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A question

For a long time, I've been worried that if someone hugged me when I needed to poop, I'd go in my pants. Has anyone here ever had that happen to them? Thankfully, it hasn't happened to me...yet.


Destroying a Family Bathroom


I'm back with a story about the dump i took yesterday.

To Carlie B.: Hi, it is great to hear from you! You, Victoria B. and Catherine along with a few others are who inspired me to post after reading your amazing stories. I loved the one that you described about taking the soft dump in a grocery store. I don't ever have such huge logs like you do, but i can relate to those soft ones pretty well. What could you see in the toilet before you started flushing? and from your description, i would love to hear about what happens when you have to absolutely unload!. I have never attempted to clog 2 toilets before with one dump but it sounds like a fun challenge!. I decided that i had to try it but i thought i would add my own twist to it.

The story starts yesterday when i stopped by the Walmart nearby to get a few things. I was going to cook dinner for my mom that night since it was her Birthday so i needed to get a few ingredients. As i was browsing the spices section, i felt a huge weight moving around in my stomach. As always, the cramps started getting bad and i had to let out a few SBDs to relieve some pressure. They smelled awful and i really hope that the lady who was in the aisle with me didn't notice. It wasn't long before i felt a very painful cramp and needed to find a bathroom ASAP. I put down the few items that i had found so far and quickly made my way to the back of the store. When i reached the restrooms i was about to go into the Ladies when i had an idea. A couple of the Walmart's near me have family bathrooms with 2 toilets in them, a normal adult sized model, and a children's toilet which is pretty small and shallow. This combination seemed perfect for what i had in mind so i quickly went in and locked the door. At this point the cramps were making me sweat since they were so bad. so i went right over and sat on the adult toilet. It wasn't long before i started letting out a few deep sounding farts as everything moved into position. I sat there on my phone until it was time and i felt a big log start crackling as it came out. It continued to descend into the toilet for several seconds until i felt it slow down as it reached the toilets limits and curled around the end of itself. At this point it broke off with almost no noise, and another piece started to come out. This one was much shorter and fell with a splash into the bowl. I wasn't sure that i had put this toilet out of commission yet but since i was getting a break as my next load moved down, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to switch to the little toilet. I looked into the bowl when i got up and i could see a long log that started in the hole and went up to the waterline of the bowl in the front before making a small curl around itself into what could only be described as a letter "P".It must have been about 14 inches long. Next to it was a log about 7 inches long and at least 1 1/2 inches wide. I moved to the smaller toilet since my stomach was churning and I heard the auto flusher activate. The normally powerful industrial toilet was reduced from the routine vacuum noise to swishing water as the bowl filled and couldn't drain. "One down, One to go" i thought to myself while getting comfortable on the little toilet. The cramps had gotten severe again at this point and i could tell that this toilet wasn't going to survive either. My colon had refilled at this point and i could no longer hold it back so i smiled and bit my lower lip as a muffled booming fart and a large wave soft poop exploded into the little toilet. Because it was so shallow, i could feel everything pressing against the bottom as it came out before going wherever it could to fit in this tiny bowl. wave after wave came and went and i had to push more and more as everything piled up. I was really stuffing this poor little toilet and i was enjoying it. Finally, i was done and got up to see what i had done. This thing was completely full!. The water was completely covered with a huge pile of soft poop that went up to the rim. I don't know how i wasn't sitting in it. I decided to shuffle back over to the adult toilet to wipe up as the flusher activated on the kid's toilet and water spilled out of the bowl and down the floor drain. Oops! oh well. i finished up and snuck out of the bathroom that luckily no one was waiting for. I will try clogging two full size toilets in the future, i just couldn't resist the chance to do it this way. and I think I'm going to try the kids toilet again too since it feels so much different. Well, that's all i have for now, so i hope you guys enjoyed it.

Princess Opal

Just some replies

So today is Thursday. (Unfortunately my big sis just accused me of breaking the toilet because it won't flush.) You know how people talk about whether they poop at morning, noon, or night? Well, on Monday, I did all 3! Although the one at night was rather short and wide LOL
Mina, Kazuko, Hisae, Maho: I'm so glad to have you all as friends! I think about you a lot. To be honest, I don't really have anyone to poop with anymore. So I'm envious ;)
Kristi: for some reason, between the ages of 8 and 12 was the "zenith" of my constipation. And anyway, I often sat and read because it took a while for turds to come out, just like Courtney. It also gave me the vagus nerve sensation, which I described as pins and needles. I remembered it was somewhat unpleasant until the poop started to emerge, and then I'd feel so good, I'd almost lean back and fall asleep right there, on the pot. For some reason it didn't occur to me to rub my belly until I was 12, when I saw my mom rub my then-5-year-old sister's belly to relieve pain and gas. (Which, by the way, my sister had so many cute and funny ideas about pooping. She often seemed to be in pain on the toilet after eating candy, which she talked a lot about.) Steve, I hope you keep posting as well! :)
Alexandra: wow, so you also enjoy the feeling of having a loaded colon! As long as nothing's stuck, I like it too. And yes, I've looked forward all day to pooping before, although usually that means I'm bored.
Kaycha: once when I was 13, I wet my pants really bad when we were out because I couldn't undo my belt. (I'm 16 now.) We were at Goodwill, and my mom actually bought me a pair of new pants to wear for the remainder of the outing. It was humiliating, but I'm glad my mom understood. A few months ago, my ten-year-old cousin admitted that she, too has a history of bedwetting. I'm glad to have someone who understands. You need to find people who will understand you in that way. I want you to know that I care about you and want to stand with you. I frequently have minor leaks and every once in a while, still have major ones. The next time one happens, I'll try to post about it. I'm hoping that many people will stand with you.
Deb: aww, poor Katie! I'm sending her a virtual hug because she is a very sweet girl and I want her to know that poop happens to everyone and it doesn't make them any less beautiful. Do you think she'd like to post on this site, or would she be humiliated?
Emma Two: I've been reading your posts periodically, and it sounds like you frequently go almost a week between each dump. That feeling of being pounds lighter is so good though!
Ronette: I'm so glad it's not all in my head! At first I thought maybe having to wear a mask in the bathroom would filter out the stink. NO, I quickly found. The stink is still there, it's just there's absolutely no air circulation on top of it.
LEA: when I was about 12, I often did huge poops that'd clog and even flood the toilet. (Once this became quite a disaster at my aunts house, and my mom was horrified when she had to help me clean up. What she didn't know was that I'd already pooped my pants. In the next week she had to help me clean up after another panty explosion. That was my third poop accident that month!) So I guess Mary-Jo is like a kindred spirit. Next I'm talking about your escapade with Danielle. I would like to have a pooping spot with a beautiful view. Although it sounds like yours had a view of something else too...Danielle's turd LOL! I personally wish I had a friend who was close enough to me so we could poop together and not feel ashamed. If she let you see the turd growing between her legs, wow. But I think helping each other poop in a Ziploc bag is the most amazing of all! Please write more stories!
That's all for now, Opal


Door-stall peeking or full view sit?

At my large middle school there are 2 types of toilet situations. Some toilets have a privacy door, but there is a 1/2 inch or more gap between the door and cubicle. During class break periods there's eyes peeking in on me. I sit halfway scared because I don't want to tell them to mind their own business and I will come out when I'm done. Why can't they just chill? Then there are the toilets with no door. I might just be pissing when I use one of them, but I've learned that if I pull off some toilet paper and scrunch it up in my fist, they assume I'm crapping and they don't take long looks, ask me dumb questions, or expect me to stand and wipe in 10 seconds. Many of our teachers don't like us leaving class to use the bathroom so the 4 or 5 minute passing period remains the only option. If too many of my classmates are seated and crapping, my chances of my getting sit time are small. But then I might get only a fast wipe in before I pull up my jeans and make a run for class. I'm not going to try to avoid skidmarks and even then I've already had 2 Saturday detentions this year for being tardy. After one of the detentions before my friend Lauren and I walked to lunch she stopped by the bathroom, did a squat over the toilet seat and dropped a nice, juicy blotch on the toilet seat. She said it was well deserved. I agree.



To the college Soccer player who took the skidmark survey: I'm blind and don't get skidmarks at all. The only time I had poop in my underwear was when I had a mild diarrhea accident this year. I clean with wet wipes, and TP. Especially since I can't see anything, I bet you'd really get jealous of my butt cleanliness. Basically, I just go by the feel of the toilet paper against my skin. I use wipes as a last resort. As a bonus, I don't have a sweaty butt, nor a big one. To me, mine feels average. I'm proud of cleaning the poop off of myself. I had to do a lot of cleaning today, so I thought I'd include today's poop report. My poop was messy again. The bathroom at dayhab stunk a lot due to most of my pooping being done there. Not much else to report other than I pooped a bit more at home. Now, to the last part of my post. Since the clients don't do any job experiences at dayhab anymore, it is no longer a place I'd call work. I called dayhab work in some earlier posts from habit. Besides shredding, I put together tiles on a metal rod that would be made into something called a chain set. I think these were color samples for a product. Anyway, when I was put on the line by myself after lunch, I never had to go to the bathroom. I believe Miss Martie said she was going to shit herself when she came in the building from outside one day, but I don't know her toileting habits. One other thing I think happened was that I heard her sick in the bathroom with a stomach bug. This person has moved on to another job, and I miss her. I hope everyone is well. Bye.

LEA: I love your stories, keep it up! What volume was the plastic bag? It's been way too long since I last did that.

How are:

Bianca: I'm glad you liked the story & thanks for commenting.
So this happened when we went for an endurance practice with my teammates from the relay team from college. Our coach Debbie (whom I mentioned in a previous story) instructed us to run for 7 miles so to develop our endurance. That was a Saturday early in the morning. Zoey, Shannon, Mary and me got changed in the locker room and jogged away. we were not jogging on the track but on the jogging trail that day. It was rather cold and foggy. Mary was in front and seemed to run without effort. Her pace was more challenging for Zoey & me to keep up with. After running for half an hour however Mary said she needed a break! We wondered why & she said she had to shit!
We thought it was funny & we laughed! So Mary went off the trail and squatted down behind a bush! After five minutes Shannon decides to have a pee as well! So she goes behind the same bush. Mary complains about her privacy being invaded but Shannon doesn't care! Then they're both done & they come back to Zoey & me. Shannon says that we've gotta have a look at Mary's huge deposit! Mary complains again & tells us not to but we don't listen to her. Indeed, she went number two big time! We tell her she must feel better after letting all this waste out and she says yes much better! We resume running without incident.
When we're back we're all quite tired. We go to the locker room to shower & change. I feel like I have to use the toilet for a shit because I've been quite gassy. Shannon follows me to the toilet. It's a single-stall kind of bathroom. So I take the stall & lock the door. I start peeing as soon as I am seated. Then I fart silently & wait for my poop. Shannon asks do you have to shit? I say yes! She says she has to go too! Meanwhile I pass several logs! The place starts to get stinky. I ask Shannon if she wants to find another toilet but she answers that she doesn't mind! Then I wipe & I flush. Everything goes down without problems but there are many heavy streaks left! Since I know that Shannon is about to use this toilet for a number two as well I don't bother removing them.
I get out & Shannon takes the stall. She says it looks like you went a whole lot! She was right. She starts shitting right away! It sounds like a loose one! Since we are chatting I stay in the room. When she's finally done the room reeks! She wipes numerous times & I remind her we're going to the showers anyways. She laughs & says you're right! She flushes & exits the stall. I ask her if she removed my skidmarks & she says she actually added to them! I guess that's ok because toilets are for shitting anyway. Then we shower & all of us go their own way.

Emma two

Accidents in public

To Deb:
I know how your cousin Emma must have felt when she messed her pants in the mall and in the car going back to your place. It's happened to me many times and it's super embarrassing having to walk in public with a full load in your underwear. Did it stain your car seat or did she sit on something to protect it?


Reply to Kaycha

Kaycha - That was a tough break wetting your pants at work. Probably would not have been as bad had you not had to wait. I can share a story of another woman who wet her pants at work. It was her first week there and I was training her. It was maybe an hour or so since we last took a break and she showed no obvious sign of having to pee, trying to hide it like you did. Until she started peeing in her pants while she was sitting next to me. She ran to the bathroom, so she didn't completely wet her pants like you did. And she had on dark blue jeans, so that was fortunate. (Tan pants, Kaycha?) I asked her why she didn't say anything and she said she didn't want to interrupt and thought she could hold it.


More Tales

Hi guys. My poop was loose again today, and I went a lot. About my bathroom: the drain in the tub is near the left side of it, not the right wall. Also, more details about the apartment at Dorm A that used to be at the school for the blind. While in Austin as a child, I used this bathroom several times when the girls were in the downstairs apartment. The girls and boys were separated. The apartment had a small dining area, a kitchen attached to a hallway, and a one person bathroom in the back. I don't recall saying this, but this was a one bedroom apartment in the back of the building. The bathroom had one toilet, a sink next to that, and a tub. I did some of my childhood big poops in there, too. It had a ventilation fan in the middle of the room as well, but I don't think I ran it much. I also believe the bathroom had 2 light fixtures also, and one of these might have been near the vent. Being an old building, the vent had sort of a medium pitched tone with a quick start up. Since it wasn't terribly loud either, I bet anyone outside the bathroom probably heard me use the toilet sometimes. I'm sure this was common years ago as I recall the exhaust fan in my bathroom at the house we used to live in built in the 50's sounding like that. At least I didn't encounter a broken ceiling heater at the blind school like I did in that house. When I made that mistake years ago trying to air out my poop smell, that slow wirring noise made me think things could turn bad, and I might lose my bathroom. Luckily, I quickly realized my mistake, and turned it off. I do remember that my poop was medium in sized, and smelled a bit. One other bathroom I used was attached to a bedroom as well, had one toilet, sink, tub, and possibly a closet. I even recall while being in the small apartment at the blind school in my elementary days is my roomate Heather wet the bed. All for now, bye.

Victoria B.

Welcome back Carlie!


It's nice to see Carlie back here and my body decided to celebrate your return in style by clogging the toilet I got last summer for the first time. Two smaller pieces that broke off early gave way to a massive log that was at least a foot long and an inch and a half in diameter before some soft serve arrived as dessert.

Because I'd never clogged it before and suspected that it wouldn't have made a difference I didn't bother flushing before I washed with the bidet and dried myself off on both sides with toilet paper. Even after I got up from the seat and saw the bowl for the first time I was sure that it would've been the same: there was just so much poop sitting in it that two-ply toilet paper was barely going to get through regardless. The first forward pull of the handle did nothing but bring the paper closer to the drain and raise the water level in the bowl. It was at that point that I got the plunger out from its extended vacation, thinking that I could use it to break up the monster. But it wasn't to be. The second flush at least took care of all the turds but then when I went to try and dispose of the paperwork it ran into a roadblock further down the drain.

Short of time I poured some dish soap into the stool to try and get things moving and hoped that it would get things moving without having to take my plunger off of stand-by. It wasn't to be. When I got home and tried it again the paper cleared but the water returned after the flush came back at a much lower level than usual. Attempt #2 yielded the same results and finally, I gave up and plunged for the first time in over three months. Later that day I read your post and couldn't help but laugh my head off.

Welcome back!



Surprise from Hisae

Hi everyone, we hope you are very fine.

This is happening from two weeks before.

Weekdays, we don't do motion all together same loo because take too long and we have to start telework. So we go to flat where we sleeping that week.

So Hisae was sitting on loo, door open and I was getting ready for work. She already drop one set of turds, but she is usually two sets so she was stay on loo.

Suddenly she call. "Minappé...."

I ran to loo. Hisae moved forwards and lifted her beautiful bottom a bit, then suddenly domed out, and it came! Splash splash splash.... eleven heavy splashes!! Not so liquid and not so solid.

Wow, Hisae. I love you. So beautiful! Thank you for showing to me.

Now Mina can feel pinching fingers. But not painful. Not only one pinch. Many soft gentle pinch, but from same fingers. Other crushes' arms are encircle round Hisae.

Hisae didn't do little pieces. She was finish. So she washed, and I dried.

I hope everyone can have relaxing time on loo.

Catherine, we don't see your post long time. Are you OK?

Love to everyone.

Hisae Mina Kazuko Maho


Kaycha's Post

To Kaycha: I bet that was embarrassing to pee yourself at work. If I have to pee, I'm one of the people who are really good about going. I don't mean to make you feel jealous, but if you made a habit of being careful and practiced hard enough, you could do it! I have faith in you. Now, I'm going to tell about my poop. It was solid at first, but than changed almost 3 hours after lunch. My poop became mushy, and loose. I had to clean enough that my butt had that itchy sensation from the wiping. The task gave me an itch around my anus which has now subsided. My loose poops are gone, too. Luckily for me, I haven't been farting as much. That's all I have for you today. Bye

Ohio Toiletstool Fan


Hello all. I don't post as regularly as I should, mostly because I'm a loner and I don't really have much interesting stories to contribute. I just know I love pooping and farting, and reading yall posts of the same.

I love farting. It feels so good to me. When I can - meaning being home by myself - i love having bad gas and letting off farts as often as possible - even in my sleep. I'm single now, but when I was married a couple years ago, one of the best parts of the marriage was when her and I would just fart shamelessly in each other's presence - especially during the night. That's one of the things I miss most about being married to her- doesn't speak well to the quality of the marriage I know. But yea, the sheer pleasure of letting hot gasses go, dozens of times all day and night is in my top 5 natural bodily pleasures. I've never been one to, nor will I, take supplements to suppress my flatulence. If anything, I'll do what it takes to increase it. Psyllium, inulin, flax, whatever it takes to give me the stinkiest of farts, along with apples, cabbage, etc... I'm all for it. The stomach pain that happens before the magic is only a small inconvenience. Its worth it when I'm farting nonstop. My question for anyone who's reading this is; does anyone agree with me? If so, please elaborate. If not, please elaborate on why as well. Also, am I a weirdo in your opinion for loving to pass tons of gas? Take care fellows poopers.

Sunday, September 26, 2021 8:25:00 PM


First and last primary school accidents I can remember

I've posted about quite a few accidents so far, and I've now posted almost all the ones I can remember very clearly. I thought I'd write about the very first school accident I can remember in detail, and then the last one before I finished primary school.

I know from what my parents told me that I was very accident-prone in preschool - not that hard to actually potty-train, but still very prone to pooing my pants from time to time even after I'd mastered the potty. Things did improve when I got to my Reception class at school, but I went home at the end of the afternoon with dirty underwear several times that year, and I had accidents outside school as well. I probably pooed myself at least ten times that year - after that I slowly started to get better control during the school day, so there were fewer messes, although as I've written about already I continued to be prone to accidents close to home-time or whilst walking home for much longer, and I was never completely accident-free.

I don't really remember any of my preschool poos in any detail - I have a vague memory of one of the assistants peeling a pair of badly soiled pants off me in the preschool toilets, and another of me sitting on a potty that I'd managed to fill almost to the brim with mushy poo, feeling very pleased with myself for making it in time.

The first pair of dirty pants that I really remember was soon after I started Reception (UK equivalent of kindergarten) - probably within the first couple of weeks, so I would have been nearly five. I had some separation anxiety from the change to the 'big' primary school in my first month, and I really resisted getting ready for school. On this particular morning, I don't think I'd been able to go to the loo before leaving because we were already running late by the time I was ready to go. Almost as soon as the register was called, I could feel a faint urge to poo starting, but I was much, much too shy to raise my hand to ask to go. We were practising writing our names out - I have a clear memory of being sat in a tiny chair trying to make the letter shapes but being terribly distracted by the pressure down below. I knew I needed to ask the teacher to be excused but I couldn't bring myself to do it, and I remember thinking that I was a big kid who had started school, and that meant it was impossible that the poo would come out too soon.

Well, whatever I might have thought, my control at that age wasn't great, and so it only took about ten more minutes before I got to a critical point. My bum was twitching under the pressure, and I have a vivid memory of the feeling that as long as I didn't move a muscle or say anything, I could keep holding on down there until the bell went. I was sitting trying to be completely, perfectly still, and desperately focusing on my bum staying closed, but then I felt myself involuntarily relax, and soft poo came out in a rush. I did manage to stop it before it all came out, but not before I'd had quite a large accident.

With the same five-year-old logic that had led me to believe I couldn't possibly poo my pants in class, I decided to ignore the problem and hope it went away. Another clear memory is of the sensation of warmth in my underwear and the softness of it. It really wasn't an unpleasant sensation at all - as I've said before, almost none of my accidents have ever involved nasty sensations rather than comfortable ones, although as I got older the fear of embarrassment started to get progressively more significant. The smell wasn't very strong, but it was definitely there.

Shortly afterwards, the bell rang for playtime. I think the teacher could smell something, as she made a point of telling us all to remember to go to the toilet if we needed to. My urge to poo had gone away at that point, and for some reason it didn't even cross my mind that I could or should try to do the rest of the poo in the loo. Again, five-year old reasoning. During the second lesson of the morning, we were looking at simple books whilst the teacher called up kids individually to read to her (she must have been working out what our starting level was). I could feel I needed to poo again, and I soon needed to go quite badly, but I still didn't want to raise my hand. I just remember thinking "I've already got a poo in my pants - I can just do the rest in them and a little bit more won't make any difference". I went to get a new book from the bookshelf, and as I did the urge increased to desperation point, and I remember standing by the bookcase whilst giving up and letting go, and another poo came out. It wasn't just a little though - there was a lot of it, and it was even softer than the first one. I do remember feeling that the warmth was nicer than I'd expected as I did it in my pants though.

Doing all this poo in my pants was clearly a mistake though. Soon after, my teacher called me up to read - I could already read quite well when I started school - but she noticed the smell almost as quickly as she confirmed that I was a good reader. She asked "Do you need the toilet?" and I shook my head - she then said "Did you have a little accident?" and I nodded. I'm sure I went bright red with embarrassment and I didn't want to point out that it was, in fact, rather a big accident. She got the teaching assistant to take me to the school office - however, as it was my first half-term we were only in school until lunchtime, which was now just a few minutes away, so the office assistant let me choose whether to be cleaned up by her and the TA, or to go home with my mum. I chose the latter (probably to the relief of the assistants). I don't really remember the clean-up, although I didn't get into trouble. Despite my accident-proneness this was one of the only times I ever actually had to go to the office or sickroom in school.

The last accident of primary school was right at the other end of the school day, and I was eleven. I'd been holding in a poo all the way through the last lesson at school. Mostly this had been going OK, but in the last few minutes I'd noticed that the pressure was building faster and faster, so I was keen to walk home before nature took its course - by now I was very aware of what would happen if I got to the toilet too late. Fortunately, I was sat on a hard school chair, and the poo felt firm and wasn't trying to come out, so I felt quite confident that I'd make it.

When the bell went and we all stood up to leave, my urge to poo started to feel more desperate. The firm lump started to push its way out, but I was able to clamp down and push it back in. The same thing happened again as I went to the cloakroom to get my coat and bag, and yet again as I walked out into the playground. Each time, it felt like it was coming out further, and getting it back in again without breaking the end off seemed to need more and more luck. I started to worry that maybe I wasn't quite going to make it home in time, and feeling worried only made me need to go more. This is something I remember particularly clearly about many of my accidents - the more you worry that you're about to have one, the more likely it is that you will.

As I walked towards the footpath that led from the playing field towards the top of my road, I felt another surge of pressure, and the firm poo came out a few centimetres - I squeezed hard, and felt that the poo was now being held half in and half out of my bum. I kept trying to walk both quickly and carefully. As I did so, I had the strange feeling of the poo being held firm whilst I did some involuntary and very wet-sounding farts around it. After this, the pressure eased off quite a bit, but I could feel that things were sticky down there.

A moment or two later, the pressure came back, and again there were some very wet farts, and I started to realise that I was probably having a bit of an accident even though it felt like I was still holding on. I tried to clamp down even harder, and to my relief it felt like the stuck poo had gone back in. I thought I'd got away with it, and that I might just have a bit of soft poo stuck between my bum cheeks. No-one else was walking along the path, so I cautiously pulled back my trousers and pants to see if I could see what had happened. To my concern, there was clearly more poo down there than I'd expected, and it was warm and making the back of my pants damp, but I was still sure I could make it home and clean myself up without any great drama. It wasn't at all uncomfortable now that I'd got the firm poo back inside.

As I turned onto my street, the pressure built up once again, and this time I could clearly feel some mushy poo starting to ooze, and then rush out - I'd hoped the 'cork' of poo might stop it, but it made no difference. I stopped walking so I could focus totally on clamping down again and stopping the flow. I succeeded, but this time, the pressure wasn't going away, and I started to walk as fast as I dared to my house. Like with that first Reception accident, I could feel my bum almost shaking with the effort of staying closed despite being worn out.

Unfortunately, when I got home, I realised I didn't have my key and I couldn't get into the house. That was a day of the week when my mum took my little brother to football practice after school, and my dad worked until the evening - I was seen as responsible enough to walk the short distance home on my own, and I was never one to do afterschool sports as I was skinny, clumsy and generally a liability for any sports team. We kept a spare key hidden in the back garden, but as I squatted down to retrieve it the pressure finally overwhelmed me and a huge mass of warm, cake batter-consistency poo rushed out into my pants, and this time I couldn't stop it at all. I felt so frustrated - I could see the window of our bathroom just a few metres away. Because I was squatting, it came out faster than usual.

I gingerly walked to the back door and let myself in, and made my way to the bathroom - I had the foresight from past clean-ups to take a couple of plastic bags with me for my pants, as there was no way they were going to be salvageable now. Taking off my trousers and looking in the mirror, I could see the beginning of a smear of wet, orangey poo glistening at the leg bands of my underpants on each side, and the material at the back was dark with moisture. When I peeled them away from my bottom, I could see the mushy poo filling the seat in a broad fan shape and extending forwards to make a smaller fan at the front - but to my surprise, I could see the darker brown 'cork' poo visible where it had come out last. To clean up, I bagged up my Y-fronts, washed myself in the shower, changed into clean clothes, and then put the bag in the outside bin so that no-one would smell it. I checked my trousers for any escaped poo (fortunately there wasn't any, probably because I had been squatting down rather than sitting, although it was a close-run thing), checked that they didn't smell strongly enough to give the game away, and buried them in the laundry basket. By the time my mum got home with my brother, I was playing on my games console as if nothing had happened, and to this day I don't think either of them ever found out about it. Unlike a couple of the other accidents I had that year, and more like the hiking accident I posted last time, this one was nothing to do with being ill - it was just my usual high-fibre-diet mushy poo getting the better of me again.


male restroom university vs female restroom university?

Hey girls and guys I am Jake, I posted here before some time ago. I'm a university student and I travel there by bus so I have to get up early. As a result I Usually go to the toilet when I enter university first thing in the morning.

Lets just day I never poop alone. There are about 10 stalls at each stage and no matter where I decide to go there is always at least one other guy having his morning poop, sometimes even up to 5 including myself. I am quite shy myself but most other men just plop and fart away. When there are a bunch of others pooping I don't care anymore but when it is just me and someone else or me and someone a a urinal I tend to be shy.

How is it with other university or college students? What is the traffic like in the mornings? Are there also a lot of morning poopers? I'm especially curious if there are any differences in the female bathrooms at universities or colleges. Are girls as careless as the men I encounter while pooping? Maybe there are constant courtesy flushes in the girls' room?

As you can see from my name I am a guy and a shameful pooper. Does it bother you as well when you enter a public toilet and there is just one stall? There are usually 3 to 5 urinals in the men's room but just 1 sitting toilet…

So this bothers me because if I have to poop and someone else comes in who has to poop he has to wait till I am finished. This creates a waiting line and spectators when I do my business. What makes it worse is they see who stank up the place! I find this all very inconvenient.

Women don't have that problem because instead of the 3 to 5 urinals they get 3 to 5 stalls. You can be an anonymous pooper there because if you time it right nobody sees who left the cubicle as there is normally no waiting line…

I'm not ashamed to admit that for urgent reasons I prefer to enter the ladies room if it just a few feet away from the men's room. But then you have the extra anxiety because you don't want to be seen in the ladies room as a man.
Last week I had exactly this problem, as I left the ladies room someone was waiting in the hallway and saw me leaving the ladies room. I apologized and told her the men's room was busy at the time I entered (which was a lie). She luckily laughed and was fine but you never know how a lady will react…

It would all be much more convenient if toilets just got rid of urinals imo…


I wet my pants

So I've been tentatively wearing panties again since I've had way fewer accidents lately. But yesterday I broke my awesome dry streak. I was at work in the break room and I needed to potty a little. I ignored it because it was just a little and then I forgot to go. I went back to my desk and got back to work. My need started to grow but I was preoccupied with my tasks so I kept putting off. Then my panties grew warm and a rather large dribble wet the crotch of my panties. It was then that I knew I'd better go potty or I'd have an accident. Before I could get up though, my boss stopped by to chat. I was squirming focusing on not dribbling again. My stomach hurt and I dribbled a little more. I needed to potty so bad. Finally she left. I needed to hold my private but I was embarrassed for anyone to see. The bathroom was down a long hall. By the time I got there my crotch was warm and wet. I had to wait for a stall. I just knew I was going to have an accident. Then a person came out of a stall and I dashed in. Just a little too late. I started to wet my pants. I unfastened my pants and started to pull them down as my dribbling turned into a torrent. I was gushing down my legs and all over my shoes and the floor. I couldn't move. When I finished going in my pants, I sat down on the toilet wondering what to do. Everyone would be able to see my accident in my tan pants. Why would I of all people wear tan pants. I needed my spare clothes. I had to do the walk of shame in my urine soaked pants all the way to my locker. Alot of stares but no one said anything.


Re: Tlana's Public Bathroom Survey

First, let me say that I am a long time reader and poster to this site, although I haven't posted since earlier in the year (Shannon's Accident Survey).

I have always enjoyed Tlana's posts over the years.

This survey is very timely for me as I was on vacation traveling with my family last week and there were several occasions on which to use public restrooms; notably, on I95 going through
Connecticut. In fact, before I saw Tlana's survey, I was going to post a story about one or two
of my experiences.

As I usually explain in my postings, I am disabled by cerebral palsy (CP) and for most of my life it has not affected my ability to use of the bathroom. But, for better or for worse, I am now more wheelchair dependent in public and I am no longer able to stand at a urinal to pee. So, I need to be seated on the toilet for both peeing as well as doing a BM. Actually, I've sat to pee at various times throughout my life, but now it's a necessity.

Gender: Male
Age: 71

1. When away from home will you go out of your way to find the best toilet to urinate or move your bowels in? Why? What is BEST? How do you judge that?

I need a wheelchair stall, the bigger the better. It's easier for me if the stall is big enough so that I can close the door and transfer directly to the toilet.

2. How do you feel about single toilet, family or unisex bathrooms as an alternative to the much larger and public ones?

I have used family bathrooms and I like them for their size and privacy. My wife also has CP and in the past when traveling by ourselves we have used family bathrooms together.

3. How large was the largest bathroom you have ever used?

The largest one I remember off-hand was a disabled bathroom at the Boston convention center about 15 years ago. I was there at a conference for work. Through most of the week I was
using a regular men's room. I was using my wheelchair (too much walking) and one morning a
security guard pointed out the disabled restroom. It was big. It had a toilet and a sink and plenty of grab bars and a door that locked. I think I had to poop but I can't remember. But, it was a great bathroom. I've used other disabled stalls that were very spacious.

4. What is the most comfortable bathroom you have ever used?

Same as 3.

5. For what reasons would you reject a bathroom?

No toilet paper if I need to have a BM. A clogged toilet. Too many people. Unavailability
or lack of wheelchair stall.

6. As a babysitter, former baby sitter or someone with child care responsibilities who made the choice (the child or you) about what toilet will be used.


7. What is MOST important to you in selecting a public restroom stall?
a) proximity and availability
b) a privacy door
c) clean seat
d) an especially higher (handicapped) or lower (kid-friendly)
toilet height.
e) adequate toilet paper
f) clean, non-clogged bowl
g) other (explain)

They're all important, but for me I'd say b), d), and of course e), if I need to poop.

So, I wanted to share a story from last week which very much is related to Tlana's survey.
We stopped for lunch at a rest stop on I95 in Connecticut. We were on our way to Cape Cod for the week. My wife and I were traveling with her brothers and we both needed to go potty.
One of my wife's brothers helps her to the family restroom (we've done this trip before) and I
was heading off to the regular men's room. We've stopped here a number of times before so we know the lay of the land. I'm very independent and private about my toileting and as I was wheeling to the men's room, one of the rest stop's employees came up to me and insisted that I use the family restroom. Because I was familiar with the restroom and the wheelchair stall, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Unfortunately I was very tired from not sleeping well the previous night, and I was rather impatient with the person who wanted to help me. Usually, I'm not this graceless in refusing help, and I felt bad afterwards.


Train shaking and jerking

Five days a week I take the subway to and from my college classes. It is time-consuming because I have to make two transfers each way. But it is also a lot cheaper than buying and upkeep on a car. So for now at least I'm going to have to subject myself to the jolts and twisting that I experience on each ride. My body is just not able to take such rides and often by my first transfer point, I'm ready to piss a bucket. No matter that I always pee in the student center or library just before leaving campus. Three times last week during the wait at my second train transfer the need came on me pretty fast and I had to shit my brains out. There was no chance of me holding it for and hour and a half when I arrived at home.

Since this has been going on for a couple of years, I've switched to wearing loose fitting dresses that I can easily hike up when I finally get on the toilet at the subway station. There are only a couple of toilets at each level at a station and any privacy doors have long been taken off. Its kind of gross looking at the gang graffiti on the walls and some of the sexual messages. Twice last month I had to sacrifice my underwear to wipe with because the tiny amount of toilet paper available would not do the job. I know I piss off a lot of people waiting their turn when I stand, wipe, inspect, and then re-seat myself for another round. At least I'm not wearing a mask this fall; last year the mask in places like bathroom stalls made me so hot I was afraid I was going to vomit.

For Lindsey:

1) What was the biggest dump I have ever seen?
It was at a public bathroom in a park near our house. My friend Josh and his best friend and the friend's dad were there for a baseball game a couple of days before that. After officiating the game, the father excused himself after buying himself a beer and hurried in to the bathroom. He let go of it in 30 seconds or so. He was pissed to find there was not toilet paper. Josh called me in there to see it the next day. There had been a little erosion but it was still intact. I shot it with my phone too.

2) What was the person's size and was the dump related to their physical size?

He weighed about 190 pounds and was 6 feet tall. Makes sense, I guess.

3) Are my poops proportional to my size?
Yes, I think so. Because of my traveling schedule most of my poops are done away from home. A few of them are slow or hesitant to disappear in the first flush, though.


Hey All

To Lea: I love your outdoor bathroom experiences you talked about when you and Danielle went camping. That especially was impressive that you both pooped so much in that bag. In regards to an outhouse, I'd use it despite the smell. However, if it was really nasty, I'd poop in a hole. To everyone else: the toy car whining noise that I imagined a vacuum toilet sounding like mostly occurs when my paper shredder is cutting. As we all know, people have been a bit rough with toilets. In my situation, at least my machine still seems good and I can halt further risk of damage. Since it's purchase 3 months ago, I've been a bit hard on it. I made myself feel better by giving it some much needed TLC. If this were a fancy toilet instead, I'd still make the promise to treat it better from now on. If I ever needed to treat a toilet with love, I'd first pass some decent amount of poop into it, and then feel the joy of cleaning it with the brush. Toilets can be expensive, so you don't want to run a risk of braking those either. Speaking of toilets, I've cleaned them before using comet. This was at The School For The Blind in Austin where I was at a dorm with 2 bathrooms. My favorite was the one with the walk in shower. Gotta clean up in the bathroom. Bye.

College socer player
Skidmark survey
1. When was the last time you got a skidmark in your underwear? Right now
2. What type of underwear got the skid mark? White thong. I usually don't wear these to practice , but I'm behind on laundry
3. Did you have a full poop in your underwear? Not this time, sharted once before a match out of nerves freshman year
4. Did you prarie dog or have a partial poop in you underwear? NOt this time, but one time during a long drive home I prarie dogged in a black thong
5. Did you wipe with toilet paper? lol apparently not enough
6. How do you decide your are done wiping? until the paper was clean
7. Do you clean yourself with anything besides toilet paper? not this time. wiped with leaves on a hike last year, did a surpringly good job!
8. Why do you think do you got a skidmark last time? super sweaty crack + white thong + normal sized poop and paper clean up. I agree no one must get clean with just toilet paper and I am in awe to those who do
9. How many times a week or month do you get skidmarks ?


Labour Day Weekend

Hello, my name is Deb and I'm back with another story. Before I get into it, I have to take a few moments to set it up…

I think it was last year when I posted a story about an accident I had when I was 18 years old. My mum and I went to see my Auntie Barbara and my cousin Emma, who was 15 at the time. They lived in St. Thomas which was about a 45 minute drive from where we lived. From there we went to this beach tourist town called Port Stanley. We had lunch and then went for a walk along the beach. I was having really bad cramps and ended up having diarrhea in my panties and jeans. We went back to my Auntie's place and I had to borrow a pair of panties and jeans from my cousin Emma. I put on a large maxi pad in case my period started or if I got sick with diarrhea again.

My cousin Emma moved to England when she was 20 and we kept in touch from time to time. Emma along with her husband and their 18 year old daughter Katie, just moved back to London. They don't live to far from where my husband, daughter and I live. So, lately we have been hanging out quite a bit.

On the Saturday of Labour Day weekend, we arranged for Katie and I to go for lunch and then do some shopping. I had my period but it wasn't as heavy as it has been in the past. It was probably heavy based on most women's standards, but for me, it was lighter than normal. I still had to wear an Always extra heavy overnight maxi pad, but I didn't feel like I had to rush to the washroom to change it every hour or so. I still had an extra change of pants and panties just in case I had an accident.

Katie and I had a nice lunch. Before we left the restaurant, I went to the ladies room to check my pad. In hindsight I probably should have changed it, but I didn't think it was soaked too badly, so I kept it on. We then went to the main shopping mall in the north end of town. My husband and I don't get up that way too often because it's across town from where we live, so it was nice going up that way.

While we were walking around the mall, I could feel my period getting heavier. All of a sudden I had a huge gush that caused me to wince. I felt like I was starting to leak. Katie and I were in a purse store when this happened. I went over and told her that I needed to use the ladies room. When I got into a stall and pulled down my pants and panties I saw the disaster that was my maxi pad and that I had leaked through my pants. I put on is fresh pad and told Katie that I had leaked. I went out to my car for my extra clothes and changed in the ladies room.

A little while later, we decided to go across town to the mall in the south end. I went to the ladies room when we got there to change my pad before we did anything else. We were in a department store and Katie got really quiet. She looked very concerned. I asked her if she was okay and she said that she needed to get to a toilet. We started off towards the washrooms in the mall. Katie started walking slowly and then came to a complete stop. She hunched over slightly and let out a moan. Then she said, "Oh no! Nooo!!!" With that she let out a really wet sounding fart. She said, "Oh god, Deb! I just…" Then she started pooping diarrhea uncontrollably into her pants. I felt so bad for her. She started shuffling towards the washrooms and it was very obvious that she had just pooped her pants very badly. The mess was already soaking through her tan Capri pants.

I told her that I would take her back to my place so she could get cleaned up before her mum, Emma came to get her.

She kept having to go on our drive back and by the time we got back to my place, she was a complete mess. Her panties and capri's were a disaster. She had a shower and I gave her a pair of clean panties and pants to wear home. Emma came back when she was done with her stuff and thanked me for helping. I told Katie not to worry about having an accident like this as it has happened to me many times.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading.



Reply to Thom

Hey Thom. I am often in the Home Depot store and and shocked at how often guys will be talking on the phone while taking a dump in a public restroom. I never answer the phone in those situations because, like you said, the sound of flushes and air dryers make it pretty obvious where you are located. I did hear one guy answer his phone and say "I'm in the bathroom at Home Depot, about to take a shit. I'll call you back in a few minutes."

Carlie B.

Checking In + Responses to Lindsey and Alexandra!

Hi all it's been a while since I last posted! Rest assured I've still popped on to read every once in a while so I've really just been lurking behind the scenes. I've been ultra busy lately and haven't had time to sit down and share many recent stories. Work has lightened up just a bit here which is why I'm sitting down to write this now. Hopefully I can be a bit more active going forward!

To Alexandra: Great story! I also recall your first one a while back and I hope you continue to post more! That's interesting that you are now going less frequently than you used to. I'm not surprised you're poops have therefore, as you said, gone from huge to enormous. As a fellow big pooper I couldn't help by chuckle when you described clogging your toilet midway through your dump. I call those double-clogs! My dumps typically just one big log more often than not, but when I do a multi-part load I too give it a flush midway unless I'm just absolutely unloading and don't have time. Have you ever clogged one toilet, and then instead of continuing to pile on, moved to a new toilet to finish up and end up clogging that one too? I've attempted that three times in large public bathrooms (where potentially two clogged toilets won't be the end of the world) and succeeded twice.

To Lindsey: Great story from a few weeks ago about your incident with the fire evacuation! Also, thanks for making the survey. Please continue to post more!

1. The biggest I've ever seen was surprisingly not my own but instead a friend of a friend. I wrote about it a while back.

2. She was about 6' and fairly 'well-built' so I guess that fact she pooped big wasn't terribly surprising, but just HOW big she pooped certainly was.

3. I think I poop bigger than others would expect looking at me. I'm just above average height and just a tad overweight but my friends make fun of me saying I poop more than a sumo wrestler.

I have a story to share but I think I'll do that in a separate post. Hope all is well with everyone!

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