Canada Day Weekend


My name is Deb and I'm back with another story. This one is from last weekend.

Thursday, July 1st was Canada Day and I was able to take off Friday for an extra long weekend. My husband, daughter and I went to my parents place in Grand Bend for the weekend. I was still having my period and as usual, it was still somewhat heavy. Fortunately my bowels had calmed down, so I wasn't having as much diarrhea as I normally do.

This story isn't really about me though…

Last Saturday was really hot in Grand Bend. My husband and I took our daughter to the beach and we walked from my parents place. We packed a bunch of snacks and water and extra clothes for my daughter in case she went in the water. I had some extra heavy overnight ultra thin pads with me as well. I wore a pair of pink hipster panties and some blue shorts. My shorts were cute and snug fitting which is why I wore an ultra thin pad and not the thicker maxi pad version as I didn't want it to be noticeable through my shorts.

We were at the beach for a few hours when I felt like I needed to change my pad. I went to the to the ladies room and there was a very long line. I had to wait as they were the only washrooms around and I was getting desperate to change before I had another leak.

Standing in front of me were two young girls, probably in their late teens or early 20's. They were both very fit and really pretty. The girl on my right was wearing a pink two-piece bikini and the one on my left also had on a two-piece, but the bottoms were more of a hipster style. The colour was really awesome in that it was yellow with pink and purple swirls.

After a few minutes the girl on the left started getting really fidgety and was shuffling from foot to foot. She let out a moan and her friend said, "Jess, are you okay?" I was pretty much right behind them and could hear everything. Jess said "Ohh… I don't know. I can't hold it much longer. Do you know if there are any other washrooms around?" Her friend said, "I don't think so." Jess then said, "Oh Tammy, I might not make it." Tammy said, "Oh honey, hold on, it won't be much longer." I then asked, "Are you okay?" Jess said, "No!!!"

A few more minutes went by and the line had gone forward a bit. I was getting to the point where I really needed to change my pad.

We moved forward again and then Jess hunched over, let out another moan and said "Ohhh! Noooo!" She let out a very audible wet fart and a brown stain leaked through her hipster bikini bottoms. "She kept saying "Oh god, oh god!" Tammy asked her, "Jess, are you good?" Jess replied, "No!!!" Then whispered, "I just pooped a bit and now I really have to go." And then she pooped… And pooped… And pooped. Within seconds this poor girl had totally filled her hipster bottoms with a massive load of mushy diarrhea. The back of her bottoms were completely stained through. The mess has gone up her back and was starting to seep down her legs. Then she pooped some more and kept pooping for several more seconds. People around us just stood there in horror as this poor girl pooped in her hipster bikini over and over. By now Jess and Tammy were almost in the ladies room so people let her by to get cleaned up. I finally got in there myself and Jess was just standing there, still pooping herself. The mess was down past her knees and dripping on the floor. I told her to go into a toilet while Tammy went to get her bag so she could change her clothes. The ladies in there helped by passing her some wet paper towels while she cleaned up. She was crying the entire time. I felt so bad for her and it brought back memories of when I pooped diarrhea in my bikini several years before at that very same beach.

In helping out Jess, I had totally forgotten that I needed to change my pad and had leaked through my shorts. They were a darkish blue, so the leak wasn't that noticeable, but it was still there. I went into a stall and changed my pad. When I was done I checked in on Jess who was still getting cleaned up. Her friend Tammy was back with extra clothes for Jess to change into.

I finally got back to my husband and daughter and told him what happened. After another half an hour we decided to walk back to my parents house. On our way, we saw Jess and Tammy walking to their car. Jess was walking slowly. I could hear her say, "I have to go again!" She started pooping her pants and it went right through her pink shorts. Tammy got a towel for her to sit on. Hopefully their drive wasn't too far for them.

Anyway, that's all for now.

Thanks for reading!



Survey and story

Recently I have been trying to be less shy about public toilets, because I am often hurting from holding it in for so long. Yesterday I had to go while I was heading to the supermarket and so, I thought maybe I could use the toilet there. I went in and it was empty. I checked the first cubicle, but cringed seeing somebody had just left a mask on the back of the seat. The other one had a little skidmark still in the bowl and I hesitated, but I heard footsteps so I quickly went into it and locked the door behind me as they walked in and went into the cubicle next to me. I wiped the seat down and we sat at about roughly the same time, as a third guy came in and was peeing.

Neither of us made a sound aside from quiet shuffling as he finished his pee and went to wash his hands. Then the door closed behind him and the room was silent. I was almost holding my breath, and then I heard a plop from next door and I decided, I should do it now before someone else comes in, so i released my hold and, as the man next to me plopped again I dropped a quick little turd followed by the big one, which hit the water with a thunk and I gasped. Unfortunately the moment after that, as i relaxed a moment, the door opened again and someone tried both our doors and I heard them tap their foot. I pushed a little bit more out but now I could see his feet waiting outside the door so I knew I wasn't going to be able to let much more out. I quickly wiped, noticing it stung a bit and flushed; the skidmark was still in there and I knew he would think it was me, especially now that my poo smell was in there immediately after. I sighed and opened the door and looked away from the man as he looked at me and went in. I hurried to wash my hands as I heard the other man pulling loo roll and I really didn't want him to see my face after hearing me pooing so close, so i quickly dried them and left, bum still a bit sore.

Still get embarrassed I suppose, I don't know if I will ever not be.

1. When you're pooping, do you try to finish as soon as possible, or do you like to take your time? If you take your time, what do you do with that time (read, cell phone, etc.)?

I always go in there, poo, and quickly leave. Even alone I find myself a bit gross for having to do it sometimes.

2. Do you flush multiple times when pooping, or do you just flush when you're completely done?

If it's er... smelly, I flush straight away so it won't spread, but normally I just leave it for the minute or two it takes to wipe.

3. Do you usually have to do a lot of pushing, or does your body just poop without much effort?

Normally when I go to the toilet it's because I have to go pretty bad, so often it will come out less than 20 seconds into me sitting down.

4. Have you ever used a Squatty Potty? If so, do you like using it?


5. If you have a significant other, do you feel comfortable pooping if he or she is in the room?

When I used to date guys I would inevitably hold in my farts and needs until I left their place, I never did that in front of them. WAY too awkward..

6. How comfortable are you pooping in a crowded public restroom?

I hate having to do that and will make all efforts that I can to go at home, but unfortunately often it's harder to hold it and i've had no choice. I have rarely gone in a public loo than has more than three or so cubicles, though, tbh.. bigger ones sound even worse!

7. What's the most interesting place you've ever relieved yourself (pee or poop)?

One time when I was a teen I was in the woods exploring and suddenly got the urge, and I looked around a bit but knew the toilets were too far to get to. I didn't want to be gross but after just a few minutes I was at "holding my bum literally about to poo myself" level, so I went deeper into the woods looking around for somewhere to go. In a secluded-ish area I found this black tub/bucket looking thing and decided that would have to do, so after I looked around me everywhere and couldn't see anyone I nervously pulled my pants down and awkwardly sat on this bucket thing. Immediately let out this fart and shit myself that someone was gonna hear it, I was on edge the whole time but after a minute two thick logs hit the bottom with a little flump noise. I couldn't wipe as I didn't want to risk taking my pants off completely in case someone came by and thought I was some kind of sex weirdo so I had to sheepishly walk home trying not to squish my cheeks together as much as possible. The undies were white so there was no hiding the stain and I didn't want my mum to see them so I threw them away later.


Belly in the way when I go to the bathroom

I was born with a muscular desease, and i use a wheelchair, so whenever I have to pee, I always do it without transfering out of the chair. I have a sort of medical bottle meant for this purpose that I use. I lean backward in my chair, pull out my penis and pee into the bottle. Then I pour it into the toilet, and rinse out the bottle. Lately I have put on a bit of weight, for various reasons, mainly depression. I have now noticed that it is alittle bit harder for me to pee this way now. With my belly hanging over the edge of my pants it has become harder to reach. Harder to pull down my pants, and get my penis out, while still seated.

Does anyone else have any experiences with your weight or your belly effecting your bathroom procedure? I guess it is easier if you don't have to sit down though, like me. But if you are really big, I can imagine that reaching to wipe might become an issue?


kristi's survey + a question

1. I mostly poop at home so I take my time. Before Iphones this meant reading a colic strip, now it is surfing the web. I usually sit there 10 min give or take. In public I don't particularly rush either, I also use my phone but not as long.

2. Just once, never clogged a toilet?

3. I never push because I develops fissures etc that way, so if it doesn't happen I just quit

4. Not used one but at home I usually squat on the toilet seat instead of sitting on it.

5. Single

6. Depends who is there, if I am there with strangers I don't care, with people that know me I am uncomfortable

7. Behind a wall in a city centre at night after partying, there is probably footage of that from security cams lol

QUESTION. When you were in that airport bathroom with 10 stalls in use could you hear the other women plop and fart and crackle etc? Or was it a silent symphony of holding it in out of embarrassment ?



Have you ever went in your pants two (or more) consecutive times? Like. You somehow ended up going in your pants, then cleaned up, went about your day, and the next time you needed to go the bathroom, you also ended up going in your pants.

David P

School Poos

David P again this time remembering the state of school toilets.

To Maddy: Great story, I can say I was just the same and was badly constipated for years to the point of soiling and withholding. I never actually pooed in my bed though, intentionally anyway. I did wear pullups though as I would wee and leak poo in my sleep even when I was around 10. Hope you can do a softer poo soon.

Now onto my story

I've read plenty of stories on here regarding either girls or boys having to poo at school and the trauma that it can cause them through teasing and bullying. When I was at school it was just the same and I didn't poo there and held it in. I remember one of my friends had to poo when we were changing in the toilets and everyone crowded round looking under the cubical and teasing him saying "what's he doing in there" and other teasing to make him feel uncomfortable, there was a couple of plops that everyone found hilarious. when he came out he said outloud "For your information, I was doing a poo" and everyone laughed, I felt very bad for him. He then confided in me that his poo was very hard and dark brown. I reassured him that it was ok and just constipation but we both agreed it was horrible of them to tease him.

I really hate to see that so many people on here have experienced teasing and I hate that children in schools can be so mean, if only mean kids could respect others to do their poo and not tease if you have been out of class a long time or tease you in the cubicle You do not know their individual situation, teasing can cause people to dread public or school toilets for a simple human need and make themselves constipated. If you are in school and need to poo I hope you can get the courage you need as I know from experience when I was there it was horrible.

Actually towards the end of school after years of dread, I was able to get the teachers to allow me to use the toilet in the medical centre and have a pass to go to class late or leave as I struggled to get courage to go and would hold it, they let me this privilege after I crapped my pants after holding it in at school. I used that pass and although I was very embarrassed to do it as people could sometimes be outside, it was just one disabled toilet and I manged to go for a poo there plenty of times. In fact on one occasion I was badly needing to poo so went in there between lessons did a massive poo that had a bad smell When I opened the door there was an attractive girl about my age waiting outside, we both awkwardly smiled at each other as I went back to class and she went into the medical toilet. It was embarrassing but nothing I could do about it and perhaps she added to my work by pooing in there too. Who knows. I urge you to get the teachers to give you special access to toilets to poo if you need it during the school day.

Bye for now
David P



Hi all.

Sitting here on the toilet after coloring my hair. I'm going blonde (although my natural red tends to still shine through, so I get a darker blonde color that looks more like light brown hair when it's up).

So I've seen some fun surveys and thought I'd post one of my own, along with my answers.

1. When you're pooping, do you try to finish as soon as possible, or do you like to take your time? If you take your time, what do you do with that time (read, cell phone, etc.)?

2. Do you flush multiple times when pooping, or do you just flush when you're completely done?

3. Do you usually have to do a lot of pushing, or does your body just poop without much effort?

4. Have you ever used a Squatty Potty? If so, do you like using it?
(It's basically just a little step that you put your feet on in front of the toilet. It's supposed to stimulate squatting, although as someone who has pooped in the woods a lot, I can tell you that it's not the same thing as actually squatting.)

5. If you have a significant other, do you feel comfortable pooping if he or she is in the room?

6. How comfortable are you pooping in a crowded public restroom?

7. What's the most interesting place you've ever relieved yourself (pee or poop)?


These are my answers:

1. Unless I'm pressed for time (late for something, or in a public bathroom with a long line), I take my time. I'm a stay-at-home mom so I don't have to go to work (although all of you moms know that being a mom IS work!), which means I can use the bathroom whenever I want at home. I hate being rushed. Kiddos know when mommy's pooping and that she doesn't like to be disturbed. My husband knows this too. I like to read or use my phone (I'm posting this from the toilet). In a public bathroom, if there's nobody waiting, I'll look at my phone for a bit.

2. If it's getting really smelly, or if I think that I might clog the toilet, I'll flush before I'm done. If I do a huge poop but don't feel like I'm completely done, I often flush it. Even though I know how to use a plunger, I'd rather not clog our bathrooms.

3. If I really have to go, my body pretty much just starts pooping as soon as my butt hits the toilet seat. Sometimes I don't have to push at all. There are times when I'll take a massive dump in less than 30 seconds. I have a pretty good diet in terms of fiber. If I don't have to go as badly but still feel an urge, it might require pushing. Usually this is when I'm at home, and these are the times when I'll take book or my phone into the bathroom and just chill on the toilet.

4. We own a Squatty Potty. I'll use it if I'm constipated. It helps with that. As a hiker and camper, I will say that it is not the same thing as actually popping a squat. But having your knees raised does make my poop come out with less effort.

5. I've been married for 4 years. I pooped in front of my then-fiance after we'd been dating for 8 months. Without getting too explicit, he had told me that he'd enjoy watching me pee. So I was frequently peeing with him in the bathroom. One day, I was peeing in front of him, and I told him that I had to "take a crap" (my words). He asked if he could stay and watch. I was a little taken aback, but I went ahead and did it. Today, we both use the bathroom in front of each other all the time. I'm totally comfortable going in front of him and he is the fans with me. (Again, I don't want to break the forum rules, but let's just say that he really, really doesn't mind when he sees me going to the bathroom.)

6. In a crowded public bathroom, I generally try to just take care of business and leave. I don't want to make anyone have to wait. I was at Denver International Airport about a month ago flying to Florida. There were probably 12 stalls in the ladies room and I truly think at least 10 of them were occupied by people pooping! Which I get, because I hate using airplane bathrooms. I'm petite and I still get claustrophobic in them. Plus I feel like the entire plane is keeping track of how long I've been in there.

7. I spent a semester of college studying in Europe. I visited London during our spring break. I toured Buckingham Palace and got to use the ladies room there. A royal flush, if you will.


An accident on the way home from school

I tried to post about an accident I had on the way home from primary school recently, but it didn't make it - I've re-read the FAQ and I'm not sure what the problem was. I thought I'd instead post about another incident - this one happened early in secondary school, when I was about thirteen. By this time I was really trying not to have dirty pants at school, as the idea of being detected was so terribly embarrassing, but my walk home was quite a long one (nearly two miles around the edge of our small town) and the relief of being off the school site whilst struggling to hold in an urgent poo was still occasionally enough for me to let my guard down. I was still incredibly shy about using the school toilets, but by this point I could usually hold on unless I was poorly.

This particular day, it was in the early winter, and the school heating was set very high. I had a cold and was rather feverish and fluey, and I was generally feeling under the weather. I often got a mild stomach upset with bad colds - never any sickness, or serious diarrhoea, and certainly not what Americans call 'stomach flu' (norovirus), just a loosening of my already-soft poo. I'd been feeling a slight need for a poo since the end of the first class after lunch, but there was no time between my French and Geography classes to go to the loo, and I'm not sure I would have gone even if there had been - I would have had to be right on the edge of an accident already to have dared do that.

Luckily, I had a firm 'cork poo' pushed up against my bottom, which was making it fairly easy to hold my poo in, but as I listened to my teacher droning on, I could feel the need to go getting steadily greater and greater. Sat there on a plastic chair, feeling dozy (almost cosy) and too warm, with every physical and mental action feeling sluggish, I distinctly remember having a strong feeling that it would be easier if I could just let go, and that a warm poo in my pants wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to make the effort to hold it in any more. It was almost like a feeling that the poo belonged in my pants rather than inside me.

In my fever-bright mindset this thought was very appealing, and maybe if I'd still been in infant school I might have just given in to it and spent the last few minutes of the day sat in soft warmth (rather like in my first post), but I had no intention of filling my pants in a secondary school classroom, so I resisted the strong compulsion to let go and push it all out. I instead carefully let out a few silent farts to ease off the pressure a bit, and although they were rather wet and were probably causing me some slight skidmarks, no poo was escaping round the cork. By the last few minutes of the lesson, I was getting really desperate, and I wasn't paying much attention to the teacher at all. I just wanted to get home, go to the toilet and then have a lie down in front of the TV.

The bell went, and I gathered my things and stood up - I almost lost some poo right then, and I could feel the cork start to move down towards my bum-hole, but I clamped down and stopped it before it could peek out. I hoped to walk home along a route that was both fairly direct but also quiet, as I really didn't feel much like talking to anyone and I knew I didn't have much time left to get to my bathroom at home.

However, my best friend was in the same lesson, and he started a conversation with me as we walked down the road from the school. We got to the point where I could turn off on my own, but he really wanted to tell me about a new video game he'd got. I clearly remember the feeling of feeling so weak and tired that I couldn't keep up the grip on my anus at the same time as talking to him, and at the same time I could feel an ache low down in my belly, and the pressure was building up. The cork started to come out and was I only just about able to get it to go back in. This happened maybe three times, and I knew it meant I might be only a few minutes away from an accident. Once again I had this odd, detached feeling that maybe the poo would be better off in my pants, but I still didn't want it to happen. Suddenly and completely involuntarily, I felt my bum hole relax, and out came the cork, immediately followed by a large volume of very wet, mushy poo. I began to feel panicky, and I made some lame excuse to my friend about needing to get home quickly to make a start on my homework, and quickly walked away down the path.

I had only walked for a couple of minutes before I felt a definite cramping ache again low down in my belly, and in weak state and without any firm poo to grip I could do nothing to stop another wave of poo from flowing smoothly out. This time, I remember the feeling of just being too weak to hold it, and the texture was very soft. Now, my pants were very warm and squishy, and I felt like I was six years old again, having an accident that felt weirdly comfy andat least stopped my belly from hurting. Now I was away from my friend and unlikely to be found out, the panic subsided. I walked for another few minutes without incident, before a third and final wave of pressure happened, and again I can remember clearly the febrile sense of lucidity with which I let go - this time, I was consciously but feebly still trying to hold it back whilst my stomach had an irresistible urge to push everything out, and by this stage my stomach easily won. The poo was quite runny this time, with some farts inbetween the rushes of poo. I could feel sloppy poo squishing between my upper thighs as I walked, and it was clear that this was one of the few accidents I had where some of the poo was getting out around the legbands and making its way down my trouser legs. Luckily, my socks and shoes escaped, although I found blobs of poo as far down as my knees when I was in the shower.

I don't remember that much of what happened after I got home - fortunately everyone else was still out. I threw out the pants, put the trousers in the washing machine on hot, making up some very weak excuse for why they were in there on their own when my mum found them later, had a shower, and then had a bath as well, so I could rest. Fortunately, I was feeling much better by the next day. My friend hadn't noticed anything, or if he did he never mentioned it. He was the only one of my friends who had definitely found out about a few of my primary school accidents, and he knew that I knew about a couple of his too, so he would have probably been cool about it even if he had realised.



Hi everyone. I thought it would be cool to put my latest poop idea out there. Shredding paper with my new Fellowes shredder has given me the thought of what if human poop can be recycled. Instead of flushing it down the toilet, maybe it could be used to create electrical power, or some other source of energy. Just imagine in the future if cars ran off of human poop! That would be gross, but at least it would keep it out of the sewers. Composting poop for now is a good way to recycle it I think. Speaking of poop, I had the type that fell apart again, but was satisfying. Today I had fun with air putty, and destroyed small amounts of light cardboard with the shredder on my favorite setting. Interestingly, the machine has 2 "on" settings which are auto, and continuous (my favorite). I think toilets are cool with 2 flush settings. If I remember right, 1 is for peeing, and a button for poop. To the poster who wrote about having multiple accidents in school, wow that was a lot. I've never done that much poop in my pants before. I hope James is doing well now. Bye.

Former college student

Poop on first date

I am a 29 year old female, happily married no kids yet. I just wanted to post because I remember back on a date when I was in college and had to do a huge poo on a date. Fortunately the cute guy I was with had no idea what I just had done. It was our first date and we went to a resturant. I am blonde by the way, 5 feet 8, I weigh 145 now, but back then I w=ighed about 130. People all the time say I am really attractive, but I am humble and just usually respond with a thank you. A lot of guys in college would hit on me, most werent my type. Well anyways I was in the resturant with this really hot guy on my date, he was almost perfect 6 feet 2, muscular very good looking, Well I felt a strong urge during dinner, since I was in the resturant I decided to go then, instead of hold it till I was over at his place, and I couldn't hold it for much longer. I said excuse me I have to go pee, knowing very well I had to poop. The bathroom was kinda crowded and I had to wait for a stall to open. Then when I went in there was another girl behind me to wait.
I pulled down my jeans and knew it was going to be a big one, I was a little embarresed but better there than at his place. I pushed just a little and it started comming our it was very loose and soft so I didnt have to push much. I tried to make it quick so my date wouldnt think I was pooping, but I didnt want to push it out too quick because I was afraid to make any poop sounds. Well fortunately no loud poop noises, but it came out really fast making a crackling sound. I should have done a courtesy flush because the stink was really strong. I looked in the toilet and to my amazement it looked like a ton of small brown snakes in there and they were all floating and it smelled almost like sulfur really strong. I went back to the table and the rest of the date went good, when I got home I had the urge again and the poop was similar, but glad that I didnt have to go at his place. And later on after a few more dates, he became my boyfriend

Saturday, July 10, 2021


Response to Audrey

Yes, I did and it wouldn't post it. Oh well, we can just continue to share stories on here. Yes, I have done both from a tree, it is a lot of fun to see how it splatters on the ground. I will most definitely keep up that fun and naughty poops and pees. I have gotten some of my friends to join me. As a matter of a fact, I had my friend Amber join me last night for a woods walk that turned in to us both having to poop. We found a litt outcrop in a rock formation and we discovered that within on of the rocks, it had a pretty good sized hole in it that was obviously made by years of water dripping on to it, so we used that as our toilet. It was a lot of fun and it was rather comfy because the rock was smooth so it was a nice sit. We used some moss to wipe our asses.


Dear Audrey

Sorry to take long time to answer to you! I didn't see your suggestion, because my poor English. Now I search, and can't find, and start to cry, because I am unstable woman have mental problems, so crushes rush to me and Hisae massage and Maho and Kazuko caress, and I search and search, and I found!!

I so sorry, but we don't like to do motion on floor or bathtub. Perhaps this is Asian feeling. However, once we did in nature. You can find story page 2728 or near to there. We were semicircle, only 3 girls together because one of us was lookout. It was very good feeling to do together, like you say. But I think we don't do again. We were doing together for very long time, because our motions very huge, so I did next to Maho and Kazuko while they also do, then Hisae and Kazuko while they also do, but I think I didn't do when Kazuko was lookout.

But thank you for suggestion. It was pleasure to read. And I not crying now, I am showing happy face.

I hope everyone is well and no corona. Love to everyone.

Mina and 3 crushes

P.S. Maho said just now, perhaps we can do into dustbin bag, all at same time. So perhaps we will try.


First accident in a month

Hi everyone, hope you're all well and enjoying what you enjoy most about going to the bathroom!

To my SPAS: I hope you're still here reading and to hear from you soon!

So, I made the decision to not wear a diaper for a long day out over the weekend and I paid for it with wet and soiled underwear. Under pretty embarrassing circumstances no less...

I went to a baseball game with Brian and we met a few other coworkers there. Brian picked me up and drove me, and I wanted to wear a pair of blue leggings and a baseball t shirt since it was hot out and since my butt wouldn't really be covered, I just put undies on instead of a diaper, to avoid having an obvious diaper line in a very public place. I took a gamble on the fact that it would be an accident free day. It was not.

I had some beers and greasy stadium food at the game that must have stirred things up, because I needed to poop sort of bad when we were leaving. I immediately became worried about the drive home and went to go to the bathroom before we got on the road. However since it was the end of the game the bathrooms were packed, and I didn't want to wait in a huge line and make us get stuck behind all the traffic trying to leave, so I just said a little prayer that I could hold it in and followed Brian to his car. Leaving the lot and getting on the highway was brutal! Just bumper to bumper crawling traffic, and once we finally got on the highway, I could feel my load was right there knocking at the door and I really couldn't wait a lot longer. I was so glad in that moment that at least Brian already knows I have this problem, so it helped soften the blow of the embarrassment of needing to tell him about my potty emergency. I spoke up and said "hey so...if you could find a bathroom as soon as possible you would be my absolute hero." He responded by saying "uh oh. Are you gonna have an accident?" And I just said "ummm yes I really think I might go in my pants if we don't stop soon". I squirmed in my seat and held on tight to the door handle just squeezing it over and over as I clenched my cheeks together tightly. To make matters even worse I was dealing with a full bladder too, so I became aware that if I pooped, I was most likely gonna pee, too. I became really concerned about Brian's car seat so i spoke up again and just said "ok.. I need something to protect the seat! I don't think I can wait any longer" I turned and reached into the back seat to try and find a shopping bag or something. But as i was searching I felt myself give a little involuntary push, and I started filling my underwear with hot mushy poop. Then I started to pee. I just sat there wetting and messing my leggings as I covered my face in shame. I felt so bad for going to the bathroom on his car seat... after sitting in stunned silence for a second I said "I'm SO so sorry, I just went in my pants..."

Luckily he was so sweet and understanding about it. He went out of his way to try and help me not feel embarrassed, but it was hard not to, especially since it smelled sooo bad in the car because of me. I felt utterly gross, a soft hot load mixed with pee is just a huge disgusting mess. I was dreading the clean up the entire ride home, which felt like an eternity. All in all I had to ride in my wet stinky mess for about 50 minutes back to my apartment. It was so uncomfortable! And I must have promised Brian that I would pay to have his car professionally cleaned and deodorized like 7 times lol. He just kept telling me not to worry, and he had this strong sense of calm about the whole thing and I could see he had a bit of a smile on his face...he definitely liked that I pooped and peed my pants.

If im being entirely honest...when I decided not to wait for the stadium bathrooms at the end of the game, I was 99% sure that I would then have an accident in Brian's car...and I kind of was curious to see how he would react if I did. I'm so bad! So I guess it wasn't completely an accident since I had a chance to use the bathroom and didn't take it. He took it about as well as I thought he would. I really wanted to ask him if he enjoyed that I had this problem but I was too nervous to.

When we got back to my apartment and he dropped me off, he made me laugh and blush at the same time by saying "thanks for going to the game with me and for pooping in my car Poop Girl. I'm honored." I got out of the car and he went "OH WOW" and I quickly turned around. He started to laugh and I said "what???" And he said "shannon it's sooo bad. You have to cover yourself up to walk inside, hold on". He got a hoodie out of his car for me to tie around my waist but I absolutely refused to take it because I didn't want to soil anymore of his property! I explained to him that I've made the walk of shame into my apartment with poopy pants dozens of times and if anyone saw me in such a state they probably have seen me like that before already... he said "suit yourself poop girl" and smiled at me, and wished me luck with the clean up lol. I said thanks and waddled my way up to my apartment.

When I got in the bathroom I could see in the mirror what Brian meant about how bad it looked... both accidents were obvious. I spent almost a full hour in the bathroom cleaning myself up and rinsing out my leggings and underwear. Later in the evening once I was clean, I was texting with Brian a little and apologized again about his car seat. During the conversation he asked me why I didn't have a diaper on like I had been doing, so I explained how I didn't want it to be visually obvious that I had a diaper on. He told me that at work he can't tell the difference between when I have underwear on versus the depend silhouettes, so that was reassuring to hear, even though I was a little self conscious that he observes my panty lines carefully enough to notice that! Guys...

My only other life update for those who are interested is that I kind of stopped seeing Alexis. Nothing bad happened, we just kind of mutually feel like being friends is better than dating. It's kind of why i've been talking to/getting closer to Brian more lately. Also i'm still in the clear as far as bedwetting goes- no wet mornings since i drunkenly peed the hotel bed back in may.

That's all for now!

Shannon aka Poop Girl


To person in her/his 20s, who ask us to reply to survey

We would like to do your survey, but which one it is? We decided not to do survey about wee because we don't understand hisser and gusher.

Love from Mina


Firecracker Pissing

On Independence Day I walked my niece Sunshine, who is 5 and my cousin, Nathaniel, who is 4, over to a big city park where there was a concert and fireworks. I insisted that both use the bathroom before leaving home because with a crowd of 20,000 or more they would both have to stand in pain in a rowdy throng waiting for the next portable toilet to open. I've been there before and have practically wanted to strangle a couple of users who didn't know how to behave themselves in a crowd.

The patriotic band played and while they were on break me, Sunshine and Nathaniel were chilling in some higher grass that I was surprised had not been cut for the event. No all families there had large enough blankets to sit on. Some had dogs with them. I saw a couple of dogs crap in the high grass and I suspect their shit was probably stepped in or perhaps sat in over the six hours. Nathaniel and Sunshine were watching a couple of helicopters circle above and a small airplane that was flying a patriotic banner adverting a real estate company.

From behind us there was a huge loud thud that was so loud that it knocked a pop can off a cooler in front of me. All our ears were ringing and some younger kids were crying. A big lack lab in front of us took off running like mad. Both the kids were crying when a couple of security guards ran over. I couldn't put my finger on it, at first, because I had to catch my breath and at that point there was a funny feeling from my inner-legs. There was a stream of liquid running down to my bare feet. I had red shorts on and I looked at my crotch area and saw that I had definitely peed myself. The guards looked around, talked to some people, but the person who had thrown the explosive had gotten away. Several of us were interviewed for a police report, after being asked if we needed an emergency unit.

An officer took the three of us to a security tent where there were a couple of portable toilets. They watched the two while I went into the toilet, which was hotter than anything I experienced, to clean myself off. Regular perspiration quickly overtook me as I sat, completed my pee, and used some kitchen towels from a roll to dry off my crotch. Then they brought Nathaniel to the door. He held up two fingers so I put them on the toilet and he quickly farted and dropped 3 or 4 pellets. I dried him off, sent him out and the officer who had calmed Sunshine down, brought her to the door. I got her on the stool, and as she peed, I looked at her knee which she said hurt. Then the officer escorted us back to our places. The fireworks were great and luckily were not shot off near us. In our walk back home, we stopped at a fast-food place for ice cream cones. That's when I had to sit for my second crap of the day. Something very rare for me. Sunshine, asleep on our couch, woke up at 3 a.m. with a nightmare.



A Lesbian pee survey:
1. Does your pee usually come out all at once or is it more of a "stop-and-start" stream? Before pregnancy, it was all at once and pretty forceful. The stream is a little weaker and sometimes, but not often, I do have some stop and start to my pees.

2. Are you more of a hisser or a gusher? Gusher.

3. Do you fart when you pee? Before pregnancy, I would really only fart on the toilet during the first pee of the day, sometimes more than that. Since pregnancy, I would say that I fart most of the time when I sit for a pee.

4. Describe the most interesting-sounding pee stream(s) you've heard when using a public bathroom. I really don't know. Even the public bathrooms I use regularly, like at work, are one seaters.

Shannon and Trina: I'm still here. Sorry it has been so long! I hope that you all are well!

Love to all!

The weird ones that sound like Donald duck.


IBS-D Following Stomach Virus

Hi friends!

It's been a while, well, because life. Yes, life and fortunately some much needed vacation these past two weeks! I hope everyone is dooing well!

In my last post, I shared that the family all caught a stomach virus that caused vomiting and diarrhea. It was a short-lived bug that made its round through our family, but the symptoms were explosive. In fact, I shared that all three of us girls pooped our Depends with a massive diarrhea explosion.

Well, everyone felt better within 48 hours of the onset of their symptoms, but it didn't leave us without some aftershocks. All of us experienced explosive loose stools the first week following the virus, even though our appetites returned, suffered no nausea and overall felt better.

Yet, for me, the IBS caused by the virus lasted until about the middle of June. Some days, I had my usual two bowel movements, except they were large, mushy stools. Some days had full blown diarrhea where I was running to the bathroom without much warning several times during the day. Most of the days, however, I had 3-5 loose stools, accompanied by cramping. And I stayed gassy all the time. The problem was I would let the gas build because it was either inappropriate to pass it or I was afraid something else would come with it.

And, I even pooped myself twice with large, loose stools. Fortunately those happened at home.

At the beginning of June, I broke down in front of Alan, just sobbing, because I had not had a good, solid log or snake since before the virus. It reminded me of my preteen years when everything came to a head and my parents began treating my stomach symptoms. I told Alan that I really missed my normal bowel habits and that a good poop was one of my favorite things in life. Now my stomach felt like it was ruined.

I continued to eat my usual diet throughout this ordeal. Then, suddenly, the IBS broke. The second Saturday in June I pooped twice in the morning. They were large, soft stools that made piles in the toilet. But both had a little form to them. I didn't go that evening. Then, the next morning - Sunday - I was getting ready for church and felt that familiar feeling of a good, solid stool in my rectum. My stomach wasn't crampy. I was so excited that I didn't even bother to close the door of the bathroom and just sat down and let nature take its course. It felt so good to feel the push, the thick mass of doodie, the warmth, and even that familiar smell of healthy doodie fill the bathroom. I started to cry after it ended. I looked in the toilet and I had never been so excited to see a beautifully formed, thick, brown bowel movement coming out of the hole! Alan came in and saw my tears, and I had to bring him over and let him see my glorious log in the toilet!

And, I've been fine ever since. I've had some amazing bowel movements, even on vacation, when usually travel can mess with your system!

So, I hope that the IBS was just a temporary reaction to the virus. I don't want that to happen again!

Love to all!



Latest news

Hi everyone, I'm going to answer a couple of questions and give you a quick update.
MJ- sorry its taken me ages to answer your question, yes, sometimes when I'm really constipated I don't manage to have a poo when my friends are there so I have to give up and try again later. Its not unusual for me to sit there grunting and straining for 20 minutes or more when my constipations bad. I think my friend Lucy suffers even more than me and my other friends, like recently I've been having a bit of an easier time as I've been going for a poo every other day and not having to strain too much (although I have been starting to struggle this last week a bit more, I'll come to that in a sec!) but Lucys still only going every 3 or 4 days and having really hard and fat poos which she's really struggling to push out and she's on the loo for ages. I guess your right, we're all pretty open about going on the loo together, it actually started when we all ended up constipated after starting secondary school, we would be round each others houses after school when one of us would want a poo, and rather than a massive gap in the conversation while someone was on the toilet for ages we wanted to keep chatting so we ended up just going in with each other, also when your having a hard poo its great if you can chat to someone to take your mind off it!
David P- I completely agree with your comments about school loos, holding in my poo when I started at secondary school is why I'm still having problems with constipation years later. Luckily for me some decent loos opened up when I was 15 but by then I'd already been holding it for 3 years so I was still constipated quite often but at least I could start going for a poo at school again whenever I felt the urge. Its so horrible sitting in class trying to concentrate on a lesson when your desperate to use the loo, I often had to clench my bum to stop a log from poking out in my knickers and was worried that I would end up pooing myself but luckily I never did at school, thank god. Sometimes I couldn't stop the poo from poking out of my bum and then my knickers would get dirty which was really unpleasant but from talking to my friends they were having similar problems too. In answer to your recent question, no it wasn't me who posted the story you mentioned, sorry I can't help. Just a final question for you, now I think I'm starting to get constipated again I want to try the pressing between my bum thing you mentioned, but I was wondering if I'm supposed to do it as a sort of massage before I go for a poo or while I'm actually pushing my poo out?
Anyway over the last week or so I've been starting to find it harder to have a poo, earlier this evening when Lucy and I were watching telly I started to feel an urge so I told her I needed to go for a poo and she came up to my ensuite with me. I pulled down my jeans and pink and yellow stripey knickers and sat, I needed to have a wee too so I started with that and sent a heavy stream splashing down into the bowl, once that had dribbled to a stop I started to push and after a couple of minutes felt the tip of a log coming out, my heart sank as I could feel it was really hard and dry, I realised I hadn't been for a poo for a couple of days so knew that was going to make it harder. I kept on pushing and luckily the log kept on moving although it was coming very slowly and starting to get fatter, I was grunting quite a bit but not as much as when I'm really constipated. "Sorry, I think I'm a bit constipated again, I haven't had a poo for a couple of days!" I panted as I kept on straining, and Lucy said, "No worries, just push as hard as you need!" and I nodded as I bore down again. After a few more hard pushes I felt the log speeding up and a short time later it dropped from my bum and splashed into the bowl, I felt a smaller log starting to come out and pushed again but luckily that one came out a lot faster and then I felt empty. I took some loo roll and wiped my front and bottom and then stood up, pulling up my knickers and jeans and flushing the toilet. "Actually I need to have a wee," Lucy said, pulling down her grey leggings and purple knickers and sitting on the loo. As I was washing my hands I heard a fizzing stream starting up and as it started to come to an end she farted, we both giggled and I said, "Do you want a poo as well?" Lucy shook her head and said, "No, I went for a poo yesterday so it'll be at least a couple of days before I need to go again, I'm still really constipated." By now her stream had died away so she took some paper, wiped her front and pulled up her knickers and leggings before flushing the loo and washing her hands. Many thanks for reading this and I'll try to post again soon, bye for now.

Emmas two

Poo in the old house

Five days after my diarrhoea accident at work on Thursday morning I didn't feel the need to go until Wednesday afternoon but I definitely made up for it.

I was walking home from the bus stop after work and there's an old house that's been empty for as long as I can remember. The back and front gardens are badly overgrown with some large bushes and I thought it would be great place to have a poo and it would avoid the risk of blocking the toilet at home. I was busting to go as I made my way to the old house and when I got to the front garden I noticed the front door was hanging by a single hinge and as I opened it, it fell off and I nearly pood myself as I jumped out of the way. The door fell into the hallway and I walked over it to enter a very run down old building. Some of the windows were broken and some of the ceilings had collapsed and had to have look round. I found the downstairs toilet but it was broken so I walked upstairs and found the bedrooms and then the upstairs bathroom and I was surprised it was intact. There was no water in the bowl but I didn't care about that and there was half a toilet roll left so I decided to use it. I wiped the dust off the seat and pulled my jeans and knickers down before sitting on the toilet. I got myself comfortable and pushed out a huge amount of poo and with no water in the toilet it stank. I pushed again and peed as I did some more poo to finish my relief. I wiped my bottom and got off the toilet and pulled my clothes up. I looked in the toilet and I was impressed with my creation and I was so glad it wasn't my own toilet at home because it would be impossible to clean what I'd left in there. I left quickly feeling six pounds lighter and walked the relief of the way home.


Dear Audrey

Sorry, we decide we don't do your suggestion. But thank you for suggestion.

Reason is many. One is, for us, motion and wee are something we do only in loo, or in nature, not on floor of house or in dustbin bag or in bathtub. That is our feeling and we can't be help feeling.

Another of reason is, loo and bathtub are different rooms. In Japan often like this. In bathroom there is bathtub only, and some floor space. We discussed about do together on bathroom floor. Then we can use shower to send everything to sewer. But Maho's turds very hard, so that is problem maybe.... In Japanese bathroom, water on floor flow away to sewer, so we can wash body next to bathtub and then all water go away.

But it is very temptation to do all together at same time, like we did when we did in a nature, I gave you page. So thank you for a good idea! Even we never do, we thank to you.

Love from Mina + 3

I've just listened to my wife having a poo

I could hear it sliding out of her bum hole, then sliding into the toilet with a slight plopping noise

She only dropped one, then wiped her bum

luvs lightning mwf

I had a very adventurous afternoon and evening to relate to everyone here. I had to take my husband John to an Amtrak train station about an hour away from our acreage. John will be attending a photography trade show later this week. John's parents live only a few minutes away from the station and so we had supper at their house just before bringing him to the station. His train left just before 7:00 PM. I then peed at a washroom at the station and left.
I had my camera gear with me and went to one of my favourite lakes to take pictures. I am an avid outdoor photographer and love photographing landscapes, wildlife, sunsets etc. I arrived at this lake Around 7:30 PM. It was around this time that I first felt a need to poop. But at this lake there is some parking and a few tables but no washrooms. But anyway I was able to get some great wildlife photos including a black bear snagging a fish, a bald eagle catching a fish, and then another black bear with two cubs in a tree. I was also able to capture an awe inspiring sunset. It was now about 10:15 PM and darkness was setting in. I was about to leave when I heard a train horn. A railroad goes past this lake on its western side. I was able to get close enough to the railroad and set up my camera and tripod. I took a long exposure shot (photographers know what I mean) of the train as it's headlamp lit up part of the picture. I ended up with some extraordinary "light streak" effects lighting up both the railroad and the lakeside. It was now about 10:45 approximately. At this time my need to poop was really starting to intensify. I thought of squatting there on the ground but decided against it. As I got back into my vehicle, I decided to put an old floor mat on my driver seat knowing that I might possibly have a pants pooping episode. Despite being 43 years old and heathy and athletic, it is not totally unusual for me to pee or poop my pants. At about 11:15 PM as I was within about 100 yards of our acreage's driveway, I spotted what appeared to be a snake on the road. I exited my vehicle and discovered both a fox snake and another snake what appeared to me to be a garter snake. I just knew I needed to get a video of this. By the time my headlamp, camera and tripod were set up and recording, I was already starting to poop my pants, But catching a video of a snake eating another snake was a golden opportunity that I was determined not to miss. And Since I was wearing old green camouflage shorts and a panty that would likely hold it all I was not worried. And sure enough as I thought would happen, the fox snake began eating the garter snake. Now there was already an egg sized poop lump in the seat of my panties. So I allowed myself to relax and completely poop my pants while I was recording this. Anyway, I was able to record the entire "snake eating snake" adventure on camera. I finished the recording and then put all my equipment back in the car. I put my hand on the back of my butt to feel the poop load. IT WAS HUGE!! When all was said done there was what I guessed to be a "turkey breast" sized load of poop in my pants, it was i am sure the biggest pants pooping experience I have ever had. I got home and cleaned up. I had to throw away my panties,

To sum it all up, I had a great evening that included a wonderful supper with my my in-laws, some superb photographs And a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to observe and record a snake eating another snake. And to top it all off; The biggest and most exhilarating pants pooping experience I have ever had in my life. It doesn't get much better than that.


Re: Audrey

Please do share the page number for the story with the two holer. I have stories to write that may be similar.

I have many other stories involving pooping over the years that I haven't yet written, but new ones keep "piling" on. I use bicycles for transportation and ride hundreds of miles a week and thus go through a lot of calories, and often don't have the luxury to be picky where I drop trou.

The only buddy dump stories I have with friends or acquaintances involved the use of normal doored stalls, although I do have a scant few stories of "buddy dumps" with strangers while using open toilets or doorless stalls, albeit it may not be appropriate nomenclature to call them buddy dumps at that point.

I have a story from a month ago I never got around to posting. I took an emergency dump outside near the side of a highway because I couldn't find a facility in time, and did so to avoid soiling my pants. I then had to go again 20 minutes or so later and found a restroom at a rural park where I ended up defecating into one of two open toilets as I sat next to an old man. People were coming in and out of the restroom to pee and wash their hands as we both stunk the place up, with no privacy, both sit-down commodes in view of the mirror and the first thing people saw when they walked in. I will type it up in a day or two. I used that same restroom to dump again a week later on another long ride, albeit without another person pooping next to me, although two teenagers came in to wash up at the sinks while I was wiping my butt.

During the 4th of July weekend, I ate 6 cans of black beans for lunch, in addition to my normal meals. The next day I was riding my bike and had to take an emergency dump. I used a doorless stall at another park after barely making it to the toilet. I got walked in on by park maintenance, a middle aged dude and an old lady, as I was defecating. This is another story which I will tell.

I also have a story from my childhood at age 11 where I came across a two-holer at a campground, and had to go. Another kid was seated on one of the holes. I didn't use it out of embarrassment and went outside in the woods the next day. Earlier that same day I also got intruded upon by two girls my own age while peeing in an outdoor urinal.

I woke up this morning in quite a puddle. My nighttime pullup had leaked. I should have changed it when I woke up wet at 3am but I didn't figure I'd pee again. But I did. My pull ups have a blue line that when faded means the pullup is wet. My blue line had disappeared completely. I saddled to the bathroom like a little kid who'd just wet their pants, the bulge of my pullup quite obvious between my legs and my wet pajamas . I really needed to potty and with the pain between my legs, I knew I was going to get to the toilet too late. I dribbled and squirted in my already sogg4y diaper. The dribbles trickled warm down my legs. I was just about to be in full flow by the time I got to the bathroom. I started to peel down my soaked pajamas and pullup. Oops. Too late. I squatted to try and hold it but I couldn't. I froze as I began to pee down my legs and make a pool on the floor. Tears filled my eyes as I wiped up my mess. My potty problems seem to be gradually becoming more frequent like when I was a kid. Getting there in time is such a coin toss for me. I had a dream last week about the last time my father spanked me for an accident. I was well past 14 and had waited too late yet again to ask for the toilet and wet my pants in the hallway. I woke up crying and in the middle of wetting. I got my pants changed and luckily woke up dry the next morning.

To Lorenz

Hi Lorenz!

I was wondering, when you have had to poo in public doorless toilets, has it been "easy" for you to actually poo? I ask because I don't think I could poo with my pants around my thighs, it would take way too long or too much effort. But I don't know about you... do you also have to give a good push to get going or are you able to relax and let your crap drop?

And, in case of pushing, do you think it has been noticeable to onlookers who happen to be waiting for the stall or just messing around in the bathroom? Do you feel comfortable pushing in front of them?

David P

Question for Abbie?

To Abbie: I have been digging into all of your older stories since having some time on my hands. I enjoyed all of them very much by the way. but have a question, please answer to help me figure out.

One story titled my sister embarrsed me about pooing with an unknown man at a party, is this also one of your stories or someone else as I was thinking it read a little differently to your normal style but the poster was the same age and name as you. If it was you then do you have any other stories like this one?


To Tyler C

That is pretty wild that you would pee yourself in class all the time. I would be so worried about letting too much out at once. It is even crazier that you pooed yourself that one time too!

Skidmarked in Seattle
Hello all,

I hope everyone is saying as safe and sane as they can, and things are looking closer to up than down. As a nurse practitioner, please consider a covid vaccine.

As a human being who poops, I'm working more in the clinic now ( i got to work home more than other nurses with telemedicine and other duties), so I am pooping more at work, which I have mention means I either get more skidmarks or don't feel as clean.

The later as been more true as 2021 I got a lot more dark underwear which probably masks my skids. Although my husband got a bunch of light colored underwear for valentines day (as a half joke teasing me about my skids and half because he like how I look in them). I wore a lot more lighter colored underwear in 2020 as I pooped more at home with access to better toilet paper, wet wipes (though I use them more sparingly) and the best option, showering after pooping.

Because of the dark underwear, not as many visible skids, but my booty feels a little stickier after 1-3 poops at work. and sometimes on busy days I swear I can smell myself.

Anybody else getting more skid marks pooping less at home now?

Ronnett-getting skidmarks in school is very normal as someone who is still self conscious about skidmarks in her 30s after 3 professional degrees and still gets them! Now not every girl gets them; Im looking at the girl who wears the white thong at the gym and never gets a skids after a tough spin class or Catherine ;) But many girls do, and even more get them and hide or don't admit to them . so you are in good company Ronnett. On top of that, high school and college toilet paper is worse!. I think more than half of us got skidmarks (once again few women will admit in real life). The quality of toilet paper in American public restrooms are awful 1 ply! And when I was in high school, we had dispensers that gave one sheet at a time!. I swear if you didn't get skids in your underwear, you at least got poop on you hand from wiping even you pulled out 20 squares ( I got my panties skidded and poop on my hands in high school!).
Victoria B-Did you get a bidet? Did you notice your boyshorts and thongs becoming cleaner rather then using toilet ? I really need to stop using these wet wipes! My husband jokes safe the earth, let than thong take the skid, then I blush! Congrats on your relationship with Robyn!!

David P

Update & old story

Hello all it is David P again, apologies in my last post with replies to Jennifer, Jasmin K ect I forgot to put my name but I guess you know that it was me considering the content.

To Constipated Girl: thank you for your survey response, I enjoyed reading your answers. Sorry to hear you often struggle with your poos so much. I really hate when they make loud plops and splash up your bumhole. I am curious as to what your diet is like to produce such hard turds? I suggest you eat more veg to help pass your load, you will be thankful for it!

Now an update from yesterday and today. I hadn't been to empty my bowels for a few days since the last update and after breakfast yesterday I was suddenly hit with a major urge to pass some sewer snakes. So I took myself off to the bathroom, sat down in just my pants for extra comfort and pushed out so much poo it was unbelievable. The logs were soft for a change and kept on coming and coming out filling the bowel, when I looked into the toilet there was about three big soft logs in there covered on top with loads of little soft poos the size of a little finger all curled around. Now the room was smelling rather strong of poo. I had massive relief once again, I think since waking up and having oat cereal for breakfast it has made my poo bulk up and come out soft. Since I never used to have breakfast so my diet was lacking fibre. Anyway again that evening after a walk I had to once again visit the loo, and pushed out a couple more logs. Where is all this shit coming from?

As I went the day before and released such a load I didn't think I'd need another poo today. But surprisingly after breakfast my body gave the urge to empty again, this time when I sat down, arching my body forward to help the evacuation the log came out and made a very loud PLOOP! into the loo, it must have been loud enough for my neighbors to hear it if they were in their bathroom. I felt suddenly awkward at what had just happened, I hate it when my poo drops very loud as it is obvious what I am doing for all to hear. But we all have to poo so I suppose I need to think who cares as they poo too! Then out came a barrage of plips and plops as many logs hit the pan. Very embarrassing, even when you are in the loo on your own.

This experience reminded me of an awkward experience last year at home, when I needed to crap but the neighbor was in the bathroom next door that is right behind the wall of my house, I sat down on the loo and I could hear them doing tiling or something on the wall, so they were practically sitting right next to me pooing on the other side of the wall. I was embarrassed but my body didn't understand the situation and just needed the poo out so it came out slowly working it's way out of my bumhole and plopped very loudly into the bowel. I knew next door must have heard the impact of my crap hitting the water as it was LOUD! I felt awkward by this act with them near. I hated to think they knew what I had done. But thought well we all poo, it is only natural despite how we feel about it. I'd like humans to be able to accept that we poo and do it in front of others so it isn't as awkward.

I have a couple of embarrassing public toilet poo stories from years ago if anyone wants to hear them?

Bye now,
David P

Thursday, July 08, 2021


Laxatives versus Enemas

I note Anna from Austria comments.
Mostly I use osmotic laxatives because I do not want to use enemas with my partner around.
yes, enemas are quick and reliable but osmotic laxatives are much healthier.
Sometimes the poo is high up in the colon and then multiple waster enemas do the trick but that can take an hour. Water enemas are the best , despite the time and effort because, say three or four enemas give a good clean out and water is harmless. The thing to watch is sometimes you can be off and on the toilet for a few hours...other times not.



A simple test if it's lactose intolerance: Look for "Lactaid" or generics thereof in the pharmacy. It's the enzyme that lactose-intolerant people are missing. If it makes the problem go away it's lactose intolerance.


Parties, pizza, and potty training

My husband and me took our sons to a party at a friend's house for 4th of July with a lot of other families. I had to pee three times over the evening and I made sure to take my youngest with me each time.

The bathroom was a mess! Every time I went, I had to wipe pee off the seat that I'm pretty sure came from other kids at the party. By the end of the night, there were four different plates of half eaten pizza on the bathroom counter that no one got or even threw away.

Even my own 3 year old didn't want to put down his pizza when he came with me. Him and his brother have done this before. Even if I'm pooping, they'll still eat completely unphased in the bathroom with me. I guess the other kids at the party were doing the same thing.

Is this something adults do? I never have.

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