Out sledding(snowmobiling)

So this happened yesterday. My friends Ashlynn and Jenise went out sledding (that's what Alaskan's call snowmobiling) about 100 miles from where we live, so we are out in the middle of nowhere. So anyway, we have been out for about two hours and the feeling of having to poop comes on strong. So I drive my sled over to the edge of this treeline of a forest and I ask the girls if anyone else has to go, and both of them had to poop as well. So it took a little bit for us to get our snow pants undone and down, but we finally got it and so I got off my sled and almost immediately I let go a couple of large logs of poop. It took me another 5 minutes to push out da 3rd turd but I got it out by God. Jenise did a squat too but she did it while hanging on to her sled, so her feet are on the foot rest and she held on to the handles and her ass was hanging out and she shot out of her ass a huge line of liquid shit lol.
Ashlynn moved to the back of the seat and moved her ass over the edge of the seat so she used it as you would a toilet. She pissed a lot too and then she finally after about 10 minutes pushed out a humongous turd, she was straining and pushing, I thought she was giving birth lol. So after we were all done with pooping, we got the baby wipes out of our pockets and wiped up, it took Jenise the longest to wipe because she had diarrhea. Then we stayed out another couple of hours and then headed back to the truck, loaded the sleds on the trailer and headed home. It was a good time.


Questions for Aaron

Holy macrel Aaron....that's some crazy story about your wife at the party!

-How many days had it been since she last pooped then? How often does she usually poop?

-Is is usually large amounts when she goes?

-How tall is she?

-Was she able to go more after you gave her the suppository?


Art building toilet bonding

The art building on my campus is very quaint. There are several creative labs in this industrial looking structure that I've been told was military surplus at the end of WW II. Since every student is required to take a general ed art class, the toilets in the middle of the building are widely used. It is a rather long walk to to the nearest alternative, so most of us use these toilets. In the womens room, which is separated from the mens by triple pieces of metal, so feeble that if a football player was to lean against them, they would probably tip over. So me and my ceramics partner Audrey took two stalls right in the middle of the row. Audrey was 2 days constipated and brought a suppository along. There are 9 toilets available. Toilets on both ends are larger, modern with with white seats that are getting increasingly stained. They are the newest we think because they are attached to a concrete-block wall and have the auto flushers. Me and Audrey find the middle toilets to be the oldest, often with lots of hairline cracking in the bowls. Some of these toilets are attached to the concrete rear wall; others are mounted on the floor, seem to be a bit higher to sit on, have oval black seats and flush levers behind them that are about 1 foot higher than they are. Audrey thinks some of the toilets were probably also military surplus and that they are breaking and then being replaced by more modern toilets.

Since I'm just over 4 feet, I'm use to sitting with my feet off the floor. No problem for most of my morning poops on campus because they tend to be soft and released within a minute or two. I'm lucky with my pees, too, because if I don't want to use the sit-break to rest and reflect in privacy, I'm not going to be seated long. Interestingly, I find some students below the privacy door see my legs hanging and they assume I'm a young child. After I jump down, wipe and flush they are surprised that I'm a adult college student. A few have said they mistake me for the young daughter of a faculty member or something like that.

But on this day I was going to stay seated and be supportive of Audrey. She's been having constipation problems since transferring in this fall and she is getting more dependent on laxatives. She thinks it could be the food and much more stress for grades. And breaking up with her boyfriend of 2 years didn't help either. After about 30 minutes of staying with her she found the suppository worked within 5 minutes. She was so appreciative for my staying with her in the bathroom. She ended up buying me dinner and then we went out for a drink.

To Erin S: How are you doing now with your coed bathroom situation, I've had some embarrassing stories in coed bathrooms, one time I was pooping and farting badly and stinking up the bathroom, when this HOT guy came in who I had a crush on, it was soooo embarrassing I wanted to die, so from then on I only went to the bathroom at off times, or in other bathrooms on campus, but I could barley poop in public in general soit was very tough to deal.

To Catherine: Would you mind telling me about your girls's pooping habits, Clhoe is the one who is embarrassed to poop in public, what do you think caused it? Does she poop at school, what about Zoe, do you or the girls have any embarrassing pooping stories.

I've been reading this sight for a couple of weeks. I'm a 19 year old female who just started college. I use to be pretty regular before college but since coming here it's really messed up that regularity. When I first got here, I was uncomfortable going so I'd hold it. Now I go once every four days. When I do go I usually poop 12 to 14 inch poops and wipe multiple times. The smell is always so strong. We have a suite bathroom and I'm always so embarrassed to have my roommates smell after I go. Not going to lie I love pooping big poops but my poop schedule has taken some getting use to. I was wonder even anyone else had this problem in college?

Also forgot to give info about me because I see you tend to do that. I have blonde hair with blue eyes. Weigh about 120.


Question for Kayla Re: your twin sisters


I find twins a fascinating human experience. Would you please tell us more about their pooping habits? In particular how alike are they? Do they usually go around the same time and are their poops alike or different in consistency and regularity? Do the same foods make them bound up or loose?-- JW


Pooping Partners

I have been really enjoying my visits to the bathroom in our apartment when my wife takes a dump or pees. By the way she enjoys me being there also. One day she said to me, "You know I've never seen you pee or poop. Don't you think it's time?" I said, "Now wait a minute. You grew up with two other sisters. You had no choice but to share the one bathroom. You told me that in the morning getting ready for school, one of your sisters was taking a dump another one was showering and you were at the sink brushing your teeth then you would all switch. So you have been comfortable pooping in front of people all your life. I'm an only child. I never had to share a bathroom." She said, "Watching your life partner pee and poop is the last frontier of intimacy, I think it's time you started. We'll take baby steps. Let's start by you peeing in front of me. You've peed and showered with other guys during gym in high school as well as peeing in public restrooms." "Alright the next time I have to pee I'll let you watch," I said. "Awesome!" she exclaimed excitedly. A few hours later I said, "Ok I have to pee come on." We went into the bathroom and I unbuttoned my pants lowered my zipper and pulled my pants down half way to my knees. I took out my penis and held it in my right hand. "You don't just unzip and reach in and pull it out?" she questioned. I said, "No it's more comfortable this way." "So that's how you hold it, interesting. We've been together four years and married two of those four years and I just learned two things I never knew about you," she mused. "OK let it rip", she said gleefully. I stood there for about 30 seconds and nothing came out. "What's the matter?", she asked. "I guess I'm having a hard time peeing in front of you. I've never peed in front of a woman." I said frustrated. "I guess we REALLY need to start from square one.", she said barely containing her laughter. She said, "Here's what I'll do. I'll go in the other room out of sight from you but I want you to leave the door open." She left and about 15 seconds later I started peeing. I had a good stream going and it was gushing into the toilet water. all of a sudden my wife comes in. "Hey you are supposed to stay out!" I said. She laughed, "I figured that once you got a good stream going I could watch and you would just keep going and I was right."
So that was the beginning. After a couple of weeks it became easy for me to pee in front of her. she would watch and it was all good. Although I knew that it wasn't going to end with peeing. Soon she said, "I think it's time for the next step. I want you to hold your poop until you really, really have to go. then go into the bathroom and leave the door open. I promise I won't come in. So I held my poop all day and told her I couldn't hold it any longer. I went into the bathroom and as soon as I sat down, I let out several loud farts. I couldn't help it. "I heard that. Is that how I sound?", she laughed. I said, "Yes it is and I love it!" Very soon a big turd started exiting my rectum. "I hear a crackling sound. I bet your pushing out a big one!" "Hey you sound like you're right outside," I said. Just then she pops around the corner. "I can't resist!" she said. I kept pushing and she could see the strain on my face. I knew she was loving every minute. Finally my big turd hit the water with a loud splash. I rested for awhile then I felt a fart coming on. I started farting and the air caused another turd to blow out my asshole. She couldn't contain her glee. I was just about to wipe and she said, "It's too quick. Stay on the toilet and talk to me. You will push out more turds. Trust me I'm an expert at taking a dump." She was right. After a few minutes I farted again followed by another log. After that I farted a couple of times but no turds. She said, "I think you're done. Those farts sound like mine when I know I'm finished. You'll be able to tell eventually. I always thought you didn't take the time you needed in order to clean yourself out."
After a few weeks I was able to poop in front of her and I have to admit it brought us even closer than we were. One day she said, "I've been looking on line at portable toilets. You know the ones people use for camping." So we went to the computer where she had bookmarked the page. I asked, "Why do you want that, we're not into camping?" "I want it for the apartment so we can poop and talk as we are taking a leisurely crap together.", she said. I gave her two thumbs up and said, "Go for it my life pooping partner!"

Sunday, November 17, 2019



hi I'm Kayla found this site recently, I have a story about my twin little sisters.

I was taking them around trick or treating, when while we was going to the door of this one house Lily told me, "I havta go potty" I ask her if she could hold it until take quick stop home and she shook her head, so we go up to door and they do their trick or treat and get some candy then I ask the lady if my little sis could use the bathroom, she was really nice and let us in and showed us where the bathroom was and us 3 went in I helped Lily get her costume off enough to pull down her purple panties and hop on the toilet then she peed for a bit then her toot and hear her grunt and then crackling then a couple mins later she says "done!" and hops off the toilet and I see this thick long turd coming out of the drain hole all the way out the water and to the side then she wipes herself and I decide to do a quick pee as I wonder if her poop will even flush then I wipe and then I ask Mily if she needs to potty too as and she nods I ask her what she has to do, and she tells me "just peepee" so I help her with her costume and she hops on to the toilet and begins to pee then ask Lily if she needs help with her costume and she shook her head "I can do it" and she goes to getting it back on then after a bit Mily gets done and get off then wipes her self then goes to flush and I see the water begin rise and I get nervous and I grab the plunger next to toilet and use it a bit and it all goes down. we wash our hands and make sure costumes are on right and leave, I thank the lady and then continue our trick or treating.

well after 30 or so mins later while we are at another house a girl maybe 16 or so answered the door this time while we was getting candy Mily says to me "poopoo" I ask her if she can wait until we get home and she shakes head "go poopoo now"
the girl offers to let us use the bathroom so I thank her, and she shows us to the bathroom and opens the door and we see another girl sitting on the toilet with blue panties at her feet and she quickly shuts the door saying sorry to her, she looked to be about 12, she then tells the girl "Sorry sis, I didn't know you was in there, but umm this girl here has to go, so can you hurry up please" then she turns to us and says "sorry about that, you'll have to wait just a bit for my sister"
then shortly after that I hear a flush, and a spray can then the door opens and the girl looks pretty embarrassed and I tell her sorry as she rushes off, and we then go into the bathroom and can smell and see a can of febreze spray and in the toilet I see skid-marks and a couple tiny pieces of unflushed poop Mily tells me "poopoo coming" so I hurry and help her out of her costume and pull down her lavender panties and see poo poking out as she in getting on the toilet then she bears down pushing I hear crackling then a splash, then another splash, then after a bit I hear her toot and another plop then she gets off and starts wiping herself, I look in the toilet and see 2 short turds in the drain hole, and one a little longer than the others on top of that, I ask Lily if she needs to peepee since she been drinking her juice alot while we were going house to house, she shakes her head "nuh uh", I tell her "ok but we are going home if you say you have to later", "so do you need to peepee?" "ok, a little" so I help her with her costume then hop on the toilet and begins to pee for a good while then "emm" and hear crackling and then after a bit she hops off and goes to wiping I see another thick real long log that makes a circle around the bowl, I look over to Mily noticing she not pulled up her panties yet "ok how bout you?" "maybe" she tells me and gets back on the toilet then after a bit "emmm" then her pee some then see her bare down more "emmmm big big poopoo" the hear a splash then she says she's done and gets off and I see another poop it's pretty big I was actually worried if it was going to flush with all the poop that was in it, I then notice the plunger in the corner it looked like it was recently used, so I guess the girl probably used it, I had to use it when we flushed too. I made sure we washed hands and had the costumes done right before we left the bathroom.
I thanked them again tell them sorry was in there so long and stuff and then Mily says thanks to the older girl then she looks around then runs off and I run after her then opens a door and says thanks again right before I get to her and I see that girl sitting on the toilet again, "HEY!" I closed the door quickly, "sorry!" I tell her through the door I tell Mily not to do that and to tell her sorry, she then says "sorry I opened the door" and then I take her back and apologize and thank the older girl again who is just laughing her butt off and leave.

Well that's pretty much it for that night. I might post some more if people want.

The other day I had a business lunch with JR, a guy who sales for another company and with whom I working to get him to come on with my employer. We each had three beers and a great lunch. He was the first to take a bathroom trip. I knew what he was going to do because he took his sport coat off and placed it over the back of his chair before leaving. He was gone about 10 minutes and came back with his tie thrown up over his shoulder and the left side of his white shirt not tucked in. It was obvious what he had done. Because of the alcohol I got a little facetious with him and how long it took him to drain his lizard. He put his hand inside his belt and said he had reduced his weight by about 5 pounds. This restaurant was on the second floor of a building and he has slow on the steps up. I made another smart remark to him as he pulled out his credit card for our meals.

I felt a crap coming on, but didn't want to tell him. My preferences for craps: 1) at our apartment, 2) at the office although I go up a floor for privacy, 3) at the health club where I work out. About 9 times out of 10 I can hold my crap for at least 20 minutes or so. That was my plan because its only a 10 minute drive back to my office. I don't know if it was the beers, the stumble I made when I was getting out of the parking garage elevator or because I had to twist/turn/take off my purse in order to squeeze into my car because the car to my left had parked over the line, but as I was swiping my card at the gate, my load was knocking. Then I was hitting every red light for blocks and that added to my panic.

I checked and sighted an old tissue box on my back seat. I got to thinking about ditching into an alleyway and from my seat, crapping into the box. I did that a couple of times when I was younger, semi-drunk, and low on alternatives. It wasn't that hard, but it was at night. Then I saw a break in the median and I swung across and into a dingy looking, 50s-like gas station with a sign advertising clean bathrooms. I pulled up fast to the side doors for the two bathrooms. I turned the knob on the ladies door. I shouted out "S***" when I found it was tightly locked. I didn't feel like going around the front to the office and asking the attendant for the key. A couple of months earlier I had this old guy both smile and wink at such a request. It gave me the creeps. I didn't want to go that route again.

So I grabbed the knob for the mens door. It opened. I immediately went in. Slammed it shut. The oval seat was down with the most dark yellow pee in the bowl and splatters over the front of the seat. I grabbed some toilet paper from the roll and quickly wiped the seat, although not with the vigor of my mom or by lining it was I would often do. I yanked the bottom of my suit down to my knees and dropped my butt onto the somewhat chilly seat. An open window on the right side told me why. During the first minute I used only about 10% of my pushing power. Not feeling empty, I widened my legs and the 2nd and 3rd logs emerged almost effortless. I wound off a considerable amount of toilet paper and probably used 70% of it wiping from my stance. What a relief it was! I washed my hands, dried them on the cloth roll that I almost had to tear about to get it to move, and I got back on the road.

About three blocks into my trip I hit a single-lane road construction site. Now the beers had gone through me and were waiting to come out. I glanced around for options. There was none. I knew there was no way I was going to be able to hold my urine until I got back to the office. Just sitting in the traffic jam caused an even greater pain between my legs. Like 15 minutes later I got on this frontage road that led to several businesses. I stopped at a small bowling alley. It didn't open until evening. Two doors down I thought I had the answer with a donut shop. They had just closed for the day. Finally I got to this auto parts store. At the point I was surprised that I wasn't already leaking. I was greeted by a Closed for a Funeral sign. The word "F***" was somewhat audible; I just wanted to kick in that door.

I scanned the area between my car, a large dumpster near my car and a service alley that wasn't paved. I ran out to the alley with big ruts, weeds and some broken car parts. I was as far from the street and people as I was going to get. I spied what looked like an old wheel barrel that had been left there. Luckily it had been left there a long time. Lots of rust, but it looked strong enough to hold my 145 pounds if I was to sit on it and relieve myself. I yanked the bottom of my suit down and although I was feeling the tears of the rust on my butt skin, the dam I had been holding broke and my torrential pee started into the rusted wheel barrel. I didn't dare shift my weight, but even the pressure I felt on my knees and the pain of the rusted metal on my skin could stop me. If a car, kid, or anyone would drive or walk into the alley, I feared I would be arrested. The satisfaction of the pee, although very uncomfortable, overwhelmed me.

On my drive back to the office I reviewed with myself a couple of times 15 and 20 years ago when I had drank too much too fast on dates and how I had vowed never to do that again. I also remembered an early boyfriend, who when I was a passenger on his custom cycle, refused to pull over so I could pee. He called it bladder training. That was the end of our relationship.

Marcus W

First post

Hi. My first post on here, so answering a survey to introduce myself!

1. How old are you? I'm 38. Male.

2. How long does it take you to poop? I'm normally on the toilet about ten minutes, although I've usually finished well before that.

3. What is your poop like usually? Big and normally quite solid; not hard or dry, but firm and greasy, and getting a touch softer as it comes. Sometimes when I've been drinking the night before I need to go again a bit later - anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or so - and then it's usually softer and gassy.

4. Do you fart when you poop? Not usually when I have a normal firm shit, but when I have a softer one yes.

5. Does your poop plop loudly in the toilet? Yes, very.

6. Are you comfortable pooping in other toilets than your own? I'd probably prefer not to use a new partner's toilet until we'd got to know one another better, but apart from that yes, I've no hang-ups about it.

7. Name all the places you have pooped. Home most often, but then work, friends' places, at university, at school, in public toilets all over the place, in hotels, outside the list's endless.

8. How bad do you stink up the bathroom when you poop? Say 5-6/10. My poo does smell quite strong sometimes, but it's not often a particularly rank or nasty smell. Well, I don't think so anyway!

9. Do you do anything to keep you occupied when you poop? (For example, Do you read, do your homework, surf the net on your phone, or play portable video games) Read or play games on my smartphone. Sometimes I think I ought not to, and that having a poo must have been a more involving experience before I got addicted to the little plastic thing.

10. What time of the day do you usually poop? Most days I go at home early in the morning, after I've had my coffee and first cigarette. Sometimes I either don't need to do that, or not so badly I can't hold it, and I'll go later, but not often. That's a shame, because I prefer to go later in the day, but it's the way my body seems to work.

11. Do you courtesy flush? No. I'm not sure it makes much difference anyway.

12. Have you ever clogged the toilet before? Probably, but I don't remember any specific instances.

13. What sort of things make you poop? The kind of diet I normally eat: high in fibre and with lots of vegetables. That's probably why I'm so regular! On occasions when I've not been eating so healthily I do find I go less often.

14. How long does it take you to poop if you are constipated? I never get constipated. I can remember doing so once or twice when I was little, but not since.

15. How does it take you to poop if you are having diarrhea? I don't really get diarrhoea, but a loose hangover poo - which usually follows a firmer, longer one - takes a minute or two.

16. Have you ever thought you were done and then felt like you had to poop some more? That's pretty much what happens some mornings after I've been drinking. It doesn't happen often otherwise.

17. When you have finished pooping and left a terrible smell in the bathroom, What does the next person who goes in there think? They've never been so impolite as to tell me!

18. How do you sit when you are on the toilet? Trousers and pants around ankles, leaning slightly forward with top hitched up and elbows resting on my knees. And smartphone in hand, of course.

19. Would you rather be constipated or would you rather have diarrhea? Diarrhoea: at least letting it go gives a good sense of relief!

20. When was the first time you found this site? Years ago, and I've browsed it occasionally ever since. I've been thinking for the best part of a decade I ought to get around to posting on here, and finally I have...

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sonya Sue it sounds you had a rough day.

To: Sherryl great about your poop in the snow.

To: Marie great stories about your poops in that playhouse in the woods.

To: Becc great story it sounds like you all had good poops.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Steve A

To Erin S

The dorms at my college are newer and the bathrooms are gender separated. However, we still have single occupancy gender neutral bathrooms throughout our campus in almost every building. Some people use them for maximum privacy, but I usually use the regular ones on my floor.

I couldn't imagine using gender neutral bathrooms today, even though I wouldn't have a problem with it, but other students may.


To Everyone

Hi folks! I had an interesting poo later today. Although it was solid and soft, it still felt a wee bit rough on the way out. My slim jim was fat, but not that spicy. Maybe I was feeling the aftereffects of the mild spice? Who knows. Sometimes my farts can stink for a few moments or so. Other times they can sound loud, but not smell much. While listening to bodily functions on Youtube, I heard farts during a song about those functions. It was about sounds your body makes. To Taylor: You made a double mess in your pants at 7 outside your house? I don't even remember doing that at such a young age. I'm glad too, that sympathy was there for you. Bye all!


Party Pooper

My wife and I were invited to a party at an acquaintance's house. It was a large party and we really didn't know very many people. After an hour or so my wife said, "I really have to find the bathroom!" So I said, "I'll help you look. Let's start on the second floor." So up the stairs we went. We found the bathroom but when we tried to turn the knob it appeared to be locked. My wife said, Shit I really need to go. This morning for some unusual reason I couldn't go. I've been farting all day." Just then from behind the locked bathroom door we heard loud farting followed by several splashes. My wife laughed, "Someone's in there taking a shit!" A couple of minutes later we heard flushing and a few moments later a woman in her forties came out. Suddenly her face turned beet red. She said, "I hope you didn't hear me in there, I'm rather loud when using the toilet." My wife said, "Don't worry I'm louder than you and my husband loves it!" The woman laughed and appeared less embarrassed. We went into the bathroom and it really smelled of poop and farts. My wife climbed onto the toilet and let out a loud fart. "I've been doing that all day!" She lifted her skirt and prepared to squat with her back to me so I could watch the turd come out. After straining and grunting I could see her asshole getting wider and wider. Then a big turd poked it's head out. My wife strained and strained. "I think I'm constipated this might take awhile." She kept pushing and pushing and she was able to get some of it out but it appeared stuck. "I have to really concentrate, this is a hard one I can tell." She pushed and grunted for a couple of more minutes and it didn't budge. "She asked, "How much is sticking out?" I said, "About five inches." She said, "I hate to ask you to do this but desperate times calls for desperate measures. I want you to take hold of my turd and when I start grunting I want you to pull on it but not too hard. I don't want it to break." I said ok. "I grabbed her turd and said, "This thing is rock hard I don't think I'm going to break it." She started grunting and I pulled on it with a little pressure and about an inch more came out. "Ok lets try again." she said. I pulled as she grunted and strained. Slowly but surely we were working it out. Now about ten inches was showing. I asked, "How long is this thing?" She said, "I don't know but my asshole is stating to hurt from being spread open for so long. Then she started laughing, "Wouldn't it be funny if they started looking for us and found us in this position with my ass in your face and you on your knees trying to pull a big shit out of me!" As she was laughing her shit started moving and slowly but surely the two of us got that turd out. As soon as it dropped she blew a big fart right in my face. "That was an ordeal!" she exclaimed. "That turd must be a record. I wish I had my tape measure here. It's got to be 16" long and about 2-1/2" across." I said. "My poor asshole would agree. I want you to do one last favor for me. I think you'll love this one." I just loved what we were doing," I laughed. "Wash your hands and get my pocket book while I wipe. In my pocket book is a suppository. When you come back I want you to push it as far up my rectum as you can. I want to have a leisurely dump when we get home. I still have more to go but I think we've been away from the party long enough." "It's always a pleasure to help a lady in distress." I joked. She punched me as we walked down the stairs.

Anna from Austria

just some random thoughs

A old and overdue post I wanted to do since I came back but never had time to do.

I just want to share some random thoughts. Have been to the US last month so I could experience the American toilets and I would consider pooping in American public toilets is way more embarrassing than pooping in Austria.

Although we both types of toilet in Austria too, the one were the poop goes straight into the water, also have the one were the poop feels on a tray first before it gets flushed down.

Where I grew up the toilets with the tray were omnipresent, the toilets with the direct water hole were more uncommon.

Another thing is that gaps between the stalls seem to be in general much bigger than the ones in Austria. If the toilets have gaps at all you can just see the shoes of your neighbor while in America you can see the legs of your neighbor too.

Another thing that with the type of toilet where the poop falls directly into the water is, that the plopping sounds are super load. So it is impossible to hide the fact that your are pooping. I found the plops quite embarrassing at first. But after some times I got used to it. I was just not used the sound because when using a toilet with the tray the number just hits the toilet in a more silent and gentle way. So it is more easy to hide the fact that you are pooping in Austria, if you are not farting.

In my case that is irrelevant because I always do some farts when I do my number 2. But for some ladies that do not tend to fart a lot it easier to mask the fact that they are pooping. But that seems not to be possible at a American toilet. Even you are not gassy you make certain sounds that tell everybody you are pooping.

In the end I got used to it everything was ok, but it was still a bit awkward at first to get used to the new types of toilet. I tended to pull my pants down the ankles, in Austria it does not matter because the gaps are not big enough to see it, but due the bigger gaps in the American toilets I could have presented my underwear to everybody. Probably not any of the other ladies cared about it, but it still felt a bit embarrassing. So I adjusted my habit and pull my panties just down to knees. I do up do this day and did not change back to my old ways when I was back in Austria.

That are my random thoughts for today.

greetings from Austria


Jasmin K

Big hard poops and more

Hi it's been ages since I last posted, I've been so busy with work then being away on holiday I haven't had time to think about toilet stuff it's been difficult enough finding time for the long bathroom visits I need..
I have a few days off now and have just done a huge poo but not yet empty which I will talk about when I've made a couple of comments from looking through the posts this morning.

Firstly Hi to Mila
I understand the problems your having and at your age I had very similar problems (see my old posts) in fact I've had poo issues from as young as I remember and still do.
Don't be too worried about your bum bleeding or hurting - it happens when your poo is hard or large especially if you have to strain hard to get it out. The diet and fibre stuff helps but I tried that and decided to eat what I liked and just deal with the large hard poo's and sore bums.

Ok so my poo this morning was the result of not going for about 5 days due to being so busy and not having time for a long sit on the toilet, it's been a case of 10 minutes and if it's not out then holding untill next day( as readers of my old posts will know this is not my normal toiletting routene which is staying on the toilet straining untill I do it)
Over the last week I've only done little hard pebbles and had to give up before I'd even done more than a couple of them and go to work and been so busy it's been crisps / chocolate bars /'sweets that I've been eating, That was until 2'days ago when my mum made a vegetable heavy meal and I was home early enough to eat a load of it. I think that helped to push everything through. I went on the toilet for my usuall morning sit and started straining hard and as I had time I strained really hard, I checked under me as I knew I was full and as I was straining my bum was bulging down it felt like a solid log came out but it was just the inside of my bum poking out ( I've been told it's a prolaps) it doesn't bother me and I just kept on straining and was staying there untill I'd done a decent poo. After a few minutes I started to plip out little peanut sised pebbles then I felt a log stretching my bum and the pipe bit sticking out my bum. I pushed down hard it kept getting further out and stretching me more. it felt so thick and lumpy but hard I just had to keep straining to get this out.and kept squirting jets of pee. It took about 30 minutes before it splashed into the water. My bum was sore so I wiped and eased the prolapse back inside and stood to check what I'd done, it was sticking up out of the water solid and about 2 inches across and probably 8-10 inches long, I couldn't tell how much was in the water as my bum bleeding had turned the water red and I had dropped paper in as well.
I didn't feel completely empty so flushed that away and then sat down and strained again but noting except the inside bit came out.. I kept straining and eventually did another lumpy log followed by a solid but more smooth piece followed by a couple of small sausages that really smelled. I pushed the bit back up and wiped again.

That it for this time

Jaz K

Kung Poo
A mid twenties friend of mine, Jocelyn, was telling me how she doesn't push when she poops. She believes it weakens the rectal muscles.

'So you just sit that and wait?' I asked.


'But what if it's big, hard and dry and requires pushing?

'I breath out, relax, and urge it out'.

'And if that doesn't work?'

'I lift up my feet and go into a semi squatting position. Like using a squatty potty, except I don't own one, I use a small step stool.'

'Ever had to rush so you have no choice but to push?'

'Unfortunately, yes. Just last week, I was rushing for an appointment, but needed a huge dump. The poop was also hard and big as I had a fibre supplement. Man, I was pushing and crying in the toilet as that turd baby crowned way before I was ready.'

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