Survey on how to select a toilet stall


There has been 3 times in the past week when I've had to wait, sometimes with pain and a lack of patience, for a toilet stall to open in a large bathroom. The wait has caused me to come up with this survey.

You are in a large public bathroom. All toilets are taken. People are waiting. A toilet opens. Do you automatically take it or do you hold out for something better based on the following factors?

1. Take first one that opens.
2. Check for evidence of toilet paper.
3. See if the seat is clean.
4) See if there are protective paper seat covers.
5. Say No because there is no privacy door.
6. Say No because there is a broken latch on the door.
7. Hold out for one of the end stalls due to more privacy.
8. Refuse to use a toilet with an unflushed or clogged bowl.
9. Say No because of water or other matter on the floor.
10. If with a friend, wait until two toilets open next to one another.
11. It differs whether you're urinating or defecating.
12. Other factors? (list them)

I'll start:
11. This is the biggest one for me.
3. I like the white seats because it is easier to see what's on them.
4. These are essential if I'm sitting for a lengthy poo.
1. Toilet paper's not essential because I have Kleenex in my purse.
6. I've used my coat balanced on an unlatched door a few times.
8. I prefer not to crap into an unflushed bowl and receive splashback.
12. Time available. I try to be punctual.

Thank you,

Restaurant pooper

Restaurant survey

Hey. I grew up being very shy (I'm 23 now) and avoided using public bathroom. I have sense grown past it and try to poop in public bathrooms whenever I can. Anyway, I'm really curious about others habits when using public bathrooms and was hoping you would be kind enough to fill out my survey. Thank you!

1. Describe yourself

2. How old are you

3 Gender?

3. Are you okay with pooping in public or are you shy?

4.Have you recently pooped in a restaurant fast food or sit down? If it's a national chain if so what's the name?

5.How many stalls did the bathroom have?

6.Did you use a toilet seat cover or did you hover?

7.Was it before or after your meal?

8.Was anyone else in the bathroom?

9.How long did it take you?

10.How many wipes?

11.Any other details you'd like to add?


Comments, and poop report

Hey vicky: I love your story. I've never pooped in the woods, but I've been sick outside when the toilet seemed inconvenient. Hey, upchuck makes a good fertilizer, and I bet your poop did, too! I also love your outside buddy dump. So cool. My prune juice-induced diarrhea has ended. What I did today was still a bit loose, and not as much as before. Otherwise, I had a great day! I played Furby Says with my king Furby, but the software glitched, and kicked me out before I could win. Great stories, please keep em coming. Bye!


My mother is the sweetest person!!

Hi everyone, I have been away long time, I am sorry.

I was in my hometown for the New Year. It is very important time in Japan. On 3 January Kazuko came to my town from city. I think she wanted to escape her parents? because they always shout if she stay in loo more than one minute. They are good people, but that is very very stress for poor Kazu.

So she came to my town. My parents already know her. So she was relax very much.

4 January, after breakfast, my mother said, "you two girls, you can have upstairs loo for yourselves. Then she looked at Kazuko and said, "this child (that is me, in Japanese family we often say "child" even the child is adult) this child, you know, she stay in loo until the end of world." Kazuko looked at me and then at my mother and said, "I am same." My mother said, "well, go upstairs and relax well!" So we went. Kazuko entered loo first, I said to her, "you said my mother, so you stay all long time you want! I can wait." So ten minutes later, and after once flush, she still there, I opened door little bit and said, "are you OK?" Kazuko stand up and turn so I can see inside loo, turds everywhere and many many many. Then she sat down again. I said her, "no hurry, take your time." She said "OK" and there was plop just after, but small one.
Few minutes later I heard two flush and then Kazuko came out with little smile on her face. She really loves to do motions! But I am same.

I sat down on loo and began to do, and I did and did and did, flush in middle and more plop plop and burururururu. So after 10 minutes I still there and Kazuko opened door. "are you OK?" So like her, I stand up and turn, she can see my enormous produce. Her eyes became to very big. I sat down quickly because suddenly very large motion came out, made swish noise, not plop because it landed top of many other turds. I smile at Kazuko and she flashed her eyes at me, very bright, I know that signal, it means "I love you". But after that I nearly finished, only few little tiny pieces come out. So I wash and dry and flush twice and go out of loo. We went my bedroom and gave to each other strong hug. Then went downstairs.

My mother said, "you did sukkiri?" it is Japanese word means clear feeling, here it means clear feeling in bottom after motion. So we said "yes" and she said "it is good". Kazuko suddenly change face. My mother asked, "what is happened to you?" Kazuko said nothing, she is fighting with her feeling it seems, then suddenly she took big breath and said, "in my house, my mother never said such thing! She always say to Kazuko, 'why you stay in loo so long? You eat too much again! It is not feminine! Long time in loo is man only! Reduce your food. ' " ( I hope punctuate is OK because I change many times and look at grammar book.)

My mother seemed very shock. She said nothing for few minutes, then she said, "I don't criticize your mother, but you are in my house now, we are countryside, food is better than big city, so you eat and eat and eat! Please! Here very delicious food. More you eat, more I am happy! You can sit on loo until you feel you did sukkiri, even one hour is OK! Eat and eat and eat! I give you lots delicious food." So Kazuko burst into tears, and my mother run to her and hug her. "When you in my house, you are my daughter, just like Minappe, and I feed you well! I am happy you are Minappe's friend. MInappe is so happy live with you."

So of course, lunch and dinner and snack time in afternoon, we ate and ate, and next day Saturday, we went upstairs loo, stayed long long time and did huge motion again, many many many turds, Kazuko was first again and me second, but time was about same, about 15 minutes Kazuko and also me. And when we went downstairs mother and father and grandparents all gave smile to us. Actually in my family we are slow in loo, not 15 minutes like me and Kazu but maybe ten. We like to go to loo slowly.

Kazuko said to me, "your mother is so lovely!! I am envy!!" I also think I am lucky to have such mother. and father too.

Sunday morning was same. Our train go back to city was lunchtime, so we went to loo 15 minutes each again after a breakfast and did very huge motion after eat lots countryside food. Kazuko said, "when I do this motion, I can feel delicious of countryside food. Taste is still here." I understand her feeling.

But I like Kazuko's mother. She has strange idea about ladylike, but she is good woman. Kazuko says a same thing.

Sunday evening, we told this story to Maho and Hisae, and they said, "We also think! Minappe you have nicest mother in world." Then they said, "but we love own mothers too." and Hisae said, "My mother also said me, 'eat and eat and eat, Chae! Countryside food is better than poison you eat in big city.' " Hisae said she went to loo for motions many times and her mother smile every time.

Maho said, when she eat like tyrannosaurus, her mother also smile. And after she stay in loo long time, also smile, and her father too.

But it is lucky Kazu live with us now. She can be free in loo. I love to see her happy face when she is filling loo with her 100 turds. (Maybe not 100. I don't count. I can't count, after Kazu has sat on loo 15 minutes. Count is impossible.)

I hope everyone had nice Christmas and New Year holiday, enjoy everything included important loo time.

Love to everyone.

Kazu, Maho, Chae (Hisae) and your very own Mina

P.S. I say to my friends what I write this post. Then Kazuko walk to me and give me kiss on my top of head.


Diarrhea accident from last year

Hi, I'm Deb from London, Ontario.

Last year, before I became pregnant with my daughter l, had a bad diarrhea accident in my pants at work. I work in as a receptionist in an office business centre. My period hadn't started yet, but I was expecting it at any moment. So I had pads in my purse as well as extra panties and pants I case I bled through.

I had been having PMS cramps for a few days and they were getting worse. I had been having some diarrhea as well. I went for a walk at lunch. As I was walking the cramps got really bad. I felt like I needed to use the toilet to have diarrhea so I turned back towards my office. I felt some gas coming on which I had to let out. Unfortunately, when I did, it came out as a big load of diarrhea. I tried clamping my bum cheeks as it happened, but by then it was too late. The damage was done... I had pooped in my pink bikini panties. I could feel the mess sloshing around in my panties as I walked to my office. It was terrible.

When I got back, my coworker was in a hurry to go to lunch and left even before I got to sit down. So I didn't get a chance to get myself cleaned up and changed in the ladies room and I had to sit in my mess until she got back an hour later.

Before she got back though, a potential new client came in for a tour of the centre, which I had to give. So there I was, with a load of diarrhea in my pants and feeling just terrible. Another wave of cramps came on as I was giving the tour and I started pooping my panties again. The mess spread all up my back and down my legs.

Finally my coworker got back. I grabbed my purse and went to he ladies room to try and get cleaned up. The mess was everywhere. It was horrible. I managed to get changed into my clean clothes and went back to work. I put my dirty clothes in a plastic bag and hid them in my purse.

In my drive home, I had another accident in my pants. It was terrible as well. The mess leaked all through my panties and all down my legs just as it has earlier on the day.

Do any ladies here have any period accident stories to share?
Thanks for reading. I'll be back with some other stories as soon as I can.

Monday, January 07, 2019


A Story From My Childhood

I want to tell a story from my childhood. Basically when I was ten years old during the summer I used to go play at my friend Kilye house every day until we went on vacation somewhere else.
The first day of vacation, my mom announced that she was very worried about my bowel regularity so she made me eat two prunes and forced me to sit on the toilet after lunch. For some reason, tough, I wasn't able to poop in that moment and since, she didn't actually came with me inside the bathroom and I was afraid she would punish me for not going I just flushed and said I pooped. About an hour later, I left the house to go to my friend house. I was allowed to go alone, since the walk to her house was only twenty minutes lo ng; I also must specify that I live in the countryside so the walk was mostly trough fields and woods. When I was about ten minutes into the walk the prunes really started having effect. At that age I had pooped in the woods only a couple time so that wasn't something I looked forward to. I held it for two other minutes but eventually realised there was no way I could make it to the house and I ran behind some bushes. I squatted and let loose, it just felt so good. The day after this happened, I did the same and then again and again, always in the same spot. This became an every day habit and I just stopped trying to poop after lunch. My mother was never suspicious and pooping in the woods made me feel free and kind of excited. In hindisight , this is probably what sparkled my interest in pooping outside,alongside with the story that I'm about to tell.
So, after a week from the first day I relieved myself outdoor something really interesting happened. We had just finished eating ice-cream when we decided to go to a small river, about fifteen minutes away from her house. Her mom was reclutant but we promised to be back before it was dark so she gave us permission. When we arrived there Kilye had a weird look on her face. She told me that the ice cream really moved sometjimg in her bowels and that she couldn't make it back to her house. I told her to just poop behind a bush since there was nobody around but she said that she had never done this before. At this point since I was starting to feel the urge to poop too I just told her that I will show her how to do it. I squatted against a tree,lowered my pants and started shitting. Before I was even finished she ran next to me, squatted and immediately realeased a waterfall of poop, followed by three medium sized turds. At first she was very embarassed but she became more confortable after the first seconds. I loved pooping side to side with her and this really made our friendship stronger. I have two more stories about her, so stay updated! Love y'all


Another vacation story

I'd like to share another story from my recent vacation! But it's another one of the stories where unfortunately people walked in on me!

The bathroom was very crowded. There were lines to get into the stalls, and there was a line nearly going out the door. I walked in, and saw that the very first stall was open, but for whatever reason, no one was using it. Despite there being lines nearly out the door. And it was the very first stall, so you'd think it would be occupied. I thought this was kind of strange, but I was in a bit of a hurry because my stomach was cramping really bad and I just knew I had diarrhea.

I rushed into the first stall, locked it (or so I thought; was in so much of a hurry that I didn't double check), sat down before even having time to put the protective paper seat cover on the toilet seat, and stripped off my entire shorts and panties and put them on the ground. I know it's not the most hygienic, but it was kind of an emergency! I spread my legs wide open, leaned back and tried to relax. I massaged my stomach as the poop just came trickling out of my butt. I started to pee too, but that was just because my bladder tends to automatically relax whenever I'm on a toilet, even if I'm only sitting there to shave or something like that at home!

I grunted in pain and clutched and massaged my stomach as it flowed out of my butt. It was embarrassing because it was so noisy, and so painful that I was groaning, but since the pain was so bad I didn't really care.

I quickly found out why the stall wasn't being used by anyone. I heard the outer bathroom door open again, which meant someone else was joining the line. Then, all of a sudden the woman swung the stall door open on me by accident. She didn't considerately close it quickly, but left it open and left me totally indecently exposed in a humiliating position while she apologized. I tried to quickly close my legs but the embarrassment was still there.

"Oh, I'm so sorry darling," she said.

"It's ok," I said quickly, avoiding eye contact.

"I apologize. That's happened to me before too, it isn't fun!" she laughed.

"Yeah," I said, trying to use my face to signal to her that I wanted her to close the door already!

"Well, at least we're all ladies," the woman said.

I laughed politely and eventually she closed the door. After what seemed like an ETERNITY and after I got plenty of stares, which I didn't expect since I'd think they'd just look the other way for respect, but nope. By the way, I was still spurting out diarrhea AS THIS WOMAN SPOKE TO ME, so that was all graphically on display too. But I spread my legs again once she closed the door. But she obviously couldn't lock it for me, so the best she could do was try to close it, though it was slightly open, but I still had SOME privacy.

So, apparently the lock didn't work. I tried to lock it again, but couldn't reach that far, so it stayed semi open. Not fully, but partly. But I luckily wasn't on full display anymore. Until.....

A middle aged woman and what I think is her daughter open the door on me too, and see me in my worst bathroom moment ever. But this woman was more considerate.

"Oops!" the woman said, trying to close the door again.

But her daughter was laughing.

"Stop it!" the woman snapped. "It's not funny!"

"But I saw her private," the girl said.

"Honey, that's a vagina, it's just a body part. All women and girls have it. You have one too," she explained.

I looked down in shame and embarrassment. Another woman came in. "Oops, my apologies," she said, trying to shut my stall door.

Since there was a big line, people regularly opened the door. I felt so exposed and vulnerable! But I couldn't lock the door or even hold it shut with my leg because it was too far from the toilet.

I was pretty embarrassed about all that!! Some women even laughed when they saw me! But finally, I finished up and wiped myself. Of course, I was also walked in on as I wiped, which was even more embarrassing! But I tried to make it quick.

My face felt like it was burning. I looked in the mirror above the sink and yep, my face was bright tomato red! I'm lucky I was on vacation though, and (hopefully) there was no one I knew!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jennifer it sounds like whatever hit you was pretty nasty hopefully you feel better soon.

To: Anonymous it sounds like you really had to poop and a lot as well I bet you felt good afterwards.

To: Anna From Austria well at least you know now and can avoid them unless you really need to make yourself poop then you have something that will work.

To: Sarah great story it sounds like you had a great poop.

To: Brittany B great story it sounds like you all really had to poop and had some great poops.

To: Crystal great story.

To: Grace P it sounds like your mom had a really good poop.

To: Abbie as always another great story.

To: Sarah Your Ride Share Driver great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


New Years Eve peeing

On the day of New Years Eve, me, my friend Kennard, and another friend, Samantha, teamed up to spend about 12 hours together. Since we took a city bus to the bowling alley we started at, and we had to transfer buses once, being out in the cold and wind waiting for our connection caused all three of us to be ready for a toilet once we got to the lanes. Me and Samantha had coffees and Kennard had a hot chocolate while we waited on the bunch bench for a half hour. Me and Samantha bounded off the bus and across a large parking lot in order to get to the toilets. Me and Samantha took toilets next to one another. We both had pretty strong pees. What was different was that on the inside door of each toilet was a full-size poster of a different woman pro bowler sliding and delivering the ball straight at you.

Samantha let off a series of farts so loud that I could hear it over the running water as I washed my hands. I shouted back to her and she said she was trying to poo because the bathroom situation would be worse a few hours later when we would be hanging out at the central mall for the music and fireworks. While I was walking down the hallway I passed the guys room and texted into Kennard. He said he was taking his shit because, like Samantha, the toilets at the mall would suck worse than school. I asked him if he was inspired by the poster he was looking at in front of him. He reminded me that most guys' toilets don't have doors. Oops! I should have remembered that. Anyway, I was really proud of the progress I'm making with him. It was 1:30 in the afternoon and he refuses to shit at school anytime during the day. Often, he'll walk blocks out of his way after school to go home and shit and then he will come back and meet up with me. I thought to myself that progress, while slow, is being made with him.

We bowled for more than three hours at a special rate, then peed again before going out to the bus stop. When we got downtown to the central mall, there were thousands of people. Lots with little kids, something surprised me because it would be getting so cold. Anyways, as the fireworks were going to be starting both Samantha and I agreed we needed to the bathroom. Samantha said the bathrooms were below the mall, down two flights of stairs and they were gross. I expected them to be, but there were not any other options. Kennard was right when he said peeing my jeans and then having them freeze up on me would be a worse situation. I knew he was right and I hugged him because I was so proud of him taking his shit at the bowling alley.

When me and Samantha finally got to the dim-lit bathroom we were surprised. We walked through an open door and saw this. There were 8 stainless steel square-shaped toilets attached to and coming out of the back wall. Four of them were of normal height, two on the far end were just a foot off the floor, obviously for children. Square toilets--square seats with no privacy booths, no toilet paper and lots of gang signs and insults sprayed onto the brick wall. Only two of the toilets were in use--both of the users had their coats off and were using them as privacy shields on their laps. I took the first toilet, slowly pulled my clothing down and seated myself even more cautiously. I was right. My butt was getting so cold on the steel that I pulled on my left thigh to make sure I wasn't going to stick. Samantha was just standing there watching me and I knew she knew I was hoping I would take a long enough time to warm it up for her. I didn't want to spend that long down because I didn't want to freeze up my pee or skin.

It was interesting that I could see the other two ladies hurry their activity, but one turned the toilet over to her daughter about my age.
After only being able to let go of a few trickles, I got up and told Samantha the toilet was hers. It took her about a minute to get her piss going, but having the seat warmed for her worked. I walked up and whispered an obscene word to her, she flipped me off as she continued to drain, and we both laughed. Once we got back upstairs, Kennard came up with a really brilliant idea for me to get my pee in. I was really hurting between my legs and getting worried about an accident coming on. We walked with him about a block where the traffic had been blocked but not many people were around. He gave me his coat, kind of rolled it up, and walked me to a street sewer. He placed it over the concrete on top, told me to take down my clothing, and to sit and pee into the sewer. I had to use my finger to help direct my pee because the curb was so low and my knees were at about my shoulder level, but it worked. After starting slowly I took a full pee because it was dark and the few people that walked by couldn't see what I was doing.


Friday replies etc

First of all, a Happy New Year to all the regulars here and, those who like me aren't quite so regular (pun intended!).

Alivia. I was sorry to hear about your nocturnal problem. I think getting our bowels to do what we want - and when we want - is much easier said than done. Mine certainly have a mind of their own, usually when it's least convenient too. Have you ever raised the matter with your family doctor and/or tried making some dietary changes? If not, it might be worth trying. Good luck.

Jenifer. Sorry to hear about your ???? upset. I think it's a time of year when they tend to 'do the rounds' so to speak. I hope you're feeling better soon.

Anna from Austria. Thanks for sharing your experience with the sugar free gummi bears. As a Type 2 Diabetic I tend to eat sugar free confectionery quite a bit and, although I've I've not had too many problems to date, I understand some of the sugar substitutes such as maltitol and sorbitol can have a laxative effect, especially if the products are consumed in any significant quantity, although some people may well have a sensitivity to even small amounts.

Big Bladder Babe. It's good to see you around. Try not to be disheartened by a lack of response if it happens. Different people check ij here and different times and with varying levels of frequency. It's also inevitable that people will respond to posts which strike a chord with them for one reason or another. I wish I had a big bladder though. I regularly measure my output and 450 to 500ml is fairly typical for me although I have topped 700ml early in a morning.

To Zach

Great stories about your mates, definitely keep them coming!


Ice Fishing

This week, I was out ice fishing for hours with my boyfriend when I had the urge to pee. While warming up in the shanty, my urge became an emergency. I either had to get my boyfriend and go in, or risk the very real possibility of peeing in my pants. Not loving the thought of either of those options, I decided to solve my problem in another way. With my boyfriend fishing about 40 yards away, and me alone in the shanty (with a heater thankfully), I pulled down my snowpants and leggings, squatted, and peed right into the hole. I was impressed with my aim, not yellowing any of the snow around the hole in the ice. Sorry to the fish below, though! But then I was able to pull my pants right back up and keep fishing. Worked for me!

Saturday, January 05, 2019


Reply to Alice: peeing at concerts

A while ago Alice asked about peeing and pooping at crowded concerts.

If you don't want to go to the bathrooms, to avoid losing the place, you really have just two choices: pull down you pants on go on the ground, or go in your pants. I'd suggest that you wore a pair of black jeans and comfortable panties, and just go in them if you really can't hold it.


New Year

Happy new year to all toiletstool posters! I bought some prune juice, and the second day of January is ending on some sloppy notes. Twice already, my poos sounded like I was peeing from my anus. I know the stuff has a laxitive effect, but the juice itself tastes good and is healthy. My firrst poop a day after drinking prune juice was actually more firmer than the last 2 I just did. The first urge to pass sloppy poo came on while I ate applesauce. Bye, and again, happy new year.


Childsitting the opposite gender & public bathrooms

I was just turning 12 and because I was considered mature and responsible for my age my parents let me take a childsitting job. It involved taking this 4 1/2 year old boy who lived in the apartment down the street to the circus on a Saturday morning. My dad drove us to our city auditorium a couple of hours before the start and would pick us up afterwards. Jaden was nicely behaved, but very shy. Oh, and he had been told by his Mom before she left town that if he had to poop when they were out in public, it was best for him to hold it in until they got back home. She had taught him this when they were out together too. She didn't like taking him into the ladies bathroom because he looked a little older than his age and a couple of ladies had been critical of him.

Just after we got our seats at the city auditorium I could start smelling gas and poo from Jaden. While I was walking him down to the largest public bathroom he had probably ever been in, he explained how his Mom just had him hold it in. That just didn't seem right to me. So as we rounded the entrance into the bathroom, it was obvious Jaden was pretty curious about what he was seeing. So I shielded him as much as possible and we ducked into the first toilet we saw was being open. He protested at first when I latched the door, turned him around, and got him started on pulling down his sweats. By using his toes, he was able to get up on the seat. I guess he wasn't comfortable, so he quickly got off and before he could get back on the autoflush blasted away. He was startled but I insisted he get back up. He sat for at least 5 minutes but was unable to produce anything. At intermission, I took him back down and while he sat steadily, he was only able to pee a little. I complimented him on it and was encouraging because I could see he was embarrassed. Also a couple of ladies waiting in line were
saying mean things. There was no way he/I were responsible for any accidents their daughters might have in line.

Right after the circus, I took Jaden in for the 3rd time. He seemed to be pushing a little harder this time and smiled when he dropped a small piece. It was hard enough that it splashed him. I insisted that he wipe, but still encouraged him that it wasn't quite yet the time and when his crap was ready, it would come. My dad wasn't able to pick us up for another 45 minutes, so Jaden and I had lunch at the snack bar. After his hot dog and soda he seemed to get frustrated real fast and said he was going to have an emergency. I hurried him to the closest bathroom and this time I don't think he was seated for a few seconds when the main event came. His wipe wasn't the best, so I encouraged him to try again and by seeing how much more he got, I think it helped his self-esteem. On the ride home, I tried to keep it positive with Jaden's dad because I want Jaden to receive encouragement rather than the hold-it in philosophy being taught by his Mom.



This afternoon I have been feeling sick to my stomach.My husband and I had gone out for lunch with some friends of ours at a popular restaurant.About an hour after we arrived back at our home, my husband and I were sitting on the sofa watching a movie when my stomach started to cramp up, I thought it would go away, but got worse. I got up and made my way to the bathroom, pulling my thong down and barely got my butt seated onto the toilet when I let out a massive wave of diarrhea.I sat there for several minutes having a total of three waves of diarrhea. Now feeling some what better, I rejoined my husband in the living room.He asked if I was alright. I told him that I was feeling sick and had diarrhea. I continued to watch the movie still feeling sick, now nausea had set in. After about thirty minutes I ran to the bathroom again with diarrhea. This time it was like brown water. I felt as if I was going vomit, grabbing a waste basket,I dry heaved three times, continuing to have diarrhea in the toilet.I was feeling terrible.My husband came to the bathroom door, which was half open finding me on the toilet having another round of diarrhea. Just then I felt as if I was going vomit he grabbed the waste basket for me and I heaved three times, producing undigested food, and liquid. After I was finished, he helped me to bed and brought me some 7-up. After about fifteen minutes, I vomited that up. I don't if I have the stomach flu or something else. My husband called our friends that we had lunch with and they are feeling fine. His wife and I had the same thing.Well I better go, I have the diarrhea again.


To Evan

Hey Evan if you are still around, great stories from earlier last year. Would love to read more about your close calls and accidents.

Thursday, January 03, 2019


To Alivia

I'm sorry to hear that you have got some problems with you bowel control. Have you tried adult diapers to safe yourself from that you have to change your clothes and sheets each time and have you seen a specialist?

A gastroenterologist might be able to give you advice around your incontinence. There are other ways to protect you besides diapers, but you should see the specialist first and there might be even be a treatment for it.

Take care!


Witnessing another accident

I have witnessed many accidents as many of my friends seem reluctant to use the school toilets and many would rather take their chances elsewhere. I myself have never used the school toilets and doing it in your underpants is almost preferable as they are in poor condition and there is a stigma around them. Additionally, the toilets can only be used in between lessons. Here is another story:

Me and my friend Calum were in Geography, the last lesson of the day. Calum appeared to need the toilet at the end of the lesson but did not ask to go, as he knew he would not be allowed. He shifted around and was clearly in discomfort. When the bell rang, he did not, as my friend Kieran once did, try to run to the toilet to relieve himself. Instead, we walked home together. Halfway through the walk, Calum suddenly stopped and grunted. "What is it?" I asked him. "Nothing, I just need the toilet" replied Calum. He walked forward a few steps but then stopped and I could see that he was dropping a giant stinky poo in his underpants. We were walking alongside a stone wall so Calum quickly unzipped his trousers and began to wee against the wall while still unloading his massive poo. His trousers were bulging out at the back as with a loud fart he produced a final, large log which made the top of his trousers bulge out at the rear as well. He finished weeing and did his trousers back up. He stunk of poo as there was a very large amount of poo in his underpants. When we got back to my house, Calum went straight to the bathroom while I got him a spare pair of underpants. When I opened the door to give Calum his new underpants, I could see his soiled boxers lying on the floor. They were red and white striped boxers with a black waistband and inside them was a humongous amount of poo -I had no idea it was possible to produce so much poo. There was one huge, dark brown log that Calum had evidently produced first before he undid his trousers and began to wee. Surrounding the first log were several other logs, all hard, thick and dark brown. They made up a large mountain of poo and I was shocked it hadn't fallen out of Calum's boxers and down his leg. I closed the door and let Calum change. When he came out, the boxers were still on the floor and he asked what to do with them. I told him not to worry and that I would clean up after him. He left, and I dumped Calum's poo into the toilet, although the boxers were a little stained.

Has anyone else had a friend poo their pants? If so, how did you handle it? I might post later with my story about the cinema.


Please help

Hi guys, my name is Alivia (like Olivia but with an "A"). I found this site while searching google about my issue. I am an 18 year old female, brown hair, fairly short, and fairly skinny. I also make *very* large poos considering I only weigh 97 lbs. Since I was little, I have had problems with holding in my poo at night. My mom used to make me wear a pull up to bed but now that I am older, this is something I'm ashamed of. I never have problems holding poo in in the daytime, but something about sleeping makes it uncontrollable. Many nights (like 4-5 times a week), I wake up to a rather large log of poo stuck to my bum and rubbed all over my sheets. Many times, I also have to poo more and end up sitting on the toilet for 30-45 minutes in the middle of the night finishing my poo. Its exhausting. I never go to bed with an urge to make poo so going before bedtime is not an option. I sleep with a waterproof cover over my sheets but this is embarrassing. I need help. Theres this guy I like and I want to pursue a relationship but I'm not ready to if this problem continues. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd really appreciate it. I find pooing very relaxing and a wonderful bodily function but just not when I'm trying to get a good night's rest!

Once I can get this under control, I'd love to share some stories of my own. I've enjoyed reading yours.

It's Anonymous again. I'm female, black, in my early-20's and rather fat with a big butt.

I just had a humongous period shit. I'd been having bad cramps all day, but I eventually became really desperate to poo. It didn't help that I'd been eating really rich food throughout the holidays, and it needed to come out. I practically ran to the toilet, pulled down my pants and panties and sat down, rubbing my bloated stomach. I peed a lot, and then began concentrating on my poop. I grunted hard, and pushed out a barrage of hard turds one after the other. Rrrrrrrnnnnn---ploonk---plunk--sssssplunk--plunk--ffffffsssspsppplunk. Then I ripped a huge bubbly fart as my stomach churned and gurgled. Bbbbbbvvvvvvvbbbbbllllppppttt... went the fart as I began to silently squeeze out big, mushy turds. It felt like I was a soft ice cream machine and someone was holding the lever down. The mush fell silently into the toilet as I rubbed my stomach, moaning and feeling nauseous. There were tears coming down my face--half from the effort, and half from the smell. It stank so bad. Finally, I finished, and got up to look. I had practically filled the bowl with loose, stinky poop. It took many wipes to get clean, but I did it. I wiped, flushed, washed my hands and sprayed some air freshener. I was glad to get out of there. I felt much better after that.

Anna from Austria

Got victum of sugar free gummi bears

Yesterday I had an unfortunate encounter with sugar free gummy bears. I visited one of friends Claudia, to tell her about my Korea Trip and she offered me some sugar free gummy bears as snack. Did not know anything about these gummy bears and the possible laxative effects. She was only eating a few of them and I had the rest because I was hungry and they were ????. Soon after that I felt some pressure at my backdoor and asked Claudia where the bathroom is. This first poop was quite normal with my normal soft logs. Did not think anything it because I had not done my bm today. Then I left Claudia's apartment and was on the way home. Then things started to get nasty. My ???? started hurt and I was desperate for a toilet. Luckily there was a cafe close bye. I rushed to the toilet, and looked the door. Pulled down my panties and liquid poo exploded out of behind with very loud almost explosive farts. This took about 30 min before it was over.

I was shocked. Back home I told Claudia about it, and she could not explain it by herself. But later she called me again and said it might be the gummy bears.She told me that she had to poop too after having more of them. It was not as bad as my case because she only had much less gummy bears than myself but she said it is unsual for to go twice a day and she already had emptied herself about 30 min ago before I came to her.

I did a online search and found out that these sugar free stuff can have a laxative effect. In that case I was really lucky that there was a cafe nearby or I would have soiled my panties and pants really bad. I will never have these stuff again.

greetings from Austria and happy near year to everybody



Iced Peeing & Pooping

As a freshman at my college, I'm not allowed to have a vehicle, so in order to get home for Christmas and our month-long winter break. My friend Brandee is a junior and she drove me 2/3 of the way and when she got home, my boyfriend Carson picked me up for the last couple of hours of the drive. Brandee wanted to leave campus at 4 a.m. I was only about 5 minutes late and the first hour of the drive was very fast because there were no cops around. She was a little pissed because her boyfriend wanted her to leave a day earlier, but I had a final. So after about 1 1/2 hours on the Interstate I finally told her I was going to need a rest stop to pee. She seemed relieved to know that because she said she was holding her morning crap. So in about a half hour we pulled into an isolated rest stop. We both found we are hesitant to use such toilets unless we have someone with us. Only a 2-foot block panel separated the two pretty normal toilets we were seated on. My pee erupted immediately and I lowered my jeans and black underwear. My almost hitting 2 minutes with such an impressive stream seemed to interest Brandee about how my vertically challenged body could store that much pee. She was reading her phone and telling me about how her BJ was so horny with her being gone for 5 months. Then with her breathing change I could tell she was getting to work on what was keeping me waiting. As she was pushing and telling me I wouldn't have to help her dig it out. There were a couple of scream-outs and some swearing before the quiet as it went into the water. Then Brandee dropped a group of f-bombs when she turned the toilet paper roll to find nothing on it. So I stood, popped off my roll which was about half there, and tossed it over to her. Brandee was seated and wiping the whole time I was washing my hands and combing my hair. Her mid-section was still in pain when she got back into the car and dropped me off at the gas station in her home town.

Carson was there in his pickup ready to go. He had just come out of the bathroom and said he about burst his bladder about 60 miles into the trip when an ice storm had caused a lot of accidents. Traffic had been stopped in all lanes in both directions for some time by troopers he said may have closed the highway down. Just before we came to the ice and some high winds blowing at the truck I could feel my morning crap ready and with more immediacy. I hoped that he was joking when he said he was hurting to pee again. He wasn't. So both he and I looked on the dash and the floor and under our seats. All I could find was an small empty prescription pill bottle that would do about 1/10th the job necessary. He's better than me in handling pissing emergencies and I remember him pissing in a large Burger King cup last summer after we spent a day on the beach. He had to drive really slow as I held the cup for him because the shocks on his dad's truck are really bad. He braked fast once when he saw metal that would have flattened one of his tires, but by me quickly adjusting the cup his balls didn't take the flood that was headed for them. Luckily, the cop that lit us up was understanding and offered to empty the cup in a nearby storm drain.

Going 15 to 20 miles per hour in the traffic on the ice and still in the dark didn't help our having to hold our toilet needs. We both used conversation to take our minds off our pain. When we finally got to an exit where he knew there was a 24-hour gas station we were really hurting and panicking. We both ran into the station, asked directions for the restrooms and this woman about my age seemed really amused by our needs. She did volunteer that there was no line for us. From the aisle I was running down I could see the one bathroom. The vacant sign appeared over the door lever which I threw open. Carson was right behind me. The seat was up and I dropped it with a thud with one hand while I unbuckled my jeans with the other and dropped them. My crap was already activating when Carson went to the cabinet with two built in basins. It was just too high for his pee for a couple of reasons and there would have been a lot of splashing. So as I was starting my crap I pushed myself back on the seat, spread my legs until they hurt and pointed to the bowl. Within a second his pee stream was aimed and starting and as I was blasting gas and crap, he had double aim on his organ which was emptying torrentially. He had not been exaggerating about his need or his great aim. Only two spots of yellow could be seen on the tip of the bowl between the two sides of the seat cutout.
None got on me. He's an excellent marksman in more ways than one who participates in an ROTC program.


Christmas Poop

I always love poops after big holiday meals. It's always such a satisfying feeling, unloading the waste after eating a lot. Anyway, we had a bunch of meat and potatoes, among other things, so after a day of digestion it was all ready to come out. I felt that feeling in my bowels, so I walked over to the toilet and began to relax. I sent a long stream of pee into the waiting bowl, and let the relief wash through me. When that was gone, I began to dispose of the filth. A thick, but soft turd came first, about 5 inches long. That one came pretty easily, and it landed with a nice plop. The next one was still thick, but a lot harder. It refused to come out at first, so I was sitting there stuck for almost 2 minutes. Finally, I gave one more big push, and a brown, lumpy mass went down into the toilet. I unrolled some toilet paper, and wiped a few times. This one didn't really need much wiping to get clean from. When that was done, I dropped the paper on top of the logs, and stood to look at my waste products. It smelled awful. I reached over to the flush lever, and gladly pressed it down. Whooosh! Water came rushing in, cleaning up all the mess. The first turd went down with out a problem, but the last one got stuck. Just as the flush was almost done, though, it finally yielded, and I watched as it was dragged away and out of sight. All gone. With that done, I washed my hands and went on my way.

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