toilet clogging.

Victoria B. What causes you to have such toilet clogging poops? Why have you had them for so long?

George P
Hi I'd like to introduce myself before my story. I posted a few times with the name Georgie P. It's not my real name but I picked a random male name for anonymous posting. Then I found out Georgie is mostly a female name so I'm now George P. To anyone who hasn't read my other posts I want to clarify I'm a transgender male meaning I'm a man born with female anatomy which I still have but I'm a guy. Wanted to say it to avoid confusion. Sorry for not explaining well but I want to stay on topic. Onto my story.

My best friend Jason was in my other stories and this story is about him too. We were playing games on his TV and my belly grumbled. I said we know what that means (that I had to poop) and he laughed. He came with me since he had before and we were poop buddies. His toilet is much wider. So I could easily straddle the toilet for him to get a good view instead of putting my leg up on the wall like I did in the stories before. Anyways I stripped off everything below my waist and he put them on the sink. I sat on the toilet and spread my legs wide. He sat on the bathtub edge just a few feet away so he could see everything very well. I began peeing and giggled because it sort of tickled coming out. I leaned back for a few seconds so he could see even better and he watched as we talked casually. It was as usual a long pee so I got to feel the nice tickle sensation for a while. I too watched the stream flow from my vagina, (aka my vulva which is a term I used in other stories, but I'll call it my vagina since it seems to be a more used word.)

Afterward many poos came out. some long some short some wide and some thin. It took time to push some out but I had him, aka my poop coach, with me to keep me company and encourage me. The whole session took a good 15 to 20 minutes and took so long because of all the pushing I had to do. When I was done, as usual he gently wiped my vagina, then he wiped my bottom and it took many wipes to get me clean.

He had to go too. I flushed and put my lower clothing back on, we washed our hands then he took his lower clothes off, handed them to me to put on the sink and sat on the toilet the way I did. He began to start peeing and I watched as he peed for about a minute and a half! I watched as his steady stream kept flowing from his penis in a long stream.

Finally he was done peeing and was about to start pooping. Sorry to be detailed but he is very, "well-endowed", so his "equipment" would block my view of him pooping. To avoid this he got up, turned around and sat on the toilet backward so I could see. He started pooping. Just like I did, he had a few that dangled for a good while until he was able to completely push it out. He pushed so hard a few times that more pee started to come out of his penis! It was cool seeing him pee from behind, almost like being on the other side of a waterfall! When he was done I helped him clean up and it took many wipes to clean him too. He got his clothes back on again and we washed our hands and went back to our games.

We are comfortable with seeing each other in such an exposed and vulnerable state because we have known each other for very long. We are still poop buddies and more stories will probably happen. Until then, to everyone, happy toileting!


door flying open!

Hi guys

I was out shopping recently and needed a poo, I hadn't been for a day or so and it was starting to push down quite a bit. Anyway I went to the toilets and into a cubicle, the lock was a bit loose but I was sure I'd done it up. Pulled down my jeans and purple knickers and had a hissy wee and then the poo started coming out, there was one large log then a second was starting off. At this point someone opened the door and the lock just flew open, a teenager who said "Oh so sorry!" and pulled the door closed. which was fine but it wasn't locked and threatened to come open again! so I'm there with the door in front of me which I can't reach and another poo starting to come out... I had to stand up, stick my bum out to stay over the toilet (just in case) and reach tip toes to finally lock it again. While I was doing all of this I could feel the second log coming out and when I went to wipe it was a bit messy than usual.

Abbie love your stories as always!


Anna from Austria
@Midwesterner It is not a big surprise that you never considered the noise factor. I guess such details are just noticiable for people like myself who have been used to tray toilets for their whole life. In the end it is not that big deal. I got used to it the end of my trip and it felt just natural using such toilets. I won't have anny issues during my second trip to the US.

It is good question why their still so many toilets with the big gaps in America but I think they are there for a reason.

I also think you are right that nobody wants to look. I was impressed who considerate the american ladies were when using the toilets. They did not nothing to even give to impression that they want to look between the gaps.

I had a neighbor once that was looking for something in her purse that was lying on the floor of the toilet. She did not attempt to bow them she was using her hands to look for her stuff blindly to avoid making the impression that she wanted to peep I guess.

The only thing I will never get used to using American toilets is the very thin toilet paper compared to the European version.

Greetings from Austria


Today was pretty depressing. I had 2 accidents. The first one I really had to pee-pee and I wanted to finish what I was doing first. Bad idea. After I finished my project, I headed for the bathroom. My crotch was soaking from dribbles. I've always had a bad problem with dribbling in my panties. I got to the kitchen...and did it on the floor. I tried but I just couldn't make it to the potty. I mopped up my mess then peeled off my wet leggings and panties. I changed into a pullup and later went to my 4oclock therapy appointment. One of my therapy goals is trying to avoid "incontinence episodes" as my therapist calls it. She asked me how the week had gone in relation to wetting my pants. I didn't want to tell her I'd had a stupid accident this morning by waiting too late. I said I'd had a good week without any daytime wetting. Near the end of my appointment I suddenly shivered and dribbled in my diaper. My therapist immediately told me to go to the bathroom. I stood, pee-pee running out of me and into my diaper. I made it two steps, holding my vagina desperately as the rush of wetness caused the crotch of my diaper to swell under my leggings. All I could do was stand there until my pee-pee stopped coming. My swollen crotch wet diaper was so obvious through my pants. My therapist suggested wearing a pull-up all the time for a while and still trying to go pee-pee on time. I changed into a dry Goodnite when I got home. I know I need to just wear them all the time. I feel safer and more secure and less anxious when I know no one will know when I have an accident.

To Tyler C

Wild that you peed yourself right in the middle of work like that, one time closing up I really had to poop bad and I just couldnt hold it anymore after about 15 minutes of cleaning up the store, thankfully I was alone because I couldnt stop it. It was huge too and hard to drive home with a huge poop in my pants. I would have used the bathroom at work to go or clean but it was super gross so I didn't. Good thing when I got home my mom was asleep else I would have had some explaining to do lol.

Any other accidents, wetting or pooing from you lately?


Recorded Poo

I was home alone today, and when I needed the toilet, I had the idea to do something I had been curious about - that is, film myself having a poo. I found some old papers and laid them out on the bathroom floor, then set my phone nearby to record. With the preparations complete, I removed my trousers and underwear and squatted over the papers. I looked down onto the papers in time to see a large pile of poo fall onto the papers with a thud, followed by another pile of poo coiling on top. I did not feel like I needed to go that badly!

I ended the recording, then moved to sit on the toilet so I could wipe. I wasn't quite finished with my poo either, and passed a bit more while sat on the toilet. As I was doing this, the pile of my poo on the bathroom floor was unavoidable to look at, not to mention smelling really bad, and getting worse by the moment because of it being out in the open instead of submerged in water! I mentally kicked myself for not putting the poo in the toilet before wiping. Once I was finished wiping, I got off the toilet, got dressed again and carefully carried the papers over to the toilet to drop the poo in. Most of it went in on the first pass, but some of the parts at the bottom of the pile stayed on, and needed to be rubbed or pulled off with tissue paper.

I flushed, washed my hands thoroughly, generously sprayed air freshener and left the window wide open for the strong smell to be given plenty of time to dissipate. I also scrunched the papers up, ensuring any remaining poo smears were on the inside, and put them in the bathroom bin, then emptied the bin as it was almost full anyway. Once I was done with the tidying, I watched the video on my phone. On the video, I could see myself squatting with my back to the camera. After about ten seconds or so, I start to poo, as a long thin sausage emerges from my bum. Although the sausage breaks off halfway, it was all one continuous log coming out of me, there is no pause between the logs. Because of the angle the phone was at, you could see the poo drop, but you could not see it landing on the paper. I also forgot to show the finished article on camera before ending the recording. Oops!

After watching a couple of times, my curiosity was satisfied, so I deleted the video. It was quite interesting to do once as an experiment (I can't imagine there are that many people who have seen poo coming out of their own bum!), but it's not something I plan on doing again. Has anyone else on this forum done something like this? Perhaps I will inspire some of you to give it a try yourselves? If so, do feel free to share those stories!


Special child care girl

Now that I'm in college I have a lot of expenses and my six years of child care experience is coming in handy. One of my first kids was Merika. She's an only child and her parents divorced about the time my mom allowed me to start babysitting.

Merika just turned 10. Her mom works real estate like 24/7, too much according to my mom, but mom's trying to get me to take a more realistic view of Merika's situation. See, Merika is quite shy for someone starting 5th grade this week. She lacks confidence about herself, especially when we use bathrooms away from her really nice home.

Since I've known Merika, she has tried to hold her pees and craps until she gets home. However, she's on a couple of softball and basketball teams. Many times the exercise helps her move her bowels, but unlike the others, she tries to put off getting onto a portable toilet or in a toilet building. I see and point out to her the other players and sometimes even parent/officials use breaks to trot off the field for a toilet. Merika will complain about her needs, but refuses to use one of the toilets available.

These complaints don't stop until I take her home to her house or, sometimes, to my dorm, which is sometimes closer. After a couple of such "stops" to my dorm, I haven't been too pleased with some of the behavior and especially language she hears. In the stall across from her's, a girl was having a troublesome crap while her boyfriend (this is a mixed-gender floor) stood outside waiting for, sometimes jiggling her door to tease her, and with a lot of cussing. And then it got sexual. After 5 minutes on the toilet, with some explicit sexual talk going on, I had Merika get up and I relocated her to a student union bathroom.

About four years ago I kind of reached a compromise with Merika if she would work harder to be more productive on the toilets away from home, and be more careful with her wiping, she would earn a buddy sit with me.
Away from home, I would sit back on the toilet, and with my legs spread, she would sit in front of me. I would use my fingers to untangle her long hair and by engaging her in conversation, her fears would be largely forgotten and she would more easily piss and crap with me occasionally giving her a peck on the back of her head. I devised a couple of wiping games that she and I would play. Under such circumstances Merika would have a lot more success on the toilet. Special treats such as ice creme also didn't hurt.

A couple of times at the beach this summer and just last week during the two days at the mall where we bought her new school outfits, Merika was in a situation where she couldn't devise a scheme for me to take her home to use the bathroom. The first day at the mall we were trying on several dresses when she quickly got up from the dressing room chair with pee running down her legs. She had mildly complained about 15 minutes earlier, but I told her that being in the 5th grade now, she needs to work on holding her bathroom needs for a few minutes. Others were waiting for each of the fitting rooms and we would have lost our place if we had to go down two floors to the public toilets. Taking her home would have taken longer and would have been a setback as far as trying to make her more comfortable in using public toilets.

The sales person I called in saw the problem immediately and when we left, put a sign on the door that it was out of service. I so wanted to get out of that store that we walked as fast as I could lead her into the mall and the huge restrooms near the food court. I knew I had to keep my composure, but I also had to be more decisive. We walked into the bathroom, with about 15 to 20 toilets in a line and I found two in the very middle had their doors ajar. I ordered Merika into the first, gave her a fast countdown to lock the door and then I set 15 minutes on my phone timer. I had her sit, take her sweats and undies off, and pass them under the panel to me. Luckily her sweats were black and did not show the urine. The undies I took for good. They were very wet and I threw them on the floor beside my toilet.

Merika was moving around a lot on the toilet and I warned her to sit still or I was going to add sit time. Then I heard tinkles followed by a more persistent stream coming out of her. I complimented her for that and told her that after beginning my sit I felt my daily crap coming on. I was going to take my time and let it slowly come out. I ordered her to listen. First there was one ball of crap that tapped the water. Over a couple of minutes I increased my push by perhaps 20 to 30 percent. Although it was going to be slow, I told Merika I was going to be rearranging my sit and at 12 minutes I gave the final push to evacuate my bowels. Merika was indeed tuned in, heard the big piece drop, and heard my sigh of relief. She wanted to come over and see it. I definitely told her to stay put when she started to stand and come over to see it. Instead I got off the toilet, turned around and shot into the bowl with my phone, retook my seat, and then handed my phone under the metal divide to Merika.

She said it was "like wow!" and asked why half the piece could be much darker than the other half. I don't recall that I came up with anything but a lame answer. Then I told her she was going to help me wipe. Again, she started to get off the toilet and I was firm as to what was going to happen. The toilet paper was the precut squares. I asked her to pull me down three and to hand them under the panel to me. After I wiped each time (I prefer from my seat) I would look at the paper, throw it between my legs into the bowl, and then receive my next. Finally, and both she and I were counting, on the 7th wipe, I looked more carefully at the improvement. I asked for and she handed my the 8th and I told her I was going to do a double thorough wipe, and I slid the results back to her. Totally clean.

I told Merika to wipe, flush and pull her sweats up. Then with both of us standing toward the toilet, we used our right hand to flush it. I grabbed her water-logged undies and tossed them into the trash can by the sinks. Then when she came out, I inspected her toilet. Perfectly clean. Then I asked her to inspect mine. The flush had thrown some water onto the back of the seat. She found it and watched me wipe it up. Then we washed our hands together. I showed her the interlocking finger method that my mom had taught and demonstrated for her a 15 second soap and 15-second hot water rinsing procedure. Then we together pulled down the brown towels to wipe with and then throw away.

The highlight of the day came in the food court where we had lunch and then ice cream shakes. Then we went to a department store where I bought Merika three additional packages of panties. I told her it was going to be a long school year and I didn't know how often her mom had time to do the laundry.

Questions for babysitters/child care providers:

1) What are the fears/apprehensions kids bring to using bathrooms away from home?

2) What are some of the worst situations you've had to manage in helping kids gain confidence in using bathrooms away from home?

3) What causes kids to fear using toilets in places such as schools, parks, and places visited on family vacations?

4) Are parents under-reacting or over-reacting on what they teach their children?

5) What are some common sense rules/procedures that can be used in private homes when family members have visitors over?

I'll start with my answers:

1. That it is wrong or troubling to 1) ask, 2) appropriately use a toilet in another's home.

2. The doors have been removed from many school and highly public toilet stalls.

3. Fears they are going to make a mistake, noise, or make a smell for others.

4. I learned in family and consumer science class that some parents are toxic in dealing with what should be a positive and affirmative experience in childhood.

5. Visiting children should be shown to the bathroom when they first arrive, shown where towels and soap can be found, and encouraged to use the facilities without asking permission first. A double-knock on the door before entering is good unless the door is open. Don't be upset when a young guest tells you a plunger is needed.

Dave the german

Vineyard poop

I'm David a 27 year old german who read the Posts since a few weeks.
I realy like all of your Stories.
Now i think it's Time for my First Post.
To my person, i'm an average sized man with Short brown hair wearing glasses.
But now to my Story.
It was last saturday. I had a hike with a group of 5 other people through the vineyards.
After one hour i felt the urge to poop.
Because i'm not a fan of Holding it back i start thinking where i could Go.
There are no other People around beside our Little group.
So i decides to go in the vineyard. I told my friends i Need a pee and the would go on i will catch up After my pee. They don't ask any questions and moved on.
I went a bit beside the trail and put down my Shorts and underwear.
After a few seconds a some farts the poop starts to come out.
It was a solid one. And it came out in one piece.
It was a Good feeling pushing this one out. (By the way i Love the feeling of a Hard poop coming out of my ass)
I cleaned my Butt with some tissues i had in my bag.
Stand up and had a Look at my poop. Nice Brown log in the Green Grass.
Them i walked back to the Group and we walked for an other hour trough the nature.
They didn't ask and questions. But it was sad that i had to hurry with my poop and had no Time to enjoy this Moment a Bit longer.

This was the First Story. Hope you like it. Sorry if my english is not Perfect. But I think i will Post more poop Stories here.
Have a Good week all together. And happy pooping.

Accidental Tourist


Hi all, I've visited this site for years but rarely post. My interest is in accidents (both pee and poop). I have pursued the holy grail of deliberately having a genuine accident, one where I lose control of my bladder or bowels. I know, a deliberate accident is a contradiction in terms. FYI, I am an adult male.

I am currently on a long solo car trip, and I sometimes take advantage of being alone in a car to try to stage a pants wetting accident. I protect the drivers seat with a trash bag and one of those absorbent hospital pads. I drink a couple cups of coffee and lots of water, and then just drive until I can't hold it anymore. So, day before yesterday, I was driving north on I-95 (for those of you not in the USA, this is the main north-south freeway along the east coast). About 50 miles south of Washington DC, there was a car crash and stopped traffic, and I really needed to pee. I hoped this would be an ideal situation. But unfortunately I was able to hold on (just a spurt or two in my underwear), and then the extreme urgency went away for awhile. I got off I-95 and took a different 4-lane road across Virginia. Some 15 miles later the urge returned and this time I wet my pants. It was a bit embarrassing to have to pull off the road and get out in obviously peed-in pants, and hide on the other side of the road to change, but I did so and then continued on my way.

About an hour later I had to pee again. What I've found is that once I've held my bladder to desperation, the next time it is much more difficult to control it. This is actually a more satisfying situation because I usually can't hold much longer once I need to pee, and what is close to a genuine accident soon occurs, and this is what happened.

After that I didn't want to have any more accidents so I was careful to stop soon whenever my need to pee grew.

But it was the following day (yesterday) that became interesting. I wasn't planning to have any accidents and I didn't protect the car seat. But all day I had to pee frequently (I think I weakened my bladder the day before) and so I stopped frequently and had several close calls.

I was in southern Michigan, still driving north, and an extreme urge to pee came on suddenly. I was feeling like I needed to make up lost time so I didn't want to stop, but I needed to get something to eat. There was an exit in about 5 miles. But traffic was heavy and by the time I got to the exit, my need was extreme. There was a line of traffic on the off-ramp, and I had to wait through two red lights. I was beginning to worry that I would piss my pants before I could get out of the car.

I made it through the light and turned right. I didn't know where I would find something to eat but there was a shopping center, and in desperation I turned into it. I parked the car (the lot was busy, with few empty stalls and lots of people milling about). I found a place to park and pulled into a stall and slammed the car into park. I had to pee so badly that I kept my foot on the brake, afraid that I'd lose it if I let off pressure on the brake. I managed to get out of the car.

There was a Subway sandwich shop about 75 yards away and I hobbled toward it. As I walked inside, looking for the restrooms, the clerk asked me what I wanted; I pointed to the restroom and said, "I'll order in a minute."

I made it into the restroom, turned to lock the door, and the dam burst. I was full on pissing in my pants as I frantically struggled to unzip my shorts and grasped my dick to try to stop the flow. But I had to let go of it to maneuver it through the fly of my underwear and started peeing again. I managed to free it and aimed it at the toilet, where I released the rest of the contents of my bladder.

I hadn't full-on pissed myself, but it sure looked like I had. The entire crotch of my shorts was wet, and there was a trail of pee down the inseam of one leg. I had to walk out of there, stand at the counter and order a sandwich. The counter was high enough that the clerk couldn't see my wet pants, but I got some curious looks from people outside as I made my way back to my car.

So this was the closest I have ever come as an adult to peeing my pants -- a genuine accident, one that I hadn't intended, but that, after I was back in my car and could find a place to change, I felt some great joy and satisfaction.

Sorry this is so long but I hope my account is enjoyable.

-- AT

Tuesday, August 30, 2022


Replies and Thoughts

I hope everybody is doing well on this forum! I have not been able to post nearly as much as I planned, but I will do my best. I have some replies to make as well as a couple of stories and thoughts!


Having worked in the construction industry myself, I know that dealing with bowel habits can be a challenge. I always appreciated the people who would open up a bathroom to me. If you were painting my house, I'd definitely let you use the toilet versus having an accident!

@Curious Cody

The way your mom treated Rachel was absolutely insane! I couldn't imagine forcing somebody off a toilet while they were trying to poop! But it sounds like she must have had a poor attitude towards people who didn't use the bathroom at home judging by the porta potty and other comments. I remember the main babysitter that I had as a child pooping at our house and in public many times.


So happy to see that my favorite poster is back! My sympathy goes out to you for the less than ideal things in your life. Reading your story about the mall and going out to dinner made me think of how hilarious it is when somebody claims "girls don't poop!" I always just smile because after reading this forum and living with my wife and her female cousin, I know it's not true!

I used the women's bathroom a few weeks ago at this gas station that has a little restaurant in the same building. My experience has been that the men's room has been pretty clean and has been a good spot to stop at if I need to use the restroom. I was passing by and saw that I needed fuel. I also felt that feeling in my gut that I would need a toilet soon. I pulled in and fueled up. After I pulled out of the fuel lanes and parked my vehicle, I went inside to use the restroom and get a couple snacks. The men's room was occupied, but the manager, a middle aged woman, saw me waiting and told me "you can use the women's, nobody is here anyway." I thanked her and headed into the women's room and locked the door behind me. It was a bit surprising that the women's room was definitely not as clean as I typically have seen the men's room at this particular location, but the toilet seat was clean, so I pulled my clothing down and sat bare butt on the comfortable contoured seat. I scooted back on the seat and aimed my penis down into the bowl for my pee. As I shifted back on the seat, I noticed that the seat was fairly loose. My theory on that is that in the men's room, the men actually sitting on the toilet are in the minority, most are just using the urinal. However in the women's, almost every user is sitting on the toilet, so the seat just sees a lot more butts, thus putting more wear on the hinge points on the seat. Anyway, after I finished my pee I scooted forward a bit to the point where I felt comfortable settling in on the seat for my poop. I farted a few times (which the manager lady very well could have heard outside since she was working near the restrooms) and felt a piece crackle its way out of me, which landed with a soft plop. I sat for a few more minutes while I let out several more pieces. Once I felt empty, I scooted forward and wiped while seated. It seemed like it took a few more wipes than normal for some reason! I finished up and upon exiting, the manager lady gave me a smile like "I know what you were doing" but didn't directly comment about it.

I had an interesting pooping session the other day at a farm/home/garden type store that I frequent. This is a newer store with very nice and clean restroom facilities. It also seems like it's never very busy. All things considered, it's generally one of the best public toilet facilities in the area (my wife says the women's room is very nice as well). I was driving back home from a work related trip and stopped at this store to get some items that I needed. As I neared the store, I could feel that sensation that told me I should find a toilet. When I entered the store, the first place I entered was the restroom. In this case, there were two stalls and three urinals. The restroom was empty, so I took one of the stalls. Everything looked perfectly clean as usual, so I pulled my pants and underwear down and sat bare butt on the seat. The toilets are a bit low to the ground, but I find that helps get things moving, so I let out a few pieces without much effort. I felt a bit more inside of me, so I continued to sit for a few minutes. I heard a male and female voice that sounded like they were at the entrance to the bathroom. I heard the guy say "there's one guy in here." I thought it may have been somebody checking things out for a female cleaner. I heard both of their voices closer, so I figured maybe she decided to start cleaning anyway. I wasn't really bothered by a female in the bathroom anymore than I would be by a male. I let out one more piece that landed with a soft plop and started to wipe. When I finished and exited the stall, I saw that a middle aged woman was helping her older father use the urinal. He looked like he struggled with his balance. She looked at me and said "I'm so sorry, I had to help my dad." I told her it was no problem and that I understood. As I washed my hands, she mentioned to her dad that she was going to go while they were there. She went into the stall I just came out of. I heard her butt hit the seat followed by a hissing pee. She started wiping while I was exiting the restroom.

Given these two stories, I have a few points that I would like to hear everybody's opinions on. With a single user restroom, I generally think that separating the facilities by gender makes very little sense. I've heard it argued that men are more sloppy, but it seemed like the women's restroom was not cleaner than the men's in my story. Also with my second story, I honestly did not feel one bit bothered by that lady being in the restroom while I was in the stall. Honestly, I think I actually feel more odd with other men in the restroom while I'm in a stall. I know that this doesn't apply to everybody, but it's just some food for thought!


Replies and Survey Answers


I have a recent post somewhat regarding this topic. As a male, I'm not one bit offended by a female using the men's room, but I know others may not share my view. With single user restrooms, I think gender segregation is often ridiculous. I've definitely used women's facilities with single user restrooms if the men's is occupied or inoperable.

@Anna from Austria

I've heard the gaps in the stalls are shocking to many people from Europe that visit the US. I do sometimes think it's a bit strange, but typically nobody wants to look. However, there may be that one person who does. I find the gaps to be more of an issue when I'm around people I know versus a total stranger. However, I do find it odd that in a country such as the US in 2022, we can't have private stalls. I never really considered the noise factor with American style toilets, but that does make sense now that you mention it.


My spouse and I are very open with our bathroom habits. We use the toilet in front of each other openly. I don't really get constipated that often, but I would talk to my wife about it if I did. If you search my name on this site, you can find many posts about my wife and I.


Your story at the gas station made me laugh! I've been in a similar position before and figured if anybody asked, I'd just tell them the bathroom was that way when I found it. Also, I really enjoyed and related to your porta potty story at the fair. I've been in similar situations with my wife. Being that I participate in tractor/ truck pulling events, I'm no stranger to porta potties. I definitely try to avoid number 2 in them because they are so small. If somebody as petite as you thinks the seats are small, imagine how a guy of my stature feels! I don't tolerate fair food very well, so I try to eat beforehand or pack something with me.


I agree that it is an odd thought to see people on the toilet and/ or wiping due to gaps in the stalls. I had a similar experience at a grocery store once. I remember using a stall to poop myself and then another person coming in to use the stall beside me as I finished up. When I went to wash my hands, I caught a perfect glimpse of this young store employee with his pants and underwear around his knees with his bare butt on the toilet. I didn't even attempt to look at him, I just happened to be at the right place and the right time. It was awkward when I saw him stocking shelves later. As I mentioned in an earlier reply, I think it's strange how in 2022 in a developed country such as the US, you can basically see somebody doing their business in almost any public restroom facility. It seems kind of barbaric.


There seems to be a lot of stories on here regarding stall gaps and other visual privacy flaws of restrooms, but another privacy flaw that I want to bring up is auditory privacy. For example, Kristi's story with porta potties sums up the flaws with those. There used to be a poster by the name of Sportsfan who had many stories that explained how porta potties let others hear pretty much everything you're doing. Another type of restroom that has poor auditory privacy is a pit toilet/ outhouse. I used a pit toilet recently that had two separate rooms, but had a common pit below. The pit just acts as an amplifier for any noises that a user makes while seated. I was sitting on my side of the facility when a female went to the other. She started peeing and I could hear her going probably just as well (if not better) than if I were in the same room as her going into a conventional toilet.

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About 8 PM

c) What you read if anything?
I just browsed my phone

d) How long you took you to poop?
Around 10 minutes

e) Were you shameful?
No, not really

f) Did it smell?

g) Did you enjoy it?
I'd say so

h) How far you pull down your pants and underwear when you poop today?
All the way to the floor

i) Any other interesting comments/share your bathroom story?
Nothing seemed too eventful!

To those who were babysitted:
1. Did you accompany your babysitter whenever they used the toilet? I did pretty often

2. Did they ask you to face the door while they went or did they not care about you seeing them? She honestly didn't seem too concerned about me seeing her.

3. Do you remember your first experience accompanying your babysitter to the toilet? Yes, in fact I posted about it on this forum previously.

4. What was your most memorable experience involving your babysitter using the toilet? Once again, I posted about it previously, but it was a story about her having a very loose and gassy poop while I was in the bathtub just a couple feet away from her.

camp survey
Name: Midwesterner
Age: 25

1. Were you at a camp with or without your parents. If not your parents, who supervised you? In Boy Scouts, I went on many camping trips without my parents. The troop leaders were the people responsible for supervising.

2. How were the bathrooms different than the ones you were accustomed to at your school, around your city, or at home? Some were more like a typical public toilet, some were outhouses/ pit toilets, and sometimes we just squatted outside.

3. Did you think about going to the bathroom outside in the wilderness? Not really, I'm fact I enjoyed it.

4. If you were with friends, did you look out for one another and perhaps shield them from being seen going to the bathroom by other campers. We did occasionally, but often we had procedure for letting others know that somebody was relieving themselves.

5. How did you get away from the others and gain your privacy while going to the bathroom outdoors? Sometimes we hung a tarp over a tree or just went behind a large object.

6. Have you ever doubled-up (used a toilet for both pee and crapping in a single sit)? How did that work? How long were you seated? Yes, more often than not actually! It worked out well. I was seated for anywhere from 5-10 minutes.

MD Dan

Another Experience with Female Co-Worker

Wow! I have two stories two days in a row. This hasn't happened to me before.

Back on page 2935 I shared a story about a female co-worker, named Ally, who crapped her pants at work. To recap, she's Asian, about 130lbs, about 5'3", 27 y.o., very fit. She got stuck on a shelf and (very noisily) loaded her pants.

This morning (a Saturday) we were both alone doing some more work in the shop. She was helping me frame out a wall and hang some drywall. I got in at 7am and she showed up at 7:10am. I was already needing the bathroom and was just on my way there when she came in through the door. I stopped and said good morning. She said good morning back and then said, "Sorry I'm a little late. I need to go to the bathroom before we start, though." She smiled slightly and pointed at her iced coffee. I said, "Yeah, I'm actually headed there myself." and pointed at my iced coffee on the desk. She chuckled and said, "Oh, nice!" We both walked over to the bathrooms and headed in.

Our bathrooms are gendered single-occupancy, located in a walled out block adjacent to the rear wall of the building. The doors are on opposite ends of the block but the toilets are literally 26" apart, like in a public bathroom, with a solid, floor-to-ceiling partition between the two. Needless to say, with only an inch of drywall between the two toilets, sound can carry between the two rooms. They are side-by-side, facing the rear wall of the building. I know I said in my most recent post that I don't think single-occupancy restrooms should be gendered, but in this case, it's mostly because 90% of our male users are laborers and have dirty, muddy boots and hands from working on job sites and 95% of the female users are either clients or office staff and logistically, it's much easier to keep the women's room clean for clients and office staff if the males are restricted to one of the two bathrooms. It takes a lot more work to clean up the floor and sink in the men's room. I think this is a perfectly reasonable case of keeping them gendered, at least for the time being.

Anyway, we both entered our restrooms and while I proceeded to drop my pants and sit down, I could very easily here her belt hit the floor and her butt hit the seat. I started us off by immediately letting out a loud 2-second zipper fart. I heard two quick wet farts from Ally. I then let go a crackling soft poop, about 10" long, that fell rather softly in the water, followed by another fart that last a couple seconds and ended with another soft log, about 16" long, that blasted out of me with more gas, and splatted loudly in the toilet. As my fart ended, Ally let go with a series of farts and poop that sounded like "splat-poot-splat-poot-bluuurp-splat-burrroot-plop-plop-braap", all in like 3 or 4 seconds. It sounded pretty loose. We both sat for a minute in silence. I didn't feel any more poop, but I did feel more gas bubbling. Then, at exactly the same time, we both let go one last round. I just had a fart that blew a loud, steady tone for 3 seconds and Ally let go what sounded like a stream of semi-solid poop plopping in the bowl, that ended with a loud, bubbling fart. I heard her laugh loudly and say, "Wow! We're pooping in sync with each other!" I laughed at that comment and said, "We have good timing!"

We both cleaned up, washed hands, and came out. When I walked around the bathroom block, she came around too with a huge grin and trying to stop herself from laughing. She slyly said while laughing, "You just completely destroyed that bathroom!" I feigned shock and said, "And you didn't just do the same thing to yours?" She said, while still laughing, "Yeah, I definitely did! I was honestly not expecting it to be as bad as it was. I'm going to leave the door open and let that air out for a while! At least no one is going to be here for another two hours. It might take that long to dissipate. Haha!" She has been a lot more open and comfortable talking about pooping with me since the incident she had in my older post. She talks about it with me like we're family but doesn't talk about it with other people like that at all. She knows I won't judge her and be weird about it. It's actually pretty nice. It definitely set us both in a good mood and we got our work done way ahead of schedule. It's almost like we synced up our minds along with our bowels. Hahaha

Anyway, that's all for now. Take care!


Accidents from when I was 17 (part 1)

Hello! My last post was about an accident that I had in my football kit when I was 16 years old. I had diarrhea during the first half of one of my teams matches and couldn't hold it until halftime. I had to leave the match during the break. That was the only pooping accident that I had while I was 16.

Between the ages of 17 and 18, my bowels were a complete mess. There were times where I had to miss school or work and the frequency of accidents that I had increased greatly. It got to the point where I always had to have an extra change of pants and underwear with me at all times. Not all of the accidents I had were of the huge variety, but I did stain my panties with wet gas or smaller mishaps on a regular basis. I had diarrhea during my periods as well. That always sucked because they were heavy to begin with. I would often lose some diarrhea on my pad, but at least they saved my panties somewhat.

I had too many accidents between 17 and 18 so I won't write about all of them, but I will try to summarize the bigger ones the best I can.

I turned 17 on February 3rd in 2009. I remember that one fairly clearly because I had my period at the time and it was heavier than normal. My mom's birthday was/is on Friday the 27th. My dad, sister Terri and I went shopping for her birthday present the weekend before on Saturday the 21st.

I remember waking up between 3:30 and 4:00 on Saturday morning with the worst cramps. I tried rolling over on my other side to help alleviate them, but they wouldn't let up. I started letting out some gas to relieve the pressure. I was wearing a pair of blue bikini panties and yellow shorts that I usually wore to bed. I let out a fart that was wet and decided it would be best to go to the washroom. When I stood up my bowels dropped and I suddenly had to go very badly. I started shuffling out of my room but I just couldn't hold it. I started pooping in my underwear on the way to the washroom. I got to the washroom and let everything out in the toilet. My panties were messed and I needed to change them. I cleaned myself up the best I could and put on a fresh white pair of full-cut underwear. I balled up my messy panties and shorts and hid them in my laundry basket to wash out later.

I was actually feeling pretty good when my dad, sister and I went out shopping later that day. We had to go to several stores and got a snack mid-morning. We went to the mall in the north end of town and that's when everything went bad for me. We were in HMV and my bowels started acting up. I went over to my dad and told him that I needed to use the washroom. He said that he and my sister Terri would find me when they were done at HMV.

I left HMV and the pressure in my bowels intensified. I had to go so badly and I was starting to panic that I wouldn't make it to the toilets. I couldn't even think properly as all my energy was focused on not losing my bowels into my pants. I was fighting a losing battle with each moment that passed by. I just couldn't hold it. Another cramp went through me and a load of mushy poop started oozing out of my tightly clenched bum cheeks. I gasped when it happened then quickly tried walking to the ladies room by the food court. It was no use. With each step the mess was coming out. It was just a bit at first, then the explosion happened which filled up my white full-cut panties instantly. It all just bubbled out of me and I could feel my underwear and jeans balloon out behind and underneath me. I was still going in my pants as I got to the washroom.

I got into a stall and carefully lowered my jeans. The were already messed up between my legs. I lowered my panties and sat on the toilet. My underwear was loaded from front to back and all over the bum. I tried emptying them out as much as I could, but I was never going to get them clean. I didn't have anything to change into so I just pulled my very messy panties and jeans.

Terri and my dad found me and we still had a few more places to go to. I didn't let on that I had pooped my pants, I was way too embarrassed as it was.

We left the mall and went to Chapters. I had to go again while we were there and once again I didn't make it. I pooped my pants for the second time while we were there. This time Terri knew that something was wrong. She came over to me and quietly asked me if I had messed my pants. She gave me a hug and gave me her sweater to tie around my waist because by now it was obvious that I had pooped my pants.

Somehow, my dad never found out about that one. My mom however, knew that something was up because as soon as we got home, I immediately went upstairs and into the shower. She felt really bad for me and took my jeans, yellow shorts and both pairs of underwear and cleaned everything out for me.

I think that's all I'm going to write today. I'll be back again with more stories. As I said above, between the ages of 17 and 18, I had so many accidents. It's probably best for me to white them out in parts. So this can be part one!


Today was pretty depressing. I had 2 accidents. The first one I really had to pee-pee and I wanted to finish what I was doing first. Bad idea. After I finished my project, I headed for the bathroom. My crotch was soaking from dribbles. I've always had a bad problem with dribbling in my panties. I got to the kitchen...and did it on the floor. I tried but I just couldn't make it to the potty. I mopped up my mess then peeled off my wet leggings and panties. I changed into a pullup and later went to my 4oclock therapy appointment. One of my therapy goals is trying to avoid "incontinence episodes" as my therapist calls it. She asked me how the week had gone in relation to wetting my pants. I didn't want to tell her I'd had a stupid accident this morning by waiting too late. I said I'd had a good week without any daytime wetting. Near the end of my appointment I suddenly shivered and dribbled in my diaper. My therapist immediately told me to go to the bathroom. I stood, pee-pee running out of me and into my diaper. I made it two steps, holding my vagina desperately as the rush of wetness caused the crotch of my diaper to swell under my leggings. All I could do was stand there until my pee-pee stopped coming. My swollen crotch wet diaper was so obvious through my pants. My therapist suggested wearing a pull-up all the time for a while and still trying to go pee-pee on time. I changed into a dry Goodnite when I got home. I know I need to just wear them all the time. I feel safer and more secure and less anxious when I know no one will know when I have an accident.

Tyler C

Closing Time

I haven't posted for many months, so for those who don't know. My name is Tyler. I'm a college student. I've had many accidents growing up, a lot of which I've told on here, and I've made it something of a habit in recent years to go to the bathroom in my pants as an alternative to using the actual bathroom while at college initially due to lack of time in my schedule, but now it's also because it's convenient and kind of nice once you get used to it. However, this is pretty much strictly a thing I do at college, so this summer has been pretty "dry" for me since I'm not taking classes. That is until a few weeks ago...

Some of you may know that I've been working at a locally owned doughnut shop for the past several months. Recently, I've been put in charge of closing up on Sunday nights. We don't tend to get a lot of traffic this time of year anyways, but it's almost a guarantee that no one will come in on Sunday nights just before closing, so I'm often scheduled to work by myself for the last hour or two. One Sunday night before closing, I needed to pee. Working alone for the last couple of hours means that I don't really get the opportunity to relieve myself when necessary because I have to stay by the counter. With about 15 minutes to closing, I probably could have ducked into the bathroom really quick since no one would be coming anyways, but I just... sort of didn't want to. Like, I really wanted to "go to the bathroom," but I didn't really want to do it in the bathroom if you know what I mean. Being all alone in a public setting with a full bladder reminded me of how much I'd been missing that simple pastime of mine that I hadn't indulged in since school ended. So, I waywardly decided to put aside my bodily needs to just continue on with what I was doing and let whatever happens happen.

It was about time that I start closing procedures, anyways. After doing things like counting the money and taking out the trash. I started cleaning the place up. I began wiping down the counter and the tables with a wet rag, and after a couple of minutes, the rag turned out to not be the only thing that was wet as it would seem that my bathroom procrastination resulted in a very unfortunate outcome for my pants and underwear. The moment finally came, and I was full on peeing in my pants right in the middle of the store. The pee ran down from my penis to my feet into a nice little puddle beneath me. I didn't realize until then, how much I missed doing this. Of course, at school, I always took precautions, like peeing in strategic locations like grass fields and wearing dark clothing. Here at work, I was wearing light colored pants, and the floor was hard tile. I never dared to pee myself there before and for good reason, but now that I was in charge of closing, this meant that I could simply mop it up when I was done since I'm required to mop up anyways. Once I cleaned everything up, it was exactly closing time. I closed the store, went home, and cleaned up. I still live with my parents, so getting through the front door and to my room was a little risky, but luckily, neither of them saw me.

I did this again on the past two Sundays since then. So far, nobody's caught me. I've been making sure to clean the floor extra thorough whenever I do this. It's just polite. I don't want anyone to have to walk in my pee afterall. I've been packing a change of pants in my satchel to change into after I'm done so that I won't have to risk my parents or neighbors seeing me all wet when I get home. I don't know how long I'll be keeping this up, but boy does it feel good to be back to my old ways!

MD Dan

Reply to Elvia and Quick Starbucks Story

RE: Elvia - Using the Opposite Bathroom
I have never understood exactly why single-occupancy restrooms were gendered. I wonder if it has anything to do with the stereotype of men trashing the restroom and women leaving it sparkling clean all the time (as if that were true at all). Or possibly even the continued thought that "feminine hygiene" is taboo and men must never see any evidence that it exists. I have definitely offered the men's room to women at work before if the women's room was occupied. I have also used women's single-occupancy restrooms before, though always with permission of some kind. I think it's usually going to be much worse for a man to be "caught" using the women's room, even single-occupancy, than vice versa. There was one time I spent the night with a girlfriend in college in her dorm room (against college rules) and ended up having to use the communal women's room the next morning for an extremely urgent poop. My girlfriend was the only one who knew it was a man in the room and she didn't have any issue with it. She actually took a serious dump in the stall right next to me at the same time. I did feel bad about deceiving the other women in the room though.

Completely by coincidence, I actually have a story from this morning that follows along those same lines. About 2 or 3 times a week I will stop at a Starbucks right by my work. They are very familiar with me there as I've been going there for years. The manager is a woman about my age (mid-30's) with strawberry blonde hair. She's fairly attractive and is always extremely nice to everyone. Usually once a week or every other week I will need to use their restroom to poop (when it's urgent and I can't wait until I get to work). I'm usually in there around 4 or 5 minutes, so they have to know what I'm doing, and the only time I use their restroom is when I need to poop. The manager usually gives me a slightly larger smile and sounds a little more chipper when she says, "Have a great day!" when I come out to pick up my drink and leave.

This morning was one of those mornings I really needed to use their restroom. I walked in and the only one at the counter was another woman, around 23 or so. I said good morning and headed to the restrooms. They are gendered, single-occupancy restrooms down a hallway and around a corner. I saw the manager turning the corner as I walked back and heard the door to the women's room close. The men's room was occupied so I stood in the hall to wait. About 3 or 4 minutes later, the toilet flushed in the women's room and the men's was still locked. The manager came out and saw me waiting. She smiled, as always, and said, "Good morning!" I said good morning and smiled back. She quietly asked if the men's room was occupied and I said it was. She quickly looked around the corner into the hallway to see if anyone else was waiting. She saw that no one else was even close to the restrooms and quietly said, "Go ahead and use the women's. We are making them gender neutral soon anyways and I know you're pretty regular here" and winked at me. Something tells me she was using the word "regular" to mean two different things. I laughed quietly and said, "Thanks! That's a relief!" I opened the door and took a step into the room and saw the toilet paper was almost gone. There was also a definite poop smell from her. Then she said, "Oh, wait a minute! I need to refill the paper for you! Sorry about that!". I ended up holding the door for her and standing in the room while she refilled the paper. It was kind of weird having someone do that for me, right next to the toilet they knew I was about to be taking a dump on. She finished putting the new roll on, motioned to the toilet, and said, "All yours! Oh! Be careful with the seat. One of the hinges broke this morning and it's a little loose. It'll be fixed soon though! And if anyone is waiting when you're done and they have a problem, tell them to see me and I'll tell them they're multi-gendered restrooms, we just don't have the new signs yet!" She smiled again and finally left.

At this point, the man in the other restroom had actually left a couple of minutes ago, but she made no attempt to force me to use that restroom. Like I said, she is really nice. I sat down and had a fantastic poop over the next several minutes. I left the restroom and no one was waiting so I walked up front to grab my drink. The manager handed my drink to me and said, as always, "Have a great day!" with an even larger smile this time.


Traveling with my Dad

My parents divorced when I was young, but my love and respect for my dad has grown greatly. I travel across the country to spend each summer with him. Now that I'm in college he gives me a summer job helping with his property management business, plus I get even more tuition money babysitting for some of his tenants. Adam, my boyfriend, jokes that I'm making so much money I must be turning tricks! But he's just jealous because he spends his time on the beach and living off his parents.

So last week it was time for me to return to college. We left dad's house at 4 a.m. in his super-customized pickup that commands a lot of attention on the road. Dad was still half asleep, but would occasionally surprisingly wake up and let off a couple of farts. We've joked about that on past trips and I've contributed a fart or 2 or 3 to the conversation. That usually means I'm about an hour from a crap. Dad's system, at age 55, is a lot like mine, but after he's taken a crap in a public toilet he always comes back complaining about pee splashed over the seat, jammed up bowls due to huge shits and too much toilet paper to flush. He also hates the cheap toilet paper used at many rest stops.

Finally dad woke up, dropped his legs, and hand over his crotch, sitting straight up. I told him I had just passed a large rest stop and that we were probably 25 miles away from the next. He cussed like he usually does at bad news, then punched my upper arm as he was telling me I would be responsible if he were to have an accident. Then our conversation was directed toward how hard I had been to toilet train, how at 5 or 6 I was scared of sitting on the much larger public toilets, how I was terrified when I had moved too much and the auto-flusher had practically blown me off the seat. And worse, I guess mom or one of my friends, had told him about my first week in middle school. I had been holding my needs all afternoon. I had been holding my needs all afternoon, scared to raise my hand for permission and to gain attention from the others in class, so when the bell rang me and my friends hurried to the nearest toilets.

Half the toilets had no privacy door. I took the middle one and had to fumble like crazy with the door latch for it to catch. I double checked the latch because the day before I was taking a lengthy crap, but I had neglected to latch the door. This older girl came running in, threw the lock open, and even though I was in shock and vulnerable as a 12-year-old taking her first crap of the year. The door bruised my knee and the girl opened up with some obscenities like whore and that, and shoved my friends out of the way. Now I couldn't believe how my dad had found out about it and then not forgotten about it over the years. Anyway, I tried to learn from that and started checking and rechecking the door latch. The next week, with little confidence, I was in a different bathroom, I double-checked the lock before taking my seat and I had one very satisfying crap. I knew I had to wipe fast, which I did, and I had only 5 minutes or so to get to the bus stop. My friends understood that, but not that I was becoming much more frustrated. I yanked at the lock, then with both hands, I started punching it. That only hurt my fist.

I threw myself onto the dirty concrete floor, laid on my belly, with my hands extended, and told them to pull me out straight forward. That hurt me pretty bad because I had put on about 10 pounds that summer. Finally, they told me to catch my breath, sit with my back against the toilet, and to spread my legs V-shaped. I was able, despite my frustration and why me? attitude, to follow instructions, (something my dad jokes about me not being able to demonstrate even now!) and with my feet turned to the outside, they pulled me straight out. My forehead did get a bump, but I just wanted to get out and make our bus' departure time.

The bus was already gone. So even with our heavy bookbags, we had to walk home. It was about a 15 block walk. By the time we cut through a big city park, both of my friends wanted to get rid of the crap they had been holding since lunch. I had to pee bad, really bad. Such situations like I had been in make me nervous and in need of a bathroom. The girls' room at the park was very interesting. Three toilets, side by side, with no privacy panels or door. All three of us sat next to one another and did our thing. We all felt relieved. Even now, like 10 years later, I don't mind toilets without a privacy door. I wonder why!

Elvia: I agree with you. I have done that a few times when babysitting say one boy and two girls. They all come into the ladies room with me. I escort the boy into a toilet, close the door, and when he's done quickly take him to the sinks and then outside as the girls finish up. I've had a few angry looks but it beats the alternative. Also one of my guys was an 8-year-old autistic boy.

My Poo Log Survey:

A) Where you last pooped?
City Center Auditorium
B) Date/Time: 8/23/22 at 8:15 p.m.
C) What did you read? I took my phone out and read the bio of one of the 3 bands giving the concert.
D) How long it took you to poop?
20 minutes, but it seemed like a lot longer because I used the only toilet available. I had no privacy door. But I saved myself from an accident. Spurt I came out immediately; the second one was churning for about 15 minutes before I could push it out.
E) We're you shameful? Yes, because there were easily another 40 ladies waiting for a toilet and the opening band was just about done tuning up. My friend Melissa kept texting me to see if I was OK.
F) Did it smell?
Yes, but the room was so big with perhaps 25 toilets so there was no hope.
G) Did I enjoy it?
No. It took so long for the laxative that I had taken at my boyfriend's apartment the previous night to kick in. Why it didn't kick in earlier when I was in my dorm room studying I don't know.
H) How far did you pull down your pants and underwear?
To mid-thigh level.
I) Any other interesting comments?
Yes, I did myself a favor by wearing a loose-fitting dress. It saved me because I didn't have a privacy door and I spent double the amount of time I normally do on a public toilet. I was one of the few there to be wearing a dress.

Emma two

Massive poo

After holding it all week I took a laxative just before I left for work this morning. By the time I got home from work I was bursting for a poo and I only just made it to the toilet. I was worried I might block the toilet so I decided to do it in stages and flush In between. I relaxed and quickly released a huge amount of soft poo into the toilet. Well my plan to do it in stages went out of the window because I couldn't stop it in time. I still had to go and I flushed the toilet hoping it wouldn't block but of course it did. I waited for it to refill praying it would clear this time because I was still busting for a poo. Luckily it did clear and I sat down again and relaxed. I had to push this time and I did another big load but nowhere near as big as the first one. It felt so good to get all that poo out and I wiped my bottom twice and flushed the toilet before I pulled up my knickers and jeans. The toilet was a mess and I cleaned it up with the brush and flushed it again and left.

Jen c

More accidents

Hello again. In my last post I talked about his I pooped my pants while on the phone and on my way home from the park.

This story is from when I was 14. I was at my friends house and I wasn't spending the night, but I went over right after school. While I was there I started to get the feeling that I had to poop. I didn't have to go too bad at this point so I figured I could hold it. My friend looked like she also had to go. I'd seen her poop in her pants before and not confess to doing it like me. She finally got up to go. By the point I was starting to need to go pretty bad. I stood up to go to the bathroom and completely lost it. I pooped my panties. As I was going her mom came in the room and her mom was in shock to a see a huge bulge growing in my pants. She didn't have to ask she already knew what I'd done. She took me into the downstairs bathroom to get me cleaned up and changed.

My next accident was about a month later. I was in class. Last one of the day when I got hit with a huge urge to poop. With about 5 minutes left I pooped my pants. I was scared to death I was gonna get caught. I was wearing dark sweatpants so I did the one thing I didn't want to and I sat down in the mess to avoid anyone seeing a bulge. I had to waddle back to home room witch was luckily across the hall. The bell went off and i still had to ride the bus home. Only a few people commented about the smell. When I got home I told my mom that I pooped myself again. At first she didn't seem mad but lost it once she found out I had been sitting in it. She took my pants and underwear off in the shower and cleaned me up with the shower house

Hisae (translator is Mina)

short woman

Dear Jessica,

I am about 147 cms, but when I sit on loo, I can drop a pile which is same size with soccer ball.

Love to everyone.

Chae + 3


My toilet break at nine years old

At that time I was only nine years old boy (I am older now, but not so much that it has been erased from my memory). I was lying on the couch, and frankly bored, so when I felt the desire to empty my intestines, I was glad. At least there will be something to do. I was alone in the house, and therefore it was possible not to even close the toilet door. When I entered the bathroom, I pulled down dark red plaid pants and blue underpants. I sat down on a gray suspended toilet, swinging my legs in the air. I relaxed, and released the gas several times. Farted, to be precise. Then, when the poop started coming out, I had to push a little. I heard: splash-splash-splash-splash-splash! When the poop was over, I breathed a sweet sigh of relief. I felt the stench, but it wasn't unpleasant to me. I tore off the toilet paper from the roll, and wiped myself well (I was nine, I know that some kids at that age do not know how to wipe themselves, and call their parents for help. But I could!) After wiping myself, and throwing two pieces of paper into the toilet, I jumped off the potty (that is, from the toilet), got dressed, and pressed the flush panel. There were five poop in the toilet, and the water, having wrapped them, quickly flushed my feces. The toilet became clean. Just like in my ????.

Barium Enema / Colonscopy

I recently at age 51 had my first ever preventitive colonscopy everything was good except the doc couldnt get the scope around the last bend of my intestine leading down to my appendix as a result i will be having a barium enema procedure to check the last part of my intestines what experiences have people had with the prep for it I have to drink a bottle of magnesium citrate and a then take ducolax tabs (2) a few hours later followed by 2 ducolax suppositories in the am before procedure and i am supposed to drink plenty of water before during prep what experiences have you all had with this prep. I will share a bit of colonoscopy prep. I was bit freaked out about the prep had heard lots of horror stories Nasty taste getting sick from it etc etc. Honestly other than the taste which i was able to get by taking sips of sprite and having to drink so much of it prep was not that bad. It took me about an hour after drinking to start going to the bathroom. The first few times were watery diarrhea. but after that It was basically like just pooping clear or yellow colored water. Didnt really have any nausea or other discomfort other than feeing a little full until the first time I went to the bathroom. Hope this eases peoples fear of having it done as it is very important. Im thankful no issues

Sunday, August 28, 2022


Using the opposite bathroom

Does anyone else do this or encourage this sometimes? Restroom breaks have been group affairs when we're out with our kids. If bathrooms were single person, I'd either go with them into the male one or encourage them to come into the female one with me. I don't think it's at all harmful if they're just single person.

We went on a trip this weekend and stopped at a rest stop. Since ours was the only car there I just decided to follow them into the mensroom and take my morning poop in one of the stalls. I think I've done this three other times and never got caught. It's not at all that difficult for me.

Annie in Taiwan
A little while ago I had a bottled black coffee drink and a bottle of water and soon after I had a strong urge to poop. I went to the WC, pulled down my grey shorts and underwear (brief style) and sat on the toilet. Gave a gentle push and this huge poop (mostly soft but thick) came out into the toilet. It wasn't 100% everything out of my stomach and bowels but it was a lot. What a relief. I started to wipe and it was slippery and sticky. Took a couple handfuls of plenty of tp to get clean. Now to stand up and check out this beast. Damn! It filled the majority of the toilet! :O Flushed and it went down no problem.

Happy pooping!


Question for Kristi

Loved your story about the young lady who clogged the gas station toilet!

When you mentioned that she was "short", what do you think her height and weight was if you had to guess?

I'm fascinated about what kind of correlation there is between small people who poop a lot more than their size would suggest! Thanks!!


Latest news

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't managed to post in a while.
David P- glad to hear your poos are getting easier- I hope that continues for you.
Sofie- great to see you posting again and glad that you enjoyed your time in London. I did something similar at your age, I went to Germany on an exchange and so I can really relate to the situation you were in. As you say its really embarrassing if your struggling for a poo and you think that someone else might be able to hear your noises, I know what you mean about finding it hard to be quiet when your constipated, I have the same problem! It was lucky you got to hear the daughter when she was going for a poo, hopefully that made you feel a bit better. For some reason I've always found the idea of one person overhearing me alot worse than a bigger group, thats why when I was at school I didn't really get that embarrassed when I needed to go for a poo in the girls loos. I guess that with lots of girls coming and going, doors banging, toilets flushing and hand driers starting up it was less likely that anyone would hear or pay attention to any noises I was making. The only time I got embarrassed about going for a poo at school was when my constipation was really bad, as I knew I wouldn't be able to help grunting loudly which is really awkward to do in public as I just knew that other girls would hear me even with all the other noises going on. Luckily on several occasions girls on the loo next door would start grunting shortly after me, I think they were waiting to see if I was having a poo and once they realised I was they felt less awkward about pushing out their own poo! I hope you can share more of your stories soon Sofie!
Anyway, back to me, I was just starting to be a bit less constipated when another spell of hot weather hit which seemed to block me up again. This morning when I got up I felt really bloated and knew I must need to go for a poo, Lucy is away visiting family at the moment so I am home alone. I got out of bed and went into my ensuite, I was just wearing some pink flowery pants as even though it has cooled down now I've still been feeling really hot at night. I dropped my pants to my knees and sat on the loo, I had a wee and then started to strain, I managed to pass a few hard pellets after a lot of pushing and grunting, I could feel there was much more to come as it had been four days since my last proper poo but I just couldn't get anything out. I stood up, wiped and pulled up my pants, I started to run the bath and thought that lying in there for a while and massaging my belly might help move things along. I went downstairs while the bath was running (still just in my underwear but all the curtains were closed!) to find some dried fruit from the kitchen, which often helps when I get constipated, and I drank two glasses of water while I was there. I took the fruit back up with me to eat in the bath. When I got back to my ensuite I pulled down my pants and kicked them off and then got into the bath. After about 40 minutes and having eaten quite a few dried figs and apricots (ugh!) I got out of the bath, dried myself and went back into the bedroom to get dressed. I put on some yellow and blue stripey pants, a white bra, some denim shorts and a pale blue top and then went downstairs. After an hour or so I felt my belly getting tight and shortly after I started to get a definite urge for a poo so I went back up to my ensuite and undressed to my bra and pants, I then went into my ensuite, dropped my pants to my knees and sat on the loo. I had another wee and then started to push for my poo, luckily the bath and dried fruit seemed to have had some effect as after a few minutes I could feel the tip of a hard, fat log starting to poke out. I took a deep breath and bore down for as long and as hard as I could, I couldn't help making a loud grunt as I released my breath but there was no one around to hear so I didn't try to keep quiet. I kept on doing hard pushes and felt the log moving out a tiny bit at a time, it was really stretching my bum as it came. After a while I could feel it getting even fatter and slowing down, I was worried that it would get stuck so I pushed the skin between my bum and did a massive push. The widest bit came through and then the log broke off with a loud plop and I got a wet bum as the water splashed up! I could feel there was stil more to come so I started to strain again, luckily by now the poo wasn't as fat so it came more quickly. I ended up passing another couple of logs which also needed quite a bit of pushing, when I was finally done I looked at my watch and realised I'd been on the loo for almost 30 minutes! I wiped my bottom, pulled up my pants, washed my hands and flushed the toilet and then went back into my room to put my shorts and top back on. I felt so much better after having that hard poo, I just hope I have a bit of an easier time next time I need to go! Will try to post again soon, bye for now, Abbie.


Amazon Delivery

I went to the bathroom at Starbucks today and a woman begged me to go ahead. I was fine with that and she ran ahead. About 4 minutes later, she started rushing out the door. However, before I had closed the door she ran back in. There was something black and fairly large poking out of the toilet, I think it was possibly a diaper or something? She apologized and flushed, then ran out in a bigger hurry than at first. I went to check what it was but it had gone down. She was wearing a blue Amazon delivery uniform, so I have to wonder if it was a diaper she was wearing due to the hurried schedule they get.



Most recent camp out story

This past weekend my friend Melany and I made last minute plans to camp out. Time is short because our busy college schedules are ready to start up again. Melany's older sister (by one year) shares an off-campus apartment with us and since Melany didn't want her really shy sister to stay home alone, I agreed to let Lisa to come with us too. This was the first time Lisa has gone camping and it will probably be her last.

We went to a state camping area across the river and about two hours away. About 45 minutes into our trip Melany called for a potty break. She had liked the stronger coffee I had made that morning and also downed Lisa's share, because Lisa doesn't like to drink before going on trips. This is do to the pee and crapping accident she had five years ago when she was on her first date. She and her date were out driving and she was too shy to ask for a simple bathroom break. She's so shy, Lisa hasn't had a date since then, Melany says.

I used Melany's potty stop to go in and try for my shit. I knew I was a few hours early but I walked into the large bathroom, the only user, and took the middle toilet. My boxers and jeans were at floor level of the no-privacy toilet I was sitting on and I had my Tucker (the name for my organ that Melany coined) pointed into the bowl. I heard the toilet on the other side flush and Melany quickly appeared at the entry door and asked if I was alone. When she found that was the case she walked in to playfully hassle me. I would have loved to have had a couple of truckers, kidneys full, barge in and see how she would have handled it. She probably would have said in her bubbly way, for them to go about their business, and in her confident way, made some joke probably at my expense. I did about a half decent pee and I punched out one two-inch piece. She asked me to stand and prove it. I did. Then she put her phone in my face and showed me two that she had shot of her work. She calls it "production." One she shot of her sitting on the toilet with her legs spread. The other was a close-up at seat level. It was a very dark yellow pee with about a six-inch log, only about half of it in the water. As usual, I was impressed by the only 2 or 3 minutes she had used on the toilet. When I asked her about whether Lisa went in, she said her sister refuses to use such bathrooms.

Lisa was in the back seat and after about another 15 minutes on the road, some of it going slow through cross-overs and construction, Lisa told her sister that she was going to burst. I immediately told her there were probably a couple of empty water bottles under my seat and she could go in one of those. Melany said the slow pace we were moving at would be in Lisa's favor because we were not bouncing around on some rough road at 70 MPH. When Lisa continued to complain, Melany reached down, pulled out an empty bottle and said some really biting things to Lisa about not being normal and how Lisa was responsible for her own "F#####' futile and pathetic life." To her credit, Lisa did her piss into the bottle but we couldn't find a cap for it. So Lisa held it on her lap for the last 30 minutes of the trip, with her right thumb as the cap. Again, Melany continued to say angry things about Lisa lacking life skills and being so F##### UP.

After paying our fees at the campgrounds and getting our equipment set up, both Melany and Lisa walked to the toilet hospitality building. I took a short nap until they came back, walking with two other couples from our college. They had some extra food and walked with us over to a communal area where there were dozens of grills. Our group of seven had a nice meal and some good conversation. But what Melany and I most wanted was to get some time alone. That happened when the others turned in just before midnight and Melany and I took about a 10 minute walk in the moonlight through an area of brush. Both she and I had con sumed more than our share of the wine our guests brought and I was confident that we were going to share a pee adventure before turning in. After stumbling a few too many times Melany asked me to run ahead so she could do a nature piss.

There were a couple of trees that had fell probably during a storm. Luckily the two of us had our phones if we needed lighting if the moon got clouded out. As adventurous as always, Melany tore her clothing down and with her back to the hill, she went into a squat, and I couldn't believe the treat I was going to have. She did I think three or four tries in the squat and even used her right fingers between her legs in trying to get things going. She apologized, saying she had never tried it before because that's why God invented the toilet. I sat on the one fallen tree limb and with my left hand checked the hardening wood between my legs. To my right, I tried to balance myself, but my right fist fell right through the 9 or 10-inch wide limb and came to rest on the dirt.

I asked Melany to sit next to me and I explained that I would get up and she could take my seat and piss to her bladder's content. I could tell it was just the challenge or exhibition she had secretly wanted to do for me. I showed her how coarse the bark would be on her skin if she moved to much and she took her position eagerly, using her hands between her legs to get in the best position. I used my phone's light to show her the likely run-off route for her pee and how to spread her legs as she sat so they would remain dry. I now concluded that wine, just like coffee, goes right through her system. She used her phone to illuminate some of the action and I'm confident she used at least two minutes, perhaps more. Toward the end, she said two or three times that it was "so F-ing refreshing!" She said she had never done anything remotely as daring over the years with her friends.

We got back to the campsite, kissed and quickly fell asleep. She said she was going to wake me up 4:30 Sunday morning and I was either responsible for peeing or shitting into the sunrise. Melany woke me up earlier than that by pouring me coffee from the thermos. Since we were tired from the short night we stumbled around in the wooded area until she stopped me in my tracks. There was another old tree stump, about three inches off the ground and down the hill we could see where a storm with lightning probably struck the tree. The stump was broken and decaying very irregularly, and like the one she had used the night before, the middle was at least partially rotted out. I tried to give her some of her own teasing back when Melany told me that stump was going to be the toilet for my morning shit. I told her that just sitting on the irregular wood could cause me to be injured with pierced skin and blood. She came up with a compromise. She and I could use our shoes to try and make my seat less injuring. I'm sure we both tore the bottoms of our shoes up but at least I would stay out of the emergency room.

Finally, with much of the sun out, she said it was my turn. She knows my pattern of morning shits before I leave our apartment. She said I could move my hand around the rotted out middle and position myself accordingly. I did. Then I dropped my clothing and gingerly took my seat. She tried to watch from the front, which gave me some really dangerous wood that I didn't want to scrape over the rough wood. I counted off the first couple of pieces for her. Then I think she saw how much push I had to put into the one big one. I know I showed satisfaction as I stood, carefully stepped aside and let her look into the makeshift toilet bowl. She said she could both see and smell it, but asked me what I had forgotten. Then she broke into this drama-like routine of the virtues of a good wipe. I suggested that since she came up with the idea, she should come up with the wiping material. I told her she should drop 'em and give my cause her underwear. She immediately pulled her jeans down to show me her. I was expecting the boy shorts she often wears when we're together. I thought F### when she showed me her black thong.

What saved me were two things. First, this was not a messy shit. Secondly, I carry a lot of dumb receipts in my wallet and I did the job with about five of them while Melany watched.

Luckily, she volunteered to drive us home. Both Melany and I used the one rest stop we made. Lisa stayed in the car still afraid of using a public restroom.

Question for Sarah:

Would you have still used that Subway toilet if there was no toilet paper for you to use in covering the seat? How frequently are you in a situation like that?

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

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