Public bathrooms

I'm a long time visitor to this site and have been inspired by all of you wonderful people to share some of my stories.

I used to spend a lot of time with my mum, shopping, trying on clothes, going out to eat etc. Over time we developed a habit of going to the ladies bathroom together. We would both go into the stall together and while she would sit down on the toilet and do her business, I would pull down my pants and pee on the stall wall next to her. I didn't have an aversion to the toilet but being able to go together was a great bonding experience and I enjoyed it every time. My mum would say things like 'you sure had to go huh?' and 'let me know when you're done so I can get up'. Normally I would be far enough away from the wall so that my splashes and puddle wouldnt reach my shoes but one or two times I peed so much that it got mine and my mums shoes wet!

There was one time when we had been out for a long time, and must have eaten some sketchy food, because my stomach was hurting. My mum had the same thing so we shared the situation. We rushed to the toilet and she yanked down her pants and sat down, unleashing a brown deluge onto the toilet. I was so desparate so I asked my mum what to do. "Just go on the floor honey" she said and so I unzipped, pulled down my pants and squatted. It must have been a while since I went so it was a little hard at first but I grunted out the hard cap and runny poop started coming out onto the floor. My mum said "that must feel good honey" and I said "yeah it does". I finished up, somehow managing to avoid getting any on myself and my mum helped me wipe as it was very messy. We quickly hurried out of the store, thankfully the bathroom and the store were pretty empty.

Another time I can think of we were at a store for a black friday sale so it was absolutely packed, and during our shopping I must have been a little eager on the soda and so I had to pee really badly. My mum saw this and so we both went to the ladies bathroom. Although there was no line all of the stalls were occupied and a couple ladies were at the sinks. I was about to pee my pants and so my mum said "why dont you just quickly pee over there on the wall". She led me over to the tile wall next to the sinks and helped me take off my pants. The other ladies looked at us a bit strange but I think they understood the urgency of the situation. Eventually I got started and my pee started raining onto the wall and pooled on the floor. The pee was pretty yellow as I hadnt gone in a while and it spread out into a massive stain on the floor. One of the ladies even had to move her foot to avoid stepping in it. When I was almost done I had a little fun with it and started swaying back and forth to coat the whole wall. My mum told me to stop but she didnt really care since I was almost done. When I finished my pee I washed my hands and then me and my mum waited for one of the stalls to open so that she could also have a pee.

My mum is pretty open with peeing so apart from this there are lots of other times where she has let me pee in some places either for emergencies or for a bit of fun. Thats all I have for now but let me know some of your stories and if you want to hear any more from me!


Shotgun v. Targeted Peeing

As I've written about before, I'm a college age male who has had increased frustration about pissing away from home. That's probably 70% of my pisses daily. I work 30 hours a week at a distribution warehouse, plus 12 hours of classes on campus, plus time with friends. If I counted right, yesterday that was 8 pees, plus 2 at Chrissy's apartment. She and I study together, enjoy wines, and have been in school together since she moved into our neighborhood in 3rd grade.

When we reached middle school, we both got bikes and that enabled us to spend more time together. At school she would see me sign out of study period for the bathroom. Sometimes I was gone for 15 minutes or more so she eventually asked me if I was having constipation problems. I got behind in math and one night when we were at her house she asked me what was taking me so long. I told her that I had to go to three different boys rooms that afternoon before I found a toilet seat that wasn't dripping with pee. While there was a little toilet paper available in each situation, I told her I just preferred not to wipe off other guys' pee before sitting down.

Chrissy asked several good questions. About urinals. Not enough available during 4-minute passing periods. She seemed grossed out by the guys' bad aim, if there was any aim at all. I told her the bad experiences I had with the auto flushes when they worked. How I had to dry my penis off because I learned right up against the urinal. Often in middle school I was bullied because of my relatively small unit, and how I couldn't get my pee going with long lines behind me and guys trying to shove me aside.

About that time is when I started to sit down to pee. I got a little more privacy, but the wet seats concerned me. Chrissy came up with the term "shotgun" peeing for them and was surprised they just didn't remember or care to lift the seat before their pee. I found she was right that the targeted peeing from the seat with my penis pointed into the bowl worked a lot better. She was also right in that I didn't have as much pee splashes in my underwear because I was more at ease sitting down.

In high school, Chrissy said she found that a few of the girls didn't want to sit on the seat the normal way. Rather they would squat or hover over it, but not always remember to raise the seat for the next user who would probably want to sit down. Since that time, me and Chrissy have camped out a few times. We've both gone to the bathroom together outside and have found it adventurous. She and I agree that not everyone who squats or hovers has the best of aims.


Post Title good morning

Hi everybody. My poop has been unpredictable as always. Today I had loose diarrhea only once so far. Not much else to talk about myself but someone on the internet made fart music. So cool! Bye

I'm a guy who is really shy about my toilet habits and I just wondered how many other guys feel that way here? I don't hear about it a lot, a lot of guys i've met are normally just open about it. Like I can remember times as a kid a bunch of us going to the bathroom to pee and one of them announcing that they're going for a poo and being like not even embarrassed. Ever since I was young though I always was awkward about it. In school I used to never go unless i really needed a wee, I would ALWAYS hold in my #2s until I could get home or at least to the toilets in the park. But even then I hated those as well, it was just in emergencies.

So often in public toilets i'll hear guys just come in and do their business next to me while i'm sat there trying to wait until the bathroom is empty. I feel like the only one who is embarrassed about it so I just wanna know if there's any other really poo-shy guys on here


Camping with my brother

I went camping with my brother, his wife Tamara and their friend Marcy. We drove to the campsite in my brother's pickup truck. We set up our tents and my brother and his wife went fishing. I had some rest and so did Marcy. Then we cooked dinner and let me tell you this we had a lot! We barbecued corn, spareribs, burgers and even one fish. Besides that we also ate backed beans and drank beer! Marcy likes sweeter drinks so she prepared some Whiskey sours. They were delicious and we all had plenty of them! Also, we stopped going to the toilets and just peed in the nearby trees because it was more convenient!
So the next morning when I woke up I had to shit. I knew it would be a bad case of the day after drinking shits, if you know what I mean. Because it was early in the morning and the toilet block was far away (and filthy btw!), I decided I would do my morning business in the forest. So I put on my outdoor pants and looked for a secluded spot nearby. I found one near a boulder so I put down my pants and squatted down. I began peeing right away. It must have been the beer! My stream was pretty loud so I couldn't hear the footsteps of someone approaching. But suddenly Tamara was there! The conversion went like

Me: OMG you scared me so bad! Don't do this to me!
Tamara: I saw you going to the forest so I followed you! You just peed so much that's unbelievable!
Me: Ikr, but now I'd like you to leave me alone because I don't only have to pee, if you know what I mean.
Tamara: Oh don't worry babe I have to go as well so you don't have to be shy.
Me: I've never done this so I'm not sure I can.

But my need to go was tremendous by then and my first turd was already pushing my booty hole open! Some pearls of sweat were running down my forehead.

Tamara: Look, we're both girls so you don't have to worry. Actually, I have to go so bad I cannot hold it anymore anyway!

She pulled down her pants and squatted down next to me. She started peeing right away and also a super long airy fart came from her butt! By then, my first knobby turd was hanging half-way out and I could not hold back a little moan. It was very wide!

Tamara: OMG your turd is so big!
Me: Yes it feels huge and it is stretching me very wide!
Tamara: That must be all the food from yesterday, I feel that my shit is very wide too!

I could indeed see the turd coming out of her butt and it was indeed very wide but it looked smoother than mine!

Me: Oh yes that one is clearly stretching you as well!
Tamara: Yes it feels sooo good to get this all out!
Me: I'm not gonna lie that feels quite good.

For the next few minutes we only let out little grunts and moans as we were getting rid of the waste in our bowels. Sometimes a few farts would escape as well! Both of us formed big piles. Our shits were getting softer and softer and in the last bit there were visible bits of corn and bell peppers!

Me: I completely forgot to bring toilet paper. Do you have anything to wipe?
Tamara: yes, actually I brought some wads of toilet paper! How much do you need?
Me: Idk, not so much, it feels quite clean and I usually don't need that much when I squat.
Me: Actually, it's very luck that you followed me otherwise I'd be in quite a situation!
Tamara: Ikr, I'm glad I came because I really needed this.

We stood up and let me tell you, we left some sizeable heaps! Tamara ended up using most of the TP because her shit was somewhat softer and messier than mine.
As we came back we just saw Marcy heading for the forest with a toilet paper roll in her hands! We told her

Me: GM! Be careful where you step!
Tamara and Marcy: laugh loudly

So this experience of being stretched together made us feel a lot closer and it was very nice overall. I am not so much into camping but I told my brother that I would definitely come along again.

XXX Marissa


Question for Kristi

Hi Kristi. You mentioned that the biggest poop you ever took was at the Cincinnati airport. How long ago was that? What do you remember about it and are you able to describe it in detail? Take care and enjoy your day!



Tell everyone about your poop today:

a) Where: Home

b) Date/Time: This morning 11/3 at 9:30am

c) What you read if anything: Didn't read anything. Had a cigarette.

d) How long you took: 15 minutes

e) Were you shameful: No. Why would I be? We all do it.

f) Did it smell: I didn't wait around to find out.

g) Did you enjoy it? Of course. It was a great relief.

h) How far you pull down your pants and underwear when you poop today? Wasn't wearing clothes. All natural.

i) Any other interesting: Not really. Just a couple soft, but well formed, light brown turds.


Just another poop survey

1. When you poop, how long does it usually take?

Usually anywhere from 5-15 minutes

2. Have you ever been in pain because a turd was too wide?

Not often. Occasionally, depending on what I have eaten.

3. If you get constipated, how often and what's your constipation like? Is it going days without pooping or is it just having trouble pushing it out or a mix of both?

Not often, thank God. When I do it usually lasts a few days and then things start to flow again

4. If you get diarrhea, how often? Does it come in the form of loose stools or liquid?

Sometimes. Maybe a couple times a month. It's usually in the form of a loose stool, but I have experienced liquid before. Usually when I'm sick or have eaten something that does not agree with me.

5. If you've pooped in public while constipated have you ever grunted so loud someone heard you and made comments or asked if you were ok?

No. I have anxiety pooping in public places so I try to avoid it at all costs. On the occasion that I have been caught having to drop a deuce in public I usually take great care to make my presence as unknown as possible.

6. Do you like or dislike pooping and why?

I usually don't have a feeling about it one way or another. Though it does feel good to pinch one off that has really been needing to get out.

7. Do you always pee when you poop? If so do you pee or poop first?

Yes, I pee when I poop. I tend to poop first most of the time and then pee, which is usually my my cue that I'm done.

8. Do you use toilet paper or baby wipes?

I use baby wipes. They do a much better clean up with very little rectal irritation for us thorough wipers out there.

9. How long have you gone without pooping?

Not longer than a couple days (when constipated).

10. How long have you gone without peeing?

Never more than the duration of a sleep cycle.

11. Have you had any accidents as an adult?

Not that I can remember. Let's keep it that way.

12. Have you ever had to have someone else manually remove your poop because of constipation?

No. On the occasion that I am constipated, I will usually administer an enema if it lasts longer than a day or two.


Military girl

Hi military girl, seems like your and your military friends take some large poops which makes me curious. Please feel free to answer these questions.

Have you always pooped like you do?
Are there certain foods that make your poops larger?
What is your ethnicity and age?
Who poops the biggest out of your friends?
Which toilet in a public bathroom do you think takes the most poop from your perspective?
What is your body type (slender,plus size, super fit, etc)?
Do you think body type has to do with how much poop you make?

Anyone else can feel free to answer these questions also.
Thanks for the stories,

David P


Hiya David P here again now for some replies

Tina: 16 days without a poo is a long time, you said you reluctantly went a little bit after then so that is really good. Well done you, it couldn't have been easy for you. As you only managed a little bit then held it again for 9 days, did you find it too painful or difficult and that is why you decided to hold it again? Trust me I have been there with holding it like that due to pain and it only gets worse. Best of luck. If Abbie is still on this site and comes back, I would say she is a really good person to talk to as she struggled with difficult constipation for years and had painful and really hard to push out poos. But she has still managed to keep going despite that. Read her stories they may motivate you. They helped me feel less alone with my problems.

Imogen: Oh that must have been so embarrassing, I feel for you. That women was so mean to you. Everyone knows that poo sometimes stinks and we all do it. We are only animals after all and never perfect. It has not happened to me but it is my worst fear. I hate the idea of going for a poo in public but sometimes it has to happen. A couple weeks ago I really needed a poo when I got to college, I did not want to go but it was either that or poo myself so luckily the toilet was deserted as it was early. I did a smelly poo but luckily nobody found out. This is really good for me as it is hard to get myself to do that.

Mina: I think that may of been me that said that, yeah the more you hold it the harder and more painful it will be. I hope Tina is ok, it was probably very painful.


Response to Kristi's survey

Hello Kristi. I am sitting on the toilet taking my morning poop while I'm typing this out.

Here are my answers

1. Male
2. Married
3. Yes absolutely
4. Almost right away once we were officially a couple and became intimate with each other which didn't take long at all.
5. NA
6. Yes even though it rarely happens but if she needs to be in there while I'm crapping it's no problem for me.
7. Honestly I never pooped in the same space as her until our honeymoon. I remember her asking me if I would let her take a picture of me on the toilet. I said yes.
8. NA
9. She leaves the door open when she pees but not when she poops. She doesn't allow me in the bathroom while she poops.
10. Yes I wish that would change. I would love to be in there while she poops. My wife is beautiful and has thick thighs and butt and looks hot while she's on the toilet I must say. I have heard her poop many times though and she's loud especially when she has diarrhea.
11. Yes I tell her and she tells me.
12. Sure if I had to go bad enough I probably would. Not sure she would though

Emma two

Poo in the rain

I was walking busting for a poo when I woke up on Sunday morning and I asked Sarah if she'd like to go for a walk in the woods with me. She said it was due to rain and we'd better take the umbrellas. I grabbed a toilet roll from the bathroom and we set off to the woods in Sara's car. It was starting to rain when we got there and and we grabbed the umbrellas from the back seat and walked into the woods. We found a fairly sheltered spot under a huge Sycamore tree and I held one of the umbrellas over Sarah while she lowered her jeans and knickers. She squatted on front of me with peed while she pushed out a few big poos and she wiped with the toilet roll we'd brought along. Once she'd pulled her clothes back up we swapped places and Sarah held the umbrella over me while I lowered my jeans and knickers and as soon as I got into position I pushed gently until I felt my poo moving. It didn't take any effort to get going as my poo for was soft and mushy. It was a relief and quite fun doing it in the rain and once I wiped and pulled my clothes up we walked around the woods for a while with our umbrellas for shelter. We got back to the car just as the heavens opened and we were glad to be in the car. Sarah decided to wait out the storm as she didn't feel safe driving in torrential rain. It was a actually quite nice sitting in the car watching the rain run down the windscreen like to does in a car wash and after forty minutes the rain eased off to a drizzle and we drove home safely.

Anna from Austria
Hi everyone. I have a new questions for my fellow ladies that are like me and need to poop at public toilets on daily basis

1) What is your favourite public bathroom for doing Number 2

My favourite bathroom for taking a a poo is the toilet at my office building. That's also the bathroom by the way where I take most of my public bms anyway. So it is a good thing that I like it that much.

The reason why I like it is because of the layout. It is rather small bathroom with only few stalls and th stalls are completey isolated. In fact they are very small rooms with a toilet inside.

So the privacy is alsmost perfect. You cannot be heard from your neighbors. You can only hear some sounds through the door. But that only a little drawback I do not mind.

2) What are you lest favourite toilets for a bm

Some honorable mentions would be porta potty and airplane toilets. But I use these toilets too seldom to make them count. In fact I have never used a porta potta for a bm in my life. I did it a few times on a plane but I fly to rarely to make it count.

Now to actual public toilet I like the least. I am not fan big mass toilets like the toilets in shopping malls and at the bath at the lake in my hometown.

The lack of privacy is not the main reason for that. I do not mind that much too poop around people I do not know at all. It is more because of the lack of hygene. Such mass toilets are not the cleanest and often there is not enough toilet paper around.

It might be just my imagination but Covid could have made the hygene situation much worse. There have always been some women that tend to do their business without sitting on the toilet and try do in standing position with their butt flooting above the toilet bowl.

But since/after the pandemic it seems to happen way more often then before. I have seen some toilets seats that were peed on before but after covid the toilet seets have become way more dirtier than before.

Some ladies also tend to cover the toilet seets with paper more often then they did before 2020. Which makes the toilet paper situation not easier which is a bad thing for me. My poop is quite soft most the time which means that I need quite a lot paper.

Now i am curious about your answers.

greetings from Austria


Sunday, November 06, 2022

Just back from watching the London to Brighton veteran car run in London. It sets off at 7am, so was dark when I arrived. I had my umbrella as it was beginning to rain. As I waited for the first car to leave, I began to feel the need for a poo. There are no public toilets open at this time , and I was miles away from a coffee shop. I started to look for somewhere quiet to go. There were a few early morning joggers and dog walkers about. By now, I was busting. I had no option but to squat down behind a tree, my jeans and boxers quickly came down, and without pushing a huge firm log plopped out. I wiped with a tissue I had, and then covered my poo with leaves, I felt bad about pooping in a public park. Hopefully no one saw me

Mina Kazumi Hisae Maho

Dear Imogen

Maho is trembling in a rage. Why that horrid woman said you can't do motions in public loo? Maho said, if she is there she push that woman's head into loo which you used. (But we think she will not do that.)

Mina and Hisae and Kazumi not trembling, but we are not pleased. Of course it's OK to do motions anywhere when you have to do! And that is purpose of all loos, public loos and private loos are same. They are there to eat turds which people give to them.

If we enter ladies loo and you come out of cubicle with leaving huge smell, we all look at you warm eyes, and our eyes say to you, "You seem that you had nice motion! We hope you produced a lots and lots and now feel comfortable very much."

Please do motion in public loo whenever you need. All loos welcome your beautiful bottom with warm love. They will eat everything which you give to them. Poo is always delicious for loo, even it is not delicious for human being. And if there is smell, it is because loos cannot brush teeth after they eat meal which you gave. So horrid woman have to shut up.

Love from Maho, Hisae, Kazumi and Mina

George P
Hey. George P again. I'm sorry to the moderator about being a bit too detailed in my post that didn't go through. I am going to edit some details out to make it more clean and also shorter.

There was recently another incident with Jason's brother Tommy. Me and Jason were at his house playing the video games we usually play. Eventually I had to poop. You might be asking why would I use his bathroom again or even go to his house after the last incident, but this was during night time and since Tommy had school the next day he was asleep in his room or at least supposed to be. So I thought I was pretty safe from him bothering me. I was wrong. We walked to the bathroom and you wouldn't believe this but luck was not on my side that day and Tommy was walking to the bathroom too! We all stood outside the bathroom. I tried not to look at him because I couldn't look at him again after the incident before. He said I could use it first but told me to be quick because he had to go too. Then he started to walk back to his room.

Me and Jason went into the bathroom, closed the door and I did my usual routine of removing all clothing below my waist and sitting on the toilet with my legs spread wide. But again luck was not on my side that day because guess what happened? He came in! Fortunately I hadn't started peeing or anything yet since I had just sat down. He laughed at me and I quickly closed my legs and tried covering myself. Jason scolded him like he did last time. Then Tommy asked if he could watch and said he'd never bother us again if we let him stay. Jason said no and told him to leave. He pushed him away and closed the door.

After a minute we were confident he'd gone back to his room so I spread my legs wide like I usually did and I started to pee. Then guess what. Yep you've guessed it. He swung the door open and came in again. I successfully stopped my stream, closed my legs and tried covering myself. I guess he was waiting outside the bathroom and listening to hear when I started peeing and came in at that time. He again said he'd leave us alone if we let him stay. I was really uncomfortable with it but I told Jason not to worry about it anymore since he'd seen so much already by this point plus maybe he would leave us alone after. I was so uncomfortable but I felt that I didn't have much of a choice. So I hesitantly spread my legs wide and continued my stream. He watched closely and intently as I peed.

Then he asked if he could wipe me. Jason yelled at him. Then he asked something more inappropriate which I won't say here. I felt so embarrassed and uncomfortable. Jason yelled at him and Tommy said "okay I swear I won't say that stuff again. I'll never bother you again if you let me stay." I just said it was fine. I wasn't really comfortable with it but I thought it'd be worth it because I was planning on making him regret asking to stay at all since I had to poop and he didn't know that and I thought that'd gross him out enough to make him leave. By this point I'd finished peeing. Then I pushed and some poop started coming out. Tommy said "that's nasty!" but didn't leave.

Suddenly Jason looked at him, laughed and asked "are you pissing yourself?" I looked and saw that there was a growing wet spot on Tommy's pants. Tommy then unexpectedly tugged his pants down and stepped out of them so he was bottomless. He was still peeing. Jason pushed him and he lost his balance, which only made things worse because his manhood was flopping all over the place and so he was getting pee everywhere. Jason yelled at him to get in the tub and he said fine fine and he stood in the bathtub to finish peeing.

So that's that. I hope everyone is having a good day or night. I look forward to reading more posts. Thanks again for reading and I apologize for the trouble with my other post.

PS I'm glad that Tina has posted again. Like everyone else I was also worried about her. Hope you're doing okay Tina!



When I was an infant I always pushed and pooped once a day ,as I got older the logs increased in size once in my first year I had a NUMBER TOO
I did not have a NUMBER TOO @ school until 2nd year at secondary modern.
Sometimes on a mid day dinner break I would have NUMBER TOO ,the toilets were outside pans were lower the paper hard ,so always carried some with me, during the third year we moved to a new school ,the toilets were inside pans same as we had at home and soft paper.
The first day at new school I had a NUMBER TOO then again a few days later , several times the following week as the term progressed I was using the toilets more freqent . During the fifth year now aged sixteen
every day had a NUMBER TOO at school in addition to every morning before leaving home, my poop was fewer logs and more mush , was this a result of school dinners ??
When I started work I had a NUMBER TOO before leaving home and sometimes at work.Now I am retired for the past three years have a NUMBER TOO every morning on the pottie in camper van while listening to the 7am news .Often have taken car to laundry and use a bed pan every day I poop mush . I find the portta pottie to be very comfortable as it is only 13 high and enjoy my Bowel Movements.
When I have gone away at christmas and have used a standard 16 inch toilet I take much longer having a NUMBER TOO .
When I have a SQUATT and POOP it only takes two minuites

Skidmarked from Columbia

Response to Annie

1st I feel your embarrassment as an adult who had a poop accident. It's shocking but shouldn't be a concern if it only happens occasionally. Let's you know we aren't in a fake simulation. I didn't have much to say so I end this here.


Confronted for going together

Has anyone ever experienced this? People and/or employees commenting or complaining if you go to the bathroom with another person. Not kids, although I've had a few instances of other women confronting me over my sons.

Yesterday, my husband and I took a detour at the store to pee, and an employee was waiting outside the door when we left. They didn't confront us, but they left after we left and I'm almost certain we were the reason they were loitering there.

When we were at a party once, a woman I know in passing and I talked for ten minutes after she noticed me come out of the bathroom with my husband and our youngest. She looked stunned when I admitted to having used the toilet while I was there. I asked her and she swore she'd NEVER go in front of her boyfriend.

Andi from Germany

At the hostel

A few days ago I took a short trip to a major city for sightseeing and meeting with friends for some drinks. I booked a single room in a hostel because it was cheap. The hostel had great reviews online and I was confident to have a decent crash pad in central city.

I arrived at early afternoon and got to my room. The hostel was nice and quiet, almost no guests yet. I checked out the facilities. There was a bar on ground level and the rooms were above. The hostel had rooms for singles, couples and groups. The larger ones had ensuite bathrooms, the majority would use shared bathrooms. The showers and toilets were unisex and several of them.

I took a two-hour nap on arriving and woke up at 4:30 in the afternoon. By now I heard people on the hallway talking and trampling. I took my toiletries and went into one of the bathrooms to make myself fresh for the evening. There were some sinks with a mirror and two toilet cubicles in the back with full frame doors. The shower was next door. I noticed right away that one of the toilets was either occupied or closed, because the lock was on red. I spent like ten minutes in the bathroom and heard absolutely nothing, so I thought the toilet was broken and locked from outside by the staff.

I was just brushing my teeth when I heard the sound of a muffled toilet flush go. I was sure it came out of the closed-off toilet. So, it wasn't broken but occupied by a dead silent person! For another few minutes nothing happened, then the flush went again. Then I could hear the rumbling of the toilet paper roll being spun. After the third and final flush the lock clicked and the door finally opened. Out came a young, tall and slender woman with blonde hair. She looked at the sink and asked me, if I had seen some soap. She had a British accent. I told her to look for soap in one of the other bathrooms, because here was none. I only had male-scented shower gel which I was uncomfortable to offer her.

She left the door of the toilet wide open and I took a peek inside. Aside from the seat being pretty warm there was no sign of the bathroom being used. Apart from a nondefinable girl-smell (pheromones?) I couldn't smell anything. I figured she either had constipation or she is one of those magic creatures who produce odorless bowel movements. If she couldn't poop I wonder why she flushed multiple times, with so much time in between.

Mina Maho Hisae Kazumi

Survey of Anon

First of all, how are you Tina? Did you have to do motions finally? Was it painful very much? Maho says, if you hold long time, it will be painful more and more, when finally you do. We think someone this site also said same thing.

It is your body so you make decision, but we are still worried very much.

And we still think that if you do something else with pooing, you can distract, it will not be need to think about disgusting feeling in your bottom because you can think of something else until all over. So perhaps it is good to wear earphone and listen music while you poo.

Now we do survey of Anon. We like survey! Ma = Maho, H = Hisae, K = Kazumi (aka Kazuko), Mi = Mina.

1. Take how long? 10 ~ 15 minutes usually (Ma, Mi, K). 7 ~ 10 minutes (H). Hisae's time is more longer than before.

2. In pain because a turd too wide? Yes but not often ( Mi, K). Sometimes (Ma). Never (H).

3. When you are constipate, what is it like?
Many days without poop (Ma). Hard turd (Ma, Mi, K). Never constipate (H).

4. Diarrhoea: How often and what style? This one is difficult. Liquid is not so common. But sometimes Mina is liquid, when she have a great stress. Mina is very unstable woman.

How often: Very rare (Ma). About once or twice a month (K). Very variable (Mi). Many times a month (H). Since we start live together, diarrhoea more common than before, but it is almost loose stools, not liquid. Kazu has loose stools very often but they come after hard turd. Maybe 5 minutes after.

5. Grunt loudly in public when constipated? Maybe never. We are quiet, even we are constipated. And when we are constipated, we do our motion in our home.

6. Like or dislike pooping? We love love love! Motion time is most happiest time of our day! Tina ask to Kristi, why you enjoy to poop huge volume? We answer, we don't know why, we just love!!

Sometimes we think, our loose stools is result of our happy feeling when we sit on loo very long time.

7. Do you pee when you poop? Always (Ma, K, Mi). Usually (H).
Pee first? Usually (Ma, K, Mi). It vary (H).

8. Toilet paper or baby wipes? Washlet first, then toilet paper to dry.

9. How long you go without motion? Maximum one day (H). Maximum maybe two or three days(K). Maybe four days is maximum (Mi). Maximum is a week (Ma). But since we start to live together, we poop more often than before. And volume is larger.

10. How long you go without peeing? We never check. We are not sure.

11. Any accidents as adult? No.

12. Does someone manually remove your poop? Not really, but Mina used soap on Maho's beautiful bottom to help Maho to poop. And Mina massaged inside of Maho's bottom. Hisae also did. Hisae sometimes massage inside of bottom of all her three crushes. But she hates dirty, so after she massage, she always wash hands very very well with a hot water.

We hope these are good answers.

Love to everyone.

Kazumi Hisae Maho Mina

To Carin

I saw your posts about helping girls in crutches and found them interestibg! Is it okay if you could tell the stories of those events and what happened then?


Took a long, smelly but relaxing poop earlier tonight

Hey everyone! Here is my most recent poop log from my most recent poop. Story will follow below.

Tell everyone about your poop today:

a) Where: ????
b) Date/Time: Earlier tonight (Thursday Oct 20th) started my poop at 8:22pm
c) What you read if anything: Nothing really, just checking train schedule on my phone
d) How long you took: 52 minutes
e) Were you shameful: Not at all
f) Did it smell: Definitely did, I stink up the bathroom
g) Did you enjoy it? Absolutely did!
h) How far you pull down your pants and underwear when you poop today? I had my Black Dickies Pants & my Red color character printed Ren & Stimpy boxer briefs down around my ankles
i) Any other interesting comments/share your bathroom story?

I had another great and relaxing poop earlier tonight. I visited Cooper Union to sit in a free lecture. I arrived early that I felt the urge to pee and poop. I went to the restroom before the lecture started. The public restroom was all gender (unisex). The restroom was empty that it has three stalls. I took the middle stall which is my favorite stall to poop in public restrooms since I don't mind pee & poop next to someone. I closed the stall door that I loosen my belt, unbuttoned my black Dickies pants & unzipped then I pulled down my pants around my ankles letting them rest above my Grey Nike Sneakers then dropped my Red colored Ren & Stimpy character printed boxer briefs around my ankles. I sat in the toilet trying to poop that had little success but peed. I stayed in the stall for 20 minutes. I left the bathroom and took my seat at the lecture.

During the lecture the urge to poop grew and decided to hold it a little while longer that I didn't want to miss the majority of the lecture. The urge grew large enough that I knew for certain that I had to poop. I excused myself and went back to the restroom. Went to the same restroom two hours earlier for my first attempt to poop and all the stalls was available which was a great thing that I wanted to beat the crowd and didn't had to wait to get to a stall. One guy just finished washing his hands and left the restroom. I had the restroom to myself. I entered the middle stall and closed the stall door. I took off my Hoodie and jacket and put it on the hook.

I wanted to make sure I fully poop and took as much time I needed since I wasn't in a rush following the lecture. I then loosen my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and pulled my pants & underwear around my ankles and sat on the toilet. Immediately I started to let out some small poops that I just let it out naturally, meaning to let it out slowly and not straining or pushing out my poop from my butt. This continued for the first 15-20 minutes. During the time few ladies came to the restroom to pee, one guy pooped. During this time while I release my poop slowly & naturally the poop smelled and was stinking up the bathroom. Around the 30 minute mark I let out some smelly & loud facts and started to push out some more poop.

At this point I was in the restroom for over 40 minutes and can hear that the lecture was finished up that more people will enter the restroom. Majority of the time spent I was in the stall I was by myself. I started to check the train schedule on my phone while pooping that I started to push out some more poop. I wanted to feel totally empty when I leave the restroom. More people started to enter the restroom both ladies & men. They only needed to pee and didn't took long in their stalls. After 50 minutes pooping I felt I was done. I was totally relaxed and relieved. I took some toilet paper as I stayed sitting on the toilet to wipe my butt. Spent two minutes to wipe my butt. I flush the toilet and got up and pulled my underwear & pants up. Zipped up & button up my pants and adjust my belt. Took my jacket & hoodie off the hook of the stall and left the stall. There was roughly five or six ladies on line waiting to get to an available stall. The all gender restroom only had three stalls. I washed my hands and put on my jacket & hoodie and left the restroom.

I had a relaxing, comfortable yet smelly poop experience. Sometimes I just release my poop naturally that I don't really push. Took me 52 minutes tonight that I let it drop slowly but it stunk up the restroom.

Until my next poop, Happy Pooping!


shamed for having a poo

Hey everyone

So recently something unpleasant happened and it quite upset me.

I was at this local coffee shop and I felt I needed a poo. I went to the ladies toilet and there were two cubicles, I took one of them and sat down. It didn't take long for a poo to come out and it was quite smelly I have to admit. It took quite a bit of wiping and I flushed twice and it did smell when I left. As I got out of the cubicle there was a woman in her late 30s (I think) I went to wash my hands and she went into the cubicle. Then she came back out and started shouting at me, telling me I'd left a smell and I really shouldn't be having a poo in public, only having a wee!

I was really surprised because, well, that's what a toilet is there for?! I know it wasn't nice but, I needed to go!

has this ever happened to anyone??


MD Dan

City Inspector

This morning I had a city inspector that was scheduled to go out to one of our job sites. They usually call me around 7am to confirm the time frame and job details. I was running a little late and got into the office around 7:10. I needed to poop quite badly and went straight to the bathroom. I was expecting the call any minute and wanted to be done as quickly as possible. Of course, as soon as I start dropping my pants my phone rings and I see it's the inspector (city name on the caller ID). I figured they'd leave a message and I'd call them back in a few minutes. 10 seconds after I sit down, my phone rings again and it's the inspector again. Usually, the only time they call back to back and not leave a message is if there is a problem. Not wanting to exacerbate any problems, I decided what the hell, I'll answer the phone and talk to them really quickly.

I answered the phone and there's a young sounding woman on the other end. She introduced herself as the inspector. I had never met her before and realized she must be a new inspector (which turned out to be correct). And she did have a few questions that needed to be cleared up before she could head out to the job site. As we were talking, I could not hold my poop any more and let out 2 soft logs plus some soft balls of poop (all of which fell quietly enough into the toilet) followed by a semi-quiet but 4 second long fart. She was speaking while I farted and paused ever so slightly. I was silently grimacing, hoping she wouldn't catch on. Then she asked a question I couldn't answer and I would need to look up in the computer records. I silently cursed in my head and told her I need to look that up on the computer and asked if I could call her back. She said, "Oh, I can hold if you need to look it up, I'm not in a rush. You're my last call this morning." Knowing it was going to take several minutes to get cleaned up and back to a computer, I just went for it and said, "Actually, I'm in the restroom right now. It'll be a few minutes before I can get to a computer. Can I call you back in about 5 minutes? Sorry!" She said, "Oh, uhhh, yeah, sorry! That's...fine. Thanks!" I could hear her trying not to burst out in laughter. I called her back and she, obviously, mentioned nothing about the previous call being while I was on the toilet. We got everything situated and said she'd meet me on site in 20 minutes.

I drove out to the job site right on time but there was no sign of her. I sat in my truck and waited. 5 minutes passed and I got a call from her. She said she was sorry but was running behind and she'd be on site in another 15 minutes. I said it was no problem and I'd be there. She pulled up about 22 minutes later (almost 30 minutes late) and I met her at her truck. She looked to be about 30, she had blonde hair in a pony tail down to her shoulders, was about 5'9" and fairly attractive in her jeans, polo, and windbreaker. She gave me an embarrassed smile and said, "Sorry about the wait!" I said, "No problem at all! Where do you want to start?" We went about the inspection with no issues and headed back out to the trucks.

Walking back to the trucks she said, "Yeah, I'm sorry about the wait again. Thanks for your patience. Some contractors get really upset when they have to wait for you. Thanks for taking that so well." I said, "Yeah, it's no problem at all. Thanks for waiting for me to call you back earlier!" She laughed and said, "Yeah, no problem! to be completely honest with you...I was late because I had to turn around and go back to the office. stomach was a little upset...and I, um...I REALLY needed to go to the REALLY BAD! Haha! I don't like doing that stuff on site so, um...yeah...I know where you were coming from! Sorry if that's a little TMI! Haha!" I said, "Hey, I hear you! Don't worry about it!" Then my interest got the better of me and I asked, "So...when you called me...where you also...?" She cut me off and said, "Umm...yeaaahh...I was in the bathroom too. I wanted to call you as soon as possible to let you know definitely couldn't wait. I figured since you were talking to me while you the middle of "going"... you wouldn't have a problem with me talking to you...while I was in the middle of "going". Hahahaha! Sorry!" I said I didn't care at all and not to worry about it.

At that point we both needed to get going. We said goodbye and headed out. It will be interesting to deal with her again in the future, for sure! I'll let you know if anything like that happens again! Take care!


Body is finally starting to be cleaned out

Went poop 2 times this morning, each time after my coffee (black). Both times were medium to fairly big filling the toilet. I just went a few minutes ago right after I finished my 2nd cup of coffee. Only took me about a minute to go and then wipe. Hopefully after lunch I can go again after some water. Keeping warm since it's getting cold and my throat is kinda sore. Oh well. At least my body is finally starting to get cleaned out. Between eating healthy, drinking water (both warm and cold/room temperature), black coffee and everything I'm happy that I am finally going with no trouble.

Happy pooping!


MD Dan


Thought I'd fill out this survey. Here you go:

Some survey for those wo feel like filling it in. When do you mostly take your poop.

80% of the time I poop in the morning right when I get to work (or at the Starbucks shortly before getting to work). The other 20% of the time is right after lunch time at 12-2pm. Very occasionally I will actually poop at both times in one day.

Apart from home or any other place where you stayed for some time where else have you pooped in your lifetime? Answer yes or no.

Airport- No

Airplane- Yes (8 plus hour flights usually)

Significant others place- Yes, definitely yes

Friends place (during a visit not a stay)- Yes

Families place (during a visit not a stay). No

Restaurant- Only about once or twice in my life

School/uni- Absolutely

Outdoors- Yes

Porta potty (f.e. festival)- Yes, on job sites and in parking lots, not really at any kind of event though

Bar- No

Club/disco- No

Museum- No

Doctor's waiting room- No

Hospital (during a visit not a stay) - No


Peeing sitting down

Hi everyone, I'm back. I'm just wondering if you're a boy/man do you ever pee sitting down. I nearly always do but I'm not sure how 'normal' this is. Also, I sometimes have this issue where when I pee, it goes between the seat and bowl and makes a mess on the floor which is a pain. Anyone relate?

Midwest Anonymous

First Bathroom Attendant Experience

Last night I went to a Halloween party downtown at this bar by a baseball stadium. I had a couple beers and I realized I had to piss. I made my way to the mens room and when I walked in I saw this one guy who I guessed was the restroom attendant. I made my way to the last urinal on the left side. I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I pulled the front of my white Stafford briefs down since I just wanted to piss quickly and go back to the party.

As soon as the front of my briefs were down, I put my left hand on my penis and a yellow stream of piss came out quickly. I pissed for about 20-30 seconds. I finished and shook the last drops off before putting it back in my briefs. I buttoned and zipped my pants and I made my way to the sink. I saw a little dish with dollar bills in it and I pulled my wallet out and put a single in it. The bathroom attendant walked over to me, turned the sink on, pumped soap into my hands and even rolled off some paper towels for me. I washed my hands and he gave me a mint when I was done. I told him to have a nice night.

I walked out of the mens room and I saw this one woman who I guessed was waiting for her boyfriend. I told her how the mens room had an attendant and she giggled for a few seconds. I went back to the party and eventually left after the last band played. This was pretty weird to me since it was the first time I saw an attendant in the bathroom but I didn't mind. It's a good thing I'm not pee shy.

Thanks for reading another one of my stories I appreciate it. Again if you have any feedback I'd be happy to hear it. I hope everyone has an awesome Halloween!


I reluctantly pooped once last week

Sorry I didn't reply earlier...

After going 16 days without pooping, I reluctantly pooped a little bit last week just once and absolutely dreaded it. I haven't been at all since then (now 9 days).

I'll answer Kristi's questions later at a later time.

Military Girl

Boot Camp Stories Pt. 2

Hey guys and gals! I'm back again to share more stories with everyone. Not sure how many stories I'll have today cause I'm sure I'll just start typing away every memory I have but let's see!

Story #1: Biggest Morning Poop
So I want to say this story happened on one of our first days in our dorms after graduating basic training. It was an early morning and we had to wake up at 3, and begin our pt at 3:30. And when you're running and training after a night of having a big dinner, you're gonna poop like an absolute unit. We ate breakfast at 6:30 and at 7:30 we went back to our rooms to get ready for class which didn't begin until 9. I was on FaceTime with my boyfriend and we're talking as my roommate is showering. Also I forgot to put in my last story his name is Caleb. He was still half asleep but was still having a conversation with me, I let out a little fart but trying not to push so hard that I poop my pants. He says to me "do you have to use the toilet" and I responded "I have to take such a massive poop right now you have no idea" and I was standing by my bed squirming. He eventually gave me the idea to use the bathroom across the hall in my friends room. I built up the courage because she had two roommates so it was packed over there. I took Caleb with me and went over and knocked on the door. Luckily one of my more friendlier acquaintances Leslie had opened the door. I said to her "I'm sorry but O'Ryan is in the shower and I really have to poop can I use your toilet" and she said absolutely. I rushed into their bathroom and rustled down all my clothes and sat down. I was so backed up I couldn't even fart and the turd had no movement. Caleb and I continued to talk as I'm trying to push this monster out. The tip was out but that was the only movement I was getting and I was really struggling. Caleb told me to try hovering and see if that would work. I put the phone on the floor and straddled over the toilet and pushed, it slowly began to move out and Caleb said he could see it coming out of me. It broke off and as it fell into the toilet, smacked off the seat and made a very loud "kaploosh" sound, it was so loud the girls could probably hear it. I panted in relief and Caleb said he was proud of me, I kept on pushing out these mini turds with plopping noises and at the end a thin turd probably 8" crackled out of me and plopped in. I stood up and Caleb wasn't kidding when he said it was huge, it was 1 big turd layered on top of itself 3 times, the last layer was above the water level, and the thin 8 incher was off to the right of it. Miraculously it flushed all the way but it left a lot of skid marks. Before I flushed I even took a picture of it and sent it to Caleb and from time to time we joke about it to each other.

Story #2: Porta-Potty Dookie
So I remember this story perfectly because of how difficult of a day it was. It's the middle of December like a week before Christmas, it's one of our last nights before going home for two weeks to our families. Myself and my roommate Romeiro were on overnight duty, which is a bunch of random tasks and usually you and your roommate are assigned to one a week or every two weeks. This night we were placed on Guard Duty where we had to guard the front gate overnight, Romeiro and I guarded the back gate while another four girls guarded the front two gates. This was pretty easy because it was right behind the chow hall and the football fields. Now at this point it had been four days since I last pooped and I could tell my gut and bum were getting bigger but of course I didn't get the urge until right then and there to go. It's like 2:30 in the morning, almost 20 degrees out and drizzling snow out. We were in the guard box which is a little warmer but still very cold. Me and Romeiro were very close so I ripped a silent fart that absolutely stunk and she started dying laughing but covered her nose and said "damnnnn make sure you didn't poop your pants". I told her I had to go really badly and she told me to go for it. As long as one of us were there we wouldn't get in trouble. I felt bad using the porta potty behind the guard box because it was literally 9 hours new and nobody used it yet (so new I saw them dropping it off). I went in and locked it. I go to lift up the seat and the blue water is frozen solid that's how cold it was outside. I sat down and began with a little pee but not too much. The first turd opened me wide and it felt endless as it was coming out, it must've been sliding out for well over 40 seconds. I heard the end of it fall out of my bum and slap off the ice water. More turds came out, all of them really big, and I was so lost in what I'll call poopland that I didn't realize I had been in there 20 minutes. Romeiro came and knocked on the door and asked if I was okay and I responded "Yeah I'm just taking a really big poop" and Romeiro responded "oh trust me I know I can hear it" and I started blushing but laughing. I unraveled some toilet paper and got up and looked and the poop was absolutely huge. It was 2 or 3 big mountains of poop slid off of each other. If I had taken this in a regular toilet I would've had to scoop it out. I wiped my bum and threw the tp to the front of the toilet that way no one could see how dirty the paper was. I took a picture and sent it to Caleb because I knew he'd get a kick out of it. I opened the door and Romeiro was standing by the gate and I said "Hey come here" and she came in and saw my load and started crying laughing and said "how can you hold that much in you". We had seen each others loads before we would sometimes use the toilet while the other uses the shower. And we're still in touch a few years later.

Story #3: Different Poops On Christmas Vacation
These next stories are the same year during Christmas, so like a week after the last story. This is probably going to be a long one lol. So this first story happened on the flight in going home. At that point I hadn't pooped in two days so I really wanted to go but I wanted to hold it until after I got off the plane. We still had another hour and I was about to poop myself at that point so I got out of my seat and walked towards the back where the bathroom was. The bathroom itself was decently small and the toilet itself was really tiny. I sat down on the small seat and quietly farted as I began to pee. My thighs hung off the toilet a lot and it was impossible for me to spread my cheeks. I pushed and a thin 7inch rope clanked off the metal bowl as it fell out of me. I tried pushing more and I was so uncomfortable I literally couldn't poop. I stood up and wiped and flushed the toilet and just sat back down in my seat and waited patiently. We landed around 4 in the afternoon and I got all my stuff as I waited for my sister to pick me up. She got there at about 4:30 and we got back to the house at 5. I spent about an hour talking with my family and I headed upstairs with all my stuff to unpack. I left my stuff in my room and went into the bathroom. When I walked I realized just how much I missed this bathroom. A white rounded toilet with a wooden seat and the blue toilet rug to rest your feet on as you're dropping a load. Me and my sister were the only two living upstairs so this bathroom was our sweet spot. I sat down and farted as some soft serve started crackling out of my ass. I kept on looking around as the turds were dropping out of me and I noticed there was a new plunger right next to the toilet paper holder. Clearly my sister had been dropping quite a few big poop loafs in the 6 months I had been gone. Once the soft serve finished a long but thin 8 incher quickly slid out of me and splatted onto the pile of soft serve. I stood up to unravel some toilet paper and looking at my load was definitely quite impressive, a big pile of mini turds in the toilet hole and the 8 inch rope laid on top of that and curved off to the right. It took a lot of wiping to get fully clean but after 6 or 7 wipes I was all set and flushed and it all went down. The next story happened 3 days later and was at my boyfriend Caleb's house. We both went out to eat and decided to just go back to his house for the night since it was closer than mine. He drove and I sat there and announced "jeez I'm gonna poop myself very soon" Caleb laughed and said "Same I haven't been since 3 days ago" which was the same day as me so we both had 3 days worth of a big load holding in our bums. We got back to his house and it was 10:30 so luckily his parents and siblings were asleep. We went to the upstairs bathroom and I let him sit down first, he bunched his jeans and underwear up at calf level and sat down. He peed quietly and I sat on the edge of the tub and purposely farting to make him laugh. Suddenly his face went red and there was a very audible massive crackle and splashing noises and he went "ughhhh oh my god!". There were more plunking and plopping noises and it absolutely reeked in the bathroom to the point where I had to hold my nose. We were both laughing hysterically at how much he was letting out and after about 3 minutes he got and he took an absolute massive dump. There were 2 big foot longs, one in the toilet hole and one on top that curved to the left of the bowl and a big pile of mushy turds that laid to the right of the bowl. He wiped and flushed and had to plunge it down because it clogged. It was my turn next and I sat down and began to pee for about 15 seconds as some big turds started crackling out and plunking in. There were three big plunks and they all felt super huge, one even splashing off my bum. I farted again and another thin rope of poop coiled around in the bowl for almost 30 seconds. I felt satisfied enough and both of us started laughing at how big my poop was. Three wide 6"-8" turds in the toilet hole and a thin rope that was piled on top of itself to the right of the bowl. I wiped my butt and flushed the toilet and sure enough the hole was too small for my load so Caleb had to plunge it down.

Story #4: Friends House
So this story takes place on the same week as the last few stories but it's so long that I decided to separate it. This happened the day after Christmas when my friend Laura invited me over for dinner with her family since I hadn't seen them since before Covid started and it was almost 2021 by that point. We had Christmas at my house and I ate a lot, then me and Caleb went out for breakfast that morning so I had quite a bit to eat. I got to Laura's house around 6:30 and we were talking with her parents for quite a while about my life before we had dinner. We had beef stew, chicken, corn on the cob and some leftover pie from their Christmas party the day before. After dinner we went upstairs to Laura's room and hung out for bit. It was about 8ish and Laura told me she was gonna use the bathroom really quickly. Her bedroom was next to the bathroom and the toilet was right up against the wall where her bed was. I heard a very strong pee stream that went on for close to 30 seconds and once it wrapped up it went silent for about 2 minutes. I heard a double plop that went like "ploop, plunk" and some toilet paper unravel quickly and she flushed the toilet shortly after that, definitely a poop but very small. She came back in the room shutting her door and said "sorry if I was loud, the walls are super thin" I laughed and said "that's okay I don't mind you should see how thin the walls are in the dorms you can hear everything" she responded "well I could hear your phone so I bet you could hear my pee" "I did I heard your plops too hahaha" "Yeah I had to poo a little after that chicken, I took a big one before you got here so I was pretty much set for dinner haha" and we both laughed. Another half hour went by and I really had to poop and wasn't gonna be able to hold it any longer. Then one of her sisters Amy went into the bathroom and started showering. I asked Laura if I could use her bathroom and I apologized and said I really had to poop. She told me it was okay and told me she'd come with and lead me to the basement toilet. As we were walking down she warned me her little brother now lived in the basement so it's a little gross. We were in front of the bathroom and Laura says to me "Wait be honest is it gonna be big or small" I told her it felt really big and hysterically she grabbed the plunger out of the closet. She shut the door behind me and I lifted up the lid and saw some fresh skid marks and a little aroma of poop. Laura said "He probably just pooped he's usually getting back from basketball by now". I sat down and Laura sat on the sink. A big turd opened me wide as it quietly crackled out and when it dropped it made a big "ploosh" sound and I farted, a few more medium sized turds dropped out of me all about 6"-10" long. The last turd took a lot of pushing, it was so long it coiled in the bowl a little bit and splashed down. I stood up and let Laura see it and she was so shocked by how big it was she said "I don't know how you can let that out" and I told her in the military you just get used to pooping so big, I told her even the girls in my platoon poop massively too. I wiped and flushed and most of it went down besides the last turd which just took a second flush to get down. That's pretty much all I have for today, I've got more stories coming that won't have to do so much with the military and more of my poops in my personal life. I'm gonna do this survey and we'll end it there!

1. When you poop, how long does it usually take?
Usually 5-10 minutes
2. Have you ever been in pain because a turd was too wide?
Plenty of times, had one like that the other day
3. If you get constipated, how often and what's your constipation like? Is it going days without pooping or is it just having trouble pushing it out or a mix of both?
I don't get constipated very often but when I do it's mostly days without going and one massive load when I get it out
4. If you get diarrhea, how often? Does it come in the form of loose stools or liquid?
Mostly it's loose or soft serve never really liquid which I'm happy about
5. If you've pooped in public while constipated have you ever grunted so loud someone heard you and made comments or asked if you're ok?
No never happened before
6. Do you like or dislike pooping and why?
I really like pooping, it just relieves a lot of stress and feels really good!
7. Do you always pee when you poop? If so do you pee or poop first?
First I pee then I poop, unless I'm dying for a poop and I sit down and it comes out first
8. Do you use toilet paper or baby wipes?
Toilet paper mostly but if there's wipes available I use them
9. How long have you gone without pooping?
6 days before
10. How long have you gone without peeing?
13 hours
11. Have you had any accidents as an adult?
No none yet knock on wood lol
12. Have you ever had to have someone else manually remove your poop because of constipation?
No thankfully!!


Teachers not letting you go

Can anyone remember having a teacher not let you go? Or using toilet denial as a punishment?


That was a hell of a shit

Hi all. I woke up this morning, first drank a jar of warm water, ate breakfast and slowly have been drinking my cup of black coffee in my travel mug...well I felt a major urge for a shit a few minutes ago so I went to the bathroom, pulled my black pants and pinkish beige underwear down and sat. Immediately peed then gave a push and a softish but thick poop came out and landed in the toilet bowl. Only took about 20 seconds. I grabbed some TP (not too much), wiped my front and stood up. There was a pretty big, thick poop in the bowl. Not sure how long it was but it was big and thick. Wiped until I deemed myself clean enough, tossed the paper in the bowl and flushed. Pulled my black pants and underwear up and then washed my hands. Was a big but satisfying poop. Hopefully more will come out later.

Happy pooping!


Huge dump in urinal

Last Friday i went to the club with my friend Jeff.

I haven't taken a shit in 4 days so I took a medicine that would soften things up and ate a lot because I read online that that would help me completely emptying up.

When we got out it was around 4 AM and we were both desperate for a big dump so we went looking for toilets. We came across a tiny building, with toilets! We hurried inside and saw there was only 1 stall and 2 urinals. Jeff can sometimes be a bit of a jerk so he went and took the stall. Knowing him, it would take around 10 minutes for him to finish since he always poops huge logs. 'Come man I haven't taken a shit in like 4 days' I complained while Jeff pulled down his pants. 'Sorry bro but I really really need to go' Jeff replied. So I just grabbed my phone scrolling through instagram while waiting and getting more and more desperate. 5 minutes have pushed and after all the pushing and grunting Jeff did nothing dropped. 'It's stuck' Jeff said. I was literallt about to poop myself so I just said '*** it' to myself, pulled my pants down in a way that only my ass was exposed. At this point it was around 4:30 AM so I didn't expect anyone to come in. I sat down on the urinal and unloaded non-stop soft shit immediately. It felt so so so good! It was also making a loud crackling sound as it came out so Jeff noticed and asked 'Alex, are you shitting' as he asked he finally dropped his first log which sounded HUGE. I replied with 'Yeah since you are taking so long and I was about to shit my pants I decided to shit in the urinal' and Jeff bursted out laughing. I was still pooping and literally couldn't even take a second break, it just kept raining down out of my ass but this dump felt better than every dump I have ever taken. After about a minute I finally stopped but felt really full so I waited a bit. 3 minutes have passed and Jeff dropped another 2 big logs while letting out relieving moans and loud grunts. After another big log Jeff wiped his ass and flushed, but the toilet clogged which wasn't surprising. I felt round 2 coming so I pushed and again soft poop kept coming non-stop. Jeff came out of the stall and was laughing at me shitting in the urinal. This wave was going for about 30 seconds now and suddenly I fet the poop touching my ass, my load was getting so big it filled the urinal. So I quickly switched urinals and kept on pooping. After a minute the wave stopped. I took a deep breath and felt that I still had a bit more. Jeff was waiting outside of building. While catching my breath, to my greatest embarrassment, another guy around my age (around 19) came running in while holding his stomach with both hands. He looked at me sitting on the urinal but didn't care and just headed straight for the stall. He saw thar clogged toilet and said 'God dammit!'. He still pulled his pants down and I heard the loudest and longest fart while diarrhea rained down. 'Man, you good?' I asked and he replied with 'I could asked the same to you, the other urinal is completely filled up and you're still going'. I laughed and said 'Yeah I haven't taken a shit in like 4 days'. It became silence while the guy kept on pooping and I felt round 3 coming. I pushed and more soft poop was being added to my already huge pile. The wave went on for about 2 minutes and after I was finally empty. I asked the guy to throw a toilet roll and wiped my ass. The poor guy still had more diarrhea say I said him goodbye, met up with Jeff and we went home.

This was, no question, the biggest and most relieving poop I ever took and I still can't believe I was able to poop that much. I guess the medicine really did its job!


big turds

To Victoria B: When was the biggest turd you've ever had to push out? Where did it happen (school, work, home)? How big was it (did you measure it)? How difficult was it to push out (on a scale of 1-10) Did it clog the toilet?


Me & Monique & Trouble

The other day it was storming out so Monique's older brother Marcus drove us to school. He's in high school and we're in 8th grade. We were about 6 blocks from home when he put his hand in his waist like he was hurting, and he said the confusion of me spending the night at their house caused him to forget to take his shit. Me and Monique just looked at one another and smiled. She has told me before about his being extreme about not taking shits at school

There is a lack of privacy with most stalls not having doors. Guys in a hurry won't wait for a urinal. They just pee over the seat, zip up and run for class. His school, like ours, has the economy toilet paper with the already cut off squares. Guys get f***ed with as they sit about the briefs or boxers they wear, the size of their unit and whether they've tucked it into the toilet bowl as they sit, and stuff like that. It doesn't help if they are physically small for their age (he's 16) or look scared as they sit for their shit.

So Marcus dropped us off at our school and he told Monique he wasn't sure if he was going to drive back home for his shit and take a tardy DT or whether he would hold his shit for the day.

At school me and Monique went to our lockers and decided with about a half hour before homeroom we would go to the bathroom together. So we walked down the hall to the bathroom. It's not the largest. Probably about 10 stalls and sinks. We were the only ones in there and Monique selected one of two toilets that had a privacy door. She doesn't like to shit alone in such a situation. Even when we're together at her house or my house, she wants me to talk to her. She takes on the voice of like royalty, sitting on the throne and losing her weight. She likes literature, but I think might take it to heart.

Monique dropped her jeans and black panties (yes she sometimes has trouble thoroughly wiping especially in the 5 minutes available between classes) and took her seat. Within a couple of minutes she had me turn around so she could make an adjustment to my hair, and I joked to her that I had to get a pee in too before homeroom. There were two bursts of gas between her legs and I could see the first turd drop. Then quickly, there was a second and third, which she had to give more push to.

I asked Monique if she thought Marcus was back home shitting away or whether he went to school and decided to shit there like a normal person. She said he and his guy friends were no normal people and pretty f***ed up about shitting at school. It sounded so funny that I had to have a loud laugh that caused me to fall back against the door.

At that point there was a knock on the door behind me. A stern voice said "Administration." Both me and Monique were surprised. There was still 15 minutes or so before the tardy bell.

Monique wiped fast from her seat while I unlatched the door. Our vice-principal had me wait by the window while Monique stood, pulled up her clothing, and came out. As Dr. A started to talk to us, a bus had arrived and other girls started hurrying in. We were both written up for violating some policy about one-person-per-toilet, assigned 2 after-school DT periods and our parents were emailed. Me and Monique both got lectured to a home. We have to get up a half hour earlier so we can meet our "bodily needs" before we leave for school.

I didn't get my pee in until my study hall that day and I was surprised my bladder didn't burst. Last year I had a couple of bladder infections and I don't want any more. Marcus did go home for his shit but was able to sneak into class late because there was a substitute.

Just because others vape and do other things in the bathrooms, me and Monique have lost a bonding opportunity. "It's a preparation for life," my dad says.


went to a wedding on sunday , had some un unusual food and drink , arrived home yesterday went to bed at 4 pm woke at 8 pm done some computer work went back to bed at 12 midnight .woke up six times during night each time sat on elegance portta pottie and had a wee .woke at 9am went down stairs and put on kettle to make tea ,went into garage sat on Thetford 245 pottie had wee while kettle was boiling .
I had four mugs of tea while at computer then went back to pottie had a wee , went back to kitchen washed up and started putting things away.
At 10 am I needed a NUMBER TOO went into garage and sat on pottie for Twenty Minuites ,wee and poop. at 11 30 sat on pottie again much better NUMBER TOO and I enjoyed it . loads of poop and only taking a few minuites . I prefer pooping in the 245 pottie as it is lower I am in squatt position and my bowels empty quicker .

I now feel another B M so will get back on pottie in a few minuites time then will have to empty both , then unload the van .

To Kristi

Tonight I had dinner at a restaurant called Jefferson's had a jalapeņo burger. I had a big blow out after I ate it it stunk so bad I had to courtesy flush it.
When did u last poop?

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