Just Another Girl
To ECG: Thanks! My friend and I are very close, and so are very open about our interests. I told her that I am into toilet-related things, and she expressed curiosity and wanted to know more about it. Shortly thereafter she asked me if I wanted to watch her. I don't think it was a once-off thing, because she told me that she really enjoyed our experience together.

That brings me to today's story...which is about another shared experience with her. I visited her last week, and while we were outside in the garden having a cigarette, I said to her, "I need to go to the toilet, because I've been drinking a lot of cold drink. I'd like it if you could come with me - is that okay with you?" She replied in the affirmative, so once we had finished smoking, we went inside and into the bathroom.

She stood in the doorway (nobody else was home at the time) and watched as I pulled down my jeans and underwear and seated myself on the toilet. I immediately started to pee - it came out as a forceful, hissing stream that was clearly audible. She had a small smile on her face; she was paying full attention to what I was doing. I was shocked at how much was coming out of me - it seemed to go on endlessly. Eventually it started to taper off and then stopped altogether.

I took a few squares of toilet paper off the roll and wiped myself, then flushed and went on my way. She hugged me and told me that nobody had ever allowed her to watch them before. I responded by saying that there is a first time for everything; she is more than welcome to watch me again!

At this stage, we have only ever watched each other pee. I have been wondering what her opinion is with regards to poo. If she is comfortable with it, I wouldn't mind being there while she does that (or having her there while I do it). I'm hoping to mention it to her one day, so that I can ascertain whether or not it is a line she would want to cross. I won't do anything that would cause discomfort. Enjoyment is tantamount in these types of situations, and it needs to be mutual.

She and I are going to be having some very interesting conversations in the near future!

Just Jerika

Crapping in a Mask

I was driving to campus for class, my gas light went on and beeped, and I was holding my crap for the student center bathroom where I have a majority of my sits. While pumping my gas at Wal-Mart, though, my needs became more immediate and I parked and went into the store. I like the bathrooms right inside the front door. All 5 doors were closed with legs and feet on the floor. Then a message came over the PA about the mask requirement and I reached into my right pocket and pulled out mine and the strap seemed to strike at my ear, hurting me a bit. The door right in front of me opened, a retired-looking lady came out and mumbled something that her mask largely kept me from hearing. I went in latched my door and carefully laid my butt over the white seat. I was surprised that it was not warm, but I looked to the side of the cubicle and found the container of seat protectors. I figured she had used one of those. There was no crap smell so I figured she must have peed.

I figured this was going to be one of my larger craps so I spread my legs as wide as my black underwear would allow and I spent probably 2 minutes gradually increasing my push out. It wasn't willfully coming out and my phone showed I had only 45 minutes to dump, get to campus and into my seat. Don't know why, but I've always felt like such a loser when I have to give up and get off the toilet without having made a satisfying contribution to its bowl. Strange it know.
It goes back to high school. I've already written about that over the years. I stood, reseated myself, and did the maximum pushing, just short of interrupting my breathing, and I felt some progress. It was hurting my hole though and the pain made it feel like I was trying to expel a hard turd the size of my computer mouse. My glasses were fogging up as I grabbed my knees for extra strength. I also felt increasingly heated and some head pain. Building up to the last second of release, I yanked my cloth mask off and tossed it aside. With more speed my crap was now sliding out of me. The first half was knob-like and hard and the other part had more softness.

Then the lady to my left said: "So it appears that you, too, have found that the mask is not your friend in getting a large bowel movement out?" I told her I now agreed. Then she used her right hard shoe to slide my mask back closer to me. She and I exchanged a few more words as I wiped. We both agreed that masks are not helpful in
taking a crap.

What experiences have the rest of you guys had with masks on when you're taking a crap in a public place? This should be interesting.


Response to Josie


I am so sorry that you had to struggle with your bowel habits for a while, and it ended with diarrhea at work. I hope you are feeling better. I don't think it was a bad thing for you to try to work on your bowel habits, but it sounds like that your body was telling you that this new schedule just was not going to work for you.

I hope that you are feeling better and hoping that one day you will land a job that has better bathroom conditions! I hope your boss appreciates you, being willing to work in such difficult conditions!



Ms. Orthodontist

Finally Back! + A Few Stories

Hello all. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. Hahaha. I've been gone for so long I've missed every holiday and quite a significant number of stories it looks like. Tried to catch up as much as I could before posting but upon doing so I just got the urge to go ahead and update everyone. Had no idea I'd get any responses back but I'd like to take this time to thank those who enjoyed my previous stories on pg 2846

Optional Dev: Thank you so much for your kind words. I apologize for being months late but I am glad you found the story appealing and not too gross haha. I will get to your questions as soon as I can.
Brandon T: Thank you Brandon, I'm glad you liked it. Again very late on this but I will say I've lurked on this site for some time and I have always enjoyed reading your posts. Great to hear from you

Anyone else I've missed, thank you as well

I didn't anticipate being gone for as long as I was but I just became so busy with work and I recently began the process of buying a new home and that's been quite the hassle lemme tell ya. But with all that I still have to poop don't I? Now on to the stories

Just a quick reminder of my appearance and background, I'm a 36 year old female, about 5'6 with shorter blonde hair, in a bob style. Aa far as my body, the curvier side. I've been told by my ex husband that I resemble Dr. Lewis from ER just to give you an idea of what I look like. I'm an Orthodontist as my name suggests and this next story takes place at my job just before the holidays. I had just finished seeing a client and was on my way to my office to check a few e-mails. It was literally as soon as I sat down that my stomach began gurgling and I knew right away I was in need of a big poo. I can be a bit stubborn at times when it comes to my bowels, ignoring nature's calls AND voicemails until the very last minute(I can't lie I do tend to sort of like it when I'm at wits end and I'm on the verge of crapping myself squirming and moving around in my seat desperate to "go", anyone else? anyone? lol) My stomach continued to rumble as I typed away trying to hurry and send the e-mail replies out. I told myself "just finish it, once you go to the bathroom you can come back and just relax until your next client". As I was talking in my head, I felt some gas force itself out of my rectum. I attempted a last minute clinch not knowing if it would be a shart or not but the wind was way too powerful. I expelled a cloud of toxic gas that immediately began to fill my nostrils. It was a gross smell. I must mention that I had a tamales, beans, and rice the previous night as I was not up to cooking after a long day of work, and boy was it out for blood. Fast food doesn't do this to me ALL the time but things like dairy(more specifically cheese) usually doesn't bode well for my bowels or the toilet for that matter. The cheese and shredded chicken tamales as well as the beans were what I suspected to be the culprit. After passing gas I felt a tiny bit of relief for a slight second but that rumble in my stomach just refused to let up. See, dairy will just get me out of nowhere. I kept squirming in my chair as I sent out my last reply. I pressed send, passed a tiny bit of gas, enough to have some relief but also enough to not have an accident. I then quickly got out of my chair and power walked out the door and to the bathroom. Not a creature was stirring as I was all alone in an empty restroom. I selected the middle stall as my first victim , undid my grey slacks, lowered them to just above my knees, and plopped down on the toilet. Am I wrong for not using seat covering, I rarely do, never saw it as necessary but other women tend to use them I noticed. As I sat I released a giant fart into the bowl, though I was alone the boisterous nature of that fart felt a bit obnoxious, I'm not a loud farter only when I have diarrhea. Kinda like in this instance. I did another loud one that ended it's a high note with a low whisper sort of Mariah Carey esque. I hadn't even pooped yet and my stall was already smelling pungent. Like terrible gas and pre poo air. Suddenly the poo just began pouring out of me. Like lava it seemed like. Just one long gush of poo stream after the other. It all sounded like a 32 liter bottle of soda being poured down the toilet. I kept letting off some gas along with my gushes and the odor of dead carcass began filling the air. Without thinking I just said out loud "Ahh that stinks". I usually don't talk while I poo but it seriously STUNK in there. I call the bathrooms or stalls in which I defecate and proceed to bomb in, my "stink lair" and it had made a prominent appearance that day. The gushes of poo continued on as I sat on the toilet hunch over with my arms folded on my knees. The gushes then turned into farty squirts that splattered all around the bowl. My butt was pretty wet, wasn't sure if it was the toilet water, the poo, or a combination of both. The fart squirts went on for a bit longer forgot how long exactly but it felt as though I was hearing what sounded like an almost empty bottle of ketchup be squeezed and squeezed for some time. After a while in my stink lair I began hoping that I was that almost empty bottle of ketchup cause jeez i was exhausted. BUT very relieved. I pushed a bit of watery poo and pushed a couple more times just to assure myself I was empty. I was and proceeded to wipe countless times until I got clean. I stood up with my pants around my legs, holding the top of the trousers with one hand, examining the great catastrophe that had descended upon the island of destroyed toilet. Brown water was all I saw, accompanied by wads of toilet paper. I got some squirtle on the lid as well as some poo on the seat. I took some more paper and wiped that off just to be courteous, pulled up my slacks and walked out the stall. Nobody came in the entire time I was there, what a miracle, that was until I had walked out the bathroom and saw one of the dentists headed towards it. We exchanged hellos as I walked the other way fully aware that I left a major stink in that bathroom, a pungency beyond words, I hope that girl was prepared for what she was about to walk into.

I've been gone for a few months which means I've definitely got some poops and stinky bathrooms to catch you all up on. I won't divulge EVERY recent happening but I will share a couple more

I must admit I get pleasure out of taking a giant poo in a public restroom, stinkin it up real good, and letting the friendly odor introduce itself to kind strangers. I don't, I'm a weird woman. I'm also a bit of a loner did ya know that lol. I have friends, real good friends but have always enjoyed my own company and just prefer to do things by myself that most do with others. I recently went to a drive in theater. Haven't seen a movie in a long while so I figured a drive in would be a nice little outing to treat myself to on my day off. I had to wait on a fairly long line of cars to pay for my ticket, got a little impatient but entertained myself to the smell and sound stylings of my gas. I let off a few farts, nice 2-3 second long puffers, stunk up my car pretty good by the time I got to the ticket stand. Once I paid I found a space to park, undid my seatbelt and sat back awaiting the start of the film(it was the 1950's classic Giant, I love love love classic films especially from the golden age, the men were so gorgeous, Rock Hudson AND James Dean IN the same movie, I mean come on) Anyway, anyway, I thought that the gas I was passing was just me being gassy but I began to feel something brewing. You know that feeling, when it's just working it's way through your colon. I had that feeling earlier that day but it went away, I guess it had to returned and meant business this time haha. Cutting to the chase(wanna make this short), that brew just kept brewing and before I knew I HAD to use the bathroom. I couldn't just get up and go like usual theaters but I did have the luxury of waiting in a substantially long line for the restroom. Was not fun, not fun at all. It was cold, windy, and I was standing behind 10 people, with another 2 behind me and oh yeah a big festering poo churning in my stomach. I stood with my legs slightly bent and my arms folded trying not to two things 1. Let go of what would be eye burning pre poo farts on the these pedestrians accompanying me in this line and 2. Crap my pants into oblivion. Time went on, I clinched and shuffled, clinched and shuffled, silently passed a little gas(couldn't help it), clinched and shuffled. I know I said I like to make myself wait and I enjoy the feeling blah blah blah yeah not when I'm I have no control over when I can go. Only two people were allowed in the restrooms at once btw which is why the long was long and continued to grow. Again cutting to the chase I along with another woman finally got in. I went in one stall, she in another. A nice looking woman btw who just really had to pee. Just let off a long stream and then headed out allowing for another person to come in, a man as these restrooms were unisex. I was seated on the toilet, my jeans just above my knees, my arms folded into my stomach. I let off a long airy fart then another short one which segued into a nice chunky log sliding out my butt. As that log plopped into the water, quite noisily I might add, I heard a crackle come from the other stall, it was the man. After the crackle I heard his comeback to my plop FLOPFF into the toilet. Him pooping actually me feel better about what I was going to do that toilet. Chunky, sloppy logs just kept sliding out of me one after the other, no crackles but sliding, can't explain but almost like the sound you make when you bite your tongue real hard with your teeth. It was EEEENNN PLOPP EEENNNN PLOPPP. I did that until I was all empty. And what a feeling that is after a nice poo huh, almost as if your stomach tirelessly walks to the sofa, plops down on it and let's out a big relieving ahhhhhh Then I peed afterwards and that felt amazing. The man was already starting to wipe, guess he just had that one turd to pass, i wonder for a minute if he was enjoying what my pooping cause he sure was quiet. Maybe on his phone I don't know. He left before I was out and another guy came in. His first response was "Jeeeeesus Christ". In my head I'm like "now that's just blasphemy this smell I've produced is clearly the work of the Devil". The other man didn't complain about the smell so maybe he was enjoying it lol. However, the odor in the air was without a doubt a smelly one. Pure repulsive stink. I held my nose as I wiped cause I must admit it was getting to me. I wiped till I was clean, stood up, examined the bowl and saw that the water was a mix of brown and yellow from me pee and poo, saw some interesting stuff floating in there. Pretty nasty picture but I was proud to be honest. I think the other guy was constipated or something cause I didn't hear much from him till I began washing my hands. Some plops and a sigh. If it smelled I didn't notice cause my stink lair was enough to feed a whole country. I walked out of the bathroom, went back to my car, and enjoyed the rest of Rock Hudson..I mean the movie.

Okay so this next story is also kind of a question. I tend to hold my poop for a couple of days. As a matter of fact as I'm typing this I haven't gone in three days. This tends to make my poos much bigger, loggier, and stinkier quite frankly. I was at the mall doing some holiday shopping and per usual was setting up to destroy a public restroom. I hadn't gone in two days and I had been feeling that brew stir up pretty much the entire day. Sometimes my need to go is dire and other times I can hold it, squirm, prairie dog, the whole nine and still make it to the bathroom without crapping myself. That day was the latter and I was through with my shopping and decided Ooh I need to "go". I like to finish what I'm doing or whatever task is needed to be completed before I poo, much more relaxing. I headed to the restroom, a quite busy one this time around. In my mind, if the bathroom is busy then all that means is everyone is too preoccupied to care about what goes on in the next stall. All but two stalls were occupied, there was a poop smell present, smelled like poop smells layered over each other, still wouldn't be a match for my stink lair nor its aftershock awaiting that poor soul whom finds themselves hit in the face with toxic fumes when they first walk through that door. I entered my stall, farted as I undid my belt, wasn't too loud but I heard it and someone else possibly had too. It was noisy in there, a few kids present making a lot of noise, some chatter as well. I sat down and began to poo and as I suspected a massive log began sliding out making that YEEEEN sound coincided by a PLOPPP. Already the stall began to stink really noticeably. I pass some more big logs but they shrink in size as they continue to be released. It wasn't difficult to push out, when I wait a while the logs slide out easily but the quantity does grow. Of course this isn't always the case as there is the typical dry hard passing log that hurts when its released and you end up with some tears. I have been trying to eat healthier so that doesn't happen as much anymore. Anyway, after all that plopping I was finally done. I sat for a minute to relax then I heard a disgusted "ughh" come from a lady at the sink followed by an "I know" by what I assumed was her friend. They were in agreement that my poo was causing a nasty stink in that restroom which it was, it just smelled POOHHH just stinky rotten POOHHH. You have to say it with emphasis on the H's to really capture the smell and overall aura. Also a sort of toilet-y smell, a signature sent of mine, my default scent I suppose. When I looked down I saw logs just mushed up with one another, got a little on the seat but I wiped it off. I stood to wipe this time, sort of squatted and spread my cheeks. One thing about a buncha logs sliding out of your butt is that things can get pretty messy back there even after you wipe. I always make sure I use wet wipes for good measure when I come home anytime I took a pushed out a few sloppy logs while I was out. I came out of the stall to a couple of dirty looks from my stink lair victims. I don't mind though, I will never see those folks again and all they have to remember me by is my pungent poo stink which I take great pleasure in. So my question to you all is, how long do you hold your bowels for and does the poo tend to pass easier when you finally go or do you end up constipating yourself?

Welp, those are my stories for now. I hope you all enjoy and I promise not to be gone that long again. I will become a more regular contributor on this site. Hope everyone has a tremendous day!

Oh and before I forget. Optional Dev, I have to to copy and paste your questions you asked me and I will most certainly answer them. I did see you posed a question to the community about eggy farts and poos. I will say I get super eggy gas when I eat a lot of eggs or dairy. Also if I haven't poo'd in a few days and I had recently had fast food or take out and it's been festering in my stomach over days and nights the smell can be pretty eggy or a mix of rotten eggs and sulfur. My diarrhea poos usually smell like this and the air just gets thick with with the odor and it creates a heat, all you smell is rotten eggs and diarrhea. Hope that helps

Tuesday, January 26, 2021


To Catherine

To Catherine: Thank you very much for your reply, but if I could see it earlier, maybe there would not be a series of bad things.
I regret that I didn't wait for your reply to make a decision, because the decision I made before you replied to me was to change my poop schedule, hold my poop and poop one time a day, and it actually leads to some terrible experience.
At the beginning, I just want to change the time of my twice a day poop, so I try my best to hold it at work, but after going back home, the urge of poop disappears, so I decided to poop next morning.
I actually did poop a lot and almost clogged the toilet next day morning, but I think everything came out. By that time, I think it's a great idea to hold my poop and take a big dump in the morning. But to my surprise, I didn't actually feel like pooping during work that day, so I keep holding until the next morning. I think my body is doing great on changing the schedule that time, and my pooping habit does change to once a day. But the thing is, as I said, in the first day, I pooped a lot in the morning, but after that, my once-a-day morning poop's amount became smaller and smaller. At last, the amount of my morning poop became the same as my twice-a -day poop's average amount, but I still eat the same as before. So, it means that there're many poops building up in my stomach.
Since last week, I became a little constipated, but I didn't take any attention to it. But starting from last Friday, I suddenly became very constipated, no matter how hard I try, the poop just won't come out. It continues until this Monday; everything went out of control.
This Monday, I still couldn't poop out anything in the morning, so I just went straight to work. When eating lunch, my stomach suddenly began to cramp, I think all the dirty things were finally coming out, so in order to get rid of that awful bathroom, I went to a shopping mall near the workplace and found a better bathroom.
I thought there will be a huge amount of poop coming out, but what actually came out was only an average amount of poop and a lot of stinky gas. I usually fart 3-4 times when pooping, but this time I farted for about 15 times in 5 minutes and they are all more smelly than usual. Also, my poop was completely black.
After this unusual poop, my stomach feels better so I just went back to work. But after working for less than 10 minutes, I became gassy again, so I tried to fart. This time, the farts were really wet and long, some of them smells too, but luckily none of them were loud. After farting for about 5 minutes, my stomach began to hurt again, and the farts smelled even worse, at last, after a very long wet one, I felt something unusual, I looked down into my underwear and found some poop stain in it. Then, another fart was ready to came out, and I knew it will be more than a fart, so I rushed to the bathroom.
As soon as I ran into the bathroom, I realized I just definitely can't have diarrhea here. The bathroom was very awful and there're some people chatting in it, but I don't think I got another choice. So, I just rushed in the nearest stall and squat down.
As I squat down, a big pile of mushy poop rushed out with two wet farts, and I can feel everyone was watching me. After pooping out two big pile of complete mushy poop, another big fart came out, by the time, almost everyone gets out of the bathroom because of the stench, so I just relaxed. Then, a lot of brown diarrhea just shoot out and some of them didn't land in the toilet and make the floor dirty.
After pooping diarrhea for about 20 minutes, I finally stopped. But I realized the most horrible thing, I didn't bring any toilet paper and now my butthole were completely in a mess. Just then, another young girl went in and covered her nose, so I decided to ask for toilet paper. Luckily, this girl was here to poop too, so I let her go first, after she finished, I use all of the rest of her paper for wiping, which made her pretty interesting on what I had eat, but I'm too embarrassing about all that, so I just left.
I called James and let him to send me home in order to avoid another #2, after going back home, I still went to bathroom for 2 times, but luckily, diarrhea was gone, only my regular soft logs.
After this, I accept pooping in that awful bathroom, and also pretty regret that I didn't take notice on your response.
At last, thank you for your helping.


A Memorable Sight

Back when I was in college we were neighbors with a group of girls who were all on the school's volleyball team. They were super friendly and one time we're having a party and invited us over to hang out.

It ended up being a pretty small party. Not long into the party, I needed to pee so I went upstairs to use the bathroom. Their house was the same floor plan as ours so I knew exactly where to go. The door was locked so I knocked and a girl said just a minute. Just a few seconds later I heard the toilet paper roll and the toilet flushed. Out came one of the volleyball players named Karri, who was easy to spot because she was so tall. She sa said I shouldn't use this one and to use the one across the hall. As I turned to do so, I could hear her lock the door behind her. As I was peeing, I was wondering what was wrong with the other toilet? Was it dirty? Was she embarrassed by the smell? Did she just take a giant dump? She didn't live there so it's not like she cared what bathroom guests would use. Again, since we had the same house next door, I knew the locks were easily disabled from the outside by pulling a tiny latch under the knob. I finished up myself and left. There was a line of two girls and one guy waiting, so I couldn't sneak into the other bathroom yet.

Karri, who I later looked up on the team roster and found was 6'-6", was downstairs dancing with who I assume was her boyfriend. An hour so so later, the party was winding down as people were heading home or to bars. I snuck back upstairs to no line at the bathroom anymore. I reached under the knob, pulled the latch, and went in.

The lid was down but I lifted it to reveal a MASSIVE turd. It had to be well over a foot long and thick too. It was so big it displaced nearly all the water. What little water remaining was completely brown with tiny bits of tp floating, presumably when she tried in vain to flush the toilet. It had been there long enough and so much of it was outside the water that it had really stunk the small bathroom up too. For whatever reason, I wanted to see it flush so I pulled the lever and it didn't move even an inch as the disgusting water filled just to the rim before stopping. With the water to the rim, you could still see the tip of it sticking out, that's how huge this thing was. By volume it was probably more than I pooped in a week. Between stinking it up and thoroughly clogging the toilet, Karri had destroyed that poor bathroom. Whoever's bathroom that was was going to be buying a plunger in the very near future if they didn't have one yet.

I'd see Karri around campus (her height made her hard to miss) for the next couple years and always think about the dump she took at that party. I'd love to know if that was standard for a girl of her size and activity, or if she too was amazed by log she made.

I credit Karri with sparking my interest in pooping in general. Before that, I'd be super grossed out, but ever since then I've been pretty curious about pooping, hence my enjoyment of this site.

I have enjoyed reading some of the current and past stories on here of some super sized dumps, so I thought I'd share my most memorable one myself.


Response to Lauren's Feeling Flushed


You've raised an interesting point. Your husband sees you on the toilet at home and flushes it to mess with you. Your question about water splashing up your butt crack is what I would like to reply to. I had the same problem a few yeas ago when I had just started babysitting and this really brat boy Simon, who was scheduled to start kindergarten in a week, did that to me while I was seated crapping at the zoo. The bathroom was very crowded and I knew I shouldn't let a 5 year old out of my sight, and this is how I got treated. I knew he was nervous and bored, thought he was just messing around and didn't have the strength to do it. But he did! I too was worried about the shower my butt crack took. I had even more of a wiping mess after that because I reached over to grab Simon. In doing so I lost my balance and slid over the side of the white seat. I had a nice brown streak to clean up off both the seat and my underside. Also at school, I had a couple of times when I had a couple of minutes to get a good pee in before the tardy bell, the toilet had not been flushed by the previous user and or the auto-flush didn't go off, and while I sat, and I don't know what I did wrong, the auto-flush went off and blasted me from below. As the bowl water splashed and swirled under me, another person(s) pee was getting on/into me. Now that I'm in college I try to avoid such a situation. Oh, and that night, the first thing I did was take an early bath when I first got back to my house.

Hey, everyone!! Just a quick check-in to say I'm glad you're feeling better, Victoria!!

Take care, everyone!! Be excellent to each other!!


Got caught in the middle of my poo.

Hi everyone! I have wanted to post for a while but didn't know what to post. So today I was having a friend come over, so I decided I should go for a poo before she came over. I started to feel the poo in my hole ready to come out, so I walk to the bathroom and sit down. I started pushing and my first poo was halfway out. She texted me saying she was at my house so I grabbed the toilet paper and had to grab the poo that hadn't broken off yet. I cleaned up the rest of the way and hung out with her. After she left I went back to the bathroom to try and finish where I left off, but now I can't go. I don't know what to do but wait for the feeling of needing a poo comes back.

My wedding day was one of the happiest days of my life. It was early autumn. Like everyone else, I ate and drank a lot. Before going home, I went to the toilet of the restaurant we were in, but all the cabins were occupied, and I decided to wait until we got home. On the way home, I felt that I needed to go to the toilet urgently and when we drove past the forest, I asked the driver to stop the limousine. I got out of the car and shouted cheerfully "I'll be back soon". After that I went drunkenly towards the bushes. Behind the bushes, I lifted my dress, unbuttoned the lace bodysuit and squatted down. I was also wearing white stockings and white high heels. I farted loudly, and a stream of diarrhea came out of my ???? ass. I fart and shit for about 10 minutes and shit a big pile. Then I wiped my ass with a piece of paper, straightened my dress and wandered to the car satisfied


Shit Slow Sits

I've started taking a dance class. This has reminded me of an experience I had about 9 years ago when I was 8. I was taking a dance class then. My teacher was a high school student, Tia. She was amazing and because she and I hit it off so well, my mom ended up hiring her as my babysitter. Tia was very creative, wrote poetry for a literary magazine, and spent a lot of time up at school where she was on the dance team, in plays and some other creative things. When my parents had to go out of town suddenly Tia would come to my grade school, pick me up and she would stay at our house overnight with me. At first I was surprised how open she was about using the toilet. She'd be on the toilet, clothing down to her shoes, and peeing away while still talking to me in another room. I remember the first time she had to take a shit, it was just before I was dressed and she was to take me to my school. I offered to close the door and she said taking a crap was a natural thing that everyone does. Then that afternoon she came to my school, signed me out, but she was upset that she had to return to her high school to serve detention time. She was very open about the offense that cost her 45 minutes in detention. One morning during study hall she was allowed to go to the bathroom. She was on the toilet a few minutes after taking her shit, but not doing anything. A potty patrol teacher walked through, and with no privacy door on her toilet, she was identified and the time recorded. Like 5 minutes or so later, she was asked to stand while the patrol lady saw a big shit in the bowl and checked the time. Tia was referred to the assistant principal for what Tia called a shit slow sit. I just burst out laughing at how that sounded. She got detention time even though she was missing only like 10 minutes from a dumb study hall. Whether at home, school or elsewhere, I still remember Tia's shit slow sit philosophy.


Stories from my childhood.

Hi everyone. I found out that I'm getting a little brother or sister. My dad's girlfriend, Ava is pregnant. It's pretty awkward. Ava is his best friend that he's known since the 3rd grade, but they've been in this relationship for over a year and never told me. I was very angry at both of them for for keeping their relationship, but I'm pretty much over it now. But it is still awkward. My mom left when I was 2 months old, but Ava was always there when I needed her. My dad was only 15 when I was born and he's 30 now. Ava is the same age as him. Although she is the same age as my dad, I always felt close to her because there isn't a huge age difference between us. I always thought of her as the big sister I never had, which is why this is so weird.

Anyways, I have two short but funny stories from when I was younger and both involve Ava. The first one was when I was really young. I was 5 and we had a day at the zoo. This is actually one of my earliest memories. While we were at the zoo I had to use the bathroom. We found the closest one and went inside. It was a large bathroom with multiple handycapped stalls so we both went into one. Ava wiped off the seat for me and I sat down. I forget if I had to pee or poo, but that's not important to the story. As I was doing my business, we heard a girl rush in and take the stall right beside us. She slammed the door shut and locked it, dropped her shorts and panties to her ankles, then sat on the toilet. She immediately then had one of the loudest and most violent cases of exosivive diarrhea ever. Of course, since I was 5, this was hilarious and I couldn't stop giggling. Ava tried to get me to stop and I settled down. Then the smell hit which made it even funnier. The girl groaned as she let out another big explosion. I held my nose and started to laugh but Ava raised her voice and sternly told me to stop or she'd tell my dad and I'd get in trouble. I calmed myself again. When I was finished, I wiped and flushed and went to wash my hands. As I was at the sink, the girl groaned again and and let out the longest fart I have ever heard. I swear it was 20 seconds long. At this point, I just couldn't contain myself anymore and burst out laughing. Ava rushed me out the bathroom before saying out loud to the girl "I apologise for her behavior. I hope you feel better." I was laughing my butt off and Ava was mad at me saying that I shouldn't make fun of other people. I made farting sounds with my mouth and that was enough to get her to laugh too.

The other story was when I was 8. I forget where we were exactly but I remember that Ava had eaten something that didn't agree with her and she was very desperate. She was searching for a bathroom when she ran into a guy she knew from her job who stopped her to chat. She was getting more and more desperate but she kept her composure because she had a crush on him and she didn't want to embarrass herself. In the middle of their conversation I could smell that she had silently farted. The guy smelled it, paused for a split second and continued talking. Soon Ava farted again but this time it was very audible and sounded wet. Before he could even react, I took the blame. I excused myself and held my stomach as I told Ava that I really had to go potty. The guy quickly ended the conversation and told Ava that he would see her at work. Luckily she was able to find a bathroom before having an accident. Ava thanked me repeatedly and bought me ice cream before we went home lol.


To Victoria B

I'm glad that the Colace worked for you and that you are feeling better. If you ever deal with constipation again, it sounds as if you could use a smaller dose. Runny diarrhea is not supposed to happen, but the 4's and 5's on the Bristol scale are the intended target. Too, you may want to check the bottle. There is a Colace brand that contains sennosides, which is a mild stimulant. It may have contained a punch you were not expecting!

I'm glad you are feeling relieved!



Saturday, January 23, 2021


Water and Peeing

I observed Miranda's post and whilst being on the water does not stimulate my bladder if I am in the swimming pool I pee like there is no tomorrow. I just relax and let it happen . Similarly in the shower I always pee. I do not know what it is but I leak like a colander when in water. Another thing I noticed that when I am in public toilets my neighbours seem to be able to empty their bladders, particularly women, with great force and speed. My stream is not so powerful. Maybe I should mention thus to the doctor but wonder if it is anything really .



Trina: I am so sorry about the sharting accident. Yes, those are no fun, inconvenient and just feel gross (at least in my experience). Like Shannon, I'm grateful to have this conversation with you and wish you a wonderful 2021!

Sarah E: Welcome to the forum and I'm glad you are posting. As someone who has had a few "solid" accidents, I am grateful that I've never had one around my children like that. I feel like they would never look at me the same. Do you remember it being awkward with your mom. My husband, Alan, witnessed his mother defecate in her pants as they were leaving the grocery store, I think when he was about 6 years old. He said that sparked an interest in women's bowel habits. Glad you are here!

First Time Guy: Whoa! Easy on the Metamucil! It is a good way to ease constipation but can cause blockages if you take too much at one time! Glad you are enjoying your dump!

Victoria B: You may want to talk to your doctor if problems with constipation persist. You can slow your gut down with sleep aids. I hope the Colace works. I hope all is well and wish you and Robyn the best 2021!

Mina: Always good to hear from you! It sounds as if Kazuko really had to go during the night! I hope you, Kazuko, Hisae, and Maho have the best year yet! We are all doing (and dooing) well! Thank you!

Love to all!



Water & Peeing

During winter break when we were home from college Kennard and I did a lot of things together. A couple of days before Christmas, we were shopping at the mall and I figured Kennard had been holding his crap in. I asked him. He admitted it. I had a very satisfying crap in the food court toilet right after lunch. I described it to Kennard, but as always, he held his until we got back to his house. I had been hoping to make more progress with him, but......

The weather was mild and we stopped at a cheap, self-service car wash. It had three service bays, but there must have been ten times that number of cars waiting in line. The line moved and we were encouraged that we would get our turn before dark. Bored and watching persons of all ages soaping and hosing down their cars in about 20 minutes had me needing a wee. Kennard was surprised but I had him take the wheel and I ran to the back of the building where they had a single, multi-sex toilet. I carefully opened the door because I didn't want to embarrass anyone, especially a child, who had forgotten to lock it. With jeans down I was warming the seat and draining my bladder for more than a minute. Two weeks later I was back at college, getting ready for my PE swim class by suiting up in the shower room and I got the side of the pool where we wait for our instructor to meet us, and steadily it seemed that I was holding a gallon of pee in me. I hurried back to the locker room, did a lengthy pee in a doorless toilet, and then hurried back to poolside.

I might be trying to overthink it. But is there something about seeing water stimulating the body's need to release it?

Victoria B.



Good news! The Colace ended up working....and working and working. No enema or suppository this time!

I still had not had a bowel movement by Sunday evening and that was the line Robyn reconciled me to as far as needing a little help with getting my pipes unclogged. I ended up taking 300mg of Colace along with a tall glass of water before bed.

The first two BMs were 4s on the Bristol Stool Scale. My poops are normally closer to a 3 so this was an interesting change. They felt great sliding out, passing effortlessly and leaving me feeling so much relief.

Then...I kept going. Made it all the way up to a 7 on the Bristol scale. Three of them in fact, lucky me! The last of the liquid came about five hours ago so hopefully it's done and things will be back to normal tomorrow.

Thank you to Catherine for recommending the Colace!



Dear Victoria

I hope, after you read my story about Kazu, it make you want to go to loo. Maho suddenly decided she want loo after see me do so many turds. I hope you can do many many turds with good feeling after you take your medicine. And I hope Robyn hold your hand well and be patient so you can stay on loo long long time. If, after she dry you, you suddenly decide you want to do more turds, that will be wonderful!!

My 3 crushes say, they hope you can have lovely warm time on loo and then eat all pancakes. They all talk at same time because they are hurry to give good wishes to you.

Love to you and Robyn and everyone, from your very own Mina plus 3 crushes.


Reply to Just Another Girl

That's a great story with you and your friend. I have a couple of questions - how did she know about your interest in toilet-related matters? Was this a one-off or do you think she might let you watch her again some time? From your story, I assume this was the first time.


Toilet help

Sunday afternoon the weather was mild so I decided to take a ride on my bike. Not something I can often do in winter that often. A good ride for my 12-year old body can be 1,2, or even 3 miles. The track coach at my school has talked to me about going out for the team, so I'm trying for better endurance. I know that hills and high speed without me being seated is good for conditioning. That and my large Sunday dinner a couple of hours earlier made my crap a necessity.

Sometimes I get a sneer or sarcasm at a gas station when I walk in alone and ask for the bathroom key. So I rode about 6 blocks out of my way to a large park, hopeful the toilets would be open year-round. I rode up to the building's door, saw it was open and I knew that was good news. It was probably about 45 out so I knew I was going to freeze my butt, but not as bad when me and a friend used the toilets during an ice-skating outing. As I moved through the entrance I surprised a child, about half my age, her coat was thrown on the floor, and she was standing over one or the two out in the open toilets, no cubicle, no privacy door, crying and yanking at the top of her ability at the button at the top of her jeans. It was obvious that she couldn't get her jeans unhooked and she was crying for her mother. That surprised me because I hadn't seen anyone else outside there and there was no car parked.

I made her stand still as I dropped to my knees. The jeans were obviously pretty new, but I finally got the button through the slot. I dropped her jeans and undies and she immediately slid herself onto the toilet. I asked her if she needed a partner and she said yes. So I dropped my clothing and placed my butt on the seat next to hers. I thought talking with her would calm her down. It did. I saw a bit of a smile coming over her face, especially when a trickle became a stream, and with energy she started exercising her legs as her production picked up. She heard a couple of toots from me, followed by a splash or two, followed by a large banana-sized piece that I had to widen my legs and lean forward on to pass. She liked my name. I told her that Asa Ann was also a pretty name. She asked if I had seen her momma. I said no, although I was suspicious because she was too young to be alone in such a place.

The toilet paper rolls were bolted to a wall behind us. As I was wiping she was telling me about her mom walking their dog and that she hoped the two of them didn't get lost. She said Mollie was a big pooper and that mom liked to take her away from people when it was pooping time. I motioned to Asa Ann where her toilet paper was and she seemed very attentive as I wiped. I was just finishing up and still pretty vulnerable when her mom and Mollie walked in. Asa Ann jumped down off the seat and without wiping got her clothing back up and her jeans buttoned. Then she ran for her mom and Mollie who was straining her leash to sniff at me. I finished, flushed and I did a cold water wash of my hands.

Back on my bike I got to thinking about what my future in babysitting might be like. I know I won't be as trusting as Asa Ann's mom was in a situation like that. I saw a cigarette pack sticking out of her pocket so I guess she used Asa Ann's and Mollie's needs to get a fast smoke in.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Survey by Audrey

Where have you gone before? (so to speak...)

Have you tried:
-Change rooms in clothing stores?
•Yes I have but only pee
-On the front door step of a neighbour you don't like?
•No, my neighbors scare me
-In your living room? (Or all around your house)
•hehe yes
-On public transit?
•No, we don't have public transit really where I live
>Wearing diapers & going while you're sitting next to your fellow commuters.
•That sounds awesome
-In a Mens(women's if you're male) Room?
-In the urinal of a Mens(women's if you're male) room?
•Yes with my STP device
-In the woods?
-In your front/backyard?
•Backyard and Courtyard
-In the garden of your front/backyard?
•back garden
-With some friends?
-On the side of the road, just off a busy highway with other cars going by? (But NOT in one of the lanes. "Safety first", you know...)
•No but in the car yes
-A mall parking lot after you've just done some shopping?
•No but in the car yes
-In a large potted plant somewhere in your home?
•Yes it's really nice
-In a friend's pool?
•Yup but only pee
-On a beach?
-Perhaps in the park near a jogging path you use regularly?
•I've gone in the part before

-Audrey, can you tell us more about your training potty? Did you get a STP device like I suggested? And have you tried going potty in the car?

-Flynn, congratulations on your transition!


Babysitting & Bathrooms

I've been babysitting for nearly 10 years now. Recently over Christmas vacation I had 3 children, Amber who is 8, her 6-year-old brother, Adam, and Kaitlyn who is 7. We spent some time at the mall, skating at a large park lagoon, and some other things largely outdoors because of the pandemic.

I'm in college, an education major, and I've always been the smallest person in my class. I'm of legal age, but when I'm sitting on the toilet, my legs are 5 inches off the floor. Along that same line, I also have a smaller bladder. I've always had to pee more frequently than my peers and I can't seem to hold it until we get to a cleaner bathroom or get back home. So upon first opportunity, I'm seated and peeing away. Sure there's kind of a wicked stream of splashes against the water in the bowl, but I don't try to move around on the seat or put toilet paper over the bowl water to stop the noise. I'm kind of proud of it, I guess. Then I do one quick wipe, jump down and after washing my hands, I'm on my way.

As strange as it may seem, I have to nag and nag Adam to go into the guys' room alone. I know he has to go and he initially drinks a lot of water and pop, and he has his hands at mid-section in discomfort, but he won't go into the guys' room alone. Amber and Kaitlyn are like me and when we are out, they lead the walk/run into the bathroom. I know they don't particularly like toilet stalls without doors and sometimes as they are seated and peeing away, with me often on the toilet right next to them, the mirror in front of us and just behind the sinks, kind of violates our privacy. But Amber and Kaitlyn have good attitudes about the situation and spend just the minimum amount of time on the toilet.

My dilemma is Adam. He's in the 1st grade and he continually withholds his need to pee in public places. I've explained to him that he has a couple of better options by not being fearful of the guys bathrooms which he says are dirty and more busted up. I think this is something that he needs to get over ASAP. At 6, he's too old for the ladies room and Kaitlyn and Amber sometimes show frustrations over Adam's 'pee standoff.' I don't know how much I should do to accommodate him. Holding his pee in or us going to a special place such as where there is a family bathroom for him to use is frustrating. And going back home is even more frustrating for Kaitlyn, Amber and me.

I haven't been able to get much help from Adam and Amber's mom, who is single and working two jobs. She says it's just 'Adam being Adam.'


Response to Anthony T


Welcome to the forum and I will try to answer your question from my experience. For me, I've had a few diarrhea, mushy accidents in my life, but only five truly solid accidents. It's the solid accidents that seem to have given me a "full body experience" as you describe. I eat a very high-fiber diet, filled with vegetarian recipes, though I'm not vegetarian. I just like the extra fiber and protein from beans and meat substitutes.

I defecate twice daily, and normally they are soft, formed, thick and long. When I've had these accidents, for some reason I've missed at least one or more than one regular trip to the bathroom. So, as you can imagine, I have a lot in there needing to come out. Plus, the poop is a little more firm due to being inside me longer.

Then comes the part where I don't have a normal access to the bathroom, so when the urge strikes to relieve myself from a day's worth of missed bowel movements, the urge to go can be pretty strong.

When the accident actually happens, it's like nothing I've experienced. I mean, I just can no longer hold it. My body revolts against my brain and begins the bowel movement and no conscious signal from my brain can shut the process down. The shivering, tingling I think comes from the abnormally strong urge to go as well as the mass of the poop. The redness, flushing, heartbeat comes from the contradictory messages to my brain saying - this feels so good and this is really something that you should not be doing, enjoying or anything like that. Once defecation is complete, there's that automatic reflex to feel the mass back there. Why? I have no idea. There's a huge feeling of relief, perhaps similar to "afterglow" following sex, and even some lightheadedness. If there are tears, its again because of the social implications that you now are an adult that did not make it to the bathroom. And, if truth be told, every human being in their post potty training days has had an accident of some sort.

I've never seen someone have an accident on a plane, but look forward to your story!

Welcome and all the best!



Response to Shannon

Yes! I felt so naughty. It was a legit accident. But I caused it. And, it felt so good! But I know that I cannot make a habit of it! I am blessed. I hope it doesn't sound as if our love centers around the bathroom, because there's so much more than that. I like to think of our interest in bathroom habits as a topping on a banana split, maybe like the whipped cream or maybe just some other topping. But it's not the banana and the ice cream. I'm truly grateful for my family!

Please share if anything develops with Brian or your girlfriend. We all deserve love and it sounds as if you have a lot of love to give too!

I hate to hear about your recent accidents. Yes, I can find banking very frustrating, when I have a simple transaction but someone is taking much longer than they should! And, with a FedEx deliver, what can you do?

I look forward to hearing from you and from Trina. Love you both! Thanks for having this conversation with me!




Comment to Audrey

I'm glad you liked my story about the peeing from the swing set. Yes, me and Maggie did it more than that one time. And we also got a few of our other friends from the neighborhood involved. I'll write about that sometime soon.

Erin B

Emergency while shopping

Hi guys! It's been a long time since I last posted. I've just had school and life going on which has made it hard to post as much as I would like. I would like to tell a story that happened to me this week. For a refresher on my appearance I am a female in my early 20s with blonde hair and am fairly skinny but I like to think I have a good figure.

Anyways, I was out doing grocery shopping at a super market this week and I had been really busy this day with school and finally went and did my grocery shopping during the evening. I hadn't pooped at all that day which was unusual bc i usually poop during the day at school in between classes or in the library when I'm studying or doing homework. So I get to the grocery store and begin shopping and my stomach feels uneasy. I had just eaten dinner with my roommate and I thought I would just wait till I got home to poop. As I'm walking in the aisles I start feeling like I'm needing to fart and I actually let out some when no one was near me in my aisles. I still am adjusting to wearing masks while shopping even through my mask I was really stinking up my area. I got a sudden urge and cramp and knew I was gonna have to poop here whether I wanted to or not. I was kinda mad bc I was gonna have to find a place to hide my cart and I still had more shopping to do. I found a spot and made my way to the bathrooms near the front of the store. I hurried in and it was pretty busy with people in the stalls and at the sinks. There we're about 10 stalls on the left side with sinks on the right. It smelled like at least someone was pooping so I knew I wasn't alone. I found an open stall next to a woman that was peeing. I just had on a jacket with leggings and tennis shoes and pulled them down with my thong to my knees. I really had to go as this point and was super desperate. As soon as I sat down I let out a chunky mess of poop with short farts that's sputtered. I was kinda embarrassed but I just really had to go. The stall on my left was vacated and the stall on my right was empty. I sat for a minute and peed while two people came in and got the two stalls on each side. One was wearing black leggings with these nice leather boots while the other was in just leggings and Nike shoes. I let out some more loose poops and still felt really full. My stall was really stinky by this point and I looked in between my legs at the bowl and it was really full of just diarrhea. I gave a courtesy flush and tried to push some more. Meanwhile, the person on my right left wiped and flushed after she peed and said to the person on my left that she would meet her outside. She responded "I'll be a few more minutes" and let out some crackling poop with two plops back to back. I followed that with a buzzy fart and had more chunky diarrhea abs couldn't help but sigh after I finished. I had my mask still on and I was actually sweating from having my jacket on and pushing out all the diarrhea. My neighbor with the leather boots wiped and washed her hands. I had two other women pee and leave really quick while I finished up pooping and ugh my stall was so stinky. I pushed out one more wave of diarrhea and then felt better enough to start wiping. My blue thong has a skid mark on it so I guess I should've gotten to the bathroom sooner. I had to flush two times and wiped more than 5 times to get my butt clean. I flushed two times to get it all down and went to the sinks. I got some weird looks after blowing up that stall and went back to my cart which surprisingly was still where I left it after a good 10 minutes of diarrhea. I went home and told my roommate about almost pooping myself and she said she had diarrhea too when she was at the library! I guess it must've been something her ate. Anyways I hope your guys enjoyed my story! I hope to post more in the future!


My First Post (Finally!)

I've been a lurker on this site for years, and tonight I decided to finally start contributing! I'm a 20-year-old with a pretty big bladder and bowel capacity, which can come in handy on long Zoom meetings!

I've been desperate fpr the toilet on countless occasions, but some of the most recent stories include a house party, stadium gig and important family dinner!

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask, because there's nothing toilet-related that I won't answer!

Thank you all,

- Noot

It's been a bit of time since I last posted but nothing interesting has happened bathroom wise; that is until tonight. I was changing out of my skirt and top into my PJ's when I had that feeling of needing to poo (this was an hour after I had my dinner which might have triggered my need). As I was halfway through getting changed, I thought I would carry on before going to the toilet. However, my body had different ideas; I had to get to the toilet NOW! Going into my bathroom I stood in front of the loo and dropped my white panties to my ankles before sitting down on the seat. My asshole immediately opened and the log quickly slid out. I then had a thirty second pee and continued to sit for a few moments before I stood up to inspect what I had produced. Floating in the water was a fat turd about 9cm in length and 4cm in diameter. I sat down again and unrolled some paper ready to wipe and just before I did so my ass opened again and another turd shot out. I remained sitting for another minute before knowing that this time I was done. I wiped both my front and back, put the paper in the loo and then stood up, flushed the toilet and pulled my panties back up. After washing my hands I went back into my bedroom and got into my PJ's before coming on here to write about what happened.

I've also got a few comments,

Robyn - a big welcome to the forum

Catherine - yes, I'm very proud of my large poo's; it's like a feeling of 'I made that' and I've often been sad to see them being flushed away
Until next time, stay safe everyone

Sarah E.

Observed 2 accidents at a young age

I have read stories on this website for many years, today I share. These are 2 separate stories, the first happened when I was 6 years old and the second when I was 9. I will split them into 2 different posts because they're both kind of long.

I was at the Zoo with my mom and we had been there all day. It was late afternoon, I think around 4PM, and we were at one of the animal shows - exotic birds if I recall correctly. We had been at the show for about 45 minutes and it was supposed to be an hour long so it was probably almost finished. I noticed my mom was kind of fidgety. The show ended and my mom immediately rushed us out, I could hear her mumbling quietly to herself. I remember feeling frustrated with her for rushing, mostly because I was starting to feel drowsy from the long day. I think I complained and she told me she forgot we needed to drive home in time to pick my sister up from soccer practice later that evening. She said we should have left before the last show because the drive home would be at least an hour and late afternoon traffic would only make it worse. Then I heard her say quietly, and I don't think she really meant for me to hear but I did, "and I REALLY should have used the bathroom before that show too..." She put heavy emphasis on the word 'really'. We got caught in a crowd of people exiting the theatre area and as we exited the bottleneck we walked by a bathroom that was quickly filling up with recent visitors of the show. I heard my mom swear under her breath and say something about no time for that line. We started walking directly towards the exit and I was struggling to keep up with my mom's pace. She was clearly agitated about something. There was another bathroom closer to the Zoo exit and she dragged me towards it but turned away at the last moment when she saw that there were at least 5 or 6 ladies lined up inside the actual room. By now I could sort of tell that she was in need of a toilet, but too impatient or concerned about making it back in time to get my sister to wait. We left the Zoo and got through the parking lot to the car which took another 3 or 4 minutes of walking. By the time we got to the car I was exhausted and sleepy. My mom helped me into the back and we got going. We drove for about 5 minutes exiting the parking lots and making our way to the highway. By then I could barely keep my eyes open and was just dozing off when I noticed a smell. It was definitely a fart smell - VERY ripe, but not unhealthy smelling, if that makes any sense. It's kind of weird how well I can remember just that smell, I don't know, it's just a very distinct memory for whatever reason. I remembered what mom had said earlier about needing a toilet and gradually started waking back up. But I kept my eyes shut. I could hear mom shifting around in her seat uncomfortably. She groaned almost inaudibly but the car was quiet inside except for road noise so I could hear really well. She farted again, this time I heard it, it kind of sounded like a zipper but muffled. Mom groaned slightly louder and shifted around again. It smelled considerably worse after the second fart. I peeked my eyes barely open to see what she was doing and I saw she was raising her bottom off the seat just a little by leaning forward for a few seconds and then she would lean back. She kept doing this repeatedly. It was obvious by now that she was desperately in need of a bathroom. I noticed her glance at the mirror checking on me in the back seat and shut my eyes and pretended to be asleep. I heard her moving and peeked once again and this time saw she had raised herself fully off the seat. I heard another fart, the loudest yet, and immediately was hit with a wave of stink. Then I heard a muffled crackling sound and some quiet groaning, followed by another fart, this time not as loud but longer. I saw her carefully lower herself back onto the seat in her now full pants and remember secretly enjoying the now intense aroma of what sounded like a substantial BM. She seemed to have finished and resigned herself to just continuing home in her newly-smelly state, seemingly convinced that I was unaware of the situation, having slept through the whole thing. I wondered if she would stop somewhere to clean herself up, and if so, whether she would wake me up and have me come in with her or not. But she didn't stop, and we continued towards home, making it most of the way there without running into traffic, which was at least a small victory for mom I guess, lol.

About 10 minutes before we would have arrived home, it had been about 60 minutes in a (still) very smelly car by this point, I pretended to wake up. My mom noticed immediately, but didn't say anything at first. Finally she just said we would be home shortly and that I needed to run inside and use the bathroom quickly and get ready to turn around right away because we were just stopping real quick before going to pick up my sister. I asked mom why we wouldn't just go straight to pick her up and then home after, and said I didn't need to use the bathroom. She just mumbled something about me needing to not being difficult and her struggling to get a million things done in too short a time. Then I straight up asked her about the smell in the car. I remember saying: "it smells really stinky in here like somebody went potty" or something like that. My mom just did a huge sigh and said: "I'm sorry sweetie, that's me. I needed to use the restroom before we left the Zoo but I just lost track of time and by the time I remembered your sister's practice, it was already too late for to do anything but get in the car and go or we would still be in traffic right now. As it is anyway, we're already late. Her practice will be over at 5:30 and at this rate we won't be there until 5:45." I remember not saying anything for a minute or two and then asking her if she was okay. She just said she will be fine once she gets a chance to go to the bathroom when we get home and apologized for the smell in the car. Then she sighed again and said, more like she was talking to herself than to me, "we're closer to the practice field right now than home anyway.." and kind of trailed off as she changed lanes to exit the highway. I think she had planned to try to make it all the way home and get herself cleaned up while I was still asleep and before going to get my sister, but gave up on that plan now that I had caught her. I noticed we were heading towards the park and the soccer fields instead of home. Now, at the time of this story I was 6, but my sister was 14, and fully into that angsty teenager stage of life. As we pulled up to the fields and saw Kenzie (not her real name) making her way over to the car, I knew she was going to notice the smelly car right away and I think mom did too. Kenzie opened the door and got in and immediately I saw her face scrunch up and she gave me a disgusted look and said real loudly: "EEEEeeeewwwwww!! did Sarah poop her pants that smells so gross!" Mom shushed her and quickly started driving again. Kenzie continued to go on about the smell and was giving me a really hard time about it, trying to sit as far as she could from me and holding her nose. She started to tease me a little saying 6 year old kids don't have accidents anymore and laughing. I was starting to get upset and I had been saying all along that it wasn't me, but Kenzie wasn't listening. Finally, mom pulled up to a stop sign and loudly shushed us both before looking at Kenzie and saying, with clear exasperation in her voice, "it was me okay? I had an accident on the drive home and we came straight here to pick you up. I'm sorry that it smells, but please stop harassing your sister. It's been a long day, please just deal with it for a few minutes and we'll be home." It was pretty quiet the rest of the way home, I started to get kind of sleepy again, but I could tell Kenzie was really bothered by the smell. She kept taking these little stifled breaths, like she was trying to breath only through her mouth and as little as possible. When we got home she hurried out of the car as fast as she could without saying anything. I slowly started to get myself out of the car, but struggled a little bit because I was still little. Mom came around to help with the seatbelt and the door and when she got closer to me I could smell her poopy pants very strongly. Then she helped me out and I remember following her into the house, slightly behind her and holding her hand. I snuck a quick peek at her bottom and there was a noticeable bulge in the seat of her pants, but no stains. I guessed it must have been a fairly solid poop that probably stayed in her underwear, with no wetness to stain through. We went inside and my sister was already upstairs probably showering after getting her soccer stuff off. My mom went off to clean up as well, but not before putting on a kid's show for me and telling me that she'd get dinner ready for us in a little while.

And that was about it for that story. My mom pooped her pants on the drive home from the Zoo, not because she was sick or anything, she just held it too long and got too desperate and had to use her pants as a toilet. My sister was weird about it for a few weeks, I could tell she seemed to act a bit differently around my mom. But it never really bothered me, I even remember enjoying it slightly. I'll post the second story from when I was 9 after this.

Sarah E.

Observed 2 accidents as a kid - 2nd story

I posted a story about my mom having an accident on the drive home from the Zoo one day, here is my second story about witnessing an accident while I was a kid.

This time I was 9 years old and with a babysitter. The babysitter was a young college student, probably between 19-21, brunette, medium height, very slim physique. I will call her Erica (not her real name). She was a total sweetheart and I loved spending time with her. It was summer and I was not in school and my parents both worked full time so I would often spend entire days with Erica. One day we were out and about all day doing some of my favorite things. We went to a fair in the morning and there was a petting zoo and then we had lunch at my favorite place. I remember Erica had a BIG burger for lunch and she ate all of it. I remember commenting about it and her saying something like she was surprised at herself but was just starving all day long for some reason. After lunch we went to a park where I played on the swings and slides and stuff for a while. Erica would push me on the swings or help me around the slides so she was never really far away. At some point, I noticed a foul smell in the air around us, like someone had farted. I just shrugged it off and kept playing. The smell went away, but every once in a while I would catch a whiff of it again. After a half hour or so it was time to leave the park, Erica had planned for us to go see some new Disney movie in the afternoon. So we set off to the local movie theatre, Erica had her own car so she would always drive us around everywhere. The smell came back in the car really strongly right before we go to the mall where the theatre was and Erica frowned slightly. I asked her if she smelled something. She said: "Sorry sweetie, I passed gas. I think lunch made me a little big gassy." I said something like oh okay whatever and she parked the car and we got out and started walking to the theatre. On the way there, Erica farted again three times, each loud enough to hear this time, and the smell was as strong as ever, even though we were walking. She excused herself each time and I could tell she was slightly upset about being so noisy/stinky around me. We went in and Erica got some popcorn and treats for us and we made our way to the theatre and started watching the movie. For a while it was uneventful, but about halfway through the movie, I smelled that same strong fart smell again. It was stronger than ever this time, and I began to feel like I was enveloped in this cloud of stink. I saw that a few of the other nearby moviegoers also seemed to notice the smell, glancing around inquisitively and some quiet sniffing. I remember feeling like some of them probably suspected me at the time, as I was the youngest audience member in the area. The movie finished up about 45 minutes later and during that time there were a few other instances of silent, but very smelly gas, in our immediate area. As the credits started to roll and people started to get up, I kind of tried to discreetly nudge Erica and ask her if she had smelled anything during the movie. She nodded very slightly and seemed like she was sort of hurrying me to get us out of the theatre, but we were trapped in a bottleneck of people trying to get out, just like with the show at the Zoo in my first story about my mom's accident. Erica farted again while we were in the hallway full of people waiting to get out, and this time it was clearly audible. I'm sure people heard it, but with there being so many people grouped so closely, it would have been very difficult to tell who it had come from. I could only tell because I was standing inches from her. The smell returned, seemingly even more potent this time. It REALLY started to stink like poop and I actually heard a quiet groan or two, lol. We finally made it out of the theatre into the lobby and were on our way out when we passed the bathrooms. I could tell Erica needed a toilet badly by this point. She eyed the ladies room which already had a line growing out of the doorway. She asked me if I needed to go potty, and I could hear there was impatience in her voice. I told her I didn't need to (not entirely true, I kinda had to pee, but wasn't urgent) and she rushed us past the bathroom out the main lobby doors back towards the parking lots. Shortly after we got outside I heard and smelled another fart from her. I looked over at her as we walked and her face was blushing bright red. She caught me looking at her and forced a smile, before rubbing her belly and frowning. I asked her if she was okay and she said: "I need to use the toilet sweetie. I've had trouble going the last few days and that big lunch earlier has really got things moving for me. We're going to kind of rush home in a hurry, but I have to make sure we drive safely, because your parents would never forgive me if anything happened." We arrived at the car and got in and she started it and we left the mall. We were on the road heading back towards home which would still be about a 25 minute drive. Erica farted repeatedly while we were in the car. She apologized about the smell, but said she really couldn't help it anymore. I told her I knew how she was feeling and tried to be sympathetic. About 15 minutes from home, Erica farted again, much more loudly and much longer than she had before. This was immediately followed by the strongest smell yet. Erica groaned and lifted herself off the seat slightly while driving. She looked back at me and apologized again, then she said something I will always remember. She said: "Sarah, I am really sorry but I am going to have to go poopies in my pants. I have been holding it too long and it's really starting to hurt bad. I definitely should have used the restroom at the movie theatre, but I just saw the lines and thought I could hold it a little bit longer. I don't even think I could hold it long enough now to pull over and go into like a gas station or something. It's urgent." And with that, she raised herself slightly higher off the seat and I heard a sort of farty, crackling explosion sound that carried on for about 7 or 8 seconds followed by a couple of low volume but very gassy and prolonged farts. The poop smell in the car was intense. Erica opened some windows which helped a little with the smell, but it was still very strong. We drove the rest of the way home in silence. Erica wasn't crying or anything, but I could tell she was extremely upset. When we arrived at home, Erica got out of the car slowly and I followed her inside. The bulge in her pants was massive, easily twice the size of the one I remember seeing in my mom's pants a few years earlier. Again, there was no visible staining on her pants, just a large bulge. Erica continued to fart while we were walking in, they were all super airy quiet farts but I was able to hear them. I remember thinking it was weird that she was still faring so much after she had just pooped. We got inside and Erica helped me get my shoes off and start watching a TV show before she went off to the bathroom. I waited a minute or two and then snuck back to the hallway outside the bathroom. Erica had shut the door but it was an old house and there was a gap of about 3 or 4 inches between the door and the floor. Easily enough room to see quite a bit of activity in the actual bathroom if you crouched down to look through it. As I got closer, the smell got stronger. I lowered myself down and peeked through the crack and saw Erica's feet moving around near the toilet/bathtub. I saw her shorts/panties drop to the floor. There was an enormous, ball-shaped pile of poop in them, obviously very solid. I remember silently mouthing the word WOW and thinking that she had REALLY needed to go. I watched as she reached down and cradled the loaded panties up off the ground and then heard the splash as she dropped her poop into the toilet. The shower started and I returned to the living room and my show, Erica rejoined me about 30 minutes later and was unusually quiet the rest of the evening. My mom eventually got home and Erica headed off after a brief discussion, with Erica reporting everything save for her embarrassing mishap, leaving mom satisfied but none the wiser to the most exciting event of the day.

So that's it. My attractive young babysitter held it for too long while we were out doing stuff and eventually pooped her pants in front of me. I felt bad for her at the time, but remember thinking back on it a few years later and realizing that Erica really wasn't subjected to too great a degree of embarrassment, all things considered, since I was the only one who ever knew about her accident. I told my mom and my sister about it like 10 years later when I was just starting college at about the same age Erica would have been when she had the accident. They both shared a knowing laugh and said it happens to everyone eventually. I knew about my mom's history with accidents, but upon hearing their exchange, gave my sister a little glance. She noticed and laughed again, telling me she'd share her own 'little bathroom mishap' (her words) with me another day. She did eventually share her story with me, and I will share it with you, but that's a story for another day.

First Time Guy

The power of psyllium husk

Hi All!

Active poster here and by that I literally mean I'm in the middle of a dump right now. I've always wanted to share but felt too shy to do so. Right now I'm in heaven though and figured it was no better time than now to take the plunge. I've been backed up for a couple days and decided to give psyllium husk a try. I knew it was the key ingredient in Metamucil but I was pretty desperate and decided to just go straight to the source and use the pure powder. I ignored the directions and may have put a few extra scoops in my glass before chugging the mix and crashing into bed.

Needless to say, I woke up with a serious need to take a dump. It's taken me about 20 min just to type this because I keep stopping to unload the next round. I'm on my third flush and my stomach is still warning me that there's more to come. Have you ever taking a dump so amazing that you feel like a whole new person!? I'm so glad it's the weekend because I will not be leaving this seat for awhile. I hope this encourages me to post more and share some stories. For now though, I'm gonna scroll through the latest posts and try to ignore the smell filling the bathroom.

Have a wonderful day!


Swing Peeing

This happened back in the 1980s when me and my friend Maggie were in grade school. We were like 7 or 8. Me and her and a couple of our other classmates would do synchronized peeing peeing the bathroom in the park. Then we got bolder because Maggie had a great imagination, it was summer and we would get bored, and by using the toilets there we were able to stay out out a little closer to dark. The swing set had several swings of various heights. One of the swing sets had seats made of aluminum so we had to use the plastic seat set for what we wanted to do. This seat had holes about the size of quarters drilled in it. It was off-yellow in color.

One day Maggie hadn't put on any underwear under her black shorts. She had done this often. Sometimes she said her mom hadn't done the wash. But on this day it was deliberate. She said she wanted to try sand spraying, a take-off of her uncles business where he flew crop-duster planes. She lowered her shorts to just below her pee hole. Then seated with both hands on the chains I would swing her. I started slow, really slow, and she shouted off the count, and when she got to 10 she would start peeing. The first 3 sets didn't work and I kind of teased her about giving up. I knew she wouldn't. She repositioned her self on the swing seat several times. It was starting to get dark and I knew we had to get back home when I swung her the best yet. And sure enough it worked. She was spraying out and wetting a large part of the sand. She had deliberately held back her pee that evening at supper and she was fully fueled. Then a 5th grade boy Parker, who both Maggie and I thought was half perv, walked over and asked what we were doing. That was the end of our fun for the day.

Victoria B.

Plugged up!


I recently had a prescription for insomnia changed by my doctor. It does what it's supposed to and I'm afraid a little bit more: I'm writing this late Sunday afternoon and my last bowel movement was Friday morning. In other words, I'm constipated!

Robyn found out the hard way this morning when she made me pancakes only for most of them to end up in the fridge! I told her that I felt bloated, that my stomach hurt and that my appetite had gone missing. Then she asked me the last time I had taken a dump.

"Um, I, um, I pooped on Friday morning!"
"Have you tried to go both ways since then?"
"No, I haven't felt any pressure or urge to push the times when I've peed."
Robyn motioned for me to slide back from the table and then asked me to pull up my shirt. I raised my oversized t-shirt and she put her hand on my abdomen. Feeling around at about the same level as the waistband of my panties (a pair of purple boyshorts) she hit a sensitive spot. "Ouch! That hurt a little!..."
"Victoria.... you're constipated. You're constipated and if you don't go by tonight you need a laxative."
"Butt, that's right. We're talking about yours and right now it's full."
I agreed to start with a stool softener and Robyn was kind enough to go to the pharmacy and pick up not only some Colace but some...other options as well.
"If you haven't gone by bedtime I'm giving you three of these and a big glass of water," she said, shaking the Colace inside its bottle for emphasis.
"If those haven't worked and you still haven't pooped by tomorrow afternoon I'm making you an enema bag or giving you a suppository. Your choice!" she said with a wink.

It's almost dinner time but my appetite is still nowhere to be found and I haven't produced anything more than a couple farts from my b-hole, much less a full BM. Looks like it may be time for some Colace :/
Hopefully this is just a big misunderstanding with my body and firm, well-formed BMs await me at the bottom of this.



Female Underwear

There was an unnamed post asking about wearing underwear of the opposite sex . I wear female incontinence undies because they are the most suitable because they cater best for dribbles and the like from both exits . They are also less expensive. If I knew I would be wearing such things 20 years ago I would be mortified , but now given all my issues they are the very best .


Kazu did motions in the midnight

Hi everybody, how angry are you to bad Mina who never post? But I never forget you everybody. Just sometimes I want to run away from computer. Because telework all day. (But sometimes I go to office.)

Last Sunday night, that is mean a week ago, I woke up and surprised to find I am alone in the bed. Where is Kazu? Hisae and Maho are sleeping in beige flat.

I thought, maybe she is in loo. She sometimes does wee in the night. Me too.

But she doesn't come back, I wondered , is she OK??

Then suddenly I hear noise. pu pu pu pu pu. Five times. She is fart. So she is in loo, but it is not wee only!

Suddenly I am not sleepy. I look at time, it is 0420. I get out of the bed, out from bedroom, I see light on in loo. So Kazu is there, Door is shut. I open door.

"Aaa Minappé! Sorry I wake you up."

"Are you all right Kazu?"

"Maybe I think I am all right..." she has strain voice, and she move forward on loo so I can see. I look and three turds floating on water, more turds underneath but not clear. And one more turd slowly coming out from Kazu's beautiful bottom. Not so big turd, it is about wide 3 centimetres and very nice shape. Quite long, about 15 centimetres. Plop into loo.

Then her beautiful bottom domed out again and next turd appeared. So I squat by her and take her hand. She squeezed and said "Minappé" in warm voice.

Plop into loo, and next turd start to come out at once. How many she is going to do??

"Kazu are you really OK?"

"Maybe.... in dream, I did lots turds on floor of supermarket, so I shocked and woke up! And I felt many turds in bottom so decide to go to loo."

"And now you are doing turds many many, né." "né" is Japanese word it mean like tag question.

"Yes" said Kazu in small voice. I look behind her and large turd is coming out. About 20 centimetres is long.

"Minappé, you are sleepy, né?" Kazu said. "You can back to the bed. I want to do more turds."

"I stay with you, Kazu. Do turds a hundred if you want."

Kazu squeezed my hand hard. So I also squeezed. Kazu's bottom is busy while she squeeze. Plop.



Plop-plop-plop-plop. Four came out quickly. I look in loo, and wow! I must flush at once. "Stand up Kazu, I flush."

Lucky thing, just then there is no turd coming from her beautiful bottom, so she can stand up, no problem. I flush and all went down except one. Then she sit down and start to push out large turd. But she said, "I think soon finish." Then two more turds. Plop. Plop. Then some little ones, plop plop plop, then she said "finish" so I pushed washlet button for her. Then I dried her, I feeling very very warm. She squeeze my other hand hard.

Then I flushed again and we washed hands well and back together to the bed. Time is 0440. We can sleep again I think, Monday is public holiday. I hug Kazu hard in the bed, her body go all soft, I caress but she didn't move. Suddenly I realise she sleeping. So I don't hug so hard, and then.... I don't remember but next thing, it is 0830 hrs and I wake up. Kazu is eyes wide open and she is staring in my face. Her eyes shining. Suddenly she hug me hard. This time my body go all soft, she hug and caress and I only receive.

Then we get up from the bed, at same time there is noise at door, then Hisae dance into room and Maho walk behind her. "We prepare nice breakfast! You are two sleepy head! Come to beige flat." So we went, and huge breakfast on table, mix of Japanese-style and Western-style. So we ate and ate and ate and talked lots. Kazuko told about her visit to loo in the midnight, but not the detail like I write here. Because we eating. But she said many times, "Minappé so sweet, so lovely, she never say sleepy, she stay by me all the time, even one hour." But I said, "Not one hour, twenty minutes!"

After breakfast Hisae danced to the loo, she always dances or jumps. We decide I squat beside her. When I see her first turd, so huge, my stomach said, "Mina you next!" But I decided to be patient, so I waited, she didn't take so long time to do six large turds, first one was biggest one. I dried her well after washlet, it is so a pleasure to dry her, she is so lovely!

Maho said, "Minappé you need loo. I can see in your face." Kazu look at Maho. Maho understood her eyes, and she said, "Of course, Kazu. That is your job." So Kazuko squatted next me, and hold my hand.

My turd was hard so I closed my eyes to push. And push and push. But after about a minute it came out PLOP. I looked. Wow huge! But then quickly sat down on loo to push more. plop. Plop. Plop. Plop. I don't remember how many, but they were big ones.

Kazuko said, "Minappé, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!"

I was cover with shame. Why I didn't say same thing to Kazu in the midnight??? Her turds and her everything so beautiful!! But I didn't say!! Bad bad bad Mina.

"Minappé, you have to stand. Loo is full of your beautiful turds."

Kazu, last night you were so beautiful everything wa." "wa" is Japanese word in end of sentence, no meaning, only expression, and only woman use.

I stood up, and Kazu flushed. I hope she smack my bottom hard while I standing. But she didn't smack. Instead she said, "beautiful bottom." Maho and Hisae nodded their heads. I couldn't stand any more because pressure inside my bottom, so I sat down. Plop plop plop many times more. I was crying and crying. Maho and Hisae also had crying face, and Kazu gave sigh sound and many whimper.

Maho looked like she wants loo, so I tell my bottom to hurry. I gave strong strong push and burururururururururururu. Nearly finish! Kazu gave gasp sound and then she said "beautiful." I said, "just little more." Maho seems to desperate.... So I finish, I think I am empty so it's OK. After washlet, I stand. "Maho, go on loo, I wipe standing." Maho gave me beautiful smile and sat down quickly on loo. I bended down, so Kazu could dry me. Hisae knelt by Maho.

I stop here, because this story too long. I love to write! I tell about Maho's motion another time, but it was her usual one, about 20 minutes.

I am sorry if you yawn many times. But I don't want to make shorter.....

After Maho finish, hugs and tea as usual. We are so happy!!

I hope you are all well and no corona, and comfy time in loo, no sickness. Catherine your family all better now?

Love to everyone.

Your very own bad Mina and 3 crushes

john H

Its ben a while

Hi all,
Its ben a long time since my last post though I have continued to read and enjoy all the posts.
As I write I am in bed with a slight need for a poop. I normally go every day but missed today for some reason. It's cold here so I hope that the urge stays off until the morning. We will see I guess.
Some comments.
@Sarah E, welcome and thanks for sharing. At least you and your family can share these stories and you didn't have an accident with friends or strangers. I nearly had an accident with my parents when I was a child. Might share that next time.
@Marie, that was very mean of your cousin to do that to you and your sister. Glad you both made it to the toilet.
@Audrey, I have lay on the floor and pood on paper towels before and found it an interesting experience and it was an easy clean up. You were brave to do it in a dressing room though I have to say but the mirrors must have ben cool. On your going on the beach while covered in sand, did your friends know you were pooping and how did you handle wiping? That prob wins the prise for strangest place to go haha.
@Kaycha, hi and thanks for sharing. Hope you post more and i also hope you don't have any other accidents in public. At least you made the best of the situation in the end and that you made it outside before fully going.
@Robyn, welcome. Its nice to see you posting after Victoria mentioned you and her sharing the bathroom.
That's all for now. Shout out to the moderators and all posters. Hope I will post more in 2021
Take care all. John H.


To Catherine

Catherine: Congrats (?) on your Christmas accident and subsequent times with your husband, lol. I'm jealous. Maybe I need to force holding longer sometime, too.

Nothing exciting for me outside of a sharting incident Friday morning, but those aren't fun for me. Thankfully it wasn't much and I could clean up fairly quickly.

Ta ta for now!


Hey, everyone!! I didn't do this last time, but I wanted to wish everyone good health and best wishes as we all continue to navigate through challenging times. You are never alone and we WILL get through this!!

Now... to the point of this page...

Just Another Girl: I too remember those people. It was hinted long ago that Kendal and co. were in an accident, but I don't know if they ever came back.

Deb & Kristen: I hope you both feel better soon!!

Kristen: sorry to hear of your IBS!! I know it's rough. Hang in there, stay strong and keep smiling!!

Monday, January 18, 2021

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