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I still exist.

My cat lays to my left in the clutter of the closet. Since Catherine (one of my all time favorite posters) made the point that the sight is nearly 25 years old, i would like to again mention that i found this site when i was 6 years old in 1998 and have lurked on it ever since. i will soon turn 27 in July. Thank you to the moderator for creating this unique space.

I have posts ranging from the year 2014 - 2015 when i had something to say about past experiences.

Arianna, Taylor T, Rochelle, Catherine, Bianca B and so many others; thank you for all your posts. It is nice to take off the mask and no that girls really do poop.

I suppose i am not sure if this counts for a post, but i have recently entered the world of R-rated encounters and a girl farted as we were getting intimate and it did not hinder anything.

my fascination for poop has existed as long as i have. I remember sitting on the toilet for a long time and then lying about my poop being green to an aunt just to seem cool.

I will answer Charlottes survey since it is close by

1. Have you ever tried sitting to pee? At what age? Why? How successful? - any time at any age that i have to poop.

2. While seated do you sometimes find you have to crap? - i only sit to poop and usually pee at that time.

3. What do you do about the large number of seats that are splashed with urine? - just wipe it down and sit when the time comes.

I hope to find a way back into this even if just answering surveys. My stories are pretty boring, i sit down and poop comes out pretty quick, i am not lucky enough to have the fun dumps. I do have a new person i am starting to date who eats healthy and plans to get me on that bandwagon, so perhaps soon.

I truly love this place, it is sort of a secret institution of the internet and i am glad it is here.


Response to Tee

Hi Tee,

Those 6 open stall toilets in my grade school restroom DID get busy, especially during the noon hours. And yes, sometimes guys would just stand in front of you awaiting their turn to "take a seat" to relieve themselves. I don't remember anybody who just stared at me while I dropped my load into the bowl. Yes, some "innocent" comments might be made by the guy(s) who were waiting for a seat when someone farted or splashed down a big one. I never felt threatened while taking a shit at this grade school. I guess we had figured out that everybody has to do this and just accepted it. I moved to a different city for Junior High, where bullies made it tough to take a shit at school. The best time to do it there would be to ask for permission to go during class when the toilets would not be busy. High school was even more difficult to have a #2 where the toilets were supposed to have doors, but most were broken or missing. I once witnessed a guy who was severely bullied while he was shitting. After being taunted, two bullies just ripped him off the seat as he was dropping a turd. He was then slammed to the floor. What a mess! I felt really sorry for the kid. The two bullies were expelled from school, but the problems just continued.

As for farting at the urinals? Who hasn't done that?


A Struggle on the Pot

I have had a couple of sits on the pot with hard stool constipation . I have not been taking my osmotic laxatives. Problem with the laxatives is they work at different times etc They keep me regular but they are not regular, if you can figure that logic! Apart from the usual protracted struggles and grunts it leaves me exhausted and feeling nauseous and flares up my hernia. As to a swollen arse hole I use Vixs Vapour Rub because, by coincidence it is a lubricant with astringent properties and reduced inflammation and the tingling sensation is great ! As to the swollen hernia that is another story!



So after my near miss the other day. I haven't gone at all. And I need to go! I'm sure you know the feeling. I have tried every natural way I can think of. Dates, bananas you name it. I have been farting a lot today, and every time my stomach acted up and I really had some nasty gas I rushed to the toilet and tried my luck, but I just ended up pushing and pushing with no effect at all. I hope something happens by tomorrow.


Constipated girl

Fighting process with constipation (Responses)

To SquatSpotter, Jasmin K and Catherine:
Thank you very much to give advice for my constipation situation.
From the time I share my story until now (2 days), I have tried your advice and have result as below:

@Jasmin: Hearing your constipation status, I really have the same feeling, but also feel sorry for you because it seems that you suffer from more serious problem than me. Are you still constipated like that now?
Actually, your detailed tips to deal with stuck turds in toilet really helps me to get rid of stubborn shit loads.
I think it is thankful that this is work from home time due to epidemic so, I can speed most of my time to poop.
These days, I wear a pair of high heels/ boots that raise my legs up to toilet, which seems strange to my family members but no matter because they can help I strain stronger and turds pass easier. About the time I spend in toilet (just this morning): I drink strong laxative and fart so much loud noises. After spending about 30 minutes pushing with just a turd head stuck between my leg, I hold my ass cheeks and spread the stuffed hole with 2 fingers whilst straining. My recent turd is not rabbit turd anymore but becomes one piece, really large in diameter (about 1.57 inch) and it makes it harder for me to dig shit. It have to put my hole finger inside butt hole to break and pull a little by little out. During that time, I have tears in my eyes and heavy breath with loud grunt due to pain and out of strength. This part happens in half an hour more. As hearing my struggle in toilet, my mother asks if I'm okay or need her help. At this point, I said her to inject some enema tubes into my ass. She come in, see my grimaced face, then angrily scold me for not eating healthier. Anyway, she pumps about 4 enema fleets for me which makes the strongest urge to come. I grab her hand and gasp so hard then pushhhh for 5 minutes. The hole is lubricated, so the first turd in 1 hour make it way out and fall into water. I look down to see and find it really big, dry and hard but not very long. That means there are a lot inside me. For the second try, I feel it is just the same as first turd. Because I don't want the first time re-occur. I ask advice from my mom and she said I come down to the floor in squat position and strain again (the toilet in my house is tall to sit, not for squat). I follow, come to the floor, add vaseline around ass wall and grap my mother hand to shit. She is beside to see if the shit comes out of my ass when I strain and encourage: "It moves a little more, please continue to push. Yes, push... push...". I strain by all my might and the head of turd come out of my ass. Because it is too dry, it break halfway and the remaining part still inside my swollen bum. I cry so hard and ask my mom can she wear gloves and dig shit out for me. She actually agree and I go to bed, laying on diaper, then she break and pull pieces by pieces out and that is a painful period and my asshole become swollen, but my belly is still bloated. I am so hurt, can't walk that I must stay on the bed all day. Today, my friend also come to ask me go outside play with them but sadly, they come to my house when I am struggling in toilet and unlike you, I'm really tired and must poop when having the urge or else I can't shit in further time, so I tell them I'm sick constipated and can't go out. So pitiful and embarrassing !!!

@ SquatSpotter and Catherine: Yes, from the time receiving your advice, I think I really should try more vegetable and water. Unfortunately, I still can't be on diet because in recent 2 days, my family and my friend have party and celebration and to say the truth, when seeing tasty foods (like my favorite fast food and bread, noodles,chocolates..) I can't prevent myself from eating and coming to a party, you can't just sit there looking. I felt fun and ate a lot, which leads to the story as you see above.
To avoid hard turd again. Today, I just drink water and eat liquid food to avoid more shit formed. My family has just invited a doctor come to diagnose and give me some advice as well as medicines.
Actually, I am a person quite easy to get constipated from the time I was young. I cant't poop every 2 or 3 weeks, but this time is quite serious, so I seeks for help from you.
I will follow to your advice and update my status soon. Thank you.

*************************Constipated girl******************

Big C

Survey response to Catherine

Morning all, I'll try submitting my survey response again.

Your posts are simply awesome. A few weeks ago, you told us about the effects of chia seeds on your system and a really gassy night on your couch. If you can remember, could you describe the farts on the couch if? Also, you created an in depth fart survey and I wanted to know if you'd be posting your own answers? I saw a few people post their responses.

Ok, here are my answers to your survey

First, if you knew your crush was peeing
3, unless I knew she was likely to fart while she went
Second, if you knew your crush was pooping
5, I've been attracted to this female bodily function for as long as I can remeber

Third, if you knew your crush farted
5, a female farting is so stimulating to me
Fourth, if you knew your crush was vomiting
3, that's actually how one of my exes and current best friend actually spent our first real night together
Fifth, if you knew your crush had diarrhea
5, I imagine there will be some farts and then it's the best of both worlds for me.
Sixth, if you knew your crush was constipated
3, but that does mean some gas is brewing so maybe 4 Haha
Seventh, if you knew your crush accidentally peed their pants
Eighth, if you knew your crush pooped their pants
4, but it also depends on the circumstances too. I wouldn't take pleasure in her discomfort
Ninth, if you knew your crush had diarrhea in their pants
4, same as above
Tenth, if you knew your crush took a laxative.

Have a great weekend all!


To Kmd

I'm glad you liked my experience with my friends sister
I agree it was nice that she wasn't judgemental and accepted those embarrasing things like diarrhea and yep it will be to do with the fact that she deals with the same thing everyd day to do she's not bothered about the tmi stuff

U wanted to hear another experience I had with her so her it is

I was in school one day she's older than me so in the years I've in school but I was really struggling one day and at lunch sometimes we sit with each other and I as we were sat there just talking about normal things and then talking about sex and all that stuff just a note ( me and her are now really close and probably going to get together but we said were going to wait till lockdown has finished so I guess she's going to be my girlfriend soon ) anyway this story takes place just before schools were closed due to Corona virus

So we're sat at lunch eating when I start getting bad cramps and accidently let out a fart she heard it I was abit embarrsed but she just siad for me not to be and asked me what was wrong because I was clearly in discomfort I said my stomach was cramping and that I probably needed to pass gass so then she said she will make a loud noise so it won't be heard so she luaghed really loud purposefully whilst I pushed out a fart
It was abit to wet the fart and abit of diarrhea came out I quickly said I need to get to a bathroom so we walk to the nearest bathroom wich is the pe deparent bathroom wich is a disabled bathroom

I walk in quickly and go to close the door when she then comes in before I closed the door I didn't want to be like oh can u wait outside cause well I was in a rush so I quickly sat down and a loud fart echoed and then soft poo crackled out loudly and plopped rapidly she was asking how.i was feeling and just kind of watching after about 5 mins she mentioned how she was desperate because we both end up needing the toilet soon after eating lunch I know this because usually when I'm going to the toilet after my lunch I either spot her running to the girls toilets or her coming out so when she mentioned she needed to go I tried hurrying up abit more so I pushed again and really mushy poo came out then followed pure liquid the bathroom began to smell but she didn't mind I wiped it took alot to get clean and then I stood up and flushed started washing my hands she instantly sits down and has the same kind of poop I had very sloppy mushy and can hear it crackling out rapidly

We were both in there about 25 - 30 mins when finally we finished she sprayed some perfume I sprayed some kind and we walked out the smell was still there but masked abit someone seen us both wlaking out and gave us a funny look but we just walked off she gave me some of her buscopan ( a medical drug to help with IBS cramps ) because I had forgotten mine and was in pain so we both had some buscopan then went of to lesson wich had started 10 mins ago

Threw out the rest of the day I was passing some horrible gass and at the end of the day I was desperate for the toilet and on my walk home I was wlaking with her when I exclaimed I needed the toilet so she said u can come back to mine and use our toilet caue her house was 10 mins closer still a 20 min walk away tho

After about 10 mins of walking I suddenly stopped and couldn't hold it anymore it had started coming out in my pants so I ran into a bush and yanked my pants down and a massive mushy load squirted out she ended up seeing the whole thing and just said it's ok I end up going in a bush to most days from my walk home from school she kept a look out for me and gave me some tissues she had in her blazer I used them to wipe and them off we went I still weng back to her house because I was going to go there anyway to see my friend as well but he got home abit late and that's when me and her became alot closure with a house to our selves and privacy we only had a kiss and abit if that stuff but yer that's how we became alot closure

Now just waiting for lockdown to end so I can go see her it's going to be difficult tho if I go round to see her but my friend wants me to go play footy or STN


A couple in the bathroom

For those who don't know me, my first post is on page 2657 and my last post to date is on page 2696.
During the lockdown due to covid 19, my husband told me this : "I'm fascinated by the way women pee. For men, there's a sight difference between number 1 and number 2. It's not the same level of nudity and it's not the same position. But when a women goes to pee in men's restroom, she uses a pooping stall instead of a urinal. She undresses as much as if she had to poop, takes the pooping position and, when she's done, wipes a hole. A bit like if she had just pooped. I have know that for a while but I only discover now how fascinating it is " I answered that a lot of women wish they would be able to pee like men but agreed that for us number 1 and number 2 look so much alike. There's also the surprise poop. You just feel the need to pee, you push thinking it will just make you pee but... plop
Because of the lockdown, we couldn't walk more than 1km away from home but we could be together in the toilet room. At first, I would offer to my husband the show of a woman undressing as for pooping purpose, taking the pooping position, the music of a woman 'shitting' her urine and I'd wipe my 'pee anus'. Then I started to do something more spectacular : spread my legs while sitting to show him a vulva releasing pee. Then we switched to a more participative routine : he'd take my panties down, I'd sit and pee, he'd wipe my pussy, I'd stand back up, he'd pull my panties back up.
Regarding number 2, we went through a comparable progression. First he'd just keep me company while I pooped, chatting about our bowel movements, our stools or other thing, which lead us almost immediately to looking together at what I had done. Then he's do the same three things as when I pee: take my panties down before I sit, wipe me, pull my panties back up when I'm done. And one day he had an idea: shoot a video of me pooping by inserting his smartphone between my buttocks and the seat and then we'd watch a replay of my action. A good idea, especially one day. I started by a small symbolic pee then, after two pushes, my anus was wide open and I felt that the turd wanted to come out by itself. It felt rather fast but also rather long. When it was all out, it fell with a pianissimo plop. Then a long and powerful pee started 'automatically' During this pee, I said to my husband
- A turd that dives into water so silently must be close to water when it comes off
- That promisses a nice image for when you stand up" he answered
My pee was over and I pushed out more poop which happened to be on the video a marble followed by a 10cm turd coming out slowly, followed by another marble and I was done. I spread my legs so that my husband could wipe my pussy. Looking between my legs, he said "I really expect something outstanding when you stand up" but I didn't look myself. I wanted to keep the suspence. Then I positionned myself ahead so my husband could wipe my ass. He said "I expect something outstanding even more" That made me more unpatient but I managed to stop myself looking. At the end of the wiping he tapped my buttocks friendly saying "Now you're clean" He went in front of me, I stood up, he put my panties and pants back up and we looked together. Gosh, what a turd! A 35cm brown and smooth rope. I took a picture with his smartphone and then, it took two flushes to get rid of it.
I'd also do for him what he'd do for me. When he had to pee, I'd take his penis out, hold it, shake it when he's done and put it back in. When he had to poop, I'd do for him what he'd do for me : taking his pants down at the beginning, up at the end, keeping him company, wiping him. He did some impressive turds as well. I enjoyed to help him relieve himself, and so did he, and I enjoyed him to help me relieve myself, and so did he too. This reinforced our love.
Now that the lockdown is over, now that we can go up to 100km away from home, we can relieve ourselves in a forest. And we did. But that's another story.


Constipation while pregnant

Hi all, I am currently pregnant for 6 months and become very constipated for the last 1 month.
My belly is quite big now and straining long time ( 30 min yo 1 hour) in toilet makes me out of strength.
I have tried to eat vegetable, drink more water and juice but it is helpless.
And my husband must inject enema and pull the shit for me.
Do you know the reason for constipation during pregnant and ways to deal with it ?
Thank you very much.

Saturday, May 30, 2020 11:34:43 PM


Great stories about the dorm loos. When is the most busy time? And are the toilets next to the showers or get clogged offten?



Hello Tom I had a question about a doorless stall experience you've had. I wanted to know have you ever pooped in a doorless stall and someone just stood there and watched with fascination? If they did were you embarrassed or proud and let them watch? Also do you fart at the urinal or hold it in?


Ayurvedic Theory, Body Type and Bowel Movements

So, Carlie's posts made me ask the question about body type and bowel movements. What follows is very generalized and meant to be informative.

Ayurvedic medicine is based on the theory that there are three primary energies that fuel our bodies - wind, fire and earth, or Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

The Vata are lean and lanky and usually our creative types - musicians, etc. Vata's tend toward constipation when out of balance. They have low appetites and graze throughout the day. They may be very sensitive.

The Pitta are our leaders and athletes. They tend toward diarrhea when out of balance.

The Kapha are our nurtureres. They tend to be "bigger boned" and may have hearty appetites. Digestion doesn't seem to be upset either way, but it says that Kapha produce larger stools. Mucous might be found in the stool when out of balance.

It seems that everyone of us has a primary dosha and a secondary one. My primary is Kapha! My secondary is Pitta, which may explain the large bowel movments, and why I go twice daily as a norm.

Just some generalization, but those of us who are bigger boned or framed may tend toward larger, more satisfying bowel movements.

I would love to hear what others think!




My most efficient poop ever.

Hi guys I hope you are all doing well. I just wanted to share a quick story about my evening toilet visit, I think it is the most efficient poop I have ever had!

At about 7 o'clock this evening after eating dinner I felt the familiar urge of my evening poop wanting to come out so I went into my bathroom and pulled down my jeans and knickers before sitting on the pleasently cool toilet seat. Within seconds of being seated both ends opened up simultaneously, it was like my body was on autopilot and it felt *heavenly*. The quiet tinkle of my pee hitting the water filled the room as I was gently stretched by my poop quickly coming out in one long continuous rope. It fell into the bowl with a quiet "flumph" and I peed for a little longer before wiping., I needed two pieces for the rear and used one for the front. Once clean I stood up, redressing and flushed.

I was off the toilet in under a minute! It was amazing.



To Wes....Thanks and I agree and as for the "go to town" just my way of saying no limits or just do it wherever. LOL I think i mentioned my younger is more into it then older and because of this she has no respect or regrets about doing it or making the biggest so much so that most of the damage in the car is from her.


To constipated girl

Your diet must change immediately. Learn to love vegetables and knock it off with the fast food. Drink a lot more water and less bread or dairy products. Also get tea with senna pod in it and drink that hot. If you don't make these changes and make them fast, constipation will be the least of your issues.


Crap Report

Hi guys! My craps were soft today, and I had gas. In fact, none of it was firm at all. It began sometime after checking my email on my Ipod )I usually use my notetaker, but a browser error came up). Anyway, an interesting thing came up after having some beer mixed with Cola at a German restaurant. I had to pee a lot. Has that ever happened to anyone after drinking beer? This post is short for today, bye!


Pooping farting survey for men

Hello males I have a survey for you to answer I'm a 35 year old male myself.

1. Have you farted loud in class during school and was it on purpose or accident?
2. Are you a total shameless pooper and go anywhere you feel the urge?
3. How long was your biggest turd you ever did ?
4. Growing up did your dad embrace farting with you or was it a taboo thing in your house?
5. What foods send you straight to that bathroom for a dump ?
6. Have you ever left your dump in the toilet for someone else to see?
7. Do you enjoy farting and taking a dump and why?

Tyler C

School Accident

Hey, I'm new here. I'm 21 years old. This happened back in 7th grade. I woke up late on this day, so I didn't have time to use the bathroom before I left my house. I wouldn't say that I was afraid of using the school bathrooms in general, but I do usually avoid going in school because I just find that interrupting class to ask the teacher to go is embarrassing. I'm usually good about holding it all day but this day was different. I had a dull need to pee throughout the morning, but around lunchtime, which was about noon, I started to realize I probably wouldn't be able to hold this until the end of the day. After I ate, I went to the bathroom by the cafeteria, but it was being cleaned. I stood outside till the end of lunch, but unfortunately it never opened. So, I ended up not going then.

So, I went to my next class which was science. As class started, I thought I might be able to hold it till the end of class, so I could go between classes. But about halfway through class, my need had gotten so bad that I was bouncing my leg and fighting myself from physically holding my crotch. I focused on the clock. There was 25 minutes left. I still didn't want to ask, though. About five minutes later, I felt a little squirt escape into my tighty-wighties. (I was like the only boy who didn't wear boxers or boxer-briefs) Luckily, it wasn't enough to seep through and show on the outside of my jeans. That's when I decided enough is enough. I raised my hand to ask the teacher. Sometimes it feels like time passes longer when you really have to pee, but I remember it felt like she ignored me for almost two solid minutes. It was a wide classroom of about 30 or so kids and she wasn't looking in my direction. Finally she looked my way and called on me. I somewhat shyly asked if I could go to the bathroom. For a split second I was glad that I finally put aside my stupid phobia and was about to be able to get some much needed relief. That's until she retorted "Give me your bathroom pass." I totally forgot! In this particular class, the teacher gave out a sheet of paper with a limited number of bathroom passes in the beginning of the year. If you went to the bathroom without one, you'd lose some participation points for that class. I opened my binder, but I couldn't find any! I don't know what I did with them, but I guess that's what happens when you never go during class. I reluctantly had to admit I didn't have any, and I didn't want to lose points, so I just told her I could wait. Of course, at this point, I wasn't sure how true that was. Now, my situation was even worse than before because people knew I had to go. I tried really hard not to make it look obvious how bad it was. I did the classic "changing positions to cover up the fidgeting." In hindsight, I don't think too many people cared, but at the time, I could have sworn a couple of people were sneaking glances at me. I sat near the back corner, so I noticed when people turned around. With about 12 minutes left, the teacher started handing out worksheets for us to do. As she was doing that, I turned to my friend Charlie and asked if I could borrow one of his bathroom passes. He didn't really want to because he only had a couple left, but he gave me one. When the teacher came by I showed her the bathroom pass, but she said I had to finish the work first since there wasn't much time left in class. I really wouldn't have called her a generally mean teacher, but she really was unnecessarily strict with her bathroom policy. Staring at the worksheet I realized that I had barely retained any of what she said that class because of how focused I was on not wetting my pants. I started guessing, but I was so desperate that it was hard to concentrate on the page. As I was filling it out, I felt a few more little bursts of pee squirt into my underwear. It felt like I was getting pretty damp down there. Just as I finished writing I looked down before I got up to make sure you couldn't see anything. I saw tiny wet spot a little smaller than a dime. It was just small enough that you wouldn't notice it unless you were looking for it. I turned my paper in and asked "Can I go now?!" but she said she couldn't let me go with less than five minutes left in class. It was a really stupid rule that the school had to keep kids from leaving class early. I don't see what harm that caused. I walked back to my desk feeling somewhat defeated. I gave Charlie back his bathroom pass seeing as I wouldn't need it. He told me "Man, that's not right that she won't let you go." In the couple of minutes before class lets out, everyone usually gets up out of their seat and lines up by the door, so I just got up and started pacing around to try to take the pressure off. It worked a bit, but I ended up letting some more go. I don't know how much was showing. I just held my books in front of my crotch the whole time.

Finally, the bell rang and everyone started moving to their next class. The thing is, the break between classes was only 5 minutes and my next class was on the other side of the building which was about a 3 1/2 minute walk. That meant the window of time to walk to the bathroom, pee, and wash my hands was only a minute and a half, but I said "Screw it! One lateness is better than walking around the rest of the day with a pee stain on the front of my pants." So I sprinted to the nearest bathroom. I busted open the door to find EVERY STALL AND URINAL TAKEN! Really! There were three stalls and only one urinal. Granted this was one of the smaller bathrooms, but it was the closest to where I was. To make it worse, there was a line of a couple boys waiting. I decided I couldn't wait so I dashed out of there and headed for another bathroom. Moving around helped to take the pressure off, but this was just getting to be too much. I made it to another bathroom to find the damn cleaning crew again! So I quickly bolted in another direction to make my way to the stairs, hoping I could use a bathroom upstairs when I accidentally bumped into a girl. I accidentally knocked her books out of her hands. I said "I'm so sorry!" and I helped her pick up her books. As I got down on my knees. I felt myself start to let go. I stopped it after about 2 and a half seconds, but I glanced down briefly and saw that the wet spot was now about 2-3 inches in diameter. Once I gave her her books, I quickly returned my books to the front of my crotch before getting up. I couldn't believe I almost peed all over the floor in front of a girl. At this point, I wasn't just holding my books in front of my crotch. I was pressing them hard against my bladder. I wasn't even sure I would make it up the stairs before humiliating myself.

Then, I noticed I was next to the nurse's office. I thought, "I wonder if she'll let me use the bathroom in her office." It seemed stupid, but you do crazy things when you're desperate to pee. I ran in and went up to her desk. She asked what I needed. So I said, "Can I use your bathroom?" "What? Why can't you use one of the other bathrooms?" she asked. "Because... I um..." I was about to explain my situation when I realized it was just too late. I felt the pee escape into my underwear again, only this time there was no stopping it. Out it poured full force right into my briefs. I felt the warm relief spreading across the front of my pants. "Well...?" she said, confused at my absence of an answer. I had officially given up. I remembered that when I wet myself in Elementary School the nurse gave me some spare pants. "Actually, nevermind. Can I just get a change of clothes?" "What for?" she asked. Just as she said that, I saw her face change as it dawned on her what was unfolding in front of her. The sound must have given it away. I moved the books away from my crotch. "For this" I said as I hung my head in shame and showcased my ever growing wetness. "My goodness!" she exclaimed. She called over her assistant to get help me out. "Cindy! I've got a kid having a accident over here." Cindy rushed me over to the bathroom. I hadn't even finished going in my pants when she started walking with me. I left quite a trail behind me as I walked. She took my books and I went it the bathroom. This all happened so fast that I was still peeing by the time I got in there. I must have peed for a good minute and a half. I didn't bother to finish in the toilet. I just faced the mirror and let the last few drops seep into my pants. I inspected the damage. The wetness covered my entire crotch area and ran down both of my legs. I peeled my pants off and my tighty-wighties were basically tighty-yellows. I cleaned myself up the best that I could. I stayed in there for a while until Cindy knocked on the door and handed me a pair of gym shorts. I put them on without underwear. They gave me a bag to put my wet pants, undies, and socks in. They let me keep it in the nurse's office. They gave me a late pass. Luckily, no one from my previous class was in this one, so no one questioned my change of pants. My Dad later came to pick up my clothes. He said he thought I spilled something on my clothes, but he could have been lying to make me feel better. Other than that, I think I can say I successfully got away with going to the bathroom in my pants.


Close call this morning.

Thanks LC glad you liked my story. It so much fun sharing them.

I had a super close call this morning. I was working from home today, so I took it easy. Woke up and went to the bathroom. I had to pee a lot like I usually do in the morning. Sometimes I poop as well, but most often I poop later, a couple of hours past noon. While I was peeing I felt something and thought I had to go, but it was just a fart. I went to the kitchen and had a big breakfast, and went upstairs to get some work done. About 30 minutes went by, and I could feel the urge to go poop, not super desperate, but that feeling of being full and needing to empty. I kept on working as I used to normally I don't need to go right away, unless its diarrhea. I did not feel ill or anything. Another 30 minutes went by. By now I thought to myself okay I need to go bad. So I got up from the chair, to realize that I had left too late. I could feel that I was actually going I was starting to open up back there.
I literally ran to the bathroom, clenching as hard as I could. I reached the bathroom, no time to close the door, luckily I was home alone. In one continues motion I dropped my panties to the floor, raised my semi-long nightgown and turned around to sit down on the toilet, as I was hovering over the toilet it began I could not hold it back anymore. I dropped a soft log, that hit the toilet seat, no time to think about that, I just sat down and did a big mushy load. Followed by three small pieces and a very little amount of pee.
When I afterwards looked at my panties, there were no skidmarks at all, I managed to hold it, surprisingly considering how close it was when I got up.


Davidd - I absolutely loved reading your origin story and it really resonated with my own experiences which I'm going to share.

(For context, while I'm a transgirl, these stories happen while I still thought I was a boy)

At my primary school, the boys and girls in Years 1 and 2 shared the same bathroom. I think there was ten cubicles all in a line; these were not the floor to ceiling type ones that gender-neutral bathrooms have today but just regular ones with a gap at the bottom. This is very important to my story because, and I can't recall why, one day I looked under the gap and saw the shoes of the girl who was using the next toilet along. Similar to Davidd's experiences, I was captivated by this image. In my case this led me being more and more fascinated by how girls sit on the loo to wee which in turn made me want to sit on a toilet to pee and not just any toilet but a school toilet. This is perhaps one of the first times that I wanted to do what girls do. And if I was already sitting on the loo then it made sense to also have a poo. Unlike Davidd, I can't remember the first time I had a poo at school, but I can remember that when I did it the time after, I selected the end cubicle as, if I leaned down enough, I could see right to the other end of the line and therefore could see the shoes of anybody else using the loo - bonus points if they were a pair of girl's shoes. Eventually I moved into Year 3 and this meant that we used the Key Stage 2 toilets which were separated by gender. While there wasn't a social stigma around pooing at school in Years 1-2, there was certainly one in Years 3-6. I only pooed once during this time and this was in Year 5 when half-way during playing football at lunchtime I suddenly needed to go and as I didn't want the 'other' boys to know what I was doing I went as quickly as I could.

Fast forward to when I was at secondary school in Year 9. During the Eater holidays I had been thinking back to pooing at primary school and wanted to do it secondary school. My solution to the question of which bathroom to use was to use every boy's bathroom (one each in the English, art, science, history and geography buildings) and because there were two cubicles in each bathroom I would use one cubicle the first week and then the other cubicle the next week. The first toilets I used was in the history building, but as I had had a poo the night before I couldn't produce anything. The next day was the turn of the geography loo's and this time I did poo. Indeed, I had just started when a group of boys entered the bathroom and one of the entered the other cubicle. I thought he might have been having a wee as there were only two urinals and it sounded like there was four boys in his group but looking underneath the gap, I saw that he was sitting on the toilet. His friends finished at the urinals and waited at the sinks until he had joined them five minutes later having made a couple very audible plops to no comments. This was however the exception that proved the rule that you shouldn't poo at school. When I was in the art toilets a boy called out to his mates "he's having a shit" and hammered on the door. This really scared me and luckily, he soon lost interest and left the bathroom. But, like Davidd, this didn't disturb me enough to stop pooing at school. At the end of the two weeks I vowed to keep on pooing at school and now that I had sampled every bathroom, I would use the geography ones as these were the cleanest. This was until I started Year 10 and discovered that the history toilets had been done up with better lighting, contoured seats and modern cubicles so I swapped to using these toilets.

I got into the habit of needing a poo every other day at lunchtime (except for one week in Year 11 when I needed to go just as I arrived at school). I noticed some girls who would enter their bathroom at the same time as I went going into the boy's and we would both exit at the same time which would make me wonder if they too had been pooing. As far as boy's having a poo there were a couple who did it only once, some who would do it occasionally and one who did it every lunchtime. I would sometimes deliberately leave the cubicle at the same time as these 'other' boys to see what who they were; kind of like put a face to the shoes. Evidently, the boy who had a poo almost every time I was having a poo had noticed this and once remarked upon it as we were both washing our hands. I, however, was too stunned to say anything apart from a "yes" and afterwards I kicked myself for not saying more as I thought that if I had we could have bonded over our shared activity. Indeed, I felt a kinship with all the boys who had a poo at school as it seemed to me that it took a lot of vulnerability and as I hated the pressure society placed on boys to always be strong it was extremely welcome to see others challenge this notion. I think it became my quiet version of teen rebellion. But it was a shame to see how others were constrained by these expectations and the assumptions that you would be mercilessly teased for having a poo at school. On one Friday, after the last lesson, I nipped into the science loos to have a wee and as I entered, I noticed that a cubicle was being used and a boy was standing by the sinks. This boy upon seeing me coughed and as I was using the urinal the boy in the cubicle exited and quickly left the bathroom with his friend. I realised that he had put his friend on guard and that the cough was a sign that someone else had entered the bathroom and that it wasn't safe to be pooing anymore. I wanted to catch up with them and say to the boy "it's okay, come back and finish your poo" but decided against.

Alongside the belief that you shouldn't poo at school, there's also the rule that boys are prohibited from going into the girl's toilets. Indeed, I think one of the reasons why I was so fascinated with the girl's bathroom is exactly because it was forbidden fruit. During a religious education lesson, which was happening in the English building, I needed to pee. The toilets were off in a side corridor and when I got there I stood looking left to the boy's and right to the girl's thinking that it would be unlikely I would be caught if I went into the girls as everybody else was in class. However, I bottled it and used the boy's loo. Yet I couldn't stop thinking about how close I was to going into the girls bathroom so the next week I once again asked to go to the loo (I didn't really need to go) and after getting permission, with my heart beating out a samba, I walked to the girl's bathroom. The thing that struck me was how having eight instead of two cubicles and no urinals somehow made the bathroom seem more compact than the boy's one even though they were similar sizes. I went into a few cubicles and honestly wanted to stay there forever, but after a few minutes I knew I had to drag myself away (which was a good thing too because I passed a girl on the way back to class and saw her enter the corridor to the loo's). As I had thoroughly enjoyed this experience the next thing to do was to have a pee in the girl's bathroom, but I also wanted to see what the other bathrooms were like. I thought that the end of the school day would afford me the least opportunity to be caught and also spend the most time in the bathroom. It just so happened that Thursdays was the only day my mum couldn't drive up to pick me up from school so this was my only day I could put this plan into action. As drama was my last lesson on Thursdays, I would use the girl' loos in the art building. I didn't pee during lunchtime and by the end of the drama lesson I was bursting to go. I waited outside until the hallway had cleared of students and then walked back in and up to the door of the girl's loo. I was just about to push it open when I heard the sound of two girls talking on the other side which was enough to discourage me from going in and I went to empty my aching bladder in the boy's loo. As I was walking home, I thought that maybe the girls were talking while using the loo and I could have nipped into an empty cubicle (assuming there was more than two) and if they had been washing their hands I could have said I had made a mistakenly thought it was the boys. The next week I again went up to the door of the bathroom and this time pushed it open to see four cubicles (again having the sense of the bathroom was more compact), but I found I was so afraid of what would happen if I was caught that couldn't step into the bathroom. As I wrote earlier, some girl would be regulars to the history toilets and as I had recognised them, they too began to grow accustomed to seeing me and probably almost certainly knowing I was pooing which I didn't mind about as these girls seemed to be kinder and more understanding that pooing was a natural bodily function than the vast majority of people in the school. In fact, a girl once said to me as we were just about to enter our respective bathrooms "wonder who will finish first - you or me?". About six months later, I was just leaving the boy's loo just having had a poo when a different girl I had seen go with her friends into the toilets on more than a few occasions emerged from the girl's loo and said that her friend needed some loo roll and could I get some from the boy's. I asked how much her friend needed and she replied that she needed a lot. After going and getting some paper from the boy's I went to hand it to the girl but she was like 'why don't you come into the bathroom and give it to her yourself'. I wasn't going to miss out on this opportunity so I followed the girl in and walked to the occupied cubicle where I handed the paper to the other girl under the door before I made my exit from the bathroom although I wished I could have stayed longer but again I was worried about getting caught. I stayed outside in the corridor waiting for the girls to come out of the bathroom and when they did they thanked me and just to confirm my suspicion I asked the girl who had needed the loo roll if she had been pooing and she confirmed that she had. She then asked commented that I spent a longer time than most boys in the loo and asked if I was pooing when I did this to which I replied with the affirmative. We continued talking about pooing until the bell rang to signal the end of lunch and we went our separate ways although I kept replaying out conversation back in my mind for the next few days afterwards.

I hope you enjoyed reading this stroll down memory lane as much as I did writing it. Stay safe everyone.

Jasmin K

To Constipated Girl

Hi you sound like you are in a similar situation to me.

I to don't like to eat vegetables or follow a diet that stops constipation - I tried and hate it so I gave up on it and just accept being constipated. I eat loads of junk food, crisps,sweets and chocolate. You might try what I do and that is I go on the toilet every morning and make myself poo, even if it is only little hard pellets like rabbit poo and I just keep straining hard untill some comes out. I eat sweets or chocolate whilst straining on the toilet to help to pass the time. I too get the constipated swollen pregnant ???? look. My ass bulges down a lot sometimes I hold it up on 2 fingers whilst straining. I also find wearing a pair of high heels or boots that raise my legs up when I'm on the toilet helps, I find I can strain harder that way. If I havn't done much poo for a couple of days I find the time to stay there untill I do it this can be up to 2 or more hours. When I've finished especially if I've had to push my ass back up inside it hurts to walk or sit also it gets very sore after a prolonged straining session, I just ignore it, my ass has been getting bad like that since I was younger and believe me sitting in hard chairs at school with a sore bulging ass is worse than on an office chair or walking. If my ass bleeds a lot I use Kotex or a wad of toilet roll - unless my ass hole is too sore to have anything touch it then it's a couple of pairs of knickers and a small fold of toilet paper between them . I also use tena sillouetts knickers if it's bleeding a lot or leaking soft poo, the sort that seems to leak past the constipated hard poo . Very tight knickers or a thong and knickers are quite good if it's bulging after you get off the toilet ro help hold it up.
I've never let constipation or a very sore bleeding and bulging ass stop me doing anything.
Feel free to ask
Jaz K


To Sarah S

My mom is the reason I'm so open about it. She has always been open about body functions and has taught me to be. Sadly, none of my friends are open about their body functions so I don't really poop around them. I do poop in public though. My mom and I have pooped side by side in bathroom stalls and talk while doing our business. The first few times I pooped in public I was nervous and embarrassed, but my mom was there and comforted me. Seeing how she was while she pooped in public helped get rid of the nervousness and embarrassment. I have pooped a few times when my mom was taking a bath during the night. Funny enough, she actually used to do that when I was a kid. So, in the end our morning routine is something that bonds us and makes us closer. My mom has even woke me up a few times when I overslept so I could shower. She could have just pooped without me showering but she didn't, and it honestly warms my heart. And trust me when I say there have been times when she was about to straight up poop herself but still woke me up.



Constipated Girl: I don't mean to sound rude to you, but you deserve so much better in life than the hell your bowels are putting you through. And, there's no way to do it without vegetables, whole grain, high fiber, lots of water and eliminating junk food and fast food. I would encourage you to talk to a doctor about your symptoms. And, you don't want hemorrhoids to get out of hand. There's so many ways that you can add flavor to vegetables to help get used to eating them. Please make the change! You are worth it!

Victoria B: Not a total vegetarian, but you are right, I eat a lot of vegetarian recipes. We usually eat fish and chicken, but many days are completely meatless. Again, kudos on your lifestyle change! Love your posts!

Carlie B: I'm going to doo a little research on body type and bowel movements and see what I find. I'm glad you're hear. Also, I saw your bowel movements would be 3.5 on the Bristol scale. The firmness might contribute to the clogs, I imagine. Glad you are here and I hope to hear more from you!

Mina: I'm glad you are here!

Sarah S: Thank you so much for your kind words! Glad to see you posting again! If you knew me personally, you would be surprised that I'm not as open about pooping as you would think. I rarely talk about it. Yes, going in front of Alan creates an extra special closeness in our relationship. But it's not the center of our love. I don't want to give the wrong impression. But this forum has given me an outlet to talk about my fascination! I hope to hear more from you. Have you tried to go in public lately? What makes it hard for you to go in public, assuming you are holding it?

LC: Thanks so much for your kind words. I appreciate your posts. Alan always shared that the guys' locker room could be a place of clogs, giant poops and wreaking smells! I hope to hear more from you!

Peter: "Dead rat up your bum" Haha! I will never forget that! Always good to hear from you!

Moderator: Thanks for the forum! It's a great space!

Love to all!



Sarah S

Hey Sarah. It stinks you're supper shy about pooping. I know it's hard. I have been there. I have pushed myself many a times to poop in a public place just to try to get over shyness. I really hope you continue to post here. I know you said you were too shy currently to tell stories and asked for encouragement. Well this forum is great for encouragement! Maybe a survey will help you open up a little? Answer whatever you feel comfortable.

When was the last time you pooped away from home?

What made you decide to poop away from home?

Have you ever considered or have someone poop with you?

How often do you poop?

Are they extremely smelly? Does that cause the embarrassment?

Have you tried to get over shyness by pooping in public or at a friends house even when the urge could have waited?

Have you ever pooped yourself because you were too shy to go in public?


My work toilet

I've started a summer job in the kitchen and as an order taker and cashier. Our small fast food place has about 12 employees. There is one toilet room for both employees and guests for each gender. Each is the size of a closet. One toilet. Sink. And a hook on the inside of the entrance door for coats or purses. Four times when I was on duty one day last week I was told the ladies toilet was clogged. There are two large institutional-type toilet paper rolls on the wall and three times last week the toilet paper was all gone by the end of lunch hour. So I was told to change it out. That's when I've discovered the problem.

More users are nesting the toilet seat with with a couple of covers of toilet paper, taking a big crap, doing their wipe, and then flushing. If the next user comes in to urinate, that plus more toilet paper used adds to the clog. By the time I'm told, it is quite a jam. I think the seat nesting is fear of COVID-19. It is also because our owner is cheap and I've been told the toilet is a residential one, with inferior piping and not meant for what is public use. The owner's wife told me she could buy the seat nesting covers,but she doesn't think that is a solution. I don't enjoy cleaning the toilet every time there's a problem reported, especially if my urine's burning to be released.


To "J"

Hello J

That was a great story about your experience with your friend's sister during your long trip to London. I'd like to hear more of your stories.

She sounds really cool. I like her non-judgemental attitude towards people with bowel problems such as ibs. I suppose her having ibs-d -like you - helps with this. It was sweet of her to reassure you not to feel embarrassed when she was at the sink and you need to poop more. It sounds like she was very desperate herself and had to poop a lot too.

Her mum was kind and considerate by allowing you to use the female toilets. It likely prevented you from having an accident. Personally, I don't see any issue in people using toilets of the opposite sex if they ahve a "toilet emergency".

It was good that you were able to share experiences with your friend's sister and bond with her.

Anyway, if you have more stories about you and your friend's sister it would be nice to read about them.

Best wishes to you both



Responses and Toiletstool Advice

Hi friends!

Marie: Please continue to contribute content. That's what keeps the conversation rolling. I tend skim posts and if I see keywords, phrases or storylines that grab my attention, I respond. There are several people on the forum that I relate to immediately and others that I don't. I went back 4-5 pages but did not see a story from you. Keep posting!

Elphaba: I feel the same about you! I hope you continue to post!

Also, Jenny from Seattle and Jess from Australia, I hope that you both are well and would love to hear more from you!

And, I hope the moderator will allow me to post this. I've had a few stories that I've submitted that may have crossed the line. Obviously, the moderator doesn't have time to respond to us, or keep our content, etc. But I try to understand that the moderator is simply trying to make this a safe space. So, if a post gets rejected, please keep posting. Read the FAQ's and continue to contribute to this online conversation that will be 25 years old next year!

Love to all!


Thursday, May 28, 2020

Constipated girl

Constipated with bloated stomach and swollen asshole

Due to hating eating vegetables and consuming fast food everyday, I am constipated for over 2 weeks and just go to toilet every 3-4 days. But each time, I can only push out very little, just like rabbit turd and have to strain really hard for about 2-3 hours in public toilet at my workplace or at supermarkets because when having the urge to poop, I go right away but what a disappointed result for me. I think until now, a great deal of compacted turds were packed inside my stomach, which makes it bigger like I am pregnant and due to too much push and finger-digging for such huge and rock hard shit, my asshole seems to become loosen and swollen to the point that it is quite hard for me to walk. Because my pooping process happen in a very long time, I try to lay in bead while giving birth to these turds on diaper, but they stuck despite my struggle to use finger or my mother and my friend's help to pull them out of my hole (this is quite embarrassing). Right now, when sharing this issue, I was sitting in toilet trying to strain with sweaty and red face. Constipation really mess up my daily basis while I can only focus on shitting and farting only all the time. I have tried enema and a lot of laxatives but still can't poop. But they can help because if I want to poop, I have to pump at least 3 tubes into my full of shit asshole which is really painful. Recently, I see something like hemorrhoids appear, so I really worry. Do you have any advice for my poor asshole ? Thank you.

To Richard.
Here also many public toilets at parking lots at recreational areas have been closed for several weeks now. When in need hikers etc just have to go in the bushes. I have done it myself several times. I always bring toilet paper in my back pack. Therefore I have managed without using leaves etc. But it is a challenge to pull down and squat just out there with no door to close. Always afraid that somebody should come by. Luckily that has not happened till now. But I have a few times seen other persons going to toilet in the bushes. Last week end I saw a rather old woman (over 60) squat to take a dump outdoor and some days before I saw a male jogger squat to poop too.


Kieffers survey and a story.

Name: Charlotte
Age: 41
Gender: Female

Males only
1. Have you ever tried sitting to pee? At what age? Why? How successful?

2. While seated do you sometimes find you have to crap?

3. What do you do about the large number of seats that are splashed with urine?

Females only
1. Have you ever tried squat peeing over a toilet? At what age? Why?
How successful were you?
Yes I have, can't really define the age, because that is something I do often, and have always done through my life. I will tell the reason why: I travel a lot by car both private and on my job. In my country there are few rest stops, and often there is quite a long way between them. Most of them are really disgusting! It's quite hard for me to know when I have to pee, as it often hits me hard, and then I have got about 10-20 mins before I start dripping. So those toilets just have to do. In those situations I do a squat to pee over the toilet.
I'd say most of the time I am succesful, of course some times a little bit can run down the legs but that's not that often.

2. If you use the seat do you sometimes find the comfort helps you to also crap during your sit?
Actually yes, sometimes when I sit down, I realise I have to poop as well.

3. Have you ever tried using a urinal? What was the reason? What type of bathroom was it?
No I have not. I have tried peeing while standing up, but not in a urinal.

___Outdoor pooping experience___
I have gone outdoors quite some times over the years. This was maybe 10 years ago. It was one of the first times I pooped outdoor in "semi" public.
I was out for a long walk, and I was about 4 kilometers from home, in a small forrest there is nearby where we live. I did not poop at all that day, I came straight home from work, and headed out for a walk because I had a headache and needed som fresh air. I suddenly felt that I had to go, I was not super desperate, but it would be very uncomfortable to walk the 4 kilometers home, and I was also uncertain about if I would make it. I thought since the area was pretty secluded and I had the option to sit behind som bushed, I could just try to poop outside. After thinking about it I went for it. I pulled down my pants and squatted. Even though I did have to go, it was kind of hard getting it to start, the first 20 seconds nothing happened. It then started to drip from my butt, my poop was fairly thin, but I guess I was shy. I sat there for like a minute with only drips here and there. Then my butt finally gave in and I made a big mushy load. It was not diarrhea, just more mushy than normal. I tried to wipe with some leaves, but I ended up with skidmarks in my panties.
This was definitely much better than walking home while needing to poop.



Response to Marie

I enjoy your stories. You're not annoying at all. The best ones are the ones you have about going potty in special places.


Driving school

This happened about 15 years ago in India when I was learning to drive. I was on a training session. The trainer takes me and 3 other boys out in a Ambassador car for a one hour session. Each person receives 15 minutes each of training. This happens in morning 7-8am. I poop in the morning about one hour after I wake up. During one such day, I hadn't pooped in the morning as I was late. I had gotten up late and rushed to the driving school.

I was third in line for the driving session. When the second person was driving, I started to feel the urge to poop. When I get the urge, I can at best hold for 30 minutes. Soon, it was my turn to drive. Now, I had to fight the need to poop as well as drive. I somehow managed to control. In fact I found that everytime I needed to apply the brakes or the full clutch, I could actually apply extra force and somehow control the need to poop. I got through my 15 minutes of driving session and the fourth person started to drive. Now, with no means to control my urge, I HAD to go.

I asked the trainer to stop the car and told that I need to go to the bathroom. He wasn't pleased, but stopped. Now, we were driving through a suburban area and there were unused plots with lots of buses for privacy. I went to one such plot and behind a bush. I pulled down my pants, squatted. As soon as I squatted a mushy semi solid wave of poop came out of me. It was a fairly pleasant feeling and my poop quickly passed out as my diet has lots of ????. My poop made a fairly large pile. I peed and then pulled up my pants. I had some more poo, which would take time to come out, but I didn't want the trainer to know I had gone for a poop or delay the training session.

I went back. The trainer made fun of me at the end of the session, which was embarrassing.


Replies (Second Try)

Looks like some replies didn't make it through in an earlier post so I'll try again. I apologize for any redundancy.

Victoria: it looks like your survey sparked some interesting stories and discussions! Nice job!

OhioTSF: I relate to your insecurity. I've always tried to maintain a plutonic relationship with my co workers and pooping in their company seems to cross a boundary for me. Regardless of that, I've still been in situations where I pooped in adjacent stalls with a co-worker or took a major dump with co-workers in the bathroom. I think I posted a story about one such incident a while back. I've also had co-workers who are so open and uninhibited that they want to talk business while taking very loud and malodorous movements. It's hard for me to even concentrate during those times!

Charles:. Great story and candor. Yes, I also get a bit of a thrill or odd sense of satisfaction about taking a massive, toilet clogging poop as well. There are many other people who I know who have expressed the same feeling, both men and women fwiw. In fact, the most out spoken of the group was a woman I was friends with many years ago and I heard her brag about "blowing up the bathroom" or "clogging toilets all the time" on quite a few occasions. I never experienced anything first hand with her, and I never pushed the topic beyond her announcements.

Carlie B: Great stories and thanks for sharing! Have you always been such a big pooper? I would like to hear more if you care to share.

To your question, I played high level sports through college and a bit after. I also partake in some pretty high level amateur athletics now in my mid 30's. I can tell you from experience that on average it seemed that a sports team of guys that are both larger in size and eat a lot due to caloric needs cause more issues with toilets due to large offerings than I experienced elsewhere in life. I noticed this more in college as we all had to spend lots of time together. Post-college, there isn't as much time management by the team on the individual, so less chance to experience people's bathroom habits. College males tend to need a lot of oversight compared to people in their late 20's and 30's.

In high school and college, I had a few teammates that took dumps so large at a couple older hotels that it not only disabled the hotel room toilet but caused issue with the building plumbing. I didn't see their offering first hand, but it became something of folklore, which we all had a great laugh about. Others tended to go more than once or even twice a day, which obviously limits the overall size per offer. The locker room bathrooms before games got quite a bit of use as well. It wasn't uncommon to walk into a stall with a strong smell and lots of streaks, required multiple flushes to clear it for use, or was clogged and out of commission.

I don't have any experience with women as a group in athletics, maybe someone else can answer that? However, I have some women that I train with now and I can tell you that at least their gas can be as strong as any of the men I've been around. None seem to be interested in bathroom topics, so I don't even mention it.

Arianna: I also enjoyed your candor. Thanks for sharing. I am curious to hear more stories from you.

Catherine: I appreciate your candor, stories, and remarks, as always. It also sounds like you, hubby, and your children have a nice, open relationship about bathroom stuff. I think that's pretty cool!

J: That's a crazy story about the camera in the bathroom. I am not sure if there is any justification for something like that and it sounds non-consenting from the standpoint of the user of the bathroom.

Charlotte: Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to hearing more from you and your husband.

Taylor: I appreciated your answers to Victoria's survey and enjoyed your stories from other posts as well.


Sarah S


Hi, I'm Sarah, and I used to post some months ago, I'm 23 years old and incredibly shy and embarrassed to poop around anyone, and in public, which given COVID is not really an issue, before I share some stories and experiences I have replies to some people who have posted.

Michelle: I've read some of your posts including your most recent one about pooping in a porta-potty because of how desperate you were, you sound like me who would hold in poop, short of an accident. Were you embarrassed about having to poop so close to the man outside? Please share any more poop stories.

Arianna: Are you embarrassed to clog toilets, I would die if I clogged any toilet especially at my boyfriend's. friends or in public, the idea of pooping in those places scares me enough, but to clog a toilet which I have done before is the most helpless feeling, especially if someone has to come in and take care of it.

Linda: I used to live in the dorms and would make myself sick trying to find a place to poop where no one could come in the bathroom or know what I was doing, I would NEVER poop around other girls in the dorm bathroom, and since it was Coed it was around guys as well, it's embarrassing enough to poop with other girls in the bathroom, but guys (which I've done) please share more stories.

Taylor T and Amelia: Please share more stories

Carlie B: Great story about your big poops, I'm interested in how you can poop so openly around your friends and at the gym. Are you ever embarrassed about big poops?

Jane: I envy how close you and your mom are where she can poop while you shower, do you ever poop while she showers, are you able to poop around friends or in public, I hope you can tell me how you're so confident and open about pooping

Catherine: I don't like to pick favorites but I think I've read most of these pages on the site bout you are my favorite and your interest in pooping is really cool, and it's wonderful how open you are with pooping with Alan, and how you've gotten your girls especially Chloe who I know is shy about pooping. I loved your stories especially about pooping at your church, and pooping around your friends both when you were a teenager and when you were at the condo. I envy about how open you are with pooping, I know that everyone poops and that the whole "girls don't poop" thing is in no way true but I'm still embarrassed about the idea of anyone knowing I'm pooping.

I hope to share my own stories, but I'm embarrassed to share them even on a forum like this which is anonymous and private, I hope others will help me be more open about sharing and pooping in general.


Marie annoying ?

Marie, you are just fine. Keep the stories coming

Carlie B.

To Jessie:

1) Whats your height and weight and general build? Does this contribute to you pooping so big?

5'8", i was on the curvy side but with recent yoga and exercise I've lost some weight

2) Whats the longest you've gone without pooping?

When I was younger I could go a few days but now it's every day.

3) Have you ever tried purposely holding your poop for as long as possible to have an even bigger dump? If so, how long?

See my last story!

4) Hypothetical, but if you were legitimately offered $10 million, would you be able to go 2 weeks without pooping?

I doubt it.

5) What size are your poops usually? How many inches long and thick? Have you ever used a small scale to weigh your dumps?

No, but my recent events have led myroommates and I to do a pooping contest and maybe we'll weigh them to see the winner. we have a little kitchen scale we could use.

6) How are you able to produce so much poop? What do you eat to do so?

I don't really know. I eat normal food, no special diet. My whole family are big poopers but none are close to me.

7) What number 1 to 7 are your poops on the Bristol Stool Scale usually?

A 3.5 I would say.
8) Have you any recent stories where you badly had to poop but couldn't use the toilet right away?

None that come to mind.

Not much to report for me. Took a huge dump at a park the other day. No plunger provided so I just left it clogged.

Victoria B.



Just a few replies today

To Minappé + 3: Hugs and kisses back to all of you!

To Carlie: Wow, we seem to have a lot in common. I'm also 24 and 5'10 but it sounds like we have the same body types and similar styles of pooping: I'll generally start one one huge log and then either a second massive turd or a bunch of little ones. I prefer to flush sitting down but I know from experience that most of my clogs come from the first piece being so big that it physically blocks anything else in the bowl from making it all the way down.

I have a bidet that attaches to my toilet seat to cut down on paper but it hasn't made too big of a difference in terms of frequency of clogs-my turds are just humongous and always have been! Are you also a vegetarian or vegan? I'm a vegetarian and I think Catherine is too from what she's said on here before. Non meat-eaters also seem to poop more!

It makes me so happy to hear that you're in a situation with Lindsey and Hayley as roommates where they're understanding of having to share a toilet with a massive dumper and they take it in stride and with humor and don't try to shame you or make you feel bad about your body! My own friend group has a lengthy history of playful in-jokes about having a toilet with a "Victoria flush" option and indeed my personal plunger was a joke gift from them! The rubber part is pink and the handle was painted white and has my name in gold sparkly paint. I'm pretty detached from material possessions overall but that plunger means a lot to me.

The reason why I got it was a dump that did end up requiring rubber gloves after I bombed my friend Monica's old, unsuspecting toilet in the tiny little studio she lived in when we were in undergrad together. The other one.... will need some editorial work to keep it PG-13 and publishable here because it's not nearly as funny/traumatic out of context and that context is, for better or worse, a time when I hooked up with someone and got the urge . . . while we were in bed!

I look forward to hearing more of your toilet misadventures-you're gonna fit in great here!


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