Brittany B

Full Toilet Punishment

Hey all! I'm going to share an older story today from before I was in college. Steve A's question about bathroom pranks reminded me of this. But first...

Brandon T - I think Nichole and I had great poops that day! I do tend to poop a lot too haha! If I do have a small poop, then I'll probably have another poop that same day because I obviously wasn't finished.

Anna from Austria - It was the same for me, how you rarely heard girls poop in high school, but then you get to university and everything seems to change, especially if you live in dorms without private bathrooms. In mine, it wasn't uncommon for both of our 3 stall bathrooms to be filled with poopers with a line in each one of more girls waiting their turns to plop their butts down and unload.

Benjamin - Sounds like camping with Carrie was fun, especially getting to poop in a bucket with her! Until you guys got sick that is. I'm sorry to hear that happened. Do you poop with Carrie often?

Finn - The stinkier, the better is what I like to say haha! I won't shy away from a stinky bathroom.

Jane the Poop - Wow! I take some big poops, but your story was excellent. I've seen bathrooms like that with the open top ceiling, but the ones I saw still had actual stalls. I wish I could buddy dump with a cute girl or one of my close friends. I bet listening to those 2 girls blow up the toilets on the other side of the wall was awesome. Would love to hear more from you!

OK, so onto my story. This is technically a bathroom prank, but not your typical laxative spike, super glued seat, or saran wrapped bowl, it's a bit different. Back in high school we took a class trip that was over a weekend, and the school put us all up in a hotel. The teachers assigned us all to specific rooms. None of my close friends were on this trip, so I got put into a room with a girl named Jasmine. She was pretty, half white and half black so she had a beautiful mocha skin tone. She was taller than me and not quite as curvy. We got along well, so I wasn't upset about sharing with her. Now the hotel rooms had those double doors that only opened from one side linking 2 different rooms together, and the 2 girls in the other room weren't very nice. They were those prissy girls who's parents were loaded, thought they were better than everyone else, were very judgmental, and probably thought their shit didn't stink hahaha. So anyway, I remember them saying something rude to Jasmine and I before they enacted a plan to sneak out of their room around 9 o'clock at night to meet up with some boys and wander the town for a bit, and they threatened us if we told on them, not like we were going to anyway, we didn't care. But I came up with a good idea to exact a little revenge upon them. It required us to be able to get into their room, so I sneakily put some tape on their door latch so I could make it happen while they were in their bathroom getting ready to go out.

After they left, I presented my idea to Jasmine. We sneak into their room while they're gone, and both take a dump in their toilet and don't flush it. Jasmine laughed and thought it was a great idea. She was glad I said something too because she was just fixing to take a dump pretty soon. I knew I would be ready for a big poop soon enough since I had not yet gone that day due to the trip schedule. I asked Jasmine if she wanted to go first, and she did, so while she went in to drop her load, I stood by the door to the hallway in case I could hear them coming back. I couldn't hear much of Jasmine's dump from the other room, but I did call out to her to tell her to put her toilet paper in the trash can so all they would see would be a toilet full of fresh shit for them haha!

Jasmine probably spent about fifteen minutes on the toilet before she came back to our room and said it was my turn, but to be careful because it stunk in there. She took up watch at the hallway door while I went over to their room to drop my load. It was building up while I was on watch and I could tell it was going to be one of my big dumps with lots of mushy turds. When I got their toilet, it really did stink! I took a look at Jasmine's dump and it was just one giant turd that curled up all around the toilet bowl. Damn, that girl could poop! I dropped my pants and panties to my knees and plopped down to add my turds to the bowl. I started with a short, stinky fart before my first wave of turds started to plop into the bowl all over Jasmine's giant dump. I plopped about 6 turds into the toilet before I let go a sputtering fart and emptied my bladder as well. After my pee ended, I farted another wet one and wave two of my ploppy dump started to splat into the bowl on top of mine and Jasmine's turds. I was relishing in the stink that we had created while I continued dropping my mushy turds into the bowl. Once my plopping started to slow down, I farted again and I could tell I had one more thing in my butt. I pushed and a turd slightly on the harder side started to crackle out. It took some work for this one since I'm usually used to soft turds. After about 5 minutes, it splatted onto the poop mountain in the toilet and I felt done. I wiped myself about 5 times, and threw my dirty toilet paper in their trash can, redressed and went back to our room where Jasmine was waiting for me. I removed the tape on their one way door and shut it so there was no way they would think it was us.

We heard them return to their room around 1am, and they were freaking out about it almost instantly hahaha! We heard them try to flush it, then heard more screaming as the toilet clogged. They had to call the front desk to have someone come up and fix their toilet. It cost the school extra, the teachers weren't happy the next day, and everyone thought one of them had taken such a big dump that they clogged the toilet! It was glorious.

Hope you all enjoyed! Peace!


Comment on Jane the Poop's story

Wow, that is quite a story! I can hardly imagine having to poop that much in one day, unless I was having diarrhea, but it sounds like there were other people who took really big dumps as well.


To All

Hi everybody, it's been a long while. I'm finally doing a more extensive evaluation training at ????. At first, I didn't poop for like a couple of days, but things are back to normal. I'm even enjoying the talking elevators again. When I go upstairs for tech, or daily living skills and am a bit early, I like to sit in the hall and listen to the voice when the doors open. You see, another thing about me is that I tend to get excited over things that don't excite most )sort of like obsessing a bit). Anyway, my poops have been nice and firm, but still a little less frequent.To Michael W: nice dare story. If someone dared me to pee my pants, I'd add a twit to it, and pee standing on my head lol!


Carrie's Dare

First, I'm not sure why I wrote in my last story that the travel time to the campsite was two hours when it was only twenty minutes. Oh well.

Carrie and I were once again camping in our old campsite over Spring Break. Our parents had let us camp for a few days, provided we came right back if something happened. We had the tent set up again with our sleeping bags and pillows. It was due to rain that night, so we had a rain-fly over the top of the tent, as well.

Carrie's stomach had been bothering her that morning and she had told me her stomach hurt a few times as we walked to the campsite. I asked if she wanted to stop and try to poop, but she said she could hold it. Her face twisted in discomfort as her stomach rumbled and gurgled while we walked. Twice, she stopped and bent over slightly to let out a series of loud farts, which apparently temporarily reduced the pressure in her abdomen. I asked her again if she needed to pop a squat and try to poop, but she again said no.

Finally, we reached the site and I promptly began setting up the pop-up tent. Grimacing in pain, Carrie headed straight for the old bucket and emptied it, and then frantically unbuttoned her jeans and tore them down. With a groan, she plonked her butt down onto it and practically cried in relief as she began to fart loudly again and again, with the heavy thuds of her poop regularly punctuating them. Her eyes were closed and a look of pure relief filled her face.

She pressed her hands into her stomach and leaned forward, grimacing, and then sighed as she let out a long, hissing fart that went on for ages. Her fart cut off with a splat as she pooped one more time. After that, the gassy pressure in her belly seemed to be gone. She must have felt really good.

After her long fart, she started peeing. Her pee lasted for almost a minute. With a soft sigh, she finished and looked up at me, her face bright red (almost the same shade as her hair!) and sweaty, her shirt damp with sweat. Weakly, she asked for the toilet paper and I gave it to her. She wiped her front and then wiped her butt several times, dropping the paper in the bucket after she was done.

She stood up and then gasped as we both looked in: Carrie had pushed out maybe ten or eleven big logs, each several inches long. Her pee filled two inches of the bucket.

"Wow, you really had to go," I said, impressed.

She nodded faintly, still breathing hard. At last she said, "I feel really light, right now. All the heaviness in my belly is gone."

"Yeah, it's all in the bucket," I said and she laughed.

Carrie pulled up her pants and buttoned them. I needed to pee now, so I unzipped and aimed, sighing as pee began tinkling into the bucket. After about thirty seconds, I finished and then grabbed the bucket to empty it among the trees, which I did.

Afterward, we retired to the tent, as it was beginning to grow dark. The wind was picking up and the low-hanging grey clouds promised a coming storm; I grabbed the toilet roll to keep it dry inside the tent. Carrie flopped down on her sleeping bag for a quick nap and I lay on mine to read for a while. Around an hour later, it finally began to rain, but with the door and windows all sealed, it was quite warm and dry inside. Beside me, Carrie snored quietly and I smiled, looking over at her. She was really pretty when she slept.

The rain slowly picked up as time went on, drumming loudly on the canvas walls. I started to need to poop. Finally, I had to go too badly to hold it and I unzipped the tent door and grabbed the bucket, which was full of water. Closing up the door again, I dried off with a towel and then set the bucket in the corner. Unzipping my jeans, I slid them to my ankles and sat down on the bucket.

I tried to push gently, not wanting to fart loudly and wake Carrie up. The pressure in my stomach was incredible, and I could feel myself straining to just push it all out. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and pushed hard, grunting.

PRRRRRTTTTBBBTT! My enormous fart exploded out of me and Carrie woke up with a cry and looked over at me. Then she burst out laughing, seeing me with my pants down, sitting on the bucket and pooping. My stomach cramped again and I pushed, gritting my teeth. A huge turd slid out of my butt and dropped into the water with a big splash. I farted again. My next push forced out another big turd, falling in with another splash. Another large turd dropped into the water with a plop. I farted a third time and then dropped a small turd into the water.

I peed a little, my pee tinkling in the water. Finally, I strained for a few seconds, trying to get anything else out, and managed to push out a last, small turd and a soft fart. With a big sigh of relief, I asked Carrie for the toilet paper. She happily handed it to me, still giggling. I wiped myself and dropped the tissues in the bucket.

Carrie looked in and her eyes went wide. "Wow, that's a lot of poop!" she exclaimed. I looked in and saw several huge turds floating in the bucket, each very thick and about ten inches long. I felt weak just looking at it.

Carrie said she needed to pee and asked me to move. Unbuttoning her jeans, she dropped them to her knees and sat primly on the bucket. A floodgate opened and a storm of tinkling ensued. She peed for over a minute, sighing softly several times as she relieved herself.

Finally, she let out a last, few spurts and was done. I gave her back the toilet paper and she wiped herself. She then offered to empty the bucket, as it was quite stinky in the tent now. With how hard it was raining outside, I told her she'd get soaked. To my disbelief, she started stripping off her clothes right there. Finally she was completely naked. With a grin, she grabbed the bucket and ducked outside.

She came back a few moments later, sopping wet, and quickly zipped up the tent again. Grabbing my towel, she carefully dried her body and then her hair. I didn't realize I was staring until she looked up at me and smiled shyly. Then I noticed another physical reaction I was having to her being naked, and by her wide grin, I could tell she'd noticed too. My face went red and she giggled.

Instead of getting dressed again, she simply crawled into her sleeping bag naked. "I didn't want my clothes to get wet," she explained simply.

We both drifted off to sleep shortly thereafter. The next morning, I woke up to see Carrie once again on the bucket, tinkling away. She was still naked. A sudden fart slipped out and she laughed. Finishing, she stood and quickly wiped herself. Then she looked at me, with a mischievous grin on her face.

"Later on, I want to do something fun! But I won't tell. Just eat a lot today." With that mystifying remark, she put on her panties from last night and then headed outside into a bright, clear day; it was no longer raining.

I made a small fire in a ring of stones, making sure to scrape out the dirt inside the ring. Finally I got it to light after nearly twenty minutes' effort. On this, we toasted bread and spread on the peanut butter I'd brought with us. I'd packed many water bottles, so we each had one. We ate and I let the fire burn on for a while, watching the flames happily. Then I put it out with a lot of water, taking a few bottles to do it.

We had lunch around noon and I was slowly starting to need a poop again and Carrie looked a bit uncomfortable. But she said we had to hold it until she said it was okay. The hours passed and my need to poop (and pee) grew more and more intense as time wore on. Finally, I told Carrie I couldn't hold it much longer and she quickly agreed.

Telling me to come with her, she walked several feet from the camp. Then she turned to me and told me to take off everything but my underwear. Curious and a bit nervous, I did so and put my clothes in a pile nearby. She looked at me, starting to laugh.

"Look down!" she said loudly. I looked and saw that she had spread her legs and pee was streaming down them, her panties soaked already. Her pee stream finally tapered off and she sighed. Then she smiled and turned away from me, squatting slightly, her hands on her knees.

"EERRMUPH!" She grunted loudly, clearly pushing hard, and I saw a large bulge form in the seat of her panties. Another grunt and push and the bulge grew larger, crackling as it slid out of her butt. Suddenly, she let out a loud, wet fart and we both laughed. For several minutes, she kept grunting out poop and farting every now and then. Her panties began to sag as she continued to push and soon I could see the tops of her butt cheeks. Finally, with a last grunt, she let out a loud fart and declared herself finished.

She carefully lowered her panties and stepped out of them. A huge ball of poop had formed in them, and she laughed as she looked at it. Then she hurled the panties away into the trees.

"Your turn!" she squealed.

Feeling myself going red, I spread my legs a bit and tried to relax and start peeing.

"Close your eyes," Carrie suggested.

I did and soon felt an overwhelming urge to pee that I couldn't stop. A sigh of relief escaped me as I began to pee involuntarily, feeling my underwear get soaked. I kept my eyes shut but I could hear my pee splashing on the ground between my feet. Man, it felt good.

Finally, I finished and opened my eyes to see Carrie's glued to my soaking wet crotch. She looked up at me, blushing slightly. "Sorry," she mouthed.

Nervously, I turned around and squatted like Carrie had done. A sudden, irrepressible urge to push hit me and I grunted loudly, pushing as hard as I could. A very loud fart burst out first, and Carrie laughed out loud. Then I felt a large log slide out into my underwear. Encouraged, I kept pushing and farted twice more, before pushing out another large log.

I could feel my underwear sagging in the back as I grunted and strained for a few minutes, pushing out a few more poops. Finally, I let out a last, loud fart and felt empty.

I carefully took off my underwear and we both laughed to see my huge dump. I tossed it away into the trees, too. Finally, both of us standing there naked, Carrie grinned at me shyly, her face a bit red as she stared directly at my penis. To my embarrassment, I purposefully kept my eyes away from her private area, my face hot.

"There's a small pond nearby, we can wash off in that!" Carrie said excitedly. I agreed and we walked for a few minutes until a small pond presented itself. Carrie quickly waded in and squatted so that her bottom was just under the water. With a bit of disgust, I saw her washing her bottom with her hand, scrubbing to remove all the poop. Grimacing at the unpleasant thought, I squatted too and started gently wiping my butt with my hand, making sure to go up the crack and all over. Once done, I cleaned my hands as best I could, but fortunately there was a bottle of hand santitizer in the tent.

Coming back to the tent, we both vigorously scrubbed our hands until they were nearly raw. Finally feeling clean, Carrie and I went into the tent again. As tired as I was, I left my clothes where they were, preferring to simply sleep naked that night.

Carrie was just sitting down on the bucket when I got up in the morning. As she started to pee, my own need to pee kicked in hard and I asked if she minded if we used it together. She shrugged and I straddled her legs, aiming between her legs. Soon both of our pee streams were tinkling in the bucket. Looking at Carrie, with her eyes closed and blissed out in relief, I suddenly leaned in and kissed her. Her eyes flew open and she grinned, and then she kissed me back.

Our pees both finished around this time and we got off the bucket. The rest of the day passed normally, and we headed back later that evening. On the way back, Carrie hung her bottom over a log on the ground and pooped for a few minutes, farting a few times. I sat beside her, our butts touching, and pushed out a single large turd and a loud fart. Finally we returned home, happy with our trip.

Russian wife

Vacation in Sweden & Norway

Last summer I went with a quite large group for vacation in Scandinavia. We went by cars and camped with tents for several weeks. I was prepared for a primitive life but I had not understood that often we should be camping in the wilderness outside ordinary camping sites. That meant we had to go to toilet in the nature quite often. I soon got used to it but there were many very special incidents. We were over 20 persons and especially in mornings and evenings it was very obvious that everybody had their needs. We did not talk abot it but often one saw others going away into the bushes or fields alone. For sure to find a place to go to toilet. When aware nobody certainly followed but sometimes one unaware could see others squatting with trousers pulled down. Somewhat comic to see adult men in such situation I must say. I think everyone tried to hide very well but it was not easy to be sure abot private things when so many around. So I must think that somebody saw me too even pretending to to see. Sometimes one also went to a spot where someone had been going before and could see what was done. And we were not the only group. Many places other tourists also camped and when for example we camped where also others camped I saw some of them too when doing their duties. I think that everyone felt embarrassed and that was why nobody talked abot it. When someone saw another I think most behaved like have seen nothing. Girls often went pee together but went alone when needing to do no two. Even embarrassing it was a very special experience of daily situations. In beginning I feared that the belly should stop totally but luckily I had normal functions all days even when no ordinary toilet to visit. Not much to find on the internet about such things and therefore I write. I think others should be prepared when going for vacation.


Reply to Rochelle, Re: Pooping with Mom

This reply is long overdue, I lost my computer when my Motherboard fryed and I had to get a whole new computer.

Rochelle: I've been reading this board since its inception, my first post was on page 122. I've read a LOT of stories on this board about interactions between parents, children, and poop, but I don't think ANYTHING compares to the intimacy of what you and your Mom shared!!!

"she laced her hands around my belly and my back was right up against her stomach. I held my hands out around her bare thighs.Every time she pushed and blasted, I felt her stomach tense up, and she would clutch me just a little tighter. Every time I pushed, I clutched her thighs while she rubbed my belly, and she could feel my stomach tighten as well."

I can only imagine that must have been ONE UNIQUE EXPERIENCE!!!!!

That said I'd like to know if you remember when your Mom started doing that "group poop" thing? Was it by any chance her way of toilet training you? In my profession I've come across MANY KIDS that have server pooping problems as a result of fear of the process of pooping. it has a name: encopresis, and an array of complications. Its origin can often be traced to a fear of pushing a painfully large BM out during a bout of constipation.

I've never heard of the approach to toileting that you describe, but I'm willing TO BET, (quite a bit of money) that there are A LOT of kids out there that could benefit from sitting on there Mother's lap and being encouraged to "push while Mommy pushes"!!!!-- JW


DQ troubles

Hi everyone, I'm Kyle and I'm 21 yo male and I've been a lurker on this site for a couple years. So onto my story, it was a few years back when I was in high school and we went out for lunch to Dairy Queen. I usually get either the burger or chicken tenders. This day I decided to get the chicken tenders with French fries, it also came with a peanut butter sundae too (great decision, right?) Well, I had my lunch which was all good and finished up my day of classes. Right at the end of the day before I got on the bus I began to feel a little gassy and got a bit of a stomach ache, I thought not much of it at first. When I was a few minutes away from my stop I was letting a couple silent farts go (luckily the windows were open) by this time I knew I really had to go and needed to hit the toilet within a few minutes. I got off the bus and crossed the street to my house which luckily nobody was home and I could have the entire house to myself. I reached the bathroom, sat down super fast and unleashed a huge LOUD wet fart that echoed thru the toilet. Following that I pushed out a few soft mushy pieces of poop that felt like water just surging thru my butthole. I pushed out a few more wet farts and couple firmer pieces of soft thin poop. I looked in and the toilet was a mess as the bowl was splattered on the sides with poop that must have happened with those wet farts that felt like a explosion. Safe to say I will never have the chicken tenders with the peanut butter sundae for a while if ever again.

Jasmin K

Help with constipation

Hi all
Had a couple of really big poo's this last week - one was about 10 inches long quite fat especially at the end that came out first and was knobbly chunks stuck together for its full length. There was 3 days worth there as I hadn't been able to poo the for 2 days before even though I tried really hard. When I did get it out it was my second sit on the toilet when I just sat down and strained as hard as I could and I felt it move so kept pushing and felt it emerge. Took about 20 mins to come out, but I had already been on toilet for an hour.
The following day when I went for my morning poo I was pushing hard but nothing was coming just a few wet and mucousy farts. I could feel something starting to move and when the first few pebbles dropped I kept straining and a hard knobbly log emerged about 6 inches long then the rest which was smoother slid out. It took 2 or 3 wipes to clean up unlike my usuall 1 piece of paper and 1 wipe cos my poo is usually so hard.

To xD
thanks for you comments, I have not used my basque recently, my ???? muscles are quite strong and most times I just strain so hard it comes out, the last time was a couple of months ago and I was blocked solid for like a week and I was determined to do it before going out so my friend helped me get tightly fasten in my basque and high shoes the extra pressure I got when straining had that stuck poo out in about 40 minutes. I nearly always Wear high shoes or boots when I'm on the toilet to raise my legs up, I can strain so much harder and it seems better to get it out when my legs are raised.
Yes my sister still gets constipated a lot and I do sometimes help by bear hugging her and massaging her ????. I also press up on the outside of her bum hole when her poo is too fat to come through. She has the same thing as me in that her bum bulges right down when she strains down hard. I've also done the same with a few friends and they do the same for me. My sister and a couple of friends have helped me get the inside of my bum back in when I strain too hard and it comes out. - I do that a lot as it happens.

Jas K


A toilet visit with my mother

I was at a family event this weekend and shortly after lunch I really needed the loo so I excused myself. I only poop every three days but when I get the urge, I need to act on it pretty fast or risk an accident. My mother said she needed to go as well so we went together to the back of the hall we were at and into the toilets. There was only a single unisex bathroom so we went in together and she said I could go first. Maybe it was really obvious how badly I needed to go?

My mother stood at the sink, facing me as I walked over to the toilet and lifted my dress, lowered my thong to my knees and sat down. I was sat straight upright with my hands resting on my legs covered by my dress, and quite excited about what was coming up. My mother hadn't seen me on the toilet in over 10 years. I started peeing, offloading all the coffees I desperately needed to get out of my system and made the most of the relief, listening to the hissing as I emptied my bladder. I went for around forty five seconds and as I was letting out the final trickles I felt the wide head of my poop crowning and then push past my hole, stretching me open.

I stayed relaxed as my poo slowly came out of me, wondering what my mother was thinking. I was playing a little story in my head, imagining her thinking "What is she waiting for? Why isn't she pooping?" haha, she always was impatient when I was younger. Little did she know that her daughter was feeling pretty great at that moment as she effortlessly and very pleasurably emptied her bowels. I smiled as it eventually fell into the toilet with a loud splash and I couldn't help but blush a little.

I wasn't finished and after only a few seconds I felt my little hole doming as another piece forced its way past. It felt just as wide as the first piece as it slowly slid out of me. There was no effort on my part at all, I could just relax and enjoy the incredible sensations. It went on for quite a while before falling into the bowl with an equally large splash. I still felt like I had more to come so I sat and waited, letting it happen in its own time. After about 10 seconds I felt pressure on my back door momentarily before I was stretched open again, another piece effortlessly pushing out of me. It was about as long as the other two and fell into the bowl with almost no noise as it landed on top.

I got myself some toilet paper and reached behind to wipe myself, starting with my bottom and once that was clean I used two pieces to dry my front. Then I pulled up my thong as I stood, adjusted it and then let down my dress. I had a peek in the bowl just before I flushed, seeing three dark brown logs about 6 inches long and 2 inches wide semi submerged in very yellow water. Luckily they all went down along with my toilet paper leaving only a small skid mark.

I moved aside so my mother could go too and watched as she bunched her dress around her waist, pulled down her blue G-string just enough to go and sat down on the seat. She leaned forward and after a few seconds a tinkle filled the room as she started peeing, her stream hitting the water directly instead of hissing against the front of the bowl like mine. Her wee was short, maybe 10 seconds at most and she got some toilet paper to wipe with so I started washing my hands with plenty of soap, listening to her reel off pieces a few times. I was just finishing washing my hands when she flushed and stood up, redressing at the same time. She washed her hands and we re-joined the rest of our family, feeling much better.

To Evan

Any accidents lately, I know you mentioned before that you tend to have them more in the summer time as you don't care as much.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jane The Poop great story it sounds like you had to poop a lot and so did that other woman I bet you both felt great after.

To: EVA great story.

To: Abbie great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Michael W.


Hi everyone, its been a while since the last time I posted. I've been busy and when I got around to it I've read everyone's stories but I didn't feel like posting till now. I have a Pee story to share this time around.
It was early May of 2000. Me and Devon had finished watching "South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut." And for no reason at all Devon dares me to pee my pants. So I said okay. First I took my shoes and socks off and then we went to the front porch. So I stood there for a good moment and let the pee out of me and it soaked my pant legs. I really had to go that time. Then I decided to walk around the block barefooted still wearing my pee soaked jeans. I'm surprised nobody said anything. Devon laughed, I guessed he thought I wasn't gonna actually do it. So when I went completely around the block with Devon walking with me I made it back to my house. When I came inside I headed straight to the bathroom to clean myself up. I gave myself a half assed shower. After that I put clean clothes on and then I walked back to Devon's house. And that's it. I have more stories to share about me and Devon but I'll tell another later until then Happy Pooping to everyone and I hope it comes out okay.


to Jasmin K

Dear Jas K,

I'm a very big fan of your stories and I'm glad you're back!:)
Do you still use your basque to help you push your big shits? Have you had any pooping sessions with your some of your friends while helping them with constipation? How's your sister? I know you wrote that she's also frequently constipated. Any stories about you helping her deal with her constipation?


Jane the Poop

Pooped at the park

I had a day off yesterday and decided to spend it pooping. I hadn't pooped in 4 days and had eaten an enormous amount of food. I felt some urges to poop and began walking to the park. I had about a thirty minute walk and once I was 10 min in, I had to go poop really bad. I walked faster and my poop just got heavier and heavier inside of me. The tip of a poop began to poke out, and I thought I'd better pop a squat. I pulled down my pants in some nearby bushes and this poop just stuffed itself through me, my hole opening wider and wider as it slowly made its way out. It was easily 2.5" across, and after about 3 minutes it finished, revealing at least a foot and a half of light brown poop laying on the forest floor. Problem was, now that the plug was out, I REALLY had to poop. I involuntarily bent over a bit as another piece of poop pushed its way out of me. I began to squat a bit as I realized I was going to need to poop for a while and pushed some more poop out. After 6-7 minutes, I had made 8 large pieces of poop. I felt my ???? grumble and knew I had to poop more.

I wanted to make it to the park bathroom, so I wiped up with some leaves and got back on the path. After about 10 more minutes of walking, I had about another 10 minutes to go and I had to poop bad. I held it and kept walking. But in another 5 minutes, just 5 away from the toilets, I dipped back into the bushes and pulled down my pants for another poop. It was better than pooping my pants! Banana like poops came out one by one. After I pooped 6 more thick pieces, I heard a couple walk by. Unable to see me, he leaned toward her and said, "I need to sit on a toilet, dear." My first victims! I wiped and came back onto the path a ways behind them.

As I came upon the bathroom, my body felt exaggerated relief. My big load of poop could finally take its time splashing and plopping into the toilet where I wasn't worried about anyone seeing me. The bathrooms shared a ceiling and were only split by a short partition so you could not see anyone in the opposite bathroom but you could hear everything. Each side had two toilets with no stalls or doors. I chose the non-handicap enabled toilet. The handicap ones have seats mounted for the handrails and are inches away from the bowl and make for excellent snooping.

I pulled down my pants for the third time that morning. The man from that couple was already pooping and farting audibly. My poop felt like another large one and did take quite a while to christen this new pooping spot. But again, after the plug was pulled, 4 days worth of poop began plopping into the toilet beneath me. I'd shit a few solid logs, then a load of soft but solid ropes of crap, and then a couple more thick pieces of poop. My neighbor pooped competitively, making fifty or sixty plops in the first ten minutes along with many grunts and groans.

Soon there was silence and I heard his toilet flush. Next I heard toilet paper being torn off and him wiping. After he wiped about six times, I heard him stand up and start to jiggle with his belt. I felt like the belt noise lasted a particularly long time, and when it finished, there was the sound of feet shuffling, then total silence with the very faint sound of straining. Crackling followed by a huge plop indicated he decided he had to poop more. Another plop indicated success! And then another, and another, and he was back to pooping away.

I had already pooped three full bowls of poop and adding my two pre-load pressure-release dumps, I had pooped a lot already and was feeling pretty empty. However, I was far from ready to leave that toilet. It was a busy bathroom on a sunny morning and I wanted more company.

That guy pooped in that toilet for another 15 minutes, making 45 minutes total, and he was pretty much pooping the whole time. How I'd have loved to see it! 10 minutes after he left, a woman came in to use the handicap toilet next to me. She looked a bit uncomfortable but she sat on the toilet anyway. She made a pee and began to blush. I was trying not to look like I was looking at her but I did notice her blush. She glanced over toward me as she let out a little fart. I wished I could poop a little to show her it was okay but I was done. I strained a bit and farted some so it didn't seem out of place that I was there. She was staring straight forward so I glanced at the gap between the seat and the bowl and sure enough, a thick rope of dark brown poop was hanging into the toilet underneath her. Soon there was an enormous splash, a sigh of relief and immediate grunting again. Another piece of poop appeared in the crack of the seat and soon splashed into the toilet. She sat quietly for a few minutes and I thought she was done, but when I snuck a glance at her toilet again, she was working on another piece of poop. There was never any splash but there was a moving length of poop every time I looked for the next two or three minutes. The smell was rank and got worse by the minute. I wonder how much she pooped! She wiped and put the paper in the trash bin near her. She got up and tried to flush but nothing happened. She tried again but still nothing. She washed her hands and left. I wiped my own butt and flushed my toilet. I got up to go look into her toilet and there was a ton of poop in there. All the poop was like snakes crawling over each other, and sitting atop the island that rose well above the water, was three of the biggest, thickest turds I had ever seen in my life. I was impressed! I knew the trick and I flushed the toilet by pushing the handle up instead of down, and then I sat on her toilet, enjoying my day.

About two hours went by with a few pees and a few boring, quick poopers, but soon I got a wild hair up my ass and decided to lock the women's side and pretend I wasn't in there. I pulled up my pants and relaxed for a while so I didn't have a toilet imprint on my butt at the end of the day! After a while, I heard two women come up talking about a big lunch in hushed tones. When they saw the women's room was locked, they didn't take long to go into the other side. "I've really gotta go," one of them said, "Honestly it's a poop that I need."

I heard them come in, drop their pants and settle on the toilets. One woman began to pee. She peed for about 45 seconds and all was silent again. It was the other lady, I believe, that let out a long, dry fart. Silence again. You could have heard a pin drop. Then the loud, slow crackling of a piece of poop coming out. The sound of that one piece of poop continued for at least 30 seconds. The crackling stopped as the woman took in a sharp breath and pushed out her piece of poop with a huge splash.

"Whoa… that sounded like a big dump. I wanna see it!" Said the friend. Clothing rustled and I figured she was standing up. "Holy shit Sam! That thing is huge! I've never pooped that much before in my life!!! I've had this one halfway out for a while…" I imagined her leaning toward to show her friend the poop she was pushing out. "Aw I wish I could help you," Sam said, "But I need my butt right here right now" as loads of poop splashed into her toilet. "How can you possibly need to poop more?!" said the friend excitedly. "Lots of food means lots of pooping!" was Sam's reply as she made a thick-sounding piece of poop.

During this all out poop dropping session, out of nowhere I had to go poop again. But now nobody could know I was in here because they thought it was out of order! Here I was, sitting in a room with two toilets, door locked, holding in a dump! Not only could I not poop, but I could not escape the sounds of their pooping! I had to wait them out and these ladies pooped another 20 minutes before I was out of time and the last 2 days of poop needed to come out. I was not going to poop my pants in a bathroom! I pulled down my pants and sat, still trying to hold it but being ready just in case. As the women continued pooping, I suddenly ripped a huge fart and a big piece of poop shot out of me like a torpedo. It sounded like a brick falling into the toilet, I heaved a sigh of relief and dropped another big poop. Then another. And another. My poop pushed it's way into the toilet with desperation and it took 45 seconds to completely displace the toilet water. I kept dropping more poop as the toilet refilled with water.

I finally remembered my other predicament, that I had blown my cover, but the women just kept going poop and didn't acknowledge that the "broken bathroom" had a sneaky, stinky occupant. I sure wasn't going to draw attention but had no control over my grunting and splashing as I took a badly-needed poop.

The women and I all sat and pooped in our toilets for about 5 minutes before they started wrapping up. I stayed on the toilet a while after they left and went poop every five minutes or so, working out slow logs. After another hour and two more poop partners (I unlocked the ladies side), I felt totally empty and walked on home. Overall, definitely a nice day spent pooping.


Wet underwear mystery

This happened like 9 years ago when I was in the 1st and 2nd grade. My mom worked for a department store and would use her employee discount to get me several of the nicest dresses she could find. I had enough to take me through more than a week of school without having to wear one twice. Mom always stressed it was my responsibility to keep them nice. Other than the popularity and attention they brought me, wearing dresses also gave me more privacy in the bathrooms at school because there were a large number of toilets without stall doors. If some classes were off the daily schedule and came in too early or late for their bathroom breaks, lines were formed and those without the door barrier were suddenly given quite a bit of attention while others waited for their seat.

I don't know why exactly, but I always found it more comfortable to pull my underwear all the way to my feet before I pulled up my dress and seated myself. The bathrooms were larger, but crowded, and our teachers talked and sometimes yelled about "in and out" and how we shouldn't be hanging out in there. It was easier on nicer weather days because we headed out to the playground. What caused me to pause sometimes was when I pulled up my underwear but, it felt a bit moist. I didn't think I had wet them earlier. In most cases my pees were regular ones at the regular time when our class was assigned so I wasn't getting the first few trickles on them because I didn't move fast enough. This happened enough that the mystery in my young mind increased. I wasn't about to ask my friends, since I knew a couple who were put down for things. One, for example was overweight, and others would laugh at the thud she made when she hit the seat. There was another who sat over the whole toilet. Her piss was like a faucet when it hit the water and the pissing lasted much longer than the rest of us.

Then one summer day when mom and I were traveling we stopped at a gas station to use the bathroom. She had been holding her crap for about 25 miles. Once in the bathroom she threw herself onto the toilet so fast I thought she would break it. It was over in 3 or 4 seconds. From her seat she reached back and flushed. This was something she had taught me to do when others were around for the smell. Now that made sense. While she was washing her hands and wiping her face in the mirror, I took the seat. I noticed she had looked down at the floor and frowned. As she wiped her hands, she told me to look between my legs. I did, but pulled up my dress to do it. She said not that way. She pointed to my feet. Yes, my underwear was down at shoe level, like normal. The floor in front was wet and my feet and underwear were sitting in it. When I started to look at the front of stool floor in other places I used, I found the answer to my wet underwear. As I thought it out, why the front of toilets have a wet patch and what that wet patch is is kinda gross.

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Post-lunch big poop

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't posted much lately, I've been busy and haven't been able to poop for a few days despite frequent exercise, healthy diet and plenty of water. Before lunch today I drank a cup of hot water then ate a healthy lunch. Soon after I finished lunch, I was in my room on my phone surfing the net when I got the urge for a major poop. I walked to the WC, closed the door, walked to the toilet, pulled down my grey shorts & light purple boy shorts underwear and sat where I unloaded both breakfast & lunch. I could tell it was big as it stretched my bum as it came out. It didn't hurt coming out, but it definitely was big and stretched me. Within 30 seconds to a minute it plopped to the bowl. It was quite a messy wiping job and required 2 flushes lol

Happy pooping!


Wednesday, May 09, 2018


Making a mess

Jessica B: Wow, I'm yet to run into anyone I know who has completely clogged a toilet. I have come close myself, but never actually fully clogged one, only caused the water to rise for a short time. I often hear a friend of mine flush multiple times though, she must struggle to get her loads down in one flush. I've always wanted to ask, but she's far too poop shy! I wonder if there's some left in the bowl, or just lots of skid marks.

Brittany B: They're super stinky, so even if you're not shy, you might struggle!

The biggest and stinkiest one my housemate has done so far was early into me moving into our apartment. I was in the room next to the bathroom putting together furniture when I heard her enter. Around 20mins later she came out, leaving the fan on but the door wide open. I could smell it drifting all the way across the hallway. I had to pee anyway so I braved it and went in and the bowl was an absolute mess. It must have really forced its way out of her and been pretty gassy as there was lots of splatter and steaks across the front and bottom of the toilet. Anyone else live with a super messy pooper?

I pooped twice today, this morning's was pretty normal, just a few semi-soft logs which glide out with ease. This afternoon I was at home and felt the urge again. Eventually it got stronger and strong and I knew I HAD to go NOW. I never usually poop twice unless I've eaten lots, so it must have been something I ate. I thought it might be something that upset my stomach so I used some toilet paper to catch the start of it and check I wasn't sick. I misjudged the size of the load and it overflowed and an almost-diarrhoea mess came pouring out of me and over the toilet paper into the bowl. I pushed a little more and eventually left a soft mound in the toilet. It smelt really strongly of the noodles I ate for lunch, so it must have been them. I squeezed out a tiny bit more and then wiped several times. When I flushed there were lots of pieces of "debris" left floating. I felt so much better.

Until the next time!



THE GARLIC DUMP and high tech toilet


hello, this is my third post. I am the pale white girl from the United Kingdom. I am really pale. I really like it. We get sunshine here, but the pale white skin. Its much more common than the usa. I like it a lot.

Well, this is my third post.I have IBS-D. Lately, I have been eating a lot more than supposed to. I know the nutrients from the food is being digested. I really do have to chew food thoroughly to make easier to pass. But IBS-D or any type do limit the absorption of nutrients, minerals and protein. You eat the food even very nutritious, but nutrients dont absorb or in needed amounts. My teeth is more prove to cavities and falling out, bad breath more common, and chewing hard foods is sometimes difficult

SO I HAVE BEEN into garlic. I have been taking supplemental garlic and multiple pills a day. I been adding quite a bit to foods i eat like pasta, soup, and rice.. But its been making my ???? act very strange. The gas will slow down for a while then it will build back up. There is less attacks and constipation. But the dumps, they are super strong and garlic. When I add onion too food, wow, these dumps are super smelly. The Garlic is heavy and linger the room so strong no amount of fragrance will indeed reduce the odor. I would do anything for relief from excess gas, gas pain, and bloating. The garlic seems 2 sided and kind of works. But the smell of the dumps is so awful that doing it in public restrooms is not in my comfort zone. If its packed, I will avoid public restrooms. The Garlic since often cant be digested fully can leave a bad after taste. so, these garlic dumps really have been something I found worth discussing

Recently, UK style food. French fries with cheese, long fish not overcooked, yellow rice with various meats, meatloaf, fried chicken. I have had a lot of ????. I have been struggling to get sufficient protein. So I had this over past 2 days. I took garlic supplements and added some garlic powder to food. I RECENTLY HAD an urge to use the bathroom at my home. I had a girlfriend over because we have our monthly PINK PARTY. everything pink. PINK jeans or SHORTS, SHIRTS, pink silverware, pink table cloth, and all furniture covered with some pink sheet. We even redid the lighting and its pink. ITS A PINK PARTY between me and her. we color out fingernails pink and heavy pink make. then some pink hair put in for the day. It last like a day. We are all at my house kicking it up. She is little younger than me but about the start of middle age just like me. My girlfriend is not pale white though. she is is from a Caribbean country and very dark black skin and hair. You can think what you want of me. But we have known each other for 6 years and had pink parties monthly for the past 3 years. she is about 170 pounds, work out twice a week, above middle class income and educated, and eat pretty healthy. No health and mental issues and really supportive. Without her, my IBS situation would be worse and my depression level would be severe. She like all I really look too and more than family.

during the Pink parties, I did what an IBS person shouldn't, have some red wine. I had 2 glasses of red wine. I have to tell you. I got a diarrhea urge and right after drinking. i had to run to bathroom urgently. luckily she came behind he. I pull down pink shorts and panties. on toilet. Its A TOTO JAPANESE one that flush BY ITSELF IF YOU PUT IT THERE and high tech. its was all brown, mushy, a mix of wine and garlic. its was really runny and brown. I had the automatic flush turned off. well, the inside was really messy. I wiped 5 times and moderately brown tissue. when i turned on automatic flush, the water warmed up, the toilet inside sprayed really good with auto sprayers, and heard 2 automatic flushes. the toilet inside did indeed clean inside. i paid like 2000 British pounds or 2600 US dollars for the tot Japanese toilet which was imported. well, i felt better but the wine did work on my belly


Horrendous morning

One morning last week, exactly one month before my graduation, everything went wrong. The alarm on my phone didn't go off so I overslept. I couldn't get into the bathroom even for my short pee (I hold my crap for 1st hour) because my kid brother was in there and my sister was in the hallway with her bath towel. I just wanted to tell them both to go to .... Back in my room I could find only one pair of my regular underwear. The wash hadn't fully removed a bad stain. I've written about our school's stupid 4-minute pass period schedule before and I'm lucky to get one full wipe in after I crap. I grabbed the same set of jeans I had worn the previous day and a blue top, I put on my book bag, grabbed my car keys and went out into the street. On a good day its a five minute drive to school and another five minutes to park and get to main floor and the big main bathroom I would use for my pee.

Out on the street I almost broke down and cried. I tried three times and couldn't get my car to start. It had survived all the cold and snow of winter. Now it was 70 degrees and it wouldn't even partially turn over. I texted three friends from my neighborhood. They were already at school. Two were serving detention time. So I said F### it and decided to walk it. To save some time I took the railroad tracks for a few blocks. My p#### was starting to hurt big time, but since the tracks were high and there were houses on both sides and traffic moving on a couple of the streets, I knew I wasn't about to seat myself on the rail and drain. I hopped down into a wooded area that I knew led to a park. I figured I was about a minute from dropping myself, bag and all, onto the toilet.

The fact that the entry door wasn't locked was the only right thing that I had going for me. It had been a year or so since I last used the bathroom. I remembered the old, badly stained toilet, which was considerably higher than the ones I use at school. The black seat was shaped like a pear. There was the shit of one or more persons in the yellowed water. It was gross because some of the structure was starting to erode. As soon as my butt hit the seat, I was getting a progressively worse soreness in my back from the weight of the bag. My feet have never touched the floor when I'm on most toilets. The pain was bad. Rather than standing and unstrapping my back pack, I decided to do what I've done with some of the children I've babysat. I swung my body to the left so that both of my butt cheeks were on the same side of the seat. Then, as if I was in a lounge chair, I took the weight off my back by leaning back until the bag was positioned on the other side of the seat. Awkward yes, and by using my right hand I made sure I was far enough back to get my pee past the seat and into the toilet.

I got a lot of relief from that 45-second pee. I stayed seated for a couple minutes extra. It was comfortable and I was hopeful that I might be able to get my crap in too. Back on the street, my friend Mercedes honked and she gave me a ride for the last two blocks. Now my crap was knocking harder as we walked from the parking lot to the school. I walked my small legs at almost a run as I got to main girls restroom. I tore off my bag and dropped my butt onto the very first toilet I saw on my left. I had my usual pleasurable soft crap, only it was an hour earlier. As I sat feeling better and with five minutes to spare before the tardy bell, I had another of those Oh F### moments. Mercedes was a sophomore. She had parked on the other side of the building and I had entered the bathroom from its back door. The whole wall of communal toilet paper rolls was at the opposite entrance. I started to tear up again. Then I heard gram's voice again complaining of all my soiled underwear in the laundry basket. Then I got the idea of what to do. I pulled my bag over in front of me. I pulled out my scissors that I carry (I don't know why) and cut my underwear right down the middle. I pulled it off my thighs and I made another middle cut. Then from my seat I did one thorough wipe with one piece. Then the other. I tossed both into the water from between my legs. Then I pulled up my jeans, looked into the bowl and left without flushing or washing my hands. I got to technology class with about 10 seconds to spare. That evening I stopped at Wal-Mart and got about 11 or 12 new pieces of underwear. All my babysitting money does come in handy.

car pee and poop fan

car peeing or pooping


Does anyone who posts about peeing or pooping in their cars here have any new stories? I haven't seen any posts lately from Car Mom, toilet car, Samantha, Riley, or Haylee. Hope to hear more stories soon!


In the woods with Carrie again

First, I'm unsure why another story I recently wrote never appeared here and my last story (Camping in the snow with Carrie) posted twice. Strange.

Anyway, when I was twelve, Carrie and I set out in late March to go on a day hike through the woods behind her house. We discussed camping again, but decided against it. We carried a blanket to sit on when we ate and a backpack of a few sandwiches and chips. It was a bit of a blustery day, but fairly warm.

We hiked through the still-bare trees for two hours, finally arriving back at our old campsite of the previous winter. Carrie pointed to the old bucket, which was still there. "I need to go, do you?" she asked.

I didn't. Carrie went over to the bucket and shook out a bunch of dirt and leaves. She started unbuttoning her jeans and slid them down with her underwear. She smiled at me as she sat down, and abruptly farted, which caused her to laugh. A quick pattering started as she began to pee, her eyes closing in relief. After almost a minute, she finished and asked for some toilet paper. I gave her the roll I'd packed and she wiped herself and then stood up. Pulling up her pants, she said, "Phew, I needed that! Another five or ten minutes and I would have peed my pants!"

I spread out the thick blanket I'd brought with us. Carrie joined me on it as we lay on our backs. Carrie and I didn't talk, just laying there holding each other's hand. Her stomach rumbled after a while, and I was starting to get hungry, too. We unpacked our lunch and ate, watching the birds fly around through the trees around us.

I started to need to poop and told Carrie this. I got up and walked over to the bucket, the bottom of which was filled with pee. Pulling down my sweatpants and underwear, I sat down on the bucket. Leaning forward, I grunted as I started to push and felt my hole open as a large turd began sliding out. I had to push several times for it all to come out, and the huge log dropped into the bucket with a splash. Carrie giggled.

I pushed again and farted loudly. I began peeing, making a tinkling sound in the bucket. Pushing hard, I grunted and grunted as another large turd forced its way out of my butt, finally dropping with another splash. I sighed in relief, knowing my face was red with effort.

My pee tapered off and I pushed hard again, gripping my knees. A loud fart blasted the bucket and then another; Carrie giggled again. Grunting with effort, I slowly pushed out a huge turd which stretched my butt as it passed. Finally it fell into the bucket and I nearly moaned, it felt so good.

Another few small farts buzzed out as I sat there recovering. I felt finished and grabbed the toilet roll lying beside the bucket. I wiped my butt, dropping the tissues into the bucket when I finished, and stood up, pulling up my pants.

The bucket really stunk now and I picked it up and walked over behind a tree to dump it out. Coming back I saw Carrie standing up.

"Come with me," she said and headed for the other side of the small clearing we were in. I put the bucket down and followed her curiously. She stopped beside a large tree and began unbuttoning her jeans. "Watching you made me really need a poop!" she told me.

Dropping her jeans and panties to her ankles, she squatted and I stepped to the side. She grunted, her stomach tensing as she started to push. A stream of pee shot out and she peed for several seconds. At the same time, I could see a small turd sliding out of her bottom. It dropped to the ground with a soft thud and she started quickly on another, grunting again as she pushed it out. After it dropped, she farted twice. Looking up at me from her squat, she grinned, fanning her nose. "Peeeeww!" She laughed and I did too.

She took a breath and started pushing again, seeming to strain a bit with this one. Slowly, a large turd poked out and then went in again. She let out a frustrated sigh. Pushing again, she forced it out slowly, grunting loudly but as we were alone, she wasn't embarrassed. She strained for several minutes, at one point gripping my hand tightly. Finally, with a big thud, it fell out of her butt and landed on the ground. A LOUD fart echoed around the woods, which made her smile weakly.

She took a few deep breaths and by now she was very sweaty, her hair sticking to her forehead. A few last farts escaped her and she peed a little more. Finally, she told me she was done. I ran back to grab the toilet paper and gave it to her. She gently wiped herself and dropped her paper on top of her poop. Standing up, she pulled up her pants. Looking behind her, she gasped. "Wow! That's really big!"

Leading her back to the blanket, we lay down and she snuggled right against me as we lay there. Shyly, she kissed me.

Night drew in and Carrie snuggled closer, her eyes closing sleepily. Drawing the large blanket around us, I tucked her in and settled down beside her. At some point, both of us dropped off to sleep.

Waking in the morning, I felt Carrie's body pressed tightly against mine. I really needed to pee but Carrie was still fast asleep. Moving gently, I unwrapped the blanket and got up. Walking a few feet away, I undid the fly of my sweatpants and soon began to pee into the grass.

Carrie woke up not too long after I finished and quickly dashed a few feet away while tugging down her jeans, dropped into a squat, and began peeing furiously, sighing loudly in relief. A loud fart burst out of her and I laughed. She had stopped peeing by now, but still remained squatting. After a few seconds, a small turd dropped into the grass beneath her and she farted again forcefully. After wiping, she reluctantly picked up the small turd with some toilet paper ("Eeew!") and threw it into the trees around us.

We finally packed up and returned home to find two sets of very angry, worried parents. We hadn't exactly planned on spending the night. Oops.

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