Kitty's Prune Juice

A few years ago, my wife and me - freshly married - visited a friend of my wife, Kitty. Kitty had moved to the South of France a few year ago, had an early divorce, and "inherited" a beautiful house on the countryside from her former husband. Earlier on, in the plane to France, my wife had told me that Kitty used to be her room mate in college, and that she was obsessed back then with all things disgestion and the value of regular and proper stomach cleansing.
Well, so on the 2nd or so day of our stay, while I was away in town doing some shopping in the morning, Kitty had talked my wife into trying out her "super healthy" prune juice. So when I came home and looked for my wife, she told me somewhat sheepishly that she'd better not leave too far from home as she was having "liquid diarrhea" from drinking what must have been a large amount of prune juice. As she said this, Kitty called us for lunch in the garden (it was summer) - and when we came down, she asked my wife "whether the prune juice was already working". My wife said that it worked very well, and Kitty went on to praise the health effects of having a good clean-out. Now I must admit that watching both these beautiful women in their short demin shorts discussing my wife's diarrhea was kind of a turn on, and additionally, I don't mind having a good case of the runs from time to time, either. So I asked Kitty about the alleged health effects and she asked back: Well, do you want to try it? My wife nodded and said: Yes, darling, you should try it. It's really not that bad. I thought that it couldn't hurt, and was kind of interested anyway, so I told Kitty: "Ok, why not - I'll try some" - Kitty happily filled a large glass of prune juice, and - it tasted really delicious, so I drank it all. Kitty asked me whether I wanted more, and I said: "sure, it's really tasty". So I drank another large glass, and, during the course of our lunch, perhaps one or two more of them. At the fourth or fifth glass, Kitty said that I had quite a lot of prune juice and would likely be feeling taking its effects soon during the afternoon. Kitty then served us a delicious prune stew (!) for dessert, and my wife gave me her portion - she had been sprinting to the toilet twice or so during our dinner - and when I finished both my own and my wife's serving, Kitty said that the last time she had that much prune juice and stew, she had the runs for hours. Well - after lunch I changed into my board shorts and sat down by the pool - but not for long. Soon, my stomach started gurgling, and I had to let out some increasingly voluminous and wet farts ... an hour or so later, I felt a sharp gurgling and - without a warning, I felt a small amount of diarrhea nearly escaping ... I hurriedly went up to my room - and passed Kitty who smiled: "Ah, it seems it's already working ...". Well, for the next couple of hours, I was having pure and simple diarrhea. And yes, it didn't feel too bad.
I will continue another time - Kitty had convinced my wife of the necessity of regular stomach cleansings, and soon, it became a routine. A routine which also brought me to this Forum, btw. More to come if it interests you.


Thanksgiving Stories

Hi Everyone,
I can't wait to read some of your Thanksgiving stories. Please share all of them including your Black Friday shopping poop experience.
I love to hear about your accidents and stories of perhaps catching a fellow shopper pooping.


Haunted Houses

Jack, women/girls tend to wet. While rare, dudes tend to shit when startled.



Does any one have any retail pee/poop stories from black Friday? mall bathrooms, fitting rooms etc?


Answer to Cole

If a lot of people come over, I just go outside to pee or poop.


Thanksgiving poop

Well with Thanksgiving comes a lot of food, and as we all know a lot of food can lead to some interesting poops. Mine came this evening after dessert. My sister in law was in the bathroom and my coworker was in the other bathroom. So I got my friends Ashlynn and Amber to come out to the shed with me because we all had to poop really bad. So I squatted and let go a massive turd that took some force to push out. Amber squatted with her back to mine and had a couple of good sized logs come out of her with very little effort. Ashlynn got up on the bench n squatted with her ass hanging out over the edge n a big turd went "thump" on the floor of the shed. We won't be needing to come out to the shed until spring so by the time I get there our poop will be gone lol. We all had long pisses after we finished dropping our bombs lol. We all used baby wipes to wipe up. It was fun and stinky LMAO


To Bianca

Yes it was a fun trip. She had fun with it. If you could have seen all our piles, especially hers, you would have been like "damn, I wanna have diarrhea in the snow too". How are you with pooping outside? Would love to hear some stories about it if you're one who does it.

Mike B
I was traveling for work on Wednesday the 27th( day before Thanksgiving in the USA) There was alot of traffic on the interstates and I was noticing how busy the rest stops/ service plazas were. So that got me thinking how many people were desperate to use the restrooms. Does anyone have any stories about being desperate to use the bathroom ( pee or poop) while traveling , it also had me wondering how many made it or did they have a mishap before getting there. Love to hear your stories . Happy Thanksgiving

Curious guy

Thanksgiving poop

Anyone else holding in a big thanksgiving poop? Looking forward to some stories. Hope everyone had a good one!


Pre-Thanksgiving Clog

One would think your system would get clogged as a result of all the food at the end of the Thanksgiving weekend. However for me it was on Tuesday, the final day of school for students before the holiday. I was at a huge banquet the previous weekend for a group of us who volunteer. The size of the steak was the biggest I've ever eaten.

On Tuesday, I was feeling it in my gut. A big crap was bound to happen, but I woke up late and barely survived the subway to get to school on time. My morning coffee started to get the crap activation going and after 1st Hour I hurried to get onto a toilet, confident that I would get fast results. I was sitting with 3 or 4 hard pushes ahead of me remaining when the tardy bell rang. I knew a detention would be given for another tardy to science, so I pulled my clothing up and made a run to class. The only problem was glob of crap, perhaps the size of a baseball, was probably 2/3 of the way down the chute. I took my lecture notes in pain and counted down the minutes to when I could get onto a toilet again. Despite pushing hard and harder, my sits during the next two passing periods were uneventful.

Lunchtime was more encouraging, although I waited to get a toilet for about 10 minutes. I got two small balls of crap out, both about the size of a quarter. I quickly wiped but there was nothing on either sheet. So I looked forward to right after school to get the monster out. My friend Angie gave me two swigs of a bottled laxative about 2 p.m. in English class and said it would work in about 90 minutes. I felt a churning happening when I sat for about 15 minutes right after school. I was starting to sweat pretty bad and Angie gave me a couple of drinks from her soda--something she said works for her and her mother. I gave up knowing that I needed to get down to the subway station and get my train. I ran much of the way and just made the connection.

The jerking and swaying of the train and my standing and holding onto the safety bar for just a 10 minute ride was activating my bowels like nothing else. My bookbag seemed heavier as I got off at my first transfer stop and I went immediately downstairs to the bathrooms. It was rush hour and I didn't expect the best conditions. I had the most confidence of the day that this like 7th sit was going to be the last one. This was a two-staller. No doors for privacy, but since I was more than desperate, I didn't care. A lady about 30 was seated and peeing away to my left. Despite the noise of the trains, her stream seemed like a firehose. She was talking to the young boy about 5 standing directly in front of me, jeans to his knees and peeing onto the seat. In situations like that, I don't understand why the parent doesn't teach the kid about lifting the seat.

As I watched the boy drench the seat with his really bad aim and the mom stood to finish up, I noticed that neither of the two toilets had any toilet paper left. So much for my ability to wipe the drenched seat. I noticed I was already standing in pee in front of it. So I flicked the wet seat up and pulled down my clothing. I had to be careful but I sat on the bowl rim. Not comfortable. It had dirt, pubic hairs and some pee splashes covering the white, but I placed my butt on it. I had never done such a crap before but I knew I had to spread my legs as wide as possible and then put all my upper weight onto my knees. Within a few seconds the first of three huge globs of crap dropped, each majorly splashing my underside. I tried not to think what I was getting hit with below because I had in my anger forgotten to flush.

I knew my butt would be sore, but I felt so well relieved. With no toilet paper available, I ripped some paper out of my notebook and used all 8 or 9 sheets of it for my wiping. I noticed some blood on the final two, but I did't care. My monster poop was done and I flushed the toilet with more confidence. From the train, I texted Angie the good news. She was seated, peeing just before basketball practice.



Hi people on Toiletstool! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving cleanout yesterday. It was soft, and the last bit was mushy. My Thanksgiving meal took place at someone's house which had a bathroom near the kitchen with the toilet, tub, and sink next to each other. I only peed there, and 2 pees occurred after a few drinks. I also noticed at one point they made my heart rate go up briefly I guess because alcohol opens up the blood vessels. My mushy poop took place when I got home. To Kathleen: nice story. I've left poop in the toilet too, but on accident. Sometimes the toilet can miss flushing away solids, and I get told of this from time to time. Interesting to hear that Julie's and Lynne's poops stunk more. Bye!


Thanksgiving accident

Hi. I'm new here but NOT new to accidents, thats for sure. I've had struggled with peeing and occasionally pooping my pants all my life. I'm 26. I hate it but I've learned to shrug off the embarrassment and focus on the positive. I found this page kinda by accident but its a relief to see alot of people who struggle like me. A little backstory: in pullups until almost 7. I don't remember much but i just didn't get it earlier like most kids. I wasn't special ed but I was super shy and anxious and would wait til it was literally soaking my panties before I'd ask to go pee and then I wouldn't have time to get to the bathroom. Sometimes I didn't realize until it was starting to slide down my leg. And I still struggle badly. A combination of waiting too late, not realizing I have to pee til its too late etc etc. Im also a frequent bedwetter-4-7 nights a week so I wear curity youth pants pull ups. I'm not a kid of course but I'm under 125 lbs so they still fit me well and hold a few wettings very well making them ideal for overnight. I use them during the day when I can but I can't always afford enough for both night and day. Which brings me to yesterday. My relatives have never been understanding of me being so accident prone especially since I'm still not much better at not wetting myself then I was in first grade. So Thanksgiving was at my aunts house and as I'm completely out of pull ups til I get paid next week and my social anxiety being high doesn't help my bladder issues at all and this aunt really isn't very nice in general, I didn't want to go but ended up giving in after being royally guilt tripped by both my mom and my aunt. Ugh! Never again. Shortly before the meal, I needed to pee so I went down the hall to the bathroom. I knew not to trust my "holding it" skills in a house with expensive carpet and not having a pullup on. Of course the bathroom was occupied. So I waited panicking a little as the urge quickly got stronger. Bsthroom still occupied. Then the all too familiar feeling of my panties getting warm and wet. I knew I was about to have an accident on my aunts carpet. Yeah, I would've NEVER heard the end of that. So I took three steps to my right and opened the door into the attached garage where the floor was concrete. Not a moment too soon. I was already peeing down my legs. All I could do was stand there, piss running down my pants and making a big pool around my feet, soaking into my socks. Right then the door opened and my aunt walked in and saw everything. She was SO mad. Even though I tried to explain. She just started yelling and called me attention-seeking and a baby and said I could've waited if i wasn't such an attention seeker. She grabbed a roll of paper towels at me and told me to clean up my mess and get out of her house. I was in tears. I mopped up my puddle and then had to walk past my family all srarting to sit down for the meal with my clearly soaked pants to get to the front door. My aunt and a couple others glared at me. My mom was so embarrassed she wouldn't even look me in the eye. I drove home, crying. I can't help having an accident and I just didn't want to ruin her carpet and that was the best I could do. I was so stressed I laid down for a little nap to try and calm down and stop crying and woke up thoroughly drenched 12 hours later. I'm glad I was able to get that out. I know I'll be back. I need a place to talk and of course I've got PLENTY of stories.

Friday, November 29, 2019


Pooping and peeing outside experiences

So this is a general question to everyone out there, what was your first experience going potty outside, whether it be peeing, pooping, or both. What was it like? Where were you? Was anyone with you? What did you use to wipe with? How long did it take? Spare no details. Address your answer to "Sherryl: First Outdoor Potty Experience. Thanks everyone :)

Anna from Austria

Question for the ladies

Do you ladies do a courtesy flush sometimes and you really think it makes a difference worth the extra time and effort?

I was socialized by my dear mother to save water when using the toilet, so I never developed this habit and was also not much thinking about it either all the years. I just flush when I am really done with everything.

But an encounter which I had at work with good friend and colleague last week and early this day changed this and inspired me to as you this question.

Last week, after my usual morning coffee I had to my morning BM as always. I was not alone this time though. My coworker/friend (lets call her K) entered the ladies as the same time as me and took the neighboring stall. She was her just for a wee. After I was done with everything she asked me why I did not flush more often to prevent stinking up the restroom that bad. The toilet is rather small and the ventilation is bad, so I should try to be a bit more considerate. She also says she does it every time at work and it really helps. I was in hurry and needed back to my office so I just nodded and said see you later.

To be honest with you, she really has a point somehow. The ventilation is really bad in that restroom, and even one person could fill the room with a very heavy stench. I do not want to know, if all the 3 stalls the toilet has are used by pooping ladies at the same time. Must be horrible. Hope never will find out.

Now to my second part of the story that inspired the question directly.

Early this day I needed to head for the ladies room or wee. When the door of the restroom was in sight, I could see K leaving the bathroom and walking in a different direction. So she did not see me.

When I entered the restroom I was almost overwhelmed by a very intense poo smell. Worse then mine last time.

I was really amused. K's extra flushing method is not working at all. Some you might think that K wanted just to been and was just bragging with her smell reduction method. But I know her quite well and I can assure you she is not a mean person and would tell such random fact about her flushing habits to put other people down. I really think she believes that her method works. But my nose would not agree with that statement.

So how about you ladies? If you ladies do a courtesy flush do you really think it matters in the end?

greetings form Austria



Changes in attitudes on pooing away from home?

Being a senior in high school who believes in a sit-for-a-shit-when-you-have-to philosophy, I used about 20 minutes on the toilet this morning during 1st hour class here we were doing nothing thinking about how attitudes can change from generation.

So my grandma who's in her 80s has been very involved in my life. She believes women should avoid crapping in places like school and at work and other places unless there is a dire emergency. When I was going to grade school and junior high, if mom was tied up at work or somewhere else, grams would pick me up. A couple of times she came to the office to have me paged while I was on the toilet having my crap. Her response was that she would have waited until she got home because that was the proper place for such bodily needs to be met. I was like Whaaaat?

She said that when her parents took her out to a place like an amusement park or a circus, she was made to sit and go at home before they left. She would get in trouble if her crap need was to come after that. One night at Disneyland she had to crap and her mom took her back to their hotel so she could do it in a cleaner place. By getting their hands stamped at the gate they were allowed to do that and then come back in without paying again. Another thing I learned from grams is that all the years she was in high school (grades 7-12 were together in one large building back then) she said she never crapped at school. Never! With me, it is almost daily. And she said all the students used these seat paper sheets they would place over the toilet seat before they sat to pee. My response was like Whaaaat?

Now me and mom are more understanding to needs to crap and pee away from home. An example is that most days at school I will pee 4 times and probably crap at least once, sometimes 2 times if my sit is interrupted by the tardy bell. And once this year it was interrupted by an intruder drill. My mom is very open about her craps at home and allows me and dad to get stuff out of the linen closet while she sits.
She works in an office and often craps there, but says there is heavy use of the bathroom from about 9 to 10 each morning and sometimes right after lunch. I saw her poo once at my grade school when she was there for a fund-raising carnival. She rushed in, literally threw herself onto the toilet with a thud and she immediately started blasting into the bowl. I think I was in 2nd grade and I knew I could never be that efficient. I remember I was eating a sno cone and she asked me to come over a let have have a taste. Just as she did, I remember he pee started and it must have lasted for a long time, or it least seemed that way to me.

That next year when I was like 8 I remember boys started hassling me when I asked to go to the bathroom and then took down the wooden pass from the wall. Sometimes they would make these quiet crapping noises by placing their hands over their mouth and then blowing into it. One night mom picked me up and she could tell I was holding my crap in. She had errands to run, but she drove a few blocks over to a city park and she made me do my bowel movement there. The place was filthy with a stench and insects flying around, but I got up on the toilet and did my crap. That situation sure made the school situation seem a whole lot better.

My boyfriend Kennard still has this phobia of sorts about crapping at school. He holds it most every day and each afternoon at dismissal he runs home, does his crap and then he comes back to school to be with me in activities or he meets me at the park.

Will I ever be able to break him of this habit?


Gender Neutral Bathrooms

@Erin, Sarah, others

We had some dorms with gender neutral bathrooms in college and others that did not. People basically implemented an unspoken policy that women tended to use one and the men tended to use the other. That rule didn't always hold true, but it mostly did.

However, I had a job for three years in my late twenties where the office of seven of us had to use one single occupancy bathroom. That meant it was effectively gender neutral. The bathroom was en suite to the rest of the office and there wasn't much privacy, due to the hollow wooden door and central location. It always surprised me to see this bathroom configuration because the offices were otherwise high-end and white collar. We even had one executive who complain about it every time he was in town for a visit.

I usually go in the morning before work so most of the time I only had to use it to pee. However, there were others who either didn't have that luxury due to commute distance or had a different personal schedule. There was woman in her early 50s who used it most mornings and her smell could be reasonably strong and sometimes left streaks. There was my boss (guy) and our senior controller (woman) who both seemed to have an irregular schedule and would use it to poop whenever. I also had to use it from time to time, which was nerve racking for me since I produce a lot, it smells quite strong, and can take a few flushes.

There was a learned behavior where people kept the door shut and the fan on after they went poo. This seemed to indicate to others to enter at their own discretion. There were times when we had vendors or clients who used the bathroom and didn't know our customs. They left the door open and obviously their smells would enter into other parts of the office.

However, everyone smelled everyone over time and it wasn't a big deal. Everyone had times where they would blow up that little bathroom, we're all humans after all. I know your situations are different and also college is a much different age then my experience. Hopefully, folks learn to have an understanding of one another, though, I know some males can be pretty immature when it comes to women and their bathroom habits.



Latest news

Jaz K- great to hear from you again but sorry your still struggling to go for a poo, hope you can update us again soon!
Anonymous poster- thanks for your question, I think if Lydia had taken too long I would have just had my poo in the bath, I normally do solid loads so it wouldn't have been too hard to clean it up afterwards. The toilet seat is pretty small and my bum is rather bigger than I would like so I don't think we'd be able to share it! In answer to your final question my friend Lucy once pooed her knickers on the way home from school, we both get constipated quite alot and I think at the time she hadn't been for a poo for several days but like you say just got a massive urge to bear down as she was trying to open her front door so she couldn't help pooing her pants.
Sorry I haven't posted in ages but I do have a story I wanted to share. Lucy and I have been staying around her cousin Lydias house for the week, her parents are away on business at the moment and asked Lucy to stay while they were away. Although Lydia is 16 they thought a week was a bit too long for them to be away with Lydia completely on her own in the house as her older sister is away at Uni. We arrived last Friday at about 6 o'clock, Lydia answered the door still in her school uniform and carrying a laundry basket, she said, "Oh hi, you might as well come on up to my room straight away, I've got to hang this washing out to dry !" We went upstairs with our bags and Lydia showed us to her massive bedroom complete with ensuite bathroom, I noticed there were two air beds set up for me and Lucy. Lydia put the washing basket down and said, "Actually I'm desperate for a wee, I'm gonna have to use the loo before I sort out the washing!" She went into her ensuite and I heard the rustle of clothing as she pulled down her knickers and then the creak of the seat as she sat down, almost straight away I heard a hissing stream starting up and a loud moan of relief! Her stream went on for ages before eventually finishing with a few final dribbles, after wiping and flushing she came out looking relieved! "Actually I need a wee too!" announced Lucy and seconds later she was on the loo weeing like a horse as well! Meanwhile Lydia went over to the washing basket, she said "Sorry, I realised I'd totally run out of clean pants this morning so I've just washed about 20 pairs!!" She started to put some knickers on the radiator, they were rather grim looking flowery ones but to be honest me and Lucy wear the same sort of knickers as we find them really comfy which in my opinion is far more important than fashion!! "No worries, I'm pretty sure last time you stayed round ours there were loads of my knickers hanging about everywhere!" I said. Just then I heard the toilet flush and Lucy came back in to the bedroom, she said, "Well I don't think your going to run out of knickers any time soon!!" and we all laughed, Lydia said, "Actually when I've hung these out I'm gonna do a white load so that'll be about another 10 pairs!!" By now she had filled the radiator and had moved on to a clothes airer. When she'd finished she went over to the dirty clothes hamper and filled it with white shirts, socks and yet more knickers and we went downstairs with her while she loaded the washing machine.
"Right, lets have tea, theres some pizzas in the fridge!" said Lydia. After we'd eaten we went upstairs, we were planning to watch a film but decided to get ready for bed first. As I unzipped my jeans I realised I was wearing some yellow flowery knickers which were really grim, I could feel myself blushing as I pulled my jeans down, I realised my bum would be showing as my knickers were too small. However when Lucy and Lydia took their skirts off I felt a bit less embarrassed, Lucy was wearing pink knickers with yellow and blue stripes which were stuck up her bum really badly and Lydia had orange spotty knickers on which were too small for her as well and the top of her bum was showing too, she said, "Sorry about these pants, I know there too small for me but I didn't have any other clean ones!" and I said, "Don't worry, mine aren't any better, to be honest I was running out of clean knickers too!!"
After we'd put our nighties on I had a few twinges in my belly, I made a face and rubbed my belly and Lucy said, "Are you OK, Abs?"
"Yeah, I've just got a bit of belly ache!" I said, and then Lydia said, "Do you want a poo?"
"Actually I might do, I haven't been for a few days!" I replied. "Well it would probably be a good idea if you try to go then," Lucy said, "I haven't had a poo for three days so I was gonna try to go too in a bit, I don't really feel like I need it but I don't want to wait too long and then end up struggling with a massive hard one!!"
"Yeah, its been a couple of days since I went too," Lydia said, "And last time I had a poo I had to really strain to get it out so I don't want to wait too much longer either, I wish I could have a normal poo for a change instead of a really fat hard one which keeps getting sucked back up my bum!"
"Yeah, I know what you mean, I just hate it when that happens" Lucy said. "To be honest I'm really constipated at the moment so my last couple of poos have been like that, they've been so wide I've really struggled to get more than the tip out, and last time I went it got stuck half way and I had to spend ages on the loo pushing it out!"
"Actually I think I'm gonna wait a bit longer, so if one of you want to go first that's fine," I said.
"Well, if your sure I'll go first," Lucy said, "I'm dying for another wee anyway!" She went into my ensuite, hiked up her nightie and then pulled her knickers down and sat on the toilet. I heard a strong stream of wee splashing down into the bowl and Lucy groaning with relief, as the stream dribbled to a stop I saw her starting to bear down and knew she was pushing to get her poo to come. She said, "Sorry about this, I'm gonna have to grunt it out!" and she started to push really hard and made some loud grunts.
"Hey don't worry, I'll be doing the same in a bit!" I said to her, all 3 of us are quite often constipated so we're used to hearing each other straining and grunting. Lucy kept on pushing and was starting to go red. "Its coming," she panted, and I could hear some crackling as her log was on the way out, after a few minutes of really hard pushing there was a loud plop as her log dropped, Lucy heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Thank god that's out, I still need to do some more though," and I noticed she was bearing down again. Luckily her second log was a lot easier to pass, once that had splashed down into the bowl she said "Right, I've finished, I just need to wipe my bum," and she ripped off some loo roll. When she'd finished wiping she pulled her knickers up and flushed, by now I was starting to get desperate so I said, "Actually I really want a poo now!" and went over to the toilet, I lifted my nightie, pulled my pants down and sat on the warm seat, I had been clenching my bum as I didn't want my poo to poke out and get my knickers dirty, I must admit I do sometimes get skidmarks in my knickers but luckily I know Lucy and Lydia sometimes have the same problem so at least that makes it slightly less embarrassing! As I relaxed my bum I felt a log starting to creep out, as usual when I'm a bit constipated it was really fat and hard and I knew I'd have to push for ages to get it to come. "I think I'm gonna have a really hard poo as well so sorry for all the grunting!" I said, and then started to do some big pushes, after a couple of minutes I could feel a rock hard poo stretching my bumhole, it felt absolutely huge!! As usual when I'm constipated I could feel it getting sucked back up when I stopped pushing so I knew I had no choice but to keep up the pressure, I couldn't help grunting loudly each time I pushed but luckily Lucy had had to do the same so it could have been worse! After about another 5 minutes of concentrated pushing I could feel the fattest part was through, I said "Well at least it isn't going back up my bum anymore, sorry, its been a really fat one!" After a few more pushes I could feel the log sliding out and shortly after it splooshed down into the bowl, I moaned with relief but could feel there was more to come so kept straining and eventually I passed another couple of logs before feeling empty. I wiped my bottom, pulled up my pants and flushed the loo, and then we watched the film, Lydia just had a wee in the end and decided she would have a poo the next day as she didn't need to go that badly and Lucy and I had been on the toilet for about half an hour between us! I hope you enjoyed this story, I'll try to post again soon, bye for now!!

lego zelda


Hey i ate all day today and my ???? hurts! I sat on the toilets and just pushed and crackled for about 2 minutes straight! Can remember the last time that happened but whew i stink. Time to survey tge damage. A mess... The smell makes my ???? ache. A bunch of black mush with nuts in it i wanna poop more on top of it mmmh nnngh i need to remember when my wyes say yess my ???? may be saying nooo


Upset stomach

Last week I had an upset stomach and was off work as I was having urgent watery poos regularly.By the Friday it seemed better so I ventured into town, walking through the shopping centre I felt a familiar cramping in my stomach. I wondered if I should carry on but figured I really should get to the loo... went into the toilets, pulled my jeans and black knickers down and sat down.

Initially I just sat there, and a little while later let out a longgg fart, then an explosive poo erupted. Not much, but very violent! I left it for a while and then wiped, I flushed before getting up (not wanting to look at the mess in the toilet!), I luckily made it home without any issues.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

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