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The question about pooping with a male friend:

I like the question asked. This happened when me and Miles were about to enter 5th grade. It was late summer hot and sultry in the afternoon. We were both barefoot, in shorts and my mom was taking a nap so we just decided to walk 2 blocks up to 30th St. It was about a 6 block walk and I knew when crossing 30th street we had to run like hell because the hot asphalt was brutal on our feet. When we were waiting in the middle of the street for a semi to pass, Miles surprised me with some really foul language. So when we got to the curb and sidewalk we both dove for a couple of bus benches. We couldn't lay down fast enough and examine our burning feet. That's when Miles said he had to crap. I don't know if it was the running, hot asphalt, or his bumping his knee on the bus bench that caused this. I told him there was a toilet at the store we were headed to for drinks and ice cream. He asked what the bathroom was like. I was a little mean to him I guess when I told him "you will sit, crap, and then wipe yourself. And if I have to use it hopefully you will flush."

As we were laying there I felt a couple of drops on my face. Then a couple of more. The wind picked up and within a couple of minutes more rain was coming down. We looked around and bus stopped for us. We thought we had lucked out, but since we were both barefoot, the driver quickly closed the door and drove off. Miles pointed a parking lot where it looked like a building had been torn down on and an outhouse-looking building that I told him was a portable toilet. He swore again and said his parents didn't allow him to use such a building. The rain was coming down harder and we both had been hit by a couple of hailstones and we ran for the toilet. I ran ahead of Miles and yanked the door back and he and I were dripping wet as we closed the door and we were crunched together. Miles tried to move back and not noticing the toilet, he fell back almost completely over the stool. I laughed out and couldn't stop because he's always been so awkward. One of his legs and back were covering the seat and his head hit a metal all.

He needed to crap. I could smell it. I was worried that perhaps he had crapped in his shorts when he fell. I helped him turn his body to the left, pull his shorts down, and he was seated for his crap. There was no light. The daylight gave us about 20% of what we needed. My knees were touching his. My back was against the door. I turned around and did the lock-latch because my weight against it was enough that I didn't want to go falling out on my butt and in front of the North 30th St. traffic. The hail was beating against the sides and the wind increased, but not to the level that it would tip over a toilet with probably about 100 pounds in it. It did, however, almost cause me to piss my shorts. Serious thunder struck very near us. Miles swore and within a couple of seconds we could hear a couple of thuds against the metal between Miles' legs. He tried to move his legs to see and I grabbed them and told him to forget it. My pee pain was getting worse. I told him and Miles just threw his hands up. Accidentally, he hit me in face. There were a couple more plops into the toilet.

There was no toilet paper. Rain has always made me pee and I told Miles to slide all the way back on what I think was a medal seat. I had to physically bump-slide him back and I told him precious space could be saved by him widening his leg spread. When I could feel his unit against my butt-crack I knew we were making progress. My pee started slowly and I was worried when I couldn't hear it because of the storm. I put a finger down and it got sprayed. He and I sat and talked for some time until the wind and rain died down. I didn't want others to see the two of us together there so I quickly pulled my shorts up, left and quickly closed the door. I couldn't sit on the bus bench, but Miles came down shortly. We walked the 3 blocks to the c-store where we each went into our respective bathrooms to lean up. Miles said he had a lot of wiping to do. With me, it was just that my shorts were pretty wet. Then we had our ice cream and we talked about our latest adventure. I also had to explain a couple of anatomical things to Miles and he asked a couple of really ignorant things about girls.

The storm woke my mom up and when she found I wasn't at Miles' she got worried. We both got grounded for two days because we went off barefoot and we crossed busy North 30th St.


Some women might be hesitant to use unisex public toilets, thinking that a lot of the guys and especially young kids, may not remember to lift the seat. My mom especially feels that way. Male butts are dirtier than female butts on a toilet seat?


I've had my craps pretty much every day for years away from home. One thing that has helped me (Thank you, Mom!) is to take one of the end stalls whenever possible. You're away from being in the middle of things, so to speak, and you have much more privacy. Also, my mom says the middle toilets are the most frequently used so they get dirtier and run out of toilet paper sooner. Another thing that works for me is to use the smaller bathrooms. Gas stations and smaller park bathrooms come to mind. I'm not saying I'm the most prolific public pooper, but I've come a long way in just over 20 years.

Emma two

Two girls blocked the toilet

I woke up late this morning and I was busting for a poo. I didn't have time to go to the toilet before I left for work and when I did get to work I was half an hour late so I couldn't go to the toilet as I was already in trouble for turning up late. I thought I could leave it for half an hour and go to the toilet then but I had to attend a meeting and I felt embarrassed to leave right in the middle of it. I sat in the conference room with my bottom clenched, listening to the latest performance figures and getting bored silly. All I could think about was not pooing in my knickers as I waited for the meeting to come to an end.
Eventually after an hour and a half the meeting was over and I was literally bursting to go. I had to get up from my seat carefully because it was only the fact that I was sitting down that stopped me from pooing myself. Once I was on my feet I clenched tightly and started walking out of the room as I fought a battle with my bowels to keep this beast of a poo from escaping into my knickers. People must have noticed I was desperate by the way I was walking and I prayed I would make it to the toilets without having an accident in front of my work colleagues. The walk to the toilets felt like a mile but in reality it was about a hundred feet away. Somehow I made it to the toilets without filling my underwear and all the cubicles were taken so I had to wait until one opened up. That felt like an eternity but I guess it was only a minute or so. When one opened my co worker Rachel came out with a red face and the smell poo filled the air. She said she sorry but it was a big one and it hadn't flushed properly so I might want to use another cubicle. I was too desperate to care about that and I went in anyway. I quickly closed the door and locked it and looked in the toilet to see a huge log lodged in u bend and it was sticking out of the water. I pulled my jeans down and then my knickers and sat down on the warm toilet seat and pushed out a huge load of soft poo on top of Rachel's poo and as I sat there I thought to myself Rachel must have been almost as desperate as I was. I finished my poo and wiped my bottom feeling very relieved and flushed the toilet but it just filled up with water as between us we'd completely blocked it. I just left it and walked out as quickly as possible before any noticed me.

Ms Menopause

Shortage of adult incontinence products in stores

I have noticed a shortage of adult incontinence products in the stores. Many sizes and brands are sold out. I did get a few packs on sale. With the war situation in Europe I have more anxiety and need to pee more. I would like to brand a P-tin diaper line with a picture of him on it and one could pee in it, called the Peetin diaper. I bet these would sell very well. For bowel movements there could be an extra absorbent Pootin diaper. For diarrhea there could be the ultra max Pootin nuke diaper. Free for NATOE members to help them do their duty. As Natoe's fighter jets fly over the kremlyn they could drop a load with the bomms they drop. Spelling errors are intentional.

To Roy

What underwear did you have on to keep the mess in place?


Pooh bear

I really enjoy your stories! Just wondering: when is your earliest memory of pooping in front of a male friend? What lead to that situation and how did it turn out?

First of all thanks for the likes of my story

When I was 13 I was hanging out with my friend, we were super close sense early childhood and we ended up dating one another which was really cool, and it turned out great it just gave us more time together, just never knew that it was going to be for two more years later, but anyway I have no problem pooping in front of anyone cause most of times my legs are closed in front of someone lol

I'm currently pooping in a porta John for the first time in my life. I was driving and I was on back roads where there is nothing and had to poop so bad and thank God there was a porta potty on the side of the road or I would have pooped my pants. As soon as I sat down I dropped a couple of plops in there and then a fart. I would obviously prefer looking at home or even a regular bathroom but I had to go so bad. I'm not quite done yet. It is so crammed in here and it is breezy so I feel a bit of wind blowing under me while I'm sitting in here. I'm also holding myself to make sure it doesn't touch the toilet. When my first couple of turds dropped I could hear a little splashing sound. I got up to look at what I did and can't see it. I check my poo when I go but unfortunately I can't see this one. Ok I feel the big one coming. I'm pushing it out. Ahhh it just came out and it felt great! It made a big splash. Luckily my butt didn't get splashed. I can see it a bit. It looks like a huge one. A light brown color. I have to wipe now. Have a good day everyone. Has anyone ever pooped in a porta potty before? Amy good stories?

Ms Menopause

Glad I bought 2 packs of Overnight adult pull ups

The antibiotics are helping and I am using my overnight adult pull ups day and night. I have to get some groceries and run other errands so I will put the extra absorbent pull up on. I am peeing trickles a lot and I just let it go. I will put a fresh one on before I leave my apartment. I will most likely pee several trickles on the sidewalk and in the store aisles.I shower at least once per day. My biggest fear is peeing the bed so I bought the most absorbent pull up I could. I will look in the incontinence aisle to see if any pull ups are on sale this week. Thankfully the apartment building has a garbage chute so I bag them up and dispose of them daily.

Princess Opal

I can finally relax on the toilet

I recently experienced my first break-up, and my poops hadn't felt as good because I was heartbroken, but yesterday I had a really good one. It was just so comfortable :)
Mina+3: I was really excited when I first saw a post from all of you! That was over a year ago. To be honest I've always loved anything "kawaii" so I was pretty excited to see posts from Japan!
Amelie: I hope you'll continue to post more in the future!
Winnie: I wish I could visit Mina and her friends, too!

So a couple of weeks ago something exciting happened, poopwise. I usually pee with the door open if it's the middle of the night. But that night was the second time I've pooped with the door open! Usually I'm pretty private, so it's really fun pooping with the door open. At first I couldn't relax because I was worried someone would catch me. But how could I not relax when something feels so good?

Yesterday, because the water got turned off due to issues with the faucet, two of my sisters pooped without flushing. Earlier I'd already pooped (which was really nice), so I didn't have to contribute to the log pile haha. But I did have to pee, so I saw the turds! I had to poop again later, but the water was already back on, so I was able to flush. It's embarrassing to say, but going poop is just... really nice sometimes? Yesterday morning my gut felt so nice and clean after my poop.

Princess Opal

Anna from Austria
@Mina and friends . Thanks for your nice words. I also really enjoy your postings all the time. I also hope you guys will post many more stories in the future.

And yeah you are right It was really scary what happened to me and I was really lucky nobody noticed my mistake.

I really need to be more careful in the future though. No daydreaming when I am on the toilet.

greetings from Austria



Disposable Underwear

I have written about this before and I wear incontinence undies for both numbers 1 and 2.
After a wee I have quite an amount of dripping and that is soaked up by my undies...saves sitting in a soggy mess.
I also have trouble wiping my bottom...that is early in the morning when I lack dexterity with my hands...Hopefully I will have a bidet to help here.
With incontinence undies I can fart without worry!
I have read posts on toiletstool about being constipated and then needing to go urgently....I have read Abbie's posts about desperate for a poo and her friend is on the throne. With my undies you would just relax and let it out and not struggle to hold your butt cheeks together. It will probably be a solid stool so just throw it in the toilet.
I sometimes use suppositories when constipated and you are suppose to hold them in for quite a while and the problem with that is that I often have a sudden evacuation...the undies take care of that.
I suggest you try them!

Saturday, May 07, 2022

Anonymous Kid
Hello I'm new to the website so I'm just gonna keep my identity on the downlow since I'm only 14 and posting on the internet. Just a little bit about myself like I said I'm 14 just turned that in March, I'm light skin with black hair, 5'1 and I'm around 110 pounds. Over the weekend I stayed over my friends house, we'll call him Ryan, he is about my height and weight and he's 13 and we've been best friends since preschool. We had Friday off from school so on Thursday night I went over and we spent most of that night playing cod and eating a bunch of junk food. On Friday morning his mother took us to the mall and we were there from like 10-4, and the rest of that night we hung out with 2 of our other friends and went back to his house after having dinner at a local pizza place. We also spent the rest of that night playing video games and eating a bunch of crap food. On Saturday morning I woke up having to take a big dump, but the one thing about me is I hate pooping at other people houses, in case I clog or something else happens. Luckily we had breakfast and the urge went away. We were playing video games and Ryan finished a match and handed me the controller and said, you can play I'll be right back, and he went into the bathroom. I heard the seat clank against the bowl and heard him fart as he plopped away, at least 10 plops in 15 seconds and it went silent from there. I was playing cod and heard, yo can you get me some toilet paper I ran out. I agreed and looked in the closet and found a roll, I went to the door and he opened it and said, thanks dude, wait up look at this, and he had me come in and it smelt horrible and I looked in the bowl to see two massive turds and a pile of little turds in the hole, the two turds were easily over a foot long and they definitely weren't getting down with one flush. I left the bathroom as he cleaned himself up and just looking at his load made my urge come back but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. We left his house around noon and went to go hang out with our friends again and we went to the movies. We were seeing the new Harry Potter movie, about halfway through I could not hold it anymore and told my friends I'd be right back. I went downstairs and found the bathroom and lucky for me it was empty. There were four stalls and the first one didn't have a door on it. I went into the second stall and locked and quickly turned around and I brought my jeans and underwear all the way down to shoe level and sat down. I spread my butt cheeks just preparing for a big one and I was right. I pushed and my butt opened up wide to the point where I had tears and goosebumps up my arms and legs. It came out with a slow crackling sound and I spread my legs a bit to see that the turd was so big it was coiling around in the bowl, eventually it broke off and splashed water back at my ass. I quietly farted and the other half of the turd started to come out, it too was massive and spread me wide open, it came out to about 7-8 inches and splashed down in the bowl, I pushed again and a third turd slowly came out, it was about 6 inches long and same width as the others and splashed down, I continued to push and just had little turds coming out in a little pile and after about 2 minutes doing that I felt done. I stood up to look at my creation and it was a massive load, definitely wasn't going down in one flush. I quickly bolted into the next stall to wipe up and it took a ton of wiping, at least 2 or 3 minutes worth. I flushed and redressed myself and went back into the movie. I sat down and Ryan quietly asked me, are you okay? And I responded with, yeah I'm good, just had to take a big dump, and Ryan quietly laughed. Until next time see ya!!!

On antibiotics for bladder infection

This morning I just took my third antibiotic pill out of 14 (2 per day). I went to the bathroom when I got up and then once more this morning. I have had to go more often but I just pee out a little at a time in my absorbent ultra brief. Thankfully I was able to get antibiotics and the absorbent briefs are on sale this week. I cannot run to the bathroom every five minutes and I am working from home. I had to pee at night so I just let it go in the ultra overnight absorbent brief. I hope that things will normalize in the next few days. I will take another shower later on today. I live in an apartment so bagging up the used adult diapers is easy as it is a short stroll to the garbage chute. Many people in my building use adult diapers as most are over age 70. I see cardboard boxes marked adult briefs folded up in the cardboard and paper recycling dumpster. I am keeping up my fluid intake to assist in eliminating this bladder infection but need to pee often in small amounts. I am guessing that each pee is less than 30ml. Yesterday I peed on the sidewalk but using my ultra absorbent brief. I try to stand still while doing it to avoid leakage. Waiting for the light to change is a good time to let it out.


A Potty Emergency I Saw Yesterday

Yesterday on the way back from an appointment a woman who is a friend of mine was going over basic words like "window", "door", and "dog" with her five-year-old autistic grandson and he was repeating the words back when she said them and also when she pointed to the pictures in a book.

While this was occurring he suddenly said "poo-poo" about three or four times and she picked him up and quickly carried him into the house. I saw this from the sidewalk just in front of their house when I was on the way back from a dentist appointment (for a cleaning). This time I saw no indication of any padding (such as a pull-up) and so it looks like his toilet training has been coming along a bit even if his vocabulary is virtually unchanged since around Christmas.

I was going to stop by to say hello, but it looked like she was busy so I will drop by some other day when the time is right.

I'm guessing that he probably made it (especially since the bathroom is close to the front door) but only they know for sure what happened next.

This is all that I have noticed bathroom-wise since around Christmas aside from a few emergencies and accidents of my own since then. These were mostly a result of badly-timed coughs or sneezes and I was usually able to stop after starting.

Mina Maho Kazumi Hisae

Some answers

Dear Amelie:

We read your post, and we surprised a bit that you expect to change routine after only one day. Maho said, she thinks your body need one week at least to change its routine.

How far you are from your home to campus?

And what time do you get up in morning? Perhaps it is good idea to try to get up half an hour earlier, and sit on loo little bit long time before you plan to leave house, perhaps half an hour before depart time. If you sit on loo just before depart, you can't relax. Some things you can do after you sit on loo, for example makeup.

We also hope you can eat good breakfast. Are you French? Your name is same as Paris girl in French film. (in that film, she take photos to loo and work on them while she sit there, so we think she is there very long time, same with us four, but we don't recommend you take anything to loo. If you are French, you will like café au lait we think. We found, café au lait tell our bottom to push out motions.

Don't take book or mobile, but stay on loo long time and relax. Think about nice things if you can. After ten minutes perhaps your bottom will feel it is time to push something out, but if it doesn't work first time, try again next day.

Also you can try squat instead of sit. Maho says that works for her sometimes. (But painful to squat for 15 minutes.)

It is normal to be shy about motion, but we found post where woman said, nobody really notice what you are doing, and in morning almost people (she said women, but it is same for man, we are sure) are doing motions so there are noise and smells everywhere and women accustom. You are introvert, so we don't know this advice help you, but Mina search, and she found. It is page 1288, and writer of that post is name Bethany.

Anna, your post was a scary!! But you were very lucky we think. Nobody notice your cloth situation. We love your post always, so please write many many.

Winnie, you ask how we feel on loo. It is depend. Usually we feel good even it is only wee. When it is motion we feel wonderful. It is so comfy to do huge motion!!

Why one loo is cleaner than other loo, we don't know. We are sorry very much.

Love to everyone.

Hisae Kazumi Maho Mina (your very own).


Pooh bear

Mina Hisae Maho Kazumi , I love you I wish I could come to Japan and spend a whole month with the four of you and I know that I will have a great time.

To Amelie just try doing it anyway I know that you being a introvert just close your eyes and imagine that you are at home sitting on the toilet relax and let them poops out of you

Centalia Wow that's interesting thanks for a new perspective

Yesterday morning before school I had a great motion/ poop , large portion that came out in two long but skinny rope like, but it was so satisfying thrill before I took my shower, and I took poop again at Tyson home after school I let him in the bathroom with me he kept me company , I enjoy his company he is so gentle teddy bear but he will stand up for me. I wish I knew him before Dean in a relationship but sometimes you have to lose to win

Well I better get up and shower have a great day


Answer to Hannah's question

Has anybody here ever had an issue with bedwetting while living in a college dorm?

Yes Hannah but as for me by then yeah I wet the bed but rarely "wet the bed" as in needing to change the sheets... Just needed to shower & change into fresh panties and out my nightie right away. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Somebody here told me to try diapers... I looked at them and you know I see that depends makes "diapers" that look and feel like underwear. Hope that helps... Oh yeah another things about the embarrassment most people the difference is they have accidents in the day time. Or the occasional "skidmark" from a wedgie or prairie dog.

About the finding a little poop in my panties (boyshorts) in the last story... I was relieved it didn't happen again... I had enough of a problem that I'm 28 and more than occasionally wet my panties. Diapers are ok I guess but quite expensive for attends or depends... If I don't wet them or you know (poop them) I can wear them again next night. I already wear a pad for my minstrel... And my goodness these stores want their money, the prices have skyrocketed!

I love absorbent briefs

Adult protective underwear make aging easier

I just came back from running some errands and wore an overnight protective brief. I have had overactive bladder for years but around menopause it got worse (actual leaking, not just running to the bathroom). I could pee at will and even pee on the sidewalk and the brief would hold it all. I have used these and peed in them on an airplane when the seat belt sign was on due to turbulence. Even the younger strong pelvic floor people were in agony after an hour as they waited in line for the bathroom after the seat belt sign finally went off. I just went in to change my adult absorbent brief.


Surprise Accident

Hey, its Roy again. Today was a bit of a surprise accident though it was one that I probably should have anticipated looking back at it.

I typically don't have accidents and if I do most of them are usually me at home not taking my need to go seriously and then having an accident. Because of that my accidents don't tend to draw anybody's attention (thankfully).

Throughout today I had a lingering need to go use the bathroom but it was one of those, "wait till you find a toilet", kind of needs. Which didn't bother me since I had classes today and was more focused on the assignments (even though it is getting close to the end of the semester). After classes I went to the gym and a few other places. Still it did not bother me than and I had kind of forgotten I needed to go so I didn't bother to use the restroom.

Once I got back at this point I had completely forgotten I had to go and decided to get on Xenoblade Chronicles since I was hoping to finish the game before finals started to kick in and I would have to study.

After I finished the game, I got a phone call from my mom telling me that she would coming home with groceries and to put them away since she would need to take my brothers somewhere.

Once I had started to put away groceries and my mom had left with my brothers my urge had started to kick back in. I was in the middle of putting stuff away before I felt a cramp. Right as I felt the cramp a turd shot out of me and made room in my underwear. Soon afterwards I felt some mush come out of me as well adding to the turd I just made.

Once I was finished I noticed the bulge I made in my pants and was like, "well, I already made room in my pants so I might as well finish up..." So I finished putting the groceries away before going to clean my pants.

I got to the bathroom and pulled my pants down and surveyed the mess. The mush and my decision to finish my task didn't help with things since the accident must have rolled around in my pants making things worse than they already were.

I decided to clean my pants since I didn't want to throw away my underwear. Cleaning wasn't too hard since I got rid of the turd before hand so all I had to do was clean up the remaining mush.

While the accident shook me a little bit it wasn't too bad since I've had experience with these before so it wasn't all in all too bad.


Giving in to public toilet impulses

An organization I head on our college campus hired a famous speaker to fly in and give talks to the student body and lead various discussions. I drove to the airport to pick her up. Her plane was late. Since my boyfriend and I had been at a party the night before, I had to pee like hourly. And while I waited I did a two-day crap, and then some, I was surprised by the attitude our guest showed toward using public bathrooms. She's famous and owns a business, has written a couple of books, but has attitude.

When I met her at the gate, I pointed out the bathroom, but she said she'd wait. I made a joke about usually needing to run for a bathroom when I'm in such a situation, but she seemed totally tuned out and judgmental. It was about a half hour drive to the campus where she was going to check out the sound system and set up her lecture materials. We walked through the student union where I again pointed out a bathroom for her, she thanked me this time, walked in and came out in seconds saying that the seat protector papers were all gone. I apologized and said almost none of us use them. She made another biting and somewhat nasty comment and said she could hold it until she got to her room.

I took her to her hotel and noticed she walked pretty fast through the circular doors. When I got back and told my boyfriend about my experiences. He said it would have been pretty ugly if her room had not been made up and ready to go. We both wonder what makes a person that way.

To Winnie the Pooh and Tlana

I really enjoy your stories! Just wondering: when is your earliest memory of pooping in front of a male friend? What lead to that situation and how did it turn out?


Re: Malle, flusher not working after leaving a poop

I've had this happen to me multiple times in single-user public restrooms, usually with someone or even a line of people waiting outside the door. I'll tell one particular story. This happened more than 10 years ago.

On long road trips, my insides often clam shut and do not want to shuffle out the spent calories at their regularly scheduled intervals. Whereas I normally poop 3-4 times a day as a result of eating like a horse, I hadn't pooped in 12 hours of driving, when I'd have normally gone at least once and usually twice by now. The day before, I'd also consumed an entire pot of pinto beans and a 6oz can of almonds, in addition to my normal meals. When I did finally feel an urge to poop, it was a strong one. I pulled into a rest stop only to discover there were no doors on the stalls and it was crowded. I decided to hold it, used a urinal to pee, washed my hands, and walked out. Back then, I was not the shameless pooper I am today and was extremely uncomfortable with the idea of being on display in a doorless stall. The urge to poop disappeared entirely when I tried the nearest suitable restroom a few miles down the road, and I also tried to poop at a restaurant after my next meal within the privacy of a stall, but nothing came out.

About 6 hours and another meal later, I stopped at a gas station seemingly 20 miles from the nearest town to refill my car's fuel tank. It was now 18 hours without pooping, me having been awake and driving the entire time. I felt the slight urge as I walked into the gas station and looked for a restroom. There were no obvious signs indicating where one was present, but I did see a sink, mirror, and soap dispenser near the clerk. The clerk was this cute late-teen brunette and she was flirting with me. Although I was in my mid-20s, I had the external appearance of being slightly younger than her age range and was rail-thin. I didn't even look grown. So I got in line and decided I would pay for my fuel, and stop at the next place I came across to find a restroom. By this time during the trip, I should have pooped 3-4 times.

As I was waiting in line to pre-pay for the fuel before I could pump the gas, I was feeling fine, other than some built-up gas, and what felt like a slight need to poop. Because there was that cute young lady handling the transactions, I was extra careful not to pump gas out of my butt in this line. My stomach was loudly gurgling, and I could feel the pressure rapidly building. Finally, it was my turn in line to pay for my fuel so I could exit and go pump the gasoline, get out of there, and find a restroom. She then said "What can I do for you hon?" I responded: "I'd like to put $40 on pump #2."(Ironic, I know, but that is where I was parked) "Pump #2 it is." she said. Right as I made my payment, and was about to walk to the gas pump, the circumstances became dire. I could feel the sharp pains shooting up the entire the length of my lower GI tract as a hard turtle head began trying to poke out. It was now an emergency and I had maybe 1 minute, tops, to get to a toilet, otherwise the turtle was going to smear my undies.

As I paid the money for the fuel I asked where the restroom was. She explained the restroom was located around the corner from where she stood, near the storage room, and that she'd have to unlock it. She guided me to the back where it was hidden. It was a single-occupant unisex toilet in its own cramped 3'x3' room behind a door. The sink, paper towels, and soap dispenser were all outside the room, about 5 feet from where the clerk previously stood. She unlocked the door and said "It's all yours sweetie. Just lock the door when you're done" I locked the door, dropped my pants, and took a seat on the sparkling clean commode within the cramped but well-lit room. A long, hard, knobby log slowly forced its way out, loudly crackling. There was no fan and I could hear everything outside the room, cash register beeping, keyboard clacking, and the clerk and customers exchanging small talk. I sat there for the next 10 minutes, slowly letting this log work its way out, without even having to push or strain. And I didn't want to push or strain either, as it was so hard and massive that doing so would be painful. It was slightly painful as it was without any further motivation. There was a lot of muffled farting interspersed as the built up gas made its escape in the process, but I let it work its way out on its own. It felt so hard that it would seemingly lift me off the toilet if I pushed. It was too big and hard to pinch off as well. I then heard the clerk say "It's over there in the back. I'll unlock it for you." followed by footsteps, and a key being inserted into the door. I responded: "I'm in here." I heard the clerk's voice: "Sorry!" She then said to the other customer "Someone's still in there."

The poop kept sliding out. It was not nearly done. But not wanting to force someone to wait another 10 minutes, I began to bear down on it and push. As I did so, I ripped a loud fart that vibrated about the room. I could hear a woman's laughter outside the door, but it wasn't the clerk. "You're going to have to wait. Someone's in there." While pushing, I could feel the log smearing itself all over my butt with a slick, sticky, frothy, buttery paste as the mass forcibly spread my buttcheeks apart and then came back up and touched my butt again.


It dropped into the bowl, landing dry. As a result of the pushing and straining, my sphincter was very sore. My butt was a total mess. I knew the cleanup job would be ghastly. As I pulled about 10 sheets of toilet paper getting ready for a big first wipe, it left the roll. This was the very last of the toilet paper. I had no sink inside the room, or any other alternatives to this toilet paper, so I had to use it sparingly. I cleaned myself the best I could with what I had, pulling thick wads of poop off of my butt with two sheets at a time, then folding the sheets and doing it again. Although I was far from clean, this was the best it was going to get as I was now out of paper. At least my underwear would keep my pants clean.

I stood up, pulled my pants up, and inspected my handiwork. It was a dry landing because what I pushed out was one, unbroken, continuous solid brown log that coiled up from the bottom and around the bowl, half the mass snaking above the water line, with the finely tapered tip of the turd landing near the rim towards the top of the bowl. The small amount of toilet paper covered very little. The toilet bowl was throughly filled. I hit the flush lever. Nothing. I hit the lever again. Still nothing. The toilet was a wall-mounted unit and there was no lid to lift to check to see if I could force it to flush. Probably for the best, because it likely would have clogged and flooded the room. In defeat, I decided to exit.

The fresh air was a relief upon opening the door, but the sight of a 30-something lady and her 4-year-old girl jumping up and down was not. All I could do was say "I apologize, but it won't flush." I went to notify the clerk as I heard the woman with the kid head in and she calmly stated "We'll go somewhere else. Come on." They both quickly exited the store. I approached the clerk and told her "Your toilet didn't flush." I awkwardly walked out to pump my fuel, 15 minutes after paying for it.

Filling my fuel tank didn't use all of the money I paid, so I had to go back in and get my change. The clerk was not at the register as I heard a plunger being used and then a toilet flush. Then another flush. Then another. Then some use of a spray bottle, toilet brush, and a spray of air freshener. As I waited in line to get my change, the clerk returned looking at me and stifling laughter. She took off her gloves, and washed her hands at the sink. When it was my turn at the cash register I explained I came to get my change. She looked at me, smiled, and said "YES sir!" She knew I left that massive pile of crap. I felt very embarrassed about it, but there was nothing I could do. I apologized, "Sorry about the mess." She then responded "This isn't the first time this happened. Drive safe." I left, feeling awkward.

I should have used the doorless stall at that rest stop hours prior.


Morning TV

It would have been a couple of years ago on morning/breakfast TV when they have a short segment on what celebrities are up to etc. The commentator who appears in this segment every morning happen to say that there was an incident which he would not go into because it was not suitable for family TV.
The morning show then switched to an unrelated segment on people not washing there hands after going to the toilet and contaminating their mobile phone. It then had a video of a youngish lady on the toilet, taking on the phone, then wiping her bottom etc. Whilst the angle shot you could not see her face...I feel there was sufficient shown that if you knew her you could recognise her. One never knows what might turn up on TV in prime viewing time.

Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Mina Hisae Maho Kazumi

Some responses and a happy time on loo for four girls

Dear Paige and Dear Kristi:

We talked about poo routine. We are all morning poopers now. Most days we are telework, so we take time to have long breakfast, and after we finish, we all think it would be nice to sit on lovely loo long time and do a lots. Even Maho. She does a motion almost every day now. Sometimes she skips a day.

After Hisae moved here, she(Hisae) began to train her body to do motions in morning and stay longer than before and do in some waves, like her three crushes. She didn't make effort, she did that natural way. Now her body is accustom to empty itself in morning and she doesn't need to do again before next morning, except if she is diarrhoea or she get excited. Her intestine likes to empty itself in 3 or 4 waves. Kazu and Mina are 2 or 3 waves, Maho pushes out turds one by one. Hisae is still quickest one, about 8 minutes, Mina and Kazu about 10, Maho 12 or 13.

On a work day, we decide that two girls who sleep together that week do their motion together. So last week, Kazu and Mina slept in green flat and did motions in green loo every day except Friday. Hisae and Maho slept in beige flat and did motions in beige loo every day except Friday. Of course together! (Friday was public holiday so we did all together in beige flat.)

Now I answer question of Winnie.

Dear Winnie:

Do we do more than we thought to do? On Thursday it was happened with big vengeance!! So here is story!

After a breakfast in beige flat, Kazu and Mina move to green flat for motion. We have a time, but on work day, all do together is too much time, we have to start work on time.

When we stay at home, we don't do makeup. It is not need.

Kazu is on loo and lean forward so Mina can see. And she start to push. Her motion comes soon, breaks up. She thinks, maybe four pieces, but after four plops she still doing, five, six.... total ten!! Kazu gasp and Mina too. Wow!! Huge pile in loo. Kazu stand up so Mina can flush after Mina admire Kazu's beautiful bottom. Then sit down again.

"Kazu you will do more??"

"Maybe little bit more..."

Wow. So this is answer to your question Winnie! She didn't think she do so much, but she did....

But Kazu is right. After few minutes, her beautiful bottom open again. And break four pieces. But Kazu doesn't move. Mina hold her hand, and after few more minutes, more come out, break three pieces. Much more than her plan.

"Sunda." (It is mean, "I finish".) Kazu wash her bottom and Mina dry. Then Kazu and Mina wash hands well.

"Kazu, that was beautiful beautiful motion."

Kazu answered with kiss. Long long kiss. Then she said, "Minappé your motion also beautiful. Unlimited beautiful!" (That is Japanese way to express.)

Actually Mina's motion was also very huge, but it wasn't all beautiful solid pieces like Kazu's. It was a messy, but came out lots and lots, so before first flush we couldn't see water in loo. Only big brown pile of mushy. But then Mina sat down again and did more very much. So Mina's answer to Winnie is also "yes". Our motions always huge, but Thursday's was double huge.

"Very beautiful motion Minappé." Kazu said. So another kiss, long time and strong passion. We really love.

But kiss was interrupt. Noise outside flat, and Hisae bounce into flat like pogo stick. Then she stop suddenly and very quiet so Mina and Kazu can finish kiss!!

Hisae wrinkle nose little bit. "You seem that you had good time in loo."

From Kazu: "We had VERY good time."

Hisae's face suddenly brighten. "We too! Maho did motion unbelievable! Doing and doing and doing and never stop!!"

So Maho's answer to Winnie is also "yes".

From Mina: "You say about Maholin, but how about you Chae?"

Hisae had pink face, then she said, "I did also huge one. Many times it came out." So Kazu and Mina jump to her and give her kiss. And Hisae's answer to Winnie is also "yes". Winnie, you have four "YES" answers!!!!

Kazu have to leave. When we telework, Kazu and Maho work together in beige flat, because they are same company. Mina and Chae work in green flat. So Hisae prepare her computer and Mina too. We end story here, but Friday morning when we all together, Maho told about her motion while she doing Friday's one. Thursday's one and Friday's one were same volume, Maho said, and Hisae nod her head with energy. Crushes are all ears. Because we love so much. In our little family of four women, it is always love love love love. After Maho finish, three crushes kiss to her.

We enjoyed many posts. Paige and Kristi and Winnie and Thunder and David and Nasiba and Audrey and Emma Two and Princess Opal and and and and.... We hope soon Victoria and Lea and Catherine and all other friends will be back!!

Take care everyone. Wear two mask and disinfect hands. We always do, when we go out, and for one year we have no cold or stomach infection, even diarrhoea we don't do so much!! Mask is very useful to keep far far away from us all disease not only corona.

We love everybody this site.

Warm online kisses and hugs to everyone, from bottom of our hearts (it is not pun).

Love from Kazumi Maho Hisae Mina


Need advice on bowel routine

During the pandemic I hardly exercised and ate a lot of take outs, and I noticed that I was very unfit and also gained weight. So I made an effort to eat healthily and exercise in the morning. One effect I noticed is that I became a very regular morning pooper. Before I went every few days when I got the urge randomly. But now like clockwork I poop every day at 9 AM, which was perfect since my online class started at 9:15 AM. I was very happy with this routine for the whole year.

However, this semester I am now back to attending my classes in person. My class is still at 9:15 AM but now I have to be present at the campus. The days when I could take my morning dump in peace at the comfort and privacy of my own home is over. The first day I went back to the campus I was caught completely off-guard. Just before my class started my bowels complained hard and I had to make a run to campus restroom, which is always crowded at that time. I am an introvert and shy so having to poop in such a crowded restroom was a nightmare for me.

I thought my bowels would adjust itself after that day but the next day the same thing happened again. Worse is I recognized some of the people from the previous day who sure had heard (or even smelled) me taking a dump. I tried going before I left my apartment, but my bowels didn't budge until it's 9 AM. Holding it until the of the day when I finally came home is totally impossible as well. I always get a lot of pre-poop gas when I'm holding in my poop and I totally can't concentrate on the lesson.

Does anyone have any advice? I really don't want to have my poop every day in public.


really embarrassing

I do my apprenticeship in a small office for crafts.

we are 5 women and 10 men + fitters.

I was probably shitting in the office 3 times before because I was always uncomfortable.

I had to this afternoon. I sat down and peed. Then I started to squeeze and a thick turd slowly came out. she's getting out bit by bit. just how i like it. then splash. then came a small piece of poop and plip.

I cleaned and wanted to Flush but the flush did not work.

really embarrassing and then I informed a colleague :(

Anna from Austria

Indoor pool

I was spending my Sunday afternoon at the indoor pool with some of my lady friends last Saturday and I narrowly escaped an embarrassing situation. I even did not realize that I was in an embarrassing situation until it was too late.

But now back to the beginning of the story. After the swimming, we decided to have dinner at the food place near the pools. Right after dinner, I felt the need to use the bathroom. So I told my friends to the locker room already. I told them that I need to use the bathroom and that I did not make it to the locker room restrooms. I rushed to the toilets in the pool area. I took one of the stalls pulled down my bikini pants and sat on the toilet. I did a silent fart down one turd, then another really loud fart, and another turd. Then I started to clean myself. At least I thought I did. After flushing and washing my hands. I wrapped my towel around my waste when heading to the locker rooms because I wanted to some texting to another friend.

that texting saved my butt literally. when I arrived at the locker to take off my bikini for showering before going home I noticed that there where some major poo stains on the outside and inside of my white bikini pants. Nobody was near me at that point but I was shocked. because I thought I have wiped enough. Must have been daydreaming during my pooping season or something like that. Nobody was next to the locker at the point So I could just hide dirty pantys in a plastic back that I brought with me to transport the bathing clothing in my backpack. After showering I put on my street clothes, meet my friends outside the locker room, and then we went home.

If my friend did not text me I would have walked to the lockers and many people would have seen my dirty pants. It would have been horrible.

That's my story for today

greetings from Austria


David P

Recent pooing experiences

Hiya all David P here, hope you are all doing well!
I've enjoyed reading some of the recent posts. I've been really busy with work lately so not had much chance to post on here much. First for a reply and a question.

Paige: You ask how to poo on a regular time, usually I go for a poo on a schedule before I leave the house to go to work I will go and sit on the toilet around half seven in the morning, when I am on my normal shifts it tends to do this naturally for me now after a few months of programming my bowels to do it. This is convenience as it usually means my body plays ball and not needing to go again while at work but sometimes I need to go twice in one day. I'd say drink something hot in the morning and eat something so you can stimulate your bowels to open, try and sit on the toilet and eventually you will need to go. I hope this helps!

Abbie: Thanks for the comment glad you enjoyed my last story. Sounds like you are not too constipated right now which is good, I look forward to the story of your friends staying over. Just a few questions for you, sorry if this is a bit personal but I'm curious as you do not mention your poo smelling in your stories, do they tend to have much of a smell? I never used to say my poo smelt at all, well to me anyway, but since I had covid back at Christmas my poo has smelt really bad which is embarrassing when I have had to go at work and left a bad smell behind. This is especially true if I've been constipated and not gone for a few days that my poo smells much worse this is also true for my farts, do you find that when you are constipated and it is harder to open your bowels that the poos smell worse?
Also do you have any recent stories where you have needed to poo in a public toilet, at work or at the shops ect?
again sorry if this is personal do not feel you have to answer.

Now for my recent toilet experiences, generally there isn't that much to report as I've been going to the toilet fairly regularly in the morning before work. However, towards the end of last week I had a few stories to tell. I was at work one day when out of nowhere I started feeling ill, I was hot and panicky and feeling sick, so I went to the car to calm myself down. After half an hour I went back into work feeling a bit better, I had started getting gassy and started to worry than I may need to open my bowels. I went to fart but then had to clench my bum cheeks as I felt a big poo heading out. I hurried to the toilet and went into the disabled one for the extra space, I sat down and didn't need much pushing to pass this large log, it plopped loudly into the bowel followed by two other large poos that sploshed. It took me a while to wipe my bottom after them as they had been a bit mushy towards the end. After that I went out for dinner and felt fine, the rest of the week I started getting constipated and didn't manage to go the toilet apart from some pellets. I felt really bloated at work, uncomfortable and constantly seeping really smelly farts. On Saturday morning, I tried to strain really hard on the toilet and managed to poo a very small amount of pebbles and did not feel any better after. I carried on the day feeling bloated and farting then in the evening I went to lie in bed as I was feeling pretty gassy, I thought I may need a poo but thought it was just gas, I started getting bad stomach cramps and when I went to fart I actually followed through and pooed my pants with loose poo. I hurried into the toilet kicking my pants off and throwing them in the bin and started having diarrhea that went on for ages. It smelt really strong and horrid. I then wiped my bum which took a while and was worried that I was unwell after what had happened the other day at work. It turned out that I was fine, perhaps it is that I am getting IBS! The next day, I got up late and then went to the toilet with a big urge to poo, strangely even though the night before I had diarrhea by the morning my poo had somehow turned into a giant hard log (maybe the diarrhea was leaking around the hard log), I strained for a while and managed to pass that monster turd that hurt my bumhole. I felt much better after getting rid of that!
After passing that massive poo I had an easier time the week after. I had late shifts at work so I was getting up later which shifted my poo schedule off, I did manage to have a few poos in the late morning before going to work. On one of the days at work I was thinking that I may need a poo but it wasn't that strong and I didn't fancy the idea of going for a poo at work again it is OK but I find the whole thing really embarrassing, it would be great if anyone can give me encouragement on how to feel comfortable pooing at work and not caring? since reading this site and discussing with some posters I have finally managed to poo in public a few times now, where before I would hold it but it still isn't great. As the afternoon went on I did start getting an urge but I decided to hold it in, I knew that I had to go to another site later on and I could have my break at home and go to the toilet then. I had a cup of tea at home and did a big poo!

That is all for now!
David P



Hi guys! My poop was solid this morning but made me sore as it came out. Later, my poop was softer but I felt ok. Has this happened to you before? I was not constipated.


Winnie's survey

1. Have you ever had to sit on the toilet and then realize once on the toilet you do more than you intended to?

Back in college me and Heather were at a Jonas Bros. concert at our city's arena. We were jam packed in the largest public bathroom I had ever see. So big they had entrances and exits on both sides of the room. Both me and Heather had downed a few drinks with friends for our 21st birthdays. I told Heather in the parking garage I might have to sit on the back bumper of her truck and pee. She showed me a security camera flashing on us. F###!So inside the arena I told Heather I had to go first. A lady came out and I dashed in, closed the door, and misjudged my drop onto the seat. It was a thud. That caused me make the mistake of starting with a couple of plops if crap into the bowl. I was getting nervous and frustrated that I couldn't piss although I was in bad pain. After I readjusted my seat and widened my legs my stream started ever so slowly. Despite the pain of the pee load I had been holding, I was only able to drain for about 30 seconds. Then I stood, pulled up my shorts and flushed just as Heather pushed by me. She must have drained for close to two minutes. I remained in pain until intermission when I finally got my usual decent drain in.

2. When on the toilet, how did you feel?

It was so frustrating to just sit and sit nervous because of the crowd and not be able to produce my usual fast piss. When I told my boyfriend about it later, he said it might have been the alcohol. If that had happened at middle or high school, I know there would have been some rude outbursts and I would have cried and cut my sit short. Bad, I know, but that's the way I would have reacted.

3. Why are some bathrooms cleaner than others?

I would say the cooperation and maturity of the users. Back in junior high in the 90s my first boyfriend was taking a shit in a one-toilet bathroom. A boy came in, violated his space, and asked him several times if he was about done. Finally this guy got of the toilet, stood and pissed over the entire toilet seat and wall. "Enjoy" he told my boyfriend and he walked out with a smile on his face.

Monday, May 02, 2022

Adam has been starting to add more and more fiber after talking to a dietitian. It's not good to go for 0 to 100, but it's important to just gradually increase it to avoid discomfort and so on. I think his hole is better again as he hasn't used his cream in a while. So far so good! :)

Kenna: Thanks for sharing your story! Please also share the other story you mentioned, when you were visiting some friends. You guys are crazy going together like that. :-D Seems a bit too much for me personally, but I'm glad it works so wel for you two. Glad he was finally able to go, that was a lot of days without a bowel movement poor guy. I recognise the increased appetite after getting rid of a really stubborn constipation, I've got someone over here that's exactly like that. Also gets more "energi" overall, haha.

Take care everyone!


Pooh bear

Just a questionnaire have anyone ever had to sit on the toilet and realize that once you on the toilet you do more than you intended to do?

When on the toilet how do you feel?

Last question why do certain bathrooms are clean more than others?

Cool story Ms Jerrika

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