Hello everyone, I am Amy, I'm 43 and Mother of 4 girls (Its really crazy!) I am very athletic, Brown Hair I am about 5'8. Recently I was with my daughter at a library. This library was old and in pretty good shape. Although the bathrooms were really new. Me abd my daughter were new to this place and my daughter my 3rd one was a little scared of using these bathrooms. They had just renovated these bathrooms and before they wer renovated she was about 5 and there was a huge snake. So she whispered "Mom, I have to poop". We walked to the bathrooms on the 3rd floor. It was just a normal bathroom which had one toilet so I locked the door for her. She went over and pulled her pants to her knees she farted a wet fart. And and a big piece of poop splashed in. She wiped and I told her I needed to go. I walked over pulled my jeans and panties to my ankles and let out a loud fart. I pushed a bit and my daughter saw the big turd slowly make its way out it plopped in and a bunch of liquid diaheria followed it. She said "Holy Cow Mom!. I pushed a bit more and a bunch of big turds plopped in. Even I was surprised how much I was pooping. I wiped and my daughter looked she said "OMG!". We got in the car and were going for an hour long drive home about 10 minutes in she said "Mom, I'm having cramps, it hurts bad." There was a big plastic tub in the back of the car so I gave that to her. She took her pants off and I pulled over in a field she ran out of the car with her pants at her ankles and a bunch of diarrhea came out of her.


Me & Brandee & Drama

I've written before about Brandee. She's a college intern I'm responsible at my financial institution. She rides with me to work every morning. It's about a 40 minute drive, but when the weather is bad or there's a bad accident, the drive can take longer. Such was the case recently.

When I picked Brandee up she was a few minutes late as usual. Her live-in boyfriend was on the toilet in their apartment and she couldn't get in to pee. I've told her that Diver and I will share the bathroom together and there's really no problem with that arrangement. So she chooses drama.

So we were on the radial highway, just under halfway to work, and she was asking to stop because she had to pee. I knew there was a number of gas stations and c-stores coming up so that I didn't think too much about it. But the problem was the traffic. Bumper to bumper. We were at a halt. We could see lots of red lights down the road. Not only were we going to be late to work, Brandee was fidgeting badly as a couple of police officers on motorcycles rode toward us. Finally he came to us, gave us permission to go over the median, and then take this alleyway for a few blocks that led to the highway leading to the airport. While it was out of our way, big time, all the cars were being detoured.

So we slowly followed the detour. Because the alley was more bumpy, Brandee was getting more worried when she didn't see any businesses she could stop at. What we saw was a lot of fenced in auto parts yards, a car crushing company and with the single lane bumper-to-bumper traffic, absolutely no opportunity for her to get out, squat piss or anything like that.

Suddenly, it came to me as we saw plane after plane take off from the airport. I had no choice but to stop there. The police won't let you park in front of the terminal so I would have to loop around until Brandee got done. Neither Brandee or me wanted to pay the high 30-minute parking fee and risk getting towed. Brandee put her hand down her crotch and two of her fingers were wet. She was already leaking. I told her my morning crap was knocking and she said she knew because she could smell it.

So when we got to the service drive, I told her to get back ASAP because I was required to keep the car in motion and I would be wasting gas looping around. She ran out and caught her right heel on the curb. Then she took both of her shoes off, and made a run for it. She leaked a little more when a security guard at the door required her to put her shoes on in order to go into the building. It took me 8 laps of the loop when I finally got a tweet that there were still three or four women before her on each toilet. We were already late. And it was getting later. I had to do another 3 loops before she came hurrying out.

I told her I wouldn't be able to hold my crap for another half hour. So she took the wheel and did the loops while I ran in. I knew the bathrooms would be jammed because of the number of flights going out and coming in. While running, I remembered Diver and I eating at a 24/7 restaurant one terminal down. The bathroom there was somewhat clean, but most importantly, nowhere near as jammed as the others would be. I got there, asked the hostess permission to use the bathroom, and sure enough all five toilets were open.

Immediately after taking the black seat, my crap slid out. Must have been five very wide pieces. Very satisfying. Not much cleaning to do. Plenty of hot water and soap, but as I was washing my hands, an older lady hurried in, threw the toilet door back and vomited badly over the seat and everything. I got out of there immediately. I had just missed Brandee's most recent lap and had to be patient with her.

Once we got downtown to work, several colleagues noticed we were late. Brandee, unfortunately made a joke out of it that drew more attention to us. But it was mid-afternoon before either she or I was seen going to the bathroom again.


Urgent co-pooping

First off, thank you Eileen for the kind words. Really glad you enjoy my posts!

On to my next story, and this one's a doozy. A while back I was driving home when I got that infamous urgent stirring down below. I knew there was no way I would make it home. My mind started to race as to where I could go. As I was in a strictly residential portion of the neighborhood I began to worry even more. Taking stock of where I was, I suddenly remembered a park up ahead which I had traversed on some of my morning runs. I recalled a small bathroom building back by the woods. While I had never used it I figured it was worth a shot to avoid an accident.

As I approached the park I could see the building far across the field and of course there was no parking anywhere near it. I got as close as I reasonably could and began the arduous track across the field. As I was doing so I noticed, coming diagonally from the opposite direction, a mom pushing a stroller at quite an urgent pace, also making a beeline for the bathroom. We both arrived at the same time. I looked up, and was mortified to see a lock on the men's door and an "out of order" sign. The mom must have seen the color drain from my face and the sweat begin to pour down my head. "Come on!" She quickly said and waved at me. "Everybody poops, it's no big deal! We can share!" I silently thanked the heavens for this kind, understanding young woman and began to follow her in as she pushed the stroller into the entryway. I glanced around briefly and saw there wasn't another soul anywhere near, so at least no one else would be walking into this situation.

As I entered, I thought to myself, this really is no big deal. The only thing this stranger and I will be seeing of each other as we explode will be our flip flop clad feet beneath the stalls...this was far from the case. As we entered the tiny room, I saw that it consisted of a sink, a water fountain, and two of those one piece stainless steel toilet bowls sticking out of the wall about a foot apart. Between them there was a tiny divider maybe 2 feet tall. The mom parked the stroller in front of the two bowls, looked at me and shrugged. "It is what it is!" I don't think it would be possible for two people to lower their pants any faster. Our bare butts hit the cool steel and we both immediately unleashed a torrent of splattering messy poop. I think we were both going continuously for at least ten seconds, all the while sitting so close we could literally rub shoulders. At this point we turned to look at each other and in the moment both started laughing so hard at the ludicrousness of the situation that we were practically crying.

I began to push once more, and another large log began to emerge, this one much more solid. The mom let out a fart, then a large plop thudded down onto her existing pile. At this point I was very glad the child sitting in the stroller observing this whole ordeal was too young to remember what the heck was going on! I finally began to think about wiping, and wouldn't you know there were about 3 sheets hanging on the roll. I looked to my neighbor and started to say "hate to bother you, but...." "paper?", she cut me off, "sure!" She unrolled several large handfuls and passed them over the divider. I thanked her profusely both for the paper, and for her kindness and understanding in this very awkward situation. "No worries, it is what it is. I hope someone else would do the same for me". We finished our clean up job, flushed, and proceeded to the tiny sink to wash up. Exiting, we noticed a couple walking thru the park who gave us a weird look. The look got even weirder when I said thanks again, we waved, and walked off in opposite directions! One can only imagine what they were thinking! Oh well, until next time, hope you all have a great day and pleasant pooping.


Some older stories

Just thought I'd share some from a little further back...I remember in high school in the gym locker rooms they had these crazily small dividers between toilets. No doors of course. The only way you could sit and poop without being seen was to sit up totally vertically, which we all know is not optimal pooping position. They weren't my favorite location but when nature calls, it calls. The first time I had to use one, was one day prior to wrestling practice. I sat and tried to do the lean back thing but it just wasn't happening. What the heck I thought and leaned forward. I was immediately greeted by the sight of this freshman kid Eric walking by the bathroom. For some reason, probably because I was older and a decent wrestler, he looked up to me and always liked to chat. He walked right over to the toilet and said "hey what's up?". As he was a nice kid I didn't want to be mean, I started chatting. I really had to go by this point but was feeling kind of awkward. He didn't seem to think anything of the fact that I was half naked on the toilet in front of him.

Finally I just thought what the heck and let loose with a long furious pee. When this didnt raise any eyebrows, well plop plop plop I went! I waited a moment or two then crackled out a few more logs. As I started my wipe another kid from the team perched himself in the next partition and took a noisy poop himself. As I finished up, all the while conversing, I actually felt kind of liberated. I had just shared a normal human experience that all too many consider taboo with a few others, and no one thought anything weird of it. After this experience, I actually sort of started to look forward to using these, and the other doorless toilets in the school, especially when the others were occupied with fellow poopers. There's just something about listening to pooping sounds that is kind of a turn on. (Don't judge, please! Not that I think many of you will after reading about countless similar experiences.

Out of pure curiosity, one day I asked my friend Cammie, who was on the basketball team, what the bathroom situation was like in the girls locker room. Surprisingly enough it was the same! I asked if it made for any awkward scenarios. She commented that there were a few shy poopers among them, and if when approaching you couple only see feet below the stall, indicating the "full lean back", that you respectfully tried to avert your eyes when passing as not to embarrass the pooper. On the other hand, she said most of the team was totally cool and free with it. She said her and her friend Caroline would actually lean forward and look each other in the face to chat as they stunk up the joint! The coach would laugh at them as she walked by, and one time recently had actually joined them on the third toilet and started talking strategy for that days game as she farted and plopped away! All in all I found this refreshing and awesome that despite what some will try to tell you, most girls are just like the guys, and in general we are just all humans doing what humans, and every other species, does! I'm glad I have read so many of these stories to know that I am not alone in my enjoyment of pooping. The act itself, watching , listening etc. Thanks for reading!

Uncle Harry

Peeing in the Wind

One warm but windy November, with the park bathrooms all closed, I was taking a walk and needed to pee. I came across a grassy area with some bushes in the back. Just as I was about to head for the bushes, a woman came by. She asked if I knew somewhere she could pee. I told her I didn't know of anywhere but where we were. Another place I knew was not close by. "Here?", she said. "How can I piss with a man here?". I told her to take it or wet her pants. She took it.

We both went up to the bushes. I took out my penis and got ready to piss when she called me to attention to her. She said she didn't mind too much if I saw her pussy as long as I didn't see her piss coming out of it. She said she would drop her skirt in front of it so I wouldn't see her urine coming out of it.

It didn't work that way; there was too much wind. Just as she started to pee, a gust of wind blew her skirt to my right. Worse yet, her urine did not go straight down; it blew on to her leg. I had to swing by dick to my left to avoid pissing on her. The gust stopped briefly and then came up again. When she realized I could see her urine coming out of her pussy, she yelled "Don't look. Don't look. I'm pissing". Not anything I could do, though. It was what was. When we were both finished, she wiped off her leg with a cloth from her purse. She sort of laughed, but also felt embarrassed. I


Weird Encounter

I was in biology class and I really had to go poop. The teacher soon gave me permission and I left to go. However, the boy's room was out of order and I really had to go. So, with no choice, I entered the girl's room and locked myself in an empty stall. No one was there. I dropped my pants and underwear down to my ankles and began to let loose. Suddenly, someone walked into the stall beside me. I heard her undo her belt and saw her pull her jeans and underwear down to her ankles. She than began to let loose, but my focus was to get the hell out. However, the girl soon asked for toilet paper, so I just ripped a few off and threw them under the stall. I was soon done, pulled up my pants, and exited the stall. At the sinks, I can still the girl's stall and saw her pale legs with her jeans and undies still wrapped around her ankles, but I rapidly washed my hands and returned to class.


Reply to Anna and a story

Hi Anna, thank you for the reply! I think the thrill is why I enjoy it so much, and I noticed that when I went with a long queue waiting for the only stall last Christmas. I love the fact I'm doing something so private in a public place. I don't mind using doorless stalls but I find them a little awkward if the bathroom is busy. Where do I look?!

Anyway to my story. About a five minute walk from my university is a McDonald's so I decided to treat myself after a lecture. It was really busy as expected and I recognised quite a few people there having seen them on campus. While waiting to be served I was getting rather desperate for a wee, having not been during the two hour lecture.

I managed to find a table and sat down to enjoy my meal, taking my time. I never rush my food. The large milkshake was making my need even stronger and I was having to cross my legs under the table. Undeterred, I still took my time and didn't move until I had finished everything. I was probably there for about 30 minutes.

After finishing my lunch I threw away my rubbish and headed to the toilets. There was a small queue for the five stalls but it seemed everyone was peeing so the line moved quickly. Hearing the various hisses and tinkles made me need to go even more and I felt another urge growing.

After a few minutes I managed to get a stall, right at the end and locked the door behind me. I pulled my jeans and thong to my ankles and made myself comfortable, leaning forward with my elbows on my legs. It took only a few seconds for my stream to start, tinkling gently into the water below. As it was starting to slow down , the stall next to me was taken by a woman wearing heels and a pair of French knickers appeared at her ankles. I heard her sigh and then a faint crackling. Moments later there was a small splash and she started peeing.

I sighed quietly as my body pushed and I was gently stretched by my poop slowly coming out of me. My neighbor was much quicker, I heard two more splashes in only a few seconds and she started wiping. My poop broke off with a "flumph" and the rest continued at a steady pace with a few dribbles of wee. It too fell into the toilet.

I got some toilet paper to wipe with as the woman next door left and was replaced by another wearing white trainers. I couldn't help but notice how she had lifted her heels just before she started peeing. I reached between my legs to wipe and got three pieces to wipe my behind. The woman next to me was getting some toilet paper as I redressed and flushed. I was almost knocked over by the young girl darting into my stall as I opened the door, she must have been bursting!


Welcome and Lorenz's Peeing Survey Answers

Hello! I am a 13 year old boy from Devon, England.
I love this forum but never have any funny stories to post so I am answering Lorenz's Survey.
1) What type of urinal do you prefer?
I prefer the individual, partitioned ones but at my school we have 'trough' urinals where everyone pees in together.

2) Do you ever go into a stall and pee into the toilet?
If I am there with someone else I will use the urinal, if I am on my own I will usually go into a stall.

3) What's the longest time you've waited in line for a urinal? Where was it?
At my school there are nearly never any queues.

4) How do you select the urinal you will use from all of those available?

5) If you go into a stall do you pee standing up or sitting down? If standing, do you raise the seat?
If I want to be quick I will pee standing with the seat raised, if I have time I sit and see if I can do something else there as well.

6) Have you ever had trouble unzipping your jeans or getting out your penis? Were others watching? What was said?

7) Do you hold your penis with one or two hands when you piss?
One hand

8) When you finish, do you shake your penis off?

9) Do you flush the urinal?
My schools are of the type where they automatically flush every how ever minutes.

10) What's the worst crud you've seen floating in a urinal bowl? Did you still use the urinal?
A water bottle. I went in the cubicle instead.

11) Do you wash your hands after peeing?
It depends how much time I have and if there is any soap.

12) How good are the auto-flushers?

13) In a crowded bathroom or when they were drunk have you ever seen a girl use a urinal in a guys' bathroom.

14) How often do you pee while crapping in a public bathroom?
Once - twice a week


Tuesesday, April 25, 2017

Uncle Harry



I enjoyed your story about your pee in the woods. However, I'm glad I don't have to squat to pee. Have you ever used a stand-to-pee device or peed standing without one? The latter would messy unless you take your pants off.

Uncle Harry


To Elphaba:

Thank you for noticing my post about both genders using the open mens room. I enjoyed your post about your multiple pees in one shopping trip. Was this because you drank a lot of fluid or something else? My wife pees often for medical reasons.


Has anyone ever had to use the bathroom of the opposite gender because of being desperate? What was the result? I did once in my life. A woman
in the next stall confested that she had to use a mens a few times and no one complained.


At work

I remember when I was in high school I had a part time job at the Junior high where I went to school as a Sweeper, I basically helped out the janitors that cleaned the school. I was in my area cleaning the bathrooms​ and I had just began cleaning the girls bathroom. I remember seeing my friend from school BreAnn with her family. They came to see her 15 year old sister compete in a track meet, the bathrooms I was cleaning we're closed and off limits so the only bathrooms open to the public were up by the lunch room. So the track meet had ended and as I was just getting the stalls cleaned out before wiping everything down I hear a knock on the door and I look up and it was BreAnn with her mom and sister. I said hey and asked" What's up?", She said she wanted to say hi and ask if they all 3 could use the bathroom. Since the ones in the lunch room were now closed for cleaning and I hadn't put any cleaning supplies down I said sure. Since they are the only ones left in the building besides the administration and all of us maintenance staff.

I said well your in luck I just changed all the toilet paper rolls, they all smiled and said "even better and smiled. They all said I could stay cleaning but I said I'll be at my supply closet getting everything ready for after they finish. So the stalls are side ways and you have full view of feet and anything underneath. They all said we'll try to hurry and I said take your time and smiled. They all took a stall, BreAnn took the first one closest to the door, her sister Mindy took the middle stall and there mom took the big handicap stall. I was putting supplies by the bathroom door and I'd looked in under the stalls from the bathroom door. You could hear rustling of clothes then you saw BreAnns khakis pants come down to her ankles then her white girls full cut briefs come down and she sits her butt down on the toilet, then Mindy pulls down her warmup pants and pink low cut panties and also let's them drop to her ankles, then last her mom is about mid forties and quite attractive she undid her belt her jeans came down with her white granny panties to her ankles also.

I'm waiting and it was silence then they all leaned forward and BreAnn had a wet fart, then Mindy let off a real dry zipper fart and her mom she took a deep breath and a big pfffffffffffffftft.... Pfffffffffffffftft.... Thump! They both went "MOM" she said sorry girls but that felt good. Then all together they did big loud farts in unison. Finally Breann says I have a cramp coming on and you heard a big explosion and Mindy did the same. All there mom did from that point on was fart.

Then all 3 start rolling off toilet paper, BreAnn has her legs spread apart,Mindy stood up, there mom just spread her legs wide and adjusted her underwear to do so. They all wad up there toilet paper. Mindy flushed, pulled up her underwear and came out of the stall, then there mom flushed and came out of the stall still pulling up her pants and undies, they were washing there hands while BreAnn was still finishing up wiping. Then she also came out adjusting her self, then while standing by the sink she dropped her pants back down and pulled her underwear down halfway. I could see through the crack of the bathroom door she was fixing her femenine pad. She again pulled up her underwear and adjusted. I'm in the hall waiting and they all came out. They apologized for taking so long and I said no worries and smiled. Then they left and I can't got back to work.


Poop on Field Trip

Yesterday my class went on a field trip hiking walking through a corn maze. I wasnt feeling that well that day but since my mom payed for it i had no choice. We got there and my class started heading through the corn maze and I asked my teacher if I could use the bathroom so I went into the porta a potty locked the door and sat down. I had my pants at my ankles and these toilets were new with none of the stuff at the bottom with no pee or poop. I didnt know if my teacher would hear me since she was right outside. I pushed a bit let out a big loud wet fart and a bunch of diaherria coming out which was burning my hole. My teacher asked me if I was okay. I told her I was okay and I left.


to Taylor

Hi Taylor, with my schedule and bathroom habits I end up pooping in public bathrooms quite often. Most of the time I don't care too much either way. It can be embarrassing, but sometimes it also gives me a little bit of a thrill to do such a private thing in public. Especially if it is a big dump and there is a audience! So I guess I sometimes do enjoy it, though I wouldn't go out of my way to do my business on a public toilet.

Unfortunately I don't have any new interesting stories today, sorry. I hope everybody is doing well and having a great time!


insides still in an uproar

I did a major crap in my pants at the Biloxi MS, VA hospital not quite 3 weeks ago. (Near top of page 2632) Since then I've dumped two more major loads in my underwear. Both were quite wet and came apart as soon as it ended up in toilet, had I made it that far. It has been over 30 years since I've had it like this.
I'm over due for having my 1st trailer on its way and need be leaving soon. My insides are cramping at the moment. I need be on my way but I'm not wanting to have to deal with shit in my pants much of the trip. Two round trips,4,400 miles and a full week for each round trip.
Still, it will be worth it once everything is there



Hi. My name is Alexander, I'm 25 and just recently married a few months ago. Last night I took my wife Mary out to dinner. Just a normal Saturday evening. At one point I felt the impending need for a BM but I don't love public bathrooms for that so I held it an the urge subsided. We carried on our evening and every once in a while the urge would return and I'd fight it off. I just prefer pooping at home.

Finally on our drive back home from the city the need was growing severe and driving wasn't helping. Mary noticed I seemed uncomfortable and asked if I was ok. I played it off at first but she asked again a few minutes later and I admitted I was desperate for a bathroom. She suggested stopping but I said I could wait until we got home. It was only another ten minutes anyway. I also needed to pee badly and soon had to grab myself and squeeze. Mary said " are you sure you're ok? Maybe stop and pee on a bush?" I said, "that's not all I need to do." She said "oh, ok. Want me to drive?" I said ok so we pulled over and swapped spots and kept going the last few miles. I sat in the passenger seat squirming a little and holding myself.

As we turned into our appartment complex I had a very strong urge hit and felt my butt open a little and the turd starting to push and I inhaled and fought hard to stop it but knew I'd have a skid mark and also felt a small spurt of pee escape and felt warm wetness on my fingers. I moved my hand away and saw a golf ball sized wet spot on my jeans. Mary heard me inhale and asked if I was ok. I said "not really. I just peed a little". She said "oh. Ok. I'm sorry. almost there. You can hold it." I nodded and tried to breath.

We got to our parking spot and climbed out. Mary hurried to unlock the door. As she did another urge hit me and I crossed my legs and squeezed hard to keep the turd in but lost another big spurt of pee and cursed and we both looked and saw the wet spot spread to the size of a baseball on my crotch. "It's ok babe, you've seen me pee my pants before. Now we're even!" Mary said trying to lighten the mood. I smiled but didn't respond.

She got the door open and I hurried inside and into the kitchen area. I was only steps away from the hall bathroom but my body had enough. I huge cramp hit me and made me push no matter how I tried to stop. I stood there with one had on the counter and bent forward slightly as my butt pushed and the turd shot out into my briefs with a loud crackling sound. I moaned as I kept pushing, the turd spreading into a giant ball and filling my briefs, "oh god. I'm sorry. I'm sorrry." As soon as the poop finished escaping my bladder released and I began flooding my jeans, down both legs to the floor and making a puddle and filling my shoes and socks.

Mary came beside me and put her hand on my back and rubbed my back, "it's ok babe. It's ok." I nodded, red faced and embarrassed, as my bladder finally stopped. It was over. I kept repeating "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." Mary kept saying, "it's ok. Accidents happen." She led me by the hand to our bathroom and helped me pull off my shirt and then started running the water in the shower to warm it up. She then helped me take off my soaked jeans and we carefully lowered my briefs - which had been medium blue but were now a dark blue across the front and middle. The poop was in a convenient pile the size of an oddly squished grapefruit in the seat but thankfully didn't smell horribly strong. I tipped it into the toilet and wiped, though it was not very messy since it had been so firm. Mary then ushered me into the shower and said she'd toss the clothes in the laundry while I cleaned up.

I showered slowly, reliving the last 20 minutes, wondering how it could happen at my age. Mary came back in and said she had a warm towel for drying off. I turned off the water and stepped out and took the towel and thanked her as I began drying. I apologized again for what happened and said she hadn't needed to help me clean up. She said it was ok and that it wasn't the first time she'd helped clean up an accident since she had younger siblings and besides I would do the same for her if the roles were reversed. I smiled and said I guess that's true.

She then led me to our room and had me lay down. As though to show me that nothing had changed between us she then removed her clothes and climbed upon me and made love to me until we were both satisfied and then lay with her head upon my chest saying how much she loved me as we drifted off to sleep. At least my embarrassing moment had a happy ending.


Toilet Car

Where has Toilet Car gone?
There must be more stories to share?

Uncle Harry

Wieird Lady

I stopped for lunch at a Boston Market at a mid-size mall. I got my tray and looked around for a place to sit. I landed with a woman at a two person table, We got to talking and she turned out to be a heavy talker. (Se was not the same woman as the one the last time I was there), She claimed to be medium who could talk with the spirits of the dead. I was not impressed, as her readings were too general. "Your mother says she loves you. Your father is fine".

We finished our lunch and as we left she said she needed to piss. Well, I too needed to pee. In the alcove there were a womens and a mens bathrooms. They were both single use, so I don't know why separate ones were needed. Maybe the ladies thought that men would make a mess. As we approached the bathrooms, I expected we would each use our bathrooms, but no. She wanted me to come in the the ladies with her. I had no idea why, but I'm not pee shy, so I did what she wanted. Inside, she said she didn't mind having a man watching her piss and we could continue talking. She wanted to go first as she barely hold it. At the toilet, she reached under her short skirt and took off her panties. I expected her to use her skirt to cover her pussy, but surprise again. She bunched it around her waist, sat down on toilet, spread her legs apart, and told me to stand in front of her. No "Don't watch" or "Look away". She started talking again as she also started to urinate. Out came a heavy stream of urine, some straight down, some sideways, and some hissing. After about 45 seconds, she started to slow down and eventually stopped. She wiped her pussy, stood up and pulled up her panties, and walked away from the toilet.

Now it was my turn. I unzipped, took out my penis, aimed it toward the toilet, and peeed. The woman stood in a position as much in front of my dick as she could to watch my pee coming out as she continued to talk. I finally stopped and put away my penis. We both left and never saw each other again. I've seen other women pee, but nothing like this.

Sunday, April 23, 2017



Abbie- thanks, did you ever have a total accident or just leaks? I remember how worried I was as I felt the wee running down my legs. Like you say another leak and there would be a puddle.

Elphaba- yes, it's frustrating when you lose it seconds before getting on the loo. I've had plenty of near misses where I couldn't help but let a spurt out whilst just about to get on the toilet.

Louise - I'm glad you made it to a toilet, lucky there was one nearby.

As today (Sunday) was sunny and I was on the last day of my uni break I decided to go for a walk in a wood nearby where I live. After buying some lunch on the way I got there and started to walk around looking for somewhere to sit and read. While I was doing this I felt the need to pee but unfortunately (or is that fortunately?) there wasn't any toilets to be seen. Seeing a gap in the trees I decided to go into it and find a place to relived myself. I came to the big tree trunk and looked around to check that I was well hidden before taking of my bag and undoing the belt on my jeans pushed them down along with the black pants I had on to my thighs while getting into a squatting position perpendicular to the tree. My pee stream didn't begin immediately, I had to wait about thirty second for it to start. As I looked down at my blue deck shoes I felt my bladder empty. Afterwards I pulled my pants up to my crotch to ensure my modesty was protected before standing up. Next I pulled up my jeans and fastened the button on them before picked up my bag and putting it over my left shoulder. Turning around I looked down at the undergrowth observing a small wet patch. Emerging from the trees I walked over to a park bench and sat down to have my lunch. An hour later I put down my book and continued to walk around the wood. Getting back to the place where I had my pee I felt the need to have another one and a possible need for a poo so I went back into the collection of trees and walked a bit further than I had earlier on. Getting myself ready I once again squatted on the ground. My pee was more forthcoming this time around and after it had finished I started to push however I could only produce some wet bubbling farts. After a couple of minutes I gave up and got my pants as well as my jeans back up around my waist. Walking out of the trees I passed a thirty something woman who wore quite a perplexed look upon her face. But to be honest I don't care if she thought it strange or disgusting that I went outside. After all we all need to answer the call of nature and sometimes it's not at a convenient moment and we've got to make do with what we've got.

To : Will , I love your posts to this site . Yes I agree social pooping is enjoyable and no I don't think it's weird . Keep posting , please .
Eileen .

Had the strangest poop of my life this morning! Woke up early to go to work (on a Sunday, yuck!) and felt some gas bubbling away. Went to let it out and stopped at the last second, as it felt like more than gas waiting at the exit! I quickly made my way to the bathroom, dropped my boxers and sat on the loo. No pushing required, I just relaxed and felt my bumhole open up and a couple of long, but pretty thin feeling turds slip out. I didn't feel like there was any more to come do stood up to see what I'd done. Sure enough, there were 2 poops, both probably 10in long, but both very very thin, like the width of a pencil. For such small ones, the smell was powerful! So I wiped and flushed. I don't know if maybe my system just isn't back to normal, as last weekend I was really bad on the Sunday, something I ate must've disagreed as I pooped 11 or 12 times and it was pretty much straight up water, not cool!

There are few things in life quite as thrilling as being first in line at the post office and getting the sudden and desperate urge to poop.


Pre race pooping

So over the years, I have participated in a good deal of competitive running events. Once, early on in my "career" I was heading to a race with a friend, this one a half marathon sort of in the middle of nowhere. My friend had earlier gave me the helpful hint to always "come prepared" to a race and bring wet wipes with you. As I would soon come to find out, with the approximate toilet:runner ratio at most of these things being about 1:500, this was extremely sage advice.
Anyhow, this particular race was based out of a school out in the country. After registering and signing the paperwork, I felt that familiar stirring down below. I made my way to the bathroom to find, to my horror, that the line extended about 20 people outside the door. I inquired how many toilets were in there and found out there were 2. The bus was leaving to shuttle us to the starting line in less than half hour, so I knew this was never going to work. I decided right then and there to head outside and find a place to put those wet wipes to good use.
As the school was basically in the middle of a field, there didn't seem to be a lot of cover available. I started walking around the back and noticed a dumpster over in a corner by some trees. Better than nothing I thought. I quickly made my way towards it and turned around the back, only to come upon an athletic looking young woman in a squat, butt bared, with about a 6 inch long fat log hanging out of her butt. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" I exclaimed. Without batting an eye, she smiled, giggled and said "don't be sorry, I'm sure you're here for the same reason!". I replied that as a matter of fact she was correct. Through a mild grunt as she finished pushing out her log, she laughed again and said "join the party!"
As I was about to soil my pants at this point, I needed no further motivation. I squatted, bared my butt to the cool morning air, and commenced. I unfortunately began with a wet sounding fart, which led me to blush a bit, but my pooping pal didn't bat an eye, and continued working on her next log. My poop came as sort of a soft muddy mess, and created a large pile on the ground. By this time my neighbor was finishing her wipe. She pulled up her shorts, stood, wished me good luck and was on her way. As I commenced my own wiping, a girl with a concerned look on her face came darting past me, she stopped a little ways down, dropped her drawers and I heard what sounded like a minor nuclear explosion. "Sorry!" I heard her embarrassed voice say. In order to extend the same goodwill my neighbor had to me, I assured her there was nothing to be embarrassed about and asked if she had wet wipes. She actually only had a few Kleenex she said, so I offered some of my pack, which she graciously accepted, and went on my way.
In any case, I felt free and ready to go, and actually took my one and only first place in a half marathon that day! Anyways, if you are getting involved in running, know that sooner or later, (probably sooner), you are going to see strangers pee and poop in strange places. It seems like it actually creates some sort of strange bond, and is perfectly accepted. Honestly, runners watching themselves pee and poop, at least in my experience, would be akin to 2 other people watching each other brush their teeth, in other words, no big deal. In one trail race I competed in, I actually came across a girl squatting literally one foot off the trail taking a massive poop, all the while giving a thumbs up and shouting encouragement to the passing runners. The funniest site I saw while competing in a marathon was a line of about 20 guys all standing I a row taking leaks right along side the pathway.....As you can probably guess, a great deal of my fun and interesting pooping stories will come from the running world! In any case, till next time, I hope you enjoyed. I don't believe there is any way to comment on this site, but I try to read all your stories. I would like to give honorable mention to Victoria B, whose stories I have enjoyed the most!


High school pooping

Hello again, I'm bored tonight and on a roll....Thinking back to high school, I remember how nervous I was to use the bathroom. There were no doors on the stalls and this just felt wrong to me. Personally, when I had to poop I had to poop, but I just couldn't in these situations... About halfway thru my freshman year, I finally had an unstoppable urge while in class. I asked my teacher to use the restroom and headed off. I entered the restroom and approached the stalls and saw that a guy I knew, Dan, was in the far stall. I tried to avoid eye contact and sat down I the middle stall of the three next to him.
As bad as I had to go, I was totally froze. I just couldn't go! I sat and waited as he wiped and finished up, and finally, here was my opportunity! He flushed, and oh my god the floodgates opened. He walked to the sinks, which of course were right in front of my stall, with a large mirror in which he could see me perched on the toilet behind him. At this point it didn't matter, and I just continued on. He left, I wiped , and went back to class. In the end not really a big deal.
That moment kind of opened me up to school pooping, realizing it wasn't really a big deal and that everybody did it. A short time later, I went to the bathroom on the way to lunch and was mid poop when I heard "hey, Dave!" from the stall next to me. As my name isn't Dave I didn't respond. Again I heard, "hey Dave!", and then this guy peeked his head around the corner while I was mid wipe. Startled, I didn't quite know what to do, and he was like "so sorry! I saw your shoes and thought you were Dave!". Oh well, in any case I thought so what, someone saw me pooping. After this I actually became much more comfortable, and even enjoyed and looked forward to pooping at school. For whatever reason it was kind of a freeing experience, especially when someone else was pooping at the same time next to me. It just felt kind of liberating. As I had to take a bus to school, I always got there early, and in the dead silent halls in the morning I saw many guys and girls enter the bathrooms, and heard all kinds of plops, pees, farts, etc. In some way it made me feel we were all human and connected.

Unlucky Lauren


I had a really amazing first date tonight with a guy I met last summer and became close friends with really fast, but I was in a weird relationship with someone else for a while and it took me a while to realize I really had stronger feelings for the friend I dated tonight... it was immediately comfortable and I had such a nice time that I was feeling almost outside myself with joy and excitement being with him.

It was getting kind of late, and I am pretty regular... I typically have a bm around 8 or 8:30 each evening halfway between dinner and bed time, and we were going on 10 o clock. I'd needed to go fairly badly for over a half an hour and was at the point where my mind was constantly partially thinking about needing the bathroom and more and more of my attention started to focus on my desperation rather than my date.

I really wasn't interested in disappearing to the bathroom for too long, so instead I just tried to really concentrate on holding it and estimated that there were only, at most, 2 hours left until I would be home, and I told myself I could wait 2 hours. I was way too confident.

About 35 minutes later we finally got up to leave and head back to drop me off. We had planned before hand not to go home together either way because we both work tomorrow morning so at least I didn't have that to worry about. Except, when I slid across the bench and stood up from the booth, I felt a really sharp cramp wrench my gut. I had to freeze in place as I was so scared in that second that it was about to happen in my underwear. I had on a loose fitting, knee length beige skirt with multi colored flowered panties on underneath that are new and a little on the skimpy side (I wanted to be prepared for an intimate moment just in case) so I knew an accident would be a total disaster. I stayed like that for what felt like minutes while I regained my composure and I slowly stood all the way up and followed my date out. As I walked toward the car behind him I felt an extremely intense pressure begin to build very slowly in my rectum... with every step the pressure got worse and worse and I began to sweat. My stomach cramped again and, totally against my control, I automatically gave a push and my cheeks quickly parted as I began to poop in my underwear in the parking lot half way to his car. I stopped in my tracks and started to cry, and just stood there filling my panties with a very large load of hot, slightly solid poop. I have no clue how it stayed in my underwear but I was standing there rigidly with my legs crossed as tightly as possible to keep the mess from spilling down my legs. He turned around in a confused panic, not knowing what to do, as I just stood helplessly blowing up my pants and crying. It was an absolute nightmare scenario. We drove home with the windows down in silence as i quietly cried sitting in my mess. I meekly apologized and couldn't even look at him when I left his car and shamefully waddled inside with my now soaked-through panties sagging badly. Yet somehow someway the mess never really fell down my legs too much, though it smeared all over my inner thighs almost down to my knees, and I could feel that a large amount of it squished up along my butt crack towards my back like a storm ditch. It felt so, so gross, and I of course stunk. I got in the shower with all my clothes still on...

I hate how the date ended obviously. There couldn't be a worse time to have an accident...except maybe like on my wedding day or while speaking in front of a large group or something. But this is definitely near the top of the list...

one good thing though... he just texted me saying "I hope you're feeling better... get plenty of rest and drink fluids, I'll text you in the morning". <3


Pooping amongst friends

I've gotta say I love this site...for whatever reason I've always enjoyed pooping and reading all these stories makes me feel a lot more normal. In any case I have been reliving a lot of my poop related stories from the past. Quite a while back I was seeing this girl Rochelle. We were hanging out at her house with her good friend Melissa. The three of us had taken a long hike in the woods and arrived back at her house. We were chilling out in her room, which had an attached bathroom. Melissa let it be known that she needed to use the toilet and headed into the bathroom. Rochelle got up and followed her in, and I followed also. What the heck, we're all friends. Seemed a bit strange at the time but whatever. Melissa perched herself on the toilet and started crackling out a noisy poop as we talked. Rochelle sat cross legged in front of the toilet and I perched myself on the edge of the bathtub.
This whole process lasted a good long while and Melissa seemed to be enjoying her poop. I had gotten the urge myself, so I jokingly called "dibs" on the toilet. M finished up and wiped herself and flushed. I made my move to the toilet. I was somewhat nervous, but I had just watched and listened to a friend poop so what the heck. I was slightly hesitant at first, but Melissa and Rochelle casually started chatting with me, and made me feel comfortable, so I started pushing out my logs. It honestly is really a freeing experience to poop in front of others. In all honesty we all do it. So what's the big deal? I took my time and enjoyed my poop, and only began my wipe when Rochelle indicated that she needed to go....I vacated the toilet and sat on the edge of the tub with Melissa as Rochelle took her place on the seat. We sat and conversed, and I'd be lying if I said I don't think both of us were watching her logs fall between her legs. After a time she did quite the wiping job, showing us the clean last piece, and flushed. All in all an interesting bonding experience between friends. We didn't end up together, but it was an eye opening experience. In my following experiences, i pooped in front of my girlfriends, and my wife and I poop freely now.

I did a big workout at the gym today. At the end I went for a run on the treadmill and ended up super exhausted and sweaty. I was gonna hop into the shower but I also really needed a poo after all the exercise. So I went back to the locker room, stripped out of my sweaty clothes and wrapped myself in my towel. Then I went to the bathroom. All three stalls were empty and I took the last one. I locked the door, put the towel over the wall and sat down on the toilet seat. I peed and then without much pushing, a very big turd started to slowly slide out of my backdoor. It was stretching my little hole and I couldn't help letting out a series of moans. But luckily I was alone in the bathroom, so it was all good. The big log finally splashed into the bowl and then I had a second one coming. It wasn't as big, but as I was leaning forward on the toilet I still had a good "poop tail" hanging from my ???? butt, haha. Anyway, at that moment somebody else came in and through the cracks and in the mirror I could see that it was the new girl working at reception. What was weird was that she took the stall right next to me, even though there was one free at the other end. She peed and then started to plop away her poos as well. I dropped two more turds and unfortunately also let slip a couple of really embarrassing farts. They were lound and wet and I totally blasted each of them into the bowl. Needless to say that I was also stinking out the bathroom, as I often do when I need a dump. I guess you get the picture, it was a really good pooping session, hehe!

What was good is that the other girl left before I was done and that the bathroom was all empty when I came out after wiping and flusing. Also, I felt really great and super relieved! Right after that I went to take a shower and felt even better after that! That's my story for today, I hope you liked it.

to Natalie: It's great to see you back. Loved you story about your friend. It's nice that you are so close. I have a couple of friends that I would ask to do the same thing. I mean, I would ask them if I could poo at their house if I had to. Hope you have some time to write more soon.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Natalie great story it sounds like McKenzie was pretty desperate and had a really good poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Carin great story at least she did use them and avoided an accident.

To: Will great story it sounds like Lisa had a good poop.

To: Louise first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a rough time but it turned out in the end it sounds like and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


My Peeing Survey

I made up this peeing survey. It should be interesting to read the results from those on the board.

1) What type of urinal do you prefer?
Now that I'm in high school I like the half-high ones. But before about six years ago my penis couldn't reach one.

2) Do you ever go into a stall and pee into the toilet?
Yes in places like school when I want privacy because the guys using the urinals next to me sometimes look at my junk. It is small.

3) What's the longest time you've waited in line for a urinal? Where was it?
20 or 25 minutes last year at a NBA game. Something happened in one of the bathrooms and it had to be closed. So the lines got longer.

4) How do you select the urinal you will use from all of those available?
I try to stay one or two away from the nearest person using one but that doesn't always work good.

5) If you go into a stall do you pee standing up or sitting down? If standing, do you raise the seat?
Usually standing. I raise the seat because sometimes my aim isn't that good.

6) Have you ever had trouble unzipping your jeans or getting out your penis? Were others watching? What was said?
That can be a problem with sweats. In grade school, I pulled my sweats down to the bottom of my cheeks. Just as a started my pee, the 6th grader behind me started snapping at my butt with his forefinger and thumb. Unfortunately I started crying and gave him a show.

7) Do you hold your penis with one or two hands when you piss?
One hand. It is small.

8) When you finish, do you shake your penis off?
Sometimes. When I don't sometimes I get some some additional splash into my underwear. I remember shaking it once in middle school and the guy behind me shoved me and told me there was no jerking off.

9) Do you flush the urinal?
Usually, but I don't if class passing period is about to end because the guy behind me will get a spray job in the few seconds he has left.

10) What's the worst crud you've seen floating in a urinal bowl? Did you still use the urinal?
An RC cola can partially floating in the water. Yes, I was desperate and it was the only one not in use. I had to aim my stream high and against the back of the urinal. But during the last seconds some of my pee did splash back on my jeans.

11) Do you wash your hands after peeing?
Most times. But not if I'm going to be tardy to class. Its not worth a 4-hour Saturday detention.

12) How good are the auto-flushers?
Not that good. Too much movement will easily set them off.

13) In a crowded bathroom or when they were drunk have you ever seen a girl use a urinal in a guys' bathroom.
Yes. This was a couple of months ago at the park when we were sledding. Her friends dared her to because she complained about having to sit on a cold toilet seat.

14) How often do you pee while crapping in a public bathroom?
About once a week at school.

Annie (Anny)

Mushy poop after brunch

Hi everyone. I'm on the toilet shortly after having brunch & a cup of black coffee and glass of water and I'm having a mushy poop. In the past I wouldn't have touched black coffee with a 10 foot pole, but now that and water are my go-to laxatives for a soft, easy gotta-go-now kind of poop. I drink glasses of water from a giant 3 L bottle throughout the day since I am on a lot of different medications mainly for seizures so that helps keep everything soft and easy for me to go.

Just finished, wiped, pulled up my jeans, leggings & boy shorts underwear and flushed the toilet. It wasn't diarrhea but it was a big pile of soft poop kind of like mud.

Happy pooping!


Pooping away from home

Does anyone else really enjoy pooping in places other than their own bathroom? It didn't really bother me that much before, I had a neutral opinion, but now I'm enjoying it more and more and actually going out of my way to use a public bathroom. Even if it means paying for it.

Friday, April 21, 2017

I have a story from a couple of days ago but first a few comments

Natalie- that's was such a cool story! It sounded like Mckenzie really had to go. It's good you two have that type of friendship where you can talk to each other about these things.

Uncle Harry-now that's the way that unisex bathrooms should be thought of! We all need to pee and poo, why on earth should we be embarrassed about doing with people of a different gender than ours?

Imogen- Liked your story about being desperate for a wee, I've also been so in need that I've got my jeans and pants down but started haven't stepped backwards quick enough to the loo so I end up weeing on the floor. I do agree that it's a bit embarrassing.

Victoria B- Your stories are always so well written, the last one with the automatic flush was particularly entertaining. If that ever happens to me I'll be so exacerbated by the third time it happens!

Natasha- and there I was thinking that you pay to use the loo in order to keep them clean! Sorry to hear that you had such an explosive poo. But as you said your body must have needed to get rid of whatever was upsetting it. And it's always the way that when you need to wipe the most the loo paper is the worst.

Now onto my story. I was out in town and after looking in some shops I needed to pee and poo. So I made my way into a department store (in fact it was the one in my first post) and went into the women's loo. Using the second cubical along I undid my jeans and pulled them down to my knees along with my blue pants. I then had a long pee and pushed out a barrage of loose poo. While I was doing this three other people used the bathroom including one who I heard having a loud pee and also dropping two logs into the toilet. When the bathroom was empty I came out of the cubical and washed my hands before leaving and continuing shopping. As I got to the other end of the shopping centre I was developing the need for another pee so I went to a different department store and used their women's loo. I had a very relieving pee and knowing that I needed to poo again I pushed out some farts and eventually some more poo exited. I had wiped and put the toilet paper into the loo (covering three pellet like turds) and was just about to leave the cubical when my heart began to race. As palpitations are an early sign that I might have a panic attack I sat back down on the loo and concentrated on taking deep breaths to stop this from happening. As I was doing so a few mothers came in and used the bathroom with their kids resulting in quite a noisy atmosphere until they left. Eventually I got my heart rhythm back to normal and exited the cubical but didn't wash my hands as there was a cleaner at the sinks. After doing some more shopping and having a coffee I needed to have yet another pee. This time I was in a clothes store which had a café of its own with a gender-neutral bathroom so I went to the door and saw that there was a teenage girl already waiting to use it. I queued up with her and after a minute a mum and her son left the bathroom. The girl shyly steeped aside as if to let me go first but I said no as she was there first she should use it before me. As she went in I wondered if she might have done that because she needed to poo and was proved right when after ten minutes waiting I heard the toilet flush and the hand dryer go on. As she exited the bathroom she averted her eyes to the floor and walked quickly away. I went in expecting a strong smell of poo but it was only faint. Sitting down I had a pee and did a very wet fart. After washing my hands and talking a selfie in the mirror I unlocked the door and carried on shopping. The last loo I used while out was an hour later when I needed to pee once more. This time I was walking through another department store and went up to their toilets. There was a women's there but as it was opposite the bureau de change I didn't feel comfortable using it so I waited for the accessible bathroom to become free. As I was doing so an afab (assigned female at birth) person (I don't know if they were trans) who looked to be undergrad aged stood by the bathroom as well. Ten minutes passed and we were still waiting until the door opened and out stepped a teenage boy, the other person went to go inside and seeing me do the same asked if I wanted to use the toilet so I said I did. Going in I had to flush the loo as the previous occupant had neglected to do so having left a lot of toilet paper in the bowl. I then had a quick pee and washed my hands before pushing open the door and walking away but not before seeing the other person go inside. Thinking about it now how funny would it be if they were nonbinary as well and we stood feet apart not even knowing that we share the same gender identity.

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