To Sofie

Hey Sofie: I never get skidmarks in my underwear from bad wiping, but I did have bowel leakage once earlier this year which I'm sure for you would be just as embarrassing. It seems I accidentally relaxed my anal sphincter a bit during a sneeze, and let some diarrhea go in my underwear. While cleaning up in the bathroom, I was more concerned about being found out if Mom saw me on the toilet in that condition than the accident itself. I bet one thing you could do is try to clean out your underwear. That way, this will help you not to worry about skidmarks. I've not had anything leak out since that one time, and hope to keep it that way. Another great thing about this accident is the clean up was enough that nobody knew I had pooped my underwaer. My poop was loose again today, and all the wiping gave me an itch. That has since gone now, and my last bathroom trip I took this evening was for peeing. I did a noisy fart that was long. Bye.


Response to M about airport bathrooms


In airport restrooms, especially in the ones close to gates, I'd guess that at least half of every woman who goes into the restroom is pooping.

Nobody likes to use airplane toilets.

So airport bathrooms are full of ladies who either (a) want to poop before getting on a plane, or (b) need to drop a load after holding it during a flight.

I've been in both positions. I took a MASSIVE crap in Cincinnati before a flight, and as I said in my story, I took a nice dump after a flight.

Airport ladies rooms are full of plops, farts, and poop smells.

I've occasionally seen some huge unflushed poops in airport toilets.

As I'm typing this, I'm reminded of one time when I was getting off a plane. This girl who looked to be in her early twenties announced pretty loudly to the man she was with that "I need to take a shit as soon as we get off the plane." I couldn't help but smile. As someone who tells my husband basically every time I'm going to the bathroom, I like to see couples being open with each other.

By the way, I'm sitting on the toilet right now. I've produced a little bit of poop but definitely have some more in there. So I'll say goodnight.



Sunday, November 21, 2021

To James

Great story about your planned "accident" in class, also about your mate in year 8. Keep the stories coming, they are great!


Response to Winnie's survey

Hi Winnie, I liked your survey questions. I'll answer them myself.

Do you poop in public?: Yes absolutely but I'm a morning pooper so 9 times out of 10 I poop at home but if I have to poop while I'm out yes I'll go in public.

Do you cover the seat? No I never do though I probably should.

Do you pee in public: Yes

Do you cover the seat: Doesn't apply to me since I'm a guy and pee in the urinal.

What is the longest you ever been on the toilet? Probably around a half hour. On our honeymoon we got back to our cabin one evening and I had to shit and I was in there for almost a half hour just pooping away. It wasn't diarrhea or anything, just a normal dump but I st couldn't stop going. My wife was laughing and kept saying "honey I hear you".

Are you ok will the someone to see you on the toilet?

Yes I'm ok with my wife seeing me. That's about it. I like talking to her while I'm on the toilet or if she's on the toilet with the door closed. We don't normally go in the bathroom when one of us is pooping but it's cool talking to each other while one of us is doing that. It's cool because that isn't something that I do with anyone else. A special bond. Lol!

What is your typical style while pooping on the toilet?

At home I drop my pants all the way down to my ankles or completely naked before showering. In public I just pull them down to my knees. At home my wife drops her pants a bit past her knees. In a hotel and I would imagine in public just to her knees. When it's time for her to wipe she will pull them down a bit further and then reaches between her legs to wipe her butt and not reach behind her back which is how I wipe my butt.


To Jenny (skidmarked in Seattle)

I just saw your post after I sent off my latest story, and I wanted to say thanks SO much for the support and understanding. I'm like, yay, someone gets me! Haha

It's especially good to hear from someone in a relationship who has managed to (more or less) overcome their awkwardness about not always having super clean underwear. I still can't imagine getting to that point myself any time soon, but you give me faith that it is possible. I think I wrote the other day about how humiliated I felt when I knew my boyfriend had seen my panties on the bathroom floor with a pretty major skidmark in them, and how he tried to make me feel better. Can I ask what does your husband say to you to try and comfort you when you would get shy or upset? My boyfriend was really nice but I couldn't help thinking that he was lying and just trying to make me feel better while still secretly thinking I'm gross. I know I should stop obsessing about this, but I can't help it!

That makes so much sense what you said about how your husband likes that you are so beautiful and smart but still get dirty undies, and that it keeps you down to earth. It's funny, that is one of the reasons that I have been kicking myself about my little embarrassing problem for so long. Not to brag, but I do pretty well at school and take a lot of AP classes, and I felt even dumber when everyone would be praising me for doing well on a test or getting good grades, and then I would go to pee or get changed later and see my dirty panties staring back up at me. But since discovering this board and reading everyones posts, especially yours Jenny and Abbie's too, I'm starting to understand that it's nothing to be ashamed of, that it happens to lots of women and that it doesn't mean I'm stupid or immature or dirty or anything. I just can't help but tense up around my boyfriend when I feel like I smell a bit, or on those days when I can actually feel my skidmark in my underwear. He seemed really cool about it that one time, and I know he gets them too sometimes and it's not a big deal, but I just feel like there's this pressure to be super feminine and perfect all the time, and that every time I get a brown streak I am being less than perfect. Ughhh I wish I could just get over it. I think my boyfriend is helping me get over it, but I just wish I could get through the embarrassing part and come out the other side already.

How does your husband tease you about your underwear? I wish I was at that stage with my boyfriend, right now I think if he made a joke about my skidmarks I would die on the spot, that's why I was so glad when he held me and comforted me when I freaked out last time. He was actually really vulnerable with me about some things from his past that he hasn't told anyone before and I think he did that to show how he still loved me and wasn't turned off by me or anything. He's a really sweet guy, I know I'm lucky to be with him and I just don't want to scare him away or gross him out too much. But like my school counselor, my parents, my grandma and my best friend all say, I just need to take myself less seriously in general!!

Anyway, thanks Jenny for your encouragement, between your post and my sister's mishap the other day I'm feeling a lot better about myself right now!



Questions About Road Trip Bathroom Habits and Replies

@Girl from UK
Welcome to this forum! You can feel comfortable with your interests here, which you will find are not as weird as you may think. I know exactly what you mean about taking a poop that makes you feel a few pounds lighter. I have a little story that is pertinent to the subject of my post with traveling. I remember a time last year when I went with my wife to visit her aunt and uncle who live several hours away, how we stopped and ate a fairly large meal. I kept having that urge that wasn't very strong at first, but you knew that in a few hours you would be having a very large poop. The pressure kept building, and it wasn't really uncomfortable, it was almost more of a reminder that a giant dump was necessary once I got to a good place. I remember getting to her aunt and uncle's house, and after getting situated with our room and such, telling my wife that I was going to "stuff a toilet." I went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet, almost instantly letting out a huge piece that was almost orgasmic. Within a few minutes of sitting on the toilet, I literally felt like I was several pounds lighter. I had pretty much filled up the bowl, and had to flush a couple times before all my poop went down.

@Curious Cody
Sounds like your mom was definitely overbearing with your bathroom needs. At least your dad finally stuck up for you!

Welcome to the forum! You had a great first post that I really enjoyed reading. I can understand where you're coming from with the stink. I've gotten a bit better with my smells for some reason, but I used to frequently get teased for how much my poop would smell. I don't ever make fun of that with anybody because I know how demeaning it is. I look forward to reading more in the future from you!

I enjoyed reading about an issue that I don't think about a whole lot as a male, the skidmarks left in underwear. I'm glad that your husband is understanding. What resonated with me is when your husband you are "hot and smart", yet your skidmarks bring you "down to earth." I believe that's part of why I'm so fascinated with my wife's bathroom habits. I view her as very pretty and smart, yet she's comfortable enough to share her bathroom moments with me, which takes a lot of vulnerability. Since I know that many attractive and smart women don't do this, it makes the relationship that much more special to me.

My wife and I took a road trip recently for a family function, and it prompted me to come up with some questions relating to bathroom preferences and habits on the road. I will include all of my own answers for those curious. I would appreciate everybody's feedback!

1. When on a road trip, how do you plan out your bathroom stops? Do you have certain places where you plan to stop? Do you just stop to use the facilities whenever you or a traveling companion's need arises?

2. Before and during a road trip, do you change your eating and drinking habits to manage, reduce, or prevent bathroom stops?

3. What types of places will you pee at while on a road trip? Will you pee outside, at a gas station/ truck stop, store, rest area, restaurant, a friend/ family member's house, or somewhere else?

4. What types of places will you poop at while on a road trip? Will you poop outside, at a gas station/ truck stop, store, rest area, restaurant, a friend/ family member's house, or somewhere else?

5. How selective are you when choosing a place to stop and use the bathroom at? Are there particular places that you know have nice bathrooms that you like to stop at, or do you more just leave it up to chance?

6. What types of qualities do you look for in a bathroom? Do you prefer single user facilities over multi stall facilities? Do you like crowded or empty bathrooms? What other things do you like in a bathroom?

My Responses:

1. Sometimes I have in mind a certain place that I will plan to stop to take a break at and use the restroom facilities, but I will definitely stop if I or someone I'm traveling with needs to use the bathroom.

2. I definitely do pay attention to my eating habits before and during a road trip. One of the worst things is having diarrhea or loose bowels on the road. You don't always know what kind of toilets are available or if you will even make it to a toilet (think about being stuck in traffic).

3. I will pee just about anywhere that I can. If I am in a rural area, I have no problem just standing behind something and peeing. I have often stood behind the door of my truck and peed. My wife prefers to find a somewhat decent toilet to pee in, although she's squatted down to pee outside if there is no chance of her being seen.

4. My wife and I both like to find a fairly clean toilet for pooping. I think that's very reasonable considering your privates are touching a seat for 5-10 minutes or more. A trusted friend/family member's bathroom or a hotel bathroom are definitely the best options. Whenever Anna and I stay overnight somewhere, we almost always try to poop before we leave. If I do end up needing to poop on the road, I find larger restrooms with a lot of stalls to be the best places to poop. They seem to be more kept up in my experience, and you remain more anonymous. One time, Anna and I borrowed a giant 5th wheel camper from her uncle. It was so nice for pooping. We could just stop wherever we had to and poop in privacy. It was a bit cramped compared to a normal public bathroom, but at least it was clean and we could be comfortable with who sat on the toilet seat before us.

5. I am definitely more selective for pooping than peeing. If at all possible, I make every effort to stop at places that I know have nice bathrooms.

6. Like I mentioned before, I believe a large multi stall restroom can be a pretty good experience. I find that with those types of facilities, a moderately busy restroom is the best. It's not so empty that everybody can hear a pin drop, but at the same time it's not so busy that you feel rushed. The absolute best experience for me is when I can use a single user facility and not have anybody else competing with me to use it.


Response to Winnie's survey

Hi Winnie, I liked your survey questions. I'll answer them myself.

Do you poop in public?: Yes absolutely but I'm a morning pooper so 9 times out of 10 I poop at home but if I have to poop while I'm out yes I'll go in public.

Do you cover the seat? No I never do though I probably should.

Do you pee in public: Yes

Do you cover the seat: Doesn't apply to me since I'm a guy and pee in the urinal.

What is the longest you ever been on the toilet? Probably around a half hour. On our honeymoon we got back to our cabin one evening and I had to shit and I was in there for almost a half hour just pooping away. It wasn't diarrhea or anything, just a normal dump but I st couldn't stop going. My wife was laughing and kept saying "honey I hear you".

Are you ok will the someone to see you on the toilet?

Yes I'm ok with my wife seeing me. That's about it. I like talking to her while I'm on the toilet or if she's on the toilet with the door closed. We don't normally go in the bathroom when one of us is pooping but it's cool talking to each other while one of us is doing that. It's cool because that isn't something that I do with anyone else. A special bond. Lol!

What is your typical style while pooping on the toilet?

At home I drop my pants all the way down to my ankles or completely naked before showering. In public I just pull them down to my knees. At home my wife drops her pants a bit past her knees. In a hotel and I would imagine in public just to her knees. When it's time for her to wipe she will pull them down a bit further and then reaches between her legs to wipe her butt and not reach behind her back which is how I wipe my butt.


Buddy Dump with Nina

Hi I wanted to share another story involving my friend Nina I wrote about in my intro post.

The summer before our sophomore year of high school after Nina had just gotten her drivers license she took me to the mall to go shopping. After numerous stops at seemingly every store in the mall, we both needed to hit the can. We walked back to the main restroom only to find it temporarily closed for cleaning. The sign said to use the other restrooms on the other side of the mall. It probably doesn't sound like a big deal, but this mall is huuuuuge and we were both exhausted from being on our feet all day but didn't have much of a choice. As we turned to head for the next floor, it just so happened that a woman and her two children were just coming out of the single occupancy family restroom. With no line waiting for it, we had struck gold! As I was reaching for the handle, Nina asked if she could go first because she really had to go. I had to go too but wasn't desperate so I was happy to let her go ahead of me.

With the main restroom closed down, it was actually very quiet so we could keep talking through the door. It became clear right away by the sounds that she was taking a dump. The thought crossed my mind that she might clog it, but I figured the mall's toilets would be plenty powerful to handle even what Nina could produce. After a minute or two, I could hear her roll off some TP and wipe. Then came the unmistakable whoosh of the high strength toilet flushing. Almost as immediately as it had started, it got cut short and I could hear a gurgle from the toilet. I really couldn't believe it, but I was pretty sure she had indeed clogged it. I wasn't left wondering long as through the door she said "Uhhhh, Gabs we might have a problem". I asked what was wrong and she said the toilet wasn't flushing. Having just listened to Nina poop I was now intent on
going myself. There was no way I was gonna go find the next bathroom. I told her it's ok and that I could just use it anyways. As she came out, she looked genuinely embarrassed. She said sorry again and said she didn't think it was going to be so big. I reassured her it was OK and headed in. In the toilet was a massive log lodged in the hole and sticking nearly straight up and out of the water (which was much higher than normal because of the clog) by a good 6 inches. There were little bits of TP that had been partially vaporized by the flush floating aimlessly around the bowl. Luckily it didn't smell having had just been dropped. I sat down and pushed out my own much more modestly sized turd, which took a few minutes. By the time I was wrapping up, there was a noticeable smell filling the room. I stood up to see the water had receded to normal levels while I was pooping, uncovering more of Nina's giant turd which in turn added to the smell. My own turd paled in comparison sitting there next to Nina's. I thought I ought to give the toilet another flush now that Nina's log had time to soften up a bit. Once again the powerful jet noise started up and came to an equally abrupt end as the big turd didn't budge. Nina had this toilet thoroughly clogged - only a plunger was going to bring this poor toilet back to life. My own little log had gotten swept up by the flush and was now floating in circles around Nina's.

With the stink seemingly worsening by the second, I wasn't going to wait around any longer. I washed my hands quickly and made my exit. I told Nina I was quite impressed which of course only made her more embarrassed. I told her I didn't think anyone could block one of those style of toilets and she chuckled a bit and said she didn't do that very often. She said she "only" clogged those at a rate of about 1 out of every 3 or 4 times. We hit a few last stores on our way out, not really having a choice but to leave clogged toilet for the next person to find. I wonder if anyone else used it. That was the first and last time I made the mistake of offering to let Nina take a dump before me.

I am so interested in what it is about some that allow them to poop so much bigger than others. Not that I'm super overweight, but I think if most people looked at the two of us and had to guess which one pooped bigger than the other most would incorrectly guess me. She's a couple inches taller, but I'm noticeably heavier and thicker than she is. Perhaps it's because she never seems to put on any weight, anything she eats comes right out the other end lol. Would love to hear others' thoughts.

Let me know if these stories are interesting and I can continue to post more. As you might guess, there are no shortage having known her as long as I have and of course now that we live together.

Anna from Austria
@Mina and friends. Thanks a lot for your nice words. Have to agree that big motions are the best and it was convenient for me that I could skip my second BM on that day.

@David P That's a very interesting what you have read. Make sense though somehow. Before toilets were inventend the squatting position was the natural way to poop. In some countries squatt toilets are the gold standard up to this day. So it makes sense that human rectum was "constructed that best way to poop is in the squat postion.

Still not 100 per cent sure if the bigger amount an that day was just a coincidence or not but I will find out sooner or later.

It is getting to cold now for longer hikes but when I start hiking in spring again I might need to in the nature again and then I will see if the outdoor bm is biger again then my usual toilet bm.

Ps I have another question for my fellow ladies.

Do you guys ever had to use a toilet stall with a broken lock? I got lucky so far because I always lock the stall door first before putting my pants/skirts or undies down and get seated. So if the lock is broken I realise that in time and could change the stall.

A colleague/friend at work was not that lucky. I was alone in the ladies room at that time and was checking my hair when my coworker was rushing into the ladies room. She entered the nearest stall and closed the door violently. I could har putting down her pants and then she got seated and started a loud hissing pee. While she was in mid pee tried to lock the door and it did not work. She then asked my if could guard the door until she was done. I said yes.

All in all it did not take long because she just had to take a long pee and not the Number 2.

It is still funny though how different people can be. Locking the door is the first thing I do when I enter a public toilet stall. Even it is urgent. It just happend once to me that I forgot to lock and that was mega embarrasing. Because I was sitting on the toilet in a way that the lady entering could even see my Vagina.

But I do not want to bash my friend for being careleses. I also have a certain habbit that put me trouble. While I am very careful about checking out the lock of the toilet stall before using the toilet I regularly forget to check out the Toilet paper.

I think I will never learn that although I had a few cases were I had to change the stall with pants down when there was no tp in the stall.

That's it for today

Greetings from Austria


John H

Recent poops and comments

Hi all.
Really great posts from everyone lately. I will first include some comments before moving on to a short update on my recent poos.

@Jenny, I think the relationship you and your other half have together is so lovely. It's caring, fun and very loving by the sound of your recent post. Everyone gets skids at some point and your husband odvieously doesn't mind at all. He may like it a bit as he says you are wonderful and hot to him but his knowing something personal about your panties is something that only you and him share together.
I would suspect that most men have checked out their ladies panties at least once and you have the benefit of knowing you don't have to worry about him seeing skids and that he will clean your panties when required.

@Lexi, hi and welcome. I know you are looking for replies from other ladies mainly but I just wanted to say that you are such a good writer and I love all the details you included in your post. It sounds like you really tested your friends toilet to its limits.
I am glad you are at a stage where you are proud to own your poop smell as everyone does it but I appreciate that society in general is less willing to admit that ladies can stink up a toilet as good as, or better than any man. I generally find softer poo can smell much worse than more solid ones and the veg you mentioned can add a stench to most peoples poos. Alcohol is also a culprit I find.
I laughed at your fathers descriptions of your smell and look forward to reading more of your posts.

@Midwesterner, I enjoy your recent posts and I am looking forward to reading about how you and your wife grew to the point you are at today when it comes to you both using the toilet together.

@Kaycha, sorry to hear of your recent accidents but at least you had protection at the time. Glad your boyfriend was on hand to help you clean up as you may not have had the poop accident if he wasn't in the bathroom at the time. Did you tell him you really needed to go while you were waiting outside the bathroom?

@M, I have always found airport bathrooms to have many people pooping at the same time. I guess nobody likes pooping during a flight if possible so most try to get it done before or after their flight.

@The untitled poster from England. Welcome aboard. I love those after dinner poops that leave you feeling satisfied and lighter too. I think of it as sometimes I feel like I am floating out of the bathroom after a particularly good one.
You are not weird for enjoying a good clear out. Everyone does but it's just not talked about publicly. I am sure several others here will agree with you. Looking forward to more of your posts as I am not far from England.

Last Sunday I took a very big poop. I hadn't went for two days previous so I knew it would e big. As I have mentioned here before I like to relax while sitting on the toilet and let my poop make its way out at its own pace. This poop was different though as the tip of the first log stretched me open very wide and then stopped moving. I reached down and I could feel that my hole was domed down around the log and it seems to be much thicker than my hole could handle.
After sitting like this for over a minute I knew I would need to start pushing. I began with some short gentle pushes which resulted in little movement and an increase in pressure on my hole. After a moment I gave another few pushes and slowly I felt some movement.
I relaxed and let it come. At some point the log broke under its own weight and this caused my hole to close before opening again for another log which was still wide but softer. I was totally empty and wiped up. My hole was a bit painful for the rest of the day and I also felt it during my next poop which was a normal size. I guess that big one combined with the pushing may have caused a small tare on the way out.
I am sick at the moment so I quickly pushed out my poo today due to feeling unwell. I had been holding it over night as the water was off so I was releasing lots of very smelly farts.
I am looking forward to my normal poops returning soon.
That's all for now. Take care all.
John H.



My freshman year of high school I was part of a group of students that made our school more friendly and welcoming to new students who moved to our school. So on their first day the principal would page one of us and we would take this new student with us to our schedule for a full day. I was telling Darsolea when we spent an afternoon in the park last week about Merendez. Merendez would be at our school for just a year while her father worked on designing and building new runways at our local military base. She came in from a European city I had never heard of before. She and I would largely have the same schedule. It was about a half hour before 1st hour and while I was taking her to her locker. I told her to look to our right where the bathrooms were and she needed to take care of a necessity right then. I sat on this concrete bench hoping I could hear her peeing away. I didn't think there were too many others in there so I figured I could follow her activity.

What I heard was like every door being swung open, and then 5 seconds later another one. That went on for about a minute. Then some silence. Then I heard about a minute worth of the noisiest splashing into the water. Then I heard something like the flusher being used. Then the hand-washing and hand blower being used. She came out, kind of faked a smile, and asked if all of the girls bathrooms in our school were alike. I didn't know what to say. My childhood friend Shannon had said that about half of the privacy doors had been taken off, users didn't like the precut squares of toilet paper, and sometimes there wasn't enough hot water that worked. Shannon also said that Merendez might have used the far north toilet. Because it is against a concrete wall, it is a lot colder.

After about a week of doing homework together before and after school in the library, I could see Merendez had some bathroom hangups. As Shannon got to know Merendez better she went with Merendez to the bathroom. Here's what she found. Merendez is upset because our bathrooms didn't have those seat tissues that you put down and sit on to go to the bathroom. Like most of us, she didn't like the small cut pieces of toilet paper for wiping. In a pinch, I guess, she would lay them out on the seat before sitting down. So Merendez squats about 90 degrees over the toilet and pees down into it. Both Shannon and I thought that was so different. What most surprised Shannon and me was the Merendez also crapped from the squat. Both Shannon and I knew we could never pull that off.

Merendez transferred to a private school at mid-year. But I never heard from her since then. Darsolea said that while Merendez might have had issues, some people might actually prefer taking a squat pee or crap. From Darsolea's viewpoint, a seat offers a toilet user a comfort feature, and more. Public or private, I agree.

Friday, November 19, 2021

David P

Quick update & more replies

Hi David P again, I do not have much of an update, I'm still really struggling with constipation. I think I've been stressed recently as I've had many job interviews and I think it's making my constipation worse. Today is Thursday and I haven't been for a poo since Sunday but that was only a few pebbles and knobbly chunks. I haven't had a proper big log poo since last Thursday, being constipated sucks! I just feel so blocked up and losing my appetite now. I get urges to poo but when I go sit on the loo it is only some dry farts or a small pebble, sometimes nothing at all just an urge to push.

To Abbie: I forgot to include this part in my last reply. since all of your recent stories here have been pooing at home with your friends, I was wondering if you still go for a poo in pubic or at work? I would love to read a story of any recent public poos, alone or with your friends if you wouldn't mind sharing? I know you like sharing stories with your friends as you think they are more enjoyable, but honestly your alone pooing stories are just as enjoyable to read, I'm sure others would agree.

Sofie: I haven't had a turtle head for such a long time, really enjoyed your accounts with you and your friend in school.

Unknown female poster from the UK: welcome to the toiletstool, always great to have new posters especially from the UK as there isn't many of us. I was the same as you not wanting to post and reading all the great posts, just write what you want everyone here is fascinated by poo so there isn't any need to feel bad about your fascination. I look forward to reading your new posts, and oh yeah I get that after a big poo where you feel a stone lighter!

Jasmin K: 30 minutes on the toilet straining that is a long time, hope you are ok and not in that much pain and discomfort, We all seem a little constipated at the moment!

I will update everyone when I finally manage to relieve my constipation
bye for now



Hey Abbie,
Yeah it's so much easier with skirts or leggings! you just reach up, pull everything down then land on the toilet! trousers have belts and buttons and zips which can cause you real problems when you're desperate! I remember at school I either wore a skirt and tights, or these black trousers, and yeah it was certainly easier if you had a skirt on to get on the toilet quickly. sometimes if I had leaked quite a bit it could be quite nasty trying to pull your knickers back up now they were cold and damp.


A double-dare at school (and reply to Jry)

I was looking back through my recent posts and noticed that a story that I thought I'd posted isn't there - either I forgot to post it or it glitched out, as another of my stories seems to have been posted twice. Luckily I kept a copy. I posted in the summer about a couple of times when I had a poo accident at the same time as my best friend, who was also a bit accident-prone - although as far as I know he didn't poo his pants as often as me. The post I'd meant to include is about the very first time that we were aware of each other's accidents, which was also the only time that I made a mess in my pants completely on purpose.

My friend and I became friends early in Year 2 at school, when we were first in the same class as each other. Soon after this, we had been talking about messy pants together after a girl in our class had a fairly obvious emergency with mild diarrhoea close to the end of the school day. She had been quite matter-of-fact about it - she was already standing at the teacher's desk when it happened, asking to be excused, and she put her hands on her bum and said "Miss, I've just done it in my pants". Some runny mush had plopped onto the floor from under her skirt, and the teacher had asked one of the other kids to fetch the caretaker whilst the teaching assistant took the girl to the toilet to finish her poo and clean herself up.

The next day, I got talking with my friend about what it must have felt like for the girl as she did a loose poo in her knickers. I said to my friend that I could remember having had an accident when I was just past potty training, although I wasn't quite telling whole truth - I could remember several accidents I'd had both at school and on day trips far more recently, including one on the way home only a few days before the accident we'd both witnessed. Our conversation went much as you'd expect it to, given that we were two kids at an age where anything about poo and wee were fascinating and very funny. He thought it must feel gross to have poo in your pants, and he also thought that poo must escape any time that anyone did this, like it had for the girl the day before. I knew from my own experience that a soft poo could feel quite comfortable, and that boys' pants were much better at holding everything in place, and I tried to explain this. He didn't believe me, and dared me to go in my pants right then to prove it. Well, I didn't want to lose out on a dare, but I also didn't want to be caught in school with poo pants. I double-dared him that if I did it, then he had to as well, and we agreed to wait until the end of story-time - the last part of the day when the teacher would read to the class whilst we all sat on the carpet in front of her.

Me and my friend made sure we were at the back of the carpet. I knew I'd be able to do a poo - I'd been feeling one building up, and had already experimentally tried relaxing a bit - it seemed firm, and I could make it go out and back in easily, so I thought I'd do a fairly firm poo that I could drop in the toilet with some loo-roll just before walking home with my mum. This was before I'd really figured out the cork-poo thing, so I thought if the first bit was firm then the whole lot would be. I looked at my friend to get his attention, levered myself off the carpet, trying to hide the fact that I was doing so from anyone else, and pushed firmly - the firm poo quickly shot out, and was immediately followed by a moderately large mushy poo, which spread out as I sat down. My friend could smell what I'd done - it was unmistakeably poo, not a fart - and so he followed my lead. He made a loud fart whilst pushing, which immediately got everyone's attention (and caused some giggling), and of course the smell from both of us was blamed on him a couple of minutes later - he was fidgeting like crazy, whereas I was sat still and trying to look as innocent as I could. The teacher just asked him to go to the toilet - either she thought he'd just farted, or she knew what he'd done but figured he could sort himself out. There was a bit of a bulge at his bum as he got up, but only if you were looking for it. I was feeling a strong mix of guilt and daring - almost exhilaration - at what I'd done, but I was worried that I wouldn't be able to empty a log into the toilet now, as the softer part of the poo was all over my bum instead. My friend was out of the room for about five minutes and then came back, looking a little sheepish.

My friend and I walked most of the way home together with our parents. They were busy chatting, and we surreptitiously compared notes. His log had been large and quite hard, and he'd found it very uncomfortable to sit on, hence his fidgeting. His clean-up had been as easy as I thought mine was going to be, and he conceded that nothing had escaped from either of our pants, so I was right about that. I said that my poo had been unexpectedly soft, but was warm and felt just as comfortable as I'd said it would. He prodded my bum to check I'd actually done something, and he must have immediately felt that my poo had been totally different to his, but I wasn't sure he believed me about it being comfy. He could see that I wasn't at all bothered by it though, so he agreed that I'd won the dare. He admitted he'd also had a poo accident in the past, but he'd got into trouble for it and it had also been quite a hard one (later on, after the time when we both pooed our pants due to my brother hogging the toilet, he admitted he'd had more than just that one accident, including some very runny ones that had leaked - hence him thinking that poo going down your legs was almost inevitable).

When I got home, I continued trying to pretend that nothing had happened, but my mum soon smelled me and asked if I'd not made it to the toilet in time. I admitted I hadn't, and made up a story that I'd been too desperate to hold it and it had come out just before we got home. She helped me clean up. In the evening, she was talking to her friends on the phone, and it turned out that my friend had also been caught out after his mum found a huge, sticky skidmark in his pants that clearly couldn't be explained by careless (or no) wiping. His mum was friends with the mother of the girl who'd had the accident the day before, so between them they decided that we must have caught a stomach bug from her! Neither of us got into any trouble, so it was a lucky escape.

I never replied to Jry's questions from a couple of weeks ago - sorry Jry. You asked if other students in my secondary school avoided the toilets. I think this was quite variable - I think most boys avoided going for a poo in the school toilets but would go if they were desperate, but there was also a group who really didn't care and would go whenever they needed it, and a group like me who tended to avoid it unless we were literally about to do it in our pants.

I did very occasionally spot other kids' messy pants abandoned in the undergrowth on some of the paths that led away from the school, and I once saw another boy in the year below me walking home on one of the quieter paths who had a visible brown stain on his bum, so accidents did happen from time to time. One of my friends (not the same guy as above) once held in his poo until the gap between our afternoon lessons as he knew he'd be passing the nicer new toilet block (he was fidgeting, and he'd commented in the previous class that he was desperate), but then found it locked for cleaning. A few of us were talking after school and he made his excuses and left for home in a hurry - I always wondered whether he made it, or if he in the middle of having a similar problem to the one I had when I soiled myself whilst talking after school because it just got too urgent. My last memory related to those toilets was of overhearing a couple of Year 8 boys talking at break - one of them was complaining that he really needed to go but the toilets were out-of-order, and his friend said something like "are you really constipated?", and the first boy gave him a look of disbelief and said "no, the opposite". He was looking really uncomfortable and rocking on his heels - the bell went just after so again I don't know if he managed to find a toilet in time. These days access to school toilets is supposed to be much better.

My best friend was less reluctant than me to go to public toilets, but tended to avoid them if they were visibly dirty or very busy. This is probably why he was the less accident-prone of the two of us. He also tended to have much firmer and easier-to-hold-in poo than me, but he was more prone to getting diarrhoea.


Sofie Skid marks

I can get the worst skid marks ever!
A large part of the reason why I wear incontinence undies.
I find it is a lot worse when constipated.
Originally I used pantie liners as protection and Sofie...try this.
As my bladder function got worse I graduated to incontinence undies so skid marks....who cares!
also when constipated my bladder control is worse...does anyone find this?
Next subject....I am no problems grunting out a hard poo in a public toilet...did it this morning and yesterday too.
The public toilets have been very quiet of late...nothing to tell.


Winnie the Pooh

Just quick survey about me

Do you poop in public : yes

Do you cover the seat: no it's a toilet

Do you pee in public: yes

Do you cover the seat: no

What is the longest you ever been on the toilet: 1hr bad case of diarrhea

Are you okay with someone to see you on the toilet: it's okay as long it's not sexual fantasy about me

What is your typical style while pooping on the toilet: depending on what I'm wearing jeans and panties and around my calf's unless at church cause of social distance some stalls are locked, but skirt normal lifted up and cover the seat and my panties around my shins, but good poops everything comes down

Have a great day


Worst. Skidmark. Ever.

Thanks Stefanie and Amber for your comments on my post!

I just realized I didn't even get to talking about the whole desperation and turtle heading (my friends call it prarie dogging, but I guess it's the same thing!) aspect. That happens to me occasionally, but actually happens to my friend Jess too. I think because her poops are usually softer and stickier and harder to hold on to when she feels the urge at school, while mine are lumpier and I have to strain and grunt a bit to get started sometimes before it gets soft later. More than once we have both found ourselves getting changed with our backs to the wall in the gym changing room because she has a little stain showing through from trying to hold it during school, and I'm a bit dirty after going at school and rushing my wipe with the bad toilet paper there. It's awkward as hell but I guess at least we both get to be embarrassed together.

Sometimes I just think, if only the boys at school or the mall who stare at us when we wear leggings actually knew what was going on inside our pants (with bad poopy smells and sometimes brown streaks and skidmarks) they would probably throw up in their mouths haha!

So today was a bad day, we had gone to the park (me and my family) and right on cue I started to need a poo while we were out and the only place to go was the porta potty. Only there was no toilet paper at all! This poo was a gross one, it was sticky and lumpy and hard to push out, and I felt like there was a bit left on my butt between my cheeks that I couldn't push out when I eventually gave up and stood up to wipe. Of course that's when I realzied the lack of t.p. situation and just had to pull up my panties and leggings and walk back to my family without waddling or making it look really obvious that I had a dirty butt. The only good thing was that because I was wearing these thin leggings that are. abit see thru when I bend down, I was wearing my one pair of black panties underneath rather than the white or colorful VS ones I usually wear. But when I got home it was BAD, it looked like more than a skidmark but like a solid patch of poo in the back of my panties where I guess it had all smooshed around while we were walking. So gross! I still need to pre wash them before I put them in the laundry, I can't let anyone else see them!

Thanks everyone and I love reading your stories. Abbie I enjoyed your latest story, sometimes I get constipated too, it's embarrassing sometimes having to push to poo when you're out in public or with friends (although my friend Jessica doesn't make fun of me).


Mina Kazuko Maho Hisae
Hi Everyone, we hope everyone is well.

On Saturday we did buddy dump again with potties. Same style with before, green flat and newspapers on floor and line potties with loo paper. But this time Mina face to Kazu and Maho face to Hisae.

Hisae is difficult to control her urge. So her face become to red. But Maho's face also red because she try to be quick not to keep Hisae waiting. When Maho make crackle sound, Hisae and Kazu and Mina release power, and very noisy! Crackle sound from four bottoms together! So we push with giggling, but other end of our body it is no problem, motion come out normally, tho' Maho is bit strain with efforts. Hisae held back little bit so all motions hit potties same time almost. We giggle more, then Hisae did second wave (Mina learned word, "wave", this site!!) it was very big and quite soft.

Maho also doing second one. Once she started, she doesn't want to stop. Her turd became very big, so Hisae, she stopped doing, she got disposable chopsticks (old ones we already use) to break up turd so it can go into loo. Maho's turd landed on side of her potty, so Hisae quickly broke it up, then it didn't land on newspaper.

We emptied potties into green loo after Kazu and Mina did second wave, because potties were full! They are really for child, so not so large.

We said to Hisae, "you are finish?" because she is quick usually. But she said, "No!" We were happy....

This time Mina face to Maho, Hisae face to Kazuko.

Suddenly Hisae turned and Bururururururururu! huge diarrhoea into her potty. She didn't move, and very short time after, again burururururururururu! 3 crushes said "uuuuu!" Hisae is smaller than cow but her motion is larger than motion of cow, Maho said. But Maho said that with doing. As Mina wrote before, she hate to stop after she start, so her potty becoming to full again.

Suddenly, first Kazu and then Mina did third wave. Soft and very huge. Maho and Hisae said "uuuuu" but Maho's voice was not steady because she is busy to do something else.

After that all of us doing little pieces, so squatting is near 20 minutes! But we are accustomed squatting, so it is no problem.

Then cleaning. Cleaning style is same with before time. Then hug on futon, same with before time but when Mina said to Chae, "you are so beautiful when you do huge burururururu", Chae kiss Mina much energy. Maho said, "what you two are doing?" because Mina also kissed Chae.

After that we are drinking tea like we always do(Kazu made). We all say, how healthy we are!! Motion, big motion is so wonderful! So sad that many people say it is shame thing and they want to finish without enjoy. OK to enjoy!! We all felt wonderful our body that time. Motion is very very necessary. Hisae said, even she did huge diarrhoea, she felt wonderful when she did.

Anna, we think it is true that if you squat, it is easy to do more. We think that more motion work inside intestine better when you squatting. This time we felt that very much and we talked about it and about you Anna with drinking tea. Big motion is best!! We are happy that you Anna didn't need to go second time in that day. But cold weather is coming, so next time we use potties is in spring maybe.

Midwesterner, you have wonderful idea, to sing in cornfield while you doing and doing. So we are going to practise harmony song, then we can sing while one of us doing big motion long time. Hisae and Kazu sing soprano, Mina mezzo, Maho alto.

This is become long post, so we stop. Love and hugs and kisses to everyone.

Hisae Maho Kazuko Mina


Response to Sofie

I can totally relate you insecurities about thongs, especially white thongs! search for "skid marked in Seattle" for my posts

Honestly I had that insecurity long before I wore thongs with the white underwear most people wear then they are younger! I think its almost asking for a skid if you wear white underwear at any age unless you use a bidet or you don't poop everyday (I do not recommend the latter). Any way my skid mark insecurity is what brought me here and I have many posts. There are a few women who don't get skid marks (Catherine!!!) and Victoria B uses a bidet which helps. But everyone here is so supportive and even if use a bidet, wet wipes and still get skids, you are a still a very beautiful woman !

I wore dark colored thongs for a long time because if this insecurity! They still felt dirty especially if I was working out or working a 12 hours shift as a nurse.

My husband I think actually not only doesn't mind that I get skids marks , he loves how shy and vulnerable I get because in his word " I am so hot AND smart" and my dirty underwear " brings me down to earth." He genuinely is not grossed out by my underwear. He actually buys me all types on underwear, lingerie, boy shorts, thongs, and mostly light colors, including white! he actually does this to get a rise out of me as when I buy my own underwear I buy dark colors . And despite some initial reluctance earlier in our relationship, I started wearing the light colored underwear that he buys me because he has good taste! I do admit the underwear he buys me is very flattering to my body and comfortable. But wow I get skids in them all the time , especially the full cut underwear.

I may have posted in the past because of the size of my butt, fuller cut panties, bikinis and boy shorts get actually dirtier than my thongs as there is more cloth to ride up. My husband both has a good heart and a prankster. He loves to do chores and when he does my laundry he put stain remover in my underwear. So thoughtful but the first time I saw him clean my underwear, I almost had a meltdown to tears. I still get embarrassed when he does me laundry and he does like to tease me about in jest, but he backs off if I look too distressed. Often times when he teases me when about my underwear, I get very vulnerable and it often leads to intimacy !

Also check out posts from my older "friend" Anna in Canada. She is not active here anymore, but we have some great back in forth about skid marks and thongs! and she has a lot of posts about pooping at the gym as she was also a very active lady with a strong back side


Introduction and a Labor Day Story

Hey everyone! My name is Alexandra-I usually go by Lexi, so I'll use that name here-and I'm an American woman in my early 30s. I've been reading this site since around the end of last year and decided that it was time for me to start participating. It's been so interesting to read the varied perspectives on something that is common to us all as humans, but it rarely discussed openly and honestly, without embarrassment. And that's of particular interest to me for the reason I'm about to share.

To put it bluntly: my poops STINK. That's true for everyone to some extent, I know, but I'm really on the high end of the spectrum. I think there are a couple of explanations. For one thing, my diet is heavy in a lot of foods that research has told me can be major culprits: eggs, cheese, red meat, cruciferous vegetables (especially broccoli and brussels sprouts), onions, garlic, and other spices. But I just love all of that stuff, and I couldn't imagine giving it up for any reason. Another thing is that I can eat quite a lot. I'm definitely not petite-about 5'8" and 180 pounds-but people are often impressed at how much I can put away. And then on top of that, I usually only go once every other day. I've tried, without success, to become more regular, but I think my system's just a bit slow moving.

Between my diet, appetite, and lack of regularity, my poops are major ordeals. At the beginning, there's usually a lot of gas. When the poop comes, it starts in long, semi-firm logs that tend to become smaller and softer as things go on. It usually takes me about 10 minutes to get everything out. Then there's a lot of wiping, and usually multiple flushes to get everything down, or to (try) to clean all the streaks off the bowl (and there are always streaks). I don't clog the toilet as frequently as some of the big pooping women that post or are posted about here-it probably helps that I usually flush partway through, or before I wipe-but it does happen at least a few times a month.

What is consistent every time, though, is the stench that totally engulfs the bathroom. I don't know how accurately I can describe it, given that I'm so used to it. I think of it as being a typical poop smell, just much, much stronger. But other people have described it using words like: intense, incredible, disgusting, unbearable, like a biological weapon, like walking into a brick wall (those last two courtesy of my dad!). I'll turn on the fan, open a window, light a candle, whatever, it just doesn't make much of a difference. Air fresheners are even more useless-they either mix with the poop smell and make it even more unpleasant, or get overpowered entirely. All you can really do is wait 30 to 45 minutes (or more) for the stink to dissipate naturally.

It's not easy having such fragrant poops. Especially as a woman! I've had some ups and downs with it over my life, as I'll post about more in the future, but over the past ten years or so, I've mostly grown to accept it. Everybody poops, most people's poop stinks, and my poop stinks way more than most people's. That's just how it is, and I'll own it. I have to say that since I've chosen not to be ashamed, I've learned there can be something oddly satisfying about leaving a major stink behind. Like if I'm in a public bathroom and someone comes in and audibly groans in disgust, I feel a weird sense of "Yeah! I did that!" though I couldn't imagine sharing that anywhere but this forum.

Anyways, now that you know the background, I'll share the story that prompted me to make this first post. A few months ago we celebrated Labor Day here in the U.S., and my coworker Jen invited me to a party that she and her husband threw at their new house. I arrived a little after noon and wasted no time getting into the food and drinks. Within a few hours, I had eaten two cheddar-jalapeno bratwursts, a cheeseburger, sides of macaroni salad and baked beans, various snacks, and of course, drank several glasses of wine. By the late afternoon, I was beginning to feel some rumbling down below. And that was no surprise, given the timing-I had last pooped on Friday morning, and the party was Sunday, so I was due.

I wasn't thrilled with the thought of taking a dump at Jen's house. It wasn't really Jen's house that was making me uncomfortable; she's one of my closest friends at work and already knows what I can do to a bathroom (the reason for that might be a story for another time). But given the size of the gathering, there was just no way I could drop a stinkbomb in the bathroom that all the other guests were using, right off of the kitchen, without creating a disruption that everyone would know I was responsible for. I'm comfortable with being stinky, but I'm not THAT comfortable. So I decided I'd have to find another location. I pulled Jen aside at the first opportunity and asked if I could use a bathroom with a little more privacy. She smiled (I think she knew exactly what was up) and told me to go ahead and use the master bath in her bedroom upstairs.

So upstairs I went, finding the bedroom at the end of the hall, and then the bathroom, tucked in the corner, running along the backside of the house. It was compact and nicely decorated in a modern style, white and grey tones. I turned on the fan and opened the (small) window just above the toilet, all standard procedure for me, ineffective as it generally is. The fan's electric murmur joined with the music and voices from the backyard to provide some ambient noise. Then I lifted my sundress, lowered my underwear, and seated myself on the toilet. Taking one last breath of fresh air, I felt a little sorry about what I was about to do.

Things started with the usual barrage of gas. Over a minute or two I farted probably six or seven times, each one long and airy. The room filled with a sharp sulfurous odor that was foul in its own right but mild compared to what was yet to come. With the initial pockets of gas cleared out, my first log slid down and into the bowl, touching the water before breaking off and gently flomping onto its side, only partially submerged. I'd guess it was about a foot long. Three or four more shorter logs followed over the next several minutes before I found myself at a natural break in the action.

By this time, my signature stink was radiating through the bathroom at full strength. I glanced down into the bowl and saw that most of the subsequent logs, like the first, had breached the water, with one (presumably the last) almost entirely above-surface. I know that the poop being above the water line makes things stink much worse, and I also wanted to avoid a clog (there was no plunger in site) so I decided it was time for a flush. I pushed the handle and a weak stream of water, with some difficulty, pushed the majority of my production down through the hole. Part of one log and ample brown streaks remained in the bowl.

There was more yet to come, though. I let out a few sporadic blasts of gas as the bowl refilled and my gut continued to churn. I began pushing again and ropes of poop (still solid, but softer than the first logs) came steadily. As heavy as the stench already was in the room, I could tell that I was still adding to it, like pouring water on the rocks in a sauna. (That analogy actually popped into my mind as I was pooping and gave me a little laugh!) Eventually, after a mound of soft poop had accumulated toward the front of the bowl, I sensed that my colon was empty and my assault on Jen's toilet was over. I flushed, wiped, flushed again, and then a final (fourth!) time to clear the last stubborn poop streaks (there was no toilet brush in site either). As I washed up at the stink, I noted that the fruity smell of her hand soap was completely overwhelmed by the dense poop stink permeating the room. It was definitely a wise choice not to use the main floor bathroom! I left with the window open, fan running, and door shut so that the stink wouldn't creep out into Jen's bedroom.

On my way back down the stairs to rejoin the party, I ran into Jen's husband, Tim, who was on his way up. I immediately wondered whether he was about to stumble unknowingly into my aftermath, but there wasn't much I could do about it. I thought about whether, if he did, he'd mention it to Jen, and whether she in turn would tell him that it's par for the course with me. It was odd to then think that in the future, every time I'd see Tim, he might be thinking about how bad my poop smells-but I'd never know for sure! Anyways, I put all that out of my mind, and feeling much lighter inside, enjoyed the rest of the party.

So that's my first post! I hope it wasn't too longwinded. I'd love to hear from others who are on the high end of the stink scale because I think it'd be interesting to share experiences and discuss how bathroom stinkiness intersects with everyday life and can cause inconvenience and embarrassment. I'd particularly be interested to hear from other women because I think it's a littler tougher for us to be extra-smelly in the bathroom whereas for guys it's more expected. I'd also be happy to answer any questions that people might have for someone like me. Until next time! Lexi

In post I wrote just now, I wrote "Maho doing something else". "something else" is her motion. It is not strange bad thing. I am sorry maybe someone think strange.

Love from Mina


Coworker on the toilet

I was at a conference with a coworker Charles, and we got adjoining rooms, the type with the door that opens between them. We would hang out with the door open and then just sleep in our own rooms. We were both in our 20's.

One morning I got up a little bit early to check out the gym facilities, and I went into Charles room to let him know. The adjoining room door was slightly open, so I pushed it open and peeked in. Charles was already up and I saw the light in the bathroom was on but the rest of the room was dark. The bathroom door was wide open. There was a fan going so he didn't hear me at all, and i was positioned where he didn't see me either. I could see him sitting on the toilet. He was reading a pamphlet of some sort. He was completely naked, except for his white briefs which were down at his ankles. I didn't know he wore tighty whities like me. Now Charles is a good looking guy, and he's in great shape, and the image of him sitting on the toilet, up on his toes, with his heels up against the bottom of the bowl, reminded me of the famous Thinker statue by Rodin.

I found it interesting that he pooped while up on his toes like that. Since he was naked, I could see his muscles tense up a few times. Then I noticed how he leaned forward and reached behind himself to wipe. I always wipe between my legs and then stand up to finish the cleanup. When he stood up, I saw he had neatly trimmed pubic hair and an average sized, but nice looking circumcised peen. He stepped out of his underwear and turned towards the shower and turned on the water. I decided to just head out downstairs anyway, and hook up with him in a little bit. I learned quite a bit about my coworker that morning!


Replies and Comments

Thank you for the compliments, I'm glad someone is enjoying my posts! As far as your question goes, I think eventually I will write a post in more detail regarding how my wife and I became as intimate with our bathroom habits as we are. But in short, our relationship naturally evolved to where we were becoming more and more vulnerable with each other, but at one particular point, she sort of called me out on my interest, and I admitted to it. Luckily, she was very accepting of it. When I first got to know Anna, I definitely didn't make my interest known (and I don't make it known to really anybody else at this point besides a couple very close relatives and readers of this forum). Once I admitted to my interest, she sort of admitted she had similar interests, but not quite to the same extent that I did. However, over time, she has developed an interest that is very similar to the extent of mine. We pretty much keep our mutual affection for each other's bathroom habits private, with, like I said, only a couple of our family members knowing about it. The other component to our relationship is that I have suffered from gastrointestinal issues in the past, and she has always been extremely supportive of me. Now, in part thanks to her, I have made a lot of progress with those issues. I was so relieved to have someone who I knew wouldn't judge or think of me differently for those difficult bowel issues. I was talking to her about the principle that a family that poops together sticks together. I think she and I have put that principle into practice very well, and if we have kids someday, we will make them feel as comfortable as possible about their bodily functions. I came from somewhat of a broken family, so being close and vulnerable means a lot to me, and if our bodily functions can help that along, so be it. I love Anna to no end and am so thankful to have her in my life.

@Unknown Poster
Your post doesn't have a name to go with it, but to whoever wrote the response to my babysitter stories, you are very spot on. To successfully take on a mother role does often mean that you have to sacrifice bathroom modesty. Looking back, I'm impressed with how well Yara handled our bathroom antics when I was a little boy. If anybody is cut out to deal with being a mother, and all of the pooping and peeing related items that go with that role, it's her.

You are definitely welcome for my response! To answer your question, I have known guests both male and female poop at our house. I almost want to say that surprisingly, females do it more. Part of that could be because I'm more interested in what a female is doing in the bathroom than a male, so I'm more attentive to what a woman is doing as far as time spent in the bathroom, noise, smell, ect. Another thing to note is that we have more female guests than male. There are just more female relatives close by, and my wife likes inviting her friends over often. I will say that a lot of the poopers at our house tend to be the same people. It's like certain people just don't want to poop anywhere but home. I think about my wife's cousin, Maddie (who might as well not be a guest because she's over so much). She doesn't hide much and will even tell us things like "I gotta take a dump", or "sorry I blew up your toilet." I have written about her on this forum before. I have an aunt and a cousin who will poop at our house almost every time they come over and a meal is involved, but they don't really say much about it, and I don't ask about it. I just know that when they're in the bathroom for 5-10 minutes, and that when I've seen the light skidmarks in the bowl, they have pooped. As far as a difference in gender habits with pooping, I notice most of the females like to try using perfume or something to try and cover up the smell more. It also seems like females generally are faster at pooping than males. I do know what you mean about those stealth poopers. One of my wife's friends is like that, and the only reason I know about it is because I overheard her telling my wife, "my dinner worked its way through me". I've also been in public stalls before and noticed that some other users have made almost no sound or smell, yet they wipe a bunch like they did actually poop.

Thank you for another great post! Being about 6ft 4in tall, I know what you mean about plane lavatories, as they would call it. I find that on narrow body aircraft, such as a Boeing 737, they are almost impossible for a guy my size. I used one to pee once, and it was pretty tricky. Once I had to poop pretty badly, and thought I'd try the lavatory. I know exactly what you mean about the seat not feeling right, and my legs were up against the door when I was seated. It was horrible. My wife says she doesn't know how I physically managed to poop on that flight. Luckily, it was a pretty quick and uneventful poop. However, I will say that on wide body aircraft, the lavatories are much more tolerable for me. I remember pooping on a Boeing 767 once, and was surprised by the room that I had. The seat even fit my butt decently well. Also, I got a kick out of the buddy dump you had at the airport. I haven't done a ton of air travel in the past 2-3 years, but I will gladly share some stories about the travels I have had in the past!

Tuesday, November 16, 2021


Accidents Out of nowhere

Usually I know when I'm going to have an accident. I get the urge too late to do much about it, but I still know. But once in awhile, I'll get the faint signal that we all ignore and not long thereafter, I'll just begin to go pee out of nowhere. This is uncommon luckily but it does happen. Yesterday was one of those days. I decided to get some pizza from a street truck and as I was waiting I got a very faint need to pee, the same we all get when we have to pee just a tiny bit. I got my food and as I walked away, I began to wet my pullup. Out of nowhere. No urge, no bladder pain, nothing. Just bladder emptied. The last time this happened was seven months ago.I was sitting at the computer at college(also wearing a pullup) and I just started to pee with no warning except that faint urge just half hour earlier. Another thing thats VERY seldom is a poop accident. I'm talking regular poop not being sick with diarrhea. But today it happened. Luckily I've become very dependent on my pullups so I was protected but I suddenly needed to poop. I had to wait for the toilet. Geez I HATE when that happens!! An accident is almost a given when I have to wait. I hopped from foot to foot, standing in the hallway reaching back occasionally to touch my butt as my poop kept being touch and go. I was still waiting for my boyfriend to get done in the bathroom but he was taking awhile. Then I froze as I started losing control. A soft turd touched the butt of my pull up and kept coming. I began to pee at exactly the same instant. I started to cry. Poop just kept coming. It was pretty much the consistency of hummus which is normal for me. I finished just as he opened the door. I was a mess. The poop had squished into my vagina and between my labial folds and my pee accident had made a soft load even softer. My boyfriend looked at my tearfilled eyes and asked me if I'd wet my diaper. I said worse. He hugged me and asked if it was a big mess. I said yes and together we got me changed. Poop is luckily so rare for me but it is the WORST. Now here's an accident from when I was young: I had just started 1st grade. My mom did not put me in kindergarten because I still needed a diaper, but since 1st grade is mandatory, she warned me to go potty on time and not wet my panties. She put me in training panties which have a thicker cotton crotch meant to absorb small leaks and dribbles but are NOT by any means absorbent of an actual accident. Well here I was 1stcdaycof first grade. I did great. I went potty on time, I liked my teacher and made a new friend. I loved first grade all the way until day 3. During math, I suddenly needed to go so bad. I squirmed and held my private. I shyly raised my hand. My teacher was very kind and let me go. As I hurried down the hall I leaked a bit in my training panties. Then a big trickle that drooled down the inside of my thigh. I managed to hold the rest in until I got into the stall where I proceeded to try and unfasten my overalls. What parent puts an accident prone child in OVERALLS?! Well I couldn't quite get them unfastened and Within seconds I was starting at my feet as my pee-pee rolled over my shoes from under my pants legs and formed quite a puddle around my feet. I hid in the stall, crying quietly. My teacher found my there and took me to my cubby for my spare clothes. I was then able to get cleaned up and changed in the nurses office. I was so upset and disgusted with myself. First grade meant I was a big girl. No more diapers (except at night). After all my mom had kept telling me I was a big girl now. So why had I wet my pants. I promised myself I wouldn't ever do it again. And I didn't. All the way until day 5 when had a no warning accident on the playground. My mom had been asked to dress me in easy up sweat pants from then on and the teacher and my mom had a meeting with the teacher clarifying that this wouldn't be an "issue" after an adjustment period and my mom promised (seriously?) That it wouldn't be. And it wasn't. Until the next day when I wet the floor during storytime. Sigh. Such is life. 😐


Response to Kristi

Hi Kristi I enjoyed your story about pooping at the airport. I always find when I use the men's room at an airport there is almost always someone taking a dump. Is that the case in ladies rooms too? I don't necessarily want to see who just pooped but I do like to hear others take a poop and airport bathrooms seem like a good place to hear that. I will admit too that I like to sit in the stall even if I don't have to go just to hear others poop? Do you do that too? Do you have a favorite sound of poop you like to hear like hard plops or loose diarrhea poops. I think my favorite to hear is a diarrhea explosion as soon as someone sits down. Take care and hope to hear more stories from you. I'm sitting on the toilet right now too. I have a bit of stomach ache this morning. Been having some diarrhea.


Just Replies

Stefanie: I think peeing four times a day at school is about normal. I knew girls who only peed once a day and others who peed nearly every hour. Once every about two hours is pretty normal, so that's three times right there, and the fourth time right before you leave to avoid "an accident on the bus" as you said (which suggests you may have unfortunately had one).


Back door problems?

@LC: Yes, "fiber burgers" it's just my own name. It's really just normal burgers, but I switched out the buns for high-fiber ones I found, and spinach instead if lettuce. I also did a mix of beets, sweet potato and just regular potatoes. And coleslaw on the side so you don't need so much fries. Very tasty and fresh! :)

This Saturday Adam had what sounded like a really painful bowel movement. He didn't say anything, but after lunch he went to the bathroom and was there for almost 10 minutes. Can't be good to sit for so long! I heard a few very loud plops that sounded very dry and dense. Some even plonked against the porcelain. I was cleaning and I felt like he just snuck away from the chores, so I was bit annoyed.

I don't know how his routines has been during the week as he already left before I woke up so I only saw him in the evenings and then he was very tired.

On Sunday when he came out of the bathroom he looked a bit pale. Later when he was in the sofa I asked how things were, and then he told me he thinks something might have happened to him back there, it hurt a bit to go and it was itching all day. I just wanted to say "told you so!", but I bite my lip. Hopefully this is a wakeup call for him and he'll be better soon.

Take care everyone and thanks for sharing!



Mina Kazuko Hisae Maho-We have those in America too. But they have a lot of variety. The toilets can be right next to each other, or they can be on different sides of a large room. Or even two toilets facing each other.

Kamdyn-What an embarrassing story! Boys can learn quickly that way (I got both of my sons out of diapers before they were 4) but it's really something his mother should be doing.

Curious Cody

Fitting kids into a public bathroom

Yes,Elvia, fitting kids into a public bathroom stall with you can be tough. I lived it regularly from when I was being toilet trained all the way up to age 8 and a few months beyond that.So when I had turned 8 and was walking through a department store, large mall, and a couple times at the zoo, and I had to go to the bathroom, Mom would insist that I stay with her in going to the bathroom. Well before 8 many of my friends were allowed to have total independence in a small bathroom stall and without the direct looking-down on them as they independently crapped of peed.It was easy for a kid to go into a toilet cubical, do his thing, wipe wash his hands and get on with his day.Take a routine crap at the movies and hurry back up to the film.

However, it wasn't all that easy. Mom would ask why I needed to go to the bathroom, why I didn't go at home, and if I could hold it until we got back home and didn't have to use one of those portable potties. She found me sitting on one of those toilets, freaked out, and said I was dirty and going to catch one of those awful diseases. She yanked the door open and was livid that my legs were touching a public seat.

Any 8-year-old boy who has been singled out by his mother and taken to the ladies room with her rather than pee and urinate with males his age in guys bathrooms is going to get much dreaded extra attention. When mom would push him aside for a minute or so while he was in the stall so she could pull off and spread toilet paper over his seat would stand out. Her controlling the water faucet while she washed his hands would be a show his peers would see and talk about long after the bodily function had been completed.

I was past my 8th birthday. Mom, Dad, and I were at a circus at the City Auditorium. I had to crap fast and bad during intermission. Mom stood to take me and dad stood firm that I was capable of going into the bathroom, doing my thing, washing my hands, and coming back on my own. Mom protested but dad held his ground by saying it was child abuse for a woman to take a 8 year-old into the womens bathroom. To this day, I remember how nice it was to have a stall all to myself and not having to squeeze around mother who watched me like a hawk as I sat. No more worry about dropping balls of crap on the floor in front of the toilet while mom lined the toilet seat for me.

How will I ever get over those miserable oppressed experiences that I still remember all too vividly?

Hi to all , this is my first post I've read lots of stories on this site since 2018 but I didn't really have the courage to post on here until now, I don't want to reveal a lot about myself but all I'll say is that I'm a young lady in the uk who has a strange fascination with this stuff ( don't worry I'm very secretive about it because I'm aware it's very weird ). I just wanted to know if anyone has ever had a dump that felt so good that you felt like you had lost so much weight ? About an hour or so ago I had my dinner of salmon pastry, sweet corn ,pasta and fried chicken and because I hadn't had a dump yet I felt quite full and uncomfortable but a few minutes later after I went upstairs, I had a lovely dump that felt like I had lost quite a few pounds! Sorry to bother with this silly story was just interested in what others thought.

Emma two

Epic poo

I've been constipated for over a week and I took a couple of laxatives last night to try and get my bowels moving. Well it worked because I woke up this morning with a stomach ache and the most desperate need to have a poo I'd ever felt and I had to run to toilet holding my bum. I could feel it coming trying to come out as I entered the bathroom and I pulled my pyjama shorts and knickers down together and threw myself onto the toilet. I relaxed and let out a huge load of soft poo into the toilet. When it stopped I still felt like I had to go but I didn't want to risk blocking the toilet so I flushed it. Unfortunately it did block and I waited for the water to go down before I tried it again. When I flushed the second time it cleared thank god and I sat back down and pushed but another big load. I wiped and flushed again and guess what? It blocked again and I had to flush again to get rid of it all. I still didn't feel completely relieved but Sarah was waiting for the toilet so I let her use it before I went back for another pooping session.
As she walked into the bathroom she said it stank in there and I apologised for that. I went into the kitchen to make breakfast while Sarah did her business and had a shower and when she came out I went straight back to toilet as I was busting to go again. I sat down and pushed and I did another big load but not enough to block the toilet thankfully and I wiped and flushed feeling very relieved and a couple of kilos lighter.

David P


Jennifer: thanks for the reply strange that the week i was most worried about pooing wise when staying away actually turned out to be a really good week for me. Maybe you are right. I am now getting up later as I just can't seem to get up right now, work is slow as I am looking for a new job so don't have much on. I think I should try and get up early again and see if it helps.

Abbie: thank you for your concern, I am still constipated and going every few days, my poos are short but knobbly so taking an effort to push out. really enjoyed your latest story but sorry to hear you are constipated. Always seems worse this time of year, your last poo sounded like it was quite painful and I've never had that problem of a poo getting sucked back up, it sounds horrible and stressful! What does it feel like?

Anna from Austria: in answer to your question i read that the rectum has a kink in it to prevent pooing your self but when you squat it opens up the kink into a straight line so it is easier to poo when squatting.


Fitting someone else in the stall with you

Some of the recent posts have made me want to bring up a gripe I'm sure anyone who's a parent or babysitter will agree on. It can be so unbelievably difficult to fit your kids with you if you have to use public bathrooms, even though 3-6 year olds aren't very big themselves. I know it isn't always the case, since the size is different in different places and most bathrooms have one huge stall, but I've still run into the problem a few times.

Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?


Babysitting a hyperactive boy

A five-year-old boy named Justice was among my first and definitely most demanding babysitting clients. His mother was younger than most, sometimes worked a lot of hours at two jobs. She paid me in cash but her earlier neglect of Justice's needs hurt him in his development, confidence and independence. I would often have him for an overnight stay. At their apartment he would open piss over the toilet seat. When he crapped he didn't sit back far enough. So there would be crap smeared on the front of the seat. Unless I was in there with him and forced him to walk back to the flusher, there was no chance that it would be used. He would lie to me saying the the flusher was broken or that the yellow liquid on the seat came from the splashing of his crap. And I often had to do special wash cycles of his underwear because wiping was not a skill he had been taught and that he practiced. A few times when I would check up on him he would have dropped a piece or two in the bowl. I would watch him poorly wipe or often he would just go through the motion to fake it. Finally, I had him stand hands-on-wall and I would show him how to wipe more aggressively. Sometimes it took 5 or 6 times before he was even close to clean. When I showed him the evidence he would just give me that sad but surprised look. I saw his quarter report from school with personal hygiene highlighted for future improvement.

Probably the worst situation was when we were at the airport to meet and pick up my aunt. Her flight was late and Justice's hyperactivity was bad. I tried to wear him down by walking him to a nearby terminal, but it didn't work. It activated my need to crap. He had just turned 6 by then but I wasn't about to leave him alone. I took him into the far toilet that was available. I figured his actions would do less damage. My bad: to avoid an accident I dropped myself onto the toilet seat while still swinging Justice around. I reached forward and pushed his nose up practically against the door. I was slow in passing a log of probably 2 inches wide. I tried to take his attention from me by reciting his numbers, asking him to recall the names of his classmates. He halfway turned just as I was finishing off the log. He broke out laughing so I tried to lighten things up by tickling him. Then I asked him what flavor of ice cream he wanted as his treat. I told him I needed only a minute or less to wipe and I reached for the toilet paper roll. Both were all used up. My luck! I didn't see any legs to my right. I told him I wanted him to go next door, wind the toilet paper on his hand, while counting to 10. While I reached to open the latch on the door, he dropped to the floor and scooted himself under the partition. Then his attention span closed. I could see him lined up on front of the toilet and hear him splash his pee forward. I reminded him to aim. Too late, because I could see and hear splashes on the floor. Then I could hear him undo the toilet paper roll, slam the door back, and he was pounding on mine. I opened it and no longer cared that he saw me with my clothing down. I stood and the seat seemed to stick to my butt for a couple seconds and Justice laughed. But seriously I showed him wiping technique one after the other. He counted it up to a 7-wiper, although I cheated on the last one I wanted to make a point that I would refresh his memory on in the future.

As I was doing that another user came into the adjacent toilet. She must have been desperate because all I heard was a thud and then an explosion of water under her. I took the far sink at the other end of the room as I washed my hands. Another demonstration for Justice. Then we went and shared a ice cream sundae.

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