Using a shed during recess

I'm back after a very long hiatus. New job, life getting in the way, blah blah blah. Anyway, here's a new tale.

When I was ten, I was out at recess one day in October when the need to pee became apparent. Not wanting to stop playing, I ignored it for a long time, but eventually, I felt a tiny squirt into my pants and knew I needed to go *now*. My friends and I were out near the edge of the school grounds and I knew I would not make it to the bathroom inside the school before wetting myself.

Then I remembered that there was an old shed just beyond the fence, hidden in the trees. I ran in that direction, trying as hard as I could to hold it. I scrambled over the schoolyard fence and saw the shed a bit further away. Sprinting to it, I sighed in relief when the door lock turned out to be broken; it opened easily when I pushed on it.

I slipped inside and hurriedly shut the door behind me for privacy. There was a window in the opposite wall, illuminating the inside of the shed, but fortunately, it faced away from the schoolyard. Now nearly peeing, I fumbled with my pants and undid my fly. An audible moan of relief escaped me as my pee was finally released and began sprinkling the wooden floor of the shed. Prrrrt. I farted quietly while peeing. I also noticed the sudden need to poop, now that I had farted. Uh oh.

My pee stream slowly tapered off and I had just tucked everything back in when the door suddenly opened! I gasped and spun around to see one of my friends, Carrie, race inside and shut the door again. We froze upon seeing each other, but then she giggled.

"Were you peeing, Ben?" she said, grinning. Her eyes scanned the wooden floor and she laughed, seeing the puddle slowly soaking into the wood. "Yep! Well, I've got to go, too." She hiked up the skirt she was wearing and pulled down her panties, dropping into a squat in the far corner. Her breath rushed out in a sigh and her eyes closed as a loud pattering began. Carrie was peeing. Her puddle slowly grew as she relieved herself.

Prrrrt, prrrrt, prrrrt! Carrie farted three times as she peed and her facial expression changed. "Uh oh...."

"What's wrong, Carrie?"'

"I have to poop, badly! What do I do?"

"Just go in here, no one will know," I told her.

Carrie nodded and took a deep breath. Her pee stream finally died away and stopped. Then, her cheeks puffed out as she silently pushed hard, her hands squeezing into fists. I soon heard a crackling as her poop began to slide out, and it quickly began to smell in the shed. Carrie grinned guiltily. "Sorry that it stinks! I really need to go!"

I watched her turd slowly slide down to the floor and drop, landing with a small thud. She sighed softly. A louder fart boomed out of her and she giggled. She pushed hard again, beginning to grunt with this one, and it slowly began sliding out too, finally dropping with another thud beside her first turd. A third poop began squeezing out immediately after and she grunted several times as it came out. After it dropped to the floor, she farted loudly twice.

She took another breath and pushed again. She grunted softly as a long crackling was heard, her eyes squeezed shut as she pushed and grimaced. A long turd slowly slid out of her butt, inching toward the floor. It reached the floor and looped around as she pushed and pushed; a tiny stream of pee squirted out as she was pushing. Finally, after she'd pooped out this one turd for nearly ten seconds, it dropped out of her bottom and hit the floor with a dull smack. Carrie moaned in relief.

She pushed again and let out a loud, long fart, and she sighed when it was out of her. Straining once more, she squatted there for a few moments, but finally sighed and said she was done. I didn't have anything to wipe with, but Carrie took a small packet of tissues from her skirt pocket and wiped her butt, dropping the tissues on the floor, then she pulled everything up and stood up. She was a bit sweaty now and breathing hard.

"Do you have to go, Ben? Poop, I mean?" Her eager expression clearly wanted the answer to be yes.

My own need to poop hadn't gone away as Carrie had relieved herself, and had only gotten worse! I nodded and moved into the other corner to squat like Carrie had. I slid my pants and underwear to my ankles and squatted in the corner, Carrie giggling to see me half-naked. I grunted as I started to go, and Carrie burst into giggles as I loudly farted.

I pushed harder, feeling my bottom open to let out a long turd. I nearly moaned out loud, it felt so good to finally let it go. I pushed and pushed and pushed, and my first turd seemed to go on forever as I grunted. Finally, I felt it drop out and it was followed immediately by a second loud fart.

Carrie's eyes were wide. "That was HUGE!" she said excitedly, pointing. "How did you fit that in you??"

I pushed again and farted again twice, but I didn't feel any more poop inside me. The heavy pressure in my belly was gone. I had managed to poop out my whole load in a single turd! I felt almost weak.

I borrowed the packet of tissues from Carrie and wiped my butt, dropping them on my poop. I stood and pulled everything up. We exited the shed and returned to school, where the end-of-recess bell sounded just moments later. We both headed inside and went into the bathrooms to wash our hands, smiling to each other before going into our separate bathrooms. Our little secret.

Juliette from France

poop race in forest

One weeks ago, me and my roommates decided to camp in the next weekend around Fontainebleau, and having a poop competiton there. I will go there with my roommates Chloe and Sophie, Chloe has short blonde hair and white skin. Sophie has long brown hair and darker skin. In order to poop more than Chloe and Sophie to win the race, I 've been holding my shit for three days, there are a lot of shit waiting for getting out of my butt.
Today, after we got there, we had lunch in forest, I ate many beans, ice cream, burretos to make me poop more, I also had a lot of laxative, I was ready to explode, Chloe and Sophie also ate many messy things too.
FirstŁ¬we had a race for who can hold it longer, but unluckily, I had laxative, but Chloe and Sophie doesn't, we get to a opening space in forest and sit down, my stomach hurts badly and I thought I will explode in every second, Chloe was also holding her stomach tightly and she squatt, Sophie keep changing her posture and having many stinky farts.
We hold for about 5 minutes, I surrender, Chloe and Sophie also feel a sense of relief, so we squatt down and pull off our pants.
We are sure nobody will came around this place, so we can relief ourself happily. And then, we started, Chloe and Sophie fastly pushing one and another soft huge turd out of their ass, because of these beans, I just keep farting a lot of smelly loudly big wet fart, I haven't really started pooping yet, only a few runny stool get out with my fart, but Chloe already pooped out a bunch of poop, Sophie also pooped out a little hill of poop.
Just then, I felt my stomach suddenly tighten up, and I finally exploded, many massive turds get out very fast with many smelly farts, Chloe and Sophie were shocked. The forest were covered with the noise of pooping, I pooped out these big turd for about 10 minutes, I also had a hill of poop now, but still way more smaller than Chloe's and Sophie's hill of their poop. I pooped out a lot of runny poops after that, my hill get higher and higher, get more higher than Chloe's poop, Chloe seems almost finished, she didn't ate that much, me and Sophie keep pooping for half an hour after Chloe finished pooping and wipe her ass, Sophie seems eating too much, her poop mountain was really high that these poop touched her butt so she stand up and continue pooping. I was now having diarrhea caused by ice cream and laxative, these watery stools are spurting everywhere, we keep going for one hour, I coundn't imagine me and Sophie can pooped out these much, but my stream of watery stools became smaller and so does Sophie, at last, Sophie ends up first, and I win the compitition. But we count the height and amount, my mountain had the best amout, Chloe's poop has the smallest one but very thick poop, Sophie's poop has the best height and most bad smelling, the ground was a mess now. And the smell from mine and Sophie's poop were horrible, so we get to another place to camp. before next morning, I still pooped for 2 times, Chloe pooped 3 times and Sophie pooped 5 times again. We are planning our next race in the camp again.


Totally open beach bathrooms

School's starting next week and my friend Jaylynn and I wanted to take a day at a different beach than we usually go to. In getting it approved, her mother made her take her brother along with us. Troy's 12 and starting junior high soon. In addition to his immaturity, he also battles constipation. He just doesn't like to crap away from home. Me and Jaylynn experienced his attitude a couple of weeks ago when we were at the mall shopping for school. Seriously, the guy says he's never crapped away from home, except when like his family's been at a hotel when traveling. Period. Jaylynn teases him, which I know is bad, but he can be so annoying. She's like "go in, sit down, take your frickin' shit, wipe, and let's get back to having fun!"

Jaylynn and I switched beaches this time because we were going to have a group of friends meet at this smaller one. I was bursting to pee, but we were stuck in traffic, there was a fire and some streets were closed off, and as the driver I reviewed possible solutions. I've had bladder infections in this past year and don't want to deal with that again. For a moment, I considered this alleyway, and peeing in this alleyway between a couple of dumpsters. But Jaylynn reminded me that she and I had tried this once about a month ago when we were hiking. Each of us had the pee rolling down our legs and Troy used telling their mom as a way to threaten his sister.

When we finally got to the beach and parked the car, Troy got into the act of f*****' with his sister and me. When he was down on his knees looking for his phone and bathtowel, Jaylynn faked kicking his butt in while I looked frantically for the bathhouse building. She and I ran for it and we were on separate toilets, right next to one another, with only a block wall about a foot high between us. There were no doors, but both of us at about the same time caught onto something that was so different. There was no ceiling. The sun was burning down on us, birds and all kinds of insects were flying and buzzing around us and we could easily hear the emergency vehicles with their radios going off nearby. While we sat and peed, others came in, looked us over, and made some snide comments. We drank a lot of fluids and did numerous sits during the afternoon and evening as we relieved our bladders. It was especially interesting the final time at we watched the moon coming out from our seats. I told Jaylynn that our previous problems with relieving ourselves outside were now behind us. She agreed.

Shortly after we had had lunch it was obvious Troy was ready for a crap. That's saying a lot since we were outdoors and could smell it. So Jaylynn ordered Troy to get going to the bathroom to do his crap. He had white swim shorts on and came back after like 15 minutes and we could see he had been successful. There was a skidmark, about an inch wide and 2 inches long going through the seat of his trunks. While he hadn't wiped effectively, I still made sure I complimented him on his accomplishment.



When we do motions, if we flush in middle, it is sitting down, but we stand to look before flush. At the end of motion, we flush standing. All of us are same.

When we do wee, we usually flush sitting down. I like better.

I am happy to hear from you Victoria.




Hello All

Hi! I'm Marie and I'm new here. Well not new I found this site way back in 2017 after Experience Project crashed. So I thought I'd end my time as casual observer and say, hello!


Dear Victoria

I am happy that you like washlet!! I hope you get it soon and it is not expensive so much.

Kazuko has a special smile when she is doing motions, and Maho too. But other things....I don't think we have anything special.

Love from Mina and friends


Taylor T's Survey from a while ago

Hey Taylor, I'm fairly new to this site and I saw your survey from a couple weeks ago. I meant to answer it but it slipped through my mind and I'm here to answer it again!

1: How old are you: 13
2: How many bathrooms do you have: 3
3: How big are your poops: Around 8 inches to about 10 inches
4: Where do you poop the most (School, Home, etc): Home most of the time but if I have to at school then I'll go
5: Where do you put your bottoms at (Pants, Shorts, etc.) I usually put my pants or shorts down around my ankles
6: How long does it take to take a poop: If I'm at home than I'll take a good 10 minutes to let it get out on it's own but if I'm in the middle of something than I'll just sit down and push it out
7: Do you poop with friends: Only with my close friends
8: Do your feet hang off the toilet: Not often except for when I poop at Target. Their toilets are so high!!! Lol
9: Do you fart when you poop: Yes, before I start pooping when I push or after a poop falls out of my bum then I'll fart.
10: Have you ever been walked in on: Once by a random person at school and once by my mom.

Victoria B.

More fun with Robyn


Since I last mentioned her I've been spending a good deal of time with Robyn and we've gotten closer as a result-being in the bathroom together closer. Today we were hanging out at her apartment and drinking coffee when I announced that I had to pee. She said she had to go as well and we walked into her bathroom together. I appreciated the vintage tiled look as I pulled my leggings and panties down to my knees and sat down on what turned out to be a comfy toilet seat before I started peeing. Thirty seconds of hissing gush gave way to gradual tinkles and then I was done.

Robyn handed me some toilet paper and I wiped before reaching back to flush. This came as a surprise to her "You flush sitting down?" I was feeling cheeky and replied with another question. "You wipe standing up?"
It turned out that she'd been a standing flusher since potty training and had never tried to do it while seated. I dared her as I got dressed and we switched places. She had her pee, wiped and flushed while sitting down. "You're right, that somehow feels more satisfying." Happy to have gotten a convert we went back to her living room and I started writing this.

Question: when you sit down to go, do you flush while still sitting or do you wait until you've gotten up again?


weird guy

reply to Victoria

I usually flush after standing up. of course, as a guy, this just applies to a poop. the exception is if I have a nasty bout of diarrhea I will flush while seated before I'm finished pooping

I've posted a couple times, and I supposed I should introduce myself. I'm in my late 20s, and a grad student. I try to be sort of gender-neutral in my day-to-day, but in most places I'll still go to the bathroom in the men's room.

When I was a little kid I wanted to know how astronauts or people in submarines or just people before plumbing went to the bathroom, and how the physiology of all of it worked, and it's pretty much been a lifelong...interest? I dunno. Some people want to know about and chat about cars or cooking, I want to swap stories about poop and pee and farts. Aside from a couple friends who've come and gone, I haven't really gotten the chance to. It's a boundary that I wouldn't want to overstep if it was unwanted.

I tend not to pee that much because I drink more coffee or alcohol than water, I know, it's bad. And my poop is frequent and loose, but it doesn't hurt me and I don't feel sick. And I don't consider myself particularly gassy. But I go anywhere between 2 and 5 times a day.

Just now was #3, I want to say. And it was super mushy and pretty small. Like, it left feathers of brown in the bottom of the bowl and floating, but not so many. They were almost like the egg in an egg drop soup. And during it I let out this slow, bubbly fart, like the gas was easing itself out my hole in a leisurely way.

I take a lot of enjoyment out of my average poop, honestly, and that fart was a highlight.

Till next time, which will probably be between dinner and bed.

Taylor T

Grace's House

So this happened almost 8 years ago when I was I believe either 7 or 8 years old at my friend Grace's House. I remembered this because my Facebook reminded me about this event since her mother took a picture of the two of us that day. She moved away last year but we were extremely close about almost everything... and of course the one thing we rarely ever talked about was our bathroom habits whether that be peeing or pooping. The only time I remember us ever going near that subject was when she was at my house and said she needed to poop. Anyways back to the story, we were at her house in the backyard playing Hide And Seek around 4:30-5:00 and it was her turn to hide. I counted for about a minute in the garage and I made a loud fart and once I finished that I felt one at my back door. I searched for her for about 2 minutes and I was farting almost every 20 seconds. I found her hiding behind the shed and it was my turn. I told her to count for four minutes and I went off to find somewhere to hide. I found the perfect spot but I just couldn't hold my urge anymore. I snuck around to the basement door on the side of the house and went in. I forgot that her brother's room was in the basement and I soon realized he was in the bathroom. I got on my stomach and looked under the door, I could see his sweatpants around his ankles and I could hear a game going on. I walked upstairs to the kitchen and saw her mother. I asked her where the bathroom was and she showed me. I felt embarrassed since it was right off the kitchen. It had a window in it and I could see Grace counting from here, she had a minute left and I knew I couldn't get the fat poop out in a minute. I dropped my jeans around my ankles and my under wear slightly below my knees , I shut the window and farted very loudly, definitely enough for her mother to hear and I farted loudly again. I heard footsteps and heard a knock on the door, "Yes" "Hey Taylor are you okay in there", it was her mother unfortunately, and I said, "Yes I'm just taking a poop" "Okay would you mind if I came in there and did some laundry", I forgot the washer and dryer were in the closet but I didn't really mind since I had pooped in front of a lot of people so I said, "No I wouldn't mind at all you can come in". She had two big baskets of laundry when she walked in and she shut the door. "Thank You so much I need to head out in about a half hour and I don't have enough time to do laundry" "Yeah it's fine I don't mind at all". To kind of break the ice and embarrassment she said, "Nice so your an ankle girl", I was confused and asked, "What does that mean" "It means that you put your bottoms around your ankles" "Oh yeah I do all the time I feel more free haha" "Me and Grace also do that, I've been putting bottoms around my ankles since I was 7 years old in the second grade all my friends did that so I did that, and I'm 33 now so that tells you how long I've been doing it". I was surprised at how open she was being and I really liked it. I said to her, "I really hope you don't mind that I'm doing this I haven't gone in two days and I was trying to hold it until I go home tomorrow" "Oh god there's no reason to hold it in you can go anytime you want here". My first poop was massive as it began to crackle out of my bum, it took about 20 seconds until it finally splashed in, I wiped up and asked her if she had a plunger. She said, "Don't worry I'll get it I still need to finish all this up". She grabbed the plunger walked over to the toilet and said, "Jeez you and Grace with your massive turds it's unbelievable" "Hers are that big" "Oh yeah she eats like a horse and poops every two days and they're at least always a foot long, you guys have little bums but big poops" and we both laughed. I went back outside and eventually she found me. It came to about 7:00 and we finished the last round of our hide and seek game and we went inside. She said "Okay so do you want to watch TV or play on my PlayStation" "Definitely Playstation". While the game loaded she said, "Oof okay I need to take a big poopy do you want to come with me" I laughed and said "Yeah let's go". I went in and she shut the door behind me. She went over and wiped the seat just in case. She pushed her stretch pants around her ankles and shook her bum at me and we both laughed. I sat on the tub and she sat on the toilet. I heard the turd start crackling out of her bum and splash in. She said, "Oh by the way since your sleeping over you can poop here if you need to tonight" "I already did earlier" "Aww you did why didn't you take me with you" "Because I was embarrassed too" "Don't be I consider you my best friend that's what best friends do". She wiped and showed me and I said "That's almost close to my size". That's what best friends do I guess lol!!!


To Michael

Hey Michael W: I love your exploding on the toilet skit description. Sounds like your pretend shit was gassy. My shits were solid although I felt a little like I was coming down with something earlier today. A few times during the day I felt like I was going pale in the face, and even felt slightly uneasy. Luckily though, I never actually had any toilet emergencies. I'm sure someone from here will record a real poop. Who knows, things here are unpredictable.

Thursday, August 22, 2019


Double Dump

When I was 11, me and my mom decided to take a cross country trip from Atlanta to L.A. with my mom's sister which is my aunt Lisa and her daughter which is my cousin Stacy. They had just moved in next door to us because aunt Lisa had just went through a divorce and she got custody of Stacy. My parents had gotten divorced several years ago when I was 7 but thankfully mom got custody of me. Me and her packed up and moved to Atlanta and my dad has been serving a 30 year prison sentence in south GA since I was 9 but when I was 11, mom was 35, aunt Lisa was 39, and Stacy was 13. Me and Stacy were like siblings since me and her both were only children and close in age but we all decided to do a 2 week trip out west so we pitched in to rent a 2009 Lincoln Town Car since we wanted a car that had a lot of room but still got pretty good gas mileage so we took off in the morning and drove all day. We spent the 1st night in Dallas, TX. Then the next day we ate breakfast and took off driving across the rest of Texas. Before we got to Abilene, mom started feeling like she had to go but she could hold it comfortably for another hour or so and we kept driving. Then later on aunt Lisa started feeling like she had to go and she was more uncomfortable so we knew the next rest stop was 20 miles away just past Westbrook so mom started driving faster. She then got behind a tractor trailer that was going very slow so after a couple of minutes, she floored it and went around it so it was smooth sailing after that and we got to the rest stop about 15 minutes later. Mom and especially aunt Lisa were in dire need of a restroom so after we got out of the car, there was 2 creepy looking guys talking and some truckers going in and out of the men's room so mom told me to come in the women's restroom with them. I was too afraid to wait outside anyway because I knew it would probably be a while. There was 5 stalls, all clean so mom got the one on the end by the wall, I was between her and aunt Lisa, and Stacy was on the other side of aunt Lisa. Stacy only had to pee and then she did her makeup. I had already used the bathroom before we left Dallas but aunt Lisa had a long pee and an airy tire deflating fart after that while mom had 2 quick big farts that sounded like ducks. Then she started pooping. Mom's plops was a bit louder than aunt Lisa's and she had a lot of them. I remember mom peeing some while pooping but her dump was much more gassy than aunt Lisa's with 2 big duck sounding farts at the beginning, a small bass fart not long after she started pooping, later on 4 popping farts, a long 5 second fart that sounded like a machine gun, and an airy squeal sounding fart before a big splash toward the end. She had a long hiss sounding pee after that which was the end of her session. Then aunt Lisa sounded almost like she was having diarrhea right before the end but the stall I was in smelled really bad, mostly coming from aunt Lisa so mom wiped and got out. She didn't have to wipe too much so I got out right after she did and then Stacy came out. Aunt Lisa started wiping just before we stepped outside so she must have did a lot of wiping because me, mom, and Stacy waited outside the restroom for a minute or two. After that, we hit the road again. The creepy guys were gone but we kept going toward El Paso and spent the 2nd night in Tuscon, AZ before going into L.A. the 3rd day. We stayed the 3rd and 4th nights there and went to the beaches before heading back inland to Las Vegas. We spent the 5th and 6th nights there before going to the Grand Canyon for the 7th and 8th nights. We went to Colorado for the 9th, 10th, and 11th nights before coming back. We spent the 12th night in St. Louis before coming back to Atlanta the 13th day that evening so we had a lot of fun on that trip and made many memories.

an anonymous poster asked me how long and how hard i push for, if i often squat and how long i've gone between poos. to answer your questions:
On some days I'm on and off the toilet for most of the day, pushing and trying for a poo.
In between I will even lie on my bed and push there. I very rarely poo on my bed but if I feel like I might be able to get it out I just keep going. Keep pushing and get it out. The only problem with this is that I always need to change my sheets afterwards because even if I put down a towel to catch the big poo I always pee everywhereee when I strain. Even if I don't feel like I need to pee. If anybody can tell me why this is it would be good.
I do often squat. My mother taught me that. When I was little she encouraged me to squat when pushing because she said that pushing my knees into my belly would help me squeeze the poo out. My mum has always been one for positions and stuff like that. When I was a really little baby she'd lie me down on a blanket and "bicycle" my legs back and forth while I tried to poo.
I've gone a very long time between poos. The longest probably being two weeks. I was a little girl and I was so bloated and uncomfortable. None of my pants fit and my mum even commented that I looked pregnant. Eventually the belly aches and cramping got so bad and I was constantly crying that my mum took me to the toilet and basically said "alright you're gonna sit here with me and push until something comes out. this isn't healthy."

One time me and my boyfriend were joking around and at one point somehow we got onto this topic and he joked "what does poop look like coming out? Is it like play doh or something?" And neither of us had actually seen poop come out of a butt before so we were innocently curious, nothing sexual.

So we got a few old towels (ones that were going to be thrown away anyway) and put them on the floor, just enough so if we urinated it wouldn't go through to the carpet. We both took all our clothes off, head to toe.

He decided to go first. He got on his hands and knees as if he were a dog. His penis hung down and I watched as some pee started coming out. It was only a few drops at first, but then it was full force peeing. I laughed because I'd never seen something like this before.

"Are you ready?" he asked me, getting into a better position so I could see. He spread his knees and put his legs outward so I had a good view of his bottom.

"Yes" I answered, eager to see what pooping actually looked like up close.

He grunted a big grunt and I saw his butthole start to open up. But as soon as the first grunt ended, it closed back up. He grunted again, his butthole started to open again, then he took a breather and it closed up again.

"Sorry, should've mentioned....I do uh, kinda have some issues with constipation," he told me. I rubbed his back and said "it's alright, you take as long as you need to."

He grunted again, this time a lot louder and it sounded like he was putting forth a ton of effort. His bum opened and closed again.

After this happened a few times, I decided to start to coach him through it.

"Pushhhh, baby," I said. "Let it all out. It's okay. You can do it."

He pushed again and I saw his poop "crowning" meaning I saw his poop at his butt opening.

"You're doing such a good job babe, I see it! You've got this!" I said.

With another massive grunt and lots of panting from all the hard work, he managed to push out another centimeter or so of poo.

"Good job! I knew you could do this!" I cheered. "That's my boy!"

He pushed again, and as he grunted and pushed I yelled over his grunts, "push push push baby, you've got it! You're so close! It's coming out! Good job! You're doing great! Keep going!"

He pushed more but this time his poop looked like it nearly went back into his butt. He put his elbows on the ground and put his head on the ground, frustrated. I encouraged him to keep trying and he decided to give it another go.

I held his cheeks open a little to help him out. He pushed again and as usual I soothed and encouraged him as he did, congratulating and praising him when he made more progress.

Finally it got to the point where it was dangling from him, ready to drop with just a few more pushes. It was right there. I wasn't holding his cheeks open anymore because it looked like he was handling it well on his own and only needed help getting the poop started on its way out.

He grunted again (it really felt like I had become his doula for giving birth!!) and I joked with him "wow, it actually kinda does look like play doh!"

We both laughed and apparently that laugh was enough to force the poop out and it dropped onto the towel. I praised him and congratulated him and I admired his large creation. Oh boy was it long, no wonder it took so long to push out! We must've been there for 20 minutes or longer with him just trying to get that thing out. Poor guy!

I gently wiped the tip of his penis to dry the pee and wiped his bottom. "Ok now your turn" he said.

I got in the same position he was in. I began peeing, and he watched me go just like I'd watched him. I started to push and it actually took me a while to get it out too. He encouraged me the same as I'd encouraged him and eventually the first poo came out.

"You're right, it kinda does look like play doh coming out" he joked while my poo was dangling from my bottom.

I pushed and pushed and pushed, and what do ya know I was having almost the same amount of trouble as him!

I pushed a few more out before I got uncomfortable in that position. My legs and arms were starting to get sore.

So I got into a new position: the childbirth position, lol. I layed on my back and put my legs up so my knees were close to my chest, then relaxed my legs so they went to the side. He continued to watch and he felt like it was an even better view. It was much easier to push this way. Plus I was able to kind of look down and see myself going which was super cool.

I pushed out a super tough one at the end, which was so hard I had to hold his hand through it. At one point he even helped hold my legs up and watched and coached me as I pushed as if I was actually giving birth. hahahah! We're weird, what can I say.

Once I was done, he wiped my vagina and then my bottom. It took a few wipes for my bottom. Whereas with him it took only 2 or 3. I was more messy with mine I guess!

We haven't done it again yet but that sure was a bonding experience! We thought it was just for curiosity but it ended up bringing us even closer together!


Victoria B.

More fun with Robyn


Since I last mentioned her I've been spending a good deal of time with Robyn and we've gotten closer as a result-being in the bathroom together closer. Today we were hanging out at her apartment and drinking coffee when I announced that I had to pee. She said she had to go as well and we walked into her bathroom together. I appreciated the vintage tiled look as I pulled my leggings and panties down to my knees and sat down on what turned out to be a comfy toilet seat before I started peeing. Thirty seconds of hissing gush gave way to gradual tinkles and then I was done.

Robyn handed me some toilet paper and I wiped before reaching back to flush. This came as a surprise to her "You flush sitting down?" I was feeling cheeky and replied with another question. "You wipe standing up?"
It turned out that she'd been a standing flusher since potty training and had never tried to do it while seated. I dared her as I got dressed and we switched places. She had her pee, wiped and flushed while sitting down. "You're right, that somehow feels more satisfying." Happy to have gotten a convert we went back to her living room and I started writing this.

Question: when you sit down to go, do you flush while still sitting or do you wait until you've gotten up again?


Steve A


1. Have you ever walked into the wrong restroom before, by accident?

2. Are you particular about the brand of TP that you use?

3. How often do you clean your bathroom? Sink, shower, toilet, etc?

4. Would you ever consider installing an air dryer or urinal for your bathroom?

5. Have you ever dealt with a restroom attendant?

6. Should all public places require a private, single toilet, family restroom for the public?

7. What hand soap alternatives would you use, besides hand sanitizer, if you ran out soap? (Body Wash, Shampoo/Conditioner, Face Wash, Dish Soap, etc.)

8. What type of air freshener do you use for your bathroom?

9. Have you ever been to a place that had no restroom or only reserved it for the employees? Did they let you use their restroom, even if it was against the rules?

10. What is a public restroom pet peeve of yours?

Juliette from France

Saw another girl having massive poop

Today, at noon, I finished exercising, and I had a strong urge to poop, so I went to the toilet of the changing room. 3 stalls were all occupied, but it seems the girls in these stalls were all peeing, I keep farting to releasing my pressure of stomach, because it seems to be a huge load in me. Finally, a stall was opened, I went in the stall, there are some gap under the door and the wall, so I can see what's going on outside and in the stall near my stall. After peeing, I had several farts, the people in other 2 stalls finished peeing. I started pushing my first big turd, my asshole opened, it's very big, and very hard to push. Just then, a beautiful brown hair girl get in, grabbing a bunch of paper and the other hand holding her stomach. She went in the first stall, she pull off her skirt quickly and I saw a big white beautiful butt, she quickly squat down, she seems to have been holding up for a long time, she let out a giant, smelly fart as soon as she squat down, the she had a another big fart, I saw a little bit of shit coming out with the fart. I 'm still pushing my big turd, and I can feel some smaller once after this big one. I tried to concentrated on pushing, but the smell of that girl's fart was making me dizzy. Then, the girl sighed, and a huge turd, bigger than the turd I was now pushing, get out of her asshole with incredible speed, then the second one, then the third and another one came out really fast and splashed one and another big splash. After pushing so many turds, she finally let out a massive fart and done shitting, the fart was super loudly that the boys outside laugh. I was shocked, I couldn't imagine a young beautiful girl can poop out this much of shit. And then, my big turd splashed into water and dozens of soft poop fire out of my ass. The girl went out of the toilet without flushing, and another blonde hair girl went in and said: Eww, does the whole school sewer back up in here?
Then, I wiped my ass and flushed the toilet, out there that girl scream and had a smelly wet fart:pfffffffffffffrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttttt. I can see her pink skirt was turning brown. She seems having diarrhea and it will stink the toilet again, so I run out of toilet, the stall next to me was a disaster, the pot was full of huge turds, and seems clogged, the smell was also horrible.


My parents' smelly home bathroom without privacy

I was raised in a large house that was almost a hundred years old at the time. The lot next door on the right had a home that had been torn down and a like 10 or 12 apartment building was built there when I was very young. This gave me and my friends some interesting play opportunities since there were always families moving in and out. Our house had only one bathroom. It was a larger room with 2 windows. This happened during the summer before I started 5th grade, 1994 I think. Dad was the first to use the bathroom each morning. About 5:30. He'd call it a "shit." Mom would hear him, call him gross for using the word, so he'd backtrack, then spell the word out and wink at Mom. His shits were always large, but soft and smelly. So in the summer, he'd shit, flush, wipe, then do a second flush before meeting Mom in the kitchen. The window was close to the sidewalk of the apartment building, but there were no apartment windows directly aligned with our windows. So I didn't think my privacy on the toilet would be an issue, although I was naive but amused by some of the conversations as residents would sit outside on the steps and drink, cuss and smoke. From my seat, I heard several people talk about this guy President Clinton and Dad was surprisingly open later that day in explaining things to me.

On this one summer day, I think it was a Monday, because our family had gotten back late after spending Sunday at a theme park. Mom had told me to hold my poo until we got home because the toilets were so busy and gross in the park. I woke up about 10, went to the fridge and got an apple and took my seat on the toilet. My wee came fast, but the apple kept me occupied while I waited for my poo to start. I heard some sort of noise, looked out the window and saw a long steel ladder against the apartment building. I guess 10 minutes or so went by as I sat and ate. My bowels were starting to activate as I finished my apple, wrapped the core into a mitt of toilet paper, and tossed it into the trash can. I heard a strange noise outside, looked through the window and saw just feet and jeans on the ladder. Then came the knees. Then the mid-section of this worker in uniform holding a paint container and brush in one hand, slowly moving down the ladder, with his body toward me. He paused a couple of times when he was facing my window, and then he continued down to the ground. I immediately sprung from the toilet, grabbed both shades and yanked them all the way down.
At that point, Mom walked in, flushed my pee, dropped her jeans and undies and then did an instant poo assault on the toilet. She asked me about the shades, told me she had been holding her crap, too, from the previous day, and offered me a laxative if I wanted it. Unlike my Dad she was faster on the toilet, cleaned herself and did it in one flush.
Then she went downstairs and came back with the biggest fan in the house. We used that for a couple of days until the painters left. The shades stayed down.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

weird guy


I find it annoying sometimes when I get up to pee, only to have that create a need to take a dump not too much later. some days within 15 minutes of going back to sleep, I'm reawakened because I have to poop. I prefer to get on the toilet on my own terms

So I've just walked home from a trip out to a nice beer bar, and had an awkward stop-off in a cafe bathroom.

I had a few nice craft beers and some tater tots, and wanted to hit a bathroom before the walk home, just in case. The bathroom in the bar was occupied, and whoever it was was taking a while. So I decided, fine, there are other bathrooms in the area.

I headed to a local coffee shop, and headed to the bathroom. I thought I just needed to pee, but I sat down anyway, and ended up doing a sticky, stinky alcohol poop. When I went to wipe, there was only a little of a roll remaining, and I did what I could, but this was one that was going to require a lot of wipes.

So I bought a chai and told the barista that the bathroom needed more paper. She definitely saw me go back in to finish wiping, but I figured I'd rather be a little embarrassed than have a dirty ass on the walk home.

Honestly, I've still got that gritty, sticky feeling between my cheeks right now. I should probably shower.

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