question for festival goers

Does anyone here have experience with going to festivals? For example these big festivals like Glastonbury or Werchter or Roskilde or Woodstock.

Whenever I see pictures of the toilets there it seems not only nasty but also very unprivate. Can you hear what your neighbor in the cubicle or stall or dixie is doing next to you?
I heard horror stories about people just doing nr 2 where they are, right beside a tent in plain sight of everyone. Is this a myth or truth?

It doesn't sound unlikely with all the drugs and alcohol and filthy toilets… tell us about your experiences!

I was back at the beach just relaxing watching my girls play on the trampolines they have there, when all of a sudden this mother and her daughter rush out of the trampoline area and into the corner where the steps and beach wall meet the girls yellow leggings and pink underwear came down and she was picked up, instantly started peeing. As a mother it was clear that this girl didn't have many other options it was either here or her pants. She had waited too long before informing her mother.

Another sighting was again at the beach, this girl was playing when suddenly she said to her mother she needed to go pee, the mother walked with the girl the few feet to the beach wall and again took her leggins down having her pee in the sand.

A third and final sighting I will post today is at the far side of the beach there are some giant steps to help with flooding, I was sat there with my daughter's and this father with his little one was there, the father let his kid run naked, a little concerning but not my place to judge, a little while later the girl came over and took a big pee on the steps in front of everyone, but then also proceeded to push out this huge turd for such a little girl. The father didn't even flinch at this, he just wiped her and told her to go back to playing.

Whelp that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed


First time posting

I have to admit that I found this message board a white ago and have read many of the older pages just by clicking on the "Random Old Posts Page". I have always been too embarrassed to post anything but after what happened to me last Friday at work, I figured that now would be a good time to start posting.

First of all, my name is Stephanie. I am 30 years old. I am roughly 5 foot, 8 inches tall with brown hair to my shoulders. I have blue eyes and have always kept myself slim and I'm good shape. I am married to a really awesome guy named Chris. My best friend is Megan and I have known her since we were four years old. We met in kindergarten and went to school together for our entire lives. We have been through everything together from numerous boyfriends, tough breakups, good times, bad times, you name it. We were even there for each other during our first periods and all the issues we have both had during our lives, including accidents, both from bleeding through our pants to having issues with our bowels. I have had more issues with my bowels than Megan has and here is my most recent time…

I work in the QA lab for an international spice company. Basically I am part of the team who is in charge of making sure that the products we send out are 100 percent perfect.

Last Friday I had to work by myself as the other QA girl was off. This meant a busier day for me which normally I wouldn't have any problems with. The problem was that I wasn't feeling the greatest and I was having really bad cramps all morning. My husband always drops me off at work and picks me up at the end of the day.

An hour or so into the day, at around 8am, the cramps were getting bad. I was doing some tests on some products when the pressure to go just became too much. I let out some gas and it was wet. I knew I had just pooped some diarrhea into my white hipster panties. I was afraid that it would start to show through my white uniform pants so I tried to get to the ladies change room where the washrooms are. I didn't make it and had an explosion of diarrhea in my panties filling the entire bum area. Some went up the back of my panties as well. By the time I got to the washroom the mess was leaking down the insides of my legs. As I got to the washroom I cramped up again and started pooping for a second time. I got into a stall and tried cleaning myself up as much as possible. I had forgotten to pack an extra pair of underwear so I had to put my messy ones back on. I washed my hands and decided to put on a lab coat to cover my bum.

Midway through the morning Megan texted me to see how I was doing. I told her that I had gotten sick in my pants and she felt really bad for me. She offered to come by and bring me some new underwear and I gladly accepted her offer. That's something that we have always done for each other, we have bailed one another out when needed. So, she stopped at Walmart and bought me a package of full-cut panties as well as some wipes to get properly cleaned up.

Towards the end of the day I started feeling bad again. This time the diarrhea was really mushy and came out really quickly and filled up my full-cut panties in a matter of seconds. I couldn't get cleaned up so I just waited it out until Chris came to pick me up an hour later. He felt really bad for me too, as he always does when I have had an accident of this kind.

That's all the time I have to write for now. This has been very therapeutic for me so I will definitely be back to share stories of my past. I hope that's okay with everyone!



To Nasiba

Hey Nasiba

Wow that lady was rude! It wasn't your fault that you were using the toilet when she came in, and it was sad that the girl had an accident but hey that's not down to you! if she should be angry at anyone it should be the park for not having enough toilets! these things happen! i can't believe someone would have a go at you for that!




Hello everyone. It's Kristi.

It's been ages since I last posted. There have been a couple of not-so-good things in my life, and I just haven't felt cheerful enough to post on here.

The worst thing is that my sister is getting ready to divorce her husband. Two years ago she found out that he had had an affair. They worked through it and it seemed liked they were okay.

Then she found stuff on their computer and learned that he had never stopped cheating on her. He's been having multiple affairs for most of their marriage.

I've spent a lot of time lately consoling her and trying to support her.

But I'm back. Ready to be happy again. Ready to be happy for myself.

It's 6:00 a.m. here. I didn't feel like sleeping anymore. I tried to go poop last night but it wasn't coming out. But I feel good this morning. This is going to be a nice big dump.

So a few stories:

Last week I had to use the ladies room at the mall... not to poop, but to fart. Usually I'm not that gassy unless I do have to crap, but this time was different.

The ladies room has about ten stalls. I took the one closest to the wall. I would say that half of the stalls were being used and there were several women at the sink. I started to pee and then immediately let go of a really, really big fart. It echoed in the toilet loud enough that I'm sure the entire restroom heard it (oh well!)

I continued to let go of about four or five farts. Things were getting smelly, but the girl in the stall next to me was pooping and I could smell that too, so again... oh well. That's what bathrooms are for. I heard her dropping several ploppers. She and I were done at the same time and used the sinks next to each other. Very pretty brunette in her early twenties if you're wondering.

I just let a nice ripple of pee come out and mid-pee I dropped a nice, solid log. Feel much better now after that. I don't think I'm done, but that was a good one.

Speaking of big poops, I went out to dinner with some girlfriends last week. After we had had dessert (I had some cheesecake), I felt a very strong need to go take a dump. I politely excused myself... as did one of my friends (Jenna).

There's the old tradition that girls always go to the bathroom together. However, the general idea is that girls go to PEE together. It's kind of a breach of etiquette unless it's understood that there will be pooping involved.

So when Jenna and I entered the bathroom (two stalls, both empty), I advised her that "Dinner kind of went through me... I have to shit. (I don't use the word "shit" often. Must have been the wine.)

So, as a lot of you know, I'm not a shy pooper. I don't really care if people know that I'm doing it.

But if Jenna took a piss and went back to the dinner table after a minute... and I get back after ten minutes... well, kind of embarrassing.

*Okay, I'm going to pause this story because my body is ready to go again...

Another big one. No plop sound. I think it landed right on top of my first poop.

Little more pee.

SO much better. That felt really good coming out. I feel much better. Kind of smelly though so I think I'm going to give myself a courtesy flush.

Back to my story. I think there's a little more in me but I'll work on that while posting. *

So, Jenna being a great friend says that she'll wait for me. She didn't have to poop but she said she'd go back to the table with me when I was done.

We sat down in our stalls. Jenna started pissing immediately and, trying to accommodate her, I started pooping right away. I let a big one slide into the toilet and then started to pee as Jenna's pee was slowing down.

I leaned forward to get the rest of my poop out, when Jenna says, "I think I have to shit too." I told her, "The more the merrier" (I think I was a little drunk... I did NOT drive home by the way).

I heard Jenna do some deep sighs, followed by the sound of what sounded like a little poop hitting the water.

I'm still taking care of my own business while Jenna is going. I pushed out a few more chunks before I wiped. I heard her wiping too. It didn't sound like she had really dumped a big load, but who knows. She said she felt better and I said I felt a lot better. We washed our hands and returned to the table.

So, back to the present... I'm done. No need to wipe- I'm going to take a shower. I can clean my poopy butt there.

I love you all.



How I finally got confidence in wiping

I'm in college now and a lot more mature. But even when I was 5 or 6, I did OK crapping in public toilets. I learned patience to sit and make sure it was all out. My mom was insistent, but overall pretty cool when I made more of an effort. There was the occasional observation: "Could you have gone at the hotel before we left?" "Hasn't it been only 10 minutes since we stopped for the gas?" And a couple of times she reminded me to lay toilet paper over the seat before I sat on it. I didn't though because it was just another hassle I didn't need.

Learning to effectively wipe myself came harder. When I started school and crapped there most every day right after lunch, I tended to get rushed when I saw legs waiting for me to get done on the other side of the stall door. Sometimes, depending on which toilet I used there was no privacy door and some of the older girls gave me menacing looks. Mom got on my case about the condition of my panties. She didn't give me any specific demonstration, however, other than three words: take your time.
I just didn't feel confident enough to hold the others up. If we had too many tardys in getting back to class we would be punished by having minutes taken off our recess.

Mom cared enough to give me special attention when we were in public places. Because I was so uneasy and frustrated, she was reassuring and told me to work the wipe more aggressively. When I was slow to adapt one year when we were on vacation and I had just crapped at the airport, she came in and had me stand for a wiping. She was really nice about it and she did a good job. I know she talked to Angie, my babysitter, before we went off to a carnival. So Angie watched me, corrected me from doing a sandpaper-like movement over and over again, and demonstrated a really smooth front to back motion. Angie, who was in high school, was so pleasant and confident.

Then that Christmas we traveled I think about 500 miles on the Interstate to my grandparents. Mom was in the front seat, largely knocked out my some headache drug she had taken and she slept through one of our rest stops. This was a rather tough 2 or 3 day crap that I knew was going to be kind of messy. I tried to wake her up, but dad said to let her sleep. This was going to be my first crap ever when we were out as a family in which mom was not going to be available to wipe me. I was uneasy about that. I saw on a rather chilly large black seat that was a little loose, let nature take its place with out a giant set of pushes on my part, and a soft banana-size crap came out of me.

I stood to look at it and started crying out of amazement. I slowly pulled off some toilet paper, remembered the slow front to back motion Angie had taught me, viewed the result and then dropped it into the bowl. Finally on the 5th or 6th time the paper came up clean. I flushed, washed my hands, and came out the car where mom remained knocked out. Dad asked me how things had gone and I told him. When we got to grandmas that afternoon, I was eager to show mom my underwear. It was fully clean.

Maria AKA Crystal

Here are my answers:

1. Yes, I started public poops at a young age. Almost 100% of my poops were in school. Now it is probably 85%--the rest are usually at my boyfriend's apartment.

2. I never put a paper cover on a public toilet seat. It's too much of a hassle, has caused some toilets to clog since my craps are robust, and if every user did, there wouldn't be enough TP for wiping. My mom disagrees, but......

3. Mostly on campus, but sometimes at a portable potty when I have a babysitting assignment or there's an outdoor concert.

4. Using public toilets is the most convenient option. I learned early-on that holding-it in only messes up my system

5. I've become more confident with my ability to use public toilets. The large number of toilets without privacy doors is increasing, but so has the misuses that has led to that.

Monday, July 11, 2022

no privacy on the toilet

to Martin and Hollyrae

Martin's question:

> What were the privacy norms for using the bathroom in your house when you were a child?

To my recollection, everyone in my house got bathroom privacy except for me. Because of my chronic constipation and my frequent accidents, I was often made to sit on the toilet at certain times of day either for a definite amount of time (usually 30 minutes after waking up before going to school) or for an indefinite amount of time (until I had pooed - and I had to prove it by showing what I had made before flushing it). This usually happened at home, as I will describe in detail below, but it also sometimes happened in public, where I would have one of my parents standing outside the bathroom door, or sometimes, in the stall with me.

Usually, those toilet sessions started out with the door shut, but that privacy never lasted. We only had one bathroom to a family of five, so if one of my parents or older siblings needed the bathroom - to get something, to brush their teeth, to wash their hands or face, to shower, etc. - they would just burst in while I was sitting there with my pants down, and they would rarely shut the door behind them.

The only time I got a knock for courtesy was if someone needed to use the toilet, in which case, I had to confirm whether I was "in the middle of something" (that's code for 'had a poo already sticking out of my bum') or whether I was just pushing with no success yet, in which case it was OK for me to pull my pants up and vacate the bathroom so they could use it in privacy.

On top of all the practical reasons my bathroom time was intruded upon, members of my family would frequently walk in to talk to me: to check on the progress of my poo, sometimes, but also to ask me a question, to give me a phone message or even to lecture me about something totally unrelated. My mom, in particular, would come in without knocking, leave the door wide open, and sit on the side of the tub, inches from where I sat with my pants around my ankles, and talk to me about my bathroom problems. She would ask me about my progress, ask me what I've eaten the last couple days, any bathroom trips I had at school, any stomach aches. She would encourage me to push, remind me of things that help (belly massage, foot stool, etc.), and remind me about what next steps are if I can't 'make' anything: usually, stool softeners, enemas, and suppositories.

This all sounds really embarrassing, but it's even more embarrassing when you realize it continued my WHOLE childhood. Not just when I was just out of potty training, but straight into at least my first year of high school. My memories of this are a little fuzzy, but I distinctly remember being in grade 8, I was sitting on the toilet with my mom on the side of the tub, and I was asking when I'll be allowed bathroom independence and privacy, and she said when I can manage my constipation on my own. It was about a year, year and a half, later when the bathroom monitoring stopped. I still got asked questions about when I had last pooed, and stuff like that, but by grade 10, I no longer had to have anyone tell me when to sit on the toilet, and certainly never had to show anyone my poo before flushing it again.

Hollyrae's survey:

1. Does anyone monitor your constipation? How many days are you allowed before a laxative is given?

As you can see from my answer to Martin, my parents used to closely monitor my constipation, but that thankfully stopped by the time I was in grade 10 or so. It was usually 4 days before a laxative was even considered. We considered laxatives a last resort.

2. While the laxative is given time to work, do you or does anyone else restrict your activities?

Laxatives were usually something that we took at home and gave time to work at home, but I have a crystal clear memory of a laxative working its magic in a bathroom stall at a swimming pool changing room, and my mom outside the stall door talking to me about it, so I guess we sometimes let the action take place over the course of a while.

3. What restrictions are given? Are you lectured to or blamed?

I was often lectured, often while sitting on the toilet mid-poo, and I at least felt like I was being blamed while I was being told that, in order to not be this constipated I need to do this that and the other - the assumption being that I wasn't doing those things.

4. What other things have been done to get your bowels moving? Describe them and how they work?

It started with sit-times (sitting on the toilet at certain times of day), then it went to drinking extra water, then it went to stool softeners, then laxatives, enemas, and suppositories as last resorts.

5. Has a suppository or enema ever been suggested or inserted? How does/did it work?

I have distinct memories of being lain over the side of the tub with my pants down and having a suppository inserted, on some occasions, and enemas done, on others. Dreadful feelings, but they usually worked. I remember being on the toilet for a long time after taking either one, usually with minimal privacy, if any. They usually resulted in very liquid poo. Those, I'm pretty sure, always occurred at home.


pee and poo with friends

I was 6, 7 or 8, maybe 9 when I was having a snowball fight with my neighbors who were in the same age range. There was me, Craig, Ryan, Marissa and Mia. The 2 girls were sisters and us boys were unrelated to each other and came from different houses.

Marissa farted a lot as we had our snowball fight. Craig dared her to poop in the snow. She said no way! Not long later she said, I need to go potty NOW!!!! Craig insisted that she poop in the snow. She was so desperate she said fine but don't look..Craig said how could we know you went and she said she'd go around the corner but he "triple dared" her to do her business in front of all of us. She did a big fart and relented with a sigh. We went to my backyard which was a big open space we and our neighbors shared. She went to pull her sweatpants and undies down when she looked at us boys and said "mama says boys shouldn't look at my privates.." so we turned away. A minute later, we heard a trickle and curiosity got the best of us so we all turned around to see Marissa sitting on the ground with her legs open in a "V" shape, peeing. She yelled "hey stop!" And whined when she noticed we were watching but she didn't do much except pout for a bit. she farted a few times in a row. Once she stopped peeing she lifted her bottom and looked behind and under her to see her poop coming out. She sat back down and we all watched as her poop inched its way out. She leaned back so she was lying flat on the ground so there was room for her poop to come out. It took a while and she made many turds, then stood up and put her pants and undies back on. She wanted to go home as she was embarrassed that we saw her parts and watched her pee and poop. We didn't want her to go home. Becuz we'd been having so much fun! Craig said 'lets all go potty so Marissa doesn't feel bad..' Ryan volunteered to go next. Without hesitation he yanked his pants and underwear to his knees, arched his back a bit and, without using his hands to direct the flow, let out a proud strong stream. We all watched as the pee flowed from his little weener. the girls were mesmerized. Eventually it slowed to a dribble and ended, so he wiggled his penis with his finger to get rid of the remaining drops then pulled everything back up.

Craig went next. He pulled everything down to his ankles and held his penis to direct the flow. His pee lasted about 20 seconds. Then he shook his penis dry and pulled his pants up. Now it was just me and Mia and we were both shy. I gave in and removed my pants and underwear. I tried to sit like Marissa did with my legs open in a v shape, but I yelped and whined as I felt the snow on my penis and testicals and switched to squatting. for a long time I squatted awkwardly and embarrassed as I tried to pee, feeling the freezing wind on my boy parts, and the breeze made my penis move and flop around, "flapping in the wind" which made the girls laugh. Finally I started to pee and as I was peeing, huge poops started emerging from my bottom so they all said "whoa...!" I loudly strained grunted and groaned as I pushed it all out. They watched intently and patiently. My session finished with a huge deep grunt as I pushed out a long snake of a turd. I was quick to redress as I was shy.

Now it was Mia's turn. She said she didn't have to go but Craig said she had to try and it's only fair since she'd "already saw our weeners and Marissa's privates". she hesitantly pulled her pants and panties to her ankles. She just barely opened her legs, lied flat on her back and covered her face in embarrassment but eventually spread her legs wider so we could see better. Us boys stared closely as we waited for her to start peeing and giggled because at that age, someone's privates being exposed, especially the opposite sex, is the most hilarious thing. We waited forever. Craig said just peepee! she said I'm trying!!! Finally a drop came out her vagina. We encouraged her to keep going and after a minute of occasional drips, a normal stream formed. She got less shy and sat up and splayed her legs like Marissa did. She looked down to see her pee come out. For someone that didn't have to pee, she peed a lot! Lasted at least a minute! Then she started pushing for a poop. She grunted and when she pushed, some more pee came out at the same time. She changed to a squatting position and began to poop and spurts of pee kept coming out of her vagina as she pushed. Then she announced she was done and pulled everything back up.

We stepped back to see our work. But the curiosity and excitement of seeing something new prevented us from considering how we'd clean up after. After some brainstorming we used buckets from Ryan's garage to scoop up our messes, dump them in a big bag, throw it in the garbage can and clean the buckets. We covered the traces with more snow.

Funny to look back on. We're grown now and still talk and reminisce. if your wondering yes we have watched each other poop and pee on other occasions but it was usually in the toilet instead of outside.


Reply to Martin

That sounds terrible to grow up with.

When I was growing up, bathroom privacy was well respected. Adults wouldn't barge in. The worst they did was stand out the door and yell. And I witnessed other kids, boys and girls, get smacked even if they were outside the bathroom trying to annoy whoever was using it.


4th of July in the park

I've previously written about how me and my friends Laci and Amit spend most of each of our summer days at the park. We ride our bikes in the morning and later we change into our swim suits and we spend our afternoons in a large public pool. Our parents only require that we answer their texts and kind of keep them up on where we are and what we're doing. We're only in middle school but we appreciate the trust they have in us. We use our money from babysitting and chores for our lunches.

Both me and Laci, who have been best friends since kindergarten, take our craps right next to one another each morning at the park. I find being with a friend right next to be helps break down the intimidation of using the park toilets which have almost no privacy except half-size panels between the toilets. And with no privacy doors, people of all ages will come in, some practically running fearing an accident, and then they see we are using the only two toilets. Some see us seated and stop in their tracks. One lady, who I think was with her granddaughter was maxi-apologetic about our space, then turned angry when her kid started to cry and have an accident. I felt sorry for the girl and gave her my seat. She wasn't lying. The toilet seemed too high and large for the girl so grandma showed her how to sit over just one side of the seat, use both hands to hold herself on, and pee that way. It worked, although as the girl was seated, grandma told me and Laci how dirty the toilets were and how we shouldn't have been using them in the first place. Like we have so many choices. Something tells me that girl isn't going to like the school toilets either.

4th of July was Amit's last day with us. For the rest of the summer he flies to the coast to spend time with his grandmother. She has a business and puts him to work, so he misses hanging out with me and Laci. She's also very nagging. Asking him every day if he's had his crap and reminding him of the enema he needed two years ago because the airport toilets were too crowded and he held his crap in. Me and Laci like to mess with him about that, although we know that a lot of people probably have trouble crapping in really large and public bathrooms. Otherwise, he's so smart and confident, but we know that he sometimes leaves skids in his underwear. Sometimes its at school and sometimes it is at the park. He just doesn't take enough time checking work with each wipe.

To Martin:

You bring up a good point. I've been in the bathroom before, on the toilet, and mom's come in and taken my temperature or given me some meds. Laci shares an upstairs bathroom with her 3 sisters. The oldest spends a lot of time in there and will tie up the toilet by polishing her toe nails.

To Polly pee:

I've swam at beaches where they have brought a few portable potties in. They are very hot and attract bugs, but they are also very popular. One has signs about some ejection law where you can be thrown out and fined
for going to the bathroom in the water.

Friday, July 08, 2022


poo after being clogged up

Hey guys

Imogen here again. The last week or so I was really clogged up and had real trouble having a poo. I sat down a few times and tried to push but nothing wanted to come, which was annoying, or only a little bit.

Anyway on Monday I was still like that, I went out for a big lunch with some friends. On the way home I started to get belly ache and thought maybe this is going to force it?! As I was walking home from the bus stop I could feel big pressure and hurried up to get home!

I got in the door and dropped my bag on the floor, went into the bathroom, pulled my jeans and knickers down and threw myself onto the loo and relaxed. I could feel the poo pushing open wide and it hurt quite a bit, but it was so forceful I couldn't stop it or slow it if I tried, it fell out with a big splash followed by several other long hard bits, then quite a bit of runny poo. I flushed a few times to avoid any problems, then wiped. Pulled my knickers back up and felt more pressure, I sat back down again and then sprayed a load of watery poo which came out for a minute or so. Oh was it relieving. That took a LOT of wiping though! I lay on the sofa and went again about an hour later but after that it settled down.

Write soon


This is a story from back when I was 17 that always stuck with me due to the sheer embarrassment. In my past posts way back I have said before that I don't like using public toilets. Unfortunately, I also have to go a lot, so many times I don't have much choice. Now that i'm older, I normally know where to go to get the most possible privacy, but when I was younger there weren't as many options. In high school, it was just a no-go, because if you got caught everyone knew about it. I used to hold it until I got to the park toilets on the way home when I was in high school.

At 16 in the UK you can go to sixth-form college, and you are often told frequently by teachers and staff that it "isn't like high school" and that it's more mature. So, I naively thought that applied to everything, and on one of the first days made my way into the toilets; to be on the safe side, I still went into the ones at the top floor way out of the way. Of course, as i'm sitting there about to start, the door comes open and several boys come into the room. While one or two of them goes to pee, I can see their shadows lurking outside my door, and I see one of them peek through the gap in the cubicle. Reflexively I try to cover myself (and obviously also hold *it* back) as I hear one of them mutter "he's having a shit," to their friend. In the end, they left without doing anything, but I knew then it would be exactly the same, and decided i'd have to find somewhere else.

During the next few days I would find myself searching the nearby area on my breaks (often while needing to go) for places I could relieve myself in peace. There was a dirty wide open public toilet with doors that barely covered anything and smelled awful, so that was off limits. There was the supermarket toilets nearby, but it only had one cubicle so it could be risky if I was desperate. After a while, I stumbled upon the public library one day while I was "in need" and went in. Trying to walk calmly, I eventually saw a sign where it pointed to "Toilets" and hurried in. Inside it was a urinal and one big cubicle. Still only having one cubicle waws annoying, but it was at least quieter. This place wasn't very crowded and had a door that locked completely, so it would start becoming the place I used the most.

So one particular day, I made it to lunch time and I was holding back a big one. It was so bad I almost, almost considered using the college toilets, but at lunch time they were more likely to be full so instead I hurried off to the library. Upon going in I darted straight for the toilets, pushed the door open, and went to open the cubicle, only to find it was locked. Dammit. I stood outside the cubicle for several minutes, trying to be calm. After a few minutes, I noticed how quiet it was in there, but I didn't want to be rude so I waited a bit longer.

When I started feeling the need to fart, I knocked on the door. Nothing. I knocked again and asked if anyone was in there, and again, nothing. Now I was panicked, because I really needed to get in there. I was just debating what to do when the door to the toilets opened and another guy walked in; he looked at me and I looked at him and he looked at the locked cubicle, then went "oh" and went back outside. I felt my ears burning a little bit because, since there was a urinal right in there, he obviously knew what I was waiting for. I tried to push the cubicle open, but it wouldn't budge. I farted a bassy one and crossed my legs a bit. I didn't know what to do!

I was very shy but I was nearing my limit so I went out of the toilets to see the guy still stood there, and in a kind of rushed voice I asked him if he worked there. He said no, then asked me why, and I said the cubicle was locked but I didn't think anyone was in there. He went in and I followed, and after a minute or so of fiddling around (and obviously knocking again to make sure nobody was in there), he managed to get it open. Meanwhile, i'm stood behind him holding back this massive poo hoping he can't smell it. He opened the cubicle door and gestured for me to go in and I quickly said thank you and hurried past him. As I was wiping the seat off though I heard that he hadn't left the room again. Oh, no. He was now stood feet away from me and I was about to shit.

But I couldn't hold it, so I pulled my pants down and sat down. Immediately, a louder fart echoed into the bowl and I tried to cough to cover it but it didn't work very well. I had been wearing white boxers and I could see small little brown stains from holding it in. Within literally about 20 seconds, the turd was crackling out of me; it was a big one, and it hit the water with a massive plop. I couldn't help but gasp. Two more thick pieces followed with slightly quieter splashes, and then I was done. I hurried to grab the toilet paper, because the smell was already spreading, and it only took 2 wipes til it was clean. I got up and flushed, and was dismayed to see I had left skidmarks in the bowl as well, which I knew full well this guy was gonna see. I looked for a toilet brush but I couldn't see one, so instead I resigned to just get out as quickly as possible.

I opened the cubicle, avoiding eye contact as I went to the sink, and the guy went past me and into the cubicle, locking it as I turned on the tap. I heard him cough, whether it was from the smell or just in general I don't know. I heard him sitting down as I was drying my hands, and got out of there before he started going.


1 have you ever been out somewhere where there isn't a toilet around and gone in some bushes?

A few times on the way home from high school I had ducked into the park and shit in the bushes, yeah, purely because I couldn't reach the toilet in time.

2 have you ever been in your underwear because there was nowhere else to go?

Several times from holding it at school and trying to make it home.

3 how old were you?


4 did anyone find out about it?

Not directly, but it's possible they saw my dirty underwear that I hid in the toilets.

6 were you punished for it?


7 were you allowed to do it?

It wasn't really a matter of being allowed or not, they were just accidents. I suppose I wasn't meant to be leaving the evidence behind but I didn't want to take it home and have my mum realise what happened.

8 was it an enjoyable experience?

Not really, just felt disgusting.

9 were you embarrassed?

Very, I was dreading the thought of anyone coming into the toilets while I was cleaning up.

10 did feel relief afterwards?

A lot of relief.

Emma two

Blocked the toilet at school

I was 14 at the time and I'd been holding it for about a week so I really had to go. I was getting ready for school and I told my mum I going to the toilet. She knew I'd been holding it and she said the toilet doesn't flush that well and she didn't want me blocking the toilet so I decided to wait until I got to school as the toilets flush really well at school. I felt sure I could make it to school in time. After all I'd held it 8 days so I should be able to wait for an hour until I got to school. I had my breakfast and got ready to leave for school and when it was time to leave the house I feeling really desperate for a poo and the walk to school would take about half a hour. I really wasn't sure if I could make it but I was determined to try and I clenched tightly until the urge eased off and started walking to school. I got about half way when I felt a cramp in my stomach and an overwhelming urge to poo but I clenched against the pressure and kept walking praying I would get to the toilet in time. Somehow I made it to school without pooing myself and I rushed to the toilets holding my bottom not caring if anyone saw me and I took the nearest cubicle, ripped my knickers down and threw myself onto the toilet and relaxed. I released a huge load of soft semi solid poo into the toilet while I peed and when it stopped I still had to go so I pushed and some more solid poo came out completing my relief and not to mention completely filling the toilet. Man did it feel so good. Almost as good as, well I think you get the idea. I wiped my bottom and tried the flush and not surprisingly the toilet was totally blocked. I left it and walked out before anyone noticed me but I did feel guilty about the mess I left for the cleaner.

Sarah S

To Martin

Please elbaroate on your experiences with your mom and sister if you are comfortable that is super messed up that they would be in the bathroom or in the case with your mom watch you with no respect for your privacy while you were pooping, that had to have been super emvbarrassing.

Emma two

Huge poo after 5 days

My last poo was on Saturday and on Thursday morning I was getting ready for work when I started feeling the effects of the laxatives I'd taken the night before. I went to the toilet and sat down and relaxed my bottom until I felt my poo coming out. It was such a relief and before I wiped my bottom I looked in the toilet to check my creation. It was a huge load and I was worried I might have blocked the toilet. I wiped and flushed and luckily it mostly cleared but there were a lot of of skid marks below the water so I cleaned it up with the brush and flushed again so it was clean for Sarah to use later.

Luvs lightning MWF

Emma 2 survey

1 have you ever been out somewhere where there isn't a toilet around and gone in some bushes?

I pooped of a railroad trestle when I was about 13.

2 have you ever been in your underwear because there was nowhere else to go?

It is an ongoing thing with me.

3 how old were you?

It is an ongoing thing with me.

4 did anyone find out about it?

My husband.

6 were you punished for it?


7 were you allowed to do it?


8 was it an enjoyable experience?


9 were you embarrassed?


10 did feel relief afterwards?



The second reluctant run

After my success on my first diapered jog I think my overconfidence was tempered a bit.

I'd had a pretty lazy day and knew I really needed to get out and get the blood pumping and my muscles working. I had a certain heaviness in my guts but mostly attributed that to my terrible diet the day before and my complete lack of physical activity earlier that day.

I slid on two diapers and a pair of tight running shorts and then a pair of black sweatpants.

I decided to go for a 6km loop that took me through a commercial area then into a residential neighborhood and some nice paths along some lakes.

I was only about 1km in when I could feel things moving. The smart move would have been to turn around and go home. I was perhaps overconfident in my ability to hold it, over zealous in wanting to get a run in, or just plain curious how well the diaper would hold up. I pressed on.

At the 3km mark I needed to poop bad enough that deep down I knew there was no way I was making it home clean. The only thing left to do was to make it as far as possible before the inevitable happened.

Within a couple moments I had to stop running. I kept walking and was using all my muscles in my core to hold it in.

I checked my remaining distance and it was less than 2km to go.

Then, despite holding in with everything I had I could feel a mess ooze out of my clenched cheeks and fill up the back of my diaper. It certainly wasn't all of it, but it was enough that I had crapped myself. I kept walking with a new slipperiness between my cheeks.

I was confident nobody would know what I did. I don't think I stunk much and there wasn't anybody else out. I realized that the sensation of having pooped my pants wasn't altogether that unpleasant and the more uncomfortable feeling was my ???? as I struggled to hold in the rest of my load.

With only about 500 metres to go, and my house in sight I stopped at a crosswalk and pressed the button. It seemed that standing still only increased my urgency and at this point I though, "why not" and just completely relaxed.

My butt just oozed poop for about a minute straight. I could feel a warmth spread against my ass and a heavy weight in the back of my pants. Curiously I reached my hand back against my butt and felt a warm mound covering the entire lower half of my butt.

The light changed and I could walk across the street. I made a conscious effort to walk normal and I could feel the mass in my pants shifting from side to side. Once I crossed the street and was confident nobody was around I flattened the bulge out and upwards to avoid it shifting too far forward. I actually still needed to go and figured I might as well just commit to this. Only a few metres from my house I just paused, crouched down to adjust my shoelaces and pushed as hard as I could as I loaded up my diaper.

After that I kind of had to waddle into my house.

And that is how my second diapered run went…..

I hope my third is a little less eventful.


Privacy in childhood

What were the privacy norms for using the bathroom in your house when you were a child? I was raised by a divorced Mom and was the only boy of 4 kids, and as a boy I feel like my privacy when I'm the bathroom was considered way less important than anyone else's in the house. Mom routinely came in the bathroom and sat on the edge of the bathtub and had conversations with me when I was stinking up the bathroom. When I dared to suggest--*very* respectfully, since she wasn't afraid to spank for any backtalk--that I was uncomfortable with it, she laughed and said "I changed your smelly diapers for three years, I can stand the smell." This went on into my teens. My sisters also barged in a lot although they didn't stick around talking like Mom did. Anyone else have a similar environment growing up?


Answers to Emma Two

1 have you ever been out somewhere where there isn't a toilet around and gone in some bushes?

Yes, many times. I have an old VW Transporter which I have refurbished as a camping van (without a toilet). When staying in the woods and mountains I regularly go in the bushes or behind boulders, peeing as well as pooping.

2 have you ever been in your underwear because there was nowhere else to go?

No, not since I was a small child.

3 how old were you?

Now, I am 23 years.

4 did anyone find out about it?

Well, a few times I know that someone has accidentally spotted me squatting.

6 were you punished for it?

No, why? The few times someone has spotted me, that have been other van campers and they probably have found it not very peculiar.

7 were you allowed to do it?

Well, not exactly allowed. I think all van campers/freedom campers who have not a toilet in the van do it in the outside quite often. As a child I often went camping with my parents and I know that they also pooped outdoor. Even my father who is very shy about such matters did it.

8 was it an enjoyable experience?

Usually yes, because I get a feeling of becoming totally emptied.

9 were you embarrassed?

Usually no, but certainly a bit embarrassed if someone shows up. But I think those coming, get even more embarrassed!

10 did feel relief afterwards

Yes, because squatting is the normal position for humans to poop.



I feel so mortified right now. A friend of mine just left the house a little while ago, but she used the bathroom in the master bedroom while she was here.

My 4 year old barged in on her! He was looking for me and probably thought I was in there. I heard her shout "Hello!" at him and rushed in to find him already closing the door. We all laughed about it, but I still feel embarrassed. And I wasn't even the one interrupted!

Mrs Bigandhard

Getting it Out

I am back.... It has been a while.
My bowel movements Are always BIGANDHARD
I have been straining and pushing a lot these days.
My problem is that I am always eating Chocolate bars and cheese sandwiches.. My routine starts when I go to bed and find that I have to get up and go to the toilet,
I always have to reach around and spread my Butt cheeks with my hands to get my butt hole to stretch wide enough then bear down hard straining my belly and stomach to the MAX.
I have to reach around and try to pull it out. and dig it out with my finders
I measured it one time, It was 2.45 inches in diameter !!
Mrs Big and hard.

Monday, July 04, 2022

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