even knock or announce herself and just came in while I was pooping. On page 3032, I wrote a story "Diarrhea at the office" recounting events where one heard me having diarrhea. On page 2951, I recounted once how I was wearing headphones while pooping, got intruded upon because I didn't hear a cleaning lady knock and announce her entry, titled "Re: Amelie; gaining confidence to poop in public restrooms". On page 3036, I recount how I got intruded upon while sitting in the stall at the office Mens' room the day after Thanksgiving, see "I once had to work the day after Thanksgiving". On one occasion, the cleaning lady knocked when I had no toilet paper, and was nice enough to come in and hand me some from under the stall.

When I was a kid, I was using a doorless stall in middle school with a bout of diarrhea, and got intruded upon by a female custodian. See Page 2875, "My first time using a doorless stall".

At a rest stop, I was once using a half stall setup where I could see over the stall door and walls while I was seated. It was a bad emergency, and the cleaning lady walked in on me. We saw each other, and she quickly left, and I ended up clogging the toilet that she saw me using. See page 2875, "Re: Jry".

I recounted multiple other instances of getting walked in on by a cleaning lady while crapping in a stall or peeing at a urinal. See page 2931, "Re: Emma Two; cleaners in the bathroom while you're using it".


Re: Jessica; Tales as a college custodian

I mis-typed a page number. "Re: Emma Two; cleaners in the bathroom while you're using it" referenced in my previous post is found on page 2929. It's a good summary of all my restroom use events where an opposite sex cleaner walked in.

I've peed or pooped with cleaning ladies in the mens' room so many times that the situation is neither embarrassing or novel to me. Some of these incidents I'd entirely forgotten about only to remember them later on(such as the day after Thanksgiving incident).

I can relate to those sorts of stories, so please share them.

Emma two

Desperate poo on the way to work

My last four days ago and I was on my way to work this morning when I got a stomach ache and I realised I had to get to a toilet and fast. I sat on the bus with my bottom clenched tightly and just about managed to avoid pooing my knickers. It helped that I was sitting down but I knew that would change as soon as I got off the bus. Sure enough I made it to my stop and I made an extra effort with my clenching and carefully stood up to get off the bus. When I stepped off the bus I felt a big urge to poo and I came very close to having an accident in my knickers but somehow I kept control. Now for the three hundred yard walk into work. That was by far the longest walk I've ever had to do because I was literally bursting to go. Eventually I saw the office building getting closer and I was so glad to know the relief I was about to have was almost mine. I made into work and I quickly clocked in and headed straight to the toilets with my bottom clenched. I ran into a cubicle, slammed the door shut and locked it and pulled my jeans and knickers down together and threw myself onto the toilet and relaxed. The instant I did that I exploded a huge load of soft semi solid poo into the once prestige toilet. The relief was unbelievable. I can't find the words to describe how good it felt. It was almost orgasmic and I wanted it to last forever. When I finished I looked in the toilet to see what looked like a WW1 battlefield and I had to flush it before I wiped my bottom in case it blocked. It didn't that goodness. I wiped myself four times until I was clean and I flushed the toilet again. It went down OK and I pulled up my knickers and jeans with more care this time and exited my cubicle to wash my hands and start work ten minutes late. Luckily I clocked in on time so technically I wasn't late for work this morning.


Response to wiping survey

Age: Mid 20's
Gender: Female
Height: Average
Weight: Thin

Do you wipe sitting or standing?
I usually start sitting to wipe off my thighs and vulva, and then I stand up to wipe my taint and butt. I wipe my taint and butt even if I haven't pooped, just because I'm a messy pee-er and sometimes I get pee down there.

Do you fold or wad the toilet paper?
I'm a folder.

Do you reach from behind or do you reach in between your legs?
When I'm sitting to wipe off my genitals, it's between my legs. When I'm wiping my butt, I reach around behind.

Do wipe front to back or back to front? (Which direction does the tp travel)
Front to back 100% of the time

Have you ever had someone watch you wipe?
Yes, my girlfriend has been able to watch me wipe after peeing because I pee with the door open when I'm around her. I have not pooped in front of her so she has not seen me clean up after that.
I think when I was a preteen and my brother was a kid he might have been near me when I was wiping because we were on a camping trip and I had brought him to use the holes we were digging in the ground too (I was babysitting him since my parents wanted to relax lol).

Have you ever had someone wipe you? If yes please explain in detail.
Besides when I was a baby in diapers, no.


Big poop

Got up this morning, went pee, brushed my teeth and went upstairs for breakfast. Had soup with bananas, beans, etc in it. Spent the morning surfing the net. For lunch I had noodles with mixed vegetables, hot sauce, some kind of meat and some broth. Had an apple after lunch. Been sipping water now and then (warm water).

Finally a few minutes ago I got the urge to poop so I grabbed my Walmart bag, went to the door, took my bedroom flip flops off, opened the door, stepped outside my room, put those flip flops on, turned off the light, closed the door and walked to the washroom. Turned on the light, closed the door, walked to the toilet, pulled my pants and underwear down and sat on the toilet. Peed first then pushed out a lot of semi-solid poop. Wow there was a lot. Pushed out the last bit of it and it went into the toilet quietly. No flump, no splash, just landed and laid there. Went into my Walmart bag, took the toilet paper, took some off the roll, put the roll back into the Walmart bag and wiped my front first then my butt really well. Tossed the paper into the toilet (between my legs), stood up, pulled my pants and underwear up and turned to look in the toilet. Wow there was a big thick poop in there, taking up a lot of the toilet! Whew! Flushed the toilet, turned on the water, washed my hands really well, grabbed my Walmart bag, went to my room, took the flip flops outside my room off, went into my room, put THOSE flip flops on and now writing this on the bed. I hope everyone is staying safe, happy and healthy.

Happy peeing and pooping!



Response to Jessica

Hey I read your post 'Tales as a college custodian' and I've had very similar experiences at my work although I'm embarrassingly the one in the stall.

I have IBS pretty bad so sometimes I've had to rush into the Men's bathroom while the cleaning lady Amber was in there. I'm always polite and ask her permission if I can use the restroom while holding my stomach in pain and she never minds and actually tries really hard not to laugh. Once in in there though sounding like an out of tune trumpet with massive sounding farts she loses it and starts giggling. It's embarrassing but with only one mens room on are floor and my terrible IBS there isn't much option.

Sometimes I'll already be in the bathroom blowing up the toilet like crazy and she will knock on the door ready to clean saying housekeeping. Once she realizes it's just me she just comes on in and starts cleaning because she knows I'll be a long time.

Toilet Custodians

I'm at my high school for about 12 hours a day. In addition to AP classes, I'm in a bunch of activities, plus I like to hang out and wait for my boyfriend to get done with practice. He's a 3-season athlete.

My question is whether large bathrooms, each with about 20 toilets and sinks, should be closed or open for use when a custodian is cleaning.

Back when I was a freshman I had been holding my crap for like 3 hours. During a passing period there are lines waiting and each toilet can accommodate 1 or 2 users during the 4 minutes. I can do a fast pee like than, but a crap is out of the question unless I want to end up in Saturday detention.

I held it in. Then at 3:05 I hurried down the hall to the closest toilets. My worry is one day my ability to control my crap will not work and that I'm going to have an accident. But vaping, vandalism and a couple of overdoses have caused teachers to be negative toward giving bathroom passes from class.

I rounded the corner into the bathroom and I immediately saw a service cart of cleaning supplies parked against the wall. A lady, about college age, was on her knees in front of one toilet and she swore as she flicked up the seat. I asked her nicely if I could use a toilet on that side of the room pretty much down at the end. She said that was OK, but that she hadn't cleaned those yet. I smiled and thanked her.

Once there, I found there was only a very few sheets of toilet paper remaining. Each of the other toilets between me and her had about the same situation. I walked down to her where she was soaping a seat and asked if I could take a roll off her cart. She said there was enough left in each of those toilets for at least one more user. Then she started to curse that too much TP was being wasted. I took the TP and ran back to the toilet.

My mom's a germaphobe, as some of my friends say. Before I started middle school, mom taught me to pull down 3 sheets of toilet paper to put over the two sides and front of the toilet seat. I didn't like it at first, but in large places, and a lot of butts on the seat throughout each day, and some of the users being very unhygienic, well it started to make more sense as I got older. Both me and my boyfriend do the papering routine much of the time. He literally has to wipe the seat down first to dry off the piss of uncaring guys. Then he papers it.

I was seated about 10 minutes, clothing at floor level, and the custodian looked in on me a few times. Once she asked me to put the toilet paper roll onto the holder. I didn't mind doing that but when I stood, flushed and came out to wash my hands she made 2 or 3 criticisms of me wasting toilet paper (with the seat covering) and how rotten the student body is about keeping the bathrooms clean. I almost started to cry because I do my part and sitting on a few sheets of TP shouldn't be criticized.

My boyfriend said the custodians are not hired by the school, but are employed by a private company that has multiple customers. That shouldn't make a difference because being rude and intolerant shouldn't be acceptable. I'm not about to change my ways or attitude toward this situation.

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After too many party dishes, part 2

I pushed, and masses of poo began to come out into the toilet, they came out slowly, and fell into the toilet with a splash. I was farting loudly. I felt that more and more poop was coming out of me, but so far it clearly wasn't everything. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to sit and poop in a potty all day, although I think I had some kind of slow, thick diarrhea. The poop was soft and there were a lot of them. One by one, they slowly came out of my ass. I also peed a little while I was pooping, because sometimes I pee sitting down. I felt that the poop was no longer coming out of me, but before I could decide that this was the end, I felt that I really wanted to push myself to continue to poop. I pushed, and a soft, massive poop came out of me and fell into the toilet. There was a splash, and then the poop started coming out of me one by one again. After defecating about ten to fifteen poop, I flushed the toilet. The poop kept coming out, and I tried to get it out of me faster helping by push. This helped in part: the poop began to come out more quickly, but there were still a lot of them. I heard seven splashes in the toilet while I was getting out these poo. When these poop finished coming out, I immediately flushed the toilet and felt like I didn't want to poop anymore. I pushed a little just in case, but nothing but farting came out. So I really pooped! I started wiping myself with toilet paper, and spent almost twenty toilet papers, but my ass was still dirty! I'm already tired of wiping myself! So I sat on the toilet for a couple of minutes, and took a break, and then I started to wipe myself again. This time I spent fifteen toilet papers, and finally I was able to wipe my ass. I got dressed and wanted to get out of the toilet (especially since the stench was powerful and suffocating), but I noticed that there were a lot of poop. There was something like a mess of poo in the toilet bowl, the whole bowl was stained with pieces of poo, and it all looked terrible. I flushed the water three times, but the poop didn't flushed. So I started flushing the toilet again, and I think I had to flush the toilet at least seven times to get all the poop out! But I managed to flush everything off! Then I came out of the bathroom, but as soon as I changed my pajamas into day clothes, I wanted to poop again! Unfortunately, the toilet was occupied this time! There was a Paint, and I waited for a few minutes, and then I knocked and asked if he was long still there. In response, Paint said angrily:
- As much as I want! Let me take a shit!
I explained that my stomach aches and I want to poop too. Paint told me to wait a couple of minutes. I shifted from one foot to the other while I waited, but finally, after five agonizing minutes, there was a sound of flushing, and Paint came out of the toilet, pulling up his pants as he went.
"Go, toilet vacant," he said, and I rush to the bathroom. I'll write a sequel later!


Tales as a college custodian

Hello, im Jessica 27 hispanic female. I work at a college as a custodian from afternoon to night. I have had plenty of situations with people using the bathroom. l have always been fascinated by what I encounter. Almost everyone is open about pooping around me, probably because im the cleaning lady idk lol . well the other day im doin my thang and finishing up in the mens bathroom when all the sudden, I hear the door open. In comes the tech guy at the school. I know him hes cool. hes just a chubby nerdy dude, but this mfer dont care that im in there. He just comes in and says "yo Jessica ". And opens the stall and slams it shut. I am at the sink when this dude starts rippin farts lol . I am shocked , they are loud and keep repeating. Then the stop , and I hear him laugh , " You still here Jessica?" I tell him " Yes obviously, and you dont care I see" . he laughs again , " Well I hope you cant smell that " . " no , Im so glad , Yo ass is nasty boy" , just as I finish saying that , I hear some plops and toilet paper shuffling. I gather my supplies and leave the bathroom. He takes a long time , so I came back an hour later and had to clean up a bit more after his big stanky ass . Anyway I'll drop some more. Stories if ya liked that one , thats just one person


ADHD accidents

I used to have occasional accidents due to my ADHD. There were two ways it would happen: I'd be so focused on something that I wouldn't really notice my need (or how bad it was) until it was too late, or I'd know I had to go but would keep getting distracted by other things until it was too late.

I had probably 4/5 pee accidents this way growing up, and a handful of number 2s as well. The routines of school helped a bit, since most of the other girls would gravitate to the bathrooms during school breaks so I would go then. Once I grew up and moved out things became a bit worse especially since I work from home a lot, so I didn't have a schedule anymore. I have managed things by using alarms. I set one to go off every two hours, which is for me to check in - do I need the bathroom? Do I need to eat or drink anything, etc.

I began using this system after one particularly awful accident that made me really rethink how I was living my life! I was at home one morning, prepping for an in-person work event. I was tired so I'd had a lot of coffee. As I was bustling around I became aware that I needed to go at both ends, but kept putting it off as I was getting distracted by other things I needed to organize. Before long it was clear I had to go pretty bad, but again...I thought I had time. Plus, I live alone and my bathroom is just upstairs so I didn't see the harm in just holding it. I kept having 'waves' of urgency, where my stomach would cramp and my turtle head would try coming out, or 'waves' of my bladder pulsing. But each time I'd squirm or cross my legs or hold my butt and eventually the wave would pass, and I'd be back to just 'gotta go real bad but still have time'. Of course you have time until you don't!

Finally, I had a really big cramp that alerted me my time was quite limited, but I had one final task to do and wanted everything complete before I relaxed on the toilet. Bad mistake! A few minutes later I cramped again and as usual squeezed my stomach and cheeks to hold it in, but then my stomach just pushed involuntarily and to my horror, I felt my cheeks open up and a big warm turd begin tenting out my underwear. Ok, time to go! I dropped everything and tried to run to the stairs but more poop was coming out which made it hard and awkward to move. Worse, this forced my body to relax to let the poop out so of course my bladder released and wow, did I ever have to go - pee just gushed out of me and soaked my jeans. Til this point, I'd always had either a 1 or 2 accident, but never both at the same time and it was disconcerting to say the least. So that's how I pissed my pants and messed myself at the same time at the foot of my stairs.

This was bad enough, but the clean up is what gave me a 'come to Jesus' moment. First of all, I'd pissed all over my carpet and had to walk, dripping, up my carpeted stairs to the bathroom. My poop was solid, but I guess the pee softened it because there were small particles of poop left as well. I got into my bathtub and tried taking my jeans off, but because my pants were wet, my jeans stuck to my underwear and my underwear also came down too quickly, meaning the ball of poop just flopped out into my bathtub. I had to scoop it into the toilet and then scrub my bathtub, my clothes and myself. As I was scrubbing shit off my ass like a soiled baby, I just thought, 'Denise, this was preventable'. That prompted me to begin really taking my adhd seriously because I just did not want to experience this ever again! It was gross, and even though nobody saw me, I still felt thoroughly humiliated at not being able to make it to the bathroom in my own home.

I was also late to my work function, which wasn't too big a deal but I was so embarrassed and it was hard to focus. I did confess to my work bestie later that I'd had too much coffee and pissed myself, lol. I didn't tell her I'd also messed my pants, I was too humiliated about that!


Answer to Audrey

Sorry Audrey, bad Mina kept you waiting long time for answer.

When we use potties, mierda land on newspaper twice. Once was Chae and once was Kazu. But only a little piece of mierda. So we threw away newspaper with brown on it, we didn't recycle.

Love from Chakamami


To John H

Yeah. She has 2 different sets of toilet paper. One on the roll which is for her and her family and toilet paper in a drawer for the rest of us (she keeps toilet paper in drawers where the sink is-sort of like a small dresser). She doesn't always have toilet paper (she needs her 29 year old son and ex husband to help her but groceries etc. She can move fine but has to go slower because she's 70 and has heart problems). I'm on Disability for part of a brain ????our, occasional seizures, multiple medications that and the guys who live here work. So all of us have to work around our circumstances and try to minimize things where we can. That's also why I need to ask my caregiver if she has things like toilet paper, toothpaste etc too.


Response to Thander in the form of stories


I saw that Thander asked if anyone feels dizzy after taking a large poop. Not only do I sometimes feel dizzy, I have literally passed out and had the ambulance called my strangers. Once or twice a year ever since I was a teenager, if I am taking either a really wide poop or if I have diarrhea, I have sometimes broke out into a sweat and lost my ability to see.

Two notable times include
Time #1 - once, a few years ago while I was in my early 20's, I woke up in the middle of the night in a sweat with a bad stomach ache. I got out of bed and hurried to the only bathroom in the house that I share with my family. Immediately when I sat down on the toilet, a torrent of loose poop an diarrhea shot out of my butt. All of a sudden, I started to lose my vision. Apparently at this point, I started yelling for my family to help me.
I woke up in the hospital, apparently I was infected with both a UTI and gastroenteritis and I had no idea. I was treated with an IV antibiotics and within a couple of days I felt good again. Apparently my family members thought I was dying, since I completely loss consciousness.

Time #2 - just a few months ago, my partner and I had a full day of enjoying the city - we may have gone to some parks or museums, and we were just having a nice, romantic date day. Before going back to my in-law's house where I was staying at the time, we decided to stop by a nice supermarket to pick up some groceries. As we were walking to the supermarket, I got a sharp pain in my gut. I told my partner I would have to use the bathroom once we got there. Immediately after we got there, I headed straight to the bathroom. It was a single-occupancy bathroom in a remote corner in the back of the store, but it was huge so it felt like it was multi-stall at one point and they converted it to single occupancy/single toilet.

Anyway, I locked the door to the bathroom, sat down on the toilet, and just like in story #1 I had absolutely awful diarrhea. I was sweating a lot, and I started to lose my vision. My phone was in my purse which was attached to a hook on the door. "What if I pass out? I'm locked in here. I can't text my partner or call emergency services, my phone is too far away! How will people help me? Will my partner know I'm not okay if I take too long and try to get help if I don't respond?" I was panicking and just trying to will myself not to fall over and lose consciousness. I tried to breathe a lot and busy myself with other stuff, so I started to wipe and it was extremely messy, from what I could see, because my vision was so messed up. I did the best I could but I accepted that it may be best to be messy and get around other people so that if I did lose consciousness I would be okay. I cleaned up, washed my hands, and left the bathroom, drenched in sweat, pale, and craving water.

I found my partner, I explained the situation, we got me a bottle of water, and I started chugging the water because I was so dehydrated. We were sitting in a cafe within the store near the bathroom since I felt too weak to walk very far. I got another pain in my stomach, told my partner I was going back to the bathroom, that I would leave the door unlocked, and that if she did not hear from me in 10 minutes she could open the door to make sure I was okay.

I put my bag up again, sat down on the toilet again, had a little bit more diarrhea but I was not losing consciousness, I was just sweating. I managed to finish and wipe so that I had a spotless booty before the 10 minute mark. I went back to the cafe, chilled with my partner as I regained my strength, and drank another bottle of water. I felt like all of the poop had left my body lol

WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME? I asked my doctor and she said it's vasovagal syncope - in other words, when I'm taking an intense poop, my body's ability to control my blood pressure gets thrown out of whack and it causes me to pass out. Apparently it's not super uncommon. My partner has told me that it happens to her sometimes too when she's having an intense poop. My only solution is that when I feel like I'm going to have diarrhea or a really wide poop, I try to bring a water bottle with me. If it doesn't combat the vasovagal syncope itself, it may help with the dehydration I associate it with.

Sort of responding to Kristi: I don't really mind where I poop to be honest. Airports and airplanes don't bother me. I could do it in an outhouse, a port-a-potty, on a long-distance bus or train, pretty much anywhere so long as I can clean the seat and take a shower later I'm fine. On your relationship to Steve about the bathroom, I can sort of explain the dynamic in my relationship. Basically, we are fine peeing in front of each other (you learn to be used to it when you're both women and you use the same public bathroom on dates), farting in front of each other (you learn to be used to it when you share a small space including a small bed together for months lol), stuff like that. But, we have never pooped in front of each other. She knows that I'm interested in it and she's supportive of me even though she does not share the same interest, but I do not feel like I want to cross that boundary yet even though I want to. I think it could be endearing if she and I pooped in front of each other. She said she would be in my presence while I'm pooping, or let me be in her presence while she's pooping, but now is not the time. One day we will though.

Thander: I sometimes take way longer than I imagine the average person takes to clean myself. I usually fold a couple of sheets of toilet paper, wipe my vag and thighs, then fold the paper over and wipe my butt, look at the paper, and then drop it into the toilet or into a trash can depending on the country. I then fold new sheets, wipe my butt, then depending on how dirty the paper is, fold it again for as many times as I can, disposing of it once the paper's too small, and then dropping it in the toilet. I do not like to see any brown on my toilet paper, so sometimes it can take me up to 10 minutes to get completely clean. And it's pretty random too, some poops I would expect to be super messy only require around 3 wipes, while some I would expect to be really clean require 10 to 20 wipes. I do not know if the reason I take so long to wipe is because I have a fear of having poop germs crawling up my underwear to cause a UTI (since like my earlier story mentioned a UTI has put me in the hospital), or if the shape of my anus is just harder to clean lol

- VioletIndigo


Answer to Audrey

Dear Audrey,
We are sorry we don't answer your question, about mierda land on newspaper instead of potty.

It was happened twice. Once was Hisae, once was Kazumi. They seemed that they pushed out their mierda little too fast.

After we finish motion in potties, we fold newspapers and recycle, but if there is brown on them we throw away to dustbin.

We hope this is happy answer for you.

Love to everyone.



Dear Kristi

We never upset by your posts! We love them always.



Big poop a few minutes ago

For lunch (around noon) I had 2 chicken drumsticks,(baked), rice with orange peppers, yellow peppers, salad on the plate, tomatoes and hot sauce over everything. I ate slowly chewing well and enjoyed everything. I don't gobble my food like my stepdad. Have been taking sips of warm water now and then while surfing the net. Finally a few minutes ago I got the urge to poop so I grabbed my Walmart bag, took my bedroom flip flops off at the door, opened the door, stepped outside my room, put those flip flops on, turned off the light, closed the door and walked to the washroom.

Turned on the light, closed the door the majority of the way (it's mainly fixed though it doesn't close 100% still. My caregiver's husband or ex husband didn't completely fix the door), walked to the toilet. Pulled my pants and underwear down and sat on the toilet. Peed first a lot then pushed out quite a bit of poop again. I think my body is trying to get rid of everything (yay!) When I was done I took the toilet paper out of the Walmart bag, took some, put the roll back in the bag, put the Walmart bag on the floor then started wiping. First my front then wiped my butt until it was clean. Tossed the paper into the toilet, stood up, pulled my pants and underwear up and turned to look in the toilet. There was a soft and long log in there taking up a lot of the toilet bowl. Flushed the toilet (P.U. lol), walked to the sink, washed my hands really well, grabbed my Walmart bag, left the washroom, turned off the light and went to my room. Dried my hands on my towel in my room, went outside my room, took my flip flops off outside my room, went back into my room, put the pink flip flops on in here and now writing this for the last little while. I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and happy.

Happy peeing and pooping!


Jasmin k

Reply to David P

Hi David I don't really know how to explain, if I go back to early bathroom toilet recollections it is of me being told to sit on the potty chair whilst my sister some 5 years older was on the toilet, no choice about sharing - my mum made us sit there straining every morning for around 1/2 hour or until we had done enough to be allowed off. If we couldn't do it on a morning then it was a long evening sit until you did. Mum would check what you had done and decide if it was enough for you to get off or if you had to stay longer. We didn't have particularly good diets - lots of chocolate sweets fizzy drinks etc and my mums ring was - either eat veg or don't complain if your in the toilet for ages. Admittedly even in an evening you were eventually allowed to get off even if you hadn't done any but that meant a stricter time next day. I never though anything about it, I would see my sister straining and copied and did the same, my sister was also told when she had finished to make sure I did it and for her to check. Saying your bum hurt or whatever didn't change anything, I remember saying to my sister she would have been about 10, that my bum was really hurting and she said so what Jasmin just ignore it and try harder like I do. I used to see my sister stand up with blood dripping so when that happened to me I never batted an eyelid. There wasn't the opportunity to be scared of opening your bowels, the trouble you got in was worse than the pain of straining .At junior school I would use toilet if I had a belly ache and try to get something out but had to judge it so I could also go at home that evening. In the first year of secondary I found the toilets very busy and crowded so avoided until when I was 12 I was so badly constipated I went into a cubical although lots of others were about and strained and strained until something came out. I heard someone else straining so was not just me. I told my mum and she said ' well as it's tight for time on a morning you can have your morning sit at school if you like so when I arrived at school I just took a cubical and sat there straining for around 1/2 hour. I got used to others being about and the girl who became my bestie also did the morning thing.
Nowadays I won't poo at work it takes me too long so even if I feel I need to, which is rare, I wait for home, often doing a large painful log which takes hard straining to get out as I've described on here many times. I first became aware of a prolapse when I was around 13 when I felt a bulge from my bum during a long and hard straining session to try to relieve a bad belly ache. It's not caused any problems for me and goes back inside on its own so not actually planning to do anything if I'm honest.
It wasn't a case of getting over the fear of pain as I was doing a poo, it was just what happened and you ignored it - as my sister did and as she told me to do.
I don't know what else to put, you could always do a survey with specific questions and I will endeavour to answer.
Todays was a thick lumpy poo took 1/2 hour from sitting down and straining to wiping
Bye Jas K


Very quick easy soft poop

Hi everyone. Finished lunch about half an hour ago (noodles with mixed vegetables, hot sauce, some kind of meat, a little bit of peanut butter sauce). I also filled my water jug not long ago today too. After lunch refilled my water jar, took it downstairs, microwaved the water and have been taking sips from it, not gulping it. Finally a few minutes ago I got the urge to poop so I grabbed my Walmart bag, went to the door, took my bedroom flip flops off, opened the door, stepped outside my room, put those flip flops on, closed the door, turned off the light and walked to the washroom.

Turned on the light, closed the door the majority of the way (it closes but not 100%, just enough to close enough that we get privacy), walked to the toilet, pulled my pants and underwear down and sat on the toilet. Peed first for about 30 seconds then pushed. A very quick easy soft poop quickly came out and I was done within about 30 seconds. PU lol. Reached into the Walmart bag, grabbed the toilet paper, took some, put the roll back into the Walmart bag and started wiping really well. My underwear is black but I still want to be as clean as I can. Finally I was done and I threw the dirty paper into the toilet. Stood up, pulled my pants and underwear up and turned to look in the toilet. There was a fairly big soft pile of poop in the toilet. Very easy and quick to come out and stunk too lol. Flushed the toilet and it went down no problem. Flushed again to be sure. Yup. Went to the sink, turned on the water, took the bar of soap, ran it first under water then between my hands. Washed my hands well, rinsed, grabbed my Walmart bag, turned off the light when I left the washroom and went to my room. Took the flip flops outside my room off, turned on the light, closed the door, put the flip flops in my room on, dried my hands and now writing this. That lunch and I think breakfast (soup or hot water with bananas, beans, eggs in it then took my medications afterwards) probably loosened up my bowels. Hopefully I can go again after dinner. Yay! Hopefully everyone is staying safe, healthy and happy. Please be careful.

Happy peeing and pooping!


A grade school poop story

It was 6th grade. We were on a field trip to a museum. We had just eaten lunch and I really badly needed to poop. It was bordering on an emergency. I recall two days prior eating way too many burgers at a barbeque, and getting constipated, which led to this. Before I could even ask to use the bathroom, the teacher called for a bathroom break and me and about 15 of my male classmates headed to the Mens' room.

I hastily took the first stall, shut the door, pulled my pants to my ankles, and started involuntarily blasting out explosive amounts of gas for seemingly the next 5 seconds straight. Everyone in the room started laughing and some students started imitating the noise. This was followed by a wide lunker of a turd that I had to bear down on and push. Students started yelling my name and that I was taking a nasty crap. Everyone was laughing at me.

Soon enough, kids started staring at me through the gaps in the stall. One kid commented "I see him holding his wiener!" Another commented "I think he's constipated."

Then the male teacher walked in and everyone went quiet and tried to make it look like nothing was going on. I was too embarrassed to say anything, but I certainly felt violated. Now the room was so quiet and I could hear everyone else peeing at the urinals as others waited in line, this near-silence only accompanied by the loud crackling and flatulence coming from my butthole, which everyone else could also hear.

*brorp-t-t-T-T-T* *brapt* *POOOOOOOOOOT* *rort* *t-z-t-z-t-z-t-z-t-z-t-z-t* *PROPT* *ttt-z-t-z-tz-tz-tzzzzzz*

It kept pouring out as one continuous log, the crackling echoing about the room and reverberating off of the walls, only broken up by the occasional but quick fart. And then...


The first log finally dropped in to the sound of some muffled laughter from some of the kids. The teacher was still present. He remarked "It's not appropriate to laugh." They quieted again.

More poop was loaded and ready to slide out as kids started flushing the urinals and washing their hands, finally masking my noises. I kept pushing out more poop seemingly for the next 2-3 minutes straight, and continued plopping away while the room slowly started to clear during that time interval.

Eventually, the teacher was the last one in the room and called me by name. He said everyone would be waiting for me outside.

*fwrort* *bloosh*

Another turd dropped in after an audible fart.

That embarrassed me further. He not only could identify me by my shoes, he knew exactly what I was doing, and so did everyone else. The kids saw me enter the stall, saw my shoes underneath the stall, some stared at me through the gaps and teased me, and they all heard my noises including the teacher. The wave of embarrassment I was feeling at that point almost made me feel sick to my stomach.

I acknowledged his statement and he left me to finish in privacy.

More kept pouring out over the next 1-2 minutes. When the last of it dropped, I started wiping. My posterior was an utter mess. I remember it being extremely messy and I kept wiping, and wiping, and wiping.

About 3-4 minutes after the teacher left, I was still wiping. A student from my class came back in and told me the teacher sent him to check on me. I was still wiping. I told him I'd be out in a minute or two. I heard the Mens' room door shut after the student went back out, and heard him exclaim "He's wiping his butt!" I heard the class laughing outside.

I was finally done and flushed. I recall the toilet bowl being a mess, and it sounded like it sputtered and clogged from all of the poop and toilet paper. While I'm not sure if I clogged it or not, it barely went down. I finally was done. I exited the stall and washed my hands.

When I returned to my class, everyone was snickering at me, including the girls. Everyone knew. My toilet visit held up the field trip for everyone else. The teacher told them to be quiet, and they did, until it was brought up again in casual conversation on the bus ride home. Everyone in my class knew I took a big poop and stunk up the bathroom.

The story kept getting more embellished as time went on. What was truthfully a 10 to 15 minute sit-down session on the toilet that held everyone else up for maybe 5-7 minutes tops became a 1 hour long toilet visit according to my classmates and one which caused me to stink for the rest of the day. Everyone for the rest of the school year thought I was gross for pooping in a public restroom. And every time I pooped at school from then on, there was a risk I'd be made fun of for doing so, deliberately stared at through the gap by other boys, teased in other ways while using the toilet(one kid liked to step on my shoes when I was seated in a stall, another liked to throw wet paper towels over the stall, and at one point another climbed onto a toilet to stare at me over the stall wall which I recounted in a previous story on this site), or that this specific event would be brought up again. Entering a stall at school sometimes prompted students to make rude remarks such as "Going to spend your whole recess here?" or "Try not to take a whole hour again."

It made the doorless stall setups in middle school the year after that much more intimidating. Especially since the degree of bullying was on a whole different, and greatly worse, level.


To John H

Thanks. I'm happy about that.

I haven't posted in ages but I have kept on visiting the site and reading all the wonderful stories - Kristi, I particularly loved your most recent one (and I for one would love to hear you brag on your husband) . Just to re-introduce myself, I'm a 32-year-old transgirl living in the south of England. I'm also white, 5 foot 8 and proudly chubby.

Today was the first day of two weeks annual leave from my job as a nurse and I was spending it having a lazy day. A little before three in the afternoon I was laying on my sofa watching an old episode of Kitchen Nightmares. As the episode was coming to an end I knew that I needed to pee so as soon as the credits started to roll I made my way to my bathroom. As I wasn't going out anywhere today I hadn't bothered changing out of my pyjamas so it was these bottoms and my dark grey panties that I lowered around my knees as I sat on the loo. Pee gushed out of me for about fifteen seconds and loudly hit the water in the bowl. As my stream came to an end I thought that I might be able to poo. As I relaxed my sphincter and began to softly push I felt my asshole begin to open up and a log starting to pass through. About five seconds later the log broke off and made a 'plunk' sound. Immediately there was a mild smell of poo in the air. I kept on pushing and was rewarded with two turds dropping into the bowl each with a 'plip' sound. Then I farted. But still I thought there was more poo in me so I stayed sitting for a few minutes fiddling with the waistband of my panties before I started to push again. The first three logs had been pretty easy to push out but for this last one I needed to push considerably more to get it out. A few more minutes passed before it plopped into the bowl. Then I stood up and looked at the contents of the bowl. In bright yellow pee was a turd about 10cm in length and 2.5cm in width and then to the right of it was a log about 6cm in length and 1 cm in width next to two logs each about 3cm in length and 1cm in width. Sitting back down I reached around for the toilet paper on the wall by the toilet and began to wipe. After I was done I stood up again and pulled up my panties and bottoms before flushing the toilet. There were a few marks in the bowl so I used the toilet brush to get rid of them and then washed my hands.


One More Question

As I have said before my bowel schedule is not that regular. As soon as I rise in the morning I sit on the toilet. Sometimes I have. BM and sometimes , or should I say mostly I do not . I have a cup of tea and my medication and some light exercises. Sometimes I then have a successful it , often not . If I am going to work I might grab a can of energy drink because sometimes that helps . If I have plenty of time and/ or get the urge I can in at my public toilets and might be successful. Sometimes I go later in the morning. If I have a substantial lunch which is not that often it can yield good relief . Sometimes I go later in the evening. I can go a few days without a crap or maybe I might go four times in the one day. My record is nine solid large movements in less than 24 hours . Sometimes my poo is soft and easy, other times it is rock hard and almost splits me in two. And a sore butt hold too .


One More Question

As I have said before my bowel schedule is not that regular. As soon as I rise in the morning I sit on the toilet. Sometimes I have. BM and sometimes , or should I say mostly I do not . I have a cup of tea and my medication and some light exercises. Sometimes I then have a successful it , often not . If I am going to work I might grab a can of energy drink because sometimes that helps . If I have plenty of time and/ or get the urge I can in at my public toilets and might be successful. Sometimes I go later in the morning. If I have a substantial lunch which is not that often it can yield good relief . Sometimes I go later in the evening. I can go a few days without a crap or maybe I might go four times in the one day. My record is nine solid large movements in less than 24 hours . Sometimes my poo is soft and easy, other times it is rock hard and almost splits me in two. And a sore butt hold too .


Hello Again

Hi guys, I'm back. You may remember me from pages 2889 and 2901. I'm now 20 years old and still at university, and I still enjoy peeing and pooping in places other than a toilet.

Audrey and Marie: Nice to hear from you again! Keep the stories coming.

Avery and Esme: I notice you haven't posted in a while as well. I'm sure we would all love to hear about some more of your big poops.

Car Mom and Toilet Car: If you're still out there, please give us a shoutout.

Bill F:
I'm not sure if you visit this website anymore, but I enjoy all of your stories about your friends and your sister Sam and her bathroom routine. (Now that I've done the math, Sam is apparently my age. Time flies, doesn't it!)

You mentioned that Sam has an unusual routine of letting out three farts for every bowel movement: the first one (the signal fart) meaning that she needs to poop, the second one (the no going back fart) meaning the defecation process is starting, and the third one meaning that she has finished pooping. Also, you mentioned that she can't poop without also peeing.

This routine is actually fairly normal and healthy. The signal fart is a sign that her bowels are "waking up" as peristalsis moves all of her poop and trapped gas through her colon and into her rectum. Sam then releases this trapped gas as the signal fart. The no going back fart is a sign that Sam has started pushing and that her anus has opened up. Any gas trapped just inside her anus is then pushed out just before the turd begins to slide out. This pushing also puts pressure on her bladder, causing any urine inside it to be squeezed out. The third fart most likely means that Sam has felt the last of her poop slide out and has given one last push to make sure she has released everything, causing any remaining gas to be released as well before her anus finally closes up.

This leads to another story of mine that I will tell in my next post.

Happy New Year and Peace Out!

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