Hi Gabriela

Gabriela, I never peed on the bus before, but I've been desperate once. I was going to an elympics event, and got a bit desperate to pee on the way their. Seems like your pee went pretty far. I imagine you had a lot to drink to cause such a big pee stream, too. As far as smelling pee, I believe their was an autistic guy named Bryan from my school that peed on the bus once. He didn't get called out for it that I'm aware of, but he did however, for spitting. It was one of his autism behaviors. Today's poop was really soft, medium in size, and I only went once. Guess what else. I've found that in one city (forgot the name right now) that it's illegal not to smile. So, I'd imagine if the smiling policy is that strict, that being embarrassed from pooping oneself could land you in the police station. The law is so crazy, I'm glad I don't live their. I can understand that open defecation being against the law due to disease, but being forced to smile if you wanted to stay out of trouble would be too much for me! Lol, I'd probably cry in the bathroom with a towel over my head if I had to. Hope everyone on here is well. Bye.


Reply to Amanda

Hi Amanda, I also use my car as a toilet. Do you ever poop in your car? Cute story.


A beach story

When I was 14, on a blissful day at the beach, my sisters, grandma, and I needed to go to the bathroom. The nearest one was a portapotty. I'd already peed in the ocean several times, but this was poop!
A lady who'd just been in it handed me a tissue because there wasn't any toilet paper. When I opened the door, the smell was terrible!
I sat down, and as I was pooping, I looked down and saw poop from at least ten other people. Gross, I thought at first, but then I smiled and thought, everyone poops! There's no shame in letting out a soft brown plop and letting it drop down. I was proud to be part of the story of people who'd eaten a delicious meal on vacation, gone to the beach the next day, walked into the cool green water with bare feet, and suddenly had the urge to poop. Besides, everyone else's poop looked just like mine! I was glad to see that big, brown plops are universal. Almost like a universal language, even. Yet, every person's poop is unique, just like them!
No reason to be shy or embarrassed about pooping, even if it's at your friend's house. In fact, if you ate dinner and stayed overnight, pooping is just a pleasant and satisfying part of that experience! And if you don't poop until you get home, it will be part of a sweet memory for you.
Has anyone here ever been reminded of a great time while they pooped? Or been afraid of pooping away from their house, just to find someone else was enjoying it at the same time? I can't wait to hear your stories!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Best wishes,


Motherhood and the bathroom.

Growing up, I was as reserved about my bathroom habits as I'm pretty sure everyone is. Not family, friends, or my husband once we were married were really allowed to see me on the toilet.

Late in my first pregnancy when I was dealing with constipation and having to pee more often, I started being fine with my husband seeing me on the toilet since I was already spending so much time on it.

After my first son was born, I started to prevent my husband from seeing me again. Once he could walk though, I often had him as company when I went, and my husband saw me more often because the door had to stay open for our son's sake.

I got pregnant for a second time when our son was five, and I didn't have a problem with both of them being in the bathroom with me. And once my second was born, it was just a repeat of events.

My sons are 3 and 9 now, and I still regularly find one or both of them with me when I'm on the toilet, and it doesn't bother me at all. I find it surprising how being a mom made me so open about something I didn't use to be.

I was wondering if any other women understand or have experienced this?


Loose Sunday

Well this past Sunday my wife and I were on our way home from church and she needed a couple of things at the store so I waited in the car. As I sat there I realized that I did not poop in the morning and I had one coming on. We got home and I was changing my clothes and considered asking my wife to go for a walk. I thought I could hold my crap and give her a surprise in the woods. Suddenly I realized that wasn't going to happen and got on the toilet quickly. I gave a slight push and a small hard piece came out followed by mush. I sat there and farted a few times and my wife came in and wanted to see what I had produced. About that time I started spraying liquid into the toilet.
At this point she said that she needed to go and NOW!! I couldn't stop or get off for her to sit down. She ripped her pants and panties down and told me to back up and spread my legs. As she turned to sit down all hell broke loose. She had a little mush and then all loose and it didn't make it in the toilet. She has a pleasant round ass that both cheeks were in dire need of wiping. As well as my stomach and penis that she had coated with crap. About that time she exploded a loud and runny fart and that was so hard it sprayed the wall.
We finally both finished and showered and decided to go for a walk. While we were walking she accidentally let some go in her panties. She instantly pulled her pants and panties down and sprayed liquid on the nearest tree. I watched and enjoyed every minute. She took her panties off and wiped with them and left them in the woods.
Today I went to the woods to inspect her panties. She had left quite the load in them before she used them to wipe with.
Has anyone else had similar stories?

Maddy, I'm sorry I spelled your name wrong, I've missed posts for me because of similar things, just putting this out again.
Welcome, I loved your post, I think we are a lot alike. I also love to lie down and watch in the mirror, and pee under my skirt like you. It's great that your dad is comfortable with you messing and going in places other than the toilet. May I ask, why did he have you shit yourself when you were camping, rather than just poo outside? Did you pee at all when that happened? When I was your age, my parents did always inspect my poos so that I could maintain a healthy diet, but not when camping.(I would use that as an opportunity to hold for an especially big one :). I would also think that that would make it harder to judge and a lot of cleanup. I wish I could have pullups too! Did they hold your poo, did you just pee,or did they ever blowout? I'm excited to hear more from you!
It is always great to hear from someone with similar experiences and interests at a similar age, so Id love to talk more! :D


Question to the women

I am 5 feet 10 about 175 pounds 19 years old, I normally poop in the morning at home, but sometimes I poop at work. My poop isn't really that big, at work, average size, I might be use to my own smell but the smell isn't really that bad either. One time I was curious, after I pooped I went outside the restroom, walked back in and I could smell a little when I went back in the stall but not much. This co worker of mine, a really big guy, about 6 feet 5, 270 took a poop, when I went in the restroom it smelled so bad, I had to leave and use the restroom on another floor.

Does size of people have to do with how big and smelly someones poop is.

To you women, is it usually the heavy set coworker that takes the biggest and smelliest poops. I know fat people eat a lot more, and from my experience bigger guys take bigger poops, is this true with women too. Please respond back to my question with your experience, I hope you all have a good day

Shannon, I would consider protection at night, just to make things smoother for the time being! I hope your doctor (or a different one, if this one proves useless) is able to figure out what'd cause this sudden change! But, if Alexis sleeps through your accident, is there really any need to wake her? Wouldn't it be better to get a good night's sleep and not have to deal with it until morning?

Kendal, it is SO great to hear from you again! You and Andrew are, like, legendary. Another longtime member and I were just having a conversation about the people who used to be here.

Wonder what was up with the site in those days; maybe an error was why your posts didn't appear if you later couldn't get in at all for some time, if the content was the same as your others. At any rate, I'm sorry to hear you had suffered such tragedy and drama! But it's wonderful to know what's become of your life since then. It seems you've started a lovely family of your own, and it's great that you and Andrew are apparently still as close as ever. I gotta ask what the father of your child thinks of your bathroom interests, too. Ever get him to join you in the potty?

I hope you stick around, and that we hear from the rest of your crew too!


Does pooping in public embarrass you?

Tyrone's question is one that I think a lot of us might disagree on.

My answer is No!

When my bowels are full or otherwise active, I'm going to seek relief ASAP. Several on the site have cited being able to smell others trying to hold a crap in. Or the toots as anal gas tries to rearrange itself. Or when I'm in class just before I have to make a presentation on a current event and I'm getting nervous. So I will just ask permission and quickly go down the hall, sit and get my relief. Sometimes I will check out and reject 6 or 7 toilets before I find a welcoming one. That means enough toilet paper to clean myself with and not a bowl filled with the pee and crap of several others. See I learn from my mistakes. I was in 5th grade and just went in to piss before returning from lunch. The doors had been removed from most of the toilets. I didn't mind because it was just going to be a fast sit for a routine piss. Instead of waiting for one of the other toilets to open with probably a dozen of us in competition. There was the contributions of one or two others in the water but I didn't care. I peed, pulled up my panties and jeans, reached down and flushed. But when I was washing my hands, behind me I was getting blamed by a couple of others for clogging the toilet and busting the flush. One of them even told our teacher. Like what do you want her to do? Assign me a demerit or detention? So thinking back last week: I had 1 crap at home, 2 at school, another when Molly and I were riding our bikes at the park, 1 at Wal-Mart (this was the best of the week because the toilet's seat was so comfy and no one was peeking in or asking me how long I was going to be during my 10 minute production). That ended however with my grandma texting me about my being late for my pickup. I told her what I was doing. Once I got in her car I got this lecture about how I should have held it for 15 minutes until I got home. Then I heard some of her stories and what she had taught mom. OK, I thought, but I'm different.


Answer and a new story

Tyrone: No, pooping I'm public doesn't embarrass me. Not even a little bit. As a kid there were a lot of times when I had to poop in public. Then in college I went for four years pooping in a dorm bathroom every single time. So no, no shyness here.

That's a good lead-in to my story...

Two weeks ago I was running errands. My last errand was the grocery store (regional chain called Meijer). It was going to be a big shopping trip and my body was telling me that I should probably go and take a dump before shopping. I didn't think I had to go that badly, but I felt like I'd be more comfortable while shopping. So I headed to the restrooms. A woman in her 30's was walking in right in front of me. The bathroom was empty and had three stalls. She took the one closest to the sinks, and I took the one next to her (the third stall was a handicapped stall; I try not to use them unless it's a huge emergency and I'm going to be fast. I would hate to make someone who actually needs a handicapped stall have to wait.)

So as I'm sitting down, the other woman lets go with a bowl echoing fart (you know the sound). She immediately says, "I'm sorry!"

This is a first for me. I've never had anyone apologize to me for going to the bathroom. I think for a moment and say, "Don't apologize! I'm doing the same thing you are."

I figure that if I can respond with a nice fart it might make her feel less shy. So I lean forward and push.

Well, instead of a fart, I feel a really nice log start to come out. I lean forward a little more and it lands in the toilet with a splash. I'm so relieved that I let out an audible sigh. (Apparently I had to poop a lot more than I thought I did!) I peed a little bit and pushed a little more poop before being done. As I was doing so, the girl next to me took what sounded like a nice big dump. We finished at about the same time. As I was wiping, she lets out a nice big sigh of relief.

As we're washing our hands, I say, "Feel better?" She smiles and says, "MUCH better! You?". I said "Definitely. And you didn't have to apologize." She says, "Thanks. Sometimes I get embarrassed." At that point someone else came into the bathroom. I left and went about my shopping.

I actually saw this same woman again in Meijer yesterday which made me think of our time in the bathroom together. I passed by her and said hi. She giggled shyly and said hi back.


To Shannon

I also had issues with bedwetting and more in my 30. Not sure what exactly was wrong, for about ten years I has urgency issues and wet the bed almost daily. I had to wear diapers for long trips, meetings and to bed. Then it went away

I posted a few times about it here. There were times when I had the other kind of an accident, even in public, but wearing a diaper made the cleanup easier. I was wearing almost daily, nobody knew except my wife

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: MD Dan it sounds like had to really poop.

To: Molly great story.

To: Taylor great story about you and Jennifer it sounds like you both had good poops.

To: Carlie B great story about your big poop.

To: Mina as always another great story.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


First post in a while

So this is the first post I have done in quite a while. I have gotten really busy with work and life. Anyway, I woke up this morning and I really had to poop after my stomach did a turn and it was like the flood gates were about to burst. So I ran really quickly to my toilet and made sure that it flushes. Only problem was it didn't. I hadn't noticed that the power was out so I had to get in my car and drive like a mad woman to a place where I could go. I went to the place that is only a few minutes fr my home and ran in to the woods. I got my pants n thong down and squatted down n just let loose. It felt so good and it was a lot of it. Well I finally got done n wiped with my baby wipes and then went back home. I'm waiting for the power to come back on so I can get to work.

By the way, if donnajoe from Similar Worlds is on here reading this, I hope you are doing well.

Hope you're all having a better day than mine started out.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Kung Poo
Hey Kaycha Kendal, I remember Lawn Dog Kids! I have been on this forum since 1999. It's so nice to hear from you and your daughter!


reply to Abbie

Hey Abbie, great to see you posting again! And thanks, I'm glad I avoided a total accident. I've not had one of those for a while fortunately. Hope you are keeping well.

Have you had any outdoor wees recently? As it's been cold I haven't been outside as much but I'm sure there will be some in the summer to come.

speak soon


To Sarah

I'm sorry to hear you had an accident. Sarah, I know how you feel. Once as a child I took an enema, and pooped while sitting on the floor thinking I just had to fart. From what I remember, the poop came out in a squelch, and a little got on the carpet. I'm just glad I was wearing a pull up. I didn't feel to see if there was poop on the floor, I just guessed since I recall touching the area later in the day and sniffing my finger. Today I had fun sitting on my bed with my new doll, and rubbing the lace on the hem of her bloomers. Although I might have said Minnie replaces my childhood doll with lace, I've now decided this one takes the place of it for sure. Btw, I was still mildly incontinent when Mom bought the other childhood doll with lace trim. Speaking of incontinence, I think I wore some type of odd diaper to catch the leakage while attending summer school. When I think of it, the diaper was like a period pad with straps to secure it. This may not be entirely accurate, but it's how I remember. At some point today I pooped after eating pumpkin seeds. It was a bit chunky with a feeling of being a moderate amount. I also did a good amount first thing this morning. While Mom helped me with stringing beads together for more jewelry making, she ripped awesome farts. It's possible that they meant poop was coming although I didn't smell much of an odor when she went potty a few minutes later. Bye!

Over last weekend my back was really hurting so I took three doses of ibuprofen. One of the side effects is constipation so I wasn't surprised that I hadn't felt the need to have a poo for two days (my normal is once/twice a day). On Monday I farted while I was peeing and I thought that I might as well try. So, I started to push and while it doesn't usually take a lot for my bumhole to open, this time I really had to bear down. Finally, a log started to move down my rectum and as it started to emerge from my hole it hurt like hell! I actually had to stop pushing because of the pain. This caused my hole to close and snap the log in two. A few minutes later the other half of the log splashed down into the water to join the first half. The other log that I produced was relatively easy to push out. When I looked in the bowl as I was wiping all of my turds were large and fat. After Monday I've been back to my normal schedule but surprisingly (and I'm not complaining) my poo's have continued to be large ones

Also, today I read an article that was shared on Facebook about a street in Edinburgh, Scotland where people have been using it as a toilet and according to the street's residents, they haven't even tried to hide what they've been doing! I know that over the past ten or so years the numbers of public toilets have decreased due to cuts and the ones that have survived have been temporary closed due to the pandemic, but this is just plain rude.


To Kendal + Story: Trip to the UK with my friend Frank

Hello all. It has been several years since I last posted. As I finished high school and entered university, I had less and less time to post here, although I have been keeping up with this site and its posters. At the moment, I think there are only a couple of you who might have been posters here when I posted here (from 2008 to 2011 mostly, posting only occasionally afterwards). I remember Abbie, End Stall Em, Siford, Lorenz, Simmee, and others who were my contemporaries or starting to post during my last years here. Glad to see some are still active, and I also enjoy reading the stories from today's regular contributors to this site!

To Kendal: I am very, very happy to see that you posted and are maybe back? Or may post occassionally? In any case, I just wanted to say three things. First, although you and I never posted here at the same time, you and Andrew (Lawn Dogs Kid) were one of my inspirations for posting on this site in the first place all those years ago, and I would often read your stories because they were so heartfelt and sincere. Second, I offer my sincere condolences for all you have gone through. If I am correct in my calculations, you and I are close in age... you may be 2 or 3 years older than I am so when I read some of your life events I really felt them, although I cannot begin to imagine what that is like. Finally, although I will not be posting here regularly anymore (I am too busy, but rest assured I keep reading and may post once or twice a year), I welcome you back and wish you and Andrew all the best.

Since this is my first post in a few years, I will write a story and an update on my current bathroom habits:

1) A friend, who I'll call Frank, and I travelled to the UK a few years ago. We were 24 at the time. We were there for a week and shared the room and bathroom in the rooms we rented. We also mostly slept in the same bed. Don't know if this happens to any of you, but what often happens to me when I travel is that I get somewhat constipated. Not severely, but somewhat. It turns out, the same happened to my friend. After 17 or so hours in our journey to the UK (in airplanes, airports, transport and so on), we were both ready to rest in our room in London. We had peed in the plane and in the airports, but neither of us had yet pooped. I don't know for sure about Frank, but I last pooped the afternoon before the day we took our flight, and knowing Frank he probably had his last poop the same day I did but in the morning. In this first room in London, the bathroom was very tiny. If you opened the door, the sink would occupy half the space and you would need to slightly squeeze yourself past that to get to the toilet and then to the shower.

After sleeping for some hours in the same bed, Frank got up to the bathroom and closed the door. The noise of him closing the door woke me up as well. I could hear him pull down his pants, sit down and shuffle in the toilet seat. I heard him start peeing, with the pee stream splattering against the inside of the bowl. Then silence. Then I heard several sighs and a bit more pee, but no plops. Now, I know when Frank goes for a poop, around 70% of the time he does make big plopping noises that can be heard from the outside if it is quiet enough. He has told me his poop is often quite solid, and though I have never seen it, it seems it often consists of 3 to 4 medium-large solid turds on each poop session, from what I have heard him produce over the years. This time, I heard him pant and sigh a few more times, and still no plops. He seemed to give up, wiped once, flushed, and went to shower.

Later that evening, we went to dinner. When we came back, it was my turn to poop. I went into that bathroom, sat down and started pushing a bit to get things moving. This made me pee, which came out in a strong stream. I did feel something there moving, so the next I pushed I tried to keep it going for many seconds so it started coming out. This seemed to work as after relaxing, my first turd started poking out. Instead of pushing again, I tried breathing and relaxing more to see how far it could go without any effort. I opened my legs, and leaned back. It came out about 1/3 of its length when my friend knocked on the door. "I'm... busy...", I said, mid-poop. "I know", said my friend, "but I really need to shit". Well, this was problematic, since quite a bit of my own poop still needed to come out. Worse, it was not smooth, but wide and somewhat knobbly. "Can you hold it?" I asked Frank, "mine's coming out right now". "I really, really need to shit man", he said in a kind of strained voice. Then he groaned a bit and said, "please, hurry". "Alright, give me a moment", I replied. With that, I gave a big, hard push, and tried to rush the exit my own turd. It did come out faster, although the force of the push and the texture made it hurt. I gasped and sighed as it came out, which made me feel a little embarrassed since Frank was just outside the door. My turd dropped with a big plop. I could still feel some more in there, but I knew by the tone of the voice of Frank that he must have been turtleheading. Very rarely had I heard him with this concern in his voice in bathroom-related matters, so I quickly wiped and pulled up my pants. The moment I flushed, I opened the door.

My intention was to quickly wash my hands but Frank said in a very desperate, almost screaming tone, "Move!", and without much time to think, I moved back towards the shower and he went into the bathroom with me still inside, in a very fast movement he yanked down his pants and boxers and sat on the toilet. I was a little perplexed by the whole situation, I could not quite process what was happening. One thing that I did notice with intrigue is that, despite the fact that Frank was most likely turtleheading by that point, he had the time to spread his buttocks wide while he sat. He then started groaning, probably letting it come out, when we both realized that I was still in the bathroom, with him, watching the whole process. He got red in the face, I don't know if from the embarrassment or the effort, but we made eye contact and he made a face that snapped me out of the moment and signalled it was time for me to leave. Again, since the bathroom was very small and narrow, his legs were blocking my way out. He moved them a little to the side, his butt facing me, so that I could pass through. I made my way outside and just as Frank closed the door to the bathroom, a small plop noise was heard, likely a small poop pellet that came out. Just then, with the door closed and from the outside, I heard Frank groan again and a big, heavy PLOP followed. He continued dropping some turds which could very clearly be heard from the outside. His poop session lasted about five minutes + wiping.

I still had not finished pooping, but the whole situation took away the rest of my urge. I would need to go until the next day, when a similar situation unfolded.

My intention is to finish this story of my trip to the UK with Frank at a later point. Hopefully next week I will continue it.

2) As for my current bathroom habits: due to having a very unusual work schedule, I don't have a regular time to poop nowadays. I would say I go mid-morning and let out one medium turd and one small one. If I go again during the day, I will go in the evenening and let out a similar load. However, if I only go once a day, I may only poop one big turd and a small one. There are times when I miss a day, and in those occasions I do poop a very big one. About two weeks ago I released a massive turd, probably more than a foot long. It was wide and solid but smooth, and about half of it was sticking out of the water and in the porcelain. This unusual work schedule is problematic for my bathroom habits but hopefully I get a better work schedule I can have more "normal" poops, or at least more satisfying ones.

To all, keep up with the great posts! Good to see you! Hope to post again soon!


Latest story

Imogen- its really funny you should ask if I've been for a wee outside lately, as I actually did this afternoon!! I'll tell the story below, hope you're able to post again soon!
Lucy and I got up late this morning, I was feeling really bloated as I hadn't had a proper poo in 5 days- I've tried to go every day but have just managed to produce a few hard pebbles so I knew there would be a massive log waiting to come out. Lucy said she'd last managed to have a poo 3 days ago so she wasn't really much better off. We decided to eat some fruit for breakfast, drink some water and then go on a walk, that sometimes helps to get my bowels moving when I'm constipated. I packed a bag with some more fruit and cereal bars and also a toilet roll in case we needed the loo while we were out, I was pretty sure I'd end up wanting a wee as I'd drunk loads of water! We set off and had been out for an hour or so when we decided to have a snack, so far none of us had needed the loo but I had a heavy feeling in my belly telling me a poo wasn't far off and I was also getting desperate to have a wee. I ate an apple and a cereal bar and had another drink, I noticed Lucy squirming round and looking a bit uncomfortable, as we were packing up to carry on walking she said "I'm gonna have to go for a wee before we set off again, I'm bursting, I'm literally just about to wee my knickers!"
"Don't worry, I'm dying for a wee too, lets go over there and see if we can find somewhere a bit more private" I said, pointing over to a small wooded area just off the path. As we walked into the trees I started to feel more and more desperate, my bladder was really aching and I knew I was close to letting some spurts go.
"I know what you mean, I'm gonna wet my knickers too if I wait any longer, I don't think anyone will see us here" I said, taking off my rucksack and placing it next to me. Lucy quickly unzipped her jeans and tugged them down, her pink flowery knickers ended up coming down with them so she squatted and started to wee straight away, a strong stream fizzed down onto the ground and she gave out a little moan of relief. By now I'd got my jeans unzipped, I lowered them to my knees then dropped my red knickers. I squatted down then relaxed and I could feel a powerful stream of wee flowing out of me, it hissed and spattered down onto the ground and seemed to go on for ages. Lucy's wee stream began to die away and she said "Chuck me the loo roll Abbie!" I could feel my wee stream dribbling to a stop as I reached over, unzipped my rucksack and took out the toilet roll, which I passed over to Lucy. She ripped some off and then gave it back to me. When we'd finished wiping we pulled up our pants and jeans and went back to the path. "Lets head back, I want a poo and I'd rather be on the toilet than having to squat outside!" I said. "Yeah, fine by me, actually I need to have a poo as well," replied Lucy. We set off for home, when we were about 5 minutes away I noticed Lucy was walking really stiffly, just then she bit her bottom lip and said, "I'm desperate for a poo now, I've got a massive log just about to poke out of my bum!"
"We're nearly home, just try and suck it back up!" I said. Lucy nodded and tried to speed up, which isn't easy when your that desperate!! We finally made it back to the house, as I was unlocking the door she said, "Hurry up, its poking out in my knickers now, I'm really having to stop myself from pushing!" As soon as I'd opened the door Lucy kicked off her shoes and went upstairs, I put my rucksack down and took of my shoes before following her up. By the time I got to my ensuite Lucy was already on the loo with her pants at her knees, I could see she had a skidmark from where her poo had been poking out. I went in and sat cross legged on the floor, she was going red as she was having to push really hard so I started to chat about all sorts of things to take her mind off it. Lucy must have kept on straining for over 10 minutes, she said "Its really wide and I think its got stuck, sorry I'm really going to have to grunt this one out," and she pushed for as long and as hard as she could, ending with a grunt each time. Fortunately that seemed to do the job and shortly after I heard a splash and Lucy relaxed. By now I was really having to clench my bum, the tip of a gigantic log was determined to start coming out in my knickers and I was having to work really hard to keep it in. I shifted position so I was sitting on my heel, I said "I really need a poo now, its gonna poke out in my knickers any second!"
"Sorry, I'm nearly done, I'll be as fast as I can," said Lucy and shortly after she did a few more pieces that plopped loudly into the bowl, she then stood up, flushed the loo and took some toilet paper, she said "I'll wipe my bum standing up so you can get on the loo!"
"Thanks," I said as I stood up, without the pressure of my heel I could feel the log starting to poke out, so I quickly dropped my jeans and pants and sat on the loo as Lucy was standing next to me wiping her bottom. I relaxed all the muscles of my clenched bum and moaned a little with relief, the log started to come out slowly but once the tip was out it stopped and I knew I would have to start pushing. By now Lucy had finished wiping, she threw the last bit of paper between my legs and went over to the basin to wash her hands, her jeans and pants still at her knees. After Lucy had dried her hands she took off her jeans and pants and said, "I'm gonna have to change these knickers, they're dirty" and she went back into the bedroom with her bare bum on show. I took a deep breath and bore down hard, I felt the log coming out a bit more but when I stopped pushing it got sucked back up my bum again. I really hate it when that happens, I guess I should be used to it by now because its something I get quite a lot when I'm constipated. It was worst when it used to happen at school though, quite often I would want a poo urgently by lunchtime if I hadn't been able to go before class, and by then it would quite often be poking out in my knickers. Sometimes when I was actually on the toilet having a poo it would come out a bit but then get sucked back up my bum when I tried to push the rest of it out, I then had no choice but to strain really hard which was a bit embarrassing in the school loos as I would be sat there panting and grunting, luckily I wasn't the only girl to be constipated as sometimes there would be girls on the loo next door to me who would be having a poo and making similar noises which made it a bit less awkward!! Anyway, getting back to the story, by now Lucy had come back into the ensuite to keep me company, she hadn't put her jeans back on as it was really hot in my room so I could see she had changed her knickers, her clean ones were pink with yellow butterflies.
She sat down next to me and said, "How are you getting on Abs?"
"It keeps getting sucked back up my bum, its really annoying!" I panted after another big push. I reached round and pulled my bum cheeks apart which can help if I'm having that problem, and the other thing I do is to push for as long as I can and try to pause as little as possible in between pushes until the log is so far out that it can't get sucked back up. I tried both of those, along with a lot of panting and grunting, and luckily it did the job, after a few minutes I relaxed and felt a rod of rock hard poo sticking out but by now it was too fat to get sucked back up which was a relief. I took a breather for a few seconds and then started to bear down again. After an eye watering push and a loud grunt I felt the log getting narrower and moving faster, and it splashed down into the toilet shortly after. I still had more inside me, like I said it was five days since I'd last been for a poo so no wonder it was a struggle. I felt another log starting to make its way out, it was still massive but felt a bit softer so I was hoping it wouldn't be so bad. I started to push and it eased its way out slowly, stretching my bumhole which was already stinging from passing my first rock hard log. After a couple of minutes of pushing I felt it speed up and drop into the bowl, and almost at once I felt a third log on its way. This one came out a lot faster, and it broke off as it did so making three sharp plops. I pushed a bit more to make sure there was no more, and realised I was done so I took some toilet paper and wiped my sore bum. As I was wiping Lucy got up and went back into the bedroom, her knickers had gone up her bum but she didn't bother to pull them out. I looked down at my knickers and saw I had a bit of a skidmark so like Lucy had done I left them round my knees while I flushed and washed my hands. I then took them off together with my jeans and went back into the bedroom, I opened my underwear drawer and found some clean knickers which I put on, they were pink with yellow and blue stripes. Hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!


To Tiana

Hello Tiana!

I feel very silly. I had read your story before I read Kendal's, but because I tend to read these posts quickly whenever I have the time, I did not realize that you are Kendal's daughter!

I am very glad that you are internet savvy, and asked your mom for permission to post here, and hopefully that means that (with Kendal's approval), you are able to become a regular poster here as your mother was in her childhood years. I would be very happy about it!

A comment on your post and a reply to your question: I loved reading your story with Louise! While reading it, I must say I felt similar vibes but I could not quite say what it was. After seeing Kendal's story, it is clear that you inherited both the personal kindness and storytelling prowess from your mother.

To reply to you, no, you are not weird if you like watching Louise on the toilet. As long as you are both fine with it, and it seems so, since it is part of your routine, then go ahead. Just be aware that others outside your household might not approve of it, but I am sure Kendal can give you some advice on that matter.

I know you have said that you like watching Louise go pee and poop. I think, as fellow poster Abbie has mentioned, that sometimes it is good to have company that might help you feel more fomfortable while you go. I am wondering, though: do you give noticeable signs when you are starting to poo that makes Louise turn to see you? And, does Louise also give any signs that make you identify when she is starting her poo? Or do you simply know based on each others' normal bathroom habits?

Of course, in addition to meeting your school and family responsibilities, I wish you keep posting to this site and tell us about your bathroom adventures with your family.


Oh ! What a Poo !

I had not been to the toilet for a few days . I had an appointment this morning that did not last that long . Got the train to my next appointment and really got the urge to do both. As I got off the train and headed to the public toilet I knew I was close to an accident . I took the unisex cubicle which is always my preference. I could not tell if the lock actuator secured the door but I did not care as my bladder was loosing it and I was having little squirts in my disposable undies and my poo was emerging from its hibernation. There was water on the floor in front of the toilet so I sat side on . As I pulled down my pants a bit of wee came out . The turd just came straight out splitting me in half ( almost). I groaned loudly and it was all over so quickly . I wiped and left feeling relieved and in heaven !!!


the school nurse helped me with my constipation (throwback)

Hello! I'm glad everyone enjoyed my last story. I have no new stories for you today, so I figured I'd share a little throwback story.

I was 18 and it was near the end of my last year of high school. My typical constipation issues combined with the stress of final exams and my unhealthy teenage eating habits had resulted in me being quite backed up. I hadn't pooped in at least a week, maybe a little longer. On this day, I was having trouble focusing in my classes because I was so uncomfortable. Finally, I just couldn't take it anymore so I came up with an idea. When the bell rang, instead of going to my next class, I snuck my way to the school's basement which was mostly unused during the school day. Down there was an old locker room that was only used by visiting teams during basketball games. I entered the locker room and once I made sure I was alone, I went into one of the toilet stalls and closed the door. I contemplated leaving it open but I decided against it just in case. I sat down on the toilet and rubbed my ???? for a while. After a few minutes, I felt a strong cramp and sudden pressure in my lower abdomen. My body involuntarily began pushing as I moaned quietly in pain. "muuuuuhh.......... hmmmmmmm...... mmmmmmmmmmhhhh" I could feel the tip trying to crown but it wasn't coming out. I grabbed onto the sides of the toilet and strained as hard as I could. "unh!... unhh!.... unnnnnhhhh!...... unnnnnnnnnnhhh!.... unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhh!!" My butthole stretched WIDE as a massive turd began making its way out. Waves of pain went all over my body. I tried to suck the turd back into my rectum because it was too painful to bear, but I couldn't. It wouldn't more in or out. Being quiet wasn't an option anymore. I had to get this thing out of me. I grabbed my buttcheeks and pulled them apart as I pushed. "UUUUUNNNHH!!........ MUH!..... MMMMMMMMMMM!..... UUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNHH!......... UUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHHH!!!..... HMMMMM!... HMMMMMMMMMMMM!!......... UUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHH!!!" No luck. I took a break and pushed on my ???? furiously while I cried in pain and frustration. Then I got back to business. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMH!...... NNH!.. NNNH!!..... NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHH!!........ HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!........ NNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHH!!...... NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHHH!!" Then I heard, "Sweetheart?" followed by a light tapping on the stall door. "It's Mrs. Dixon, the school nurse. Are you alright in there?" "I can't get my poop to come out," I cried. "It's okay, dear," she said. "Why don't you go back to class and try again after lunch?" she suggested. "But It's stuck half way out," I admitted. "Oh, you poor thing," she sighed. "May I come in?" I unlocked the door for her. She came in without closing it back because there wasn't room. She knelt down in front of me and massaged my ????. She told me to stop pushing and just relax. She talked to me and told me stories while I calmed down. (This is when I learned that apparently, someone from the class I was supposed to be in came down here looking for me when I didn't show up. They heard me grunting and groaning so they got the school nurse to come see what was wrong. I never heard anyone come in nor did I ever find out who it was.) Eventually, the cramps came back and I told Mrs. Dixon I needed to push. She said to go ahead. I balled my hands into fists and strained. Mrs. Dixon patted my knee and rubbed my back as I did so. "nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnh!... nnnnnnnnnnnnnNNNNHH!.... NNNH!... NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHH!" "Breathe, honey," Mrs. Dixon advised. *gasp* "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNHH!!!" *gasp* "MMMMMMMMMM!!! OH!" *gasp* "MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!! NNH! *gasp* "UUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHH!! IT'S MOVING!" "Good!" Mrs. Dixon cheered. "But it HUUUUUUUUUUUUURTS!" I wailed. Mrs. Dixon gave me her hand to squeeze as she wrapped her other arm around my back and rubbed my shoulder. "It's almost out, dear, you can do this. Come on!" she encouraged. "HHHGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHHH!!! MMM! MMMMMMM! MUUUUUUUUUH!!! OH! UUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNH!!! UUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNHHH!! AH! AH! NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNH!! MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHH!!!" The turd tapered off and fell into the bowl. I exhaled a huge sigh of relief. I told Mrs. Dixon I felt empty. She stepped out of the stall to give me privacy while I wiped. I thanked her for her help while we both washed our hands. She hugged me and told me she was proud of me and that she was just doing her job. She let me sleep on a cot in her office for the rest of the school day to recover from the ordeal.


What happened to Lawn Dogs Kid

Firstly I would like to say thanks to Trekkie, Jry and Kung Poo for your lovely welcomes back :- )

In answer to Trekkie, my family at home with me is made up of my partner Eleanor, the same Eleanor who first wrote on this board on page 805 and who most incredibly found her way into mine and Andrew's lives when her father moved for work and she started at my school as described on page 886. After some persistence she became Andrew's girlfriend.

Eleanor has two children, Steven who was born in February 2004 and is the son of Andrew, and Louise born in March 2009 following her ill fated marriage to her brother's best friend. They are named after two posters from this board who helped Eleanor through cyber space to overcome the troubles she wrote about on page 805 and subsequently, and of whom Eleanor never forgot their help. We got together when she appeared on my doorstep in the middle of the night with Steve in one hand and carrying Louise in the other, sodden and wet through in the pouring rain having left her hubby.

My own Daughter, Tiana shares her birthday with Andrew, amazingly, born in May 2010. She was the result of a kind of holiday romance, which didn't work out. Her father is not in touch with us. Following in the foot steps of Eleanor, Tiana's 2nd name is Linda, named after my wonderful cyber friend here at the time Linda GS.

With regard to Andrew (Lawn Dogs Kid), I must sadly report that he died of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome in June 2003 without ever knowing he was to be a father. His heart simply stopped beating in the night. I shall always think that he died of a broken heart following the death of his little sister Ellen. He always blamed himself for it happening and it didn't help that his father always blamed him as well, until therapy taught him otherwise, but it was too late to reconcile.

The last post I made, a kind of part 2 about what happened on Andrew's 18th birthday, didn't get posted. On reflection, there were elements of it which are part of our story, but which are not allowed to be expressed here. Hopefully what I can say is that Andrew and I had a sit on knees wee, something we'd previously written about still on the old pages.

The night that Andrew died, he and I had talked about what my Dad had written ( still on Page 556 ) about a sit on knees wee Dad and Andrew's Mum had together when they were kids. We then found our own version of it told on page 566. Well, he and I had one more sit on knees wee, which turned out to be our very last. The basis of what happened is very like the story on 566, so I won't repeat it here in case I get carried away and cause this post to be banned. It's more important that those who were concerned about us get to finally know what happened to Andrew, as explained above.

So please read 566 if you would like to and are interested to do so. The only detail I would like to add is that the old dressing gown described in 566 was used again that last night, but after a couple of minutes, we had to throw it off ourselves, because being June, it got just too hot to keep it wrapped around us both !

What happened that last fateful night is a strong memory of the toilet bonding that Andrew and I enjoyed for the several years we were lucky to share with each other. We both went to our beds deliriously happy. It is heart warming for me to think that Andrew went to sleep that night with happy thoughts about his little cousin and me of him.

Today's life is rich with family delights and pleasures we share with one another. But sadly, toilet bonding is not something Eleanor and I share as she is still not that interested and Steve has kept himself to himself since he turned about 11 or 12. He's now 17, but as Tiana and Louise like to highlight, he's only 4, because he was born on February 29th and has thus only had 4 real birthdays ! Both the girls happily go to the toilet in my presence if circumstances dictate. Tiana will come in my room and use the toilet occasionally and we will both go together when that happens. What I hadn't realised was how much enjoyment Louise and Tiana seem to have in watching each other go, or at least Tiana anyway ! She was busy telling me a night or two ago after she'd hopped into my bed with me how much her and Louise had laughed when Louise had let out a squeeky fart which had developed in size until it abruptly halted when a poo shot out her bottom and plopped loudly in the toilet ! She giggled incessantly while telling me the story :- )

She then said "Talking of poo, I need to have one", but rather than going back to her own room and no doubt sharing the experience with Louise, she went in my toilet and holding out her hand to me she said "come with me, we can go together"! I told her of course I would, but that I didn't need a poo. So she said "Well you can have a wee with me instead". I said "I have to be honest, I only just went for a wee about 5 minutes before you came into my room". Her response after I followed her into the bathroom was to draw a glass of water from my sink tap and hand it to me. "There, drink that and by the time I've finished my poo, you might be able to do a little dribble for me" !! I smiled at her logic, took the glass from her and drank the lot down in one ! "Good!" said Tiana and proceeded to lift up her night shirt and she pulled her panties down and settled on the toilet seat. Her beautiful copper red hair settled on her shoulders and she fixed her warm brown eyes on me (both things she gets from her father, I'm blonde and sapphire blue) just as her wee began tinkling delightfully! As it slowed and faded to a few drips, she lifted herself slightly to get more comfortable on the seat. Her legs moved around helping her to balance, before they were still again, suspended around 2 or 3 inches above the tiles, she cant yet reach the floor. Supported by her arms gripping the seat behind her little bottom, she announced "Think this is going to be quicker than I thought" and poo began flopping and slopping into the water below, about five or six pieces across about 10 seconds. As her last plop sounded, she said to me "How are your kidneys"? "Fine I think, why?" She said, "well, if they're in good order, you'll have some wee to do for me in a minute"! She shuffled forwards on the seat until her bottom was raised above it and her feet were on the floor and she grabbed at the toilet roll and folded it neatly up to begin wiping herself, before folding and wiping, and then folding for a third wipe which she then carefully inspected. Brown hadn't left town ! So she grabbed more and went through the same wiping and folding exercise and after that 6th wipe, she decided she was clean enough at the back! A final grab of paper and she dabbed around her front bits, discarding the paper in the bowl between her legs and then pulled her panties back into place again. We swapped places.

Tiana said "So are you going to buddy pee on my poo then" with a wicked grin on her face ! I said I guess I will, provided my kidneys haven't failed me"! I pulled my skirt up and downed my undies and settled on the seat. Having mentioned Tiana's hanging feet, I'm not much different to her being just 5ft tall, but I can just rest on the balls of my feet and my toes ! I couldn't get going immediately and as Tiana sat perched on the edge of my bath, I could tell she was staring at my pubic region. And she asked me "When did you start getting hairy down there"? I said I think I was probably 12 maybe close to 13, being a late developer. I didn't get my period until I had just turned 15. The questioning stopped as I managed my first dribble of wee, which fell onto Tiana's discarded toilet paper. It then stopped again before I managed to restart with a reasonable spurt that made a splishing noise as it accumulated in a puddle on top of the paper in the bowl. One more spurt and I was done. As I grabbed some toilet paper to dry myself and of course opened my legs revealing more blondeness below, Tiana said "Louise has already got hers, she's had them from when she was about 10". Smoothing my skirt back down again, I quickly rinsed my hands before pulling Tiana into a big hug with me. "Please don't be in a mad rush to grow up my darling"! She tilted her head up and beamed at me, "Whatever Mum"!


Just a quick update

Hi everyone!

Gabriela: hi and welcome! I completely relived my own experience while I read your story and it gave me chills. Obviously I know how you felt...I'm soooo sorry that happened to you. I'm sure you were as mortified as I was but I'm glad that you have been able to avoid letting it happen again. I cant believe your boss! What a jerk. Everyone at my job was very nice to me when I had my accident, no one ridiculed me or teased me about it. As far as telling others about it, I mean they obviously gossiped about it because how often does one of your coworkers poop her pants at work? So yeah I guess I can't blame your boss for telling the kitchen guys the truth about why you had to go home in the middle of your shift. I look forward to reading your other stories! Oh! Also, did you feel any excitement at all when you had your #2 accident? Like from the relief? Or was it just all terrible because of the situation? Talk to you soon!

Sarah E: oh gosh! I'm so sorry the fiber supplements caused you to poop yourself in public...that's always such a vulnerable and uncomfortable feeling when strangers are looking at you and you can just feel a hot mess squished up against your butt, and you know they know about it. It makes me shudder to think of it. I pretty recently pooped my pants at the gas pump too; the story should be back a few pages. It was a few months ago, before Thanksgiving I think. It was much firmer and more enjoyable than your experience I think though lol. I hope you can fix your regularity and avoid another mishap like that! I look forward to more of your stories and hearing about your friend's accidents too.

Catherine: I know you're on hiatus another couple of weeks but I miss you and hope you're well! I look forward to any exciting bathroom stories you'll have when you return.

Trina: I hope all is well! I Miss you and i hope to hear from you soon

Now for my latest. I have not been to the specialist yet but I've been working on following doctors and Catherine's advice to help with control, and I've been mostly successful! I haven't had another poop accident since the day of my doctor appointment, so thats been going well. I haven't even really had any situations where I was desperate, it seems my need has been managing to stay at bay until I get home at night, which has been nice.

However, I can't say the same thing for my new problem, because I've been wetting the bed still. I wet the bed 3 or 4 nights ago and again last night. Earlier in the week when it happened I was alone, and I woke up to my alarm for work at 7 in the morning. As soon as i moved i felt cold and wet, and immediately i knew i peed the bed. the entire back of my underwear was soaked and my shirt was wet halfway up my back. it was annoying because i took a shower before bed the night before so i would have extra time in the morning, but i had to take a morning shower anyway to get the pee smell off me. cut to this morning and I woke up at 4:45am in soaked undies yet again. Sooooo glad this is officially a thing now.... *eyeroll*

The worst part is always waking up Alexis. It sucks having to wake anyone up for anything, but I dread waking her in the early hours of the morning to tell her that I wet the bed. She was with me last night so I had to do it this time, and have now had to do it three times, and she's seemed increasingly less thrilled each time. Today she didn't do anything to help like the last two times. She just sighed and took her pillow to the couch and went back to sleep, while I changed my underwear and the sheets. I felt pretty ashamed of myself. I can't help it i guess but still. Anyone have any info on what might make a 31 year old suddenly start wetting the bed? Doctor says stress. Seriously? I don't think I'm any more stressed than I have been before... eitherway I'm now starting to consider maybe not spending the night with Alexis until I'm confident it has stopped...or maybe I should consider wearing protection at night.


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