Adventure at the fair babysitting my little cousin

Hey everyone!!!
My name is Kaitlin I'm 13, like 5'3 dark brown hair, black eyes, I'd say okay proportions lmao. I've been reading this site for a while and i thought it was very interesting so I decided to come with a story of my own. I was at the fair with my little cousin, he's 4, my parents and his mom (my mom's sister). I was next to my cousin and at some point we lost our parents. It was a pretty big place and my phone was dead so we tried to find them for like 15 minutes. All of sudden I had to pee reallyyyyy bad and I remembered I drank like a 36 ounce pink lemonade. I was with my little cousin so I couldn't leave him alone because he could've got kidnapped so I took him to a portapotty I found because honestly my bladder was about to explode. He was kinda confused at first, then I asked him if he had to pee and he said no, so then pulled down my Jeans and my panties right under my knees and sat there on the toilet. For some reason the toilet was super small and since I sat super quick because I was about to pee myself, my butthole literally landed over the toilet seat which was full of pee, it was so nastyyyy, and then I had to readjust myself so my pee would actually go inside the toilet. I promised myself that from now on I'll hover in porta potties instead sitting. Anyways as soon as I was well positioned I started peeing fiercely, it was sooooo relieving to the point that I forgot my little cousin was there because all of sudden he started crying, so I asked him what was wrong and he told me that he was scared something happened to my aunt (his mom), and I had to calm him down, all while I WAS PEEING, then he calmed down and he started complaining why I was pooping and that I was gonna take too long. Then I told him that I was only peeing and he was even more confused, he started saying that I was pooping because I was sitting on the toilet bla bla bla and you know how little kids and innocent and all that lol so I had to explain him that girls pee differently than boys. He was asking me so many questions that I couldn't finish answering one when he was already asking me another one. at that point my stream was still going so i just decided to let him see my vagina and how girls pee like for 5 seconds so he wouldn't keep asking and it worked lmfaoo. I literally peed like for 4 minutes straight then I was finally done. I wiped we washed our hands and then we headed out to keep looking for my aunt and parents. Thankfully a really kind older lady let me borrow her phone to call my mom, so I called her, we found each other and then we left. It was an interesting day haha. I have some other stories with my little cousin that I can tell another day. I'm curious are there any girls who have done anything similar or I'm the only one?


Steve A

To After School Pooping

Your schedule seems like it works best for you... especially having some time after school hours...

But for my high school experience, I've been posting on TS since my high school years, and I usually went before class once I arrived (10-15 minutes later before class started) I was appreciative of my body being somewhat regular along with having some time to go beforehand as well.

However, if I didn't have time to go before class, then I'd usually hold it and wait until I was able to, but I never planned on holding it in all day until I got home... even though I've heard some of my HS peers holding it in for most of the day...

Unfortunately, some of my teachers didn't understand my "regular pooping" schedule, which led to them wondering why I asked to use the bathroom when I wasn't able to go when I first arrived at school.

Furthermore, I probably should've talked to them about it formally (requested special permission or gotten a nurse's excuse) but either way, since I'm out of HS and college, I've got nothing to worry about, except for having to go at inconvenient times...


Poop adventures

Hey everyone! Been missing you all! It has been a bit over a week since my last post. I have enjoyed catching up with everyone's posts. I have had a few nice poops this week, all at school except for yesterday afternoon, which is the focus of my post today. I finally encountered another pooper, but not in the typical or expected way. I was relaxing at a local neighborhood independent coffee shop yesterday afternoon. It only opened recently and I was happy to visit it on a cool New England afternoon. I had anticipated a big poop all day and by about 3 pm the need was definitely present. I had finished my coffee and pastry and saw no reason why I should not deposit my turds in this comfortable and relaxing setting....besides I always like to scout out new places! Only two other patrons were in the shop at the time (a mother and her teenage daughter) with myself and the two baristas (also both women). The coffee shop has three single occupant restrooms that are all unisex. I love the signs they have - each has a masculine, feminine, and alien character with the phrase "Anyone welcome - just wash your hands!" I love that! The restroom on the left also had a handicap symbol.

The mom and the daughter got up from their table right after I got up from mine. Both were dressed casual in leggings, wore sweaters, and had their hair in matching pony tails. I would say the mom was 40-42. She had black hair and was attractive. The daughter was no more than 13 or 14 and also had black hair. I placed my cup in the return bin and threw away my pastry wrap, they did the same just after me. I then walked toward the back of the shop where the restrooms were located, I headed for the middle restroom (for no particular reason except not wanting the handicap restroom). As I was walking, I heard the daughter tell her mom that she needed to use the restroom, the mom responded that she did too. I reached the restroom and entered but had time to see the girl go in to the remaining non-handicap restroom on the right of mine. I locked the door and soon heard the girl lock hers, followed a few seconds later by the sound of the mom entering the remaining restroom and locking her door as well. These restrooms are comfortable. They are clean, new, and have modern fixtures. They are painted a dark gray and have a nice incense smell. The toilets are typical public toilets with the elongated open face seats, although they have tanks rather than the flushers that you find in larger public restrooms. I began my ritual of lowering my jeans and panties to my ankles and sat down on the comfy seat. I adjusted to the most comfortable position and opened my legs. It soon became obvious that sound carried through the walls of these restrooms...almost like these were neighboring stalls and not separate rooms. I could hear both of my neighbors lowering their leggings and soon heard the familiar sound of peeing from each restroom. After 30 seconds or so, I could hear the mom pull some toilet paper off the roll and begin to wipe (and I mean I could literally hear her wipe). By this time I pushed a little and released an airy fart. I no longer heard the girl peeing, nor did I hear her getting toilet paper like her mom. A few moments later I pushed again and heard the crackle of my butthole opening for its afternoon task. To my sudden delight, I heard the obvious sound of two plops from the girls restroom followed by a slight grunt. I REALLY cannot overstate how well sound travels in these restrooms! Right after this, the mom flushed and a few seconds later I could hear her washing her hands, just as a fat log began to slowly slide out of me. I was surprised by just how thick my turd was turning out to be. I could hear more crackles and a few bursts of gas as I squeezed it out. The mom soon exited her restroom, leaving me and the daughter occupying ours. It appeared both of us were going to be in them for a while. My turd finally came out with no splash since it was over a foot long. It was immediately followed by a wet sounding fart and another turd beginning to make its exit. In the silence, I could now hear the girl straining a bit through the wall but it did not appear she was having luck. My second and third turds made audible plops as they came out, followed by a loud fart. Again, I could hear the girl straining for a longer period of time. Her sounds indicated a bit of painful constipation - which I recalled suffering from when I was that age. A few moments later, I could hear her phone ringing - she answered it before the second ring with a voice that was a bit out of breath. It soon became obvious it was her mom who was probably now back in the dining area of the coffee shop. It had been three or four minutes since she left the restroom. The girl soon said that she was "finally needing to poop" and would be out as soon as she could. The mom said something else which I could not hear and the girl responded, "yeah, I haven't been since last weekend and its really big, it kinda hurts." Followed by "ok, I will take my time and be out as soon as I can." I felt a bit embarrassed that I could overhear all of this, but it was the moment we poop enthusiasts sorta live for! I still had more turds that wanted out, but I could not help but focus my attention on the girl's obvious struggles just on the other side of this very thin wall. She soon started her pushing again that was indicated by more audible strains. This went off and on for several minutes. Finally another grunt was a bit louder than her others and I could hear a new movement that I am guessing was a big turd finally making its exit. Like my own first one, it made no splash and I had a feeling it was much bigger than mine. I was still focused on what came next from her side of the wall. I remember feeling a bit guilty for listening, but it was hard not to. We had both been in the restroom for about 20 minutes by this point. I did not hear her getting toilet paper yet, so I assumed she had more - which would be likely if she hadn't pooped in 5 days. Sure enough, I heard at least 10 plops back to back to back. This was a lot of poop from a slender young girl! Things became quiet for a few minutes and I finally gave in to my building pressure and pushed another long turd out. This one was thinner but was also at least a foot long. It was followed by a few hot dog sized turds and I finally felt done. I did not dare reach for the toilet paper because my neighbor still had not done the same. A few more minutes went by and finally I heard her tear off some toilet paper. I could also hear her wipes. She did this 4 times followed by the sounds of her getting up and getting her leggings back in place. She flushed but you could tell her load did not go down - trust me, we ALL know that sound. She was washing up by now and soon exited the restroom without trying another flush. By this time, I also cleaned up and successfully flushed my deposit, leaving some nice skid marks in the toilet. I cleaned up and exited the restroom. By this time, nobody was in the shop and it occurred to me that I wanted to see what the girl left behind that had not flushed. I quickly went into the now vacant restroom and was greeted by a odor of incense mixed with poop. The toilet was still full of the girl's poop and used toilet paper. It soon became obvious why it would not flush. She had passed an enormous turd that was thicker than a soda can and at least 15 inches long, with part of it wedged in the drain and the rest breaking the water line. It was stunning!

I exited the restroom and walked home very satisfied in the afternoon's accomplishments!



To Brian
Yes, the car did stall on me, that's why I had to start again.

To Thunder
At first it was pure diarrhea. I don't know how long this went on, probably 15 to 20 minutes. After that I still pooped, but it was a little more solid.
My bod felt empty after that, but I was totally embaressed.


Frequent flushing + a lot of poop

It happened when I was vacationing at the hotel. On that day, my parents went somewhere where children are not allowed, I did not delve into the details. The main thing for me is that I am left alone, which means that I can do whatever I want! I immediately threw myself a party: I got more food from the refrigerator and turned on the video on TV. But, apparently, I ate too much or something I ate was stale, my stomach aches and I felt that I needed to go to the toilet. I ran to the bathroom. When I reached the toilet, the urge to poop was so strong that I could barely restrain it. As quickly as possible, I pulled down white pants and orange briefs with patterned patterns. Then I sat down on the toilet seat of a high white toilet and let myself go. I was farting loudly, and I could feel the warm poop coming out of me. I heard about three splashes of poop in a minute, and my stomach ached, I felt a strong smell of poop. A few more of the same soft poop came out of me like a waterfall. After that, I flushed the water so as not to spread too much smell, and fearing overfill. I felt a big poo coming out. She fell into the toilet with a loud "plop". Then I farted loudly, and a few more poo fell into the toilet. After that, I flushed off the water again, the reason has already been indicated. I thought that was it, but my stomach thought otherwise. Several long poop quickly came out of me into the toilet and I heard resounding splashes. Then I defecated a particularly long feces and this terrible stench reappeared, like from several hundred rotten slops. I had to flush the water again, and after flushing, I continued to poop. I've been pooping a lot, I've felt big poop coming out of my ass, over and over again. How much did I eat? I think I heard at least five splashes, but maybe there were more poop. Smelling the putrid stink again, I flushed toilet, and then I felt that no more poop was coming out. However, there was still ache in my stomach, and I decided that it was worth pushing. I strained my body, and pushed, farting loudly. Then I let out a lot of long poop into the toilet, it lasted for several minutes. They kept coming out of me. After flush off the water, I felt that my stomach no longer ache, but my poop continued to crawl out. After defecating seven poop and flushing it off again, I felt even more feces coming out of me. Soft big poops came out of my ass, but I had to push because some got out slowly. When these poop was over, the desire to poop disappeared, and I realized that I had defecate everything that was necessary. Then I started wiping my ass, and I barely had enough toilet paper. I think I spent at least ten toilet paper pieces. Then I got up, put on my briefs and pants, and pressed the flush lever. There was a rumble in the toilet and the water began to flush away my poop. I tucked my pants in better and went to the sink to wash my hands.


A lot of poop shortly after breakfast

Hi all. Got up this morning, went pee, brushed my teeth and went upstairs for breakfast. Had cooked green leafy vegetables, tofu, an egg and a sesame cracker in a broth. It was ????. After breakfast I took my medications, took my Walmart bag and water jar and went downstairs to my room. Surfed the net on my phone.

Finally a few minutes ago I got the urge to poop so I grabbed my Walmart bag, took my bedroom flip flops off, went outside my room, put the flip flops outside my room on, turned off the light, closed the door and walked to the washroom. Turned on the light, closed the door, put the Walmart bag on the door, took the toilet paper out of the Walmart bag and walked to the toilet. Pulled my pants and underwear down and sat on the toilet. Peed first then pushed out a good amount of poop. I guess breakfast needed out lol. Was done within a minute. Lifted myself slightly off the toilet and looked in. Quite a bit of poop. Took some toilet paper and wiped well. Had to go back for a bit more to finish wiping. Tossed the paper into the toilet when I was done, pulled my pants and underwear up and looked in the toilet. There was quite a bit of poop in there, taking up most of the toilet bowl. Flushed and surprisingly it went down easily. Washed my hands, grabbed my Walmart bag and went to my room. Wiped my hands on the towel and now writing this. Hopefully everyone is staying safe, healthy, happy and warm now that the weather is getting cooler.

Happy peeing and pooping!



Just had a huge poop

Hi all. Got up this morning, went pee and brushed my teeth and went upstairs for breakfast. It took a while to eat since my caregiver cooks all my meals (I live in her house until I get housing. I still have part of a benign brain tumour left and occasional seizures despite being heavily medicated. Am on Disability). After breakfast I took my morning medications (quite a few), thanked my caregiver, took my water jar and went downstairs. Surfed the net on my phone for quite a while while drinking warm water until around 10:30 when I felt a strong urge for a major poop. Took my Walmart bag, my phone, took my bedroom flip flops off, opened the door, put on the flip flops outside my room, turned off the light, closed the door and walked to the washroom.

Went inside the washroom, turned on the light, closed the door, put my Walmart bag on the door, walked to the toilet, pulled down my dark sweatpants and black underwear and sat on the toilet. Peed first for about 30 seconds and pushed. A lot of semi-solid thick poop came out and kept coming. It was filling the toilet quite a bit. I flushed halfway just in case. Finally pushed out the last of the beast, took some toilet paper and wiped well. Needed to get a bit more. Wiped the rest of the stuff off then tossed the toilet paper into the toilet. Stood up, pulled up my pants and underwear and looked in the toilet. There was a few inches of poop in the toilet but what I flushed halfway was probably about 2 to 2 1/2 feet. Just didn't want to risk clogging especially since my caregiver is 70, somewhat stubborn, has heart problems and I don't want to trouble her. Flushed the toilet, went to the sink, washed my hands, went to my room, dried my hands on the towel in here, refilled and microwaved my water jar and now writing this.

Hopefully after lunch or dinner (or both) I can poop again lots. I've been able to do huge poops even as a small, skinny little girl. Though back then a lot of the time I clogged the toilet because the poops were too big, too hard and I used too much toilet paper. Now as a 37 year old I weigh more (unfortunately) but I eat well (very healthy) and drink lots of water. As a kid I was very stubborn and used to complain that water was gross. Stay safe, happy and healthy everyone.

Happy peeing and pooping!



Too Emma two Post

Hi sounds like you had a pleasurable visit to the toilet I imagine the relief felt really good of emptying your full bowels and having a pee at the same time
Was it a soft poo or firm logs great story speak soon

Should it make a difference?

I pee like a gusher. I'm never seated for more than 30 seconds. I do wipe, but fast, since a majority of my peeing is done at school or at my part-time job at a theater. A couple of years ago I let my boyfriend watch me pee in this family bathroom at a rest stop. That took me like 20 seconds. He asked me to stand so he could see for himself my pee in the toilet. It was a darker yellow and produced a lot of larger bubbles that were fast floating around and dissolving. He was impressed. At another time when I needed to crap badly, we were on the interstate, some 20 miles from the next rest area. I pleaded with him to speed up because it was 1 a.m. and there were no troopers around, but sometimes in situations like that he liked to f*** with me. So he slowed down to about 50 mph and told me his truck's engine was getting too hot. I knew that to be BS! And it was 10 below outside. I knew I smelled up his cab but I didn't care. If it was not that he was driving and there wasn't space in the cab, I would have pulled down my clothing and given him an up-close-and-personal facial. He came in with me to the bathroom. He was surprised that I took a few seconds to lay out toilet paper over the seat. Then I sat for about a about a 25 minute crap. About half of it
came out slowly and painfully. That one large piece hurt me as I slowly
pushed it out. He slowly stroked my thighs which was kind of a turn-on, and he leaned down and kissed me when it finally dropped. It was so big and hard that my whole butt got splashed. It took a while to get the other half ready to come out. He went to the toilet next to mine and took a piss. Then there was a blast and a lot of soft poo blasted out of me. Some even splashed on the edge of the toilet paper I was sitting on.
My boyfriend pulled the toilet paper off me. He joked that I had been sitting and sweating for so long the paper was coming apart in small pieces. The flush didn't work. He brought me additional toilet paper from the toilet he had pissed in. We both worked to clean my rear end up. Since the toilet was plugged, he tossed all our dirty paper into the other toilet. With my clothing still down I waddled into a third stall and seated myself. It might have just been nerves, but my pee came fast and lasted about 15 seconds. I wiped and got myself presentable to continue our drive. Of course, he started the illogical conversation again about why I sit skin on the seat for a pee, but waste valuable toilet paper when I take a crap. Should it make a difference?

Saturday, November 04, 2023

mrs. bigandhard

Straining hard on the toilet again.

It was really big this morning. I ate several chocolate candy bars yesterday. Now I am sitting on the toilet having to use my fingers to
pull my butt cheeks apart while I dig it out of my butt hole. While straining even, harder now I am digging it out of my butt hole with effort. It is really big and wide. I used my hand mirror to look at it coming out of my butt hole . I see it is about 4 inches in diameter and a very dark brown color. it is very sore around my butt hole. It is still hurting me while straining with great effort on the toilet.
After 45 minutes I managed to get most of the hard chunks out,
It is close to 5 inches long.
Thanks , Mrs. BIGAND HARD


pooping in campervan

Had a wee in bedroom pottie put on dressing gown had breakfast then went and had a NUMBER TOO in the campervan. collected bags from house ,drove to G Y M as I was entering car park needed to have a NUMBER TOO.
I parked the van sat on ADVENTURIDGE pottie had a NUMBER TOO ,THE SECOND ON TODAY !!

Princess Toadstool Peach to Ava

A big thank you from me to you

I had plenty of sweet reliefs in my time. There was some other times when I almost went in my panties.


Urgent huge poop about an hour after breakfast

Hi everyone. Got up this morning, went pee and brushed my teeth then took my bag and went upstairs. Had a really hot ???? homemade soup with vegetables, seafood etc. Ate slowly and after breakfast I took my medications. Then I took my water jar, purse (though she told me from now on to only use the Walmart bag in the house. Oops) and I went downstairs.

Surfed the net on my phone while sipping water. Finally a few minutes ago I got a major urge to poop so I took my Walmart bag and took my bedroom flip flops off, opened the door, put on the flip flops outside my room, turned off the light, closed the door and walked to the washroom. Turned on the light, closed the door and put the Walmart bag on the door, walked to the toilet, pulled my pants and underwear down and sat on the toilet. Peed first then pushed. A LOT of semi-solid, semi-soft poop came out and seemed to keep coming. I lifted myself slightly off the toilet and looked in. It had filled the toilet alright. Flushed and I felt the urge to push a bit more out so I did. Once I was sure I was done I took some toilet paper and wiped well. Had to get more after to make sure I was clean. Stood up, pulled up my pants and underwear and looked in the toilet. There was a log in there about 1 to 1 1/2 feet long and what I flushed was probably something like 2 to 2 1/2 feet. Flushed the toilet, washed my hands and that's that. Afterwards I wiped my hands on my towel, refilled and microwaved my water jar and been taking my time drinking it and writing this (all the while my stomach is making a lot of noise. Probably will need another big poop later lol). I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and happy.

Happy peeing and pooping!


Anna from Austria
Last weekend I had a close call at the gym. I went to the gym right after breakfast without doing my morning poop. Normally I always have to go after breakfast but this time nothing happened.

About 30 minutes after I started my workout I started to feel some preasure at my backdoor and I did a silent fart. I was working a rowing machine and had to stop the workout right now to head to the locker room to find a toilet. Luckily nobody was using the other rowing machines so nobody noticed my fart. While walking to the locker room I could start feeling that my turd wanted to come out.

I managed it in time and did a big poop with 2 big sausages and lots of my usual pre, mid and post-poop farts. The toilet.

There were many ladies in the locker room at this point and I am sure all of them heard what happened at the toilet.

I did not feel embarrassed at all at first I was just glad I did not poop myself which would have been much more embarrassing than taking a dump on the toilet in front of a big audience.

That's my story for today.

Greetings from Austria




This question is for Blair who had the ???? issues in your car with your daughter and her friend….when you say start the car again did it stall on you at a red light?


Very long peeing

After school, I was walking home, but on the way I came across a grocery store, and I was dying from the heat. I bought a couple of cocktails and drank them all while walking to the house. After that, I really wanted to piss, and I quickened my pace. I can say that I reached home already by running. Soon I was opening the door to the toilet. I ran up to the gray suspended toilet, and, having lowered down my favorite clothes, checkered dark-red pants, and blue briefs, I stood in front of the toilet. The toilet seat was get up, so I relaxed and began to pee. With a hissing, bubbling sound, my urine poured into the toilet. The water in the toilet quickly turned yellow. The flow of my urine became stronger and stronger, and it lasted two minutes. Then it stoped. But after a couple of seconds, some urine flowed out again. Then the urine stoped again. And so it went on until there was no urine left in me. When I finally finished peeing, I breathed a sigh of relief, got dressed, flushed the water in the potty (in the toilet) and left the bathroom feeling pleasantly relieved.

Response to Anonymous Vol

I enjoyed hearing about your "social experiment." I'm a few years younger than you. Beginning in about 6th grade what you described as the unflushed
stall became the norm in my schools. You walk in, often fast and nervous, and see several stalls. I dart into the first one that is unoccupied. All I care about is whether the seat is down, although I do prefer that it not be too splashed up. I turn around, pull up my dress, lower my panties to knee level, and take my seat. I prefer it to be warm. I have found so many
public bathrooms have very minimal heating. Many times I won't even look to see if there is anything in the bowl. My concern is what I am going to contribute to it. I have a college degree, mostly as an honor student, but a couple times a month my haste comes back to bite me. I pop out a salaciously satisfying dump, especially if I can hear and sometimes paint the imagery of what's happening on the other sides of me. That is especially true if there is not much movement or noise from my neighbors. If I find there is no toilet paper with which to clean myself sometimes I will knock twice on the stall panel, and say something like "I bet you're not as dumb a me..." and ask to hand me some toilet paper. One lady, who seemed to sound like she was as old as my mother kind of lectured me about wiping the seat down and a couple of other hygiene tips. I just continued to play dumb and a minute or so later I got a wrapping of toilet paper from her hand. She had a curiosity that kind of surprised me....asking what I would do if she were as aloof as me? This led to some additional conversation that I didn't find threatening at all. Finally, there was a loud plop into her bowl and I could hear her sigh of relief. I congratulated her. She thanked me, said she was impressed by my maverick spirit. After wiping, I stood and it took me three pushes on the flusher to activate it. She followed me by about 30 seconds. As I finished washing my hands I turned to her and said, "Goodbye." Her response was "Til next time."


To Blair

I read your post with interest.
When you finally made it to the pot that is your successful attempt how did you feel as it came out? How much did you pass and how did you feel after the event?
Thank you for posting your story. It was great.

Emma two

Big poo after work

I was busting for a poo on my way home from work last night and when I got home I was getting desperate. I rushed into the bathroom keeping my bottom clenched tightly and I just about made it in time. I ripped my leggings and knickers down together and thumped my bottom down onto the toilet as my poo started coming out. I almost pood on the seat and I just relaxed and let gravity do the work. Man it felt good especially as I had to pee as well. It was a big load and the relief of it when I finished felt amazing. I looked in the toilet before I wiped and I couldn't believe how much I'd done because I went two days ago which is nothing for me. After wiped I flushed the toilet and it didn't clear properly so I had to flush it again and this time it all cleared which was good.


Easy poop

Hi everyone. Got up this morning, got dressed, went to the washroom and grabbed my stuff (today was my weekly exercise program I get picked up and dropped off for). Ate a hot breakfast, took my medications afterwards and soon afterwards I got picked up for the program (the stroke and brain surgery I had in my mid or late 20s affected my memory so I can't get to places myself). Got there, made a coffee (Yay!), we had the exercise program and an hour later after we finished we had lunch. Got picked up shortly afterwards and got driven home. Made some hot water, refilled my water jug, drank most of my water and tried to nap.

Finally a few minutes ago I got a major urge to poop so I grabbed my Walmart bag, opened the door, put on the flip flops outside my room and went to the washroom across from my room. Turned on the light, closed the door, put the Walmart bag on the door, walked to the toilet, pulled my pants and underwear down and sat on the toilet. Peed first then pushed out a lot of easy (not solid, just a lot) poop. One big log. After about 20 seconds I was done. Took some toilet paper and wiped well. Tossed it into the toilet, stood up, pulled my pants and underwear up and looked in the toilet. WOW. There was a lot of poop in the toilet sort of bent over the hole. Took up a lot of space. Flushed the toilet (everything went down), washed my hands, took my outside flip flops off, went into my room, put the flip flops in here on, dried my hands on the towel, took my flip flops off and now writing this from bed. I hope I can poop again later and sleep well tonight. Stay safe, healthy and happy.

Happy peeing and pooping!


I had to poop when I got to work, I went straight to the toilet sat down and started plopping away. Then some colleagues were outside the restroom talking and I know they could hear my many loud plops. It smelled bad, when I finished and went to leave I bumped straight into my boss who was coming to use the bathroom. She went in after me and I knew she'd smell the stench. It was so embarrassed walking back to my desk.

Chakamami (Chae,Kazu,Maho,Mina)

Dear Everybody

We decided we stay in this site. We talked about this just now. Mina's stomach was not good so she sat on beige loo, and other three sat on ground around of her. We talked about 30 minutes. We decided, we love this site and people of this site so much, we can't say goodbye. Mina always worry her writing bad, but Anonymous Reader said, he or she love our crazy life. (Mina didn't understand everything of his/her post, but general idea was that.)

Mina dropped many small turds in loo while we discussing, so when discussion finish, we looked in loo and it was very full. Huge mountain of light brown mierda. Mina washed her bottom and three others dried it.

Mina is sorry, she is very unstable person. She cried little bit during a discussion. Moment when she start to cry, she produced more larger turd.

Mina is still not good condition now so she tell story of our buddy dump in September next time.

Love to everyone. We never say good bye.


Wednesday, November 01, 2023


Woke this morning had a wee in the THETFORD ELLEGANCE pottie in bedroom.
Went downstairs made tea and sat in chair drinking tea .went back to hallway
sat on the THETFORD 245 pottie had a wee then went a NUMBER TOO,pulled three
sheets of ELSAN BLUE toilet paper from roll on stand and wiped, pulled another three and wiped then another three and wiped


A chic public toilet

I heard that a new public toilet has recently opened in my city and decided to go there and see what it looks like. I waited until I needed to go and went there. The toilet building was quite large, and there was a division by gender. Naturally, I went into the men's room. I entered the first stall and was very surprised by the sight. The stall itself was small, and there was a roll of toilet paper hanging on the side of the wall, also not very large. The toilet itself was snow-white, and it didn't look very big either. The toilet seat and the lid of the toilet seat were black, the flush lever was chrome-plated. The toilet was very beautiful, and I decided to immediately relieve myself in it. I locked the stall door, then lifted up the toilet seat and the lid, and lowered my clothes down: blue jeans and white briefs. I stood in front of the toilet and began to pee into it. After pee, I lowered the toilet seat and sat on it. The toilet seat turned out to be very comfortable for child's ass, and I relaxed. I quickly pooped, then wiped myself with high-quality elastic toilet paper, got up, dressed, and pressed the flush. The water in the toilet began to be flushed away in such a powerful stream that my poop was not even visible. After flushing, the foam remained.

Hi everyone I'm new on here heard about this site from a friend, anyway I have ibs and have really massive poops to the point where my girlfriend broke up with me because I clogged the toilet multiple times. I read stories on here that really helped I have some very interesting stories to share, I'm a little shy so to anyone could share some of their stories it would be so helpful especially women I would like to know your thoughts of this as well.


Sarah's Survey.

I was originally going to elaborate on each answer but I think the number will suffice.

1. Pee in a public bathroom. 1. Zero hesitation.
2. Poop in a public bathroom 4. I'd rather not but better than torturing myself or risking an accident. 

3. Fart in public. 6. 

4. Fart at a friend's house 7. 

5 Fart at a date's house 8. 

6. Fart at a SO house 8. 

7. Poop at a friends house 5. 

8. Poop at a dates house 8. 

9. Poop at a SOs house 6. 

10 outside 9. 

11 Poop outside…same question? 9.

12 Pee in a stall with no door 1.
13 Poop in a stall with no door 9. 

14 Pee in a multiple stall unisex multiple stall bathroom 4.

15 Poop in a multiple stall unisex multiple stall bathroom 9. 

16 Pee in front of someone 4.
17 Poop in front of someone 9.


To the poster about her boyfriend

I don't think I've ever heard my husband complain about a cold seat. Of course, when we're out either together or with our kids, he doesn't have to sit down each time!

Hi!I see posts here often. I have some queries:

1.How often do you poop?
2.Do you have any habitual time for pooping?
3.How often do you have close calls and you have to run toward toilet?
4.Do you usually piss first or drop your load at first?
5.Do you like the sensation when the turd is inside your anus and on its
way to the bowl?
6.Do you normally fart while pooping?
7.How does your plops sound like?
8.Many many plops do you make on average in a normal-pooping session?
9.How comfortable are you with pooping sounds?
10.Do you usually leave the toilet smelly when you're done?


I, um, I peed myself. Sort of.

This happened during my trip to the mall yesterday. It wasn't a full blown accident. In fact, I got 90% of the urine into the men's room urinal. But the last 10% stayed with me and caused an issue. Let me give a little background.

When I was little, I had no problem completely emptying my bladder and urethra. Only a very tiny wet spot or none at all would appear in my undies. Then at 14, things changed. I started noticing when I walked away from the bathroom, a big wet patch was forming on the front of my briefs. Not just once but every time I peed. I wore navy blue slacks as part of my Catholic school uniform so even though they sometimes got damp, it never showed. On a possibly related note, I also wet the bed once around this time. It was a bit embarrassing but I figured it was all a part of growing up. Anyway, when peeing I learned to take my time, jiggle it, and get as much urine into the urinal or toilet as possible. For the most part, this has been successful. I still end up with a small wet spot on my underwear but it's tolerable. White briefs will turn yellow after many wears but it's not noticeable on the colored ones. So basically everything was good. Until yesterday.

I went to the mall, picked up a few items, and headed for the men's room. I wanted a nice, empty bladder so I wouldn't have any problems on the way home. So I stood at the urinal, pulled the zipper down, peed, pulled the zipper back up, and went to the sinks to wash my hands. That's when it hit me. My panties were soaked! Usually I only get a wet spot no larger than a quarter that I could feel with the end of my penis. This was much worse. My entire penis and scrotum were wet. I panicked for a bit. Was pee running down my legs? Is the front of my jeans wet? I waited a minute and felt nothing on my legs but a small, inconspicuous spot formed on the front of my pants. I walked out figuring nobody would pay any attention.

When I got home I changed out of my now dry pants and underwear. I was worried my pink panties would have turned orange but they looked ok. I'll find out for sure when they come out of the laundry. Now when I go to the bathroom I take a few more seconds to make sure there's no additional urine hiding inside me. I just hope my mishap was a one off and not a sign of things to come.


Huge poop that surprisingly went down

Hi all. Got up this morning, went pee, brushed my teeth and went upstairs for breakfast. Had some kind of spicy red soup with potato chunks in it. Ate slowly and after breakfast I took my medications, finished my warm water and went downstairs. Downstairs I finished my water, refilled my water jar and microwaved it. Slowly drank it and soon got a major urge to poop.

Grabbed my Walmart bag, walked to the door, took my bedroom flip flops off, opened the door, turned off the light, closed the door and walked to the washroom across from my room. Turned on the light, closed the door, put the Walmart bag on the door, took the toilet paper out and walked to the toilet. Pulled my pants and underwear down and sat on the toilet. Peed first then pushed out a lot of semi-solid thick poop. One big, thick log. Pushed out the last of it, got the toilet paper and took some. Wiped well and tossed it into the toilet. Had to get more toilet paper and continue wiping. Finally the paper came back clean.

Stood up, pulled my pants and underwear up and turned to look at the poop. It was thick and long, taking up most of the toilet and was fairly dark. It's not everything from my body yet but I am hoping that I can go again later after good food, plenty of water and some exercises. Flushed the toilet and it went down surprisingly. Sayonara crap! Washed my hands, grabbed my Walmart bag, left the washroom, turned off the light and went to my room where I tossed the Walmart bag on my desk chair and wiped my hands on the towel. Went outside my room, took my outside flip flops off (she makes everyone here wear 2 pairs-one for inside your room and one for outside of it), came back in, put the bedroom flip flops on and am writing this now.

Hopefully everyone is staying safe, happy and healthy.

Happy peeing and pooping!


Hi everyone,

I had a really embaressing experience and I don't know how to process it. I think here is the right place to share what happened.

A few days ago I started feeling off. I went to sleep having stomache issues and woke up a few times because it really hurt. I also was quite gassy. It hit me then, that I hadn't been pooping in two days. So I went to the toilet in the middle of the night and tried for a poo. I was pushing, but nothing was moving. Just a few dry farts slipped out of me, which made me feel better, so I went back to bed and slept until the morning.
I got up and made breakfast for my husband and daughter. My husband had to get to work early, so he only grabbed some food and left. My daughter Sara on the other hand came downstairs to eat with me. She is a teenager of 16. We sat down and she talked about school, when my stomache started to cramp. It gurgled and suddenly I had to fart badly.
"Are you okay, Mom?", she asked and rised an eyebrow.
"Y-yes.", I answered. I had to concentrate to not let the fart slip. We are not shy about this kind of things, but from the pressure I could tell, that this one would be loud and stinky, so I just hoped, the feeling would fade. I couldn't get up from my chair until Sara said goodbye and left for school.
"Oh and Mom? Don't forget, to pick me up.", she shouted from the door.
"I won't", I answered her. And when I heard the door lock, I got up from the chair and immediatly couldn't hold the fart in any langer. I had to bend over in pain, when the gas forced it's way out of me.
I rushed to the toilet because I suddenly felt like I had do poop. I pushed my pants down and sat down on the toilet. Long farts echoed in the bowl. I felt reliefed and nothing like I had to poop anymore. I tried to anyways. I sat there and pushed about half an hour, but nothing was moving except some pee, so I decided to try again later. I got up and decided to drink a glas of milk and eat some fruit to help things moving. I didn't think much about it and wanted to go on with my day. I cleaned the house and had to run some errands like grocery shopping. Before I left the house, I tried to poop again, but nothing happened. I decided to go to a supermarket near Sara's school, so I could pick her up afterwords. I took my shopping list and got into the supermarket. Everything was fine at first. Then suddenly there was a sharp pain in my stomache causing me to lean over. The pressure from before was back and it was even stronger now. I had to get to the toilet as fast as possible. I pressed my hand on my butt, because I felt like otherwise I might poop myself and ran towards the restrooms. I rushed inside, dropped my pants and farted. But that was it. I tried pushing and even massaging my stomache a little. I could feel, there was much inside me, but nothing came out. I tried to poop for a while, but eventually I had to get up, because otherwise I would be late to pick up Sara. So I finished shopping and went back to the car to drive to Sara's school. I had to wait for her for a while in the parking lot and that was when the urge to poop came back.
Fortunatly I saw Sara come to the car right in this moment. Her friend Bree was with her.
"Hey Mom, can you take Bree home too? Her Mom couldn't pick her up today.", she asked.
I just nodded. I wanted to get home quickly to get to the toilet again. The girls got in, while I felt the gas buildung up inside me.
I squirmed in my seat and my stomache started to make some noises.
"Are you ok?", Sara looked at me from the backseat.
"Y-yes.", my voice got a little shakey, so I didn't say anything more.
I left the parking lot and drove over to Bree's house. She lives near us, so it is not as far away, but the more time went by, the more despeprate I got.
When I had to stop at a red light, I patted my stomache, hoping to ease the pain.
And then I couldn't help it. I farted in front of my daughter and her friend. I tried to regain controll, before a second fart could come out, but failed.
"Ew! Mom, was that you?! Did you just fart? Seriously?", my daughter asked from the backseat, "Oh my god, it smells so bad!"
She was right. It was one of those farts you could tell, I couldn't poop in a while.
"I-I...", I didn't know how to answer, "I have some stomache issues today. I'm really sorry, girls", I tried to excuse myself.
Her friend didn't say anything, but Sara spoke up again: "Well, please don't do it again."
"I-I w-will t-try.", my voice did shake quite badly, because another massive stomache cramp hit me, causing me to lean over and hold my stomache more.
The light had turned green, but I couldn't start the car again, because the cramp was so bad.
Someone behind me honked.
"Mom, it's green.", Sara said.
"Ugh - I know - I just...", I couldn't talk, because my stomache cramped and made some very loud noises, until I couldn't stop another bubbly fart.
"Mom!", Sara exclaimed again.
"Sorry girls, I just have to use the toilet really bad..."
"Wait, like - are you about to shit yourself?!"
"I'm trying not to...", gladly I could start the car again.
I was sweating. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it, until I got home.
"Oh my god, please don't poop yourself in front of my friend! That's so embaressing!"
I felt so much pressure down there, I just had to release it somehow, because I felt otherwise I might explode.
Even though I knew, my daughter would be embaressed, I couldn't help it.
"Do you think, I can use the bathroon over at your house, Bree?", I asked.
"Well..., I think you can.", she said.
I held on to that. I only had to hold it until we arrived at her house.
Sara was talking again, but I couldn't listen to her because another cramp hit me and I had to worry about not having an accident.
When I pulled up to Bree's house, I parked the car and jumped out a second later.
Her parents weren't home, so she had to pull out her own key and fumbled in her bag.
I was next to her doing a silly dance, where I put one hand on my butt and the other on my cramping stomache.
"Could you please hurry, dear?", I asked.
She found the key, put it in the lock and then a shiver ran through my body. I had started to poop. Because I had my hand on my butt, I could feel a wet spot growing there from the diarrhea.
Bree pushed the door open and showed the bathroom to me. The whole way, I was already going in my pants.
I didn't even lock the door, just pushed my pants down and could finally relief myself.
I sat there for about half an hour and just pooped. There were some pretty bad stains in my underware and pants.
I tried to cover it by pulling down my top, then washed my hands and got out of the bathroom. Sara had come inside to wait for me.
"Thank you for letting me use your bathroom", I tried to smile, but was totally embaressed.
She said, it was fine and Sara and I walked back to the car. Unfortunately she saw the wet spot.
"Did you also pee yourself? Why are your pants wet?", she asked in shock, when we were on the road again. I decided to be honest with her.
"No, love. But I had diarrhea and couldn't hold it anymore."
She was quiet for a while, "Why didn't you go to the toilet before?"
"I did acutally. I'm really sorry that happened in front of your friend."
"Well, I hope, she will never bring it up again.", she answered and that was it with the conversation.
At home I had to sit on the toilet for a while again, but was just fine the other day.
I don't know what happened that day and now, I'm just embaressed, whenever I see my daughters friend.

Monday, October 30, 2023


This morning had a wee in THETFORD ELEGANCE pottie in bedroom , went
down stairs filed kettle ,made tea boiled some eggs.I had breakfast washed brushed teeth .then sat on THETFORD 245 pottie just a wee no poo.
I went to car and drove to computer lessons.used toilet at end of lesson just a wee could not go NUMGER TOO .I drove home made tea and took it with a fishing magazine to the bedroom.I put the OAKLEAF BED PAN
on the bed, pulled down my jogging bottoms and pants sat on bedpan, pulled a sleeping bag over my legs , drank tea and read magazine.when
I had finished tea put mug on to table , pulled my legs back put my hands onto mattress and pushed then pushed a second time three minutes later pushed again my bowels opened I had a really good shit.ten minutes later got off pan laid on my left side and wiped with four sheets of SHADES KITCHEN TOWEL.Took the pan down stairs and emptied in bonfire washed under water butt


What happened early hours of this morning?

As usual being a bit constipated, so have taken laxatives of some power the last couple of days with limited results.
In the early hours of this morning, I woke up with wait. I need to pass very foul gas. I thought it was time to sit on the toilet, so I staggered at through my bum on the pot. I played on my feet on the floor and sat back, relaxed, and slowly breathe in and out I apply no effort whatsoever and the poo slowly by its way out of my bum going drop drop drop once again without any effort at all. After awhile, I gave a push and out came another lot which seem to conclude the evacuation.
I then activated the bidet for a cleanup and back to bed, feeling quite well relaxed and relieved. I was almost floating in heaven.

Tighty Skidder

Skidmark Survey Answers

1. When was your most recent skidmark? Today
2. Do you know what led to the skidmark? Didn't wipe enough, wet farts too
3. If so, what factors let to the skidmark? Usually a combo of farts and only a few quick swipes
4. Do you get skidmarks more than once a week? Daily
5. Do you Get skidmarks more than once a month? Absolutely
6. What color and type of underwear did you most recently skidmark? White Hanes briefs
7. Did the stain stay on after you washed? Every pair I own is permanently stained front and back
8. Did anyone else see the skidmark? Not this one but usually the guys at the gym see them in the locker room
9. Do you use anything besides dry toilet paper to clean up post defecation? Never

I would love to hear from other guys who aren't ashamed to admit they get skids!

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