The poop rush

Hi! I hope you are all doing fabulous and that you are having good bowel movements :)
Anyway I was at a friends house yesterday, you remember Maya right? We had been drinking the night before. Drinking sometimes makes me constipated which was the case this time. Maya on the other hand often get multi-diarrhoea. Let me explain this word we have come up with, it means that your poop is liquid or really mushy and you poop very little on many occasions. It was a little after lunch at her place when i felt the need to go take a dump. I went into the bathroom (I am a bit shy about this subject and didn't want to tell her that I had to poop. One of the reasons that I am writing on this site is actually to become more comfortable with it.) and sat down on the toilet. It felt like I had to poop but I couldn't get anything to come out even though I pushed super hard. I grunted and then realised that I had been very loud. I then her an impatient knock on the bathroom door. I'm like sh*t she heard me.
"Paige, you have to come out of there I have to use the toilet!" she says with desperation in her voice. I would have liked to push a little more but I heard she was desperate and pulled up my pants. I could hear her squirming though the door and unlocked it before I washed my hands. She rushed in holding her bum and her face sweaty. She had to poop, badly. She started unbuttoning her pants and I was like "umm wait I have to wash my hands". She tried to respect my wishes and stood almost butt naked over the toilet. I heard her stomach rumble and all of the sudden she hips her stomach and her face turns red. I se a little squirt of poop escape her. Luckily she was standing over the toilet and it just splatters down into the bowl. I could she was really embarrassed and she sat down immediately. I rushed out of there to give her privacy. She came out just a little while later and I told her it was okay. It is a natural thing, right? After some time I had to use the stool again as I felt very gassy. This time I farted super much and managed to poop a tiny nugget. Same thing happened again with Maya knocking on the door. She had to poop again. This time she didn't have time to close the door and I could see her in pain. I tried to comfort her from outside the bathroom. This actually went on for a while, i tried to poop she rushed in with desperation and diarrhoea. Later in the day i felt my ???? push poo down to my hole. I hoped it was finally time for me to poop as I looked at my bloated stomach. The only problem, Maya was in there. I knocked on the door feeling the poop knocking on my behind. She said she would hurry and i heard her taking toilet paper. I rushed in when she was done and still washing her hands. I said sorry and pulled down my pants. A big log was slowly escaping me as Maya left the bathroom. I moaned in relief. As it fell into the bowl I relaxed and waited for wave two. That's when Maya rushed in again saying that she was gonna crap herself. She said it was running out of her. I didn't know what to do but she pulled me away from the toilet and sat down. I her how her poop sprayed the bowl. That made me have to poop so bad and I felt a log already have outside my butt. When she had stopped I told her to take son toilet paper before I took her seat. I pooped again and another time this time it was mushy.
(This also i went on for a while and it was quite awkward, but we laughed about it)

Thursday, April 21, 2022


Optical Illusion

I go to up market restaurants from time to time and the toilets always seem to be coed . The phrase coed came about decades ago when all schools , primary level and up were single sex schools. It was decided that schools would have both sexes...maybe about 60 years ago and they were termed "coed" as in co educational. it lead from there that things that involved men and women together were the described as coed.
Anyway ,back to the story dear readers.
On Good Friday we had a family lunch and I went into a toilet at the restaurant and instead of seeing on toilet there were dividers just two toilets.
I then notes that there was a full length mirror which reflected the usual toilet and gave the illusion of two toilets.... I wonder if it was done as a joke...if so then most effective.
I am still going through the process of getting funding for a bidet...has anyone got any bidet stories?
I did note the post from Flo....If constipated and in a public toilet I just push and grunt without worries!

Mina Maho Kazumi HIsae

Dear Princess Opal

We have same feeling with you! Our motions come out easily because we live with crushes we love so much. Even Maho is not so constipate now. But we still stay on loo long time because many waves. Not so long compare with before. About ten minutes.

We are happy for you. It is a wonderful to love!

Love to everyone

Hisae Kazumi Maho Mina


Question for Hannah

Hi Hannah, I've been reading posts on this website for years but rarely post. Your stories, specifically the background about your mom's germaphobia, remind me of posts from someone WAY back -- her mom was also shy about going in public, especially not outside (for modesty reasons), and it resulted in some notable accidents for both mom and daughter.

Has your mom ever had accidents (or "on-purposes") of her own to avoid having to use a public restroom? Do you have other family members who either shared or rejected these behaviors?


Winnie the Pooh

Just wanted to say I just made it half way through the day and I just got back from the bathroom I had to poop really quick and get back cause I have two strikes for being late to class, so when I got to the bathroom, I lowered the toilet seat and pulled down my jeans and panties down to my ankles and sat down on the toilet, my boyfriend said I looked very comfortable pooping in a lot ways when he saw me on the toilet and I did admit to him I love pooping it's so epic satisfying, so he is very welcome to come in and keep me company, but anyway few small turds came out like two and a small piece and I was done wiped and few wipes and pulled up everything and washed my hands and went to class and class about to start bye for now. By the way I'm one of the tiny shortest people in school so it's very easy for me to share toilet with

Just Another Girl
It's been ages since I've posted on here, but I wanted to quickly stop by to tell a story that I think some may be interested in. This happened fairly recently.

My sister and I were driving to her house and she mentioned needing to go to the toilet. My curiosity was piqued, so I responded with, " it pee or poo?" (She and I are very close and don't have any issues with discussing such things). She told me that it was the latter, and that she needed to get back to her house as soon as possible. Thankfully we were only around ten minutes away at that stage, although ten minutes can feel like a lifetime under such circumstances! She was trying to remain cheerful, but I could tell that she was becoming uncomfortable. "We're nearly there," I reassured her. "Just a bit longer." She nodded in agreement, telling me that her stomach was starting to feel a bit crampy. I sympathised with her, saying that it was more than likely because of the pressure that was starting to build up.

We arrived at her house and she quickly went inside. She shut the door to her downstairs bathroom and I waited right outside. I heard her lift the toilet lid and seat herself. She tinkled a little before there was a pause...followed by several muffled plops and a sigh of relief. Next came the sound of her removing toilet paper off the roll, cleaning herself, and then flushing. She came out of the bathroom looking much happier than she had been - she'd done her poo and was feeling a lot better for it. To be fair, there is definitely something very relieving about sitting down and pushing out a nice big load...getting all the gas and waste products out of your system. It's totally natural, after all :)


To James & new story

To James - is it only poo that caused you a problem? To be honest most of my problems at school was being desperate for a wee and leaking on the day home.

As the weather was better at the weekend I went out for a picnic with some friends in the park. I'd been out for a few hours drinking when I felt what seemed a slight need for a wee, I went into some bushes and hid myself, squatted down and despite thinking it was a slight need for a wee, I did quite a long forceful one!


Two girls, one toilet and one trash can

Hey everyone!
I have a GREAT story for you. It takes place just a little while back. My friend and I, let's call her Maya, was at a mall doing some shopping in the afternoon. The day before we had eaten lots of food that is bad for your stomach, you see where this is going right?
Just to give you some background Maya is a very open person and she is not really afraid to make a fool of herself, she always comes up with new wired and interesting ideas.
Anyway I was trying on a shirt in a dressing room when I felt a weight in my stomach, it hurt and I really needed to fart. I panicked, for many reasons, one I felt a fart slowly escape me and didn't know of it was going to be loud, two I didn't want to tell Maya about it since we are pretty new friends and third I was afraid to actually poop my pants because it was coming. The gas in my stomach made it hurt and i had to bend down silently moaning in pain. I had to go, right now. I exited the dressing room and found Maya looking at some clothes in the pants section ('I might need a new pair soon' I thought to myself). I walked over to her as quickly as I could and told her that I needed to use the restroom. I tried to stand as tall as a possibly could and not squirm, I was quite unsuccessful. She looked at me with a concern. I felt my face getting flushed, she knew. She said she wanted to tag along and I was to desperate to even worry about that. I tried to run but could only take really small steps. The thing was that the restrooms where in the foodcourt, on the other side of the mall. I had a long road ahead of me. Since Maya already knew I started to share my pain and panic with her. When we where about 70 feet away from the stairs down to the restrooms I whispered to Maya:
"It hurts so bad, I have to fart but I am afraid to"
"It is the food from yesterday right? I feel it a little bit too" Maya responded with a tortured expression.
We where getting closer to the stairs.
"Oh no! I can't hold it, I can't!" I said as I felt a sharp pain in my tired muscles around my butt hole.
When we reached the stairs we where alone and I could finally put my hand over my butt and try to press it in. Going down the stairs was torture and I was walking so slowly. Maya took my hand and dragged me with her. I felt a rumble in my stomach and felt the head of a log making it's way out of me. 'No, no, no' i thought to myself. I had to stop and try to suck it back in. Clenching my cheeks even harder together. It was coming right now and a ran down the last flights of stairs. I farted uncontrollably (they where like kind of quiet but constant). A handicapped bathroom was the first one I could see. I would not make it into a stall in the female bathroom. Somehow I managed to drag Maya in with me. There was nothing I could do about it so unbuttoned my pants and shouted at her to lock the door. I felt a wet fart escape. This was going to be sooooo embarrassing. I sat down on the toilet and pulled down my pants and panties to my ankles. It flooded out of me. It was soft and mushy almost liquid. I farted wet farts and moaned from both the pain and relief I was feeling. The pooping stopped and I looked down at my underwear. They had a big stain from my wet fart. I then looked at Maya as I was holding my stomach in pain. She was fidgeting and gripping her own stomach. I was beond embarrassed but I asked her what was wrong. She said she also needed to take a dump but thought that I was going to go into the ladies room where the stalls where. Her being looked in with me was not the plan and me pooping and made her desperate. She of course could not open the door. My second round started and I let out a loud moan. She ten proceeded to run over to the trash can. She lifted her skirt up and pulled down her panties and started pooping and farting into the trash. We where dumping tighter in a handicapped stall, me on the toilet and my friend in the trash can.

This is my first story btw!


Winnie the Pooh

Easter Candy is so fabulously good but I ate way too much yesterday during church service I went with Dean to bury the past with him and just try being friends and I told my current boyfriend about it he was very understanding about it because I was going to visit him after church let out. So I ate 3 full sized chocolate bars and 2 bags of gummy worms. So after service let out I was bursting for a poop , so Dean dropped me if I texted boyfriend I was on my way there but I really needed to get on the toilet fast. 10 minutes of car ride agony and finally got there clenching my cheeks together in my white dress was not easy, he met me outside and I got inside and waved bye to Dean and went inside and took off my heels and went down the hall inside the bathroom and raised my dress and lowered my white panties to my ankles and sat down on the toilet, upon immediately my anus open up pooping began and I forgot to lock the door but I text my boyfriend come keep me company which he did came sat down next to my feet, after 20 minutes of pooping and wiping my butt getting up washing my hands I felt completely lighter, and we went to his room and watched the game between the Celtics and Nets , after the game we ate dinner and after dinner we snuggled up with a movie together in the family room and he took me home afterwards


Reid in public bathrooms

I think of a lot of child care givers who work with good regularity have had to address this: kid of the opposite sex has to use a public toilet and at 8 or 9 you wonder if he's old enough to use a crowded mens room all by himself. This happened to me about 15 years ago. His mom and dad are divorced and he shares his time between two homes. Both parents make a lot of money, but my decision caused them to get a fight started that lasted several days.

So Reid, who was very intelligent and behaved needed to be picked up at his grade school. I was only 14 then and walked over there when I got done with my classes. We walked a couple blocks to the bus stop and Reid had his hands on his gut. This I had been seeing in my child care work for three years. Boys just didn't like taking their craps at school. They also believed that putting it off would cause that bloating feeling to go away. No, no and no as my mother used to say when I said something dumb.

As we sat on the bench and talked I asked Reid how long it had been since he crapped. At first, he said he couldn't remember, but then when I pressed him with more questions, he finally said four days. To make him feel better I told him about how my body is basically regulated so I can take can take my crap pretty much every morning either on my way to school, and since I graduated from college, every morning when I'm taking the freeway to work. I gave him a general description of what my crap had looked like that morning.

Here I was again in an argument with a male about why they don't want to crap away from home and why they don't want to take five minutes out of their schedule to do something that is very much necessary for their body to function well. He seemed very surprised when I had told him I had taken my morning crap at school and done three pees between classes at school the day.

He also seemed surprised and I could see the fear in his face about my plan to stop at our train transfer point in about 15 minutes. I told him I was going to use that opportunity to pee too, because it had been a couple of hours since I had done my last one. So when we got to the 33rd Street stop and exited I held on tight to Reid's hand. I could see that he was still scared. But I could now smell his crap so I knew he wouldn't be sitting too long. I saw the restroom sign within distance and I led the way as a fast walker.

As we were getting closer I found that I was being confounded by the gender issue in public bathrooms. Back then 80% of my clients were girls, and that has increased to almost 90% today. I know from my boyfriend Diver and other male friends that the guys' rooms are horrible. I was hopeful that the toilets would have at least partial privacy doors, because I hadn't really put together an alternative yet.

There were five toilet stalls; four had feet showing so I pulled Reid into the middle one. I took my winter coat off and carefully hung my coat on the hook on the door. The black seat was down and I quickly told Reid to pull down his jeans and to get up on it. It was a bit of a task, his feet didn't reach the floor, but I showed him how to spread his legs for better balance. I noticed his old, battered up briefs, and what looked like an old crap stain in the crotch. He said his mother doesn't really complain about the skid-marks because he outgrows the underwear every year or two. I told him I didn't think I could win an argument with my mom about that thing because she is pretty pernickety about that and some other bathroom hygiene issues. By the time our conversation ended, I had counted 4 or 5 splashes into the bowl. I asked him to stand, with the help of a couple of prompts, and a saw a pretty good size poop in the bowl. He stood for his wipes. With the fourth piece of toilet paper he showed me, I was convinced that he had given good effort.

Then I had Reid change places with me. With his nose against the door, and an occasional sneak peek at me, I let go with a good amount of pee that splashed his floaters in the bowl around. He asked me how I got to be so good at that and I told him it was something distinctive between boys and girls. I told him that girls would probably win-out in some competitions because they have had a lot more practice.

Reid stood and studied what we had left in the toilet bowl water, before I had to finally order him to flush so we got get our next train. I told my live-in boyfriend Diver about it and he said Reid probably had the story of the week when he told it to his peers.

To Kaycha.
Thanks for sharing your story. Sorry to hear about all the trouble it caused you though.
Have a couple of questions, and a little story of my own. I hope it's ok that I ask. Has it always been this way for you?
You tell that you are more grateful than not, you simply just live with it now, or have you a way to kind of deal with it?
Your story caught my attention because I once had a girlfriend with a similar problem. She was 16 when it started. The first time it happened for her, she called me in the evening, crying, she had been at work. She was working at a local supermarket at the checkout. Suddenly from one second to another she got a strong urge to go to the bathroom. I asked her why she didn't just excuse herself, to the customer it a natural thing after all. She told me there wasn't time, when she felt the urge, it immediately started flowing, she had a full blown pee accident in her pants with no way of stopping it. She went so much that it was obvious to everyone even though she sat behind a counter. Luckily her boss was very gentle about it.
This was the first time it happened to her. Some time passed before her next accident. But she started wearing goodnites from there when ever she left her home just to be on the safe side.
I witnessed a few of her accidents after this one, if anyone is interested in the topic, I'd love to share more.
To Malika.
Welcome, great story, hope you'll share more in the future. I have also been watching this forum for a while, only posted a very few times. My wife and I are both interested in this topic, and share everyday toilet stories at home as well.
Question to the girls
How do you pee outside, any specific technique? Do you stand or squat, or maybe somewhere in between?
A bit of background:
I always wondered about this, what technique is the most efficient if you don't want to get messy. As I wrote, my wife and I talk very open about all this stuff, but the thing is, for my wife it's next to impossible to go anywhere but the toilet. She even tried in the shower, to see if it would be possible, but nope, she states that its not possible for her. So I hope you'd like to share some experiences :)

Thanks in advance!


To Erica

Is that the only accident you have seen your friend Ron have before?

Tuesday, April 19, 2022


Cruise poop

We recently got back from a week long cruise from Florida. My wife had been complaining about not being able to poop very well since we had left home. On the 3rd morning I took the kids up to the kids area and brought brrakfast and coffee back to the room. My wife was sitting on the couch with a robe on and told me she really needed a poo but when she tried she had no luck. She drank her coffee and let out a really stinky fart and said she was going to try again. She grabbed her book and took her robe off and headed to the bathroom. She closed the door only partially and I could see her sitting in there. She peed first and started reading her book, she eventually put the book on the counter and leaned forward. She told me that she was going to grunt it out. She let out a few big farts and then several big plops. She stood up to flush, but sat back down with her book and continued to let little poops and toots out fir several minutes.



Hello everyone, I'm new here and often have problems with constipation. Today was my first time in 7 days. It was awful. I had to go to a public restroom and felt ashamed because I pushed loudly. But it didn't help and it took 20 minutes until everything was out. Do you feel like this more often? do you like to use public toilets? Warm greetings from Germany

It's been awhile so thought I'd post again. Several years ago when I was about 16, I was at school for cheer tryouts. My mother's bright idea. She didn't think her bookish piano loving daughter was social enough so there's that lol. So I reluctantly went to tryouts. Everyone knew me as the girl who still peed her pants. I didn't get chosen but I sure took alot of mocking until I left in tears. Damn my mother and her dumb ideas. By the time I got home I needed to pee-pee. My crotch was very wet and after my last one, I was trying so hard to do better. I barely got inside, holding my crotch. Luckily I made it with only a softball size wet spot on my jeans. That night, I tried to talk to my parents about wearing Goodnites underpants during the day too. I cried when I explained how hard I tried to go potty on time but they didn't listen. Only told me I was acting like an attention seeking baby. That summer though, I was finally allowed to get a job and I started secretly buying Goodnites to wear during the day. They're thin enough not to look like a diaper under my clothes but absorbant enough to handle a couple full wettings. I still tried to go potty on time but at least there were no wet pants and underwear to deal with when I had an accident. I hate them, especially then. Hated being the only able bodied teen I knew who still went in her pants but today I'm more grateful than not. Yesterday, I woke up in a wet bed from a leaking diaper. I was SOAKED!! And I needed to go potty. The bathroom was occupied and my sagging diaper, super noticeable under my pajamas pants couldn't hold anymore so I basically just went potty on the floor. I must have peed more than usual last night.

Cal K

Shameless Buddy Dump

A few years back I met my friend Paul and we quickly became best friends. He's a few years younger than me, but we shared a lot of the same interests and began working on some artistic projects together outside of our day jobs. Not long after we started working together, he took me to his favorite pizza place, one of those where the slices are bigger than your face. He's easily a good five inches taller than I am and much more athletically built, so he got three pieces and ate them all while I only finished one and a half. He asked me if I thought the pizza was as good as he told me it'd be and I said, "Yeah, but the slices are huge."

"I know, isn't it great?! I'm gonna have a huge dump tomorrow."

I laughed and decided the next day I'd check in with him to see just how open he was about his bathroom habits.

The following day, while I was sitting on the toilet, I texted Paul. "You were right about that pizza, I'm taking a fantastic poop."

He immediately responded: "LOL I told you! I took a massive morning dump at work today."

"Haha, this is life-changing. Mine's glorious."

"Mine started off liquid and slowly turned into a solquid..and then into a good old solid poop."

From that, I discovered that Paul was the most shameless person I ever met. He started to message me any time he was taking a particularly noteworthy poop, so I began doing the same. He was incredibly open about when he was constipated, when he had diarrhea, and when he was taking just a great poop. We also started working together more on the weekends, so I became hopeful that we'd be pooping alongside each other at some point.

A few months after we openly started sharing about our trips to the bathroom, Paul and I were working on a project one Saturday at a local shared space for artists. On the way over, I'd stopped to pick up breakfast sandwiches and coffees for us, hoping that it would kickstart our systems. We met up, quickly ate and drained our coffee cups, then set out to work. Within an hour my stomach started to grumble as the coffee kicked in, telling me it was almost time to take my morning shit.

Not five minutes later Paul said, "Wow, that coffee hit me hard, I really need to take a dump."

"Yeah, I need the bathroom too," I responded. We left our studio and walked to the bathroom around the corner. We walked in and there were three urinals along the right wall, three sinks along the left, and three stalls directly in front of the door on the back wall. Paul beelined it to the middle stall so I walked towards the one on the left, glad we'd be sitting side-by-side.

As Paul turned to shut his stall door he saw me walking to the stall and said excitedly, "You're gonna poop with me!? I thought you just came in to pee. We can be poopin' friends!"

I laughed and said, "Yes sir!" as we both closed and locked our stalls. I quickly dropped my sweats and underwear to my ankles and sat down while Paul fiddled with his belt before also dropping his pants to the floor.

"Ahh," he sighed, "Here we go!" He audibly grunted and a long, powerful fart reverberated around his toilet bowl. "There go the gasses, now for the solids."

I laughed and heard him start to pee, so I said, "That doesn't sound like solids."

"Yupp, I lied, first the liquids, then the solids."

While he emptied his bladder, I started to feel my hole open so I gave a slight push to help as my log silently started coming out. I quietly grunted when the turd dropped into the water and waited for the follow-up to be ready.

At this point, Paul finished peeing and quietly farted again before I heard his poop start to crackle out. His load ended with a sloppy fart that he grunted out before sighing and saying, "Wow, where did all that come from?"

I laughed and asked, "Everything okay over there?"

"Yeah, it's great, I just don't know what I ate to take such a powerful poop."

"Didn't you say you went to the diner last night?"

"Oh yeah! This is definitely a chicken parm poop."

"Always a great choice."

"And it leads to such fantastic poops!"

"It sure sounded like it," I laughed.

"Oh, just you wait, there's still more waiting to come out!" Paul audibly grunted again and blew out some more loose shit. "Aw yeah, there it is!"

I laughed again before bearing down to finish off my own dump. A few small pieces plopped out, leading to a "Nice!" from Paul.

I felt empty and started wiping when I heard a whispered, "Oh no…" from Paul's stall. He released a fart that sounded much wetter than the others had been before shooting out a much looser batch that almost sounded like liquid.

"That didn't sound good," I said as I pulled up my pants and flushed.

"Yeah that was a little too close to diarrhea for me," Paul replied after letting out a sigh of relief. I started washing my hands at the sinks when he said, "I think that's it for now, though."

I looked back to see him rearrange his feet so he could clean up. He quickly wiped, pulled his pants up and turned to examine his creation. "Damn, you have to see this!"

"Oh, jeez, what'd you do.." I responded.

He opened the door and went to the sinks so I could see what he'd left in the toilet. There were at least five average-sized logs in the bowl with a lot of looser stuff floating around the top. "Wow, you really had to go."

"I told you it was a powerful poop!"

"Yeah I heard most of it," I laughed, "but it didn't sound like that much came out of you!"

"Yeah, it didn't feel like that much, either! Thank you, chicken parm! Phew, you stink," he joked, "let's get out of here!"

"That was all you!" I said as we walked out the door to return to our work.


Party poops

In college my roommate threw a party, I was dancing and talking with my friends when I saw the guy I liked named John. We kinda flirted with each other from opposite ends of the room. I had to pee so I made my way to the bathroom. As I was about to enter John showed up at the same time. I told him he could go first, he gave me a shy look and thanked me. I heard his ass thud on the seat and he let out a stream of piss, he started silently grunting to himself and a booming fart exited his hole. Plop plop plop *fart* "unggghhhhhhhhh" the next splash I heard was really loud, I bet it splashed his ass. He sighed and I heard toilet paper being rolled off. When he was done he came out seeming embarrassed when he saw me waiting. "Sorry for the smell" he told me. "Don't apologize, it's just poop" I reassured him. When I went in there was a powerful smell of poop he left behind. I sat down did my thing with the aroma all around me. It was the best party I've ever attended


A Very Belated Thanksgiving Story

Hi everyone! I apologize that it's taken me soooo long to share another story here. Some of you may remember my story about the poop I took at my friend Jen's house during her Labor Day party, which, if you missed, you can find back on page 2917. It's a pretty good introduction to me (American woman in my 30s) and my typical bathroom visits (notable for being very much on the stinky side of the spectrum). Anyways, I've had this story about my last Thanksgiving's poop that I've been meaning to post here for a long time. I actually wrote most of it shortly after it happened, but then one thing or another kept distracting me from finishing it until now. Well, better late than never! Hope that it's worth the wait.

To set the stage: my parents were doing some traveling on their own this year so I was invited to celebrate with my Aunt Molly (my father's sister), who lives in the suburbs of Chicago. Molly's son Rob, who's about my age, has an apartment downtown and offered to let me stay with him so that I could get together with some of my college friends that live downtown. So on Wednesday, I made the lengthy drive out to Chicago from the city where I live, taking my last pre-Thanksgiving poop at my apartment that morning.

I arrived at Rob's mid-afternoon. I hadn't been to his apartment before, and I quickly realized that it wasn't going to be an ideal place for me to have a major post-Thanksgiving poop. It was an open layout with one bathroom right off the combined living room and kitchen area (the only other room being Rob's bedroom). The bathroom itself was very tiny, with the sink, toilet, and shower taking up all but a few square feet of the space, and no window. I made a mental note then that if possible, I should try to poop at Molly's house on Thursday night, as I knew her house was large and had a few bathrooms outside of the high-traffic areas. But I didn't dwell on that thought for long, and shortly after my arrival, Rob and I went out to meet up with a group of my friends, first grabbing some gourmet burgers before hitting a series of bars. I spent time with Rob only occasionally when we were growing up and this was my first time seeing him in five or six years, but he's got an outgoing personality with a great sense of humor and fit in easily with everyone else. We had a fun night out drinking and even made a late-night stop at Taco Bell, where I got an early start on my holiday feasting.

The next day, Thanksgiving, Rob and I arrived at Molly's house early for a long day of eating and socializing. Molly is an excellent chef and I enjoyed plenty of the snacks, appetizers, turkey, sides, and dessert-including, I'll admit, three slices(!!) of pumpkin pie. By the end of dinner I was feeling pretty stuffed, and it's not easy for me to get to that point. Recalling my observation about the bathroom in Rob's apartment, I had a cup of coffee after dinner in the hopes of getting things stirring before I left Molly's that night. All the coffee produced, however, was some rather pungent gas that required me to excuse myself several times as I lounged and watched TV with the rest of the family. At the end of the night, Rob drove me back to his apartment.
The next morning I woke up (in Rob's living room; I slept on his futon) to the sound of Rob coming in the door with coffees and breakfast sandwiches. This caught me a bit off-guard, as I had thought on the drive home the night before that making a Starbucks run in the morning would give me a chance to unload somewhere other than Rob's tiny bathroom. Now, I had no excuse to get away, but was already feeling that telltale heaviness in my abdomen. I joined Rob at his kitchen table as we made small talk, drank our coffees, and ate our breakfast sandwiches (for me, sausage, egg and cheese on a croissant). By the time I finished, the stirring down below I had hoped to initiate the prior night was well underway-and with it, more gas, some of which I released silently at the table. It was just as pungent as the night before, and I'm sure Rob must've smelled it even though he didn't say anything. I decided it was time to get things over with.

I told Rob that I needed to use the bathroom and headed over in that direction. Before going in, I remembered something that I did out of courtesy when I lived with roommates. "If you need to go, you might want to do it before me," I offered, without elaborating as to why I was making this offer. Rob shot me an odd look for a second, then smiled, and said "Nah, I'm good." Now feeling a bit sheepish, I closed the door behind me and flipped on the exhaust fan. I pulled down the yoga pants that I had slept in and sat down on the toilet. I racked my brain for memories of time spent with Rob's family and whether he'd had any prior experiences with my stinkiness. None came to mind. Well, there's a first time for everything, I thought.

Thing began with me pushing out the rest of gas that had accumulated during breakfast. These were warm, heavy, tuba-like blasts, loud enough, I'm sure, for Rob to hear over the fan and through the door. The gas soon gave way to an enormous first log that was longer (I'd guess just over a foot) and thicker than any I'd done in recent memory. It fell diagonally across the bowl, with a good portion of it above the water line. Three or four smaller deposits (six inches or less) then came in rapid succession.

There was a lull in the action then and I took a break from pushing to read on my phone. It was clear that even by my standards, this was an incredibly fragrant pooping session. The warmth and weight of the stench were tangible in the air. I really felt a little bad that I was returning Rob's hospitality to me by so thoroughly fumigating his only bathroom. It also dawned on me that the stink was probably not going to remain confined to the bathroom. I know well from prior experience that my smelliest poops can penetrate a closed bathroom door, especially when the bathroom itself is small and poorly ventilated, as Rob's was. There was nothing I could do about it at that point, though-well, almost nothing-I flushed the toilet for whatever good that would accomplish. The flush broke the largest log in half but only managed to take about half of it down and left the bowl a complete mess of streaks.
Considering how much I had already gotten rid of, I still felt surprisingly "full." My intestines cramped as things as things shifted in place, and my dump soon resumed with ropes of softer poop punctuated by intermittent bursts of gas. This second wave added another layer of stink to the already-saturated room. As much as I'm accustomed to my own aroma, this was pushing beyond my comfort level, and I was more than ready to be done.

After about five minutes of "soft-serve," I finally felt that I was ready to wrap things up. I flushed the toilet, wiped, and flushed again. There were still a few stray streaks around the bowl, so I flushed once more. I couldn't help but wonder whether Rob, now having heard four flushes, was wondering just what he'd gotten himself into by hosting me. As I washed my hands, I noticed a book of matches sitting on the edge of the sink. I know matches are commonly used as a solution for bathroom stink and, over the years, quite a few people have suggested them to me. Like everything else, though, they really aren't effective against my stink. In the memorable words of my one of my college roommates, they just "make it smell like you pooped on a campfire!" That thought made me smile and I decided I'd light one, if for no other reason than to be polite and make it seem like I'd at least tried to minimize the damage I had inflicted. After struggling a bit to strike a flame, I waved the lit match back and forth a few times before tossing it into the toilet. It was enough to add a tinge of smokiness to the overwhelming poop stink that pervaded the small room. With all of my bathroom business now complete, I turned to the door and braced myself for some awkwardness as I rejoined Rob.

When I opened the bathroom door and stepped out, I was immediately struck by a chill in the air-and then I quickly realized that this was because Rob had opened a window, even though this was Chicago in November and the temperature was probably below freezing. I turned to see him sitting nearby on the couch with a huge grin on his face, waving his hand back and forth in an exaggerated manner. "Daaamn, girl!" he exclaimed. "I thought some of my buddies were bad, but you're on a whole different level! I'm dying out here!" My fears that the bathroom wasn't going to contain my stink had now clearly been confirmed. I felt myself blushing a bit as I tried to come up with some witty response. "Sorry! If your mom's food wasn't so good I wouldn't have had to eat so much." I replied, as I closed the bathroom door behind me and walked over to sit down on the couch with Rob. I tried to gauge just how much the smell had infiltrated the living area. The air had seemed relatively fresh to me when I first emerged from the absolute disaster zone that was the bathroom, but as my nose adjusted, I realized that Rob wasn't much exaggerating. Even with the cold air circulating, there was a dull sulfuric stink throughout the room. "Oh, so it's my mom's fault, is it?" he said, with mock indignation, while pulling his shirt over his nose. "Hey, I'm not even mad, that's impressive. I had no idea you could bring the heat like that." I laughed out loud at his terminology. I've heard a lot of colorful language used to describe what I can do to a bathroom, but that was a new one. "What can I say? It's my secret talent." I replied, smiling. I was relieved that Rob and I were able to joke about it. I'm not sure why I expected anything different, given his playful personality. His comments brought on the familiar mix of embarrassment and pride that I've come to associate with my bathroom stinkiness. There was the part of me that had genuinely wanted, and tried, to avoid stinkbombing Rob's tiny bathroom, but there was also a part of me that felt almost flattered as Rob went on about the stench, clearly in awe of what I had done.

Our conversation turned to our plans for the day, which were to go out for some Black Friday shopping and meet up with friends. As we got ready to head out, Rob at one point headed toward the bathroom, but stopped a few feet short of the door, covered his nose, and turned away. "Forget it, I can't go in there. Hope you don't care if I don't brush my teeth." I laughed, teased him about being afraid of a little poop smell, and volunteered to grab the toothbrushes and toothpaste. Of course, it was way more than a "little" poop smell, and it became noticeably stronger when I approached the still-closed bathroom door. Upon entering, the lingering stink hit me harder than I expected⁠-though it had been a good 15 minutes since I finished up, with the fan running the whole time, the intensity of the stench seemed to have barely diminished at all. It was genuinely tough to bear, and I got back out of their quickly. Rob and I brushed our teeth together over the kitchen sink, another odd, memorable moment caused by my major dump. We left shortly after and spent an enjoyable few hours out shopping before meeting up with friends for lunch and drinks.

By the time we returned to the apartment in mid-afternoon, my stink had thankfully dissipated. We lounged for a bit watching TV when Rob got up and said "Ok, now it's my turn," and headed to the bathroom. He turned on the fan and spent about ten minutes in there, flushing twice. I didn't hear anything else, and certainly didn't smell anything. When he emerged though, I decided I'd play a little joke and react to him the same way he did to me. "Damn dude! You totally blew it up in there!" I said, doing the same exaggerated hand-waving. He laughed. "Ohhh, suuuure. Maybe my shit doesn't smell like roses, but it's not even in the same universe as what you did." He had a point. "Well, maybe with practice, you'll get there someday," I replied. About ten minutes later, I had to pee so I went in there. I could tell that Rob had lit a match, though beneath the smokiness, a faint residual poop smell remained detectable. But he certainly was right that his stink wasn't remotely comparable to mine. This, again, brought me a strange sense of satisfaction. Rob is a big, athletic guy⁠ (I'd guess about 6'2" and 200 pounds⁠), and definitely ate his fair share at Thanksgiving, but he couldn't come close to stinking up the bathroom (let alone the outer living area!) the way that I did.

The rest of the night was unremarkable, and the next morning I packed up my stuff to drive back home. As I was saying goodbye to Rob, he told me "You should visit again soon⁠⁠-I might even let you use my bathroom again!" with a wink. It's funny to think that my poop might be his most enduring memory of last Thanksgiving.

Well, that's the end of my long (and long-overdue) Thanksgiving story. I'd be interested to hear about others' experiences with taking a super stinky poop while a guest at someone's house (or a guest dropping a major stinkbomb at yours). I'd also love to know whether others have experience with poops that stink up areas beyond the bathroom itself. And as always, I'm happy to answer any questions about this story or my other experiences. Promise it won't be another six month until my next post! Lexi

Mina Maho Hisae Kazumi

Dear Malika

Welcome to this site! Your story is beautiful story! We are happy that you feel good on loo!

Love from us four

And love to everyone

Kazumi Hisae Maho Mina


university toilet habits

Hi everyone I am David and I graduated 3 years ago from university. I went there each morning by bus as I didn't have a dorm room as that was too expensive.
Every morning after arriving from an hour drive in the bus I headed to the men's room for a pee and sometimes a poo. I used to arrive around 8.30 to 9.00 am. The men's room had about 8 cubicles I never really counted and 5 urinals. These were the same on each floor.

Without mistake each morning 2 to 4 of those cubicles were occupied by students emptying their bowels. Plops were exchanged and farts echoed every now and then. I personally hated it and held my poo for home or I searched for a more private occasion during the day.

Next to the men's room was the female's room with the exact same lay out but with double the cubicles. I often wondered if the female students were as uninhibited as the men during the morning or if they are more stealthy poopers hiding their sounds?

Personally I have never dropped a deuce when someone else was in the same restroom, I just couldn't do it. I'm divided about the female habits. They are either more shameful then men or the complete opposite. I don't know….Maybe some females here can enlighten me when they think back on how it was or is when they are in university?


Duo pooing

Winnie's duo pooing story was interesting. There's only a couple of toilet booths in my high school where there would be enough space for two to sit back-to-back on the same toilet and not have their knees and noses against the panels.

As a busy babysitter I've used duo pooing once in a park where the lines were long during a talent show. One was 7 and the other was 6. They had waited 10 minutes to get on the toilet and they had only been seated a couple of minutes when Tina leaned back a bit bumping into Leah and they almost got into a fight because Tina was somewhat constipated and had to push harder. I've used it a couple of other times when there have been emergencies or one of the girls didn't have the patience to wait.

Once when we were about 12 or 13 me and my cousin did a buddy sit in a gas station bathroom. Since I was the biggest, I took the back and she sat between my legs on the front of the toilet. We both had to pee bad because we were riding our bikes in humid weather and we had shared a 20 ounce soda. Both of us got started about the same time, but Mariah continued to pee on and on. It was awesome.

At the high school I attend, since the building and bathrooms were remodeled a couple of years ago, there's a bright sign on each toilet panel that says only one person is allowed in a stall at a time. Detention, in-school or out-of-school suspensions are listed as punishments.

David P

Poo at work and easter weekend stories

Hello fellow pooers

Hi all it is David P here, sorry I haven't posted in a while it has been crazy busy at work and I just haven't found the time to post despite wanting to write a story that happened a few weeks ago. I also have a story that happened today. Thank you also to all the posters writing great pooing stories as usual very entertaining, I wish we could have normal conversations in real life like we do on here. Some people at work love to announce when they have taken a massive dump when they return to the office But I myself do not have that courage to announce to the world my bowel movements.

Abbie : thank you for your comment, glad to hear you enjoyed my last story. I hope you are doing well pooing wise at the moment and not having to strain too hard, I look forward to reading a post from you soon.

So the first story comes from a few weeks ago, I was working covering a different office this time but this time for an entire week away from my normal place of work. So the Monday went fine, the usual routine of going for a poo before I leave around 7:30 in the morning but the Tuesday was different somehow, I had my normal big poo before I left for work and head to the office. At this place I had my own space alone to work but it had many windows out to the main corridors so I could see what was going on. After an hour of being at work I started to get gassy that went on for a while gradually getting worse and more smelly, after a few hours I headed out to lunch and walked to the shops. Probably the exercise of waking moved more poo down inside me as when I got back the gas was getting much worse, I got on with my work and had to walk around and help a few people with issues, one person I could barely concentrate on the problem as I just needed to fart so badly, when he left I let it out and it smelt so bad and I could also feel the head of a poo was about to turtle head out. I suddenly got anxious and realized I might need to poo at work again. I tried to put it out of my mind but it kept on getting worse, I plucked up the courage to go and check out the disabled toilets but could not work out the lock once inside so instead of just going for it I chickened out and went back to my office. An hour later around 4 I just couldn't hold on any longer and I was going out straight after work where I needed to pick people up and we were to stay out until around 9pm. It was getting quiet now so I decided I would have to take care of business. I went this time into the main toilets, there were three cubicles and I chose the end one. I went in placed some toilet paper in the bowel and sat down. I pushed and farted a few times that were pretty loud and then pushed out a few turds, it took a while to wipe my bum and when I went out to wash my hands the security came in checking rooms to lock up, I hope he didn't smell what I had done! I felt much better and actually had a good time that evening.

My second story comes from this easter weekend when I went away to the seaside for the long weekend as the weather has been so nice here in the UK. After finishing work on Thursday I didn't manage to poo only a few pebbles and felt bloated on Friday. Early on Saturday we left the house to travel to the coast and I didn't feel the urge for a poo. When we got there and parked up we went to get breakfast, I was really hungry and ate a big cooked breakfast before we enjoyed the weather on the beach. After eating I was starting to get really gassy farting that smelt pretty bad. On the beach later on I managed to fall asleep in the sun and when I woke up I had a bad belly ache and farted a few times which helped, I went to a nearby pub to use the toilet for a wee that helped the stomach pain and walked back into the other part of the town where we played in the arcades and then the fair. We got in the car to go to the B&B about 5pm, when we got there and ate some cake and goodies I started to feel the urge for a poo. I knew it was going to be a big one as I was a bit constipated and had been feeling really bloated and sluggish the last two days. I took myself off, locked the door and sat down. I pulled my pants to my thighs, sat up straight and had my toes on tip toes, nothing but half an inch of the tip came out so I knew I would need to push. So I started to push really hard, I felt the turd slowly coming out with each push it felt really hard. I looked between my legs as it was halfway out about 5 inches, it looked massive dangling down like a dark brown tail. It suddenly slithered down and splooshed down into the bowel with a splash, I then pushed out a couple of smaller turds that made loud plops when they dropped into the toilet and wiped my bum which was pretty quick as the poos had been so hard and dry. I flushed and went to rest for a bit to recover. The next morning I needed to poo again and did two large logs that stretched my bumhole wide coming out.

Bye for now
David P


Winnie the Pooh

Today was virtual day and tomorrow. So while doing virtual I had to use the bathroom and I went to the bathroom and pulled down my pj shorts down to my ankles and sat down on the toilet and FaceTime with my boyfriend he went to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet while we FaceTime each other I let some pee and pooping going and he pooped out some and I put my laptop down and wiped after 10 minutes pulled up my shorts and washed my hands and got my laptop and waited for him to finish afterwards left after he was finished. I really enjoy our time together we share

Does anyone here have same stall stories, as in going in the same stall and you using the toilet in front of someone else, or them using the toilet in front of you?

Also, does anyone have stories involving their teacher peeing or pooping?

Princess Opal


I have a boyfriend now, and my poops have been so soft and enjoyable because I'm so happy. Has that ever happened to, it just all flows right out of you because you're so relaxed? Like the pieces of your life have finally come together? Tee hee! I haven't told him about this site yet, but he did say that he wouldn't mind if I farted in front of him. So that's at least a good sign.
Another thing is that this forum has helped me accept my body the way it is. I've accepted the fact that I'm a real human girl who poops and farts, and since then I've also been able to accept the fact that I'm good enough the way I am. ???? ???? and all. That's one great thing about my boyfriend. He tells me my body is gorgeous and that he loves me the way I am. Of course he doesn't just love me for my body though. He really seems to love me for who I am!
Erica: poor Ron, I've pooped my pants on a trip before too! Also happy belated birthday Erica!
Mina+3: yes, you can call me Princess Opal!

Sunday, April 17, 2022


New to this page

Hey all
Im david from Germany and new to this page.
I Love All the stories.
One of my dreams is to poop together with Otters and Watch them Go.

So now the Story of my Last poop today:
I was at the House of my Friends and we had lunch together.
After that we watched some tv But them i felt that i had to shit.
So i Told my Friend i had to go to the bathroom.
Inside the bathroom i first had my pee. But then shortly After that some farts came out.
After that a big solid poop left my Ass. Felt awsome coming out. I only had to wipe 2 times and left.
I think no one noticed i had a poop in there.
But maybe Next Time.


Porta potty

I turned 16 yesterday!! (April 11) After school I was with Ron and other friends hanging out in this park surrounded by a huge field with a couple of porta potties. I'm guessing they're there because they host soccer games at the park. I was telling a joke that had Ron laughing so hard until he got up and sped away. I told the others I'd be back and went to see what happened. He entered the toilet and slammed the door shut followed by a loud eruption of shit that continuously rushed out of his bum. "You good?" I ask. "Just have the shits" he groaned releasing loud farts. My friend Kate approached me seeing what the matter was. Before anything was said Ron let out more torrents of creamy poop splattering in the toilet. Kate started laughing her head off. "We should give him some privacy" she suggested. As much as I wish I could've watched Ron, I definitely couldn't with the others around so I agreed and walked to see the rest of my group. Kate told everyone he was shitting his brains out and my friends roared with laughter. My friend Austin said he sharted in his pants this morning lol

The other night I was watching the movie "Woodstock" which is just footage from the Woodstock festival in 1969. I was thinking about how they only had a few portable toilets for the over 400,000 people who were there and I was wondering if there were a lot of people at Woodstock who went in their pants either on accident or on purpose due to the lack of adequate facilities. Does anybody have an answer to this or have a story similar to this? Please let me know. Thanks!


Winnie the Pooh

I'm going jump right into it, right now I'm at school in the bathroom having my morning poop, so I'm going talk about yesterday poop at school in the afternoon I had , while I'm doing this one and afterwards I tell you about this one, so yesterday afternoon after 5th period I went to the bathroom upstairs, and very busy line, so I decided that I couldn't wait cause I believe yesterday food mess up a lot of people so , so me and this one girl decided we were around the same height and all we can share a toilet and we told other girls in front of us they let us in front of them and the girls in front asked why and they let them know and by time we got to the front of the line, so we got a stall in the middle and we get in there hooked my backpack by being light and she hooked hers , so I lowered my panties after lifting up my skirt and placed my butt on one part of the toilet facing the toilet paper wall and she facing the other wall and and we both let it go. after 15 minutes we were done and I wiped and gave her toilet paper and we got up and pulled up my panties and readjust my skirt and we exited out and grabbed our backpacks and we got applause. And washed our hands and went our separate ways, and today poop story just had milk and fruit pretty messy poop had to pull down my shorts and panties down to my ankles on the mushy poop and now wipe it took 10 minutes to get done pooping, the cleaning part is going to be longer so ttyl hugs and kisses for now

Wednesday, April 13, 2022


Hung over poops

Adam went out to the bar last night and the alcohol seems to have had an effect on him. I woke up early for a weekend, maybe eight or so of him gettnig out of bed and running into the bathroom. He immediately let loose a very gassy loud, and loose poop. When he came back I asked how he felt and he said he had a headache and "bad stomach". I fell asleep and when I woke up again he was still sleeping so I quietly rose out of bed and made myself a nice smoothie with chia seeds and more goodies. Afterwards I started to feel an urge to go as usual and went to the bathroom and it feelt great, although it still smelled disgusting in there, haha sorry. Nexty time he woke up he was in a huhrry again and dashed for the bathroom. When he came out he said "ouch, I think butt-thing is back". I guess all the loose poops had caused irritation back there again. It was just two months or something like that since he came off the stool softener. Hopefully it will calm down soon now.

All the best to you. Take care!


Comment for Sofie

I enjoyed the story about you and Gabriella. You seem to be very sensitive to her needs. I'm in college now, but I remember when I was your age I would lead my friends when we were at the mall or movies to bathroom breaks. I would sit back on the seat so they could hear me pee into the water. With my 2 friends on toilets on both sides of me I would start conversation because this would get their mind off having to use a public bathroom. Sometimes that would mean 5 or 10 minutes of talking or asking questions. One day Angie noticed a pubic hair between her legs laying on the seat. Molly was always good for one piece of crap splashing into the water, because we were encouraging one another. Amber seemed always able to pee with very little effort. Since I do a lot of babysitting, this encouragement also works with them. They say the toilet time-out is just like at school. To which I say thank you. Then we go in and enjoy the movie. Because of the large drinks we down, we always do another toilet sit before we venture out to do something else.


Good Poop

i am a girl and 25 years old. I live in Germany. I've been reading the beautiful poop stories for many months and I'm also very interested in the topic.

This morning I had breakfast with my family and then had to poop.

I'm in the bathroom. Pants down and made pee.

I noticed that the first turd is hard and wants to get out. I haven't been for 2 days before and usually go every 2-3 days.

I start to press gently otherwise it doesn't come out.

I press 1-2 min and the head starts to come out. Then I take a short break and let it come slowly. Press again and it splashes loudly into the water. I breathe a lot of relief.

I can see there's more to come. Press the next turd looks out of my butt. She comes slowly this time without any help and another big Plop in the toilet. It was so good. Then I had to press again and was surprised that something else came up. I press and a thick, wide, solid turd slowly pushes out and plop. I'm done and I have to pee again. I feel very relieved.

I hope you like it!!

Please give me some feedback.

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