Replies to Cammie and Tom W.

Cammie: I didn't even see your story when I posted my latest time in the bathtub. Maybe reading it would have given me courage to poop in the tub!

In response to Tom W.:

1) How often do you pee?
On average, probably 7-8 times a day. Usually about every 3-4 hours, but usually not during the night.

2) Do you pee when you first need to go or hold it until you are desperate?
Mmm. Depends. I enjoy feeling a little desperate and then being able to let it go. However, sometimes I'm more practical and just pee when I can.

3) How long are you normally peeing for (in seconds)?
Longer than the average gal. Probably 30 seconds. I have defeated my husband in a literal pissing contest twice.

4) Does your pee tinkle, hiss or gush?
Depends on how badly I had to go and how I'm sitting. If I didn't have to go that badly, it's a gentle tinkle. If I was bursting, it's a hard stream. Also if I'm leaning back against the toilet (as I do when pooping) it changes the noise a bit.

5) Do you ever leak in your pants if you are desperate to pee?
Rarely. I have pretty strong control. But I've been known to drip a little from time to time. I do kegel exercises (peeing, then stopping, then peeing, then stopping, etc.) a lot when I pee.

6) What's the most desperate you have ever been to pee? Did you make it to the toilet?

The most desperate I've been as an adult was a couple years ago. I was driving and was stuck in traffic. I was literally parked on the interstate for an hour. I knew I wasn't going to make it to a bathroom so I just let go. Drenched my jeans. Didn't care. Fortunately I made it home in time to poop!




Laptop crapping?

I was 16, in 10th grade, and had gotten my driving license only two days earlier. It was in March, there were a lot of potholes in our streets, and I hit one of the holes head on at about 30 MPH on my way to school. I never saw it because it was still half dark out. The surprise and jolt was like a hit in the gut. I was about five minutes away from school, and I knew my first opportunity to crap.

I guess I was different from many of my friends. I crapped at school three or four days a week. This morning it was going to be a little earlier than usual. I parked, hurried into the school, took the only toilet with a privacy door that was open, dropped my jeans and underwear and slid onto the seat. I leaned forward, grabbed my laptop from my bag, and turned it on. I had been pressed for time at 2 a.m. that morning before I went to bed and I hadn't edited my social studies paper. My crap came without much effort in one large log. I was on the second page of a three page paper which was probably going to be a five minute read through. I looked up and on the inside of the door there was a sign "No use of technology while in the restroom!"

It made me angry. I was already having a bad day. I had only gotten in three hours of sleep. I thought What the F***! I'm an honor student and the school is trying to regulate my craps. And pees. My mind was getting evil. I thought about what might be coming next. Then I grabbed for the toilet paper. There was none. I was in a bad mood throughout that morning.

Mina Kazuko Hisae Maho

correction of post to Robyn

Dear Robyn,

We read our post, we are worry that some things you don't understand because Mina's Bad English.

(Chae, Maholin, Kazu, don't pinch my bottom!!!)

In all sentence, except sentence which begins with "Mina...", "she" is "Victoria".

And when stupid Mina wrote, "look at her warm eyes", it is "look at her WITH warm eyes".

And in second post, we write "Doctor know best" but second opinion is also good thing, perhaps.

We are worry so much, so three of us are doing a huge diarrhoea every day, and Maho is constipate. But it's OK. We love you, so diarrhoea and constipate is no problem. After huge diarrhoea, our stomach feel OK. (Even we have diarrhoea, we are eating like tyrannosaurus!! Worry make us eat too much.) And Hisae said that it is her pleasure to massage Maho for 30 minutes until Maho's motions come out.

We are hoping and praying for you both, sweet Victoria and sweet Robyn. (Maho is Catholic, so she pray Catholic prayers with rosary. Many Ave Maria. Even in loo, she pray.)

Love to everyone.

Hisae Maho Kazuko Mina

(Writer is Mina. Crushes are busy to pinch Mina in favourite place.)


Public Bidet

Dear Readers
I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the public toilets that I use daily (not week ends) has something wrong with the plumbing in the cistern and it is continually running. This involves the middle cubicle which is my toilet.
What is so nice is that is continually (the stream of water) seems to be aimed directly on my hole and it is such a pleasant feeling. I sit there ..check my emails and news feeds and then relax and evacuate my bowels and drain my bladder. At the end I have to give my bottom a good wipe as it is wet.
I wonder when the toilet will be fixed but I suppose with Covid it is not deemed essential.
As to attendees there have been no constipated men of late but yesterday there were two took a pee but did not close the door...I would have heard it and she kept talking to her friend as she peed. She could have looked at the beautiful scenery!

I was shopping in my town's mall the other day and discovered that a new bathroom had been constructed. I wanted to see what it was like so carried on looking in shops until I needed a wee and then doubled back. Arriving at the women's room there was a queue four deep (the queue looked even bigger as we were all social distancing). The turnover was slow in the four cubicles so it took ten minutes for me to get to the front of the queue. I heard the woman behind me say to her friend that she was desperate for a pee, so, as I my needed wasn't pressing, I offered her my place in the line. Luckily just after she had thanked me the last cubical opened and she dashed in. Seconds afterwards the first cubical was vacated by a teen girl and I took her place. I was surprised to see that the loo was one of the water saving ones where instead of lots of water in the bowl there's only a little bit and it flushes by pressure sucking away the contents. After putting down my bag I opened the lid (it having to be closed for the flush to work), then I lifted up my dress and pulled down my panties before sitting on the white seat. It only took a second for my stream to start and, even though I didn't think I needed to go that much, it went on for about thirty seconds. I was about to wipe when I felt that I could poo and I started to push. As I was doing so, I heard the woman in the cubical next-door fart and then a small plop. Ten seconds after this my own poo dropped into the loo with a plunk. I felt I was done so I wiped sitting down and the standing up I closed the lid and pushed the flush button. After getting redressed and picking up my bag, I unlocked the door and went to the marble-look basin to wash my hands. I was hoping to see what the woman from the next-door cubicle looked like but unfortunately, she hadn't come out by the time I finished drying my hands. As I was leaving, I noted that there wasn't a queue! Just my luck!

Saturday, September 04, 2021

Evan C.

Having To share an outhouse with my aunt for weeks.

Hello I have posted here few times before. I can't remember my original name so here is a new one (fake one). I'm quite interested in toilet habits, especially of opposite sex.

This story happened about 10 years ago when i lived few weeks with my aunt In her summer cottage. I was just a 16 years old boy and summerwork near by. My aunts cottage, there wasn't indoor plumbing so we used an outhouse to poop. We commonly peed In the bushes so outhouse wouldn't smell too bad. It was clean and pretty one-seater near cottage. Great seat and bright. There was also some books and ashtray for my aunt to use. My aunt was In her late 30s. Friendly brunette with curvy body.

During summer, we encountered a problem related to our bowel movements. They were quite similar. Every morning we had a breakfast and soon after we both needed to go #2. I usually went after my aunt as a shy teenager I didn't want to be a bother. The problem was that she took a long time. She usually had a cigarette in there. And I was in agony. Also I had to go to work. Allthought I enjoyed to see her fresh creations In the pit below. Chilly mornings i could swear i noticed steam coming out of her big solid turd which was quite interesting sight.

Anyways, it took a few days before I dared To ask her to hurry up. She apologized and after that took a shorter dumps, but she must have been agitated. No one wants to be hurried up during their special moment on the throne.

One sunday morning I didn't have to go to work. I went to do my business before her. I didn't lock the door. I might have done that on purpose, I get a buzz being caught on toilet by a female. I was reading a magazine and had a wondeful poop. It took a few minutes when I heard sound of footsteps approaching. She opened a door and saw sitting there. I had my pants about knee level. I was leaning foward reading magazine. My aunt said sorry and left door slightly ajar. "Just a few more minutes" I answered. Then she started chatting to me like nothing. This somewhat exited me that we were so open about toilet habits. Soon she started breathing more heavily and finally asked me to hurry up. I was prertty much done but decided to wait a little longer before wiping. Then she started walking back and forth telling me to hurry up. She even let some prepoop farts while waiting. Soon after I wiped my bottom I opened the door, she rushed in. I heard her pull her pants and sit down, then some airy fart and moan. No cracle, so I assumed it was solid poop as usual. "Now you know how do I feel". She replied me with a small relieved laugh.

Then to last story. Even thought we had our "bowel issues". Me and my aunt were prertty good friends. As a repayment to my visit, I participated to housework and did some repairs. One of these tasks was to empty outhouse. This was nearly at the end of my visit. The pit under the seat was almost full you-know-what. When she suggested this task for the day, I was exited but pretended to be too grossed out for this task. "Im not going to do it all by my self, there is your stuff aswell", she said. And I "reluctantly" accepted job. Aunt got wheelbarrow and showels for us. We went behind the outhouse and opened the "backdoor". There was a cute hill of toilet paper and poop underneath. All very visible in the daylight. There was all kind of turds and some vague mushy, almost composted old manure. There was hard and knobby turds alongside thinner and smoother ones. Some were lighter brown, some very dark. All of the were our producements. As we were showeling, suddenly aunt took one well preserved and massive turd and said "Wow, I wonder which of us made this. I laughed and said "I can't tell, could be either one of us". This outhouse chore was smelly but nice memory of mine. It was kinda intimate moment with my aunt. To be able to see and showel our poops together.

Tom W


To Cammie: You were very brave to pee through your leggings like that. Did your pee not go on the floor at all? It must have been obvious you peed in your pants when you got up after the exam. Did your classmates not notice? Your hissing must have been very loud in a silient room. The relief must have been fantastic if you were very desperate.

To Hollyrae: You beat yourself up over having a tiny bladder but I actually think your bladder is fine. There's nothing wrong with peeing every couple of hours if you are drinking a lot of water and a 30 to 45 second pee is actually quite long. I rarely pee for anything close to that and I'm in my 20's but I know my bladder is tiny! Perhaps your Mum just has a capacity that is larger than most? Do your friends drink as much water as you? Perhaps they don't so can wait longer because their bladder fills more slowly. If you can measure your pee with a full bladder, do it and see how many ml your pee is. If it's about 400 to 500ml your bladder is exactly what is expected :)11

It seems to be quite normal to start peeing with a trickle and then peeing with more force, sometimes hissing like Cammie mentioned as it comes out.

I'm sorry to hear your leak sometimes. Do you only leak if you're bursting to go or do you leak more often and is it only a small amount or is it quite a bit that comes out? Did your Dad know you were very desperate to go? He should have let you jump out and go if he did.

How did you pee in a bottle? That must be difficult for a girl!q1qqqqq

To Emily E: No problem :) Thanks for your reply as well. Was Lauren desperate in a traffic jam or something once and that's where it started? It would be a random thing for her to start otherwise! You must have been bursting to go to make such a huge puddle. You would have had to pull your pants up outside the car or the puddle would have wet them! I'm suprised it didn't make you embarrassed at that age.

To Celine: Wow, your bladder is huge! How are you able to hold so much?

You must have all been bursting on your camping trip to all pee together like that. At least you all knew how to squat and pee outside!

To James: It was very bad of the teachers not to get the bus driver to stop when so many kids needed a poo badly with the runs. Was everyone too embarrassed to admit they were about to poo themselves so the teachers thought everyone could wait?


Urgent public poop

Hi I am new here but I like the stories I have one of my own. I am I female about 5 6 a little on the plus side but anyway I had a very extreme emergency the other morning and I hate going number 2 in public bathrooms but I had to. I was on my way to work ( about a 45 min commute) traffic was a bit much but half way there I felt my stomach cramp up and I was like oh no please I need to get to my office so I kept o. Going well about 5 minutes later it became urgent like I was clinching my butt cheeks together I finally gave in stopped at a decent looking gas station. I park walk briskly inside towards the bathrooms in the back I get there and there are 3 stalls 2 of them taken and I smell at least one of them was pooping I walk in the 3rd stall and on the toilet is a out of order sign I lift the lid and sure enough filled with cray I grimised waited a few minutes ends up they were both pooping I could hear the plops and diarrhea from the other stall. I walk out glance around and saw nobody I peeked in the men's rooms desperately needing a toilet but the men's had only one stall and my luck a dude was taking a shit. I walked back to the ladies and asked if they were close to being done both said no I said ok well the other stall is out of order but I am about to mess myself they said go ahead it already has shit in it and I didn't think twice I rush in remove the sign get my big ass on the seat I apologized to the others cause I was about to blow it up they laughed and I dropped a massive pile of soft loud noisy poo I was so embraced but I was about to shit myself I had no choice . One lady finished and the one which left us 2 with upset stomachs still pooping. A couple ladies come and go when the door guys open I heard heels clicking fast she got in there and now all 3 stalls had women with the runs . I finish finally wash my hands and left a toilet full . I made it to work before I had to go again. Good grief my ???? was hurting


2nd story involving my bf

Hi it's Jasmin again I have another story that happened to my bf a while ago. He has serious stomach issues like probably has its he shits all the time like 4 times a day and when he has to go he needs a toilet quick. We were on the way to my mom's house and I tell him we need to stop and get gas he said good his stomach was upset. So I pull into a small station I pump gas while he goes inside I finish getting gas pull into a parking spot and wait . We'll 10 minutes later he comes out all red in the face I asked high if he was OK she said yes, he told me he was on the toilet a single unisex toilet he was having diarrhea when the door opened on him and the clerk was standing there he told me she said omg I am so sorry I didn't know somebody was in here. He said it smelled bad and was very noisy she heard it all I would of been mortified. When he left he got a pack of smokes and the clerk again apologized and told him yea the lock really doesn't work I have been walked in on doing a number 2 as well. He just laughed it off. When we finally got to my mom's I had to go so I went to the only bathroom and was in a few minutes when he knocked on the door and asked how long I would be I told him a few minutes he replied my stomach is upset I can't wait that long so I finish up walk say all yours he closed the door and I swear it sounded like a volcano erupting my mom laughed she knows about his issues, I think it brings us closer beingnooen about our embracing issues.


Peeing and Pooping in the Bath

Marie: I've pooped in my chair in private but never in public because I'm afraid it would make a scene. I think I'll just have to stick to peeing.

Audrey: I like any and all posts about peeing and pooping in unusual places.

On to my story:
The only thing that might be as relaxing as peeing or pooping is a nice warm bath, which is where I got my idea of the perfect relaxation experience-peeing and pooping in the bathtub. To try this, I held back my poop for 3 days and took a B vitamin pill the night before to make my pee nice and yellow. The next morning, I woke up after my roommate had left for class, so I had the apartment all to myself. When I got out of bed, I immediately noticed those familiar full tingly sensations in my vagina and butt, so I went straight to the bathroom, stripped off my PJs (oversized t-shirt and panties), and started my bath. As the tub was filling, a few drops of pee slipped out and landed on the white towel below. The drops were so yellow it looked like someone had spilled yellow highlighter ink! After the tub was filled, I sat down and enjoyed the sensations. Then, I let out a deep audible sigh and relaxed my bladder as my vagina released a jet of bright yellow pee into the water. It looked like neon yellow smoke was billowing from my girly parts. I boosted my pelvis out of the water, and my stream shot a few feet into the air! I sat back down as my jet slowly came to a stop, but not before dyeing my bath water bright yellow. Then, a big, bubbly fart came out as my poop started getting ready to come out of my butt. I gave a push as I felt my hole start expanding. A steady stream of bubbles came out as my butthole continued to open, and the tip of my turd started to emerge. I looked down and watched as my huge turd continued to slowly slide out. After about 2 feet, it finally broke off, but I felt like there was still more inside me. I pushed again, and a soft turd quickly slid out. I finally felt like I was done. I stood up and looked at the twin brown snakes I had just given birth to. The first one was about two feet long and two inches wide, and the second one was about 10 inches long and an inch wide. I cleaned the bathtub and took a shower.

Does anyone else like to pee and poop underwater-either in the bathtub, swimming pool, lake, or ocean?

I haven't posted here in so long, wow. Almost a year. I'll start off with Tom W's survey.

1) How often do you pee?
Generally three to four times a day. I almost always need to pee after waking up, and it's always a long one.

2) Do you pee when you first need to go or hold it until you are desperate?
I hold it until my bladder is starting to throb. My bladder is pretty strong and has a considerable capacity (I've managed to piss close to a liter and a half before), so I like to completely void myself so I don't need to go again for awhile.

3) How long are you normally peeing for (in seconds)?
Anywhere from 20 t0 40 seconds.
4) Does your pee tinkle, hiss or gush?
It depends on how bad I have to go. If I'm at my absolute limit, I gush.

5) Do you ever leak in your pants if you are desperate to pee?
I do, at times. Especially at the gym. I drink a lot of water so when I get done on one machine, I usually need to go and piss.

6) What's the most desperate you have ever been to pee? Did you make it to the toilet?
When I was 15, I went on a camping trip with my friends and my parents and sister. By the time we got to the campground, me, my sister, my mom, and most of the other girls were bursting. We all ran into the woods and squatted next to each other and let it rip. The ground was quite muddy after.

Emma two

Busting to go while the bathroom was occupied

It's Bank Holiday Monday today, Yay! And I was busting for a poo after breakfast this morning. I got up from the table to go to the toilet when Sarah asked me if I was having a poo because she was desperate for a wee. I said I was busting for a poo but I could wait and she went into the bathroom to have her wee. She really was desperate because I heard it pour into the water at full force for two minutes non stop and I can imagine what a relief it must have been for her. The only problem was I was getting desperate and waiting for her to wipe and wash her hands felt like an eternity and by the time Sarah got out of the bathroom I was close to pooing my knickers. I rushed past Sarah and just about made it to the toilet and pulled my pyjama shorts and knickers down before it was too late. I threw myself onto the toilet and relaxed without having to push. My poo was soft so it came out quickly and it was such a relief especially after I emptied my full bladder as well. I wiped my bottom and flushed the toilet before washing my hands and afterwards I took a nice shower and got dressed.

Emily E

To Tom W

Thank you for replying to my post!

Yes it was rather surprising that Lauren's mom let us do that, and also it was amazing that she had let Lauren do it several times before that, which was why Lauren had gotten the idea and told me about it. I believe we were both 11 at the time, possibly 12, so for us it was definitely a fun thing to do. We did sit on the seat and use it like it was a toilet, or maybe more like two toilets side by side. We both had our pants pulled down, so no we didn't pee through our clothes, I knew my mom wouldn't be too happy if I came home like that. I did really like peeing right into that seat though, I was amazed at how it made such a huge puddle before it absorbed its way into the seat.

Again, thank you for appreciating my post!

Kazuko Maho Hisae Mina

Dear Robyn

We feel so sad for you and Victoria. Mina crying long time.

We think she has something she doesn't want to tell. We are not doctor so we are hard to give advice, but Mina has experience of depression. Mina say, when she is depressed, she doesn't like too many hard questions.

So we advice: don't ask to her too many questions. You have to be patient; one day she will tell you what she is wrong. Look at her warm eyes, and spoil her a bit. Give her what she wants, and don't say too many words. Silence is golden, maybe.

If she want to do wee or motion alone, we think better you let her do. Same for bath or shower. Perhaps you don't need to close door when you are on loo or in bathtub. But if she shout, "Close door!!" then close quietly. Don't angry.

If she start to cry, sit near her, but don't touch. Look at her warm eyes, and let her cry. Cry is good for a health. Better you don't talk.

Perhaps other people will advice you; their advice is more better than our advice maybe. But you can be judge.

Love and many hug and kiss. to both you.

Maho Mina Hisae Kazuko

P.S. What is "meds"?


Sad Victoria

Hey everybody it's Robyn!

Last Wednesday Victoria had a routine appointment with her gastro and since then she's been different. All she'll say about it is that there were no changes but she hasn't been acting or feeling like herself since. She's not eating as much, won't let me into the bathroom with her or give a massage for her stomach pain and has started wearing more to bed than her normal oversized t-shirt and pair of panties. I'm starting to suspect that she might be skipping her meds and her BMs and I don't know what to say or do to help her feel better.

Can anybody help me here? We need to get our girl back!

Hugs and kisses!



The other time my friend and I messed at the same time

Following on from my last post, I thought I'd write about the one other time that my friend and I had an accident at the same time. This was when we were eleven, and on a residential school trip that was partly educational and partly a treat to mark the end of our time in primary school. We went away for four nights, to a youth hostel that the school had booked out completely so there was no-one else staying. We got to sleep in dormitories, and of course most people stayed up half the night chatting and eating sweets. The trip went brilliantly - nothing much to report about my bowels other than that the change in routine had made me a little constipated for the first few days. The catering wasn't great and certainly didn't include many vegetables. On the morning of the last day I needed to go straight after breakfast, so I went to the bathroom and did a somewhat hard nugget of poo, followed by a small log that went from firm to mushy as it came out, so I thought I was probably back to my usual routine.

The plan for the last day was for us to leave as soon as we could get packed, and our coach was going to take us to a well-known theme park on our way home. We'd then get home in the early evening. My friend's parents had gone away for a few days during the trip (he was an only child, so no doubt they wanted to have some couple time), but the only flights they could get home were going to mean them arriving a couple of hours after the coach got back, so my parents had agreed that the two of us would walk back to my house and then his parents would pick him up late in the evening. In packing to leave, we were meant to have a day bag to take with us on our trip for the day, with a drink, packed lunch and waterproof coat, and a larger bag for all our clothes that would stay on the coach. I was not the most tidy kid in the class, and so I'd stuffed some of my dirty clothes in the day bag along with a book to read on the coach.

We arrived at the theme park, and were told to get into pairs and not get separated from our partner. Obviously, me and my friend buddied up. We'd already planned the route we were going to take and which rides we were going to go on - because we were in term-time, the theme park was fairly quiet.

Everything was going fine until just after lunch. As we were riding the cable car to get across part of the park, I started to feel the urge to fart, and it was building up quickly. I lifted one buttock off the seat to sneak out the gas, but a small blob of mildly runny poo (mid-way between mush and runny) followed before I could clamp down and stop it. I felt a bit sticky down there, but it was only a tiny bit and it was mostly stuck between my bum cheeks. After a minute or two the pressure eased off. My friend thought I'd just farted and grinned, and I'm sure I had gone bright red. Because the pressure had passed, I didn't ask him if we could take a detour to the toilets - I knew we'd pass some just after the next ride, and I assumed the pressure had been the gas.

We joined the queue for one of the park's feature rides - it was only a fifteen minute wait, which was much better than usual. Whilst we were in the queue, I had another wave of gassy pressure, and mostly kept control, but another tiny blob of soft poo escaped right at the peak. The pressure didn't ease off all the way this time, and I was starting to regret not going before we lined up, but I wasn't too worried yet. Just then, my friend did quite a loud fart, and gave me a look to show he was joking around before doing another one. I think he was hoping I would try and out-do him, but there was no way I was going to risk it as I was sure I was holding back a soft poo now. He giggled and did another one, which sounded quite wet, and then the adult couple in front of us turned around and gave him a very cross look. He stopped and went very red, and there was no more farting. When the adults had climbed onto the ride car ahead of us, my friend whispered to me "I've got a bit of an emergency - that last fart wasn't all gas, and now I've got some poo in my pants and it feels like more is trying to come out!". This was why he'd looked so embarrassed! I said "Look, I'm getting desperate too, let's go straight to the loo after this". My friend was now looking a bit pale and he said "I think something we ate yesterday didn't agree with me, I don't feel that good". Just at that moment, our carriage came round and on we got. I was feeling scared - not just about my own poo, but because of what my friend had said. As I've mentioned before, I was terrified of either being sick or even having other people be sick near me, and the idea of being near a friend who might be about to be sick meant I was close to panic, even though my instinct was to support him.

The ride was a fairly laid back ghost house - not really scary, and fortunately for my friend, not full of twists and turns - more a showcase for special effects. We disappeared round the corner into the dark, and I heard a bubbling "blop-blop-blop" kind of fart from beside me. I looked to my side and saw that my friend was quietly crying - he said "It's runny and I still need to go, but the more I hold it in the worse I feel". I said "Look, it's OK, just let it out if you'll feel better - I've already done a bit in my pants too so it's not just you". In fact, even as I said that a bit more was coming out in my own pants as my high anxiety level was making it harder to hold on. My friend was sat staring straight ahead, white as a sheet, clenching and unclenching his fists and swallowing hard a few times. I was really scared he was about to be sick, and the fear and increasing pressure in my own bottom finally beat me and involuntarily I let go, with some very wet farts and a torrent of poo that was definitely runnier than my usual accidents. I could feel it going up both the front and back of my pants, and at the back it felt like it was close to the waistband. My friend looked at me and said "Was that..?" and I nodded, and he gave a look of anxious relief and visibly relaxed a bit. I immediately heard more bubbling noises from him as he let everything out, and this time it went on for longer. The ride continued as I asked him quietly "How do you feel now?" and he said "Not sick anymore - look, did you just go in your pants so I would feel better about doing it myself?". I admitted "No, it was an accident, I think my ???? is upset too". The smell from both of us wasn't strong but it definitely had the sharp note of mild diarrhoea rather than the earthier smell of my usual healthy mushy poos. He said "So what do we do when the ride finishes? I don't think I've ever had an accident like this and we've still got to get the coach home". I said "Look, let me tell you a secret - I've had a few more accidents like this since that time round at my house, I'm sure we can figure something out" - he gave me a look and said "Yeah, there were two times when I thought you had but didn't want to ask" - this time I went very red. He added "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone - it's happened to me as well, but never like this".

We got off the ride and immediately headed for the toilets, which were fortunately just round the corner and deserted. Both of us were wearing black trousers, so if anything was soaking through it didn't show. As we headed for the cubicles my friend went "Oh no oh no oh no" and let out another underwater-sounding fart as more poo came out. He looked round and said "I really don't think yesterday's tea was cooked right". I could see a very slight bulge in the back of his trousers, but it wouldn't have been obvious to anyone who didn't already know that he'd got a lot of poo back there. We took neighbouring cubicles and started the clean-up. I managed to do a little bit more poo into the toilet - soft, orangey-yellow blobs that floated on the surface. After a while I had cleaned up as best I could, but my underwear was ruined - thickly coated in poo everywhere and stained through - and my trousers, whilst unsoiled, were a little damp in the seat and definitely smelled slightly pooey. I called across to my friend "How are you getting on?" - he replied "I've wiped all the poo off my bum but I don't know what to do about my pants - we could go commando but what if we need to go again later?". Of course he really meant "What if we can't hold it in later?". I had an idea - because my day bag had my old clothes in it, I had a couple of pairs of pants that I'd been wearing earlier in the week, and they were still pretty clean. My friend had kept the large plastic bag his sandwiches had been wrapped in. He put his pants in the bag and passed it under the cubicle partition, so I could put mine in. His poo looked similar to mine but a bit runnier and yellower - I asked him "Are your trousers OK?" and he replied "Mostly - a bit of the last round of poo came out around my legs as we got into the loos but I've wiped them clean and I think no-one will see". I passed back one of my spare pairs of pants and put the other on myself. Shortly after, we were back on our way, with our pants bagged and left in the rubbish bin under a few layers of paper towels.

We did manage to enjoy the rest of the afternoon - I think we both had a little bit of a stomach ache by this point but my friend wasn't feeling sick and we kept an eye on where the nearest toilets were. When it was time to meet up at the entrance to get back on the coach, we made a point of going to the loo first and sitting down even though we were mainly there to wee - my friend managed a few tiny plops and I couldn't do any more poo at that point. As we got onto the coach, there was an obvious poo smell hanging in the air that wasn't coming from us - another boy whispered to us that two girls in the class had had poo accidents on one of the rides. They were sat next to each other close to where the teachers sat and were both crying. No-one else had sat anywhere near them and whilst there was no name-calling going they must have known everyone knew what had happened. My friend and I both realised at the same time that this was our best chance of our own smelly trousers not being detected, and in any case we wanted to show we supported them, so we sat across the aisle from them, for which we got a shy smile of thanks from one of the pair.

Wearing my old pants turned out to be a good idea though - about half-way home I started to need to go again, and it quickly turned into desperation. I could see my friend was in the same state as he'd gone quiet and a bit pale again. This time, it was him that let go first - he told me after it happened, but I'd heard some very quiet and wet noises, and noticed the smell getting stronger, which meant I'd already guessed - and me that followed him. Fortunately there was no loud farting to give us away - in my case, just sloppy yellowish poo with no wind at all. It came out in an initial rush, then continued as a steady flow for a little while before it finished. One of the other girls in our class, further back in the coach, came forward holding her ???? to ask the teachers if we could stop for a rest break, but we were running behind schedule and they apologised and said no. Shortly after, one of the boys did the same thing, with the same response.

During the rest of the drive, my friend and I swapped stories about a few of our accidents, and agreed that we'd always look out for each other if the same thing ever happened again - we came up with ideas about things like one of us distracting other kids, fetching help or lending spare clothes to the other (not that we ever actually in a situation again together where we needed to do this, as it turned out). We got home, and walked back to my house as planned - it was only a few minutes away, but somehow I still managed to end up dirtying my pants again on the way. I'm not sure if my friend did - I heard some more noises but it could just have been him farting through the wet poo already down there. I gave my parents a hug and then said "Can't stop; busting for the loo!" and headed upstairs with my friend in tow. I let him use the bathroom first whilst I lay low in my bedroom, and then we swapped (we were old enough by that point to be far too embarrassed to be in the bathroom at the same time). By the time we were both done in there, there was no hot water left and his parents had arrived to collect him. I thought we'd got away with it, but after my friend had left my parents asked about my trousers, as the smell was more obvious than I thought. I admitted that I'd been feeling quite poorly with mild diarrhoea and hadn't quite managed the coach ride and walk home - they weren't cross - in fact they were more worried that my friend might have noticed and that he would shun me!

At the end of the following week, a letter was sent home to everyone from school apologising that some of the class had been made ill by the food on the trip. The class rumour mill had it that almost twenty kids (out of thirty) had at least a bit of diarrhoea, and there were several accidents - including both the kids who'd asked the coach to stop, and a couple of others who unfortunately had quite watery poo in the coach that they couldn't hide. We'd been lucky to be sitting at the front where we could get off straight away, so we hadn't been spotted but also hadn't seen the drama at the back of the coach. In fact, because so many people had been ill, the kids whose accidents had been more visible really didn't get teased at all - if anything they got a mix of sympathy and camaraderie, as it fed into a classroom narrative of the terrible youth hostel catering being to blame for making our 'whole' group ill. It would have been nice if that sense of mutual support had been present in secondary school, but it became rather more dog-eat-dog there.

Emma two

Abbey's accident at work

I was sitting at my desk on Thursday morning when I saw Abby (not her real name) run out of the office holding her bottom and by the smell I think it was too late. She returned twenty minutes later with the her jacket tied round her waist and she said she was going home because she had a stomach upset. I asked my her if she would be alright to go home like that and she said her husband was picking her up and I was glad for her that she didn't have the humiliation of having to get on the bus in her soiled clothes.


Great day!

Hi eveyone!
I had a fantastic day so far and wanted to share it. I woke up pretty early and felt pretty full. Normally I have my bowel movement after breakfast and coffee, but today I felt like having a seat after getting up. I took my boxers completely off and tried to relax for a bit. After a minute of nothing I went up to get my phone as I felt I would be in there for a while. After a few minutes I felt something stir and I had to put the phone away as the sensation back there was very intense. My ring opened up very wide and a very firm turd stared to slowly emerge. It felt really good and when it left my body I closed my eyes and savored the moment. I looked in the toilet and saw one very wide and dark turd and another piece that was a bit lighter in color. Phew, what a start to the day! :-)

I went to have break fast and after I felt like I maybe had to go again. Maybe there was a bit still left in there? I made some coffee and while I was doing that the urge became stronger. When the coffee was ready I had only but smelled it before I had to RUN to the bathroom again. A few small farts puffs out of me on the way there, I sat down with great relief to have made it. My bowels very moving very determinedly on their own as they quickly pushed out my second poop for the day. At the end of it I pushed a bit myself to really get everything out. It was over in a few seconds, so it didn't feel so big. But when I stod up I saw that I had produced an enormous amount of sludge. It was so much it reached out of the water of the toilet!

After lunch I had some coffee, and after that it was back to the toilet for a more normal bowel movement for me, a pretty big and firm log. Felt great as well!

Same thing after dinner, but this time is wasn't so big.

I've never been close to pooping this much, and it's been awesome.

Hope you all have great poops, take care!


My Output

Hi everyone. I had a single episode of poop just before logging on, and boy was it a dump! While leaning over to the side to try to turn off the tub a bit more, I was then greeted with a wave of poop pouring into the toilet upon sitting upright again. It was pretty loose, and strangely (to me anyway) had a smell to it like a rubber tire. I know, that's a weird way to describe a poop odor, but I'm sure others have had poops smell of something much worse. Before I had to go to the toilet, the need kept building with a lot of long toots. A friend of mine did what sounded like a loose poop in the middle stall at dayhab yesterday. I've heard my friend Regina fart in the stall before as well as having conversations with herself. I sometimes sing to myself at ???? while on the toilet, and even drum on things. Bathroom music doesn't have to stink, lol. That's all for today. Bye


Tom W's peeing questions

1. How often do I pee? Every 2 hours or so when I'm at school because I drink a lot of pop and water. At home, about every 3 hours.

2. Do you pee when you first need to or do you hold it until your desperate?

There are a couple of classes where the teachers are mean about passes to use the bathrooms. So I try to go during class passing period before those classes. I'd rather be safe than sorry. When I'm with my dad going somewhere he will stop and let me use a public bathroom. Then he reminds me I don't have the bladder capacity of my mom.

3. How long are you normally peeing for in seconds?
30 to 45 seconds. My record was almost 2 minutes when we were on vacation and an hour or so between rest stops. I'll admit--mom knows how to hold it, but I don't have that confidence yet.

4. Does your pee tinkle, hiss or gush?
It starts with a tinkle but picks up force most of the time.

5. Do you ever leak in your pants if you are desperate to pee?
Yes. Just about a month ago when dad was taking so long in trying to find a closer parking spot at the mall.

6. When were you the most desperate to pee? Did you make it to the toilet?
That happened like 2 years ago when we were at my aunt's house. A very small house with a single bathroom. My cousin Jacob was in there for about a half hour or more. I knocked on the door and all he said was to give him a break. I went out behind the garage in the alley and partially peed in a bottle. Then I threw it in a trashcan. A couple hours later when my dad stopped for gas I went in and did about a 23 second wee. I knew the traffic on the interstate would likely get jammed up.

My pee needs haven't really changed. I just try and stay away from things like needing to pee on a city bus that is stopping at every corner to pick up riders or at traffic lights. My friend Roxie says I should just go in the very back seat, pull down my clothing and let it go. I don't think I'm there yet. I also worry about the driver's mirrors.


To Anna from Austria

You're not alone! My period also has a negative effect on my bowel.
Sometimes I will have diarrhea attack during my period, but they're usually just small attack. Most of the time, my stomach stays peace during period.
I think the negative effect from period will became smaller and smaller as our age grows bigger. I still remember about 10 years ago when I'm still a teenager, I often get terrible diarrhea during period. During my worst period, I will have like 5-7 runs in one single day, but now I never have these kinds of big diarrhea during my period anymore. By the way, my high school roommate Claire also have this symptom during period, but now her period have zero effect on her bowel.
Two of my daughters also have this symptom, but not as strong as I am during my teenage days. Carol usually have big and firm turds in normal days, during period, her turds just became more soft and sloppy, sometimes I can also find some dirty skidmarks on her pants during her period. Jane's symptoms are even smaller, she just usually gets stomach ache and keep passing a lot of gas throughout the day during period, her period farts are usually louder and smellier than her usual ones, but she only farts, never have any diarrhea.

Tyler C

Sometimes Big Boys Wet Themselves Too

@Sarah W.: I don't usually mess myself enough for that to really affect what I wear. Although, I have been avoiding bathrooms throughout this pandemic, so I've been sticking to tighter underwear like briefs or boxer-briefs just to be safe. When it comes to peeing, I do try to stick to black pants or shorts if I think I'm going to be out for a long time without being able to use a toilet, as has been the case during a couple of semesters of college and throughout a lot of this pandemic. They sometimes act as a sort of makeshift toilet for me.

@luvs lightning MWF: That was very nice of your mother not only to allow you to poop in your pants when you needed to, but also do it herself. That's just good parenting!

@Emily C: I think you're mom and aunt had the right idea. IMO it's worse to expose your private parts than to simply use your pants as a restroom.

@Stephen: Glad you're still a fan of my posts. It's a great survey, isn't it? Here's an elaboration on my answer to question 1.

I remember that my parents would occasionally give me permission to go in my pants when I was little. I think it's common for a lot of parents of recently potty-trained kids to do this in emergency situations. I usually tried to hold it, but I did take them up on their offer from time to time. I feel like my mom told me more often than my dad. I think it was just the way she was raised because it wasn't uncommon for my aunt (Mom's sister) to give me permission from time to time if she was watching me. It started happening less and less after I was 5 and pretty much stopped sometime before I turned 8, but I can think of a few times it happened after that.

One particular time later in my childhood that sticks out happened when I was 12. I was with my aunt & uncle and their son, Jesse. He was about 5. We were coming back from some sort of event in a park up in the country. It was like a small fair. I remember it being kind of fun. Some kids from my school were there. I remember thinking that I should probably go to the bathroom before I leave, especially since I didn't go all day, but the only toilets they had at this event were port-o-potties, which I've always hated using. So, I just didn't go.

I started regretting that decision not too long after we left. My urge started getting stronger in waves. We took some backroads through the country for a bit, and eventually we got on the highway. Unfortunately, we hit some serious traffic on the way back. It must have been a pretty bad accident, because the traffic was basically completely still for a pretty long time. My need just kept hitting me in stronger and stronger waves. I was so preoccupied trying to keep my own pants dry that I hadn't realized the similar crisis my cousin was going through right next to me. Just then, Jesse spoke up.

"I gotta go potty"
"Number one or two?" my aunt asked.
"Number one."
"Why didn't you tell me at the fair"
"I didn't have to go then."

I was very uncomfortable at this point, so I decided to announce my situation too. At least I wasn't alone, now.

"I also have to go."
"You too? Well, I don't think this traffic's breaking loose for a while. Do you two think you can hold it for another 15-20
minutes or so."

Jesse and I both sheepishly shook our heads to her. Then, my uncle, who was driving, suggested we could pee in a cup or bottle. So, we all started looking around, but we couldn't find any. So, my uncle just said,

"Sorry boys, I guess you'll just have to hold it."
"But I can't hold it!" Jesse said in agony.
"Sorry, but there's no other option."

I was totally crestfallen by this response. Jesse and I were now doomed to sit in agony for who knows how long. However, my hopes were suddenly raised by what my aunt said next. "Well, there is... one other option," she slyly retorted. She leaned over to my uncle at whispered something to him. I couldn't tell what it was. He took a few seconds to respond, and then he just shrugged his shoulders and told her "Sure, why not? There just gonna do it either way." I was so very desperate to use the bathroom at this point that I was hopping up and down cross-legged in my seat. Jesse didn't look to be much better off either.

"So, what's the other option?" I asked impatiently.
"Yeah, where can I go potty?" Jesse added.
Finally she answered, "Well boys, we both agreed that if you really can't hold it, it's okay just this once to... um... go potty in your pants."

My jaw dropped. Sure, telling her 5 year old son that made sense, but telling me, her almost teenaged nephew, that it's okay to wet my pants seemed almost unbelievable. It had been years since she said something like that to me, and I didn't think I'd ever hear it again. I was excited to finally get some relief, but I also felt kind of nervous about peeing in front of people. Apparently Jesse felt the same.

"I don't wanna pee my pants!" he said. "Big boys don't pee their pants."
"No I promise, it'll be okay," my aunt said comfortingly. "Even big boys pee their pants sometimes. Isn't that right, Tyler?"

She looked at me, and I felt suddenly put on the spot. She leaned over to me and whispered, "Just go ahead and do it. Even if you think you can hold it. I can see Jesse's really suffering, and he'd feel a lot less embarrassed if he saw you wet your pants first." I was even more shocked now that not only was I being allowed to pee myself, but I was being TOLD to. She was right though, I had to do this, if not for myself, then at least for Jesse. I turned to Jesse and said, "She's right Jesse. I'm a big boy, and I still go potty in my pants sometimes. In fact, I'm going potty right now!" I pointed at the wet patch that was spreading across the crotch of my jeans. He seemed to perk up a bit at this sight.

"But, aren't you sad that you didn't make it to the bathroom?" he asked
"Of course not because right now, my pants are my bathroom." I replied. "Just like your pants just became your bathroom"

I pointed at his green shorts which had a noticeable shiny dark spot growing on the front that hadn't been there a couple of seconds ago. I guess I got through to him. We both sat there making ourselves more and more comfortable. I could tell he was getting a real kick out of this. The pee got everywhere, all down our legs, on the carpeted floor, and all over the seat. My front was soaked. My butt was soaked. My yellow briefs were fine... except for the fact that they were white when I put them on that morning.

My aunt turned around and asked, "You boys have a nice trip to the bathroom?" We both nodded. "Yep," I told her. "just a little more to go" Our streams died down, and Jesse proudly announced, "All done!" My uncle, who had been silent for most of this said,

"Wow! You two hosed down those pants like a couple of champs!"
"Thanks Dad!" Jesse said.
"Well, we did our best," I added with a giggle.

My aunt and uncle let me get cleaned up at their house before I got dropped off at home so that my parents didn't have to know. They didn't have any clothes in my size, so I actually had to wear a towel for over an hour while my clothes got washed. Jesse, on the other hand, went outside to play, and was still wearing his pee pee pants when I left. Between that and the fair, it was a pretty fun day for both of us.


Reply to Audrey

Hi Audrey, I found the story you wanted me to look for. It's on page 1956.

- Marie

David P

Replies & poo story

Hiya David P here.

I was going to reply back today to the comments I received to my survey on constipation but it appears those replies and my own post have somehow disappeared. I have no idea why they were there and no longer???

To Michael W: Very good story, sounded like you really had to push hard to poo back when you were 22. I really liked how you described the grunting sounds in capital letters I could imagine it well.

To Tom W: thank you for your comment. I will try eating more fibre as you suggested and see if it makes me poo more often.

To Abbie: I enjoyed your latest story with your friends. It seems like you are still having an easy time pooing. That is great you must feel better for it! For me I'm not doing too well that I will get onto in a bit. If you do not mind me asking, since you do not describe the smell in your stories. I am keen to know if your poo tends to smell bad? For me sometimes my poo does not smell at all and other times it is really bad. Is it the same for you?

Now onto my quick update. As you know I have been badly constipated, probably due to my recent poor diet with too much junk food. Pizza, chocolate, ice cream ect and very little vegetables. This has been worse over summer since they are so tempting!
This last week I have been doing fun activity on the water and games. I was constipated for about three or four days this week and only managed to poo the odd ball throughout the week. Nothing really happened in the week to report but by the weekend (Bank Holiday in the UK). I was feeling really bloated, we ate Mexican food for tea the night before and on Saturday morning I woke up feeling bloated and a slight urge to poo. I rolled over in bed and tried to sleep past it as I didn't want to get up. I managed this for about half an hour but then the urge got too strong to hold off. So I sat on the loo and pushed out a poo log about 5 inches. I felt very relieved to have passed this poo that was trapped inside me for days. I passed out a few more smaller logs then I wiped and flushed. I decided to stay in that day and relax around the house to recover. The next day I felt the need to poo again in the morning but this time the log felt rock hard and took some effort to push out. When it did I wiped my bum and there was blood on the paper. It kind of hurt and for the rest of the day I could feel a pain in my bum hole. That day we were busy and went out visiting many places. We had a big fry up for breakfast and chips for lunch then went to a crazy golf place. When I was playing I kept leaking very smelly farts like rotten eggs. Luckily it was outside! I kept farting these smelly ones most of the night. After playing we went out for dinner in this really cool beach restaurant and I ate a big pizza. The next day I did a massive poo that felt amazing to get out and my gassy bloating stopped. The poo was big and splashed into the bowel and the smell was really terrible. I felt empty, but then I have been a bit clogged up ever since. There hasn't been any other bowel movements. I must be a bit constipated at the moment!

Bye for now


Reply to Julie

I'll take stool softeners from time to time if I'm constipated. It's pretty rare since I eat a lot of fiber and usually have very easy poops.

The only time I'd take a laxative is if I had been unable to go for like more than 3 days.

Laxatives make my whole digestive system feel horrible. They make me nauseaous. They give me stomach pains. And they don't really make it easier for me to poop. They force me to poop, as opposed to stool softeners which help me poop.

I've told this story already I think, but there was a time when I was on painkillers after an injury. I got insanely constipated and didn't crap for almost a week. I took laxatives and stool softeners... I ended up finally pooping but it was extremely painful.

Port-a-potties... wow. Hate 'em. I don't think I'm a spoiled princess, but I just don't enjoy using those because they're almost always filthy, and if it's hot out, the smell can be terrible.

Some of them have urinals in them... I remember once going into one and seeing a big old log in the urinal.

But when you've gotta go, you've gotta go. So I've used them probably a few dozen times in my life. Usually just peeing but occasionally pooping too.

Kazuko Maho Hisae Mina

some more advice for Dear Robyn and Dear Victoria

Dear Robyn and Victoria,

We all four talked long time yesterday evening about Robyn's post. At the end we were all crying, so we went to tatami room and cried there.

But... we are all agree, loo is best place to cry. We all have experience of crying long time in loo, tho' Kazuko had experience only in office or college because in her home she could stay in loo only ten seconds.

We went to tatami room because not enough space in loo for four crying baby.

If you need to cry, go to loo. You can cry comfortably. It doesn't matter if you do wee or no, if you do fart or no, if you do motion or no. Sit on loo with naked bottom, and cry and cry and cry. Then you feel better we think.

(Actually this advice is for everybody.)

Robyn, if you go to loo in your own flat and cry in there, take your phone. There might be text or call from Victoria. If you cry on loo in Victoria's flat, don't lock door.

And please, please, never be angry to Victoria.

Victoria, this advice is from Mina's grandmother. Listen carefully words of your doctor, and obey her. Don't do things your own idea. Doctor know best. (Mina's grandmother doesn't know about your story; but she gave this advice to Mina before. ) We think it is good to share things you hear from doctor with Robyn. Then she can help you various ways.

We wish you both a good luck.

I think we are going to cry again.

Love to everyone. Please stay healthy.

Maho Mina Hisae Kazuko


To Kaycha

Do you wear thongs? Or little girl panties? My mom used to call me all sorts of names and make fun of me, I think it caused more because I was so worried about having accidents. I wear a diaper throughout the day although is hard to hide and loud, little kids point and laugh. Did your mom ever do panty inspections?

Tom W

Reply and desperate to poo story

To Nia: Did your grandparents have to show you how to squat down and wee the first time you weed outside? I can see how it would be eaiser to put your hands on the ground to help you balance if you were struggling. At least you can manage a squat now. I guess it is eaiser with skirts and dresses because you can just lift them up. Obviously I'm not an expert but I think if you are wearing trousers or shorts it's best to pull them and your underwear down to your knees and then lift them up and away from your wee stream so they don't get wet. I think the best way of avoiding wee running down your butt is to wait until you feel desperate for a wee and try and let it out fast so the stream comes out in front of you.

You always want to go where you've got some privacy and no one can see you. It's best not to go too near the campsite as well or it'll smell, especially if you have a poo!

James, your story has reminded me of a situation when I was younger, perhaps 8 or 9 myself. I never had any accidents but I always avoided going for a poo at school. It wasn't until sixth form that I finally used the toilet for a poo and didn't hold it until I got home.

One day I went round to a friends house after school. I can't remember if I had needed a poo at school or if the urge came on once I got to my friends. I remember feeling the need to go but I didn't want to poo there so I would have only had a wee in the bathroom. Well I got more desperate and I was clenching my bottom shut when we went downstairs for tea. I think we had started eating when I decided I would have to go to the toilet before I pooed myself. I told my friend and his Mum I needed to go to the toilet and I went to the one downstairs which was quite near to the kitchen where we were eating. I remember feeling embarrassed about going but I soon felt relieved as I did my poo. I think I went quite quickly because of how desperate I was but I still took long enough that it would have been obvious I went for a poo. I went back to the table feeling so much better and able to enjoy my tea.

If only I had just gone for a poo in the bathroom before tea instead of trying to hold it until I got home and ending up feeling desperate and uncomfortable. I hope I wasn't fidgeting around or farting when I was desperate but I probably was!


Tom W's Survey

1) How often do you pee?
Maybe 6 or 7 times a day. I normally pee every 2-3 hours, and I always pee while I poop.

2) Do you pee when you first need to go or hold it until you are desperate?
It depends. If there is a bathroom available (or another place where I can pee discreetly without embarrassment) I pee as soon as I feel the urge. Otherwise, I have to wait.

3) How long are you normally peeing for (in seconds)?
Usually about 20-30 seconds. I pee a large amount.

4) Does your pee tinkle, hiss or gush?
A combination of a hiss, gush, and whoosh

5) Do you ever leak in your pants if you are desperate to pee?
Yes. If I'm wearing leggings, I release my pee before I get this desperate.

6) What's the most desperate you have ever been to pee? Did you make it to the toilet?
During my first college exam this summer (my first post) is definitely tied for my most desperate.


Spectacularly shit my shorts in the street

Long-time reader from the UK here. Mid-thirties and with rather boring bowels as an adult, which is why I haven't posted before. James's recent posts have inspired me to post some of the accidents that I had as a teenager, which I will do in the future. First though, here's an account of a rather inconvenient accident that I had on my evening walk last Wednesday.

I had set off on the walk quite late at about 22:15, but I was feeling fine and assumed that the next 90 minutes would be uneventful. I was wearing my usual exercise outfit of black Calvin Klein briefs (this time with fluorescent yellow waistband), mid grey Nike Dri-Fit shorts and a navy t-shirt under a lightweight waterproof coat. Thanks to my exercise tracker I can tell you the exact sequence of events, and they were as follows:

The beginning of the walk was ordinary, it consists of a long uphill climb through various streets, and I ascended the initial hill without difficulty. There was no indication of what was about to follow. Climbing up a steeper section of the hill at 2.3km/23 minutes into the walk I felt a sudden sharp pain in my stomach that then quickly subsided after a couple of seconds. It wasn't clear at that point that I would need the toilet, but I do remember thinking "that was unusual". I continued up the hill and didn't really think anything else of the sharp pain incident until I was nearing the crest. I started to feel a slight fullness/tenseness in my bowels and realised that I may in fact need a poo, this was 2.9km or 30 minutes into the walk.

I was walking in the direction of, and closer to, the furthest point of my walk than the beginning. I had now passed through the area with bars/restaurants (although everything seemed to have closed already anyway) and so there wasn't an obvious toilet that I could use. It didn't feel urgent at this point though and so I carried on my normal route. There are several streets that shortcut back down to the main road/final part of my walk and so I knew that I had some options to shorten the walk if I needed to.

I was going along a flat stretch of road, and I walk at a relatively fast 10.3kph. During this flat phase the feeling in my bowels kept building and after only 2 minutes I realised that I would need to take a shortcut. The first of these shortcut streets came at 3.1km but I was unfamiliar of the exact route back when taking that street because it wasn't a direct route, there were several twists/junctions. I decided to walk along a little further to a road that I had used before and that was straight down to where I needed to be. Entering the road at 3.6km or 37 minutes into the walk, I began to feel peristalsis kick in and realised that the situation was a lot more serious than I had thought. I had walked another 300metres down the hill when I began to feel a fullness in my rectum. I tried to speed up my pace even further but didn't manage much. I was approaching some empty student accommodation at 4km/41 minutes when my bowels started to move in earnest. This first wave was deceptively easy to hold back, and it gave me hope that I would be able to make it home in time.

I carried on walking along the street, which is a tree lined avenue with rather expensive houses on either side. At 4.21km/43 minutes into the walk I encountered a guy on his bike, riding in circles in the road while talking on the phone. My bowels decided that this would be a good time to start moving again, strongly. I had to slow slightly to hold the ever-increasing fullness in rectum. I'm not sure if the guy noticed my slow gait and grimaced face before he cycled off down a side road. I managed to hold back this second wave but realised that I would struggle to get home if the urgency kept increasing at the same pace.

I only managed to walk another 300metres before I had to hold back another wave of pressure that was similar in intensity to the previous one. At this point I seriously considered squatting over a grate in the road, but I was conscious of the nice area and of sensitivities regarding male genital exposure especially at night! I carried on walking with an eye on finding somewhere relatively dark and secluded that I could squat down in. If anything, the lighting seemed to get brighter and streets more open. I arrived at the main road at 5.6km/47 minutes into the walk and was faced with a choice. I could go down the hill to my right which would take me straight down to my busy destination road or I could take a left and take a parallel road that would be quieter and then cuts down nearer to where I need to be. I decided that they were both similar in distance and so went the quieter route.

Pressure in my bowels kept increasing and when the next wave occurred three minutes later at 4.77km I found it difficult to hold back. The fullness in my rectum seemed to go higher into my bowels. I had a minute of respite before another wave of a similar ferocity at 4.92km or 51 minutes into the walk. I was trying to keep a positive mental attitude to will myself into making it home, but I increasingly felt like I would not be able to hold it. I had another stronger wave a minute later as I neared my turning point, this time I could feel wetness at the bottom of my rectum/inside of my anus. There wasn't much time left but I managed to suck everything back up inside my rectum and the feeling briefly went away.

I took my turning and began descending to the main road. The scene of my accident is a tree lined road with houses on one side and several university buildings down the other. It is fairly bright despite the trees and there are buildings with CCTV on both sides. I managed to walk another 130 metres before another wave where I came perilously close to pooing myself. In front of me was a builder's skip and I thought about squatting down beside it and just letting go, but a vehicle rounded the corner and spooked me. I carried on walking, but this time I couldn't relieve the pressure at my anus. I continued walking carefully, again considering just squatting over a grate, but it felt too risky. I somehow managed to walk another 300m with this intense pressure at my rectum and poo at my sphincter, but it was clear I was likely going to poo myself soon.

I tried to keep on walking, but at 5.53km/57 minutes into my walk and 680metres away from home my bowels could take no more pressure. My anus gave way as peristalsis forced runny poo into the seat of my briefs. I had no control for 3 seconds and a large amount of poo immediately flowed up my crack, across my bottom, and down towards my balls. Eventually I regained control of my anus, but it was too late. The super sloppy poo had saturated the rear of my briefs and was overflowing the leg holes, coating my thighs and filling my shorts. I carried on walking, resigned to my fate, and it didn't take more than a couple of seconds before I felt poo running down my left leg and plopping onto the pavement. Once I could see poo on my calf and realised that I wasn't going to be able to hide anything, I gave up on trying to hold the remaining contents of my rectum. My bowels were hurting and tired. I released my anus/rectum and another large batch of sloppy poo exploded into my briefs along with a couple of slightly firmer chunks. I was in a real mess, but the relief was good.

I was annoyed that I hadn't managed to make it another 300m. The distance in question was a stretch down and across a busy main road for cars and pedestrians. I was only slightly ashamed to be seen in such a messy situation, shit happens after all, but I pulled up the hood of my coat to cover my face as much as possible and walked with my bum turned away from the road. Luckily the day and time of night meant that there weren't many cars to see me. If any did, they didn't beep their horn or shout out of the window. It's quite probable that they didn't even notice with eyes focussed on the road. Unfortunately, as I came up to the pedestrian crossing there was a young guy stood smoking outside a shop and playing with his phone. There was no avoiding him, so I just sprinted across the road and to the side of him before nipping down to the side street. He didn't say anything, but he must have seen the mess I was in.

I managed to walk the rest of the way home without encountering anyone else but as I neared my apartment building, I began to worry about whether anyone was outside smoking or looking out of their windows and perhaps more importantly whether the contents of my briefs/shorts had stopped leaking down my legs. It had been 100m since I'd last felt anything fall onto the pavement, but I could feel a large amount of poo still in my briefs. I rounded the corner and was pleased that no one seemed to be outside the building and that most windows were either dark or with blinds down. Just the carpets to worry about. Luckily, I managed to get into the lift and back to my apartment without any spillage.

Once in my apartment I carefully removed my trainers (which miraculously had only a couple of tiny bits of poo on them) and my coat. I went straight the bathroom and into the shower cubicle to remove my shorts and briefs. It's fair to say that walking for 680metres with sloppy poo in your pants creates quite the mess. My shorts were soaked with an orangey brown tint right across the back and down the left leg. I dropped my briefs, and they were totally coated at the back and between the legs with sloppy poo. The seat contained a large mound of very soft but slightly formed poo that was filled with nuts and seeds from the bread that I had been eating. I grabbed my shaving mirror and could see that my bum, thighs and all down my left leg were totally covered in poo and seeds. I rinsed my shorts, briefs and myself in the shower.

The nuts, digestive juices and walking friction really irritated my anus/bum cleft and it was very inflamed/raw. Luckily it has responded to a couple of days treatment with basic Sudocrem! My bowels still hurt a bit though, which I can only assume is like a muscle sprain. With hindsight I wish that I had just risked squatting over a grate or doing it on the pavement. Instead, I ended up pooing myself and then traipsing poo along the pavement for several hundred metres which somehow seems worse. I'm just pleased that it didn't happen on a Friday night. The road would have been crawling with drunk revellers.

Wednesday, September 01, 2021

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