Skidmarked in Seattle

Autonomous nervous system preview

Oh my gosh I had such a satisfying poop today. I will go into details later but I just wanted to share while the feeling was fresh

Little preview for a longer post: a post coffee/pre workout poop. "Island" Poop. Lots of moaning with satisfaction. I changed my green boy shorts to a black parade panties to minimize skidding


Question for Trina, response to Skidmarked In Seattle

Trina, I can relate to your story about your bladder leakage accident while laughing it up with your friend! I've had too many of those sort of accidents than I care to admit and so I wear liners myself. I was wondering if this event has motivated you to use pantyliners? Also, what kind of liners does your friend Mary use? I myself use Always Discreet Boutique and they certainly keep me comfortable.

Skidmarked in Seattle: Sorry for taking so long to respond! So the day after I got my order of the Butterfly liners, I waited until I had my BM in the morning and then opened the box and took one out. It looked like, well, a butterfly! I thought for a second about how to approach the placement of it, and so I finally decided to just squat down with one hand holding onto the side of my bathtub, and the other hand holding my Butterfly liner. I carefully and gently tucked it between my cheeks and pressed it up against my hole. I stood up and could definitely tell that it was there, but I figured I would eventually forget about it as the day went on. I decided that I would put the Butterfly liners to the ultimate test by wearing a brand new pair of my Hanes Her Way white cotton panties (full brief). I opened up the package of my new panties, put on one of my Always Discreet Boutique pantyliners, and pulled them on feeling ready to take on the day! Eventually it came time for a visit to the ladies room to tend to the needs of my full bladder and a panty check. Low and behold, I was skidmark free! Yay! :). The Butterfly liners saved my new panties! I changed my Butterfly (was a tad stained), and my Always Discreet liner, wiped and went on with my day.

So I would be curious to know what kinds of protection other ladies here use for bladder leakage. Does anyone have experience trying protective panties? I see commercials for Depend Sillouhette and Always Discreet underpants, and I was thinking these would be great for road trips or a long day out. Would like to hear from anyone who has tried them.

Since Hollyrae mentioned broken latches, I thought I'd mention quickly a helpful tiktok I recently saw. The video features a closeup shot of a broken latch. The latch is the flat wide black rectangle type that slides into a narrow metal slot. These seem, in my experience, to be the most frequently broken. If the door or latch is even slightly misaligned, the latch won't be able to slide into the slot. So the genius fix in this video is to take a hair band and loop it around the opposite side of the latch, then pull it across the metal slot. Looks like the door isn't 100% shut, but if someone tries to open it hopefully the resistance from the hair band will feel like a locked door, and you'll keep some semblance of dignity rather than get fully walked in on.


Dirty underwear, no biggie

First time poster, long time reader!
I usually don't have much to contribute here (though I love reading everyone's stories) but I wanted to respond to some of the recent posts about wiping and skidmark problems because I actually have direct experience of this.
I'm a junior in college now, but back in high school I was dating the same girl (we are childhood friends since middle school) and I guess as we got to the age where people start to be more physically intimate I noticed that my girlfriend was struggling with the same problem of occasional skidmarks and dirty panties. I'm a sporty guy myself, and have quite a hairy butt, so I am no stranger to the occasional brown stain in my boxer briefs, which seems to be the case for a lot of guys. And I know that my girlfriend had seen them on the floor sometimes and it was never an issue. But I noticed that whenever we would be intimate she was always very shy in getting undressed in front of me, and would often only want to remove her panties when we were under the covers, when she would then wriggle out of them and kick them under the bed. I also noticed that while she normally would like to sit on my lap, like if we were making out or just hanging out on the couch watching TV, that if she had recently been to the restroom she would try to sit as far away from me on the other side of the couch as possible, and rebuff me if I ever tried to initiate anything. Eventually I put 2 and 2 together and figured out that maybe she had a pooping issue of some kind, like maybe IBS or just trouble wiping clean, and that she was paranoid about me noticing.
I'm really open about bathroom stuff and I didn't want her embarrassment to be a barrier between us, but I didn't know how to bring it up without humiliating her or making her feel bad. Eventually the opportunity came up when we decided to take things to the next level physically. We were in her room and getting down to business when she gets up, runs to the bathroom and comes back in different underwear and tries to resume as though nothing happened. I decided to risk it and ask her what was up (probably stupid given the risk of totally blowing up our Prom Night plans, but I'll be honest that I had drunk a couple of beers and was feeling bolder than normal). She froze and tried to say it was because she wanted to change into something more sexy, but I pointed out that she was wearing exactly the same type of panties as before (Victorias Secret cotton bikini of some kind) but just in a different color. Then she said it had just been all hot and sweaty at the dance and that her panties were sweaty and she wanted to be fresh and not gross me out. And at that point I just bit the bullet and told her that I loved her, and thought she was such an amazing and smart and beautiful girl who I felt lucky to be with, and that she really turned me on and that she didn't need to be embarrassed about her underwear if it ever wasn't 100% clean because I didn't care, I just cared about her. She kind of froze again like she wasn't sure how to respond and I didn't want us to dwell on it, so I just kissed her and we resumed doing what we were doing and had a great night.
After that, she very slowly began to open up to me more and be less secretive about her underwear. I noticed that when I was over at her house and used her bathroom, the laundry bin was no longer always empty, and that she would leave her used panties in there without hiding them. And she stopped being so distant with me when she came back from the restroom having been in there a long time. We even started to joke about it, with me asking if she had a good poop and her saying she had been holding it all day at school and stuff. And so it gradually just stopped being a thing. After a couple more years of slowly opening up she even pooped in front of me one time unexpectedly, we had both just gotten back from a party and had a couple of drinks, and I was brushing my teeth and she came in to pee (we were already open about doing that in front of each other). She hitched up her dress and pulled down her pink panties to her knees which had a bit of a wet patch in front and a small brown smear in the back, and peed this fierce stream while sighing and saying how much better she felt. And just as she was finishing her pee stream she let out this long, damp sounding fart that ended with a very small plop as I guess a tiny turd snuck its way out. She gasped and looked at me with her mouth open, going red, and saying omg I'm so sorry! I just laughed and went over and kissed her on the head and said it was fine, no biggie, and that she should hurry up and finish if she needed to poop, and then join me in bed. She said she didn't want to totally blow up the bathroom in front of me and that she would save it for later, stood up and wiped once (which didn't look like quite enough judging by the brown on the toilet paper, but she was a bit drunk like me) and then pulled up her panties and walked out, leaving me to flush for her. We ended up having a good time that night, with her not being self conscious at all, although she was a bit mortified in the morning and took a bit of talking down when she remembered what happened!
This is a way longer story than I thought it would be, but I wanted to tell about my own situation for the benefit of others here like Sofie, Jenny (skidmarked in Seattle), Ronette, Abbie and others who have also been open about their struggled with occasional dirty underwear and the embarrassment of having friends or partners see. I wanted to provide a guy's perspective that we don't really care and are not grossed out if you have a little brown streak or skidmark sometimes, it's normal and it happens to us too. My girlfriend probably could have saved herself like 2 years of anxiety if she had just opened up to me first, but I know it's difficult. I know Sofie you mentioned the pressure on girls to seem perfect and clean all the time. But we are all human, and guys get it, so don't worry.
In fact (and this is what prompted me to finally introduce myself here and tell my story) the other day me and my girlfriend were out at the park and she had to go use a porta potty, and when she came back she whispered to me (we were with friends) that she had already started pooping before she realized that there was only 2 squares of toilet paper left in the dispenser, and that it was going to mess up her panties bad. And sure enough when we got home she took off her panties and leggings in one motion and hopped in the shower, and there was like a 3 inch, wet looking skidmark in the back of her panties. Shit happens!

Monday, January 03, 2022

Victoria B.

Update and a couple responses


This morning in exchange for Robyn's potatoes I gave her a few brown bananas. She must have liked them because she did a great job of wiping me after they got the kiss goodbye. Can't wait to see what food we'll come up with next!

To Mina, Maho, Kazuko and Hisae: What a thoughtful post! I'd never thought of paper as the dessert course before (my favorite is called Cottonelle, it comes in a purple package) and you also got Robyn and me talking about the toilet as a place of impermanence, where we're reminded about how many things in life are temporary and how quickly they can change with something as simple as a single flush. December has been cold here, so cold that we're starting to talk about upgrading to a washlet, one with a heated seat, a spray that warms automatically and even a remote. We're already at the stage where we've figured out that we have the right kind of electrical outlet and would be able to fit it onto our toilet (it's a TOTO, designed in Japan). We'll see though!

To Jenny: Robyn's great! You two are going to get along just fine. Your imagination worked perfectly because we both love to buy each other new panties and even have several matching pairs. We both love Parade too, Robyn introduced me to them and they're gamechangers. Each of us has several pairs in different styles and they do a great job of staying put on my full and round pair of buns too. If you haven't yet try their high-rise fit. You have the body type to pull 'em off and I bet your man would like the view as much as Robyn does when I wear them ;)

Happy New Year and many more great poops in 2022!

Victoria and Robyn


Vacation from school bathrooms

I have a tiny bladder and every two hours I need to pee at my school. Me and my friend Roxie try to do as many things together as possible. Each day at school we try to support one another. Roxie often has to crap more than once a day and I go in with her. Because our talking helps her to get rid of more of her crap at each sitting.

Most of the toilet rooms at our middle school are pretty awful. Probably about half the toilets have had their privacy doors removed. That is because some of the toilets are deliberately messed with by students. Sometimes there is pee and/or crap smeared on the seat, or the waste of 3 or 4 earlier users has clogged the toilet. The tiny squares of toilet paper that you pull down one at a time are dumb and sometimes are bypassed altogether. A pair of messy underwear dropped in the bowl might be floating on top of a soda can or bottle. Many of the toilets and their very uncomfortable seats are much higher and larger than we use at places such as parks or the mall. Roxie is a few inches shorter than me and often her legs dangle when she is seated. That may also be why she has to take so long and try multiple times in order to get a good shit in. As for me, I don't automatically win out if I can grab a toilet with a privacy door. The door latch is broken off or completely removed from some of them. When I'm seated and looking forward seeing eyes peeking in a 2 inch door hole is creepy, or something more worse.

Since Roxie and I are bused to and from school the farthest of anyone we know, and because we are in morning as well as after school clubs, we sometimes have to use the bathrooms there from 6 to 7 times a day. The worst feeling for us is to be on one our 45 to 60 minute bus ride to or from school when we have to pee or shit. Roxie has had 3 shit accidents this semester. I've part peed in my jeans 2 or 3 times. Sometimes this is because the janitors forget to unlock the bathrooms early enough in the morning. Other times, they lock 'em too soon after school not realizing some of us accelerated students are still working in the library or in a meeting. Imagine the rush there is when Roxie and I hurry two floors up to try and find a bathroom available. Even if one is available we have to use it so fast that we often haven't been able to complete clean ourselves. If we miss the 5 p.m. late activities bus we're made fun of while we wait for one of our parents to brave the rush hour traffic to get us. Roxie's dad was furious the one time he had to come and get us. He called her irresponsible and grounded her for a week.

So this past week Roxie and I have been celebrating not hearing bells, having eyeballs on us and constantly being asked if we are done on the toilet. Only once have we had to use a bathroom away from one of our homes. It was yesterday at the mall. We both had to shit about an hour after our great lunch in the food court. The bathroom was the nicest we've used this year. There were some gang signs and stuff on the inside of the door, but the toilet booth was well lit and the privacy latch worked. There were 2 complete rolls of toilet paper available. Neither my butt or Roxie's stuck to the seat when we got up to leave.

A former babysitter of ours said her high school bathrooms were better but that many of the problems are caused by the students. Roxie and I have sure enjoyed the break this week.


Winnie the Pooh

An old survey I found then I do a quick story

Beautiful Girl
Hi there, I have some questions for the ladies:
1) How do you sit when you poop? Do you lean forward/close your legs? Do you sit on tip toes? Is there a particular way that you sit when you have a bad stomachache or when you are constipated? Do you hold your stomach?
2) Describe how you wipe after you poop and pee..front or back? Do you bunch up the toilet paper or fold it? Do you wipe standing up or sitting down?
3) Do you grunt or moan when you poop?
4) Do you notice the same pooping habits with your family or friends?
eh not really 1) I sit with my legs inches apart hands in my lap bellyache I hold my stomach and rubbing it rock 2)I wipe front to back sitting down I'm a folder but if someone else wipes me I stand up and bend over . It all depends on what kind of poop I had
3 ) diarrhea
4) inherited my mother bathroom habits but my mom when she came over from China my dad taught her about the bathrooms here , they were pen pals that fell in love with each other.

Now to my story yesterday I pooped three times, so I'm feeling like myself again
The first one was over Dean's like 3:30 pm , second one I'm going to talk about cause my first poop story is pretty long so I said short story is my second one and third one,
So yesterday evening after getting home I go to my bedroom, take everything off and put it in the clothes dirty clothes pile my belly shirt bra skirt and I put my crocs back in my room I had socks on early but I gave them to Dean and I had to throw away my panties kinda got messy from my body change, so, anyway I sit down on the toilet being to farting and peeing and I open up pieces comes falling out of me , my mom came in my room knocking first asking if she can come in, I told her yes she comes in and ask me if I wanted anything I said supper sounds good, but after I change into my bed clothes. So I'm wiping my butt talking to her and flush and get up she said to me that my sister will be here tomorrow with a new boyfriend so be nice.
I said of course so she leaves out and take my clothes I had on and stare back at me I said it's not like what she think, so I wash my hands and get dressed in my pajama shorts and shirt and robe and slippers, that's the end of my 2nd story.

3rd story I FaceTime Dean and I was sitting on the toilet pooping before bed and was going to take a shower afterwards, so while pooping I kept my phone on the sink facing me so we could talk, so afterwards I get done flush and wipe and we sat our good night and I undressed and hit the shower and when done I pick up my clothes and go to my drawer and slipped on panties and socks and bra and put my bed clothes back on, and my dad knocks on my door asked to come in, I said yes he comes in and looks me in my eyes and gives me a tight hug and kiss me on the forehead and he said when you ready for the talk I will be here and he close the door and hearing him in the hallway saying everything is okay, I shake my head and went to sleep .

Skidmarked from Columbia

Response to TIana and question for Catherine

It's been awhile so let me re-introduce myself... I'm not from Columbia anymore but still go by Skidmarked from Columbia. Obviously I got the name from "Skidmarked from Seattle" and yeah I get skid marks butt just light stains... you know the stains you get when you wipe well butt (pun intended) you "just human" and not perfect yet ;)

1)If guys were accustomed to sit to pee, would it be easier for them to crap away from home?

Yeah... I'm a man and when I was like 9 through 12 and yeah if I was "accustomed" to sitting it would be somewhat easier but it's still hard to crap unless it's an accident lol on a long trip from Disney World or to grandma's... It's strange when you normally constipated on vacations... but somehow you have to change your underwear because you have a pooping accident.

2) If school toilets had privacy doors would it be easier for them to sit and do the job?

Not really, normally when at school I just want to pee and horse play with other guys and leave.

3) Do the auto-flush systems on more toilets make a sit on the toilet more appealing?

No, they actually make them worse because most of the time they flush at inconvenient times.

4) Would they feel better if they had those paper hygienic seat papers a few of the schools have?

No, because I don't use the school toilets just the urinals.

5)Is the challenge of possibly inadequate wiping a turnoff?

Good question... No, you know underwear isn't a diaper or pull-up but it's meant as a shield when your butt not TOTALY clean. On a side-note I had a girlfriend in middle school that admitted she got skid marks in her panties sometimes... I don't know about you but to me that made her MORE of a LADY. So not a turnoff but you know it's the opposite.

Anyways I was reading your post Catherine and I saw you answer a question about if you ever pooped yourself on purpose? Why did you do it?

Ps... I been lurking here off and on since 5th grade... 2004... I'm 28 now.

Mina Hisae Kazuko Maho

poo in park

Dear Emma Two,

Thank you for many lovely post!! We all enjoy, but we hope Sarah's stomach is OK now. It is good feeling to do motions forever, but it is not good feeling to be on fire her bottom.

About young woman in park. Long time ago now, Hisae had this experience. She used tissues she had in her bag after dropping three enormous loads in same place in bushes. (Mina wrote this story before.) But Kleenex tissues don't dissolve, so we put in paper bag and later we threw bag in dustbin at bottom of the hill. Perhaps your young women did same thing. So you don't need feel bad for her because she feel itchy from the skid marks in her bottom. Maybe she felt fine and threw tissues away suitable place.

Winnie, we hope you are much better now and you never have a horrid flu again!

We hope everyone have a nice New Year, and we hope your first bowel motion of 2022 will be pleasant one with big volume.

Love to everyone and big New Year kiss.

Maho Hisae Kazuko Mina

PS If you like post of "Gratitude", we will write feelings of beige loo, she will speak to you, and green loo will speak with her.



I have been shopping this morning on way back to car I needed a wee.
After placing shopping in car I pulled bed pan from behind seat , lowered my jogging bottoms and placed pan under myself it took 20 secs
to wee then i needed to poo , remained seated another 3 minuites
while my bowels emptied . satisfied all done wiped with kitchen
towel pulled up pants and jogging bottoms placed pan on floor.
before driving off

Anna from Austria

Just some comments this time

@Skidmarked in Seattle

Thanks for your holiday wishes. My holidays were nice calm. Hope yours were nice too.

@all The discussion about public toilets wihout stalls is a very intriguing one.

Hever have seen such toilets in my life. I think they are not common at all in Austria and I have not seen them in other countries I have visited as well.

I hope it stays that way but you never now. Although I was lucky during my first trip to the states that I never had to use them I might not be that lucky during my second USA trip that is planned for atunum 2022 if covid does not interfere.

But I wonder why such toilets excist in the first place? Are there such masssiv problems with vandalism that they had to remove the doors?

greetings from Austria



Update on Winnie part 2

So as the day went on like after the movie Winnie was quite and told me that she will meet me upstairs, I let her know whatever it is I wait for her she said that so sweet just feeling self conscious right now, and she told that she was going to poop , so she invited me in the bathroom with her and we get there, she unzipping her skirt and raise her skirt just enough for her to pull down her panties to her knees and sits down and I sit next to her on the floor as she was peeing I placed my hand on her knee rubbing it telling her that she still the most beautiful girl, and I hear her hole begin to open up with no effort plop farts, plop plop , clears her throat, plop and I see her panties being silky bikini style. I look back at her and smiling at her, she said that she wanted to try something new in the next year, plop plop , I asked her is that today poop or yesterday, she said so far today cause she pooped last night before bed, plop plop , me being amazed asked her is that it, she said nope lol, flush the toilet and peeing some more, and few more plop plop plops she sighs all done, she reaches for tp I told her that I got her and without debating she hikes up skirt and stands up and I face her wipe her front to back and putting my hand on her butt very soft and cuffy after 6 big wipes she was almost clean and she flushed and I got the wet wipes and finish her up spreading each cheek getting it cleaned after she dropped her skirt back down and goes to raise her panties back up and before she does I hurried on my knees took a soft wet kiss down there, she was stunned by it . I just told her it was for good luck. So after washing my hands and I see she was stunned by it and washed her hands and we left to go upstairs, in the living room and she asked me what did it feel like, I told her that it felt right, oh she said, I know that she doesn't know a lot about relationships but I'm excited to be able to see her in this with me.

Friday, December 31, 2021


Latest news

Hi everyone, hope you've all had a great Christmas and sorry I haven't posted in ages!
David P- great story about your Boxing Day poo and glad to hear you've recovered from Covid. I hope you don't struggle too much to go for a poo next time!
Sofie- sorry for a very late reply, thanks for liking my stories and I hope readng posts here has helped you to feel less embarrassed about poo stains in your underwear. As you've probably realised from reading my posts its a problem I sometimes get too, most of the time in my case it happens when I'm bursting for a poo and it starts to poke out of my bum before I can get on the loo. When I was at school I also had the same problem with horrible toilet paper so whenever I went for a poo at school (usually a couple of times a week) I would end up with bad marks in my pants for one reason or another! (I'm sure you realise that in England we call underwear pants- or knickers for girls underwear- but I guess if I talk about getting marks in my pants it must sound to you like I forgot to wear any underwear!!!) Also I'm sorry to hear you sometimes get constipated, as you say it can be embarrassing having a hard poo especially when your using a public toilet or at school, its important though to try not to hold it in as that just makes your constipation worse. It would be great to read any stories you have about going to the loo in public or with friends- its good to hear your friend Jess is supportive.
Here are my replies to Emma two's survey- again sorry its so late!!

1. How often do you poo? Every 2 or 3 days at the moment.
2. Do you enjoy having a poo? Yes- apart from when I'm really constipated!
3. Have you ever pood outside? Yes- I used to go camping a lot so it was something I had to do sometimes.
4. Have you ever pood somewhere you shouldn't have? No
5. Have you ever been desperate for a poo and had an accident in your pants/knickers? Yes, when I was 15 and I was at a sleepover, I was desperate for a poo and had to wait ages as another girl there was on the loo forever, so in the end I ended up totally losing it and doing a log in my pants, I was just wearing a nightie at the time but l'd kept my pants on underneath and the poo stayed in them thankfully! Luckily no-one else knew about it apart from the girl who I was waiting for and she was really nice about it.
6. Have you ever watched else someone else poo? Yes, my friends and I go on the loo in front of each other all the time, a lot of my friends get constipated too so we help each other out when we're struggling to have a poo. I know if I'm trying to pass a really hard log it helps if theres someone there to chat to. I guess a lot of people might feel embarrassed at the thought of someone seeing or hearing them trying to relieve their constipation, but my friends and I are really relaxed and open about our toilet habits and talking about when we last went for a poo and how hard we had to push etc.!
7. Have you ever seen someone poo their pants /knickers? Yes, my friend Lucy on the way back from school, she was on the front doorstep unlocking the door when it happened!
8. Have you ever pood your pants /knickers on purpose? No, but I have been tempted on occasion, sometimes when I was at school I would be sitting in class desperately trying to stop a log from poking out in my pants but when I actually got on the loo (usually at lunchtime) I seemed to seize up sometimes- although I wasn't usually too embarrassed about having a poo in a public toilet or in the girls loos at school it was much more awkward when I was constipated as I knew I'd have to stay on the loo for a while and I wouldn't be able to help panting and grunting which was really embarrassing as I knew the girls on the loo in the next door cubicles would be able to hear. I think thats why I would sometimes find it hard to get started and would wish that I'd just been able to relax and let it come out in my pants. Obviously completely pooing my pants as a teenager while sitting in a lesson wasn't really an option though!! Luckily there were a few occasions when using the girls loos that I found myself next door to another girl who was panting and grunting as well which made it much easier and less embarrassing as I knew both of us were struggling to push our poo out!
9. Have you ever pood in a public toilet or a friend's house? Yes, lots of times.
10. Have you ever pood in a container when there isn't a toilet available? No.
Anyway, now to my latest story. Today I was at home on my own as Lucy was away visiting family, I got up late and lazed around in my nightie and dressing gown. I ate breakfast and then started to feel an urge for a poo, I realised I hadn't been for a couple of days so I thought I'd better go on the loo straight away, and anyway I was getting quite desperate for a wee. I took off my dressing gown, lifted my nightie and pulled down my yellow flowery pants and sat on the toilet in my ensuite. I started to wee, it hissed and fizzed down into the bowl and I moaned with relief, it felt so good to relax and let it come flooding out! As I was weeing I farted loudly a couple of times and could feel a poo nearly ready to come. After I'd had my wee I stayed sitting and started to push, the poo was soon poking out of my bum. As it began to slide out I could feel it getting wider and I knew I'd need to push harder so I took a deep breath and bore down, I did a long hard push and couldn't help grunting at the end. I must have kept that up for about 5 minutes, I could feel the log moving out a tiny bit each time and eventually it started to speed up a bit and then it dropped, making a loud plop as it fell into the bowl. I felt another log making its way out and started to push again but luckily that one wasn't as wide and it only needed a few more gentle pushes to get it to drop. I sat for a bit longer and felt empty so I took some paper and wiped my bottom, it only took a few wipes to get clean. I flushed and then took off my nightie and pants and had a shower, as I looked in the mirror before getting in the shower I saw I was a bit red in the face from all the pushing but I felt a lot better for having dropped a massive load! I'll do my best to post an update soon, bye for now!!


My largest toilet audience

To answer an earlier question involving the largest audience one has had while sitting on the toilet, I've posted multiple stories here.

On Page 2882, I have a story titled "Nowhere else to go... my intro to shameless pooping". In summary, I was stuck at a bus station during a layover, and had to take an emergency poop. The stalls in the Mens' room were doorless, the urinals were out of order, and when my turn came, I had to use the first stall. There was a line of more than 30 people waiting for a toilet to piss in. It was rather awkward sitting there with my butt visible and my pants at my upper legs making rude noises, especially since one of the people in the room drew attention to the fact that I was about to take a crap just as I started. While I was using the doorless stall to poop, each person had to walk passed me to and from the other doorless stall while I was defecating into a commode with no privacy door. Plus I could be seen through the mirror by anyone washing their hands at the sinks or anyone who looked at the mirror, since I could see them and myself reflecting in the mirror from where I sat.

I also could count using a half stall as having an audience, since people could see me from the torso up as I pooped. In this case, the audience was larger, even if the circumstances weren't as exposed. On page 2870, I posted "A high school poop story", where multiple classrooms worth of boys and some teachers got to see my face as I had my pants on the floor, blasting out diarrhea in a stall that didn't even go up to my shoulders as I sat on the toilet.

I've pooped in view of an audience so many times that it doesn't bother me anymore. The two cases above were my largest audiences, albeit they weren't my worst or most awkward public pooping experiences.


New expression

Hey everybody it's Robyn!

This morning as I was getting ready my body informed me that there was going to be another step in the process. I finished brushing my teeth and put bum and feet on their respective stools once I had my bottoms down.

Victoria must have overheard the quick fart amidst the hissing of my pee because she suddenly appeared in the bathroom and said, "Putting some potatoes in the Crock-Pot? Robyn, you're so thoughtful!"

I don't know if she made it up or she heard or read it somewhere. She won't tell. All I know is that if I had been literally anywhere else in the apartment at that exact moment there would've been a real chance of an accident caused from either or both sides of my underneath because I burst out laughing so hard that they each released! Victoria couldn't hold on after that and she started laughing too. Pretty soon we were both in tears from laughing so hard.

A solid three or four minutes passed of us laughing before order was restored long enough for me to wash. I stood up and bent over for easy access. Once she'd gotten paper ready Victoria wiped and dried me off. By the time I was dressed again the toilet wasn't the only thing in our ensuite that was flushed. My cheeks were as well, pink from laughing and smiling so much.

I wonder what she'll make, now that it's her turn to "cook dinner."

Sending our love to all of you,

Robyn & Victoria


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Once on one of my favorite radio stations, there were stories about poop. One guy pooped himself at the pharmacy, and another on the way to a job interview. The first story was about a guy named Johnny. From what I recall, an announcement about the accident was made afterwards. The woman that was going to her job interview I think mistook a fart for the need for a poop. Now, onto my own poop moments. My poop was icky in terms of consistency, with at least one solid poop at the beginning. This one was solid, but soft. I've enjoyed this forum enough now that I believe I even slept through part of it. Who knows what the poop stories were about then. Nowadays, I sleep with my note taker reading my journal in the background depending on my mood, and wake up later to exit it. Just like when I dream such as with ones reflecting bathroom moments, my mind relives the memories being told in the writing. Eventually, the stories get lost in the background like an old forgotten bad poop, and before I know it, several paragraphs have passed. All for now, bye.


I'm taking the survey

1) Have you ever walked into a public restroom with doorless stalls that someone was using?

Yes. Several years ago when I was in middle school and high school. The stalls with doors would quickly fill. Those of us coming in two or three minutes later during passing periods only had the doorless stalls to use, and sometimes sometimes those were in use too. Most of the doorless users were only sitting for a fast pee, though. In my hurries, however, a couple times I was walking fast and too close to the toilets. I would turn, and would already be yanking at lowering my jeans. I would apologize to the girl and walk backwards to the sinks where I would impatiently wait my turn.

2) Would you rather use a clean doorless stall or a filthy stall with a door?

I guess I didn't give a damn. I just wanted to pee and get to class on time without getting a tardy detention.

3) Are you embarrassed when you are sitting on a toilet and the autoflush goes off, like you are taking too long pooping or your time is up?

The first couple of times that happened in college, it scared the shit out of me. By just moving an arm or lowering my head while crapping my underside would get a shower. Once I was just reaching down into my bag and the flush went off. For some reason, when I finally got done with my shit, it took me a couple seconds to get my butt from sticking to the seat.

4) Ladies do you try to hid the fact that you are pooping when you use a style trying to poop faster,cough when you fart, or put paper in the water to mute the plops?

If others are seated near my toilet, I might slide myself forward a bit on my toilet so that my crap hits the porcelain at the front of the bowl. That way, it doesn't make any noise. I'm not about to waste toilet paper by just putting it in the water. My mom wastes quite a bit when we're out and she has to poop. She double spreads it over the seat before she sits down.

5) Do you pull your pants down to your thigh, knee, calves or ankles when you use a public toilet?

Knee, most times. However, if I'm at the park and the only one in the bathroom I might drop my clothing to floor level. I will pull it up if anyone enters the room while I'm using the toilet.

6) If you pull down to your ankles, is your underwear visible to those outside of the stall?

I hadn't stopped to think about that. But at one concert at the sports center my date heard from another girl waiting for a toilet to open that I had the nicest red panties.

For Anna from Austria:

When I was a freshman in high school I pooped nearly every day before my 3rd hour Am. History class. On each side of me I would count up to 3 others doing their quick sit for a pee, but it took me a while to endure the stares and don't-fall-asleep-on-me attitudes of the pissers waiting and who I was probably making late to class. My teacher, who was right out of college, handled it nicely when I finally confided what I was doing to make me about 30 seconds late to class each day. She agreed with me that was a better alternative than missing five minutes or so of class.

Kazuko Hisae Maho Mina

Gratitude to Loo

Hi everyone, we hope you are all well and no Covid.

It is soon year end. We decided it is good time to say Thank You to our lovely loos, and to every loo!

We are so lucky to have loo. Everyone is so we think (but we feel sorry for people in India, we hope everyone in India will have beautiful loo soon).

Loo is so lovely!!!

When we feel not so good our lower body, we can open loo door, then loo is waiting for us with serene face. We can see that she is happy to see us.

Loo wait patiently while we pull down jeans and panties. She is still smiling, and when she sees our bare bottom, her smile bigger.

So we sit down, and loo hugs our bottom very good feeling. (We are writing about woman; men don 't always sit down we know, and don't always show bottom to loo. Only sometimes.)

We start to give food and drink to our loo. She accept, and she hugs our bottom with warm affection. How lucky we are!! Loo never say "I can't eat peanuts" like Mina always say.

We are lucky that loo has huge appetite, because when we stay long time, she gets huge breakfast!

I think our green and beige loos are saying to us, "please stay more time!" with hugging our bottom well. Our loo makes us very comfy feeling!

When we start to give her her dessert, which is loo paper (our paper is pink, its name is Botanical Flower) she is bit sad maybe, but also happy because she could give us her thankfulness with jet of water from washlet to wash parts of our body which are need to be clean.

Then she swallows her meal with her lovely flush. And it goes to her digestive system which is in other part of our big city. (Some times she ask us to flush in middle of her meal. We said in before post, that is good idea when it is possible. Mina learned word "courtesy flush" on this site.

We pull up our panties and jeans. "See you again soon." Loo smile to us. She is not so sad I think, because she knows that we will be back soon and sit on her again and show our love to her through our muscles of bottom. Also we can see in her smile, she is saying "I am happy to see your comfortable expression on your face after you give to me all which is not need in your body."

In department store or station, many loos together, waiting for people to sit on them with serious face because stress in lower body, then receive hug from loo, then get up with relief face because body is comfy, and smile to loo and receive smile from warm happy loo. Loos look each other and whisper. "My visitor is breathing happy breaths because she likes my hug. How about yours? Hug her well so she feel good." Neighbour loo smile back.

How sweet and lovely loos are!!

We also want to say Thank You to creator of loo, and to all manufacturer of loo, and in station, to good people who always clean many loos. Loos love to be clean!! In our flats, it is a huge pleasure to clean our loos. Our loos like our flowers on shelf, little pictures on walls, little blue curtains. We are happy to make sweet environment for our lovely loos. So they can enjoy happy atmosphere when they are waiting for Maho and Hisae and Kazuko and Mina to sit on them again with nude bottom and give them our love by doing important things with lower body.

Always we feel thankful thankful thankful!!


And we love everybody this site. We wish you a a happy 2022, with no corona, and no pain anywhere, and happy enjoyable time on lovely loo.

Hugs and kisses from your very own Mina Maho Hisae Kazuko

P.S. from Kazuko: My mother is stupid. She runs away from loo always! She have to know how pleasure it is to stay on loo long time! Pleasure for her, and also pleasure for her loo!

Slightly Skidmarked in Seattle
Curious boy-

In high school I noticed one friend use a doorless stall to pee, as she said it was much cleaner than the stalls with a door understandably, but she refused to poop in there. I never saw anyone else use the stall randomly, even when all the stalls were in use. The only other stall less door I have seen was at a minor league baseball park in Tacoma, WA. There were two and they were in use as all the stalls were full. I assume the ladies were peeing as they were in and out quick

Autoflush- I have no problem with them. They startled me once while I was having a big poop with was a too flusher anyway, One time was giving myself some extra wipes because I had a new fun pair of Victoria secret boy shorts I wanted to keep clean. so I stood up, let the auto flush go and wipe ( I still got skidmarks, but my guy and some other guys still were checking out my rear that day, but that's another story)

I generally poop really fast so I don't try ( at least not anymore ) to hide that I am pooping rather than peeing. My long pees are longer than most of my poos unless I have a huge island poop, which is when my poops pile up and make a island of a few inches above water

I generally pull my pants down to my knees when I poop in a stall, but if I am in a private bathroom without a stall I love pulling my pants down to my ankles or if I am wearing a dress my underwear down to my shoes. Now I have only see a few ladies pull there underwear down to their ankles down to their ankles in a public stall, but I can count on one maybe two hands . And normally I cant see how clean their underwear is but once in highschool I caught a pretty hot cheerleader with pretty skidded panties . Im still pretty shy about bringing down the panties to my ankles in a public stall even though no one can see the dirty details. I agree with Anna from Austria, stalls in Europe seem to be more distant and private.

LB-you should not be ashamed, non sexual erections are normal. pooping and peeing also use very similar nerve pathways, probably why going to the bathroom and having sex have very similar satisfying and cathartic feelings. I would check with a Urologist but don't sweat it

Dean-Any updates on Winnie?

Miranda-yes wiping back to front is a big no no! I have not have as many UTI has many of my females peers, but I wonder how many women still accidently or intentionally wipe back to front. . If you boyfriend wipes you back to front I think its ok to call him out because of the infection risk, especially if you were wearing a thong. That's beyond a skidmark issue!

Undies update: in case anyone cares. I worked yesterday and went to the gym afterwards. Pooped at the work and the gym. Wore my comfy white thong. Some skidding, but as my usual experience, way less than if I wore boy shorts, bikinis or regular panties ( soma, parade are as comfortable as a thong and do not show pantie line with tighter/fitted clothes ) my booty did feel pretty dirty all day though, maybe a little itchy. Am noticing Parade panties don't ride up as much and don't skid as much. Any other gals notice this?


Skidmarked in Seattle

Happy holidays

Happy holidays to all the posters all over the world! May you all stay save, regular and loved

Kristi -hope you and your hubby are well and enjoying some time together during the holidays in and out of the bathroom

Catherine-Wish you peace for you, your family and that volley ball booty blowing up your relatives toilets if you get to travel, or if you are playing it safer at home

Victoria and Robyn- I haven't chatted with Robyn much, but I wishing you two warm toilet seats and warm bidet washes this holiday season. I imagine you two wearing very clean matching holiday underwear

Sofie-Hope you are having more peace with you "humanity" Love that healthy booty and digestive track clean and dirty . The boys will continue to check you out post shower or post poop.

Anna from Austria-Enjoy a peaceful holiday. I too am appreciating more quiet and less craziness today than my 30's

Anna from Canada- in case you a lurking from a toilet, hope you are doing well


Winnie the Pooh

Sorry people I realize I fail asleep on my last story and I thought I finished it but I didn't, but after I was done pooping I asked for my mommy and the nurse stepped out, I asked mommy would she mind wiping me I felt so tried, so she had me come off the toilet and bend over and she wiped very slowly and tender like 5 times. Before she flushed it was like two size extra pieces of poop very pale looking, so she helped me wash my hands and laid back to bed.

Later on Christmas evening, they gave me a dinner it was pretty good but, my stomach couldn't eat it all, my doctor couldn't see me she is on vacation in with her family and her assistant been helping me out. While she was examining me after my dinner I felt like I was going to poop all in the bed so she help me get back on the toilet, and good thing that she did, soon after wet farts and blasting diarrhea came out I had 4 waves of water pouring up out of me, feeling so weak she help clean me up and telling me that she has a teenage daughter at home and she understands if I felt uncomfortable, I told her that I didn't cause my problem is asking for help, so after cleaning up in the shower, she help me sit down on the bed til the new nurse came on her shift and got me a new gown and socks.

While waiting I felt very cold and shivering so like I was escaping my body after my new clothes came the nurse came with two outfits she was really nice and help the doctor dressed me and got me some scrub pants when I'm able to wear panties again.

So after post Christmas I was able to poop normal without help but they still stayed and help me and my mom . So time today I'm going get discharged. Well that's all breakfast time . Hope everyone has a great holiday and see everyone in the next year hugs and kisses


Two stories, mine and a friend's

Hi everyone, especially the SPAS! Sorry I haven't posted in forever. Not much has happened to share and I've been busy, had COVID for a couple of weeks in the fall (I'm fine, it wasn't bad), then the holidays...

But this weekend... the day after Christmas I went to a friend's house to hang out and visit. We don't get to hang out much anymore since she's married with kids and I'm single and we all work, etc. so it was nice to catch up in person instead of just texting. I'll call her Mary for the story.

Anyway, Mary and I were outside on their back patio, just the two of us, drinking wine and talking and laughing. We weren't drunk, but maybe a little tipsy after a glass or two. I knew I needed to pee but didn't want to stop having fun, so I sat there and held it, in spite of the laughter risk. After a while the need was getting stronger and something made us laugh hard again and I leaned forward in my chair and warned her, "If I keep laughing like this I'm gonna wet myself." She just laughed and said, "You and me both!"

It didn't stop us, though, and we kept joking and laughing. Soon I felt a spurt escape and dampen my panties, but in my tipsy state it just made me laugh more, not really caring, and part of me wondered how Mary would react if I really did wet myself more, which got my heart rate even higher, and we kept laughing and I lost a longer spurt that lasted at least a second or two and felt the crotch of my jeans go warm. "I peed!", I said. That made Mary squeal and laugh and kind of tip sideways on the outdoor love seat and keep laughing. That made me laugh at her more and more pee came out and I could feel my bottom starting to warm. I jumped up out of the chair and stood there in front of my laughing friend and looked down and decided I was already pretty wet anyway and it was exciting besides and I wasn't exactly thinking clearly from the wine anyway. I just stood there laughing and stopped trying to hold it back, "I can't stop! I'm peeing! I told you!" I felt the relief of emptying my bladder and the naughtiness and thrill as the warmth and wetness spread down my thighs, then past my knees. Mary was in hysterics, red faced, laughing and pointing. I just let nature take its course until I was done, my jeans very soaked all the way down into my sandals.

"I warned you," I said, as we began to calm down. She caught her breath and said, "Yes you did. At least I'm wearing a liner! So mine won't show, I don't think." She sat up and spread her legs and examined her crotch, "See? Liners for the win!"

I asked, "You peed, too?"

She laughed and said, "After two kids, I almost always pee a little when I laugh hard. I always wear a liner these days!"

I chuckled, "Well, nothing bigger than a toy or a #$%& has been in me so what's my excuse!?" which made us laugh more.

"So what do I do now?" I asked, standing there dripping on her back patio. Mary said, "Wait here, I'll get you a towel and something to change into and we can wash those if you don't mind staying longer." I replied, "I don't think I have much choice."

I stood there sipping wine and frankly kind of enjoying the experience until Mary came back a few minutes later with a big beach towel and some sweat pants. "I told Frank (her husband) that we spilled some wine," she told me. I thanked her, wrapped the towel around me and took the sweats to the side bathroom to avoid anyone else. I wiped off as best I could after peeling the wet jeans off of my legs, and pulled on the loose sweats. Mary was waiting for me nearby and led me to the laundry room so we could wash my jeans and panties. I thanked her and apologized.

"Don't worry about it, it happens to all of us sometimes," Mary said.

"Even you?" I asked tentatively?

She laughed, "Well... since you mention it, yes."

"Tell me," I said, trying not to sound too eager, "it will help me feel better."

"Ok, fine." She said. "It was back at the beginning of the school year in August. Since I work from home now I can drop the kids off and pick them up. But that first week I didn't know how long the lines would be, how long I'd have to wait in the parking lot and stuff. So that day I had meetings right up until time to leave and I didn't have a chance to go before I left and had to just sit there in the car getting more and more desperate. It's like a 30 to 45 minute wait if you want to be anywhere near the front of the line, or it will take even longer. Anyway, I finally got the kids and made it home, all the while thinking I'd lose it at any second. I peed a little pulling into the driveway but the panty liner saved me. We all got into the house and I hurried to our bathroom, holding it for all I was worth, but when I got into the bath and turned to go into the water closet and saw the toilet my body was like, 'Yay, toilet!' and let go and I did what you just did - stood there and completely pissed myself in my own bathroom." We laughed.

"Wow," I said, "Glad I'm not alone. Not that it was the first time anything like that has happened to me..." I said sheepishly. "Oh, girl, me neither," she replied, and we laughed. I was about to ask for more stories but her husband called her for something about the kids and I went back to the patio and the wine and decided not to press my luck. Maybe some other time.



Emma two

Massive poo and Sarah's upset stomach

After all the pigging over the Christmas break I was desperate for a poo when I got up this morning. I went to the toilet and pulled my knickers down with my pyjama shorts and sat on the toilet. I relaxed and immediately felt relief as a massive load of soft poo shot into the toilet. When it stopped I still needed to go but I didn't want risk blocking the toilet so I flushed it before continuing my poo. The water rose halfway up the bowl and went down again which was a relief and I sat down again and pushed the rest of my poo out. It was another big load and when I felt like I was done I wiped my bottom and flushed the toilet again. It all went down but there was a lot of skid marks below the water which I cleaned up with the brush. I was jus about to flush again when Sarah knocked on the door to ask me if I was going to be long because she was about to poo herself. Knowing Sarah was desperate I didn't bother flushing again and I opened the door as Sarah barged passed me holding her bottom. She muttered something as she pulled her knickers down and threw herself onto the toilet leaving the door open. I saw some diarreoa in her knickers as Sarah exploded into the toilet and it was clear she had a stomach upset. She sat there as wave after wave after wave of diarreoa poured into the toilet and after about twenty minutes she wiped and flushed the toilet. When she came out of the bathroom Sarah walked into the living room where I was watching the news on the TV and she quickly turned around and ran back to the bathroom to have some more diarreoa. When she came back ten minutes later Sarah I asked her if she was OK and she said she was fine but her bum felt like it was on fire. I told her she should starve herself for twenty four hours and Sarah agreed.

Public pooper

School dump

Earlier today I was at the college I go to. My stomach was hurting in the morning and I kept letting out big stinky farts. I had to take a test so I didn't have time to go before. I took the test and while I was taking it I let out some silent but smelly farts. Finally I was done. I didn't want to go in the building I was in so I walked to a nearby newer building w a 1 stall 1 urinal setup. The toilet was clean except for a couple skid marks in the bowl. Something I knew I would add to. I sat down and let go a couple hissing farts. The stall started to stink already. The first piece started coming out slowly. It made my eyes water bc it was so thick. I pushed and it kept coming circling around the bowl. Just the. Someone walked in and started using the urinal right next to me. The big turd kept creeping out slowly and fell silently in the toilet as another log started coming out. I looked between my legs and could see the second piece slowly inching toward the top of the first turd. It really smelled like decay in the bathroom now and knew the other person now washing their hands had to be ready to get out of there :) it was smelling like a good dump. I was taking my time and enjoying this dump. The second piece hit the top of the first log and just kind of sat hanging. I let out a couple hissing farts as the guy walked out. It finally broke off and the water had been completely displaced. I wasn't done so I sat. I heard a couple of ladies talking right outside the bathroom door and all was quiet except a few really loud long farts I was sure they could hear outside. My stomach cramped again and I started letting out soft serve that crackled as it used continuously out. It was piling well over the water line. It smelled really good in the small bathroom now :) just then my silence was interrupted by another toilet visitor. I kept pooping as he used the urinal. As he was taking his time washing his hands I started farting again. The women were still talking in front of the bathroom door and as the other guy opened the door I farted loudly again. I was just about done and sat a few more minutes letting out a couple squiggly small turds and empty the rest of the gas. I wiped about 8 times and made sure I was clean. Pulled up my pants and admired the enormous pile in the toilet as I flushed. I left skid marks all over the bowl. A sign of a well done poop. I washed up and walked out of the very smelly bathroom and saw the two women standing in front of the door. They acted like they didn't notice me but the smell was strong enough they had to notice that lol. A very pleasant 20 minute pooping experience


Winnie the Pooh

Christmas story: woke up early like 7 knowing that I needed the bathroom finally, so I used the call light so the nurse came asked if anything was wrong I told her bathroom, so she help me get out of bed, and held my arm so I can lean on her, so we made it to the bathroom and I flipped the light on , and she she got me to the toilet and I pulled the string from my night gown and sat down on the toilet with her help , I farted some and I felt like it was going to be a struggle so she stayed with me I bore down till I couldn't take it anymore and the head it was out but playing peek a boo , but finally it broke up in twos splash splash and my whole open up super big and more heavy weight poop was coming so I try givebut I gave in


I wanna talk about POOP ALL THE TIME!!!

Who likes everything about the act of pooping? I LOVE the release. Especially when you're so full of it. Just to take a massive DUMP!!
I've pooped on the side of the road.
I've pooped in my bed.
I've written songs about poop with my cousin.
I love farting all day.
I LOVE hearing poop stories and everyone who knows me comes to me with their poop story. I just love poop stories and wanna hear so many of them. Poop poop poop poop poop
Poop jokes fart jokes. When people think poop, they think of me. I wish I could poop alllll day long!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2021


Winnie the Pooh

Christmas story: woke up early like 7 knowing that I needed the bathroom finally, so I used the call light so the nurse came asked if anything was wrong I told her bathroom, so she help me get out of bed, and held my arm so I can lean on her, so we made it to the bathroom and I flipped the light on , and she she got me to the toilet and I pulled the string from my night gown and sat down on the toilet with her help , I farted some and I felt like it was going to be a struggle so she stayed with me I bore down till I couldn't take it anymore and the head it was out but playing peek a boo , but finally it broke up in twos splash splash and my whole open up super big and more heavy weight poop was coming so I try givebut I gave in


Winnie the Pooh

Hello everyone I'm back, some wonderful stories to catch up on reading, I will be discharged on Monday but I did eat a few times today and yesterday enough for a couple pooping times but sense it's been awhile of eating nothing has happened so I'm going to fill out Curious Boy survey

Have you ever walked into a public restroom with doorless stalls that someone is using? Yes

Would you rather use a clean doorless restroom stall or a filthy stall with a door? I'm assuming both have an adequate supply of toilet paper where I live never seen a dirty toilet, it all depends on what place I'm at

Are you embarrassed when you are sitting on a toilet and the autoflush goes off, like you are taking too long pooping or your time is up? Never happened but poop away

Ladies do you try to hide the fact that you are pooping when you use a style like try to poop faster, cough when you fart or put toilet paper in the water to mute the plops? No I just let them sink plus I believe that it nothing to be ashamed of

Do you pull you pants down to you your thigh, knee, calves or ankles when you use a public toilet ? General my knees, but out with May J my ankles , but it all depends really but regardless my butt is on the toilet lol

If you pull down to your ankles, is your underwear visible to those outside of the stall?? Sometimes if I have them down all the way. Nice survey

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