Band trip

In college I was in a pep band that played baseketball games. The band traveled on a bus with the dance team. On one occasion we traveled to another university by bus. The ride including traffic was 3 1/2 hours and the toilet on the bus was broken and locked. By the time we got there everyone had a full if not bursting bladder. It was rumored that a girl on the dance team actually peed in a salad container she was so desperate, but that was not verified. Anyway at the baseketball arena, we were immediately directed down a service hallway to a back room to unapack and prepare. The large room was all concrete and had tables, a single, tiled shower stall with no curtain, a toilet stall with no door and a curtain separating an area of the room with two stainless steel whirlpool type tubs. The band director left to get information and told the band/dance team to wait. Immediately I heard the familiar sound of a woman peeing violently into the toilet while hovering. The dance team was shielding one of their members as their team intended to take turns in the single toilet. The sound made everyone more desperate. One of the guys stood in the doorway of the shower and peed directly into the shower stall. Then a second guy. Suddenly, two of my girlfriends headed for the now vacant shower stall as the loud peeing could be hear continuing in the toilet stall. One stood in the doorway and the other in front of her blocking the view. The sounds of moans and sighs and peeing got to me. I quickly got in line between the other two girls for the shower stall. When my turn came, a girl offered to block the view. I felt my face blush and stomach sink and my bladder squeeze. I had never peed in a shower stall or so publicly with so many guys around. I didn't know about aim or anything. I bent over, hung my butt out and aimed in the general direction of the drain. I peed as fast and hard as I could without looking, just staring at the floor. I could hear my stream splashing the concrete and gurgling in the drain. It just kept going and I keep pushing. It seemed to take forever, but I finally finished and swapped places with the petite girl behind me for "guard" duty. She snickered as she peed into the shower obviously due to the stress. I could see and hear her strong stream landing against the back shower wall. Wow, I wondered if mine did the same thing. Such a strong stream from a petite girl.

Just about this time, someone announce there were bathrooms available about a quarter way around the arena if we went to the next hallway.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Michelle great story it sounds like you had a really great poop thanks to the help of beans and I bet you felt amazing afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jessica great story.

To: KungPoo great story it sounds like had a pretty tough poop.

To: Abbie great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Protesting School Toilets

I'm 34, the parent of a son and daughter who go to the same large elementary school and I just don't understand the decisions the administrators make about the upkeep of the bathrooms. For example, I wrote on Page 2579 about how Kellen, my third grader, is forced to urinate practically shoulder-to-shoulder with the other boys at a trough urinal with no privacy blockers between the users. He says his classmates and also older boys in the intermediate grades will sneak looks at his organ and how he's holding it (they make fun of those who use two hands rather than one!). A couple of weeks ago our office staff had a retirement luncheon for one of our sales associates and that led to a couple of beers that my body is not typically use to at midday. So at 2:45 after squeezing in a meeting it was everything I could do to get across our city to the school to pick up the kids. When I got there, Kellen was in the cafeteria waiting area, but he said he hadn't seen his sister who is in 1st grade.

In walking farther into the school I not only twisted my ankle breaking in my new shoes, but that near mishap set off a feeling that I was a few seconds away from peeing my pants. I knew where the bathroom was so I sped up my walk, and went through a maze of lockers into a eight-toilet bathroom. There were privacy doors on only three of the toilet stalls. (Not totally a surprise to me because I had wrestled with a bad situation more than 20 years ago in junior high). Luckily, only one of the stalls with doors was in use, so I took the second one. I ripped the slacks to my business suit and underwear down quickly and dropped my butt to the very low (by adult standards) seat. I was within about a second of a gusher in my pants. I heard two girls coming in laughing and I leaned off the toilet to quickly latch the door. I looked high and low and there was no latch. That frustrated me greatly. That had been the case in junior high and I remember many times getting the door thrown against my knees by a girl rushing in without looking under the door first. As I was pouring into the toilet I remembered after the first few months of junior high trying to solve that problem by just automatically taking one of the door less stalls. As long as I kept my clothing higher, that solved the verbal insults and bruised knees. I don't know why it is, but after a desperate pee, I've learned to wait about 30 seconds becomes sometimes I'm not fully drained. As I was doing that I looked to the left, then the right and was becoming even more curious as to why I could not find a toilet paper roll. Then I remembered Kellen complaining that they had been moved to the wall behind the toilet. I looked behind me. Sure enough, there was a plastic container attached to the wall with pre-cut toilet paper squares stack in it. I pulled a couple of the last ones out and I wiped. The toilet and flusher were so low it probably would have been easier if I had dropped to my knees but I did get the toilet flushed. As I was washing my hands (after fighting and non-verbally cursing the sink faucets), Darcee came into the bathroom looking for me. She tried to hurry me up and it was obvious she was trying to hold her bowel movement in until we got home.

As we were making the drive I got to wondering if I had done the right decision by not insisting that she get onto the toilet right there at school before we left.



Victoria B: Definitely over!!!

Michelle: Glad you were able to relieve your constipation naturally! Even though I sell laxatives, I only think they should be used as a last resort!

Annie: Like with Michelle, I am so happy that you found relief from your chronic constipation and that you are having satisfying, regular bowel movements!

Julie: I like your vision of public restrooms in the future! I shared a dream on the forum a while back about using a unisex public restroom with no stalls, only toilets! Ever since then, I want to use a unisex restroom to poop!!! I think, though, for many of us in the USA, it will take a while to get used to. I don't think that it is anything other than the fact that we have always separated restrooms by gender. It may take a while, but I think one hundred years from now, unisex bathrooms, like those you describe, will be the norm.

Love to all!


Steve A

Response To Esteban, My Change, College Food Question

The "All Gender Bathrooms" on my college campus just have a toilet, with the exception of a few with a toilet and a urinal like the one in my dorm. They do have a lock on them. I use them sometimes to poop because it provides me the most privacy when you live in a communal dorm. Most people wait until they're buy themselves when they use it. I guess you can say that they aren't "all gender bathrooms" for the ones with a toilet and a urinal if two people of the opposite sex don't use it at the same time. People are probably not comfortable using a bathroom like that unless if the same sex is in there with them, which is understandable.

My Change: I've been working out at the gym on campus ever since college has started. It has a positive affect on my bowels due to the exercise.

Some people say that one of the food places on campus that's like a buffet causes some stomach problems for them. It doesn't affect me at all, but a sudden diet change from home cooking to college food may affect some people differently.

Question: How did college food affect you? Did it make you sick or was there no difference?

Optional Person

Turd mommy and turd daddy.

I woke up this morning with the need to poop. as I write this I am still not that awake. I went into the bathroom and there was no toilet paper but I didn't care. I went for years as a kid without wiping my butt. and even these days as I do wipe my butt, my underwear still gets poop stained. Anyway, I didn't care that there wasn't any paper. I stood over the toilet and bent at the knees. I could feel this poop wanted out, but I pushed anyway. a nice sized turd plummeted into the toilet bowl hole standing up. right behind it another identical turd that stood straight up. it couldn't sink down all the way because of the other turd so it was somewhat out of the water. in the middle of the two turds sitting on there laps so to speak was a very tiny blob of poo. Which is why I call this turd mommy and turd daddy. It was a neat scene. It was time to pee. I sprayed golden yellow pee all over the turd family filling the bowl with nice yellow "nectar" as some people call it. I love all the bubbles pee makes. the toilet bowl hole and the turds were a little murky now. It all flushed down fine. they weren't really messy, so I don't feel bad that I haven't wiped my butt. Hope you all enjoyed this one.


Clog Survey

1. Have you ever clogged at a toilet before? Where did it happen?
Yes, I have plenty of times. Many times growing up it would happen at my house after a day or two of not shitting.

2. Why did it clog? Too much TP, size of your load, or weak flush? It wasn´t that it was too much tp, but it would be both the amount of TP and the size of my turd.

3. Did you feel embarrassed when you clogged it? Not really, when it does happen I just realize that it´s better than having diarrhea.

4 Does your house toilet have a stong, average, or weak flush? Strong flush, which I do enjoy. I've lived in this house 4 years, and have managed to flush all sorts of sizes of shits and it has not clogged once! My plunger now has cobwebs.

5. What methods do you use to prevent toilet clogging? The only foolproof way of preventing a toilet clog for me is just waiting until I get home to poop, which rarely happens. I like to go as soon as I get the urge sometimes, others, I hold it.

6. Do you have a story about toilet clogging with yourself or other people? I have many many stories.

This past Thursday I went to go get pizza for lunch at a local place. I went in and got seated and ate a few slices, after the first course, my stomach started hurting and I knew I would have to get to a bathroom. I walked to the back where there was a men's room, with a stall and a urinal next to it. I went in the stall, locked the door and sat down. I began to push, and I felt the tip crowning. I pushed long enough and it began crackling out, taking forever to come out. I finally heard a big thud on the toilet bowl and a pretty bad smell. I peered between my legs to see a large turd in the bowl. I sat for a few minutes more, then releasing some small chunks. I wiped then stood up, seeing my work. I looked and saw a large log and chunks that dominated most of the bowl, with badly stained TP on top. By this time the restroom smelled quite bad. I hit the flush and part of the first shit went down as well as the tp but the water started to rise, turning brown as my dump was big, soft but well formed. I left the stall, seeing as no plunger, washed my hands and continued to eat. After I finished eating, I went back in the restroom. It smelled really bad and looking in the bowl they had got the blockage cleared but the bowl was laden with skidmarks.

Monday, September 19, 2016


Latest story

Hi all, I thought I'd post again as I had a bit of time tonight.
Earlier today Lucy and Katie were both round my house, we were up in my room when I started to feel the urge for a poo. It was only 2 days since I'd last opened my bowels which was a big improvement, when I'm badly constipated its more like 4 or even 5 days between poos, and then I really have a hard time going!
I said, "I'm going to the toilet, I need a poo," and got up to go towards my ensuite. Lucy looked worried and said, "Oh great, I'm starting to get desperate for a poo as well!"
"Well you'd better go first then, I don't need to go too badly just yet," I said, and Lucy said "Thanks, its not far from poking out into my knickers, I'll try not to take too long!"
Lucy went into my ensuite, Katie and I followed her in and sat on the floor so we could keep chatting while she was on the loo. Lucy lifted her blue dress and pulled down her purple stripey pants before sitting on the toilet, she had a wee to start with and then I saw her pushing her lips together and knew she was bearing down. She carried on pushing like that for a few minutes and before long she had gone a bit red, she said "Sorry about this, I haven't had a poo for a few days, I think I'm a bit constipated!"
"Don't worry if you need to push really hard, theres no need to be embarased in front of us!" I said, and Lucy nodded as she started to push even harder. She grunted loudly as well as she strained, and a few minutes later said, "God, this is a really massive poo, its really stretching my bum!" With that she reached round behind herself and pulled her bum cheeks apart, I have to do that as well sometimes, I know what its like trying to pass a huge fat log! I jiggled about on the floor, my own need was getting more urgent and I really didn't want to get skidmarks. As Lucy continued to push I said, "How much longer are you gonna be, only I'm finding it really hard to hold my poo in, I'm like totally bursting!"
Lucy couldn't answer as she was part way through a huge push, when she'd relaxed she said, "Well its stuck for the moment, I'm sorry, I'm going as fast as I can!"
She bore down again and I bit my bottom lip and clenched all the muscles in my bum, but I could feel a log trying to make its way out despite my best efforts. I could feel my pants were stuck up my bum, I said "Sorry, I've got a wedgie!" as I reached up under my skirt and pulled them down a bit, I wanted to avoid getting skidmarks if at all possible. I heard Lucy grunting and after that there was a plop. She said, "I'm nearly done, just a bit more left!" and shortly after she made a few more plops. By now I was standing next to the toilet, my skirt lifted and my thumbs in my pale green pants. "I'll stand up to wipe so you can get on the loo," said Lucy, and I nodded gratefully as she stood up, flushed and moved over. I quickly dropped my pants and sat on the warm seat, I sat down really heavily so my bum made a slapping noise but I was too desperate to care. I relaxed my bum and felt the log starting to poke out, next to me Lucy was taking some loo paper and was starting to wipe her bottom. I started to push as the log was getting fatter, but luckily I didn't have to strain too hard. Lucy threw the last piece of paper between my legs and then pulled up her pants and let her dress back down. She sat on the floor next to Katie. After a few minutes of straining and making some soft grunts I could feel the widest part was through and shortly after it splashed down into the bowl. Katie was starting to squirm about now, she said "I'm bursting for a wee, please hurry up!" She had her legs up under her chin and her white pants were showing as she was wearing a skirt as well. I said "I'm almost finished," and with that I made two loud plops and the others giggled. "Right, I'm done," I said, and stood up to wipe my bottom as Katie lifted her skirt and pulled her pants down before sitting on the loo, immediately I heard her starting to wee a strong stream and she moaned with relief. As her stream died away she farted, and Lucy said, "Do you want a poo as well?" but Katie shook her head and said, "No, I had a poo this morning, so it'll be a couple of days before I need another one!!"
She wiped her front, flushed the loo and pulled up her pants, and then washed her hands. I hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!


Beans did the trick!

Hi, I have been reading this site for years and have only posted a couple of times. But I wanted to let you know that the recent posts about beans helping you with constipation/bowel movements really helped me out yesterday. I had not taken a poop in about five days. I felt horrible, bloated, full. I tried a laxative, I tried eating high fiber foods. I would go a little bit here or there, but nothing substantial. I could feel it in there just wanting to come out. I read on here recently about eating beans to help move things along. I decided that it wouldn't hurt to try. We were at a farmers market on Sunday, and they were selling beans by the pound. I bought a pound of black beans. I brought them home and cooked them for over an hour in boiling water, until they were soft. I took about a cup of beans and mixed it with a chopped tomato that I also got at the farmers market. I just put pepper and salt on it, and it was delicious. At work on Monday, I could start to feel a rumbling in my stomach. After lunch, I started having silent farts, and hoping that my coworkers could not smell them. I refuse to use public bathrooms, and I knew what was coming so I actually left work early. The drive home was excruciatingly painful. I was trying so hard to keep this huge amount of poop inside as I drove home. I was sweating, had my air conditioning on full blast, and was listening to the radio to try to keep my mind off of the pain. I could feel my hole opening, and I was trying so hard to keep in the massive load. I was driving way over the speed limit, and all I could think about was getting to my toilet on time. I finally reached the house, pulled my keys out of my purse, and ran to the door. I think because I was so close, the poop just slowly started easing out of my ass on the way to the door. I was fumbling to get my door unlocked as I could feel the poop still slowly easing out. I burst in the door, raced to the bathroom, pulled my pants down as fast as I could and got seated on the toilet. There was a little poop in my underwear that had escaped, but mostly my poop went into the toilet. There was a log about 2 feet long, that was hard at first and then got softer as it came out. I was groaning and moaning in ecstasy as the relief of getting several days of poop out washed over me. I then had a huge amount of pee come out which also felt really good. I still felt like there was more to come out so I stayed seated. After the log, I took my time pooping out some more soft chunks that landed on top of the log. It took several wipes and 2 flushes to get it all to go down the toilet. What a relief, thank you to the person who posted about eating beans to help things along!

Mr. Clogs

Laundry day.

It was laundry day this past Saturday I was going to wash clothes later on that day. I was getting ready to get some laundry detergent I had to pee bad and didn't want to use the toilet to pee. I went to pile of dirty clothes and peed on them. It felt good to relieve myself on that dirty pile of clothes. Later on that afternoon I washed clothes and no trace of any urine smell or stain due to the fabric softener and my per was practically clear. Hope you all liked and enjoyed my post. Take caee.


Cottage, episode 3

Hi! Thank you to everyone for their kind comments! :)
And please excuse the long hiatuses between my posts... I'm not a fast writer!

Anna: we definitely seem to have a similar life: lots of time spent in the library, shared housing, as much outdoor activities as possible... This is probably why I like your posts so much! I have read quite a few roommates and hiking stories you wrote.
I haven't read the one "no boys at the café" story; do you remember the page one which it is? I just read the post you mentioned about buddy dumping with Chloe; you're brave ones! I have never let somebody watch me poop yet. But maybe hiking with Chloe and you, and enough "wine", hehe! ;)

I always seem to be the only one pooping at university. I overhear some other students reliving themselves at most once a week, while you seem to have company often. For instance, last week, I can't remember witnessing any pooping event. Sometimes, I spend more time than necessary on the loo, reading and texting on my phone or just enjoying solitude. Then, the girls entering the loo always just have a pee, sometimes a very, very brief one before leaving, just change their pad/tampon or refill their water bottle. In very rare cases, I can hear a log splashig, but this is an exception. It mostly happens at around 2-3 pm, and I noticed those are mostly staff members, PhD students. Urgent sounding diarrhea is also quite frequent.
There are plenty of modern toilets everywhere, the stalls are private to very private: it is not unusual for the dividers to go from floor to ceiling. The flushes are silent but efficient, hardly ever skidmarks in the bowl.
So it amazes me to hear about so many colleagues, friends using the public toilet for a number two. I also wonder how it is in the boy's room, as they have to "chose" if they want just an urinal or a full stall.
A while ago, I was washing my hands when a a TA I know entered the washroom. She took a stall but she didn't start peeing. As I was about to leave (I had already opened the door), I remembered I wanted to check my make up (I rarely put on make up, so I am not very confident when I do), so I let the door fall. Then, splash! splash!, the TA dropped two logs, farted and started peeing. Of course, I forgot about my make up again! So I just kept staring at myself in the mirror and listening to her. She wiped, flushed and unlocked the stall in less than a minute. She had an expression of great surprise on her face as our eyes met in the mirror. I is one of these events that make me think that most of us never poop if we're not alone in the washroom. By the way, 99% of my poops are solitary too. The place is just deserted at around 9am, when I go number two if I haven't before at home. Dear coffee, I love you tough!

So, back to my holidays series at the cottage with Louisa and Danny and Katya and Mark. We decide to do some hiking on the hills nearby. We had to leave very early, as there were just two buses a day going there (and returning too). Needless to say I had to wake everyone up, and definitely having time for my usual bathroom routine.

So we started walking at about 8:30 and we made a stop shortly afterwards for a light breakfast in a clearing. We had sandwiches we had prepared the day before, tea, orange juice and apples. Danny, which was carrying the biggest backpack said "I want you to drink everything to the last drop, I don't want to carry anything home!" We laughed at his joke, but we finished the tea and the orange juice bottle. Of course, as we were packing our stuff up, I was hit by a big urge to pee. So I announced "Please let me hit the bushes before we leave!", and I was joined by Louisa "Me too!" We all laughed, and Mark said "Ok, girls that way, boys this one!"

So we made our way to some dense bushes, there were plenty of them. After like ten steps, I put my trousers and my panties to the knees, went into a low, comfortable squat and started peeing a gusher. I was soon joined by Louisa, who was squatting right next to me. Katya was squatting five meters away from us and creating quite a river too! Then, my bottom betrayed me: an airy but odorless fart escaped from my butt. I suppose it was unavoidable due to the time of the day, me not having gone number 2 this morning and the comfortable squatting. I was very embarrassed nevertheless, Louisa and Katya giggling. We let the last drops fall down, wiped using tissues and stood up almost at the same time.

We walked back to the path and were there before the boys. I said "Oh my God, Danny was serious about drinking everything! We're gonna be thirsty!". The we started discussing why we take more time in the bathroom than guys, and whether this statement is true in the first place. We had great fun imagining how guys would line up toilet paper on a filthy urinal at a party. Time is something difficult to estimate, especially when you are having fun, but I think Danny and Mark really were away for a while. Just as we started to wonder again about them, they appeared from behind the bushes. Katya asked "Hey, what's up with you, we were starting worrying!" They laughed and Mark replied: "Oh, we were just taking a shit!" Katya, Louisa and I were like "What!?!" at the same time. Thinking back, that was hilarious. Louisa, maybe the bravest of the three of us, asked "But you went together, you came back together, so... Did you really take a shit together? Like I mean, did you see each other pooping?" I noticed Katya and I had a hand on our mouth, and then, we all started laughing hysterically. Danny played it down, "Yes, and it's no big deal, it's all natural" and then "So, let's leave now, otherwise we'll never get home!" This was very funny. I kind off looked up to them for being so uncomplicated, but I couldn't help laughing and thinking about how awkward this would be.

A few hours later, we arrived at the top of the biggest hill, were there were some tables and benches and a small observation tower. It was a very beautiful place, especially since the weather was excellent. Surprisingly, we were alone. We hanged around, the couples cuddled a little (Grrrrr....), we had lunch. Just like at breakfast, we ate some large sandwiches, with cheese, sausages, fruits, cucumbers and carrots, salad. We were eating for a while and even after finishing, we decided to expand our break since we had enough time and this place was so nice.

By then, I was totally relaxed, and the combination of exercise and a good meal was working on my belly: I knew I would have to isolate myself behind the bushes and the stones for a few minutes. I was constantly releasing little farts and was afraid one of them would be loud or stinky. Just as I was about to get up, I felt a hand on my shoulder and Louisa whispered to my ear "Jess, I have to go to the toilet, can you make sure nobody goes into the woods?" Even tough it was a really bad timing, I accepted: "Okay, no problem, but be quick" And she disappeared into the trees. To me, who knew what she was up to, her way of trying to be discrete was very funny. I do not know whether the others did not notice anything or just refrained from commenting.

After five minutes of intense farting and squirming, Louisa was back and I stood up, whispering to her ear "My turn. Do you have tissues left?" She handed me a almost empty package and I made my way through the pine trees and the large rocks to try to find I nearby private spot. behind a large rock, there was this pine tree with low branches that was accessible from only one side. I thought "Perfect, and such a nice view!"
Well, apparently, Louisa had come to the exactly same conclusion as I because looking down, I saw two large, healthy-looking smooth sausages and one tissue. The first flies were also on their way. I realized it was a good thing she went first, because she surely felt a lot better by then! Honestly, I did not care that much, there was almost no smell, my need was urgent (as usual), and it was a nice spot after all. So I pulled down pants and underwear, went into my comfortable squat position and let it go.

I first peed, quite a lot to tell the truth. My logs did not fall immediately: I had to push them out. This is rather uncommon when I have to go that bad, but it is probably because of the thrills of getting caught mid-act. I pushed tree-four times and a knobby turd stretched my ring, growing for a little before breaking off. That was already relieving, but I knew there was more to come. So I kept pushing, several times, before finally feeling the things moving again. Then, the turd began to slide out of my bottom faster, and as many fellow writers here have described it, I had to lift my bottom in order to allow it to escape entirely. I pushed a last time, giving birth to a tiny nugget.

I did not want to spend any more time than necessary with my pants down, so I used two of the tree left tissues to wipe, stood up and looked at my creation: once again, I had just produced a very decent sized bowel movement. It definitely could compete in the same league as Louisa's. Then, I quickly made my way back. Luckily, everybody was looking in some other direction and I am pretty sure my absence was not clearly noticed.

On the trip back, there was a moment I was walking just behind Katya and I would swear I smelled her farting a few times. The poor little thing surely had to go bad but was way to shy to admit this. I was quite sorry for her and when we came home, I tried to create some privacy for her so she could sneak to the bathroom, but I don't know whether she could make use of it.

Love & take care,

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