After School Emily and Molly


Hey there!!! We are so sorry that we've been away. We are just now catching up on the forum! This is Molly, typing for us both. For those who haven't followed us, I'm 5'8 with reddish hair, weigh 165 lbs - fit and curvey. Emily is 5'7, also weighs 165 and is fit curvey. We both have habitually done our number two's after school as students! Now we are high school teachers and have maintained that rhythm!

We wanted to say hello to Anna, Mina, Becc, Victoria B and others who have been so kind to write back!

We thought we would report that our number two's have been consistent all summer. Traveling did not hinder them. We went just about every afternoon or early evening this summer!

OK, for the survey's. We will start with Alex's survey!

EMILY: Alex, this is Emily. Here are my answer's:

1) Age? 25

2) Height? 5'7

3) Weight? 165 lbs.

4) How often do you usually need to poop? Once in the afternoon. If I miss a day, it is usually Saturday, when I am out of a routine.

5) What times of day usually? Afternoon. The urge usually begins during the final hour of the school day. Most of the time I wait until we are back at our apartment. Sometimes I go at school as soon as class is dismissed.

6) Describe how your feces usually are (logs, chunks, pebbles, etc?)
My bowel movements resemble large bananas. They are firm, but not too firm. Sometimes they come out in 2-3 pieces.

7) When you poop, does a lot usually come out? My bowel movements may be above average in size. They are usually 6-8 inches long and 1-2 inches thick, but have been as large as a foot long and over two inches thick.

8) Most urgent dump you had recently (in the last year)?
I usually have a pretty urgent one each Sunday. Yesterday BM was pretty urgent, as we had Sunday dinner with our family and then made our drive back to our apartment. I did not go Saturday and it was pretty long and thick.

9) If you were legitimately offered $10 million dollars, do you think you could hold back your poop for 2 weeks while eating normally? I would not want to hurt myself. I would not attempt to do this.

MOLLY: Alex, Molly here!

1) Age? 24

2) Height? 5'8

3) Weight? 165

4) How often do you usually need to poop? Once daily, after school, like Emily.

5) What times of day usually? I usually need to go between 2:00 and 4:00 pm.

6) Describe how your feces usually are (logs, chunks, pebbles, etc?) Most of my number two's are soft and long. I may have a firm one during the week, but my urges to go

7) When you poop, does a lot usually come out? Yes, but I secretly wish they were bigger! Poops, like other things, are better when they are bigger!

8) Most urgent dump you had recently (in the last year)? Sunday's was pretty urgent for me too. Emily went first and as I was waiting for the toilet (we only have the one bathroom), I thought I would have an accident!

9) If you were legitimately offered $10 million dollars, do you think you could hold back your poop for 2 weeks while eating normally? No

We hope these answers are helpful!

OK, for Gastro Researcher!

EMILY: These are my answers. What are you researching?

(1) How many times do you usually eat per day? 3 full meals with an afternoon snack and a snack before bedtime.
(2) About how many glasses of water do you drink per day? I would say about four large glasses.
(3) What laxatives do you take? Benefiber (as a supplement), Prune Juice, and Colace Stool Softener (when traveling).
(4) What food(s) usually makes you constipated? Not foods, but medications seem to constipate me, like antibiotics. Also traveling.
(5) What food(s) usually give you diarrhea? I have not noticed a correlation between eating certain foods and diarrhea.
(6) What is your go to remedy for diarrhea? Imodium or letting it run its course if it is a mild diarrhea, the BRAT diet - Bananas, Rice, Apple Sauce and Toast.
(7) What foods make you gassy? Anything high in fiber, beans, etc.
(8) How often do you avoid foods that make you gassy? I've never really avoided foods for that reason.
(9) What time(season) of the year do you eat the most? Thanksgiving and Christmas
(10) Have you ever visited a gastroenterologist? No

MOLLY: For your research!

(1) How many times do you usually eat per day? 3 meals afternoon and evening snack, like Emily
(2) About how many glasses of water do you drink per day? It depends. I aim for 64 ounces, but many days I fall short.
(3) What laxatives do you take? Like Emily, I use Benefiber, Prune Juice and Colace, if necessary.
(4) What food(s) usually makes you constipated? If I am lazy about eating my fiber, I can get a little back up.
(5) What food(s) usually give you diarrhea? Watermelon tends to go through me. Go figure!
(6) What is your go to remedy for diarrhea? Imodium or the BRAT diet.
(7) What foods make you gassy? Beans - oh, do they ever!!
(8) How often do you avoid foods that make you gassy? If I know that I have an important public function, I tend to avoid beans. But sometimes I will eat an extra helping and fart until my heart's content!!!
(9) What time(season) of the year do you eat the most? The Holidays, like Emily.
(10) Have you ever visited a gastroenterologist? No

We hope that these are helpful!


Emily and Molly


Reply to Elphaba

To Elphaba: Sorry to hear about your're more tolerable of the trans community in the future, especially when it comes to public bathrooms. That is truly awful. I enjoyed hearing from your perspective. Your bravery is admirable!

To Taylor

Taylor could you please tell us about the time you pooed next to your chemistry teacher?

I've always kind of wondered what it would be like to poo in the stall next to a teacher.


Sarah, RE; Peeing at Concerts

You might try disposable underwear. The female Depends can hold and contain the contents of most bladders and are easy to change. You don't want to flood them or they may leak, better to let it out in spurts.

As for bowel issues, the underwear absorbent pad covers much of the rear and can contain the movement. You don't want to pee and poop the in the same disposable or clean up could get messy. I've used them for the two 5,000 mile round trips I've been doing moving to northern Idaho. Eighteen hours a day behind the wheel doing six hundred miles between fuel stops. I have IBS issues and my movements are mostly soft serve. If I let loose in one of my disposables the poop mostly stays on the pad and I don't stink when I go to Motel 6 for a shower and a good night of sleep

My Name

Wapiya is more properly a title than a name. The word comes from the native Lakota people and is the title for a healer both physical and spiritual.
I'm male, 64, and parts of me don't work near as well as they once used to. That said I can still walk 10 miles a day and ski the double black diamond runs.

Optional Person


Mina it is nice to know that someone else appreciates the smell of poop.

Sarina- I can't wait to hear some of your Minnesota woods poop stories. I imagine you have some stories of leaving big piles out in the woods.

Alyssa- That story was incredible. That monster snake must have been a thing of beauty to look at and felt disturbingly good coming out. Thanks for that story. I imagine the stench rating was a 10 out of 10 for very strong stench. Not that that is a bad thing. Like mina was talking about poop makes a good smell.

Does anyone on here ever fart in the shower? I like to pee in the shower.

To begin with I would like to make a correction; my last post was meant to be titled 'Second Summer Break Story'

Secondly in response to Becc's imaginative question of what bowel movement comes to mind when I hear:

Feces- scientific/medical
Poop- an Americans BM
Poo- Someone British, Australian or Canadian's BM
Doo Doo- a child's BM
Doodie- same as Doo Doo
Diarrhea- an liquid BM that pours out of your bum possibly with some loose chunks that don't have a lot of form
Take a dump- an avarage BM of fully formed logs
Drop the kids off at the pool- again a fully formed BM, I don't like this phrase
Drop a deuce- slang said by Americans
Bowel Movement-scientific/medical or old fashioned or polite word for poo
The Runs- American slang for diarrhea, coming from how you have to run for the toilet
The Trots- British slang for diarrhea
The Poops- never heard this one
Explosive Diarrhea- a liquid BM that blasts out of your bum and splashes loudly into the bowl, possibly with several wet farts
Constipation-not having a BM as often as you would normally and when you do you have to strain to get rid of the turds which have gone hard
Pinch a loaf- a hard BM to have, only one turd
Cut a rope-never heard this one
Lay a brick-a really heavy turd
Download a brown load-never heard this one

Thirdly my latest story:

Today I was laying on my bed wearing only my panties as I listened to an album on vinyl. Near the end of it I let off a loud fart which kept on going for around five seconds getting more and more wet. Once it finished I had a sudden apprehension and reached down to touch the back of my turquoise panties. My fingers came away feeling moist so I got off the bed and lowered my panties to my knees to see a thin brown coat of liquid shart. Pulling the panties up again i reached for my dressing gown and after putting it on I went from my bedroom to the bathroom. This time after slipping my panties down again I wiped myself four times until I was clean. Flushing the loo I unlocked the bathroom door and went back to my bedroom where I changed into a black pair of panties.

Uncle Harry

Water Pill Peeing

I learned about water pills (diuretics) early. My wife uses them. The're for weight loss for overweight people. They create a lot of peeing to get rid of excess water. But watch out. They can cause an unexpected urge of need to pee or unexpected release of urine (piss your pants). It happened to my wife--a huge flood on the floor to cleanup. While I was wife-shopping, I met Shelly. We went to a nice restaurant and neither one of us went to the bathroom there. On the way home, I noticed Shelly squrming around. She suddenly grabbed her pussy and told me to pull over as she had to urinate RIGHT NOW or she will flood the car seat. I pulled over to a grassy area. She jumped out as soon as I shut off the engine. She opened the rear door to get some privacy and then came beck to the front door. She yanked off her loose pants and I noticed that she had no panties. She squated a little back and let loose a flood of urine. "Don't look at my pussy, Harry. Don't watch me", she admonished. But that was too late. I was already seeing her urine pouring out between her labia. She took nearly a full minute to slow down and finally stop, with a few squirts in between. She wiped her pussy dry and pulled up her pants. As long as we were there, I decided to pee as well. I pulled out my dick, aimed it and started peeing, with Shelly watching. "You watched me piss, Harry. You saw my pussy. This is only our first date. You should't have done that". "Well, your making it up watching me piss". "So I am", she said and laughed. The traffic was heavy and by the time we got to her house she had to pee again. This time, she didn't care if I watched. She also apologized for not telling me that she was taking water pills. We had several more dates after that until we eventually broke up.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

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Comments and Story

Mina-In response to your question: sometimes I clog the toilet, but my way to prevent that is if I know I'm going to have a big poo, I try to break it up into smaller pieces.

Becc: That story sounds awful! I can't imagine how it must have been for you all!

Becc's story reminded me of a very similar story that happened to me about two years ago.

There's this lake about two hours from my house that my family doesn't technically own, but every summer all the cousins get together there for eight weeks. And I have a TON of cousins. Counting my all the aunts and uncles and parents and cousins, there are about 20 people who stay at the lakehouses every summer. And that's just my dad's side!

Now, to this day I have no idea what triggered the diarrhea bout. But one day, about three weeks into the stay, we were all hanging out by the lake when one of my little cousins suddenly said that her ???? was hurting. Then, one by one, we all said that our stomachs were hurting.

Very much like Becc's story, the lake was about a ten minute walk from the 4 small lakehouses we stayed in. We all started for the houses when some people started to run ahead. Now, I have an identical twin sister named Katie, and we were sleeping in one lake house with three of our cousins: Iris, Nikki, and Kyra. For the sake of this story, I won't talk about any other cabins because enough happened with the five of us. There was only one bathroom for us, and we immediately formed and in order of who needed to go the most.



Sarina, I highly recommend the BRAT diet. I like to think of diarrhea as your digestive's system's "runny nose." When we get colds, we let them run their course. Our body is ridding itself of germs, allergens and other irritants. Why do we not do the same with our stomachs? It's not pleasant, can be messy and can be uncomfortable, but as long as your not getting dehydrated, let your stomach do it's thing. Thank you for the affirmation!

Mina, It's good to hear from you too. I love reading your posts and imagining your accent.

Brandon T, She lived. It wasn't her best day, but she made it through. We're sisters. We're there for each other!

Taylor, Nice story. Did you ever discover the soup's ingredients?

Steve A, When I was in school, I just went if I had to poop at school. I guess, being bigger than the other girls, I just did what I had to do. We have to sit anyway. I guess you guys have it different since you sit only for #2.

- Becc

i hate pooping around people. Every since i hit 13 I would never let anyone know I pooped or when i did it, lucky for me my parents go outside a lot so i could always poop then when i had diarrhea i would release some then take an antidiarrhea. But today oh my god it was the worst day of my life me and my friends went to the mall for school clothes we ate at arbys before we went and i was full beyond belief. We went to like a couple shops and i felt a slight urge to poop not diarrhea YET. So i ignored it because i could hold it until i was home, after walking around some more the urge worsened and it didnt feel like it was a normal bowel movement. We were close by the toilets, I was hesitant to tell my friends i needed a toilet so while i was thinking about saying something a lady from the hair thing pulled me over and my friends stopped i decided i could tell them to go on and i wouod text them when i was done. I told them to go on without me I want to see what she has to say. All the lady did was give me a sample for this argan oil treatment and demonstrat how it works on a wig which only took a minute after she was done I hurried to the bathrooms in this mall there werent many stalls so i had to wait not too long though like only a second. Once i got in it i locked the door and pulles my pants and underwear down to my knees, I had a stream of pee that lasted 10 seconds. I poop really noisy, Im very gassy and make a ton of ploping noise. I gently released some hoping it would be quiet but my luck failed me soft barely turds came out and after that i lost control of my bowels it came rushing out like a volcanoe erruption, It sounded like Niagara falls was xoming out of my asshole. There were little girls next to my stall that were giggling do to my bad gas. After 6 or so minutes my ass was done raining diarrhea but i remained on the toilet pushing to make sure i was good. When i came out i got a few looks and giggles, Long atory short this was the worst day of my life. Im at home right now just got off the toilet i was in there for an hour.


Laxative incident

I had been backed up since last Friday and was starting to get uncomfortably bloated. My mom suggested that I try a milk of magnesia laxative as they always work for her. I took it around 7 in the morning and at 12 i didn't feel any movement down there so I decided to go for my daily run. (BIG MISTAKE). I was around a mile and a half in when a huge cramp hit me out of nowhere, I was running in a park and knew that I would have to fid the public restrooms FAST. I started desperately looking around for one but eventually it became too much and a huge amount of soft serve filled my leggings along with some farts. I made it back to my car and went home to shower. While in the shower I got another cramp and shot some liquid diarrhea all over my shower floor. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE.


I peed my pants

So I've been a longtime reader but I've never posted before. I've always been fascinated by pee, but never had peed my pants before. I never understand how it could happen because even when I had to go really bad, I always felt in control. Well that was until last night. I'm posting because I'm so embarrassed and can't tell anyone, but I need to get it off my chest.

I went to dinner with my friend, where I drank a lot of water. I live in Arizona and it's so hot I'm always drinking water, plus the food was spicy. Because of how much I drink i have to pee a lot, but I didn't go before we left because I thought we'd be going right home. Afterwards, we sat in my car for awhile talking. I had to pee, but my friend is going through a lot of personal stuff and I wanted to be there and be supportive. Plus, like I said, I never had a problem holding it before. Well, by the time we left, I had to go SO BAD. Everything hurt and my bladder felt rock hard. As I drove home, I looked for somewhere to stop, but there weren't any gas stations on the way and everything else was already closed. Plus, I felt like as soon as I got out of my car I would pee my pants and I didn't want to in public. I just wanted to make it home so my car seat wouldn't be soaked. As I drove, the pain got worse and I kept feeling small squirts escape. I had no idea it could hurt this much to need to pee. I could barely sit and drive.

Finally I made it home and pulled into my driveway. As I got out of my car, I felt another large squirt come out. There was a wet spot on my car seat and my pants were wet. I squeezed my legs together and tried to hobble to my door, but at this point I was actively peeing. I realized i wouldn't make it inside to the bathroom, and just stepped into the grass as pee poured out. I peed and peed and peed. My pants and shoes were soaked. I was so embarrassed. Here I was, an adult, standing in my front lawn peeing myself. Luckily it was dark and no one saw. I probably could have stopped in the middle and made it inside, but everything was already wet so I just emptied my bladder, then I went inside and took a shower. Even though no one knows, I'm so embarrassed. The next morning , the grass was still wet where I went. It was a shameful reminder of what happened.

I will admit that it did feel good to pee my pants and I wish I could have enjoyed it more except i was too ashamed. I may purposely pee my pants inside my house. Maybe I'd enjoy it more if I was controlling it.


Cheer lock in

Sophomore year me and my cheer friends had a lock in at the high school. We have a co Ed squad so there is a boy. He stayed too. Me and him are very close good friends. We dated in the past but it's not weird. While we're there about 10 Alcock he tells me he has to poop. I tell him to go to the bathroom before we start playing are games. He told me no, he didn't wanna go in there. He goes over to the couch and sits down and is holding his stomach. I walk over and sit by him, he passes gas and looks at me and says "I'm sorry, my stomach hurts bad" I tell him once again to go to the bathroom. He tells me no. Now, hot cheetos make him have diarrhea. I brought hot cheetos and sat them by my stuff. A little later he tells me he feels better and that he's gonna eat some of them. I tell him that's not a good idea because he will have to poop again. He doesn't care. About an hour later he's looking very uncomfortable. I say "you have to poop again, don't you?" He looks st me and nods. He just keeps on repeatedly passing gas. He runs out to the bathroom and comes back a little later. " I feel better now" I tell
Him good and to get ready we're gonna play murder in the dark. Me and him are hiding in our spot trying not to get killed or found. He cluteches his stomach and bends over. He says "I'm gonna poop my pants if I don't go now" there's a toilet in the room we're in, so I tell him to go. He says okay but don't look. I said okay. He sits on the toilet and is talking to me. "Man those cheetos really make my stomach hurt" right then he lets out a grunt and a fart. 10 minutes go by and no progress. "Are you okay?" He grunts some more. "No, I can't poop And my stomach hurts so bad" he looks embarrassed and says "can you come help me" I tell him yes. I walk over them and sit on my knees and massage his stomach. He farts very loudly and says sorry. He grunts a few more times and then relieves himself. "Oh I bet that helped huh?" And he looked at me and said "I feel so much better". Anyway, couple hours later around 3 he is holding his stomach again and passing gas. He runs to the bathroom and I follow, he sits and tells me "it hurts so bad *grunt* please help" I walk over there again and tell him to "push" he says he is and continues to grunt. A little piece comes out and I ask him "did that make you feel better?" He said yes and continued to push. A few more minutes later he gets done and goes back to the room. He had bad gas and a bad stomach ache for the rest of the night. He couldn't sleep so I stayed up with him he keeps farting bad and it stinks. Later when we all go home he texts me and tell me that he was on the toilet all day and thanked me for helping.


Need advice on how to deal with a stinky situation!

I stumbled on this site by accident, but figured I'd post anyway, since i've received bad advice from the more conventional sites. My neighbors are on a 4 month vacation in Paris. They have a gardener/landscaper who is doing some work on their home. This particular man is a very rude and foul mannered person whom I try to stay clear of. He loves to pass gas loudly when working outside and doesn't care who hears him. He also mows their lawn with no shirt on, which I don't think is appropriate for children to see. When I tried to explain this to him, he actually turned around and displayed his buttocks to me. A few weeks ago, I walked over to slip an invitation to my daughter's bridal shower through a slot in her door. I heard strange noises coming from the side of the house. When I went around to check, I saw the very large gardener squatting down with his pants around his ankles. A foul odor of feces filled the air! I was so horrified that a person would do this, that I just walked away without saying anything. Not the right thing to do, I know, but what do you say when another human being just defecates on the side of someone's house? Also, I don't know if this man will physically assault me or not. After he went home, I went around to the side of the house, but didn't find evidence of the foul deed because he must have buried his poop. At least he had the decency to do that! Since that incident, I have not seen him doing that by the side of the house, but have noticed him walking into the backyard when he is finished with work. My neighbors backyard is wooded. I asked my husband to follow him back there to see if he was up to his smelly deeds again. So my husband did just that. When he came back in, he told me that he caught the guy pooping back in the woods, and yelled at him to cut it out! The gardener just looked at him and gave him the finger. Then he finished his poop without saying anything, and walked off. My husband had to go over and bury the feces. Then the other day, the guy was in my neighbors shed because her teenage son foolishly gave him the key. I don't know what he was doing in there, but he was in there for a long time. A few days later, another gentleman came to do work on the roof of my neighbors home and needed some tools from the shed. He went in, and then ran out complaining of a fecal stench. He came to our house and asked if we knew why the shed stinks to high heaven. My husband knew right away what the problem was and followed the man to the shed. In the shed they found a bucket with about 2 days worth of feces and urine in it! I really don't know what to do at this point. My neighbor's lovely home is becoming a palace of poop! Should I call my neighbor and interrupt her much needed vacation to tell her that a "mad pooper" is loose in her home? I feel it is my obligation. The man who found the poop thinks it was my neighbor and her husband who did it. My neighbor and her husband are decent, clean, and respectable pillars of the community. I can't have people thinking they would be involved in such nasty business as poop! What should I do?


Toilet Words for Bowel Movements

We all have experienced all kinds of Bowel Movements. But describe the Bowel Movement that comes to mind when you hear these words.

Doo Doo
Take a dump
Drop the kids off at the pool
Drop a deuce
Bowel Movement
The Runs
The Trots
The Poops
Explosive Diarrhea
Pinch a loaf
Cut a rope
Lay a brick
Download a brown load

OK, that's enough. Maybe you only have time for a few. What's your favorite expression for going to bathroom?

- Becc


stuck zips

Taylor - when I was in secondary school we could wear either skirts or trousers. I preferred skirts most the time but wore trousers sometimes, often in winter.
I had one pair which I needed to wear a belt with, and once leaked quite badly into my underwear when I couldn't get it undone in time!

Your story of hearing you going caused someone to wet themselves reminded me of a near accident that happened to me probably in year 7 or 8 when I'd been busting for a wee during a lesson and finally got out. I had to queue in a small 2-cubicle toilet and was frantically desperate, crossing my legs and holding myself. Then I heard a girl who was in the cubicle start up a long, hissy wee and I couldn't help but let a spurt out in my knickers. At about this time another girl from my class came in and joined the queue which made me feel really worried in case I did have an accident. I remember one particularly big leak came out which felt really warm and saturated my knickers, I could feel a dribble going down the back of my thigh. This was annoying because I couldn't do anything to stop it or wipe it up because someone was watching me, and I knew that it wouldn't be long before I had a complete accident. I can still remember the feeling of the dribbling down my thighs, it was terrifying! Then when I got into a cubicle I slammed the door shut and started weeing onto the floor until I could get myself onto the toilet - I literally had ran out of time!

Sunday, August 13, 2017


Latest story

Hi everyone, I thought I'd post again, will get to my latest story after a few comments.
Imogen- it was a campsite with loos so luckily not too much squatting behind bushes, although we did do that a few times when we needed a wee while we were out walking! I have camped places in the past where there were no toilets, so I am quite used to having a wee and a poo outside if I need to. You're right about the motorway scenario, I guess people have to see if they can find a bush or a tree to go behind if they get desperate for the loo! Its never happened to me on the motorway but it did happen not long ago when I was on the bus, we got stuck in traffic and I and a couple of school girls had to get off because we needed the loo urgently, unfortunately the toilets in a nearby park were closed so we had to go outside, I posted the whole story a few pages back.
Natasha- great to hear the stories from your camping trip, it sounded like you did a massive load!
Taylor- great story about when you wet yourself because you couldn't get your trousers and knickers down in time- glad to hear you enjoyed it!!
Anyway, since my last post I'm still not finding it that easy to have a poo and also I seem to be going three or four days between poos which isn't exactly great. Today I was out at the shops with Lucy when I started to feel the urge, I was on the loo in the shopping centre toilets having a wee and could feel a log ready to poke out, but I decided to wait until I got back home as I didn't want to keep Lucy waiting. When we got back to my house I was starting to get quite desperate, I could feel the log just about to poke out into my knickers even though I was clenching my bum. Typically I was wearing really tight knickers which had got stuck up my bum and so I knew skidmarks would be inevitable if it did start to poke out! As we went up to my room I said, "I need to have a poo, come on in, it'll probably take me a while!" Lucy followed me in to my ensuite and sat on the floor as I went over to the loo, I lifted my skirt and dropped my pink and blue stripey knickers and sat down, luckily I only had a slight mark so it could have been worse. Lucy was sitting with her knees drawn up, she was wearing a skirt as well and so I could see her pink flowery knickers, I noticed they were stuck up her bum too!! I relaxed my bum and couldn't help moaning slightly as my log started to poke out, it was such a relief to just relax and let it come! As usual though once the tip was out I knew I'd have to start pushing, I could feel it was going to be a struggle, as well as being really fat it was also pretty hard and knobbly. I started to bear down and could feel myself going red after a few hard pushes, annoyingly the log just wouldn't budge any further no matter how hard I pushed! "Sorry, I can't get it to move at the moment!" I panted. "I'm glad its not just me," said Lucy, "I tried to have a poo this morning but I ended up breaking it off because I just couldn't push it out, I was hoping to have another try when your done!"
"Well I guess we can swap," I said, "Hang on, I'm just gonna break mine off!" I reached round behind myself with some loo paper and broke off the tip of my log, I put some paper in my knickers too and pulled them back up. Lucy got up and lifted her skirt, she said, "Sorry, I know my knickers are really grim, I couldn't find any other clean ones this morning!" She quickly pulled down her pants and sat on the loo, and straight away started to bear down. Her knickers were round her knees but had got turned inside out so I could see that she had a big skidmark. She started to push and did some loud farts and she also weed a bit every so often, after about 5 minutes of panting and grunting she'd gone red in the face and she said, "Its coming but its going to take me ages yet!!" Lucy continued to strain and her grunts got louder, she moaned "Oh god this poos gigantic, its really stretching my bum, I'm in agony!" She reached round behind herself and pulled her bum cheeks apart, I have to do that sometimes if I'm trying to pass a log that's even fatter than normal, and she went up on tiptoes and bore down hard. After a few more pushes like that she relaxed a bit and pushed her hair out of her eyes, she was bright red and I could see sweat on her forehead. Shortly after the log splashed down into the loo and then Lucy's belly contracted and I heard some mushy poo falling into the bowl. She took some toilet paper and wiped her bum, she said "My bum's really sore but I'm glad I've got rid of that massive poo, it was giving me a massive belly ache!" When Lucy was done wiping she pulled up her pants, let down her skirt and flushed. We went back into my room and Lucy said "I need to change my knickers, I've got massive skidmarks in these ones, do you have any I can borrow?"
"Yeah, help yourself, you know where they are," I said. Lucy went over to my underwear drawer and opened it, she took out a pair of pale green knickers and swopped them for the ones she was wearing. After a few minutes I said, "Right, I guess I should try again, hopefully I'll be able to push it out this time!" I went back into my ensuite and once again lifted my skirt and dropped my knickers before sitting on the loo. I took a deep breath and started to bear down, I could feel that I was going red in the face and the log was starting to come out again, it was really stretching my poor bum. I reached round behind myself and pulled my bum cheeks apart, that usually helps if I'm struggling to have a poo, and did another massive push. I couldn't help grunting loudly which was a bit embarrassing, I said "Sorry I'm grunting, I can't help it!" and Lucy told me not to worry, to be honest we both need to grunt quite often when we're having a poo. "Yeah, I guess its better doing it in front of you than if I'm using a public loo, I hate it if I end up grunting then" I said.
"I know what you mean," replied Lucy. "When I was at school I'd get really embarrassed if I grunted when I was having a poo, I mean, I tried really hard not to but sometimes I just couldn't help it. Luckily I sometimes heard other girls grunting as well which did make it a bit less awkward." I nodded and said "In the school where I went for sixth form a lot of girls used the school toilets when they wanted a poo so I did hear other girls who were struggling to go and were sitting there straining and grunting, I guess that made it a lot less embarrassing when I was having a hard poo!" Luckily pulling my bum cheeks apart did help and I felt the log slide out a bit more. After a few more pushes like that and more grunting the log started to move faster and eventually it dropped into the bowl with a splash. I sighed with relief and said "God, I'm glad that one's out, it was huge!" I could feel another log starting to come out, luckily this log wasn't nearly as fat so after a few pushes it fell into the loo with a loud plop and I felt empty. I wiped my bottom, pulled up my knickers and let down my skirt and then flushed the toilet. I washed my hands and then we went back into my room and just lazed about for a while. I hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!!



(I did want to post this earlier but I've been extremely busy at uni)

As I've said before I'm trans nonbinary; basically although I was born with male characteristics I don't feel male but nor do I feel female. I've been using female bathrooms for just over a year and before this story have only had three times where I've been told that I'm in the wrong bathroom. To give a bit of context to this story I was wearing all in all a pretty androgynous outfit consisting of a dark blue t-shirt with the Hogwarts logo from Harry Potter printed on it (geeky t-shits are like half my wardrobe) a pair of dark skinny women's jeans and brogues. Also I have short hair and the only makeup I use is concealer/bb cream. I had gone out to one of the shopping centres in my hometown and needing to pee I entered the bathroom on the first floor. This bathroom had a long row of cubicles, I think there must have been about ten, with a couple of women having just finished in two of them down at the other end from where I walked in. As I approached the first cubical I noticed the toilet had an 'out of order' sign on it so I had to use the next available one which was half way down. After emptying my bladder I got redressed, unlocked the cubical door and started to walk towards the exit where one of women from earlier and a female security guard were standing. Luckily my brain didn't go into overdrive by ringing alarm bells that it was me they were there for. I had just walked past them when the security guard said "Next time the male toilet is down there" and pointed towards it. Turning to her I said "yes I know" and started to walk away. As I did so she called out "you can't use the women's toilet" which attracted the attention of the people at the other end of the corridor. It might have been my imagination but I think I heard a burst of radio static as I turned the corner at a prompt pace. Continuing down the stairway I was determined not to break into run or turn around lest I gave the impression that I had done something wrong and when I got to the bottom I made a beeline to the exit of the shopping centre. At the end of the road there was a fruit and veg market and it was at this point that I finally turned around and was relieved to see that there wasn't security guards chasing after me. I didn't stay around there though and continued on walking until I reached another shopping centre about five minutes away. This one has comfy chairs and sofas set up in the middle and getting there I fell down into one of these where the anxiety about what went down fully hit me. To calm myself down I took out my phone and scrolled through Facebook. Slowly worry gave way to anger as I thought about how that security guard and the woman who had got her involved wanted to limit my gender identity. I realise that she might have thought that she was protecting her fellow females but I didn't like how she assumed I was dangerous when all I wanted to do was to pee. Also I thought about what if I had said "oh I'm sorry I didn't realise I was in the wrong bathroom" instead but then dismissed this as with political developments in both the UK and US I've wanted to be lot more assertive about my queer identity and rights. After going through this for about fifteen minutes I was calm enough to continue my time out shopping.


Lifted up III

First of all, thanks to Jack and Brandon T for your comment.
Last spring I was walking in the forest with Noemie and Juliette, two friends who know my husband lifts me up when I pee. At one moment, Noemie said "I gotta pee" I answered "We'll wait for you here" But she asked "Girls, do you think alltogether you're as strong as Sandrine's husband ?" So we followed her out of sight from the path.
First I gave her the roll of biodégradable toilet paper I always keep in my handbag. She pushed her pants and panties down. I was on Noemie's left with my left hand inside her left knee and my right hand on her right shoulder. Juliette was on Noemie's right holding her symétrically to me. Noemie's left hand was on my left shoulder and her right hand was on Juliette 's right shoulder. I said "Ready ? 1 2 3" and we lifted up Noemie. She peed for a minute and a half and her flow was up to a meter long. When she was done, weeped, put back down on her feet and she pulled her panties and pants back up, Juliette said "Noemie, looking at you peeing made me have to go too"
Noemie and Juliette swapped places, Noemie gave the roll of paper to Juliette. Then Juliette was held above the ground with her pants and panties down to her ankles, her back vertical and her tights pressing her belly. She did a one minute pee but, when her flow ended, we saw a turd hanging between her legs. Juliette said "Oups, surprise poop". We laughed then she resumed pushing and dropped a 30cm turd. I asked "Noemie, are you tired ?" She answered no so I said "Juliette, you can push more if you want" And Juliette pushed out another 30cm one before weeping.
Then it was my turn. Lifted up by my two friends, I did "only" a one minute pee. We walked back to the path with both my friends holding my arms with a hand. They both said how relieved they felt and they would talk about this to their hubbies.


Anna's poo at the bike race

Hi, it's Anna from Canada here. I am sorry I have not posted in a while, but I had nothing interesting to report for a while. But on Tuesday I was in a bike race and I used a porty-potty, so here is my little story.

This was a big mountain biking race and I was on a team with three other girls. It was hot so I had had a lot of water already and I also had a nervous stomach as the start of the race approached, so with about twenty minutes to go I announced to my teammates that I was going to the bathroom. Lisa, another girl on my team said she wanted to come as well. We headed over to where there was a long line of porta-potties. It was quite busy with all of them having people waiting, except one. So, Lisa and I took that one and stood in line. While we waited, Lisa let a little fart slip out and she was like "oh, excuse me". After about two minutes or so, another racer came out of the porta-potty. He was quite cute and held the door open for me which I thought was funny, so I smiled at him. When I entered, the first thing I noticed was that it didn't smell bad at all, even though the toilets had been in use all morning. How neat! Another thing I saw was that the toilet lid was open and there were a ton of clean toilet paper sheets down there. I thought that was quite strange. Anyway, the seat was clean and there was enough paper left, so I locked the door and pulled down my purple spandex shorts which I was wearing for the race. They were quite tight fitting and like for all racers they had my last name printed across my bum. I also dropped my panties and then sat down on the seat. Immediately I let go with my pee, spraying a big, hissing stream into the toilet. Meanwhile I could hear the occupant of the porta-potty to my left change. When I was done peeing, I put my arms on my thighs, leaned forward and started to push out my poo. A first, soft turd crackled out quickly and then dropped from my backdoor and into the pit with a sort of splatting noise. I had to wait a bit, and then a second, longer poo pushed out from my behind, ending in a rather loud, wet fart and another big drop into the toilet. After that I did about four or five sloppy poops with a few more smaller farts and then I felt done. All the while I was doing my number two in the porta-potty, somebody was also having a noisy poo in the one to my left, with quite a lot of wet sounding farts. I pulled of some paper, wiped my front and cleaned up my messy backdoor with about ten sheets. Then I pulled up my panties and bike shorts and had a quick look at the toilet. I could see two bigger turds and a few smaller ones. On top of my big load was tons of dirty tp. I quickly closed the lid and then unlocked the door. As I got out, my neighbour who had done a poo as well and farted a lot also left her porta-potty and she was one of the racers from another team, a tall brunette girl. I bet that she also had a nervous stomach before the start. Anyway, Lisa replaced me to do her thing and I went back to my team feeling much relieved.

to Taylor: I really liked your story about your desperate poo at the store. It reminded me of what happened to me a little while ago when shopping for swimsuits. I am glad you made it!

to Jessica: I love being in the outdoors and I am glad you like some of my stories. I am sorry, but I don't have any more multi-day trips planned. Believe it or not, the summer here in Canada is already drawing to a close. Booo! Mexico will mostly be a beach vacation, but we may do some hiking, idk. If I have any adventures suitable for this forum, I will post them for sure!

to Jessica B: I am sure you'll find a great guy to date soon. Don't give up hope! I'm looking forward to your story from work, but I hope that it wasn't too bad for you!

to Anna from Austria: It's always great to have lots of privacy on a public toilet, especially when needing to do a not-so-ladylike poop. It's nice to see you posting again, many hugs!

Dear Taylor: I love the title of your post. Yes, loo is beautiful place! I am happy that you got to loo in time and had good time there. I don't know Angel Delight. Is it dessert? It is funny name for production of bottom, but nice name, so I tell my friends and maybe tomorrow we say "Angel Delight" instead of "motion". In Japanese it is "tenshi no yorokobi" tenshi is angel and yorokobi is delight, "no" means "of" so delight of angel. You say it was not pretty sight, but maybe not so ugly, I think. Cowpat is not ugly thing. When I saw in Wales, I thought, happy cow who produce that, she feel good afterwards. I sometimes do cowpat and Kazuko often, but I never think it is not pretty sight. I think beautiful, especially it is beautiful when comes from Kazuko or Hisae. And we always feel good after cowpat finish to come out, like Brandon T often say!!

But I don't tell friends about comment of girls at sinks. I don't like to see Maho in rage and I think that is happened perhaps. Also I don't like. Comment is not need. Don't listen so stupid girls. They have no good manner, they are not a civilised human being. Cowpat don't smell like rose, it smell like cowpat and everybody is same. It is not so bad smell, I like better than smell of oil from motor bike. (and when it is angel delight of my friend, I love very much, but I said many times before so please forgive repeat-herself Mina.)

Loo is lovely lovely thing. Thank you to person who invent!! When I go into loo room with heavy stomach, I always smile!!

To Jason's girlfriend: I think Jason is nice man perhaps. He understand that sometimes our stomach don't co-operate us. I hope he see you again. Maybe one day he will have stomachache and you will be kind to him while he produce angel delight. I know some man think that stomachache on date can't help. and they don't angry, because my brother is such kind of man, and Maho's brother too. Your post is nice title: Love at first Poop. I like!!

Dear Steve A: Hisae say, when she poop in high school, no big deal. She say her friends, I go loo, she go into loo and close door and bare bottom and squat and push angel delight out from bottom high speed, then she wipe and flush and go out and all finish in 2 minutes and she is talking and laughing with her friends.

To many people: One thing I always wonder. Sometimes someone say, I do so much, I can't flush. Once it was happened to me because my mind somewhere else. But usually, if I do and do (I usually do and do, my cowpats are very big size and always it is many) I flush at half way point. Not good for environment and very bad in Australia I think, but in Japan many people do especially woman, I don't like to flush many times so much but if we clog loo it is more worse so I flush. Then do next cowpat.

I never, never, never hold back angel delight to win 10 million dollar. I agree Becc, it is very very dangerous!!

To Alex: For your survey, I am 26 age, 159 cm height, weight I don't say because it is secret but I am normal weight for my size, I usually do motion once in a day and in morning, but sometimes I skip a day and sometimes I go again same day if it is a diarrhoea, my motion is log which break up many pieces and second or third motion in a same sitting is more softer and like puree, and my motion is always a lot, I think I have very long intestine perhaps, but Asian are usually long intestine, especially in Japan they are. Most recent dump I had recently, I tell in next post, it is new story but I am now tired a little. English is difficult! I want to study in Wales again.

Big shout out to everyone, Anna and Anna and Becc and Taylor and Victoria and Brandon and and and and and and.... I can't write all name, so OK if you don't write Mina.

Love from Mina, and HMK of course, they too say shout out everybody.

Hi again. A quick comment and then I'll get to my stories.

Abbie: What a coincidence! I also went on a camping trip at the weekend. I know some people like the "real" camping experience where you poo and wee out in nature, but, like Imogen said, I'd never go for that. I only do the type of camping where there's a toilet block. Sorry to hear you had a bad time with constipation while on your trip, though. It seemed like you were having a good time with it there for a while, too.

Actually, both of my stories are from the camping trip. I went with my friend Sophie and we had a great time. When we first got there on Friday evening, I had a small urge to wee but it wasn't too bad so I decided to put up the tent before going. I could tell Sophie had to poo and probably pretty badly, as she was farting up a storm the whole time we were putting up the tent. When we finally finished, I said "Whew! Glad that's done. I REALLY need a wee!" and Sophie replied, "Yeh. I have to go to the loo very badly too, both ways." So we headed to the toilets together.

There were three cubicles, but one was broken down and unusable, so there were really only two available. Only one of them was taken. Sophie asked if she could go first as she thought she was going to poo her pants. Even though I had a big need to wee, I let her go first. She ran in, slammed the cubicle door and started noisily pooing. It sounded almost like diarrhoea. Immediately it started stinking, which I figured must've been due to Sophie. The girl in the other cubicle seemed to be quite constipated as I could hear her straining hard and letting out grunts. She didn't seem to be having much success though. Sophie was done pooing fairly quickly, thankfully, and then she wiped, flushed, and exited the cubicle to wash her hands. I noticed that it really stunk after she finished pooing and when she opened the cubicle door, it let all the smell out. Then when I went and closed the door, it was unbearable. I don't think I've ever smelled anything quite so foul. I held my breath and did my wee and got out as soon as I could. When I got back to the tent, Sophie apologized for cutting in front of me, saying it was something she ate and it gave her a bad stomach.

My other story happened on Sunday morning. Sophie and I were out on a hike and we were heading back when out of the blue I got hit by a very strong urge to both wee and poo. It came from nowhere. I was afraid I'd either poo myself or end up having to poo outside. I slowed down and Sophie asked if I was alright. I said "Yes, only I have a big urge to wee and poo." Thankfully though, I neither pooed myself nor had to poo outside. The worst of it passed just as quickly as it had come on. I felt composed enough to keep walking at least, although I knew I still had to poo and my stomach hurt quite badly. As soon as we got back to the tent, I headed straight for the toilet block. Of course, both cubicles were in use and two other women were waiting. One cubicle opened up fairly quickly and the first woman went in. About then my stomach started to really hurt and I kinda doubled over. The other woman in line noticed and told me I looked very desperate and asked if I'd like to go first. I thanked her and said yes. A few minutes, but that seemed like forever, later, a cubicle came available. I went in, closed and locked the door and sat on the loo.

I started to wee a strong stream and it went on for quite a while too. Then I set my attention to relieving my aching stomach. I had to give a small push to get my poo to come out, but once it did, it was clear there was no stopping it. Five long rope-like logs of poo came out of me back-to-back. Then I did a long loud fart before passing three more very similar logs. I weed again, a dribble at first but building up to a full stream again. And one last thick log slowly worked its way out. I felt so relieved after that. Just, like, completely empty. I don't know where I was keeping all of that poo inside of me. Especially since I've been pooing every day for quite a while now. It's been ages since I've missed a day. I didn't feel like I ate more than usual either.

The toilet pans at the campsite toilet block are smaller than what I'm used to using, and so my big poo load filled the pan quite nicely. After wiping, I had to flush twice to clear the pan.

Well, that's all for now. Bye!

Anna from Austria
Sorry for not writing for a long time i was quite busy.

Yesterday I was at a bar with 2 friends Sonja and Katrin. After 2 drinks i got ???? pain and needed to to Ladies room. It was just a small bathroom with 2 stalls and luckily both were empty. The stalls were quite messy, with lots of toilet paper, on the floor. The first stall i took even had no usable toilet paper left. Luckily the second stall had enough paper. So i locked the door pulled down my pants and my thong and sat on the toilet. I started to push, and after a long prfft style fart i did a lot of mushy almost liquid poo, then some more farts, and more mushy poo. Then i peed and wiped my bottom. many times. Then i flushed, washed hands and left toilet. The toilet was smelling very bad now, but luckily i was alone the whole time during my poop.

Greetings from Austria


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