Victoria and Robyn

I thought I might do a 'deep dive' into some of the sensations that I experienced during my accidents, and how they relate to how our guts work. This might also explain some of what people experience during a normal trip to the loo, from the first slight feeling that there might be a poo there to letting it out.

Our rectums (the part of your gut between your large intestine and your anus) are stretchy and sensitive, and any poo working its way down towards your bum has to work its way past areas where the lining of the rectum reaches part of the way across in folds. These three wide folds allow us to tell the difference between a large hard poo, which pushes them right out of the way, a mushy poo, which presses down more evenly, and gas, which inflates the whole rectum and pushes on the top and bottom sides of the folds at once. This is why it can be hard to tell the difference between a watery poo and gas if you have bad diarrhoea. Some people are better at telling the difference between different sorts of poo than others - it depends how tuned-in you are to your body's sensations.

Guarding the way out, you have an internal sphincter, which you cannot deliberately control, and an external one, which is the one you clamp down on once the urge to poo starts to get strong. The internal sphincter can usually stay closed for hours at a time, preventing poo from constantly leaking into your pants. Most of the day, your colon delivers poo to your rectum in small to medium-sized amounts, and the poo sits in your rectum having water absorbed from it, causing it to very slowly dry out and get harder. Once there is enough poo that the walls of your rectum start to get stretched, a reflex begins that makes the walls of the rectum start to try to squeeze the poo down towards your anus, whilst the internal sphincter relaxes. The rectum squeezes in waves every few minutes, and this leads to that familiar feeling that you need a poo, which comes and goes but tends to get stronger each time it comes back. The fact that there is usually a bit of poo in the rectum is why the first part of a poo is often firmer than the final part, and this is where the 'cork-poos' that I wrote about last year came from. It's also why my brother tended to leak poo all the time after days or weeks of withholding - his rectum was always full and the internal sphincter open, with liquid poo from higher up in his bowels seeping past the rock-like hard poo and going straight out without him feeling it.

Once your poo gets pushed very close to your anus (and the external sphincter), you get the sensation of being desperate for the loo. At this point, if the pressure doesn't reduce and you don't find a toilet, an accident is almost inevitable, as no-one can keep their external sphincter tightly shut indefinitely. However, for some people, especially if you have smaller, firmer poo that is easier to hold back, the rectum may eventually 'give up' and force the poo back into the colon, where even more water gets absorbed and it gets harder still. This is why constantly ignoring the need to do a poo either leads to accidents or bad constipation, depending on the individual person and their poo. Once your external sphincter opens (whether by choice or not), your rectum will push all of its content out, past the extremely sensitive skin at the edge of the anus - because of this sensitivity, pooing usually feels very satisfying, but of course can also be very painful if the poo is too hard and wide.

Finally, although your colon moves waste around in a gradual way most of the day, once every few hours a large wave of squeezing moves along it, rather like squeezing toothpaste from the end of a tube all the way to the nozzle. This delivers a large amount of poo to the rectum all in one go, with an accompanying rapidly-building sense of pressure and then desperation. Again, how often this happens and how strong it is varies from person to person. Some people might get a cramping sensation when this happens, especially if the colon is over-active due to an upset stomach. If the waves of pressure in your colon and rectum are strong and your external sphincter is easily-tired, then you are probably accident-prone like me - if the opposite, then you might be prone to problems with constipation, and having to really work to force the poo out.

I can give an example of how this all contributed to my own accidents, and how they felt, by thinking about a week during my summer holidays when I was ten. Usually, I had fewer accidents during the holidays as I would be around the house most of the time and so have easy access to the toilet, but I still got caught out from time to time. Over the weekend at the start of this week, we were visiting my grandparents, who lived in a small village a few miles from the edge of our town. I was going through a period of being particularly anxious about pooing in unfamiliar toilets that summer, and as we were only staying two nights I was hoping I could avoid going until we got back home, although given my history in that regard I was being wildly overoptimistic. As it happened, although I felt I needed to do a poo after breakfast on the Saturday, I tried copying a trick from my brother and squatted down and held on really tightly, and for once it worked - the mild urge that I'd had went away. I had to do the same thing after lunch, but it was much harder to not let go - this time, I think my rectum must have been rather fuller, and I could really feel the waves of pressure, although it also felt like a much firmer poo than my usual ones. The pressure did go away a bit, but not all the way, and now I felt really uncomfortable. Still, I was afraid to use my grandparents' toilet, and I just kept trying to get on with my day. My grandmother commented that I didn't seem like my usual self, but I was too embarrassed to say what the matter was.

We sat down for tea in the evening, although I really didn't have much appetite by this point. Almost as soon as I started eating, my bowels started pushing again (one of those large waves going around my colon), and this time it must have been obvious to everyone that I was desperate for the toilet as I was squirming around in my seat. I insisted I didn't need to go, but wasn't really eating anything, and my grandfather became exasperated and told me to either go to the toilet or go to my bedroom. I chose to do the latter, and again tried to squat on my haunches next to my bed. This time, however, the pressure was only getting worse, and a moment later I started to feel a very firm, wide poo pushing its way through my sphincter. I panicked, and put my left hand down the back of my pants, maybe hoping in some irrational way that I could push the poo back in. I could feel the intense sensation of an inordinately wide poo edging its way down and out, ever so slowly. Within a few seconds, the end of the poo was pushing into my hand, and I found myself "holding on" in a more literal way than I'd ever experienced before. The poo felt the consistency of firm clay, and was rather dry, but very wide, and the end of it filled the whole of my cupped hand. I tried with all my might to pinch the log off with my sphincter, but it had no effect at all. The stretching sensation was quite pronounced, but it wasn't painful. However, against the odds, the poo did at least seem to have slowed down, as there was nowhere for it to go. I had an idea, and walked, legs akimbo and with one hand still holding the poo in, across the hall to the bathroom. There, I quickly undid my trousers with my other hand and dropped both trousers and pants. I grabbed a handful of tissues in my right hand, and then squatted down and tried to guide the poo out so that I could catch it in the tissues. It worked, and I was able to drop the huge and firm log down the toilet, without so much as a skidmark to show what had happened. I put my clothes back on, washed my hands carefully and went downstairs to finish my tea.

The next day, it was sunny, and the plan was for me, my brother and my dad to walk back to our house while my mum took the car. We set out soon after breakfast, and at that point I didn't have any sense at all of needing a poo - I wasn't surprised given the huge log I'd done only the previous evening. However, half an hour into the walk, I heard and felt some rumbling in my ???? as my colon prepared to sweep a large poo down towards my rectum. I could actually feel some gas working its way clockwise right around my abdomen from the bottom right to the bottom left, and I soon felt it arrive at my bottom with a strong pressure to release some gas. I farted enormously, and the pressure immediately went away, but it was soon replaced by a building poo-pressure. We were still a good two hours from home, so I figured I would repeat the trick from the morning before and try to hold it in until the pressure went away. This worked at first, but this time my rectum wasn't giving in, and I could feel increasingly strong waves of pressure happening every few minutes. I reached the point where I started to feel really desperate, and tried squatting down to see if it helped (I pretended to be looking at an insect in the undergrowth). It got me through one more wave of pressure, but as soon as I stood up again I was even more desperate than before, and I was beginning to get the resigned feeling that I might not make it to the toilet in time. I decided to try something similar to the previous evening, and put my hand down the back of my pants just at the point that I felt the pressure starting to overcome my sphincter - I thought that if I could catch it again, I could duck behind a bush and quickly drop it on the ground. I should have been paying more attention to the feeling from my gut though, as it felt more like my usual consistency of poo, and the moment it touched my hand I realised I'd made a serious mistake as it was much, much softer and mushier, and it quickly started to go over and around my fingers. I quickly pulled my hand out, covered in soft poo, and knelt down to wipe it clean on the grass before my dad or brother noticed. However, as I knelt down, I felt the pressure build and I had an overwhelming urge to push. Doing so, I could feel the poo coming out of my anus and working its way mostly down and between my legs, where it was contained by my underwear. I tried not to look too flustered as I walked quickly to catch up with the others, and I then had to lag slightly behind for the entire rest of the walk to avoid detection before locking myself in the bathroom to clean up.

Later that week, I woke in the middle of the night feeling I needed to fart - nothing very untoward about that. However, the 'fart' turned out to be very liquid poo, which as I was lying on my side dribbled over one buttock before making a mess of my pyjamas and then my sheet. Almost instantly, I felt a desperate need to go the toilet, which still felt like gas, and I tried to get to the loo, but another large squirt of liquid poo came out before I got there. I sat on the toilet with probably the worst diarrhoea I ever experienced as a kid - it was almost watery. The sensation this time was of strong cramping pains in my colon followed minutes later by a gas-like pressure sensation and then another round of liquid poo. I was feeling poorly and was very upset about my bed, so I woke up my parents and asked for help. It took a few days before my bowels got back to normal and at least another week until I dared trust a fart to be only that. With hindsight, I suspect I might have given myself gastroenteritis by not having had the chance to wash my left hand for several hours after I got poo on it on the Sunday, but it might have just been food poisoning.

Emma two

Desperate girl

I was walking home from a night out of the local pub with Sarah last night and I was busting for a poo and desperate for a wee. It's only a ten minute walk away from our flat so I wasn't too bothered about getting to the toilet. We'd been walking for a minute or two when a car stopped in front of us and a young girl who looked about eighteen or nineteen jumped out and her boyfriend was complaining about her wetting the car seat. She was peeing down her legs and by the way she was standing I could tell she was pooing her knickers as well. We walked past her trying not to make it obvious we knew what was happening but Sarah was curious and she looked her shoulder.
When we got home I went to the toilet and I left the door open so I could talk to Sarah. She said she couldn't believe that the girl was pooing herself on the pavement. Where people could see her. I said she must have been really desperate and her boyfriend didn't want her to do it in his car.

Answer to Lorenz

* What is your age?
* Gender?
* Where did you have your most recent crap?
This morning. In the bushes at a resting area. I was driving to visit my parents.
* How long did you hold it before you finally got on the toilet?
About 1/2 hr. Then I just had to go.
* How did you select the specific bathroom and specific toilet?
I could not wait till I reached a like a gas station. Therefore I decided to go in the woods.
* How long did you sit during your crap?
Less than 2 minutes.
* Did you have to do any pushing or use a suppository?
Not at all.
* Did you wipe the seat before sitting on it?
N/a!! I was just squatting and pooped onto the ground.
* Did you line the seat with toilet paper? Why or why not?
* If a seat cover was available, did you use it?
* Did you wipe from your seat or standing?
* How many swipes did you make?
I do not remember, but type 3x.
* Was the toilet paper adequate in quality and quantity?
I used some paper napkins from my bag,
* Were you asked any questions about your experience when you rejoined your spouse, friends or colleagues?
Nobody to tell it to, because I was alone.
* Anything else you would like to add
On my way back to my car I on distance spotted a man also going to toilet in the bushes. On type 30 m distance I spotted him from behind. I could not see any details other than he was squatting with a bare bottom and. He obviously did not observe me. Back at the car I found that he had parked just ahead of me. I was a bit curious and waited till he came back and saw that he was quite old, type 60-70 years. When he had left I went back to the site where he had pooped and saw that he had left a huge "cable", type 30-40 cm long. Amusing experience.

David P

Latest Stories

Hiya David P here again hope you are all doing well. Been enjoying the stories lately there have been some really good ones, sorry I haven't posted in absolutely ages I haven't found the time to post despite wanting to. First a couple of comments before some updates.

Princess Opal - the biggest poop update was great sounded like a massive poo you did, hope you post in more detail soon.
David - In answer to your question I do not say anything just get up and use the toilet, my family tend to say they are going for a poo I am too embarrassed to say I do not want them knowing that I am pooing.
Abbie - You are really missed, I hope you post again, please come back soon!

Things have been busy lately and a lot has happened since I posted. In general I am doing ok pooing wise but I have started to get constipated again the last month or so. I am back to going every three or four days and I also very bloated most of the time and have stomach pains a lot. Onto my first story, I started getting constipated at the start of last month when I went on holiday for a week at the start of May. I didn't manage to poo there only a few times in the week and only managed a few pebbles when I tried to strain. On the last day of the holiday I started getting a feeling like a poo was on the way baring in Mind I hadn't been in around 4 days, I started getting a heavy feeling in my lower stomach area and felt like I was getting the urge but nothing that strong. On the way back in the car I started to get a stronger urge and as soon as I got back in I ran upstairs, locked the bathroom door and started to push. I managed to pass a really big turd that plopped loudly into the toilet, I felt very relieved to be free of that. The next morning we packed the car and set off back on a long drive, I was sitting in the passenger seat slowly drifting off as the road was hypnotic and making me sleepy, about two hours into the drive we stopped off at the services as I was busting for a wee, that went on for ages. I got a quick snack and got back in the car. About 2 miles down the road I started feeling rather unwell, I suddenly went really hot and nauseous perhaps due to the travelling. I lifted my legs to take off my shoes to help cool down, but as I did so I farted and let out some loose smelly poo. I didn't have an urge to poo so it took me by surprise and was embarrassing. I said I had just shat myself and was feeling unwell and sick and wanted to stop. So at the next services we pulled in, I walked rather stiffly towards the services by now I had a massive urge for what felt like it was going to be a loose poo. I was also feeling hot and nauseous and was worried if I was going to be sick. I felt the pressure at my bum hole as I shot into the toilets, it was busy in there and I was trying to hold back the pressure, Most of the cubicles were in use so I went into a clean looking cubicle but that wouldn't lock and was broken so I tried to find the next cleanest toilet, I went into another but that was totally full of poo so I excited and found another relatively clean one. I locked the door pulled down my trousers and boxers and pushed. Out shot lots of diarrhoea that stunk really bad and made really embarrassing sounds. It was just like passing watery coffee. Perhaps this was trapped behind the large hard poo I passed the night before. It kept on coming and coming then stopped. I flushed to get rid of the smell and then wiped which went on for ages and flushed again. I felt empty and better so I went to wash my hands, I was embarrassed at the smell I had created and that everyone would have known but yet nobody seemed bothered. I went to sit outside to get some fresh air as I was still feeling sick but luckily wasn't. We set back off and luckily I was fine the rest of the way.

My second story comes from Wednesday the day before the long weekend. I have been really constipated and hadn't managed to poo since Monday despite really straining hard and only doing some pellets. On Wednesday I was feeling bloated and by the time I got to work my stomach was feeling heavy and that a big hard poo was up there somewhere and wanted out. I didn't have an urge to go but was uncomfortable. I spent the morning feeling bloated and just wanted to be free of this turd. I went for lunch around 1 o'clock, by the time I got back to my desk I was feeling like I may need to go for a poo after all. Usually I try to put off going for a poo in public but recently I am trying to get over my fear and go when I need to and I was really wanting to get this turd out. So I left my desk and proceeded to the toilet at the end of the floor. I went in and locked the door, I got a sudden urge to push when I sat down. I had to strain really hard as this massive log came slowly out, it slithered into the toilet making a loud PLOOP as it hit the water, I then pushed out three smaller turds that were also really hard and made equally loud plops. The toilets were empty and nobody came in for the entire poo. I wiped but they had all been pretty dry so it was quick and flushed leaving a sizeable skidmark on the side of the toilet, I looked for a toilet brush but there wasn't one so I had to leave it there for someone else to see. The next time I did a poo was on Friday morning, I got a big urge and pushed out a really long log.

That's all for now
David P


New Survey, and my answers

I've been reading some old posts from this website, and I have noticed that there are a few (not many) stories of teachers using the student bathrooms. And I find that jarring, as it seems to break down some kind of professional boundary. But the interpersonal dynamics in a situation like that are fascinating to me, so I'd like to know...

1. When you were a student, did you ever use the toilet in the presence of a teacher or staff member? This could include a teacher walking into the bathroom while you were in a stall. How did you feel about it?

2. When you were a student, did a teacher ever use the toilet in your presence? (including using a stall with a door)

3. If you are a teacher, educator, or staff member yourself, have you ever used the toilet in the presence of a student, or been present while a student was using the toilet? Tell your story.

4. Do you think that student and faculty bathrooms should be merged? Why or why not?


1. The closest I ever came to using the bathroom in the presence of staff members is one time when I came out of the bathroom after having taken a long poo, and the principal was right at the bathroom door. Evidently she had been there for a long time, and told me she smelled smoke, and wanted to know if I had been smoking. I was accused, but there was no proof (as I was not smoking). I was embarrassed, because, standing there as she was, she must have known that I was pooing and taking a long time, she must have smelled my poo along with the supposed smoke, and she also might have seen my pants around my ankles under the stall door if she was standing at the door the whole time. She may have even heard me. I had trouble facing her after that.

2. The closest I ever came to this was when we were on an overnight trip and I met a teacher coming out of a single-stall bathroom, and I could smell what he had done in there.

3. This is not applicable to me.

4. I do not think so. I think professional boundaries should be maintained between staff and students.

David's Question

Long time no see!

We've missed all of you so much!

Today we'll just answer David's question.

We're the only two people in our household and the answer is yes and no. A lot of the time nonverbal communication like holding up two fingers for number two or body language can convey what we're trying to get across but when it doesn't we have all kinds of slang terms and expressions that we use around each other: dropping a potato/dropping potatoes in the Crock-Pot, cutting rope, dialing the pound (#) sign twice (get it? Number two!), pinching off/baking a loaf, sawing logs, making a special delivery and there are probably more that neither of us can think of right now!


Robyn and Victoria

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends.

To: Maria aka Crystal great story.

To: Gracie great story you pooping and peeing all over the house it sounds like you had a lot of fun.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site.

Anna from Austria
@Mina and friends I really enjoyed your latest story. I am Glad you enjoyed my latest story as well.

Some recent not so fortunate events inspired me to another question for my fellow ladies.

In case you have clogged a public toilet. Did you report it or did you just went away and try to hide that you were the culprit?

I did answer b when I clogged toilet at my local bookstore. I hope nobody saw my comming out of the toilet because it would be embarrasing to come back then.

greetings from Austria



Big Brother

There is a reality TV show on Australian television called Big Brother.
I know there is similar in other parts of the world.
A number of people are selected to share a house and surrounds and cannot leave until they are evicted. I presume you know this style of a programe.
They have common toilets to share , however, there is a camera in the toilet with sound equipment to contestants are observed and heard doing their bodily functions by selected staff.
This has caused issues with some of the contestants whereby they cannot handle being viewed so do not poo and get constipated.
I would have no problems being observed so long as I did not know the person and was not likely to know them at a later stage. Also and very importantly they would not disclose anything to any body else.
That is no gossiping or pictures on the internet.
How would you feel about being on big brother?
On the subject of "big brother...or maybe big sister" I called into my public toilet and there was a lady walking ahead of me with her small dog and went into a cubicle just before me and had a big wee whilst I took my seat (on the cold metal toilet) and pushed out a very constipated log....the laxatives were kicking in. She would have heard me grunting and pushing and she left... I was there for a few more minutes and when I came out she was just near the toilets so obviously had not proceeded with her dog walk and I wonder if she was watching me....if she was problems my end!
What do you think?


Using a commode?

Does anyone have any experience with using a commode? Basically a chair with a bowl underneath? I managed to find one at a sale for 5 and I am very excited to try it!



In "Wow Chae" post, it say "Chae email to us". It is mistake. Correct is, "Chae smile to us".

Sorry sorry. Mina is bad typist. Please spank many time.

Love to everyone.


Erica T

Another Yoga Poop

Hey everyone, this morning I took another poop during my yoga class. I recently started taking psyllium husk capsules as part of my supplements and I think it started working this morning.

I do morning yoga classes at my gym and I was really tired this morning so I got a extra large coffee before heading to my class. 20 minutes in my stomach starting rumbling and I knew I had to take a massive poo. I calmly left the class and headed to the locker room. I had to squeeze my butt cheeks together because I had to go so bad it was about to come out in my panties.

I get into the locker room washrooms and all the stalls were full. I get in line (3 other women waiting for stalls). The urge intensified, at this point I'm praying to God I don't poop myself. Another few minutes passes and luckily I was next.

I got into the stall, ripped my pants and panties off, took a seat. As soon as my butt hit the seat I let out a massive fart followed by 5 big logs. The odor began to fill the locker room but I didn't even care because the relief was incredible. I think it might have been the biggest poop I've ever taken. Surprisingly it was a one wiper lol.


I can't always poop on the toilet and how I deal with this

Ever since my toddler years I have only been able to sometimes poop on the toilet. I am 46 years old now. I will be 47 years old later this year. I have scoliosis and a couple doctors have told me that I have a very mild form of cerebral palsy. I am able to walk without any significant difficulties but I have a speech impediment in which my rs often come out sounding like ws and I find that it is usually nearly impossible to poop sitting down.

When I do manage to poop in the toilet it is always when I am just on the verge of having an accident. Even then I virtually always need to use my feet to push. This only sometimes works for me and worked even less during childhood.

My mother would typically deal with this by putting me in (hopefully) inexpensive outfits (usually given to me by relatives for my birthday or Christmas. Looking back, I wonder if my grandmother and my mother's two sisters ever found out what the outfits they gave me were being used for.) and allowing me to play in the backyard after a lot of soda and a small-to-medium sized snack and telling me not to worry about making it to the bathroom for anything and to just have fun.

On some rare occasions I noticed that my mother would refer to them as my "playtime potty clothes" and remind me that it was okay to "use them". This was back when I still usually played in the sandbox. This became less necessary by about age ten or eleven when my legs started to become stronger and I was able to start pushing more reliably even when sitting down. This has never worked one hundred percent of the time, though.

In any event, this morning, I was sitting on the toilet (sometime after 3 AM) and I managed to pee, but after a couple of minutes of effort (including fist clenching and trying to push with my feet) my poop would not come out. I have never used laxatives (except for one time at age eight or nine when I reluctantly allowed my mother to give me an enema). Since I was having no luck pooping on the toilet sitting down I only had three options as I saw it and none of them were particularly appealing.

1. Go back to bed in my birthday suit and let nature take its course. This is the least appealing option for me, and always an absolute last resort.

2. Put on an old pair of underwear (that has holes in it or stains that won't come out that I can simply toss into the garbage when I am done with them), get in the bathtub, and bend my knees and push like I have seen some toddlers do off and on over the years in their pants while fully clothed with a diaper or training pants on. This option wasn't appealing to me either because I have resorted to this so many times over the past 20 years or so that now almost all of my underwear is fairly new. Also, I just took out the garbage yesterday.

3. Take off all of my clothes and underwear, get into the bathtub, go into a full squat (as babies and some toddlers often do) and push until I don't need to go anymore.

I decided to go with the last option. After about another minute or two of effort I managed to push out the entire movement. At the end of it there were three small-to-medium logs sitting in the bathtub (Why does it always seem to be three logs?). I picked up my mess and put it into the toilet with some toilet paper and cleaned the effected area of the tub with Lysol spray and some more toilet paper. (I was somewhat surprised to discover that I actually didn't seem to be constipated this time. I guess this time I just wasn't awake enough to push well enough to go in a more conventional manner, but at least I was able to go and I should be able to get some more sleep before I get out of bed next time.) After I was completely sure the mess was all cleaned up I ran the water in the tub for thirty seconds or so. Finally I washed my hands for over a minute with soap and water and used hand sanitizer.

This is all the relevant detail I can think of about this for now.


To: Married Couple

Please type the transcript! I would LOVE to hear your wife's commentary on a struggle on the toilet!!


To Mistee

As a retired boat pooper...well done!

The issue is you had to poop and no choice....either do it in your pants or over the side. If anyone on the boat does not shit then I would like to know them, therefore we should make any adverse comments.
Has anyone got any other "unscheduled" pooing stories?
That's all folks.

MD Dan

High School Story

Braidy, your post reminded me of my time in high school as an athlete so I thought I'd share a particular story that it reminded me of. Not exactly along the same thread as your story but kind of a tangent.

I did a lot of sports when I was in high school. Baseball, tennis, track & field, football, marching band, and even the NJROTC air rifle and drill teams. I'm 6' tall and was about 200-210lbs with a very athletic build when I was 17 (the time this story takes place). This story is about one Saturday morning before a track meet. I did the shot-put and discus events along with 5 or 6 other teammates, two of whom were girls. One of the girls was a friend of my sisters who was also a cheerleader named Samantha. She was about 5'7", long legs and thin but decently muscular due to her being a base (her cheerleading position, she held up the flyers). She was very cute, tanned, well toned legs and butt, dirty blonde (almost brown) hair that she wore in a half bun with the excess coming down to the base of her neck.

This particular morning, we were going to carpool over to the school to catch the bus over to the meet about an hour and a half away, so she decided to sleep over in my sisters room. She also had a pretty big crush on me since 10th grade, so that may have had something to do with her decision to sleep over. We woke up around 5:30 and I made some quick breakfast for us since we had to leave at 6:30. As we ate, we made the normal small talk and talked about the meet. Despite the crush, she never came on to me in a strong way. She was always very friendly to me though.

After getting dressed for the meet in our tank tops and short shorts (they were very short and kind of tight, especially hers) we were hanging out in the family room and I suddenly felt an urgent need to crap. My sister and parents were still sleeping since it was only 6am. I always crapped before heading out to a meet and I'm sure most other team members did too. It was part of the routine of making sure you were ready to perform at your best. This was the first time I had company over when doing it though. I told Samantha, "I better use the bathroom before heading out, I need to go bad." and got up off the couch. She said, "Are you going to poop?" with a playful grin. I chuckled and said, "Yeah, why?" She grinned bigger and said, "Oh, no reason." We had two bathrooms. One in the upstairs hallway next to the bedrooms and one off of the family room that we were in. It was only about 5 feet from where she was sitting so I was going to head upstairs. I started walking to the steps and Samantha said, "Aren't you going to use this bathroom?" and pointed to the one near her. I hesitated and gave her a "are you serious" half smile, and seeing this, she followed up with, "Your sister and parents are still sleeping. Won't it wake them up?" She put on the most innocent face, but I'm pretty sure I knew what she was really up to. I thought, hey, whatever, and decided to indulge her. I said, "Yeah, you're probably right. This might be a loud one." (which was true). She snorted and said "See? You might wake them up!" while still giving me the most innocent face she could muster.

I went into the bathroom and purposely didn't turn on the fan. I guess I was being a tease but hey, I was 17. I sat down and immediately farted with a quick, loud blast. I heard Samantha gasp quietly and then heard the sound of feet shuffling on the carpet. I pushed a little bit and soft poop started crackling and plopping into the toilet, making a lot of noise for 10 seconds or so. I sat for 30 seconds or so and my stomach churned again. I pushed again and blew another fart that was like a quick pop that turned into a spluttering mess when more loose poop started dropping out, plopping like someone pouring chili into the toilet. My stomach churned one more time, but this was just a long, deep zipper fart. I wiped, pulled up my shorts, and flushed. When I was wiping I heard feet shuffling again. I washed my hands and came out. Samantha was on the couch, flushed, and pretending not to grin behind her hand. I turned to the side and picked up a pillow that was on the floor, and caught her checking out my butt.

I said, "Yeah, you were right. It was definitely a much better idea to poop in that bathroom." Then I decided to call her bluff and see how she'd react. I said, "Could you hear all those noises I was making on the toilet?" She gave me a playful smile and said, "Hell yeah, I could! You were farting like crazy! Do you usually poop like that?" I said, "Before meets I do. It can be pretty gross." She laughed and said, "It's not gross. Everyone does it. I mean, I don't want to sound weird or anything, but, like, I kind of think it's cute, in a way, you know?" I said, "Yeah. I can see that. I think it could be kind of cute, in a way, depending on the situation." Her face lit up a little bit. She said, "See? I'm right again." and gave me another playful half smile.

Then she said, "Well, I think I'll use the bathroom before we head out too." and went into the downstairs bathroom. Knowing what was up I just outright asked her, "Oh? Are you going to poop too?" She snorted and said, "I mean, yeah! I've been sitting here trying not to crap my shorts for 5 minutes while you were making all those cute noises in here!" Looking back from the bathroom door and laughing she said, "Don't worry, I'm going to be making some of those cute noises in a minute. I don't mind if you hear me too." I don't know if it was intentional or just a slip of the tongue, but it definitely sounded like a back-handed admission that she was listening to me. After she shut the door, I heard her drop her pants and sit down. She also opted not to turn on the fan. I went over to the door, not being too quiet, and heard her start to poop. It sounded more solid than mine, but not too firm. I could hear a loud crackle for 3 seconds and a deep floomp sound. She farted quietly and a louder crackle with farting mixed in started for several seconds. Then she sat quietly for about a minute. I heard her inhale slowly, then she blasted a loud rumbling fart for 5 full seconds. She sat some more and finally, one last round of soft plopping ending with a quieter, bubbly fart. She started wiping and I shuffled back to the couch.

She came out, kind of smiling, and looking much lighter. She sat down next to me, locked eyes, and said, "So...cute?" and started laughing. I said, "Yeah, your noises were kind of a way." She laughed and said "Thanks! Let's get going to that meet now that we are both ready!" I said, "Yeah! Let's go!"

Nothing ever happened between us since that was only a month or so before we both graduated and headed off to literally opposite ends of the country.


How our toilet habits were developed

I think it is very interesting how our toilet habits were developed. For example when my boyfriend Adam and I were just starting our relationship and doing some out-of-town traveling. We were at a I=80 rest stop and I locked the truck door. When I went to the guys bathroom door and called for him to throw me the keys. He refused. I looked down the line of urinals and not one was being used. I learned then that he likes to f*** with me. I told him I needed to change a pad and had forgotten my purse.
He told me to come and get the key. I did and was grossed out by a large line of non-doored toilets. Several crap filled bowls had not been flushed. One had been used by a nester who left toilet paper hanging from the seat. Then there was Adam sitting on the far toilet, briefs at shoe level, with his hand on his penis, as it was draining into the bowl. It so surprised me. A grown guy doing a sit-pee. He said he started in about 7th grade because the guys at the pee trough would be looking at each other's unit. He said his was the least developed. Then I understood. I leaned over and kissed him as he drove. Now I understood.

For Tricky:

I was either 13 or 14 when I got my first job (because of my age I couldn't get paid because of the law so we raised the money for a youth basketball program and traveling out-of-town to tournaments. We worked at one of the concession stands at a large amusement park. Our part was called a Kiddie Haven meaning it was aimed at those 12 and younger. Smaller rides, easier games and a child swimming pool. I was one of the largest girls in my class back then and going to the bathroom there meant using the Little Princess toilets. They were tiny, only a few inches off the floor, and I would spread my legs wider when using them because it was so uncomfortable for me to get my pee stream going. If my school had bathrooms so uncomfortable I would have learned to hold it until I got home or to a normal public toilet.

For Maria A/K/A Crystal:

Why did you not sit directly down on the toilet's seat? Why do you squat? What were you taught by your mom?


To braidy , concerning athletes regular poo

I am a athelet in college however i have ibs d

But being an athelet has helped me control my ibs quite well
When i was in higschool my pe teacher woukd do the same and tell us to use the bathroom before pe abd my coach would do the same when doing clubs after school
And i remember the teacher always making sure i took a poo before pe or practice because it was on the school system register that i had ibs

And i remember being in the bathroom most people would just pe some would poo to but the bathrooms were basically open like you said the stall wouldnt reach the floor you could literally see basically your whole lower half when pooping and me im quite a germaphobe at times so id always be hovering meaning anyone in the changing rooms could basically see my poo flying out my butt

It was also how the coach cpuld tell if i was lying about pooping or not cause they cluld hear it and see it if stood at the right angle

When i first joined sports clubs the older girls woukd make fun of me pooping at school and how disgusting my poop was but i am a talented athlete and i pulled the team threw some sticky situations and i also ended up competing in athletics for the school and went to nationals for sprinting so they ended up resprecting me and i ended up taking pride at the fact i took a poo before any practice or pe lesson

And some people on the team looked up to me sure enough people started following suit, i do remember though when visiting another school for a game the toilets were terrible and had no stalls the other team was in same changing rooms as me and they were all confused why our team was all using the toilets but we didnt care aboit the privacy we just wanted to win and i remember a few of them seeing me having a sloppy poo wich was quite large to be honest and i ended up blocking that toilet but sure enough we went on to win so i overcame the embarrasment

But being an athlete has made my ibs managable and easier to predict when ill need a poo however a few games i did end up having to be subbed off so i cpuod go for a poo but my coach wasnt to mad because they would see me taking a poo before the match so they knew i tried my best

Wednesday, June 01, 2022


First time getting walked in on at a public bathroom

I can count on one hand the number of times I was urinating or defecating in a lockable public bathroom after locking the door, only for the door to open and expose me to whoever was trying to enter and sometimes to others outside the room. But that has happened to me multiple times. I will start with the first time.

I was 15. I'd been holding my crap in all day due to my school having doorless stalls. It was a legit emergency, to where I was seriously contemplating finding some woods and going there, once I realized I wasn't going to make it to my friend's house. I was too far from home to make it, and needed a crapper ASAP.

So I came upon this gas station heading towards downtown. I desperately asked the 20-something redheaded clerk if they had a restroom I could use. She told me she'd unlock it so I could use it.

I followed her outside to the back of the building where I saw a door with a sign on it indicating it was a unisex restroom. She unlocked the door and opened it for me.

"All yours. Remind me to lock it when you're done."

I entered the restroom. It was relatively clean for what I could tell in the poor lighting conditions, which made themselves apparent as I shut the door because most of the light illuminating the commode came from whatever sunlight was shining in. The electric lighting was very dim and it was hard to see much because my eyes hadn't adjusted yet. It was a two urinal, one commode affair. The larger of the two urinals was partitioned and located at the back-left side of the room, with the commode nearer to the entrance on the other side of the partition, and the sink/mirror at the entrance next to the sit-down commode. The sink, commode, and partitioned urinal were all installed on the left wall, which yielded a complete side profile view of the sit-down toilet upon entering the room. The toilet paper was an industrial roll in a plastic tub hung on the urinal partition. The small urinal was straight ahead from the entrance, where the user's back would be facing the door.

I saw a lock, and clicked it into locked position. I dropped my pants to my lower ankles and proceeded to take a very long-awaited poop. I felt an extremely urgent need, and as soon as I sat, the need went away.

Nothing. Pushing it wouldn't make it budge. Holding it in all day made me constipated. And this was not the first time this happened. I decided I'd be patient and let everything take its course. It almost always did in similar circumstances. Just moments ago, I did feel like I was about to fill my pants.

It took about 20 minutes of patient sitting, but it worked. I felt it, and it was coming to the exit like a demonic freight train full of poison. Out emerged a very pleasurable and weighty, but also really soft, really wide, poop. It had a firm inner composition and a very soft, malleable, and sticky outer layer that felt full and wide-bodied. It just kept pouring out, with no effort, propelled by lots of trapped gas, for the next minute or so. My entire buttcrack was warm and moist with the Devil's mousse, and it was still coming out.

It made a *plurpt-t-T-z-t-Z-t-T-Z-t-z-plffff-z-z-t-z* noise and was very audible.

So a minute after I finally start going, mid-poop, squishy and crackly noises being produced from the friction between the waste and my anus, there was a burst of sunlight flooding the room and highlighting me on the commode, hairless legs and butt and all else in full view. I looked to my right and saw the restroom door was opened and standing there was the red head, who saw me sitting on the toilet.

She exclaimed, "Eeep! I'm so sorry!" as I sat there, exposed.


After being exposed for what was probably about 3 seconds but what seemed like 30 seconds, the door slammed shut and the room grew dark. I felt a wave of embarrassment that almost made me feel sick. This cute lady saw me like this. I was easily the most embarrassed I'd ever been while pooping by this point(and I had some doozies).

Poop was still slithering out of me as I heard a verbal exchange outside.

"Yeah, sorry, someone's still in there."

"I don't think he can hold it anymore. It's an emergency. Do you know of an open restroom nearby?"

"No. I gotta' get back to the register."

I hear a high-pitched small kid's voice: "Gonna' pee! Gonna' pee!"

The clerk says "There's another toilet in there he can use, but some boy's pooping."

I heard her walk off. 20 seconds or so passed while the kid complained, as I could feel myself almost emptied, the wide tip of the turd requiring me to push.

*knock knock*

Before I could say anything, the sunlight returned as I saw this old man and a small blonde boy of about 4 or 5 pass by me, as poop was still pouring out with each push. The clerk failed to re-lock the door after opening it on me.

The old man stood about 3 feet from me, helping his grandson unzip to pee at the small urinal.


The sound echoed about the room just before the kid started his pee stream. My ass was splashed with water as the end dropped into the water. I'm certain they heard it, as it was a loud plop.

I started farting as I heard pee spraying the urinal, old man standing in front of me and behind the kid, coaching him. A long, baritone fart crackled about the room. I finally felt emptied.

The cleanup job was horrendous. I could feel it. I was so embarrassed, but there was no way I could leave this unwiped. I kept rolling the paper and making repeated passes, wanting to hurry up and get out while both of my unwanted guests' attention was occupied away from me.

They finished up before I could finish wiping. I had to stop. I was too embarrassed to let them see me wipe my butt while they were washing their hands at the sink next to me, with nothing to shield anything from their view. The kid saw me sitting and pointed and started laughing.

"Leave him alone.", said the old man. The kid still giggled. I sat there in silence, wanting them to leave.

They left, sunlight illuminating the room once more before getting dark again as the door swung. I resumed wiping. And wiping. I was so messy I was afraid to get off the toilet to re-lock the door, worried poop might fall on my pants or the floor. I kept wiping.

The door opened again while I had some folded paper in my right hand cleaning my butthole. I saw a middle aged woman, who immediately shut the door, saying nothing. I flushed, washed my hands, and she was thankfully gone when I left.

I didn't bother reminding the redhead to lock the door. I never stepped foot in there again.

I still held it all day at high school. I knew the consequences could be much worse, having seen kids being bullied while they're on the toilet.

Emma two

Embarrassed to poo at work

I was desperate for a poo at work this morning and I felt embarrassed to do it at work but it was either that or do it in my knickers so I didn't have a choice really. I got up from my desk and started walking out of the office when my supervisor asked me where I was going. I felt my face burning red as I told her I was going to the toilet. She told me I could do that in my own time rather than waste company time and I returned to my desk as I didn't want to tell her I was desperate for a poo. The problem was break time wasn't for an hour and a half and I wasn't sure if I could wait that long. Anyway I convinced myself I could and I clenched tightly until the urge eased off a bit. That worked for a while but after about about twenty minutes the urge to poo got worse and it was giving me a stomach ache. I got up from my desk and walked out of the office not caring what the supervisor said as I was literally about to poo myself. She stared at me and I could tell she was annoyed with me. Anyway I made it to the toilet just in time and I had a massive poo as well and a long wee. When I got back to my desk she asked me if I felt better in a loud voice so everyone could hear and I was so embarrassed but at least I didn't have an accident in my knickers.


constipated boyfriend

So this is a story about my boyfriend Mike. We are both 26 years old and he is quite a bit shy about pooping but last year he lost controll over his bowels in public for the first time.
So it all started actually a few days ago. Mike seemed a little more bloated than usual, but I just realize this in retrospective. He also took some more time in the bathroom, but again, I didn't think much of it in that moment.
One evening we were sitting on the couch watching a movie, when he excused himself to go to the bathroom. He took quite a while and when he came back, he seemed somehow unhappy.
"Are you ok?", I asked him.
"Sure. Fine", he just sat down again but a few minutes later he went to the bathroom again, so I knew something had to be wrong.
"You are not feeling fine. Don't lie to me. Just tell me, what it is", I said to him, when he came back.
At first he didn't want to respond, but soon he gave in.
"I haven't been able to go to the toilet in a few days. I think I might be constipated", he told me.
I didn't think it was a big problem. "Don't worry. Give yourself some time. If it doesn't go better, you can take some laxatives or something", I assured him.
He seemed quite unhappy for the rest of the day but I couldn't do anything about it and he himself neither.
The next day I already forgot about what he told me. We went shopping because we needed some clothes for a wedding we were invited to. Mike shifted a little bit in the drivers seat. He seemed more nervous.
"Are you sure, you are okay?", I asked him.
"Just some stomache cramps.", he answered me. Then I remembered his bowel problems from yesterday.
"Have you been able to go to the toilet?"
But I didn't get an answer from him. At least not a verbal answer. A loud tight fart escaped from Mike.
"I kinda need to go now...", he said.
"Well, we're almost there. Don't worry, you can go to the toilet at the mall.", I assured him.
"Sorry, I...", he couldn't finish his sentence because he grabbed his belly and another fart was heard. Followed by anotherone.
"I couldn't hold those in.", his voice was kind of shaky, which confused me a little bit.
"It's ok, Babe. Just relax. As I said, we are almost there."
The smell was bad, but of cours I said nothing about it. Mike let the carwindow down on his side, which helped.
Mike was quiet. A few minutes later again he was farting. He groand a little and opened up his belt.
"I'm sorry. I can't stop farting. I...", he paused and - I could see it in his face. He tried not to fart again.
"I need to run, to make it to the toilet, as soon as we arrive."
"Is it that bad?", I felt sorry for him. He seemed really distressed.
Him farting again was the answer to my question.
We parked the car and he basicly jumped out of the car and ran into the nearest store, while I packed up my things and then followed him into the store.
I assumed, Mike might have gone to the toilet but I heard him discuss something with an employee at the store.
"You don't understand this! I'm about to..-ugh", he had to pause. Mike blushed really hard and - he farted. Some costumers even turned around and looked at him.
I made my way to Mike and the employee and tried to explain the situation while Mike seemed to do a little potty dance. He grabbed onto his belly and started shaking and that was the point, where he totally lost controll. Farts erupted from him, while he full on shit himself in the middle of the shop. He even groand in relief, tears in his eyes, as he couldn't stop it anymore.
"I - I'm having an accident!", he called out. But nobody could do anything.
"It's okay, Baby. Just let it out, you will feel better after.", I tried to comfort him.
A solid bulge grew on his butt through his pants. Then he had some bad flatulences and some more loose poo followed. I don't know how long we stood there. Mike had tears in his eyes, when he waddled outside again. I bought him some new clothes which he put on in the car.
He was really embaressed and asked me to never bring it up to him ever again.

Mina Hisae Kazumi Maho

Wow Chae

Hi Everyone, we hope you are very fine. World is sad... but life must go on. We try to live life which is a full of love every day.

Today was morning full of a strong love, because of Chae! (Chae, stop to pinch Mina's bottom. You can pinch later.)

We had breakfast together in beige flat because today is Saturday and we are not need to work. We have lots free time.

Hisae looked feel uncomfortable at end of breakfast. We look at her. "Chae, you need motions aren't you?"

Hisae nodded her head. "Big motions," she said. "Perhaps big smell so shall I do in green loo?"

We agreed all, and decided to go to green flat. We went by balcony because we are all wear pyjama.

Green loo smiled when she see four girls who look like they are going to show busy busy bottom.

Hisae quickly put off pyjama and panties and jump on loo, bump, she do like that always. even she is very kurushii her bottom, she always cheerful, smile and laugh. Maho squat next her (she win game of scissors and stone and paper) and Kazu and Mina are at door.

At once splash, splash, splash, splash, splash, splash, splash. Seven big heavy turds bomb to loo. Wow Chae! So beautiful!! Maho give moan, because she is moved very much. Thank you Chae for showing to us so beautiful thing, Maho said.

Hisae did wee and then she stood up because she know Maho must flush. Three crushes said in chorus, "Chae you are beautiful."

Then she sit down again and email to us. Maho came to door and Mina squat next to Hisae. (Mina was second in scissors game.)

But nothing happened for few minutes.

Then suddenly Hisae tense, and bottom open, splash splash splash splash. Four this time and they were big!! Mina gave moan and tears on her face. Mina is a stupid!! But it was so beautiful....

"Do I flush again?"

"No, now it is little pieces only...."

Mina make eye contact to Kazuko and we change place, so Kazuko squat beside Hisae for her little pieces. Quite many little pieces and one of them not so little, so three gasp sounds.

15 minutes she was on loo. Then she washed, and we all dried. Hisae said, "I enjoyed this motion so much. Feel so wonderful! I hope you will all also do."

Three crushes said, "we will all do!!" in a chorus. But we stop story here because post is too long. One hour later, we are finishing (Maho was last and was on loo nearly 20 minutes), actually total time was about 65 minutes (Kazumi always times our motions). Then to tatami room for long hug and caress, then drink tea in beige flat. Four bad girls drink tea with very empty intestine. Green loo had huge huge meal! Now she is sleeping. Beige loo is awake we think.

We hope everyone have wonderful time on loo like we have. Anna, we enjoyed your story of France loo.

Love to everyone.

Maho, Kazumi, Hisae, Mina (your very own).

Erica T

Response to Lorenz and survey

To Lorenz: It does seem like many do put toilet paper down before they sit.

Survey Answers:

What is your age? 20
Gender? Female

Where did you have your most recent crap?
The Gym

How long did you hold it before you finally got on the toilet?
About 15 min, wanted to finish my run on the treadmill

How did you select the specific bathroom and specific toilet?
I chose the closest stall, really had to go

How long did you sit during your crap?
About 15min

Did you have to do any pushing or use a suppository?
Had to push a bit to get it started

Did you wipe the seat before sitting on it?
No it was clean

Did you line the seat with toilet paper? Why or why not?
I did line the seat with toilet paper, gives me a sense of security lmao

If a seat cover was available, did you use it?
No seat covers available

Did you wipe from your seat or standing?
Wiped sitting

How many swipes did you make?
10 wipes total, was a messy one.

Was the toilet paper adequate in quality and quantity?
It was good enough to get the job done

Were you asked any questions about your experience when you rejoined your spouse, friends or colleagues?
My friend asked how my poop was when I returned

Anything else you would like to add?


doja cat peeing on live

has anyone else seen the video clip of the celebrity singer doja cat peeing and farting on instagram live? she was live-streaming and thought she muted the sound so she squatted on the toilet out of view and pissed and let out the longest fart while pissing. what did you think of it? know of any similar clips?


Re: Braidy, Bathroom regularity in athletics

Do you have any more stories to share of pooping or peeing before athletic activities? Anything that was unusual or embarrassing?

Had the culture at my middle school been different, I may not have been afraid to poop there, even in a doorless stall or on a fully open commode, which were the only choices available besides "hold it until I can get home".

Without the pervasive fear of bullying/harassment from grades 7 through 10, I might not have held my poop so often. You're lucky that you didn't have to face that nightmare. I bet it made pooping at school a lot more interesting and gave a greatly more compelling argument in its favor.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Hey everyone, today Carl's stomach has been a bit dodgy. We were eating dinner and he rushed out of his seat and hurried to the bathroom. I like watching him shit so I followed close behind him. His ass slammed hard on the seat and a jet of liquid poop splattered around the bowl. He leaned forward so I can have a look at the action. The water turned into a murky brown and his hole quivered exploding gas and a little more soft shit. He leaned back grimacing saying "god my stomach hurts". I crouched in front of him to rub it and offering some ????s. His face scrunched again and I heard slimy poo crackling and plip plip into the water. The diarrhea gave off a strong odour. I actually like the smell he produces. He has the smelliest shit I've ever smelt compared to other people. I wiped him good and made sure he was squeaky clean. After this incident tonight he's had a couple more bouts of diarrhea and smelly farts. His farts stunk up our whole bedroom.

I haven't posted here in a month or so, just wanted to check in and tell a story. Do any couples here sit on the toilet at the same time?


Re: Lorenz survey

Q: Where did you have your most recent crap?
A: Home

Q: How long did you hold it before you finally got on the toilet?
A: 2 minutes

Q: How did you select the specific bathroom and specific toilet?
A: I picked the nearest one, which was where I was at. In public, I also typically pick the nearest one.

Q: How long did you sit during your crap?
A: 10 minutes. It was a big one.

Q: Did you have to do any pushing or use a suppository?
A: It pushed out on its own at first, but widened. Then it required careful pushing because of its size. It took some effort, and was slightly painful.

Q: Did you wipe the seat before sitting on it?
A: No.

Q: Did you line the seat with toilet paper? Why or why not?
A: No. It's a waste of paper. If I use a public restroom, I will wipe the seat down if there appears to be anything on the seat that I wouldn't want to sit in or if the toilet is seatless, but otherwise, I waste no time taking a seat.

Q: If a seat cover was available, did you use it?
A: n/a, since I was at home. In public restrooms, I never use seat covers. I have a story regarding why I don't use them, which I might type up at a later date, but it was a very... messy... lesson learned.

Q: Did you wipe from your seat or standing?
A: I'm a sit-down wiper in most circumstances(> 99% of the time) and this one was no exception. If the movement was extremely messy and smeared itself everywhere, I will stand for the final wipes to get every last nook and cranny cleaned of poop.

Q: How many swipes did you make?
A: My wiping took 9 passes. My butt was a smeared mess, but not to the point of requiring me to stand or use a wet wipe.

Q: Was the toilet paper adequate in quality and quantity?
A: Yes.

Q: Were you asked any questions about your experience when you rejoined your spouse, friends or colleagues?
A: No.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?
A: My deposit was too large to flush. I had to break it up with the coat hangar. I did so, then tried to flush it, and it was still too large to go down and clogged the commode. I then had to plunge it. It took 2 more flushes to go down, then I spent the next 3 minutes cleaning smears from the toilet bowl with an old toothbrush I keep under the cupboard for just this purpose. Normally, I'd have pooped this morning before pooping again this afternoon, but my body decided to skip my morning post-breakfast dump, and the post-lunch dump was larger than usual as a result. It was easily 2 lbs of waste, two logs each about 10-inches long and 2-3 inches wide. I felt great afterwards. I expect to have another poop sometime this evening after dinner, although I'll probably be out in public when the need arises. Given a choice, I'd rather clog a toilet at home than in public, so I'm glad it came out just now before deciding to go on a bike ride.

Q: When did you have your most recent piss?
A: 1.5 hours before writing this. I'm about due for another, since I drink more than a gallon of water a day.

Q: How long did you hold it before you gave in and did it?
A: Less than a minute.

Q: How long did it take you to select the specific bathroom and apparatus?
A: n/a ; I'm at home

Q: How long did it take you to complete your piss?
A: 1 minute

Q: Did you have any trouble getting it started or in maintaining flow?
A: No

Q: Did you wipe the seat before sitting on it?
A: n/a

Q: Did you line the seat with toilet paper before sitting on it?
A: n/a

Q: Did you line the seat with toilet paper? Why? Why not?
A: No, since I stand up to pee.

Q: If a seat cover was available, did you use it? Why or why not?
A: n/a

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna From Austria great story about your first poop on a squat toilet.

To: Mistee great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Maria aka Crystal

What comes in will come out

Sorry everyone for the delay been in Mexico with Marcus on some mission work and developing areas. So going try to be quick, while there we stayed with my grandparents house, so one day I had the urge to get to the bathroom, so while we were at the market I went across the street to the bathroom and went to the female side of building, got to the stall unfastened my skirt and lowered my panties and skirt down to my knees and squat low over the toilet and release my bladder and pass some soft mounts of Poo in the toilet and wiped up few times and got up till clean and pulled everything up and fasten my skirt and pulled the string so the water washed away my mess and washed my hands outside and rejoined Marcus. That's all right now

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