Work today

At work today I needed to use the facilities and as my break started I went into the mens. As I was walking down the corridor there was another lad walking down the corridor to the bathroom too who works in the veg section. He is probably about 18 blonde hair and quite a slim build. Anyway he was in front of me so got the pick of the cubicles and I went into the other one. We ended up sitting down at the same time. I waited for him to start unloading. He made a massive splash initially and then a sort of thud as crap landed on top of crap. He then stayed seated for about 10 mins before he wiped - he clearly wasn't in a hurry. It sounded like he wiped his ass in a rough manner!


pooing in public

I leaked a bit coming home earlier. I'd been out for a walk after a morning coffee and started to need a wee quite badly. I headed home and the need grew, so I was quite desperate by the time I got back to my flat. As I opened the door I felt a bit leak out. I ran to the bathroom quickly and pulled my leggings down as well as my knickers (red, lacey) which had a small spot where I'd dribbled, then let loose a ferocious stream into the loo!

I never used to mind having a poo in public, as long as the people I was with didn't know. It was a silly hang-up, I know. I didn't mind other people in the toilet hearing (they were in the toilet too after all), but if I was out with family having a meal, I'd be reluctant to go because I knew they'd figure I'd been gone a while.

One time when I was probably 12/13 we had a huge family party in this restaurant, as it as an aunt's birthday. There were about 25 of us there and we took up a whole room of the place. We have family all over the country and it was about the only time we got to see them so after the meal we spent a lot of time going around talking to relatives. I'd been wanting a poo for a while but put it off because I didn't want anybody to notice I'd been gone for a while. But then I realised that with so many people around, I probably wouldn't be missed!

I left the room we were in and walked through the main restaurant to the toilets which were at the back and upstairs. It was quiet compared to all the noise of the restaurant! I went into the ladies and there were four cubicles, I took the end one. Nobody else was around. I was wearing a dress so pulled that up and my knickers down, I remember pulling my knees as far apart as they could go and then letting go. Fairly quickly, I did 5 quite long poo's, and followed with a bit of runny poo. I sat for a while but no more came, so I did a wee, wiped and finished.


Being Chaperoned

I'm a new poster here. I'm a 14 year old girl. I got a question for people who've either been taken care of my an older sibling or have had to take care of a little sibling- what's the arrangements with bathroom matters?

I have a brother who's 9 years older than me and he's been the one to look after me on occasion. Both our parents work, so he's been the one who's watched me after school and any other time our parents aren't around. From the time I was 5 up till I just turned 7 and we weren't at home, he'd usually come with me if I needed the bathroom. I'm probably not exaggerating when I say I've used the toilet with him with me at least 100 times.

I remember this trend starting when I was in Kindergarten. The bathrooms didn't have stalls or doors, so I didn't like using them when I was first enrolled. So at the end of the day when he came to pick me up so we'd walk home, it be pretty obvious I was desperate to go. The front office had a single person bathroom, so he took me there and I felt comfortable enough to go. This became a regular thing for my first few weeks of school. Eventually he convinced me to start using the school bathrooms by promising me an extra treat after we got home.

There were a lot of other times in different places, and I never actually minded. After I turned seven though he started saying I probably wanted my privacy and would wait outside. He's at college now, but I thought about all those instances a few days ago when I overheard a girl and her little sister in a bathroom stall together at a grocery store. I'm kind of curious now about how other siblings handle these matters.

Steve A

My Preferences Survey

1. TP or wet wipes?

I use TP in public and a mix of TP or wet wipes when I'm at home.

2. TP Roll forwards or backwards?


3. Automatic flush or handle?

Both, but I prefer the handle because I want to see what I've done.

4. Soap or hand sanitizer?

I use hand sanitizer or soap for #1 and only soap for #2.

5. Fan or air freshener? Window in the bathroom?

Fan, I don't have a window in my bathroom, but my parents do have one in their bathroom that's connected to their bedroom.

6. Reading on the toilet or just sitting there?

Both, I could either read on my phone or just sit there.

7. Use a plunger or a toilet snake to unclog the toilet?

Plunger, but I will use the toilet snake if the clog cannot be fixed with just a plunger.

Abby C

3rd Grade Poop

Hi everyone, today I was remembering some memories from past years and I remembered One of my first days in my new school. I was having trouble making new friends. It was also the year I started hitting puberty which sucked I was getting bigger, growing hair on my vagina,getting more emotional. So my dad drove me to school early that morning and I had the urge to pee but the school didn't open up yet.For the next 30 minutes we sat out in the cold it was like 40 out. Finally they let us in the school and I went to my classroom and sat down. About an hour into the class the urge got even bigger. So I raised my hand and asked if I could go she told me I could go so I went to the girls room and there were a bunch of girls and most of them were pooping and farting so I went to the end stall. There wasn't a door so I just walked in and pulled my pants and undies to my ankles. It was pretty quiet in the bathroom but it was definit that everybody was pooping. What was disgusting was this girl across from me. She took off her pants and got up on her toes on the seat and was facing the wall so I could see her vagina and hole and she was obviously having a bad day because poop just kept on coming out of her and there was big log on the seat she kept on screaming for the poop to come out of her. A teacher or aid was watching over everything and she walked down to her and asked her if she was okay and helped which she was disgusting she had poop all over her hole and the aid spread her cheeks and she kept pooping. But I had finished peeing. But I had to poop so I pushed and let out a big fart and a big log slid out of me. I wiped and went back to class. Thank You for listening

Abby C


Trip with mom to remember

I am so intrigue by various post on this site..finally I have post my first experience...this was a long time back but it's very vivid in my memory..I was around 13 years was me with my mom driving back to hone from her sister's home (which was in a different state) after the dinner around after an hours or so I got urge to poop badly..I told she started looking for service area or a restaurant..but for 30 minutes nothing came up....I have to go badly so I keep asking mom to stop...finally we saw a gas station sign that was coming she drove into the area...but soon we realized that it was still under construction. I told mom I can't hold it anymore...I was like screaming...she said ok let's go behind the building and do it in open..she took a flash light and some was kind of dark and scary place..I exploded my poop like mom definitely heard was loud and smelly...she wasn't too far from me...eventually I was done..used the napkins to wipe and went to mom..I was embarrassed...

Mom said she has to pee it was now my turn to hold the flashlight...she went little more interior than where I pooped...she lowered her trouser and started peeing...I was fascinated by all these...and the sound of her pee....she was behind a small bush...

I am still mesmerized by that till this day...I have got whole incident played out in my dreams one way or other...


Assisting at Summer Camp- getting two kids regular

Dear all,
Previously I mentioned that at times I was asked to sit with friends who were either afraid of

using the toilet at night alone, or, were the kind of boys who needed a little supervision to make

sure that the dumps were done properly, I have a story or two to tell from those experiences and

a small survey too.

During the summer of 2005 I was called by my mother to help with a 2 week church holiday

program, it was sort of a general "entertaining the kids while the parents were on a church

seminar. The day started in the morning around 0800 with breakfast and concluded at 17:30 for

dinner, some kids stayed at the center with their parents while some kids were only there for the


It was a mixed group, youngest were 5 and 6 year old and the oldest was 11, a few girls, but

mostly boys.

During the day groups were mixed, some outside games, some sports competitions and a FIFA


On day one we greeted the kids, while my friend Tom took the first lot off, I saw a woman

seemingly trying to catch my attention, but not trying to make it too obvious. She had brought

two of the younger boys named Toby and Louis. I looked over to her, caught her eye, she jerked

her head over out of earshot, I nodded, beckoned over to Tom to take the group down to


"Hi, I got the jist that you didn't want to chat in front of all?" I said, shaking her hand.

"Thats right, there is something I needed to discuss, it is a bit awkward, but the boys have got a

bit of a problem"

"Shoot, problems are there to be solved" I replied smiling.

She still looked embarassed. "This may sound terribly backward for a 5 and 6 year old but both

Toby and Louis are a bit difficult concerning, well, going to the potty."

"It isn't, you'd be surprised how many kids still struggle with doing it totally independently" i

reassured her. "What exactly is the problem?"

"Well, Toby does go when he needs to go, but he has always been a little bit on the backed up

side, because he is a rather picky eater. He also doesn't like staying put on the toilet for longer

than a few minutes or taking the time to clean himself up properly. There are days where he goes

up to 7 times and winds up with huge skidmarks.

Louis usually waits until he is literally stinking out the room and has to almost be forced to sit.

He also point blank refuses to go alone or wipe himself...I realise this is a bit of an

inconvenience...hence here is a bag with change of underwear, and if its too much trouble, ring

me, I shall take care of it"

"Nah, thats not gonna happen, they are here now, its fine, there are two more here who need

looking out for, we'll manage" i reassured her.

She nodded, said thanks and left.

The morning passed without any incident or tell-tale signs, we took a long hike through the

forest and all that happened was a few boys hanging back a little draining their bladders at trees.

Toby and Louis were the last to do so, as we were almost back at the camp just before lunch.

Lunch was a noisy affair, and although my favourite (chicken nuggets, fries and a salad) was up,

I did not permit myself to indulge totally, as I wanted to get myself a picture of my own of the

trouble boys' eating habits. I took a seat close to them and glanced every now and then. Louis

took a large helping of each, Toby had some nuggets and fries, but nibbled his salad helping at


"Whats happening after lunch?" one of the other boys asked

"Film-time, got an Asterix up" I replied.

The boy whooped appreciatively and what was that? My nose gave me a distinct

alert to a fart, I took a look down the table and saw Louis blush a little and give that guilty look.

Remembering what his mother had said about him, I made my decision. The film would keep, it

was time to start my programme off and good.

Lunch finished and I made eye-contact with Tom, when he looked up I signalled him to take

charge and lead the kids away. Louis and Toby made to follow, when I called

"Louis, just a minute, come here"

Louis turned around and came back to me, immediately I noticed him walking a bit like a penguin

"We are joining the others in a minute, but you are going to the toilet right now"

Louis shook his head vigorously.
"Nooo, I don't have....."

"Louis, don't deny it, I can see from here you are bursting, come on, it won't take long"

Louis thought for a minute, evidently he was weighing up options.He looked over. When he

realised his brother was not behind him, Toby had stopped and turned around. He looked over

in a sort of "you-coming-or-what-look". Louis gave him a an almost scared look before turning


"I don't want to go alone tho, I can't wipe very good."

"Do you usually go with Toby?"

"Yes, he tries to help me, so we always go together....don't tell the others" he added. almost


"Calm down, it's alright, shall we ask Toby then to come too?"

Louis nodded.

I beckoned toby back and said "you brother needs to go potty, he wants you to come too"

Toby groaned.... "I thought you said you were going to try to go on your own....I really don't

have the time"

Louis's eyes were becoming more prominent, an evident sign that the pressure was building...

"Enough of this, come on, the pair of you" I said abruptly, took the boys by the shoulders and

started heading for the basement, where one of the handicapped toilets were. The boys initially

resisted, but, realising that I was right and wouldn't budge on it, they relented.

"How did you know anyway that he needs to go? He doesn't say normally"

"Your mother told me that both of you need help with pooing, so now I want to see for myself.

Besides, look at his eyes and the way he really is not that hard to see"

We went down a flight of stairs, Louis farting audibly a few times along the way, then we

reached the toilet.

"Right, do you want to go in on your own and call when you are done?" I asked.

Toby nodded, Louis shook his head

"Louis, you said..."Toby began but gave up at the first hint of a sob of Louis...."Oh fine, lets go

then" he sighed, taking his brother in. I hung back. "Actually, can you come in too?" asked

Toby, looking not so confident anymore, after seeing the high toilet and the windowless room.

I turned around and got in.

Louis had already unfastened his trousers and with his brothers help hoisted himself up to the


For a moment or so we all went still, then a hissing fart issued from Louis before there was a first

loud plop. Relief flooded accross Louis's face and he said "that was almost poking out, but no

skid mark yet". He waited for a minute or two, then he pushed producing more plops.
"Finished?" I asked, but Louis shook his head. He pushed again and produced another plop.
He then pushed again until he was red in the face. He gasped and did so again.

"Dude, take a break, you are red already" I exclaimed, just as there was a final quite soft plop

and Louis grinned wide "Done".

"Now you go ahead and try to wipe on your own, I will help you cleaning up"

Louis grabbed the paper and wiped, showing his efforts before I made him stand up and show

to check. I did not spot any big misses, he was actually not too bad, having cleaned up the rest I

took a glance in the bowl, one massive turd of perhaps 10 by 2 inches along with loads of little

blobs and marbles.

"Right Toby, do you need to go? I asked as Louis flushed

Toby nodded, dropped trou and perched himself on the toilet.

First there was just a stream of pee exiting, which subsided after a few seconds. Toby wasted

no time at all. He took a deep breath and bore down hard. After about 20 seconds he released his

breath sharply, before bearing down again. He did not have to push long, as he produced a

resounding PLOP.

He proudly claimed that he was done as I heard a hiss and interrupted him

"Toby, stop, you are not done, push please"

"I swear I am" he exclaimed almost indignantly.

"Push anyway" I insisted

Toby gave me a scathing look, he knew I had called his bluff, he tried the smallest of pushes.

The fart that had issued became only more pronounced

"It's just a toot" he protested

"No Toby, I know that you don't like waiting, but we will wait for you to finish, no need for 5

small poops if you can do one proper one."

Toby seemed to be a little put out, but he started to push in earnest, producing quite a few plops

before pausing.

"Finished this time?" I asked, he shook his head "the last always won't come out, I will have to

go again"

"Rubbish, you can get it out, show me"

Toby bent forward and I moved round.

I instructed him to push, his anus bulged and a turd came into view. Toby held his breath and it

stopped moving, as he relaxed it slipped right back in.

Another push, same spiel.

It dawned on me that the problem might have to do with the fact that the handicapped toilet was

even higher than an ordinary toilet, both boys were sitting high up with absolutely no foothold.
That way neither of the two could squat and even had to support themselves not so slip in.

Problem recognised, almost solved.

"Toby, remove your pants completely, I have an idea."

"What?!?" Toby looked almost aghast

"I know why you are struggling, I'll show you a trick." I said

"Tell me first"

"Quite simple, its much easier to crap when you squat. You take off your pants and get yourself

in a squatting position on the toilet."

"does the toilet take that weight?" he asked

"Yes, it does, certainly for you" I said with complete confidence.

"I'll hold you if you don't believe me" I offered, feeling I could do with a squat myself
"Actually, I'll show you, as I need to go right now, if you want"

Louis looked at toby "Go on, try it if he shows you, I have pooped like that outside before!"

Now that was a turn I did not expect, the younger brother edging on the older one.

Toby sighed, got himself up from the toilet and dropped his trousers completely

"Show me then" he demanded.

"Okay, here goes" I said. I carefully removed my trousers and got myself into the squatting

position above the toilet.

"Now I squat right down, that way the exit is a straight line, gravity will almost do the job, if you

don't believe me, put your hand on my stomach and you'll notice that I am pushing only


A small push was all I needed to release, it wasn't an overly big load. Toby went wide-eyed, he

put his hands on my stomach and felt the softness, no tension at all.

I wiped, flushed and got myself back dressed.

"Now its your go"

Toby stepped forward, given two shoulders to hold on to, he clambered up with relative ease

and squatted down.

"Woah, this feels weird, its already poking out, I still have to push tho." Toby said.

I held him steady while he pushed, it was only a gentle push however, as a massive fart erupted

besides the turd that now dropped with a plop, followed by another 5 or so.

A massive look of relief flooded acrross toby's face.

"Woah, this was so I am done!" Toby said.

"Okay, if you wanna sit down to wipe, its fine, takes some practice other wise." I suggested
Toby dropped down onto the toilet, reached for the paper, before he stopped as he had a huge

urge to pee.

"woah, where did that all come from?" asked his brother

Toby shrugged, but I was able to explain.

"When you are really blocked up the turds hold down the bladder and tube down, means you

can't pee it all then, but now toby has actually finished, his bladder can now empty."

Toby didn't care, he looked deeply relaxed as we rejoined the rest of the group.

The next day I still needed to remind the two, but the following days we established a lunchtime

routine by going with the two.

After seeing the difference with his brother's effort, Louis decided that he also wanted to try the

squat. It took him a little while to get used to, but he also loved it.

On day 3 Toby and Louis for the first time steadied each other while squatting, I was still

supervising, but as the days went by, both their confidence grew and by day 6, I was only

hanging around outside to check their wiping at the end.

Both of them also developed an even closer bond, I overheard them commenting and joking

around, encouraging each other, Toby still was struggling with some of his poops, but with

Louis's encourgagement managed to hold out and actually finish each time.

On the 8th day of the two week programme Toby's and Louis's mother came to see me in the

Having gone into the office, she got straight to the point

"A week gone and no change of underpants, plus both of them have become so much better,

what did you do?"

"I told you at the beginning of the week, that we'd manage, I kept a close eye on them in the last

few days. All I really did was teach them an alternative way for the toilet. As for wiping, they did

remarkably well, I expected them to have a crack at it before checking and finishing. If you want

to do them a favour, buy them a good footstool which reaches at least halfway up their shins."

"Yees, I was wondering why our stool from the living room was suddenly in the bathroom." she

said thoughtfully "but I still don't quite understand what made the difference, is it my...."

"No, it certainly is not your fault" I interrupted her in earnest "It is simply, and I can tell ya from

my medic knowledge, that our body really is not built to evacuate in a sitting position, it is

something that really is not accepted here, we can learn from other cultures, it just works so

much better with the passage being a straight line."

She nodded
"I can't really thank you enough"

"You don't have to, just promise you will assist them that way, i.e. offering them a footstool and

keep encouraging them to eat their ????, they will be grateful"I said

She blushed but seemed pleased nonetheless.

After 2 weeks the programme was over, both of them thanked me. I re-invited them to the

programme next year, which they gladly accepted.

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