First Post

I'll introduce myself first. My name is Allison and I'm a student at a university down south. I've been a long time lurker of this site and have always enjoyed reading everyone's posts. I'm 20 years old and in okay shape, but I eat well so I'm a good pooper. I haven't really had anything to post ever until today so I'll share.

I start classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 a.m. and finish at 6:30 p.m.. I ate Chinese food for lunch today, I typically try to eat vegetarian so I had tofu and vegetables. I have a long gap between my last two classes so a few hours after lunch I went to a quiet spot in our student center to do some work on my computer to fill my 2 hours. I sat in the corner in our lounge with some other students quietly studying. I was holding in some spicy farts burning at my rear, but didn't want my fellow students to overhear. Eventually everyone filed out except for one last boy wearing headphones so I slipped a fart out and felt a poop pressing right on my hole. I continued to lift up my butt and tilt it to the side to allow my gas to slip out easily. I farted a few more times over the next 20 minutes, all audible but not enough for the headphones boy to hear. I continued to feel the slight pressure of a small, sharp poop pressing to come out. I felt another fart coming on while headphones boy was looking in my direction so I gave it a push and farted quietly into the seat. Unfortunately with the added pressure, a little but of my poop started to slip out. I quickly pinched it, lodging the small piece between by cheeks. I decided this probably meant it was time to find a bathroom, so I packed up my things and carefully walked to the restrooms on the floor. Since this part of the building is so quiet, the large bathroom was totally empty. I sat myself down on the seat, shook the pebble out from my cheeks, and had a long pee. I sat there relaxing for a moment waiting to start my poop when another girl came in and took a stall two down. She had a good pee and I waited for her to leave, but she stayed. We tried to wait each other out, but eventually a bubbly fart from her stall broke the silence followed by a small plop. I relaxed a bit and let a long log crackle out and hit the water with a faint pat. She seemed to be a bit constipated, she kept making small grunts and then what sounded like small splashes. We were pooping right at the same pace, almost taking tentative turns letting a piece drop. Mine were softer and quieter, but were bigger I'm sure. I waited until she left before flushing my logs leaving skidmarks all down the toilet. The bathroom smelled like poo, I believe mine, when I left. I walked to class contemplating my first "buddy dump" and just wanted to share. I enjoyed it so much that I'll try to start doing more and maybe expand to other things on campus! I'll keep you posted and I'd love to hear your responses.
Love this community.


Discussing accidents & a response or two:

A while back, I posed about a wetting accident I had during a boat tour ride. I already had to pee when I boarded, but I thought they had restrooms on board, but no, I should have taken care of that at the port or ticketing area. The lady who was an attendant on board told me there was a porta potty at the dock mid-tour where the get off the boat & walk, but I didn't make it that long. This actually happened to me 3 times over about a 2 year time frame. I had not had wetting accidents as an adult prior to that. The first time I was driving through a fairly rural area & stopped at a gas station to use the restroom because I had to pee really bad. It was winter & I saw that the restroom was closed so I asked the woman at the counter about it & she said they had frozen & broken plumbing. She said she was sorry & told me where the nearest restroom might be. I didn't even get back to my car & I started wetting. The second time, I was traveling with my nephew & I stopped to use the restroom, but they were closed for cleaning so I figured I'd just drive to the next town & stop there, but mid-way between towns, it really got urgent. My nephew knew I had to go bad, but he wasn't too,fact, he was starting to go to sleep. I completely wet myself before getting to the next town. He woke up as we were entering the next town. He said.."So, you're stopping in this town?" I said "I don't have to anymore & he looked over & saw & said "Oh my God, Uncle Jim, you didn't make it in time!" He told me he'd always worried that was going to happen to him. I saw a urologist after those incidents, but he said he really thinks it was more bad luck-poor planning than anything else. he suggested going before it ever gets close to urgent & I have had no incidents since so as Stacie or B. posted about close calls or accidents. It can happen to anyone.

in Response to Krista E.
I generally never had issues with pooping accidents except for two times I can remember, but they were due to bouts with diarrhea. One was in the fourth grade in school when I got the stomach flu during the school day. I asked to go to the restroom because I felt like I was going to puke & she let me go & I did, but then when I got back to my seat, I felt the diarrhea coming on & asked my teacher if i could go again because I was sick. "She said, it'll be recess in about five minutes so go then & just then, I went in my pants. My most embarrassing moment in school.

The other time was when I went to a church function with a woman who was an old friend of the family. The incident you described kind of reminded me of that. We were on our way back to another town where I had left my car to join her & all of the sudden, I felt like I was getting diarrhea, but I didn't think it'd get too bad that soon. I was just out of school a couple of years so at that age when sometimes we feel invincible. As we headed toward the next town, I told her about my developing situation. She said we should stop, but no, I said "I'll be ok until I get to the next town. When we got to the next town, we stopped at a convenience store & I really had to go bad by now so I rushed in, but saw that there were many people waiting for the restroom. I started having an accident so I went back outside by her car & had a massive accident. She was in the store paying for her gas. When she came out to her car. I was so nervous I could hardly speak. I told her I didn't make it in time. She was so supportive. She gave me a towel to sit on while she gave me a ride to my car. She just kept saying..."Don't worry about it. don't feel bad. anyone can have an accident, usually it's little kids who have an accident, but we have accidents too."


Square Wipes

Last spring I traveled to about 12 junior highs and middle schools to get signups for a summer camp for athletes that my university sponsors. Of course each community is different, but I learned more about the schools and how they've changed since I was that age about 14 years ago. Adam and I had been out at a sports bar late one night. We had a lot to drink and probably not enough to eat to neutralize the liquor. The next morning I was still feeling the impact. I had to drive about an hour away to present our program at a school. I knew I had to get some food in me so I stopped at the Union before leaving campus and downed two donuts with my coffee. The main first floor bathroom was nearby so I decided to stop and drain. However, there was a three-deep wait for each stall and I didn't want to upset the school principals by being late. So I started my drive immediately to my school assignment. I actually made pretty good time despite heavy traffic and as I made forward progress, I started to get another reminder of the late partying. It was obvious that my bowels were in need of an evacuation too. Often, the day after I've done a lot of partying I will have a blast or two of diarrhea. It builds slowly, accelerates, and then with butt-on-seat warm-to-hot crap blasts out of me. It's messy and needs a lot of wiping. And then my skin on my butt becomes sore because of all the wiping and the coarseness of the toilet paper in many places.

I drove into the school parking lot. Parked, Pulled out my exhibit materials and did a fast trot to the doorway. The intestinal pouch I was holding back was hurting me more and more, as I rang for the security guard to open the door. He was probably at the other end of the building and I was standing there in pain. So vulnerable to messing up my designer jeans and blue thong, that I pulled out my phone and was ready to call the secretary when the guard finally opened the door. Immediately I saw a problem. It was a passing period. But I still asked him to quickly direct me to the bathroom. Fortunately it was very close to the door. I left my exhibit materials in a corner and quickly started dodging around clusters of girls standing and talking, just as I did in my playing days with my defenders. Once I got into the bathroom there was another three-deep group waiting for each of about the 10 cubicles. It was obvious that I stood out in the group. A visitor. I'm 6',5" and I looked desperate to get on the toilet. The girl in front of me said she'd get a pass to come back later and that I could have her place. I asked her name and thanked her nicely. Suddenly, the door in front of me opened, a blonde that looked so young, came out while she was still pulling up her shorts. She looked feverishly at her phone, grabbed her book bag, and started the run to class, just as what I suspect was the tardy bell, rang. My first job was to quickly flush her pee which was obvious in the bowl. I dropped my jeans and thong and I dropped my butt onto the seat. The first diarrhea blast was fast and furious. As it came, I tried to latch the door in front of me and was surprised there was no lock or latch or any evidence of there having been one. But I looked up and could see the height of the door or the panels only went up to mid-chest for me. Looking to my left and right I could see fully the heads and a little more of the two students seated next to me. Both must have been crapping and were risking a tardy check because they didn't let the bell phase them.

As I sat uncomfortably, I was hopeful that my toiletmates weren't getting too much of the stench of my diarrhea. The low size of the toilet was such that my tailbone and only a small part of my back thigh was touching the seat, because my legs were indeed raised in front of me. My pee started as fast as the diarrhea had and was hitting the toilet bowl with a vengeance. I'm sure that the heavy splashing into the water was easily heard by those around me and it ran through my mind what my boyfriend Adam has told me when I asked him how much I had drank last night. He said keeping track of the pitchers can be problematic. Instantly, I got a bad cramp and that led to another diarrhea blast that so so painful that I caught myself just before muttering the F-word. This drain seemed a little less liquid and resulted in a couple of well formed logs that hit hard and splashed my backside. I could feel the result was pretty gross. I heard the girl on the left stand, do a quick wipe, flush and I saw her shorts come up off her shoes. I figured the girl on the right must have had a dress on because all I could see was her white underwear about a foot above her feet. All I could see was the top of her head so she obviously had it down and she was concentrated on her crap. Next, and this is something a bit unusual for me, I released more pee and at pretty much the same time another formed turd dropped out of me. At that point I figured I was done so I quickly stood, looked at the bowl and almost vomited when I took a fast look at what was in the toilet. Then I re-seated myself and was ready for the cleaning. I looked to my left, and without recognizing a problem at first, I grabbed for the toilet paper. Something didn't seem right. Then when I took time to comprehend it, I became furious. There was a plastic dispenser and I would pull down one small square of toilet paper with one hand and it would be about 4" by 4" and single ply. I looked at it with astonishment and let out a muffled F-bomb that I'm sure the girl to my right. I did hear a bit of a laugh from her and some movement of her legs followed by a plop into the toilet. I had a quick thought about how I could possibly clean myself, but then I got realistic. I stood, pulled down one piece a time and it took about eight of them to clean the splashes on my butt. I was still mad, but I was also aware that I was thankful that I had flushed before seating myself and that I didn't get the previous girl's urine splashed on me too. It was a tedious process that took about 20 of the pieces to get me clean before I dared to pull up my thong and jeans. Of course, my right hand smelled and it took three washes at the sink to get all the crap off my forefinger. It makes me wonder what school administrators are thinking when they make such decisions about the pre-cut toilet paper squares. They might be more environmentally sound and save money, but what about the students impacted. I'm sure they have normal rolled toilet paper on the holders in the faculty lounge.


Nurses office poop

Hi everyone, so this is my first post here on the site. I'am not that good at writing stories so today I'am going to tell you about today's dump at school. So I woke up at 5:30 in the morning today). I got in the shower and spiked my hair after wards. I then ate a fruit bar and some orange juice (this is what I eat every morning).I drove myself to school. Soon after that, my girlfriend texted me and asked me to meet me outside the hallway of my 1st period class. So we meet outside the hallway of our class and we start talking for a little bit, then of corse we kiss and hug afterwards. Then I went to my first period class. There were no issues. As soon as I start to proceed to my second period class, I started to have really bad stomach cramps. So as soon as I walked into the door, I asked the teacher i was going down to the nurses office, and that I would return. So I walked down to the nurses office. I told the nurse I had stomach cramps. She asked me what I had to eat I told her what I had. Then she asked me if I was going to vomit, I said no. She then asked me when was the last time I pooped. I said yesterday. So she told me I needed to try to try to go poop. So I said I would try to go. So she directed me to the bathroom. I closed the door. And as soon as I closed the door, a girl walked in the nurses office and said she needed to go poop badly, so she told the nurse that she was embarrassed to go in front of her friends. So she rushed into the bathroom and closed the door. I heard the door slam shut and locked. So I got down to business. I put a seat cover on the seat, and I plopped down on the seat. After about 30 seconds, I grabbed hold of my p**** and started to pee. My pee lasted for about 40 seconds. I then heard a explosion from the other bathroom fall owed by liquid shit hitting the bowl. The walls are thin, so I hard everything. I could hear grunting. I then started to push some poop out. This first couple came out easily and made a small plop sound. I then started to hear the girl pushing some more out. I could hear some really hard plops from her end. Followed by a loud grunt. She then had some liquid mess, fall owed by a loud fart. I then started to push some more out. I got 2 good sized logs out. Fallowed by a fart. I felt done, so I wiped then stood up. I then looked at my creation and flushed. As soon as I walked out I told the nurse I was feeling better. The girl came out of the bathroom, the girl walked out and said "thank goodness" I asked her if she ok and she said yes,So I walked back to class.

Hope you enjoyed the story

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Pooperlady great story you peeing in the bucket.

To: Catherine great story it sounds like she had a good poop.

To: Jane The Poop great story it sounds like you and your friend had really good poops and I bet you both felt great afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you all had good poops.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Friday, September 02, 2016


Testing my new "chamber pot"

I think I've posted before about how sometimes it's not convenient for me to use the toilet at night when I have to pee, and that I use a "chamber pot" - a small container that I keep in my room and urinate into when I need to.

My old "chamber pot" container has been getting cracks in the lid, and is not really suitable to be used anymore, so I got a new one today. The new one is a fairly large bucket with a lid.

I decided to "test-drive" the new chamber pot a few minutes ago. I had been holding my bladder for a bit, and I felt like I couldn't hold it in much longer, so I decided the time had come to test out the new bucket.

I went into my room and went over to the bucket, and removed the lid. I pulled my pants and underwear down to just below my knees while standing. I then lowered myself onto the bucket. It's a size that fits me just right, so I can sit on it without hanging off the edge. Once I was in position, I began to pee. I had a nice and fairly comfortable piss while sitting there on the bucket. Wen I had finished peeing, I had to get off the bucket to wipe myself, and then I pulled up my pants. I replaced the bucket lid, and then used a hand wipe to clean my hands. I then went to clean out the bucket.

I was relieved in two senses of the word - my bladder had been relieved, and I was relieved that my new chamber pot works.


So This Happened

Hi everyone!

Those of you following my posts may remember that I follow a high fiber diet that makes use of lots of vegetarian recipes. When I was a pre-teen I suffered symptoms of what would be called IBS today, alternating with constipation and diarrhea. It led my parents to switch me to a very strict diet that consisted of numerous vegetarian recipes even though we did not go vegetarian. That, along with high fiber cereal has helped me to produce an average of two, large, voluminous bowel movements on a daily basis.

So, I have been married to Alan for nearly three months and over the summer, we began eating like this as a family. The girls - I call them Chloe and Zoe to keep them somewhat anonymous - were reluctant at first. However, we created a reward system so that they would eat well. Alan told me that he felt like he had lots more energy and did not feel full all the time. He said his bowel movements were huge and felt good.

Zoe, the fair-skinned red head who is outgoing, sassy and her own person, has made it a habit of telling me how big her poo poos are.

Chloe is very reserved and self conscious. She is blonde, athletically built and (I think) very beautiful as an 11-year-old. Yet, she tries not to call attention to herself when she goes to the bathroom, whether it is to pee or to poop. But she does not want to call attention to herself when she poops. I wrote about her diarrhea accident a few weeks ago, and that mortified her, especially when her sister brought it up.

However, this story comes along the lines of the diet change. On Sunday, we ate lunch with my parents after church. And, of course, my parents serve some more vegetarian friendly dishes, to go along with some baked salmon.

We ate, talked for a bit, and decided we needed to get back home to rest. When we got home Chloe headed straight to the bathroom without saying a word. She emerged about five minutes later, red faced and trembling, and asked if I would come to the bathroom. Now, I wondered if she had gotten her period, even though she is only 11.

When I got to the restroom I saw the lid down. I could smell poop, but it was not that strong. She lifted the lid and asked, "Catherine, is this normal??"

When she did I saw the most perfectly formed brown turd. The head did not make it down the hole, and it curved all around the bowl.

"Chloe, that looks like a very healthy bowel movement to me. What's the problem?" I asked, trying to say as little as possible to avoid embarrassing her.

She said, "I have never gone to the bathroom like this. I almost had an accident. Most of the time, when I poo (her word) it comes out in lots of plops and my stomach hurts a little. This felt really different, but in a good way."

I looked at her and said, "I am glad you feel comfortable that you can ask me about personal things when you are not sure. Maybe your bowel movements are not supposed as large, but this is more like how a normal movement feels."

I left her and gave her some privacy to clean up. Later that day I talked to her about her digestive health, my experiences, and that she should feel comfortable talking to me or her daddy about any concerns she had with her body.

But, the poop itself looked even big for me! I don't know how all of that came out of her!

I hope everyone is well!




two analogous activieies

1. Gains are made through a series of exertions.
2. Gains are made through a series of exertions.

1. Piles are formed at the bottom of a bowl.
2. Piles are formed at the bottom of a bowl.

1. Butts are prominent.
2. Butts are prominent.

1. Powerful hits!
2. Powerful odors!

1. Hut! Hut! Hut!
2. pppfff pppfff pppfff!

!. The players are dirty.
2. The person is dirty.


Walmart Dump with a friend

I was at Walmart walking around when I had the urge to poop. I made my way to the toilets. There were 5 stalls all empty so I took the 3rd one and sat down,I felt some poop coming and I let out a windy fart. I pushed and felt a long log pushing it's way out,then a girl who looked around 18 with blonde hair took the stall besides me and started pushing. Another girl with red hair took the other remaining stall beside me and was farting. I heard a loud plop from the blonde girl and she left. I squeezed out another big log that landed with a splash,the girl next to me did a few loud plops and then wiped and left. I still needed to do some more poop when my friend Kylee recognized my shoes and took the stall next to me,she asked if I needed to poop too I said yes. I pushed and did a huge log,along with Kylee who pushed out a big pile. I looked in my toilet and saw 8 9" logs,Kylee grunted and let out a massive 15" log. We both did one more big push,I did a good 6" turd and Kylee took the biggest dump I've ever seen a 18" coiled log. We both wiped and clogged the toilets. I'll have more stories soon. Thanks

Random Girl :3

Comments and Questions

Simmee: Great story! I think it's nice that your city improved the park. My local park only has these old smelly Porta-Potties and I try to avoid them, so I always have to jog 2 blocks over to a shopping centre to use the bathroom. Your kids sound very sweet, and I enjoyed your story immensely.

Krista E.: Your sister was so nice to help you out then, and I'm sorry to hear that you got grounded by your mom whenever you had an accident. When I was younger, my biggest fear about accidents were that my friends would find out too. I would just die of embarrassment, even now.

Questions (For Anyone (I want to know everyone's answers)):

1. When you need to poop very, very, extremely urgently, but you are holding it in, do you shudder? (For some reason, I do. I also sometimes feel a chill go up my spine, and then get goosebumps all over.)

2. When you are constipated but don't want other people hearing you push, or being able to tell that you are constipated, what do you do? (For example, my mom, when she gets constipated, she makes those weird noises that sound like "umph" that you can't tell if it's a sigh or a grunt. When I used to live in my parents' house, I used to hear it a lot through the door, when she thought I couldn't hear her pooping.)

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jemma great story it sounds like you had a pretty good and desperate poop at the train station.

To: Stacie first welcome to the site and great story please share anymore that you have thanks.

To: Poopinggeek great story it sounds like you and Kylie both had great poops and I bet you both felt amazing afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you had a really good poop and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards.

To: Krista E great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Seat Mess

I was at the mall to get some school supplies and to see some new tablets.It was near lunch so I went to the food court which was already busy and a group from my school had a large table and invited me over. This one girl Geri who was in line to get their food texted them and said she could get my order too. I noticed that her kid brother (who is about 4 or 5) was at the table and he seemed mad at me, probably because I was getting so much attention. Finally Geri texted that there was too much food and drinks for her to carry. I quickly joined her at the window and between us we had a lot to carry back to the table. I'm the only one in the group I guess that drinks Dr. Pepper and Geri forgot to ask which of the large drinks was the Dr. Pepper. So there was some sampling of each; Emiline faked getting sick and then wiping it off her tongue. Then she had it passed over to me. I couldn't believe it but Geri started a conversation about certain sodas working as laxatives. This was something I had not heard before, and especially girls saying it.

We were eating away and were continuing the conversation when Geri's little brother tugged on her and said he had to 'wee-wee.' Of course, that drew laughter. Geri said he was at the age where she no longer felt comfortable taking him in with her. So the attention turned to me. I was happy to volunteer, I guess. Matthew's very energetic. As we started for the bathroom right on the other side of the food court, I took his hand because the mall was pretty packed and I didn't want to lose him. Finally, we got to the bathroom. There were about 10 urinals. Each was mounted on the wall and had a little bowl just a little higher than his reach. He immediately dropped his shorts all the way to his shoes. He was trying to get his organ up higher so he could hit the bowl. But even standing on his toes wouldn't cut it. I told him I didn't think it was healthy to have his organ (he calls it a 'water spout') against or over the bowl. I quickly turned him around and keeping his underwear down, led him to one of the 10 or so cubicles behind us. Luckily the toilet bowl was lower so the issue didn't remain. He used both his hands to direct his 'spout' and its 'wee-wee' into the bowl. But he also moved his weight a little when his left shoe slipped a little in what I think was piss on the floor in front of the toilet.

When the noise into the bowl stopped, Matthew immediately pulled up his clothing and ran back to where I was standing. There were others waiting for each toilet. A man in a red ball cap took the toilet, but quickly turned and grabbed my shirt. He pointed to the seat and told me my 'brother' left the mess and asked what should be done about it. I noticed there was some pee splashed on the left side of the seat. He asked us a second time what should be done about it. Without thinking, I just said 'wipe it off, I guess'. I took Matthew through the crowd. At the sinks, he needed some help in getting to the liquid soap. Otherwise, he did a good job and wiped his hands on his shorts. As we were trying to walk through the crowd, I noticed Matthew trying to sneak a couple of looks at the guy on the toilet. I had to kind of push him forward to get out of there as fast as I could. Geri asked if everything went OK with Matthew and I said petty much so. As we finished our food, the girls decided to go off to the clothing stores. With a few minutes I knew I had to crap. I went upstairs to a different smaller bathroom. There were no stall doors. I went into the farthest toilet, pulled off toilet paper and placed it over the seat, and I had a rather soft crap. It came out in two spurts. I needed five wipes to complete the process. I flushed and it all went down. The flush was mean and I got a few sprinkles on me as I was pulling up my briefs and shorts. Unfortunately all six of the soap dispensers were out and a couple of them were obviously broken. I was lucky I had already eaten but I hadn't washed my hands before I went down to the electronics store.

Jane the Poop

Poop with a friend

A couple years ago, I had a close friend that I was quite attracted to. We took a road trip one day and in the middle of it, we were about to pull up to a place to have a picnic and watch the water. I was also needing to go to the bathroom. I saw her squirming a bit, and asked how she was feeling. She said she needed to make a number two and was glad we were stopping. I told her the bathroom was the first thing on my agenda.

We park, and both leave all our things in the car and move quickly toward the ladies bathroom. I went in first and took the first stall of three. I probably wouldn't have been so bold, but she took the stall right next to me. My heart was pounding because not only was I about to take a major poop in front of a girl I liked, but I was going to hear a girl I liked "make a number two." We both sounded eager to drop our pants, she was wearing these light colored jeans I always liked on her, I remembered them as I listened to her pull them down and set her quite large butt on the toilet. As soon as her ass hit the seat, she heaved a sigh and said, almost without control "Oh... poop..." each word echoed by a huge blast of air and what sounded like humongous turds. I was almost too turned on to relax, but I was glad she broke the ice. She was never shy anyway.

I pushed and grunted a bit, feeling comfortable enough in her big poops having just blasted the toilet. A wide poop stretched my anus, and fell in chunks at about ten inches for about six good poops. She grunted pretty hard and I could hear another poop crackling out of her. Hers fell, and so did another of mine. She started getting a little gassier, more poop coming out with force seemingly every time she breathed. I was making a pretty big mountain. I held it in for a minute and listened to her. Her gas had settled down but she still had steady crackling punctuated by chunks of her poop falling into the bowl. I was impressed by what a big, solid dump she was taking.

I flushed my toilet after a moment, and sat, holding back a large load of more big poops, listening to her endless pooping. Poop after poop crackled and plopped out of her large behind. But once I couldn't hold it, I moaned and released another big load of poop, faster and harder than I had been doing before. I heard her pooping lighten a bit, as though she was listening. I almost felt like I was having a competition with her, or we were impressing each other.

We both stopped a moment and she said, "Wow... I mean, I really didn't know I had to poop so much." I said, "That makes two!" We sat for a moment in silence. Her toilet flushed and for a moment I thought she was done. "You still poopin?" I asked. She responded by pushing out a big poop and laughing in that deep voice of hers. Then she dropped another poop, and another. Soon I was going poop again too, and then out of nowhere she said, "I um... I'm going to be a while. Do you... have you ever... do you want to watch it come out?" I thought I was going to die. I tried to sound casual when I said, "Shit, gotta try new things, right? You weirdo!" in a playful way. I wasn't really done pooping, but I wiped and flushed, poop still splashing into her toilet. She unlocked her stall door and held it in for a moment as she stood up. It was intense when she stood up because the stall was tiny so she was pressed against me with her pants down. She looked into my eyes and we both blushed. She proceeded to turn around, no easy task with such a big bum, and straddled the toilet. I squatted down and leaned against the stall door. She moaned softly, and a giant poop began to emerge from her asshole. Like at least two and a half inches wide. It moved with some speed, and then I noticed the mammoth load already underneath her curvy body, perched regally on her trashy park bathroom toilet. She looked back and met my eye and I thought I was going to lose it, in terms of being turned on. By the look she gave me, she knew I was feeling something.

I told her she should flush and she did, but I was sad to see that load go. But as soon as she did, her butthole opened up wide and she began making poop into the toilet once again. Since I hadn't finished my own dump, I was starting to need to release some more beasts. I made a bold move and started undoing my pants. "I'm sorry," I said, "But I've gotta poop more and I can't make it back over there," as I slid up behind her on the toilet. "Hey! I'm pooping here already," she said, but by her giggles, gasps and glances, I could tell she was just as turned on as I was. "Well make room," I told her. And she did.

As soon as I could scoot forward enough to not make a mess, a huge poop flew out of my ass and splashed both our asses. I felt like she was about to complain but dropped her own ass-splashing poop into our toilet. Poop continued to come out of us for several flushings, both of us grunting and me definitely enjoying the proximity. I couldn't believe this was happening. She continued dropping ropes of poop into the toilet for a long time. Banana-like pieces of poop were coming out of me, and she was dropping chunks for a while. She moaned and started working one out, grunting. "Big one, huh?" I asked. She responded, "Nnnnrrrgggh, yeeah... ughhh, oh, it's pretty big." I scooted back and she kinda presented her ass to me by arching her back so I could get a better view. It was impressive. At least three inches wide, moving pretty slow, dark brown and smooth, it grew in the course of six or seven minutes to at least 18" long before breaking off and causing her to heave a sigh of relief. After that, I moved back into my spot up against her to poop some more. After a flush and another few loads of poop, I began to wrap up. Soon she was finished as well, and we sat a moment in silence.

"Okay... that was definitely trying new things. Do, um, do you want to wipe me?" That freaked me out a little, but I said yes, got some courage and we took turns bending each other over a bit over the toilet and wiping each other's bums. At the end of it, we were both still a little awkward (had been the whole time), but her normally not-affectionate self grabbed me gently under my ears and pulled my head into her shoulder and then slid her hands down my back and closed herself into me for a tight, close, tender hug. She sort of almost kissed my neck, and we stepped back, walked out of the stall, without saying a word, and had our picnic by the water. Nothing happened after that, we never talked about it, and continued being friends for years, just leaving that as a cherished memory that I sometimes wonder whether or not it really happened.

Sometimes it's weird, right?

Smooth moves, my pooping friends.

Victoria B.


Sorry for my disappearance! I was winding up my summer job and adjusting to school again. Now I'm back with some survey answers for all of you! I'll start with Jenny (Skidmarked in the 206)'s.

Does it make a difference whether you are peeing or pooping when you bring your panties to your ankles, knees, or thighs? For me, yes it does. I take my panties (boyshorts, thong, bikini or whatever else) to my thighs or knees for a pee and always further down for a number two. It's a comfort thing; taking them to my calves or ankles allows me to move around more and also the distraction of gently snapping the waistband of my undies against my leg. I don't know how or why I started doing that, but it happened years ago and it's been something I've done since.

Does anyone notice any difficulties or varying outcomes of clean underwear when you wipe with your pants/underwear down to your ankles compared to your knees or thighs? No, not really. Wiping my front (I'm a Cottonelle girl too) is always easier because I can see what's going on and if my butt needs wiping it means that my panties are already at calf-level at the very least.

When you pull your panties down, do they match the quality of your outerwear in cleanliness and quality? Shopping for new undies is one of my favorite things to do and I always pay close attention to what I wear underneath everything else. Love your stories, by the way!

Now, the survey that was [sadly] meant for me: Steve's survey about clogging the toilet.
1. Have you ever clogged at a toilet before? Where did it happen? Boy, have I. At my house, in public, at friends' houses. You name it, I've clogged it.

2. Why did it clog? Too much TP, size of your load, or weak flush? All three of them have happened.

3. Did you feel embarrassed when you clogged it? I used to really struggle with this. I felt weird and ashamed of my body, like there was something wrong with me and my internal plumbing. I'm much better about it today.

4. Does your house toilet have a stong, average, or weak flush? I'd say it's about average. My custom pink plunger (a birthday gift from a friend whose toilet I clogged more than once) always stands at the ready. I'm not kidding when I say that the toilet(s) is one of the most important things about a place to me. Or that I go online to pick out dream toilets.

5. What methods do you use to prevent toilet clogging? Multiple flushes really help. I'll do one or two flushes for my load itself and then a separate one for the paperwork. I've gotten much better with clogging and I've gone this entire summer without doing it even once (knock on wood.)

6. Do you have a story about toilet clogging with yourself or other people? Yep, there are several on here already.

That's about it for now. Good to see everyone again!
Love, Victoria

To Jenny and curious in Canada

To answer some of your questions, I feel that pulling your pants and underwear around your thighs rather than around your ankles when you poop don't necessary is a more adult way to use the bathroom.

When I use a public bathroom to poop since my second year in college I pull down my pants and underwear around my ankles since its a comfort thing that I feel more comfortable rather then rest around my thighs.

Hello everyone. Glad to see so many people remember me from so long ago. I was afraid I'd come back to a whole new group of people and nobody I knew would still be posting here. Anyway, I've a bit of time today for a story.

This morning, I went to the library to find a book to read. As I was leaving, I had to wee, so I headed off to the toilets. They were unusually busy. All five cubicles were taken and there were three other girls queueing ahead of me. I thought about holding my wee until I got home, but I figured it wouldn't take too long to move through the queue. Turns out I was wrong.

The cubicles at the library toilets are nice. From the outside, you can't really hear anything and not much of the smell escapes if you're doing a poo. However, I still guessed all five girls were pooing as after several minutes, no one had come out. Finally, there was a flush and a girl came out. The first girl from the queue replaced her and she must've needed only a wee as she was out soon too.

Then it was just me and one girl queueing ahead of me. Another cubicle opened after a bit more waiting and the girl went in. Soon two more cubicles opened almost at the same time. I took the one closest to me. I sat on the toilet and had a much needed wee. It was like a waterfall and it seemed to just go forever. I finished, wiped, flushed and left to wash my hands. The other four cubicles were still all taken, including one with a girl who had been in there when I entered. I wonder if she was having a difficult poo.

Well, that's all for now. I'll post again soon. Bye!

I was at the mall today shopping with my friend Danielle. All morning I kinda felt full and like I should visit the bathroom for a number two, but we were so busy I ignored the feeling. Then we had lunch at the foodcourt and after that my need to go got much more urgent, I really needed a poo. I told Danielle that I was going to the bathroom and left her at our table. When I walked over there it was super busy and all the stalls were taken, even though there are six on each side. Good thing there was only a lineup of two, an older Indian lady and a brunette woman with redish, curly hair and glasses who looked like she was maybe in her late thirties or so. I guess that quite a few women in the stalls were pooping since it took a while for one of them to open. The older lady went in and then the brunette and I had to wait for maybe another half a minute when two stalls at the end opened up right at the same time. I took the end stall and the other woman the one right next to me. I locked the door and pulled off some paper to wipe the seat, it didn't look all super clean to me. Then I pulled my black thong down and bunched up my pink pleated skirt and sat on the toilet. Meanwhile my neighbour had sat down as well and I could hear her toilet seat creaking as she was shifting around a bit and then she started to pee with a very audible, hissing stream. I had my pee as well and while it was coming out I farted but it was quiet and I don't think anybody noticed. Then my neighbour farted and it was pretty loud and I figured that she probably needed to poop, too. When I was done with my pee I pushed my thong all the way down to my ankles, leaned forward and started to push my poo out. I also had a quick peak under the stall and noticed that the brunette was wearing a light grey thong under her black slacks and that there was a small brown stain on it where it would have brushed up against her bumhole. Anyway it wasn't very long until I could hear some plops from her stall as she was taking care of her number two. She also had a couple more farts slip out, but they were pretty quiet. In the meantime, my first poo had dropped off into the bowl and then over the next couple of minutes I released two more medium sized turds. My neighbour kept pooping all the while, letting out one piece after another. There wasn't much of a smell coming from between my legs, but the brunette woman was kinda stinking up our part of the bathroom a bit. After three poops I felt empty and pulled off some paper to wipe my front and back. I only needed a few sheets until everything seemed clean and then I pulled up my thong, flushed, left the stall and washed my hands. When I left my neighbour was just flushing her toilet, so she was done as well, I guess. When I got back to our table we chatted for a few minutes and then Danielle told me that she needed to take a dump. I teased her a bit about not coming with me before, but it was no big deal, I just had to wait for a few more minutes. I guess we both felt pretty relieved after that, cause we stayed at the mall for three more hours!

To Natasha: I think I remember seeing your posts here back in the day. That's so awesome that you have returned! Loved your story!

To Karen: Wow, that's some crazy stuff that happened to you girls in Vegas. It makes a great story, but I felt bad for everybody. Especially your poor friend Saffron! Having diarreah sucks but but being sick to your stomach is the worst feeling in the world! I wonder how she felt about all you other guys seeing her so sick...

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jemma great story it sounds like you had a pretty good and desperate poop at the train station.

To: Stacie first welcome to the site and great story please share anymore that you have thanks.

To: Poopinggeek great story it sounds like you and Kylie both had great poops and I bet you both felt amazing afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you had a really good poop and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards.

To: Krista E great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

To Romantic dump, that sounded like a major clear out! Do you celebrate a good dump like that oftan? The toilet must have a strong flush to shift all your logs and toilet paper?

I had an embarrassing close call at work yesterday which lead me to this site. Reading all your stories is helping me get over it so I've decided to share. I'm going to call myself B. (my first initial) I'm 26 and work in a large office. I'd felt the need for a pee pretty much since arriving at work yesterday morning but had been busy and hadn't had time to run to the bathroom. Just before midday I remembered we had a meeting coming up so I thought I'd better go for a pee break before that as I knew it would last at least an hour. I started to make my way to the bathroom when my boss stopped me and asked if I could help set up for the meeting. I didn't want to say no so followed him to the conference room. I was hoping I'd have time to set up and then quickly run out for a quick pee before everyone else arrived. My need was getting a bit more urgent by this time. Unfortunately the set up took longer than I expected and everyone had sat down by the time we had everything set up so my boss started the meeting. I sat down and silently cursed the large coffee I'd drank that morning. I prayed for a short meeting or a break so I could take my pee. No such luck! Around 20 minutes in I was desperate and crossing my legs under the table. Another 10 minutes passed and I was beginning to worry. My boss doesn't like it when people leave meetings to go to the bathroom so we all know better than to do it so I really didn't feel like I could leave. During the meeting we had to get into pairs with the person next to us and discuss marketing pitch ideas and then feed back to the room. I was struggling to focus. I was bouncing about on my chair and my partner was giving me an odd look and asked if I was ok. I confessed to her that I was absolutely desperate for a a bathroom break and wasn't sure how long I could hold on. She sympathised and told me that the day before she'd been in a similar situation whilst on a conference call. In the end she said she had to lie and say she had another meeting so she could get off the call. She said she was on the verge of wetting her pants. I told her I thought I was on the verge of wetting my pants right at that second. Just get up and go, she told me but I really didn't want to. I continued crossing my legs and by now was squeezing my thighs together with all the force I could muster and whenever I thought no one was looking I gave my crotch a quick squeeze with my hand. Somehow I managed to make it to the end. When the meeting was called to an end a few people stayed to help clear up. I apologised that I couldn't. Fortunately I am friendly with the few that stayed back so I admitted my desperation and they told me to go. Another woman in my office who is 7 months pregnant said, 'thank god for that this baby is pushing against my bladder and I'm about to burst'. We both ran for the bathroom. I thought I could cry when we arrived as all 3 stalls were in use. We both stood in line, both bouncing up and down. When the first stall opened up, despite my desperation I let her go first, she had to go just as bad and was pregnant. I was now alone waiting for a toilet so I grabbed my crotch and squeezed for dear life. At this point two other ladies entered. One of them I knew and one I'd seen around but didn't know her. I felt my face flush red from the embarrassment of holding myself like a child but I knew this was the only way to stop the flood gates opening so I had to do it. I apologised for my state. They both sympathised and said they knew the feeling and told me not to worry and the lady I didn't know told me she was pretty desperate too. Eventually a stall opened and I dashed in and ripped down my jeans. Not a minute too soon as I felt a warm spurt of pee escape. I quickly slammed my self on the toilet to stop myself having an accident on the floor and the pee began to gush out of me and I could feel the instant relief. After about 20 seconds I realised something felt odd so I looked down and to my horror realised that in my urgent hurry I hadn't pulled down underwear and they were now soaked. It was too late so I carried on peeing realising that I'd have to take off my jeans and toss the underwear. It could have been worse, at least I didn't soak my jeans! Going around without underwear for the rest of the day felt a bit odd.
I hope you like my story, it feels good to share. Unfortunately this isn't the only close call I've had and I've even had a couple of wetting accidents as an adult (fortunately not in public) and a few as a child (unfortunately all in public) If you'd like to hear about them let me know. I could curse my bladder control sometimes. I really need to learn to go for a pee when the urge hits.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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